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If we make it to the end, how would you feel about continuing on into Halo 2?

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(Continuation on the Halo Reach RP)
Reach has fallen, and our cast has escaped on the Pillar of Autumn, on slip space en route to an unknown vector. Two Sangheili Warriors have defied the Covenant and changed loyalties, now with the UNSC aboard the Autumn. Their names, Dekan and Dydo. Also aboard the Autumn are four ODST's known as Slade, Cutter, Romero, and Jessica. The only known survivor of Noble Team aboard the Autumn is Noble 2, Kat. Another SPARTAN-III known as Caleb is aboard as well. All along with the original characters, Spartan Linda, Spartan John, Captain Jacob Keyes, the AI Cortana, and Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson.

Meanwhile, back on Reach, Noble 6 was saved by a decorated, Sangheili Officer turned Heretic known as Bri. It was also revealed the Noble 4, Emile, has a chance of surviving.

Any newcomers are welcome to join, you will be installed upon the Autumn until further notice. All current Role Players are required to recreate their Character sheets in this new thread, with updated details. The Sheet is below. Hopefully, the story of Installation 04 lasts longer than our Reach story. I did begin it towards the end of Reach, and that lasted about 7 or 8 pages. One last thing. Any newcomers, if you are unfamiliar with the Halo story, then don't burden us and try to join. We don't want to walk you through it all. At least I don't.

Character Sheet---
Full Name:
Nickname (optional):
Skin Color:
Armor Type:
Primary Color (armor):
Secondary Color (armor):
Other information:
Character Sheet---
Full Name: Slade Joseph
Nickname: Slade
ID: E451
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Armor Type: ODST Standard Combat Armor
Rank: First Sergeant
Primary Color: Red
Secondary Color: Black
Appearance: Still lookin very young for a 34 year old Sergeant. Standard buzz cut hair, a fine toned body and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Enjoys cracking jokes and shouting profanity. Usually an easy going guy, and very easy to get along with. Enjoys hitting on women and talking about his best kills.
Biography: Slade has a history with Cutter, both having served together during the events in the Eridanus IV system and on Harmony, and more recently, an Reach. Slade was heavily injured by a Brute Chieftain and was carried bridal style by Spartan Caleb back to a medical center, where he was later evacuated onto the Pillar of Autumn.


Full Name: Bri 'Filkomee
Nickname (optional): N/A
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Dark grey, with a hint of red
Gender: Male
Age: 90
Armor Type: Field Marshal
Rank: N/A
Primary Color (armor): Gold
Secondary Color (armor): Red
Appearance (under armor): Standing at nearly 9 feet tall, the older Elite is reaching his declining period, as he will be able to retire in a little over 10 years. With piercing golden eyes, and a missing mandible, it is clear that Bri has seen action.
Personality: Honorable and Righteous. He takes the Covenant oath to heart, as well as its beliefs. Bri will not settle for disobedience or heresy. He is not afraid to kill even those closest to him, but he does show compassion to those of his species. He despises the Jiralhanae, and laughs at the Canon fodder known as Unggoy. Bri is also an extremely skilled Soldier, who was offered the position of Zealot, but he declined, as he preferred to be on the front lines rather than infiltration and extraction. But as of late, Bri has been going through many changes, and has dropped almost everything he's ever known and cared about as his eyes were revealed the truth of the Covenant.
Biography (optional): Born on Sangheilios and raised on High Charity, Bri has many sources and many friends in even higher places than he. The noble prophet of Truth considers Bri a close friend, at least that's what he says to him. Bri is one of the few Sangheili warriors to survive an encounter with a Spartan II, hence the missing mandible. He has served in battle on Harvest, the Eridanus system, and Onyx. He served in the legendary Thel 'Vadamee's fleet during the attack on Reach, and throughout the battle on the surface, Bri became distant to his sworn oath, as the Prophet of Regret forced him to glass the city of New Alexandria, which still contained hundreds of fellow Sangheili, including Bri's only son. Now filled with hatred towards his Covenant, Bri worked behind the scenes for a short while until stepping out into the light and saving Noble Six from being killed, also revealing that Emile may have a chance of living.


Full Name: N/A
Nickname (optional): Noble Six or Six for short.
ID (UNSC): B101
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Pale
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Armor Type: SPARTAN-III Standard Recon Class Armor.
Rank: Lieutenant
Primary Color (armor): Red
Secondary Color (armor): White
Appearance (under armor): Only until recently, the mysterious appearance of Noble 6 was that, a mystery. During her last stand on Reach, she removed her helmet, as sight was difficult with a damaged visor. She was saved later by Bri. Her eyes are a dark green, with short dirty Blonde hair. High cheekbones and a pointed chin.
Personality: Open minded and very strict when in combat. Is curious and energetic, eager for action or something more. Usually calm and collected with a strict policy against unfair fights. A bit of a lone wolf, but is also a very good team player. When in battle, she doesn't utter a word until each opponent is dead.
Biography (optional): Not much is known about Noble Six, but her actions in previous missions have proved she far exeeds even most Spartan-II's. She was on Reach during its downfall, and was an important asset to Noble Team. She fought alongside the late Noble 1, Carter, Noble 2, Kat, Noble 3, Jun, Noble 4, Emile, and the late Noble 5, Jorge. She was almost killed by Covenant forces after the departure of the Pillar of Autumn, but was saved by Bri 'Filkomee, and was thrilled at the realization that Emile remained alive.
Full Name: Tony Schmidt
Nickname (optional): The Alchemist
ID (UNSC): A-3763
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Armor Type: Spartan MK III (Visor Color: Silver)
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer
Primary Color (armor): Blue
Secondary Color (armor): Steel
Appearance (under armor): Tony has blue eyes and blond hair. He sweeps it to the right side and has Goatee and stubble.
Personality: He is relatively silent and has good sense of humor. He hates Unggoy and loves to crank out headshots on them his DMR. He respects Sangheili and loves to pick up an energy sword and duel with them on the battlefield.
Full Name: Dekan 'Kalim
Nickname/Alias (optional): N/A
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Black
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Armor Type: Elite Minor (Previously Zealot, armor switched at Sword Base). His armor has a forest green handprint on his left chestplate.
Rank: N/A (Former Zealot)
Primary Color (armor): Silver
Secondary Color (armor): Silver
Appearance (under armor): A black body glove and green eyes. Dekan is a monster in height, even among fellow Sangheili, standing at 9'10" by Human standards.
Personality: Dekan is an honorable sort. He never kills an unarmed enemy, or children. He's simply never believed it was right, especially for those who were supposedly on a holy journey. Recently, however, his faith in the Prophets has begun to waver. What honor was there in glassing worlds with thousands, perhaps millions, alive, and not even giving them a chance to fight? Although, Dekan did not say anything publicly, until he betrayed the Covenant. He has a deep respect for the Humans, especially their SPARTANs. He is extremely loyal to his family, his friends, and his men the most. Dekan loathes sitting around and doing nothing just because he doesn't HAVE to go out and bleed like his fellow warriors.
Over time, Dekan came to respect Humanity more and more. He holds a deep respect for his enemies, even though they are different now. He plans to defend Humanity to his last breathe to make up for the sins his fellow Sangheili and he himself have committed.
Biography (optional): Dekan was born to a high-ranking house back on Sangheilios. He lived a pampered life, although he wasn't fond of it. He didn't like that he could stay home while his brothers bled for their people. So, once he was twenty, he enlisted in the Covenant.

For sixteen years, Dekan 'Kalimee bled for his people, lost friends for them. And, over time, despite the Hierarchs' assurances that they were on the Holy path, Dekan's faith slowly shrank. He reached the breaking point during the battle in New Alexandria. He was branded a heretic by the "holy" Prophet of Regret. He was assigned to lead a squad of Zealots to kill Noble Team in order to "redeem himself." During the battle, the glassing of New Alexandria began. He made a choice that changed his life by saving the SPARTAN-III Caleb-B818. He betrayed the Covenant and left with Noble Team. He worked with them all the way to Sword Base where he was grievously wounded by Bri 'Filkomee. Dekan survived and made it with Caleb-B818, Sergeant Major Avery J. Johnson, and the ODSTs Cutter, Jessica, and Romero to the Pillar of Autumn, where he received medical attention.

Full Name: Caleb Magnus
Nickname (optional): Archangel
ID (UNSC): B818
Race: Human
Skin Color: Dark-Skinned, African American descent
Height: 7'2"
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Armor Type: Mixed SPARTAN-III Armor Variants (Specifics will be under the rest of the form)
Rank: Warrant Officer
Primary Color (armor): Steel
Secondary Color (armor): Green
Appearance (under armor): Caleb has short, black hair in a buzzcut with a goatee. His eyes are two different colors, with his left being a sapphire blue and his right an emerald green.
Personality: One thing the SPARTAN-III program couldn't take away from Caleb was his sense of humor. He loves to crack jokes, especially at the most inappropriate times. Caleb has an overwhelming sense of calmness, and rarely ever gets mad. He places his squadmates and friends above all else. Despite the fact he was taught to hate the enemy, he doesn't. Caleb understands the necessity for fighting the Covenant, and doesn't disagree with it, but he still holds a great respect for the Covenant's warriors, especially the Sangheili.
Caleb had massive respect for Noble Team, and was close with Emile.
After Reach, while Caleb still keeps his calm and comedic personality, he's different in combat now. During combat, he operates with a higher degree of seriousness and quietness than previously displayed. This may have stemmed from the loss of Carter and (supposedly) Noble Six and Emile.
He's very defensive of their Sangheili allies.
Biography (optional): Born in a small colony, Caleb lost his family at the age of eight from a Covenant attack. At the age of eleven, he was recruited into the SPARTAN-III Program. He trained with the SPARTANs of Beta Company.
During Reach, Caleb has engaged Dekan 'Kalim right before the glassing of New Alexandria. He was rescued from his nearing fall by the former Zealot. Afterwards, he joined Noble Team on their Sword Base operation. During the time, he developed a good friendship with Noble 4, Emile. He proceeded to hold off Sangheili forces at Sword Base with Kat until Noble Team extracted Cortana and Doctor Halsey.
After Noble Team departed Sword Base, he left on a third Pelican with three ODSTs, Dekan 'Kalim, and Sergeant-Major Johnson.
Caleb went into cryosleep while the Pillar of Autumn was in slipspace.

Helmet: EVA [C] Variant (Like Emile's)
L Shoulder: CQC Shoulder-Pad
R Shoulder: Security (With Knife)
Chest: Assault/Sapper
Knee-plates: FJ/PARA
Visor Color: Black (Save for the skull on it.)
Full Name: Kyle Mack
Nickname (optional): Zodiac
ID (UNSC): 856
Race: Human
Skin Color: Caucasion
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Armor Type: ODST
Rank: Liutanent
Primary Color (armor): Dark grey
Secondary Color (armor): Silver
Appearance: Kyle has a bulky build with short brown hair with a stubble of a beard and a tattoo of a Phoenix on his right arm and a phrase on the back of his right hand that reads "screw your courage to the sticking plate"
Personality: Kyle is a sadistic man who enjoys inflicting pain on enemies, despite this he is charismatic and able to talk his way out of most situations yet still loves a good fight even if losing. Kyle is a bit of an asshole who acts practically like who youd except a jackass soldier to act.
Biography: Kyle was born into a military family that was strict, at a young age they began to train him for combat in many different aspects and he soon grew a liking to shotgun with them soon becoming his second favourite killing toy right behind the assault rifle. Soon he joined the UNSC and soon after became an ODST

I'm not using Joseph because I ended up not liking his character, so I'll just say he lost his life on Reach.
Le characters. As in tha squaad.
Full Name: Daniel Harrison Pierce
Nickname (optional): Cutter (Gained from "Cutting the enemy to pieces")
ID (UNSC): 1199
Race: Human UNSC
Skin Color: Pale
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Armor Type: ODST standard armor.
Rank: Lieutenant.
Primary Color (armor): Black
Secondary Color (armor): Dark blue
Appearance (under armor): Short black hair, blue eyes, tall, muscular build, has a scar over his eye from an encounter with an elite on Arcadia.
Personality: Usually grim AF, tells puns, truly hates the covenant. Has severe PTSD from... multipule things...
Biography (optional): all he has cared to share is that his home planet was reach.

Full Name: Jessica Ashlee Joseph
Nickname (optional): Jess, Jessie.
ID (UNSC): 19374
Race: Human
Skin Color: A tiny bit on the tan side.
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Armor Type: ODST standard combat armor.
Rank: Sergeant
Primary Color (armor): Blue
Secondary Color (armor): Black
Appearance (under armor): Average build, Ginger hair, green eyes, freckles on her face.
Personality: Kind when in a good mood just don't piss her off or you get the edgy teenager mode.
Biography (optional): Sergeant Hammond was born on Arcadia and lived there for most of her life. On her twentieth birthday the covenant invaded Arcadia. She was forced to fight as she couldn't get to an evac bird. She used an assault rifle and with surprising accuracy killed the 2 elites that were trying to kill her. She was rescued by Sergeant Forge when his forces arrived on the planet. His status is currently unknown. She joined the UNSC at age 21 after a year of intense physical training that she did to just prepare. She thought that her entire family was dead but recently we have discovered that Slade in fact is her big brother.

Full Name: Romero Bane Bartholomew
Nickname (optional): Rome, Romeo(DONT CALL HIM THAT.)
ID (UNSC): 1977
Race: Human
Skin Color: Beige
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Armor Type: ODST standard combat armor with the appropriate sniper attachments.
Rank: Sergeant
Primary Color (armor): Dark dark crimson.
Secondary Color (armor): Black
Appearance (under armor): Muscly build, grey eyes (not blind, just a genetic mutation.), chocolate colored hair.
Personality: Rude to everyone at some point. Has a kind side but doesn't show it. Sometimes a jokester but usually serious.
Biography (optional): Born on reach, Romero was friends with cutter since the beginning. He treats cutter like family, because all Romero has left is pretty much his squad, and to him, they are the only family he has.
Full Name: Dydo Rokam
Nickname (optional): N/A
Race: Sangheili
Skin Color: Black/ very very, very dark blue
Gender: Male
Age: crap I forgot, didn't I put in like 30?
Armor Type: Ultra
Rank: Ultra
Primary Color (armor): Silver
Secondary Color (armor): Red
Appearance: Dydo is tall, standing at 8' 7" though its nothing to write home about. His main color is black, though intense light does allow some blue grey tones to show through if one strained their eyes. His eyes are a red bronze color, a striking contrast and bring out the blue just a little bit more. He is incredibly lithe and rather thin for an Elite, which is why he favors using weapons, especially ones with range to brute force, it also makes him harder to hit but easier to injure.
Personality: Dydo upholds honor, strictly following his own morals. In a way, he is an unbreakable spirit, certainly not one known for giving up. Unlike other honorable Elites, Dydo doesn't mind sticking to the shadows and playing underhanded as long as it saves close comrades. In fact, he would willingly disregard honor if it meant a close friend or family was in danger. He generally is quite accepting, and seems to have a sense of humor, laughing at a wider range of things than a lot of Covenant. Not that he would admit it, but he somewhat enjoys the company of some humans, finding them amusing. He also has quite the fatherly instinct, since he cannot return home to his wife and unborn child, does not hesitate to detour and save small children or use himself as a body shield for them.
Biography: Dydo, even from an early age, was honorable and couldn't care less for the Covenant. Quite content with staying on his home planet since his body type wasn't as suited for the missions in the Covenant. Either way, years past, and he proudly watched his younger twin and two closest friends leave to aid in the glorious path, while he stayed behind with his soon to be growing family. Unfortunately, however, his friends returned with the tragic news that Dydo's brother had been assasinated by Demon, and Dydo did not hesitate to leave and avenge his brother's unhonorable death. One of his friends stayed behind to look after his family, as no other male was available to help, but Dydo's other comrade was recently slain.
Other information: He is a bit worse for wear, and could use some new weapons and major armor repairs, probably a better cast and another checkup, but other than that Dydo is A-ok
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Okay... hm... I hate rhe person to ask, but somebody, please post. Three days of inactivity. We're literally on the brink of the Covenant leading an assault on the Pillar of Autumn. Halo has just been introduced, and Dekan has been waiting patiently for Dydo to reply, as Dydo sits on the wing of that Banshee...
Anyways, what I'm asking is what I said. We need someone to post, and I can't do that myself because I was last to do so.
Ok. Well let's try and see what happens with those guys right now. (And girl) Jessica and Romero are near the escape pod. It is the escape pod that crashes and marines take cover in the massive rocks. Where a marine has a sniper rifle.
If you're asking me to post, I can't yet. Not until someone else posts, because I don't double post.
As for Bri, Six, and Emile, that's actually gonna be a mystery as to what happens for a while, because the last post they were in, Bri was privately debating whether to continue in his rebellious course, or kill the Spartans and present them to the Covenant. So we're not doing those three characters for a little while.
No idea in the slightest. I currently only have two, though, so I'm good. I plan on making a Marine and having her be one of the Marines in the pod that Dekan and Caleb are on. After all, if they're going to survive, I think at least one of them deserves to be an important character.
Yea, Romero is going to try to fix his communicator right now to see if anyone else made it. Also is anyone going to kill someone off when the flood arrives? Because that would be just heartbreaking to the other characters. I'm planning to kill off Romero, and you'll see how when it happens, hehehe.
I'm not sure. I at least want to see Dekan reach the Great Schism if we make it that far. I think it would be unjust for him to not live long enough to see the Sangheili ally themselves with Humanity. And, I just like Caleb. So, I'm not sure.
We all know Keyes will succumb to the Flood. Maybe the story can be completely changed if somebody like Dekan and/or Caleb accompanies Keyes and Johnson to the 'weapons cache'.