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Open Halo: Combat Evolved Sign Up/Discussion

If we make it to the end, how would you feel about continuing on into Halo 2?

  • Nah. Just kill me off at the end, I guess.

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  • Look at my face. I could care less... Bitch.

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Holy Balls, What did I Miss. But I'mma See if I Remember Wrex.

Full Name:Wrex Nar'Rayya
Nickname (optional):Cat Eyes.
ID (UNSC):Hell to see Naw
Race: Sangheilli
Skin Color: Average Sangheilli.
Gender: Male
Age:Late Thirty's.
Armor Type: Field Officer Armour.
Rank: Field Officer
Primary Color (armor): Red, with a Tint of Grey.
Secondary Color (armor): Blue, with a Tint of Black
Appearance:Litterily Like a Field Officer.
Personality: To lazy.
Biography: Litterily Just realised He had Cat Eyes.
Other information:Coup Dee's Gracie
Basically, you missed the first mission of Combat Evolved. The ODSTs, Dekan, and Caleb have already boarded escape pods and evacuated the Autumn. Also, I'm going to make a Marine now.
I am having Jessica and my other characters go with Johnson to the facility where the flood breaks loose, they will stay in the back and when the flood breaks loose they bolt out of the room and hide, Jessica makes it back to the surface tho.
Actually, Wrex can be with the Covenant forces trying to take down the Humans whom have landed on Halo.
Another target of yours would be Dekan, Dydo, and Bri, who have been deemed Heretics.
Though I will warn you. Wrex is not at the level of skill that Dekan, Dydo and Bri are at. They are more skilled than Wrex.
Just to shorten what I want to say, we won't make Wrex's life easy.
Changed my mind, I'll just make her an ODST.

Full Name: Amie Yurai
Nickname (optional): N/A
ID (UNSC): 32808-98271-AY
Race: Human
Skin Color: Milky white
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Armor Type: ODST Armor
Rank: Lance Corporal
Primary Color (armor): Steel/Black
Secondary Color (armor): Gray
Appearance: Yurai has black hair tied into a ponytail and seems to be of Asian descent. She's 5'8" and has brown eyes.
Personality: To be decided. All I can confirm is that she hates the Covenant and is still distrustful of the Sangheili heretics.
Biography: Amie Yurai was born on Earth. Because of that, she was - for the most part - safe from witnessing the trauma that the rest of Humanity went through. However, when she was Fifteen, she lost her father to the Covenant. This sparked her hatred towards the Covenant. She forged documents to join the military when she was sixteen. She performed exceptionally well in the field on the few battles she participated in. She did well enough to earn herself a spot among the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. Reach was Amie's first assignment as an ODST. She made it aboard the Pillar of Autumn before Dekan, Caleb, Kat, and the others made it.
Other information: She prefers to wield a Designated Marksman's Rifle and carry an M6G Magnum Pistol. She's good with a sniper, but it's not within her preference.
I feel real bad for saying this but, I've lost interest in this Rp. Its a lot of combined things, but I also am planning on investing a lot more time into one Rp I already have up, and possibly making another one soon for when the first sizzles out. So, basically, even though I am leaving, that means Dydo is up for grabs for whoever wants to use him for the Rp, whether he continues through the story or dies off is now up to... well, whoever wants him.
I was actually hoping Dapper would get his new girl to have a say in the matter.
Distrust of Covenant.
Wounded Elite survivor from crashed Banshee,
You know. Drama.
Yes, I went on a bit of a Hiatus. Sucks that you're leaving Crunchy, but best of luck with your current RP and whatever you may go in to next.
I'll make a post when I catch up to it with my notifications.
Agreed. But I don't know many people looking for a Halo RP. Frankly if we posted more it would be on like the first page of the gen. RP area(?) and people would see it more.


Previously turnt3chGodh34d
Full Name: Gregory Hobbs
Nickname (optional): Hobby
ID (UNSC): B-8727
Race: Homo Sapien
Skin Color: Caucasian
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Armor Type: Standard UNSC Marine Combat Uniform
Rank: Private First Class
Primary Color (armor): Forest Green
Secondary Color (armor): Sage
Appearance: Regardless of his short height of 5'3", Hobby isn't to be completely underestimated. He can pack quite the punch, regardless of whether it be physical contact or from the barrel of his favorite weapon, the M90 Shotgun.
Personality: Usually stoic, whilst also being charismatic, Hobby can also be very tactical on the battlefield, preferring to wait out his opponents rather than taking them head-on.
Other information: He likes Peanut butter. A lot.
I've kinda dropped out of Charms lately, but I'll stick around for Halo.
So yeah, let's revive this. We need to have everyone get picked up by some UNSC Pelicans to arrive at the soon-to-be UNSC base before engaging in the rescue of Keyes from the Truth and Reconciliation.
Actually, I've just been struck with a brand new idea.
A reboot. I went to our main thread, but didn't feel the motivation to continue. The story is too dull and broken right now. As much as I hate to admit it, no Elites next time. Well, okay, we can have Sangheili, but this time, we can't let them turn into Heretics. Not until after Halo CE or Halo 2. So this way, we get both sides of the story.
How about it?
I think I agree. I do like the story, but I read back on it myself beforehand, but now I think it does feel odd to have them turn heretic so soon. I'll probably have Dekan still be here, if that's okay, but he'll be far more loyal to the Covenant this time around. Probably until the Great Schism.