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Ask to Join Halo RP

Welcome to the Halo Reach Roleplay, let's get into it. This is, again, set just after Jorge's sacrifice. The UNSC believe they have fought off the Covenant. Fleet Commander The 'Vadamee has only just received transmission from the Covenant Cruiser over Reach, calling for reinforcements. The is preparing his massive fleet for the annihilation of Reach. All Sangheili characters will be in this fleet. All UNSC characters will be in or around ONI Sword Base or New Alexandria (Which is the first place the Covenant will strike). Speak the oath and load your Rifles, because that's your cue to kick off this RP.
" And continue our march to glorious salvation!"

Dydo grunts as the commanding Elite pacing the isles of soldiers finished, and he checked his plasma repeater for the umpteenth time with nothing better to do. The ship lurched beneath his boots yet the experienced elite stood firm, grinning to himself in reminiscence as a few of the 'fresh meat' stumbled. Clearly they were unused to their armor and constantly moving floor.

Dydo activated his HUD, information flicking across his screen as his surroundings were scanned. His shields were at full strength, plasma repeater fully charged, and he had four grenades strapped to his belt. He had a concussion rifle strapped to his back should he need it, but he never liked how inaccurate and loud the weapon was. Perhaps he should instead invest in duel wielding plasma rifles.

He didn't dwell too long on the thought however, as more pressing charges were at hand. The elephant in the room, so to speak, was this mission. It unsettled Dydo greatly, that the Covenent were to invade New Alexandria, a city filled with civilians and as far as he knew, with the sole purpose of slaughtering the defenseless until the Demons showed their faces. The entire mission was dishonorable, he had no doubt that other Elites would agree, but the Jiralhanae and Unggoy, and even the Kig-Yar would not be so merciful. The rest of the Covenent was... Bloodthirsty and barbaric for lack of anything better to describe them.

Bottom line is, Dydo was unsettled by it all, and found himself dreading the mission to come.
Wrex Stayed in Battle Position, They Were Training, As the Instructor Told them To Duel with Wooden Energy Blades, He Walked up to One of his Friends,
"Hey, Up for Some Dueling, Leino?" He said,
"Sure, I Mean, No One Else is Free." Leino Said,
"But First, Do you See Him? Seem's like He knows His Way Around this Place. " Leino Said, Once Again, Looking At Dydo.
"Better then Us Zealots, That For Sure." Wrex Said, Grabbing His Real-Energy Sword And Putting it on his Side, And Grabbing his Carbine, Purring it on His Back, And His Dual Plasma Rifle's, One Being Red., Other Classic Blue.

((Fun Fact, In Halo ODST, The Brute's Plasma Rifle's Were Red.
(Fun fact. That's also in Halo 2. Red Plasma Rifles, I mean.)
BrI 'Filkomee glared at this unit before him as he finished the oath. They were definitely more pampered than he had been when he was young like them. "Warriors! That's what you are called!" Bri yelled at them, gaining their attention. "You do not deserve such a title! You are weak! And young! And very foolish!" He began to walk down the isle, looking at each Soldier in turn. "You are more like Unggoy, fresh from the teat! Like a Lekgolo before it has become a unit! I am here, to bring you all into a powerful unit that strikes fear in the hearts of its enemies!" Bri stopped in front of Dydo and looking into his face. "Now. We will repeat the oath, and this time, shout it! It is your war cry! It is your law! It is your life!" Bri returned to his position at the head of the unit. "Again! The oath."
"Jeez, What got him So mad?" Wrex Said,
"He Acts Like a Commander, I'm Surprised he Isn't one." Leino Said,
"That Doesn't Answer my Question." Wrex Said, Looking in the General Direction of Bri.
"All who walk the blessed path will find salvation, even in death.
Out of darkness, these blades will light our way.
Glory and honor guide our ascension.
On the blood of our fathers, on the blood of our sons.
The true devotee honors our name with actions, not words.
Victory is secured not from the throne, but from the frontlines.
With this sacrament of blood wejourney into the divine beyond."

Dydo's voice rang sharp and clear, drowning out the three or four Elites next to him, and amusingly a few of the new recruits tried to match his own volume in the sudden clamor. Tough, he naturally had an impressive set of lungs, although he's be lying if he said he hadn't spent a few years training his voice.

It was a bit of a struggle, though he managed to convincingly bellow the oath with as much vigor and enthusiasm that some of the other elites were currently radiating. Thankfully, his helmet covered the distant and removed look in his eyes. A look that betrayed how tired he seemed, how he didn't believe most of what he was saying.

Honor. It had become a very muddled thing.
Bri grunted his approval, a slight grin came to his face. "Warriors. You have yet to earn that title, but in time, you will be my equal," Bri had to stop, however, as he was receiving a transmission.
"Field Marshal. Are your men ready? We will arrive at the Human planet shortly. I want this to be quick. I have plans."
"Yes, your excellency." Bri replied to Thel 'Vadamee.

Slade sighed in relief as he watched the remaining bits of the Covenant Cruiser burn up in the atmosphere. They'd done it. Reach was safe. They'd actually fought off the Covenant. "Jo. Get over to Salazar pub! You know where it is. Drinks on me. Fuck the Covenant!" Slade grinned a little at the transmission he'd received. Instead of replying, Slade remained silent as he gazed up into the darkening sky. It was almost nightfall. Setting down his Rifle, Slade sat on the ledge of the building to gaze at the destruction the Covenant had left. Had they really done it? It seemed impossible at first, but now it seemed too easy. There was no way the Covenant would be down for the count so easy. Best to keep an eye on the sky rather than getting drunk with some war buddies in Salazar pub.
Dydo clicked his mandibles in anticipation as he heard the muddled voice of Thel 'Vadamee. That was an elite he knew had both clear sight and honor, and he was not objecting to serving under his fleet. Of course, now he should concentrate on the mission, and get ready to drop down into the human city. He'd hold back, he resolved, and pick off the humans that dared try to harm his brothers in arms. It was unlikely for him to find any Demons, or more importantly, the one who had slain his blood brother, though merely a Sangheili Major, was still both his brother and an honorable soldier.

Dydo shifted his gaze to Aha, a Spec Ops, whose thin helmet shifted to gaze right back at his higher ranking comrade. Both could feel their own grind of support from across the room and through the suits, nodding slightly to each other. It was sobering, knowing that after each mission, the moments before could be the last one could ever see a close friend.

The ship lurched again, and Dydo was the among the first to already activate the rest of his equipment. His claws latched onto the metal support rails, though he only used one arm, feeling the familiar feel of the ship dipping into the atmosphere.
"So, it looks as if we're starting a Mission" Wrex Said, Putting his Helm On, Tuning the H.U.D,
"You seem Oddly Excited." Leino Said, Still looking at His Head,
"Last One Their is a Rotten Egg."
"Multiple contacts!"
"Holy mother of God..."
"That's the biggest fleet recorded."
"It's the Covenant! They're back!"
"It's over."
"Fight till death do us part, Soldiers."
"They're headed to New Alexandria!"
"We got Spartans in the city. Welcome back Noble Team."
"May God have pity on us all."

Slade received the jumbled communication almost spontaneously as he noticed Cruiser after Carrier after Destroyer of Covenant vessels appearing in the sky, their purple and blue hulls reflecting the sunlight. This was it. Even if they fought as hard as they could, even if they had every Spartan in the galaxy to help,
Reach would fall.

"Warriors! This is your chance to earn such a title! Fight for your Covenant! Fight for the honor of our people! This is one step closer to the Great Journey! Make your Father's and Brothers proud." BrI shouted at the unit, his voice booming above all others that could have dared oppose his own. Bri was already beginning to feel an attachment to his latest unit. Hopefully they wouldn't die off as fast as his last. That one Demon had managed to obliterate not only Bri's unit, but also several dozen more before escaping their clutches. A Demon sporting Green. A Demon worse than the others they'd encountered. A King of Demons. The Devil himself. Bri shuddered slightly as he recalled that encounter. "Warriors! Prepare for combat!"
Dydo sighed deeply, causing even his chest armor to heave. The hatch of the phantom opened, allowing the first of the drop teams to leap into the city. He could already hear the screams and buildings crumbling. Imidietly, Aha collected his group of Minors before leaping, and Dydo took his place with a few more silvers. He found himself pressed into the center of the group, and leapt out with the rest, activating his camp in the fall and rolling out of the fray. None of the human military had shown up yet, so he would not take any part in the slow, burning slaughter next to him.

His camp deactivated, but he had pressed himself to a wall in the shade. He cast a final look at the volley it plasma, cringing as he watched a young women fell cradling a small child. Shaking his head, he turned to jog down the alley, his plasma repeater in his hand but hung limp, and was merely in a stand by phase.
Joseph had a feeling that something bad would happen, and his suspicion had been proven. He ran to get to his position and get ready for the Covenant forces. Joseph shuddered as he thought of how many Covenant would be invading, it was a one way fight. He knew that this wasn't a us versus them, from the previous attackers it was clear that this was just delaying the inevitable, "Bring it the fuck on," He whispered to himself as he got into the sniper's nest. He prepped his rifle and awaited the arrival of the armada. Over the comm system he spoke, "Return with your shield, or on it."

He watched as elites dropped from the ships, his breath drew longer as his looked through the scoop of the rifle eager to pull the trigger. He aimed at an elite minor. The elite wasn't showing any mercy, and with one swift pull of a trigger a bullet rested in that elites skull, "Over here you twisted fucks," he whispered.
Dydo twisted as he heard the telltale sound of a sniper round, just in time to watch as Aha himself was the first to fall. A great swell of grief filled Dydo, rooting the Ultra to his spot for all but a second. With a great roar, he punched the wall next to him, shattering the wall with a great dent, depleting his sheilds all the way as they tried to protect his hand. It didn't break.

He clicked his mandibles into a snarl, his HUD almost blocking out the shine from the barrels of the sniper that fell one of his very best friends. He hauled his great form up a fire escape inside the alley, activating his camo and taking large strides across the roof. He couldn't shoot the sniper from this distance, but he managed to hurl a grenade several feet away from the human.

As soon as that was done, he kept his eye on the human, but leapt off the roof and into the next alley, just enough cover that the sniper wouldn't make him join Aha that easily.
Tony rose from the remains of the falcon his team was taking to help evacuate New Alexandria. All the soldiers in his squad died in the crash. The five bodies of his crew were strung out among the wreckage.
Tony's armor replenished his shields as he looked at the Covenant cruiser fall to the surface of Reach. Tony picked up his trusty DMR and looked toward the horizon. The city of New Alexandria stood in the distance. Tony strapped his DMR to his back and looked one last time at the falling covenant cruiser.
Joseph saw the grenade flying but reacted too late as it sent him back a bit, he was separated from his trusty weapon, he tried to tell himself to run yet somehow he found himself running back to his rifle. He picked up the weapon and ran in the direction of the grenade. When he got to the edge of the building he could see the elite who through the grenade, he took aim. In a split second he felt the bolt of a needler pierce his aim sending him stumbling off the building. He hit the ground but stood up in a matter of seconds, he grabbed his rifle and went the direction opoasite of the fighting, he preferred distance when he fights.

(OOC: Sorry this is shortish, writing on a phone)
Tony hijacked an empty warthog and drove to New Alexandria. The city was a mess. Brutes, Grunts, and Elites were executing citizens in the streets. A Suicide Squad Unggoy jumped the back of Tony's Warthog as he drove over an elevated bridge above the city roads. The Unggoy shouted something as the plasma grenades exploded. Tony was launched away from the vehicle as he plummeted towards the roads. He landed about as graceful as a drunk Unggoy. The fall broke his shield and his wrist. "Dammit," Tony cursed as he surveyed the streets for other UNSC soldiers.
"Victory is secured not from the throne, but from the frontlines.
With this sacrament of blood we journey into the divine beyond." Dekan 'Kalimee murmured along with his brothers. Despite the fact Zealots usually did not accompany ground troops in a situation like this, apparently their presence was deemed necessary, as well as a morale boost. "Is that all it is? A morale boost? Or is it to try and assure our fellow Sangheili that our acts here are not dishonorable?" He thought. Slowly, their phantom came to a stop. "Ready your arms, brothers!" 'Kalimee called, before de-magnetizing his plasma rifles, leaving his energy sword on his hip. As the Phantom's exit opened, the Zealot and his lance jumped out, and activated their camouflage.

Meanwhile, at one of the sanctioned evacuation points, a lone SPARTAN-III sat on an ammo crate, looking up at the Covenant fleet as fearful civilians ran around him to get to the evac birds. He let out a sigh. "Well, that didn't take long." Caleb-B818 chuckled. He grabbed his M45 Tactical Shotgun and magnetized it to his back. The S-III then de-magnetized his twin M6G pistols. Quietly, he left the evac zone and proceeded into the inner city, where the sound of plasma and bullets was loud and clear. He entered a building, and moved up two floors via the stairs. Caleb then posted himself by the window, looking out and waiting for the perfect opportunity. "C'mon, uglies..."
Dydo watched as the human flew across his vision, making a rather foolish decision to run back for his sniper, although the real problem was the fact that the human had actually managed to retrieve the weapon with alarming speed. They didn't get the chance to shoot Dydo, but given that the human was starting to get some distance worried the Ultra, and he wisely ducked into a building.

He pulled out his plasma repeater once more, keeping the weapon passive to reduce the sound, that way he could listen to the building. Outside noises were muffled, and it appeared to be completely vacant. In fact, not even a single piece looked out of place, it was rather unsettling how quickly humans could abandon their homes in fear. He gently walked around the building, before deducing nothing of value: UNSC or Covenant, were on the first floor and his HUD wasn't picking up movement. He then traversed to the second floor, activating his camo out of some gut instinct than actively thinking about it. He grew wary though he did not know why until he reached the second floor.
Dekan watched as another human soldier fell to his Plasma rifles. He looked on in disgust as several of his brothers cut down innocents. A small child being impaled with an energy sword, two more children gunned down by one of his fellow Zealots. "There is no honor in killing children, nor those who can't defend themselves." The Ultra next to Dekan raised his Plasma Repeater and aimed it at a woman fleeing with a small offspring in her arms. "I may not have had time to stop the others, but I can stop him." Right before the Ultra fired, the Zealot pushed his rifle away, the plasma shots simply hitting the ground. "Let the children and the ones with small offspring go." He ordered, before looking to the others. "There will be severe consequences for those who disobey my order! Do I make myself clear?!" The surrounding Elites all gave forms of confirmation, before Dekan nodded and gave the order to move out. They passed by an abandoned building, a few stories tall. Unbeknownst to Dekan or his brothers, a Demon was watching them move on, and saw the whole event that transpired.

"Well I'll be damned. A Sangheili who actually gives a shit. And a fucking Zealot, at that..." Caleb said, as he relaxed himself. "Guess I can let that one pass. Besides, he's a big-ass motherfucker." He chuckled.
Dydo heard the Spartan, while somewhat pleased that one of his brethren had been spared, and possibly was taking actions similar to his. But that didn't stop the overwhelm hatred from filling him. The Demon had its back turned him, it would be laughably easy to snap his neck... But that wouldn't make him any better than the one responsible for killing his brother. He kept his gun lowered, before grunting to himself and turning to leave. Only he misjudged where that table was, his knee knocking it to the side, and knocking his camo out. He curses to himself before dashing up the stair case, preparing for the worst. At least the third floor offered some cover.
"Whelp, might as well enjoy myself while I wait fro some people to pass," Tony sighed as he drew his DMR. His eyes were set on a group Unggoy that wandered towards one of the Mighty Skyscrappers of New Alexandria. The Spartan shot one of the trailing Unggoy in it's Methane container. The Grunt lit up like a plasma grenade. It's small body launched into the others and exploded. An Elite Zealot leading a group nearby noticed. His mandibles clapped together as he grunted. The beast raised his Plasma Rifle at the sky and charged at Tony. The remaining Unggoy, regardless of there wounds, followed their supereior. "Oh," Tony cursed,"Shit."
As Caleb heard something hit a table in the room, he looked over just in time to see a Sangheili - an Ultra, by the looks of the armor - rush passed him and up to the third floor. The SPARTAN pursued, guns ready. However, he stopped just before he got to the top of the stairs and crouched down, so his body was still in cover. Quickly, Caleb sprang from his cover and landed on the third floor, and gazed around quickly for the Ultra, Magnums raised.
The Zealot and the Unggoy charged at Tony. The green blasts from plasma pistols launched towards the Spartan. Tony slung his DMR and killed three Unggoy, but the rest overwhelmed him. The Zealot threw the human across the floor and clicked his mandibles. Only two Unggoy remained, but both were heavily wounded. "This is Tony Schmidt, a Chief Warrant Officer of the UNSC requesting aid immediatly, I'm dropping a distress call," Tony said. The zealot realized he was calling for help and he kicked the Spartan. Tony's shields broke with the kick. He pointed his rifle at the Zealot and fired twice. The Zealot picked Tony up by the throat and muttered something in his native language.
"Ah, shit..." Caleb muttered, before replying over comms. "I read you, Tony. On my way." And with that, Caleb busted out into a sprint across the room. "We'll resume this another time, Ultra. Fate's a bitch like that." He slammed his shoulder into a window, and landed on the ground. Caleb's shield absorbed most of the damage, and he followed the coordinates Tony gave him. Upon arriving at his compatriot's location, he saw a Zealot holding him by the neck. "Hey! Uglies! Come and get me!"
The Zealot dropped Tony and turned towards Caleb. The Zealot pointed his gun at Caleb, thinking that Tony was no longer a threat. Tony stood and stabbed the Zealot on the mouth from behind as the Sangheili opened it's mandibles. The two Unggoy gasped and started to flee from Tony. The Zealot cried in pain as Tony pulled his knife back. Purple blood sprayed from the wound as the Zealot fell to the ground. Tony pointed at Caleb and said," That Elite isn't dead finish 'em," Tony said as turned towards the grunts," I've got them." He shot his DMR into one of the Unggoy. It collapsed instantaneously. The other opened a Plasma Grenade and started to throw it. Tony leapt out of the way and shot the Unggoy in the foot. The Unggoy collapsed from all it's previous wounds. The Spartan kicked the dying grunt and said," Don't mess with Spartans, Bitch"
Dydo breathed out, watching the Demon launch themselves right out the window. By his own honor, he didn't make take the first shot, given that he couldn't see if the Demon had their weapons drawn or not, but he wasn't interested in loosing his head either. he knew of the fate most Elites that dared go toe to toe with a Spartan. It was practically suicide. He walked to the window, watching the Spartan run towards the Zealot. He turned his attention elsewhere, noticing the UNSC gunning down another drop team. He would be of better use there. With a grunt, and a flash of silver, Dydo leapt from the building, using his claws to slide down the wall before leaping off and rolling.

He swiftly jumped back onto his feet, and began firing round after deadly accurate round of plasma energy into the foot soldiers. He felled many, and a few Unggoy joined him to gun down the humans from his vantage point. He grinned to himself, pleased that his comrades, most of them, would survive this encounter.
Dekan, after hearing more reports of gunfire, approached the source while cloaked, and came across two Demons, surrounded by deceased Unggoy and one of his fellow Zealots. "Wait, that Zealot is alive!" He watched as the Demon standing over him, one with a black and green armor color, slowly aimed a pistol at the Sangheili's head.

"After I saw that Zealot before stick up for our innocent, am I still going to do this? Kill an unarmed warrior? And then that Ultra, back in the building. He could've killed me easily, but he didn't. Because my back was turned? I suppose I at least owe them this." Caleb thought to himself. He was a soldier, this was what he was trained to do. But, was it right?

Dekan watched in shock as the Demon, instead of shooting the Zealot, magnetized his pistols to his side. The Demon gave a nod to his left, one that Dekan recognized as a human gesture meaning to go. The Demon stepped over the Sangheili and walked to the second Demon. Quickly, Camo still active, Dekan grabbed the bleeding Zealot, and drug him back behind the building.

"That fucker bled out. Didn't have to waste the ammo." Caleb lied, looking at the dead Unggoy. "You sure made a mess of these guys."
"Yeah, Grunts are so damn fun to shoot, The Zealot just caught me of guard, but I do respect Elites, they're the only damn covenant with honor," Tony explained as he magnetized his DMR to his back. He looked up at the arriving covenant fleet."Damn aliens, why can't they jsu leave us alone, we need to get this city evacuated before the arrive."

Tony walked towards the building that Caleb jumped out of. His radar detected covenant movement, but it was heading away from him. He looked at Caleb and asked," Were there any people or covenant in that building?"
Dydo had finished gunning down the marines that had stayed to fight, the rest of the Covenant around him scattering elsewhere to cause more mayhem. The Ultra turned in time to watch as two Elites, one incredibly injured, return to the building he had just been in. He looked around, spotting two more Demons in the distance, and choosing not to risk roaming in the open, sprinted towards his brothers in arms. Wordlessly, as he approached, helped the other Elite carry the injured Zealot to a more proper resting place. Dydo didn't hesitate to kneel down and examine the bleeding hole in the back of the Elite's mouth, pressing his claw to the back of the hole... he could see his own bluish scales through the swollen, purple hole. "I do not doubt that this wound may as well seal your fate, brother." He muttered gently. It pained him to see his comrades in such a state. "It would be a stroke of luck to get you to medical in time."
Dekan turned to the Ultra who helped him carry his fellow Zealot. "He is lucky that he survived at all. One of the Demons spared him. One in black and green armor."

"One Sangheili snuck up behind me. I had to run across the third floor and through the window, before I rushed to get to you. He's probably off doing something else by now." Caleb replied as he de-magnetized his Shotgun and pumped it. "Any ideas as to where we should move to?"
"I have an idea." A voice replied off to their left. "Come on Spartans. We don't have any time to waste." Noble 2 said to them, cocking the Magnum she had drawn. "Noble Leader. I have the backup. Moving to the rendezvous position now." She spoke into her comms before any reply could be made to her. "Follow me." Immediately, she began to dash away, firing at stray Grunts in the immediate area.

Bri dropped the dead Human at his feet. His unit had been split, but for the most part, remained intact and lethal. They had already cleared a section of the city, and we're moving deeper into it. Demons were reported to be in the vicinity, and Bri was excited to test his might against one. He would have a high chance of winning for sure, but it would be the fight of his life.
Bri was to be disappointed, however, as he received a comm link from Thel 'Vadamee.
"Field Marshal. Extract yourself. The Prophet of Regret has arrived to oversee the invasion. He wishes to see you."
Bri was pleasantly surprised. Not only had a San 'Shyuum arrived, but it happened to be one of the Noble Prophets. "Understood, your excellency. I will arrive shortly." Without a word to his unit, Bri turned and left the battlefield, calling in a Phantom to retrieve him.

Slade popped back up, firing a short burst from his Rifle at the advancing Brute Tactical team. A Skirmisher went down, but it wasn't much. The Brute leading the team was still alive, and seemed pretty pissed. "Ah, shit. Damn Brutes..." He muttered.
Slade had been fighting his way through Covenant forces to try and find some type of UNSC resistance, but with no such luck. He was out of steam, out of bullets, out of time and out of options. He would not be able to keep kicking for much longer. But he'd kick until death, then kick some more.
"Come on, you pieces of shit! I'm right here!" Slade yelled, leaping out of his cover, with a plan in mind. He knew what he was doing, it just depended on how well the tactical team aims.
"Ah, the very same that nearly cornered me." Dydo hummed gently, before laying the Zealot's head onto the ground gently. Remaining silent for a few moments, until their vital signs ceased to exist on his HUD. "I had moved for cover when the Demon received a cry for help from another, from there I went to help another drop team that had been struggling with simple militia." Dydo stood, staring at the dark purple, dried stain on his claws. "It would be unwise to engage either of them alone. Much less both of them."

He turned to the Zealot, since he was outranked, it would be respectful to inquire if the Zealot wanted to direct Dydo in a certain direction. "What should our next course of action be?"
Caleb gave a nod, before he set off after the Female SPARTAN-III. "Right behind you, ma'am. Don't suppose we could get details before we arrive?"

Dekan thought for a moment. "We'll do no good split up into small units, brother. At least, not against larger groups of resistance. Try to regroup as many Covenant units as possible, and have them converge here. If we were to run into those Demons, I reckon we have a better chance of survival in greater numbers. And pass on my orders along the way: any who kill children or women carrying small offspring will answer to me."
Dydo straightened up at the words, "Ah, so I'm not the only one..." He hummed upon hearing the Zealot's last words. He picked up his somewhat drained plasma repeater, keeping it passive as he jogged out into the open and swerved back into cover. He passed by several small units, camping behind crumbling walls and burning vehicles, and directed them towards the realistically intact building. It shocked him how many Unggoy were still alive.

He managed to find the group of Ultra's he had dropped down with, or what was left of them. But either way he relayed what he was told and sent them all on their way. He made good time, sweeping the area and finding all the Covenent that remained there, and he mentally counted out the sizable mass that would rendezvous at the building. He debated, as he started jogging back, if he should scrounge the bodies for Aha's corpse. But what would he do? Drag it around? No, it angered him, but the mission was still important to carry out, and that would mean that like all the missions prior, the bodies would be left behind to rot.

He passed by a building, considerably filled with fire, but stopped as he heard something inside. He looked behind him to where his destination was, surely he could spare a few more minutes absence. Just to check the building. The metal door was dented and warped, and of course jammed the entrance until Dydo yanked it free. He scoured the first floor before deeming it empty, and carefully navigated around pockets of flames. He quickly rose up the stairs, tripping as one of the steps collapsed from his weight and the fire eating away at it. His HUD lit up faintly, there was something on the second floor it seemed. There were rooms with the doors closed, but they were all empty up until he reached the last one. Jammed again.

He stepped back before charging the door, knocking the metal slab into the room with a sizable dent in its center. He rolled his sore shoulder, looking around the room. He hears a whimper, and looked down to see a young human child, trapped beneath a piece of ceiling. His eyes widened some, knowing if he stayed too long and the wrong Covenent found him, he very well could be killed. But he wasn't about to leave the child either. With a grunt, the child wept as he stepped closer, but he paid the boy no mind as he hooked his claws under the edge of the burning ceiling and lifted. He huffed, this would be more of a stuggle than he first initially thought. Hopefully he'd finish this quickly.
"Your ground team is proceeding successfully, Field Marshal." The Noble Prophet of Regret stated to the kneeling Bri. "Yes your excellency. We are profound and efficient."
Regret acted as though Bri had not spoken. "I am holy. Do you know that, Bri 'Filkomee. I can see all."
Bri thought back on all his actions. He hadn't done anything wrong. He'd fought and killed in the name of the Covenant.
"Your troop are sparring humans." Regret stated. "Your troop are showing mercy on those that wish to keep us from the Great Journey. Your troop are committing heresy. How do you feel about that, Field Marshal?"
Bri was honestly a little shocked. "Your excellency. May I ask who?"
"Yes. Your remaining Zealots. The sword of the Covenant, is causing it's blade to fall upon itself. You need to put a stop to this act of heresy. Either kill the Zealots or arrest them. They are to be stripped of their privileges and brought to trial." Regret said all of this with a smooth, calm tone. The same tone that had given Bri his rank and duty and place. It would be more coming from Truth, but this was the Prophet of Regret. His word is law.
"Consider it done, your excellency."
"Not until it is." Regret replied, gazing out upon the Human planet with interest.

"We're rendezvousing with the rest of Noble Team. We've already lost two others to take down that Cruiser earlier, before this whole dame fleet arrived." Kat said to the Spartans. "We're trying to regroup all planet side Spartans. We need all of them."
She dashed down several streets and around corners and bends with ease. They didn't seem to be nearing their position any time soon.
Joseph regained a sense of time as he made his way back to the field, he had business to settle. He entered a building from behind, crying could be heard he wasn't too sure as to where it was coming from but he heard it. He strapped his rifle to his back and pulled out a magnum as he searched the building. After a few minutes he found the source, a child trapped under the rubble and the same elite that threw the grenade trying the lift it off the kid. Without a word he joined the elite and started to assist in freeing the child.
Dydo looked over to the same damned human that had killed his friend. Now was the time to avenge his fallen brother, but he found himself unable to find the heart to. The human was helping Dydo save the child, and wasn't that all the humans were doing as they invaded? Save their own? Aha was killed yes, but only out of self defense. The Covenent was invading Reach, just as they had invaded countless other planets and glasses them to ruin.

With the extra aid, the ceiling was easily lifted off the child, and Dydo took the brunt of the weight to toss the rubble to the side. The child, afraid of the Elite for obvious reasons, ran to the only other human in the room. Dydo stared down onto the sniper, but made no move to grab his weapons. "You fell my best friend as we invaded. You were defending your home as we invaded it. Our actions are in honorable but I was merely holding onto false hope that our cause was not. I have more doubts than reassurances now, human." Dydo turned, "It would be wise to get the child to safety." And he jogged out of the building without looking back.
Joseph looked down at the kid as the elite exited, "Everything is fine now, nothings gonna hurt you anymore," He spoke in his Russian accent. He looked around trying to figure out the safest route for the kid, "Ok, the nearest evac site is in that direction," He told the kid pointing in the direction of the site, "Keep going, don't look back," He finished as he patted the kids back. After a second the kid begun to go in the direction of the site. Joseph sighed as he exited the building his magnum put away for now. He looked around the area, no sight of any Covenant, he sighed as he activated his comm, "Slade, the hell is going on," he said as he made his way to the rooftop of a building.
"Damn, we already got two Sierras down? Beatin' the shit outta these fuckers is gonna be harder than I thought." Caleb replied, as he kept an eye on his radar on his HUD. No enemy movement, so far. "So, once we rendezvous with the others, I assume we're gonna go Guerrilla Warfare mode? Split up into teams and hit 'em where it hurts, then bounce?"

Dekan looked at the massing Covenant forces. It was pleasing. It seemed the Ultra he'd sent out was still looking for more units, as he had yet to return. "I want Kig-Yar on top of the buildings. Unggoy, Jiralhanae, and Sangheili Minors are to get into defensive positions on the ground." The Zealot ordered, as the instructed units got into their positions, although the Brutes seemed rather annoyed at having to take orders from Dekan.
Dydo jogged through the empty alleys and streets, just now beginning to notice the affects of the fire. Singed armor was only the most visible of the effects, his claws were covered in burns, and it seemed his motion sensors had been knocked out of commission. His HUD kept flickering, and his sheilds couldn't charge fully. Luckily, his camo seemed to be functional. Eventually the rendezvous was in his sight, though he was increasingly uneasy. The stretch he had to cover was completely open, though he had complete sight of the Covenent masses. They could see him, but that didn't garunteed they could see danger. He sat behind cover for a few minutes in terse silence. Yet nothing happened but the feeling of unease had not left. Growling, he drew his gun, and examined the area around him, prepared to shoot. His entire body was tense as he turned and ran as quickly as he could across the open ground.