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Open Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed): Discussion Thread


Leaf Dragon Storm: The User Whips up a storm filled with the sharpest leave's, and Dragon Tails Strong Enough to Break the Thickest Steel With Ease, Causes the Victim To Be leeched and Changes them to a Random Type.
Form : Human
Age: 15
Appearance: Swag
Personality: Skilled

Pokémon's personality: Smart.
Emboar : (Custom Move) Anger Eruption, Fire Blast, Revenge And Extreme Speed.
Chandelure : (Custom Move Yet Again) Ghost Blast, Flamethrower, Hex, Fire Blast.
Zweilious : Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Dance, Taunt.
Simisage : Solar Beam, Sunny Day, Giga Drain, Leaf Tornado.
Simisear : Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Revenge, Quick Attack.
Simipour (Shiny) : Hydro Pump, Rain Dance, Water Pulse, Extreme Speed.
Theme Song(Optional): Wild Pokemon
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Anger Eruption : The User Causes A Major Roar, While Sending Flaming Punches To Its Foe. This Is Classed As Both Fire And Fighting ( Like Flying Press Was Both Flying And Fighting ).
Major Roar Of Doom ( Z-Move Of Anger Eruption ) : Same Description As Anger Eruption.
Ghost Blast : User Sends A Ghostly Flame At Its Foe, People Think It Is Ho-Oh's Sacred Fire. Classed As Both Fire And Ghost.
Did You Like It? They Are Both Multi-Type Moves With Fire In!
Woah I wasn't paying attention then, I'll put in my stuff now, thx :p

Also, can I put in more pokemon to switch? like, in first round i use 3 pokemon, then switch them out for different ones?
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Name: Zack Hunter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has red-orange hair, light tanned skin, always wearing his white sports glasses and gloves, usually wearing a red or orange shirt, and the opposite colored shorts. Always wears his dark red sneakers
Personality: Shy, but nice when you get to know him, funny, kind and honest, hard worker and trainer, does his best in battle
Starter Pokémon: Ace (Greninja) Torch (Charizard) Shadow Thorn (Sceptile)
Starter's personality: Zack is closest to his greninja, and they train as equals all the time, they are most in sync as any pokemon. Torch was Zack's first pokemon, so he is very close to Zack. Torch often likes stretching his wings and training hard to get better. Sceptile is quiet and well trained, using most his time to perfect battle styles and stay unpredictable. Zack loves his sceptile like all his other pokemon.
Other Pokémon: Numrot (Salamance) Boulder (Gigalith) Hunter (Luxray) Chomp (Vicrteebel) Fruita (Tropius) Magmo (Magmortar) Fluffy (Wigglytuff) Balboa (Hitmonchan)
Other pokemon's personality: to many pokemon to go into detail
Theme Song(Optional):
Other: Sandwich

WIP almost done though, had to go
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