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indigo league

  1. Sukoku

    Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (RP)

    LINKS Discussion: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-roleplay-way-to-the-indigo-league.18507/ My profile (This is for the lazy ones): https://pokecharms.com/members/sukoku.244839/ IC After a long way from Saffron (where their plane arrived) to Pallet, Euclides and Mark were finally awoke...
  2. Fraseandchico

    Ask to Join Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed)

    (Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/indigo-league-2-0-the-origanal-got-closed-discussion-thread.15273/ If You Wanna Join, Sign Up There!) Soras Arrived At The League Entrance, A Large Smile on His Face, He Said "Dunsparce, We Are Here! The Indigo League!" Dunsparce Said "Dun!"...
  3. Fraseandchico

    Open Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed): Discussion Thread

    Hi Guys! Welcome To The Indigo League, This Is Based On The Anime, 2 years after ash's Aloha Journey, here are Some Rules and the Form needed 1. Read the Pokémon Roleplay rules 2. No Swearing 3. No Legendarys/Ultra Beasts 4. HAVE FUN! 5. 32 Spots available, 2 characters are allowed for each...
  4. TurtleGaming

    Open Adventure in the Kanto Region - Discussion

    Hey guys, this is my first RP I've ever made! The concept is fairly simple; lots of teens from Pallet town are beginning their adventure in the Indigo League Challenge, and Professor Oak is providing Pokemon to anyone who wants one! To join, fill out the following form: Name: Gender: Age...