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Ask to Join Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed)

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(Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/indigo-league-2-0-the-origanal-got-closed-discussion-thread.15273/ If You Wanna Join, Sign Up There!)
Soras Arrived At The League Entrance, A Large Smile on His Face, He Said
"Dunsparce, We Are Here! The Indigo League!" Dunsparce Said
"right, We'll Get Food Right After We Sign Up." he ran To The Reception, And Signed In, He Found A Buffet, And Said "well, Dunsparce, You Get A Table, Remember That Our Other Friends Are Meeting Us Here, I'll Get Us Some Food!"
When Nito and Dracoss Arrived, "Where here Dracoss, Remember, Were only doing it for Shaun and Kaysi" He said, Walking in, And seeing Soras, "Aye! I see you Beat us here!"

Meanwhile, Max was On top of a pillar, With her Froslass Close by, "A normal type.....and a grass type" She said, Scanning For any Mega stones, "I dont remember Serperior having one, but Okay.", She said, "But that wont be a Problem, Right Froslass?". "Fro...*You Got that! I'll Defeat it with one attack!*" the froslass said to Max.
"Hm, Oh, HEY NITO!" Soras Said to Nito As He Approached, Soras Smiled.
"Dunsparce!" Dunsparce Said To Dracoss, Clearly Happy To See The Serperior.
"So, What's Happened Since The Last Time We Saw Each Other?" Soras Asked As He Sat Down on His Seat.
Nito went to sit down, "Not Much, me and Dracoss have been training," He said, as he Held Dracoss's Serperiorite Necklace, And i found a place to put her mega stone!"

Max was watching Them, "It seems they know each other, Makes it better if i beat both of them, I need to fight the Normal type with my Pokemon that know fighting type moves, and Serperior WIth froslass."
"AWESOME!" Soras Said As He Stared At The Serperiorite "I Can't Imagine How Powerful Dracoss Is Now!"
"Dun!" Dunsparce Exclaimed
"Oh Yeah! Nito, You Remember Dunsparce's Anger Boost Thing, Right?"

Blaze Entered The League Building, After Signing In, He Saw Soras And Laughed Saying
"Yeah-", He was going to say more, "Well, isn't it Mister little Cocky, Hows it going?" He said, Sending his Party out to eat, (You can see his party In his Nito & Baddies Spoiler) "I can tell you've been getting more cocky by the minute."

Meanwhile, Max jumped down, "If anyone's Going to Win Its going to be me" She said, as Both her & Her froslass Pointed To Nito, "Dont think i have forgotten!"

Nito looked confused, "What? I only Beat My Father to Get rid of Team Plasma, unless you worked for Them, Then that would give you a reason to hate me."
"sigh, Why, Blaze, Do You Have To Be So rude?" Soras Asked His rival, Blaze
"HEY ITS NOT RUDE ITS TRUE!" Blaze Shouted In Soras' Ear
"Ok, Just Calm Down." He Turned To the New Person "Who Are You?" He asked
"Dun?" Dunsparce Tried Talking to the Froslass. Suddenly,
"CHAR!" Destroyer Said As Blaze Sent Him Out, And Said
"Shut Up, Destroyer."
"BLAZE! Let Your Pokémon Speak. Anyway, Nito, Me And Dunsparce, We Can Finally Control It!"
"Wooo! Finally! The Indigo League!" Justin said, happily. "Man, I can't wait. I've been training SO hard. I'm gonna win for sure! Then I'll challenge the Elite Four and become the champion!" He exclaimed, as he went inside the building. He went inside the waiting room, and waited for the league to start.
"Well, i should get to feeding my Pokemon, get them ready" He said, Going Behind the Counter, and Making a Special Brand of Poke-food, Then Placing Them For all 4 PkMn Trainers, "Here yah go! 4 Packs of 6!"
"Alright, Come On Out, Everyone!" Soras Said
"Dun!" All The Pokémon Said As They(Apart From Dunsparce, Who Doesn't have One) Came Out Their Pokeballs, And Started eating.
A lengthy sigh of relief escaped Hotaru's lips as she finally made it to where the Indigo League would be held. By her side was Arcanine, who willingly carried anything his trainer just couldn't bare to carry anymore; which was everything but herself. The female was tired beyond belief, and not because she was usually very tired and enjoyed her sleep like how a cat would; but because max potions, full heals, max revives and every other healing equiptment was used left and right on her way to the Indigo League - training was the cause, for she was not ready to travel all the way here just to lose at the very first round.
She took the satchel off Arcanine's back placed it over her own, "Thanks buddy," she smiled weakly and ruffled the dog-like pokemon's fur before tying her hair back into a low ponytail. "Thank god we made it out alive!" She exclaimed whilst walking into the building, Arcanine following close behind.
Slightly startled by the male, Hotaru hid how startled she was and raised a brow. He seemed relatively friendly though, so she didn't hesitate to answer honestly, "Well, I came to take part in the Indigo League. What about yourself?" The light smile remained on her features as she may or may not have already adored how animated he appeared to be.
Hotaru couldn't help but grin goofily at what she was hearing; Arcanine, on the otherhand, was tempted to drag the male away from his trainer. "Well I wish you all the best, I'm Hotaru, by the way!" She held out her hand, almost forgetting about how tired she was.
"Nito definitely suits you," Hotaru responded, a little oblivious to Arcanine sitting there with a confused expression. Though her cheeks flushed a deep red when she was called 'one of a kind', "Well, I guess you could say that..." Being from a small town meant that it wasn't difficult to be different from the others.
"That Makes Perfect Sense!" He said, Still Holding Ze hand, Then Dracoss Smashing his Head in to ze Ground, "I may have Deserved that..." He said, With all his PKMN dragging him away.
Lyle ran to the entrance gate of the indigo league, "Come on out Primarina!" He cried. "Prima Primarina! Na!" Primarina exclaimed. "This is it Primarina... We're finally here" Lyle said excitedly.
Soras Facepalmed most Of The Time While Nito was Talking To the Girl, When He was Getting Dragged Back, Soras Said
"Well Well Well, Look Who's Turned Into Brock."
"dun!" Dunsparce Said, Clearly Laughing.
A bead of sweat dripped down Hotaru's face whilst Arcanine let out a sigh of relief. "That was... Interesting," She spoke morely to herself as she took a seat somewhere, returning Arcanine back to her ball as he was probably tired out.
`"I'll Gut you like a fish Soras..." He said, Still Being Dragged, "And thats a Promise..." He said, Then Getting Locked in a Random Box, "VERY FUNNY DRACOSS!"

Max was just facepalming, "even more Idiots, Is this idiot Hell? Hopefully not." She said, Still Facepalming, "I'll just go back up here."She said, Jumping back up to the Pilliar
"Oh, Uh, Sorry?" Soras Said, He Was Frankly, Quite Gullible, So He Thought That Nito Might Actually Do That, He Looked At A TV Screen Hanging From The Ceiling Telling When All The Matches Were Going To Happen, He Said "Let's See, Blaze Is In The First Match."
"ALRIGHT!" Blaze Cheered When He Heard That
"Nito, Looks Like You Are In The 4th Match. And I Am in The Second Match."
Upon hearing Soras talking about the matches, the sleepy female glanced over at the TV screen that hung from the ceiling. She read through each match, seeing unrecognizable names, which was understandable since she had only just arrived. Being unable to find her name, Hotaru snuck a glance at each of the others' pokemon, only seeing which onces were out, before checking again.
"Hey, Nito, Looks Like That Girl You Met Is In Match 6!" Soras Shouted To Nito, Who Was Still In The Random Box, He Said "Hang on A Sec..." He Then opened The Box.
Hotaru, upon hearing that she was in match 6, smirked slightly. There was a semi-confident glint in her amber eyes. She rose to her feet and wondered to the TV screen, Nito's loudness definitely woke her up. "I'm sure it's the sixth row... Right?"
Soras sighed
"Right There, Nito." He Pointed At Match six, which Showed The Girl Nito Met, And A Boy Named Ritchie, Blaze Said At The Sight Of Ritchie's Team
"Wow, That Boy's Team Sucks."
"for Once, Blaze, I Agree, Seriously. Pikachu, Chameleon, And A Butterfree..."
Hotaru glanced over at Ritchie's team, they seemed to be close. She was sure that it was a 1v1 for the first round, meaning that it shouldn't be too difficult. Butterfree would be easy as pie, Pikachu wouldn't be too much of an issue either but it could be difficult dependent on the strategy, so would Charmeleon. "Whilst his team does suck, he must be good if he's here. Maybe he has some strategy under his sleeve..."
"Hmm, I Dunno, Let's See If Ritchie Has Entered Before." Soras Checked Eevee Shaped Pokegear "Let's See, Been In Before, Had The Annoying Habit of Spamming Sleep Powder, As If A Pokémon Falls Asleep, They lose, He Won One Of His Matches Because His Opponent's Charizard Decided To Take A Nap?"
Hotaru's brows burrowed together slightly, "Strange... Seems I'll be needing a pair of safety goggles if I don't want a forced elimination..." The thought of being eliminated because of an obvious win-con agitated her a little and would embarrass her even more, especially considering that it was the first round.
"well, I Believe Nito Has One." he Gestured To Nito "Please Tell Me You Still Have It." Soras Told Nito, As He Did Worry About This 'Ritchie' Guy, He Read More "Apparently, Ritchie's Pikachu Has A... Hairstyle? Looks Like This." he Showed A Picture of the Pikachu, Blaze Couldn't stop Laughing
"HAHHAHHAH! That Looks Ridiculous!"
"Pretty unique, I take it as the Pikachu has a name too?" Hotaru assumed before glancing over at Nito with a seemingly pouty or pleading expression, she only hoped that he still had it
"That is true, Even The strongest Team could have problems with at team with a plan" He said, Staring at Ritchies team, "Even If he does have a butterfree....But Grass types could Easily Beat it, Because its a Spore-Type attack."
"They're immune to it..." Hotaru kind of regretted being a mono-type trainer for that reason, though she had an Alolan Ninetales for coverage. "That Charmeleon is a bigger problem though..."
"Guys, It Says Here That Ritchie's Pikachu, Named Sparky, Is His Most used Pokémon, So He will probably Use It." Soras Said With A Sigh, Then Said "Looks Like You'll Need A Ground Type To Win Easily, or At Least No Water Types."
Hotaru smiled confidently, "I've got that covered then," She nodded. "Who are you guys against?" She asked before glancing over at the TV screen.
"Hm, Let's See. A Guy Named Jakob Who has An Altaria, Dragonite, and A Sceptile." Soras Said While Looking At The Board "I Think Dunsparce Could take That Entire Team On His Own. What About You, Nito?"
"A person Named....John?, Who has a Charizard, Raichu, Salazzle, and a Bisharp" He said, "I think you may be able to Beat him, But Mine will take awhile, Especially With Bisharp, But i will Save the Mega For if i battle any of you."

"Hmph, This person is weak, a Caterpie, Wurmple, AND a Magikarp" Max said, "I'll Be Able to Beat Him In a Instant, I may just need to use Froslass."
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