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Ask to Join Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed)

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Hotaru grinned, "I think all of us have an easy first round," she stated and may or may not have shivered at the word 'mega' when it was said. If it were a mega rock type, she would probably never be able to see the light of day again.
"You know what, I'll Use my Mega!, What does it say my Round is, Soras?" He said, Making sure the Necklace was on Dracoss RIght, "Ser! perior!" Dracoss SAid, seeming with Enthusiasm.

(Btw, Normal, or Customized Mega?


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"Hmm, Says you Are in Round 4. And, if you Are Using Dracoss' mega, I'll Use Dunsparce's Anger Boost!" Soras Said, A Large Smirk On His Face. Blaze Said
"I Won't Even Need Stuff Like That."
"Blaze, You Need To Be FRIENDS with your Pokémon To Mega Evolve."

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"Blaze, do you KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MEGA EVOLUTION!" He said, Walking to blaze, "im not going to ask HOW IN ARCEUS'S WILL YOU GOT HERE WITHOUT BEFRIENDING YOUR POKEMON!" He said, Checking His Pokedex, "And you need PAtience, Like how i Caught Every Pokemon, Alola, Done, Kalos, Done, Unova, Duh, Sinnoh, The Munchlax was HELL, Johto, I took a Break to fight red When i seen him in kalos, Hoenn, AND Kanto, The Mew was harder to catch then ANYTHING! IT HID UNDER A DAMN TRUCK"
Hotaru chuckled lightly at the conversation, tucking a strand of red hair behind her ear. She decided against contributing to the conversation, taking out a bottle of juice and taking a sip. This league would certainly be interesting.
"Yes, i had to do the *4th wall* Konami Code Just to Get him out, Then Throw Poke beans That i found in someones poke isle, Then Spam Ultra Balls." He said, "But After i got it into my Pokedex, I released it, It has a Life outside being under a truck."
"ok." Soras Said, Very Confused, he Said "hey Guys, How about, Before The League, We Have Some Extra Training!"
"Nope. I Don't Need Any." Blaze Said.
"How about a practice battle?" Hotaru suggested, she could use with some extra training even if she had battled all her way through victory road she was sure that her team wasn't 1000% ready. In her eyes, she was sure that a practice battle would do the trick, and Dunsparce's Anger Boost struck a chord of interest in her.
Hotaru put her bottle of juice away and took out six pokeballs, "Hm... Pick a number between 1 and 6" She suggested, knowing that she could very easily be countered. "Also, shouldn't we be battling outside?" She rose a brow.
4, and that is a good idea"He said, Walking out, "Meetcha Outside Hotaru-Senpai" He said, Grabbing a 'Certain Pokeball' and Started waiting, Because he has patience Unlike His Creator, WHo is Typing this,
After holding back a deep blush from being called 'senpai', Hotaru headed outside, putting away the rest of her team as she did so. The ball chosen was the forth ball to her right, she didn't know which one it would be which she liked - since it meant that there would be some surprise.
"Okay, here's who I'll be using" She sent out the mentioned ball, that being her Salazzle.
After Soras Got Some Food, He Walked Outside, He Wanted To See The Battle, He Shouted
"Good Luck To Both Of You!" While Dunsparce, Venasaur, And Kabotops Were Eating SPAGHETTI, Kadabra Was Eating A Berry, While Ariados And Nidoking were Eating Burgers With Chips.
"Salazzle, let's start off with Toxic!" Hotaru called, the female lizard poisoning the opposing Scizor with ease thanks to her ability.
A Scizor, huh? Well this'll be an interesting match She thought to herself and held back a smirk.
"Go for a Metal Claw!!" He yelled, as Scizor's Claws Began to glow, Attacking The Salazzle, "The Lizard Seems a Little like you." He said,
This will be a problem, i need to get rid of that salazzle, Then Quickly Go to Another pokemon.He Thought.
"Dodge and counter it!" Hotaru called, Salazzle nearly dodging but getting attacked by her tail. The reptilian's immediate counter was Flamethrower.
The female chuckled lightly and nodded, "We're quite alike, I agree" She spoke, that confident glint in her amber eye returning.
"You both Got Looks" He said, "Now! Metal Claw Once again!" He yelled, Scizor does the Same thing, But this time Does a false From the frong, then Attacks from the behind

Salazzle took the hit, though being quite frail she would need to be more careful not to go down easily and Hotaru grew well aware of that.
Damn... Hotaru bit her lip, "Good one. Quick, Flamethrower!" She rose her voice, Salazzle scurrying away from Scizor before firing large flames from afar, it meant that if the opponent attempted to attack again then she would be far more aware of it and thus be able to counter.
Salazzle tried to shake it off but her special defence had already been lowered, both she and her trainer knew that so maybe it was to be suave?
"You're doing great, Salazzle!" Hotaru grinned a little, but her head thought of how much longer the battle would be. With the poison and the 4x effective move hitting once or twice, Scizor has to be incredibly weakened at this point, right?
"Hmm, Scizor! Return!" He said, Holding his pokeball, Then Scizor Going Back in, "This is going to be FUN!" He said, Throwing His Lucario's Pokeball, And coming out is.......a Red Lucario, "Go For The Close Combat!"
"Quick, dodge and go for the status!" Hotaru frowned and huffed a little, not expecting the switch. Salazzle swiftly dodged and poisoned the Lucario before Hotaru returned her, "You did great Salazzle," She glanced over at Nito, "You got me with that switch," She chuckled, recovering from her pout very quickly.
"So....WHo are you Choosing Next?" He said, Returning The Red Lucario, And Grabbing a Pokeball, *Hint Hint* "Im Excited to See what you'll bring out."

*PS: Dracoss Mega TS: Brave new world xD
Hotaru took out another pokeball and threw it out, "I choose you!" She couldn't help but randomly shiver at the thought of Nito's next pokemon, since she had no idea what it could be. The pokemon she sent out was her Arcanine.
"Hohohoh, Come on Out!" He yelled, Sending out His Serperior,....Then Pressing His Mega Necklace.....
Nito's Mega Necklace is Reacting to Dracoss's Mega Stone....
As The Rock Formed Around Dracoss, Then Breaking, Revealing Her Mega. . . .
Dracoss has become Mega Serperior!
Soras Stared, Mouth open in Shock, He Had been Expecting Mega Serperior Soon, Just not This Soon! He Said
"Wow! That looks Awesome!"
"Dun!' Dunsparce Said, Almost Fainting From An Overload of Awesomeness, Soras Looked At Dunsparce, and said
"Remember Buddy, We Will Show Them OUR True Power in Our Match!"
"You go for the first attack..." He said, calmly, Because as he Uses his Mega Necklace, Its Kinda like Battle Bond, Yet Nothing like it, As His Mega Puts a Little Of Himself Into The Mega, As They Are Bonded to the Full Potential, More Bonded Then Red & Pikachu, And Just Ready To Go, Running Out Of Patience, He Yelled, "Go for the Twister...."

Max On The Other Hand Was Giggling, "Not Only Do i Do the 2X attack..if he Mega's....i do 4X! Hehehe, He was an idiot to Use Mega...As Now i Just need to Use Froslass to Beat his Grass/Dragon Mega...."
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Hotaru had been left in shock at the sight, her amber eyes widening upon seeing the large serpentine Pokémon evolve once more; even if it were a Mega Evolution. She shook her head quickly and tried to remain calm, she heard Nito go for a move already and knew that she had to react somehow. Arcanine could sense the shock and worry coming from his trainer, but he did not look back at her, he prepared to attack.

"Dodge using Extreme Speed!" The redhead called almost immediately after hearing Nito giving a command, though she could only presume that his bond with Dracoss was greater than anything she's witnessed.
Like a blur, Arcanine had started moving away from his original spot going to random spots in hope of Dracoss getting confused - even better though: missing all together.
The Confusion Just Helped Dracoss, As Without Nito Saying Anything, She Went In For The Twister, Which was Bigger then Before, And Doing a Backflip AT that, "Heh....I wont be Losing that easy..." He said, Not Worried, As he had a Plan For this, Confusion Only Made the Pokemon Punch Itself, as If she Used Her 'Secret' Move Right now, it would ruin the Surprise.
"I know you won't be!" Hotaru grinned mischieviously, not often would she use trickery as she prefered relying on brute strength - but looks like she'd be changing her plan. "Stop there!" Arcanine's blurred movements came to a halt quickly, waiting for Hotaru's next instruction. "Try going a little slower, okay?" She asked, pretending to be cautious. She had a plan that she used once, it worked with flying colours so she planned to use it again.
"This will be Fun" He said, As Dracoss went For the Leaf Tornado*To lazy to see is she has it*, sending Razor-sharp Leaves Everywhere,And getting into a Position Where she could Easily Slip Out of.

As Max Was Watching The battle, as If they were to fight, She would be Ready, But If That 'Z-Ring' wasn't Going to be Showed, Then That could Be Goodbye, As it could be any type of Move she has, If she has the right One.
"Counter it with Hidden Power!" Hotaru exclaimed. Arcanine's body quickly became outlined in a yellow light as icy blue balls appear, each ball gets fired at the leaves though not all the leaves were hit since they went everywhere. If one of the balls could hit that Serperior then serious damage will be done, since it's twice as effective as it used to be... Hotaru thought to herself.
Zack, late as usual, arrived at the Pokemon League. He missed his first boat, having to wait quite a while to catch another, and then proceeded to sign himself in for the competition. Though apparently, he was already signed in. He didn't know by who, or even when he was up. All he prayed was that he wasn't up first. That would suck. After healing his pokemon, he stepped outside onto the practice fields, where a few people were battling. He decided to take an empty one, and threw out his pokemon.
"Hey guys, we made it! I thought sense first round is coming up fast, we should get some training in, just to be sure we are ready whenever we are up." Zack announced to his team. Then he proceeded to pin two of his pokemon against each other, and then the next two, and the next, until they were tuckered out. Because Zack didn't like letting his pokemon fight alone, he trained with them, mimicking movements, and doing his own separate training. Finally they all sat down, and he returned everyone but Ace, who was his closest companion. Then Zack had an idea. While on opposite sides of the field, Zack yelled,
"Ace, Water Shuriken on me!" which caught Ace off guard, but after convincing him it was ok, Ace released several shurikens of water on Zack, sending him back.
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