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Ask to Join Indigo League 2.0(the origanal got closed)

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Zack Showing up Didn't Bother Him much,
"Keep on Using Twister." He said, as Dracoss Let out a Loud Screech, Then Sending a Huge Twister Arcanine's Way.
"If you Stand after that I Might be Surprised."

Max was Actually the Most Surprised, as Mega Evolution DID Enhance attacks, not That Visually, as Froslass Still Sat Beside Max

StellarWind Elsydeon

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Need I remind you that Mega Evolutions, regardless of fanmade or not in nature, require staff approval?
Also, need I remind you that RPs are NOT the games, and no, no one would ever actually catch All The Pokemon Ever? These are living creatures, not bits of data on a computer.

Locking this trainwreck before it spreads. Shipper Dracoss X Quill: Review the RP forum rules.
Not open for further replies.