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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (RP)

After a long way from Saffron (where their plane arrived) to Pallet, Euclides and Mark were finally awoke. Mark, always the first to wake up, got the breakfast ready.


"Calm down!!! I'm still getting my body ready!" Euclides yelled with a sleepy voice, he surely didn't understand what Mark meant by almost late.

"Uhhhh, almost late? OH YEAH! TODAY IS THE DAY WE GET OUR FIRST POKÉMON!!!" Euclides thought, jumping off the bed, getting his pants, sweater, socks, and shoes on, getting his shoulder bag (a blue one, really simple.) and running downstairs, eating his breakfast quickly.

"Calm down! We will get there early, I think," Mark said, looking down at Euclides and giggling.

"Okay, I will get dressed up, I will catch up to you!" Mark said, going upstairs, getting his Pikachu tee-shirt on, his blue hoodie, his pants, his socks and his shoes, going downstairs, as soon as he stepped on the house's 1st floor, he noticed that Euclides wasn't there anymore.

"I GOTTA PICK MY FIRST POKÉMON BEFORE MARK!!!!" Euclides thought, getting in front of Professor Oak's lab entrance gate, but, it was closed.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Mark went towards a chair, sitting down and looking at a clock, it was 8 AM, but, they were supposed to be in the lab at 9 AM. "Hmmm, I guess I will wait for him to figure it out," Mark said, listening to the clock's sounds.

"We are late?!" Euclides yelled, noticing a medium-sized boy walking downstairs, he had a brown hair and a purple sweater under a big white overall, he was Gary.

"Uhhh, who are you exactly?" Euclides said, looking up at him.

"I'm Gary Oak, a Professor Assistant, I'm helping my grandpa out. Ah, and the lab isn't open yet, get lost," Gary said, looking down at Euclides and raising his eyebrows.

"Hmmm, I see... okay, I will come back late Euclides said, turning back and walking away.

"Weirdo," Gary said, walking back to the lab.

Euclides finally arrived at Johan's house, a friend of Mark that allowed them to stay in his house. "I'm back, Mark! I went there and a weird boy went up to me and said the lab wasn't open, I guess we gotta wait," Euclides said, placing his shoulder bag on the couch and sitting down.
Tes walked from the house she was staying at over to the lab. Her bag hung across her shoulder, moving with each step across the path. As she walked down, a boy ran past her into another house. "Did he already get a pokemon?" Tes asked herself as she made her way forward.
Tes soon made it to the door of the laboratory, where a man stood. "Um, is something wrong in there?" Tes asked the person. "Not at all, Grandpa's not here. I'm Gary Oak, a lab assistant. Now get lost." Tes was set back by the order. "No." She said flatly, leaving no means for discussion. "Well, uh miss. It might be a while." Gary said stuttering a little. "I can wait." Tes replied back at him, relaxing on the wall next to him.
"Are you literally kidding me?" growled Angle as she walked over to the group, frowning. The Johto girl was certainly a sight to behold- dusky-pink hair, yellow eyes, fake wings, a galaxy-patterned skirt and a pitch black turtleneck. She looked quite stiking and daresay attractive. She was, today, looking forward to her new journey in Kanto- having lived in Johto her whole life, she needed a rest. "I've been waiting my whole life for this, and the old fart decides that today he's gonna shut up shop?" Angle rolled her eyes, taking a place among the others.
Tes shrugged at the new girl. "We could break inside. That would be fun. Of course the lab guy would stop us, wouldn't he though." She said with an eye roll. As Tes's eyes trailed across the other's wardrobe, "Who let the magical Rimbonbee barf on you?" She asked as a joke, mentioning the colorful attire.
''Almost there'' Andrew said with a sigh while he dragged his backpack on the dirt road. After a bit he got to pallet down and wanting to collaspe he dragged himself to what he fought was the pokemon lab. He saw a man and went up to him,''Uh.. Is the lab open'' Andrew said looking at his expression it looked to him that was a no. ''No grandpa isn't here so get lost'' the man angrily, After walking away he sat near a house to wait. ''I guess I could rest here'' He pondered. Later he fell asleep but then he woke up about 2 minutes after, in disappoinment he just walked back to the lab and waited there cause he was bored out his mind.
"It's called alternative fashion," giggled Angle, trying to be sort of mean but kind of laughin as well. She knew she dressed weirdly, and was ready to accept it. She bit the inside of her cheek, tilting her head slightly, and pondering what exactly they should do. Man, if only she could bring her mom's Snorlax with her. "Do you have a baseball bat? We could go for the window," suggested the girl, who actually wasn't even joking this time.
Gary heard the two girls talking about invading the Pokémon Lab, as he quickly looked at his watch, noticing that it was 9 AM. Gary then walked downstairs, looking at the girls, he had some keys on his hand, he was about to open the gate.

"Before I open this, may I know what you two were saying?!" Gary said, looking down at the two with a mad expression on his face. "Ah, you know what? I don't really care," Gary said, opening the gate, the sound that the gate made was so intense that Mark and Euclides could hear it from Johan's house, which was 15-20 meters away from the lab.

"DID YOU HEAR THAT?! THEY OPENED THE GATE!!!" Euclides said, getting his shoulder bag on, unlocking the door and running towards the lab.

"Yup! Time to go!!!" Mark said, getting up and following Euclides.

"You all, enter, my grandpa wants to talk to you all," Gary said, getting out of the way.

"WAIT FOR MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" Euclides screamed, getting past Gary and the crowd of people, getting into the lab before Mark, and before everyone else.

"Who are you, huh?" Professor Oak said, looking down at Euclides.

"I'm Euclides Levi! How is it going?" Euclides said, smiling.

"Everything is fine, but you know that you shouldn't enter like that, right? Go outside and wait for everyone to enter, then you can enter! That's your punishment!" Professor Oak said.

"Okay..." Euclides muttered, walking out the house and sitting down on the grass.
''How long does this guy take!'' groaned Andrew and then punched the brick wall in rage and then realizing how dumb he was while his hand surged with pain. And then he saw a crowd of people run into the lab while running in there as well. Andrew looked pretty amazed while looking at the lab from the inside. Andrew was pushed by the loads of people, ''Uh could you guys move'' Andrew said and no one heard him and he was shoved outside into a crowd and had to try to get in again. ''Arg forget this!'' he said while storming outside and wanting on the side for everyone to get in. He looked around and saw a boy on the grass, ''Why is he there?'' He questioned but when he looked to the other side of him the crowd looked like it had died down so he went inside.
"Breaking and enterng," hissed Angle harshly, not really caring what Gary had to say to her. She jumped as a boy pushed through her, and rolled her eyes as she too decided to enter the Lab, seeing the boy who pushed before her sulking back and sitting outside. She smirked. "Okey dokey," she gave finger guns to the Professor, showing a toothy grin. "Thanks for letting us in, I was totally going to break in here if you'd taken any longer." she said in a jokey manner, even though she was completely serious.
Professor Oak sighed, walking up to a big machine, pressing a red button, as he pressed it, three PokéBalls popped out, they had a fire symbol, a water symbol, and a grass symbol.

"Choose your starter," Professor Oak said, sitting down on a chair which was next to the big machine.

Mark went in, looking at the big machine, he then signaled Euclides to enter, as Euclides got up, getting in.

"Wow, this place smells good!" Mark said, smiling.

"That's right!!!" Euclides said, "sooo, we should pick one PokéBall?" Euclides finished.

"Yes, go ahead and pick one, there are three more Pokémons from the same species, but they aren't so friendly as the main ones," Professor Oak said, looking at the kids.
Andrew started at the table, He knew how important this choice was. He closed his eyes and threw his hand to a random pokeball while closing his eyes, After opening his eyes he had the pokeball with the grass symbol and immediately tried to open it. He pressed the button and a bulbasaur came out, but to him it was a weird monster to him.
Angle looked at the Pokéballs, furrowing her eyebrows slightly. She grabbed the one that contained Squirtle- the Pokémon she was planning on getting from the start- and pressed the button, tilting her head as the little creature came out. "Okey dokey," she murmured, grinning. "I choose this one."
"Right! I choose the only one that is left then!" Euclides said, picking up Charmander's PokéBall, pressing the button. The Charmander growled its name and fell on Euclides' head, making him fall down instantly.

"Hehehehehe!!! What a good start!" Mark said, laughing.

"That happens," Euclides said, his voice was strange, it looked like he was trying to move his head up, but he couldn't.

"Let me help you," Mark said, getting up to Euclides and poking Charmander's gut until it got off Euclides' head.

"Thank you!!!" Euclides said.

"Okay, time to get some for the others!" Oak said, pressing the red button again, as 3 other PokéBalls appeared, "get your starter!" Oak said.
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Fiol was siting beneath the tree near laboratory the whole time. "Too crowded", he thought for himself. But curiosity took over and he stood up shaking leaves off. He slowly walked down the hill towards the lab. He noticed a brown haired guy who opened gates and an old man, who looked like profesor. He then waited for a bit and continued his way inside.

By the time he came everyone got their starters. "You are late.", professors soft voice came from the side. " I am indeed.", Fiol replied. However he noticed a single pokeball with fire symbol on it. He wasn't happy at all but he was late, it was purely his mistake. He gently took pokeball and dropped it. Bright light flashed and a lizard-like creature sat in front of him. " It is Charmander", said professor. Fiol scratched Charmander's head . "I will call you Snowfire".
At that moment he realised that he was not the only one in the lab. " Hello" he greeted everyone with curious smile on his face.
Angle turned around quite harshly, and her yellow gaze befell the late boy. He picked up a Charmander,
and she noticed slight disappointment in his face, which was kind of strange for someone getting their first Pokémon. He greeted them, and the dusky-pink-haired girl smiled softly, her yellow gaze bearing into the other. "Hey. I'm Angle," she said. "Who are you?"
"My name is Fiol.". He curiously,but not offensively, examined girl standing right next to him. He liked the unusual clothes she wore. "I like your style" he said. He continued to scratch Charmanders head while examining Angle.
"Uh, Mark, be polite!" Euclides said, poking Mark's left arm with his right elbow.

"You should be polite! You didn't even say hi!" Mark said, turning his head to Fiol. "Hello! My name is Mark Wang, but you can call me Mark, ah, and this is my friend, his name is Euclides Levi, you can call him Levi or Euclides, it doesn't really matter," Mark said, turning to Euclides, which was playing with his Charmander.

"Who is the best guy in the world?!" Euclides said with a lower-pitched voice, but the Charmander didn't seem to like it, after hearing Euclides' voice, the Charmander fired an ember right at Euclides' face, causing his face to get scorched. "Owww!!! That hurts!" Levi whispered to the Charmander, recovering his focus and turning to Fiol. "Oh! Uh, sorry! My name is Euclides, nice to meet you!!!" Levi said, smiling.
"Thank you," Angle bowed her head, smiling and sweeping her long bangs out of her eyes. She was quite pleased that Fiol had not commented on her strange name, since that was something that many people did to her. "Nice to meet you, I guess." she murmured, and Squirtle made a squeaking noise.
Fiol gently nodded to both of boys and Angle as well. "It is okay. We all are exited today I suppose". His Charmander jumped on him and Fiol swiftly caught him in mid air. "You are pretty fast", he said talking to his first Pokemon. Snowfire was warm, Fiol could feel it holding him. Charmander then made satisfied "char-char", after Fiol tickled his stomach.
"Uhhh, hey, weird girl! You, with those yellow eyes!!!" Levi said, looking at Angel with a confused face. "What are you? An Alien? Ah, and what is your name?" Levi said, giggling.

"Levi!!! BE POLITE!" Mark said, he was a bit angry due to Levi's attitude.

"Calm down, dude! It is just a joke!" Levi said, giggling.
Andrew turned around to see a couple people socializing, He sighed and wen't over, ''Uh... Hello'' Andrew said while stuttering a bit. His pokemon hit his leg and and after thinking really hard he remembered that it was a bulbasaur. He kinda hoped they didn't even hear.
Fiol noticed a boy, who was a bit far from the others. " Hello", he replied. He clearly saw his struggles. He tried to be as friendly as possible with him.
Charmander though jumped from Fiol's grip and greeted Bulbasaur by waving his arm.
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"Oh, hey! How is it going? What is your name?" Mark said, turning his head to Andrew. "Ohhh!!! What a cute Pokémon!!!" Mark said, looking down at Bulbasaur.

"Hey, blonde kid! Won't you get your starter?!" Professor Oak said. "Oh, no! I'm a Pokémon Do-" Mark said, getting cut by a flying PokéBall that hit his head, it was thrown by Gary. "Come on, just get that one, it is a strange thing, I know it is a Pikachu, but it got hair, I don't really like it," Gary said, resuming his research.

"Uhhh, I guess I will take it?!" Mark said, pressing the button on the middle of the PokéBall, as a Pikachu went out of it, but it had hair, and it wasn't really friendly, it shocked Mark multiple times, and it also shocked Levi. "DAMN!!! THAT THING IS, WEIRD, JUST WEIRD!!!" Mark said, as the Pikachu bit his leg, sending a powerful Thundershock that made Mark fall down.

"HELP USSS!!!" Levi screamed, getting the PokéBall and retrieving the Pikachu with hair, which was female. "Uh, I guess I neutralized that rat with bangs..." Levi said, looking down at the PokéBall. "I don't want this, and I don't think Mark wants it too," Levi said, giving the PokéBall do Professor Oak.

"Ugh, okay, I don't really want to stay with this Pokémon, we will most likely keep it inside a glass so we can study it," Professor Oak said, keeping his poker face.

"EW, THAT'S CREEPY! IT DOESN'T DESERVE THAT THO!!!" Levi said, sticking his hand out. "Give me it, Mark will take good care of it!" Levi said, getting the Pokéball.

"Owwww!!! That hurts!!!" Mark said, getting up.

"Hey! You got shocked by a Pikachu, take it!" Levi said, giving the PokéBall to Mark.

"ARE YOU CRAZY?! I WON'T KEEP THAT THING!!!" Mark yelled, moving back.

"Come on, they will cast it forever if you don't!!!" Levi said, frowning.

"Ahhh, okay, I will keep it! But you will take care of it!" Mark said, closing his eyes and turning his head away.

"Hey! That isn't the deal!" Levi said.

"Then I won't keep it!!!" Mark said, raising his eyebrows. keeping his eyes closed.

"Ahhh, okay!!! I will take care of it for you..." Levi muttered, getting the PokéBall.

"Do not let it go out in public spaces, it may hurt a good amount of people," Professor Oak said.

"Right..." Levi said, "MARK, IF YOU DON'T TRAIN THIS THING, I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL KICK YOU!!!!" Levi thought to himself.

"Sooo, kids, you all get this! And this!!!" Professor Oak said, picking up five PokéBals and giving them to Mark, he then gave 5 to Levi, then to Angle, then to Andrew, then to - Ah, you got it, he gave PokéBalls to everyone. Professor Oak then picked up 6 PokéDexes, giving them to all the kids.

"Do not lose that red thing! That is a PokéDex, it is a digital encyclopedia that gives you information about almost every Pokémon!" Professor Oak said, going back to his chair and sitting down.
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It was too loud for Fiol to stay here, it felt like his head could explode at any moment. "Professor Oak, will you give us anything else?". Whatever the answer was, Fiol did what Professor says. Then he took his Charmander and sat down on the grass outside, playing with Charmander and trying to ignore the noise.
Angle frowned, tilting her head. She smiled at Mark when he scolded the boy, but he was young, so she gave him a pass. "They're contacts," the girl said bluntly, raising her eyebrows at the boy. "My name's Angle," she continued, anticipating the comment that the boy would make about her name.
Andrew, after hearing everyone speak he knew had two basic choices, Leave or ask them to join a group together he really wanted to leave and just did it. He looked outside to see that kid he saw before and was the first kid that said hi to him. But before he could make a action his bulbasaur bolted for the charmander.
"Angel? Oh, I see. Your parents must think you're really beautiful, then!" Mark said, smiling.


"Grrrr!!! I don't like her, I'm just being polite, something that you just can't be!!!" Mark said, crossing his arms and looking away.

"Heheehehehe. Not to mention her name isn't Angel, I could perfectly hear 'Angle', Hahahahha!!!" Levi said, laughing even more.

"Is that true?" Mark said, looking at Angle.
Angle looked at them in confusion as they quarrelled, but she couldn't help but giggle under her breath. "The kid's right," she said, grinning a bit in embarassment. "It's Angle. Before you ask, I was supposed to be called Angel but my parents are dumb and they misspelt it on my birth certificate. They were gonna change it but the name ended up sticking," the girl exclaimed. Angle smiled softly back at Mark.
Charmander started to play with Bulbasaur. Fiol looked up on boy. "My name is Fiol by the way.". He then observed how Pokemon were playing. Later he took out a pokeball and asked a question more to himself than to a boy. "How does this contain a pokemon that is bigger than it?"
"Ah, I see, I will just call you Angel, okay?" Mark said, blushing a bit, but he quickly hid his face with his hoodie.

"... I COULD SEE THAT!!! MARK, YOU'RE LIKE... LITERALLY IN LOVE! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!" Levi yelled, poking Mark multiple times to the point it became annoying.

"COME ON!!! CAN YOU JUST... STOP?!" Mark yelled.

"Uh... sorry, dude, I didn't mean to make you angry..." Levi said, frowning.

"Don't worry," Mark said, hugging Levi. Levi sniffed Mark's neck, noticing a strange smell.


"OH NO!!! RUN!!!" Mark yelled, running around the lab, Levi ran towards him, yelling some weird words that can't be understood.
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"Call me whatever. Angel's good, though. Makes me feel special," Angle said- no one had ever offered to call her by her intended name before. A slight shade of rosette began to fade into her cheeks, and she pulled her scarf over her mouth. Suddenly, the two again burst into an argument, and Angle looked on in fascination, chuckling slightly.
"Excuse me", Fiol stood up moving back into lab. "Can you not yell please!", he turned to Mark and Levi. "You have been yelling since I came here, I get it you are exited but try to calm down a little.". People could sense his mood through his green eyes, whichlooked very dull and annoyed.
"Levi, stop!!! Please!!! I will pay you all the money, just leave me alone, please!!!" Mark said, stopping instantly.

"Right..." Levi said, walking back to where they were before. "Sooo, you name is Angle, right? I will call you 90 degrees then, okay? Sounds good?" Levi said, smiling.

"Don't you dare..." Mark said, looking at Levi with the true RAGE EYES.

"Okay... I will just call you Angle, different from your little crus- I mean, friend! Haha!!!" Levi said, laughing.

"I will end up having to do the thing again!!!" Mark said.

"OH NO, NOT THE THING!!!" Levi replied, looking at Mark with a surprised face.

"Hmph! Okay, Angel, sorry for my friend's actions, he is... how can I say? Silly," Mark said, smiling. "Well, I will tell you a bit of my story, I was born in Goldenrod, I'm from a rich family," Mark said.


"SHUSH! Okay, ignore him. Well, I always got what I wanted, but, in a certain moment, we decided to move to Ecruteak, that City is... how can I say? Better. After we got in Ecruteak, everything changed, and I met that boy over there," Mark said, pointing to Levi, who was playing with his Charmander, but the Charmander was still attacking him.

"He is cool, trust me, if you decide to somehow come with us... you will notice that," Mark said.

"Mark, what did we say, huh?" Levi said.

"We shouldn't accept people that aren't from Johto in our crew, oh yeah!!! I forgot about that, sorry!" Mark said, bowing to her.

"Oh, sorry! What is your name?" Levi said, approaching Fiol. "I swear we won't yell again," Levi muttered.
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"Oh!" Angle said, surprised. "I'm from Goldenrod too. I've lived there my whole life and I needed to get the hell away from it," she laughed, rolling her eyes in a jokey manner. "I suppose I could travel with you two? It would be quite fun." she said. She quite liked Mark and wanted to get to know him, and Levi too she found rather amusing.
"WHAT?! ARE YOU SER- Oh, sorry, guy over there which complained about our yelling," Mark said, turning to Fiol.

"Okay, you can travel with us, I think it is going to be fun! Ah, and Levi probably will be always doing those things, last time I talked to a girl he made that girl get angry at me and slap my face..." Mark said.
''I'm Andrew'' says Andrew, ''My bulbasaur really likes you'' he says quietly. He was kinda happy he talked to someone at all. Ignoring every one other than bulbasaur and then making him go in his pokeball. ''So...'' The boy started speak. ''Do yo wan't to go to a pokemon journey together'' He said awkwardly.
Angle nodded, and grinned. "Okey dokey. That sounds fabulous," she chuckled. She brushed her hair out of her face in a swift motion, and tucked it behind her ear, pulling her scarf away from her face. "Don't worry. I won't slap you unless you do something mean to me- then I will."
"Oh, I see, another crew is being formed right here, sorry, I will go back to Mark," Levi said, walking back, LITERALLY WALKING BACK, LIKE, HE WENT TOWARDS THEM WITHOUT TURNING BACK.

"Uhhh, hi, Levi! I found out she is from Goldenrod, we are all from Johto! We should form a crew!" Mark said.

"Wait, really?!" Levi said, turning his head to Angle.

"Mhm!" Mark said, smiling.

"Oh, okay, Hahaha!!!" Mark said, approaching Angle. "You can slap Levi," Mark whispered.