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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (RP)

Mark nodded, picking Caterpie up and walking out of the Pokémon Center, he then set the Caterpie down, and, when he looked up, he noticed that the sky was kind of orange-ish, that means it was already night! The sidewalks that were flooded by people now were empty, and all the cars weren't there. "Sean, we should wait a bit outside and then go back in. I didn't find any hotel in the surroundings, but we could go to the end of the City with you so we can find a good hotel!" Mark said, looking up at Sean.

The smell slowly dissipated and Levi picked Pikachu up, walking outside and looking at the two, Mark then moved his head towards Levi, smiling, and Levi smiled back. "Sooo... we should go back and sleep! The smell has disappeared and it is cold here..." Levi said, pointing to the PokéCenter.
Sean only shrugged his shoulders. They didn't really need a hotel, but a Pokemon Center had a more secure facility to crash in. He breathed in the cold, crisp air before turning to the other two, his Pokemon stretched and relaxed in the cold air. "Well, I kinda don't want to walk anywhere. The rooms here in the Pokemon Center are free, if a little lackluster, but they have pretty good security, what with a police station next door. I think it would be fine. I'm heading back inside and nabbing a room before anybody else does. I don't know how many beds a room here could have, but I'm fine with sleeping alone. I think I remember that these Pokemon Centers have bunk beds in a room."

With that, he walked back inside the Pokemon Center. He asked the nurse if they could have a room for the night, and she replied with a yes. She also did say that they will be staying in a room someone else has occupied, but there were more bunk beds to fill. Sean bowed politely and headed off toward the rooms with the number the nurse gave him. He then waited for the others to catch up, or if they're going to find another place to stay.
Levi nodded and walked back in, and Mark did the same, they walked towards their room and stood next to Sean, Levi smiled, and Mark looked at Sean with a grin. "It was good to meet you! Good night!" Both said. It wasn't synchronized, but they tried their best. Levi then walked towards his room, opening the door and getting in, facing a lot of boxes, he then picked one up, reading what it was saying. "So this is a camping tent? Okay... I guess I will have one!" Levi said, walking towards the bedroom and placing the box under his bed.

"Okay, bye!" Mark said, walking towards his room, getting in and picking up a box, placing it under his bed. Mark then walked towards the bathroom, brushing his teeth and walking towards the bedroom, getting his Bulbasaur onesie on and jumping on the bed, pulling the blanket over his body and closing his eyes, falling asleep some minutes after doing it.

Levi walked towards the bathroom, brushing his teeth, taking a warm bath and walking off it, getting towards the bedroom, getting his pyjamas on, sitting on the bed, pulling his PokéDex out of his shoulder bag and checking the Pokémon that he had encountered before sleeping.
Sean went into the already occupied room. There seemed to be a very burly young man sitting there, but upon further inspection, he was just a boy. Sean decided not to wake him from his slumber, until his Pokedex started to beep. He quickly ripped it out of his backpack and fumbled around until he found the volume button. He turned it all the way to the lowest setting, and then it started going off about the Pokemon that this boy had. His Pokemon were laying next to him, sound asleep.

"Weedle. The Bug- and Poison-Type Hairy Bug Pokemon. They evolve into Kakuna when trained enough, and will secrete a hard substance to coat over itself to achieve evolution. Weedle's bright coloration wards off enemies and its two inch, or 5 centimeter, venomous stinger on its head and a barbed one on its tail are used for self-defense, whether someone steps on it or it has been attacked. They house a strong toxin and can poison your Pokemon. It can distinguish its very kinds of leaves by using its acute sense of smell housed in its red proboscis, which looks akin to a large clown nose. Since it is a larva, its daily appetite for leaves matches its weight. They can be found in forests and usually hide in grass, bushes, and under the leaves it eats. They are usually targeted by bird Pokemon, like Spearow and Pidgey.

They may have the Abilities Shield Dust or Run Away, the latter being rare.

They are adept at using its poison barbs to poison and attack enemies, and can use its strings to tangle its predators or opponents."
"Female Nidoran. The Poison-Type Poison Pin Pokemon. They evolve into Nidorina when trained enough. The poison secreted by the small toxic spines on its back and its small forehead horn are extremely potent and even a scratch from its horn or a drop of poison from its barbs can be deadly. This is generally a docile Pokemon, and will only use its poison when threatened. Although, when these Pokemon become enraged, their horn starts to release horrible toxins. This method of protection could have been developed because of the size of the female Nidorans. These female Nidorans live in open spaces, such as savannas and plains.

They may have the Abilities Poison Point, Rivalry, or Hustle, the latter being rare. Poison Point has a 30% chance to inflict the Poison status condition on an opponent who hits the Pokemon with this ability with an attack that makes contact. Rivalry raises the power of the Pokemon's attacks by 25% when against a Pokemon of the same gender. It will decrease in power by 25% when against a Pokemon of the opposite gender. It won't affect the power when facing against a genderless Pokemon. Hustle increases the user's physical attack by 50% but also lowers the accuracy of the user's physical moves by 20%. When this Pokemon is out and it has the Ability Hustle, you will have a higher chance to meet high-leveled wild Pokemon.

They are adept at using their spines and claws in battle."
"Male Nidoran. The Poison-Type Poison Pin Pokemon. They evolve into Nidorino when trained enough. The spines on this Pokemon's back release some potent poisons when threatened, and if the horn on its forehead is larger, the stronger its venom. Male Nidoran listens for sounds of approaching enemies with its large ears, since these ears have unique muscles that allow them to swivel in any direction. The slightest noise doesn't escape the Male Nidoran's notice. When it wants to listen in a distant location, it flaps its ears like wings. When angry, it extends its toxic spikes and charges, trying to stab the opponent with its horn and inject its lethal poison. These Male Nidoran live in open spaces, like savannas and plains.

They may have the Abilities Poison Point, Rivalry, or Hustle, the latter being rare.

They are adept at using their spines and horn in combat."

Sean sighed and made sure none of them heard that. He did see the Male Nidoran stir, so he quickly laid his sleeping bag at the furthest bunk bed, on the bottom and laid down, setting his backpack next to the bed. At least the man's snores drowned out most of the Pokedex. He put his Pokedex back in his back, snuggled up to his Jotlz and Fushi, and fell asleep.
Levi slowly opened his eyes, moving his body up and looking at the window, which was blurry, he then opened it, noticing that it was still snowing. Levi frowned, getting up and walking out of the bedroom, walking towards the bathroom, taking a quick bath, brushing his teeth and getting his clothes on, but his cap. He then walked out the dorms room, getting next to a couch and sitting down, waiting for Sean or Mark.

Mark, as usual, was still sleeping. He was saying some words that couldn't be understood because he wasn't speaking English! He then rolled to the edge of the bed, falling down and waking up instantly, opening his eyes brutally, looking around, confused due to the fact that he was having a dream where he was falling down a bridge. Mark, after everything, got up, he then walked towards the bathroom, taking a quick bath as well, getting his clothes on and walking out of his room, going towards the couch where Levi was sat on. Mark sat down beside him, greeting him with a weird word that they had created, he then sat down, waiting for Sean.
After a long and restful night, Sean yawned and stretched before he got up and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He looked about to hear a faint rustling from behind him. He turned his head a bit and saw that the lump underneath the bed in the far side of the room had moved to reveal a human boy; the young boy he had found sleeping in here from earlier. Sean decided to be friendly towards him and returned his Joltz and Fushi, who were still sound asleep.

Sean got up and did his morning chores; that being brushing his teeth, taking a quick 5-minute shower, and putting on the same clothes he had been wearing for awhile now, except he wore his new socks and shoes he bought yesterday. Sean walked out of the bathroom to see the man sitting at the edge of the bed, petting his four Pokemon, which the Pokedex identified them as Weedle and a female and male Nidoran. He also has a Caterpie. They looked a little larger than most Pokemon of their species. The boy noticed Sean looking at him, and he gave a nonchalant wave. Sean just grumbled "g'morning."

Sean packed his stuff, and the boy he had slept in the same room with suddenly got up and asked him in a gruff and slightly off-putting voice. "What's your name?"

"Sean. Sean McLoughlin. Nice to meet you. What's yours?"

"Want to have a battle to find out?" asked the young boy, a smirk appearing upon his manly face.

Sean, surprised by this sudden invitation to a battle, nodded happily and walked out the Pokemon Center's doors with the boy in tow. The Caterpie and Weedle were on the boy's shoulder, with the female and male Nidoran walking alongside him.

Sean released his Bulbasaur and Eevee, and they were still asleep. He knelt down and shook them gently to wake them up, which succeeded. They raised their heads and looked at Sean, wondering what was going on. Sean told them about a new battle, and they both looked ecstatic. Sean gleefully smiled while he told them to return for now, the Pokemon's confines swallowing them.

The large and off-putting boy saw the other two younger boys, who were waiting for Sean. He asked: "What are your names?"

Sean turned around and walked back to the three, hoping nothing bad comes out of this.
"My name is Josh Joshington," Levi said, looking at the boy with an ironic smile. Levi didn't want to reveal his real name to people that he hadn't met before, that's why he thought of a weird name. Pikachu was playing with Levi's Charmander, and Charmander was all hyped up for the first time in its whole life. The Pikachu was happier than usual, and she wasn't wearing any clothes! But she had a malicious smile on her face, and boom! She suddenly punched Charmander's face, and the Charmander fell back and got angry, sending an Ember at Pikachu, who tried to evade, but got hit and fell down.

Mark turned back and started to laugh, picking the Pikachu up and giving her to Levi. Levi picked the Pikachu and placed her on his lap, and she tried to get off, but, she stopped trying after she noticed she wouldn't escape. "Well, my name is Baekhyun, what is yours?" Mark said, looking up at the boy and smiling. Mark didn't want to reveal his name because he wanted to see if the boy was cool, so... yeah! Mark then got up, and Levi also got up, picking Charmander up and returning Pikachu to her PokéBall. "Where are we going?" Mark said.
The boy grunted. Even though he wasn't that cunning, he knew they were lying about the names. He just wryly grinned and replied: "Your friend, Sean, and I will battle. I just got my first badge a couple of days ago. By the looks of it, he hasn't gotten it, yet. I want to see how strong he is. Then again, I swept Brock's team with ease. This shouldn't be too difficult."

Sean, raising an eyebrow at the boy's words, just smirked as he gestured for them to follow as he ran off toward the battlefield. The boy ran after him, his male and female Nidorans running alongside him. He wasn't that fast, but he looked quite built. If he wanted to, he could pummel anyone his age and maybe a few years older.

As Sean got to the battlefield, he sent out his Eevee, Joltz. The boy sent out his Caterpie, ready for the battle to kick off. This Caterpie seemed a lot bigger than a foot. Was this Caterpie kept from evolving? He'll just have to see.

The boy finally called out: "Your move. I challenged you."

Sean nodded and he called toward Joltz: "Snow Attack!"

Joltz quickly started kicking up snow toward the Caterpie, but the Caterpie hopped to one side, dodging the cold debris. The boy called out "String Shot!", and the string was spewed out from the Caterpie's mouth and headed straight toward Eevee. Sean quickly said "Quick Attack", and Joltz used its speed to dodge the String Shot, and headed off toward the Caterpie, intending to hit with its attack. The boy smirked and said "Now, jump and use Bug Bite!"

The Caterpie hopped over the speeding Eevee, and fell just fast enough for the Caterpie to land on the Eevee's back. He then bit the Eevee's neck, right below the studded color. Eevee yelped in pain, as he was being munched on by a mouth with sharp incisor-like lips constantly eating away at him. The Eevee flipped over and landed on his back, squishing the Caterpie against the cold snow.

Joltz quickly got up and looked at his bite. It was starting to raise a little. At least there were no other side-effects. The Caterpie rolled over and charged at Eevee with an instructed Tackle, hitting Joltz with enough force to send him back a foot or two. Man, this Caterpie was strong!
"Let's go, Mark" Levi said, getting up and walking towards the battlefield, Mark followed him and threw out his Bellsprout's PokéBall and his Caterpie's PokéBall, they both came out of it, and Bellsprout wasn't wearing its jacket, and, seeing that, Mark pulled out its jacket out of his backpack, giving it to the Bellsprout, who wore it. Mark then wrapped the sleeves around the Bellsprout's leaves, tying it.

Levi sat down on the snow, and, the markings on the battlefield were orange instead of white due to the snow, "those guys from the PokéCenter are real quick when it comes to work," Levi thought, touching the snow with his index finger and pulling some of it towards his mouth, licking it. "Uhhh, tastes like snow..." Levi said, and Mark glared at him.

"BRO, YOU KNOW THAT RATTATAS ARE COMMON HERE, RIGHT?! AND NOT ONLY RATTATAS, THERE ARE ALSO A LOT OF BUGS LIKE CATERPIE AND SOME WEIRD POKÉMON LIKE THAT THING ON THE STREET!" Mark yelled, pointing to a purple ball expelling a green gas. It was obviously a Koffing, and it had its common weird face expression. Levi pulled out his PokéDex, pointing it at the Koffing.

Koffing, the Poison-Type Poison Gas Pokémon. It evolves into Weezing when trained enough.

Koffing creates gases within its body by mixing toxins with garbage, and produces more gas in higher temperatures. These gases are malodorous and cause sniffles, coughs, and teary eyes to those around it. The gases are also lighter than air, allowing Koffing to hover. When agitated, it creates a more toxic gas and expels it through the holes in its body. It lives in urban areas, and it is a common Pokémon in places like Celadon.

For you, Levi, I suggest keeping a good distance due to your big list of allergies.

"Uhhh... I see, I will brush my teeth when this battle ends..." Levi said, losing the PokéDex and placing it back into his shoulder bag and looking back at the battle, he then compared the Caterpie with Mark's Caterpie, which was out of its Pokéball, laying on Mark's head. Levi noticed that the Caterpie on the battlefield was really big, and he tilted his head, but he then shook his head, paying attention to the battle.
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Sean heard his Pokedex beep as he saw a Koffing from the corner of his eye. Both the boy he was fighting and Sean didn't bother to look. Hopefully it won't interrupt their battle. Sean surveyed the battlefield once more. The snow wasn't much, and there was hardly anything to get in the way. Darn it. The boy was already about to call an attack, most likely Tackle again, so Sean told Eevee to use Headbutt. Joltz rushed forward, head extended, but the call being called out was Bug Bite, so the Caterpie hopped on to the advancing Joltz and bit his neck again. Joltz yelped again and tried to shake the bug off, but even with rolling around on the ground, the Caterpie still didn't fall off. This ensuing struggle caused Joltz to tire out faster, and Sean saw this.

He told Joltz to "Grab it with your teeth and yank it off!", which Joltz obliged and bit the tail of the creature, eliciting a small squeal from it, and he threw it off. Although, the struggle left Joltz damaged and tired. The Caterpie then was told to use Tackle, and Joltz couldn't dodge out of the way fast enough. The Caterpie had charged and sent the Joltz flying back a few more feet. Seeing this, the boy returned his Caterpie and sent his Weedle. Joltz got up to see a new competitor. The Weedle squirmed forward. No way was Joltz going to lose to a Bug-Type! Joltz rushed forward with Quick Attack, completely ignoring his trainer's orders to use Wish. Joltz jumped over the Weedle, and turned around on his paw and charged again. The Weedle had seen this coming and got the horn on his head ready. Joltz hit the Weedle, but the horn got jabbed into his side, getting a squeal of pain from Joltz. Joltz landed a foot away and slid in the slushy aftermath of the cleanup crew. He tried to get up, but the burning pain of the poison seeping into it caused him to fall, fainted.

Sean, seeing his poisoned buddy get taken out by the poison damage, returned his Eevee. He sent Fushi, hoping this would fair better. The boy however, smirked. This kid had guts, yes, but he was no match for him. Sean was wondering how he had trained his bugs, or how old they even were. This Weedle also seemed bigger than most Weedles, but this Weedle had a shorter head horn than others. Strange.
Levi and Mark were laughing and pointing some things out as they saw a police car pursuing a black car with a red R on its 4 doors. The car seemed to outspeed the police car, so Levi ordered his Spearow to fly towards the car. Levi was almost sure that it was the guys that attacked Viridian again, and, some seconds after he sent the Spearow, it came back and a boom could be heard, the Spearow seemed to be worried, and it landed near Levi.

"Mark, hold my shoulder bag, I will check what is going on!" Levi said, taking his shoulder bag off his shoulder and giving it to Mark, who placed it near his right leg, a bit confused. Levi ran in the PokéCenter, running towards his room, getting his cap and wearing it, moving it backward, running out and dashing towards the place where he thought the explosion was. As Levi got there, he could see some cops around a group of guys with black clothes, and they all had big Rs on their clothes. "Let me enter!" Levi said, placing his hand where his shoulder bag usually is, but he then remembered that it wasn't with him!

"CUT!" A guy sitting on a chair said. He had about 1 meter and 68 centimeters, a long black beard, but he was bald! "You're messing everything up, little twirp," The bald guy said, "this is a movie, and it is about the Rockets. Get out!" The guy finished. Levi looked around, seeing some guys holding cameras and filming them, and he then saw a big van with the logo of PokéStar studios on it. Levi awkwardly walked back, but he then turned his body back, running away.
Sean and the boy watched as Levi left to get his cap and then come back again to stop an apparent cop chase with Team Rocket. Something about the explosion sounded a little too movie-like, and that was when they saw Levi running away from the site. Sean also thought he heard "cut". Was that an attack or a studio action to stop the act? He didn't exactly know, but the boy told him to keep battling.

"Why?" Sean asked. The boy grunted, as he replied.

"There isn't a Pokemon following your buddy, so it was likely the group of movie makers that have been trying to take a shot of this scene for a couple of days now. Of course, I saw that coming, so I didn't fall for it when I first saw it," the kid was boasting. He was most likely lying and trying to seem impressive. Who was he trying to impress? Seemingly, this guy wasn't into other guys, right? Or was Sean just hoping upon good wishes that he had found someone to crush on and hopefully have a thing for him too? He shook his head and went back to the battle.

His Bulbasaur growled at the Weedle, obviously not taking kindly to having his friend get knocked out. His bulb pulsed and out came a seed with sapping vines, and it struck the Weedle, burrowing into it and wrapping around its body to sap its life. The boy, not being familiar with this kind of Pokemon, was taken aback by such a defensive Pokemon. The Weedle struggled to free itself of the binds, but it couldn't, and the ensuing struggle caused the Weedle to tire out even more. Fushi's vines then sprouted from the base of his bulb and shot towards the Weedle, slapping him back toward his trainer. The Weedle, now knocked out and the sapping seed and vines wilting, got returned from a very disgruntled trainer. He sent out his weakened, yet still strong Caterpie. Fushi did the same thing, sending a Leech Seed toward the Caterpie, which Caterpie tried to counter by covering the seed in its String Shot. It missed. It fell toward the Caterpie and he tried to squirm out of the way, but ended up getting hit, and it started to sap his strength. While Fushi was back a ways, Caterpie couldn't attack him. He was too far away. What a come back.

The boy told his Caterpie to use String Shot to slow down the Bulbasaur, which the Caterpie tried to do. It spewed a forceful shot of string at Fushi, who simply hopped to the side to dodge it. The string limply fell on the ground, and the Caterpie fainted from its energy being sapped by the vines. Fushi wasn't exactly needing the energy, so the vines and seed wilted in the same spot the Weedle fainted at. The boy returned his Caterpie and sent out his female Nidoran. This Nidoran seemed to be the same height as the average Nidoran, but her ears were bigger. Why?

Maybe it was just Darwinism all over again. Sean told Fushi to use Leech Seed again when he saw Fushi hesitate. Fushi had never seen a Nidoran before, so he was confused as to what to do. Fushi decided on Leech Seed, as it seemed a safe bet. The Leech Seed almost landed on the Nidoran, but she dodged to the left. With an instruction to use Double Kick, the little blue mouse-like rhino-like Pokemon hopped forward, with Fushi bracing for it. The Nidoran turned around and sent her back legs toward Fushi, trying to hit his face. Sean told Fushi at the last second to use Headbutt, and the two moves clashed. The Headbutt was superior than the Double Kick, and sent the female Nidoran flying forwards. Without hesitating, Fushi sent a Leech Seed towards the downed opponent, and she couldn't dodge fast enough. The seed embedded in her caustic skin and sapped the life from her to give to the now hardly damaged Bulbasaur. It slowly whittled away her health as she stood up.

The Poison Point she had didn't work, as the poison was about to seep into Bulbasaur's skin, but was stopped short. The bulb on Fushi's back protected him from getting poisoned, which gave Fushi the part Poison-Type. Thankful that Bulbasaur was dual-typed, Sean then told Fushi to use Headbutt again. Fushi charged forward and had met with a defensive Scratch attack from the female Nidoran. The extended claws had scratched the Bulbasaur behind the ear, but that didn't stop him. The Headbutt was a critical hit, and the female Nidoran was sent backwards towards her trainer. The Leech Seed stole her energy, and then rushed forward in a form of digging vines and attached to Fushi's legs giving him the sapped energy and completely healing him of the Scratch and Double Kick attack. The female Nidoran then fainted.

The boy, completely dumbfounded, returned his little Nida to her Poke Ball. He looked at his Male Nidoran, the one by his feet. They both nodded, and the Male Nidoran hopped into the battlefield. The Nidoran was the same height as the average male, but it had larger back spikes. Interesting. He then said: "Nido! Peck!"

Nido rushed forward, the horn on his head was heading straight towards Fushi's body. Fushi used his Leech Seed, which hit on the advancing target, but it didn't do anything to slow him down as the vines slowly started to sap his energy too, hitting Fushi with a super-effective hit. Fushi got knocked back, the Peck attack leaving an indent where he was hit. The Leech Seed slowly sapped at Nido's health, but Nido used his Focus Energy, as instructed by the boy. Nido focused on the body of Fushi and what needed to be hit. Fushi struggled to get up, his body wracked with pain.

That was when Sean told Fushi to use Headbutt, and the boy told Nido to use Peck. They both hit each other on the heads, the Peck doing major damage and it was a critical hit, while Headbutt only did mediocre damage compared to the damage Fushi had to take. They both were sent back from their attack and they both fell. Did the boy meet his match in a fight? Close enough. Nido struggled to get up, and so did Fushi. Finally, Nido got up, the Leech Seed wilting and falling off of the Nidoran's body, and Fushi was then knocked out. Sean, seeing that he had his first defeat, sighed in sadness. He returned his Pokemon and walked over to the boy. He smiled and said: "Good battle. Now, what's your name?"

The boy humphed. In his head, he said good battle, as well, but didn't verbally say it back. Sean wasn't so sure if the boy was arrogant or that was an agreed "good battle, too" kind of thing. But the boy finally introduced himself. "My name is Alex Langley. Nice to meet and battle with you, Sean. And I know your friends were lying about their names."

As he said that, he looked over to the two boys. He had said that loud enough to be heard by them. His tone of voice implicated that he wanted another battle, or that was his civil voice when talking to people and wanting a conversation. Sean didn't know with this guy.
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Levi arrived before the battle had ended, he then sat down, slapping Mark's back, and Mark started to laugh, he then opened Levi's shoulder bag, picking up... another bag of marshmallows?! They then started to eat the marshmallows while watching the battle. "Wow, that Weedle is strong!" Levi said, watching the Weedle, who, sadly, got beaten. Levi then noticed that the Caterpie was back, but it quickly got beaten by the same strategy that Sean used against the Weedle. "GO, SEAN!!!" Levi yelled, in an attempt to cheer him up, but it didn't seem to work so well, because, after beaten 3 Pokémon, Bulbasaur was beaten. "You did geat, Sean," Levi said, getting up and eating the last marshmallow, Mark also got up, placing Levi's shoulder bag on his... shoulder?

Mark walked up to Sean and the other boy. "Hello. Let me introduce myself properly... my name is Mark Wang, but you can call me Mark," He then bowed to the boy, but Levi slapped the back of his neck, placing his hands behind his own neck and closing his eyes, letting out a sigh and smiling.

"My name is Euclides Levi, but you can call me Levi, or Euclides," Levi said, chuckling. He then brought Mark's body up by pulling the collar of his shirt, Mark then looked back, and Levi raised an eyebrow. "You shouldn't stay in that position for so long, you know that it is now how people act here, you weeb!" Levi said, laughing, and Mark also started to laugh, slapping the air and placing his hand on his gut.
Alex chuckled at the antics the boys had, but he figured he was going to find it annoying later. Nevertheless, he asked "Can I join you guys? It can get kind of boring without people around." Sean can tell that's not what he meant to say. He said it with such confidence, and yet there was slight hesitation when he said 'boring'. People can get lonely, yes, but why was he hiding the fact that he had flaws? Well, the world was cruel after all.

He threw it away before he asked Alex "Where were you born?"

Alex was taken aback by this question and almost didn't answer it truthfully. He just shrugged and matter-of-factly said "Azalea Town, Johto. What's it to ya?"

Sean looked over at Mark and Levi, a smirk developing on his face. This guy was born in Johto, so he could join the team, yes? Hopefully, so. The boy was starting to grow on Sean. He then remembered he needed to heal his Pokemon, so he told everyone that he'll be back as he rushed to the Pokemon Center. Seeing Sean leave, Alex looked confused until he remembered he needed to go to the Pokemon Center, as well. He decided to walk towards it while Mark and Levi talked to him. He can be quite rude sometimes, but he won't immediately walk away from someone when they're trying to talk to him.
Mark and Levi looked at each other, and they then nodded, looking at Alex. "Well, since you're from Johto... I think you can join!" Levi said, opening a smile, he wasn't sure if his team could support more people, but the more the merrier. Levi then got his shoulder bag ready and walked towards the PokéCenter. Pikachu followed him with a smirk on her head, and Charmander hopped towards Levi as if it was happy. Spearow flew towards Levi, landing on his shoulder, it then closed its eyes, trying to make the others notice that it was also happy.

Mark smiled, pushing the backpack up and following Levi. Mark then looked back, viewing Alex by the corner of his eye, he was thinking of multiple reasons of why the boy wanted to join them and what he wanted with Sean, something was weird according to him. Mark finally stepped in the PokéCenter, looking at Levi, who told Sean that he should battle Brock. Mark approached them, laying against the counter of the PokéCenter and looking at the two.
After Sean received his Pokemon from the nurse, Alex had finally arrived and gave the nurse his four Pokemon to heal, as well. He grunted again as he was invited in the team. It was nice, he had to admit. He had to be honest with himself though, he was getting pretty lonely. His Pokemon could only do so much, so he thought it would be nice. He had found Sean almost cute, but the kid was obviously pretty smart. That's what he wanted. He didn't want to admit to anyone but himself, but he really wanted a battle partner to see what he needs to do in a battle. He wanted somebody who was smart to analyze how he fought so he can better himself.

Of course, it would take awhile for Alex to even ask this to Sean. This will take a couple of days for Sean to notice, or so Alex had hopefully thought.

Sean looked over and saw the three come in and Alex giving his Pokemon to the nurse. Sean smiled at them and replied at the statement to fight the gym leader. "I should, shouldn't I? It's about time anyway. I'll see if my Pokemon are up for it." He released his Fushi and Joltz, who looked none too pleased with being beaten.

Sean knelt down and reassured them, saying that it was a 2v4 battle and that they were obviously stronger than Fushi and Joltz combined, what with the amount of Pokemon Alex had and how long he'd been training them. Joltz was mainly angry at the fact that a Bug thing beat him. Sean had to tell Joltz that all Pokemon are strong, it just depended on the trainer. Joltz looked at Alex and Sean. Joltz knew that Sean's training was sound and really good. He was now faster and stronger than he was before. But Alex's training must be superior right? Or maybe Alex had been at this whole journey thing for a lot longer than Sean has. Sean then said that the battle with Brock would be easier, especially when his Pokemon were weak to Bulbasaur's attacks. Joltz was happy to sit this one out, since he needed to think things through. Fushi on the other hand, wanted to battle immediately, but Sean had to tell him to wait for a moment.

Alex was a little stunned at how Sean asked his Pokemon and tried to reassure them about their defeat. This guy was so nice towards his Pokemon. He had never seen such a thing before, or even cared to notice until now. Maybe that's what he should do with his Pokemon. Show them some love and compassion and swallow his pride a little to show them that he actually does care. But that would be difficult, considering that Alex wasn't one to bow down to a Pokemon, much less one he owned and ordered on the battlefield. Though, the amount of trust Sean's Pokemon had with him, to trust his judgement on a Pokemon Fushi had never seen before, and the trust Sean had to let his Pokemon fight without any directions. It was interesting to say the least, but wasn't at all consistent and Sean's Pokemon would probably not listen to Sean's orders if he ever did make them. This would cause a lot of heads to butt, which he was all familiar with from his two Bug-Types constantly fighting each other.

After talking everything through, Sean stood up tall and smiled at Levi, saying that he'll be battling with Brock very shortly.
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"Okay! We will be going!" Levi said, opening a big smile, trying to think of how the City they'd go next was beautiful. Levi then walked towards his room, getting the key and placing it on the nurse's counter, and she took it, storing it inside a small box with some few other keys. Mark did the same, and then they both walked out of the PokéCenter, appreciating how cool the snow was.

"Levi, I didn't train my Pokémon..." Mark said, facepalming, "I'm so dumb," he finished, shaking his head, and his Caterpie came out of the PokéBall, headbutting his leg with its amazing strength, ok, no. Mark looked down, picking it up and looking right into its eyes, the Caterpie then closed its eyes, making a weird sound and crawling on Mark's arm, and Mark felt some tingles around his body and he thought to himself: GET RID OF THIS, but he didn't at all, and the Caterpie crawled through his body and stopped when it reached his head, it then started to sleep, and Mark picked up Levi's Cap, placing it on his head.
Levi turned to Mark, but he then started to laugh, and Mark also started to laugh!
Sean just chuckled at the Caterpie crawling on Mark. Alex got back his Pokemon from the nurse and he let out his Caterpie and Weedle. They both appeared on his shoulders. Even though the two Pokemon were given to him at the same time, they didn't seem to like each other too much. Or they did, but they have a very like mind and therefore fight with each other constantly. They began to talk back and forth while Alex just ignored them.

Since Alex and Sean were sleeping in a more public room, they didn't need to give her back a key. Sean and Alex both walked out of the Pokemon Center and walked back to the gym. They waited for Levi and Mark to catch up while Alex walked on in. He sat at the bleachers while Sean was standing near the door while being inside the gym. Joltz knew he wasn't going to be needed, so he walked over to the bleachers and sat down next to Alex a little awkwardly. Alex was going to start petting Joltz but he growled at him. Alex recoiled his hand and just shrugged. Apparently Joltz didn't like strangers, especially when he gets beaten by them.
Levi ran towards the GYM, and Mark ran after him. The snow on the ground was making their feet slip to the sides, and Levi almost fell at some point, but they got to the GYM with no harms at all, but they almost hit a person or two during their journey to the GYM. Levi looked at Sean, smiling and saying "Yo." Mark got next to Sean, bowing to him and getting into the GYM, walking towards the bleachers and getting on a seat that was kind of near the battlefield.

Levi sat beside Mark, placing his shoulder bag between them, opening it and pulling a popcorn bag out of it, he then opened the popcorn bag and picked one popcorn, eating it. Mark started to eat it as well. Levi placed the popcorn bag inside the shoulder bag, but you could still pick the popcorns! "Bro, this battle is gonna be a boom," Mark said, chuckling.
Joltz mewled from his spot, a very manly "woo-woo-woo" kind of sound, but it was made to cheer Sean and Fushi on when they are getting ready for their battle. Fushi's bulb was pulsing as Sean looked at the battlefield. This is it. After battling a total of three times, this will be his fourth battle. Will he be able to make it? Hopefully.

Alex was startled by the noise that Joltz had made, and his Bug-Types were even more startled. If they didn't have suction cups for feet, they'd have fallen off. But he brushed it off like it was nothing, even though on the inside he was a little scared by the noise this creature could make. He guessed that this creature could also scream bloody murder if it wanted to. He just kept his slight scare to himself and acted like he didn't partially jump in the first place.
Levi picked one popcorn, placing it in his mouth, but he then swallowed it, he didn't even chew it! It was right when Joltz screamed or did something like that. Levi always had some fear when it comes to dogs, but he knew that Joltz wasn't a dog, but it could bite him, and that's what made him nervous. "Mark, I don't like that dog!" Levi said, looking back at Joltz.

Mark laughed, placing his hand on Levi's shoulder, and Levi then placed his hand inside the shoulder bag and pulling a cola out of it, opening it and drinking it, and Mark then moved his hand that was on Levi's shoulder onto the back of the cola bottle, obligating Levi to drink the cola immediately, obviously, if he didn't want to get wet with cola. Levi finished the cola and took a deep breath in, and Mark started to laugh.
Isaiah smiled and patted Angle's shoulder. "Great job. I knew you could do it." He chuckled and made his way to the battle field. Isaiah stood in his rectangle and pulled out Casimiro's Pokeball and threw it, as the Bulbasaur leaped out onto the field with a powerful cry. "You ready, Brock?" The Gym Leader smirked and threw out his own Pokeball, revealing Geodude. The battle was finally on.


Isaiah placed his Boulder Badge into his badge case, adjusting it until it was perfectly straight. He closed the case and walked towards Angle, a grin on his face. "Well, that wasn't too hard. You have any idea where the others went?" Isaiah had noticed the newcomer and decided to try and strike some conversation when they met in person.
Seeing that the battle had been done, Sean walked up to the battlefield, standing on the challenger's side. The stage had rocks protruding from the floor. Some of them have been reduced to rubble from the last battles. His Bulbasaur hopped to the field courageously, ready for the fight. Brock got up from his meditative pose and walked up to his end of the battlefield. He pulled out his Poke Ball from his trainer belt and greeted Sean.

"I see you are the second to last person in your group to battle me. I'm pretty sure you know me by now. Welcome, trainer, to my Rock-Type Gym. Are you ready to fight me and show me your true grit?"

Sean nodded, a smirk now replacing his slight nervousness. The stone face of Brock melted away to also show a smirk. He knew this was going to be tough, especially against a Grass-Type. He'll just have to be careful.

Brock threw his Poke Ball, revealing the Rock/Ground-Type Geodude. The two-armed rocky ball stood up with his arms and raised one in the air, swinging his fist around. Fushi's bulb pulsed, getting ready to create a Leech Seed. Brock was waiting patiently for Sean to make his move, his hands at his hips balled up in fists. He was calculating what was going to happen. Seeing that Pokemon's bulb pulse, it seemed that it was getting ready for a status attack of some kind. Nothing too bad that he couldn't handle.

Sean then told Fushi to use Leech Seed, the sapping vines and seed being propelled toward the Geodude. The Geodude simply rolled out of the way, the leeching seed broke upon impact with the tough ground of the battlefield. This was going to be a tough fight.

Brock told his Geodude to use Mud Sport. His Pokemon began to throw about mud, coating the rocks and the ground with a slick surface. Seeing this, Sean told Fushi to use Grassy Terrain. Even though Geodude was going to get healed by this move, it was going to at least get rid of the slipperiness. Fushi's front half of his body rose in the air and then slammed back down on the ground, causing a surge of grass to sprout from the ground, covering the entire field. It gave off a small aroma of freshly cut grass. Even though Geodude was going to get gradually healed with this move, so will Fushi, and Fushi's Grass-Type attacks will also be stronger. Sean then told Fushi to use Grass Whistle, hoping that Geodude wouldn't see it coming. Fushi pulled a few grass blades out with his vines, and arranged them quickly at his mouth and started to blow into them, placing them right by his lips. The Geodude was about to move forward, but the soothing melody played by this simple instrument proved to make this difficult. He tried to rush forward with a Rollout as instructed, but he stopped short, rolling to a halt as his attack was stopped. The Pokemon was now snoring soundly.

Seeing this was his chance, Sean told Fushi to use Vine Whip, and not stop. Fushi pounded Geodude vine after vine. This woke up the poor Pokemon from his sleep after a bit. Even though the Grassy Terrain was healing Geodude a little bit, the Vine Whips were doing so much damage that the healing factor became negligible. Geodude focused all of his power into his one fist, sending it forward in a powerful Mega Punch. This halted Fushi's barrage of vines, sending him back, but Geodude fainted from the abuse he had to take.

Fushi landed on his feet, but skidded toward his trainer. The Geodude collapsed and then got sent back by the red beam emitting from Brock's Poke Ball. He sent out his toughest Pokemon, yet: Onix. The beastly rock snake roared as it escaped his confines, sending a massive shockwave of sound around the room. Sean and Fushi had cringed from the immense sound being produced. Dang, this thing was loud.

Sean saw how large this creature was, and thought that maybe it would use its long body to its advantage, but it won't be able to dodge too easily. Sean told Fushi to use Leech Seed again, and Fushi's bulb pulsed and sent one toward Onix. Seeing with how big this Pokemon was, it wasn't able to dodge it, nor hit it because of the seed's small size. It found it's way into the chink between the sections of Onix's rocks, and the sapping vines once again spread out, sapping his life. Now that the Grassy Terrain's healing effects were nullified, and Leech Seed was giving Fushi more energy, Sean smirked at his advantage. Now, if he could make this beast sleep...

That wasn't going to be possible, though. Onix bellowed again, this time using his high-pitched Screech attack to knock back Fushi into a rocky outgrowth on the battlefield. The impact shattered the rock and injured Fushi badly. The Leech Seed's energy traveled through the Grassy Terrain, finding Fushi and giving him the stolen energy from Onix, as well as the healing from the Grassy Terrain. Of course, all good things come to an end. The grass from the Grassy Terrain wilted and couldn't give back anymore life until Fushi used Grassy Terrain again. Something that wouldn't be possible right now.

Onix raised his head to see Fushi, then his tail started to glow a steelish grey. Brock ordered him to use Iron Tail, and with enough power to take down a building, sent it hurtling downward toward Fushi. Fushi just managed to jump out of the way, but the resounding shockwave from the hit sent Fushi back into another rock face. The Iron Tail then swept across the ground, slamming into Fushi and squishing him between his tail and the rock, shattering the rock and sending Fushi near the boundary of the battlefield. Fushi was damaged quite badly, but the Leech Seed still continued to sap the life from Onix, giving Fushi enough energy to keep fighting.

Something happened within Fushi that caused his bulb to pulse and glow with an aqua blue light. The Bulbasaur, now renewed with enough energy to strike, sent a large cloud of a strange green powder. The Onix couldn't dodge it, as it was confused as to what it was. The Onix sniffed it, and it was instantly put to sleep. It was Sleep Powder! Sean saw that his was his chance. He said to Fushi to use his barrage of Vine Whips again.

Fushi nodded and charged forward, hurtling his vines at the beast. The beast convulsed and twitched in his sleep with each hit, doing massive damage, even though the Grassy Terrain wasn't there to boost Fushi's power even further. The Pokemon wasn't waking up yet, no matter how many times Brock yelled for Onix to wake up. Sean told Fushi to use Grassy Terrain again, which it did and sent the same healing and buffing grass to sprout once again in the field. The Onix stirred in his sleep and managed to use Tackle on the Bulbasaur, smashing his head into the creature and sending him back and damaging him enough to activate his ability: Overgrow.

Fushi's body pulsed again, but this time with a light green glow, and his vines became thicker, as well as his bulb. A green glow began to emanate from the Bulbasaur as he struggled to stand up, finally completing the task after a few seconds. Grass started to flourish more around Bulbasaur and the Bulbasaur let out a mighty roar. Sean told Fushi to use Vine Whip again, but instead of a flurry of Vine Whips, another move was unlocked for Bulbasaur to learn. Two moves to be exact. A purple powder was released from Fushi's bulb, getting sniffed up from the still groggy Onix. The Onix looked sick and slightly greenish in the face, and its body wracked with pain. It was Poison Powder!

The next new move Bulbasaur was going to use was Bulbasaur charging forward, and sending his vines into Onix. The move was so powerful, that the Onix was sent back a couple of inches. That was Power Whip. The leech seed on Onix wilted, whilst Onix was finally defeated. His large head landing roughly on the ground, unable to keep it up any longer.

Brock returned his beloved Pokemon, and even though he had a resigned look to him, he smiled and congratulated Sean for winning. A podium sprouted up beside Sean and there was the Boulder Badge, as pristine as can be.

Sean took the badge, his heart filling with glee. He shouted happily and fist pumped the air, pinning his badge excitedly to the inside of his vest. He ran over, his Bulbasaur's Overgrow disabled, and picked him up, hugging him with delight and triumph. He shouted over to Brock: "Nice battle. Thank you."

Brock just nodded and then replied: "You seem to be a very gifted Pokemon Trainer. Strive toward your goals with rock-hard determination, and you'll be able to achieve them. See you later."

Brock headed off toward the back to heal his fainted Pokemon, while Sean ran toward the bleachers, his Joltz bounded toward him and hopped into his arms, mewling and almost purring happily. Fushi hopped about with excitement, his injuries long forgotten at this point. Sean ran over to his audience and yelled: "I DID IT!!"

Joltz hopped off and let the boy have some time with his friends. He bounded over to the excited Bulbasaur and hugged him, nuzzling his face into the Bulbasaur's head. Fushi gave a croak of delight and nuzzled back, happy to have won something.

Alex couldn't believe it. He had to use his entire team to finally beat Brock, using his Nidoran's Double Kick attacks to do the main brunt of the damage. He smiled, not wanting to get too triumphant with the boy, but he was happy that he made it nonetheless.
Levi stopped laughing and slapped Mark's arm slowly, pointing to the battlefield and opening his mouth widely, and Mark just shrugged his shoulders, looking at Levi with a confused face. "Let's watch the battle!" Levi said, turning to the battlefield, looking at the two Pokémon. Levi smiled, listening to the Grass Whistle and humming the melody that it emitted, and Mark started to laugh and pushed Levi to the side, and Levi also started to laugh!

Mark smirked upon the Geodude's defeat, he then applauded Sean's performance, nodding his head while looking at Levi, like a "he did well." Mark and Levi then placed their hands on their ears, trying to block the deafening sound that was echoing through the arena, it did help, but they could still hear it. After some seconds, Onix used Screech, and that almost made Levi get deaf, they then started to scream stop, and, as the screech stopped, Levi and Mark sighed.

Levi took the cap that was on Mark's head off, placing it on Charmander's head, slapping its back gently, as if he wanted him to walk, and that's what the Charmander did! The Charmander started to talk to Pikachu, and they looked happy! "Hey, Pikachu! Look at my new style!" The Charmander said, but it obviously didn't literally say it, it was what it meant to say.

"Uh, pretty cool! But the cap is a bit big on your head... let me fix it!" Pikachu said, smirking. She raised her hands, moving them towards the cap, placing her head on the place where you usually fix the cap, she then picked it instead of fixing it, she started to laugh and ran away with the cap on her hand, and Charmander followed her. Pikachu ran towards a wall, hitting it right with her nose, falling down and holding it while crying. Charmander then picked the cap up, placing it on his head and running back towards Levi. "Hey, Pikachu stole your cap!!! She hit the wall and I got the cap, good, right?!" Charmander said, and Levi looked down, nodding and smiling.

Levi moved his head next to Mark's ear, placing his hand on Mark's cheek, it was wide open, covering his mouth. "Bro, why is Charmander so weird?" Levi whispered to Mark, and Mark laughed, looking at Charmander, and, when he did that, his eyes instantly opened widely, and Mark fell to the ground, laughing. Levi looked at him, shrugging his shoulders and turning his head towards the battlefield, noticing that the battle was already over. "Good job, Sean!!!" Levi yelled.

Mark got up, standing on his knees and hands, looking at the battlefield and yelling the same thing. He then got up, getting Bellsprout, who looked at Brock, heading towards the healing place, its face expression then changed from happy to really worried. The Bellsprout, before being picked, was eating popcorn and watching the battle. "Let's go!!!" Mark said, walking towards the battlefield, holding the Bellsprout, who attempted to run away, but it couldn't.


Mark placed Bellsprout down on the ground, and it instantly hid behind Mark, it was afraid of the huge Onix that could beat it again. "Don't worry, my friend! It will be alright," Mark said after crouching down and turning to Bellsprout. Mark had a smile on his face, but it wasn't a smile of happiness, it was more like a delicate smile.

Bellsprout looked up at Mark and its sad expression could still be noticed. "But... Mark... Am I good enough to beat that thing?" The Bellsprout said, and Mark's smile turned into an eyebrow raise, but he just ignored it and giggled, Mark then stood up erectly, turning back and noticing that Brock was already back.

Brock smirked, waving at Mark, who waved back at him. "Hey, Mark! You're here for a rematch, right?!" Brock said, raising his eyebrows.

"Yup! I'm ready!" Mark said, smiling and looking into Brock's eyelids since he keeps his eyes closed.

"Okay! Geodude, I choose you!!!" Brock exclaimed, throwing Geodude's PokéBall forwards. The PokéBall's button glowed, and it suddenly opened, and a shiny light went out of it and hit the ground, and, as the light started to fade, Geodude could be seen, it didn't look so happy! "Geodude, use Mud Sport!!!" Brock yelled. The Geodude nodded, slamming its body onto the ground until the metal could be seen, it the started to spit onto the dirt that came out, and that was made in mere seconds! The Geodude then started to slam its body against the mud that was completely wet, and the mud was sent in all directions, covering the arena with a gross wet mud that was really slick!

"WHAT THE HECK, THIS THING IS GROSS!!!" Levi yelled, picking up a stick and a paper, writing "WE DON'T WANT GROSS THINGS" on the paper and picking up a glue, putting some on the stick and attaching the paper onto it, holding it up. "WE DON'T WANT GROSS THINGS!!!" He yelled.

"EW, WHAT IS THE MATTER?!" Mark yelled, and the Bellsprout turned back, raising one "eyebrow" as if it was confused. The Bellsprout was used to things that were even worse than what Geodude had just done. "Okay, anyways, Bellsprout, use Wrap!!!" Mark yelled.

The Bellsprout nodded, and it stretched its legs towards the Geodude, and it then made other two roots that replaced its actual legs. In some seconds its legs constricted Geodude, and it was making it tighter and tighter as the time passed. The Geodude then, without any order, thought of something that could work, and it started to roll its body around, pushing Bellsprout with it! "COME ON, STOP!!!" The Bellsprout yelled.

"NO!!! THIS IS AN OFFICIAL BATTLE, WE NEED TO DO THIIIIIISSSS!!!" The Geodude YELLED, and it noticed that, when it rolled its body around, it was only making it worse for itself, and it stopped, causing Bellsprout to fly away, but, it was stuck to Geodude, and that made Bellsprout's legs turn into a catapult that sent Geodude flying towards the wall of the GYM, the Geodude hit the wall, and, since it was out of the battlefield, it lost the battle!

"Uh, I told you," Bellsprout said, giggling and turning back to Mark, jumping in happiness, it then sent a Razor Leaf towards its stretched legs, cutting them down, and, as they were cut, they instantly got dry and turned into a dead root.

"GOOD JOB, BELLSPROUT!!! WE ARE THE ONES!!!" Mark yelled, jumping into the air and punching the air, looking at his fist that was raised into the air. As Mark landed, he noticed that Brock was already retrieving Geodude to its PokéBall, the red beam reached Geodude, and it was really sad. The Geodude was sent back into its PokéBall, and Brock picked Onix's PokéBall, raising it onto the air.

"Mark, you're a tough trainer, but let's see if you can beat my strongest Pokémon!" Brock screamed, throwing Onix's PokéBall forwards. The PokéBall's button started to glow, and it opened, and a white stream of light went out of it, it didn't seem to stop, but it was already taking a form, and, as it stopped, it could be noticed that it was, indeed, an Onix! The light dispersed, and the Onix roared, causing the lights on the ceiling to shake.

"OH NO, NOT THIS AGAIN!!!" Levi yelled, placing his hands on his ears and closing his eyes. He then opened his eyes and looked at the battle, picking a popcorn up and eating it.

Pikachu finally got up, and Charmander noticed it, and it ran away, but the Pikachu was quick enough to catch up to it and steal Levi's cap again, and they started to chase each other, and they often used attacks, but they didn't really bother the trainers that were battling. The Charmander could finally pick Levi's cap that was on Pikachu's head definitely! It then ran towards Levi, placing it on his head. Levi moved his head back, but it then noticed that Pikachu was coming, and it jumped on his head, punching his face and stealing the cap again, and it all started all over again, but, this time, Levi started to chase Pikachu.

"OKAY. BELLSPROUT, USE RAZOR LEAF!!!" Mark yelled, completely ignoring the noises that were coming from the bleachers. The Bellsprout nodded, and it aimed its arms at Onix's face, sending them towards it like a boomerang. Brock instantly ordered Onix to use Roar, and that's what Onix did, and the Roar's power was so immense that it was able to send Bellsprout's arms back at it, so, Onix basically used Razor Leaf! Bellsprout tried to run away from its own arms, but it got hit by them, and they then re-attached themselves onto Bellsprout's body. "BELLSPROUT, YOU'RE ALRIGHT?!" Mark yelled, and the Bellsprout got up, nodding.

"ONIX, USE SLAM!" Brock yelled, and The Onix raised its tail, and it started to glow, and the Onix then moved it tail towards Bellsprout, and Mark smirked, ordering Bellsprout to use Slam as well. The Bellsprout nodded, glaring at the tail that was coming at it, and it suddenly jumped, dodging the tail and stretching its legs down, attaching them to the ground and creating new legs, but those were used as arms, they were slammed down, and they attached themselves to Onix's tail, constricting it. Bellsprout then created two new legs, one, that was created next to its arms, stretched itself down onto the ground and attached itself onto it, holding the Bellsprout up, and the other stretched itself towards the Onix's body, slamming itself onto its tail.

"ONIX, GET RID OF THE BELLSPROUT WITH STRUGGLE!!!" Brock yelled, and the Onix started to struggle its body, trying to get rid of the Bellsprout, which was being shaken around, but that didn't make the Bellsprout give up! It didn't stop using slam, and the Onix started to yell in pain because it was already hitting the metal under the arena because all the dirt around it was completely thrown away due to the movement it was doing with its body.

"BELLSPROUT, END THIS MESS WITH RAZOR LEAF!!!" ark yelled, coughing out some of the dirt that he had accidentally swallowed. The Bellsprout nodded, and its leaves flew out of its body, going towards Onix's face, hitting it multiple times and then heading towards Bellsprout, cutting all the other legs that it had created. The legs fell down and dried out, breaking themselves and making the Onix, that had fainted, get free from the Constrict. Bellsprout also fell down, and it hit the ground, and its legs then started to grow again, but it was too tired to stay up due to the number of times that it made another limb.

"Mark, I'm sorry... but --" Brock said, getting cut by Levi, who ran down, he was full of bruises and his hair was completely spiked up as if he had been shocked many times. He held the cap next to Brock, and the Caterpie was in it, sleeping. Levi pointed at it, and Brock looked in the cap, gasping.

"See?! MARK WON!!!!" Levi yelled, running towards Mark and moving his hand up as if he wanted a hi-5. Mark slapped his hand, smiling. Levi then poked the Caterpie, who woke up, he then picked the Caterpie up and gave it to Mark, and Mark smiled, moving Caterpie next to his mouth. "You did a great job just by being my Pokémon! Thank you!" He whispered, placing the Caterpie on his head!

"Well, what can I say?!" Brock said, looking around, noticing that Onix was still on the ground. Brock pulled out Onix's PokéBall, and the button of the PokéBall started to glow and a red beam was sent towards the Onix, covering it and turning it into a mini version of itself, the PokéBall then opened, and the mini Onix went into it, and it then closed. "You did good, Onix!" Brock said, and the PokéBall shook, Brock then smiled, placing the PokéBall into his pocket and placing his hand onto his other pocket, pulling out a Boulder Badge, and Mark looked at it and smiled. Brock walked towards Mark, giving it to him. "You did great!!! Your Bellsprout is really tough, and you're a good trainer! You got some neat strategies, I hope we meet again at some point," Brock said, smiling.

"Hahahaha!!! Thank you! I also hope that we meet again!!!" Mark said, smiling and picking the Boulder Badge, pulling out a badge case out of his backpack, Mark opened it and some dust went out, and he started to sneeze, he had an allergy!!! But Levi started to sneeze as well, that means he also had an allergy!!! Mark sniffed and placed the Boulder badge onto its socket, smiling.

"Okay! We are heading to Cerulean today, right?!" Levi said, looking at Mark, who nodded in agreement and placed his badge case into his backpack again. Mark then walked towards the bleachers, signaling them to come. Pikachu and Charmander went out of the bleachers, Pikachu hopped onto Levi's shoulder, smiling, and Charmander looked up at Levi, it had some bruises around its body as well, and it needed some healing.
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Sean patted Mark as he left to see the battle. Sean then sat next to Levi for the entirety of the battle, with Alex behind them. Sean started to eat the popcorn from the bag that Levi had out and gave a few to Joltz and Fushi, seeing if they liked it. It seemed like they did, and they cried with glee (not crying with tears, but crying as a call or a sound). Joltz wanted more while Fushi had his fair share of food. Sean just chuckled and took a handful for Joltz to snack on, not wanting him to use the bag as his food bowl. Sensing that Alex was left out, he got a handful and handed it to Alex. Alex looked slightly amused, but took the handful with delight and began to eat. Sean patted the bench next to him, so Alex wouldn't have to be so alone. Alex decided that it was best to be next to people, so he took a seat next to Sean.

During the battle, Sean and Alex just had to chuckle at the Geodude's "way" of making Mud Sport. They were amazed when the momentum of Geodude's roll shot Geodude forward, and they had to stifle a giggle. Well, Sean did, but Alex just busted out laughing, his laugh bellowing out. Seemed like this guy got hit by puberty quite hard. After the battle was over, Sean couldn't believe that leaving out Caterpie had actually won him the fight. He shouted and hollered at Mark, looking like a complete fool of himself, but his friend had just won his first gym! How could he not? Alex was clapping with a stupid grin on his face, while Fushi and Joltz were bouncing in their seats. Sean was actually standing up and pumping his fist into the air, yelling stuff like "CONGRATS!" and "THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!"

Well, someone had eaten way too much popcorn.
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"Thank's, Sean! Hahahahaha!!!" Mark said, smiling. He did not know that Sean could be so cool according to his parameters, so he was just happy! Mark's eyes widened, and he remembered that there were only 5 camping tents! "Hey, Levi. Everything is ruined! I forgot to buy the other two camping tents that were supposed to be given to those two!" Mark said, and Levi just smiled.

"Mark, where did you buy those?" Levi said, and Mark gave him the information that he needed, and Levi ran away, Mark just looked at Levi while he ran, shrugging his shoulders and turning back to Sean. "I need to get there quickly!" Levi thought, getting out of the GYM and falling down on the snow, sneezing many times. "DAMN IT!!!" Levi yelled, getting up and shaking his head, running towards the place where Mark told him to go.
After some minutes, Levi arrived at the place, running towards the shelf where the camping tents where. Levi picked two camping tents, walking towards the counter and placing them down on it, looking at the cashier. "Oh, oh!!! Hey!! Heh!!!" Levi said, a bit shy due to the fact that the cashier was actually attractive for him! "Uhhh, it is 1.000 PokéYens, right?!" Levi said, looking down at her. "Oh god, try not to ruin everything!!!" He thought. His smile, which was a happy one, turning into an uneasy smile. The cashier nodded, but she didn't look so happy.

"Sean, I think Levi is buying the camping tents for you!" Mark said, looking at Sean. "Uhhh, do know where Levi's shoulder bag is? I want some popcorn!" Mark said, giggling.

Levi picked up the boxes, carrying them towards the street. "AGHHH!!! I NEED TO SHOW HER THAT I'M STRONG!!!" Levi muttered, slowly walking towards the exit. He was making too much effort, it was so much that he didn't support it, he suddenly dropped the boxes down, taking a deep breath in and sitting down on one of them, looking around, noticing that there was a cart next to the counter... "Oh," He said, picking the boxes up and placing them in the cart and pushing it out of the store. "I think it is fine now," Levi said, turning his head down and pushing it towards the PokéCenter.
Sean was about to say something, but decided to just leave it be. It would be way more cost-efficient if they had just bought two tents, for two each, but he guessed that they would just have to suffer not knowing. Sean smiled though, and handed Mark Levi's popcorn for him to eat. Alex smiled and chuckled, wondering how the hell he did it. He then decided to not be silent anymore and comment.

"That was the quirkiest way I've ever seen anyone fight any Gym Leader before. I have to admit, it was pretty silly, but entertaining to watch. I think I'll be staying with you guys for a little longer."

"You sure that's the only reason why?" Sean teased. He knew Alex had something else in mind, but he knew Alex was just a little too prideful to say it. Lo and behold though, he did.

"Well... I was just wanting to have a battle partner. That was all."


Alex sighed before continuing. "And it gets a little lonely. Don't tell anyone I said that... Or else."

Sean just shrugged and smiled, saying "okay" before going back to whatever Mark had to say.
Mark opened a big smile when he saw the popcorn, he picked it and started to eat it all, and he noticed that Alex was finally saying something that made sense for him. "Oh, I see, it is always good to have friends next to us!!!" Mark said, still chewing his food, then he sounded a bit weird. Mark swallowed the popcorn, cleaning his throat. "Well, I'm out!!! I will see what Levi is doing," Mark said, opening his hoodie and placing the popcorn inside a pocket that was inside it, he then closed it again and pulled a beanie out of his pants' pocket, placing it on his head and walking out.

Levi finally arrived at the PokéCenter, taking one of the boxes out, carrying it towards his room, it took him a lot of time to arrive at his room due to the effort he had to make. "FINALLY! DAMN, I WILL TELL MARK TO BRING THE OTHER ONE!!!" He said, laying his body against a wall that was next to him, resting a bit and getting out of his room, walking towards the cart and standing next to it, waiting for the others to come.
Alex and Sean waved as Mark left to find Levi. Alex decided it would be best to leave, too. Alex left and Sean chased after him. After a bit, Alex and Sean caught up to Mark. Alex had caught sight of Levi heading into the Pokemon Center and pointed in that direction, saying: "I think I see your friend, Mark."

At that moment, Sean's Pokedex decided to erupt and began to speak in its dark confines. Even though most people only hear a robotic voice mumbling, Sean could still hear the Pokedex. It apparently hadn't forgotten that the Koffing was there.

"Koffing. The Poison-Type Poison Gas Pokemon. It'll evolve into Weezing when trained enough. Koffing creates gases within its body by mixing toxins with garbage to set off a chemical reaction that results in a terribly powerful Poison Gas, and produces more gas in higher temperatures, which could cause the Pokemon to explode at the slightest stimulation or without warning. Koffing are like a thin-skinned balloon filled with highly toxic gas. These gases are malodorous and cause sniffles, coughs, and teary eyes to those around it. The gases are also lighter than air, allowing Koffing to hover. When agitated, it creates a more toxic gas and expels it through the holes in its body. If one gets close enough when Koffing is expelling the gas, they can see the gas within the Koffing's body swirling inside through the Koffing's skin. Koffing's gas can be ignited by fire or electricity. You can always tell if you are near one if you start to smell a horrible reeking odor. They are most often found in urban areas, especially in areas with lots of air pollution.

They will have the Ability Levitate. Levitate renders the Pokemon immune to damaging Ground-Type attacks except Thousand Arrows. It is also unaffected by Arena Trap (an Ability), Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, Rototiller (all moves), and terrain. Additionally, since Koffing is a Poison-Type with the Ability Levitate, it cannot remove Toxic Spikes. Levitate will become useless when Gravity is in effect or if Koffing is holding an Iron Ball, is under the effects of Ingrain, or has been hit by Smack Down or Thousand Arrows. This Ability can also be suppressed by Gastro Acid or ignored by Mold Breaker, Teravolt, and Turboblaze. Pokemon with this ability are also able to attend Sky Battles, where only Pokemon with the ability Levitate or are Flying-Type are able to fight while in the air, and Ground-Type attacks are illegal (mainly because you are away from the ground).

Koffing are quite adept at expelling the gases in their body to help them float and hover and fly through the air, sometimes at great speeds.

Sean just sighed and headed towards the Pokemon Center with Fushi, Joltz, and Alex behind him. Fushi shivered a little in the snow, but he wanted to get stronger, so he kept himself outside, getting used to the cold.
"Yes! I see him!" Mark replied, and he ran towards Levi, poking his left arm, and Levi turned his head at Mark, smiling and pointing at the box. "What do you want?" Mark said, and Levi replied with a "Take this in." Mark nodded, picking up the box and walking in the PokéCenter, walking towards his room and placing it down on the ground, he then went out, smiling, it seemed easy for him, and Levi's eyes just widened as he saw that.

"Dude, are you Super Man?" Levi said, and Mark started to laugh, Levi also started to laugh, and he then looked in the PokéCenter, walking in. "I will be watching my good and old soccer while I wait for the night to come!" Levi said, waving at the people outside, walking towards his room, getting his hoodie out and placing it on the couch, he then sat down on the same couch, getting the TV controller and changing the channels until the soccer one popped up, he then started to watch it, the game hadn't started yet, so he waited for some minutes until it started.

Mark waved at Sean and Alex, pushing the cart inside the PokéCenter, moving to his room, he then placed it behind the couch, walking towards the couch and hopping onto it, getting the controller and he then opened an application, he logged in and started to watch an episode of his favorite anime, and the episode was the newest one.