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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (RP)

"I will not hesitate in issuing a slap if he gets on my nerves, just remember that," Angle growled, feighning anger. A team of Johto exclusives, huh? Seemed like a pretty good team to her, if she was honest. "So... when should we set off?" asked the girl- she couldn't just leave without them, as much as she wanted to start off on her journey.
"Oh, for sure!" Mark said, smiling

"Let's set sail!!!" Levi said, approaching Mark. "I saw that on a strange pirate show," Levi whispered to him.

Mark and Levi walked out the lab, walking downstairs and running towards the Route 1, Mark sent out his Pikachu, she went towards Levi, slamming her tail on Levi's ribcage and then going back to Mark's shoulder and sleeping.

"Shhh!!! Don't wake her up!!!" Mark said.

"Okay!" Levi replied.
''Eh, Yeah sure'' Andrew replied, ''It will get dark soon so we should go now''. He put the pokeball inside his backpack. He looked at the route ahead and hoped to not fail.

"Mark, a serious question, now that she isn't nearby, do you like her?" Levi said, looking down at him.

"Oh... well... y- no! I don't!!!" Mark exclaimed, shaking his head.

"Okay," Levi said, nodding.
Angle caught them up, panting quite a bit. Levi was being unusually quiet. She caught up so she was walking beside the two. "Sorry about that. Squirtle wouldn't cooperate," she muttered, motioning to her partner Pokémon who was now peacefully trotting at her heels. "I'll say, that Pikachu is a feisty one," Angle remarked, tucking a long strand of hair behind her ear.
"For sure... I think Gary gave me Pikachu just to mock me... grrrr!!!" Mark said, frowning.

"Sooo, should we head to Route 1? I really want to catch my first Pokémon!!!" Levi said, this time, he didn't mock Mark or something, he just said what he wanted to do right away.

"Yeah! I think that's be good!!!" Mark said, getting in the Route 1, getting barraged by... poop! A lot of Spearow poop fell down on Levi and Mark as soon as the stepped in Route 1.

"... LET'S GO BACK, I NEED TO TAKE A BATH!!!" Levi yelled, crying. (I forgot to mention that Levi hates gross things, yeah, you will find out a lot about Mark and Euclides as the story unfolds.)

"Hahahahahahaha!!! DOn't worry, we will go back, I just want to know what is that Pokémon," Mark said, pointing his PokéDex at the Spearow's. "Oh, then it is a bird Pokémon that is easily angered... got it. Okay, Angel, go back, I will go take a bath," Mark said, looking at Levi, but Levi wasn't there anymore.

"I NEED TO GET RID OF ALL THIS POOP!!!" Levi yelled, turning on the shower and taking a long bath.
Angle (figuratively) wet herself laughing, having to lean against a tree to prevent herself from toppling over from laughing so much. “Pfft, hahahaha... Okay, you- hahaha, you guys go ahead, hahahaha hahahaha! I’ll be- hehe, I’ll be waiting here.”
Tes had picked up her pokeball as the commotion happened around her. She picked Squirtle. By the time the others started to head on out, Tes ran back to her house to pick up some supplies. But unlike some of the others, Tes grabbed her POKEDEX from the lab. She quickly joined back up. "So, what's the plan crew?" She ask her new companions. Long trip ahead. Better make some friends.
Levi finally ended his bath, he then picked up his clothes which were inside the washing machine, getting them on, getting his shoulder bag (Which, ironically, wasn't hit) and running back to the entrance of Route 1.

"Grrr!!! I hate those birds," Levi said, crossing his arms.

"Okay, it is my turn to take a bath!" Mark said, running back to Johan's house, taking a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG bath, then coming back. "Done! Ready, Angel?" Mark said, smiling.
Light crossed the darkness as Fiol woke up. He yawned and noticed that Andrew was near him. "Oh, I'm sorry, I had a long trip here",he apologized. He stood up,cleaned his clothes and asked " Shall we go on Route 1 then?"
Levi heard voices right behind him, turning back to see what was going on, as he turned back, he noticed that it was just Fiol. "Oh, hey! You aren't from our crew, but I saw you in the lab! You were the guy who told me to stop yelling, right?!" Levi said, looking at Fiol with a mad expression.

"ANOTHER GROUP OF SPEAROWS COMING!!!!" Mark shouted, running away, but, his Pikachu fell down, waking up and looking up at the Spearows, which were flying towards Pallet, they then pooped again, this time, right on Pikachu, as Pikachu got hit by the poop, she jumped up, she was ANGRY! She sent a strong Thunderbolt at the Spearows, causing them all to faint.

"DAMN!!! You're... good!" Mark said, approaching Pikachu, but the Pikachu turned away, moving its tail back, signaling she didn't want to talk to Mark.

"IT IS MY CHANCE OF GETTING ONE OF THOSE!!!" Levi yelled, throwing a PokéBall at one Spearow, which got cast inside the PokéBall, getting caught. "OH YAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! MY FIRST POKÉMON!!!" Levi yelled, walking up to the PokéBall and picking it up, letting the Spearow go out. The Spearow landed on Levi's shoulder, looking around, a bit confused, yet, somehow happy.
"I was talking to Andrew" he replied. Then he observed how Levi caught a bird pokemon. Fiol opened his PokeDex and scanned one of Spearows. " Intersting", he said . Then he scanned Pikachu and Charmander."Electric mouse and fire lizard, I see.". After he just waited for Andrew.

Some time after, while Fiol was examining PokeDex, he noticed a black bird playing with shiny coin. He pointed PokeDex at it. "Murkorow, huh.". As Fiol dropped his pokeball, Snowfire came out. "Snowfire, use ember on him, then scratch him". Red stones came from Charmander's mouth on the bird. Murkrow dodged the attack but Charmander swiftly scratched him. Murkrow then pecked Charmander. By Fiol's command Charmander scratched Murkrow again, leaving him with significant damage. Snowfire was ready to dodge his next attack, however unexpected Pursuit caught him off-guard." Charmander finish him with ember". "Chaaaar". Lizard unleashed embers again and Murkrow fainted. Fiol then walked to Murkrow and gently tapped his pokeball on his head. Pokeball swinged for a it but then stopped. Fiol threw the pokeball in air and dark shade transformed into Murkrow landed in front of him. "I will call you Graham", he said. Afterwards he returned all of his pokemon and waited for Andrew
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Andrew walked up to route 1 to see Fiol, ''Hi Fiol'' He said while walking into the tall grass. He sen't out his bulbasaur to go looking for pokemon, Eventually he saw a bird and brown and white color pecking and quickly brought out his pokedex to see what pokemon it was. After finding it it was a pidgey he set bulbasaur to attack it, ''Bulbasaur use tackle'' He yelled. Bulbasaur ran and the pidgey and bumped it to the floor. Andrew threw a pokeball at the pidgey, getting sucked up into the ball and closing, ''Nice, I got a pidgey'' he said after sending it out.
Angle grinned, looking over at Mark, her yellow optics glittering in the light. "Ah, perfect." she hummed in a sing-song way, hugging her arms together and resting her head on her shoulder. "So... are we actually going this time?" joked the pink-haired girl, brushing her fringe away from her face. She was, as one would naturally be, nervous, but... not in a bad way. She was anticipating great things in the future ahead.
"Yup! Let's go, 90 degrees," Levi said, moving his head forwards, he thought he was going to make it clear that he wanted everyone to move forward.

"90 degrees? What?!" Mark said, tilting his head.

"Angle," Levi said, laughing.

"Oh... I get it now... damn, what a messed up joke," Mark said, giggling, walking forwards, Levi followed him, this time, the Spearows were quiet... NOT FOR TOO LONG!
“Pfft,” Angle laughed; it was a suitible nickname, though she did wish she was actually called Angel- it was so much of a nicer name. Oh well; the girl supposed she would just have to deal with it for the time being. “Don’t worry, I don’t care what you call me.”
"Let's go ahead! I don't want to arrive in Viridian during night time," Levi said, running forwards, there was a BIG HILL in front of them, and a small staircase that could only fit one person at a time, since Levi got there first, he ran upwards, getting to a lake, sitting down and looking at the fishes

"WAIT FOR ME!" Mark screamed, running towards Levi, almost falling from the staircase, but, he could keep his balance and get next to Levi, he also sat down and looked at the fishes. Mark's Pikachu went out of the PokéBall, falling in the water and swimming towards the fishes, which were Magikarps, she then started to slap a Magikarp, the Magikarp started to struggle its body, as a Goldeen came out of the horizon, smashing its horn against Pikachu and launching her out of the little lake, she fell right beside Mark, almost fainted.

"Uhhh, she must learn from that!" Levi said, looking at the Pikachu and poking her cheeks, she tried to send out a nuzzle, but she was too weak for it.
Angle's eyes widened in shok as, just after she had seated herself beside Mark, a Goldeen erupted from the waters, and smacked Pikachu with its horn. Unimpressed, Angle murmured, "Karma at its finest." Squirtle nuzzled against the girl's leg, and she petted its scaly head, grinning. Though Squirtle got distracted easily it was generally obedient and seemed to like her, which was good. "So, what Pokemon are you guys going to look for?" asked the femme, smirking a bit.
"Well, I don't know, I didn't even know Spearow was a Pokémon, and now he is my partner, sooo, yeah, it is just wait," Levi said, turning his head back to the lake.

"I plan in... well, first, I will try to domesticate this Pikachu, and then I will think of which Pokémon I will catch," Mark said, turning his head to Angle, "what about you?" Mark said.
"I'm aiming for a Pidgey, at the moment," answered Angle, staring at the floor. Squirtle poked at her face, and she did not reply or do anything else. In fact, she simply sighed, and stared at the floor, falling silent. She was so used to big cities, to lots of people- everything was so peaceful and she was enjoying the break from the busy city life, but it still felt strange to her,
"Pidgey? I see... that's the most common Pokémon," Levi said, picking up a rock and throwing towards the lake, it sunk at the same moment it hit the water.

"I plan on getting a Pokémon that fits me, I really want a Pokémon to share my skills," Mark said, staring at his own image that was being reflected on the water. "Hmmm, let's go!" Mark said, getting up and running towards the end of the hill, finding another staircase, running down and getting right in front of Viridian City.

"WAIT FOR MEEE!!!" Levi yelled, following Mark and ending up in the same place as him.
"Yep, it is. But I LOVE pigeots," she said, eccentrically. She then sprinted on after Mark, stopping beside him and looking on in wonder. Hopefully, she'd feel a little more at home in Veridian, due to the fact she was so used to the, say, hustle and bustle of modern city life. The pretty femme then turned to face Mark. "So... should we explore?"
Andrew put the pidgey back in the pokeball and walked around the route and later walked into the thing connecting Route 1 and Virdian City. ''Oh come on why did i have to walk straight into it'' Andrew complained, He walked into it and waited for his friend to come. Later he got bored and opened his pokeballs and started to play with his pokemon.
"Right! Let's do this!" Mark said, running in Viridian, he then realized his Pikachu was harmed, "oh yeah! Let's stop by the PokéCenter before we actually explore this all!" Mark said, running towards the nearest town map, taking a look at it and localizing the PokéCenter. "Let's go!!!" He yelled, running towards the PokéCenter.

"Hey, 90 degrees. Since Mark isn't here, let's talk about the life... how is it going?" Levi said, slowly walking towards the PokéCenter, he looked a bit tired since he had to carry his shoulder bag which was a bit heavy everywhere.
"Okay, I suppose," she muttered, gulping a little bit. Her yellow optics fell upon the ground and she chewed on the inside of her cheek. She considered telling the boy that she felt a bit weird, but- nope. Opening up to people was not Angle's forte. "What about you?" she asked, smiling but avoiding eye contact.
"I'm bad!" Levi said, frowning, "just kidding, I never felt so good!" Levi finished, laughing a bit.

"CAN YOU TWO HURRY?!" Mark shouted.

"CALM DOWN!!!" Levi replied, running towards Mark, he then got next to him. "Hey!" Mark said, raising his hand.

"Hey! Let's go," Levi said, slapping Mark's hand and going in the PokéCenter, it was already night-time, Levi and Mark didn't want to walk around during it.

As they got in, Mark dashed towards the counter, where Joy was, and Levi just walked towards a small couch and sat down on it.

"Heal my Pikachu! Please!" Mark said, giving Pikachu's PokéBall to Joy. 'Okay, wait right here," Joy said, walking into a room. "Okay, now we need to check in the hotel!" Mark said, walking out.

"Hmmm, okay!" Levi said, getting up and following him. "Okay, there we are!" Mark said, stopping in front of a big building with a big PokéBall on top of it. "Damn! This is big!" Mark said, looking up, then looking in the building.

"What about 90 degrees?" Levi said, looking at Mark.

"THAT'S RIGHT!!! OH, LET'S GO FIND HER!!!" Mark shouted, running away, getting near her. "Hey! Follow me!!!" Mark said, walking away.

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"Oh! Okay," Angle yelped, slightly confused as she followed Mark to wherever the hell they were going. She quite liked the atmosphere of this place- very calm, yet still it seemed busy. The opposite of Goldenrod, really, which always felt strangely empty despite the fun and vivacious atmosphere. Strange, really, how similar places in arcitecture could be so different in tone.
"There we are!" Mark said, pointing to the big building. "This is the hotel, we will be staying on it until tomorrow!" Mark said, getting in.

"Okay, leggo!" Levi said, getting in, approaching a girl in a counter. "Hey! I'd like to check in, my name is Euclides Levi, 10 years old, Pokémon trainer!" Levi said, smiling.

"Okay! I will sign you up!" The girl said, typing Levi's info, finishing it and giving Levi the keys to his room.

Mark approached the girl, telling her his information, receiving the key to his room and walking towards his elevator, Levi did the same. "DO THE SAME!!!" Mark yelled, looking at Angle, he did that before the elevator door closed and they went up.

As they arrived on the floor where their rooms were, Levi walked out, running towards his room, unlocking it and weaving to Mark, closing and locking the door. Mark did the same, going towards a big couch in the middle of the living room, sitting down on it and turning the TV on.

"Hmmm, time to go watch some soccer!" Levi said, going towards the couch, turning on the TV and changing the channel to the soccer channel. "This is art!" Levi said, laying on the couch and watching the TV.
"I don't need directions on how to get a hotel room, you little-" she cut herself off, because swearing in a public place was uncourteous and besides, Levi had already run off. She followed suit, doing the same as the two previously had done, and made her way up to her room, flopping backwards on to the bed, sighing, and closing her eyes. Squirtle followed after her, curling on the pillow beside her. She had a nice, long, warm shower, and got her pyjamas out of her bag. She rubbed in a bit of moisturiser and took her mascara and contacts off, and then hung her angel wings on the coat hanger by the door. She looked at herself in the mirror, her eyes a deep brown, and wondered whether she should leave her contacts out tomorrow.
After long training session with Snowfire and Graham Fiol caught up with Andrew. "Did you catch a pokemon?", he asked curiously looking at him. Suddenly pokeball opened and Murkrow came out. "Oh, this is Graham. Let's go to pokemon center, I am really tired". Fiol then started to walk through the grass towards the city's outline.
Fiol followed Andrew into Pokecenter. " Hello", nurse Joy greeted boys. "Greetings, I would like my pokemon to rest. ". "Of course.", she replied. "Excuse me, I wandered if you know where I and my friend can stay overnight.". "Oh, you can stay in Pokemoncenter if you want to.". Fiol then gave nurse Joy his pokemon and looked at Andrew. "Where do you want to stay? Man, I'm already sleepy"
''Its fine here'' he replied while looking around the pokemon center he felt really tried and felt like he could fall on the fall and go out cold. He sent out his pokemon out his pokeballs to see there wide awake faces, ''Wow there awake and happy'' he said. He draged himself to his room and after getting changed fell asleep.
Seeing his partner going in his room, Fiol decided to take a nap for himself as well. He passed through the door leading to the small room with bed, table and chair. He took off his bag and fell asleep the moment his head touched cloud-like pillow.

After a loong night of sleep, Levi and Mark woke up, Levi went out of his room, knocking Mark's door, Mark quickly opened it, going out, they both headed to the 1st floor, going out of the hotel to chill a bit.

"Hmmm... there isn't so many things to do he-"Mark said, getting cut by a speaker that said: "EVERY TRAINER IN THE CITY, MEET UP IN THE BATTLEFIELD OF THE CITY FOR A POKÉMON BATTLE TOURNAMENT!!!"

"Let's go! We are trainers! I guess..." Levi said, running towards the battlefield, it was filled with people, and there were more people coming...

"Damn!!!" Mark said, looking around, as a big guy went up to him.

"Are you a trainer?" The guy said.

"Yes, we both are!!!" Mark said, looking up at the man.

"Follow me!" The man said, walking into a little room with a lot of other people in it.

"Right, so, the setting is: There will be 16 matches, the winner is the one who... wins? That's all! Good luck," the guy said, walking away.

Fiol woke up to speaker's shouting. "What is going on there?". He was interested in it. He really wanted to test himself against other trainers. He had a quick cold shower wore his cloths and bag, he then took his pokemon and summoned them. "So, Snowfire, Graham, do you want to participate in the tournament?". Excited nods of Charmander and thoughtful nod of noble Murkrow spoke for them. Fiol returned them into their pokeballs and knocked Andrew's door. "There will be tournament, do you want to come? Anyways I will be there if you need me". Fiol then proceeded to the place from where speaker's voice came.
Andrew jolted out of bed because of a booming announcement on the speaker and fell out of bed ''You gott abe kidding me!'' He complained. Then he heard a knock on his door, and his friend asking him to go to a tournament, ''Y-yeah sure'' he replied. He changed and got out of his room and paced out of the room.
Isaiah stared at the ceiling of his home in Viridian City, lying face-up on his bed. He then picked up his new Pokeball, which had been mailed to him by Professor Oak in a manila envelope and examined it with a grin. It glimmered in the brightness of the shining lights that adorned his ceiling fan in a circular fashion. Isaiah sat up and opened the Pokeball as a blue light leapt out of the capturing device, taking the silhouette of Casimiro, his Bulbasaur before dissipating in bright sparks, revealing the Pokemon in its true color. Casimiro looked up at Isaiah before letting out a happy cry as the latter reached out and stroked the Bulbasaur's forehead softly. It really happened.
Angle was rudely awoken by the deafening noise of the announcement. Wow... she really did not want to get herself roped into this crap at this early time, but she supposed she was a trainer; she had to. Quickly, the attractive Johto girl got dressed into a mint green hoodie with a short black skirt and a black scarf. She put on her yellow contacts and her angel wings and dashed outside, swallowing a piece of bread she'd nicked from the counter. "Ugh, I am so not up to this," groaned the girl, putting her head in her hands as she was dragged into a room filled with people. She recoiled from anyone who came near her, feeling rather unenthusiastic about this whole thing.
When Fiol entered the room crowded with people, he already started to regret that he even moved from his bed. Then he noticed rather familiar silhouettes. Mark and Levi were standing in crowd, he also was able to notice Angle. "Well, at least I and Andrew are not the only ones", he thought for himself. He tried to salute people hi knew but crowd was dividing them, so he decided not to. After he waited to see what will happen.
"Hmmmm... I think they will announce the first battle right now!" Mark said, smiling.

"Yeah! Sounds good," Levi said.

"And the first battle is... Fiol vs Mark!!!" The announcer shouted. The whole room could hear that.

"Oh, who is Fiol?" Mark said.

"I don't know..." Levi said, looking around.

"Better get going!!!" Mark said, walking towards the battlefield, getting into his rectangle and waiting for Fiol to come.

The battlefield was made of dirt, it was really tender.
Andrew pushed around by the crowd pondering if he should of declined his friends offer. Then he got pushed into a diffrent section than his freind was in and then looked up to hear that the first match was Fiol vs some random person he forgot about. He pushed his way through the crowd to see a dirt and then his expectations of this being cool was shrunken.
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