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Ask to Join Pokémon RolePlay: Way to the Indigo league! (RP)

When Fiol heard his name he was shocked for a moment, but when he heard the second one... Smile crossed his face. "Well..". He slowly walked to his rectangle an tried to remember Mark's pokemon. "Think, think...Pikachu! Yes, she was pretty strong I gotta come up with something if I want to win.". He then took one of his pokeballs and calmly said"I'm ready".
"I'm also ready! Pikachu, come and help me!" Mark exclaimed, placing his hand in his pocket and noticing that he had left Pikachu's PokéBall in the PokéCenter. "DAMN! BE RIGHT BACK!" Mark shouted, running away.

"If Mark doesn't come back in two minutes starting from right now, Fiol will win due to W.O," The Mayor said, turning back and nodding to two guys writing some weird things in the computer. As the guys stopped to write the things, a big T.V showing the two trainers' photos changed to a countdown screen.
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Fiol felt frustrated, after all he wanted to have a battle with Mark. He wanted to sit down but noticed that battlefield was made of dirt. He was rather annoyed by everything going on in the room. He then summoned Snowfire and started to play with him.
Mark, after 1 minute, came back. "Hello! I got Pikachu!" Mark said, he had Pikachu's PokéBall on his hand, he then threw it forwards, the Pikachu coming out of it, sitting down and scratching her head with her right foot, then setting it down and looking up at Mark.

"Competitor Mark is back! The battle must start!" The Mayor exclaimed. Mark n towards the rectangle he was on, looking down at Pikachu. "Use Thundershock!!!" Mark shouted, pointing forwards. The Pikachu stood still, playing the the dirt under her feet. "Come on..." Mark said, frowning.
Angle watched rather carelessly. She didn't really like battles that much, but there weren't any contests or performances in Kanto, so she just had to kind of stick with battles. Though, she supposed she could at least support her friend. "Woo! Go Mark!" she cheered, trying to sound as full of life as possible. She didn't know why she was trying so hard, in reality.
Mark heard Angle cheering for him, he then turned to her, smiling and raising his thumb up.

"See, 90 degrees? You two are the cutest couple I've ever seem!!! Don't try to hide your unmeasureable love for Mark!" Levi said, approaching Angle and opening an ironic smile.

"Pikachu!!! Come on! Don't ignore me!!!" Mark said, stomping the floor.
"Love?" spat the girl, smiling and giving a thumbs up to Mark. What an absolutely preposterous proposition. She narrowed her unique gaze at Levi. "Shut up, you little twerp. I've known him for like two days." she murmured, and pulled her scarf over her face to hide any chances that Levi would see a blush. Trying to be sort of subtle, she said, "Why do you keep bringing it up? Does he like me or somehing?"
"DAMN! I NEED TO THINK OF A PERFECT EXCUSE FOR THAT!" Levi thought to himself, sweating a bit.

"No! I'm just kidding! Mark actually likes you as a... a friend! That's it!!!" Levi said. "What have I done??? I hope she ignores my nervous tone f voice..." Levi thought to himself again.

"PIKACHU!!! COME ON, USE THUNDERSHOCK!!!" Mark said, looking down at the Pikachu, who just ignored him, turning her head away and crossing her arms, slamming her left foot at the floor in a quick pacing.
Seeing how Pikachu is not obeying her master, Fiol decided to use this as a chance. "Snowfire use ember". Charmander turned around to Pikachu and concentrated heat in himself. It seemed like his mouse was filling up, but finally Snowfire unleashed the huge wave of hot 'fire-bulbs' into Pikachu's direction.
"PIKACHU, DODGE!!!!!" Mark screamed, the Pikachu turned her head at the ember, but it was too late, she got hit by the ember, getting enraged and releasing a powerful bolt at Snowfire.

"Damn, the battle is about to get good!!!" Levi said, opening his mouth widely and then placing his hand in front of it.
"Maybe if you didn't act so erratic when I asked, I now wouldn't be curious." she murmured, finishing at that. She thought it was vague enough to not hint at very much, which was good. Her eyes widened and she inhaled sharply, flinching as Pikachu was smacked square in the face with an Ember. "That looks like it hurt."
Andrew pikachu doing nothing, but then forgot about and looked at Fiol. ''Go Fiol!'' He shouted, looking at the dirt field and then getting pushed into the crowd wear he couldn't see it at all. He decided he could just wait until the match was done.
"Hmmm, I agree!" Levi said, nodding. "GO MARK!!! YOU'RE COOL!!!" Levi yelled, dancing like a cheerleader.

Mark turned to Levi, laughing at his dance and then focusing on the battle, he had a confident exprression, he really wanted to win.
Loud noises of crowd went off. Only Mark, Pikachu and Snowfire were left in his vision and mind. In the mean time Charmander was hit by yellow lightning dealing good amount of damage to him. Snowfire shook his head and was ready to go, as ferocious smile crossed his face. "Be ready next time buddy. Now let us repeat ember". Same actions happened but now with more confidence than before. Hearing his friend cheering for him Fiol smiled .
"PIKACHU!!!" Mark screamed -- but, the Pikachu knew what to do. Pikachu jumped up, dodging the ember, which occasionally went towards Mark, who dodged it. The Pikachu then landed, sending an electric charge at her hair, sending a Thunderbolt at Charmander.

"GO, MARK!!!" Levi yelled, resuming his dance.
As his trainer warned him Charmander was ready to dodge, and so he did. Yellow lightning passed through the empty space where Snowfire was just standing. "Nice! Now jump and use ember.". Fiol could feel the impulse of the battle. Snowfire and Pikachu were nearly at the same level but someone will eventually be stronger. That was the moment Fiol remembered that he could switch out to Graham at any moment, that was his plan B.
"Pikachu! Dodge it and do whatever you want to!" Mark yelled. The Pikachu ignored Mark, getting hit by the ember and getting outraged, se started to send Thunderbolts towards Charmander.

"YEAH! DO IT!!!" Mark shouted, ooening a joyful smile.
Snowfire was landing as another lightning reached to him. However that was not enough to take him down. "That is enough, let's finish this, use ember". Snowfire was annoyed by Pikachu's trainer's ignorance and wanted to show him how bonds between trainer and pokemon can lead to victory. He unleashed a huge wave of embers towards Pikachu, as fire on his tail started to burn brighter.
"PIKACHU, DODGE THAT!!!" Mark screamed. The Pikachu attempted to evade the embers, however, she got hit, being knocked out. "PIKACHU!!!" Mark shouted, running towards her and picking her up.

"Competitor Mark ran out of Pokémons. FIOL IS THE WINNER!!!" The Mayor said.
Hearing his name announced as victorious Fiol returned to reality, his Charmander ran to him and jumped towards him. " Hey, nice job. Your ember is pretty strong, huh.", Fiol said to Snowfire, who smiled instead of answering. Fiol then walked to Mark " It was a nice battle. Your Pikachu is very strong.". He walked away to the crowd searching for his friend Andrew and a nice spot to watch battles.
Mark smiled as Fiol said that, he then walked back into the crowd, meeting Levi and Angle. "Hello, Levi. Hello, Angel!" Mark said, he looked quite happy for someone who had jusy lost.

"Hey, Mark! You did great, bro!" Levi said, smiling.

"The next battle is... ANGLE VS LOUIS!!!" The mayor announced.

"Oh! Good luck, Angel!" Mark said, grinning.

"Good luck, 90 degrees," Levi said, giving her a smirk.

"This is going to be easy," Louis said, walking towards the battlefield and standing on his angle.
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Andrew walked past the crowd and ran into Fiol while he heard him winning. ''That was pretty cool'' he said, Then he heard the Mayor scream the next battle. He thought that this would be a cool battle to while he looked at the dusty field. He send out his pokemon to watch the fight that was about to happen.
Angle waved at Mark as he approached. “Looks like it’s me, next.” She murmured, swallowing. She’d trained Squirtle a bit in Veridian forest so she was fairly prepared, and confident even- and Squirtle- unlike Mark’s Pikachu- obeyed her. “Okey dokey... You’re up, Squirtle!” chirped Angle, her Pokémon rushing in front of her.
"Squirtle? Pfft! Beedrill, I choose you!" Louis said, throwing Beedrill's PokéBall forwards. "This is going to be fun. Beedrill, use doubleslap!" Louis shouted, watching the Beedrill rushing towards the Squirtle and attempting to slam one of its needles at Squirtle.
“Dodge it!” Angle frantically commanded, and Squirtle obeyed, the Beedrill’s needle smashing against Squirtle’s hard shell. Angle heard his cocky remarks, and narrowed her yellow eyes. “How about you stop being a jerk, and see how it’s done?” the girl taunted, commanding Squirtle to use Water Gun. Squirtle aimed for the Beedrill’s wings to try and knock it out of the sky.
"What about shutting up?! Beedrill, dodge that and use poison jab!" Louis said. The Beedrill flew up, occasionally dodging the Water Gun, it then flew down, attempting to jab Squirtle with his right needle, which was coated by venom.

"ANGEL, YOU CAN DO IT!!!" Mark shouted, opening his eyes widely.
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Fuelled by Mark’s cheering, she swiftly commanded Squirtle to use Withdraw, which upped the turtle Pokémon’s defends. Her Pokémon still took damage- but less that it had of withdraw hadn’t have been used- and it was not poisoned. “Don’t you know... you should never tell someone like me to shut up,” mocked the girl. “Squirtle, jump and use tackle!” The Squirtle jumped high into the air, and with the hardened shell from Withdraw, Angle hoped to get a lot of damage in.
"BEEDRILL, DODGE IT AND USE POISON JAB ONCE AGAIN!" Louis yelled. The Beedrill attempted to avoid the tackle, but it got hit, being sent back, it quickly recovered its balance, attempting to jab the turtle once again. "You won't be able to beat my next Pokémon, I'm sure of that!" Louis muttered, smirking.
“I wouldn’t be so sure.” she said simply, narrowing her strangely coloured eyes at the boy, and brushed her hair away from her face. Squirtle fell back, jabbed rather harshly, but it wasn’t going down that easily. On Angle’s command, Squirtle jumped up high and attempted to Tackle the Beedrill’s once again. It sent a water gun at the same time, to create a type of combo; and, used withdrawal before hitting the ground, to up its Defense further.
"Beedrill, dodge!" Louis said, but it was too late, the Beedrill got hit, being knocked down and fainting. "GH?! WHAT??? GRRR, I WON'T LET YOU WIN, HERACROSS, I CHOOSE YOU!!!" Louis roared, throwing Heracross' PokéBall on the battlefield, the beetle then went out the PokéBall, staring at Squirtle. "Heracross, Brick Break!!!" Louis screamed. The Heracross flew towards Squirtle, sending its strong right arm at it.

"Uhh, what is that Pokémon?" Both Levi and Mark said, pulling out their PokéDexes, but, it had no data for that Pokémon. "Hmmm... seems like we got a mistery right here..." Levi said.
“Hm... someone’s getting in a strop because I’m winning? Oh dear,” Angle cooed, but gasped as her Squirtle had been knocked backwards. Squirtle promptly fainted onto the floor, and Angle scooped it up, returning it to it’s Pokéball. She went up to shake Louis’ hand, and then left, joining back with Mark and Levi. “That guy was a right headass,” she groaned. “I would have won if not for that freak show of a bug Pokémon.”
"You're actually good," Louis said, shaking Angle's hand and walking back to the crowd.

"Angel, you did great! Good job," Mark said, smiling.

"I agree with Mark, good job! I will make sure I win my battle! Ah, and that blue bug seems cool," Levi said, smiling.
"He won't be a problem", Fiol thought observing battles and learning opponents' strategies. He was thinking about combinating moves, however noise from crowd was annoying and distracting. He then waited for next battle to begin.
"The next battle is Johan Shaketsu vs Tress... yeah, only Tress," The mayor annouced. After a quick battle that was entirely one-sided, Johan easily won, he used only a Donphan to end Tress.

After Johan's battle, anotherbattle occurred, it was Josh Shaketsu vs Phillip Mhal, Phillip lost the battle.

After Josh's battle, the Mayor announced the battle between Andrew and Levi!

"Oh, well, time to win!" Levi said, walking towards the battlefield, placing his hand inside his pocket and getting Spearow's PokéBall, he then threw it forwards, letting the bird roam around the battlefield.
"Good luck, Levi," murmured Angle. She wasn't sure how the kid would do; she had never seen him do battle before, but she supposed she'd have to cheer him on. They were travelling together, so they had to be friends. "How do you think he'll do?" Angle asked Mark, raising an eyebrow curiously.
Andrew walked into the battlefield and the thought hit him, He barely trained this pokemon so far. So he knew that he would lose this battle he, he saw the trainer already had a his pokemon on the battlefield so he sent out a pokemon. ''Okay.. Pidgey come out! he said as the Pidgey came out of the ball.
Mark turned to Angel, raising his eyebrows. "Levi always watched Pokémon battle shows back in Johto, I guess he is going to win," Mark said, placing his hand on his chin.

"Spearow, rest a bit. Let's make a plan or something, that should work," Levi said, crouching down and widely opening his eyes, looking at the battlefield and whispering something to the Spearow, which had landed some seconds before.

"Spearow, use peck on the Pidgey!" Levi exclaimed. The Spearow flw towards the Pidgey, attempting to peck it.
"Hm," hummed the pretty Johto girl, her yellow eyes casting upon the ground. She was still kind of salty that she had lost her previous match versus Louis, or whatever his name was. But that fleeting feeling of exhilaration, when she had beaten the Beedrill... she craved that type, of feeling. A feeling of something you don't expect, but it feels good, like if someone were to surprise kiss you. Perhaps she wanted someone to surprise kiss her, rather than win a battle? Nah, it was probably the battle. "Well, I wish him good luck," she muttered, narrowing her peculiarly hued eyes. "To be honest, I kinda wanna get outta this place."
Andrew watched the duo stand there and talk, ''They gotta be making a plan'' Andrew thought.''We should make a plan too!'' Andrew suggested to his pidgey. Andrew thought of any good ideas to stop the other bird pokemon but luckily sometimg came to his mind to stop the pokemon.
"Haha! I also want to get out, but, I will stay here. Levi might get angry if I leave the place without telling him, and the worst -- with a girl! He always says that girls aren't supposed to be traded by true friends, and I kind of agree with him," Mark stated, smirking, it was kind of weird for him to talk about friendship.

"GO, SPEAROW!!!" Levi yelled. The Spearow was even closer this time.