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Private/Closed Johto Adventure RP

Welcome role players to this open RP I decided to start the reason for this is because. I've been replaying my copies of Heart Gold and Soul Silver and decided hey why not make a RP out of this.

1. Play nice with the other RPers
2. No Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Battle Bond, or Legendaries
3. Read the Sites RP Rules, click here to read them
4. 3 line posts for PC users, 14 lines for Cellular users are the minimum
5. Only Pokemon from Gens 1 through 4 will be allowed
6. We go by anime rules here
7. Up to 3 Pokemon are allowed at the start
8. You can split up into smaller groups if there are too many people in the group (I don't like the mental picture of a mob of trainers going from gym to gym)
9. Try to avoid using Pokemon others are using

Small things to note:
  • When battling a fellow RPer be fair I don't want to read a one-sided battle where one OC's pokemon is dodging everything their opponent is throwing at them.
  • Make sure you read everyone's post I don't want to see someone's OC shrugging off other's attempts to interact with your OC.
Character Sheet:
Hometown & Region:
Backstory: (Optional)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand:


Name: Zane Underwood
Age: 13
Hometown & Region: New Bark Town, Johto
Personality: Zane is a extremely nice guy but has the appearance of a delinquent making it hard for him to make friends. Zane has potential to become a strong trainer but prefers not to battle if able wanting not to cause his pokemon harm. He's also neat freak with an uncontrollable urge to correct anything he finds out of place.
Appearance: Zane has neat short black hair, wears a half zipped navy blue track jacket with a gray t-shirt under it, brown cargo pants, a black over the shoulder backpack, and gray running shoes.
Backstory: (Optional)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand:


It was a bright early morning in New Bark Town some of the people of the small town already getting started with their morning routines as they got started with their day. We find ourselves at the home of one of the new trainers starting their journey. "Oh, come on just stay down stupid hair" groaned a boy who was trying his hardest to brush down a strand of hair that wouldn't go down after awhile of trying he managed to get it down only for it to pop back up. Seeing this caused the boy's eye to twitch as he quickly grabbed a pair of scissors planning to cut the rebellious strand just before he processed to cut he could hear something giggling at his misfortune he quickly understood what was going as he had a deadpan look on his face.

"Misdreavus I know its you messing with me" the boy called out to what appeared to be no one. A few seconds later a ghost with red orbs around it's necked appeared beside the boy still giggling. "I thought I told you to stop playing trick on me like that" the boy scolded the ghost pokemon who processed to lovingly rub its head against the boys, "Alright, alright fine I forgive you" Misdrevus let out a happy cry as it followed it's master downstairs. "Ok. Mom I'm off to Professor Elm's Lab" the boy said as he gave his mom a quick hug as he made his way towards the door.

"Kay, Zane just promise me you'll be safe on your journey" Zane's mother told her son as she watched him and his pokemon made their way out of the house.

After awhile of walking Zane founded himself standing outside of Professor Elm's Lab. "Ready Misdreavus the start of our journey begins now" Zane said as he took a deep breath to calm his nerves as he made his way inside. To say he was shocked to say the least as he saw the lab had random books everywhere Zane tried his best to fight the urge to clean up the mess as he continued to walk deeper into the lab where he saw a man patiently waiting.

"I take it you're one of the new trainers here to receive a starter am I right" Professor Elm said while adjusting his glasses.

"That's right I am Professor" Zane said as he followed the older man to a machine that homed three pokeballs.

"The three pokemon we have today are the following" Professor Elm said pushing a button on the machine as the screen above displayed three different pokemon, "On the left we have the Fire type Cyndaquil, in the middle is the Grass type Chikorita, and lastly on the right is the Water type Totodile. So which one will you choose?"

"I alright know exactly who I'm going to choose" Zane smiled as he walked up and grabbed the middle pokeball containing the Grass type Chikorita.
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Name: Martin Piers
Age: 14
Hometown & Region: Sandgem Town, Sinnoh
Personality: Shy, Nerd, Unskilled.
Appearance: A bandage attached to the crook of his nose, a crummy pair of old worn-out glasses, a short sleeved dress polo with a pikachu emblem on it, denim jeans, old sneakers, a brown backpack with very little space, and fuzzy gloves.
Backstory: (Optional) (N/A)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: Riolu.

Pokémon: Riolu
Species: Riolu
Nickname: Again, just Riolu
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus


A small, fidgeting plane settled down to the ground in New Bark Town. Martin was looking forward to visiting the Johto Region ever since he got his Riolu. He was ecstatic to see the mountains and caves all throughout the region. As the plane doors revealed a quaint town. To his surprise, there was a Pokémon Laboratory in this small town. Martin grabbed his backpack and dashed out the doors onto the dirt smothered ground.

Martin released Riolu from its Pokéball, and it excitedly kicked around dirt while skittering in a circle.

"Rio...lulu?" It asked, jumping on the dirt, seeming confused that the dirt was moving and blowing.

Martin laughed as Riolu began growling at the ground, worrying it would attack it's trainer. "Ok, let's go buddy. The ground won't hurt anybody." Martin said. Riolu gave a stink eye to the ground before being pulled away by Martin.

They then began walking deeper into New Bark Town, excited for what was to come.

OOC: (This is my first RP on this platform, so I'm very sorry If I'm not caught up with the rules completely. Thanks!)
After receiving Chikorita's pokeball along with the five empty ones and the Pokedex. Zane was finally all set to get his adventure started as he made his way out of Elm's Lab. He was greeted with a boy and his pokemon who appeared to be having a hard time looking for something. "Hey there I take it you're new to New Bark whatever you need help finding I'll gladly help you" Zane said to the lost boy as he made his way towards other boy followed by his Misdreavus.

OOC: (Well snap if this is your first RP on the site I'll try my best to make it a great experience for ya :))
Martin panicked, nearly dropping his bag. His social skills were mild, and the only people he talked to were his mother and father, so seeing an extrovert was an alienatic encounter for him. Riolu, however, dashed excitedly towards Misdreavus, trying to sniff it. It's tail was wagging happily, and it was ecstatic to see another Pokémon. Martin stumbled over himself, turning red.

"Uhm... y-yes... uh... I... need..." Martin said quietly.

Riolu tried to touch the ghost Pokémon, and when his fist passed through it, he seemed confused, and barked in excitement, seemingly trying to play.

"Riolu... Uh... c'mere boy!" Martin stumbled, ordering Riolu to return to him.

After a long silence, Martin locked eyes with the other trainer, and managed to utter a few faint words.

"Uh... yes... I need help finding someplace to stay... It was a five hour plane trip, and I'm feeling jet lagged..." He mumbled, twirling his thumbs.
"Somewhere to stay huh we don't any hotels or Pokemon Center in our small town" Zane murmured as he crossed his arms to think where the boy could stay. As he was thinking Misdreavus was playing with the other boy's pokemon until it was called back to it's trainer's side. That's when Zane got an idea, "How about you stay the night at my place I was planning to start my journey today but whats one more day if it means you get to help a person in need" Zane smiled as he told the other boy to follow he.


Previously DripNinja
(OOC: I'm not so good at this RP stuff, so tell me if I do something wrong.)

Name: Alec Legend
Age: 14
Hometown & Region: Kanto
Personality: Tough, Independent and doesn't like help from others.
Appearance: Black Hair and Black Eyes. Wears a purple hoodie with no sleeves with Gengar on it, and wears purple shoes. Carries a Red Backpack.
Backstory: (Optional) (N/A)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: Garchomp

Pokémon: Garchomp
Nickname: Some as Original Names
Gender: Both Males
Ability: Garchomp: Rough Skin Staraptor: Reckless


Alec saw two boys walking along the path, he needed somewhere to go, but he didn't want to ask for help. He motioned his Garchomp to follow and he carefully followed the boys keeping out of their sight.

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"Uhm... okay that seems fine..." Martin mumbled.

Riolu leapt up to Martin's shoulder, nibbling his ear.

"Okay... sheesh Riolu, you can go play..."

Riolu excitedly backflipped off of Martin's shoulder and took a mad dash, following close behind Misdreavus. Martin slowly shuffled behind the trainer that seemed to know his way around the town.

Suddenly, Riolu sensed a strange change in their aura, and twirled around, facing behind them, and it growled aggressively.

"Riolu... what's wrong?" Martin asked.

Riolu sniffed the air for a brief moment, then started dashing towards the bushes, little did Martin know, a trainer was following them.


Previously DripNinja
Alec saw the Riolu dashing towards him. Well, it was fun while it lasted Alec thought. He quietly decided to test this trainer's strength. "Garchomp uses Fire Fang," he told his Garchomp. "Let's see what this kid can do"
"Whats wrong?" Zane asked as he turned to see the other boy's pokemon running towards some brushes, "I think your pokemon founded something we should check it out" Zane said as he started to follow after Riolu to see what got it's attention. As he got closer he saw it was a trainer with a Garchomp he was just close to hear the trainer give it an order. The large dragon mouth started to fill with fire as it lunged towards Riolu, "Oh, no quick Misdreavus use Psybeam" Zane quickly ordered, as Midreavus shot rainbow colored beams from it's eyes hitting the gorund in front of the charging dragon, "Hey whats the big idea just randomly attacking someone's pokemon like that" Zane said angrily at the other trainer.
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Previously DripNinja
Garchomp snarled as the beam of light hit the ground in front it. "Well, time to introduce myself I'm Alec and this is my partner Garchomp," Alec said to the other boy. Alec was used to having people yelling at him. He was always the outcast. "Well, anyways you just made a big mistake buddy, now Garchomp's angry and you won't like him when he's angry. Garchomp use Dragon Rush." Garchomp rushed toward the other two boys' Pokemon ready to attack.
(OOC: Ooh, I just finished a Soul Silver Nuzlocke, so this will be...nostalgic. I'll use an OC that I just made but she's growing on me reaaal quick)
Character Sheet:
Name: Athena Skye
Age: 15
Hometown & Region: Sandgem Town Sinnoh
Personality: A very sleepy girl who is at the same time is very smart. Though she has little to no motivation. Not necessarily lazy, but she does the bare minimum whenever she can. Due to her proper type of speaking, she can be seen as cold or mean, but she isn't. Though she is a bit anti social.
Appearance: Two dark brown, long fluffy pigtails (think Emma from Pokemon X and Y). She's light skinned, and 5'2'. She's average in all of her body. Not, skinny, but not plump. Not athletic, but not twiggy. Her casual outfit is a long sleeve purple blouse, a brown skirt, and dark brown loafers (in colder months).
Backstory: She's Professor Rowan's assistant and her goal is to collect various pokemon found in the Johto region that new evolutions were discovered for, and what the differences are that caused new evolutions to be discovered in Sinnoh such as Yanma, Aipom and Murkrow
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: Hermes the Drifblim

Species: Drifblim
Nickname: Hermes
Gender: Male
Ability: Aftermath
Moves: Tailwind, Hypnosis, Protect, Spite

Species: Duskull
Nickname: Thanatos
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Other: Thanatos only hatched 3 weeks ago so he's a babu
Moves: Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Leer, Disable
"Driiif-blim!" said the Drifblim with a little shake of her arms to wake up Athena. Athena was alerted to this and her eyes open as they slowly drifted over New Bark Town and Drifblim descended to the ground. Athena hopped off and turned to Hermes. "Thank you Hermes for giving me a ride. You're always so gentle. It allows me to take a nap on the way here." said Athena after yawning and returning Hermes to his Pokeball. She walked inside of Professor Elm's lab and got Professor Elm's attention. "Oh hello, you must be Professor Rowan's assistant. Athena right?" said Professor Elm as he walked up and shaken her hand. "Yes, I am Professor. I greatly appreciate you starting me off for this." "Absolutely, I already had this kind of stuff ready. Today's the day I'm giving out starters," "I see" she said looking over at the Pokeball machine which had two pokeballs left. He dug around a bit and pulled out a few pokeballs and a pokemon egg. "That's a Togepi egg. That already covers one of 'em." said Professor Elm with a chuckle and he also handed Athena a Johto Pokedex card. Athena took the card and loaded the card into her Sinnoh Pokedex. After thanking the professor many times, she left the lab and proceeded down route 1. "Alright, according to the Pokedex, aipom should be our first target to acquire." she said to herself before she saw three trainers having a pokemon battle. One trainer had a Garchomp while the others had a Misdreavus and a Riolu. "A little unfair to go up against two new trainers with something as strong as a Garchomp. Hermes, help these two out," said Athena as she pulled out Hermes's Pokeball and out came a Drifblim who used Tailwind on the Misdreavus and Riolu to boost their speeds.
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Previously DripNinja
Alec rolled his eyes other trainer joined the two others. "Well, I'll take you all down Garchomp use Fire Fang" Garchomp started breathing fire in its mouth and ran toward the other team. "A 1v3 fight-eh, well looks like Staraptor wants to join the fight, Staraptor I chose use you" Staraptor appeared out of it."Use Close Combat!" exclaimed Alec
Martin's Riolu was devastated by the fire fang attack, and cartwheeled backwards to regain its footing. Although it was still in fighting condition, it was burned. A tailwind blew behind the Riolu, however, increasing its speed. The Riolu regained its footing, and its technique was flawless. The Riolu was a brutally strong one, at that. Martin had received it from his father, which was why it had such impeccable skill. His father, Sicrus, was a retired Fighting Type Gym Leader. Before his dad had passed away, roughly two years ago, he gave Martin his Riolu. This Riolu was attached to its original trainer, and more so would go to any lengths to protect its current one. Despite Martin's orders to flee, Riolu felt a sense of pride in the fight. Although, even though it was such a skilled Riolu, it was still nowhere near Garchomp or Staraptor. Though by now, it calculated its plan. It slammed its foot into the thick, sandy, rocky ground beneath it, gained footing, and dashed forward. The Riolu was intending to use "Reversal," a move in which the lower the users health is, the stronger the attack becomes. And after taking a blow from a Garchomp, Riolu was now severely weakened, making Reversal a mighty strike.


Previously DripNinja
Alec looked at all the kids they all seemed they didn't want to give up. "Ok you guys passed," he said as he sent Staraptor back in its Pokeball. "You all did well, and Martin where did you get that Riolu even with that burn he still persevered, Garchomp is pretty nice when he's not fighting" Garchomp went toward the Riolu eyeing it carefully.
"Well, you conceded rather quick said," said Athena as she returned her Drifblim to her Pokeball. "Good thing too. Truth is, Hermes is bad at battling, as a matter of fact, he doesn't have a single move that does direct damage," said Athena as she carefully approached the injured Riolu. She took out a Burn Heal and a Potion and applied it directly to the area where Riolu got Fire Fanged. She sprayed the area and tied it up with a bandage. "Be careful with your arm while this heals. Though, since the trainer with the Garchomp said it was a 'test' I believe I will be correct in assuming that he was holding back. If so, then your Riolu will recover quickly." Athena stood back up and yawned. "I'm sorry, I believe I forced myself into this interaction, without even informing you of my name. My name is Athena Skye. But I must ask, how did you come to obtain this type of Riolu? Not all Riolus can take a Fire Fang, holding back or not, as yours did.
"Oh.... uhm... that's my dad's Riolu..." Martin stumbled.

The Riolu smiled with a toothy grin after Athena gave him a potion and burn heal.

"But... I'm Martin..." He said, now turning pink.

The poor introverted kid had talked to only one girl in his life, his own mother, so this was also an extremely strange encounter for him.

Riolu looked up at the menacing Garchomp, and seemed scared by it, now that it snapped out of its determined trance. Riolu ran back to Martin's side, grabbing his leg.

"Well, my dad had two other Riolu's, and both of them became Lucario's... this one never did, and my father kept caring for it despite that, so it really is attached to my dad and I, so when it comes down to it, it can endure some strikes it normally shouldn't. It's not incredibly strong, but it is certainly not a normal Riolu..." Martin stumbled.
OOC: (So If I'm correct this RP is "Anime Style" so i'm building a moveset for my Riolu from moves he can learn in the games but does the moveset cap out at four moves or can we do more?)


Previously DripNinja
(OOC: I don't know I'll ask Brief about that)
"Yeah, I got my Garchomp from my.....mom" Alec said "I've had had Garchomp here since he was a Gible" He looked away from the other kids. "My mom died in an accident and my dad sent me here to take my mind of her," he said "I'm sorry attacking all of a sudden like that, I just....don't know how to explain"
"Oh... uhm... I'm sorry for your loss..." Martin stumbled.

Riolu eyeballed the Garchomp again, this time walking over to it to sniff it.

"But... it's fine for attacking like that, I'm just glad nobody got too badly hurt..." Martin sighed.

Riolu sniffed intently, climbing onto the Garchomp's leg as an attempt to comfort the large Pokémon.


Previously DripNinja
Garchomp looked down at the Riolu and smiled. "Hey, Martin are you afraid of heights," Alec said "I'm going to try something I don't do often. Trust me it will be fun!"
(OOC: You guys can use any moves the Pokemon can learn from gen 1 up to 4 there will be a move set cap of only 4 moves. Also @Abseptix you're able to edit your post there isn't a need to double post.)

Zane let out a relieved sigh seeing everything was resolved peacefully. "Yeah its fine but your way of testing others can be dangerous when you attack them out of the blue like that" Zane smiled as he agreed with Martin knowing the other boy saw the error of his ways before turning his attention to the girl that help them. "Oh, no we really appreciated the help there Athena" Zane reassured her, "My name is Zane Underwood it's a pleasure to meet you. To be honest I didn't even know Martin's name I just knew he was someone that needed help." Zane greeted scratching the back of his head a little embarrassed not knowing Martin name at first.


Previously DripNinja
"Well, where we headed?" Alec said "We are not just going to stand here like a bunch of chumps" Alec looked around "We could continue on Route 1 or Turn Around"
(OOC: Hey @XxMrNinjaxX It would be helpful if you made your posts a little longer. One-liners are against the rules)
"Well, I hope you refrain from your "tests" in the future, but I do apologize for your loss," said Athena stepping away from the quickly recovered Riolu. "Well Zane, Martin, it was a pleasure to meet you both," said Athena with a little bow before yawning. "Also I believe it would be in our best interest to continue." Athena looked down at her poketch and checked the time. "The sun might start to set soon and I'd rather not be outside when that happens. I'm not the biggest fan of camping," she said before turning to the group. "If we're fast we may make it to Violet City before nightfall, but we should probably try and make it to Cherrygrove at least," said Athena. "I would appreciate it if at least one of you all would assist me so we could dispatch any wild pokemon that might attack. As I said before Hermes is a bit of a pacifist."


Previously DripNinja
(OOC Sorry for that I use my PC and its hard to type much)
Alec looked around "So what are we waiting for," Alec said "We could take a ride on Garchomp, but he can only take 2 people" He looked at his Pokemon, "Staraptor could take the other two" He jumped on Garchomp "Come on we are not going to stand here all day" Alec laughed at his own joke. Alec produced a grim smile I promise not to push any of you off.
Martin picked up his Riolu and set the small blue jackal on his shoulder.

"Uhm... well this is my first visit to Johto... so I have no idea what 'Cherrygrove' is..." Martin stumbled.

Riolu gawked at a group of Hoothoot passing over a nearby treeline. He refrained from barking, though, even though he wanted too.

Martin looked farther up the trail they were walking on and realized how long the trip would be to the next city. His agony was further multiplied by a loud grumble coming from his stomach. Martin hurriedly opened his bag, Riolu peeked over, watching him scramble through it, and no surprise, there were two pokeballs, and around two-hundred yen. (About 2 USD)

Before Martin realized, Riolu had snatched a granola bar from the bag and had already INHALED it. Martin zipped up his bag, gave Riolu the stink eye, and sighed.

(OOC: Okay, thank you for specifying, Brief. I now have a four move moveset for my Riolu and I will remember to edit posts. Thanks for being patient!)
"You guys can fly if you guys want I'll just walk there I want to see what cool things I can find on my way there" Zane said as he kindly refused. "Athena if you decide to follow me I'll gladly help you take down any wild pokemon that we encounter" Zane told the girl that's when he saw Martin's disappointed face as Riolu ate what he thinks is the last of Martin's food. After a quick search inside his bag he walked over to the other boy handing him two granola bar he had already packed before leaving home. "Here you go Martin I packed a lot of usefully things before leaving so I had extra well I'm guys" Zane waved as he and Misdreavus started to walk down route 1.
( uh- i kinda joined this website yesterday- uh- idk how this works and uh- i saw uh alot-)
Name: Bee
Age: 11
Hometown & Region: Twinleaf Town, sinnoh
Personality:nice,a little shy and quiet, can be energetic, hates having her pokemon in a pokemon ball
Appearance:a female, very short for a 11 year old- long brown hair, pastel rainbow sweatshirt, indigo skirt and grey shoes.
Backstory: (i am HORRIBLE at backstorys)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: piplup. ( i dont know what pokemon on hand means- but she also has a eevee, pichu, plusle, minun, and a spindle)

Species: spindle
Ability:(anything spindle has im not good with thiss)
(im not adding the other pokemon)
"Alright, I suppose I shall follow you, Zane. I apologize, but I must decline your offer of a flight to Cherrygrove. I think I'd prefer a more scenic route." said Athena as she followed Zane through Route 29. Athena looked around and noticed pokemon that's she's never seen in person before. Sure, Athena read a ton of Rowan's old guide books about other regions and researched her path before she went on her trip to Johto, but seeing them in person was another thing entirely. Little things she noticed from an Exeggcute falling out of a tree on accident, a sleeping Hoothoot, and what appeared to be a family of Sentrets eating a small pile of berries. "So Zane, Do you live in Johto? I'm just visiting."
"Oh, thanks a ton for the food." Martin said, calmly. It seemed like this introverted mess was finally getting along with these other trainers.

Riolu burped, patting it's stomach after the granola bar had been eaten.

"Oh you're as sneaky as a Stunky, Riolu..." Martin growled.

Martin turned to follow Athena, with Riolu now resting on his shoulder. Martin was absolutely ecstatic to travel through a foreign region like Johto. He dashed to keep up with Athena and Zane, but was then startled by a silhouette swooping out of the bushes. Martin was struck by this silhouette, causing him to fall over, with a new tear in his pikachu sweatshirt.

This silhouette revealed an aggressive Fearow, and it seemed to be meaning MUCH harm to Martin and his friends. Riolu leapt off of Martin's shoulder, and growled with unprecedented anger. Martin had never seen Riolu this aggressive, but this was only the beginning...
Name: Zadien Brown
Age: 15
Hometown & Region: driftveil town/ unova region
Personality: He's a very nice and bubbly person. Always trying make friends or talk to people when he gets the chance. He love encouraging people who he considers friends, but if you get on his bad side He can have a bit of a temper towards you or be an overall jerk to you. He's quite clumsy and oblivious to most things.
Appearance: He has light brown skin, dark brown almost black hair, short curly hair, he had brown eyes, had a scar on his eyebrow, dimples, he usually like to wear Jeans, some sort of black shirt and a Blue or Black sweatshirt he'll sometimes wear over his waist. He's about 6'2
Backstory: (Optional)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: Lampent

Species: Buneary
Nickname: Bun Bun
Ability: Limber

Nickname: Nightmare
Gender: Male

Species: Combee
Nickname: Queen
Gender: Female
Ability: pressure


Zadien had already been in New berg town while the group had been talking."look Flame, theirs some people. Once I'm done in here we should go talk to them." Zadien said to his Lampent. He had started his journey a bit earlier so he was just stopping threw to stock up on come items(Pokeballs, potions, ect) he saw the group and wanted to join them, since he'd be traveling alone for quite some time, but once he got himself organized he noticed that they already left. "Come on mann. Why can't people be slower." He was a bit sad and sighed before heading out to his next stop, cherryroad. He walked along the path with his Lampent next to him. While eating he heard some sort of pokemon yell which made him curious so he went to check it out. After seeing it was some of the people from earlier and saw that the Pokémon was attacking he quickly jumped into action saying. "Flame! Uses inferno!" He quickly yelled while Lampent shot out a huge fire ball at the Fearow
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The Fearow was blasted by an inferno out of nowhere, and when the dust cleared, Martin saw yet ANOTHER trainer.

Riolu was silent, and then...


Coming from Martin's wound...

Martin was panicking, The Trainers were readying their Pokeballs, the Fearow was fighting a trainers Lampent...

But Riolu...
Riolu was PISSED.

The Riolu dashed towards the Fearow, engaging in combat. (Ok here comes big fight scene I love writing these)

The Fearow flew downwards with a wing attack, but Riolu dodged it with ease, striking the Fearow with a Bullet Punch from above. The Fearow fell to the ground, shrieking before trying to use Giga Impact on the small Riolu. Riolu followed up with another Bullet Punch, then lead with a consecutive Poison Jab, poisoning the Fearow. The Fearow flew upwards, trying to escape, and flew down with a Steel Wing attack. Riolu leapt over it, using his split-second opening to strike the Fearow with Force Palm for the finish. The Fearow fainted, falling from the sky and landing onto the dirt trail. Riolu landed, silent.

Without a single movement, Riolu was standing over the knocked out Fearow.

(OOC: Also, I want to make sure everybody enjoys this RP, so if you have concerns about my Riolu's strength and such I will adjust accordingly. Feel free to talk to me.)


Previously DripNinja
Alec saw how fast Martin took that Fearow down. He walked over to Martin "I know we didn't have a fresh start, but that was sick," Alec said "Here you deserve this," he handed Martin TM65(Shadow Claw) "Now catch me, if you can," and Alec ran across the path, then jumped and Garchomp for flight.
"Oh... thanks... but..." He saw Alec had already taken off on his Garchomp.

"Riolu! Come on let's go!" Martin said, applying a bandage to his wound.

Riolu seemed to snap out of the trance and Martin began dashing to keep up with the airbound Garchomp. Riolu leapt onto Martin's backpack and rode in it as Martin took a mad dash to keep up with Alec.

"Riolu, we've talked about this, all I got was a small cut, you can't keep reacting like that..." Martin mumbled.

Riolu was silent in the backpack.


Previously DripNinja
Alec looked down at his partner. "Hey, Garchomp I bet you could faster if you didn't have me here," Alec said Garchomp's eyes widened and it grimaced it zoomed through the sky at high speeds. "Probably, should send Staraptor to make sure the others don't well run into anymore trouble. Alec landed in Cherrygrove waiting for the others.
After a relatively long walk, Martin arrived in Cherrygrove. The others seemed to be distracted, coming up with a plan on how to go through the route, so he took his chance to get to Cherrygrove. No surprise, Alec was waiting there, his Garchomp beside him.

Riolu leapt out of the backpack and walked over to Garchomp. Riolu was back to normal now, seemingly trying to play.

"So... where do we go from here, Alec?" Martin asked, grabbing a Granola bar that Zane gave him and snacking on it.


Previously DripNinja
Alec glanced at the Pokemon "Well, we can stock up on supplies berries, pokeballs, you know that stuff" Alec responded "It's also getting dark, I have a couple of dusk balls, just in case. He handed Martin some dusk balls. "When the others get here we might have to stay somewhere or set camp" Alec whistled and his Staraptor darted toward them and landed gracefully and Alec's shoulder. "Well let's get a move on."
Zadien was kinda in shock in what just happened. He hadn't seen a Riolu in person before, but he didn't expect it to be so powerful. While just thinking on how powerful that pokemon could be he realized that two trainers he just saw had already left. "Come on man, not even a hi? Come on Flame let's just keep on going." He mumbled to himself with a sigh before continuing to head to cherryroad.
Athena heard the commotion behind her and watched as Martin and his Riolu took down a Fearow almost single-handedly. The battle happened before her so fast that she didn't have the chance to help. Luckily a boy with a pokemon she had never seen before helped take put the Fearow with a very powerful Inferno. She saw the boy look a little disappointed that Martin or the trainer with the Garchomp and Staraptor didn't so much as acknowledge him. It then occurred to Athena that the trainer with the Gengar hoodie hadn't given har his name. "Strange. He told us his mom had passed and we didn't even know his name" She thought to herself as she walked up to the boy who was much taller than her. "Hello, I apologize that Martin didn't acknowledge you. I do appreciate helping them. If I were being completely honest I wish I could have done more." Said, Athena. She yawned and then rubbed her eyes. "Anyway Are you by chance, coming to Cherrygrove City as well? I'm meeting a few people there. You could come with me."
(Had to change up my pokemon cuz it didn't follow the rules so no more Lampent or Zorua ;_; )

Zadien looked down at the girl and smiled saying. "Oh hi, and don't worry about it I don't mind that much, but that guy's Riolu seemed to be just fine on his own so he didn't need my help either. But anyways yeah Cherryroad is one of my locations im heading off to so I'll happily take up your offer. I'm Zadien and this is one of my partner Nightmare, he's a Spiritomb. Who are you?" Zadien said politely as Spiritomb (which the base of it was in Zadien's bag for easier transportion) looked at the girl and gave a crooked smile. "Also if you don't mind me asking what type of Pokémon you have? Along with Nightmare I have a Buneary and a Combee."


Previously DripNinja
Alec sat down waiting for the other to catch up he sorted through his pokeballs and bought some materials. "Hey, Staraptor, Come Down here buddy," Alec said "Staraptor go and see how the others are doing, I'm pretty sure they will know that I sent" Staraptor flew through and stumbled upon Zaiden and Athena talking.