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Private/Closed Johto Adventure RP

"I apologize, I didn't introduce myself first. My name is Athena Skye, snd that is quite the interesting team you have." Said Athena silently admiring his Spiritomb which she's only heard legends about. "Currently, I only have two in my possession. There's Hermes, my Driblim, and Thanatos my Duskull. Speaking of Thanato-" said Athena as a pixelated Loudred sound went off from Athena's Poketch. "It's feeding time," said Athena as she turned off the alarm, opened the Duskull's Pokeball, and let him out. "It's time or your feeding Thanatos," she said pulling one of a few bottles from her bag. "Now drink up little one," she said holding the Duskull as the sleepy Duskull happily sipped on it. While this was happening the trainer's Staraptor landed right next to Zadien. "Oh that must be one of the people I'm meeting checking on me. I suppose we must proceed to Cherrygrove City." After a little while, she made it to Cherrygrove.
Zadien was shocked by the sudden appearance of the Staraptor but agreed with Athena to hurry up and head over to cherryroad. "I guess I should go ahead and feed my pokemon as well." He said softly getting some berries from out of his bag and letting out his Buneary and Combee and giving them both berries as they both went along being Zadien enjoying their berries while He followed behind Athena till the reached the town then once inside the town he said. "Do you happen to know where the trainers from earlier are? I would love to meet them. I've been traveling alone for quite some time now so being with other trainers feels great."


Previously DripNinja
Alec saw Athena and that other boy, coming towards Martin and him. "It's about time, you guys got here, Alec said "How slow are you a Slowpoke could get here faster" Alec laughed at his own joke. Alec whistled and Staraptor flew in and perched on his shoulder. "It's getting dark, we should get somewhere to stay"
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Athena sighed at the trainer's joke and said "You're not as funny as you think you are. Just because I don't blast through the skies with a pokemon that can go as fast as a jet, that doesn't mean I'm slow. Also, you haven't told me your name yet," said Athena while yawning. "By the way speaking of somewhere to sleep, there's a pokemon center right there. They do offer beds to passerby trainers so we could sleep there. I certainly do, also I hope we make much more progress tomorrow. The distance between Cherrygrove and Violet City is twice as long." said Athena after yawning or the hundredth time, but this one was bigger than all of the ones before. "Now I would really like to turn in or the night now before it gets too late.
Zadien joking rolled his eyes at the trainers joke then saying. "Yeah we have to walk and can't just fly like you, but I never got your name, I'm Zadien and this is my partner Nightmare." He then smiled at the trainer with his spiritomb giving another's crooked smiled to Alec and began walking towards the Pokècenter and saying. "Thats a great Idea Athena. Plus the other trainers you guys were with earlier are sure to be their so its a Win Win situation. Or I hope they're there." He mumbled the last part out to himself.
Charlie was running outside of the Pokemon Center carrying a bunch of stolen potions, running into an alley. "Gee Raltie, I-its a good thing we stole these p-potions huh?" Charlie asked as he kept running. He quickly checked to make sure no one was still following him then he then slowly walked out of the alley looking inconspicious as he slowly blended into the crowd.


Previously DripNinja
Alec rolled his eyes. "What a bunch of joykills" he muttered under his breath. "Well I'm Alec and you probably already noticed Garchomp and Staraptor. He stroked Staraptor's feathers. He started walking toward the Pokecenter with the others, but then he could swear he something in the alleyway next to it. Maybe I should check it out, he thought
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"Alright, let's go inside," said Athena. As she walked inside the pokemon center, she thought saw someone dart near her out of the pokemon center with a Ralts holding a bunch of potions. "I must be more tired than I thought," said Athena while rubbing her eyes. She walked up to the Nurse and asked her for a room for the night and the nurse showed Atena to a room they could stay in. It was simple yet suitable. A pair of Bunk Beds and a small desk. After thanking the nurse she realized that Thanatos was out like a light. She returned it to her Pokeball, placed her Togepi Egg (that was in it's incubator) on the desk and pretty much passed out the moment her body hit the bed.


Previously DripNinja
Alec could swear a person was there. “Hey, Staraptor, can you find someone with a bunch of potions and a Ralts. Tell me if you see anything” he whispered to his Staraptor. And with that Staraptor took off.
"All right, we have captured the potions, now we must escape, and make sure we are not followed Raltie, I warn you some of us may not come out of this mission alive, but that is a risk I'm willing to ta- HEY, crazy bird stop following us before I make you really see Stars and Stripes!" Charlie yelled towards Alec's Staraptor. "I swear its Pokemon like them that make this world a bad place for thieves like us Raltie! You know what, I'm in a good mood, shoot it down buddy, use Psybeam!" Charlie's Ralts then hopped off his back and started shooting multiple Psybeams at the Staraptor. "This is what happens to weird Pokemon that follow me around!"


Previously DripNinja
Alec heard Staraptor come on Garchomp, he jumped on his Garchomp and got the scene in some time. "Staraptor, use Close Combat," Alec said. "Hey, buddy what that for," Alec asked.
"Back off, I'm just an innocent trainer, and your star bird kept following me, all I'm trying to do is live a normal life, are you buying this?" Charlie then started to back into a alley in case his Ralts was defeated.


Previously DripNinja
"Hey, kid, I'm not gonna hurt you," Alec said he jumped off his Garchomp. "I just think you didn't really buy those potions, ok, and don't lie to me or there will be consequences," he said. He eyed the boy carefully. He knew that the boy would probably run for it. He kept himself ready. He didn't look like much. This should be easy enough Alec thought to himself.
"Excuuuuse me, I don't recall you being in the center when I bought these potions, and another thing when I don't even have to explain myself to you, now if you don't mind me, I'm just going to make an escape, now Raltie, use Teleport, get us out of here!" The Ralts then backed up towards Charlie and used Teleport to make them both disappear and reappear on top of a building. "So long sucker! That was a lot easier than I thought!" Charlie said as he continued running away.


Previously DripNinja
"Oh you're not getting away that fast, buddy" Alec responded. "Garchomp, Staraptor, Get him, even if you have to take him down" Alec jumped on Garchomp. "I hope your ready buddy-boy because you don't know who your dealing with" Alec smiled
"All right Raltie, these are the facts as I understand them, we are outnumbered, outpowered, but we still hold the cool factor, so we have no choice, we must fight dirty." Charlie whispered as he jumped off the building. "It seems our adversary has a Garchomp, and a Staraptor, but its about the size of the fight in the boy, not the other thing, but I have a Ralts with 4 moves that cannot fail, granted we almost got caught but that's the joy of it." Charlie pulled out a disguise and walked into a random restaurant pretending to be someone important.
Hello! This looks fun. :>

Name: Eleanor ‘Ellie’ Conan
Age: 13
Hometown & Region: New Bark Town, Johto
Personality: Eleanor falls on the particularly introverted side of the spectrum, not a fan of interactions and even starting her journey a few days earlier to avoid the influx of new trainers. She is soft-spoken and polite, but with her Pokémon, she is more comfortable. It takes a while for her to warm up to you, as she will often reply with short answers and phrases, literally purposeful conversation stoppers.
Appearance: Eleanor is short, barely over five feet tall, and has mid-back-length, dark yet somehow “intense” ginger hair and fair skin. Her eyes are a dark chocolate brown.
Backstory: (Optional)
Chosen Starter/Pokemon on hand: Magnemite (First Pokémon) / Cynaquil (Starter)


Species: Magnemite
Nickname: Alize
Gender: Technically none, but lil magnet prefers male.
Ability: Magnet Pull

Species: Cyndaquil
Nickname: Clover
Gender: Female
Ability: Blaze


Eleanor huddled into herself in the Pokémon Center lobby, flinching with each new trainer that entered. While Clover was comfortably curled beside her, Alize was resting in his Poké Ball at the healing station, and she couldn’t help feeling lonely while he was gone. There wasn’t any use in denying it. The warmth at her side reminded her of her new companion, though, and she glanced over to see the tiny rodent Pokémon snoring softly as it slept, leaning on her side. It reminded her that now, she wasn’t the dependent one, relying on Alize for her every decision. She now had a partner who was ready to lean on her wholeheartedly. Smiling faintly, Eleanor scratched the thick navy fur around the Cyndaquil’s neck, earning a small, content squeak. The soft ding of the automatic doors interrupted her, and she jerked her head towards them. Weak flames blossomed on Clover’s back as she was roused.

A group of around five people walked through the doors, accompanied by Pokémon small enough to fit inside. She scanned them over, registering a Chikorita and a Misdreavus with a boy that looked as if he could be some kind of delinquent, another around his age that was more or less the polar opposite walking beside a Riolu, a girl who appeared slightly older than her with only a Duskull, and one trainer a bit farther away from the main crowd who had a Buneary, a Spiritomb, and a Combee. To her dismay, the jingle that signaled a trainer’s Pokémon was fully healed played right as they walked in. Eleanor quickly scooped Clover up in her arms close to her chest, briskly walking over to get her Poké Ball.


Previously DripNinja
"Dang It, I lost him," Alec thought to himself, "Better go back with the others." He decided that Garchomp and Staraptor already flew enough today. So, he took a sprint to the Pokémon Center. “How long was I gone” he asked everybody heavily breathing.
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