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Private/Closed Journey in the Galar Region! (Discussion)

“Hello new trainers!”
“After the defeat of Campion Leon last year, there’s been massive influx of trainers joining the Gym Challenge and moving to the region! My name is Professor Sonia, and I’m responsible for starting everyone off right on their journeys. The meeting spot is the Laboratory, and most of you will arrive by Train, so it’s just down the street! Hope to see you all there!”
-Professor Sonia
Hey guys, guess who’s making another Pokémon Rp!? And now that we’re allowed to use Galar Pokémon and it’s Region and Characters, I thought a classic Galar Adventure was in order. Of course, we should go over the rules.

Rule 1: No Godmodding Unless you have proof of permission.
Rule 2: Don’t rush people, people have their own lives off Pokecharms.
Rule 3: We will be doing Version Specific Gyms by vote of popularity once we arrive at their towns.
Rule 4: Then again, don’t make us wait too long. We know you have stuff to do, but if you need to leave for a while tell us.
Rule 5: Only Dynamax at Power Spots that I or the game has established.
Rule 6: The wild area is freely explorable. Raids can be done at my allowance.
Rule 7: The finale will be in tournament style. We will fill up extra brackets with Gym Leaders.
Rule 8: Put “Beeper” in your bio to know you read it, and put it in a hard to see spot so you know I actually read you Bio.
Rule 9: Swearing and some maturity is allowed, but don’t, just don’t do lewd stuff, please, they’re children.

Now for the Bio Template! Yayyy-

First Name:
Last Name:
Age: (11-16):
Crush (This is a Cryronn rp, this category is essential):
Pokémon (Maximum Of 2 to start.):

Pokémon Bio:
Nickname (If Any):
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly):

And now, MY bio!

First Name: Ryder
Last Name: Lewis
Age: (11-16): 14
Personality: He is pretty laid back most of the times (except in competition). He tends to avoid confrontation or conversation, but doesn’t despise it. Tends to get rallied up in battles, and mimics his Pokémon’s movements.
Appearance: He has slightly long red hair that goes to the bottom of his neck. He wears a black cap, a very comfortable orange jacket with a gold trim, some white gloves, faded blue jeans, and hiking boots. He has fair skin, and aquamarine eyes.
Backstory: Hailing from Motostoke, Ryder is a city boy. He got a Sobble for his birthday 2 years ago and recently caught a Galarian Farfetch’d who he added to his team.
Other: I guess he likes Curry.
Crush (This is a Cryronn rp, this category is essential): Uhh... Scottish Girl..? I don’t think she’s here so...
Pokémon (Maximum Of 2 to start.):

Species: Sobble
Nickname (If Any): Wobble
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly):

Muddy Water
Water Gun

Species: Galarian Farfetch’d
Nickname (If Any): Whimsun
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly):

Brick Break
Fury Cutter

Have fun or whatever, and a quick disclaimer:
Since this Is after Leon’s defeat, the Champion will Be a character I created, Grant. Hopefully this won’t make anyone mad.
Count me in!

First Name: Hector
Last Name: Fitzroy
Age: 15
Personality: Hector is mainly seen as a confident, yet calm and laid back individual who is never afraid to talk back to anyone. He shows a slightly kinder attitude towards women and as someone born from Wyndon (despite his "Spikemuth attitude") he greatly enjoys being outdoors and close to nature. He loves Pokémon and enjoys battling with them but despises losing and loud noises. When it comes to helping someone in danger, he works as hard as he could to help them out. He can be terrifyingly aggressive when angry.
Appearance: He has light Fair skin with a very light Brown buzz cut and Gray eyes. His attire consists of a Black polo shirt under a White leather jacket, very dark Blue jeans with the left knee having a slight tear and Black sneakers with White soles. He carries a light Gray belt bag.
Backstory: As someone born in Wyndon between a hardworking mother and a father who originated from Spikemuth, Hector grew up to love Pokémon battles and would always watch them on TV. One day after helping his mother with shopping, he encountered a Zigzagoon being bullied by a Linoone, is if out of instinct Hector rushed in to protect the Zigzagoon and managed to drive the Linoone away, on his way back home, he didn't realize the Zigzagoon followed him until his parents pointed it out. He was surprised when his father handed him a Poké ball to catch the Pokemon that would be called his first partner. Since then, he trained hard with Zigzagoon and eventually decided to take part in the Gym challenge... and strive for victory!
Other: Beeper, beeper, I'm a sheeper!
Crush: None (Yet and because there are barely any other chars atm)

Pokémon Bio:
Zigzagoon (Galarian)
Moves: Headbutt, Snarl, Sand attack, Pin missile

Pokémon Bio:
Moves: Peck, Power trip, Fury attack

Makes me wonder how likely it is that we can have a G-Max Pokémon.
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Previously 5DigitNeb
Character Bio:
First Name: Noah
Last Name: Park
Age: 15
Personality: Noah normally is just seen as a friendly ordinary boy with average smarts, ideals, personality and the like. He gets really excited when battling and often trains his Pokémon.
Appearance: Noah has black combed hair to the right and dark brown eyes paired with a lightly tanned skin tone. He has an average build for a teenager and stands at 5'7". He wears a light grey sweater and black jeans with a white undershirt. His shoes are black and white high-tops and he has a white leather backpack.
Backstory: When Noah was young his father caught a Wooloo for him to have as a pet. After school he would sometimes fight in Trainer battles with other classmates and his Wooloo which caused him to grow a passion for battling.

Noah lives in Wedgehurst and used to be a big fan of Leon until his reign was ended by the new challenger Grant. He now wants to become a trainer to beat the champion for winning against his favorite trainer so he decided to start off on a journey. However Noah doesn't hate the new champion. After all he saved the region from the calamity that was Eternatus.
Other: If TR's aren't allowed then beepers, guess I'll just use an Egg Move or TM.
Crush: Nobody
Pokémon Bios:
Species: Wooloo
Nickname: Lana
Moves: Wild Charge (TR), Tackle, Defense Curl, Copycat
Species: Skwovet
Nickname: Acinus
Moves: Rollout (Egg Move), Bite, Tackle, Tail Whip
Here is my character. He does not want to join the tournament, but he does want to travel around the Galar region. I am still working on his backstory at the moment.
First Name: Seth
Last Name: Thornheart
Age: (11-16): 16
Personality: Seth is someone who is very kind, and tends to help others when he can. Though that does not mean that he will be a push over by any means. Music is somethat that tends to calm him and it shows in how plays an instrument.
Appearance: Long white blond hair frames his face. It is straight and comes down to his lower back. He stands around 5'3 and a small build. He has a toned chest from running and swimming. He has sharp features that complement his bright green eyes. He has pale skin that is almost flawless. Seth tends to wear clothes that are comfortable and reflect on the cold climate of where he was born. Black skinny jeans are his go to pair of pants, they have always been a staple in Seth's wardrobe. He tends to pair them with a bright blue v neck tee under a pink sweater that has splashes of pastel colors and the saying in black is "Fuck you I am a Unicorn". For shoes he wears a pair of black combat boots that he painted flowers in different colors on. Sometime he can be seen wearing a wide brim hat in black, and a coker around his neck.
Backstory: TBD.
Other: Has a Galarian ponyta egg that he was given by his grandma.
Crush: beeper
Pokémon: Frost the Alolan Vulpix (female), and Jacks the Eevee (male).

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Here goes RPing again...

First Name: Alex
Last Name: Insum
Age: (11-16): 14
Personality: She's very energetic and confident, however does get slightly depressed when she loses. She loves to battle.
Appearance: Has pale skin, short blonde hair and hazel eyes. She wears a purple hoodie and jeans with red sneakers.
Backstory: She grew up in the Alolan region and loved the Island Challenge however moved with her parents and older brother to Galar. After loving the Island Challenge so much, she went on the Gym Challenge with her Bounsweet, Rose, and an abandoned Scorbunny her brother found.
Other: She puts glasses on her brother's Wooloo, calls it Sheeper Beeper and puts sunglasses on them.
Crush: None.. for now.

Species: Scorbunny
Nickname (If Any): Blaze
Blaze Kick (TR)

Species: Bounsweet
Nickname (If Any): Rose
Play Rough (Egg)
Play Nice
Rapid Spin

Also, what about version exclusives? Are all of them in this RP?
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I haven’t rped here in a while ahaha-

Sierra is still bit of WIP character! She might change since character consistency? What is that?

First Name: Sierra
Last Name: Toranzo
Age: (11-16): 16
Personality: Someone who hates to reveal venerability, preferring to put on a tough act in attempt to make herself look cool. Overall a nice person who loves seeks competition and challenge, hence why she has decided to join the Gym Challenge in the first place. Can be quite irritable at points.
Appearance: Stands at 5”3 ft and sports white, short locks with light brown eyes. Sierra normally wears a black jacket with white accents and sleeves and ripped jeans (mostly to up her cool factor). On the back of her jacket with a hood is an claw mark insignia, and her look is finished with a pair of fingerless gloves.
Backstory: ERROR 404: FILES NOT FOUND. One file found: Grew up in Wedgehurst. More to be found?
  • She has a bit of an odd speech pattern, which is another attempt of trying to look cool (No, the word beeper isn’t included)
  • Her Sobble or Sizzlipede are often seen chilling on her. This of course changes when they evolve.
Crush: N/A. Good luck with that!

Sizzlipede (Female)
Nickname (If Any): Dalamadur
- Ember
- Coil
- Bite
- Smokescreen

Sobble (Male)
Nickname (If Any): Chameleos
- Pound
- Growl
- Water Gun
- Aqua Ring
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Previously ChristianTheDoggoKing

First Name: Takoda
Last Name: Cibo

Age: (11-16): 16

Personality: Takoda is a laidback and cool headed kind of person that doesn’t get into trouble that much. When it comes to battling, he gets a little bit strategic with his Pokémon.

Around 6’1”
Fair skin and sort of muscular build
Crimson beanie
Oak Brown hair
Brown eyes
Green jacket that is unzipped
Red t-shirt
Grey sweatpants
Dark green sneakers with black laces

Backstory: Most is unknown about Takoda and how he met his Pokémon. For now, let’s just say he was born and raised in Galar, but never managed to compete in the gym challenge when he had the chance. That may change now... who knows?

Other: He likes saying ‘Beeper‘ a lot

Crush: N/A

Pokémon (Maximum Of 2 to start.):
Pokémon Bio:

Species: Falinks

Nickname: I have the urge to nickname it S** Pistols because of Guido Mista (if I was able to do that, then each would be named by numbers, like what Mista does) but this is a family friendly website. The nickname for all 6 together is Testudo, but they are individually named after Roman emperors. When they’re in line, this is the order:

No Retreat
Close Combat
Poison Jab

Species: Applin (if possible, can this evolve into Appletun at some point?)

Nickname: Tarte aux Pommes (Apple Pie in french)

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First Name: Emily Jane
Last Name: Wilder
Age: (11-16): 15
Personality: Bubbly and personable Emily is very focused on becoming famous through both her battling and her social media presence
Appearance: Tall and Slender Emily Jane is known for her golden blonde hair often streaked with vibrant colors to match her ever changing outfits
Crush: Nessa and Raihan
Pokémon (Maximum Of 2 to start.):

Pokémon Bio:
Species: Scorbunny
Nickname (If Any): Pepper
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly):
Double Kick
Flame charge
Sand attack
Quick attack

Pokémon Bio:
Species: Toxel
Nickname (If Any): Roxie
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly):
Metal sound
Tearful look
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First Name: Alistar
Last Name: Dallas
Age: (11-16): 15
Personality: A friendly and confident trainer determined on entering and winning the gym challenge.
Appearance: Average height and well built with fair skin and blonde hair down to his neck. Wearing a black t-shirt under a white hoodie and blue jeans.
Backstory: Alistar hails from Castelia City in the Unova region. He had lived a pretty normal life until he became a trainer at the age of fourteen when he recieved an Oshawott as a gift from his parents, and caught a Sandile by himself. Before he could get the chance to enter into the Unovan Gym Challenge however, like he had planned, his parents made the decision to move to Motostoke in the Galar region, so now he finds himself searching for an endorsement, whether that be from the professor, gym leader or even champion.
Other: N/A
Crush: N/A right now

Pokemon: (Max of 2 to start)

Species: Samurott
Nickname: N/A
Moves: (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly.)
Ice Beam
Razor Shell
Aqua Tail

Species: Krokorok
Nickname: N/A
Moves: (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly.)
Rock Tomb (TM Move)

New additions to team: (Adding these for my sake, this’ll change over time as they evolve and learn new moves.)
Species: Pawniard
Nickname: N/A
Fury Cutter
Metal Claw
Night Slash

Species: Pikachu
Nickname: N/A
Electro Ball
Double Team
Mega Punch

Species: Dragonair
Nickname: N/A
Aqua Tail
Dragon Tail

Species: Golbat
Nickname: N/A
Poison Fang
Air Cutter

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First Name: Anderson "Anders"
Last Name: Hjelmstad
Age: (11-16): 16

Anders is like the winter: cold and harsh at first glance, but not without redeeming qualities upon further inspection. His quiet nature can be off-putting to some, but he seamlessly becomes hearty and inviting once he becomes comfortable. When he does speak, he is well-spoken. Anders puts on the appearance of remaining calm and level-headed at all times, even in tense situations, but often acts on emotion rather than on logic. As a result, he may instinctually jump to judgment without due consideration and refuse to see the other side of an argument presented. Despite his stubbornness, he seldom acts selfishly.

Anders fits the Pokémon World equivalent of a typical Scandinavian stereotype. Standing at 6'4", he is tall, broad-shouldered, and extremely lean, though not quite to the point of appearing unhealthy, with low muscle tone. Anders has layered blond hair that falls to about his neck and appears perpetually messy, despite his careful hygiene, by nature. He has milky blue eyes to match his strikingly pale complexion. He has a pronounced jawline, but a thinner nose and narrower chin than he would like.

Raised in Circhester, Anders has become accustomed to the cold and, therefore, dresses almost solely for a snowy climate. He wears a thick, collared cardigan sweater, knit from Wooloo's wool and dyed beige with a brown selburose pattern. For ease of travel and comfort, he wears a pair of gray cotton trousers and brown hiking boots. Anders will often accompany the look with a beige field coat.

Anders had as standard a childhood as possible growing up in a climate in which it snows year-round. His parents co-owned the Bob's Your Uncle restaurant, where he spent much of his time as either a diner or a server, once he became a teenager. Anders worked to save up enough money to attend a Trainers' School. His parents were extremely conservative as a result of being raised rather poor in Spikemuth, and they refused to allow him to leave on a Pokémon journey without the proper educational background. At age 14, Anders traveled to Jubilife City in Sinnoh to attend the Trainers' School and to get a taste of life outside of the snowy countryside.

After one semester in Jubilife, Anders planned to flunk his finals, a sabotage that would serve as a way out of his classes and help him avoid telling his parents that he disliked the Trainers' School. He firmly believed that Pokémon Training shouldn't simply be boiled down to a science and that there was an innate emotional aspect to battling that was foolish to ignore. He returned to Circhester to continue to work as a server at Bob's Your Uncle to pay off his students loans. It was a depressing thought that he might be stuck in his chilly hometown forever.

For his 16th birthday, Anders's parents granted him permission to leave on his journey, coming to the realization that the young man might learn valuable life lessons through traveling. On his way to Hammerlocke to take the train to Wedgehurst, Anders caught a Darumaka in the mountains outside of Circhester.

Anders secretly wishes beepers were still in.
Crush: Melony, Sonia


Species: Darumaka
Nickname (If Any): Saru
Moves (Allowed one Egg or TM move. Make other moves scale accordingly): Power Snow | Tackle | Bite | Hammer Arm
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First name: Maria
Last name: Mi
Age: 12

Backstory: Maria lived in Aloha where she was to young to catch anything. She moved to this region where Maria's parents had to move when she was 11. She lived on the streets till Maria got a job at Silly's Sweet Treats and Stuff. Maria then had enough money to buy a apartment. She then noticed she could be a pokemon trainer before seeing that there were no labs to start. Maria found a box of pokeballs where she got a whimsur. Maria thought it was a fun thing so she kept hunting before she got a cutiefly. Maria then bought potions and many more things to keep being a pokemon trainer.

Personality: Shy but try to put herself out there.
Appearance: Mr. Beast hoodie with black star pants she has black hair, blue eyes and black and blue striped shoes.
Other: Maria wished she could be a singer.
Crush: N/A

Pokemon Bio:
Species: Whismur
Nickname: Lil 'Beeper'
Moves: Pound,Rollout,Hyper Voice,Tackle.

Species: Cutiefly
Nickname: Cupcake
Moves: Absorb, Fairy Wind, Stun Spore, Sweet Sent.
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