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Ask to Join Journey Into Kanto

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Hello! My name is Professor Oak, the professor of the Kanto region. My life is dedicated to studying and researching these creatures we call pokemon. You see, this world is inhabited by these wonderful creatures called pokemon that inhabit every square inch of the world. We, humans, work along side pokemon in the ultimate society. But, that's enough about me. Tell me about yourself, Are you a girl or a boy?

Ah! Nice to meet you! Welcome to the Kanto region, once more! I work in a research lab located in the Pallet Town, where most trainers in the area start their journey. If you're interested, perhaps you should stop by to see about my pokemon? Each trainer is entitled to a free pokemon at the age of ten! Now, are you ready? Your very own adventure is about to unfold! Let's take a trip to the world of pokemon!

You! You are now a trainer and are about to head out on an adventure in the Kanto region! How will you do? What pokemon will you find!? Will you become Kanto region Champion!? There is only one way to find out...

By the way, Team Rocket is back and better than ever~


1. No legendaries will be seen or encountered or caught throughout the duration of this RP without the permission of the administrator. Any violation of this rule will be reported to higher authority and banned from role-playing.
2. No Auto-ing. (Forcing a hit on another players pokemon) I get that people like to win and if they believe their pokemon is the strongest than they must be a god. But here, you are not! So let things happen and let your pokemon get injured. It happens.
3. Levels won't exist in the roleplay but try to remember that you can't have a level 100 Pikachu that traveled on several journey's with you because the roleplay would simply be a dead stick. So, don't be a Mary sue or anything overpowered.
4. Each player is allowed the permission to have: TWO oc's. OR: One OC and one Canon character. OC's are better to me since you can find bonds with the characters you create but if you very well want to bring Ash or any other character from the anime or games along, go for it. ONLY ONE character from the games or anime is allowed per person. Thank you.
5. I frown upon swearing pretty heavily. With that being said, I forbid any cussing unless it's words like, "Hell," or, "Damn." Remember that we are merely children or slightly older than that and while kids nowadays have no filter, we live in the world of pokemon so F-Bombs arent dropped here.
6. Romance is always a nice thing but it has to have limits. We don't need a whole paragraph talking about you kissing someone or something else. Kissing is about as far as you're allowed to go - sex and makeout is banned from the site due to very good reason.
7. Making friends is always nice and should always be a top priority when going on a journey. If we get a lot of people you don't have to travel with the pact but always make sure you're having fun.
8. No bullying and I mean that in totality. What is the point on hammer-arming on someone because of their choices in the game or outside of it? If it bothers you, talk to them about it respectfully or send a message to myself or an administrator. Bullying is not tolerated and will be responded with harsh consequences.
9. Possibly the BIGGEST rule of role-playing... make sure you and everyone else is having fun. Thanks for reading!

"Everything is all set up this morning, Professor!" Zayne exclaimed from his location in the laboratory belonging to Professor Oak. He was working with stacking a shelf right now - after coming in early to help organize the area for possible new trainers today. "I even made you coffee."

Professor Oak chuckled and slid off his outer coat and hung it up on a rack next to his office chair and turned back to face the young boy who had just finished building a shelf and was now stacking it full of decor and books to read. "I see you've been busy! I'm happy to see that. Thank you for the coffee, son." Oak said with a smile as he traveled to the coffee pot and snatched it to pour a mug full of coffee into his coffee cup. Once finished, he placed it back and began the long wait for the hot drink to cool down.

"Are we expecting some trainers today?" Zayne said as Sandshrew appeared from behind the shelf with a small broom and dust pan. He must have been sweeping out anything that wasn't supposed to be back there at the request of Zayne. "Shrew!" Sandshrew exclaimed and waved at Professor Oak.

"Hello, Sandshrew! But, we are supposed to get some today - but I can never be sure the amount here in Pallet Town." Professor Oak responded before moving back to his desk, tidying everything up last minute to make sure anyone who came in wasn't haunted by the overwhelming mess that his office had taken.
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Isabelle ran down the long-familiar Route 1. She had traveled this route often, to pick up medicine for her mother from Professor Oak. Isabelle didn't even have to think of where she was walking, it was all muscle memory. She thought back to the first time she had been down the route, when her father was... still there. It hurt to think of her family. Isabelle looked down at the locket around her neck, which held a photo of her father and brother with her. She sighed and recalled the memory of her father flying off on his Dragonite. That was the last time Isabelle saw him or his Pokemon. That was so many years ago, yet it still hurt to recall. She pushed the painful memories out of her head, instead focusing on what she was doing today. Today she would finally train a Pokemon, just like her father and brother. She made the final sprint through the last patch of grass, glad to have avoided any Rattata that would slow her. Beads of sweat had gathered on her bare arms, and she decided to sit down a bit before seeing the Professor.

Before entering the lab, Isabelle checked her bag to make sure she had everything: a pair of headphones and a basic music player for long walks, a small sum of cash to get her started, her hat she would sometimes wear, a few spare shirts and pants, and some non-perishable foods for longer treks. She knew travelling could be long and dangerous on foot, so she was ready for nearly anything. Her breath now returned to a normal pace, Isabelle knew it was time to go see Oak. She stood up from the bench, sun shining in her eyes, and pushed open the door to the lab. She walked in, appreciating the air conditioner, and called out:

"Professor?" She yelled out into the lab, before noticing that he was right there in front of her. Isabelle's face went red for a second, but she collected herself, hoping nobody would notice. "I'm here for my Pokemon? I'm pretty sure Mom called you earlier about that."
Professor Oak turned around from his talk with Zayne to meet the eyes of a familiar girl who had indeed shown up on very often occasions in the laboratory. Right off the bat, he recognized her and could pin-point her name with no struggle at all. Zayne, however, spun around with his Sandshrew in hand to notice the girl standing in the entrance of the building. Looks like the first wave of pokemon trainers were coming just as expected.

"Isabelle! So wonderful to see your face around here again! Indeed, your mother called. I had a pokemon collection set out for you just in time by my young intern, Zayne~" Professor Oak said with an extension of his left arm, pointing over to Zayne to bring him over to his location. Zayne responded with positivity, now making the full details of the girl out. Now standing opposite from the girl, Zayne nodded to her and winked with a smile.

"Hello! My name is Zayne, nice to meet you! You must be the Isabelle that Professor Oak was telling me about today! We have the pokemon all ready for you." Zayne said with the same bright smile, his dramatic pose still under play. Professor Oak chuckled and enjoyed the positive vibe entering the building - two friends of his making friends with each other.


"Nice to meet you." Isabelle hastily shook Zayne's hand, paying half attention. She made a quick mental note of his appearance, also noting the Sandshrew next to him. Isabelle looked behind Zayne and next to Oak, seeing the table which held three red and white spheres: Pokeballs. Isabelle stared at them for a second, then approached the Professor.

"Would you mind telling me what Pokemon are available?" She asked him, having to crane her neck slightly to meet his eyes. "Of course!" the Professor responded, his usually cheerful tone continuing in his voice. "On the right here..." he motioned to the rightmost Pokeball. "We have Charmander, the Fire-Type lizard Pokemon! Next to it, in the center..." Professor Oak moved and pointed to the center Pokeball. "We have Squirtle, the Water-Type turtle Pokemon! And finally, on the left side of the table..." Professor Oka returned to his initial position, pointing towards the remaining Pokeball. "We have Bulbasaur, the Grass-Type seed Pokemon! Which one will it be?"

Isabelle debated for a moment in her head. Only about 15 seconds passed before Isabelle approached the table and grabbed the leftmost Pokeball. "I think I'll choose Bulbasaur."

"Good choice, would you like to give him a nickna-" Professor Oak was cut short and caught a little off guard when Isabelle interrupted him mid sentence. It was unlike her character. Oak guessed that she was just a little excited, so he wrote it off as nothing. "Spuds. I'll call him Spuds." Isabelle said, the second time seeming to be reassuring herself as she stared at the Pokeball, then, for the first time since entering the building, smiled. Isabelle looked up, not paying much attention to Zayne, and thanked Professor Oak. She turned towards the exit. "Well, I'll be heading out now. Thank you so much!"
The building returned to silence minus the air conditioners and heating vents on the walls. Zayne turned to Professor Oak who in turn also looked a little puzzled. The girl was always known to be an easy come easy go kind of gal, but she was urgent on this one.

"Is she always like this, Professor Oak?" Zayne mumbled as he scooped up his Sandshrew who was busy looking over himself for any dirty spots. "She seemed kind of... on edge?"

"I don't know... Normally she stops and converses for a little while. This time she was just... in and out! Maybe something has happened to her?" Professor Oak says with a little bit of a burdened tone. "I sure do wish her the best."

Zayne was left baffled for a moment on the idea of chasing after the girl and watching just to make sure she was alright and not under any sort of danger. After talking and convincing the professor, Zayne grabbed his Sandshrew and took off towards the direction that the girl went in, curious as to what had her on the move.


Isabelle kind of walked in a daze straight through Route 1 and back to her hometown, Viridian City. She went to the Pokemart and bought herself a few Pokeballs, in case she ran into any Pokemon she would want to catch. Isabelle did not even notice Zayne following her, which was off for her character. She was thinking about her family. This Bulbasaur, Spuds, was her entry into searching for her family. She wanted more than anything to at least discover what happened to them. However, she had nothing to defend herself with if she went to look for them. Isabelle practically ran into Zayne, who had been following behind, since she was so absorbed in her thoughts.

"Oh! I'm so sorry! I didn't even notice you." She said, immediately recognizing the boy she had bumped into face first was the intern from Oak's lab, Zayne.
"You're quite on the move today... I don't know you very well, but is there something going on? I thought you were going to have a stroke the way you were leaving in a hurry, earlier." Zayne said with a nervous smile. "Is there something you want to talk about?" He felt bad for her given the story that Professor Oak had told him and if there was anything that he could do to help her, he was going to take it willingly. Sandshrew also picked up on her behavior but was more quiet about it than Zayne.
Another day, another package meant for Professor Oak. Hayley guessed it was a downside to living in a town like Pallet – no PokeMarts meant having to call for delivery every time one needed something. She grew fond of the Professor, though, and looked forward to seeing him every time. Although Hayley wouldn't stay at the lab for a long time, their quick conversations always leave an impression on her. She wishes she had half the knowledge Oak had.

"Yeah, there's no need to rush or anythin'," said Hayley's friend, Jones, who worked behind the counter. As Hayley was tying her shoelaces, Jones continued, "He didn't specify the time, you might as well take a casual stroll, unlike you usually do."

Hayley stood straight, and smiled at Jones. They were quite opposite, Hayley and him. While Jones was more passive and preferred things going slow, she liked to finish things quickly, and her usual walking speed was equivalent to a quick jog. Lucky for her, Hugh, her Mankey, was equally as energetic. Hayley would take him with her on delivery jobs that were in neighbouring towns, for protection. Although Hugh wouldn't battle many Pokemon, wild Pokemon would get scared of him and not try to take whatever food Professor Oak ordered that time.

Jones smiled back at her, as a customer – a small girl Hayley recognized as a fellow Viridian citizen – came in and bought some Pokeballs. The girl walked out, and Hayley took the package from the counter and put it in her bag.

"See ya, Jones," Hayley saluted him, and walked out of the Mart, Hugh right behind her.

On her way out of town, she noticed the girl from before, and another boy, who would hang around Professor Oak's lab some of the time she had a package for him. They didn't seem like they knew each other, and it felt a bit awkward, but Hayley had no intention – or any idea how– to interfere, but it was better for the kids to settle it themselves, she thought. With that, she was on her way to the Professor's Lab.
Professor Oak stayed behind and worked in the laboratory. Sifting through various papers and books, he was looking for the list of trainers that would likely come to meet him in the next couple of days. Finally, the man found the sheet and examined it thoroughly. Hayley was next up and so he would need to prepare for the encounter. Going back to the Pokèmon display case, he filled it back up after the trainer chose a Bulbasaur. Now, the set was complete and ready for the trainer to come in whenever she got there. In the meantime, he continued writing an informational report about Kanto versus Alolan variations.
Hayley walked through the Lab, already used to all of the aides, and technology she didn't completely understand. She could barely comprehend Jones' PokeGear, (imported from Johto !).

"Prof!" Hayley voiced her entrance when she got to Oak's work space. She unzipped her backpack and took out the Professor's order, about to place it on the desk she usually does, but it was occupied by three Pokeballs. "That time of the year, huh?" She asked aloud.

Oak was startled by her sudden entrance, and Hayley noticed that, so she tried to calm down her presence. "Where should I put this?" Hayley asked. The elderly Professor told her to put it on his other desk, as Hayley did. She wondered if Oak have a Pokemon to that girl from earlier – it wasn't unusual for people to buy Pokeballs without having a Pokemon, but children were usually given one. Hayley's thoughts kept racing, ending up on one that made her ask herself, should children even be able to participate in the Indigo League? She heard it was very hard, living in a place so near the League itself.

"What's wrong, Hayley? You're awfully quiet today," Oak noted.

"Oh!" Hayley realised, and snapped out of thought. "No, it was just... I was thinking about the kids. I know many try out for the League after getting their first Pokemon. Are you sure it isn't too dangerous for them?"


“Ah. I appreciate the concern. But I’m fine.” Isabelle thought about what Zayna had just said. “Wait, did Professor Oak tell you...?” Her voice trailed off. Great. If Oak hadn’t told him about her family, she would have to explain now. A fun hole she just dug herself into, ain’t it? Isabelle looked at the boy Zayne. “You can just call me Izzy, by the way. It’s easier.” She wasn’t exactly trying to form a strong lasting friendship or anything, she just wanted to be on Zayne’s good side. He was a friend of Professor Oak, after all.
"I know we all have a war we fight... but," Zayne said before placing a hand behind the back of his neck and itching nervously. "Clearly you're flustered about something and uh-- well, Professor Oak and I could help if you tried to talk to us." Zayne chirped with a half smile while Sandshrew stood at his side with a very happy-go-lucky expression.
Today was the day she dreaded just as much as she looked forward to it; Chelsey was leaving her beloved Sinnoh region to journey through Kanto. On the way to the airport she stared out the car window, pouting at all the people and Pokémon she had to leave behind. The furthest she had gone from home was to the Pokémon league, so she could watch her brother Elias take on the Elite Four. It was a valiant effort, but an inevitable fail. He made it to Cynthia, the regional Champion. His final Pokémon, his trusty Froslass, wasn't much of a match against her Spiritomb. The memory sparked a new fire in her soul, a wake-up call so to say. She knew she wanted to have a battle just as intense as that one day.

When they arrive at the Sunnyshore Airport, her mother opens her car door and leads her to the check-in. Everything went smooth with her mother by her side, a privilege she'll have to miss for a year. When they finally get to the gate, the final stop for her parents, they stop to say goodbye. "Now you know what we said right, honey? Never forget where you came from." Her mother says with a heavy voice, tapping the centre of Chelsey's chest with her finger. Her father laid an arm around her mother as they waved her goodbye, before she stepped on the airplane. She sat down in her designated seat, and waited for the plane to take off.

The journey to Kanto was a long one, and she could not stay awake during the flight. She woke up to the stewardess informing the passengers that the landing had commenced, and they'd touch ground in ten minutes. She peeked out the plane window to behold the Kanto. It was different than Sinnoh, not with a huge mountain in the middle of it. She took a deep breath, knowing this would be her new home for the year.

When she landed, her aunt Helena was already waiting for her just outside the airport of Viridian City. She waved joyfully when she saw her little girl, who quite honestly wasn't so little anymore. She gave her a big hug, and took her bag from her. They walked through Route 1, making their way to Helena's cosy home in Pellet Town. She enquired about the flight, how home was, how Elias was. Chelsey didn't have ears for it all, sadly. She was staring at the scenery around her. A particular building in Pellet Town catching her attention. "Is that the lab, aunt Helena?" She asked enthusiastically. Helena chuckled and led her inside her house, saving the details of the large building for later.


Isabelle examined each and everyone of Zayne's movements. She was naturally perceptive like that, and she could immediately tell that he was nervous. Why? Isabelle thought to herself. She came to her own conclusion that it was either A) Zayne was shy around new people he was just meeting, which she related with, or B) It was the fact that she was a girl his age and he got nervous about that. Isabelle lightly chuckled to herself at the thought, but decided that A was more plausible. All of this thinking happened in about a second, however. "I appreciate the concern, I really do, but there's really nothing wrong. I'm just a little..." Isabelle searched her memory for a word to describe it. Excited? Anxious? Happy to be able to get my own answers? These thoughts played in her head for a few seconds.

"I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to maybe make a difference and help solve my family's case, that's all. Nothing too crazy to get concerned about." Isabelle kind of wanted to get out of this conversation so she could go bond with her Pokemon, but she knew that was rude. "Is there anything I could do for you, since you came all this way?" She asked. It was more of a gesture to not make Zayne's trip a total waste of time. Maybe he'd want a battle or something. It was the least she could do.
"Hello! I'm Professor Oak! How can I help you today?" Professor Oak chirped with his hands behind his back standing at attention. He made sure his demeanor was as kind as possible so he didn't appear rude or intimidating in front of the new people. Behind him a few paces away was the table with three pokeballs on it, just begging for an eager trainer to pick a pokemon to have on a journey.


Zayne smiled back to her and felt nervous all of a sudden. Sure he wasn't very good at talking to girls but this seemed like a very personal conversation and he was coming up short on things to say and do. A faint blush came to his face as he fidgeted with his index fingers, tapping them against each other.

"You just... you know! You seemed a little upset but... wait...!" He stopped halfway through his sentence and shrugged off every moodlet he was feeling at that moment. "Your families... CASE? What do you mean!?" It didn't make sense. Such a petite and friendly girl was solving... A case?
Hayley was on her way back to Viridian, when she saw the same two kids conversing still. What could have taken them so long? Or maybe Hayley was very quick.

While Hayley was talking to Jones, who was now outside of the Mart taking a break, Hugh wandered around. He was a curious Mankey, and the two kids sparked his interest too. He got near them, but not too close. He was just going to observe..

"What a prick," Jones took a sip out of his soda. Jones wasn't his actual name, it was actually Kyle, but Jones was his last name. He was three years older than Hayley, and he started working at the Mart a year ago. That was when him and Hayley first met, and the reason why she called him Jones was because that was he name on his nameplate.

"You know you can always quit, right?" Hayley laughed. "Plus, I do half of your work. You just want more pay."

Jones laughed back. He suddenly got a serious expression on his face. "I wish I could compete in the League."

Hayley was caught off guard. She didn't know Jones wanted that. "Why can't you?" She waited for his response.

"I don't know. There's too much stuff here," Jones gestured around them. "Don't you want to, though?"

"Want what?"

"To train your Pokemon. Catch them all, and get all the gym badges, and what not," he said. Hayley hoped Jones wasn't sad.

"Well, not really. I mean," Hayley leaned on the wall, "I never thought about it." It did seem exciting.

"Wish I had a Pokemon like you. Have a bond with one like that. I feel like I missed my shot," Jones confessed.

"Hey don't talk like that!" Hayley said. "You didn't miss your shot. Plenty of trainers have started in their late teens. And Oak is currently giving out Pokemon?"

"Yeah, I don't know. I can't help feeling that way."

Hayley got annoyed. "Don't whine about it if you can do something about it." She crossed her arms. The awkward silence made Hayley feel a bit guilty though. She bit her lip.

"Jones, sorry I... I guess I don't know how it feels, since I already have a Pokemon-" Seaking of...

"Hey, where is Hugh?" Hayley suddenly asked, noticing the absence of her Mankey. Jones shrugged. "Saw him around some kids, I think."

Hayley's eyes widened. "No, no," she ran towards where she saw the kids last. She hoped Hugh didn't cause them any trouble. That would be very awkward.
While Chelsey ate her cereal, she couldn't stop thinking about that building she saw. She'd seen the Sandgem Lab on the television numerous times, and this particular building looked quite similar. It had to be. She was lost in thought when aunt Helena joined her at the table, with a black sports bag and a box. The bag was filled with some Pokéballs, two potions and a Town Map of the Kanto region. "You have your brother's personality. You're just as impatient and rash as him." She chuckles. "A little birdy has told me Professor Oak is handing some young trainers their first Pokémon today. Why don't you go take a look?" She suggests. Chelsey's eyes widen, her lips forming a wild smile. The finished the last of her cereal and ran out the door with the bag. She stood in front of the lab, taking a deep breath. She was nervous, her dream finally coming through. She finally stepped in the building, her movement triggering the automatic doors. She strolled through the lab in awe, before spotting the table with Pokéballs.

The Professor turned around to the sound of Chelsey's footsteps approaching the table. "Hello! I am Professor Oak, how can I help you today?" He introduced himself in a friendly way. Chelsey gripped the strap of the bag a little tighter and looked up at the Professor. "I would like a Pokémon, sir" she politely said. She was shy, but determined to leave the lab with a Pokémon.

Professor Oak chuckled, not the first time someone barged in asking for a Pokémon. He shuffled to the table and placed his hands on the edge of it. "Very well, my dear. On the left here I have the Grass-type Pokémon Bulbasaur." He began. "In the middle is the Water-type Squirtle. And on my right is the third option, the Fire-type Charmander." He said. It was a tough decision for Chelsey, who's brother told ehr that choosing a starter Pokémon would determine right then and there what trainer you'd become. She ran all the options through her head a few times, before finally making her decision.

"I'll choose Charmander." She said firmly. Oak nodded and let Charmander out his Pokéball, his fiery tail wagging at the sight of Chelsey and the Professor. "Excellent choice, young lady. Would you like to give your Pokémon a nickname?" He asked. "I'll name her Elia." She smirked.


“Oh, uh I thought Oak told you.” Isabelle really did not want to have to explain this whole thing. It kid of hurt to do so. She tried to start explaining it to Zayne, but she kept stumbling over words.

“Well, uh, when I was about-“ Isabelle’s voice got cut off when she saw something approach them. It resembled a monkey, only much more hyper. The Mankey, seemingly fascinated with the pair, was watching from a distance, by Isabelle still saw it and called out. She wanted to see if it belonged to a trainer and was lost.
"Hugh, you absolute-" Hayley muttered to herself as she made her way to the edge of Viridian City. It wasn't like she wasn't used to the Mankey's sudden bursts of curiosity, but he couldn't just wander off and bother strangers! Now Hayley would have to apologise to children for her Pokemon's behaviour.

"I'm sorry about Hugh, he gets like that sometimes, he doesn't mean to bother - no," Hayley corrected herself in the imaginary conversation. "I should say Mankey instead of Hugh..." She couldn't decide on how to start. "Maybe I should act surprised that I saw him - Oh, there's my Pokemon! - or would it sound too fake?" But, Hayley soon had no more time to think about a casual ice breaker, because she saw Hugh, and the kids, and the girl took notice of his presence, and shoot.

Hayley quickly walked over to Hugh, glaring at him. "Don't you run off like that again. I got worried," she said, hopefully loud enough so that the girl could hear. Yes, she was a worried trainer, and wondered where her Pokemon went, she didn't care about the kids or anything. Not at all. Hayley turned to the pair, and smiled awkwardly. what was she supposed to do around kids, again? It wasn't like she was a grown up, or 10 that long ago, but something about pre-teens made her anxious. Hugh snickered, and Hayley discreetly nudged him with her foot.

"Sorry about him, he wanders off sometimes," Hayley finally said. "Sorry if he bothered."
"It's not a problem at all! That's a very strong Mankey you have there!" Zayne commented with a chuckle. "I'm just glad you found it. I couldn't imagine losing my Sandshrew!" With that, he pet his Sandshrew over the top of the head and smiled. Sandshrew felt safe and secure in the arms of his trainer and in turn, licked his chin. "Anyway, I'm Zayne. I'm the assistant over at... have we met before?"
Right, the boy from Oak's lab, Hayley thought. She thought he was some sort of relative to Oak, though. An assistant that young? Oak had pretty unconventional ways, it seemed.

"I deliver to Oak from time to time. You probably saw me then," Hayley said. "I'm Hayley, by the way."

Hugh took notice of Zayne's Sandshrew, and tried approaching it, wanting to make a friend. Hayley chuckled at the sight. Hugh didn't have many Pokemon friends, and she thought that one would be good for Hugh. "Looks like Hugh here wants to make friends," Hayley said, pointing to her Mankey with a nod.
Zayne set down his Sandshrew who in turn strolled over to Mankey and offered a handshake with his small arms, which was cute in the eyes of Zayne.

"R-Right! You're the girl who delivers to Professor Oak... I knew that!" Zayne stuttered as he mentally kicjed himself. Always. ALWAYS screwing up his conversations with girls. Even if he didn't like them and it was irritating. "Uh, I'm Zayne. I assist Professor Oak in his Laboratory..."
Hugh took the Sandshrew's handshake, and shaked his hand joyfully.

Hayley tried laughing to make Zayne feel less uncomfortable, but it seemed she probably fueled the awkwardness even more. She thought of possible ways and conversations that could make him feel less anxious. Not that Hayley was doing any better.

"Do you help out with research? That seems interesting," Hayley hoped that question would make the situtation better.
"Huh--uh! Yes, yes I do. We recently have been studying regional variations... The Alolan Region has many pokemon that exist here as well, but are different types. For instance, my Sandshrew in the Alolan region would be an Ice and Steel type pokemon. Pretty cool, huh?" Zayne said before chuckling. "Sorry, I get a little carried away. But, you deliver packages?"
Chelsey strolled out of the lab with her new partner following closely behind. When she set foot outside, she squatted down in front of the Charmander and admired it. It looked into Chelsey's eyes with a joyful look. "Okay Elia, lets see what you got." Chelsey wanted to test her Pokémon right away, and what better than with a battle. She got back up, and went through the tall grass of Route 1. Even though she was looking for it, she was still surprised when a Rattata jumped out to battle her.

She had seen many battles, her brother's mostly. Okay Chels, you've got this. She kept telling herself. I've seen this many times before, it's no big deal. A Fire-type, it has some strong moves right? I've seen a Weavile get knocked out by a Fire Blast near Acuity Lakefront once. It was awesome! Whatever, maybe..

"Okay Elia, use Fire Blast!" She shouted, but to no avail. The Charmander turned his head to look at Chelsey, almost mockingly. For a second it seemed the Rattata was even laughing at her. "Uhm.. Okay, maybe a Flamethrower?" she retried. Again, no success. It was only when the Rattata came out swinging with a tackle, that Charmander took matters into its own hands. Or claws. It repaid the favor with a scratch attack, sending the wild Mouse Pokémon running back into the tall grass. Charmander hurried back to Chelsey and looked up, proud of its accomplishment. "We have a lot to learn, Elia. We both do." Chelsey smiles, continuing her walk through Route 1.

When she reached Viridian Town again, she saw a group of kids of her own age hanging around with their Pokémon. She noticed they were talking and didn't want to interrupt, but she wanted to know who they were and what they were doing. She knew that in order to spend a year in Kanto, making friends wasn't a bad idea. She picked up her Charmander and sort of hovered around the pack of kids, hoping they'd soon acknowledge her presence.


Isabelle was thankful for the Deus ex Machina she just got presented with, and happily took it. She did NOT want to discuss her family's past, yet she kind of walked into it. She quickly stopped all mention of the case and focused on the two newcomers: a Pokemon and their trainer. Isabelle tried to focus in on the conversation, but she had a feeling something was watching. A girl, seemingly Isabelle's own age, not older or younger like these two, was kind of hovering around their little circle. Isabelle found it impossible to focus, yet she didn't want to talk to more people. She just kind of stared, until their eyes met, and they both definitely noticed each other. Well, I already messed up. Isabelle silently prayed they wouldn't approach and she'd be able to slip out, but she had a gut feeling that wouldn't be the case.
"Yeah, I help my friend out at the PokeMart," Hayley replied. "And regional variants? Would love to see what they look like." She then noticed that the girl who was in their company was looking towards something else. Hayley felt a bit bad she wasn't in on the conversation, and hoped she didn't offend her.

Hayley then glanced to where the girl was looking (I should ask for her name, Hayley thought.) and saw another girl, also younger than herself, with a Charmander, looking at the group. "Is that a Charmander?" Hayley asked. "Doesn't Oak give those out?"
Chelsey turned her head and quickly took a step closer to the group, sort of wriggling her between the other kids. She nods, confirming the older girl's implication. "This is Elia. I got her from the Professor's lab earlier. Isn't she adorable?" Chelsey smiles, showing off her new Pokémon to the others. She wanted the whole world to know that she just got her first Pokémon. "I'm Chelsey by the by, I'm new here." She adds. She was nervous to make new friends, a struggle she'd had forever. She wasn't exactly popular with her brother's friends, them being experienced trainers and all.

She set her Charmander down, hoping she would immediately get along with the other Pokémon. She scuttled over to the Mankey and the Sandshrew, forming a little pack with them. It was an adorable sight, the three Pokémon seemingly already being good friends.

"So what are your names, who are you guys?" Chelsey enquired, locking eyes with the girl from earlier. For some odd reason Chelsey took a liking to her already, must've been the age.
"Oh, I'm Hayley," Hayley said, surprised that the girl wasn't as timid as she thought she would be. Her Charmander interested Hugh, as he wondered how the blaze on its tail worked. "Welcome to Kanto, I guess."

She wasn't from Kanto, at least that's what Hayley got from the I'm new here comment. Usually people got out of Kanto instead, so that was like a breath of fresh air. Coincidentally, a gust of wind blew into Hayley's back, making her hair a mess for a moment. It made her feel cold, as she shivered a bit. Hugh, of course, didn't feel a thing thanks to him being a ball of fur.

"I'm from Viridian, so if you would like to, I could show you around," Hayley said, surprising herself with how generous she was being. The girl, Chelsey, reminded her of herself when she first moved there, for some odd reason, which was why she thought about giving help too. "And, I'm guessing that, since you got a Pokemon from Oak, you're taking on the League, right? In fact, I've been curious about you two, too," Hayley said, now speaking to Zayne and the girl she just couldn't remember the name of.
"And I'm Zayne. It's nice to meet you-- what? Curious about what?" Zayne said, placing a hand on his hip as he now turned to face Hayley once more. If it was about the league, of course he was planning on taking on the league so long as he was strong enough. It all came down to how well his journey went. Of course, he also wondered if anyone he met today was going to make it to such high places in life. Zayne could only hope.
"About the League. If you were participating in it, too," Hayley said. She was worried about them, if they were actually going for it. Although, these kids didn't seem like the type to back out, or get scared easily. Still, the recent news made her feel frightened too. She had Hugh to rely on, though, and he could rely on Hayley, too. They made a pretty good team.

The wind blew again, and Hayley wished she had brought a jacket. Maybe Jones had one she could borrow. Hayley sighed. He was probably back to work. She wished she could do something to cheer him up. Hayley should talk to him later, she's decided.
Hugh was already having fun with two of the other Pokemon, which made her feel better. She ran her hands through her hair as the wind blew another time, to keep the hair in place, or else she'd have problems with trying to brush it if it knots up.
"Oh, the league. Well, I figure that Champion Red has had a long enough time on the throne~" Zayne said with a wave of his hands. "I'm kidding. I'm mainly focused on filling up the pokedex for Professor Oak. But, the league does sound cool." After saying this, he noticed that she was cold and decided that she was friendly enough for him to ask this question. It wasn't out of place since she was cold and he was warm, right? "Here." Zayne said as he unzipped his jacket and handed it over, his long sleeved shirt acting as a thin sweater to keep him warm atleast for now. "You need it more than I do, for now."
"Mh, the league." Chelsey whispered to herself while the others were engaging in their own conversations. When she saw Elias battle with Cynthia for the title of regional when she was 9, she realized she wanted to grow up to become a trainer just like him. She stares in the distance, recalling the final moments of the intense battle she witnessed.

"Froslass, use Ice Beam!" Elias commanded. It hit the opposing Pokémon's incoming Shadow Ball, the blast causing a huge cloud of smoke to cover the battlefield. When the smoke had cleared, it was obvious that the Spiritomb reigned supreme, finishing the battle. "And still your regional champion, Cynthia!" the announcer shouted through the speakers. The crowd was silent, as for the first time in a while, Cynthia was on the verge of being defeated. Elias looked up at Chelsey and forced a smile, covering his disappointment.

Her memory was interrupted by another gust of wind blowing her hair in her face. "I want to take on the league." She abruptly said, breaking in on the ongoing conversation between Hayley and the others. She looked up at Hayley and smirked, hoping they'd be just as excited to take on the Champion as she was.
Hayley chuckled at Zayne's preposition. "Thanks kid, but I think it might be too small for me." Still, she took the jacket and put it on, just to show. And really, the sleeves got to half of her arms. Hayley smiled, and took it off, giving it back to Zayne.

Suddenly, Chelsey voiced herself too, saying how she wanted to participate in the League. It didn't surprise Hayley, though. She seemed quite passionate about it, too. It was cute. "Well, if you're wondering," Hayley said. "There's a gym in Pewter City, on the other end of the forest, that I've heard is perfect for beginners. If you'd like, I could show you the way there."


Well, these people seemed nice enough. Maybe Isabelle wouldn’t just disappear from the conversation as she planned to at first. “The league? I’m not planning on winning the whole thing. I’m just going to run through the gyms to strengthen myself and then...” Isabelle stopped. What was she gonna say, look for her missing family that have haunted her for years? To these complete strangers? No. “I’m just looking to improve myself to make my mother proud.” Isabelle watched the events involving the jacket unfold, and chuckled a bit when Hayley put it on. Yeah, this kid is definitely not good at talking to girls, she thought to herself.

“My name is Isabelle, by the way.” Isabelle said, realizing she hadn’t introduced herself to the two newcomers. “I think I’ll travel with you to Pewter City, if that’s where you’re going.”
Chelsey was relieved at how the whole 'making friends plan' unfolded, a trip to Pewter City seeming like a good start to a new friendship. "Sounds like a plan to me!" Chelsey said. She mainly looked at Hayley. She was the eldest in the group and came across as the perfect guide for a journey like she intended.

When Isabelle said she'd accompany them to Pewter, Chelsey looked at her with a smile. "Great, the more the merrier!" She said excitedly. Meanwhile her Charmander had returned and stood between her legs, exhausted from playing with the other Pokémon. Chelsey picked her up, and put her in her sports bag, Charmander's head and tail poking out of it so she could still see everything. "When are we leaving? and how far is it?" She bombarded her newly made friends with questions, eager to acquire her first Kanto gym badge.
"Woah, woah." Hayley laughed. "Easy. Since it's getting darker, and the forest isn't as friendly during the night, I was thinking that everyone interested can meet me in front of the PokeCenter at noon. Hopefully that sounds good?" Really, the biggest reason Hayley didn't want to leave immediately was because she still had unfinished business with Jones...


''Jones!" Hayley cheered when she saw him in front of the PokeMart. His shift must've ended, she thought. She ran towards him, Hugh following right behind her.

"Hey! Where have you been?" Jones asked. He was out of his work clothes, and Hayley was so used to seeing him in them, that it seemed odd. Hugh stood by the side.

"Chatting with those kids," Hayley said. "They weren't so bad, actually." Jones chuckled at that. Hayley smiled. "Yeah, they were talking about the League..."

Hayley hoped Jones would continue the conversation from before. It obviously bothered him, and she wanted to help him get over it. Jones smiled, his eyes wrinkling behind his glasses. "That's cool."

"Jones," Hayley started, but Jones shut her up.
"Hayley, it's alright. Don't feel bad. I got grumpy for no reason." Hayley pouted. "But can I ask you for a favor?"

That sparked Hayley's interest. "Yeah, of course."
Jones looked down. "This is going to sound so stupid but," he sughed. "Do you think you could take on the League challenge for me?"

Hayley had to blink twice before processing the information. But when she did, she still couldn't understand why Jones just couldn't do it himself. "But- Why can't you do it for yourself? Jones, you make no sense."

Jones probably didn't understand himself either. "I already told you. It's too late for me-"
"That's not true, and you know it!"

"Yes it is! Haven't you seen? Everyone who's taking the challenge now are people younger than me. Besides," Jones sounded sad now. Hayley felt bad for lashig out on him. "It just, it's not my thing. I'm not the type to suddenly leave town for a silly dream. I don't have the guts. But you..."

Hayley could see his point of view. Although it seemed silly, she had to understand him. It wasn't about age, after all. He was just scared. Jones continued, "You're the opposite of me. No one expects you to stay in one place, no one would think less of you if you decided to leave." Hayley hugged him. Tightly. She had so much to say, how he shouldn't care what others think, that he should do what he wants, but all she could say was, "Alright. I'll do it." Jones hugged her back.
An Azurill hopped around on its small tail, popping up and down like a spring under the supervision of its trainer.

Valerie stood in front of her rented household, adjusting her trainer hat with a sort of eager feeling. She was training her Azurill to take on the Pewter City Gym but she also knew that Azurill needed to evolve if she wanted even a hot second in the battle against the rock gym leader of Kanto. An Azurill would be flattened effortlessly by Onix or even Geodude. Maybe it was time to catch another pokemon? Valerie didn't know

"Zayne would know what to do..." Valerie complained before shrugging it off and scooping up her Azurill. "I wonder if I'll get to see a gym battle anytime soon?"


Meanwhile, in Viridian City, Zayne stayed in the pokemon center overnight. It had been a few hours after they split off from the group, and Zayne took to himself the honor of sleeping in the pokemon center in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs. Tomorrow, he would likely head back to professor Oak since he hadnt told him a word about what happened. Leaving on an adventure without warning would be a bit of an insult to such a high appraised man and especially if he wanted to keep his job. For now, though, he and Sandshrew simply lazed about in the bed as they stare out the open window. A trickle of cool breeze shifted through the window as he looked at the stars.

"Champion... I don't think I could tackle such a big title..."
Back home, Chelsey was watching TV with her aunt Helena. They were watching Unova's Next Top Model, hosted by Elesa. Chelsey sighed and shuffled herself into a more comfortable position. "What is it, my dear?" Helena asks, not taking her eyes off the screen. "Well today I made some friends, and we're going to Pewter City tomorrow to take on the first Gym Leader." Chelsey replies as if it's no big deal. Helena pauses the program and turns to face Chelsey, her eyes widened. "Already?!" she asks surprised. It had only been one day and she was already going to take on the first Gym. That reminded her of someone.

Helena got up and went to pick up the box she brought down earlier. "You haven't had the chance to open it." She said as she set it on the table before Chelsey. It was a white shoebox, the word Stuff written on it. Chelsey hesitantly opened it, revealing a bunch of memorabilia. Was aunt Helena a trainer too? Chelsey thought to herself as she rummaged through the old photos and other things. She found some sort of case, and took it out to examine it. Helena looked on as Chelsey opened it to see what was inside. Five gym badges were neatly placed on a velvet cushion, a layer of dust preventing them from shining.

"You see, why do you think your father sent you here?" She smirkd. She reached in her pocket and pulled out another bacge case, just like hers. "Something tells me you will be able to collect all eight gym badges." Helena said, handing her the case. Chelsey took it with a shaking hand, only hoping she would be able to live up to those expectations. "I-I don't know what to say." She stutters. Not only did she just find out her aunt was a trainer before, she had a goal now.

Later, Chelsey was laying in bed. Her Charmander's tail was lighting up the room as she stared out of her bedroom window. I can do this. I know I can, it's in my blood. I'll show aunt Helena, mom and dad, even Elias what a good trainer I am! She thought to herself. When she peeked over to see Elia fast asleep near her feet, she couldn't help but yawn and close her eyes too, wondering what tomorrow will bring.
It was quarter to twelve, and Hayley was waiting in front of the PokeCenter, wondering what she got herself into. Battling the gyms? She didn't even know the basic type match-ups. Could Hugh even do well against the Pewter Gym? Although Hayley knew there was a gym there, she wasn't sure what type was used there.

The night before, she talked to her parents about her decision. To her surprise, they supported her immediately. Maybe Jones was right. Hayley leaned on the wall of the PokeCenter. This was really happening. She was beyond nervous.

Hugh noticed that, and tried comforting her. Hayley smiled. She kneeled down. "Okay, Hugh, you know what we're in for. I know you don't like battles very much, but, this is for Jones. And, we'll have friends along the way, too."

The wind blew again, but Hayley knew better this time, and brought a windbreaker with her. "Take that, wind."