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Open Kokkus Island (Pokemon Island, accepting participants) Reboot Discussion

Welcome to Kokkus, a Tropical island untouched
By humans. Pokemon have built a society similar to the humans with schools, businesses, and all sorts of other junk. It's summer break, and all the kids are free to play games, explore the island, and get into all sorts of crazy situations!
(Just so you know, as with most reboots I do, you are perfectly welcome to join even if you weren’t an original member.)
Areas to explore:
Lulu Market:

Vast business area full of shops and areas to buy a bunch of stuff.
Ferris's Berry Market:
Ferris the Hawlucha would be happy to sell you all the berries in his market. Just don't steal or get on his bad side. You've been warned.
Kiasha's Insence Store:
Kiasha, the friendly Spritzee, would love to get you some beautiful smelling Insense to take with you on your exploration. Just wear a mask inside the shop. Trust me.
Neo's Flea Market:
Neo the Kriketune is a music expert, but on his down time he runs a flea market selling rare but strangely inexpensive items. It's only open from 12:00 AM-2:00PM, so get there fast.
Olungi's Herbs:
Ah, Olungi the Scyther. He's calm and collected, only using his scythes to cut his rare herbs. They may be bitter, but don't worry, they could be your only choice.
Jaultii's Training School:
If you want to level up, or learn a new move, come around Jaultii the Mienshao's gym to train! If you're done, get a few energy drinks for the road or visit the candy store, as Jaultii has a huge sweet tooth.
Suburb Province:
The suburban area isn't all that special. Besides the market, it's the only civilized area on the island. So embrace it.
This area is the most north on the island you can get, but it's beach is pretty crummy. Still a good area though, not like...
Loon Street:
The most crime-ridden place, it's a single street with apartments lining every side. Don't go unless you want to get bombarded with bullet seeds.
Nasca Village:
Now this is a classy neighborhood. The beach is great, the houses are large and amazing, and everyone is so much better than you. Unless you live there. Then your better than everyone else.
Sunshine Beach Province:
There are three famous beaches here, all on the wast side of the island. Two out of the three are nice. Why not the other? Well...
Sunburn Beach:
This beach is the best place to get a tan ever! You can't go wrong here, due to the fact that the sun is actually perfectly tanning at all angles of its phase due to the island's natural formation.
Lunar Phase Beach:
In tune with the lunar phases, this beach's tide makes it so the shape mimics the moon's look. For example, there would be a full beach on a full moon, a sliver of beach on a crescent, and no beach on a new moon.
Bulk Beach:
Having beach-time on black sand beaches was considered bad luck, so it ended up being built off Loon Street and it's used by the gangs as a seaborne base of operations.
Kokkus Wilds:
Off to the southeast of Kokkus, which makes up most of the island, is a large area of land dedicated to wildlife. You'll find all sorts of things here.
Hero Plains:
This spot is famous for running training as well as large boulders that serve as punching rocks for training out in the wilds.
Uno Forest:
The forest is so large that it takes up a large portion of the Southeast. It's the most wild place, besides the Danger Zone and the Uno Jungle.
Uno Jungle:
An extension of the forest, its tall trees and large towering moss clumps make this place amazingly beautiful, just don't get caught in the Carnivine's jaws.
Danger Zone Wilds:
This area is notoriously dangerous, and is difficult to traverse compared to anywhere else in the island. It has many places, and you should consider stopping by the Lulu market first.
Ectopic Mountains:
This isn't just one mountain, no. It's a mountain range that makes up the bulk of the danger zone as well as the whole South Island.
Ja-Ueł Volcanoes:
These volcanoes take up the west portion of the Ectopic range and are very dangerous and always active. Bring a Magma suit if you what to traverse this area.
Stormcloud Terrace:
At the top of the most southern point lies a giant Plateu. It stretches 20 miles around and is always in a constant storm. Going into it, you'd need a lightning suit.
Danger Desert:
Just north of the Ectopic mountains lies a vast desert that is the boarder of the danger zone. It's so hot that a famous explorer said it was; "Hotter than a furnace."
Okay, now that that's over, time to list the rules.
1:Normal Rping rules.
2:No Godmodding unles perms are given.
3:You may have the max of 3 OCs, min of 4:I might let you make a fourth around the six/seventh page.
4:No dirty stuff. You can do romance... but just don’t.
4:Have fun.
Extra Clothing:
My bios:
Name:Cryronn Sae
Personality:He's funny and nice, but he's also pretty flirty and... Well.... I wouldn't say jealous, crazy, or psychopathic, I'd more say.... He's just.... Weird. He's still nice, though.
Extra Clothing:He's got a black scarf.
Other:His Sister is Zia.
Name:Zia Sae
Species: Popplio
Personality:She's talented, but she's really shy about showing them off. She wishes she could make more friends, like her funny, cool, weird brother. She's really kind though, if you get past her flustered phase.
Extra clothing:She has a pink scarf.
Other:Her brother is Cryronn.
Name:Kyrnn Lobik
Personality:He's funny, smug, and has a lot of things that can make people flustered. He's observant, and finds people's mental weaknesses to exploit. Only if he needs to though. He's not evil. He really kind and funny, but is still smug.
Extra clothing:Kyrnn wears a green band around his left arm with a conversation recorder underneath. What a sneak.
Other:His best friend is Cryronn.
These are people I'd like to alert, as In the original rp I tagged them and I think some of them would like to rejoin or something... I dunno.​
@TheAssasinRiolu @Akio and Cubone @Yellow.lol @Wandering Soul @_obsequious @CosmicDreams @CosmicSouls
Hope you enjoy the rp!
(Also you can do romantic stuff Kay’ bye)​
Name: Nate Rodney
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Turtwig
Personality: He is a pretty mellow guy, hates being a teenager and feels like he's treated like a little kid so he tries to act more mature than most of the kids his age.
Extra Clothing: He has a blue beanie hat.
Other: He loves adventuring and wants to climb to the summit of one of the Ectopic Mountains.

Name: August Brown
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Personality: He is easily bored and is always trying to do unique and cool stuff to cure his boredom for a little while. He can be pretty absent minded sometimes and he is extremely gullible.
Extra Clothing: He has an orange sweater.
Other: His best friend is Nate.
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Name: Ivory
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Species: Cubone
Personality: Ivory is distant, and often stays quiet. He hates any large events, since he doesn't have many people to go with, except Blaze.
Extra Clothing: He tied a red ribbon around his neck as a bowtie.
Other: Ivory met Blaze when he was a one year old, finding his egg all alone in a bush. He didn't want him to experience having no family like he did, so he protected his egg until he hatched, then took care of him.

Name: Blaze
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Species: Growlithe
Personality: Blaze is energetic, and often causes mischief for his friends. He gets scared easy, and will often hide behind Ivory when this happens.
Extra Clothing: A purple bandana around his neck.
Other: He was abandoned as an egg, and now lives under the card of Ivory, who he sees as a older brother.
Name : Light

Age : 13

Gender : Female

Species : Espurr

Personality : Light is.....Quiet, Does not Like to Reach Us, Intelligent, Always Mocked Because of Your Intelligence, Likes Your Brother to Try to Brighten or Protect,She Has His Friend Gush And Fluffy.

Extra Clothing : She Tied A Blue Ribbon On Her Neck With Dark Blue Ruby.

Other : She Met Gush 13 Years ago When Agent Was Egg, When Agent Broke, Agent Was Friends, After These 13 Years Agent Was Friends Now.

Name : Gush

Age : 13

Gender : Male

Species : Grotle

Personality : Gush Is Very Cheerful Every Day To Brighten Your Friend Light, Radical, Adventurous, Always Helping Others And Much Book Reader.

Extra Clothing : He Tied A Dark Blue Ribbon On His Neck

Other : Gush Has A Fall For Light, When It Is Close To It Gets Red On The Cheeks And Face Also, He Has Known Her In 13 Years.

Name : Fighter

Age : 14

Gender : Male

Species : Espeon

Personality : Fighter Is Very Aggressive With Pokemons Type Water And Fire, Very Radical, Too Cute, Cheerful And Knows Very Carater.

Extra Clothing : He tied a black ribbon around his neck.

Other : Fighter Always Likes To Read In The Intervals.
Name: Trill
Age: 13
Gender: male
Species: Pawniward
Personality: Trill is hyper but very curious and likes to interact and explore. Being hyper makes him not have very friends because it disturbs others.
Extra clothing: he wears a red scarf
Other: He will stand by Watt’s side with anything because he was the only one who wanted to be his friend.

Name: Watt
Age: 13
Gender: genderless
Species: Magnemite
Personality:Open minded, friendly, curious.
Extra clothing: He wears a red band around his top screw
Other: He met Trill when he was young and felt bad that he was alone and decided to become his friend. They have been friends ever since.
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Previously Deathstalker62
Name: Rai

Age(12-14): 14

Gender: Male

Species: Riolu

Personality: The quiet, calm and collected pessimist of the two. He mostly speaks with his brother, and only speaks with strangers when there's no choice. He was mostly trained by his Father, a Lucario, who was focused in being a special attacker. Due to this, he had learned through training and heirloom to use Aura Sphere and Calm Mind early.

Extra Clothing: A black kimono and a chinese straw hat to hide his identity, aswell as to shield the sunlight from blinding him.

Other: He's brothers with Milo, and behind the facade, quite protective to those he holds dear.

Name: Milo

Age(12-14): 14

Gender: Male

Species: Mienfoo

Personality: The eccentric optimist of the two. He does all the talking of the group, but tends to go off-topic sometimes and starts talking about many things quickly. He's always up to a challenge, which gives Rai quite the concern. He was trained by his Mother, a Mienshao, who was a more direct fighter. As it was, he learned through similiar Training to Rai's, to use Bounce and Meditate early.

Extra Clothing: A white karate gi with an expert belt tied around the waist.

Other: Milo and Rai split the Gold they got from their Dojo and Parents between them when they fled from their home. Growing up in a Dojo, the two kept training with their parents, but eventually, a group of bandits looking for treasure had raided their Dojo. Scared for their kids, the Parents fought them so the Kids could get away unharmed. It's unknown what happened to them since.
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