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Ask to Join Love and Battles: Amour a primera vista. (ask)

Inspired in part by the movie series of the same name from Pokestar Studio in BW2.

In this world, you are a gijinka, a sort of fusion between man and 'mon. The rules of battle etiquette still remain- when two's eyes meet for the first time, they must battle. However, in this strange world you do not have Pokemon to fight for you; as a gijinka, you are both in control and the one fighting. Can love find a spark at first sight in a world like this?

(If using a Legendary, one Mini Legendary and one Major Legendary per person.))

Name: Marion Ette
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Type of Pokemon: Banette
Moveset: Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp, Destiny Bond.
Personality: Quiet and observant. A loner. Seems emotionless at points, but is actually just shy. She can come off as rude.
History: Marion Ette grew up alongside a childhood friend. One day, however, Marion's friend was suddenly gone, without explanation. Marion began to break away from the world, ignoring everyone around her. She now lives outside of the town in a small hut.
Other: Has Banettite on a bracelet on her arm.

Name: Lonnie Just
Gender: Male
Type of Pokemon: Ampharos
Moveset: Power Gem, Discharge, Thunder Punch, Confuse Ray
Personality: Fun-loving and adventurous. An act first, think later kind of guy. Heedless of danger.
History: Lonnie grew up in the town. His father trained him to be prepared to fight, but Lonnie found a lack of interest for this. He would constantly goof off. He now depends on some stronger gijinkas to protect him.
Other: No Mega Stone.

Name: Allyn Knowl
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Type of Pokemon: Uxie
Moveset: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Yawn, Reflect
Personality: Quiet like Marion. She is a bookworm and prefers her privacy. However, unlike Marion, she is very cautious and worrisome.
History: As a legendary, Allyn grew up in a pseudo royal fashion. She found at a young age she was able to take away the memories of others, and as such has shut herself away in her home by the lake.
Other: None

Name: Xeno Xavier
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Type of Pokemon: Xerneas
Moveset: Moonblast, Geomancy, Aromatherapy, Focus Blast
Personality: Thoughtful, kind, and motherly. Patient. She is not much for battle, and as such comes across as weak.
History: Like Allyn, Xeno grew up in pseudo royalty. She used her status to help some of the more unfortunate Pokemon in the town. She lives in the forest working as a doctor in a personal clinic.
Other: Rather tall.

(RPing will start as soon as one or two people join.)