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Mainstream PRP Character Bios


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Mainstream basically means RP characters you plan to use in multiple RPs and not just as "one shots".

Anyways, as Kel had suggested in the original Character Bios topic, here are some ideas to use when creating a character. Feel free to add your own categories or leave some of these out. It's just to get you thinking:

Identifying Marks:
Love Relationships?:
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Do not post move sets for your Pokemon. This is not like the games. Pokemon CAN know more than four moves. If you must, use the Anime as a guide, ie. with experience a Pokemon can learn any attack in their move pool AND forever on know it/use it.

Have fun, and remember - don't pull a Kitten on us with godmoding characters ;)
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Name: Alexxia
Gender: Female
Hometown: Azalea Town
Age: 15
Height: 5'7''
Weight: Erm... 8 and a half stone, w/e that is
Hair: Shoulder length, deep blue hair. The top of her head, however, is hidden by her hat.
Eyes: Same blue as her hair.
Clothing: For starters, her hat. Its a older-style hat, kinda like a cowboy hat only thinner and curled up at the sides, with a feather coming from the side of the part your head goes into. It's a very dark blue, almost black. She is often seen wearing a plain white long-sleeved shirt, attached to which is a short cloak that ends at the base of her back, the same colour as her hat. The cloak is big enough to cover her entire torso if the weather gets too rough. She also wears medium-blue, quite baggy jeans and black hiking boots. Holding up her jeans is a belt, but she does not store his pokeballs there - her pokeballs are on her matching wristbands, which extend slightly past her jacket.
Identifying Marks: A scar that goes along her left cheek. It's quite long and thin.
Musculature: Slim, slender, but obviously fit.
Personality: Very happy, laid-back girl. She likes to have fun, and doesn't mind who with. She likes meeting new people, too, and making new friends. When she gets into battling, she really gets into it and wont ever give in, but at the same time she wont let her pokemon get too hurt. She can be a bit of a tomboy, though, and is very impulsive.
Skills: Erm...
Past: Se left his hometown of Azalea back when she was twelve, with her first pokemon (which had been given to her for her birthday. Cliché, I know, but clichés are clichés for a reason), a Poliwag. She has been on the road ever since, much like many a trainer, catching and training pokemon, endeavouring to be The Greatest Trainer Of Them Allâ„¢.
Family: Alice (Mother), Alistair (Father), Adam (Brother), Alison (Sister)
Love Relationships?: None

Poliwhirl (Swirl)
Water Absorb
Alexxia's first pokemon. He was her first pokemon, given to her when she turned twelve. The two bonded right away, and are the best of friends, with an empathetic, almost telepathic connection. Closer friends have never been seen. Poliwhirl is often seen wearing black gloves, with a rainbow-coloured star on the back of them. Poliwag evolved in the middle of Alexxia's first Gym Battle against Falkner, evolving into Poliwhirl, and from there won the battle (albeit barely).

Combusken (Inferno)
Alexxia's second pokemon. She was found as a Torchic, beaten and battered by an unknown attacker, and left to die. Alexxia found the pokemon and carried her to the nearest pokemon centre for treatment as fast as she could, and took care of the pokemon until it was capable of taking care of itself. Torchic followed Alexxia, however, and Alexxia knew that she had little choice, taking in Torchic and making a place on her team for the fire type. Torchic evolved when Alexxia was fighting a Gyarados that was terrorising the small lake in Ilex Forest, and together Combusken and Poliwhirl managed to stop the rampaging pokemon. Inferno can always be seen wearing two matching navy blue bracelets that have a single silver star on them, and a similar necklace that had a silver moon instead.

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Name: Maria Skyler [My Pskl's charrie's distant cousin. lol]
Gender: F
Hometown: Winters, Eagleland (Yes. The Mother/Earthbound world :p)
Age: 16 and 2/3's (almost 17)
Height/Build: 5' 6", thin, light-weight build

Hair, eyes, and clothing: Black cargo pants, grey-ish/blue t-shirt with a solid black, circled symbol in the shape of Tessie (a Lapras-ish sea monster) and the words "Winters Academy" below it; and a black jacket that has the logo of the Winters Academy on the back (lined with thin, yet heat absorbing/cold resistant material). Brown eyes (wears contacts); shoulder length dark brown hair, slightly wavy. Wears a blue PokeGear like a watch (see below). Also has a black, one-strap bag that's usually slung over her left shoulder to rest on her back (includes all the usual Pokemon Trainer backpack compartments).

PokeGear version 2.0: A new style of PokeGear similar to the original but with a few tweaks. The main screen acts as a clock and mini-calender. Other functions include a map, which is displayed as a hologram in the air showing towns and cities, major locations, etc. You can select a specific location to get a more detailed map displaying different colored dots to show where notable facilities are located (PokeGyms, PokeCenters, Markets, Battle Arenas/Colosseums, etc. - like the PokeNav). It still has phone functions and the ability to save friends/rivals #s, but it also creates a small profile on each of them too (again like the PokeNav). Via the map you visibly can track registered PokeGears, accurate up to a few seconds (go satelite feeds). [Might add a few more functions later on. If I knew what the D/P device was like/called I'd probably just use it]

Personality: Adventurous, out-going, can get deranged by times, loves space and the stars. Over the coming years Maria's been finding herself reflecting more and more traits of her father: ie. inquisitive/loves a good mystery; a fond appreciation for fast-breaks; over-analyzing herself and things around her; and not overly keen on catching new Pokemon (having the same six Pokemon nearby means she'll get to be with them every step of the way, learning and growing side-by-side). When frustrated Maria can yell/curse like the best of them, but with experience she's learned how to keep her cool through most situations.

Goal: She's out to see the world and experience everything it's worth before deciding on her future path.

Skills: Nothing special aside from her taught skills at the Academy and fair ability to use the stars as guides.

Past: Since her father was one of the main coordinators at the Winters Academy (a competitive and highly respected boarding school), Maria was enrolled into it at a young age and went straight through until graduation. While the average grad age is 17 she was a year younger than most of her classmates when she started. Now she's out in the world and ready to see it all. Has been training for about half a year now and caught herself a Bulbasaur, Graveler, and Pikachu. Maria's visited many different regions and locations (both from past vacations and during her recent travels), yet has never gone on a formal journey through any of them.

Family: Mom, Dad, two brothers and a sister (all younger)

Friends: Currently just Jeff (TBA's character)

Growlithe M (Rigel) - Ability: Flashfire
Pidgeot M (Altair) - Ability: Keen Eye
Vaporeon F (Bellatrix) - Ability: Water Absorb
Bulbasaur M (Perseus) - Ability: Overgrow
Graveler M (Crux) - Ability: Rock Head
Pikachu F (Andromeda) - Ability: Static, Hidden Power: Water
*Unless I actually decide to use Hidden Powers, don't expect to see 'em listed

Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Altair is a shiny Pidgeotto (ie. has golden head and tail feathers). Andromeda has blue eyes and a mysterious affinity with water.

Pokemon History: Maria received both Rigel and Bellatrix (as an Eevee) as her first Pokemon at the same time, and caught the shiny Pidgey, which she named Altair, a few years later. Her Bulbasaur and Graveler were caught during her travels in Eagleland with Jeff [an RP that died, but meh :p]. She had trouble naming her Bulbasaur - nothing seemed to fit - but when his heroics saved the life of an injured Pikachu (of which Maria later caught) from a vicious Gyarados, both were given their names.

*Changed the name of Maria's Growlithe due to my Pskl charrie's (even though I've erased that bio now... lol). The personality/history of the Pokemon is still the exact same, though.
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Name: Fida Valens
Gender: Female
Hometown: Violet City, Johto
Hair: Silver-blonde, worn in pig/pony-tails.
Eyes: Stormy-gray
Clothing: Dark blue jeans, purple top/jacket/shoes
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Petite, even for her age.
Personality: Timid, a bit shy, though not afraid of new people; get's used to new people quickly.
Skills: Learns and adapts quickly.
Past: Came from an abusive household. Ran away and was "taken in" by Tara Valens (Whose last name Fida adopted as her own.) Travels around as a trainer.
Family: Estranged parents.
Love Relationships?: None


Species: Mismagius
Nickname: Elvia
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Found by Fida by her home, saved from a trio of gastly; ran away with her. Elvia is fiercely protective of Fida both physically and mentally. Her attention is aroused easily and she will attack first and ask questions later. She is supportive of Fida and cherishes their relationship very dearly.

Species: Gyarados
Nickname: Calhoun
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: Biiig.
History/Personality: Caught in a pond in the Ilex Forest as a magikarp. Due to the confidence that Fida had in him during his magikarp stage, Calhoun is a very confident fighter and a strong one at that.

Species: Murkrow
Nickname: Kieran
Gender: Male
Ability: Super Luck
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: Purple hair-tie around neck.
History/Personality: Caught outside of Goldenrod; he had stalked Fida since she left Violet because of his interest in her hair-tie, which he was given upon his capture. A bit arrogant, he will fly into battle with too much faith in his own abilities, even though he had mastered quite a few maneuvers even before being caught.

Species: Vileplume
Nickname: Rin
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Features: Biiig
History/Personality: Grew attached to Fida almost begrudgingly after bumping into her. Helped out Fida and Sem in Mahogany and then decided to go along with Fida. Rin is completely cold and apathetic most of the time, though less so with people she knows personally. Shows an almost shameful love for helping pokémon.

Species: Magnemite
Gender: =|
Ability: Magnet Pull
Hidden Power:
Special Features:
History/Personality: Given to Fida by Sem's parents because of her interest in it and vice-versa. It is very mellow and easy-going; its robot eye is usually half-closed.


Name: Tara Valens
Gender: Female
Hometown: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Hair: Black
Eyes: Sapphire blue
Clothing: Black jeans, black hoodie/jacket. Blue shirt, blue arm-warmers, blue and black shoes.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Tomboyish, not tall, not short. Healthy muscle-mass but not a work-out body.
Personality: Confident and outspoken. Speaks her mind unless she sees fit to do otherwise. Does not back down when challenged and will stand her ground.
Skills: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Precognition. She is able to perform all of these except Teleportation, and her precognitive powers activate when they feel like it.
Past: Came from a supportive home and did well in the Sinnoh League. Traveled to Johto and found Fida. Traveled with Fida, helping her with her skills at a battler and was there for her as a friend. Was presumed dead after an accident, though was actually alive, possessed by the spiritual essence of a childhood friend, Lysis. Lysis was eventually locked away within Tara and she continued with her trainer career.
Family: Parents. (deceased)
Love Relationships?: None.


Species: Mime Jr. (deceased)
Nickname: Muku
Gender: Male
Ability: Filter
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Was with Tara almost her whole life and her dearest friend. Was killed in the same accident where Tara was presumed dead. Spirit went on and sacrificed himself to save Tara. Always moving, Muku was obsessed with dancing wherever he went, in fact he never actually 'walked'; it was always some sort of fancy foot work. While bubbly and aloof on the outside, was very supportive and protective of Tara, and loved her to no end.

Species: Mothim
Nickname: Sefer
Gender: Male
Hidden Power:
Special Features: Blue markings instead of orange. (Shiny)
History/Personality: Caught by Tara as a burmy early on in her journey. Not any real history or personality developed as of yet.

Species: Tentacruel
Nickname: Namoraw
Gender: Male
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: Greenish jewels instead of red. (Shiny xP)
History/Personality: Caught as a tentacool before Tara even began her journey. Her most powerful partner aside from Muku. Protective of her; acts like an adult amongst a group of children.

Species: Drapion
Gender: Male
Hidden Power:
Special Features:
History/Personality: Caught as is in Great Marsh; no real history/personality developed as of yet.

Species: Carnivine
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Power:
Special Features:
History/Personality: Caught in the Great Marsh; no real history/personality developed as of yet.

Species: Onix
Nickname: Amaro
Gender: Male
Hidden Power:
Special Features:
History/Personality: Caught while traveling with Fida in the Union Cave after it attacked them. Still new to Tara's team and a bit old; begrudgingly obeys Tara most of the time.

Species: Unown (T)
Nickname: T
Gender: lolwut?
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Power: Ghost
Special Features:
History/Personality: Caught in the Solaceon Ruins but not used until Tara leaves for Johto. More aloof than Muku, it wanders the area whenever free in its own world, and examines anything that catches its interest.


Name: Lysis Fox
Gender: Female
Hometown: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Hair: Black
Eyes: Navy/Marine-blue
Clothing: black combat boots, gray cargo-pants, plain dark top. Team Rocket-issued coat.
Identifying Marks: None.
Personality: Holds the up-most confidence in herself and exerts an aura of power and authority. She is very firm and will not back down from anything. Manipulative and decisive, she can take control of any situation and turn it to whatever direction she pleases. Quick-thinking and resourceful.
Skills: Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation, Precognition; she has had no access to Tara's precognitive abilities. On top of these skills Lysis is trained with all manner of weapons, be they fire arms, knives, or swords. Preferring guns, she has deadly accuracy.
Past: Grew up in a bland but perfectly stable household. Had psychic abilities and was discovered by Team Rocket. The organization took her in and trained her for a special project. She excelled. Lysis became quite powerful, so much that the project was abandoned, since she and her team could easily become a threat to Team Rocket. The whole team was eliminated. Before her death transfered all of her memories, her personality traits, her skills, her essence, into Tara Valens. She did this because she had discovered prior that Tara also possessed psychic abilities; the exact same ones as herself. Locked away by Muku, she awoke four years later, before being put away again; now a personality within Tara.
Family: Parents.
Love Relationships?: Her bazooka.



Name: Sem Aquais
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pacifidlog Town, Hoenn.
Hair: Dark, shades and hues of brown with some black and some silvery white.
Eyes: Stormy-blue, clouded white
Clothing: Dark-colored cargo pants with flat-soled shoes, black hoodie, blue shirt. Raindrop necklace around neck.
Identifying Marks: Blind right eye.
Personality: A bit reserved, though doesn't entirely avoid people. Modest and a bit shy; good listener, not a big talker usually. Strong mind, wise beyond his years. A bit grim and mischievous.
Skills: Great advice giver? Not a shabby battler.
Past: Grew up with researcher parents, going between homes in Pacifidlog, Hoenn and Snowpoint City, Sinnoh. Traveled Hoenn for a short while before stopping to resume school for a bit and to rest. Went to Johto, met up with Fida. Two travel together.
Family: Parents, Valencia and Tobey Aquais.
Love Relationships?: None


Species: Sableye
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Befriended Sem when both were at an early age. Is Sem's first and /arguably/ most powerful partner, though Starmie rivals or may surpasses Sableye in that respect. Sly and mischievous, loves to make people be on the edge around him. A lover of black humor and pranks.

Species: Starmie
Gender: :0?
Ability: Natural Cure
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Sem's second partner and a powerhouse. Trained well and is able to preform numerous advanced techniques. Starmie is an enigma, though Sem gets the impression that it does care about him, his family, and his other pokémon.

Species: Froslass
Nickname: Jadis
Gender: Female
Ability: Snow Hide
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: Red ribbon is purple.
History/Personality: Caught as is outside of Snowpoint. It was a haunting presence in the Lake Acuity area. Jadis is apathetic and cold, not caring for much, though she shows a respect for Sem and his pokémon. Strangely enough she is trained to sword fight.

Species: Cradily
Gender: Male
Ability: Suction Cups
Hidden Power: None
Special Features:
History/Personality:Given to Sem by his parents as a resurrected lileep. The creature doesn't have much of a personality, acting more feral and instinct-reliant.

Species: Fearow
Nickname: Foul
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: biiig
History/Personality: Caught on the Sevii Isles as a spearow and evolved soon after. Has a rather... foul and angry personality, though is trusting of Sem.

Species: Porygon2
Nickname: SIR
Ability: Download
Hidden Power:
Special Features:
History/Personality: SIR is an older porygon from when Team Rocket first began experimentation. Sem's parents (who were researchers for Team Rocket) took SIR along with many other pokémon when they left. SIR is outfitted with many programs, including a speech program that allows him to communicate verbally. He has a unique form of arrogance and sees himself as a being higher than humans or pokémon. Uses belittling terms often and quite sarcastic.
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Name: Michael Harris
Gender: Male
Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto
Age: 16
Height: 6'0
Weight: 140lbs.
Hair: Brown, straight, thick
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Slightly worn brown leather jacket over a dark gray T-shirt and khaki-colored cargo pants. Black leather half-fingered gloves. Hiking shoes and a black backpack.
Personality: Kind hearted and very open. Competitive and as a result, sometimes has a hard time listening to others. Occasionally becomes insecure of his own abilities, but likes to challenge himself. Spirited.
Skills:Keeps his cool when times get tough
Past: Mike started out as a trainer when he was 15 and a half. His parents had been in financial trouble and lost all their money when Mike was 10. He volunteered to stay home and help them get back on their feet instead of starting his journey to become a trainer. After the long delay and he finally left home and worked hard to fulfill his dreams. During his first weeks of training, he built up a strong, ever-lasting friendship with his starter Pokémon Charmander. Mike currently has four badges, the boulder badge, the cascade badge, the rainbow badge and the marsh badge.
Family: Father: Mark Harris
Mother: Allison Harris

Charmeleon, M
Mike's starter pokémon and most trusted ally. Received when he first began his training (as a Charmander). Fierce in battle, but very kind and loyal otherwise. Hates pokéballs. Charmeleon is very proud but still retains a playful side which makes it easy to get along with.
Mike's Charmeleon is unusually fast; something Mike that noticed quite early on, but decided to keep a secret for special use in battle.

Pidgeotto, M
Mike's first captured Pokémon. Caught just outside of Celadon City as a pidgey. Has a short temper, especially in battle, but never disobeys. Often used by Mike to scout the area ahead of him.

Bulbasaur, M
Was caught in the viridian forest. Mischievous and adventurous. Is never in a bad mood, and enjoys traveling, especially in thick forests, where there's a lot to see.

Caterpie, M
Caught by Grey outside of the Pewter City Pokémon center, and subsequently given to Mike. Quite brave for it's size and often disobeys Mike for want of doing something more fun.

Ekans, M
Caught in the forests surrounding the plains around Indigo Plateau. Was abandoned by it's trainer after a mysterious Pokémon attacked the trainer in the forest. Mike is still trying to find out what happened to the trainer and hopes to one day return Ekans to it's trainer, but until then he has taken it upon himself to care for it.

Squirtle, M
Found abandoned in a cave under Mt. Moon. Because of it's past, it has trouble trusting Mike, out of fear of being abandoned again. After staying with Mike for a few months, it has slowly warmed up to him, and is now a great asset to the team, although tension still rises between it and Mike sometimes.

Note: I've changed this to represent Mike during "Every Journey begins with the first step", since the one I had before corresponded to an older Mike for an RP that's been inactive for several months
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About time I figured this character out... >> Alright, this is obviously an entirely different Gad than the one in RP Edition: Hoenn Version, so no confusing them, please.

Character Profile:

Name: Gad Sylvanhart

Gender: Male

Hometown: A research facility south-west of Celadon City, Kanto.

Age: 20 during the events of the KCC, 21 currently.

Height: About 1.75 meters.

Build: Athletic-ish. Not uber-muscled, but not under-muscled either. The kind of musculature one would get from being around and traveling a lot, sometimes surviving in the wild for a while under rough conditions.

Hair: Dark brown to the point of almost being black.

Eyes: Warm brown, with a strange goldish-amberish reflection just under the surface from certain angles.

Clothing and Gear: He's commonly seen wearing a dark green headband with an intricate pattern on it, Black-framed matrix-esque glasses (With a scaly pattern going along the handles up to roughly the midpoint of each lens), A green crystal and silver necklace amulet type thing, A black shirt with a green stripe and some sort of a tribal design on it, black leather fingerless gloves with a brown leather laces fastening them (with small green crystals attached at the connection point), a black belt with a silver army-style buckler with a dual-claw symbol encased between two mirror image markings, Dark green cargo pants and hiking boots.

His primary equipment is Miato-issue - his parents got him his own set of GPDS Pok
Name: Grey (his last name is a mystery)

Gender: Male

Hometown: Pallet Town

Age: 13 (Unknown Birth Date - Celebrates on Christmas)

Height: 5'3''

Weight: 109 lbs.

Hair: Grey-like silver in color, and untidy at the best of times. Shaggy bangs hang in front of his face, and the locks tend to spike irately and flare out in the back. When hidden under a cap, Grey seems younger than he is, but he takes on an older appearance without.

Eyes: They are a dark, crystalline, slate-blue color. They tend to take on a mist-like or azure-blue color depending on his mood.

Clothing: He wears loose-fitting carpenter's jeans and a blue-grey tee shirt, with a hooded jacket over it. The jacket's main part is dark slate-blue, and the edges of the sleeves, the hood, and the section with the zipper are all the same color as his shirt.He wears sturdy traveling boots that are a steely-grey color, and are made from some sort of strong, comfortable alloy. He wears black leather gloves with silver metal plates on the back of the palm and the wrist. A plain grey shoulder-pack is slung across his right shoulder for easy access to his left, dominant, hand (his PokéNav is clipped onto the shoulder strap).

Identifying Marks: Hidden beneath his shirt is a vicious scar from his right shoulder-blade to his midriff, the product of a mysterious Pokemon attack from his youth; he has no memories until after the attack.

Musculature: Very short and scrawny for his age, but his outward appearance disguises his actual lean stature.

Personality: Grey is a generally selfless character, almost always thinking of ways to benefit others. His ability to heal, and his empathy, only makes his benevolence more pronounced. On the most part Grey is a shy and soft-hearted boy, unable to stand up for himself without the encouragement of others. When it comes to friends, however, he tends to act rashly or with abnormal courage.

Skills: Grey is empathic, and seems to be developing more powers as he goes on. His most distinguishable ability is that to heal by connecting his mind with the subconscious of those he is healing. From there he is unable to explain the process. The ability to sense and feel Pokémon's pain is more of a curse than a gift, immobilizing him in urgent situations. He seems to be developing a tentative feel for telepathy, using the same mind-linking as he does with healing.

Past: Living near the opening to the ocean in Pallet town since he was a young boy, Grey spent most of his time doing petty errands for the citizens of Pallet Town and Viridian City. He was well known to most of the citizens, but he was keen to keep away from the Oak laboratory, which he considered too impressive to impose himself upon. Grey planned on learning enough on Pokemon to become an aide at the Oak laboratory, but his future changed when he encountered an evasive, mysterious grey-haired man on the short route from Viridian to Pallet one day. He found a shoulder pack containing a white pokeball with blue lining, a Pokedex, and a PokeNav handed to him, and the man left him with these trifling words. "Prove yourself a true Pokemon trainer, and you'll see me again".

Family: None to speak of


Given to him by a mysterious man on Route 1, Grey had a shaky relationship with the Pokémon at first. The Charmander held no respect for the soft-hearted trainer, and it took many brave and selfless acts before the white-coated Pokémon accepted him. It evolved after Grey's first Team Rocket encounter, and had two black stripes (one on its left cheek, the other on its right forearm) once it became a Charmeleon.

Caught on Route 22, on the way to the Indigo Plateau. Rescued from the Ekans that would become Mike's Pokémon, Grey healed the weakened baby flying-type. It stayed with him without fuss, and is a reliable Pokémon in battle. It's best known for its accurate and agile movements; its eyes are dark emerald.

"Caught" in the mountainous area between Route 22 and Pewter City. Grey battled it in order to obtain the rare and elusive Pokémon, winning the battle by use of mud that a thunderstorm had brought. The Pikachu was grudging, but agreed to journey with Grey in order to decide whether he was a suitable trainer or not. Although it still has no Pokéball, the Pikachu's loyalty to Grey is obvious now. It's recognized by its silky fur, a bit shaggier than normal, and its mischievous amber eyes.

In the Pokédex:

#10 Talkin/Caterpie - Male
#19 Nezi/Rattata - Male
#21 Fero/Spearow - Male
#33 Nidorino - Male (released)
#56 Ikeiru/Mankey - Female

One of these days I'll figure out my second reoccurring character....
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Name:peter but everyone calls him Viper
Gender: M
Clothing:camolflage jeans with flames on the sides and a blue fire shirt
origin: as a little kid he always wanted to be a pokemon coordinater
Skills:training his pokemon for contests and tyhinking of cool combos
Family:Mother(annemarie) Dad(Peter) Brother (Joey) who is a great pokemon trainer
Pokemon:His best and first pokemon he ever got is his Charmander,he also has a Seviper,an Ekans,an Arbok,a Milotic,and a Dragonair.
Figured I might as well. I kinda threw my charries into the middle and brought up a lot of stuff from nowhere. . .

Name: Irugi Whitehall

Gender: Female

Hometown: Saffron

Age: 16

Height: 5' 4''

Weight: 115

Hair: Brown, fading to silver at the tips. she is usually seen wearing it in a braid, or wearing it down, with a headband

Eyes: the left one is a clear, light, violet grey, while the right is a darkbrown with flecks of gold and green

Clothing:Usually a light violet shirt of some heavy material, sleeveless with a high collar and cut into a point at the bottom. It has a teardrop shaped cutout at about her collarbone, that ties with a ribbon and a "pokeball shaped charm". Short dark purple Capris and Kneehigh, soft grey boots. A heavy red belt, the standard for trainers.

Identifying Marks: Her hair and mismatched eyes are really the only things about her that stand out. [sub](she also has a small tattoo, but, shhh!)[/sub]

Personality: Usually bubbly and happy, but she can become very angry at the drop of a hat. she can also be cynical and sarcastic if the mood suits her. Irugi has been through Kanto, Johto and Hoenn, and worked hard in all three regions to become more then just a half decent trainer, picking up pokemon when they bonded with her. She finds herself a rather good trainer suddenly, and doesn't know how to feel about her new found power and position. Irugi has no idea what she wants to do with her life at the moment, and is filling the time by being a pokemon trainer. Her best (human) friends are a boy named Jon and her travelling companion, Kenji.

Skills: Irugi's father develops pokeballs for Silph, and thusly she has access to all sorts of technology other people don't. Other then that, she really isn't anything special. Not that that's really a skill, but. . .

Past: Irugi took off on her journey at around 11, when she caught her first pokemon. before that, she just went to school, helped out around the house. nothing big.

Family: Irugi's Mother died of illness when Irugi was 8, but was a kind. soft spoken woman. Irugi's father works at Silph, as i think i've already noted, and is responsible for coming up with new pokeballs.

Love Relationships?: None.


(Gengar) M
Personality: BlackMagic, or Mag, is a stable, serious kind of pokemon. Always ready to battle, but a bit of a goofball. Not the strongest pokemon, but when he gets serious, he can do some damage. Fiercely loyal to Irugi, as they have shared many years together, BlackMagic was Irugi's first pokemon.
History: Irugi was fond of collecting failed pokeball attempts either not good enough to be mass produced or ones that malfunctioned. Her father forgot his lunch one day, and Irugi brought it to him. He gave her his lastest failure, and she ran off. Getting lost, she ended up in the basement of Silph, and if you don't know, it isn't a happy place in the least. cobwebby and dark. While she was down there, it started getting. . .spooky. She was assulted by a meanacing cloud of purple gas, stumbled, and threw the pokeball as a last ditch defense move.
Special Features: Magic is more ghost then poison, and has trouble keeping himself fully materialized. Mostly he appears as a floating pair of eyes and acompanying grin. occasionally, a light outline can be seen.

(Furret) F
Personality: Chiru is a happy, bubbly sort of pokemon. Nothing upsets her and she is always cheery. In battle she is a thing to be feared. she attacks with ferocity and never backs down. her speed and attack are extremely high. She detests her pokeball (the one hanging from the ribbon tie on Irugi's shirt) and can often be spotted riding on Irugi's shoulder.
History: Chiru is the second pokemon Irugi caught. It was her first day in Johto when she and BlackMagic encountered a small but ferocious young Furrett. After beating it soundly, Irugi felt sorry for it and caught it, quickly rushing it to the nearest pokemon center.
Special Features: Chiru's right ear isn't tipped with tan.

(Houndoom) M
Personality: Korash was Irugi's third pokemon. He acts cool, and tries to play everything off, but he would gladly give his life for Irugi. He acts cold and cynical, often taking his cues from Rayn.
History: Korash was owned by an abusive owner and eventually slipped out of his former owner's house late at night. The other wild Houndoom beat him soundly, and he really was a depressed, shivering wretch. He put up his best fight, but resigned himself to being caught by another abusive trainer. When Irugi turned out to be kind and caring, Korash instantly took a liking to her.
Special Features: The "mother" of orphaned pidgeotto twins, Cocoa and Pudge. thin scar across front of muzzle, barely noticable.

(Larvitar) M
Personality: Kaido is small. and he knows it. he resents this fact more then anything else in the world. He acts fierce but is really just insecure. He is clumsy for being so small, and often falls or slides off of things. Otherwise, Kaido is mellow and often moody, like his trainer.
History: Kaido was just a normal Larvitar, digging around in a dark cave, minding his own business, when he saw a pair of trainers walk by with pokemon. he thought to himself "well, why not." and attacked out of the blue. he was soundly beaten and captured. whatever. He is kept warm, dry, and fed, so it's all the same to him.
Distinguishing features: None, really. he's just a normal old Larvitar.

(Absol) F
Personality: Rayn is a dark, quiet pokemon. She mostly keeps to herself, and is rude and resentful to the other pokemon. Rayn gets along well with Kaido, as they have the same dark view of the world. Rayn is relentlessly followed by Korash, whom adores her and strives to emulate her in everyway. Rayn and Irugi have a mutual understanding and respect, but no love is lost between the two. Rayn will listen to Irugi's commands most of the time, but occasionally deviates on her own way and usually ends up getting away with it as she usually wins. You could say they are partners. Rayn is the only one of Irugi's pokemon that won't listen to Kenji, She will, however, obey Jon.
History: Irugi, Kenji, and Jon were in the mountains. they stopped to camp, and Rayn was drawn to the fire. she watched it and the trainers for a while. Something inside of her compelled her to follow them. perhaps it was just the fact she was a 'disaster' pokemon, because things began to go very bad for the party. eventually the three realized she was there, and attempted to do battle. Rayn refused but continued to follow the party. The party encountered Suicune in the midst of a driving rainstorm, and one of the pokemon used a ground based move that triggered a rock slide. Rayn dodged most of it but got hit by a few and ended up slightly battered. Irugi offered to catch and take care of Rayn, and Rayn consented, against her better judgement.
Special Features: She's really fast, and she has light violet eyes.

(Milotic) F
Personality: Itou is a godmoding, annoying as hell, do-gooding, far-too-pretty Milotic. I'm sure she means well. but we all hate her. she needs to get over herself.
History: On one of their last days together, Jon, Kenji and Irugi went fishing. Nothing exciting had been dredged up all day, when Irugi got a bite. expecting it to be another Carvanha or Magikarp, there wasn't much excitement. the lack of excitement continued as the bland looking Feebas flailed around along shore, but Irugi asked it to join her party and it agreed. It seemed to especially like the blue pokeblocks, and to encourage the kind hearted creature, Irugi feed it a bunch. One day, it evolved. Yay!
Special Features: The red bits of Itou have an odd, orange/gold iridescent shine. She isn't quite a Shiny pokemon, more like a well groomed one.

Reserve Pokemon:


Name: Kenji Hoshiro

Gender: Male

Hometown: Goldenrod

Age: 17

Height: 6' 1''

Weight: 125

Hair: Black and straight. Just about reaches his shoulders.

Eyes: dark brown

Clothing: usually wears a long black trenchcoat with numerous buckles and zippers over a high collared black shirt. (turtle neck! XD) wears generic black jeans and heavy black shoes. ('trainers')

Identifying Marks: Um, his dashing good looks? XD nothing that we really know of yet.

Personality: Kenji is a quiet, kind hearted boy with a mysterious past. He's usually content to just sit and have a quiet conversation, but he is superb in battles. However, for some reason, he is reluctant to battle at all. His favoured companion and first pokemon is Kouzanchou, or "Kozan", his Arcanine, and he is known to have contacts scattered across all of the regions, though his closest companion is Irugi. Kenji also has a penchant for giving pokemon very long, complicated names, and then calling them by nicknames.

Skills: Kenji is excellent at cooking and camping, and is good with his hands. he is amazing when it comes to battles.

Past: Kenji's past is shrouded in mystery. He was in some sort of academy when he was young and was the best in his class, but dropped out for some reason and spent several years traveling alone, earning several badges, but never a full set from any region.

Family: Kenji's family life is somewhat of a mystery as well. he rarely mentions his mother, and his father sounds like a forceful man.

Love Relationships?: Kenji likes Irugi! [sup]*shhh*[/sup] [sub]don't tell Irugi tho.[/sub]


Kozan - Kouzanchou
(Arcanine) M
Personality: Kenji's first pokemon and best friend. Kozan is mild and serious, but also has a playful side. He's a very calm and happy pokemon.
History: Kenji worked at the Pokemon daycare in his hometown of Goldenrod. His father, wanting him to follow in his footsteps, enrolled him into a pokemon academy. His father handed him a pokeball and told him to go out and catch the best pokemon he could by the day he was supposed to start at the academy. He completely forgot, as the daycare had an influx of pokemon that week, and before he knew it, it was 20 minutes until his first day of class and he didnt have a pokemon. hoping to borrow one from the daycare that would impress until he could get one of his own, he dashed to the daycare, only to find the doors locked and everyone out to lunch. He ran off down a side street, not knowing what to do, when he tripped over a box left at a corner. The box read "Free puppies to a good home", and was indeed, full of young growlithes. Kenji stared into the box, an idea suddenly coming to him: He could take a growlithe as his pokemon. His eyes rested upon one in particular, with black tipped ears and a steady nature. He scooped the puppy up, barely making it to class on time, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Nickname: Kozan is a very smooth, graceful creature. His movements are light and airy, he seems to float rather then walk or run. For this reason, Kenji named him "butterfly".
Special Features: Irugi took it upon herself to spike Kozan's har into a mowhawk one day, and it stuck. Kozan is an Arcanine with a mowhawk.

(Ivysaur) F
Personality: Harukaze is a happy go lucky sort of pokemon, first to take risks, always the martyr. She's very conent with her place in the world, and can find beauty and happiness in everything.
History: Kenji was working at the Daycare on a rainy day, when the owner brought an egg in. He had found it at the base of a large plant, and was certain that nothing was inside of it. Kenji hauled it home, however, and kept it warm and dry (with Kozan's help). After 4 weeks, and after everyone was certain that it was a dud for sure, The egg developed a crack. Kozan nosed it around a bit, and a small Bulbasaur tumbled out. Kenji nursed it up to a proper size, as it was very weak and sickly through it's youth.
Nickname:Harukaze was a very small and weak pokemon, and to lull her to sleep, Kenji would often sing her a lullabye in which the main character was said to float away, like a warm "spring breeze".
Special Features: Harukaze's eyes are pure white, however, she is not blind.

(Altaria) F
Personality: When Menmou was a Swablu, she was very sweet and helpful. Kenji left her at the daycare for a week, and when he returned he found her evolved into an Altaria, and uncontrolable. She was absolutely savage, and had been named anew- reborn as Yamaneosougi. Only Kenji can bring her out of a killing rage once she enters one- by calling her proper name, Menmou. Any other time, she answers only to Yamanekosougi.
History: Kenji traded Melody a feral Spearow he had captured for Menmou, as Menmou was too placid for the blood thirsty Melody. Menmou was originally a gift from Melody's uncle, Giovanni. Rumour has it he was testing on pokemon an injection that boosts ther stats when they evolve, but that drove many pokemon insanse instead.
Special Features: Menmou has incredable sharp, well, everythings, a hostile nature, and pitchblack eyes that dance with red fire when she goes into a rage,

Tsuchiwokatameru (Nejime)
(Steelix) M
Personality: Tsuchiwokatameru, or as Irugi affectionately calls him, "Nejime", Is exactly what anyone could want in a pokemon. He's tough, strong, kind, listens perfectly, and has a great relationship with Kenji. He's mostly serious, can take a joke and play one, but can on occasion be a bit absent minded. He's a hard worker, but gets grumpy if he doesn't get enough of a nap. he's also fond of flowers, and flower arangement. And Irugi. He adores her and will do anything for her. Kenji teases him about having a crush on her, but. . .
History: Laying deep, deep beneath many feet of earth for years upon years, the weight and heat slowly turned the Onix's hide to a sheet of super tough. . .erm, shiney stuff. Hardened him. Still, the Steelix slept. Until, one day, when a loud noise awakened him. And vaguely irritated him. it grew, and grew, until he couldn't take it anymore. He tore out of the earth with a ferocious roar, to find a construction site was what was irritating his sleep. Construction site? HOW DARE THEY! He laid waste to it, VERY effectively trashing it. Then he went back, deep under ground, returning to his sleep. but then, maybe a week later, the noise came back. again. Again, he tore up from the bowels of the earth with a ferocious roar, ferociously destroying the construction site, then returning to his sleep. Everytime they attempted to work on the site, the Steelix would rise from the depths, utterly destroying everything, causing uncounted millions in damage to construction equipment and setting the site back weeks. They tried everything. Kenji happened to be walking by just as they were setting up dynamite in order to get rid of the Steelix, and was disturbed by their methods. he convinced the men to let him try his had at getting rid of the steelix. Sure enough, the Steelix awakened with a fearinstilling earth shattering roar, only to find Kenji in front of him. Kenji talked the Steelix out of destroying the site, suggesting it find somewhere else to sleep. Instead, it followed him, and convinced him to let it come with him. Kenji agreed, and now the pair are fast friends.
Special Features: A penchant for flower arrangement.

(Scyther) M
Personality: Yakiba is fast, and in general, very serious. He will joke around from time to time.
History: Yakiba once belonged to a general whom was killed in battle. He flew away, and made a happy home deep in the thick grasses of the park near Goldenrod. During the bug catching contest, team rocket grunts showed up and attempted to round up all of the captured bug pokemon. Kenji fought against them, and Scyther recognized his skill as a trainer, teamed up with him, and helped him drive the rockets out. Afterwards, out of respect for Kenji's style, he teamed up with him. his name refers to the fact he's had experience as a weapon, that, like a 'tempered blde', he's been hardened.
Special Features: A small star imbedded in the plating in the back of his left shoulder. (first person to tell me what this is a reference to wins a bazillion cookie points.)

(Shuppet) M
Personality: Ayatsuri is a quiet pokemon that can pack a punch when he battles. normall he just floats about.
History: Kenji stopped to pay his respects at Mt. Pyre. a small shuppet came and floated around his head. it didn't seem hostile. It followed Kenji about as he explored the place, and when he left. Sometimes called 'Bebadora' by Irugi, as he is a 'puppetghost'.
Special Features: none. . .um, well, it floats.

Reserve Pokemon:

None that we know of.
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Name: Rei K. S. Kanto
Gender: Female
Hometown: She says Fallarbor Town, but has no record of ever living there.
Age: 16 (her birthday is sometime during March)
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: Like she'd say! She's not too heavy, though.
Hair: Black, but you can see brown roots (not too good a dye job, huh?). It's also shoulderlength. Half the time it is down, half the time it is up in a ponytail (it depends on what she's doing).
Eyes: Brown, but if you look closely, she wears colored contacts. She really has blue eyes. She's also a bit nearsighted, so the contacts kind-of-sort-of correct that.
Clothing: She wears a dark red tank top with a black, lightweight jacket over it (which she rarely takes off). She wears dark blue jeans (almost black), with a black belt whose only purpose is to hold her Pokeballs. Her worn-out shoes are black with three white bands across the front, and black shoelaces. She usually wears a gold watch with a black band on her right wrist, and a hair tie on her left (unless it is in her hair).
Identifying Marks: Probably the black hair dye and brown contacts. Other than that, not much.
Musculature: Kinda scrawny...only has enough muscle to handle long walks. She doesn't overeat, so she's relatively thin and not too strong.
Personality: Kind of quiet, a bit sarcastic, and not too happy to tell secrets. She doesn't like traveling with other humans, but will have to if she needs to. She gets angry pretty easily, and doesn't tend to trust anybody unless she thinks she has good reason to, and has no qualms about telling lies. However, on the off-chance she does become friends with somebody, she tends to talk and laugh more, regaining her "sunny disposition" (at least temporarily).
Skills: She can speak Japanese as well as English, and can split disposable chopsticks perfectly. It isn't much of a refined skill, but she can be good at anagrams.
Past: She doesn't really like to say...all evidence points to her being a trainer before with a relatively large arsenal of captured Pokemon, but either left or abandoned them somewhere. Rei will never speak of anything that happened to her before she was thirteen or fourteen. Since then, she has traveled a bit with the few Pokemon she started with. She has not caught any since then.
Family: Again, doesn't say...although, sometimes she slips, and reveals she has a sister.
Love Relationships: Never had a boyfriend, and with her current attitude, probably never will.
RPs: Sunset Mountain


Pichu (no registered nickname, but she calls him Tonari sometimes)
-Gender: Male
-Ability: Static
-Hidden Power: Ground
-Special features: none
-Capture information: obtained as a Pichu, Pokeball, obtained as a starter (effectively)
-Pichu was obtained from another trainer, Erised, a long time ago, though Rei doesn't say how. Rei only keeps him because, as she puts it, 'he's my guilt trip.' Pichu acts kind of like a young child, but isn't mature enough to evolve yet. Pichu is pretty happy usually, but will burst into tears at various times for specific reasons. He likes to ride in Rei's arms.

Caterpie (Mushiko)
-Gender: Female
-Ability: Shield Dust
-Hidden Power: Fire
-Special features: none
-Capture information: caught as a Caterpie, Pokeball, obtained as a starter (effectively)
-Mushiko, caught in the Kanto region, is Rei's "best friend." She's almost always out of her Pokeball, hanging out with her trainer. She loves food and looking for it, and often times ends up randomly running off because she smelled an oran berry or something. She's pretty easygoing, and likes how Rei's family name sounds like the region where she came from.

Eevee (currently no name, but he'll get one when I'm in a more creative mood)
-Gender: Male
-Ability: Run Away (pffft, like he'd run away)
-Hidden Power: Dragon (maybe that's the cause of his insanity?)
-Special features: nothing physical...but he's got some sort of mental inhibition
-Capture information: bought as an Eevee, Pokeball with a lock from the outside, obtained in Sunset Mountain
-This Eevee was obtained in the Ecruteak Pokemon Center, when an adoption fair was going on. Rei needed something strong (since Pichu and Mushiko couldn't handle anything tougher than a Magikarp) to at least catch her something else, and she chose him over some bugs and two Bidoof as being the strongest (he would have been euthanized, causing him to also be the cheapest). Granted, he's got the mindset of a psychopathic killer, and has to have a muzzle and harness on almost all the time (and she makes sure his claws aren't too long), and he has not warmed up to anybody. He says nothing, only growls, and the only thing keeping him from attacking Rei is because she feeds him (and kicks him if he gets too near). There is probably something wrong with him, but Rei doesn't know what it is, nor does she care enough to find out.

Reserve Pokemon:
She says none, but possibly used to have a lot more than just those two. She often refers to a Persian she used to have. She also used to have a Charizard and Machamp, both of which have registered death certificates. All the others, however, are still missing in action (though presumed in the care of another trainer or dead as well).



Name: Hailee Prescott
Gender: Female
Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto
Age: Fourteen
Height: 5'9"
Weight: Sixty-two pounds
Hair: Black; Elbow-length
Eyes: Crystal blue
Clothing: White beanie hat with a hot pink Poke Ball on the front of it; White under shirt; Dark blue blouse; Hot pink mini skirt; Dark blue socks; Hot pink knee-high boots.
Musculature: Thin
Personality: Sometimes hyper, but normally quiet and soft-hearted. If you get this fourteen-year-old steamed, her sweet mood would turn evil for her payback. She is also short-tempered.
Skills: Drawling; Writing stories; Climbing; Gymnastics; & Karate.
Past: Her family is quite rich, meaning she could do anything she wanted. Being a child of two, she and her brother were happy-go-lucky as children.
Family: Sammi (Mom), Daniel (Dad), Tanner (Brother).
Love Relationships?: No one.


-Gender: Male
-Nickname: Warrior
-Ability: Torrent
-Type: Water
-History/Personality: Warrior was Hailee's Starter Poke'mon as a Squirtle. They have gone to many regions as on their journey, and have met new people all around.
-Height: 3'3"
-Weight: Fifty pounds


-Gender: Female
-Nickname: Lily
-Ability: Poison Point
-Type: Poison
-History/Personality: Lily is quite proud to be a Poke'mon of Hailee Prescott. She acts young for her age, especially when she is playing with her Poke'-siblings.
-Height: 2'7"
-Weight: Forty-four pounds


-Gender: Male
-Nickname: Psyche
-Ability: Synchronize
-Type: Psychic
-History/Personality: Psyche was given to Hailee for her eighth birthday as an Eevee.
-Height: 2'11"
-Weight: Fifty-eight pounds


-Gender: Male
-Nickname: Ziggy
-Ability: Pick-Up
-Type: Normal
-History/Personality: Ziggy was very hyper as a Zigzagoon. He ran for hours and hours within a day. Now, as a Linoone, he is some-what calmer, but his childish ways can sometimes get the best of him.
-Height: 1'8"
-Weight: Seventy-two pounds

NEM EDIT Not allowed Mew


-Gender: Male
Nickname: Blaze
Ability: Blaze
Type: Fire/Fighting
History/Personality: Blaze was a cute Torchic and Combusken, but if he felt someone was harming Hailee, he would spring into action. Blaze is a very determined Poke'mon; one who will not let his trainer - nor his Poke'-siblings - get hurt.
-Height: 6'3"
-Weight: One hundred and six pounds
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Name:Cryous Xartford
Gender: Male
Hometown:Route 130 (a hidden house is there, north of sky pillar)
Height:between 5 and 6 feet
Weight:132 lbs
Hair:red long and spiky hair with a blue stand in the front
Clothing:black,longbaggy pants, a red cap that has a pic of Articuno on it and a white shirt with the phrase "Slay or get slain"
Identifying Marks:GS ball symbol on right hand
Personality:modest and quiet
Skills:Can smell food within a 2 mile radius but can't tell the direction and can attract pokemon without bait
Past:Grand ma never told him
Family:Gandmother that almost every one call "Gran Grams"
Love Relationships?:none (yet)

Hidden Power:none
Personality: likes to make friends with others
Pokémon's Special Features, if any:

Ability:Snow hide
Hidden Power:Water
Personality: likes to copy peoples emotions
Pokémon's Special Features, if any:Scar on both ears from a sneasel ambush on route 122
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Name: Nieru Kitera
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet Town
Age: 19 will be 20 in mid-July
Height: 5'11 3/4"
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Longish, dirty-blonde and wavy, reaches about to his shoulders, just a little past.
Eyes: grey, with a dark blue ring on the outer edge, and yellow flecks towards the center. When he becomes angry, the yellow becomes more and more prominent. They seem constantly alert and for some reason give off a feeling of Spanish heritage.
Clothing: Basic black. He wears a Black duster of his own design, specially modified, with the left side of the coat cut to waist-length, the right left at full length ((if anyone would like to see a pic of the coat for better clarification, message me)) over a black dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top 2 buttons, black jeans, and black steel toed boots. He wears a chain-wallet, which he wears on his left side; studded belt; and Kris dagger necklace to offset the black.
Identifying Marks: none, really, other than his eyes
Musculature: Skinny, but very toned, no slouch in a fight, either.
Personality: Nieru's a lone wolf, much preferring the company of his Pokémon to that of any human. He has had much pain in his past, and doesn't like to talk about it, preferring to shut everyone around him out. However if one can crack that hard shell of his, he is a fiercely loyal friend, and will protect those he cares about at any cost, hence the nickname "Wolf-boy". He sometimes seems callous towards his Pokémon, but in reality, he has such a deep sense of empathy with them, especially Blue Moon, that he literally feels the every bit of pain that they feel, so, as hard as he ever drives them, they love and respect him, because they know he is driving himself harder.
Skills: Pokémon empathy, the ability to sense what a Pokémon is feeling. With his own team, that ability has transcended the emotional and become physical as well, in other words, if his Pokémon gets poisoned, he feels sick, if it gets hit by thunderbolt, he feels the shock.
Past: He doesn't talk about it, except to a very select few who can actually convince him to let them get close to him.
Family: none
Love Relationships: Because of his cold exterior, he rarely is involved with someone; however, he is open to a relationship with someone, if they can get close to him.
1: Umbreon/Blue Moon

Blue Moon was Nieru's first Pokémon, originally an Eevee that had been given to Professor Oak by the famous Pokémaniac, Bill, There had been four trainers who had received their licenses that year, and Nieru decided to hang back and let the others choose first, not realizing that there were only three Pokémon to choose from. Although disappointed, he had turned to leave, figuring he'd just go back in a year, when Professor Oak stopped him and told him that it was a very generous thing that he had done, and as thanks, since he had finished his research on it, he was given Eevee, which immediately made Nieru swell with happiness, especially when he saw his Eevee's strange coloration. The two were fast friends, so fast; in fact, that Eevee evolved before they even reached Cerulean City, at night, near Mount Moon.

2: Charizard/Amethyst

Amethyst is actually the most recent addition to Nieru's team, one of the few times a Charizard has ever been successfully captured, or at least as far as Nieru knew, she had been wandering alone for years, abandoned by her trainer as a Charmander, because the trainer didn't like her odd coloration, Nieru happened upon her in an open field near the Indigo Plateau, when he first challenged the Elite Four, one day, and challenged her, naturally. The battle seemed bleak, when it suddenly started raining, and hard, Poor Amethyst had nowhere to go, all she could do was stand there. Nieru, thinking quickly, pulled out a Pokéball and told the Charizard that if she came with him, she'd be safe from the rain, and he'd be able to have her taken care of at the Pokémon Center, so she came willingly, and has been a loyal part of Nieru's team since.

3: Raichu/Shocker

Shocker was Nieru's second Pokémon, and the only one Nieru had caught prior to reaching Pewter City, in Viridian Forest (To this day, Nieru doesn't know how he survived the Pewter City Gym battle with an Eevee and a Pikachu) but because of it, Shocker is fiercely loyal to Nieru. Shocker has a yellow lightning bolt pattern over the stripes on his back; it had been a scar when it was a Pikachu.

4: Gyarados/Leviathan

Nieru caught Leviathan as a Magikarp in Vermilion City and painstakingly raised it until it evolved, giving it time in every battle. As a result, as with all of Nieru's Pokémon, it is extremely loving and respectful of Nieru, and fiercely loyal.

5: Hitmonchan/Ali

Ali was a gift to Nieru from the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City, after he won the Masrshbadge from Sabrina. He has been a constant in Nieru's team since. He is one of the rare alternate colors, his gloves being blue instead of red.

6: Exeggutor/Omelet

Nieru caught Omelet as an Exeggcute in the Safari Zone, and evolved it and Shocker both at the same time upon returning to Celadon City. Ironically enough, Omelet's favorite food is scrambled eggs.
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((hope that's ok))

It's fine, but you really don't need to put in a moveset for this style of RP. Just like in the Anime, Pokemon can use a variety of their different learnable attacks - not just four like you'd see in the games. It's not really realistic to believe that your Pokemon would just forget an attack it previously knew and become unable to use it, eh? You're not the first person who's done this recently either.

If you really wanted too you could restrict your Pokemon's attacks with a specific moveset... but you're really only hindering your own creativity ^^
Well, just figured I'd include one, I saw a few people doing it, so i figured better safe than sorry; but, in light of this, i'll just remove that
Prepare yourselves for...

Nick Willow
Twinleaf Town
5' 5"
98 lbs
Normal, auburn hair. He only cares about his hair if it's bed head, messy, or Susan is nearby.
Emerald Green
He likes to wear blue and red, though he doesn't know why. Black jeans, and a clean, blue long sleeve shirt with red stripes down the back of the sleeves.
If you see a kid carrying a blue pokedex or pokenav with strange red marks on it, it's Willow!
Musculature: Just normal.
He is intelligent, outgoing, and cautious. He loves to battle and train his weaker pokemon. He will catch any pokemon just to train it. ;D
Skills: Uh, I don't quite know what to put here. :-[
Past: He used to live in Hoenn as a resident of Littleroot Town. He had received the first badge of Hoenn when he had to move to Sinnoh because of his father's job as a Pokemon Professor. He is now one of the top eight trainers of Sinnoh. He loves to use a combination of Hoenn and Sinnoh pokemon. When he was a child, he had a strange dream. He was underwater and in the middle of the cold ocean. He could feel the cold water, and... I'll make a story 'bout it soon. : )
Family: Vivi- mom, Redu a.k.a. Prof. Willow- dad, Jenna- big sister
Love Relationships: He has a crush on Susan. ;D

HidPwr: Grass
He has an aggressive nature, but it has experienced many battles, so it knows how to handle surprises. It has been Nick's pokemon for five years, and was a Torchic when they met. You can recognize it by a scar on Blaziken's foot. He once almost died trying to save Nick from a sudden rock slide on Mount Chimney. Oh, did Nick whale on that Magma Scout...

Natural Cure
HidPwr: ground/ghost
Roselia was caught in his Sinnoh adventures. It is very outgoing, but it gets into trouble a lot. It's special because it has a blue head piece instead of emerald-green.

Luxio (Luke)
HidPwr: Grass
Luxio is cautious, and quite fast. She is one of Nick's most common pokemon used. It loves to play in the water, but hates mud and getting dirty. "Getting wet is fine with me!" she would probably would say.

Rain Dish
HidPwr: Ghost
Ludicolo is one of Nick's favorite for it's always cheerful mood. It has cheered Nick up in the worst spots. It's leaf-hat on it's head is slightly lighter than normal.

Plusle (Cheerat)
HidPwr: Bug
Hatched from an egg he got from his friend back in Hoenn, it is Nick's little "cheerleader." It would love nothing more than to root for it's partners during battle. It has reddish-pink marks instead of plain red.

Staraptor (Hawking)
HidPwr: rock
It loves to fly. It loves flying so much that it doesn't care if it has to carry Nick from city to city.

I'll try to make a story based on Nick Willow. (Yes I make a lot of stories, but I have a big, smart bwain! :))
Name: Needles Enasni
Gender:  Male
Hometown: N/A
Age: 22
Height: 5'8
Hair: Hair Tied in dark red locks.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Clothing: Purple Attire.  Fancy look to him, dressed in a Violet and black.
a Long sleeved almost fancy dress Jacket, with thick black gloves covering
his spider like hands. His pants are black and his boots violet with oddly
the edges tilted upwards.
Identifying Marks:No Marks  But often Wore a Black and Violet wooden Mask covering
his face. It showed a Nice wicked grin and tilted hollow eyes.
Musculature: Thin and Lanky, he wasn't a very physically opposing figure at all
if Not alittle frail.
Personality: Those who talked to Needles, found him egotistical to a fault. Confident
unorthodox and at times his motives tend not to be the nicest. But he always has
an amused tone to his voice.  He never seemed to get angry, only smiles!
Skills: Knows a Variety  of Illusions and Tricks, From juggling  to making it seemed
that something Vanished.
Past: When one goes to ask, one usually finds that there not quite getting the
answers  there looking for. But one things for sure, he always seems willing to entertain.
Family: None that any know off.
Love Relationships?: Nope  ...Maybe himself >)


Name:Hexx (voodoo Dolls and such)
Ability: Insomniac ( no sleepin fo dis doll)
Other Info: A doll that always seems to be out around Needles.Marks of usage could been seen along the cloth of this ghost,from marks to small stichings, even some pins planted into the poor dolls body. It always grined with its zippered maw, as it always seems to glare menacingly with its deep red eyes.Silent he is, for they say a banette that opens its zipper loses
the Haunted spirit inside of it.  It always seems to taunt and mock with motion as if trying to get something out of there frustration and Anger.
Species: Cacturne
Name: Beatrix
Gender: Female
Ability: Sandveil
Other Info: When seen, this cactus isnt often moving,
acting more like a scarecrow then that off a plant.
Her teeth sharp, as her thorns are sharper. It often
seems emotion less and careless of what others do around her but often keeps that grin. On many occasions Cacturne. Will tend to mimic,  or  "act" silently  at Needles Command, as even this Stone cold cacturne, has love for something and that tends to lay in theatrics! 

Species:Mister Mime
Name: Jester
Gender: Male
Other Info: This Clown like all mister mimes are always
willing to make other smile. Much different from his two
darker companions.  He Loves to create illusions and
mime for the crowd. Much friendlier then the rest of
Needles Roster. Its Kindness is pure to those who
do not threaten the show.  He loves to hear the
laughter and gasps of awe  in others.

Species: Vespiqen
Name: Quinn
Gender: Female
Ability: Pressure
Other Info: The Bug, with the dress of honey combs, a
rare but lovely site to many.  A Diva of the air, She will
Dance and twirl throughout the sky often getting gapes of awe and amazement. ( or "ewww" some don't like poor bugs) But when one goes to touch, they will find a swift throbbing sting in there hands.  Quinn lets very few touch and seems to not have much of a Liking  to the audience she enthralls. A Bit of a drama Queen, she surrounds herself with onlookers but lets none get to close.
Species: Octillery
Name: Aurora
Gender: Female
Ability: Snipe
Other Info: Aurora, looks less like an entertainer then the rest but dont let appearances fool you. Magical and fancy  and bending the elements to her will. A magician Who loves to put on a light show But she tends to be more reckless then the others. With Wave of water  or even Flames spewing from the cannon like mouth. She has no regards to the crowd shes sets to please, tending to be Self centered and Egotistical.

Species: Muk
Name: Sirius
Gender: male
Ability: sticky Hold
Other Info:  Muks aren't well known for there politeness or kindness.This one is no exception.  Unlike the rest of the five. It dosent Entertain, but closes the Curtain.  It watches and lingers from behind
if anything was to go wrong, or someone was getting Reckless Muk would take care of it.  Without care or Regard, its Intentions Just as vial as his stench.

( yes they all have gimmicks and themes, but also serve as symbolism to The owners Main
Traits.    Hexx- Enigmatic  Beatrix- Falseness Jester- Laughter     
Quinn- Distrust  Aurora- Egotistical  Muk- Vemous)
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Name: Turani Nekane
Age: 19
Height: average
build: lean but muscular, pretty in a natural way (she hates makeup)
Hair: violet
Eyes: green
Clothing: jeans and a t-shirt, and occasionally she wears a cow girl hat. There are always six pokeballs around her waist, and a Ponyta following her around.
Identifying Marks: A strange tattoo that snakes up her right arm.
Personality:She seems outgoing and kind, yet inside she is sad and suppressed ,as well as very lonely and often stressed.
Skills: Pokemon trainer, Gym-leader to be, singer
Past: Her family owns a Ponyta-Rapidash ranch and her mother is a Gym Leader. She has lived with her family her entire life, but due to her mother's illness is fast becoming the substitute mother for her two younger siblings. She claims she doesn't mind, but she feels suppressed since she is unable to go on her journey. Recently, she has noticed she is able to talk to Pokemon.
Family: She lives with her mother, Charlotte Nekane, and her two siblings, Makoto (7) and Kader (4), on their small ranch and helps with the gym. Lately, her mother has been ill, and the responsibility of ranch owner and gym leader has become heavier and heavier on poor Turani as she is the eldest of three.
Love Relationships: none yet, but she is searching for that special someone.


can communicate telepathically with Turani, though neither has any idea how or why.
Fiesty, and only listens to her true owner. If anyone tries to capture her...watchout! Turani has raised Flamedancer since she was born. She used to have many problems, but thank to Turani's TLC, is one of the top ten Rapidashes in existence so far.

Can control any kind of fire
calm and collected, loyal and compassionate.
She had appeared an average ponyta, and then an average Rapidash, but Turani saw through that. Now she has revealed her powers over fire, and is used as a firefighter Pokemon at the ranch and the gym. A Fire-poke-mon.

Has more electricity attacks than fire
Perky and enthusiastic, loves to play
This Rapidash had belonged to Turani's father. When he died, Sparkshifter's care fell to Turani.

Can burn an opponent with even normal attacks do to a high body temperature
Another of her father's Rapidashes, it took Turani ages to gain his trust.

can speak English ((like Meowth))
playful, loyal, obedient, and intelligent
Turani's mot recently born ponyta, believes her to be it's mother. It follows her around, refusing to go into a pokeball unless she must ride on of the Rapidashes for speed's sake.

Has a very powerful sing, but does no automatically but everyone to Sleep.
Just the ones she wants to. Also, instead of pink, she is purple

Pokemon's Special Features, if any: all the Rapidashes and the Ponyta have a tattoo similar to Turani's on their right foreleg.

ooc: to mod- if anything doesn't work, let me know and I'll change it.
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Name: Mi-chan Hana Kiri (Kiri)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lilycove City, Hoenn
Age: 14
Height & Build: 4'3" and petite. Far more little girl-esque than full-bodied teenager.
Weight: None of your business.
Hair & Details: Bright Aquamarine in color, tied in two strawberry colored elastics in low pigtails. Pink snowcap covering her head. A candy-shaped brooch is clipped on to right side of her head.
Eyes: Big, bright, and magenta pink.
Clothing: A blue dress with pink details, pink socks, and pink Mary Janes.
Identifying Marks: Small light dot in the middle of her forehead.
Personality: She is outgoing, and sometimes... well... hyper. At times she's known to be moody as well.
Skills: (Gymnastics), Coordinator, spying.
Past: Soon will be revealed.
Family: Mom[travelling somewhere in Sinnoh], Dad[Deceased], Aunt[Legal Guardian until her mom gets back]
Love Relationships?: Currently, none.


Species: Kirlia
Nickname: Cherry
Gender: Female
Ability: Trace/Synchronize(can relay what Kiri is feeling, thinking, and can speak with her telepathically)
History/Personality: She is always the do first, think later kind of Pokemon. Always cheery, optimistic, and a go-getter. Loves to make friends.
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: A crescent shaped birthmark on her forehead, hidden by her hair.

Species: Roserade
Nickname: Sari
Gender: Female
Ability: Poison Point/Natural Cure
History/Personality: Sari has what Cherry lacks. Patience and a rational mind. Roserade is the loner of the group, but keeps an eye everyone on her team except for Melodi, for they are known for their trouble. Raised as a little Budew alongside Cherry as a Ralts she knows that she has to protect the misfit and get her out of trouble. Roserade was the first gift Pokemon from Kiri's mother in Sinnoh, received on her ninth birthday. The Light Stone needed to evolve Sari into what she is today was found while travelling around Sinnoh when Kiri was eleven.
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Shorter than a regular Roserade by three inches.

Species: Milotic
Nickname: Melodi
Gender: Female
Ability: Marvel Scale
History/Personality: She's the calm voice of the team. Found as a lowly Feebas being peddled around by a Magikarp salesman, Kiri bought the little bugger because she pitied it. It was badly bruised and tattered and it seemed half starved to death. Melodi didn't seem to trust the twelve year old Coordinator at first(Kiri was twelve at the time), but it soon came to trust the girl as Kiri defended her against insults. Melodi evolved to save Kiri from drowning around her thirteenth birthday.
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: Skin is a lighter tone than regular Milotics.

Species: Piplup
Nickname: Piyopop
Gender: Female
Ability: Torrent
History/Personality: Piyopop, with the exception of Sorbet, is still a little child. Mind-wise, anyway. She is curious, and is the most frightened in a situation out of all of Kiri's pokemon. A recent birthday gift from Kiri's mom(who is still travelling Sinnoh) as an egg, Piyopop reveres Kiri as her mom. 
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: N/A

Species: Glameow
Nickname: Sapphire
Gender: Female
Ability: Limber/Own Tempo
History/Personality: She is a devilish cat, and alongside with Sorbet the Pichu their pranks are almost infallible. Always sarcastic, never really serious. Likes to takes things at her own pace, but this demeanor changes during contests where she knows she's being watched. Loves her own reflection. 
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: N/A

Species: Pichu
Nickname: Sorbet
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
History/Personality: Naturally curious and mischievious, she is known as the baby of the group. She's as hyper as Kiri is at times, sometimes at the same time. She's too young to be nervous, which makes her great for contests. She loves attention.
Pokémon's Special Features, if any: N/A

((Will be completed later.))
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Name: Megra Taylor
Gender: Female
Hometown: Little Root
Age: 16
Height: 4,11 almost around 5,0
Weight: 117
Hair: Brown
Eyes:Blueish green but mostly blue.

Mostly you can Identify Megra by her singnature bathing suit when ever she sees a beach she stops and takes a swim. other times you see her in a blue top and jeans She has glasses but dosent wear them all the time including battles swimming and other things that she dosent need to wear them for. She usually wears sandels on her feet but sometime tennis shoes. Her pokeballs are always close in her pocket when she needs them.

Identifying Marks: Wears glasses but that dosent stop her from doing the things she loves to do training her pokemon and swimming alot
Musculature: Skinny
Personality: Sweet, Shy
Skills: Gymnastics and Swimming
Family: Mom: Always at home ready for when ever her husband or daughter come home
Father: A Pokemon trainer in a gym for the Petalsburg Gym she has been too the gym and even battled him,she just didnt recognize him at all, Megra hasnt seen him seince she was 4 years of age he had only seen her once and he dosent know she is a trainer as well.
Siblings: She has none she is a only child.
Love Relationships?: None at the moment
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, History/Personality, etc.

Swampert M ( Mamo)
Ablities :
History: Was given to her by Proffessor elm
Pokémon's Special Features, if any:
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Name: Mace Harris
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pewter City
Age: 18
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Clothing: Red t-shirt, black undershirt, dark green sweatshirt, glasses, blue jeans, black shoes. Pokeballs are kept in his sweatshirt pocket.
Identifying Marks: Has thick side burns and a goatee
Musculature: a bit chubby
Personality: Laid back, joker.
Skills: Martial Arts, Pokemon Facts
Past: Mace is a wanderer, he goes from place to just studying pokemon. His goal in life is to one day discover a new species of Pokemon. His home life was a little shakey, his dad died when he was 6. When he was 10 his mom remarried a pokemon researcher. Mace was alittle hesitant at first, but eventually warmed up to his new father. He has an older sister who is a pokemon breeder, and a younger brother.
Mom: Nadoka Harris-Wilson
Dad: Seamus Harris (Deceased)
Stepdad: Prof. Sirus Wilson
Sister: Jenna Harris
Brother: Wade Wilson
Love Relationships?:
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, History/Personality, etc.

Species: Kangaskhan
Gender: Female
Ability: Early Bird/ Bravery
History: Kangaskhan was given to Mace by his stepfather, Prof. Wilson, when she was just a baby. Mace raised her with care, and that resulted in one loyal pokemon. Kangaskhan is trainned in sumo wrestling.

Species: Snover
Gender: Male
Ability: Snow Storm
History/ Personality: First pokemon caught by Mace. Likes to sleep.

Species: Mamoswine
Gender: Male
Ability: Oblivious/ Snow Hide
History/ Personality: Mamoswine once belonged to Seamus Harris. After Seamus's death, Mamoswine was left at Prof. Wilson's Lab. When Mace was 16 he "inheirited" Mamoswine.

Species: Aipom
Gender: Male
Ability: Pick-up/Runaway
History/ Personality: Mace caught him in Viridian Forest. Aipom was attempting to steal food from him so Mace caught him. Aipom is a prankster.

Species: Evee
Nickname: Sven
Gender: Male
Ability: Runaway/ Adaptive
History/ Personality: Mace got Sven in a trade. Sven is very shy.

Species: Drifloon
Gender: Female
Ability: Unburden/ Aftermath
History/ Personality: Mace saw it floating around one day and caught it.
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Hometown:TwinLeaf town
Eyes:sometimes green and sometimes grey
Clothing:pink shirt,blue jeans,a white cap,pink shoes
Identifying Marks:a birthmark on the left hand ring finger
Skills:pokemon contests
Past:comes from a line of great coordinators
Love Relationships?:
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, History/Personality, etc.
Pokémon's Special Features, if any:
History/Personality:Got it from the area Profesor.it's really stuborn,funny and determind
Ability:Run away
History/Personality:caugth in a field when it was in love with pikachu.It usually falls in love with a lot of pokemon
Ability:pick up
History/Personality:cauth in a forest.It usually sparks me.
Ability:Swift swim
History/Personality:couth in the ocean,while traveling by boat.Likes to spin it's tail.
Ability:Leaf guard
History/Personality:Evoled Eevee.Lloves to be beautiful
History/Personality:Got at a forest,from the begining it joined me.
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Name: Sebastian Pruitt
Gender: Male
Hometown: Viridian City
Age: 14
Height: 5'3"
Wieght: 124 LBS.
Hair: Short blonde spikes.
Eyes: Deep Blue
Clothing:  Blue Jeans, backwards baseball cap,  and a black t-shirt
Identifying marks:  5 inch scar down his arm.
Muscularture:  Normal
Personality: Very weary of new people but the few friends that he had as a child he was loyal to.
Skills: Plays the guitar well.
Past:  Being near the Pokemon league he always saw the beauty of trainers and their pokemon.  Ever since he aspired to be like them but on a different level entirely.
Family:  Father and mother who work at Sliph Co.
Relationships: none
Pokemon:  Charizard (Char)  Male Blaze
History:  Sebastian's first pokemon.... they have a relation ship that seeminigly nothing can break.

Sebastians second pokemon... always seems to get out of his pokeball...

Golbat, male
Always clears out the caves to make sure there is no danger. Third pokemon.

Well theres my character!
Hometown:ent sayin
Clothing:black jeans a dark green and light green striped shirt and a white hoodie
Personality:happy but often was made fun of for laughing to much  :'(
Skills:pretty smart (is that a skill??)
Past:he thought he disliked his brother but when his brother left home, guy ended up with all the responsibilities so he ran off one night.
during the night he ran off he found a injured vulpix and helped it the vulpix befriended guy and they started there journey together. lol funny thing was guy noticed he didnt have a plan to where he was going. lol
Family:farther,little sister and big bro which is already left on his journey
Love Relationships?:maybe
vulpix/nine tails
appearance:she has no left ear because of the injuries which guy saved her from
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StellarWind Elsydeon

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Pardon me for interrupting, RegiLover, but, read the RP rules. No legendaries. This means that you cannot HAVE a Registeel in RP. At least, not here.
Okay, thanks, Linkachu.


Name: Anna

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Height: 5 ft., 3 in.

Weight: 100 lbs.

Hometown: Petalburg

Eyes: Emerald-green

Hair: Long, red, and curly

Clothes: Green T-shirt, blue jeans, and white-and-blue tennis shoes.

Personality: Funny, outgoing and friendly, squeaks when she laughs.

Skills: She's a great Trainer, artist, and coordinator.

Past: She's just a normal girl from Petalburg, though she did get her Cyndaquil in Viridian.

Family: Her mother, Jill, is a great coordinator, her father, Tom, thinks he's cool, and her older brother and sister, Jack and Sara, tease her sometimes.

Love relationships: There's a Boy with Orange hair in Rustboro that she likes. His name is Peter.


Species: Cyndaquil

Nickname: Tracy

Gender: Female

Ability: Blaze

Hidden Power: She can turn into a little fireball, and can talk, but she'll only talk to her friends and Anna.

History: Not much is known about her. Anna won't tell us much, but she did say that she taught her Cyndaquil to talk.

Pokémon's Special Features: Wears a charm bracelet with blue stars on it.

Anna has other Pokemon, but Tracy's her main Pokemon.
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Um...What if your character IS a Pokemon? Is that allowed?

Do you mean like a Mystery Dungeon-based character bio? If so then, yeah, there'd be nothing wrong with that (though you still couldn't use a Legendary Pokemon-based character). Just please, no anthros or human/Pokemon fusions.
Do you mean like a Mystery Dungeon-based character bio? If so then, yeah, there'd be nothing wrong with that (though you still couldn't use a Legendary Pokemon-based character). Just please, no anthros or human/Pokemon fusions.

Yes, Tracy's going to be my Cyndaquil from Mystery Dungeon. She's not an anthro, just a talking Cyndaquil. (Why she can talk is explained above; is it okay that she can talk?)


Hero of Pizza
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Yes, Tracy's going to be my Cyndaquil from Mystery Dungeon. She's not an anthro, just a talking Cyndaquil. (Is it okay that she can talk?)

My only question about that is why she can talk in the first place. No offense, but it just seems kinda like a cheap gimmick without any back story ^^;


Name: Cascade Linden
Gender: Female
Hometown: Viridian City
Age: 16
Weight: 60 lbs
Hair:waist-length, blue-green, straight.
Eyes:clear blue
Clothes:red sleeves, blue jeans, white rubber shoes
Identifying Marks: a birthmark behind her hair
Musculature: slim
Personality: kind of sweet. A little bit of hot-tempered. Happy-go-lucky
Skills: a very good Trainer, martial-arts.
Past: She was a nice girl in Viridian City and a student form Pokémon Tech. She was very smart upon Pokémon and learning ever since.
Family:Mom, Dad, and her 3 sisters.
Love Relationships: Ricky, a boy from Pokémon Tech

Species: Ninetales
Nickname: Berlitz
Gender: F
Ability: Flash Fire
Hidden Power: can use Psychic attacks
Special Features: has a jewel necklace given to it by Cascade
History: Cascade found this Pokémon as a Vulpix in the Viridian Forest, lost and cold.

Species: Buizel
Nickname: Topaz
Gender: F
Special Features: it has alternate colors at the buoy at it's neck
History: ??

Species: Glameow
Nickname: Glamour
Gender: F
Special Features : ??
History: this Pokémon was left by it's Trainer in Blackthorn City

Species: Dragonair
Nickname: Wishes
Gender: F
Special Features: ??
History: It was found as a Dratini, injured and hurt badly in Mt. Moon.
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Name: Nox Marcel

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Hometwon: Lavaridge

Appearance: A stick thin young man with frizzy blonde hair. Nox wears a pair of small glasses that are always low on his nose. He carries a sturdy walking stick with him at all times. He wears desert camouflage pants and a beige shirt. He is almost always dusty and sandy from his constant excursions.

Personality: Nox can be blunt at times, always conveying his true feelings, no matter how nasty. Nonetheless, he is a good partner to have with you. He has the deepest interest in ancient civilizations and extinct and legendary pokemon. Nox is a better battler than Sophia, though his team is unbalanced and he has less badges. Nox leans toward psychic and poison type pokemon.

History: Nox comes from Lavaridge. He expressed deep interest in archeology at a young age, while showing no particular care for training. His family went on vacation in Kanto, and that is where his father caught his first pokemon, Ekans. Nox and Ekans became fast friends, and it was only the pair's almost mirrored personalities that led to Nox catching more. Nox also met the girl Sophia Zewin while in Kanto. Once back from the vacation, Nox immediately set to work on capturing more companions. While Nox spends more time studying than training his teams, his allies are quite powerful, though some choose not to evolve.

Family: A mother and father.

Love Interests: Sophia Zewin


Gender: Male
Personality: About as snide and blunt as his master, Arbok puts himself on a pedestal, and the only ones equal to or surpassing him in his eyes are his comrades and Nox.
Found: Captured by Nox's father.

Gender: Male
Personality: Seems to reflect a Godfather-era mobster, complete with a smooth as silk attitude and a violent temper. Has a soft spot for Nox's Kirlia.
Found: Seemed to tag along after Nox caught his first pokemon, a tentacool. As it turns out, tentacool is the "Don" of Grimer's family.

Gender: Male
Personality: A complete and total emotional trainwreck. Kadabra breaks down at practically every single thing. However, once he's set his mind to something, he manages to piece together his fragmented emotions a bit.
Found: Captured while Nox was in Cerulean city, under the careful instruction of Sophia.

Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet and polite, Kirlia enjoys preforming and assisting others. Has a crush on Nox's Grimer.
Found: Captured on the way back to Hoenn.

Gender: N/A
Personality: Doesn't seem to show much of one, a bit curious, though. Something of an intellectual type.
Found: Sophia caught this as a Staryu while fishing. Traded it with a Gloom Nox had.

Gender: Male
Personality: A knightly and honourable figure. Gallade carries himself with pride and enjoys battle extensively.
Found: The female Kirlia's older brother. Was captured along with Kirlia.

Also has a male Tentacruel and female Roserade in reserves. Tentacruel carries himself like a mafia Don, being Grimer's "boss". Roserade fancies herself as a superhero and enjoys fighting with Gallade.
Name: Carrie (Slovak)

Gender: Female

Birth place: Pallet Town

Age: 18

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 125 lbs.

Hair: Dark purple and straight, goes a little past the shoulders

Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Black turtleneck sweater, blue-black pleated skirt with black shorts, black combat boots, and blue fingerless gloves. She carries a large, dark blue duffle bag.

Identifying Marks: Her hair-color and the large, silver, bolt-shaped charm she wears around her neck.

Musculature: medium build

Personality: Carrie is generally a nice person, but she has a quick temper when you provoke her. There are certain topics she can't stand, and she let's that be known. She loves a good laugh, and can't cook to save her life. Her Raichu has to do it for her. She's a thrill-seeker, and loves to stand at the highest point she can find during storms to see if she can get struck by lightning.

Skills: Not bad at gardening, and is very good at treasure hunting. A rather good Trainer.

Past: Her father, Marc Slovak, also grew up in Pallet Town, and as his daughter would later he departed when he came of age to become a Pokemon Trainer. He collected his eight badges, and though he didn't beat the League he still came home to a grand welcome. He specialized in water and grass type Pokemon. He met Carrie's mother, Beth, at the casino in Celadon City. He helped her find her lost coin case, and they spent the evening talking over drinks. Over the next few months they continued to visit each other, and three years after their meeting they married. (They were both 20 at that point).
Their first child was a boy, a spritely lad they named Collin. Four years after that, Carrie was born. When Carrie was only six her brother left to become a Trainer, and she was immensely jealous. They had always competed for everything, and that he got to go adventuring while she stayed behind burned. It didn't help that, when he returned two years later, he had beat the League--when he was only twelve! Her parents were extremely proud of him, and it became a habit for them to talk about his achievements to everyone around. Carrie's jealousy grew, and she vowed that she would one day become a better Trainer than him.
A few weeks before her tenth birthday, however, Carrie was in the woods near the town and stumbled upon a young, injured Eevee hiding in the roots of a tree. She coaxed him out, and took him home with her. Professor Oak was astounded at the Eevee's discovery, as all research pointed to their native habitat being much further to the north. After treating him and giving the Eevee a check-up, he allowed Carrie to take him home and care for him. A few weeks later, she went to Oak's to get her 'first' Pokemon. After the success of several previous Trainers from Pallet many of the youths wished to become them, so Oak had, once again, run out of Pokemon. She ended up with a female Pikachu, and when she questioned him about it he said it wasn't exactly uncommon. Apparently it had happened before.
So the next morning she departed, and for the next four years she trained and traveled until she was confident enough to enter the League. She ended up encountering her brother, and though the margin between scores was very narrow she managed to beat him. She was ecstatic, and returned home jubilantly. She was greeted warmly, and Oak told her of her brother's travels to Hoenn. Carrie, still burning to further prove her skill to him, decided to follow. For the next two years she traveled around the area, gathering Pokemon and badges alike. She entered the League, and though she didn't win (she had a pretty high rank, though) she at least had the satisfaction of knowing he hadn't won, either. She's recently returned to Pallet for a much-needed vacation...

Family: Marc Slovak (father), Beth Slovak (mother), and Collin Slovak (older brother)

Love Relationships?: N/A


Jolteon (originally Eevee):
Gender: Male
Personality: Fiercely protective, he's very loyal and is willing to do anything to protect those around him. He especially has a tendency to protect Pokemon much younger and weaker than him. Many suspect him to have a romantic interest in Raichu, though no evidence or proof has ever been found. He is unanimously acknowledged as the leader of the team. He's fast and sure-footed, preferring to use raw tactics and devastating strategy in battle rather than brute strength and type advantage.
Found: In a forest right outside Pallet Town as a baby. Carrie's unofficial first Pokemon.
Special Traits: He had a scar above his left eyebrow and across his nose from a close encounter with an angry Scyther.

Raichu (originally Pikachu):
Gender: Female
Personality: Every inch the over-bearing mother. She has a daughter (a Pikachu named Pearl whose identifying trait is a red bow around her neck), and is maddenly protective. She also loves to cook, and can be frequently found in the kitchen wearing an apron with a pair of sunglasses on. Her specialty is Chinese dishes. She was Carrie's official 'first' Pokemon, though she had found Eevee first. Some suspect her to have a romantic interest in Jolteon, though no evidence has been found. She is considered the second-in-command to Jolteon. In her spare time you can catch her attempting to screech out a tune on Carrie's PokeFlute. In battle she uses an equal blend of special and physical attacks, often foregoing defense in order to get the job done quickly. Her favorite moves and Body Slam, Iron Tail and Thunder punch.
Found: Her first Pokemon; given to her by Oak
Special Traits: An apron and a pair of sunglasses; sometimes a spatula

Gender: Male
Personality: A very gentle soul, Lapras hates to fight, and tries his hardest to stay out of the fray. He much prefers acting as transport across bodies of water, whether large or small. He loves Raichu's cooking, though it gives him indigestion. He enjoys classical music and hot springs. He relies almost exclusively on defense in battle, using Sing and Mist often. When in desperate situations he'll let loose an Aurora Beam or Hydro Pump, but only when he desperately needs a victory. His most noted offensive move is Ice Beam.
Found: Near Fuschia City
Special Traits: A particularly large dark spot on his neck

Bell (Bellossom, non-combatant):
Gender: Female
Personality: A relatively new addition to the group, Bell is rather stand-offish and doesn't much like to associate with the others. She has a marked dislike of Raichu, though she doesn't mind Pearl (probably because the Pikachu has a fashion sense). She never takes part in battles, prefering to stay at the sidelines with the aforementioned Pikachu. She specializes in using her Stun Spore, especially on members of the opposite sex.
Found: Near Azalea Town
Special Traits: Her petals sparkle oddly. Must be the fertilizers.

Mischief (Misdreavus):
Gender: Male
Personality: Mischief is, as his name implies, mischievous. He loves to cause trouble, and he especially loves to play pranks on young ladies with beautiful red hair (the reason is unknown and unwanted). He gets along fairly well with the others, although he and Jolteon share a slight coolness towards each other. He adores croissants loaded with butter. The reason remains unclear. He loves using a combination of Mean Eyes and Perish Song, using it to annihalate his enemies in one powerful stroke. He always makes sure he is switched out before the move can affect him, and when that fails he'll overpower his foes with a mix of Psychic and Psy Beam.

Pearl (Pikachu, non-combatant):
Gender: Female
Personality: She's Raichu's daughter, a Pokemon known for her taste in fashion and dislike of battles. She's fairly powerful; the problem is getting her to fight. She prefers to stay on the sidelines with Bell, and doesn't take part in battles unless pushed to do so. She tends to help her mother in the kitchen when she can, and adores Jolteon. She has a knack for showing up wherever he is, and always knows what he's up to.
Found: Er, not exactly 'found'...
Special Traits: A red ribbon tied into a bow around her neck.

Charles (Charizard):
Gender: Male
Personality: Despite his fiery temper he's a rather kindly individual, preferring to sleep than to pick fights, though he loves battling. He won't eat any of Raichu's cooking unless it's spicy, and only then when it is loaded liberally with hot sauce. In battle he loves to use Flamethrower and Seismic Toss in combination, his trademark finishing move being Wing Attack.
Found: Outside Celadon City; he was injured and wild, so Carrie took care of him until he was well again (as a Charmander, of course).
Special Traits: He wears a a key on a chain around his neck. No one knows what the key goes to.

Gender: Male
Personality: Despite the idea that Psychic Pokemon are normally even-tempered, this Pokemon has some serious issues. He's constantly picking fights with his 'surrogate' father, Jolteon, and likes to rebel. He refused to fight in two-on-two battles, prefering to fight alone. He gets along well with Mischief and Charles. He is marked with a rather vicious personality, and dislikes friendly overtures with others. In battle he takes out his foes quickly and efficiently, wasting no time with fancy moves that give them a chance to retaliate.
Found: He was as an egg with Jolteon after the said Pokemon bounded off for an unknown reason. It was always assumed Jolteon had been drawn to it because it had been an Eevee in that egg. Perhaps he was remembering his own youth. Who knows?
Special Traits: Is reknowned for using Bite often in battle. He's vicious, isn't he?

In reserve she keeps a Ninetales named Karen, a Vaporeon, a Rapidash named Silver, a Starmie and a Houndoom named Alexandria.

(Note: This profile is for an RP based in the past, though one day I plan on using her for something else, too.)

Name: Beth Cassalin
Gender: Female
Hometown: Lilycove
Age: 15
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: A simple white blouse with black jeans; a white hairband to keep her bangs out of her face, and black, fingerless gloves. She also wears army boots.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Medium
Personality: Bright and cheery. She loves gardening even though she's terrible at it, and is kind and caring to everyone. If anyone dares to go against what she thinks should be done, however, she becomes quite demonic.
Skills: Pokemon Contests, Training
Past: Beth grew up in Lilycove with her mother, her father having died when she was three. Her mother, Karol, worked as a clerk in the department store. Though it had been Beth's wish to become a Trainer at the traditional age of ten, she waited two years and instead helped her mother in the store, after her pay was cut in half after a down-sizing of the staff. At twelve she left to visit Birch, but before she even arrived she encountered a Trainer who was auctioning off a Torkoal. Nobody would buy it, and in pity for the Pokemon she placed a bid. Naturally she won, being the only bidder, and she officially had her first Pokemon. She's managed to acquire all her badges, and is in the midst of training for the League. She also went to Johto for a brief period of time when she was fourteen, in order to escape issues with an increased number of Pokemon thieves around Hoenn. Is a Fire/Rock/Ground specialist.
Family: Her mother, Karol
Love Relationships?: None

Name (Species): Ember (Torkoal)
Gender: Male
Ability: White Smoke
Special Features: None
History: Ember was being auctioned off by its previous owner in the open market of Slateport. However, it being such an unpopular Pokemon, no one was willing to buy. Beth was passing by on her way to see Birch, and in pity stopped and made a bid on him. She won, naturally, and for her compassion towards him despite his outer appearance his is very loyal.
Personality: Rough and tough, though holds a very endearing love for his trainer. If he thinks you're irritating, he flame you up a bit to show it. Gives no quarter.

Name (Species): Crest (Houndoom)
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire, Early Bird
Special Features: Shiny
History: Crest is a shiny Houndoom. Beth caught her as a Houndour when she traveled briefly to Johto at the age of fourteen. She evolved shortly after returning to Hoenn.
Personality: Crest is a laid-back Pokemon, though she is unnaturally jittery, due to her being a Shiny. It was always normal for people to fawn over her rare coloring, and she now suffers from claustrophobia as a result. Because of this, she is always out of her Pokeball; no exceptions.

Name (Species): Craig (Donphan)
Gender: Male
Ability: Sturdy
Special Features: His tusks are scarred heavily.
History: Beth found Craig, also when she journeyed to Johto. He was the elder of a pack of Donphans and Phanpys, the scars on his tusk identifying him as alpha. A rock slide separated him from the rest of the pack, and she encountered him as he was sniffing his group out. After a fierce and tiring fight she caught him, and though she felt bad about separating him from his group, he simply let them appoint a new leader. He felt he was honoring an unspoken agreement to follow the strongest, which at the time was Beth.
Personality: He's a sagely individual. He's always breaking up potential fights, and has a very neutral view of good/evil. He will simply follow the strongest. Because of this, it is one of Beth's biggest fears that he will leave her to follow the victor of a lost battle.

Name (Species): Helen (Aggron)
Gender: Female
Ability: Sturdy, Rock Head
Special Features: None
History: Helen was caught by Beth as an Aron in Granite Cave shortly after she officially 'started' her journey. Nothing too special about her circumstances. She evolved into Lairon against a guitarist shortly after fighting Norman. Further evolved into Aggron against one of Tate and Liza's junior trainers.
Personality: A stubborn Pokemon, she won't back down in a fight, and she won't give an inch when she thinks she's right. Takes insults personally, especially about her apparent lack of good looks. Don't even make an allusion to the word 'fat' or anything similar in meaning around her.

Name (Species): Jennine (Flygon)
Gender: Female
Ability: Levitate
Special Features: Blue eyes instead of red.
History: Jennine was caught as a Trapinch on Route 111. She evolved into Vibrava against Norman, and further evolved into Flygon against Tate and Liza.
Personality: Jennine is a very quiet Pokemon. She won't make a sound until she thinks someone around her is in danger, and she won't move until she has her opponent thoroughly analyzed. The 'thinker' of the team.

Name (Species): Olivier (Sandslash)
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Special Features: None
History: He was caught on Route 113. He evolved into Sandslash against Flannery.
Personality: He's a flirt, and never passes up an oppurtunity to make a pass at an attractive female Pokemon, especially one of his own kind. Women, beware. Otherwise, he keeps to himself, acting cool and revving for battles. When no one's looking he asks Beth to file his claws for him, or if she can't at the moment, he'll rake them against a tree and claim he's practicing.
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Name: Ben Ryak
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 5'' 6''
Whieht: 120lb
Musculature: medium build
Eyes: Green
Hair: dark brown, messy
Identifying Marks: Carries Smeargle's Pokeball on a necklace
Clothes: Black beret with a white Pokeball symbol on front of it, white t-shirt, tan pans, thin black
overcoat that has lots of pockets on the inside of it for carrying items.
Proffesion: Pokemon trianer/painter.
Personality: Easygoing, but will become a little more serios and focused at times
Love Life: Had a girfreind in Floroma named Rose, but they broke up after he said he didn't like to paint flowers
Family: Father: John Ryak, was a small time artist, was never really home as he was traveling. The last time Ben saw him
was on his 5th birthday.
Mom: Rayna Ryak, makes the greatest meatloaf ever!.
Sister: Amy Ryak, went missing when Ben was 10. Ben makes it one of his missions to find her whereabouts.
Hometown: Sandgem
Past: Spent first 12 years of his life in sandgem then left to see the world


Species: Shiney Smeargle
Gender: Male
Personality: Extremely friendly. Also protective. He will protect Ben from almost anyone Ben has not met and/or
identified as freindly and/or safe.
Identifying Marks: He is shiney
Caught/History: Bens first Pokemon. It was given to him as a birthday present from his father for his 5th birthday.
As a result, the two have a very loving bond and understand each other to the point where Ben is able
to translate what he is saying!
Ability: Own Tempo

Species: Bastiodon (previosly shieldon)
Gender: Male
Nickname: none
Personality: Strong silent type. Gets along very well with Ben.
Identifying Marks: none
Caught/History: Given to him for winning first prize in a stone sculpture competition in Oreburgh.
Ability: Sturdy

Species: Rotom
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
Personality: Does not trust anyone exept for Ben.
Identifying Marks: none
Caught/History: Caught in the Old Chateau when Ben went there to paint
Ability: Levitate

Name: Dram
Gender: Male
Hometown: Unknown (Sinnoh region, most likely)
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 150
Hair: Black, of medium length.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Clothing: Dram's usual attire is a dark red button-up shirt, black pants, and black gloves.
Build: Lean

Personality: Aloof. Dram is a very quiet, thoughtful person, and prefers to be in the company of his Pokemon if he desires company at all. Dram only speaks when something needs to be said, and when he speaks he does so with the fewest words possible. He is serious, brief, and despises anything that differs from that. However, he has a softer side. He is honorable, and will guard his friends (his Pokemon) fiercely. His Pokemon are his only true friends, and it would take more work than most people would want to spend to crack Dram's tough exterior.

Skills: Dram lives on the outskirts of civilization, so has become accustomed to making his own food, forging for firewood, and doing anything else necessary to take care of himself. He is also proficient in self-defense, so he can handle himself in a real fight if needed.

Past: Shrouded in mystery, most of all to Dram. Dram's first memory is awaking outside of a burning building which he later found out was a research facility. He still has no idea why he was there or how he escaped, let alone any pieces of his life before that. Dram continues to search out his past, hoping that one day he will discover something that will conjure it back.

Family: Unknown.

Love Relationships: None.


Species: Absol
Nickname: Darkness
Gender: Female
History/Personality: When Dram awoke outside the burning research facility that fateful day, he woke looking into the eyes of this Absol. Ever since that day, this Pokemon has not left his side. Like her master, this Absol is aloof. The only thing that speaks less than Dram himself is this Pokemon, as it is mute. Dram and his Absol have a bond that cannot be described; they are inseparable, almost to the point of acting as one mind. They know each other completely, except for one small fact: Darkness may know what happened that day, and as far as Dram can tell, she isn't telling.

Species: Gardevoir
Gender: Female

Species: Glaceon
Gender: Female

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male

Species: Luxray
Gender: Male

Species: Ninetales
Gender: Female
Name: Lewis Suic (pronounced sweek)
Gender: Male
Hometown: South Outskirts of Pewter City
Age: 13
Height: 5' 3''
Weight: 106 pounds
Hair: longish, brown (in signature)
Eyes: Pale Blue
Clothing: (In signature) Green trench coat, black shirt with grey stripe, blue jeans, black belt with grey buckle, Black fingerless gloves, studden wrist band, binary watch.
Identifying Marks: none
Musculature: Although he doesn't look it, he is of average strength
Personality: Hyper in a calm way. He is very energetic, but not loud or extremely talkative. he is intelligent, enjoying conversations, books, computers and uncommon alternatives to different things (such as his Binary watch). Lewis is extremely outgoing and loves to dance(and is great at it) Lewis also loves to be very random when hes not being serious. Hes a nice person, to nice people, but can get very angry and create a storm over idiotic or mean people. Lewis is a cuddly person with his pokemon and talks to them regularly.
Skills: He can hold his own in a fight with his agility and flexibility. Lewis can wield a sword and staff extremely well and is a tree climbing expert.
Past: Lewis grew up in the south end of pewter city, where it was more like a small town, with the houses far apart. He spent much of his time in Viridian Forest because he was so close to it. Thats where he got his Pichu and Scyther. He traveled by himself to Pallet town to get a Squirtle. His traveling Uncle brought him a Munchlax from Sinnoh. When his Dad brought him to saffron, he caught a Growlithe to the east of the city. When the family went on vacation to Johto, he caught a Natu in the ruins of alph.
Family:He had a brother Mark, who was four and a half years older, and a sister, Courtney who was seven years older. His mother was a school teacher and his father worked for Silph-Co. His brother had a Charizard, Typhlosion and Torchic(among other pokemon). His Sister had a Bulbasaur, Meganium and Sceptile(among other pokemon).
Love Relationships:None
Pokémon:All pokemon have light blue bandannas somewhere on them.
In double battles, Kent and Ryuk usually fight together, as do Stryker and Harrison, as well as Dormin and Kia.

Name: Kent
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent: When HP get low, water attacks are multiplied by 1.5
Met: First Pokemon, from Prof. Oak as a Squirtle.
Personality: Tough, Happy, Outgoing
Bandanna: High on left arm.

Name: Ryuk
Gender: Male
Ability: Static: When the foe makes contact with Raichu, there is a 30% chance of paralyzation.
Met: Second pokemon, as a Pichu in Viridian Forest.
Personality: Hyper, Playful, Smart
Bandanna: Around neck

Name: Stryker
Gender: Male
Ability: Swarm: When Scizor get low on health, bug type moves are multiplied by 1.5
Met: Third Pokemon, as a baby scyther in Viridian Forest
Personality: Much like Lewis, Loves to dance, is outgoing, but extremely focused
Bandanna: around neck

Name: Harrison
Gender: Male
Ability: Flash Fire: Arcanice cannot be attacked by Fire type moves and boosts the attack of Arcanin's Fire movies.
Met: Fourth pokemon, east of saffron
Personality: Protective of the other pokemon in the group and of Lewis, very friendly also.
Bandanna; High on left front leg.

Name: Dormin
Gender: Male
Ability:Thick Fat: Fire and Ice moves do 50% less damage to Snorlax
Met: Fifth pokemon, received as an egg as a gift from Lewis' uncle.
Personality: Odd for a snorlax, doesn't sleep as much as most do, and is extremely strong. It punches and kicks in battles, using physical moves more than actual pokemon moves.
Bandanna: High on left arm

Name: Kia
Gender: Female
Ability:Synchronize: Poison, Burn and Paralysis are inflicted in the foe when inflicted in Xatu.
Met: Sixth Pokemon, made friends with Lewis when his family visited the ruins of Alph
Personality: Very smart and loyal
Bandanna: Around neck
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Height:5' 2''
Weight:72 pounds
Hair:long curly blond hair that goes to her waist
Eyes:light blue
Clothing:a white tank top that has a red rose on the front.she also has a skirt that is light blue like her eyes.she wheres blue shoes and she has legging that are white.
Identifying Marks:she Carries her minum's pokeball on a necklace her mom gave her.
Musculature:very slim and ways a lot less that i normal 12 year old.
Personality:she is nice but tends to get hyper aloght.
Skills:great at singing and is good at dancing also.
Past:Sara was born and raised in Petalburg her mom was a great breeder that was well known and her dad was a famous Pokemon trainer.Sara had many friends growing up she got her first crush at the age of 7 but grew out of it fast.she got her first Pokemon which was her minum from her mom she soon caught a Plusle.every now and then she visited her family.
Family:she has a older brother who is 2 years older than her she also has a little sister who is 2 years younger that her who is just starting her journey.she has a mom who is a famous Pokemon breeder and her dad loves to travel aloght.
Love Relationships?:she has a crush who is named Matt.
Ability:when minum is with plusle she is stronger than usual
Met:minum was a gift from her mom.
Personality:playful and very loyal to her trainer.

ability:when plusle is with minum she is stronger than usual
Met:was caught at a Field near Petalburg.
Personality:playful,curios and loyal to her trainer.
Hometown:Blackthorn City
Hair:Black/Brown long and frizzy
Eyes:Grey Blue
Clothing:Has black pants and black jacket and red Shirt also has black belt along with boots
Identifying Marks:Hair stick out in all directions(mostly up) and a scar under his left eye from a pokemon battle
Musculature:is of average strength
Personality:Likes to always be right and never gives in, also smart and a little weird, Loves and cares for all creatures
Skills:good at facts, math, and history, good with strategics ,
Past:Grew up in Black Thorn city training with strong Dragon pokemon, when I was 10, I set out across the pokemon world and started my journey to defeat as many gym leaders as possible and become a strong trainer
Family:Mother:Clair and 2nd Cousin: Lance
Love Relationships?: none so far
Lucario: M Inner Focus
My lovable and most sensitive pokemon. only pokemon I can talk to
Aura Sphere
Close Combat
Dragon Pulse

Lopunny: F Klutz
My most hyper pokemon that just loves to well, love me, one of my most powerful pokemon
Hyper Beam
Focus Punch
Ice Beam

Flareon: F Flash Fire
Evloved from an Eevee found abandoned and became attached after i helped it, first pokemon caught on journey
Fire Blast
Iron Tail
Shadow Ball

Dragonair: M Shed Skin
My starting pokemon that has aided me throughout my journey, has a bad temper and is spoiled but a lovable companion none the less
Aqua Tail

Feraligatr: M Torrent
My strongest pokemon and my second one caught, he's really strong but a very heart warming fellow
Focus Blast
Hydro Cannon

Kirlia: F Synchronize
raised from a Ralts, a really fun loving pokemon that's friends with all, is sorta like my teams cheerleader that keeps the team together and from fighting
Dream Eater
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Mr. 00Wolf, I must bud in here, sorry.

Legendary Pocket Monsters are not allowed on any team. You'll have to get rid of Latias and/or replace her.

Also, movesets arn't needed. Your RP Pokemon have access to any and all of their learnable moves. They're not limited to four like in the games.
Name: Wallace
Gender: Male
Hometown: Mossdeep city(but family moved to orange island when wallace was 8).
Age: 12
Hair:goes down to his eye brows and is straight medium hair and is brown
Eyes: blue
Clothing: hooded sweet shirt,saggy jeens,basketball shoes, wrist band on right wrist
Identification mark: non really kinda an average trainer
Musculature: 4 pack from playing football all the time
Personality: thinks himself as a really strong trainer (stronger than he actually is lol) but is nice if your nice to him
skills: fast
Past: When he was 9 he was playing on the beach with 3 other friends when a the sky turned black and they looks out to a nearby ocean and saw lugia fighting zapdoes,moltres,and articuno ( basically he was watching the fight in pokemon 2000 the movie).
Family: Mom, Dad(works for silph co.), Brother(joined team rocket and is frowned upon by the family, but wallace still envys him because of his bla