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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

Name:Sonjo Mosaki
Hometown: Oldale
Hair:Dark Blue. Mid length.
Clothing:A black headband (with Pokeball emblem) is worn on Sonjo's head at all times. He also wears a red short sleeve shirt with a dark blue jacket worn over (no sleeves, simular to Ashes). Wears one grip glove and the hand is wripped in wrist tape. Zip-off jeans and a red back pack included.
Identifying Marks: Sonjo often switches his Headband for his night-cap; with eyes, teeth around the front rim, and a furry ball at the tip.
Musculature:That of a typical 15 year-old boy.
Personality: He's very intelligent for his age, and shows manners everywhere he goes. Sonjo also has a kind and caring attitude frequently. He hates scum like worng doers, Team Rocket, and the like. His favorite pokemon is his Combusken and Riolu.
Skills:Sonjo is fairly adapt at Training and battling. Though, there still is room for improvment. He's a zealous martial artist, along with his father. He's taugh several fighting styles to his Pokemon.
Past:Sonjo despises older brother, Zeikku. His father was once the gym leader for te PetalBurg, but retired. He's travelled the regions, and caught many different Pokemon. Competed in the leagues, but is yet to prove sucessfull. Sonjo's met several people along the way, and has made several different rivals.

Kenji Mosaki had first started his own journey at the age of ten, like most trainers do. He had recieved his first pokemon, a Treeko, from a slimmer and more handsome Professor Birtch. He became astounded at martial arts as he travelled the world with pokemon, and thus trained primarily fighting and grass type Pokemon. He collected the 8 badges, and soon after took the league challenge. It was there he met Suki for the first time, who had majored in fighting and fire type pokemon at the time. They kept in touch, and married some time later.

Suki and Kenji Mosaki had a son twenty years ago, whom they happily deemed 'Zeikku'; then another boy, who was named 'Sonjo' five years later. The two never met eye-to-eye, and have very different perceptions on Pokemon. Zeikku set off when he was of age, and took the Mudkip as his starting Pokemon. His attitude is rotten, and detests all 'weak' trainers in the world. He had come back to his home two years later, to reveal that he had become the new Hoenn League Champion. The two parents were very impressed with Zeikku's accomplishments, and boasted to all of the towns people of what he'd done. When Sonjo revealed that he wanted to become the Hoenn Champion, Zeikku scoffed, and gave him a lecture.

Sonjo took on his journey when he was 10, when he was asked to help Professor Birtch with his feild research. The now hefty and round professor was being chased by a wild Pouchenna at the time. Sonjo took a pokeball out of his dufflebag, and battled it off with his first pokemon, Torchic.

Family:His Mother (Suki Mosaki) and father (Kenji Mosaki) live in Oldale Town. His older brother is in Johto currently. Suki is rather easy-going and loves to cook. Kenji usually springs on Sonjo whenever he comes to visit, to 'test' his skills as a martial arts.
Love Relationships?:None at the moment.


Combusken; formally Torchic. (Male)
Personality: Combusken has a fulfilling past, ever since he met Sonjo in Littleroot as his first pokemon. Sonjo had taught this pokemon the 'Blazing Fist' fighting style, which takes advantage of physical attacks. Combusken and Sonjo are very close friends, after five years. This firey bird loves to dance, battle, and train. Never backs down from a challenge, and never gives up.
Identifying Marks: Combusken sports wrist bandages on both of his wrists.

Kadabra; formally Abra. (Female)
Personality: Kadabra is adept, even when she was in her Abra state. She has a serious nature, and rarely speaks. While she enjoys company, Kadabra would rather be alone than be with others. She has a peculiur presence about her.

Sudowoodo (Male)
Personality: Sudowoodo is pretty easy-going. Though he is a rock Pokemon, Sudowoodo enjoys a sprinkle of water once in awhile. Sonjo has taught Sudowoodo the 'Drunken Fist' fighting style, to suit it's movements and techniques. This is another Pokemon that loves to dance, and gives it his all in a battle. Sudowoodo loves to lie in the sun; its what relaxes him the most.
Identifying marks: Scars near his left eye.

Rilou (Male)
Personality: Riolu loves his master to bits. It mimics Sonjo's movements frequently, as if it were something of a Mime. The aura pokemon usually takes its place upon Sonjo's shoulder, where he could get sight of everything that his trainer sees. Riolu loves to see new things, as its mother once did. Sonjo has taught this Pokemon the 'Gentle Palm' fighting style, to execute it's techniques to their fullest potential.
Idenifying Marks: Has leg bandages around it's ankles. A black collor is worn daily.

Zangoose (Female)
Personality: Zangoose loves candy. She usually has a cocky attitude about her, and is confident that she can take on anything that comes her way. Zangoose is found of Sonjo, and often finds herself glomping her master. Though she can get angry relatively easily, she also as easily forgives.

Gallade (Male)
Personality/History: Gallade was first captured as a Ralts outside of his home town, Oldale Town. It was a serious nature, and keeps to himself. Stubborn and arrogant, Galaade won't give up from a battle until he's given his opponent 100% of his strength. He apprieciates his trainer with great respect, and a healthy friendship.

Altaria (Female)

Fire Blast
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Breath
Sky Attack


NOTE: This character is for a RP set in the past. He might be used in others as well.

Name:Kenji Mosaki
Hometown: Petalburg
Clothing: Kenji sticks to the colors black and white. He wears a vest, black on the right side, white the left. He wears a shirt simular fashion, right and left sleves their respective colors. His pants comes to below his knees, their sides in black (right) and white (left). However, the end trime is the oppisite colors. He, lasty, wears black sandles.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Medium
Personality: 'Full of Youth' as he likes to describe himself. He's very competitive, and for the most part, friendly. Though, when angered, he seeks absolute revenge.
Skills: Training, martial arts.
Past: Being raised in Hoenn, Kenji is very familiuar with the Pokemon that live there. His father runs a dojo in his spear time, which makes him a revered martial artist. His mother loves to breed Pokemon, and graduated first in her class. Kenji had always dreamed of becoming a powerfull trainer, meeting many people and making new friends along the way. When he was the young age of 10, Kenji had recieved a Treeko from a more slender and handsome Professor Birtch. The two made quite a team.By the time he had collected the badges, he decided to put the league off and travelled to Sinnoh.
Family: Honda Mosaki (Father), Ellie Mosaki (Female), Shinji Mosaki (Brother).
Love Relationships?: None

Identifing marks: A gash near his left eye.
History: Being Kenji's very first pokemon, they've been through a lot together. Grovile was developed a very easy-going nature, and never refuses a challange. He refuses to hold back, and just isn't satisfied with weaker opponents. He exercises with his master, keep it's fit physique. It loves to eat, ironically.

Name: Breloom
History/ Personality: Kenji first met Breloom when she was just a Shroomish. The two of them share a bond simular with that of Grovile. Breloom loves to paint and box to pass the time. She's developed a cheerfull nature, and makes new friends easily. As for fighting, she fights her best in every battle, even against weaker opponents.

Name: Hariyama
Gender: Male
History/ Personality: Hariyama is very leaned back. He's very lazy and only really comes out in order to battle. Kenji first met it inside of the cave in Dewfort town. Even then, the Pokemon was as lazy as ever, just laying down and looking at the celing. However, when Hariyama does battle, it packs quite the punch.

Personality/History: Kenji caught this pokemon like he did the rest of them, in their first pre-evolution state. Medicham is very competitive, at pretty much anything, such as chores. It enjoys company and exercising. He likes to show off his psychic powers by bending spoons.

Name: Bayleef
Gender: Female
Personality/History: This pokemon was obtained from Pofessor Birch, as a gift. Kenji has grown attatched to this trainer, and so has she to her master. It's rumoured Bayleef has a crush on Grovile, but it has not been confirmed as of yet. Bayleef battles with flair, so Kenji uses her in contests often.

Name: Grumpig
Personality/History: Grumpig is the only exception to Kenji's fighting/grass Pokemon lineup. She's very cocky, and is confident that it can handle any challange. She loves to eat vegetables, and detests and sweets. It's relationship with it's master is relatively friendly, though, there are moments when she can hold a grudge.
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Name: Figs
Gender: Male
Hometown: Goldenrod City
Age: 18
Height: 6'
Weight: Heavy
Hair: Kinda crazy, goes where-ever it goes. dark brown color
Eyes: Grey-ish Green
Clothing: Black Jacket with a Green T-shirt, and Blue jeans, and sneakers (Also, Glasses)
Identifying Marks: Has a Scar on his right hand
Musculature: Kinda bulky
Personality: Pretty "Leave me alone, and i'll leave you alone"-Ish, but when pissed off... well, it would be like trying to fight an Incredible hulk with Nuclear Fists.
Skills: Riduclus upper body strength, and and Is quite smart, when givin a chance to think.
Past: the kid that did'nt fit in, is now the kid that people of his hometown envy
Family: A mother, A brother, and a sister

Dragonite: Male
Inner Focus
the first Pokemon that Figs caught on his own, kind of a smart ass, but almost just like Figs in every way.

Weavile: Male
The family pet that sits on Figs' shoulder, was his brothers pokemon that he left for the family, Kind of lazy, but listens to orders

Thats all, for now
Name: Musa-Chan
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet town
Age: 17
Height: 5'3
Weight: 88
Hair: Long and blue
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Pink shirt with black pants with chains all over them.(Changes every week)
Identifying Marks: The hair
Musculature: Anarexic I guess O_o
Personality: Oblivious and kind-hearted
Skills: Being Compassionate
Past: Sad, yet has its good parts
Family: Mother and father dead. Three older brothers. Mikey, Gary, and Kami
Love Relationships?: Always the center of all the love, yet oblivious to it.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Nicknamed, Neko-Sama, Its a boy, with an earing, and a couple rings around its tail and an egytain headress Lol. It's a persian from Giovani's litter his own Persian had! Lol. Its very mean to everyone who isnt Musa-Chan. Loves to be the center of attention with Musa-Chan.

Nicknamed Kumo, Its a boy with extra fluffy fur, which is why it is nicknamed Kumo, its hidden power is being able to know when misfortune strikes, which all Absol can do Lol. Absol saved Musa-Chan from an earthquake, and since Musa-chan is prone to danger it follows him everywhere. Absol is calm and almost intelligent seeming.

Nicknamed Kawaii, Because when Musa-Chan caught the Feebas he thought it was cute instead of ugly. Milotic is a boy, Its the Shiny version of Milotic, which makes it very special. Milotic can sometimes read whats on peoples minds, and be able to get help when Musa-Chan is upset or sad, because Milotic feels close to Musa-chan because all its life it was laughed at and called ugly, and Musa-chan thought it was cute, even though it was an ugly Feebas. Milotic is hyper and has alot more self-esteem after evolving into a beautiful dragon serpent!

Minun is nicknamed L, Because that is Musa-chans favorite letter of the alphabet, and he wanted Minun to feel special and unique. Minun is a mischevious boy with the need to get into things and get in trouble! Yet it also loves to clean and to go and see places, its very lively and energetic! Minun was always a loner before Musa-Chan so he doesnt always get along with all the other Pokemon.

Nicknamed Tenshi, because Ralts came right out to Musa-chan and he didnt even have to catch him! Tenshi has longer hand that any other Gardivoir for some reason, which makes it different. It senses all of Musa-Chan's emotions and comes out of the pokemon often to comfort Musa-Chan when needed. Is also the most strongest fighter on Musa-Chan's team, and has a maternal instinct to look out for all the other pokemon as well.

Musa-chans very first pokemon! With a choose between Growlithe, Oddish, or Wooper, it was an easy call for Musa-Chan because he loves the cute sound that they make, and imitates them often. His Wooper is Nicknamed Upaa-Chan, and always sits on Musa-Chan's shoulder. It hasnt evovled even though its well over its limit, because it knows how important he is as a wooper to Musa-Chan and that if it evolved it wouldnt ever be able to go "Upaa!" Ever again. So out of sheer devotion and willpower it refuses to evolve. Wooper is Musa-Chan's best friend, and will always be with him no matter what.
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Name: Hotep Kaiko
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fuchsia City
Age: 13
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: black and spiky
Eyes: emerald green
Clothing: jeans, running shoes,
Personality: kind, smart, outgoing, and sometimes, cannot control his temper
Family: His mom, dad, and little brother.
Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Personality

Jolteon ; Nao ; male ; determined

Larvitar ; Tai ; male ; shy yet stable

Scizor ; Kato ; male ; lazy

Ariados ; Odairu ; male ; quick tempered

Staraptor ; Saitu ; male ; jumpy

Golduck ; Cudol ; male ; perky and outgoing
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Name: Kichi "Chi" Junsui; sometimes called "K.J." by acquantinces.
Gender: Female
Hometown: Verdanturf Town, Hoenn
Age: 16
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 102lbs
Hair: Chi's hair is something one doesn't easily forget. A vibrant strawberry blonde color, it sticks out very much so in a crowd. Usually tied back in a lazy ponytail, it's only released from its scrunchie hold for sleep or a Contest. Her hair reaches to just her shoulders. When it comes time for a Contest, Chi's hair is straightened and glistening to perfection. It's sometimes worn in different styles, but rarely. Her bangs are parted in the middle and fall forward, but brushed to the sides to keep out of her eyes.
Eyes: KJ has a wonderful pair of vivid, jade colored eyes. However, they are almost always hidden behind a pair of thick framed glasses, blocking them from view. The only time the bright, green eyes are revealed is during a Contest, when she wears contacts. She doesn't wear her contacts much, finding them uncomfortable.
Clothing: When outside a Contest stage or a Gym, one could easily mistake Chi for a boy. Glasses covering her eyes and hair tied back into a ponytail, her second most feminine trait is also covered. Kichi was dealt an odd card, having quite the bustline, however, she takes care of that. Wearing a gray baggy sweater that makes her appear to have no bust at all, it occasionally flops over one shoulder. When falling off one shoulder, her form fitting white tanktop underneath is barely revealed. A pair of favoured denim capri's and black converse high-top sneakers for the dusty road. Her trainer backpack, you know, those magically endless ones? It's black and is usually slung over one shoulder carelessly.

When in a Contest however, it's a whole new Chi. Wearing a jade halter that shows off her curves, it has a dangerously low cut to it. Black dress pants that have been hemmed to a stylish capri length for comfort work well with the green top. A pair of black straped wedged heels make it easier to walk in, but keeps the formalties of a Contest. A pair of elbow length gloves are worn, but the fingers have been hemmed off. The whole outfit gives off a 'femme fatale' feeling.
Identifying Marks: Besides her strawberry blonde hair, there are a few other traits. On the bridge of her nose, she has a cut, though it goes unseen when she wears her glasses. However, it is a mark that many of her Contest opponents remember.
Musculature: The only muscle Chi has is in her legs. Her condition keeps her thin, and very light exercise with some help from her handy-dandy metabolism keep her in a healthy shape. Of course, there is still the oddity of her bust, but eh, the baggy sweater hides that very well.
Personality: With a sharp mind, comes a sharp tongue. Chi isn't to nice to people at first...it takes awhile. But not as long as most people think. She's rather indifferent to begin with, but she's not willing open to let people close either. Kichi has always been polite, as she was taught to be so. However, she's not very friendly. Her voice is usually undertone with a steely edge. It takes awhile to gain Kichi's full trust, a task that no human has ever done. Underneath her indifferent exterior lies another defensive barrier; this one however, is Kichi's shy side. Once she gets to know someone, Chi acts more shy than indifferent, withdrawing herself rather than pushing away.

Once you get past the shy side of Kichi, you reach an incredibly kind side to her; this is the side that no human has ever reached. The only ones to see this side of Chi are her Poke'mon, the only ones she trusts wholly. This side to her, she's always thinking about those she trusts top priority. Chi is more relaxed, and can actually give a true laugh and warm smile. But like I said, no human has ever gotten close enough to Kichi to see this side.
Skills: Kichi is an incredibly smart girl, being unable to play, she spent most of her time reading books. She's basically a walking Poke'dex from all she's read. She's a brilliant tactician in battle, and being so good at strategy has also made her quite the Co-Ordinator.
Past: Chi had a bit of a rocky start, one might say. She grew up around three peers her age; two male, one female. Kichi has a heart condition, nothing extreme, but she is unable to participate in common activies. These activites include running, swimming, and everything a young kid would like to do with their peers. Being unable to play, KJ could usually be found on her porch, sitting on a chair and reading a book. She would periodically look up, adjust her spectacles, and watch her peers playing. However, her peers were not sympathetic, they grew beyond general teasing that children often do. They became more cruel in their ways, even one day lobbing quite the rock at Chi, nailing her in the bridge of her nose and leaving a cut that would last til' this day.

Eventually the day came when all four children were 10, three of them deciding to start on their Poke'mon journey, one choosing to stay at Verdanturf. You've guess it, Kichi decided to stay. With her heart condition, she figured she wouldn't be able to make the journey. Watching her peers leave, she spent weeks on her porch, reading books upon books before a surprise happened. Her three peers returned, walking straight up to the porch, each trying to keep a straight face as they offered out a Poke'ball. The contents of this Poke'ball was to become Kichi's first Poke'mon, and it was by no means under nice or friendly circumstances.

Leaving with a parting insult, the three friends split their ways, each with a different goal and leaving Chi in the dust. With a single Poke'mon, Chi found the drive to go on a journey, even though it wasn't under the best conditions. She would prove them wrong, all three of them. She'd train and train, searching them out before she'd challenge and defeat every last one of them in a battle. After that, who knows, but that was the goal. Making sure she was completely ready, Kichi left the clean, fresh town of Verdanturf to venture out into the world.

After 6 years, she's managed to track down and soundly defeat two out of her three childhood peers. She's still searching for that last one. She has a nice balance between being a Trainer and a Co-Ordinator, though her skills lie more in battle than show. In terms of the Battling world, she's gained quite some popularity in her home region, Hoenn though she still remains an unknown in the world of Contests. She's made it to the Top 4 in homeland, Hoenn, losing before she could make it to the semi-finals. She's also made Top 8 in Kanto and Top 16 in Johto. She's yet to take on Sinnoh, deciding to take a break on the badges and try her hand at being a Co-Ordinator first.
Family: Kichi has an older brother and sister, both whom travel around, calling home once in awhile. She's got a mother and father, father working out of town and mother playing the house wife. Kichi was never close to any of her family members, really. It had always been her and her books.
Love Relationships: None at the moment.

~ Ai the Milotic ((Female))
--- Ai was Kichi's first Poke'mon. That parting insult that her three peers had left her? Yeah, it was a Feebas. To bad they were as stupid as they were cruel, or else they would've realized what a rare find a Feebas was. "It took us DAYS to find the ugliest fish we could!" One of her peers had bursted out in laughter before the rest followed. "Yeah, a weak little fish for a weak little girl." Once they had left, Kichi stared long and hard at this Feebas, before giving it a name. Ai, meaning 'love'. Ai would prove to be the one that got Chi to get up off that porch and go out into the world, and see what she had always read about. It took much training and time to get Ai to turn into the beautiful Milotic that she is now.

Ai is a calm, gentle soul. While Chi acts indifferent towards others, the Milotic loves to make friends. She also plays a motherly role to some of the other members of Chi's team, mostly Taso and Suki though. In the contests, she dominates the Beauty Competition hands down, and has yet to be defeated. Of course, when one is a Milotic, they tend to be a natural at being beautiful. Ai can hold her own in a one-on-one battle, being at a rather high level. When paired with her double-team partner, she becomes a nearly unstoppable force. Kouo is her normal double team partner; but she also works well with Kuro. Shiro, not so much.

~ Kouo the Arcanine ((Male))
--- Knowing that it'd be hard to raise a Feebas on its own, Kichi immediately seeked out a partner Poke'mon for Ai. Finding a breeder, she found he had a good deal of Growlithe puppies for sale at the time. Looking through the litter, Chi noticed one off to the side, glaring at the others spitfully. Inquiring about him, Kichi found out that he was the runt of the litter, anytime he'd try to play, the others would easily over-power him. Feeling for the little guy, Chi decided that he'd be the right Growlithe pup for her. Unfortunately, when she went to pick him up, he bore his small fangs, growling with a nasty tone. Leaning down, Chi spoke carefully to the runt. "Do you really hate what you do not yet know?" She inquired as the Growlithe continued to growl, snapping at a sibling who came a bit to close. Dispite the small fangs, Kichi picked up the pup, who promptly sunk his small fangs into her arm. After awhile, he dislodged his fangs and licked her arm in apology.

Thus, Kouo was introduced to the team. Kouo meaning 'hatred' in contrast to Ai. It took a very long time to get Kouo how he is now. Now an Arcanine, Kouo shows fierce loyalty to Kichi and great respect for Ai, his closest comrade. He's cold to any stranger, giving a threatening growl to those that come to close to Chi or his comrades. He's been known to give a nip here or there. Kouo is fierce in battle, and Ai's double battle partner. On his own, he prides himself in his speed, and is likewise at a rather high level. On occasion, he has been partnered with Kuro or Shiro; finding the Seviper easier to work with than the Zangoose. In Contests, he's been known to switch from Cool to Beauty every now and then, though he's nowhere near as experienced as Ai is in Contests.

~ Shiro the Zangoose ((Male))
--- Shiro was aquired from a breeder in Lilycove, Hoenn, along with one other egg. Hatching no more than 5 minutes before his counterpart, Kuro, the Zangoose is an odd one. Raising along side and together with Kuro, they are probably the only pair of their species that won't try to kill the other on site. With Kuro as his double battle partner, the two aren't that much younger than Ai or Kouo. Shiro loves to pull pranks, and is a light-hearted Zangoose. He loves to talk and talk...and talk, but yeah, you get me.

Shiro isn't quite into contests, but nevertheless, he's quite formidable in the Tough Ranks; the sparse time he participates that is. His true skills however, lie on the battlefield. He's abnormally speedy for his species, though its assumed it was due to his breeding or something rather. Between him and Kuro, those who have battle them before know their destructive capabilites. Beside Kuro, he doesn't work well with others, and thus is often used in single battles.

~ Kuro the Seviper ((Male))
--- Hatching 5 minutes after Shiro, Kuro is the same...yet different than Shiro. He enjoys partaking in the practical jokes of his counterpart, but is more composed. He doesn't talk much and spends alot of his time sharpening his tail. Despite the two, Shiro and Kuro, seeing each other as brothers, the two still get into scuffles often. One could suppose there is still a bit of that Seviper-Zangoose rivalry between the two. They've also found that a good battle against some poor trainer is a good way to get their yahoos out as well.

He has the mind of a great general, and puts it to use once in awhile in the Smart ranked contests. Like Shiro, he's not to fond of participating in contests, leaving those to Ai and Kouo. Kuro has quite the sweet fang, though one would never expect it from such a Poke'mon like a Seviper. He works well with Ai and Kouo in Double Battles, making those three quite versatile when it comes to team pairings. However, he works best with Shiro.

~ Tasogare "Taso" the Eevee ((Male)) *Shiny*
--- Taso is the happiest Eevee around, though he's quite messy. He's the kind to play in every mud puddle and jump through every bramble bush. Himself and his younger sister, Suki were purchased as eggs from a breeder in Johto. Tasogare has always wanted to be an Umbreon ever since he met the Umbreon belonging to the Kimono Sisters of Johto. Tasogare, meaning 'dusk' is the opposite of his sister's name. Born with a sleek, silver coat, it's usually mussed due to vigious playing. His personality makes it a bit hard for Chi to keep up with him.

Due to conflicting personalities, it's hard for Taso at the moment to get along with his sister. The two are fairly new to the team, thus, their team work still needs work. Tasogare is overly friendly, and loves to run up to strangers in a heartbeat. His battling skills are still beginner though, even through the tough training that Kouo and Shiro have taken it upon themselves to give him.

~ Akatsuki "Suki" the Eevee ((Female))
--- The vainest little Eevee ever. Jealous of her older brother's silver coat, she keeps her brown fur at its best. Quite slim for an Eevee, Suki is very conscious about her appearance. Her name, meaning 'Dawn' is the opposite of her brothers. Suki often sticks up for herself even against a tougher foe, but when all else fails, call on Kouo for help. She sees the Arcanine as more of a 'bodyguard' than a 'comrade' due to his protective nature. Unlike Taso, she's not the kind to run up to random people, but instead sit and look pretty.

Her goal is to become an Espeon, and a lovely one at that. She picked apart her other choices for evolutions before hand. Umbreon, Taso wanted that. Jolteon, to spikey. Flareon, to much foof. Vaporeon...she like her fur, thanks. Glaceon, what the hell was on that things forehead? Leafeon, leaves...come on. Espeon...perfect. Sleek, feminine, and beautiful. So far however, Suki isn't much for the 'beauty' since she's been active in the Cute Contests.
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OK, I totally forgot that I'd taken down Samantha's bio. If I didn't, please tell me and I'll take this one down!

Name: Samantha
Hometown: Veilstone City, Sinnoh (but currently she's traveling all around)
Age: 16
Hair: Long and dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Deep red longsleeve shirt, short skirt that's pink, pink boots with cloud-like socks poking out.
Summary: Typical girl, loves to shop, but not a "Oooh, a boy, I wanna date him!" kinda girl. Ever since becoming a trainer, she's had oddly high luck with shinies. I may explain why later...

Jakey the Eevee
Her starter and loyal companion.

Zack the Zigzagoon
Caught during a swarm on her first day as a trainer, and was holding the ultra rare Starf Berry.

This'll be a live profile instead of a what she will have, especially 'cause I haven't decided what she should catch next.
Name: Twiddle

Gender: Male

Hometown: Verdanturf Town

Age: 17

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight: Around 140lbs.

Hair: A strange sort of black that barely even has sheen in the brightest of nights. It is often messy and unkempt no matter how many times a brush is put to it, and his long bangs often like to creep over his eyes.

Eyes: Alien purple/indigo eyes. They are held often in a blank stare, as if no light of life lie behind them.

Clothing: While not much of variation or color, Twiddle's wardrobe is often an extremely long sleeved shirt that covers his hands, dark jeans that are frayed at their ends, and worn sneakers that often poke through the torn jeans at the back.

Identifying Marks: The belt where Twiddle's pokeballs are held also have a chain connected through it, ending in a keychain in the shape of a twisted and manacled heart. On the other side is another keychain, that of a small "chibi" black wing. Both seem to be his ensignias.

Musculature: That of a typical seventeen year old, though a bit lacking since he done no recent workouts, or anything physical for the matter.

Personality: The strangest boy one could ever meet, Twiddle is often morbid and morose when speaking, if at all. He acts far too mature for his age and, with his aloof nature, is surrounded by a mysterious aura that often drives potential friends away. Twiddle also acts quite polite. Despite his seemingly depressing attitude, he can be quite the innocent one, often the first person suspected of wrong doing.

Skills: He has the strange ability to meld into a crowd or stick out when willed, useful when someone wants him to eavesdrop. His uncanny lack of disobediance is almost unreal.

Past: Not having much of an exciting life is a side-affect of having a wealthy family such as Twiddle's. Home-schooled and often pent up in the mansion, he has a very lacking skill when it comes to socializing, whether it be with humans or pokemon, though has a slightly better relationship with the latter. Upon hearing that his father's latest experiment in the pursuit of better breeding techniques, and that his father became the laughing stock of his business for his successive failures in the research, he was given said botched experiment along with its twin and ordered to train it in hopes of his son returning with a much stronger pokemon than anyone could have imagined coming from the frail pokemon. If Twiddle succeeded, his career would soar.

So, without complaint, Twiddle was, in a sense, booted out of the house and told not to come back until he has done his father proud. He now travels with his pokemon, lost in the wide world, in small hopes of maybe being able to complete his almost asinine mission.

Family: Father is Jonathan Nisual, multi-millionaire from a long line of breeding pokemon, which is the family business. It had started as something very local and small, but his ambition pushed the business to the limit and has profited thusly. He has moved the family from the original plot in Kanto to quiet Verdanturf Town, rumored to have plenty of good land for future breeding farms.

Mother is Fran Nisual, a busy intern for overseas Celadon City markets. Married Jonathan particularly for a wealthier status, but there is a small, if not strained relationship between them that is shown when they both happen to be at home, which occurs rarely.

Love Relationships?: Laughable


Species — Ralts
Nickname — Luke
Gender — Male
Ability — Trace/Synchronize
Special Features — Luke was born into the world with a genetically mutated color point; a blue helmet and a purple horn to go with it. Something must have been miscalculated by Twiddle's father, since it also resulted in him having a very weak body and being rendered blind.
Personality — He is like that of a lost child's persona if not with Serenity, a basic doll waiting to be led in her presence, and quiet most of the time. Twiddle doubts that Luke will ever really be a fighting pokemon, despite Serenity's ever buoyant support that he could with some careful training.

Species — Ralts
Nickname — Serenity
Gender — Female
Ability — Trace/Synchronize
Special Features — Due to her owner's lack of socialty, she has taken it upon herself to try and learn human speech. It is failing horribly, and so instead she often reverts back to trying to mentally speak with a human, though at her early stage of abilities it takes an awful amount of concentration and physical contact with the recipient.
Personality — Serenity has a motherly air about her. She always has a careful eye on her brother and (on occasion) Twiddle himself. She is very understanding and caring, though still a bit shy like all Ralts are, but also open.
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Mmm, I doubt that. Anyway, this is spam, so you get a nice shiny warning! =D Isn't that great?
Gender: M
Hometown:Sunyshore Sity
Weight:40 kg
Hair:Black, Straight, grown till the end of the neck
Eyes:Dark Brown
Clothing: He wears a Black Shirt, blue jeans, and a blue jacket. He likes to keep his clothes clean and dresses neatly NEVER tucks his shirt.
Identifying Marks: Nil
Musculature: Normal for a 13 yr old
Personality: calm, gentle and a nature lover. It his against his methodology to lie or break rules
Skills: He is great at maths and science( he tops in his class.)
Past: He did not know much about pokemon until at the age of 12 he saw a Ho-oH. This ignited a spark of ambition in him and is a great pokemon trainer since then. However, this does not stop him from performing excellently in academics.
Family: He is the only child in his family. His father is a scientist and his mother is a mathematician.
Love Relationships?: None.

Species :Shellfish
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Hidden Power:Grass
Special Features: Shiny Pokemon
History/Personality: Tyson's very first pokemon. He is Tyson's most Trusted pokemon and partner.It is very gentle but does not keep quite if attacked.

Pokémon: Dragonite
Nickname: Bolmeteus
Ability:Inner Focus
Hidden Power:Ice
Special Features:Nil
History/Personality:Tyson's first ever caught Pokemon. It is very stong and knows a variety of moves.It is very calm.

Pokémon: Roserade
Ability:Natural Cure
Hidden Power:Electric
Special Features:None
History/Personality:Tyson caught this budew when he slathered honey on a tree.It surprisingly evolved the very day he caught it. He afterwards evolved it using a Light Stone.This Roserade likes to dance a lot.
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Name: Autumn

Gender: Female

Hometown: Lavaridge, but travels a lot

Age: 16

Height: 5' 6"

Weight: Wouldn't you like to know? ::)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Clothing: Black jeans, White tee, black steel-toe boots, black fingerless gloves, and a white belt holding her Pokemon

Identifying Marks: tomboyish, usually seen with a Riolu

Musculature: Not very muscular, but not a stick either. she takes Martial Arts and has a Black Belt.

Personality: Usually mistaken for a boy (and is irritated by that). Funny. smart, but sometimes she just doesn't think. easily irritated.

Skills: Black belt in Martial Arts. Knows most things about Pokemon. Can easily communicate with anyone.
Past: Autumn first started learning Martial Arts at a young age and by the time she was 12, had gotten her Black Belt. As soon as this was achieved, she took an interest in Pokemon training and decided to help train her father's Riolu. Her mother and father decided that she wasn't a kid anymore and could go out to train even more Pokemon.

Family: Her father is a dojo at the local training school and also takes over at the Gym if the leader is gone. Her mother likes to travel and told Autumn all about the towns she visited.

Love Relationships?: none so far, but seems to have a small crush on Team Rocket's James.

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Rioulu/ Ryo
Gender: male
Ability: likes to use psychic on random things, which often gets Autumn and Ryo into trouble.
Hidden power: Can control sound and light waves a small bit
Special Features: Able to speak a little bit and communicate through brainwaves.
History: Little is known.
Personality: Almost always happy, mischievous

Abra/ Sleepy
Gender: Male
Ability: Can read other's minds and communicate
Hidden Power: Sometimes has unusual sudden bursts of power when in extreme danger
History: Sleepy was found being poked and prodded by a bunch of kids. It seemed harmless until one kid decided they should throw rocks at it to wake it up. One hit Abra's head and he started crying. The kids laughed and continued to throw things at him. by the time Autumn noticed, Abra was badly hurt and one of the kids was about to throw a shard of glass at Abra. The shard of glass cut Abra badly and then something happened. Abra let out a burst of energy that threw the kids back. They ran away and Autumn took care of Abra, giving him the name of Sleepy.
Personality: As the name suggests, always sleeping.

(The other Pokemon I have vary upon the role play. So, what do you guys think? GMing? Or is it okay?))
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Name: Michael Stanton

Gender: Male

Hometown: Littleroot Town

Age: 14

Height: 5'8

Hair: Messy, shoulder length blond hair.

Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Usually seen wearing a black shirt, black pants, and a blue jacket. Obviously, he has a backpack, green with red lining, and a Pokebelt, equipped with six Pokeballs.

Identifying Marks: A scar lined down his back, from his neck to the bottom of his right side, diagonally twisted slightly. He hides it with layers of clothing, and doesn't like to talk about it. It happened during his childhood, when he went with his mother to a Safari Zone (this was during his residence in the Kanto Region). The pair found a Scyther, but it was not docile. A park ranger came running toward them, but the Pokemon had already attacked. His mother was decapitated, and as he turned, the only reason he was not sliced in half was due to the ranger's Arcanine's Tackle.

Musculature: He has an average build, nothing too strong or weak, but he could be easily beaten in a fair fight with someone with even the slightest martial arts training.

Personality: Strong-willed, but completely nervous and anti-social. His friends are Pokemon, regardless of the incident with the Scyther. His Kanto Pokemon followed him, not just because he was a good enough trainer to catch them, but because he cared for their wellbeing. His first water Pokemon, a Staryu, was injured during the battle that he initiated to capture it. Instead of throwing a Pokeball for an easy capture, he picked it up, took it somewhere cool and shady, and treated it with antibiotics and medical supplies in his backpack, due to the closest Pokemon Center being far from the shoreline.

Skills: Leadership, bravery, and compassion are his main skills, but his intelligence is not to be thrown out- His tactical mind thinks five moves ahead.

Past: His mother was killed in a Pokemon incident, he lost the only Pokemon he brought from Kanto for a while before its return, and his father cared for him dearly, even after the loss of his wife. His father was known as a great trainer, and he would be sought after often for battles, allowing Michael a good look at what a good trainer battles like.

Family: His mother died at a young age, but his father still lives well, taking care of him and the few Kanto Pokemon they brought with them to Hoenn.

Love Relationships: He had a crush on a single girl back in Kanto, the water gym trainer Misty, but after the fight, he didn't care much for her abilities. After all, how was he supposed to fall in love when the person he was supposed to love was nowhere near his equal in a match?

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.


Name / Nickname - Charizard / Charizard.

Gender - Male.

Ability - Blaze

Special Features - Charizard's wings are incapable of flight movements due to the utter destruction of them. During a battle with Team Magma, the grunt made his Poochyena circle Charizard quickly, causing him to become confused. Then, it began ripping at his wings, and Michael was unable to make him return to the Pokeball due to the fight being a double, and Blaziken was having his own troubles.

History / Personality - Charizard, or more accurately, Charmander, was Michael's very first Pokemon. In every fight from their meeting until the boat trip to Hoenn, Charmander, Charmeleon, and then Charizard, was always Michael's first pick. Even in a water battle, Charmander's ability to fight hand-to-hand better than most of its kind made it hard to hurt, even with water.

However, on the S.S. Seaking, the boat encountered an amazing storm. It seemed to swoop in from nowhere, later thought to be controlled by a tower on a far-off island by some sort of Pokemon, but this was never confirmed. Michael fell overboard, saved by his father's Venasaur... but his Pokebelt carrying Charizard was gone. He thought it was lost forever.

Soon after retrieving his first Hoenn Pokemon, Torchic, however, a 'wild' Charizard flew in, blowing flames at them. The Torchic, caring for his trainer, leaped headfirst into the flames. It evolved into Combusken, and confronted the Charizard head-first. However, as Michael yelled for Combusken to perform 'Sky Uppercut!', the Charizard recognized his voice instantly, lowering its wings and landing easily. Michael then realized the connection, and greeted the Charizard with open arms, even after the past year. They have grown closer ever since.


Name / Nickname - Blaziken / Blaziken

Gender - Male

Ability - Blaze

Special Features - Blaziken has the utmost trust for Michael, due to everything they've been through. Blaziken has only fainted twice in Michael's Pokemon career, due to his trainer's utter care for his Pokemon.

History / Personality - Torchic had nothing special about him really, but Michael felt a draw to him. He requested him from Professor Birch quicker than he had ever requested anything before. Due to this, Torchic's loyalty has not faltered since their meeting. No matter what kind of situation they were in, Torchic, then Combusken, then Blaziken, all followed Michael's orders to a T. Even if the situation looked futile, even deadly, this Pokemon would not disobey a command due to its ever-lasting trust.

This was ever-present as, during a walk through the forest, Michael spotted a Pokemon, white and blue, flying overhead. It was the supremely rare Latios! He sent Combusken to jump from the closest tree and latch onto the dragon-type. Now, Combusken would without doubt be severely injured from a fall like that... But he trusted Michael with his life. He leaped up to a tree, up to Latios, and grabbed hold. No matter how much it span and shook, he did not let go. He scratched and clawed quickly and strongly as he could.

The Latios did, however, cause him to drop, but it dropped him directly into Charizard's hands, with Michael on the side. Michael congratulated him on an awesome try, and they continued their quest for badges.


Name / Nickname - Gyarados / Gyarados

Gender - Male

Ability - Intimidate

Special Features - No true identifying features.

History / Personality - Gyarados was the only other Pokemon than Charizard on the belt that was lost during the ship incident. Gyarados released himself from his Pokeball, and used its Twister ability to control the wind around the boat, keeping it steady enough to continue its voyage to Hoenn. While most of his species is considered angry and aggressive, Michael's Gyarados is intelligent and usually understands Michael's tactical orders better even than Charizard.


Name / Nickname - Salamence / Salamence

Gender - Male

Ability - Intimidate

Special Features - No real identifying features.

History / Personality - Salamence was actually caught by Michael's father during a trek through the different regions. However, due to his father's dislike for dragon Pokemon, and with Michael's show of true strength after defeating the gym leader Wallace on the Hoenn islands, he decided to pass Salamence on to Michael in exchange for his show of passion and trust for his Pokemon.


Name / Nickname - Dragonite / Dragonite

Gender - Male

Ability - Inner Focus

Special Features - A scar across his right eye in the shape of a water droplet.

History / Personality - Dragonite was also caught by Michael's father, but in Dratini form. Dragonite was passed on after Michael's successful venture to Evergrande City and the subsequent defeat of the Elite Four and the current Pokemon Master. Dragonite, while slightly lazy, has been known to show his strength and brains in past battles, mainly with electric and psychic Pokemon, those most consider his 'weakness.' He does not trust Michael as much as the other Pokemon due to his new ownership, but he will still fight for him... Just not in as risky situations as, say, Charizard.


Name / Nickname - Dragonair / Dragonair

Gender - Female

Ability - Shed Skin

Special Features - The crystal on its head, instead of blue, shines a pale green.

History / Personality - Dragonair is the only female on Michael's team, and one of the only dragon Pokemon he truly caught on his own. During a Safari excursion, a Dratini exploded from the lake, attacking him head on. It collided with his thrown Pokeball, and was easily captured. It trusted him very little until a fateful encounter with the legendary Groudon, which the team put back to sleep, at least temporarily. During the battle, Dratini not only evolved, but grew to see Michael for his true self- A skilled and noble Pokemon Trainer.
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Begging your pardon here, but.

Attacks are NOT abilities. Abilities are "Blaze", "Shed Skin", et cetera. Hidden Power relates to the move Hidden Power and the fact it changes its type with individual PokéMon. As you're not necessarily using Hidden Power as a move, you don't need to list it. You don't need to list what attacks your PokéMon knows, as you are not limited to four moves as in game.
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Hometown:Lake Summit Town
Height:5 ft 11in
Clothing:White Tux
Identifying Marks:None
Personality:Intelligent, Determined, Always on his toes, A bit power hungry
Skills:Knows how to barter and can play the oboe.
Past:After growing up with a rich family he dreamed to become a powerful trainer. He eventually gained the title of Gym Leader when he was 17. No one could beat him. He was one of the best. But one trainer made a bet that if he won he would get the gym. Of course Maximus took him up on it. The battle lasted hours, both of them seemed to be at a stalemate. But the trainer eventually won. Maximus was stripped of his gym. He went to train in the mountains of Shino region. After two years he is traveling the world to become the best so he can take on the trainer who took his gym.
Family:Mother, Father, Brother. Live in Lake Summit Town
Love Relationships?:None

Breloom, Female, Effect Spore/Poison Heal, None, Very caring and a bit soft.

Skarmory, Male, Keen Eye/Sturdy, Shiney, Keeps his cool and is very stylish.

Zangoose, Male, Immunity, All of his red marks are backwards, Serious and a loner

Exploud, Female, Soundproof, None, Angry and quick to Irritate.

Dusclops, Male, Pressure, None, Very calm but very strange.

Crawdaunt, Male, Hyper Cutter/Shell Armor, None, Excitable. Once owned by a former Team Rocket Member.
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Hi here is my character
Name Iara
Gender female
home town unknown (I haven't decided yet)
age 16
hair black
eyes brown
clothing: red thank too lether fingerless gloves, black shorts
personalty strong minded aggressive shy antisocial
skills:can mange her Pokemon in both contest and battles
past:loosing her parent at a young age Iara was all alone and had no one to be with, she had no friends growing up, at the age of six wile walking she found an Eevee that was hurt and took it to a Pokemon center, she's been with that Eevee ever since, they travel together but Iara didn't have a goal for her travels, she decided to become a trainer at the age of fifthteen after she meet some extrange guy that showed her how wonderfull it is to travel when you have a reason to and that she can do anything if she just put her mind in to it.
Love relationships none they would get in her way
Cobusken/Jiraya, male
Milotyc/Hinata, female
Flygon/Temari, female
Absol/Gaara, male
Ninetails/Naruto, male
Espeon/Ino, Female
Hooray! I like roleplaying. I'll design my character now!

Name: Ozzy

Gender: Male

Hometown: Hearthome City

Age: 19

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 157 lbs.

Hair: Fluffy blonde

Eyes: Blue!

Clothing: He dresses like that sprite I posted...I'll have to get that up soon!

Identifying Marks: None.

Musculature: He's rather underweight. He's got a fast metabolism.

Personality: Loud and outspoken, but occasionally charming. He never means any harm, but he has no common sense whatsoever and often gets himself into trouble. He doesn't seem to have much of a sense of right or wrong, but instead does what's fun for him. He has an extreme appreciation for the female gender.

Skills: In addition to being a guitarist, he's extremely adept at expanding the Pokedex. While he's a fair fighter, he specializes in breeding, raising, and catching Pokemon to expand his already massive Pokedex. As he's been a Trainer for nine years, he's caught Pokemon from every continent, and his Pokedex is currently at an impressive 322. He also tries to becalm legendary Pokemon upon encounter and do a catch-and-release for the Pokedex entry, although he's not exactly successful a lot.

Past: Ozzy always liked the city, which was why he was at home in Hearthome. He was always excited to see the Contests for their energy and also for the diversity in the Pokemon that were brought there. At 10, he got a Pokemon license and immediately went bonkers catching and raising Pokemon, and understanding the techniques behind caring for them. He started off training his Pokemon for contests, and he did a great job with an Alakazam in the Smart contest until he was defeated in a Master Rank contest by none other than Fantina herself. Dismayed but not finished, he tried for months to beat Fantina's Drifblim with no success. She noticed his aggressiveness and suggested he travel Sinnoh in pursuit of a different goal - Gym Badges. Ozzy went along with it and trained a diverse army of Pokemon that he used to smash the Sinnoh Gym Leaders, bewildering Fantina. After beating Volkner (Volkner's last competitive match before he started battling lackluster trainers), he challenged the Elite Four and won, although the matches were long and difficult. Happy with his accomplishments, he decided to travel to other lands in pursuit of Pokemon and Gym Badges. It was only after he defeated the Kanto/Johto Elite Four and the Hoenn Elite Four that he returned to Hearthome to beat Fantina in the Master Rank smart contest.

He lost again. What a bummer!

He figured he can't win 'em all and decided to take on the Battle Park in Sinnoh against the best Trainers in the world, excited to see what kind of Pokemon they would bring for him to see. He currently stays there, hoping for a battle against the Tower Tycoon, Palmer.

Family: He has a mother in Hearthome City. His father, Mark, is a one-time Sinnoh Elite Four Champion who gave up his title to Cynthia to raise Ozzy in Hearthome. Once Ozzy left for his adventure, his father went to Battle Tower and he's a fearsome opponent with his Electivire, Magmortar, and Rhyperior. His only loss is against Palmer. Ozzy and Mark have never had a battle yet.

Love Relationships?: Ozzy's not currently in a relationship, but he adores women as a whole and tries to act as charming as he can towards them.


Ozzy, being a Pokemon raiser, has dozens of well-trained Pokemon that he uses. His team rarely stays the same. Common Pokemon for him to use:

Rhyperior. Ozzy's Rhyperior is a brute, and a skillful brute at that. He uses Substitute to avoid the common Surf attacks and hammers away with Earthquakes, Stone Edges, and Megahorns. He has the Solid Rock ability, and when he's seriously injured he's capable of flying into a rage, launching Stone Edges at the opponent in a blind fury.

Charizard. Ozzy's Charizard is notable for being shiny. He's silent and relaxed, and uses his calmness to lull the foe into a false sense of security. Using Earthquake, Dragon Pulse, Hidden Power (Electric), and Flamethrower, he's able to combat a diverse amount of Pokemon, making him a favorite of Ozzy's. He has a maroon stripe on each arm.

Umbreon. Umbreon is one of Ozzy's favorites. She's bored easily, often finding opponents unchallenging. Even Lucian's Alakazam with its Focus Blast couldn't break Umbreon's defense. She has a cruel streak, and enjoys using Double Team and Moonlight to become untouchable while slowly draining her opponent with Toxic and Confuse Ray. She always keeps a Lum Berry with her to avoid Synchronizers.

Alakazam. Alakazam has long since abandoned his contest moveset in favor of a more battle-oriented style. Using Psychic, Recover, Focus Blast, and Hidden Power (Fire), his strategy is beat them down before they beat you! Alakazam is one of Ozzy's most focused Pokemon, concentrating on staying conscious long enough to fight his next opponent. He's not cocky at all, but he knows his strength.

Scizor. Ozzy's Scizor is his cocksure fighter. She uses a strategy that makes use of Swarm. Ozzy trained his Scyther up first so his Scizor would be a fast fighter, even with all of her armor. Using Agility and Swords Dance, she absorbs blows until she's close to falling unconcious, at which point she nibbles on a Salac Berry for speed and lets her inner power (Swarm) kick in, and unloads on the enemy with a bevy of X-Scissors. Prepared for Fire types, she hits them with a rather ineffective U-Turn that deals at least SOME damage and allows her to scram before things get messy.

...Those five are Ozzy's most commonly seen, and his typical Battle Park Pokemon are Alakazam, Rhyperior, and Charizard. If you get into a battle with him, expect to see different Pokemon, however. He has about 40 more well-trained, high level battling Pokemon that you might see!
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Name: Snow Taradien
Gender: Male
Hometown: Began in Lilycove
Age: 19
Height: 5,6
Weight:178 pounds
Hair: Red that fade into an icy blue colour
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Black cloak, large shoulder pad, White Gauntlets with claws sheath and Ice soul blade
Identifying Marks: his Tail and Ears which he covers up with his cloak
Musculature: light build, but strong arms
Personality: Solitary, and Vengeful, He is also untrusting, but beneath all this, he is kind and empathetic
Skills: Mortal Attacks 1 - 8, superior swordsmanship skills
Past: When Snow was just a young child, about seven years of age, his parents were brutally murdered by imperial soldiers, he narrowly escaped, afterwords, he began moving from town to town, looking for a place to live, eventually realizing that nobody wanted him, because he was often mistaken for a monster, in turn, he began wearing a large black cloak with a hood to cover up his... differences, since then, he has begun a mercenary group and started helping those who were in trouble. His life changed the day he found the rift, a gateway to different worlds, where he learned of the soul blades and the seal. he now traverses these worlds to find these blades, and awaken the "ultimate power". Current Location - Hoenn Region ~Pokemon world
Family: None
Love Relationships?: Rachel [Human] -Deceased, Rachel [Eevee] -First Pokémon
Pokémon: Eevee, Rachel, Female, Run Away, Adaptability, White Fur, This Particular Eevee was found stumbling away from an illegal research facility, where they were conducting experiments on it to find out exactly why it has the ability to evolve into seven different species of Pokémon, the Eevee was rescued by snow and nursed back to health, she is now very attached to him, Favourite berry: Hondew, Favourite colour: red, Level 28, Moves: Tackle, Iron Tail, Shadow Ball, Bite
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Name: Xela Otoku

Gender: Female

Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh Region

Age: 16

Height: Approximately 5'6"

Weight: Approximately 110lbs.

Hair: Long and black, with a blood red lock in the front, covering her left eye.

Eyes: Pure Black

Clothing: A black, long-sleeve shirt with the midriff area cut off, a pair of dark blue jeans, and scuffed up black army boots, along with a Dusk Ball tied to a cord around her neck.

Identifying Marks: Her lock of blood red hair, and a long scar down her arm.

Musculature: She doesn't appear very strong, but all evidence shown when she happens to be wearing a short-sleeve shirt (basically never) is to the contrary. Her arm muscles are very defined, and she has a lot of leg strength as well.

Personality: Xela is a determined, fierce, and strong-willed girl. She'll battle anything out, and has a strong connection to her Pokemon. Maybe a bit too strong, to some. There is a strange aura about her, and it strengthens as she battles. She harbors a deep anger, hatred even, in her heart, and always seems fairly pessimistic. She tries to stay as far away from other trainers as possible, though in her journey it proves futile. She doesn't often lose battles against other trainers, even when her Pokemon's type is weak to the Pokemon it's battling. She tends to think that many people consider her a freak, and so her only true friends are Pokemon, and she keeps them close by, no matter what.

Skills: She can train almost any Pokemon, no matter there personality, or type. She focuses mainly on her favorite types, Dark and Dragon.

Past: Xela has tried many times to forget her history, though it has proved futile. When she was young her parents died in a fire, which many people in the town believed that the girl's Pokemon friend caused somehow... On command from the girl. Somehow Xela was able to escape with her Pokemon, and lived away from civilization, coming in to steal food and clothing every once in a while. One day she woke up and her Pokemon was missing. Eventually she made her way into a town, Eterna, and was taken in by a kind old man. He was her only true human friend, and soon after, he died. That was when Xela decided to leave and start on her journey as a Pokemon trainer. Having lived in the Sinnoh region, her first Pokemon was a choice between Chimchar, Turtwig, and Pinplup. Many people would have guessed that she'd chose the Chimchar, for it's fierce personality, but her choice was a Pinplup, as her old Pokemon had been a Prinplup. On each of her journeys so far, she's gotten terribly close to becoming Master of a region, but failing just as she thought she'd won. Her main goal is to finally gain some respect and not be thought of as a freak of nature. She has never told anybody why she regrets her decision to be a Pokemon trainer, but a few people have been told that it is because of her strong connection to Pokemon. It is very strange, but she's never told what's wrong with her strong connection to Pokemon.

Family: As is stated, her parents died when she was young. She has vague memories of an older brother, but nobody has ever told her if those memories proved true.

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

Level 67
History: Kai was Xela's first Starter Pokemon. She's kept him with her through any and all regions that she travels through, though lately she has stopped calling on him in battle, so as to be able to train other Pokemon as well. Soon after their first gym battle, he evolved into a Prinplup, having battled many times between the first and second gyms. After their fourth gym battle, he evolved into an Empoleon. After winning their eighth gym battle, Xela offered Kai and the rest of the Pokemon freedom. The Empoleon refused to leave, as did several other Pokemon, mostly her Dark and Ghost Pokemon, such as Darka, her Honchkrow.
Personality: Really all that can be told about Kai is that he is the most loyal Pokemon Xela has. He will never leave her alone, or disobey her. The Empoleon would protect his trainer with his life.

Super Luck
Level 45
History: Darka never participated in gym battles, but participated in many trainer battles, and participated in battles when Xela went up against more two trainers, battling alongside Kai. Xela caught Darka when she was still just a fairly young Murkrow, only level 23. Soon after Darka reached level 39, Xela used a Dark Stone on her, causing her to evolve into a Honchkrow. When Xela offered all of her Pokemon freedom, the Honchkrow refused, and decided instead to sit on her trainer's shoulder, just as Kai and a few other Pokemon stayed with the trainer as well.
Personality: Darka is a loyal Pokemon, and would never disobey Xela, but is quite mischevious.

Level 42
History: Gusta was caught at level 24, while she was still a Drifloon. Xela worked hard to help her level up so that she would evolve into a Drifblim. For that, Gusta was extremely grateful, and refused to leave when Xela offered all of her Pokemon freedom.
Personality: Gusta, the same as Kai and Darka is a loyal Pokemon, and would never disobey Xela. She likes to help out in battles, catching Pokemon, and the like.

Level 10
History: Skunk was recently caught by Xela, and has traveled with her for only three days.
Personality: The Stunky still does not really obey Xela, and is not the most loyal Pokemon. He has a meanstreak, and doesn't yet take kindly to Xela, often attacking her with Tackles and Headbutts.​
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Name: Sarah

Gender: Do I have to say it? Female

Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto

Age: 15

Height: 4' 10"

Weight: 86 lbs

Hair: Brown with red, blond, and copper highlights

Eyes: Light blue

Clothes: a pink shirt and a white t-shirt with pink sleeves, denim knee-length shorts and white and pink sneakers.

Identifying Marks: Hair always in a ponytail

Musculature: Not too strong, but smart and stealthy, like a ninja

Personality: A real go-getter and not afraid of anything, she's always willing to take risks for friends. She cares for her pokemon and wants to become a pokemon breeder.

Skills: Very smart, knows when to attack and when to defend.

Past: Born to middle-class parents, Sarah has been journeying for 5 years and has caught and raised many pokemon, She became a coordinator while her little brother, who started his journey 2 years ago, became a gym battler.

Family: Mom and dad, and her 12-year-old brother Patrick.

Love Relationships: None at the moment, but Brock won't leave her alone.

Pokemon(they don't have nicknames):

1. a male pikachu, with static ability, no hidden powers, but he was her first pokemon, how Sarah got pikachu is a long story.

2. a female piplup, hatched from an egg, and has the torrent ability

3. a male minun, she found him sick and brought it to a pokemon center and they became best friends after that, and he has the minus ability

4. a female plusle whom Sarah healed when she found it injured, its ability is plus.

5. a female castform who hatched from an egg, has the forecast ability.

6. a male typhlosion who she's had since he was a cyndaquil, has the blaze ability.

(Also has other pokemon in reserve)
Name: Matt Palmer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sunyshore City
Age: 14
Height: 5.10
Weight: Secret.
Hair: Snow white.
Eyes: Shockingly red.
Clothing: White collared shirt with a Red Cross on it. Says on left shoulder; 'Jesus died for ME!'
Identifying Marks: The cross necklace that is ALWAYS on.
Musculature: Between muscular, and scrawny.
Personality: Out-going, yet shy at times. Self taught out-goingness. Very polite, very kind person.
Skills:Telepathic, Telekinetic powers, Artistic.
Past: Born in Eterna City, moved to Sunyshore at the age of Seven, and on the way, befriended a Shinx who followed his family to Sunyshore by hitching a ride on their Minivan, without being seen of course. Then once the family got to Sunyshore, the Shinx showed itself to Matt's family of three, and was caught on the spot by Matt's Father. Given to Matt shortly after, as an early birthday present, and the newly dubbed Dusk never left Matt's side. Only after his father gave it to Matt, did he realize it was a Shiny pokemon.
Taught battling by none other than Volkner himself, Matt was never was able to win. Five months after his fourteenth birthday, Matt set out on his journey to earn all of the Sinnoh badges and Defeat the Elite Four. As he went to his final training session with Volkner, he got a suprise in the form of a Badge battle. He lost. He decided to catch a plane to Twinleaf Town. Upon arrival, he met Professor Rowan, and got a PokeDex.
On the way to Oreburgh city, and His first badge, Matt saw an Eevee, abandoned and left to die, up a tree. He rescued it, and it never left after he healed it and -TRIED- set it free. and at Oreburgh after losing to Roark twice, Traded a Staravia to a friend from Kanto, for a Kangaskhan. And Traded a Bibarel to another friend, this time from Johto, for a Typhlosion that HATES battling.

Will be continiued if I ever Start an RP.

Family: Mother and Father living in Sunyshore, both former trainers. His Father beat his Mother to the chase of catching the Shiny Shinx.
The rest of his Family, Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins, all live in Eterna City.
Love Relationships?: None. He's Fourteen, for Pete's sake! He shouldn't have relationships!

Pokémon with Matt at the moment:
Species: Luxray
Nickname: Dusk
Gender: Male
Ability: Rivalry
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: Shiny, but not in a normal way; Is white where black should be, and black where orange should be, Black nose, too. Same red eyes as Matt.
History/Personality: Found as a Shinx near Eterna City, shortly after the Palmers set off on their relocation trip. VERY outgoing. Evolved Both times while training with Volkner on two seperate occasions.

Species: Espeon
Nickname: Rise
Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronise
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None. Except for Black paws, which Matt suspects that the black is mud that is ground into her fur.
History/Personality: Found as an Eevee near Oreburgh City. Near death, Matt rescued her, healed her, and after his second loss to Roark, tried to set her free, to no avail. Evolved into Espeon as Matt tried to set her free, Telepathically told him to stop, and that she was coming with him. Very protective of her friends, namely Matt, and his other Pokemon.

Species: Kangaskhan
Gender: Female
Ability: Scrappy
Hidden Power: None
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Traded for Matt's Staravia from a Friend of Matt's from Kanto, after losing to Roark for the first time. Nothing else known, except for the fact that she was VERY well taken care of. And still is.
Very quiet, in contrast to Rise and Dusk, but don't get a french dressed salad around her, or she'll get crazy. More protective than Rise.

Species: Typhlosion
Nickname: Torch
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Hidden Power: none
Special Features: Scar on left cheek
Traded for Matt's Bibarel from a friend of Matt's in Johto, On Torches telepathic request, he wanted to see Sinnoh.
Is very calm, and is very Kind, and thus hates battling, unless somone he knows is in trouble. Then, you don't wanna be the one causing trouble.
That is, in fact how Torch got the scar, protecting his previous owner.
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Name: Lute
Gender: Male
Hometown: Fallarbor Town, Hoenn
Age: 16
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Green tunic, gray slacks, black and white Converse-style shoes.
Identifying Marks: Can be seen playing the flute with a Chatot on his shoulder.
Musculature: Thin. Has strong legs from walking everywhere.
Personality: Eh... I make it up as I go along.
Skills: Flute playing, Sign Language, Pokemon training/coordinating
Past: Lute was born mute. He can hear as well as anybody, maybe even better, but he lacks the ability to speak. He mostly communicates through sign language, but since few people in the real world "speak" it he has a specially-trained Chatot to do it for him. She isn't so much trained to translate (she does that on her own, not having hands herself) as she is trained to pay attention to Lute and repeat everything he "says" and not repeat everything else. She does slip up occasionally, though.

This served Lute well enough until he decided to become a Pokemon trainer. It wasn't difficult getting his Pokemon to understand his commands, but they were vulnerable while watching him to recieve them. While Chatot relieves that vulnerability, the trade off was reaction time as there was a delay between when he starting signing and when Chatot started translating. He agonized over his technique for a long while until he remembered the Pied Piper of Hamlin, who controlled hordes of Ratata with his flute. Lute has tried other instruments, but found that a PokeFlute was easiest to carry.

Pokémon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features,

Chatot, female
Ability: Tangled feet
Techniques: Chatter, Substitute, Fly, Defog

Ability: Clear Body
Techniques: Meteor Mash, Psychic, Iron Defense, Magnet Rise

Marril, female
Ability: Huge Power
Techniques: Aqua Tail, Ice Beam, Substitute, Aqua Ring

Raticate, male
Ability: Guts
Techniques: Hyper Fang, Iron Tail, Double Team, Thunderwave

Sandlash, male
Ability: Sand Veil
Techniques: Rollout, Defense Curl, Dig, Double Team

Linoone, male
Ability: Pick Up
Techniques: Odor Sleuth, Slash, Rock Smash, Swagger
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Name: Jaxon
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cianwood
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 194 lbs.
Hair: Very Dark Blue
Eyes: Grey
Clothes: Black jeans, ripped t-shirt, black hiking boots
Identifying Marks: Seen riding on his Bronzong often
Musculature: Slim and slightly muscular (climbs trees a lot)
Personality: Relaxed, Acts like he doesn't care, slightly childish.
Skills: Communes with Ghost-Pokemon, a skilled tactician (when he isn't fooling around)
Past: Been with Team Galactic for 3 years, and hasn't had a single successful mission.
Has caught and raised all his Pokemon through hard work, though one of them he doesn't own (it's a rental from Team Galactic). Usually hangs around cemeteries and talks to Ghosts, a strange thing for someone his age, for that takes years of practice, yet he was born with that gift.


Shade (Dusclops), Male
Ablilty: Pressure
Techniques: Night Shade, Psychic, Toxic, Shadow Sneak, Double Team, Will-O-Wisp
Personality: VERY Violent. Does NOT like any other Pokemon besides Jaxon's. Was also Jaxon's first Pokemon, since it was a Duskull.

Blade (Scizor), Male
Ability: Technician
Techniques: Slash, X-Scissor, Agility, Double Hit, Swords Dance, Focus Energy
Personality: Very low-key, down to earth, much like Soundcheck (see below). Acts very much like ancient samurai and follows the way of Bushido. He was saved after fighting another trainer, unfairly, 3-against-1.

Grasp (Ariados), Male
Ability: Insomnia
Techniques: Sucker Punch, Spider Web, Psychic, Poison Jab, String Shot, Substitute
Personality: Very professional. Raised by Team Galactic solely for capturing Pokemon.

Magma (Magmortar), Male
Ability: Flame Body
Techniques: Fire Punch, Lava Plume, Faint Attack, Sunny Day, SmokeScreen, Overheat
Personality: Was Jaxon's second Pokemon. Jupiter of Team Galactic gave it to him from a Magmar, as a joke, seeing as he could never catch any. Will obey him whatever the cost.

Soundcheck (Bronzong), No Gender
Ability: Levitate
Techniques: Gyro Ball, Iron Defence, Hypnosis, Extrasensory, Rain Dance, Flash Cannon
Personality: The most intelligent of Jaxon's Pokemon, often used to sleep inside of, or to ride on. Has a down to earth personality...if anyone else could understand him.

Doom (Houndoom), Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Techniques: Smog, Odor Sleuth, Crunch, Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse
Personality: Very different from the rest of the group. A true girly-girly Pokemon, she won't fight anything she finds "cute". But when she does fight, back away, because she goes all out!
Name: Cody
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Age: almost 16
Height: 6' 3"
Weight: Doesn't want anyone to know
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Clothes: Like Ash's Sinnoh clothes but a black shirt and black gloves.
Identifying Marks: His Luxray always walks beside him
Musculature: Strong arms and strong legs
Personality: Laidback unless he is in a battle or his friends need his help.
Skills: Doesn't really know of any


Pikachu, Male
Ability: Static
Techniques: Thunderbolt, Thunder, Volt Tackle, Charge

Snorlax, Male
Ability: Thick Fat
Techniques: Hyper Beam, Rest, Sleep Talk, Thunder

Garchomp, Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Techniques: Sand Tomb, Sandstorm, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rage

Steelix, Male
Ability: Sturdy
Techniques: Rock Slide, Iron Tail, Rock Throw, Dragonbreath

Heracross, Male
Ability: Swarm
Techniques: Horn Attack, Dark Pulse, Bug Buzz, Doom Desire

Luxray, Male
Ability: Intimidate
Techniques: Zap Cannon, Shock Wave, Charge, Spark
I have to start somewhere on this board XD
Name: Chaos, Real name: Ali Pragji Sultanshah III
Gender: Male
Hometown: Havimut, Arabia [I need to get more creative...]
Age: 15
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 115lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red, originally brown. Changed through the effects of an Alakazam, Signifies him as a Runaway.
Clothing: This is basically his picture...
As done by UltraCow

An overworld by UltraCow again, many thanks!
On his head, A amazingly clean white turban wraps up most of his long hair, a Small Poke`ball pin placed somewhere in it (A farewell present from a friend). On his forehead, a Ruby is inlaid on it, as a sign that he is a runaway. on his left ear, he has several silver and gem-encrusted earrings and clips. His bangs fall just past his chin, while a dangling end of the turban hangs just above and beside his right bang.
He wears an open black and white heat-resistant Jacket with a white hood, with his left sleeve missing, that shows his bear dark skinned chest. About halfway up his upper arm, he wears a separate sleeve, that holds tight to his skin through the many belts that are strapped to his arm. On his Left shoulder of the jacket, a small red poke`ball design is printed on it.
Around his neck, a small silver chain holds up a black-book charm. Of what importance, it is unknown. A white sash wraps around his waist, just above his belt. One end of the Sash dangles freely above his left leg, a black crescent printed near it's end. His belt is a sandish yellow, but does not hold his poke`balls, as those are tucked safely in a pocket in the inner part of his jacket. His white pants are quite baggy, while he wears black sandals on his feet to complete his red/monochrome look, one he is quite attached to.

Identifying Marks: Apart from the Ruby inlaid on his forehead, he has a rather large tribal tattoo on his back, which chain around the Kanji for Sand. His dark skin (Chocolate Milk brown) is quite the identifier itself.

Musculature: Quite slim for a guy, but has a mild build. Quite Flexible, too.

Personality: He's quite the gentleman, and has utmost respect for anyone older then him. He has a strong sense of duty, often going out of his way to help someone in need. Rarely does he yell, and tends to keep his cool even in the most difficult of situations. Though, his calmness and sincerity often get him into trouble in big events or parties with other men, as many think he's acting to hit on women.
He enjoys performing in front of small children as a Juggler, as he enjoys making people smile.

One of his pet peeves is when others interrupt him while he works. Hes very diligent in that area, and is quite annoyed when he is disturbed.

Skills: Being a researcher of an accomplished stature, Chaos requires a very physically fit body, so he has an array of skills handy, from rock climbing to spelunking.

Weaknesses/disabilities: Since he had a harsh childhood, Chaos is incapable of doing simple tasks such as riding a bike and understand the concept of "Family fun". He has an vicious dislike for cold temperatures, as such he always wears heavy clothing, and not really fond of Ice pokemon. Alongside that, The gem on his forehead contains the focused psychic power of a large Alakazam, ones whose influence can affect even him at such a far distance of his homeland. When Chaos remembers a memory of his homeland or past, he is inflicted with a heavy headache and his forehead could possibly even begin to bleed. As such, Chaos strives to forget memories, unlike many people whom strive to remember them.

Past: Having run away from his home, in order to dodge a destiny of an amazingly boring and abusing life of a rich man, at the tender age of ten, Chaos travels to the Kanto region aboard the S.S.ANNE without a single Pokemon and some cash. Upon arriving, he has a run in with a trainer with expertize in rare Pokemon at the pokemon center, after searching for a place to stay. Sometime after engaging in a conversation with the man, he gains an interest in the Legends of Pokemon. These legends, the Pokemon that shape the very world, were like a lost King's treasure in Chaos's eyes. If not owning them, a small friendship would be enough for Chaos. However, the fact that such Pokemon rarely show themselves to humans was quite the problem, and the sayings that they only show themselves to those pure of heart was even more of a problem. In the very depths of his mind, the fact that he was a runaway burned itself a black spot, and this feeling kept him from seeing that he himself was a good person. So in order to meet these wonders of the world, Chaos set off on not only a journey of knowledge, but a journey of Refinement.

Five years later, Chaos arrives in the Sinnoh region.The Myth of the "Original One" intrigues him as much as the small legends that surround that Myth, such as the "Trinity" and the "Gods of Time and Space". Just having the Friendship and trust of such legends would be enough of a "Treasure" itself. He has become quite the contributor to the study of Legends and rare Pokemon alike, and has been given the title as the "Knowledge Hunter" in several Poke-magazines and his name in various College Thesis.

Adhiraj Sultanshah (Father) - CEO of large exporting company, works alongside Department stores and Poke`mart shipping centers.
Alija Sultanshah (Birth Mother) -Deceased
Noorina Sultanshah (2nd Stepmother) - Favorite Wife of Adhiraj
Amiera Sultanshah (3rd Stepmother)
Anuzan Sultanshah (Stepbrother)
Faezan Sultanshah (Stepbrother)
Zulia Sultanshah (Stepsister)
Hussan Sultanshah (2nd Stepbrother)
Munthaz Sultanshah (2nd stepbrother)
Rekkah Sultanshah (3rd Stepsister)
Love Relationships?: None as of yet.

Megami - Lopunny (Female)
Ability: Cute Charm
Personality: Megami enjoys messing with Chaos's hair alongside grooming her own fur, which shows off her playful personality. She's not one to quickly judge someone, given her modest nature, but tends to become quite jealous when a human girl talks to Chaos, thinking that there all out to take him.
Special Features: She wears a Black arm band around her upper left arm, which has a small white Crescent Moon insignia printed on it. Under the Arm band is a Spell Tag.
History: Caught as a Buneary while wandering around between Floaroma Town, after being ask on how to catch a Pokemon by some children. After a good month with Chaos, whom cared for the Pokemon like his own child, she evolved during a Battle challenge near Oreburgh.
She has been a Permanent in his team since.

Yami - Luxray (Male)
Ability: Intimidate
Personality: Yami loves running around and messing around with his teammates, only later to fall asleep and lazily hang around. He does tend to rush certain decisions, however, which does get him into trouble every now and then. He is very good at sneaking around, too, and very good at acting, which gets him out of trouble.
Special Features: On Yami's left ear, he has a silver clip with a small ruby that mimics the colors of his eyes. On his left lower leg, just above his paw, a Black arm band with a small white Crescent Moon insignia. He wears an Amulet Coin necklace.
History: Yami as a Shinx was quite troublesome, as an entire town was hell bent on taking it out. After a brief conflict and a little payment, Chaos caught the Shinx as a job. Later, after various training sessions and challenges by many trainers, Yami evolved from a Shinx to a Luxio, and later to a Luxray after a confrontation with Team Galactic in Veilstone.

Hanuman - Infernape (Male)
Ability: Blaze
Personality: Hanuman has the tendency to get angry really quick, which leads Yami to tease him quite a bit just for the pursuing Chase by Hanuman. Hanuman does get along with his Teammates none the less, always helping out when he is needed. He enjoys catching Azrael when he floats off in the wind.
Special Features: Hanuman wears a black armband with a white crescent moon insignia on his left upper arm. Under the Armband, a Fire Plate is held around his arm by a small silver chain. He also has a small gold earring on his left ear.
History: Hanuman was a gift from Rowan during their first meeting, as a reward for his help in Johto on the Lugia Preserve. He's been with Chaos since as his primary Battle pokemon, as they go on many training sessions with Martial artists. Hanuman is one among several pokemon that Chaos has named is a foreign language not common in this side of the world.

Chi - Combee (Female)
Ability: Honey Gather
Personality: Chi is rather shy, and tends to stick around with Chaos or hide behind Megami when someone new is around. She doesn't like to fight much, but she does attract pokemon for training sessions for the others, every time she gathers Sweet Honey.
Special Features: Since Chi is a "Shiny" pokemon, her entire body takes on a red tint. Other then that, is her distinct Black wings. When she flies, silver powder floats off of her wings.
History: Chi was a really difficult Pokemon to catch, and seeing as Shiny pokemon were considered "Rare", Chaos was fully intent on capturing the discolored Pokemon (Also because of the Red and black are obviously two of his favorite colors.). He stuck around in a forest for two months, not only facing off with other trainers but surviving the wild, searching for the shy pokemon and attempting to capture it. After quite the ordeal, Chaos came out victorious, but treated the other trainers to dinner and a good long awaited rest at a nearby Inn.

Akatsuki -Scizor (Male)
Ability: Swarm
Personality: Very Serious in every since of the word, usually sitting away from his peers in solitude. However, he does have a kind side, often sharing his food and defending any of the newcomers in Chaos's team against stronger opponents. Seems to have a crush on Chi.
Special Features: He wears a Black armband on his left upper arm much like his teammates.
History: Akatsuki is the only pokemon that Chaos brang with him from the Hoenn region. While a majority of his pokemon rest at the Oak ranch, courtesy of the Famous Dr.Oak himself, or in nature preserves and the like (Such as Mew, who has made a promise to return to Chaos when he is like, 50 years old), Chaos was reluctant to give up Akatsuki, as his False Swipe move is essential to Chaos's "Rare" hunting (which was especially essential in the capture of Mew and a young Latios). Akatsuki is a year old now, and Two months into his new Steel type evolution, which happened at a festival and involved a run in with an old rival.

Azrael - Drifloon (Male)
Ability: Aftermath
Personality: Very Relaxed, and enjoys flying around above the others or scaring passing Trainers with his ominous presence. Not much more explains this happy-go-lucky Pokemon. Often has to be saved by Hanuman or Chaos when he begins to float away or because of a strong wind.
Special Features: The small fluff on the top of Azrael's head has a Black tip.
History: Given to him as a "present" from a small child, who did not know that the balloon was actually a Pokemon. Chaos practically asked the Balloon to join him on his journey, seeing as the Pokemon was very fragile at the time. Another Pokemon that Chaos named in foreign tongue.

As mentioned, Chaos has many Pokemon at his disposal, but they either live in Nature reserves and preservation centers, or at Oak's Ranch in Pallet town in the Kanto Region. Chaos even has Pokemon in the Safari Zone that help with security and poaching. Since arriving in Sinnoh, he has decided to use Pokemon that are native to the region, save for Akatsuki.
Notable Reserves:
Inari the Ninetales (Starter Pokemon from Kanto [as a Vulpix])[Female]
Tsuki-tama the Umbreon (First Eveeloution)[Female]
Yumi the Glaceon (born from Tsuki)[Female]
Raiken the Jolteon (Born from Tsuki)[Male]
Asa-Akari the Espeon (Sister of Tsuki, second Eveeloution)[Female]
San-Jishaku the Magneton (Caught while researching Zapdos)[Referred to as a male?]
Kasekibu the Kabuto (Rejuvinated in Cinnibar after an excavation)[Male]
Seiryu the Dratini (A gift from Lance)[Female]
Hanahime the Bellossom (Raised during a breeding experiment)[Female]
Wabi the Alakazam (....A reminder for his own past)[Male]
Kon the Hunter (Caught for Ghost pokemon research)[Male]
Banzenten the Altaria(Caught mountain climbing) [Female]
Name: Alexander (Last name unknown)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Sootopolis City
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 134
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Shockingly Grey hair down just past his shoulders, wears mostly white due to his overwhelming fear of dark places (more on that later). Wears a white vest with a dark grey undershirt. Pants are also dark, faded white.

Identifying Marks: Wears all white and has an unmistakable scar down the left side of his face, taking the color from his eye even though he's not blind. Seen picked fights with random trainers by making intelligent quips at them.

Musculature: Very slim, slightly muscular. If he was in a fight, he'd probably lose, but put up a good fight.

Personality: Serious, but opens up to those he trusts. Those being only his Pokemon.

Past: His parents died in a car accident when he was barely 1, so he never knew his parents. The scar on his face was from his own car accident, but his Golem saved him. Likes to fight due to the fact he can't get access to the last two gyms of the Sinnoh region. Mostly wanders with random groups of trainers until they get beaten and annoyed by him, so they ditch him. He doesn't mind, he just wants a good battle.




Gigas (Slaking)
Ability: Traunt
Techniques: Slash, Body Slam, Hammer Arm, Giga Impact, Shock Wave, Counter
Personality: All Slaking are the same: lazy. But this one wants to NOT be lazy, so he kinda' acts like he has Narcalepsy.

Titan (Golem)
Ability: Rock Head
Techniques: Gyro Ball, Earthquake, Rock Polish, Stone Edge, Sandstorm, Stealth Rock
Personality: Cares about others deeply, despite his trainer's personality. Often seen playing with wild Pokemon, but is very deadly in battle.

Suraimu (Muk)
Ability: Stench
Techniques: Mud Bomb, Gunk Shot, Giga Drain, Poison Jab, Toxic, Dig
Personality: Muk's name, Suraimu, literally translates in Japanese to "Slime". Muk is the reason Alexander is afraid of the dark. (When he was young, Muk swallowed him whole. For thirty-minutes, paramedics tried to get him out. By the time he was out, most of his smell receptors were fried, so he can only smell things practically in front of him). Muk doesn't have much to say.

Mythril (Bastiodon)
Ability: Sturdy
Techniques: Take Down, Iron Head, Metal Burst, Ice Beam, Protect, Thunderbolt
Personality: Shy. Tackles anything it isn't familiar with, including his trainer when he was born from a fossil as a Shieldon.

Sniper (Octillery)
Ability: Sniper
Techniques: Focus Energy, Octazooka, Bullet Seed, Rock Blast, Flamethrower, Charge Beam
Personality: Snobby. Doesn't like to show weakness, so he fires his deadly array of techniques from afar. But if someone closes in on him...well...he's done-for.

Fort (Forretress)
Ability: Sturdy
Techniques: Rapid Spin, Magnet Rise, Zap Cannon, Bide, Explosion, Mirror Shot
Personality: Lazy. Sits around all day. Only battles if commanded to. A lot.
Name: Jay
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Age: 14
Height: 5ft 7 inch
Weight: 10 stone (140 lbs)
Hair: Navy, long
Eyes: Grey
Clothing: Blue cap, White top with blue scribble writing, baggy blue jeans and red sneakers
Identifying Marks: Scar by left eye
Musculature: Medium build
Personality: Strong Hearted, hard headed
Skills: Intelligence
Past: Participated in Sinnoh Championship, lost in the finals. Spent a year as a pokemon ranger in Fiore
Family: Mother in Twinleaf, Aunty and Uncle in Littleroot, Cousin in Fuscia city
Love Relationships?: Fancies Ellis (Female FR/LG playable Character)


Zippy (Flygon)
Ability : Levitate
Moves : Dragonbreath, Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Hyper beam, Earthquake & Stone Edge

Starter Pokemon, Pokeball sent in by Poke-mail from Uncle in Littleroot. Loyal Companion for four years, Saved Jay's life from a swarm of Luxio. Scar on chest obtained from being hit repitedly with Dragon Rush by Cynthia's Garchomp. Intelligent and Caring, It would do anything for its Trainer.

Skabara (Staraptor)
Ability : Intimidate
Moves: Arial Ace, Wing Attack, Close Combat, Brave Bird, Take Down & Endeavor

Second Pokemon captured, Brave and bold, it will take on a pokemon twice it's size to save a friend in danger, sometimes bites off more than it can chew. Often rushes in without thinking.

Emperor (Empoleon)
Ability : Torrent
Moves : Aqua Tail, Bubblebeam, Hydro Pump, Steel Wing, Drill Peck and Aqua Jet

Found abandoned as a Piplup in Sandgem Town beach. It trusts no one besides its companions and trainer, has bonded strongly with Jay and Zippy. Dislikes Skabara as they tend to rival each other alot.

All others were left to help out proffesor Rowan at his Lab, or at the day care centre. Jay also passed on his Luxray to the lighthouse in Sunnyshore city, to help power the gargantuan device.

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Name: Kadence Virelai, but for the love of god, please, just Kade or Kaden will do. ...Kadence. Ugh.
Gender: Male
Hometown: Goldenrod City, Johto
Age: 17
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 137 lbs.
Hair: Dark brown. Not all that long, by any means, but usually pretty out of control. Especially in the front.
Eyes: A pale blue-gray.
Clothing: In his downtime, Kaden dresses just like any other guy. A favourite t-shirt and a comfy pair of jeans, regular stuff like that. More often than not, however, you can see him in his appeal gear. No, he doesn't dress himself up in coat and tails and whatnot; he believes that it can't hurt to look presentable, but that a coordinator should never draw focus away from their Pokemon. A typical look for him would be a teal t-shirt, adorned with a large white treble clef on the front, and a pair of dark jeans. He usually has a jacket thrown on overtop, left wide open most of the time. The sleeves and chest are a deep indigo color, whereas the collar and the rest of it are white. Two stripes of the same indigo shoot up from the hips, and the garment is finished off with some bright neon green piping. Toss in some azure-blue fingerless gloves with white spirals on the back of each hand, polish the look off with some worn-in white runners, and that's Kaden for you.
Identifying Marks: For one thing, you usually won't spot Kaden without a pair of headphones over his ears. The phones themselves are black, but the band connecting them is a bright blue, making them pretty noticable. They're unique in that they're a wireless set--not very practical when one's tunes are sitting in one's coat pocket anyway, but it helps when it comes to Adaigo. Kade's also sporting a pair of tattoos: the play and pause symbols on his left wrist, and the skip-ahead symbol on the right. When he saves up a little more, he's thinking about getting the rest of the symbols found on your standard CD player inked, but it's a wait and see kind of thing.
Musculature: Not quite Hulk Hogan, but not quite your average pasty nerd either. Kaden is surprisingly strong, and underneath those stage clothes, he's got pretty nice muscle definition. It's a little on the subtle side, admittedly, but he's still basically a healthy-looking guy.
Personality: It's a little hard to sum Kaden up easily. He's confident, very confident, but in a modest way. Which seems a little paradoxical, and in a sense, it is; Kade's not given to boasting, but his ego still finds a way to shine through every now and then, and it's not too rare to see his cockiness cloud his common sense. He has a strong sense of style and showmanship, and believes anything worth doing is worth doing with class. This shows in his battling style, too; he treats regular matches the same as contest battles, so ordinary moves are frequently jazzed up with a surprising twist or two. Kade was born very much a creative person, and it shows in more than just his natural flair for contests. He has a pretty overactive imagination, which can often help him see things from an original standpoint. Easygoing soul that he is, though, Kade tends to keep his ideas to himself most of the time; he'll drop a hint or two, ranging from too obtuse to grasp to blatantly obvious, but he wouldn't want to seem the bossy type. Just... along for the ride, really.
Skills: Kade's creativity stretches beyond the realm of contests. He also has some modest talent with the harmonica, though nothing worth bragging about, and is in fact quite the artist. He makes a point of sitting down and drawing at least once a week, muse or no, with the result being quite a few sketchbooks serving as a record of his Pokemon journey, from a pencil crayon rendition of Andante's egg to a proud rainbow of hard-earned ribbons.
Past: Well... nothing special, honestly. Kade's original ambition was to be a breeder, not a coordinator. He got his start at age fourteen, when he was selected to be one of three youths to take part in a summer internship program, so to speak, at Professor Elm's laboratory. The program only lasted one summer; really, Elm just needed some extra help for a study he was conducting regarding Pokemon eggs. The basics of breeding and egg moves had already been established, but Elm sought to confirm whether the species of the father had any impact on the genetic traits of the offspring. In other words, does breeding a Dragonite with a male Rhydon make for Dratinis with better defense, so on and so forth? Kade was assigned to observe a control group of purebred Cyndaquils, then compare them with their step-siblings with different fathers. The other two youths watched Chikoritas and Totodiles.

The summer program ended before any firm conclusions could be reached, but Elm decided to repay his aides by letting them keep one of the many offspring hatched. Thus, Kadence and Andante became partners. From there, Kaden had some small degree of success as a breeder--Forte was his first successful independent hatch, with Marziale and Solenne following after. As he immersed himself in the world of a breeder, though, things changed. He found out Pokemon weren't just bred for better moves; some breeders sought to produce the most perfect specimen of a certain species possible, for the sake of contest showing. That caught Kade's interest, so he decided to try his hand at appeals. He was a natural from the start, and his career took off from there. He's done pretty well in Hoenn and Sinnoh, and has even managed to gain some popularity in his homeland of Johto, in spite of the general disinterest in contests.

Lately, Kade's ambition has only grown. Not only does he aim to add to his ever-growing collection of ribbons, but he's decided to go for badges, too. If his Pokemon can go up against the battle-hardened sort trainers raise, and still win with style and finesse, then he figures that makes for a pretty good sign, y'know?
Family: Mom, dad, and little sister in Goldenrod, and an older brother who left years ago on a Pokemon journey of his own. He doesn't keep in touch that often, though, so Kade's not entirely sure where he is or what he's up to nowadays.
Love Relationships?: None at the moment.

Andante: Quilava, male
One of Kaden's oldest partners, Andante has grown to become a real ace when it comes to contests. He's made a clean sweep of the cool category several times, and has a pretty formidable collection of ribbons under his belt. Like many of Kaden's Pokemon, he wears contest accessories both on and off the stage--in his case, a red scarf around his left foreleg, a collar with a silver eighth note charm dangling from it, and no less than four earrings--three in one ear, one in the other. In spite of his rough image, though, you'll never find a Pokemon with a more agreeable disposition than Dante. He's naturally affectionate, laidback, and generally agreeable, even to strangers. Like trainer, like Pokemon. Andante's self-assurance is extremely subtle, however. He only ever calls attention to himself when asked to perform. Otherwise, he's simply cruising along happily. He's come a long way already, he has nothing to prove by now. It was this self-assured, easygoing nature that earned Dante his name, as a matter of fact. Even if he's a rapid blaze on the battlefield, he still takes things at his own, steady pace.

Coda: Seadra, female
You wouldn't think of a Seadra as beautiful, would you? No, didn't think so. Coda isn't exactly the definition of princess, anyway. She's about as tomboyish as they come, a little bit rough, and awfully accident-prone. In spite of that, she's developed an onstage persona that's about as different from natural Coda as night and day. Put her in a contest, and she'll charm her way through the beauty category with delicate grace and elegance. Her habit of horseplay and klutzy nature mean that Kaden usually saves her accessories for contest time, but she bears one permanent mark--a segno on her cheek. Oddly enough, she wasn't the one to get marked with an actual coda--that was Solenne. Nevertheless, she wears her mark with pride and bears him no grudge for it.

Coda was not bred by Kade; she was one of two eggs that Kaden received from a breeder in Kanto, in thanks for lending him use of both Kaden's Smeargle and several incenses required for certain Pokemon to produce baby pre-evolutions. The Kanto breeder specialized in dragons, and was kind enough to supply Kaden with a Dragon Scale in addition to the eggs. Whether or not he'll put that scale to use remains to be seen.

Marziale: Togetic, female
It shouldn't be a very big surprise to hear that Marziale's specialty is the cute category. Little sweetheart that she is, this Togetic has her own natural charm. She's far too curious for her own good, and often can't resist butting in where she oughtn't. On top of her inquisitive nature, Marziale has surprisingly strong intuition. Kaden may joke about her being a psychic-type in disguise, but he values those instincts of hers--more often than not, they come in handy. Marziale's a very dedicated sort of girl; she can put up with endless abuse on the battlefield and keep marching on. She has a fermata tattooed on her forehead, and wears a rosary around her neck with four comma-shaped beads. Depending on how you look at them, they're either magatamas, or breath marks.

Forte: Leafeon, male
Another early partner of Kaden's, and a specialist in tough-category contests. Forte is a sublime specimen of a Leafeon, with a natural, unflappable confidence to him. Unlike Dante, he doesn't mix well with strangers; on more than one occasion the hand that got close enough to pet him also got close enough to get bitten, and he's not above getting into brawls with other people's Pokemon. Forte may have been bred for showing, but he has both the tenacity and the strength to back up his razor-sharp nature. His name comes from his lion-esque, unabashed pride; if he's not tougher than you, he's smarter than you. If he's not smarter than you, well, he's still cooler. Don't like that? Tough. Forte wears only a single accessory; a brown collar with a silver bass clef dangling from it. It's understated, sure, but his arrogant bearing and the telltale jagged notches absent from his ears and tail do all the talking for him.

In some regards, you could almost say Forte is the joker of the group. He has a strong sense of humour, if by "humour" one happens to mean "schadenfreude." He can be rather cruel to others and not show a shred of sympathy, but those that earn his respect are spared his "jokes."

Solenne: Kirlia, male
Solenne was born with very high expectations on his shoulders; he came from a long line of contest champions. It cost Kaden a small fortune just to breed one of those prizewinning Gardevoirs. As a young Ralts, he tried his best to behave as a champion should. Inexperienced as he was, he did his best to seem deeply wise by looking as serious as possible. Solenne never quite noticed it happening, but the more time he spent with Kaden, the more he changed. As he is now, Solenne has completely abandoned his noble front. He hasn't forgotten his blood, though; he has a natural love for the stage, and has been able to have all-around success in a variety of contest categories. Solenne is prone to showing off at times, and his overconfidence does tend to cloud his judgement. He wears quite a few scarves, each designed to give a little boost to his appeals; red scarf around the left wrist, green scarf around the right, yellow scarf around the neck, worn as a bandana. In addition, he has a tattoo that serves as a counterpart to Coda's, though if you didn't know your musical symbols, you'd probably mistake it for a tiny little crosshair inked underneath his left eye.

For what it's worth, Solenne has willfully chosen not to evolve for the time being. He's not sure whether he should follow the tradition of his bloodline and become a Gardevoir, or evolve into a Gallade.

Adaigo: Pupitar, male
Okay... so a Pupitar isn't really capable of doing much. He can hop around, as long as he keeps his balance, and he can still battle... but when mobility is an issue, it really makes it hard to impress the judges. Adaigo does have some contest experience from his Larvitar days, but it was only small-scale contests, and his stage fright completely choked him. Even in a regular battle, Adaigo tends to completely freeze up. Kaden has found a way to circumvent this, though it's not a perfect solution. But hey... anything will do for the time being. It's unlikely Adaigo will even set foot on the contest stage again until he becomes a Tyrannitar, meaning he's pretty much exclusively used for ordinary battles. Without Kaden's cure for his shyness, Adaigo tends to be very introverted and untalkative. He only ever really comes to life when said cure is given to him--the headphones that usually sit on Kaden's head. With a good, fast tune, Adaigo becomes the liveliest little coccoon you ever met. That's the logic behind his name and the seeming contradiction with his tattoo--a quaver in the middle of his forehead.

For what it's worth, Adaigo was the second egg received from the Kanto breeder.

Pokemon not currently in party:

Allegretto: Persian, female
Allie is one of the first Pokemon that Kade has bred entirely for battle, not for appeals. She excels at guerrila warfare, hitting the foe hard, then retreating to infuriate them. Even though she battles very well, she has yet to gain the flair seen in stage battles. Kade will use her in a fight, if he thinks she's the best fit, but he prefers to work with her a little more before her big-time debut.

Stretto: Ariados, male
The thing about breeding one's own Pokemon is that one needs to catch the parents first of all. That's where Stretto comes in. He snares the foe in place with his web, then slowly whittles them down to nothing, making them ripe for the capture. As frail as he is, Stretto doesn't see much professional use beyond capture, support, and the occasional annoyance. Kade may be willing to give him a chance or two; the guy's earned that much, at least.

Zeichen: Smeargle, male
Smeargles and Dittos are a breeder's best friend. Kaden doesn't breed as often as he used to, so most of his breeding Pokemon were given away. A few remain with him, but will rarely, if ever, see any use. And Zei...? He's currently on loan to a breeder in Kanto, though he's able to be "borrowed back" for the occasional cameo or two.
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Name: Jess
Gender: Female
Hometown: Sandgem Town
Age: 14
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair: Raven black with blue streaks in her bangs. She has short hair that she keeps down - very, very untidy.
Eyes: Amber
Clothing: During her travels in Hoenn, Jess wears what looks like a Team Aqua uniform with slight traces of Team Galactic's touch. In Sinnoh, she wears a Team Galactic uniform with a few of Team Rocket's touches. In the Jhoto and Kanto regions, she wears Team Rocket's unform with a slight bit of Team Aqua inspired touches. It's all to confuse.
However, when out of these constumes, she just wears a dark blue shirt with a large, bright star on the chest, jeans, and worn out sandals. She only wears this when approaching Sandgem.
Identifying Marks: Though it is rare to see because of her usual outfit change, Jess's right arm has a long scar down it. Though she won't tell any other, her trusted Blaziken knows it's from fighting off a flock of Skarmories attacking a small Swablu.
Musculature: She is small, yes, but strong. She enjoys hanging out underground, digging for fossils and, because of that, she has great upper body strength.
Personality: Jess is a shy miss. She avoids battles, but, when challenged, she fights her hardest. If a pokemon trainer she has just fought accepts it, she will offer them a potion or two to help the trainer. She rarely gets angry, but when she does, it's like a volcano erupting! It doesn't last for too long, however.
Skills: Jess is skilled at digging, but also has a knack for drawing. She enjoys sketching the landscapes of various routes she takes and scenes she visits. She especially loves drawing battles.
Past: Jess moved to Sandgem town from Veridian City with her mother and father when she was ten. Two years later, her aunt called her parents to ask if she could spend a while in the Hoenn region. When she arrived, she was surprised to find that her aunt, an aspiring pokemon professor, caught a Torchic just for her. For a month, the two trained seemingly endlessly with the hope to beat at least one gym leader on the journey. One became two, two became three, three became four, and soon she found that she had beaten all eight, meeting many a friend along the way. After the battling, she realised that, instead of being a trainer, she wanted to be a breeder.
Family: She has an Aunt in the Hoenn region, an Uncle in the Kanto region, an older sister who moved to the Jhoto region, and a mom and a dad that live in the Sinnoh region.
Love Relationships: None
Chickie (Blaziken)
Gender: Male
History: From the very beginning of her journey, Jess had Chickie - though as he grew from a Torchic to a Combusken to a Blaziken, his name became less... fitting. Nonetheless, Chickie holds his name with pride and enjoys a good battle alongside his trainer and comrades.
Personality: Dedicated, though vaguely dim-witted. He'll follow any and all orders.
Special features: Since Torchic-hood, Chickie's worn a bright red collar with a bell on his neck. Though the strap is worn and the bell seems rusted (And the entire thing has other trainers laugh at the sight), he dares not remove it, fearing Jess's rare, but feared anger.

Prince (Azumaril)
Gender: Male
History: His capture was one of the hardest things Jess attempted. His loyalty was even harder to get. However, with time, Prince became accustomed to his trainer, his comrades, and the battling.
Personality: Prince is, oftentimes, resistant - mainly to Jess. However, he'll do anything for a sweet berry, but will do absolutely everything for a pokeblock.
Special features: Prince loves food - fight, earn, collect, store, then eat. However, he freaks out whenever he used to spill his food. He wears a bag to store most of the foods he eats.

Sky (Altaria)
Gender: Female
History: Sky was caught during a trip to Jess's Aunt's house in the Hoenn region - though not really by battle. Sky was caught in a gang of Skarmories. The next thing she knew, Sky was in the Pokemon Center, a young trainer sitting by her side. Since then, Sky's fought hard to gain a place in Jess's traveling party.
Personality: Timid and easily frightened, Sky mirrors her trainer in some ways. Like her trainer, it takes a lot to anger her. Unlike her trainer, she holds grudges and fearful thoughts of other pokemon. She doesn't like Skamory.
Special features: Sky wears a blue version of Chickie's collar. Though she wears it with more pride, she'd rather have Prince's bag.

Julf (Linoone)
Gender: Female
History: Julf was the second caught in the party - though the second weakest of the group. Still, in battle, she impresses some of Jess's chalengers.
Personality: Strong-willed and determined, Julf enjoys a good pat on the head. She's sometimes forgetful and enjoys sitting beside fires.
Special features: Julf is often seen with a messy coat - mud soaked, drenched, etc. She often likes to hold pokeballs, so she's been given a pouch to wear around her neck to hold a pokeball of her choice. In the pouch, she holds a net ball.

Pyre (Skitty)
Gender: Female
History: Pyre, through some morbid way, was Jess's favorite skitty she had ever had been born in her party simply because of the fact that she, Pyre, was born on Mount Pyre shortly after capturing Sky. She was born while Jess was visiting the grave of Pyre's mother, a Delcatty that belonged to Jess's aunt (Reason of death unknown). She is considered the baby of the group.
Personality: Pyre is like most cats when they want love - though this state seems permanent. She refuses to fight, only be cute. It works, yes, but it has caused Julf to dislike her for stealing most of her hugs and her rank as the party's baby...
Special features: Pyre wears a pink bow around her neck. It was given to her by a woman in Jubilife City.
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Name: Skyler McCloud
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Age: 15
Height: 5'8
Weight: 140
Hair: Black/ Dark Brown , Medium Length, Straight, Can be messy from time to time.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Clothing:people tend to label Skyler as being "emo". Skyler can always be seen wearing a band tee-shirt usually with the band name, Muk You Up on it. Skyler can always be seen with his trusty studded belt with the Zubat belt buckle. Tight jeans are always a must when Skyler is adventuring.
Identifying Marks: Tan-ish Skin, Always has a cut or bruise on one arm from fending off attacks from Mankeys and Vigoroths.

Musculature: Not muscular. Not skinny, but not fat either.

Personality: Skyler can sometimes be a shy person around new people. Once he gets to know someone, he'll be loyal and friendly to them forever. He always has a thing for the ladies. Skyler has a problem for never being serious and always cracking jokes. He usually keeps his cool, but when he does get mad you better watch out.

Skills: Skyler is great at understanding the feelings of both pokemon and humans alike. He is also an expert at hiding places. Hiding allows him to sneak up and catch pokemon much easier.

Past: Skyler was born and raised in Twinleaf Town. After a horrific experience with a gang of Shupettes at the age of 9, Skyler became frightened of ghost pokemon. But ironically, the first pokemon that Skyler caught was a Ghastly, a ghost pokemon.

Family:Skyler grew up with his grandparent's in Twinleaf Town, where he was born. Skyler never knew his parents. His Mom and Dad were thought to have been head executives for an evil organization called Team Rocket. To find out more about his parents, Skyler sets forward on an adventure to seek the truth, meeting many dangers in the meantime.

Love Relationships?: None, currently



Gender: Male
History: Wraith was the first Pokemon caught by Skyler when he was a Ghastly. Wraith saved Skyler from a gang of Shupettes when Skyler was nine. Ever since, Wraith and Skyler have be inseparable and always do everything together.
Personality:Wraith is the leader of Skyler's team. Both he and Draco fight a lot, mainly to see who should lead the team into battle.
Special Features: Wraith looks like any other Gengar, but he has a darker color to him. His main feature is the color of his eyes. Most Gengars will have Red eyes, while Wraith has blue eyes.


Gender: Female
History: After saving a fisherman's son from a pack of rabid Mightyenas, Skyler was given a Feebas as a thank you present from the fisherman named Dream. Skyler always knew of the beauty deep inside Dream and one night he wished it would show. When Skyler woke up, Dream had blossomed into a beautiful Milotic.
Personality: Dream is very intelligent and can use her strength wisely. She is very close to Buzz.
Special Features: Dream is slightly smaller than most Milotics, but makes up for her size with remarkable intelligence. Dream has a more whiter hue to her than other Milotics.


Gender: Male
History: Draco was Skyler's grandfather's pokemon, but was given to him when Skyler set out on his journey.
Personality: Draco is the loner of the group and the oldest, but will fight to the death to save his companions.
Special Features: Draco is a battle scarred Salamence. This is evident by the scar that crosses over his left eye, which has poor visibility.


Gender: Male
History: During his quest, Skyler came across a small forest being burnt down by a group of Galactic Grunts just for amusement. Outraged, he went into the forest to save every Pokemon that he could. After saving all of the Pokemon, a shiny Ralts would not leave his side. Skyler took this Ralts with him on his journey and the Ralts soon became a tough Gallade.
Personality: Snickers was given his name because he is always pulling pranks on his fellow companions, and then snickers at their misfortunes.
Special Features: Snickers is one-of-a-kind because he is a shiny Gallade. His chestplate is more of a blood red color also.


History: Buzz was captured while still a Vibrava by Skyler shortly after leaving Twinleaf Town in a small, yet uncharted desert. After capture, Buzz took a strong liking to Skyler and led him out of the desert and into safety.
Personality: Buzz will put his life on the line for any of his teammates. He is very protective over Dream.
Special Features: Buzz wears a red bandana across his neck. There is a bite wound on his right wing, thanks to a mean Sharpedo.


Gender: Male
History: Munchies was found unconscious near Route 221 and so Skyler took him to the nearest PokeCenter. After being healed, Munchies was found to have a medical problem which would never allow him to evolve. Feeling sorry for the Munchlax, Skyler took him under his wing.
Personality: Being the youngest of the team, Munchies is watched over by everyone. Feeling left out of the action at times, he always finds a way to show his toughness.
Special Features: Munchies wears a green scarf around his neck. He prizes this scarf and would do anything to protect it.
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Name: Chadwyck Myroen, goes by "Chad"

Gender: Male

Hometown: Saffron

Age: 17

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 135

Hair: Blue hair with purple strands hanging in his face, length is at the shoulders

Eyes: Violet red

Clothing: Green sleeveless shirt, torn at the bottom, a studded armband that he wears just past the elbow on his right arm, fingerless black gloves, black slacks and black boots with a piece of steel over each of the toes. He has a dark grey trench coat with a shoulder pad on his left shoulder.

Identifying Marks: None

Musculature: Average

Personality: Very friendly, but serious at the same time. He's always traveling alone, so when he meets another person on the road, he's happy for the company. If he's busy with something else, however, he sets his whole focus on his goal and won't hesitate to do whatever it takes to accomplish it. He has a strong sense of justice, although, his idea of justice is different in every situation. If he gets angry enough, he grows very cold and vengeful, but it's very difficult to push him that far.

Skills: He's quick when it comes to thinking on his feet, and he's good at anticipating his opponents next move.

Past: He grew up in the Kanto region, in the shadow of the Saffron City gym, everyday he'd dream of the day that he could step forward and challenge the gym leader, like all the others he'd watch from his bedroom window. Then, when he was old enough to become a trainer, his father gave him a Murkrow that had just hatched from an egg that his father received from one of his friends who wanted to find the new Pokemon a good home. Chad cared for his Murkrow diligently and when it was old enough to train he'd take it outside the city to train everyday. Eventually they were strong enough to challenge Sabrina and they won their fist badge. Chad took to traveling about the Kanto region, but never collected all eight badges. he returned home and told his parents that he was going to travel to Johto, he wouldn't tell his parents why he was leaving or why he hadn't collected all the badges. He took only his six most trusted Pokemon and left the others he'd caught around Kanto in the care of his mother and father, he's traveled the world, ever since, never staying in one place too long.

Family: Charles his father and his mother Dawn

Love Relationships?: None

Nickname: Omen
Species: Murkrow
Gender: Male
Additional Information: Omen is rarely inside it's pokeball, mostly because Chad likes to have the company of his Pokemon companion, but partly because the Pokemon doesn't like to leave his masters side, the Murkrow feels like it must look after it's master in exchange for all the care that Chad has given it. Omen sits perched on the shoulder pad on Chad's trench coat. Occasionally, Omen will hop onto Chad's head for a better view of the surroundings, and then will fly off ahead and return a few minutes later and perch back on the shoulder pad. When Chad doesn't have his coat on, Omen will either perch on his head or hop along the ground beside him.
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Name: Isabeau Silverteen
Gender: Female
Hometown: unknown
Age: 15
Height: 5'7
Weight: 120 lb

Identifying Marks: silver Riolu on the back of her left hand
Musculature: skinny and a bit below average
Personality: silent, gentle, smart
Skills: understands the Pokemon and can draw
Past: all she knows is that she grew up with the Pokemon
Family: the Pokemon
Love Relationships?: none

Pokémon: (all are fourth generation)

Gender: male
Ability: Overgrow
Special Features: Instead of a red band and chin, the color is a deep green
History: Has been with Isabeau as long as she can remember
Personality: cautious, caring, watchful

Firena (Ninetales)
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Special Features: Instead of the normal red eyes for the female Ninetails, Firena has emerald green.
History: Isabeau had discovered Firena as a Vulpix stuck under a few rocks from a landslide.
Personality: adventurous, short tempered, playful

Heon (Vaporeon)
Gender: Male
Ability: Water Absorb
Special Features: Has what looks like a silver Riolu on the end of his tail.
History: Met Isabeau as she was sitting on a beach.
Personality: wild, carefree, mischievous

Shadow (Lucario)
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Special Features: Has a silver band on his left arm.
History: Has been with Isabeau for as long as she could remember with Sly.
Personality: silent, wary, gentle

Arrow (Swellow)
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Special Features: A red arrow that points at Arrow's head is on Arrow's back.
History: Was found in a cave as it was raining outside with a broken wing as a Taillow.
Personality: impatient, proud, show off

Sela (Gardevoir)
Gender: Female
Ability: Trace
Special Features: Whatever is suppose to be orange is red.
History: She was found with Arrow as a Ralts.
Personality: caring, gentle, easygoing
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Birth Name: Kilos Karoshi
Alias: Karoshi
Gender: ♂
Birth Date: February 16
Age: 19
Job: "Professional Pokemon Trainer" (Average Thief/Thug)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 129lbs
Blood Type: AB-
Hair Color: Dark Green with Silver Highlights (Dyed from Black)
Eye Color: Sea Water Blue
Complexion: Fair
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Relatives: Half Sister (Cassandra), Mom (Dead), Step Dad (Dead), Dad (Unknown, presumably Dead)
Hometown: Violet City, Johto (Was born in Fuchsia City, Kanto)
Arch Rival: Magnus
Likes: Pokemon, Money, Poison Type Pokemon
Dislikes: Magnus, Cassandra, Losing, Steel Type Pokemon
Fears: Cassandra

Personality: Kilos does whatever he wants, when ever he wants, because he wants to. He cares for no one and is concerned for only making himself more powerful. He is a selfish person and does not care about anyone else and does not like getting involved with anyone. He has no friends or relationships. If he is pushed over the edge, he will not hold anything back. Usually, however, he has a pleasant disposition. Even though he's selfish, he does care about other people and will help someone in need.

Needless to say, Kilos lacks the normal sense of responsibility most have, and usually acts whence he deems it necessary. Though loyal to his friends and family, he doesn't pay much attention to events happening around him. He's easily distracted by "Shinnies" when he should be listening, or doing other things, which can make doing simple tasks into a near-impossible feat.

Description: Kilos is slender, which gives the impression that he is weak. He has a very light skin color and fair complexion. His jaw is very well defined and his chin is somewhat prominent. He has short, unruly, spiky dark green hair with silver highlights. His eyes are almond shaped and dull colored. They are a mixture of green and blue, and look very close to the color of sea water and have vivid green rings midway through the irises. He usually wears a somewhat happy and pleasant expression, though almost always if you look close enough, his eyes reflects a bit of apathy. His most dominate feature is the grey skull tattoo on his left arm.

Unique Abilities: Though he doesn't look like it, Kilos is an unrefined psychic. This means that even though he has the potential to be a powerful psychic, he can barely bend a spoon. The only "practical" use Kilos would ever have of this is if his car keys fell down a sewage drain. Being self raised as a street rat since he was eight after his half sister killed his parents, he became an expert pickpocket and lock pick.

Clothing: Whatever he finds "lying around". Kilos currently wears a modified Team Aqua uniform. Aside from dyeing it orange, he also ripped off the sleeves in movability. He wears the bandana upside-down to symbolize that he isn't apart of their "second rate" organization, though he likes their "spunky" clothing. Kilos also carries a knife, 80 ft of rope and a flashlight incase he runs into trouble.

Equipment: Kilos is very paranoid that someone will hear the commands that he give his Pokemon and will counterattack accordingly since he does the same thing, so he uses a headset to talk to his Pokemon, who all carry modified an identical headsets. When he wants someone to attack, he turns a dial on it so that he can tell anyone of his Pokemon what to do extremely fast without confusing the other Pokemon. He also allowed the other headsets speak to each other incase the need assistance.

Kanto - All Eight Badges
Jhoto - All Eight Badges
Hoenn - All Eight Badges
Sinnoh - None, Just Starting

Breloom ♀
Ability: Effect Spore
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Unique Qualities: Shiny
Personality: Though Breloom is a showoff most of the time, she is a secluded Pokemon. She often keeps to herself unless she is with a friend or is a distraction in one of Kilos‘ plans. She never goes away from people she likes, often stalking anyone who showed any form of kindness towards Kilos or herself. She is very sarcastic when it comes to work, but never really complains about it and always gets the job done. Breloom is extremely fond of music and loves to play on her guitar.
History: When Kilos visited the Hoenn region, he saw a member from a second rate gang member take a red Shroomish from a starting trainer. Kilos attacked the gang member with his Flygons and recovered the Pokemon. After taking it back to the trainer, he left to continue his journey. A couple of days later, he saw the trainer again outside Rustboro City. After noticing that he was having a hard time training the Shroomish, Kilos offered to trade it for an easier Pokemon to train. After trading his worthless Magikarp for the Shroomish, he trained it day and night until it became a Breloom. Breloom is currently Kilos' favorite Pokemon, though he rather use his more powerful Pokemon in actual battles.
Favored Item: Red Guitar
Food Preference: Spicy Food
Primary Move List: False Swipe, Spore, Seed Bomb, Sky Uppercut

Ability: Magnet Pull
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Unique Qualities: Unlike other Magnemites, it learned how to teleport from his former trainer several years ago through a TM.
Personality: Magnezone is very robotic like its appearance and won't move unless it needs to and has the situation thoroughly analyzed or Kilos tells it to. It is Kilos' most loyal Pokemon, mainly due to the fact that it lack it's own motivation and inspiration. Being highly intelligent, Magnezone will at times disobey Kilos if his orders "does not compute", much to Kilos‘ dismay.
History: For one of Kilos' latest jobs, he needed one of his Pokemon to stay behind and take out any enemies from afar before the jeopardized the mission. He was originally going to use his Flygons, though Kilos decided that it would be a better choice to use a smaller Pokemon. He was then going to use a Ninjask, but decided to use a steel type for their defense incase they where discovered, despite his general dislike of steel types. The only problem with that was he didn't have a steel type. A day before the job was going to take place, Kilos traveled around Cinnabar Island and noticed a old man with a Magneton. He offered to trade it for his Ninjask and walked away with the Magneton and the man's wallet. During the mission on Kin Island, did its job perfectly by "sniping" wild Pokemon by using Lock On then Zap Cannon to scare them while his employer acquired some rare berries. After getting paid and leaving the island, Magnezone teleported Kilos into the middle of Mt. Coronet on accident and evolved. Kilos then had to walk back to his main employer much to his disliking.
Favored Item: Magnet
Food Preference: Sour Food
Primary Move List: Zap Cannon, Lock On, Magnet Rise, Teleport

Tentacruel ♀
Ability: Clear Body
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Unique Qualities: Though she evolved, Tentacruel is about the size of an average Tentacool.
Personality: Tentacruel is a true Crybaby and despises getting injured. If she is as so much as gets a scratch, she will stop whatever is was doing and cry to Kilos, thus worthless in a true fight. Even though she's a crybaby, she is one of Kilos' strongest Pokemon. She has a nasty quirk of jumping onto people and draining their health with a Giga Drain whenever she is hungry.
History: When Kilos was escorting an archeologist in the Tanoby Ruins, they where attacked by Tentacruel for being in her territory. After Mukky hit her with a Gunk Shot, she began to cry and jumped onto Kilos and used Giga Drain on him. In order to get her off, Kilos has to capture her. Even though he pretends to dislike her, Kilos only keeps her around because he secretly cares for her.
Favored Item: None
Food Preference: Spicy Food
Primary Move List: Surf, Ice Beam, Poison Jab, Giga Drain

Mukky/Muk ♂
Ability: Stench
Ball Captured: Heavy Ball
Unique Qualities: Because of the unique chemicals in was feeding on most of its life, Mukky smells extremely vile (worst the usual) and is reddish in color. Mukky also has the ability to turn its entire body (and all of its poison moves) into a powerful acid.
Personality: He loves nature and grass type Pokemon more then life itself. Mukky is extremely violent against anyone who harms the environment in any way, even though he tends to destroy it just by being around. Mukky personally despises this, but still tries to help nature anyways. Other then being a nature freak, Mukky is usually jolly and loves to play. Mukky is extremely powerful for a Muk and is Kilos' second most powerful Pokemon.
History: After fighting Whitney, the Gym Leader of Goldenrod City, Kilos stopped to rest at the Pokemon Center. When he was about to leave the city, Kilos heard screaming in the underground path. When Kilos went down to investigate, he saw a reddish Muk looking over a unconscious girl. Kilos attacked the Muk for harming her, even though the Muk was actually trying to help her. After a grueling battle, Kilos attempted to catch Muk. However, every ball he threw at Muk disintegrated when it came in contact with him. Though he eventually caught him with a Heavy Ball (it didn‘t melt because of it‘s durability), Muk resented Kilos for most of his time in Johto and Kanto. He eventually gained respect for Kilos, though he still tends to not listen to him. Being the first Pokemon Kilos caught and being one of his strongest, Mukky is highly treasured to him.
Favored Item: None (he has a tendency to melt them)
Food Preference: Sour Food
Primary Move List: Explosion, Acid Armor, Gunk Shot, Body Slam

Pokemon not in Party:

Nidoking ♂
Flygon ♂
Flygon ♀
Hunchkrow ♂
Blissey ♀
Sableye ♀
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((Bio is incomplete, but provides decent amount of information. I'll add more to it as I find more time.))

Birth Name: Darien Carta
Alias: Magnus
Gender: Male
Birthdate: January 3rd
Age: 18
Job: Pokemon Trainer / Breeder
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 142lbs
Blood Type: B-
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Eye Color: Ocean Blue
Complexion: Slightly Tan
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Relatives: Brothers(?)
Hometown: Celadon City, Kanto
Arch Rival: Kilos, Cassandra
Likes: Chai Tea, Excitement, Change of pace.
Dislikes: Monotony, jackassery, the usual things (being stabbed, starvation).

Personality: Magnus is more than willing to do what needs to be done when things go awry. He relishes in competition, friendly or not. His determination is unparalleled; once he puts his mind out to do something, there's almost no stopping him. Darien tends to be quiet, but enjoys a nice conversation if people are talkative towards him. His occasional, sarcastic remarks have a tendency to annoy people who pick them up. He acts like he's completely neutral and unbiased, but he's really a good guy at heart.

His ability to catch female pokemon almost exclusively is uncanny. He has a tendency to catch a pokemon, only to release the ones he doesn't need or want; he merely wants to complete the pokedex he found near the start of his journy.

Description: Magnus's eyes are a deep ocean blue. His long, pitch black hair is tied back in an odd, twisted ponytail. His complextion is slightly tan due to the amount of time he's spent under the sun during his travels. He's always completely clean shaven.

Clothing: Underneath his worn, brown cloak and nifty black hat, Darien's Attire is far from that of a normal person. His buttoned shirt is pitch black with a golden trim, paired with black pants. His gloves are black with stitching the same color as the trim of his shirt, the only real color difference being the gemstone fasoned to the back of the left hand. Whether or not the stone has any purpose is anyone's guess. His boots parallel the rest of his outfit.

Kanto - All eight Badges
Johto - None
Hoenn - None
Sinnoh - First Five; took a break after Fatina

Carta - Chatot ♂
Ability: Keen Eye
Ball Captured: None
Personality: Though quite friendly, Carta would be considered a 'lone wolf' when compared to other chatots. Given the choice, Magnus is the only trainer Carta would ever get close to. When he's not flying errands, he actually prefers to run around instead of being airborne. Regardless, he's strong enough emotionally to handle any task Darien puts him to.
History: Carta scarcely travels with Darien; he was never actually caught at all. Darien made friends with the bird pokemon when he was just a small child. They've always been partners of sorts; not only is it the only pokemon he named, the bird was given his last name. Carta can't (rather, refuses) to fight, so he doesn't count as one of Magnus's six traveling pokemon. The bird only returns to him when called for. Carta is often used to memorize and relay messages to others. How Carta ended up in the Kanto region to begin with is unknown.
Food Preference: Spicy
Primary Moves: Cut, Fly, Chatter, Sing


Alakazam ♂
Ability: Inner Focus
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Personality: Alakazam is naturally quiet; he only makes a fuss when he absolutely has to. However, he utterly dreads the thought of loosing any sort of competition. So much so, in fact, that he often ignores Magnus's orders when he feels they are wrong and may cost him the battle. Though it obviously annoys him, Darien maintains that he's merely Alakazam's trainer, NOT his master.
History: Magnus got Alakazam as an abra (for a machop) in a trade with his rival's sister, Cassandra. From the start, Abra was disobedient... though he never felt distain for his trainer. The pokemon merely thinks he's a superior tactition and more brilliant mentally. Alakazam evolved into a Kadabra after the gym battle with Lt. Serge, and into an Alakazam when he sent it back to Cassandra with his haunter for a brief time.
Hidden Power: Ground
Favored Item: Wise Glasses
Food Preference: Dry Food
Primary Moves: Psychic, Shadow Ball, Hidden Power, Hyperbeam
Secondary Moves: Focus Blast, Thunder Wave, Protect, Grass Knot


Raichu ♀
Ability: Static
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Personality: Raichu is tough enough to endure incredible hardships. She refuses to give up while she still has energy in her. She's somewhat vain, seeming to be a little TOO proud about being tough. She'll show off when prompted, though she doesn't really try to be arrogant. Raichu likes to surf, but rarely ever does so as an attack.
History: Early in his travels, Magnus had a faithful encounter with a rather strange Pikachu. He couldn't quite explain WHY the pikachu was standing in the middle of the road holding a strange orb. The pikachu was lonely and happily joined Magnus; there was no battle at all. Pikachu has been in his main party ever since, greatly helped by the lightball. Finally they used a thunderstone to evolve before the semi-finals of their Indigo Plateau Conference attempt. They lost the match, but not before Raichu had defeated the enemy Venesaur.
Favored Item: Light Ball (even though useless to her now, it's still sentimental)
Food Preference: Anything
Primary Moves: Volt Tackle, Submission, Quick Attack, Thunder Bolt
Secondary Moves: Surf, Iron Tail, Agility, Discharge


Gyrados ♀
Ability: Intimidate
Ball Captured: Net Ball
Personality: For a Gyrados, she's got a heck of a jolly personality. She seems to be happy most of the time, looking to the bright side of every situation. However, she's still a Gyrados, so she has a bit of a temper. She's alert to sounds, often craning her head quickly to rustled leaves and audible winds.
History: Trying his hand at fishing, Magnus's only catch was a Magikarp (which he obviously kept). In a determined effort to make the creature less "pathetically weak", he trained the fish until it evolved, unexpectadly, into the huge serpent it is today. Gyrados remains one of the strongest pokemon he's ever seen. She's often the leader in team battles.
Favored Item: Shell Bell
Food Preference: Sweet Food
Primary Moves: Giga Impact, Dragon Dance, Avalanche, Waterfall
Secondary Moves: Stregnth, Hyperbeam, Bite, Flail


Bellossom ♀
Ability: Chlorophyll
Ball Captured: Master Ball (Replica?)
Oddity: Pokerus EX (Non-contagious)
Personality: Bellossom is a very odd specimen. Though her species is known to be territorial at times, this Bellossom can be downright violent when she feels threatened. She takes most everything seriously; battling, contests, and even dancing. She'll use any advantage possible without being cruel, often winning hearts of male opponents mid-combat. She even takes relaxing seriously; it's best to let her rest properly when her strenuous work is over. Unsurprisingly, she's very sociable and can be very pleasant if she isn't crossed. She's terrified of pokemon like Muk and Grimer.
History: Magnus would admit, begrudgingly, that they had a rocky start. Bellossom passed through two trainer's hands, both of which thought and treated her as though she was worthless. After a lot of work, however, they did well enough in the contests to get the great ribbons for cuteness and smartness. She just didn't have enough appeal physically to win an ultra or master ribbon, but she more than made up for that with her dancing and acting abilities. Ever since, they've created a bond between each other as strong as his bond with Carta. Slowly, Bellossom is becoming an unstoppable fighting machine, almost exactly even in all forms of attack and defense. A few people who have seen them in combat refer to her as the "Devil Flower", but neither Magnus or Bellossom minds. After all, she went toe to toe with Cassandra's obviously more powerful Infernape. Perseverance was the key, but a lucky shot with HYPERBEAM didn't hurt, either.
Favored Item: Quick Claw
Food Preference: Anything
Primary Moves: Grass Knot, Sludge Bomb, Attract, Hyperbeam
Secondary Moves: Secret Power, Magical Leaf, Pedal Dance, Leaf Storm, Sunny Day, Solar Beam


Charizard ♂
Ability: Blaze
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Oddity: Slash-like scar over left eye.
Personality: Passionate and fiery... in the sense of fury. Charizard is very quick tempered and expectedly dangerous when angry. He's identical to Raichu in the fact that he refuses to give up; he'll go through any torment to satisfy his rage. When he's not blowing things up, however, he's pleasurable to be around. He is unquestionably loyal to Magnus, even while in a state of berserk fury.
History: Charmander was captured on the volcano located at Cinnabar Island when Bellossom, angry because he lit her on fire in the middle of her dance, beat him into submission. He evolved into Charmeleon against Fantina's Mismagius, and then into Charizard against Kilos's Hunchcrow. Charizard has more than proved his worth time and time again.
Favored Item: Razor Claw
Food Preference: Anything
Primary Moves: Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse
Secondary Moves: Hyperbeam, Flamethrower, Slash


Rampardos ♂
Ability: Mold Breaker
Ball Captured: Poke Ball
Oddity: Longer Tail Stripe.
Personality: Despite essentially being a giant dinosaur made of rock, Rampardos is actually quiet most of the time. He can work and fight as long as Charizard and Raichu do to sheer physical endurance, not mental motivation. Unlike them, however, he has no problem standing down when the fight is clearly over.
History: Magnus rejuvenated Cranidos in Sinnoh from a fossil he found underground. It wasn't until recently that it evolved into Rampardos. Even though he's the least experienced of the bunch, his sheer physical power is even greater than Gyrados. He was a welcome edition to the final six, finishing Darien's main team... for now.
Favored Item: Psychic Plate
Food Preference: Dry Food
Primary Moves: Rock Smash, Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Rock Climb
Secondary Moves: Strength, Stealth Rock

Other Pokemon:


Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Favored Item: Magnus's Old Hat
Primary Moves: Transform


Golem ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Favored Item: Quick Claw
Primary Moves: Explosion, Rock Slide, Earthquake, Strength


Golduck ♀
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Lighter coloring of Beak and Webbing
Primary Moves: Psychic, Water Pulse, Amnesia, Shadow Ball


Hitmonlee ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Favored Item: Focus Sash
Primary Moves: Hi-Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, Brick Break, Mega Kick


Meowth ♀
Ball Caught: Luxury Ball
Oddity: Golden Tooth
Favored Item: Amulet Coin
Primary Moves: Payday, Thunder Bolt, Shadow Ball, U-Turn


Sneasel ♀
Ball Caught: Ultra Ball
Primary Moves: X-Scizzor, Poison Jab, Ice Shard, Shadow Claw


Gengar ♀
Ball Caught: Ultra Ball
Primary Moves: Hypnosis, Curse, Shadowball, Dreameater


Dragonair ♀
Ball Caught: Ultra Ball
Oddity: Redish-Purple Orbs
Primary Moves: Dragon Meteor, Icebeam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt


Butterfree ♀
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Ridiculously Shiny (Stun Spore?)
Primary Moves: Psychic, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Silver Wind


Scyther ♀
Ball Caught: Safari Ball
Oddity: Torn Wings
Primary Moves: X-Scizzor, Night Slash, Sword Dance, Air Slash


Eevee ♀
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Mother of Seven
Favored Item: White Scarf (Dyed Blue)
Primary Moves: Quick Attack, Iron Tail, Attract, Dig


Flareon ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Wears a Blue Wristband
Primary Moves: Fire Blast, Iron Tail, Giga Impact, Attract


Vaporeon ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Wears a Yellow Wristband
Primary Moves: Hydro Pump, Aurora Beam, Hyperbeam, Attract


Jolteon ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Wears a Red Wristband
Primary Moves: Thunder, Thunder Wave, Hyperbeam, Attract


Umbreon ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Reversed eye and symbol coloring
Primary Moves: Secret Power, Confuse Ray, Moonlight, Dark Pulse


Espeon ♂
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Blue padded feet.
Primary Moves: Psychic, Morning Sun, Hyper Beam, Shadow Ball


Leafeon ♀
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Lighter Eyes
Primary Moves: Leaf Blade, Giga Impact, Iron Tail, Aerial Ace


Glaceon ♀
Ball Caught: Poke Ball
Oddity: Lighter Eyes
Primary Moves: Blizzard, Hyperbeam, Iron Tail, Toxic
Name: Echo
Species: Ditto
Gender: Depends on form
Hometown: Cerulean City
Age: 5
Height: 1'0" (default)
Weight: 8.8 lbs. (default)
Hair: None
Eyes: Black
Appearance: As a Ditto, Echo is physically similar to any other Ditto and can take on any form it chooses. Echo does, however, have a couple favorite human forms. The male form wears a pink business suit with a white shirt and black glasses, and has no hair. He is fairly tall in this form, and carries a briefcase. The female form appears roughly sixteen, with pink hair and black eyes, and wears a pink sun dress but no shoes.
Skills: As mentioned, Echo can take any form he chooses. However, just because he has a form doesn't mean he has the same abilities as that form. To do that, he must be in the presence of what he wishes to transform into so he can scan its DNA, although a genetic sample (hair, claw trimmings, fossil) will suffice.
Possessions: Echo carries a small box containing genetic samples (hair, scales, claw trimmings, fossils), small plastic zipper boxes, and a pair of tweezers. He also has a dossier of the Pokemon he has sampled, detailing their appearance, stats, and techniques.
Past: Echo was hatched in the Cerulean Cave in Kanto and was quite intelligent for a Ditto. Where most Ditto were content to simply copy a form once and forget it, Echo saw fit to memorize forms for later use. This skill became especially important when he left the cave. He was well aware that many Pokemon sought to aid humans, but could never see why they would want to. One day, he ventured into Cerulean City and saw an ad for a Pokemon Contest. He snuck in to watch, and was amazed at the skill and spectacle he saw there. By the final round of the contest, he knew that this was what he wanted to do. However, he remained skeptical that a human trainer was necessary, and decided to be the first trainerless Pokemon to win the Grand Festival.

His first contest ended in failure in the first round, so he spent some time studying the contests to see how the winners won. He then traveled around, searching for forms and skills he could learn. By the time he was ready, the contest season had ended in Kanto. Fortunately, he managed to earn enough money for a flight to Sinnoh.

Ability: Forewarn
Techniques: Ice Punch, Psychic, Miracle Eye, Fake Tears

Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
Techniques: Stone Edge, Fly, Roost, Rock Polish

Gender: Male
Ability: Rock Head
Techniques: Double Edge, Bonemerang, Double Team, Ancient Power

Gender: Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Techniques: Focus Punch, Water Pulse, Submission, Refresh

Gender: female
Ability: Cute Charm
Techniques: Hidden Power (Fire), Shadow Ball, Snatch, Rest

Gender: Male
Ability: Shed Skin
Techniques: Gastro Acid, Glare, Iron Tail, Poison Fang
Name: Razeal
Gender: Male
Hometown: Celestic town
Age: 16
Height: 6'
Weight: 150 lb
Hair: Shoulder length shaggy black hair
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Baggy jeans, dark blue shirt with a dark green fist on it (the fighting symbol from the Pokemon TCG)
Identifying marks: Small scar under his right eye
Musculature: Rather thin and lanky
Personality: Laid back and somewhat lazy. Doesn't like staying in one place for too long. Has no discernible goals in life, and, though technically a trainer, he rarely captures Pokemon or participates in battles.
Past: Razeal's parent's divorced when he was 7, and his father moved to Hoenn. Left Celestic town when he was 14 because he hated how nothing ever happened there. He's been drifting through Sinnoh since then.
Family: Mother: Nicole (dislikes pokemon) Father: Lucas

Makuhita (Maku)
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
History: Caught when Razeal visited his father when he was 11. Maku was badly wounded by an exploding Geodude when Razeal found him in a cave, caught and took him to a Pokemon Center.
Personality: Somewhat oblivious to the world around him at times. Tends to get into trouble without knowing it. Hates being in his pokeball

Murkrow (Karasu)
Gender: Female
Ability: Insomnia
History: Caught when Razeal first left Celestic town. Was part of a group of Murkrows that was harassing a Pokemon breeder.
Personality: Very silent, and somewhat of a loner. Very proud and will never back down from a challenge.

Elekid (Sparks)
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
History: Hatched from an egg given to Razeal by a Pokemon breeder he saved and befriended.
Personality: Very energetic and very curious, just like any small child :p
Special Features: Wears a blue headband that it found around it's head.
Name: Daniel Corley
Gender: Male
Hometown: Violet City, Johto
Age: 17
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 127 lbs.
Hair: Sandy blond and unruly. For what it's worth, it's just about the right length to tie back... which Daniel has done on occasion, when he's working on something important and needs his hair out of his face. Of course, he'd never dream of doing so in public--he may be a bit of a nerd, but he still has his dignity.
Eyes: A dark shade of brown, which makes a pretty interesting contrast for his pale hair and ghostly complexion. He's a bit nearsighted, but he usually wears contacts. He has a backup pair of glasses in his possession just in case, though.
Clothing: It varies. He tends to dress pretty modestly, though. Nothing showy or tacky on him. A nice dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and his favourite jeans, maybe. If he knows he's going to be in for a rough time on an expedition of sorts, he'll dress for the occasion, but otherwise he seems to have a definite preference for the not-quite-casual look. Whatever Daniel's wearing, you can bet he'll have a black messenger bag with him that not only contains all his goods, but his ever-precious laptop. Without it, he is lost and alone.
Identifying Marks: None. He does have an official Ruins of Alph Society ID card, though.
Musculature: Pathetic.
Personality: Well... he has his own sort of charm, I guess. Daniel's got a bit of an ego to him and tends to make the general assumption that whoever you are, he's smarter than you. He tends to think pretty highly of him self in intellectual terms, and it shows. His sense of humour is very dry and isoteric, and often tends to be above the heads of his peers. He tries his best to keep everything he says in layman's terms, but every now and then he'll slip into the realm of ten-point vocab words. The only one who really understands Daniel, both in terms of his jokes and his sesquipidelain side, is probably Hazard, but that's because he has the benefit of a dictionary program in his programming. Dan's a little bit weird, admittedly, especially when it comes to his passions: Pokemon, mythology, and the supernatural. Daniel's got all sorts of facts and trivia about those three topics committed to memory, and can rattle them off at will. He's not much for battling, but when he does, he excels as both predicting his opponent's strategy and countering with his own tactics. Most of the time, though, his brains are reserved for witty banter and investigating dusty old ruins.

On the off chance you learn to see past the dorkiness, Daniel's not such a bad guy. He can be pretty nice when he wants to be, and his manners are impeccable when he has the sense to put them to use. If his brains can be of use to somebody, then he's happy to help. It's pretty tricky to set off his temper, too, though once you do manage to tick Dan off, he'll bear a grudge until the rapture comes. He's a lot easier to get along with than he sounds, provided you take him seriously when he's got something to say. Even if it is just a dorky little quip about how Girafarigs have twice as many vertibrae in their tails as in their necks.

Skills: He's smart. Real smart. And Daniel's a natural when it comes to computers, too.

Past: Boooring. Basically, Daniel has always been a nerd. He took a trip to New Bark Town as a five year old to visit his aunt, and got to take a tour of Professor Elm's lab, and from that day, his lifelong dream was to be a researcher and earn a name for himself in the academic world. He spent most of his youth exploring Sprout Tower and hanging out around the Ruins of Alph with his best buddy, Jason Whitmore. Once the two of them were of age, they decided not to start their journeys as Pokemon trainers, but instead join the Ruins of Alph Society, ROA for short. The Society was originally created for the study of the ruins they were named after, as well as the Unown that lived within them. For the first few years, that was what Daniel and Jason worked on. Eventually, though, the Society finished their study of the ruins and made an index of all the varieties of Unown found within. From there, they expanded into studying ancient sights and supernatural phenomenon. Their teams spread from Johto to the other continents, and Daniel likewise kept up his research. In spite of all the Society has done, it still remains largely unknown, with all their published works going mostly ignored by the scientific community. Dan's perfectly aware of this, and is determined that someday he'll earn his own merit, but for now... he's still with the Society.

Family: Daniel's mother still lives in Violet City, and he has an older sister who's had some success as a trainer.
Love Relationships?: Nope.

Hazard the Porygon Z (genderless, but generally referred to as male)
Daniel's journey began not with a Charmander or a Chikorita, but with a Porygon. He was created by the ROA Society's researchers to act as a field aide, research tool, and guardian. Being a data Pokemon, he is capable of interacting with Daniel's laptop, as well as other electronic devices; Dan's created a special computer program for the specific purpose of communicating with Hazard. The first time the two tried it out, the Porygon ended up wiping Daniel's hard drive by mistake. Hence the name Hazard.

Hazard has undergone a couple upgrades since the day the two first met; the one that turned him to a Porygon Z, however, changed more than his appearance. Hazard's data was corrupted, leaving him with a drastic change in personality and the apparent inability to communicate in normal sentences. Even if Hazard is stronger and faster, Daniel feels responsible for what happened to him, and carries a secret burden of guilt for glitching his partner. As Porygon versions 1 and 2, Hazard was always extremely perceptive of Daniel's feelings; whether he's aware of Dan's shame now or not is unknown. He seems happy enough; Hazard has very little patience and can be a pretty poor sport when things don't go his way, but he's got a cheery disposition nevertheless and is quick to make friends.

Ein the Slowking (male)
Ein was another one of Daniel's earliest partners. For the first part of his life, he was (big surprise) an incredibly dull Slowpoke. One of many, in fact; he came from the well in Azalea Town. Daniel had already failed at Slowpoke catching about five times, so Ein being his first successful catch was pretty exciting stuff. He made for a very good battler, in spite of his slowness, and so his main purpose at first was keeping Hazard and Daniel safe when investigating areas inhabited by hostile Pokemon. With his dull wits and sluggish feet, there wasn't much else he could do.

It wasn't all that long ago that Ein got his King's Rock and evolved into Slowking. Since then, his astounding intellect has been invaluable to Daniel's research--it also gave rise to his name, which was derived from Einstein. Like most of his species, his IQ boost has enabled Ein to master human speech, though he rarely ever puts it to use. Ein retains the taciturn nature he had as a Slowpoke, and is more likely to spend his time napping than he is discussing philosophy with somebody.

Dart the Croagunk (male)
Daniel actually received Dart from his sister. He had always been a little bit... less than fond of her, and so she had declared him impossible to train and handed him off to her brother. It's hard to say why, but for whatever reason, Daniel had much more luck with Dart. It's possible he pities Dan for being such a wuss. Maybe he just likes having a trainer that makes him look cooler by comparison. Who can really say? One thing is for sure, though: Dart doesn't get along with Hazard. It's a nonstop war of taunts, pranks, and outright blows as far as the two are concerned. Considering how rarely Hazard is in his pokeball, this gets to be a bit of a problem sometimes.

As for Dart himself. In so many words... he's a badass. He's a natural on the battlefield, on the rare occasions when Daniel has to resort to violence. But when it comes to stealth... well, that's where Dart shines. For a brightly colored poisonous frog, he's surprisingly slick. Watch your back around this guy if he's trying to get past you. If you don't... you might just end up getting a Poison Jab to the back of the neck before you can even figure out what hit you. Yeah, it ain't pretty, but the fact of the matter is that sometimes Daniel's got to be a little bit amoral in the name of research. The ends justify the means, baby, and Dart follows that belief 100%.

Varanus the Aerodactyl (female)
Over the course of Daniel's explorations, he's found some pretty interesting objects. A sample of fossilized amber, for example, that contained the DNA of an extinct Pokemon. Now... why study the artifact when you can see the real thing in action? Dan had it resurrected, and voila ici, there was Varanus. She takes after Daniel quite a bit, in the sense that she's completely and utterly full of herself. Varanus is one of the most competitive creatures you'll ever find; she always has to be the fastest, the tallest, the strongest. If somebody else is stealing the attention she deserves, then she'll turn pretty brutal about stealing it back. She's also the jealous sort; nobody messes with Daniel, or they end up regretting it. A big six-foot dinosaur is not somebody to be taken lightly, make no mistake about that.

As far as her role in Daniel's research, well... for a while, she was the subject of it. Nowadays, she's primarily used as a means of transportation. She's fast, she can carry Daniel without a problem, and she loves a good dogfight or two with anybody who's stupid enough to cause any trouble. Very handy when he's snuck into places he oughtn't be and needs to get out on the quick. Only problem is that Varanus is, for whatever reason, deathly afraid of Gyaradoses. It's possible that the species' ancestor was something that preyed on Aerodactyls back in ancient times... or it could just be Varanus being twitchy. Either or.

Panzer the Houndoom (female)
Panzer's a little hard to explain. Daniel's not too sure why he took the puppy in. Pity or sympathy or simply morbid curiosity. He was doing some research on Mt. Moon in Kanto when he met a breeder who was lost within the mountain. He brought her to the exit, and as thanks, she promised to let him have one of the Pokemon she had recently bred. There were Dratinis, Riolus, and Houndours in her newest batches. So, of course, Daniel chose the twitchy little runtling of the Houndours. That was probably the one moment in his life that Daniel wasn't using his brain. He named the little beast Panzer and happily went on his way, neurotic puppy in tow.

Daniel still has yet to find an explanation for Panzer's skittish nature, but he did make one startling discovery when the dog evolved into Houndoom: he was, in fact, a she. See, Houndours may not have sexual dimorphism, but they do once they evolve. So that was a slight bit of awkwardness for his squad, to say the least. Alraune still pushes her around something fierce, in spite of the shocking revelation regarding the poor thing's gender.

Alraune the Grotle (female)
The final addition to the group, Alraune also came from Daniel's sister. She'd been trying to breed a good Torterra for her own team, so she had a bunch of eggs on her hands. Unsurprisingly, many of the people close to her got Turtwig eggs for Christmas that year. Alraune's always been a bit of a struggle to train; she's got a shorter temper than a Primeape, is incredibly stubborn and brash, and tends to react with violence if she doesn't get her way. Daniel probably wouldn't have bothered raising her if she hadn't been a gift from his sister, in all honesty. She has yet to truly find her niche in Dan's research-central team, but she's probably the best battler he's got, if only because she's too stubborn to go down until she's won.

Surprisingly, she gets along very well with Varanus, though the two often end up getting overly competitive in things. Being the only girls, and rather dino-esque critters at that, they share a sort of sisterhood. One that Hazard is sometimes allowed to join, due to the "neither male nor female" thing, but only sometimes. Conversely, she's not so keen on Panzer, whose mannerisms irk her, so she tends to bully the poor girl around something fierce. In spite of her type advantage, Panzer has the sense to know that retaliation would be deadly. It doesn't take much to get Alraune to have a vendetta against somebody, especially if they're stupid annoying dogs.
Name: Mac

Gender: Male

Hometown: Lavender Town, Kanto

Age: 25

Height: 5'10

Weight: 168 pounds

Hair: Short dirty blonde hair.

Eyes: One eye was blue, one eye was a faded green.

Clothing: Navy blue tee-shirt, grey jeans, skateboard shoes.

Identifying Marks: One eye is blue and one eye is green.

Musculature: Slim but built.

Personality: Very compassionate, somewhat naive, hates injustice, tends to overreact sometimes, looks out for others, friendship is his main asset, hates to be rushed, very relaxed most of the time, will take a bullet for anyone who is trustworthy, very brave.

Skills: He is an artist, has good motor skills, loves skateboarding, can play guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, etc.

Past: His parents have been brutally murdered right in front of his eyes when he was a kid, and his blood was boiling for revenge ever since. He had to take care of himself since he was an only child. He had to hunt for food and shelter since no one wanted to adopt him since he had disease.
He had become immune to diseases since he had them in the past when he was a child. He couldn't find a cure for them, but he somehow fought them off and gained immunity to certain poisons, diseases, viruses, etc.
He found an injured Pidgey being tortured by Team Rocket thugs, tried to stop them, but he was kicked into the mud.
Luckily, they left soon after. He quickly befriended the injured Pidgey and became loyal partners and it has grown into a Pidgeot over the years.

Family: He had a poor, but loving mother and father, but they have been killed by Team Rocket thugs.

Love Relationships:Single



- Keen Eye


She was a Pidgey when she first met Mac, and ever he stuck up for her during the brutal past memory, they've been loyal companions since.
She is very brave. She will attack any foes without hesitation no matter what the situation may be. She guards Mac with her life in battle. She tends to be very calm and relaxed out of battle and very friendly towards others.


- Guts


The second Pokemon that Mac met up with, Heracross was also in a very tight situation, but stood his ground no matter what. He was gang up on by a mob of Pinsir and Scyther. He was in bad shape, but he kept on fighting even though he was in critical condition. Mac raced to the scene, and sent out his Pidgeotto to take out the threat and to save the badly injured Heracross. She whipped up a vicious whirlwind, which caught the pinsir and the scyther into it. Then she swooped down with a brutal wing attack. The Scyther and the Pinsir were knocked out cold. Mac quickly ran over to the Heracross to see if he was okay. Barely alive, Mac carefully picked up the Heracross onto his arms and brought him into the nearest hospital. The Heracross was estatic when it was fully healed and came towards Mac with open arms. Mac had save his life and been one his loyal partner since that very day.
He is a very docile, kind hearted Pokemon. He loves to eat with his best friend Mac. His persistance for fighting is unmatched. No matter how badly hurt he was, he still fought no matter what.



- Sturdy

He found it when he was a young Phanpy. Its parents were murdered by poachers. Mac tried to stop them, but he was too late. The poachers have killed its parents for the tusks to be sold at the black market for Team Rocket. Knowing that it would die if it was left alone, He tamed the Phanpy feeling so sorry for its loss.
Phanpy was very playful. He always had fun with Mac, but due to its strength, it was prone to getting carried away and accidentally hurting Mac. It didn't mean to hurt him, but Mac didn't seem to care because he loved it dearly.
As it grew older, it became a Donphan. It was stubborn sometimes, but did whatever it could to protect Mac.

I'd put in more, but this has taken me a long time to write up, so this'll do.
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Name: Tobias Eldritch
Gender: Male
Hometown: Little Root, Hoenn
Age: 17
Height: 5'10
Weight: 145
Hair: short, dark brown hair
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Dark grey t-shirt, black jeans, and black laced boots
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Well built
Personality: Occasionally short tempered, hates waiting, and headstrong.
Skills: Good coordination, artistic, good automotive skills.
Past: At age 5, he unintentionally captured a baby Poochyena while wandering about outside of Little Root Town. The Poochyena eventually evolved during training 5 years later, and the two have been together ever since.
Family: 15 year old sister Hitomi who set out on her journey the same time Tobias did.
Love Relationships: None
Kanto: 8
Johto: 8
Hoenn: 8
Sinnoh: 8



Species: Mightyena
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Techniques: Crunch, Assurance, Embargo, Dark Pulse, Take Down, Roar
Special Features: Darker than the usual Mightyena with a red band tied to its left foreleg.
History/Personality: Unintentionally captured by a 5 year old Tobias outside of Little Root Town. Mightyena was Tobias's first Pokemon, and the two have a very powerful bond.


Species: Absol
Nickname: Solab
Gender: Male
Ability: Pressure
Techniques: Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Me First, Bite, Flamethrower, Swords Dance
Special Features: Blue band tied to its right foreleg.
History/Personality: Tobias recieved Solab in an anonymous trade in Mauville City. Solab had clearly been mistreated by its original trainer and attacked Tobias at every opportunity it had until it attacked a wild Sharpedo and recieved severe injuries which Tobias treated. Solab then realized that not all humans were cruel.


Species: Flygon
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Techniques: Fly, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Draco Meteor
Special Features: Orange band tied to its tail.
History/Personality: Tobias recieved Flygon in a trade while traveling through Lilycove City.


Species: Mudkip
Nickname: Kipp
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Techniques: Tackle, Growl
Special Features: Kipp is the same shade of blue that all Mudkip are, but Kipp's gills are green, and Kipp has a yellow band tied to its right frontleg.
History/Personality: Kipp was captured by Tobias just outside Twinleaf Town. Kipp is an energetic little guy, and loves to climb on Tobias's shoulder.


Species: ? ? ?
Nickname: Demon
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Techniques: Flamethrower, Extreme Speed, Fire Blast, Aerial Ace, Take Down, Overheat, Agility, Crunch, Fire Fang
Special Features: A new Pokemon of unknown origin.
History/Personality: Demon is a new species of Pokemon Tobias obtained while wandering through Eterna Forest during a full moon. Demon appears to be a Dark/Fire type, but this is yet to be confirmed. It is possible, however, that Demon is the result of a forced breeding between two Pokemon.


Species: Mightyena
Nickname: Silver
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Techniques: Crunch, Take Down, Scary Face, Howl, Roar, Assurance
Special Features: Silver and white fur instead of the usual black and grey.
History/Personality: Tobias came across Silver just outside of Eterna City. Silver attacked Kipp, who battled despite the differences in strength and ability. Tobias withdrew Kipp, and battled Silver with Mightyena, who paralyzed Silver long enough for Tobias to catch it.

((Could someone please make my Pokemon transparent?))
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