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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

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Name: Dabil Algenib
Gender: Male
Hometown: Slateport City
Age: 17
Height: 5"4
Weight: 100
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Dark brown.
Clothing: Generally dresses well. Hates grass stains and his hair getting messed up. Wears a long white lab coat because he wishes to be a pokemon professor and feels this makes him appear more intelligent.
Identifying Marks: His second toes are longer than his first toes. Clean nails.
Musculature: Average - rather short.
Personality: Prissy. Hates taking orders from the opposite gender. Also hates when people cannot pronounce his name, though he does take a certain satisfaction in correcting them. Likes cleanliness and being praised, as well as cooking. He's embarrassed easily due to his excessive amount of pride, though will admit that he isn't a very good pokemon trainer, as is evident in the way his pokemon respond to him. Dislikes pokemon battles, but likes to hold debates and conversations with intellectual people. Has a certain fetish for rare pokemon and feels the ones he currently travels with generally aren't considered rare enough for his tastes.
Skills: Dry cleaning and organizing.
Past: Left his extremely rich family at the normal age when most trainers leave their homes to start their journey. He was excited when he left, but after a few days of camping and using makeshift bathrooms he realized he hated it. Out of pride, he did not return home and continued travelling anyway, extremely relieved when he came across his first new town...
Family: Well-to-do. Dad is a CEO for a pokemon company that sells fur care products and the like.
Love Relationships?: None. ): Despite half of his pokemon being female, they are still a mystery to him.



Species: Baltoy
Nickname: Obnich
Gender: No clue.
History/Personality: Dabil caught the Baltoy in the hopes that he might evolve it into another strong Claydol, though Obnich seems to have "the slows". Often bumps into walls, and as far as Dabil knows, seems unable to use any useful moves.


Species: Claydol
Nickname: Betelqeux
Gender: No idea.
History/Personality: Was the first pokemon Dabil caught. Extremely strong, even for its evolutionary state.


Species: Unown "O"
Nickname: Odeon
Gender: Again, no idea.
History/Personality: Likes to hum. It does not like to move and prefers to remain stationary at one point in the air. Because of this, it was a simple catch when Dabil was exploring some ancient ruins.


Species: Delcatty
Nickname: Juliet
Gender: Female!
History/Personality: Hates Dabil with a passion despite his caring love for her. Often pees on his nicely polished shoes whenever the chance arises.


Species: Banette
Nickname: Rehida
Gender: Female
History/Personality: Cranky. Enjoys scaring Dabil. Has the power to drift through solid objects, such as walls, people, pokemon, etc. Will listen to him in battle though, and is generally loyal.


Species: Altaria
Nickname: Algeda
Gender: Female
History/Personality: Doesn't seem to have much of an IQ, even for a pokemon. Coos repeatedly when it is nightfall. Most obedient and 'normal' of Dabil's pokemon.

Name: Patrick Bettencourt

Gender: Male

Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Age: 15

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 112

Hair: Blonde, straight, Untidy at times

Eyes: Vivid green

Clothing: Mint green hat(wears on and off), mint green jacket, yellow t-shirt, blue jeans, white shoes

Identifying Marks: scar on his upper-right abdomen to his shoulder

Musculature: Just above average, noticible muscles

Personality: Patrick is somewhat of a Concieted person and he complains a LOT without realizing it. He is the average "tough" guy that every girls dreams about and he always lives up to his word.

Skills: If Patrick bondes closely to someone, or to a pokemon, he has the ability to sense their emotions

Past: Patrick's parents were scientists that helped in the experiment that created a new life form known as Porygon. Thus, Patrick lived in a mansion in Twinleaf Town and was always babied by his personal butler. One day, when Patrick was about 7 years old, he was outside and wanted to play "pokemon trainer". He saw a wild bidoof and used a rock (acting as if it were a pokeball) and through it at the bidoof. The bidoof enraged slashed Patrick abdomen with a scratch attack and left Patricm with a mark that he'd never forget. After that day, Patrick had always wanted to become a Pokemon trainer, meeting new people, and discovering new mysteries.

Family: Mother, Father, Marco( his older brother)

Love Relationships?: Always tried to impress the next lady that walk past him, but in a more mature manly way (unlike Brock)

1. Charmeleon
Nickname: "Char-Char"
Gender: Male
Special Feature:
History: Patrick's first pokemon that he recieved from his parents as a 15th birthday present and because he was starting on his new journey.

2. Pideyotto
Nickname: "Pidgey"
Gender: Male
Special Feature:
History: Patrick's second pokemon. He caught it as a Pidgey back in Twinleaf Town when he saw it being helplessly attacked by a big flock of Pidgeys.

3. Nidorino
Nickname: "King"
Gender: Male
Special Feauture: spot on his neck in the shape of a spade
History: Patrick's third pokemon. After coming out of the Safari Zone mad, because he didn't catch any Pokemon, he saw a wild Nidoran running away. He quickly caught it making it a new addition to his team.

4. Kadabra
Nickname: No nickname
Gender: Male
Special Feature:
History: Patrick hasn't really caught this Pokemon, however it suddenly kept following him and has even helped him win many battles. Thus, Patrick consideres Kadabra apart of his team.

5. Pikachu
Nickname: "Pichu"
Gender: Female
Special Feature: The tip of Pikachu's tail forms a heart shape
History: Patrick's 5th pokemon that he recieved from his parents for getting his 1st gym badge.
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Name: Kotaro Yamazaku
Gender: Male
Hometown:Saffron City
Age: 25
Hair:Long ,black hair with crimson and violet streaks pulled into a ponytail.
Eyes: a deep shade of violet
Clothing:stylishly torn black jeans and tops.
Identifying Marks:He is missing a chunk of his left ear and has a large scar on the right side of his face.
Personality:Kotaro is vain and stuck up most of the time. He loves cigarettes and sake. Refuses to talk about his past.
Past:Kotaro was born in a brothel in Saffron's Red light district. He spent the first few years of his life in an orphanage before getting adopted by a really wealthy family. It is not known how he got the scar on his cheek or the chunk out of his ear.
Family: His mother Ayumi and his father Kenta.
The pokemon that Kotaro has in no particular order are:
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OOC: This is not quite finished yet, it will be soon.

Name: Tsuki Kiaki
Gender: Female
Hometown: Violet Town, Johto
Age: 14
Height: 5" 2'
Weight: 105 lb.
Hair: Silverish color
Eyes: Dark blue
Clothing: She wears a plain white, long sleeve shirt with gold colored cuffs on her sleeves. She wears either white jeans or gold and white skirt. She always has her hair down.
Identifying Marks: Her silver hair
Musculature: Small, lithe and short.
Personality: Tsuki is shy and doesn't talk that much. She likes to be with her brother and her pokemon. She sometimes feels overwelmed by how protective her brother is of her.
Skills: A very good Co-Ordinator and Battler, gets it from her brother.
Past: After her father died, her mother went mad. She would hit her children, mainly Tsuki and drink a lot.
Family: Her mother, Na, not in touch with. Her father, dead. Her brother, Yue, traveling with.
Love Relationships?: None, her brother doesn't allow it.
Pokémon: Beware, these are subject to change throughout different RPGs.


Species: Togepi
Nickname: None, as of now
Gender: Female
What it is used for: Contests
'Best Friend': Bellossom
Other: Togepi is always in Tsuki's arms. She is very playful.
Height/Weight: 10"/ 2.5 lbs
Caught: Recieved as an egg from her brother.
RPG: None yet

Species: Mightyena
Nickname: Darkfang
Gender: Male.
What it is used for: Battles and some Contests Battles.
'Best Friend': Yue's Absol
Other: Darkfang is a communly used pokemon by Tsuki, but mostly in double battles. He is very powerful and knows some eletric type moves.
Height/Weight: 3' 5"/ 93 lbs
Caught: Caught as a Poochyena in the grass below Mauville City.
RPG: None yet


Species: Charmander
Nickname: none, as of now
Gender: Male
What it is used for: Some Contest appeals, but mainly battling.
'Best Friend': Tsuki
Other: Very playful and acts like a clown.
Height/Weight:2' 08"/ 20.0 lbs
Caught: Given to Tsuki in Pallet Town.
RPG: None Yet


Species: Bellossom
Nickname: Bells
Gender: Female
What it is used for: Conests, Contest Battles, and Gyms Battles
'Best Friend': Togepi
Other: Bellossom is the 'leader' of Tsuki's pokemon. She is the most experianced pokemon and dispite her size, she is a very powerful pokemon. She is often paired up with Darkfang for battles.
Height/Weight: 1' 02"/ 12.0 lbs
Caught: Caught in Rustbro City
RPG: None yet


Name: Yue Kiaki
Gender: Male
Hometown: Violet Town, Johto
Age: 20
Height: 6" 1'
Weight: 105 lb.
Hair: Silver/White
Eyes: Dark, Dark Brown
Identifying Marks:
Musculature: Tall, a bit musucalr and obivuosly strong
Skills: Beat the Elite Four in the Johto, a very good trainer.
Past: After his father died, hia mother went mad. She would hit her children, mainly Tsuki and drink a lot.
Family: His mother, Na, not in touch with. His father, dead. His sister, Tsuki, traveling with.
Love Relationships?: Once was in an relationship, but broke up with the girl when his father died.
Pokémon: Beware, these are subject to change throughout different RPGs.


Species: Absol
Nickname: None, as of now
Gender: Female
'Best Friend': None.
Other: Absol is Yue's powerhouse. With blazing speed and a wide range of attacks, Absol can easily beat many trainers. Absol had traveled with Yue's father when he was a trainer.
Height/Weight: 3' 9"/ 98.7 lbs
Caught: Recieved as his first pokemon from his father.
RPG: None yet


Species: Hariyama
Nickname: none
Gender: Male
'Best Friend': Venasaur
Other: A very powerful pokemon, but is also very slow. He is the seriuos pokemon.
Height/Weight: 8' 2"/ 593.7 lbs
Caught: As a Makuhita around Mauvile City.


Name: Rino Kawazi
Gender: Female
Hometown: Herathrome City, Shinoh
Age: 16
Height: 5" 6'
Weight: 105 lb.
Hair: Black hair
Eyes: Brown/Amber
Identifying Marks: Black skin
Musculature: Slender and tall
Past: .
Love Relationships?:
Pokémon: Beware, these are subject to change throughout different RPGs.

Species: Fearow
Nickname: Thunderbird
Gender: Male
'Best Friend': None
Other: A strong, seruois pokemon that acts like the leader of Rino's team. Thunderbird is a shiny pokemon.
Height/Weight: 4' 2"
Caught: Caught as a Spearow in Heartthrome City.
RPG: Work, Battles and Sunshine


Species: Rhydon
Nickname: none, as of now
Gender: Male
'Best Friend': Mismagmius
Other: One of Rino's powerhouses and is used in every big battle.
Height/Weight: 6' 9"/ 279.9
Caught: Caught in Mauville City.
RPG: Work, Battles and Sunshine


Species: Mismagmius
Nickname: none, as of now
Gender: Female
'Best Friend': Rhydon
Other: One of Rino's favorite pokemon.
Height/Weight: 2' 8"/ 8 lb
RPG: Work, Battles and Sunshine
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Name: Alex Peterson(full name is Alexandra Samantha Peterson, but hates being called that)
Gender: Female
Hometown: Hearthome City
Where is he/she Currently: Steelore City
Birthdate: September 19, 1994 (I like it because it has a bunch of 9's. 9 is my lucky and favorite number!)
Age: Started training at 10, is currently 14
Height: five feet, three inches tall
Weight: 95 lbs.
Hair: A very dark brown, nearly black, just not exactly there, and is shoulder length and cut in layers, with the shortest being long enough to fit in a ponytail, the longest shoulder length, often in a ponytail, and bangs that sweep at an angle over her left eyebrow.
Eyes: a medium brown with thin dark brown bits
Skin Color: very, very pale Caucasin that easily sunburns (that's why she carries lots of sunblock in her bag!)
Clothing: Usually wears dark wash boot-cut jeans, black and green camo shoes, and a blue, black, or navy t-shirt sometimes covered with a yellow and navy hoodie. Black t-shirt has a red Staraptor outline on it, one of Alex's favorite shirts. Blue shirt has a popular band logo on it. Navy T-shirt is just that, usually worn on laundry day.
Identifying Marks: has a cafe au lait on right cheek, and a small, medium brown mole on left wrist
Face: Has small pointed ears, and a strong, somewhat squarish chin.
Musculature: very weak, can barely pick up 50 pounds without adrenaline rush, help, or aftereffects of caffiene. But Alex is still fit and healthy, but academics are her strong point, and strength is her lowest.
Personality: A very fiesty, ready-to-help, person, who can be annoying sometimes. Alex is a tomboy, who likes to fight, both with pokemon and karate sparring, and is easily exited. Can be very sweet and caring, but other times can be cruel, overly sarcastic, and nasty when provoked. Alex is usually between the two most times. Prefers fast Pokemon, but loves all of them. Is nearly obsessed with speed and effieciency, stayed up extremely late to do well on homework in school. Is normally a bit sarcastic, and cracks a bunch of bad jokes when in a normal situation.
Likes: School, pokemon battles, good food, foriegn food, interesting people, and all Pokemon.
Dislikes: Bad grammar, swearing, stuck-up people, onions, bell peppers, skirts, dresses, all-pink things, and anything extremely (or even remotely) girly.
Quirks: Has a strange laugh, and is somewhat clumsy.
Skills: Is a green belt in karate, passed school with all A's, plays piano (but stinks), and is very good at logic, reading and comprehension. Is decent at math. History was best subject, but English was Alex's favorite. Other skills will emerge as time passes.
Other: Does Coordinate occasinally.
Past: Was born in Hearthome City, when old enough, went to school, passed out of school with all A's, and went to Sandgem Town on her father's Crobat to get Piplup, and it all started from there. In Sinnoh, she beat all the gyms, and defeated the Elite 4 five times. Decided to go to Steelore to take a vacation, and have a few formal battles. Has only lost 3 battles ever, and they were informal ones when her starter was still a Piplup.
Family: Mom was a teacher at school, does not have any pokemon. Dad was a pediatrican, and has a Infernape and a Crobat, who flew Alex to Sandgem when she was ten. Has a younger sister named Karina, who is currently in Kanto, who occasionaly sends Alex new pokemon. (like Alex's new Vulpix, Kitsune.) Karina is 11.
Future Plans: In 3 or 4 years, will stop training and will go to a school to become a Pokemon Professor that studies Dragon types and similar to see why they are so hard to catch, level up, and evolve. And just study them in general.
Love Relationships?: None yet.
Pokemon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
(Ooc: Alex has a lot of Pokemon, so I'll add as much as I can!)

Current Party

Species: Empoleon
Gender: Male
Taught Moves: Surf, Flash Cannon, Ice Beam, and Grass Knot
Distinguishing characteristics: Has a long scar down one wing from a Cut from a very large Bibarel. Is average size for an Empoleon.
Personality: Is a very lax (which is his nature) and prefers not to do much at all, but with battle when told to. Likes scallops, chocolate, and Sour Poffins. Dislikes light red cherries, habenero peppers, and bad pokemon food.
Origin: Was a starter, and Alex liked him from the start.
Pokeball:Is in a very battered red pokeball with bits of chipping painted gold P's. (for Poach)

Species: Skuntank
Nickname: Toxspeed
Level: 51
Gender: Male
Taught Moves: None. All learnset.
Distinguishing characteristics: Is a lot smaller then average Skuntank.
Personality: Is a very sassy (which is his nature) and talks back a lot, by using the gradually created bond between trainer and Pokemon by body language. Other then size, no distinguishing characteristics. Likes Bitter Poffins, mustard, and coffee beans. Dislikes most sweet things.
Origin: Was caught below Veilstone, and did not listen at all at first, even though Alex had six badges at the time. His name was originally going to be Toxspeeder, but was distracted when writing down nickname and forgot the -er.
Pokeball: A Pokeball that was scuffed because it was dropped repeatedly. (Alex's hands were wet.)

Species: Staraptor
Nickname: Ebou
Taught Moves: Fly and Defog. Other then that, all learnset.
Gender: Female
Distinguishing characteristics: Is average size for a Staraptor, but has a small, pale, golden brown streak on back between her wings.
Personality: Is a very sweet and jolly, (which is her nature) but is wicked in battle, who will do almost anything to win. Will eat anything remotely sweet.
Origin: Was caught a few days after Alex became a trainer, named after second karate kata.
Pokeball: A normal red Pokeball with the bottom painted metallic gold, because Alex felt like it, and Ebou did not object.

Name: Silas Aspern (full name is Silas Phillip Aspern)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Veilstone City
Where is he/she Currently: Outside of Sunyshore City.
Birthdate: September 26, 1993
Age: Started training at the traditional age of 10, is currently 15
Height: five feet, seven inches tall
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Medium blond, with emo bangs slightly shorter then normal 'emo' for practicality
Eyes: a grey that apears blue from some angles
Skin Color: Slightly tanned Caucasian
Clothing: Usually wears black plaid Converse style shoes, dark wash blue jeans with wallet on chain in pocket, and a black t-shirt with a light blue plaid button-down, long-sleeve shirt open over it.
Identifying Marks: A few pimples and small scars on face from them.
Musculature: Much stronger then Alex, and is a few ranks higher in karate. Has muscles, but they are lean, like a dancers. Not bulky, but his clothes sometimes are.
How he met Alex: After the long trip to Hoenn, Alex decided to go shopping for a bit at the Veilstone Department Store. Silas started flirting with her, just because she looks somewhat nice, but after he got kicked between the legs by her Jolteon's Double Kick, he started respecting her a bit and started hanging out with her. Usually drags along his latest girlfriend with him everywhere.
Personality: Serious when battling, but is usually witty and interesting. Is a self-proclaimed 'ladie's man' and flirts a bit with every girl he talks to. Except Alex. She's too tomboyish for his taste, but a very good friend. Fools around in day-to-day activities, but somehow gets them done. Cares a lot about his hair, and takes out a comb and rearranges his hair every so often, even in the middle of training.
Likes: Girls, comics, food in general, recent music, and Over-Used Pokemon.
Dislikes: Tomboyish girlfriends, (but just friends is fine) school, exotic foods, and weak Pokemon, like Sunkern. Does not usually nickname Pokemon.
Quirks: Just happens to find a new girlfriend every month or so. Has never Coordinated.
Skills: Is a green belt two white stripes in karate, passed school with A's and B's, is really good at math, but doesn't like schoolwork. Other skills will emerge as time passes.
Other: Likes to spar with random people experienced enough in both Pokemon and karate.
Past: Was born in Veilstone, when old enough, went to school, passed out of school and went to Sandgem Town on his mother's Flygon to get Chimichar, and it all started from there. In Sinnoh, he beat all the gyms, and defeated the Elite 4 more then twenty times.
Family: Mom was used to be a trainer, but is now an owner of a succesful beauty parlor, has many Pokemon, starter was Turtwig. Dad is a trainer under the leadership of Maylene, and has a many weak gym fighting types, his own Pokemon, his starter was Chimchar. Has no siblings.
Future Plans: To take over the Fighting Gym if Maylene quits.
Love Relationships?: Too many to count!
Pokemon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.
(Ooc: Silas has a lot of Pokemon, so I'll add as much as I can!)

Current Party

Species: Infernape
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Distinguishing characteristics: None really. Average Infernape.
Personality: Impish, makes a lot of trouble, but will battle when told to. Likes nearly any food it can get it's hands on. Dislikes training.
Origin: Was a starter. Silas was really happy with his enthusiasim.
Pokeball:pokeball. Kept polished.

Species: Fearow
Nickname: None
Level: 67
Gender: Female
Distinguishing characteristics: About six inches taller then average Fearow.
Personality: Is a very docile, (which is her nature) obeying anything without question, and not really putting 100% into attacks. Likes well made Poffins, white choclate, and hamburgers, for some reason. Dislikes mean and inobedient peers. (Pokemon)
Origin: After Silas defeated the elite 4 for the first time, Silas went near the volcano, and was attacked a a Spearow. First Pokemon caught there. Silas replaced his old Staraptor with it because the Staraptor hated him for some reason. Most likely a personality conflict. That Staraptor never listened to Silas.
Pokeball: An old, discolored Great Ball that was bought for a discount at a sale at Celestic Town.

Species: Mightyena
Nickname: None (not in current party)
Level: 22 (Silas does not train it a lot because it is weak.)
Gender: Male
Distinguishing characteristics: Is shiny.
Personality: Is a very 'attack first, talk later' type of Pokemon. Does not listen easily, and does not think before attacking.
Origin: After Silas defeated the elite 4 for the first time, Silas went PokeRadaring Ponyta below Veilstone for EVs, but found a Shiny Mightyena instead. Keeps out of party usually because it is weak.
Pokeball: A fairly new, exellent condition Ultra Ball.
Name: Kyrah Melisso
Gender: Female
Hometown: Pewter City
Age: 17
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 98lbs
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Clothing: Black, flowy top with blue and white striped vest. Brown plaid skirt and black and white striped stockings. Wearing b & w checkered shoes and a skull bandanna around her neck.
Identifying Marks: She always has a star pin on the back of her vest. It's easy to notice.
Musculature: She's fairly strong for a girl, and she has a strong will.
Personality: She is very outgoing. Kyrah has a loud mouth, sometimes saying things she doesn't mean. She is very strong-willed and is willing to do anything to protect her pokemon. She is very truthful and has a sparking personality.
Skills: She excells in cooking and playing the piano.
Past: Kyrah lived with a cozy family. She had a brother, Petey, and a sister, Lylayne. Her mother was a hard-working stayhome mom, and her father was busy being an aid in the professer's lab. Her father, unfortunately, died when she was only eight. Her mother has been sort of tense now about boats, because Kyrah's father died on a ship heading to Cinnabar Island. Kyrah's worked hard to become the Poke'mon Trainer her father always wanted her to be, and now, seventeen, she still visits her mother when she can and stays in contact with her siblings.
Family: Darleen- Mother, Robert- Father, Lylayne- Sister, Petey- Brother
Love Relationships?: None, yet.
Poke'mon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.

1.IVYSAUR, Nickname- Saurus. Gender-Male. Ability-OVERGROW: Ups Grass moves in a pinch. Special Features- NONE. Level- 32. HIDDEN POWER- 98/98. MOVES: Razor Leaf, Vine Whip, Sleep Powder, Tackle.
HISTORY: Saurus has a NAUGHTY nature, and gets into trouble a lot. He's been with Kyrah since the first time she touched his Poke'ball. Through the thick and thin, he's followed her and done his best to be her friend. He is extremly smart and strong, but sometimes puts too much power into things that don't need it.

2.ARCANINE, Nickname- Arcy. Gender-Female. Ability-OVERHEAT- Ups FIRE moves in a pinch. Special Features- NONE. Level- 30. HIDDEN POWER- 90/90. MOVES: Flamethrower, Overheat, Bite, Metal Claw.

3. RAICHU, Nickname- Raii. Gender- Male. Ability-KEEN EYE-Prevents loss of accuracy. Special Features- NONE. Level- 30. HIDDEN POWER: 88/88. MOVES: Thunderbolt, Iron Tail, Scratch, Tackle.

4. EGG.




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Ho-OhObsessive, pokemon here do NOT have set moves, they can use any move available to them. They also do not have levels.

Let me guess, you also like battles to be done in the same format as the battles are in-game? If I see any evidence of this, you will be warned.
Name: Rivka Beiles

Gender: Female

Birth place: Mahogany Town

Age: 15

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 127 lbs.

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Hazel

Clothing: A blue-grey jacket, on top of a white t-shirt with a wide black stripe. She has a red scarf which she wears due to the cold. In contrast, she dons a pair of off-white cargo shorts.

Identifying Marks: None that can be identified.

Musculature: Average build, with a layer of muscle.

Personality: She is generally a sociable pushover, getting nervous when requested to perform a task. However, she is known to spout scathing remarks when angered, usually to the shock of others.

Skills: She is especially skilled in the training of Ground Poke'mon.

Past: Her sister ran off to train in Hoenn, and she's determined to find her.

Family: Her parents try to keep her at home, much to her discontent. Her younger brother often goes with her when she battles. Her older sister is training in the far-off land of Hoenn.

Love Relationships?: None that can be vouched for.



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Name: Umbralt
Gender: Male
Hometown: Mahogany Town
Age: 16
Height: 5' 6''
Weight: 105lbs
Hair: Brown, and relatively long for a male hair style.
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Always black apparel. Usually, a black T-shirt and black jeans. On special occasions, he wears a tuxido or a leather jacket, depends on the atmosphere. Pokeballs are kept in a black back pack.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: In shape but not too into fitness or working out.
Personality: Most of Umbralt's time awake is during the night. He, normally, arranges battles and training for the night. When there is a tough decision, Umbralt has two seperate guides to go by; his instinct and his mind. His instinct is generally right, but very pessimistic, and his mind is very kind and generous. Somewhere between the two, decisions are made. Umbralt has great insecurity in everything he does, because of the wide variety in choices he has to make. Because of insecurity, his friend's usually come to him, and he doesn't open himself to them until he has put enough trust into them. Another thing his insecurity has troubled him with is love. He steers away from love because of a fear of being rejected or mocked. Much of his time is spent alone reflecting on ideas and strategies. His only real companionship comes from his Pokemon.
Skills: Pokemon Breeder. Breeds pokemon for special moves that are unattainable otherwise. Makes excellent food for Pokemon and people. Night-time battler.
Past: At the age of 10, Umbralt, like other 10-year-olds started to train Pokemon. However, he didn't set out for a quest. He captured Pokemon around the area, and bred them. It quickly consumed his life as he had to take care of many Pokemon. Every now and then he would get a good Pokemon and train it and trade for something better--released any Pokemon that didn't benefit him back to the wild.
Somewhere along the age of 11, he traded a Girafarig for his favorite Pokemon, a (Female) Houndoom. He researched Houndoom and found a way to get special babies. Off to Sinnoh, he left to find a Lucario to breed with his latest Pokemon. After he received eggs, he returned to Mahogany Town, Johto, in which the eggs hatched. 3 adorable Houndours came from the eggs. These were no ordinary Houndour's, however. Those Houndours had special egg moves Reversal and Counter. Umbralt kept 1 (female) for training and the other 2 became guard dogs for another family. The one he kept he named Jessica.
On Umbralt's 12th birthday, Jessica evolved into a Houndoom. He was so happy that he finally had gotten a powerful Houndoom.
When Umbralt was 13, Jessica had proven to be a great battler. With her, he captured a Jynx, a (Male) Murkrow, and a (Female) Hoothoot. The Jynx was then traded to another trainer for an Eevee (Female.) Umbralt bred the Murkrow and the HootHoot to obtain a special Hoothoot with Night Shade.
By the time Umbralt was 14, he traded a special Hoothoot to someone for a (Male) Smeargle. Umbralt traveled around the Johto region to find a Slowpoke using Curse.
By 15, Umbralt had bred the Curse Eevee, named Erik, and evolved the Eevee into Umbreon. Umbralt's Hoothoot, named Jacob, evolved into Noctowl. Around that time, Umbralt's immediate family started to divide. Umbralt caught a Horsea, he named Kindson, and a Flaffy, Umbralt named Jennifer.
On Umbralt's 16 birthday, he moved out and took his collection of Pokemon with him to become a true professional breeder. He allocated himself to his ranch titled Midnight Ranch in Mahogany Town not far from the Lake of Rage. His departure from his family left him with a great amount of time to study, train and breed Pokemon. His ranch became a good deal successful; good economical balance.
Family: Victoria, sister, focuses primarily on contests with her Politoed and Flareon. Umbralt and his sister do not like his parents at all. His mother and father are very rude and there is a good deal of irritation in the family. Aside from his sibling and parents, he has 2 cousins who help him operate his business.
Love Relationships: No relationships and not planning on having any.


Species: Houndoom
Nickname: Jessica
Gender: Female
Nature: Jessica is very docile and focused.
History/Powers: Umbralt's main/general companion. He raised her from an egg, and she remains his loyal guardian as well as battler. She is emotionally linked with her trainer. Umbralt visited the Sinnoh region to breed her mother with a Lucario for the egg moves Counter and Reversal.

Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Erik
Gender: Male
Nature: Very careful and sometimes has a secondary strategy to Umbralt's.
History/Powers: Raised from an egg after Jessica, he has Curse. Sometimes does not like Umbralt's commands and will try and think of his own, intead.

Species: Noctowl
Nickname: Jacob
Gender: Male
Nature: Jacob remains calm during every battle/situation.
History/Powers: Jacob tends to show no emotion. He just follows orders. Whether he is surpressing any feelings is possible, but that remains completely unknown.

Species: Horsea
Nickname: Kindson
Gender: Male
Nature: Kindson is Umbralt's hardy little buddy.
History/Powers: A very sweet Pokemon still in training for swimming. There are no plans for this Pokemon to battle. He trains very hard everyday to be able to be a good enough swimmer for the lake of rage.

Species: Flaffy
Nickname: Jennifer
Genger: Female
Nature: Jennifer can be rash at times and be over-the-limit for necessary power.
History/Powers: She is the newest addition to the party. She was caught, not raised, and is currently in training to be a battler. She has no discovered powers, as of yet, and gets along well with the others in the team, despite being different.
Gender: Male
Hometown:Celestic Town
Hair:short cut black hair
Eyes:light brown
Clothing:A white shirt with a open black jacket..blue jeans ans white sneakers
Identifying Marks: A small birthmark on his left arm
Musculature: Averge built
Personality:A laid back but very caring when it comes to his pokemon..highly patient..almost always smiling..very competitive
Past:Left for his pokemon journey after his 16th birthday..Started off with the first pokemon his older brother gave to him which is charmander...spent most of his time bonding with his pokemon instead of battling with them.Decided to fight for gym badges when he saw his brother on tv in the pokemon league. He begins to train to be the best so one day he maybe able to face his brother in a pokemon battle and win.
Family:Margaret(mother) Richie(Brother)
Love Relationships?:none
Limit Breaker(Can use a move even when PP is 0)
Jaison's Charmander is a more reddish color then most Charmander
Has a Adament nature and is Highly curious
Jaison first pokemon given to him by his brother Rich

Looks like a basic larvitar
Has a bold nature and is very finicky
The first pokemon Jaison caught on his own

Is a navy blue color instead of a baby blue
Has a Brave nature and is Quick tempered
An abandoned pokemon found in the woods by Jaison

Sand Veil
Pride(Attacks do more damage when fighting another Dragon type pokemon)
Has a darker color then an average Gible
Has a mild nature and often dozes off
Hatched out of a egg that Jaison found on the floor
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Name: Ray Hendrix
Gender: Male
Hometown: Solaceon Town
Age: 17
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue-Gray
Clothing: A red T-shirt under a blue and black windbreaker jacket, blue jeans, black sneakers, a black baseball cap with a red star on the front, and a black backpack.
Identifying Marks: Hat and his pikachu, Axel.
Musculature: Athletic
Personality: Loves Pokemon more than anything else. He's a good cook and a good friend. He always has at least 3 strategies thought up before starting a Pokemon battle. He's determined to be the best Pokemon breeder in Sinnoh.
Skills: Pokemon breeding, cooking, and intelligence.
Past: He began his Pokemon journey on his tenth birthday. The day before, he got an egg from his grandmother as an early birthday present. A pichu hatched from the egg the next morning and Ray named it Axel.
Family: Grandmother, younger sister.
Love Relationships?: Nope!

Species: Pikachu
Nickname: Axel
Gender: Male
Ability: Static
Attacks: Volt Tackle, Thunder Punch, Iron Tail, Discharge
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: Messy hair
History: Hatched from an egg as a pichu. He evolved about a month later. He and Ray have been together for seven years and counting.
Personality: Loves to play pranks on Ray's other Pokemon. He is very mischievous but is also extremely strong willed. He will never give up as long as there's a breath in him. He dislikes being inside a pokeball, so he usually rides on Ray's shoulder or walks. His favorite poffins are yellow.

Species: Riolu
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Attacks: Copycat, Force Palm, Quick Attack, Reversal
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: None
History: Hatched from an egg that ray received from a hiker on Iron Island. It is extremely proud of it's strength, but is a bit naive. Axel is always tricking him into believing some bogus lie.
Personality: Naive, and proud of it's power. He looks up to buizel and is always watching him. His favorite food is pink poffin.

Species: Buizel
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift swim
Attacks: Surf, Aqua Jet, Swift, Razor Wind
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: None
History: Ray captured Buizel near Eterna City.
Personality: It's very serious when it comes to battling, but shows a softer side toward riolu. It loves food and will eat anything in sight.

Species: Shinx
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Attacks: Thunder Fang, Thunderbolt, Charge, Crunch
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: None
History: Ray helped shinx escape from a poacher's trap, and shinx wanted to travelk with Ray. Since then it has been very protective of Ray.
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Name:Drake Nike Angel ((Short name for him is DNA))
Gender: Male
Hometown: Hoenn
Age: 17
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 173
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Icy Blue
Clothing: A black jacket with blue lining. Black pants and black shoes.
Identifying Marks: His rare necklace that has a red diamond on it.
Musculature: He some what Athletic.
Personality: Suave and compromising. Careful, cautious and organized. Likes to point out people's mistakes. Likes to criticize. Stubborn. Quiet but able to talk well. Calm and cool. Kind and sympathetic. Concerned and detailed. Loyal but not always honest. Does work well. Very confident. Sensitive.Thinking generous. Good memory. Clever and knowledgeable. Loves to look for information. Must control oneself when criticizing. Able to motivate oneself. Understanding. Fun to be around. Secretive. Loves sports, leisure and traveling. Hardly shows emotions. Tends to bottle up feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. Systematic.
Skills: Strategizing
Past: Lost his family in a car accient then he was ten.
Family: N/A
Love Relationships?: His last girlfriend dump him and now he looking for other one that will be his girlfriend and tag team partner.

Species: Garchomp
Nickname: Turbo
Gender: Male
Ability: Sand Veil
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: Pearly white teeth.
History: Been caught in the first stage and train really to and evoled into the second after a few months later. A year later when DNA became 17 he evoled into a Garchomp
Personality: Fun to play with other people's pokemon but alway serious about training. Smart, sleathy, and cool.
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Name:Artemis Chaolan

Gender: Male

Hometown: Cinnabar Island

Age: 15

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110 Lbs.

Hair: Jet black, semi-short hair

Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Black leather Jacket over a white T-shirt, Dark blue Jeans, and Black Military Boots

Identifying Marks: Thick scar on right forearm the origin of this is unown ( ;D)

Musculature: Thin but obviously fit and agile.

Personality: Seems to be shut off from the world and hates to communicate with anyone else but his own Poke'mon. But will however help those in need.

Skills: Marksman and medicinal aid.

Past: UNOWN But when he was 10 he beat Kanto's Elite Four.

Family:Cycon Chaolan and Margarette Chaolan who gave him to an orphanage due to lack of affluence.

Charizard: Artemis' first Poke'mon that he accuired. Charizard has a cautious nature towards anyone other than his master and, refuses to stray far from him for fear of his owners health.

Haunter: Artemis' second Poke'mon. Haunter prefers to roam around the countryside rather than be stuck to his master's side. Haunter still listens obediantly to Artemis.


Gender: Male
Hometown:Dewford Town
Eyes:deep brown
Clothing:An exact -fitting black shirt and deep blue jeans.black and red jogging shoes and a grey ,not very bulky,backpack.
Identifying Marks:nil
Musculature:slightly toned arms and chest muscles.well toned torso(he is an athlete).
Personality:He is calm and friendly and not very talkative.He is good looking.
Skills:His intelligence helps him plan new strategies.
Past:He comes from an oddly paired family of a fighting pkmn trainer and a psychic pkmn trainer.he was inspired by his father while his twin sister was inspired by his mother.they both completed their studies at the age of 12(surprising,eh) and set of for their journey a day after their 13th b'day.Rad aims to become the best fighting pkmn trainer in the world and then run his father's dojo.his sister obviously wants become a psychic and a trainer of the psy pkmn.
Family:Mother Rayla
Father Patrick
twin sister:patricia
Love Relationships?:Nil
Species: Riolu
Nickname: Rad
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Hidden Power: Flying
Special Features: Lighter compared to other Riolu.this helps it to jump greater heights than normal
History/Personality: it was given to Rad by his father as soon as it hatched from its egg.It was both, Rad's 13th b'day present and his first pkmn.Rad and Ray have already developed a good friendship seeing that it is only two days since they left for their journey.It is very friendly like Rad and has a Brave nature. It is also very "talkative".It makes a good friend.
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[size=8pt]Name: Mimi
Gender: Female
Hometown: Celadon City
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 105

Always has on a pair of headphones. She is a music junkie. Her and her pokemon all love music, and fight to a beat. She always is wearing her necklace. A black cross. Her eyes are dark grey.

Personality: Stubborn. Loves to make friends. Protective of her pokemon. Loves pokemon. Can be shy. A bit ditzy at times.
Skills: She's pretty skilled in martial arts. Is a very good trainer...i dunno
Past: Started her journey late, when she was about 14. It's been two years since she's started with her Vulpix. Who is now a Ninetales. She has pretty powerful pokemon. She hasn't been home to Celadon since she started her journey.
Family: Sister, Lola. At home with her Mom, Karen.
Love Relationships?: Used to like a boy named Cameron. He was a boy from her hometown. He disappeared after starting his journey.

Pokemon: Species, Nickname, Gender, Ability, Hidden Power, Special Features, History/Personality, etc.


No Nickname.
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire.
Hidden Power: none.
Special Features: n/a
Personality: Stubborn, confident in herself. Very loyal to Mimi.


No nickname.
Gender: Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Hidden Power: Surf
Personality: Shy, not very trustworthy to other humans. Loyal to Mimi.


No Nickname.
Gender: male.
Ability: Blaze.
Hidden Power: Flying...xD no so hidden..
Personality: Slightly aggresive, if he feels Mimi is threatened, will attack or try to unless told otherwise.


No nickname.
Gender: male.
Ability: Arena Trap
Hidden Power: n/a
Personality: Kind of lazy, very laid back. Loves to roam around.


No Nickname
Gender: female
Ability: Spark.
Hidden Power: n/a
Personality: Laid back, like FLygon. Shy and doesn't befriend others easily. Loyal to her friends.[/size]
Name: Gardevoir Master (real name unknown)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lavender Town
Age: 26
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: White shirt, green cargo pants, green boots, green vest with a red diamond emblem, white overcoat with green sleeves, and a helmet modeled after the head of a Gardevoir.
Identifying Marks: Carries a white scepter with a head shaped like that of a Gardevoir.
Personality: Often acts melodramatic, though more for his own amusement than anything else. Mainly trains Gardevoirs and their line, but has a few other favorites in his collection. Gardevoirs are his main obsession, though. Talks a big game, but rarely has what it takes to back it up. While most of his tactics involve bluffing, he almost never sometimes usually rarely but more often than he'd like to admit backs down from a challenge. Global domination is more a hobby of his more than anything else, anyway. Claims to be the "The most powerful unofficial psychic" of whatever region he's currently in, as his psychic powers stem from a telepathic connection to his Pokemon.
Skills: Gardevoir training, tinkering, acting like Dr. Orpheus from Venture Bros.
Past: Growing up in Lavender Town, Gardevoir Master always knew he was special, but never knew why. He wasn't particularly good at anything, but knew he had a calling and traveled the world in search of it. He eventually discovered the Gardevoir and his life changed forever. He began training them almost exclusively, and came up with strategies so grandiose that one of his friends jokingly said he was like a "Gardevoir-based super-villain." Gardevoir Master decided to make that joke his gimmick and got so into the character he started taking the goal of world-domination seriously. Or at least seriously enough that he spends his weekends in one random secret lair or another.

Gardevoir - Anastasia, female
Item: Iron Ball
Ability: Trace
Techniques: Torment, Fling, Endure, Grudge
Distinguishing features: Often looks irritated
Memo: Bred to be tough, Anastasia is constantly annoyed by her master's antics.

Ralts - Euripides, female
Item: Pink Scarf
Ability: Synchronize
Techniques: Return, Rest, Sleep Talk, Protect
Distinguishing features: Wears cute costumes, uses the phrase "Bidibidibi" after almost every sentence.
Memo: The most adorable member of the team. Aside from occasional look-out duty, Gardevoir Master tends to spoil her.

Gardevoir - Hestia, female
Item: Rose Incense
Ability: Synchronize
Techniques: Magical Leaf, Light Screen, Giga Impact, Mean Look
Distinguishing features: Wears a black collar
Memo: A vain Pokemon concerned with her appearance first and foremost. Considers herself to have the highest rank of all of Gardevoir Master's Pokemon and is prone to displays of dominance.

Gardevoir - Brigid, female
Item: Quick Claw
Ability: Trace
Techniques: Calm Mind, Psychic, Future Sight, Reflect
Distinguishing features: Glasses
Memo: Charmed by Brigid's curious nature, Gardevoir Master taught her how to read. She spends all her free time studying and knows a little bit about everything. Brigid tends to be shy, and may stalk people or Pokemon she is interested in.

Gallade - Radio, male
Item: Red Scarf
Ability: Steadfast
Techniques: Double Team, Psycho Cut, Thunder Wave, Brick Break
Distinguishing features: Scar over right eye, wears scarf like a cape
Memo: Radio tends to be a loner, preferring to stand apart from the crowd. However, he has been known to flirt with female Pokemon and occasionally humans and can be a real gentleman when it suits him. He is annoyed by childish antics, seeing them as immature and often tells off people he sees as such.

(You might not have noticed, but the move set of each Pokemon is based on a specific condition [Tough, Cute, Beauty, Smart, and Cool])
Name: Rian a.k.a. Prof Redeye
Gender: Male
Hometown: Jublife City
Appearance: SUIT - Wearing a black suit with dark grey pinstripe, A greyish white tie HAT - a rounded hat kind of like a murkrow, has torn edges SHOES - Black leather HAIR - long silver-grey hair BELT


The Last of the Snowmen
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I'm handing out TWO warnings, because I'm feeling awfully generous tonight. :3 That gives you a ban as a bonus. =D Now no one can ever go around behind Sem's back and say, "That guy's a mean forum nazi, we hate him and want him dead." Nope. ^_^ Totally nice here....

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Name:pokefan624 a.k.a. Emily Courtney
Hometown:pallet Town
Hair Color:Blond
Eye Color:Blue.
Personality:Laid-Back,Kind,Funny,and Weird
Skills:Excillent at pokemon battles and contests
Love Relationship?:Has a crush on Paul

Signature Move:Dragon Rage
Noticeable Features:Shiny-black in stead of orange
Moves:Dragon Rage,Growl,Flamethrower,and Fly
Info:Had him since he was a Charmander

Signature:Morning Sun
Noticeable Features:pink with a red jewel on her forehead
Moves:Rain Dance,Psybeam,Swift,and Morning Sun
Info:Caught an Eevee and she evolved into Espeon

Signature Move:Shadow Ball
Noticeable Features:Shiny-blue rings intead of yellow
Moves:Moonlight,Shadow Ball,Bite,and Confuse Ray
Info:Caught an Eevee and she evolved into Umbreon

Ability:Leaf Guard
Signature Move: Petal Dance
Noticeable Features:Shiny-bright green instead of dull green
Moves:petal Dance,Sunny Day,Solarbeam,and Razor Leaf
Info:Leveled up an Eevee at the Moss Rock, and evolved into Leafeon

Ability:Snow Cloak
Signature Move:Blizzard
Noticeable Features:Shiny-white as snow
Moves:Water Pulse,Dig,Ice Fang,and Blizzard
Info:Leveled up at the rock at Route 217 and she evolved into Glaceon

Signature Move:Aero Blast
Noticeable Features:White and she has blues spikes on her tail and back
Moves:Hydro Pump,Aero Blast,Swift,and Ice Beam
Info:Saved her from Hunter J.and she joined my team with no problem
Name: Akilah Mitsuishi (biological father's last name; mother didn't want her to take stepfather's last name).

Gender: Female

Hometown: New Bark Town (moved to Twinleaf Town at age 13)

Age: 15

Height: 5'6"

Hair: Black

Eyes: Cerulean

Clothing: (Same as avatar)

Musculature: Often mistaken as either 17, 18, or 19; slim frame, yet with hourglass figure.

Personality:kind-hearted, magnanimous, impulsive.

Skills: Singing (used to be the vocalist in a friend's band back in Twinleaf Town for a year before going on her Pokemon journey).

Past: She was born in New Bark Town, Johto, a couple weeks before Christmas. The night before Christmas, her father mysteriously left home without a word and was reported missing shortly afterwards by police. Not long after, it was believed by police that he was dead, and 5 years later, Akilah's mother remarried and had Akilah's half-brother a year after. In New Bark Town, Akilah grew up with the girl next door who was a year older than her, and they became best friends. Once her friend turned 14, she set out on her Pokemon journey, leaving Akilah behind. Shortly afterwards, her mother was offered a job to work with Prof. Rowan in Sinnoh, so then the family moved to Twinleaf Town, since her stepfather already worked in Jubilife City. In Twinleaf Town, Akilah befriended the boy next door, who played the guitar and had a band (he asked Akilah to be the singer in the band, and the two worked together on it for a year). After a year, the two set out on their Pokemon quests as well, after recieving Pokemon from Prof. Rowan. They traveled to Jubilife together, but then Akilah's friend wanted to travel alone to become stronger and more independent. From that point on, Akilah traveled by herself and recieved up to 5 badges in Sinnoh. However, she had recieved word that her father was still alive, and decided to go search for him.

Family: Mother (an eccentric Pokemon researcher who works under Prof. Rowan) Stepfather (a level-headed businessman who works in Jubilife City) Half-brother ("an annoying 9 year old brat," in Akilah's words). Biological Father (once a Pokemon researcher, but is now believed to be working for an underground crime syndicate against his will).

Love Relationship?: Is oblivious in this department. She can't even figure out why her Sinnoh guy friend glomps her everytime he sees her.

Pokémon: Akilah has a Ground type theme team, excluding Piplup, who was her starter. (Order is like on trainer card in signature).

Piplup (female)- Akilah's very first pokemon; Piplup acts very much like a toddler, and loves to be praised when doing something well in a battle. Piplup refuses to evolve, fearful that its personality may change for the worse. (Attacks: Hydro Pump, Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Dig).

Gabite (male)- Akilah ran into Gabite when it was a Gible when she got herself lost in the hidden portion of Wayward Cave. Gabite was her second pokemon, and he's quite confident in battle, perhaps to the point of arrogance. (Attacks: Dragon Claw, Sand Tomb, Flame Thrower, Sand Attack).

Phanpy (male)- Akilah had recieved Phanpy when doing a trade through the Pokemon Center with her best friend who was back in Johto. Akilah had exchanged a Misdreavus that she had caught earlier that day in the Eterna Forest for Phanpy. (Attacks: Last Resort, Rollout, Double Team, Rock Slide).

Gliscor (male)- Akilah was chased by Gliscor when it was a Gligar when going to Lake Valor. She realized that he was harmless and decided to keep him. That night, Gligar had come into accidental contact with a razor fang and evolved. (Attacks: Screech, Night Slash, Dig, Giga Impact).

Gastrodon (female)- Following a lead to where her father may be, Akilah goes to Fuego Ironworks, but it ends up being a wild goose chase. Once there, she sees Team Galactic members torturing a Gastrodon. She fights them off and then takes the Gastrodon to a Pokemon Center. Afterwards, the Gastrodon chooses to stay with Akilah in gratitude. (Attacks: Earthquake, Body Slam, Sandstorm, Protect).

?? - Pokemon I made up (won't use this in RPs on here).
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Name: Chihiro Wyvern
Gender: female
Hometown: Twigsy Town
Age: almost 12
Height: about 5 foot 4 inches
Hair: dirty blond
Eyes: sapphire blue
Musculature: she doesn't have much upper body strength but her legs prove useful when kicking or running
Personality:slightly stubborn, quite shy but easily makes friends with people who have the same interests as her, loyal, trustworthy, a bit clumsy, really smart, likes people who are nice to her, really sweet
Name: Seth Riswolf
Gender: Male
Hometown: Johto, Cherrygrove Town.
Age: 16
Height: 5"6
Weight: 100, to 125 lbs.
Hair: Blonde, some dark in back and sides.
Eyes: Hazel, changing in the winter to gray.
Clothing:(Note: Bringing Normal and Rocket form soon.
Personality: Sarcastic, Humorous, and very obnoxious. Just like his Crobat. He is still very sensitive, but only when someone he is close to, is in a sad mood.
Skills: Is very fast, and can friends with a lot of different pokemon.
Past: Subtle, as he stayed in Cherrygrove until he gained his Oddish, and until he gained his first badge, he still only stayed within a few miles of Cherrygrove.
Family: A mother who works as an assistant at the Pokecenter, and a father who works as the manager of the PokeMart. A sister, who is 23 now, currently in the Hoenn region.
Love Relationships?: Not really.



Nickname: Just Bellossom.
Gender: Male
Ability: Chlorophyll
History: His first pokemon. When Seth obtained him at an Oddish, it was very unruly, and never paid attention. A basic slob. Seth couldn't control it. As Seth was trying to control it on a Mountain side, a rock fell and split the two, sending Oddish over the edge, which landed on a Murkrow nest. Seth was very worried, and Oddish was in a state of panic. When the Murkrow returned, Seth was even more worried. The Murkrow began to peck at Oddish, and Seth hatched an idea. He began throwing rocks at the Murkrow, to scare them, and Oddish noticed the attention. The Murkrow ran to Seth, angry, and pecked at him. Oddish began to get furious, as its new friend was being hurt. It then vine whipped its way up to Seth, and Tackled its way to Seth. The Murkrow were then scared, and fled. A new bond was stirring in them, and they became the best of friends. Soon it evolved to a Gloom, and then, by an accidental touching of a stores Sun Stone, became a Bellossom, much to Seths happiness.

Personality: At first, a total snob, caring of nothing but himself. But, after the accident, became kind, and over protective of Seth. Bellossom is always covering up Seth's mistakes. Always listens to Seth, and has an everlasting grudge against Crobat.



Nickname: Camera Sam. (Called this because Crobat is an awesome spy, and is an eavesdropper, ....much to Seth's delight.)
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
History: Caught as a obnoxious Zubat, and is now an...obnoxious Crobat, that Seth loves. Seth caught this Crobat as a Zubat when he was in Mt. Moon, when he noticed it spying on him. Seth likes to use this pokemon in many battles. After he caught it, it went on his ever-lasting journey with him. It evolved to Golbat as it was fighting a very irritational Swinub, with an epic match. It evolved at a Pokemon-with-Trainer Friendship Show, when they ranked second place. They were met to rank third, but with Golbats evolution, he boosted in points.

Personality: OBNOXIOUS. Tends to super-sonic Seth. But, Crobat knows that Seth will always love him, so he is always kind as well. Has an on-going grudge on absolutely nothing with Bellossom.


Nickname: Fishy
Gender: Female
Ability: Sniper
History: Just a random catch Seth made while fishing. He is somewhat worried about his Octillery, as it is very shy, and acts weak. It doubts itself completely, and Seth knows something happened in it's past to make it like this.

Personality: Shy, acts weak, and has a low self-esteem. It is very generous, however.
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[size=8pt]Check signature for trainer card and images.[/size]

Name: Nina Mohan
Gender: Female
Hometown: Blackthorn city
Age: 16
Height: 5'2''
Hair: Wavy brown, medium length, always in a pony tail.
Eyes: Brown, wears glasses.
Clothing: a loose black sleeveless shirt with a belt wrapped around over the waist. Some camo cargo pants. A grey newspaper boy type hat. Comfterble running shoes. And, of course, her trusty backpack.
Personality: She's a bit awkward, clumsy, and goofy most of the times, but she doesnt mean too. When it comes to battling, she gets serious, and focused on her pokemon.
Skills: She's read alot of books and studied pokemon when she was younger to better perpare when the day comes to start her journey, so she knows alot about pokemon. Her mom forced her to learn how to cook, and her dad forced her to learn how to defend herself out in the 'big scary world'.


Nickname: Mystic
Ability: Shed Skin
Gender: female
History: First pokemon she ever had. Family tradition to always start with a dragon pokemon.
Personality: At first, when Mystic was a dratini, she was shy and very afraid of anything that moves. She was difficult to train, but with alot of hard work and some good old fashion TLC, she evolved into Dragonair. Now, she's not so afraid, although a little shy. They share a very close bond, so Nina and Mystic would do anything for each other.

Nickname: Aura
Ability: Steadfast
Gender: female
History: A mysterious abandoned egg she stumbled upon one stormy night. Not wanting to leave it outside where the egg could get into serious danger, She took in the egg. Not long after that, a Riolu hatched, and though nina was her mom. Nina fell hard and fast for the cute pokemon and accepted her into her growing party. She named her Aura, because of the aura she emanates. It wasnt long before she evolved into a Lucario, and because she can understand human speech, they became quick friends.
Personality: Aura is kind, and prefers not to fight, unless in a pokemon battle, or to defend herself. She and Mystic get along well, but she always ends up in some kind of argument with a Scizor, who always wants to fight. She, of coarse always turns him down.

Nickname: Shinobi
Ability: Swarm
Gender: Male
History: One of the first pokemon she's caught. Shinobi put up a fight, and even after it was weakened to its lowest point, it refused to stay in the pokeballs that where thrown at him. Finally, after using up all 6 of her pokeballs, Nina finally used an Ultra ball she found, and the Scizor finally was caught.
Personality: headstrong, and seems to have a big ego. Always tries to pick a fight with other pokemon to show off his skills, but Aura always interferes, so they always end up in arguments.

Nickname: Kasu
Ability: Effect spore
Gender: male
History: She accidently caught Kasu. She was actually chasing after a wild Aron in a cave, which dodged behind a rock. She threw a pokeball at it, and when she heard a 'click' she thought she caught the Aron. unfortunetly, when she released the pokemon, she discovered it wasn't an Aron she caught, but a timid little Paras. Still, she kept the Paras and named him Kasu. Later on, she finds out that Kasu is actually a good addition to the party.
Personality: If her party was a big family, Kasu would probably be the baby brother. He's a bit fragile, and timid, and he has the habit of releasing stun-spore whenever things get too intense and scary. because of this, Nina tends to baby him alot. He doesnt do well in single battles, but in double battles, his true skills shine through.

Nickname: Shadow
Ability: keeneye
Gender: male
History: The Sableye just followed her out of the cave after she caught Kasu. Nina thought the pokemon wanted to be with her, so she easily caught him, and named him Shadow. It wasn't long before she discovers that this Sableye is... well... to put it simply; a pervert.
Personality: Like I said before, a pervert. Always tries to hug anything thats female, especially if they have curves. Always loves to show off his power, 'specially when they're girls around. He's basicly a brock-type pokemon.

Nickname: Sparkle
Ability: Volt Absorb
Gender: female
History: She fished one day near the beach and caught a chinchou. The pokemon didnt put up much of a fight, because it was already weakened for some reason when Nina fished her up. She caught her anyways with a netball and rushed her to the pokemon center. When Chinchou was all better, sparks would leave her antennee whenever she was really happy, so nina named her Sparkle.
Personality: Hyperactive, and very playfull. Always seems to get into trouble. She and Kasu become close friends, despite the fact theyre exactly opposite from each other. Opposites do seem to attract afterall.
Name: Jill angel
Gender: Female
Hometown: twinleaf town
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120
Hair: red long.. to her back..
Eyes: blue/green/yello
Clothing: pants black, shirt pink short slives, shous black boots.
Personality: she is shy and nice
Skills:She loves to read, swim with her water pokemon, When she was little girl she help her father with GYM and he had water gym that she liked.
Past:Her past was not really all that good. Her mother died right after Jill was born. When Jill turn 14 Her father was taken away. So her fathers pokemon went to her and pokeballs.. She stayed alone. she did not talk to any one. When her pokemon get hurts she ask friend to to Joey so she can fixed her pokemon. Jill did not like many people at all. she loves to battle people but that is all.
Family: dead
Love Relationships?:
Name: Rick Kaito

Gender: Male

Hometown: Olivine City

Age: 13

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 120

Hair: Dark red that is hidden under a backwards cap

Eyes: green

Clothing: Rick wears a black trenchcoat with red triangles on the bottom. The trenchcoat is halfway zipped up, with the bottom half open. He also wears a brown hat that hides all of his hair. Rick wears studded bracelets on both arms with a watch on his left arm. Rick wears ripped jeans with black skate shoes.

Identifying Marks: A half-zipped jacket and large hat.

Musculature: Rick is medium build.

Personality: Rick takes life as a challenge and makes everything complicated. He also keeps his growlithe by his side out of his pokeball.

Skills: Rick is a master breeder and loves fire-type pokemon.

Past: Rick was born into a family of breeders. His whole family loved steel-type, but he took an interest in fire. Rick's father set out to collect every pokemon there was, so he didn't know his father very well. Rick started out with a growlithe and caught only fire pokemon. He abandoned his family and set out to travel the world like his father. Rick lost his first battle to a gym leader. He later fell in love with her.

Family: Rick has two brothers and one sister. His father is traveling the world while his mother is a breeder.

Love Relationships?: Rick fell in love with a gym leader, but he never told her. Now he wishes to find her.


gender: male
nickname: Blaze
Special ability: Blaze
History: Rick was given his egg and he cared for it until it hatched.
personality: Flare was a shy pup who didn't listen easy. Rick kept him like a little puppy and Flare trusted him. The two always help each other and keep moving

gender: male
nickname: King
special ability: none
history: Rick stumbled upon the little beast when he was training. The little lavitar didn't attack, but just watched. Rick captured him and adored him. King became the only rock type in Rick's arsenal.
personality: King doesn't converse with other pokemon, but he fights them without realizing.

gender: female
nickname: Love
special ability: blaze
history/pesonality: Love was caught by Rick in a volcano. She is stubborn and refuses to battle at times. Rick gives her gifts to make her listen.
personality: stubborn

gender: Male
nickname: Flare
special ability: none
history/personality: This houndour was a challenge to catch. The dog pokemon ran off when Rick met it. He was determined to catch it and charged after it. Growlithe talked to the pokemon, but was unsuccessful in convincing it. Rick let out all of his pokemon, but none of them could talk it into it. He finally had his lavitar attack the houndour. The houndour was nearly defeated, but he ran away. Rick grabbed it and threw a pokeball at it. The houndour fought and fought, but soon gave up.
Name: Cadence

Gender: Female

Hometown: Saffron City, Kanto

Age: 21

Height: 5"9

Weight: Not telling! (Thin)

Hair: Blonde, length down to the middle of her back

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: Casual-Jeans with black leather boots, black tank top. Uniform-White Team Rocket uniform with black gloves, black boots,
white miniskirt and top. Marked with a red R on the top.

Identifying Marks: None

Musculature: Skinny/Not a lot

Personality: Upbeat, Happy-go-lucky

Skills: None worth mentioning.

Past: Grew up in Vermillion City, but moved to Saffron City with her family.

Family: Mother-At home. Father- At home. Brother(Jake)-Travelling in Johto

Love Relationships?: N/A

Pokemon: Koffing
Species: Poison
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Hidden Power: ?
Special Features: None that differ it from any other Koffing
History/Personality: Met at Team Rocket HQ in Kanto, positive personality, always smiling. Quick to defend it's trainer.

Pokemon: Umbreon (at home)
Species: Darkess
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Synchronise
Hidden Power:
Special Features: Gold rings around it's black body.
History/Personality: Met as an Eevee, evolved on a full moon. Stayed at home with parents due to lack of will to battle.


Name: Monica

Gender: Female

Hometown: Celestic Town, Sinnoh

Age: 23

Height: 5"7

Weight: About 120lbs, Athletic

Hair: Crimson, dyed from brunette.

Eyes: Blue

Clothing: Light blue baggy cargo pants, white sleeveless hooded top. White sneakers, with a light blue shoulder bag.

Identifying Marks: Shoulder tattoo

Musculature: Athletic

Personality: Focused, patient, caring for her Pokemon and friends.

Skills: Strong swimmer

Past: Lived in Sinnoh for 19 years, travelled in Kanto for 2, now in Johto.

Family: Mother - Hearthome City, Sinnoh. Sister - Sandgem Town, Sinnoh.

Love Relationships?: Used to be engaged.

Pokemon: Staryu
Species: Star shape/Water
Nickname: N/A
Gender: None
Ability: Illuminate
Special Features: Core that glows up to 7 different colors. Represents mood.
History/Personality: Caught in Canalave City (Sinnoh region). It's personality differs, Monica can tell how it is feeling from the color that glows from it's core.

Pokemon: Weezing
Species: Poison Gas
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Levitate
Special Features: Can utilize Fire and Lightning attacks from mixing the reactive gases in it's body.
History/Personality: Met in Kanto as a Koffing. Evolved in a gym battle against Sabrina. Seemingly glum, however all Weezing seem to be sad. Weezing is a very loyal Pokemon that has taken to Monica's kind spirit and intense battle fundamentals.

Pokemon: Wobbuffet
Species: Patient/Psychic
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Shadow Tag
Special Features: Wobbuffet dislikes it's Pokeball, and often jumps out of it, startling Monica. Also has a habit of shouting it's name in agreement of anything Monica happens to say.
History/Personality: Met in Sinnoh at Lake Verity, Wobbuffet refused to battle Monica's Staryu and thus was easilly captured. Wobbuffet appears to be loyal to Monica, however he has a tendancy to drive her crazy when he refuses to stay in his Pokeball. Wobbuffet rarely battles, prefering to stand perfectly still. However, in battle it has a very potent Counter attack.

Pokemon: Starmie
Species: Starshape/Psychic-Water
Nickname: N/A
Gender: None
Ability: Natural Cure
Special Features: Starmie, like Staryu, represents it's feelings by changing the color of it's core. The top of Starmie's core is slightly cracked however, making it tire easilly in battle. Can use electric and psychic attacks, as well as water and ice.
History/Personality: Starmie isn't Monica's strongest Pokemon, but not because of lack of effort. It put up a very strong fight against gym leaders in the Kanto region. It's cracked core often goes dull, not glowing as strongly as other Starmie.

Pokemon: Vaporeon
Species: Water
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Ability: Water Absorb
Special Features: No distinguishing features
History/Personality: Met as an Eevee in Veilstone City. Monica evolved it with the use of a waterstone due to her love of aquatic Pokemon. However, Eevee lost it's pleasant attitude, and became very violent in battle. Monica often has to stop it before it can seriously injure other Pokemon. Hence why she only uses it in battle.

Pokemon: Gyrados
Species: Water/Dragon/Flying
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Special Features: Broken lower fang
History/Personality: Friendly, unusual for a Gyrados. It would rather not battle, but can hold it's own when in combat. Monica frequently uses Gyrados to travel across water, which is how she travelled from Sinnoh to Kanto to Johto. Posesses a powerful Hyper Beam, but after used, it is too worn out to battle anymore. Prefers to use water attacks.
Name: Sean
Gender: Male
Hometown: Originally from Hearthome City, moved to Saffron City when he was 6
Age: 15
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 154 lbs
Hair: Nearly Black,
Eyes: Ocean Blue
Clothing: Black jeans, gray sweatshirt with a water drop imprint on back
Identifying Marks: Water drop shaped birthmark in palm
Musculature: Pretty decent build, but hardly any muscle
Personality: Loves pokemon and is willing to protect them all, except bad ones.
Skills: Pretty dang good at battling
Past: Originally born in the Sinnoh region. He and his family moved to Kanto when he was about 6 years old. When he turned 10, he got his Squirtle, which eventually evolved to Blastoise. He started collecting Water-types from around the world. He's been champion of several Leagues.
Family: His father, his two sisters (Cindy and Jolene) and his brother (Ethan)
Love Relationships?: None


Pokemon: Vaporeon
Species: Bubble Jet Pok
--Name:Jin Kazama (Real Name Kaiju but thats a secrete)
--Gender: Male
--Hometown:Celtic City (Main city of the Celtic Reagion-A distant Reagion of the Shinning Poke'mon)
--Age: 15
--Height: 5'8"
--Weight: 146
--Hair: (Like his) http://i148.photobucket.com/albums/s36/Haraku_Matori/Death_Note___Near_v3_by_zeisstrx.jpg
--Eyes: Yellow
--Clothing: A red shirt with red short-sleeves, and black long-sleeves under the red ones, black tripp pants, a ring
on his ring finger, a plad belt with studs, a wristband with bullets, and black sneakers. He carries a Katana for
protection, if his pokemon can't fight, it is full black including the blade with hilt that looks like a shuriken
and a chain at the end.
--Identifying Marks: his ring, yellow eyes and White hair
--Personality: Chilled, but always loves a battle.
--Skills: Tactical Battleing
--Past: He always loved to watch Pokemon battles, and once it was over would talk to the trainers and tell them how
the could have done better, he finnaly turned 10 and got his first Poke'mon, Charmander, but this one was a shiny
Charmander, one in four of every Poke'mon in the Celtic Reagion was Shiny, it was nature, and he got one. onece
training alot he went ahead and left for some real action, because his land doesnt have gyms he trained day and
night. His Father left to search for a Shiny RAYQUAZA, which is Kaijus Favorite Pokemon, he believes his dad is
still out there and he is now raceing his dad for the win of catching Shiny RAYQUAZA.....
--Family: Jin(Father)(Gone, Not dead), Lori(Mother), thats it...Basic huh...
--Love Relationships: None

-Jins first Pokemon, a shiny Pokemon, he is very persistant which helps hi relations with Jin, because he is also
very persistant, the first thing he told him was "Im Jin, you are Charmander, and from here on out, we train till we
both fall to our knees..." Souds Ass-Hole-ish but Charmander agreed and so they began...

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Name: Edward "Vazor" (most commonly known as just Vazor)
Gender: Male
Hometown: Lavender Town
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Weight: 187
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Yellow-ish
Clothing: Black, cape
Identifying Marks: Scar running from his upper chest to his bellybutton
Musculature: Weak
Personality: Scared and Nieve, however extremely hot-tempered and dangerous when pushed over the limit
Skills: 162 IQ
Past: In the depressing village which is Lavender Town, Edward's obessive gambling father found his unlucky break with Team Rocket. When owing a good amount of money to the oppressive organization, he had to pay up his precious dratini of which he had trained from when he was a child. As the years went by and Edward lived in total fear as his father was in and out of debts, he soon recieved his own and very first pokemon - a Ghastly, fresh from the tower. Training it and loving it vigorously it soon evolved into a Gengar, an especially powerful one at that. Edward had his life all planned out, he'd become a mortician with his best buddy and live a decent, clean life. However all of that would change when Edward's father, fueled with good intentions through his life and bad decisions - would go and attempt to get his dratini back after so many years. When challenging the local rockets who held the pokemon to a battle, he saw his once loving pokemon into a monstrous, murderous creature. His father fought with all of which he had and defeated the rocket and recaptured his love. However he was badly injured and Edward, rushing to his care was given one wish - to become all that he could be and restore his dragonite. So, after his father's death he would go and live up to his father's wishes, he would restore his dragonite and become one of the greatest trainers of the lands! As of now, he continues his journey, however with little money he goes to robbery to attain the things he needs, and so he began using the alias Vazor - ever since, its just stuck with him.
Family: John, Father
Love Relationships?: Once in High-School


Pokemon: Gengar
Species: Shadow Pokemon
Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Dream Eater
Hidden Power: Electric
Special Features: Paticularly powerful, not kept in a pokeball
History/Personality: Given to Edward when he was eight and has rigorously trained it ever since. Gengar is the closest friend and even being that has ever bonded with Edward, he even planned to open a funeral home with it before his father died. It has a very sardonic and prank-like personality, but at times can be especially cruel and unforgiving to those that hurt his friends. Now, it remains Edward's closest pokemon, a rather powerful member of the species and his main and really only fighting choice.


Pokemon: Magikarp
Species: Fish Pokemon
Nickname: Stripes
Gender: Female
Ability: Splash
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Edward found this Magikarp while fishing at the start of his adventure out of Lavender Town. Its extremely friendly and though useless, Edward has no knowledge of what it evolves to but senses something special will happen to it through his journies.


Pokemon: Dragonite
Species: Dragon Pokemon
Nickname: Blade
Gender: Female
Ability: Outrage
Hidden Power: Psychic
Special Features: Multiple scars all over the body
History/Personality: Dratini was found by John, Edward's father when he was a young man and starting his funeral buisiness. The young Dratini was sold to him by a black market operator from Celadon. While running his buisiness, John grew attached to the young creature and soon enough gave up on being a Mortican and became a pokemon trainer. However, after awhile with a horrible losing streak, John gave up on it and went back to his lonely practice, never fufilled. When he soon had a son he was almost eternally happy for him and in hopes that the Dratini could be passed down to him. However, when the local Team Rocket came for John's debts he had no choice but to sell them the innocent pokemon. Over the next few years, the loving and caring Dratini was tortured and ruthlessly trained to become an animal bred of war. When Edward was much older and John came to reclaim his once best friend, he found it to now be a monstrosity of anger and sadness. Though John won the battle, himself and his Slowbro were badly wounded from the powerful Dragonite. To John's last wish, Edward must take "Blade" and train and tame him to become his own and to fufill his dreams as being a legendary trainer. However, Blade remains unloyal, unpredictable and as a harsh layer of hate and anger to cover up her core of fear and sadness.
Name: Rain Izabel

Gender: Female

Hometown: Vermillion City, Kanto

Age: 16

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 110 lbs.

Clothes: Black fitted tank top, gray jeans with many different patches on them, black and red skate shoes, spiked belt, spiked collar, black and pink striped armwarmers, black fingerless gloves.

Hair: Mostly black and messy on the back/sides, except for the hair that covers her right eye which is pink and always straight.

Eyes: Red (No one really has red eyes, but I've always colored her this way.)

Identifying Marks: If piercings count, she has tons, 2 on her left eyebrow, one on the right side of her lip, one on the left side of her nose, 2 labret piercings, 3 on her left ear, and 2 on her right ear. She also always wears her eyeliner with one streak under each eye.

Musculature: Slim

Personality: Sometimes shy around strangers, but she loves to make people laugh, and she loves to battle. She has tons of respect for anyone musically talented, and also for gym leaders.

Skills: Nothing special, but she is a vocalist.

Past: Raised in Vermillion City until she was ten, she used to play in Lt. Surge's gym with her Pichu. When she turned ten she said goodbye to her brother and Surge and left to become a Pokemon trainer.

Family: She was raised by her brother Spyke and mentored by the local gym leader until she was old enough to leave. She never knew her parents, but she's sure they're out there somewhere.

Love Relationships: None


Raichu (Switch)
Gender: Male
Personality: Playful, sarcastic, tough in battle, looks out for Rain.
Past: Been with Rain since he was a Pichu, he will do anything to protect her.
Attacks: Thunder, Thunderpunch, Iron Tail, Volt Tackle
Special Markings: Switch has two piercings on each ear and sometimes wears little wristbands.

Flareon (Autumn)
Gender: Female
Personality: Very intelligent, and being the only female in Rain's team, she is looked out for.
Past: Fell in love with another Eevee when she was younger, but as Rain traveled, she was split from him.
Attacks: Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, Overheat, Sunny Day
Special Markings: Wears a spiked collar that matches Rain's

Blastoise (Hitler)
Gender: Male
Personality: Dominant, the muscle of Rain's team. He has a gentle personality, but a slightly large ego..Tough guy when battling.
Past: Raised from a Squirtle by Rain, he always loved to dominate over other Pokemon.
Attacks: Hydro Pump, Surf, Skull Bash, Blizzard

Torterra (Forrest)
Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet but strong, loves to let the smaller pokemon of the team ride on his back.
Past: Abandoned by his old trainer as a Turtwig in Hearthome City, Rain found him and admired the way he always kept going, and asked him to tag along.
Attacks: Leaf Storm, Solar Beam, Earthquake, Giga Drain

Drifblim ('Loon)
Gender: Male
Personality: Happy-go-lucky, the laid back Pokemon of Rain's team.
Past: This Pokemon took a liking to Switch and nearly drifted off with him one day.. Rain saw the Pokemon had become good friends with her Raichu, and decided to take him along.
Attacks: Fly, Shadow Ball, Ominous Wind, Explosion

Rhydon (Sixx)
Gender: Male
Personality: Cocky, but has a weird obsession with the music Rain listens to.
Past: Attacked Rain and her team while they were traveling. His cocky attitude reminded Rain of one of her favorite musicians and she just had to have this overconfident Pokemon on her team.
Attacks: Earthquake, Dig, Stone Edge, Hyper Beam
Special Markings: Black marking under each eye.
Name: Jeydis Sigourney Maxwell
Gender: Female
Hometown: Fortree City
Age: 22
Height: 5'8''
Weight: Average
Hair: Darkbrown. Red streaks framing the face.
Eyes: Green
(Credit to pika for the sprite) and sometimes wears a black vest.
Identifying Marks: Tends to haul a canvas around, or atleast a sketchbook. Red streaks can count I guess.
Musculature: Normal
Personality: Quiet and artsy, tends to let her mind wander alot.
Skills: Loves to paint and draw, trains her pokemon in surprise tactics, odd moves and tactics.
Past: Pretty normal past, left home with Spot (her Smeargle) to become a trainer at 10. Met up with Nox (her Kecleon) and later with Tide (her Golduck). After doing rather well for herself in the pokemon league and even some contests she decided to settle down after years on the road and set up a portrait shop on the beaches of Dewford. Still travels around, has trouble staying in one place too long.
Family: Mother, Father, Big Brother. Father and brother gone on an expedition up north, havenÂ’t seen them in years, does occationaly get letters from them.
Love Relationships?: None.


Kecleon aka Nox
Gender: Male
Personality: Playful to a fault, energetic and a bit of a trickster.
Past: Found in the woods trying to reach an apple with his tongue to no avail. Jeydis gave him a hand and he followed her ever since.
Attacks: Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Slash, Confuse Ray.
Ability: Color Change
Special Markings: None


Smeargle aka Spot
Gender: Female
Personality: Quiet and determined, can get easily overwhelmed by objects of beauty or sceneries.
Past: Spot is the only child of Wish, JeydisÂ’ motherÂ’s Smeargle. The two have been together since Jeydis was 2. Spot does not like to fight, she would rather watch, and paint the battle scene with her tail.
Attacks: Sketch, Thunderwave, Spore, Leach seed.
Ability: Own Tempo
Special Markings: Large birthmark on the head, vaguely starshaped.


Golduck aka Tide
Gender: Male
Personality: JeydisÂ’ main fighter. He loves to train and do his best at everything he does. Brave and cunning he makes a great battle partner in any situation.
Past: Met with Jeydis while she was on her travels, he was still a Psyduck at the time.
Ability: Damp
Attacks: Surf, Calm Mind, Psychic, Ice Beam.
Special Markings: None


Swellow aka Spirit
Gender: Male
Personality: Strong silent type, a fierce fighter
Past: Joined Jeydis on a base of respect after being defeated by her golduck. She promised to train him into the greatest flyer ever.
Attacks: Aerial Ace, Double Team, Steel Wing, Fly.
Ability: Guts
Special Markings: None


FarfetchÂ’d aka Alacrity
Gender: Female
Personality: Passionate and emotional, tends to get attached to things and is fierce when provoked.
Past: Was touched by a painting Jeydis did of her in flight and as payment decided to fight along side her.
Attacks: Fury Attack, Swords Dance, Air Cutter, Night Slash.
Ability: Inner Focus
Special Marking: None


Gender: Male
Personality: Quiet and thoughtful
Past: A recent addition to JeydisÂ’ team. Joined up after being rescued by a very angry Exploud.
Attacks: Sing, Bide, Silver Wind, Captivate
Ability: Swarm
Special Marking: Scared forelimbs from the blows from the Exploud.

Others (In PC):
-Urizen the Cubone
-Fluke the Grumpig
-Mooby the Miltank
-Karry the Sudowoodo
-A Swampert
-An Ursaring
-A Banette
I'm creating this one just to try to get the highest score on SnapDragon's Mary-Sue test. ^_^ I thought about placing it in the Mary Sue Test thread, but I was afraid it'd be considered off-topic. Please don't ban me. ;_;

Name: Chyt Wyavyr, goes by the name "Captain Aluminum"
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Hometown: Pallet Town
Age: 26
Height: 6'9"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Hair: Tartan (natural)
Eyes: Naturally changes with mood (Blue: sad, Red: angry, Green: happy, Black: scared, Purple: existential angst, etc.)

Clothing: Black suit and tie, black gloves, black shoes, black shades, black headband.
Identifying Marks: Striking resemblance to Camui Gackt (J-Pop star), breasts the size of Wailmers, a scar reaching from above the right eyebrow to the middle of the left cheek, a larger scar down his/er back, forehead ridges due to Klingon genes, ultra-goth makeup tattooed to face, hot female groupies fawning over beautiful s/he is.

Musculature: Super-ultra-buff, yet anorexically thin

Personality: Pleasant to friends, murderously blood-thirsty towards enemies.

Skills: Master detective, master diagnostician, master surgeon, master linguist capable of talking to all species of Pokemon, master singer/songwriter, mastery of all known (and some unknown) weapons, vehicles, magic, alchemy, and martial arts. Not sure if this is a skill per se, but s/he was born with the mutant ability to summon giant waffles.

Past: Hailing from an alternate dimension where everything has the same name as something in Pokemon but is clearly set in Middle-Earth's steam-punk future, Chyt "Captain Aluminum" Wyavyr is the love child of Misty and Ash Ketchum, who mysteriously died in a car crash. S/he was then adopted by Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, who are a legally married lesbian couple that died of cancer when Team Rocket bombed Petalburg City gym. In Petalburg, Norman's son Max (they're last name's "Wyavyr." Who knew?) became his/er childhood friend who married him/er on his/er 18th birthday, only to die of a cerebral hemorrhage after complications due to an allergic reaction to the chocolate in their wedding cake. Captain Aluminum still visits his grave everyday with a bouquet of fresh lilacs. Due to genetic experimentation by Team Rocket, s/he is half Klingon. The next day, Giovanni captured everyone Captain Aluminum ever even had a passing acquaintance with. When Captain Aluminum confronted him, he revealed that s/he was the last remaining Jedi and was destined to defeat Giovanni for control over the universe, thus ushering in a new age of peace and prosperity that would last until the end of days. Giovanni then sacrificed all of them by dumping them into a volcano in order to cast a spell that would send Captain Aluminum back in time and across dimensions to the Pokemon world we're all familiar with. Upon arriving in this dimension, Captain Aluminum slipped on some Growlithe excrement and hit his/er head on the sidewalk, completely erasing his/er memory. When s/he came to, he found him/erself wearing a strange pendant that allowed him/er to talk to Max's spirit as well as reveal the Psyche-Locks indicating that someone is hiding something from him/er, summon mighty griffins, and make delicious smoothies. When his/er memory returned a month later, s/he was so happy s/he told everyone who would listen his/er entire life story. Since then, s/he has traveled the world in search of a way back home, but to no avail. Captain Aluminum is the Champion of no less than 50 Pokemon Leagues, and is currently running the Cerulean City gym as well as the Battle Pike.

Family: All dead... or are they!?
Love Relationships?: Max (deceased in another dimension)


Pikachu, "Steel" - Female (Shiny)
-Ability: Static
-Techniques: Surf, Fly, Thunderwave, Volt Tackle
-A clone created by Mewtwo, Steel shares her progenitor's unwillingness to evolve. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Eevee, "Tungsten" - Female (Shiny)
-Ability: Wonder Guard
-Techniques: Ice Beam, Solar Beam, Teleport, Sunny Day
-Tungsten has yet to find a form she likes. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Mew, "Vivisnitch" - Female (Shiny)
-Ability: Guts
-Techniques: Metronome, Psychic, Judgment, Softboiled
-Vivisnitch joined Captain Aluminum's team after being rescued from Team Rocket. Due to genetic experimentation, is also part Dark. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Arceus, "Ambrosia" - Female (Shiny)
-Ability: The one that makes it change type
-Item: Omni Plate (all elements)
-Techniques: Judgment, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Explosion
-Captain Aluminum hatched Ambrosia from an egg. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Rubug, "Puzzler" - Female (Shiny)
-Ability: Limber
-Techniques: Heatwave, Hydro Pump, Drill Peck, Puzzle Box (randomly transforms Puzzler into a new Pokemon.
-Captain Aluminum woke up one morning to find a scarab with multi-colored scales sleeping in her sleeping bag. S/he caught it and named it Puzzler. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Gardevoir, "Tiddlywinks" - Female (Shiny- black instead of white and white instead of green)
-Techniques: Shadow Dance, Fire Spin, Teleport, Draco Meteor
-Was found drowning in a river wearing a unobtanium collar that prevented her from teleporting. Captain Aluminum nursed her back to health, and she joined his/er team. Happens to be a cyborg, giving her superior strength, speed, and endurance and also makes her part Steel. This has led her to be very sullen and a cutter.

Cubone/Starmie hybrid, "Ice" - Male (Shiny)
-Ability: Lightning Rod
-Techniques: Fissure, Horn Drill, Bonemerang, Perish Song
-Ice can talk. Recruited Captain Aluminum for a raid on Team Rocket, who caused him to be very sullen and a cutter. Ice decided to stay out of fierce loyalty, but does not wish to be caught by him/er so he does not have a PokeBall.