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Mainstream PRP Character Bios

(I don't know if you can post Mystery Dungeon RP charries in here ???. So I don't know if this is against the rules or not.)

Name: Akemi (Japanese for "bright beauty")
Species: Charmander
Ability: Blaze
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Height: 0.6 m
Weight: 8.5 kg
Eyes: Brilliant sky blue
Clothing: A red bandanna wrapped around her neck
Identifying Marks: A small scar under her left eye
Personality: Akemi is completely fearless and often recklessly charges into a situation. Despite her fearlessness, she has a strong sense of justice, and can't turn down a chace to help someone. She and her partner, Sayuri, are part of a rescue team, which is why they where bandannas around their necks.
Skills: A very good sense of smell. Sayuri calls it her "radar-like nose".
Past: Her parents were once killed by a vicious pack of Fearows because they had "supposedly" nested in the Fearows territory. It angers Akemi with the fact that no one had answered her parent's cries for help, which is why she became a part of a rescue team in the first place. She developed a distinct dislike of Fearows, due to the fact that that when her parents were dead, the Fearows turned and attacked her too. She barely managed to escape alive, and managed to stumbled along the forest until she finally collasped, and when she woke up she was in what looked like a hollowed out tree and was staring into the face of a rather small Mudkip. Apparently, the Mudkip's name was Sayuri, and had found Akemi unconscious on the forest floor and had immediatly brought her family to the scene. Sayuri's family had patched up her wounds and gave her a place to stay until she was well enough to travel, but when she left, Sayuri had left too, saying that she would follow Akemi on her adventures. Even though her wounds had healed up from then, a small scar still remains under her left eye to remind her of that day.
Family: None that she knows of. Sayuri is the only thing closest to a family member she has.
Love Relationships?: None

Attacks: Smokescreen, Fire Fang, Flamethrower, Slash

Name: Sayuri (Japanese for "little lily")
Species: Mudkip
Ability: Torrent
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Height: 0.34 m
Weight: 7.43 kg
Eyes: Black
Clothing: A red bandanna around her neck
Identifying Marks: She is undersized for a Mudkip
Personality: Sayuri is very cautious of her surroundings and likes to thinks things over before she acts. She often has to hold her friend Akemi back from rshing into an extremely dangerous situation. She is kind hearted and is willing to help anyone.
Skills: Um, not really. Just the regualr Mudkip skills.
Past: Sayuri is the youngest of a rather large family, and the smallest. Her family lived in a swamp in a huge hollowed out cypress tree. Large enough to hold three Swamperts, eight Marshtomps, and five Mudkips. Sayuri always loved to swim and was naturally suited to the water, often challenging Buizels and Floatzels to swimming races (which she sometimes won). Her family always told her that she should go off on an adventure or else she would never understand the world outside of their swamp, but Sayuri had no intention of listening to them, since she didn't feel safe whenever she was too far away from her home. But a little suprise changed all of that. The suprise? A fearless Charmander called Akemi.
It was a beautilful afternoon and Sayuri's mother had requested Sayuri to go get her some Figy berries and Sayuri, being the sweet little girl, promised her mother that she would get as many berries as she could. Well, she only found three bushes before stumbling upon an injured Charmander that looked as if it had been pecked half to death. Of course Sayuri, being the sensative one, completely flipped out and dropped her basket and ran away, screaming at the top of her lungs. When her family found her, they asked her what was wrong, and since Sayuri's insanely fast chatter had them make her repeat the story five times before they finally relized what had occured. Her family brought the poor Charmander back home and nursed its wounds until it was healthy enough to talk. The Charmander told them that her name was Akemi and explained that her parents had been attacked by Fearows and killed, then the Fearows attacked her too, and that she barely managed to escape. Akemi told Sayuri that she was grateful that she had saved her life, and that if she needed help then that she would be there. Akemi stayed with the family for three weeks, in which Sayuri told Akemi about her family and about their home, and her parent's suggestion for her and her fear of leaving her home. Then, Akemi told her something that comepletely changed her mind.

"You shouldn't be afraid to face your fears." The Charmander explained to her, "To overcome them, you must face them. If you don't then that fear will stay with you and haunt you forever. And you'll probably be stck here for the rest of your life."

After that, Sayuri made her descision. When Akemi was deemed well enough to travel, she and Sayuri had become close friends, and when Akemi was about to leave, Sayuri stepped forward with a sack of provisions slung over her shoulder. When Akemi asked what that was for, Sayuri replied: "They're for me silly. I'm coming with you to face my fears." She told her shocked family goodbye, and set out with Akemi to face the adventures of the world. After about several months, the duo stumbled upon a rescue team, saying that they help pokemon who are in need. Akemi's strong sense of justice had her join instantly, which Sayuri joined also. After all, who wouldn't want to help those in need? So, Sayuri and Akemi have been with the rescue team ever since.
Family: Her parents (2 Swamperts), 8 brothers (5 Marshtomps and 3 Mudkips), 5 sisters (3 Marshtomps and 2 Mudkips)
Love Relationships?: None

Attacks: Water Gun, Mud Sport, Whirlpool, Hydro Pump (Major case of STAB moves. Lol.)

(WAY long past.)
Name:[shadow=red,left]Jason Lecter[/shadow]
Hometown:pallet town
Weight:73 lbs
Hair:Black,Most hidden by hat
Eyes:Dark Blue
Clothing:A green/white beanie, greem striped shirt and tan cargo pants with orange shoes, orange scarf.
Identifying Marks:always has on that hat. even in summer.
Musculature:lean, actually not to bad on strength.
Personality:Cocky, happy go lucky, very dense...not all that bright but makes up for it in determination.
Skills:battling with his minun and plusle, running
Past:has been suspended many times for hitting kids when they made fun of him. thrown out by his drunken father when he was 10.
prof. oak gave him a charmander. it died on the way to sinnoh.
Family:An orphan with one sister.
Love Relationships?:none
Poke'mon: Species:minun&plusle. Nickname:Sparks/Shok. Genders,Female/male. Ability:they both know thunder, quick attack, and Skull Bash. Hidden Power: Can store up much more electricity than they do., Special Features,minun has a scar running down his left eye, the eye is blank, it is wide near the eye and comes to a point at the ends. History/Personality, cheerful and determined, they would rather fight to the death than leave eachother.
Name: Florence

Gender: Male

Hometown: Mauville City

Age: 16

Height: 5'8

Weight: 135

Hair: long red straight

Eyes: green

Clothing: tight green shirt with a stylized white grenade, tight black jeans, orange and green camouflage backpack, camera around neck

Identifying Marks: none

Musculature: thin, unfit

Personality: kind, artsy, gentle, caring, shy, passive, clumsy, cares too much for his pokemon for his own good

Skills: photographer, Pokemon naturally love him, uses mainly life draining attacks

Past: raised by the day care people in Mauville city, never got along well with other kids, usually confused by people to be a girl, his lifelong dream is to catch a mew, he is only a part time trainer, mainly he is a photographer, starter pokemon was a lotad,

Family: unknown

Love Relationships?: none as of yet

Pokemon: Ludicolo water/grass male
Attacks: rain dance, toxic, leech seed, hail, synthesis, giga drain.
recieved as a starter from day care people

Scizor "Buddy" (shiny) bug/steel male
Attacks: metal claw, giga impact, fury swipes, substitute, silver wind, steel wing.
Scizor always is out of it's poke-ball and is extreemly affectionate

Eggsecutor grass/psychic female
Attacks: hypnosis, giga drain, sunny day, solar beam, psychic, stomp.

Cradily grass/rock male
Attacks: earthquake, acid, sludge bomb, giga drain, wring out, stone edge

Abomasnow ice/grass famale
Attacks:giga drain , blizzard, wood hammer, ice beam, avalanche, earthquake.
Name: Daisy
Gender: Female
Age: 10

Personality: Daisy is shy and blushes alot, she hardly gets mad and loves to play. Other then that she would do anything for her friends and pokemons. Pokemon is her life!

Nickname: Violet
Gender: Female
Ability: Static
Special Features: Wears a blue scarf around her neck and a silver ring with moons and suns on her left ear.
History/Personality: Violet loves playing and touching tails with other pichu's and setting off sparks. She also has alot of courage and loves her friends.

Nickname: Indigo
Gender: Male
Ability: Cute Charm & Magic Guard
Special Features: Wears a bracelet with cool bloody-red stars on it.
History/Personality: He loves shooting stars and the night but doesn't like the sun the sun to much.
Gender: Male
Hometown:Cherrygrove City
Weight:160 lbs
Hair:Brown,almost shoulder length
Clothing:Orange Hoodie,Blue jeans,and a chocolate beanie
Identifying Marks:Scar on the side of his head about 1 inch long.1/2 inch beside the left eye
Personality:Usually shy,and a little timid...but get him interested an its hard to stop...Generally laid back.Adventurous at times.
Skills:pokemon Breeding and Training
Past:Leaving his home a little later than most other trainers,at 11, he was given a Bulbasaur from his mother and he stayed an extra year around his hometown raising and getting to know it better...Now,he travels all over to obtain all of the gym badges and all pokemon.
Love Relationships?:None

Tim's first Pokemon,Given to him by his mother,also the highest level pokemon he has,Tim decided not to evolve Bulbasaur until just recently.

Given a strange egg by a mail delivery to the wrong person,Tim decided to accept the egg and look after it untill he found its owner.After a while,it finally hatched,thus sprouting a baby Chimchar! When he found the original owner,he decided to let Tim keep it since Chimchar liked him so much.Eventually evolving into Monferno,then Infernape,a very powerful addition to his party.

Found as a Trapinch trapped in a hole it made to catch its food...The Trapinch was still young and inexperienced...but has gotten stronger over the years.

Given to him by Prof.Birch at the start of his Hoenn journey.

Found at the Power plant in Kanto as a Magnemite...evolved into Magneton the same day.Then Tim studied how to get it to evolve again,then went to mt.coronet to evolve

Inner Focus
Found resting on top of Mt.Moon in Kanto...the mysterious Pokemon Resented Tim at first, but then Tim ended up rescuing him from team Rocket and they became good friends.
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Name: Tornado
Species: Buneary
Gender: Female
Hometown: Unknown, originally found at Orebrough Mine.
Age: 16
Eyes: Green
Identifying Marks/Clothing: She wears a hard hat with a flashlight with underground. She wears it above ground when a light is needed when in a dark area, such as a cave or at night. She always wears an Everstone, roughly fashioned into a necklace, around her neck on a piece of thick string. She also has tufty fur on her head, which hangs slightly over her eyes.

Personality: Bubbly and determined, Tornado won't stand to let anyone she knows get hurt. She is also very protective of young creatures too and gets along well with them, due to her slightly childish demenour. If she thinks that a young kid is in danger she won't hesitate to try and help. She can be serious and quick thinking in crisises, though her ideas aren't always the best and usually lead to more trouble, even if they do work short term. She can often be too trusting but still has her wits when it comes to picking up on small details about people or places. If double crossed, her vegence can be as harsh as a Ninetales, often excuted in a way so the "crime" can't be traced to her. Otherwise she rarely has malice intent in anything she does. Curious and daydreaming a lot, often means that she can easily get lost or left behind.

Skills: As she "discovered" an Explorers Kit, she can use the tools well enough to find items in the Underground (such as the Everstone she wears). As she was a human, she can still read human signs and books and understand the language, which allows her to second guess what a trainer is about to do and react to it faster. She is also intelligent enough to fight better then some Pokemon and to know when to run.

Past: Tornado was originally a human. She was teleported to the Pokemon world one night, though means she doesn't know. She was awoke the next day to find herself in a forest, with only a few memories of being a human. Confused and dizzy, she came across a male Buneary who helped her see a reflection of herself. He identified himself as Neary and asked her for her name. Before she could answer she thought she saw a twister nearby and said "Tornado!", which Neary mistakenly took for her name. (The tornado turned out to be some Starly's using Whirlwind against each other). The pair lived in the forest for a few days, as Neary helped Tornado master her attacks and continued to disbelieve that she was once a human. It was only when they were attacked by some trainers and Tornado could tell what they were going to do that Neary believed her and they both fled the forest. From the fight they had accidently stolen an Explorers Kit, and decided to try using it. This resulted in them discovering the Underground and (after a few painful mistakes with the equipment) finding out how to dig up rare fossils and stones. While the fossils didn't interest either, both used the evolution stones to gain a good reputation within the "Pokemon that evolve using stones" community. Tornado found her own Everstone and Neary traded a Water Stone for his, so both wouldn't evolve into Lopunnies. Since then, they travel Sinnoh with their digging tools and stones and make bargains in selling and trading them, often for berries or other stones.

Family: While not blood family, Tornado considers Neary a brother. They both take care of each other and act much like twins: they sometimes don't see eye to eye but otherwise they get along great. Neary is aware that Tornado has a habit of wondering off and often tries to stop her from running off, which isn't always sucessful!
Love Relationships?: While Tornado will admit to finding certain Pokemon cute she's scared of getting close to any boys (apart from Neary) incase she ends up hurt.

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Name: Ethan
Gender: Male
Hometown: Originally from Hearthome City, moved to Saffron City when he was 6
Age: 14
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 114 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Black jeans, Dark green shirt with a rock imprint on back
Identifying Marks: Leaf shaped birthmark in palm
Musculature: Thin as a twig
Personality: Loves pokemon but is more serious than his older brother and sister
Skills: Pretty dang good at battling
Past: Originally born in the Sinnoh region. He and his family moved to Kanto when he was about 6 years old. When he turned 10, he got his Pikachu, which he never evolved. He started collecting Earth based-types from around the world. He's been champion of several Leagues.
Family: His father, his two sisters (Cindy and Jolene) and his brother (Sean)
Love Relationships?: None


Pokemon: Dugtrio
Species: Mole Pok
Hair:Blond medium length
Clothing:Black jeans, White shirt, Grey jacket open at the front with a teardrop emblem on the back
Identifying Marks:Small scar on the underside of his jaw, and a red birthmark on his left forearm (no distinct shape just a blob)
Personality:Has a tight bond with his only pokemon and is somewhat of a loner, very shy but on the inside a very kind compassionate type
Skills:Ability to avoid people well
Past:He never knew his mother or father just grew up in an orphanage in Hearthome
Family: Uknown
Love Relationships?:none

History: The day Alex left the orphanage he was given a Piplup which eventually evolved into Empoleon. It's Alex's best friend
Name: Sauron
Gender: Male
Hometown: Eterna City
Age: 17
Personality: Calm, serious, sarcastic, and energetic. At different points in time, of course.
Skills: None, unless you count having a green thumb as a skill. He also thinks he's good enough to cach Rayquaza.
Past: Obtained his Turtwig at 7 years old, hatching it from an egg and evolving it to Grotle when he was 10, and when he was 15, Torterra.
Family: He now lives alone, but Gardenia was a friend of the family before he set off. Never met his half-brothers Blaze and Jason.
Name:Dalton (Prefers Caboose)
Hometown:Sevii Islands
Height:5 "3
Weight:120 lbs
Hair:pitch Black
Clothing Style:preppy, with a touch of Rock
Identifying Marks:Dog Tag, Scar on Forehead
Musculature:Fairly Skinny, legs never let him down in emergencies

Personality:Quiet, down low, always offers input(despite the fact he can't talk...)

Personality:Loud, tough, funniest in the gang

Personality:Loves rock(earned her nickname by listening to Joan Jet), talkative, has a crush on Vector

Name: Stephen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Littleroot Town
Age: 14
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: A simple blue buttoned t-shirt with gray cargo pants, black tennis shoes and a grey/yellow backpack.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Fit and skinny
Personality: Quiet, calm, well mannered, and confident.
Skills: An experienced battler.

Past: Stephen was born and raised in the suburbs of Cerulean City, and lived a very peaceful life. He always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, ever since he first saw one, but his parents didn't allow it. When he and all of his friends turned 10, they were all ready to start their new journeys as trainers. They all received Pokemon and left their homes to begin their quests... except Stephen... He was forced to stay home, while all of his friends left to become trainers...
At the age of 12, Stephen and his family moved to the Hoenn region in search of new jobs. After 2 years of begging and persuading, Stephen would finally begin his journey as a trainer once they moved into their new home. And he did... but not as expected. When he stopped by Prof. Birch's lab to receive his first Pokemon. However, he was out doing fieldwork. Stephen decided that he had waited to long to this, and ran out into the woods to find him. Shortly after, he heard a cry for help in the distance. To far from home to run back for assistance, he ran to where he heard the sound coming from. When he arrived, he found Prof. Birch backed up against a tree by a pack of wild Poochyena. After spotting Stephen, Birch quickly instructed him to search his bag that he had dropped out of reach for a pokeball to battle the creatures with. Although he had no knowledge of how to battle, he grabbed the pokeball inside and released a Torchic. Surprisingly, he was able to successfully defeat the leader of the pack, and send the wild Pokemon running. Shortly after, as a means of thanks, Birch gave Stephen the Torchic as his first Pokemon. Stephen had finally become a Pokemon trainer.
Over the years he has traveled to three regions and competed in all of their Pokemon Leagues. He has become a very respected trainer and an experienced battler all the same. However, recently he has grown tired of battling and is currently vacationing. However, he still keeps his Pokemon with him, just in case...
Family: Mom, Dad, and three brothers.
Love Relationships?: None

Pokemon In Pary

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Torrent
Personality: Empoleon is almost the splitting image of Stephen. He is quiet, but enjoys a good battle now and then. He hates to lose and can be a bit short tempered.

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Personality: Blazieken has a very energetic and qwerky personality, and simply loves to fight. He and Galade are good sparing buddies.

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Overgrow

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate

Nickname: None
Gender: Female
Ability: Guts

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Steadfast
Name: Cindy
Gender: Female
Hometown: Originally from Hearthome City, moved to Saffron City when she was 9
Age: 17
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red
Clothing: Black jeans, Dark red, sleeveless shirt with a fire imprint on back
Identifying Marks: Flame shaped birthmark in palm
Musculature: Not Important
Personality: Loves pokemon
Skills: Pretty dang good at battling
Past: Originally born in the Sinnoh region. She and her family moved to Kanto when she was about 9 years old. When she turned 10, she got her Charmander. She started collecting Fire (and some Dragon)-types from around the world. She's been champion of several Leagues.
Family: Her father, her two brothers (Ethan and Sean) and her sister (Jolene)
Love Relationships?: None


Pokemon: Charizard
Species: Flame Pok
Name: Silver
Gender: Male
Hometown: Blackthorn
Height: 169 cm
Weight: wont say
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Clothing: long jeans, black hood
Identifying Marks: long scar across his eye
Musculature: nimble, though not very strong
Personality: keeps to himself
Skills: He has learnt how to use a sword
Past: Silvers parents died when they were atacked by team aqua. they left behind a absol, considered useless. they made fast friends, and now he lives with the gym leader claire.
Family: dead
Love Relationships?: claire has a secret crush on him
pokemon: absol.
Name: Kipper Lennox
Gender: Male
Hometown: Eterna City, Sinnoh
Age: 16


Kipper, though occasionally arrogant and rash, is generally a nice person. He takes his profession as a Pok


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Just a note. RP pokemon arn't limited to just four moves like in game. They have their whole move-pool at their disposal.
Name: Kyle Taylor

Gender: Male

Hometown: Sootopolis City

Age: 15

Height: 5'7''

Weight: 142 pounds

Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue

Clothing:White zip-up sweatshirt with a blue t-shirt underneath, black pants and shoes.

Personality: focused, clever, tries to always do the right thing, however it's sometimes not actually the best choice

Skills: high endurance, several martial arts, and a fast runner

Past: Kyle was born in Sootopolis City. However, his parents never cared about him. One day, he ran away from home to become a pokemon trainer. Two years later, he finally got his first pokemon (Undertoe). He has since beaten the Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Johto Leagues. Shortly after beating the Johto League, he first encountered Team Rocket. He beat them and rescued a stolen Riolu who has become a close friend of his.He then put his quest to be a pokemon master on hold to seek out Team Rocket (sort of like a super hero without powers).


Riolu (Jak)
Ability: Steadfast
Jak was rescued from Team Rocket by Kyle. He's developed a great bond with Kyle and therefore, follows him around outside of his pokeball. If he focuses, he can maintain telepathy with Kyle for a few minutes.

Swampert (Undertoe)
Ability: Torrent
Undertoe was Kyle's first pokemon. He's also his strongest pokemon. However, he's hardly ever used in battles. Undertoe is rather gentle and doesn't like to battle if his trainer isn't in danger.

Metagross (Gamma)
No Gender
Ability: Clear Body
Metagross is another pokemon who isn't used often. However, it's Kyle's first choice when he's battling Team Rocket members. He's also Kyle's second form of transportation (uses Magnet Rise to cross rivers and such).

Absol (Oblivion)
Ability: Pressure
Oblivion is a strange pokemon. He's somewhat violent against strangers. Kyle is the only person he's ever listened to or respected. He also has trouble tolerating his teammates. However, he gets along great with Pulse for some reason.

Jolteon (Pulse)
Ability: Volt Absorb
Pulse is Jenna's big brother. He's energetic, and as such, he's been in most of Kyle's trainer battles He will protect her at any costs. When Kyle first found them, he was protecting Jenna from a Golem!

Eevee (Jenna)
Ability: Run Away
Jenna is a rather gentle pokemon. She's never battled, but that's because she doesn't like fighting as well as she is still too young. She gets along with Undertoe really well. For some reason, she can use Iron Tail (despite noone has used the machine on her before). However, she's never done so except once when Team Rocket tried to steal her.

Name: Stella Sureno
Nickename: Wish
Gender: female
Hometown: originally Fortree City,Hoenn but moved to Cherrygrove City,Johto
Age: 14
Height: 5 ft 5 inch
Hair: silver
Eyes: purple
Identifying Marks: she supposedly has a curse on her that caused her hair and eyes to become silver and purple
Personality: shy, she tends to cling to people when she gets to know them, good concentration, she's extremely nice to pokemon but she can be quite rash when it comes to people
Skills: she sings fairly well, she can do backflips, cartwheels, round-offs, and things like that

Past: Her mother died during Wish's birth. When Wish was born her hair was a hazelnut brown and her eyes were a deep purple-blue. But a curse was laid upon the family that the fifth girl born was to kill the mother in childbirth and the child would turn into a pokemon upon the hug of a human male. (Her hair and eye color changed to match the pokemon, a silvery-white buneary) So Wish's father took care of her but he rejected her as his child. He believed that it was her fault that his wife (her mother) died. Then she turned 10.
When Wish lived in Hoenn she asked to start with a mudkip so Prof. Birch ordered one for her. But before the mudkip arrived, Wish moved to Johto. The day after she took a cyndaquil home from Prof. Elm, her mudkip arrived. She ended up having to pokemon before starting her quest. Wish didn't really want to start on her journey but her father kicked her out because he couldn't stand living with her curse. She decided to find a way to break the curse.

Family: Jack Sureno (her father)
Love Relationships?: none, she doesn't want to risk anyone finding out her secret

Nickname: Kaoru
Gender: female
History/Personality: she was technically Wish's first pokemon. Kaoru is pretty stubborn and bold. She can be quite clumsy and can sometimes have anger management issues. She is best friends, and rivals, with Yuki. Kaoru always tries to comfort others when they don't feel too great.

Nickname: Yuki
Gender: male
History/Personality: he was Wish's second pokemon. He can be pretty selfish but he tries to please everyone as best as he can. He tries not to show too much emotion around others. He is best friends, and rivals, with Kaoru. They are always competing. He can be very protective.

Nickname: Sumomo
Gender: female
History/Personality: Wish found her in the pokemon center garden and decided to catch her. Sumomo is very energetic and timid. She easily gets hyper and literally bounces off the walls. She usually clings to Wish's leg when meeting someone new.

Nickname: Ryuuzaki
Gender: male
History/Personality: Wish found him as an eevee, she realized that evee were pretty rare so she decided to catch him. Ryuuzaki is very smart and quite emotionless, although he does show an occasional smile. He is usually rubbing against Wish's leg like a cat.

Nickname: Tamaki
Gender: male
History/Personality: Wish found him near the Light-house in Olivine city as a flaafy. After befriending him Tamaki decided to join Wish's team. Tamaki can be thoughtless at times, but he tries to befriend everyone. He is outspoken and can sometimes have 'smart moments' but they do not last long.

Nickname: Hinata
Gender: female
History/Personality: Wish found her as a dratini in an oil spill. She nursed Hinata back to health and she decided to tag a long. Hinata is the shyest in the group. She doesn't make friends easily. She did become less shy when Tamaki wanted to be her friend....
Name: Xiraiya (Lastname is not known)

Gender: Male

Hometown: Lavaridge Town, Hoenn

Age: 13


Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Musculature: At first Xiraiya looks like an average built slim teenager, but he is in fact extremely athletic and physically quite strong for his age, due to heavy training in the landscape of his home town.

Personality: The people in Lavaridge town who know him, say that he is a boy who takes a lot of things seriously but has a kind soul, some say there is another side to Xiraiya that reveals a determination and strength of will rarely seen.

Xiraiya was born in Blackthorn City, Johto. While only living there for the first 5 years of his life, unaware that in time would greatly define the type of trainer he would eventually become.
On one particular day before moving to Hoenn, his parents were visiting the Blackthorn pokemon Gym, Xiraiya wandered outside and eventually found himself standing at a pond behind the building, a cave entrance across the water caught his eye.

He felt a strange urge to find a way over to the cave, as he looked around he spotted a very small path to the side of the pond that led to the caves entrance, so he made his way over and stumbled his way along the unsafe path.

Eventually arriving at the cave entrance he heard a strange noise deep inside, he was determined to explore the cave just to satisfy his curiosity, he braved the darkness and eventually stepped out into a giant cavern, there was a huge lake and some kind of shrine way out in the middle on a small bit of land.

Xiraiya sat by the water and peered in, he realized something was staring back at him, he let out cry as he fell back in surprise, the creature came out of the lake and watched him with curiosity, Xiraiya stared in awe at the blue creature, he knew what a pokemon was but this was one he had never seen before. Suddenly, a voice spoke up behind him "That is a dratini..a dragon pokemon"

Xiraiya turned around to see a young man smiling at him, he grinned back at the familiar face "Lance!, what are you doing in here?".

Lance laughed "That's the question I should be asking you, I saw you from the Gym building so decided to follow you, what made you come here?"

Xiraiya shrugged "I don't know, I just wanted-" he was interrupted as something nudged him from behind, It was the pokemon. Lance crouched down next to him "I think he likes you, Dratini are usually very shy around humans they are very smart pokemon, he must know your friendly"

Xiraiya smiled and patted the Dratini "Haha he feels slippery". Lance stood up, and put a hand on Xiraiya's head "Let's get you back to your parents"

A year after his family moved to Hoenn, Xiraiya's father passed away leaving just him, his mother and his older brother "Rain", who began his own Pokemon journey immediately after they arrived in Hoenn.

Family: Mother & Older Brother

Love Relationships: Xiraiya has been known to catch the attention of some female trainer's, however he tends to focus on Pokemon Training more than he probably should, so he doesn't think about that much, for him to really notice a girl then beating him in battle would be a good start for her


Nickname: Cloud
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave
Special Features: Has an unusual color (Shiny)
Xiraiya was given his Bagon on his 12th Birthday, Rain was in town and explained how he encountered the Unusual Bagon in "Meteor Falls", he felt that Xiraiya should train the pokemon and someday challenge Rain in the future when Xiraiya has become stronger. Xiraiya named the Bagon "Cloud" due to the determination it has to someday fly, the name seemed fitting.

Personality: Cloud has a very Brave personality, learning and growing as a pokemon, just as Xiraiya has done as a trainer. The two are very close and have been since day one.

(Only one pokemon so far for him)
Name: Jolene
Gender: Female
Hometown: Originally from Hearthome City, moved to Saffron City when she was 4
Age: 12
Height: 4'11''
Weight: 74 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Yellow
Clothing: Black miniskirt, Bright Yellow sleeveless shirt with a Lightning imprint on back
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Not Important
Personality: Very electric
Skills: Okay at battling, her siblings are significantly stronger than her.
Past: Originally born in the Sinnoh region. She and her family moved to Kanto when she was about 4 years old. When she turned 10, she got her Pikachu. She started collecting Electric-types from around the world. She's pretty good, but she hasn't heralded the success of her brothers and sister
Family: Her father, her two brothers (Ethan and Sean) and her sister (Cindy)
Love Relationships?: None


Pokemon: Raichu
Species: Mouse Pok
Name: Isabel "Izzy" Miller
Gender: Female
Hometown: Jubilife City
Age: 21
Height: 6'0''
Weight: Average
Hair: Bright purple, shoulder lenght
Eyes: Clear blue
Clothing: Dark Blue tube top with a white jean jacket on top, dark blue jeans. Wears pokeballs at the belt.
Identifying Marks: None except her hair (Its dyed but still, its visible :D)
Musculature: Tall and thin
Personality: Peppy and cheerful, always ready to go when it comes to battling
Skills: Pokemon breeding and surfing/swimming
Past: Raised in a very large family (8 kids, her being the 4th) and grew up with pokemon all around her. Izzy quickly became the caretaker of the families pokemon, which grew to an impressive lot with 5 of the kids becoming avid pokemon trainers. Her mother suggested she start a pokemon daycare as her summer work when Izzy was 16. She thought it was a great idea and made a great deal of relationships that way, taking care of Jubilife city's many denizen's pokemon, including the local gym leader. Izzy decided to leave town to go exploring after metting up with a group of travelling friends heading for the pokemon league. The tales of their adventures with their pokemon rested heavily in her mind and she decided to leave (altough some would say late in age) for her own pokemon journey. She visits home often and is still a breeder but she took her passion on the road. She doesnt like gym battles that much but has taken a great interest in contests. She holds 6 ribbons total up to date, has attempted the grand festival but lost in the quarter-finals.
Family: Mother, Father, 3 older sisters, 4 younger brothers including 2 sets of twins.
Love Relationships?: Has always liked Brawly, the Dewford gym leader alot :p


Turtwig aka Mint
Gender: Female
Ability: Overgrow
Attacks: Synthesis, Leaf Storm, Energy Ball, Superpower
Special Features: Has a great sense of smell
History/Personality: Izzy's starter and closest friend. Mint is hard headed and determined, a bit of a sore loser as well. She has refused to evolve, deeming herself strongest in her current form, not to mention cutest. Adores showing off at contests and wowing crowds with her powerful appeals.


Pokemon: Ludicolo
Nickname: Padre
Gender: Male
Ability: Swift Swim
Attacks: Nature Power, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Double Team
Special Features: Will make you dance even if your the sternest person.
History/Personality: Joyful and peppy, a mirror of Izzy herself. Enjoys dancing with others and eating. Used in contests for his great crowd pleasing expertise. Met up with Izzy as a Lombre, they fell for each other right away since they think alike.


Pokemon: Grumpig
Nickname: Fluke
Gender: Female
Ability: Own Tempo
Attacks: Psychic, Hypnosis, Shadow Ball, Power Gem
Special Features: Is oddly colored (Shiny) and tends to be quite lucky and escapes the worst predicaments.
History/Personality: A mighty trickster that was pranked in turn by Izzy. Fluke is quite arrogant at times but tends to be kind to those whom she respects. Still a bit on the greedy side though. Earned her name for her large amount of luck to get out of bad situations. fluke tends to be a power house for contests since psychic pokemon make such amazing appeals.


Pokemon: Luxray
Nickname: Voltair
Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Attacks: Charge, Thunder, Thunder Bolt, Hyper Beam
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Proud and energetic, Voltair tends too sweep away contests with his awing display of electrical attacks. Was caught traditionaly by Izzy during her travels. Adores spicy foods and will do anything for it :D


Pokemon: Lickytung
Nickname: Ni
Gender: Male
Ability: Oblivious
Attacks: Supersonic, Power Whip, Focus Punch, Earthquake.
Special Features: None
History/Personality: Optained through a trade for a newly bred ponyta. Izzy has always liked Lickytungs and snatched it as soon as she could. Ni isnt used that much in contests for his lack of highly appealing moves but is more of a trophy and companion to Izzy on her travels. Is a big eater and a big sleeper :p


Pokemon: Arcanine
Nickname: Fiera
Gender: Female
Ability: Flash Fire
Attacks: Extreme Speed, Fire Spin, Will-O-Whisp, Heat Wave
Special Features: Wears her ribbons on a collar around her neck.
History/Personality: Received as a growlithe as a gift from her father, Fiera grew to be a beautiful arcanine in no time. She is proud and fierce in battle but very kind to anyone whom her owner likes. Izzy made a collar for her after her first victory using Fiera in a contest. fiera wears 3 ribbons around her collar up to now.
Name: Brendan Savem
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet town
Age: 14
Height: 156cm
Weight: 117lbs
Hair: White (once black, an accident turned his hair white)
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: An red shirt with a black 'y' on it. Black trousers. Red and black shoes. Yellow gloves (with fingers open). Black headband with red 'pokeball sign' on it. Pretty much the male character in ruby and sapphire.
Marks: His white hair
Musculature: Slim, but alot of emergency strength, especially in speed
Personality: Determined, friendly, can be arrogant at times
Skills: Hiking, battling, guitar
Achievements: 8 badges from Kanto and top 16 in Indigo league. 8 badges from Johto and top 8 in Johto league. 2 badges from Hoenn
Past: He used to have stories written in diary form by his great-grandfather, but they were lost a long time ago. He hopes to find them again someday. He also was hit by an artificial psybeam that had a side-effect of turning his hair white.
Family: Mother who is a palentologist (involved when Roark got his cranidos)
Father who once worked for Silph Co, but got fired not too long ago and began working from a distance recording kanto pokemon data for Professor Rowan and Birch
Relationships: was crushed by one of Misty's sisters, which he took advantage of to earn his cascade badge.
Machop. Machop was Brendan's first pokemon. It originally belonged to a trainer called Ryan, but released it in favor of a Machamp, the two still have a vicious rivalry. Brendan defended it from the psybeam that should have critically injured it but instead turned Brendan's hair white. It followed him when he snuck off to see his mom. When his mom told him he should start of a pokemon adventure, Machop decided he wanted to tag along. Machop and Brendan share a close bond and Machop became a strong powerhouse, despite that it can't or won't evolve. Machop stays out of it's pokeball, thus adopting Brendan's personality, but the determination was originally from Machop and Brendan adopted it. Machop as a signiture move of a high-jump kick to send a rock flying then headbutt it to break it, this shower of pebbles can look great and Brendan is expected to use it if he enters a pokemon contest. Brendan eventually met Ryan in Newbark town. The two trainers faced off their fighting pokemon and saw that it was a draw, Machop has been training extensivly since. Machop and Brendan have seen Ryan showing off on a ferry from Cianwood city and fought him in the johto league, Machop finally proved his potential without evolving to his old trainer when he defeated Machamp after a tough struggle.

Dratini: A mysterious egg Brendan found on the shores of Cianwood City eventually hatched into a Dratini on the way to Magohny town. The dratini has all the characteristics of a child, though brendan is greatly puzzled why a dratini egg would be so far away from it's habitat in Blackthorn City. It eventually met its mother in dragon cave, but it chose to continue travelling with Brendan. When it got lost in the desert between Mauville and Fallador, it evolved into Dragonair to help a baby Trapinch just before it got reunited with Brendan, even he can't tell the whole story.

Mudkip: Due to an accident on the ship that was taking Brendan to Hoenn, Brendan found himself trapped underwater. This Mudkip who was stowed away on the carrier rescued Brendan and helped him get to land. It tailed him for a bit then Brendan caught it when he was intending to throw the pokeball that caught Mudkip at a Zigzagoon. Mudkip is a pokemon that always wants to help pokemon and humans in trouble, sometimes endangering itself in the process.

Aron: In Dewford town, Brendan pissed this Aron off when he ran over it's head when it was half buried in the sand. Enraged, it attacked Brendan and he was forced to capture it to calm it down. Since then, Aron has been a rather lazy pokemon, but with a short temper that can cause it to really cause some damage.

Seedot: Between Fallador and Laveridge, Brendan met this Seedot when it was exiled from its group for something it didn't do. With help from Brendan, it managed to clear its name and earn the respect of the rest of the group. However, it decided to travel with Brendan. It is a rather naive yet honest pokemon.

Duskull: Brendan encountered Duskull as an abandoned youngester south of Evergrande. Brendan spent little time capturing it after seeing just what state it was in. Upon nursing it back to health, Brendan gave it the option to return to the wild but it refused. Duskull is a rather timid pokemon that Brendan is trying to teach shadow ball.

At Pallet town:
Fearow: Fearow was the first pokemon that Brendan caught. Originally a Spearow, it was the runt of a flock that were terrorising the Pidgey in Viridian forest. When a Pigeiot appeared and lead the Pidgey and Pidgiotto, the Spearow flock started turning on one another. Brendan unknowingly saved it from a very painful death. Spearow evolved to Fearow overcome it's weakness in Vermilion City. Ever since, it has been a very playful pokemon that enjoys doing cartwheels in the air. But it still is a powerhouse. After suffering a major wing injury during the Goldenrod gym battle, Brendan sent it to his hometown for a recovery.

Golem: Brendan met Golem as a Graveler when it nearly squashed him after part of a diglett tunnel caved in. He already could see it was as sleepy as a Snorlax. But when he angered a group of Diglett led by two dugtrio. He saw that Graveler's magnitude was a killer. He eventually captured it using Fearow after a long battle due to both pokemon having major drawbacks. Graveler still likes to doze off, but is an earth shatterer when he's awake. Graveler evolved into golem during a tough fight with one of the dugtrio that joined Brendan's first opponent in the league. Brendan decided to send Golem back because of Golem missing Fearow and this was getting in the way with Brendan's first challenge against Chuck along with the idea that Brendan believed that he needed to raise some Johto pokemon.

Alakazam: Originally an Abra that was nicking items from Brendan's bag. Brendan became really annoyed at it and this angered it enough to teleport it into Lavender tower when they were deconstructing it. He eventually got trapped with Abra along with a Ghastly and Gengar that played with them for a bit. When a team rocket scam from Butch and Cassidy caused them to fall into grave danger. Abra evolved into Kadabra and teamed up with the ghost pokemon along with Machop to send the two packing. Brendan eventually caught it and the two ghost pokemon, although Gengar was sent to his father. Kadabra has a habit of making Brendan float using Psychic when Brendan doesn't know it so some people believed he was a ghost. Kadabra evolved again into Alakazam during a trainer battle with a troubled old man near Olivine City who had a Espeon. Brendan left Alakazam at home so Brendan could explore Hoenn alone.

Gengar: Originally the Ghastly from Lavender tower. Brendan caught it along with Kadabra and Gengar. Gengar was sent to Brendan's father as a friend and lab assistant. Ghastly eventually evolved into Haunter to overcome Sabrina's Alakazam. Haunter has grown to be a bit more serious and sometimes takes defeats to harsh, especially against other Ghost pokemon. This developed even further when it evolved into a Gengar during the Erkwerk gym battle. Brendan left Gengar at home so Brendan could explore Hoenn alone

Charizard: When Brendan returned to Pallet town on his way to the Viridian gym, Charizard as a Charmander was supposed to be given to a little girl in Pewter city. Charmander wanted to be given to a trainer so it can travel the world. After showing how much this meant to him, the girl changed her mind and took Squirtle instead. Charmander then joined Brendan's party. It may be young, but it is learning fast with help from Brendan's other pokemon. It managed to show that size doesn't matter when it went head-to-head with a Typhlosion in the league. Charmander eventually evolved into Charmeleon during a tag-tournement in Goldenrod city and into Charizard in a tough battle with Jasmine's steelix. Brendan left Charizard at home so Brendan could explore Hoenn alone

Scizor: When he entered the bug-catching contest, he caught this scizor as a scyther and used it to win the contest and win a strange map (I might do an RP about this). The scyther seems farely weak and Brendan is training it to make up for it's weakness. Ever since Brendan got a metal coat from the ekrwerk tower, Scyther has been trying to get at Brendan's bag and eventually suceeded by accident during the Maghony gym battle, triggering it's evolution into Scizor and allowing it to win the match. Brendan left Scizor at home so Brendan could travel Hoenn alone

(you may notice that it's changing every now and then, this is to simulate the movement of time)
Name: Takeshi
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet Twon
Age: 15
Height: 5' 8"
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: Marine blue, pulled back into spikes
Eyes: blue
Clothing: I'll think of a new look later. (Sorry Yoshimitsu27.)
Identifying Marks: He carries around a huge sword, never takes off sunglasses
Musculature: Normal
Personality: Laid back, doesn't like to do a lot of fighting, relaxed
Skills: He knows how to use a sword
Past: He set out with two of his friends at the age of ten. Instead of becoming rivals, all three kept their strong bonds of friendship intact. When he was 13 he met a girl named Ishter, who had psychic abilities and was being hunted down by Team Aqua. He helped her by teaching her how to pokemon battle and capture pokemon etc. Both have become good friends
Family: Mom, dad, and a little brother by the age of 8
Love Relationships?: Would much rather be training with pokemon


Ability: Torrent
Item: Mystic Water
Taiga was Takeshi's first pokemon, given to him by Professor Oak. Both have endured hard times together and are best friends. Taiga would do anything for Takeshi, even if it endangered him.
Known moves: Withdraw, Hydro Pump, Bite, Rapid Spin, Water Pulse, Aqua Tail, Skull Bash, Rain Dance, Surf, Waterfall, Hydro Cannon


Ability: Flash Fire
Item: Charcoal
Aiden was originally supposed to evolve into a Leafeon, but was accidentaly exposed to a few Fire Stones on the way to the Moss Rock. He is fiercly loyal and rather enjoys his fire attacks; he even sometimes plays with Taiga in rivers and streams, despite him being a fire type.
Known moves: Tackle, Ember, Bite, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Fire Fang, Smog, Flamethrower, Fire Blast


Ability: Insomnia
Item: Toxic Spike
One of Takeshi's first ten pokemon, she was caught as a Spinarak when Aiden (an Eevee back then) accidentaly got caught in her web. Evolved into Ariados after catching Hatori.
Known moves: Bug Bite, Poison Sting, String Shot, Night Shade, Shadow Sneak, Fury Swipes, Sucker Punch, Spider Web, Signal Beam, Pin Missles, Psychic, Poison Jab, Dig


Ability: Swarm
Item: Silverpowder
Momiji was...an accident. When there is absolutly no gym or city in sight then to train pokemon must battle each other. Or at least that's Takeshi's theory. Well, Aiden and Amaya were "training" when Aiden used Fire Spin; which missed and hit a nearby bush. A Scyther had been watching the entire thing and was now trapped in a fiery vortex. It flew out, its wings on fire, and started wrecking everything. Takeshi, out of shock, threw a Net Ball at it and the Scyther was soon his.
Known moves: Quick Attack, False Swipe, Agility, Wing Attack, Fury Cutter, Slash, Cut, Razor Wind, X-Scissor, Night Slash, Air Alash, Swords Dance, Roost, Silver Wind, Rock Smash, Fly
(Yes, I know a Scyther can't use Fly but I find it pretty ridiculos because it's a part FLYING type.)


Ability: Natural Cure
Item: Dragon Claw
In Eterna Forest, Takeshi was taking a very pleasant stroll when he heard the most beautiful melody to ever reach his ears. It went on for minutes, never changing, never stopping. Takeshi finally decided to find the source of the noise, it led him to a Swablu perched in a tree, singing away. After a few seconds, Takeshi decided he must have that pokemon. A Spinarak suddenly leaping out of nowhere and using Poison Sting and Signal Beam followed by a Great Ball took the Swablu completely by suprise, and it was caught. Ever since she evolved into an Altaria, Takeshi sometimes lets her out to do her favorite thing: Sing. She loves singing and her melodies are often joked as "Music for the Soul"
Known moves: Pluck, Peck, Sing, Astonish, Fury Attack, Safeguard, Mist, Take Down, Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Refresh, Dragon Pulse, Perish Song, Sky Attack, Dragon Claw, Return, Aerial Ace, Roost, Dream Eater, Fly, Featherdance, Draco Meteor


Ability: Keen Eye
Item: Spell Tag
Thanatos is a little impish theif. While exploring a cave he tagged onto Takeshi and when the trainer had fallen asleep, he stole a sapphire as a little midnight snack. When Takeshi found out it was gone, he set a trap fot the Sableye with his watch as the bait. He lay awake until the pokemon came again and examined his watch. This time, an Ariados leapt out at the purple pokemon and used Psychic. the Sableye fought back, and he even managed to break out of the Great Ball that came flying after it. However, it lost against an Ultra Ball.
Known moves: Scratch, Leer, Night Shade, Astonish, Fury Swipes, Fake Out, Detect, Shadow Sneak, Knock Off, Faint Attack, Shadow Claw, Power Gem, Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, Iron Tail, Dig, Endure, Stealth Rock, Strength

(I'll post other two when I feel like it.)(I'll post other two when I feel like it.)
EDIT: Okay, I feel like it.

Name: Isamu
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pallet Town
Age: 15
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 130
Hair: Blue, hangs over right eye
Eyes: Brown
Clothing: Once I think of a new look I'll post it. (Sorry Yoshimitsu27.)
Identifying Marks: Carries around a rapier
Musculature: Rather thin around the torso, a little wiry
Personality: Absolutely loves to battle, competitive, stubborn, determined
Skills: Can use a sword, because of his thinness is very good at sneaking around and getting into small spaces
Past: He set out with his two childhood friends at the age of ten, and stayed friends instead of becoming rivals. He has more badges than his other two friends, because he loves battling and going to gyms more than anyone else.
Family: Mom, dad, older brother currently in Sinnoh
Love Relationships?: Not interested for some reason


Ability: Overgrow
Item: Miracle Seed
Akamu was Isamu's first pokemon, both love competing and the Venusaur has grown fiercely loyal to his trainer. When he's not battling, he loves to sit and soak up the sun's rays. He hates it when pokemon bother him while he's doing this. Somewhat lazy, but will do anything if Isamu tells him to do it.
Known moves: Tackle, Leech seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Take Down, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Double-Edge, Petal Dance, Synthesis, Solarbeam, Grass Knot, Rock Climb, Strength, Frenzy Plant


Ability: Swift Swim
Item: Everstone
Tsukiko is a happy, orange puffball of boundless energy. She was caught frolicking in a stream, her playfulness with everyone and everything sometimes gets her into trouble, such as bothering Akamu while he's sleeping, resulting in her being Razor Leaf'd away. Her favorite thing to do is slide upon slippery surface such as ice or wet rocks, which is why she knows Ice Beam.
Known moves: Water Sport, Quick Attack, Water Gun, Swift, Aqua Jet, Agility, Whirlpool, Razor Wind, Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Iron Tail, Attract, Surf, Waterfall


Ability: Inner Focus
Item: Dragon Fang
Surfing the shoreline and going underwater always proves useful to those who are looking for wild pokemon, so is the case for Isamu and Tsukiko. Diving underwater looking for Clamperl or even the possible Staryu or Mantyke led them to find and underwater cave. It had an open space where it housed plenty of fresh air, and, to Isamu
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Name: Karl M. Johnson
Gender: Male
Hometown: New Bark, Johto
Age: 16
Height: around 5 ft 7
Weight: in the 130 range
Hair: jet black, thick
Eyes: Hazel
Clothing: Black jeans, red hoodie, orange hat (backwards) and an earring
Identifying Marks: not many
Build: athletic
Personality: caring, energetic, smart, always willing to go off the edge
Past: moved from Celadon as a kid, loved pokemon all his life, became a trainer just to be famous (but had some fun and kept going)
Family: Mom: Karen, a high school teacher, Dad: Steve, a retired trainer, Sister: Jodie and brother: Max (both trainers)
Love: none currently

Gender: female,
Ability: Flash Fire
Moves: Take Down, Flare Blitz, Will-O-Wisp, Stomp
History: caught on the way to Pokemon League, put up a strong fight and later helped Karl defeat the Elite Four. Very reserved around strangers.

Gender: male
ability: water absorb
moves: Ice Beam, Bubblebeam, Hydro Pump, Acid Armor
History: took a liking to Karl as he passed on his way to Mahogany Town. later helped Karl defeat Lance of the Elite Four. very energetic, likes to create whirlpools in the pool, Karl's personal favorite (mine too)

Gender: female
ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Mirror Move, Arerial Ace, Drill Peck, Fly
History: this is the first pokemon Karl ever caught on his own. very protective of her trainer.

Gender: Male
ability: Overgrow
Moves: Giga Drain, Giga Impact, Earthquake, Leaf Storm
History: Found wandering around in the forest. Brand new to Karl's team, but still an active member.

Gender: Male
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Crunch, Thunder Fang, Charge Beam, Discharge
History: won in a battle agaist his old abusive trainer. one of Karl's new pokemon.

Gender: Female
Ability: Synchronize
Moves: Hyper Beam, Psybeam, Hidden Power, Psychic
History: Found after running away from an abusive trainer. later evolved into Espeon for Karl in a movie theater. One of Karl's best pokemon
ChaosBlack05, your character has met and caught all 493 Pokemon though some are legendaries and are almost never caught, seen one Pokemon we've never heard of, you have every single badge in the world right now, along with all the frontier symbols, you have all of the contest ribbons from each region, you've beaten the tower tycoon and hit 100 straight wins in the Battle Tower, beaten the Battle Master (whoever that person is), have items most trainers (If any) can't obtain and won two entire leagues.

That's godmodding right there. Quite a bit of godmodding I'll put in. Tone down the RP character now. Also...you might want to read the RP Rules here before you begin to RP at 'Charms here. Watch your step ChaosBlack05, you're on thin ice now.
Since I just started an RP that included these two characters of mine, I felt like I should tell a bit about them here.

Name: Zap
Gender: Male
Hometown: Vermillion City
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 140
Hair: Black with green streaks, about chin length, hair covering one eye is bright green.
Eyes: Green
Clothing: Always wears black tight fit band tees and baggy, ripped jeans with black and yellow skate shoes.
Identifying Marks: His brilliant eyes and crazy hair.
Musculature: Really skinny, but with slightly muscular arms.


Electivire (Amp)
Gender: Male
History: This super stubborn and independent Electivire was given to Zap as an Elekid by his father when he turned 10.
Personality: Stubborn, hotheaded, independent. He will always fight on Zap's side, and will never disobey him. However, he is a bit of a jerk to Switch.


Name: Pyro
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cinnabar Island
Age: 20
Height: 6' 0"
Weight:160 lbs
Hair: Dark red with blonde highlights.
Eyes: Bright blue
Clothing: Usually wears basic colored tees, loose fit jeans, and basic black sneakers. He always has on his dogtags and wristbands.
Identifying Marks: Usually bruised from small fights with Zap, and has a small scar on his cheek.
Musculature: Average, mostly muscular.


Magmar (Thrash)
Gender: Male
History: Given to Pyro as an egg from a babysitter he helped out with when he was younger.
Personality: Very quiet, keeps to himself.

Charmeleon (Slash)
Gender: Male
History: Won as a Charmander in a bet against his brothers.
Personality: Very stuck up and rude to other Pokemon.
Name: Aero
Gender: male
Hometown: Hearthome
Age: 18
Height: 5'8''
Weight: 160lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: green(emerald)
Clothing: Bright green shirt black hoodie dark grey jeans studded belt to hold pokeballs.
Identifying Marks: none
Personality: Friendly and talkative when you get to know him but likes to keep to his group of friends
Skills: drawing
Past: moved to Hearthome from Fortree (Hoenn) at age 3
Family: mom-Lea dad-Matt brother-Kai age5
Love Relationships: Katlyn(childhood friend)

eevee-Abmormaly Shiny(grey-black fur and bright green mane)
Nickname: Shadow
Gender: female
History: spent some time in pokecenter result of a battle with a neighborhood rival it was given to him as an egg at the daycare.
Personality:nervous(beacause of near fatal battle) and energetic

Nickname: Razor
Gender: male
History: it's parents came from Fortree with Aero's family, when he was born he was adopted by Aero and became his second pokemon
Personality: strong willed
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Name: Tyler J. Keagen
Gender: Male
Hometown: Pewter City
Age: 14
Height: 5'5
Weight: 104
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Green and White shirt, Orange pants, Toque.
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Skinny, but muscular.
Personality: Kind, generous, sweet.
Skills: Painting, farming, breeding
Past: Tyler always had wanted to be a pokemon breeder. When he turned 10, bulbasaur was givin to him by his father. His father soon passed away after that. But somehow, his sould traveled into bulbasaur, which is what everyone thinks. So, his heart belongs in his pokemon, and when he turned 11, Tyler decided to become a pokemon breeder. He went to school and learnt everything he could about breeding and then, when he turned twelve. Tyler finally decided to leave on his journey. But something stopped him. His mom got teriably sick and he had to stay home, two years later, she ahd passed away. Tyler was alone, except for his cousin, who lived in the sinnoh region. He finally decided that he would travel to the sinnoh region. Going through every region, then stopping his journey, at the sinnoh region!
Family: Cousin james, in the sinnoh region
Love Relationships?: None


Bulbasaur (Male)
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Abilitys: Bulbasaur can actually sense the feelings of humans and pokemon. He cna tell if their mad, happy or sad.
Personality: Kind, sweet, protective.
History: (Tyler's History)



Name: Anne Teamail
Gender: Female
Hometown: Cherrygrove City
Age: 13
Height: 5'3
Weight: 92 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Clothing: Nilon leggings, blue shirt and skirt, grey belt, Blue hat.
Identifying Marks: none
Musculature: Skinny
Personality: Rebbeca has a personality unlike others. She is modest, sweet and kind, but can be unbelievable mean, a jerk and bully-type.
Skills: None
Past: Rebbeca has finished her adventure for now. She now is a trainer at Fortree City and is very strong. She has been there for nearly a year and has always wanted to be the gym elader there. Except theres one thing that has always been in her way. The gym leader already there. She has always wanted to be as strong as a gym leader. When she was small, she lived in Fortree city, and had always wnated to be better then everyone else. Her greatest one goal though, was to beat Tyler at tag. Tyler Keagen was Rebbeca's best friend, but they split apart when they found out they had different dreams, and that was that.
Family: Arina (Mom), Joe (Dad), July (Sister)
Love Relationships?: none



Persian (Roar)
Mean, Evil, Cold-Hearted, only likes Anne


Persian (Scream)
Mean, Evil, Cold-Hearted, only likes Anne


Dewgong (Flipper)
Mean, Evil, Cold-Hearted, only likes Anne
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Name: Kalseng T. Audor
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cherrygrove
Age: 12- going on thirteen
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 134
Hair: Dark brown, he keeps it short, but not REALLY short, and trims it about once a month, just to keep it in check.
Eyes: Sea green in color
Clothing: A green long sleeve shirt, worn-out jeans, A fores-green, cloth, sunhat, a dark green backpack, gree tennis shoes, a seafoam green cape, and a poketech.
Identifying Marks: None. He's pretty lame like that.
Musculature: Umm… Average?
Personality: He is always looking to broaden his horizons, so you can often find him looking off towards the horizon.
Skills: He can tell amazing stories about his past, can cook well, and plays strumable instruments well.
Past: He grew up normally with his family, went off on his adventure, and caught a couple pokemon. He was trapped in a freak blizzard caused by an angry Articuno. He tredged through the feet of snow surrounding his legs, and approached the Articuno. He attempted to soothe the articuno, and when that didn't work, his haunter put the articuno to sleep.
Family: Mom, Dad, and Sister.
Love Relationships?: Yeah, none.

Species: Haunter
Gender: M
Ability: levitate
Hidden Power: Fighting
Special Features: None
History/personality: Haunter has became a good friend of Kalseng's when Pheus saved Kalseng from a Particularly angry Golem. If Kalseng lets him stay out at night, Pheus will run around the town they're in and soothe those with horrid nightmares. When a gastly, he encountered an evil ralts who was creating horrifying nightmares. The Ralts was almost too much for Pheus, but by landing a particularly strong shadow Ball, he managed to defeat the ralts and evolve into a haunter. And Pheus could never explain what happened to Kalseng the next morning.

Species: Dewgong
Gender: M
Ability: Thick fat
Hidden Power: Electricity
Special Features: None
History: During Kalseng's trip through Ilex Forest, Kalseng encountered this little guy as a Seel, lost and abandoned. He had been taken in by a pack of migrating golducks, who cared for him like one of their own. He was always playful, and stuck with Kalseng after Idon saw how much fun Pheus and Kalseng were having, even though they were simply walking through a forest. Idon joined up with Kalseng willfully, and evolved during the battle with Whitney.

Species: Swablu
Gender: F
Abillity: Natural Cure
Hidden Power: Grass
Special Feature: None
History: Found and captured in Rustboro City.

Species: (Dratini) Egg
Gender: ?
Ability: ?
Hidden Power: ?
Special Feature: ?
History: Obtained from a dragonite during mid-combat inside Rustboro City.
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Name: Killian

Gender: Female

Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Age: 13

D.O.B: June 15

Height: 5'5 3/4

Weight: 109 pounds

Hair: Black and is usually in a ponytail.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Clothing: Black shirt that shows her stomach, baggy pants, and black sandals.

Identifying Marks: On her left arm there is a strange burn that looks strangely like a sea dragon, also her right thigh has what looks like a wolf's head.

Musculature: Slim, slender, but stronger than she looks.

Personality: She's usually very playful and fun to be around, though it sometimes takes a long time for her to open up. She's very kind and has a strange habit of 'adopting' her friends. She is a tomboy.

Skills: She has a strange yet remarkable sense of smell and hearing. She also has very sharp eyesight and can keep herself from tripping by moving her twisting her feet and still look graceful. She is great at writing and swimming; she is a great story teller, dancer, and singer. She has a way with Pokemon.

Past: She's had a pretty normal past. Though she's obsessed with dark, dog, and blue Pokemon. Also, she learned how to talk, walk, and use the toilet at a very young age. She's been friends with Emily S. since she was 2 1/2 and Emily P. since she was 6.

Family: Stephanie - Mom, Jerry - Dad, Silas - Younger Brother, and Calista - Younger Sister.

Pets: Pogo - Poochyana, Skywalker - Persian, Cooper - Persian (dead), Toki - Goldeen (dead), and Flame - Crogunk (dead), Baxtor - Ekens.

Travel Partners: Emily S. and Emily P - used to

Love Relationships: None


Species: Lucario

Nickname: Amaya

Gender: Female

Ability: Inner Focus

Nature: Gentle

Species: Luxray

Nickname: Kuro

Gender: Male

Ability: Rivalry

Nature: Timid

Species: Absol

Nickname: Tsukiko

Gender: Female

Nature: Bold

Ability: Lucky Charm

Species: Shiny Umbreon

Nickname: Mitsuki

Gender: Female

Ability: Sychronize

Nature: Caring

Species: Mightyena

Nickname: Saimia

Gender: Female

Ability: Intimidate

Nature: Brave

Species: Houndoom

Nickname: Gouro

Gender: Male

Ability: -will put later-

Nature: Hostile

Name: Emily S.

Gender: Female

Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Age: 13

D.O.B: May 8

Height: 5'1 3/4

Weight: 113 pounds

Hair: Brown and is usually left down.

Eyes: Green.

Clothing: A green T-shirt, jeans, and sandals.

Identifying Marks: A birthmark on her left shoulder that looks like a cat's face.

Musculature: Slim and short. She is stronger than she looks.

Personality: A little shy and a bit of a tomdiva. Around her friends she's more open and likes talking to Emily P. and trying (and failing) to give Killian a make over.

Skills: She's a great dancer, swimmer, and singer. She has a way with Pokemon. She can write really good songs and is an awesome friend.

Past: Her mom and dad never married, but her dad is always at her (mom's) house. She's been friends with Killian since she was 2 1/2 and Emily P. since she was 6.

Family: Pauline - Mom and Frank - Dad

Love Relationships: Mark


Species: Chingling

Nickname: Chime

Gender: Female

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Sweet

Special Features: She has green eyes instead of black ones.

History: Emily's first Pokemon, it hatched from an egg she had been given for her birthday.


Name: Emily P.

Gender: Female

Hometown: Twinleaf Town

Age: 13

D.O.B: November 12

Height: 5'3

Weight: 112

Hair: Brown and is usually in a ponytail.

Eyes: Brown

Clothing: A red shirt with a heart, jeans, and sandals.

Identifying Marks: A birthmark on her stomach that looks like a leaf.

Musculature: Slim and graceful, but strong.

Personality: Kind, a bit girly, and a bit shy.

Skills: Singing, writing poems, dancing, and swimming. She's great with Pokemon and keeps trying to give Killian a make over.

Past: Her mom and dad had two kids ten years before having her and her older brother. She's been friends with Killian and Emily S. since she moved in at age 6. She's had two boyfriends in her whole life.

Family: Chrissy - Mom, Charley - Dad, Crystal - Older Sister, Dave - Older (Older) Brother, and Charley - Older Brother.

Pets: Sadie - Arcanine, Sarah - Meowth, Leo - Skitty, and Hero - Mightyena.

Travel Partners: Emily S. and Killian

Love Relationships: Drake


Species: Budew

Nickname: Rose

Gender: Female

Ability: Natural Cure

Nature: Friendly

Special Features: She has a tiny leaf print on her forehead.

History: She hatched from an egg Emily was given for her birthday.


This is what they are like in the beginning, but they get stronger, older, more pokemon, ect. later on. Just saying that to make sure you knew.


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I'm not sure how many times we've said this already or how many more times we'll need to until people finally get it, but we don't work on set movesets here. A Pokemon is virtually able to know all of its learnable attacks - just depends on their level of experience.

So, please guys, stop posting movesets with your bios. They're not needed.
Name: Sarion
Gender: Male
Hometown: Twinleaf Town
Age: 18 (not really)
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 90 kg (roughly)
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Jet Black
Clothing: Jet Black Pants, Jet Black Shirt, You get the picture
Identifying Marks: Three scars parallel to each other on his cheek
Musculature: Normal
Personality: Very quiet, agravated quite easily
Skills: Pokemon listen to him with out need of training
Past: Sarion encounterd Darkrai many times in his sleep.
He managed to get out of the nightmares with out aid.
Family: Fathera and a brother, he never knew his mother.
Love Relationships?: None

Species: Metagross
Gender: None (although refered to as a male)
History/Personality: Sarion's first Pokemon was a beldum, as Rowan had run out of starters,
who he raised with all his energy to make it the incredibly powerful Metagross it is now.

Species: Rayquaza
Gender: None (although refered to as a male)
History/Personality: Sarion's second most powerful pokemon
has wiped out just as many pokemon as Metagross.

Species: Aggron
Gender: Male/None (i'm not sure which)
History/Personality: Sarion's second pokemon.

Species: Lucario
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Sarion's third pokemon.

Species: Rhyperior
Gender: Male/None (i'm not sure which)

Species: Polarisin (Fakemon, if it's aloud)
Gender: Male
History/Personality: Sarion's first starter pokemon. It evolved from the Water-type
Wacub to the Water, Ice-type Ocear, to Polarisin.
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Sarion, the use of any legendaries is not allowed here. Please edit your profile or I will do it for you. Also, please read the Pokemon RP rules here.
No pr0n kthx.-Sem



Age: 15

Height: 5'6

Weight: 107.2 pounds

Hair: Reddish Brown.

Eyes: Gold.

Clothing: She doesn't wear clothing (she's a pokemorph and she has fur!)

Identifying Marks: She has black and brown fur all over her body. Also, she has a Houndoom tail, armor, and horns. Another trait are the two fangs and slightly too long nails.

Personality: She acts tough but really she's very kind. To those she trusts she's very helpful and a loyal friend.

Skills: She has extremely advanced senses do to the fact that she is a Houndoom pokemorph.

Past: When she was nineteen months old, she was inserted with Houndoom genes, turning her into a Houndoom pokemorph. She was abandoned by her parents when she was two years old and has lived in the woods ever sense. A pack of Houndoom adopted her and raised her, helping her become the person she is today.
















Age: 15

Height: 5'5

Weight: 105.8 pounds

Hair: Reddish Brown.

Eyes: Golden Brown.

Clothing: She doesn't wear cloths (she's a pokemorph and as fur!)

Identifying Marks: She has black and brown fur all over her body. Also, she has a Houndoom tail, armor, and ears. Another trait are the two fangs and slightly too long nails.

Personality: Fiercely loyal and always ready to defend those she loves.

Skills: She has extremely advanced senses do to the fact that she is a Houndour pokemorph.

Past: She was abandoned at the age of two and taken in by a kind woman who lived in the woods. The kind woman, also known as Chi-chi taught her to be kind and loyal.














Neither know it but they are twin sisters.

*Just so you know I did not make any of the pictures and their picture was created by Zenia.*​
Name: Pyron
Species: Blaziken
Gender: Male
Hometown: A canyon in Sinoh Region
Age: 16
Height: About 7ft 5in.
Weight: 116 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Clothing: It's a pokemon... What clothing?
Identifying Marks: Black hair, not blond.
Musculature: Thin, though strong.
Personality: Quiet, but easily prosecuting.
Skills: Can speak english (a rare trait simillar to meowth's from the show)
Past: Was born in mountain. He was an outcast when he evolved to a Combusken and had black feathers. He was allowed to stay in the group until he was a Blaziken and still had black feathers. Then he was booted out, and now wonders around in Sinoh Region.
Family: Dad: Combustien; Mom: Pyris.


Name: Tyson
Gender:  Male
Hometown: Fortree city
Weight:100 pounds
Hair: Black, longish and well kept
Clothing: Chelsey themed jersey  ;D(which he tucks out), black jeans, a grey coloured bag and white shoes.
Identifying Marks: nil
Musculature:thin and normal musculature for his age.
Personality:quiet, fun loving and intellectual.
Skills: he is very intellectual and is great at pokemon battles
Past:His past was quite average. Nothing interesting occured except the fact that he left for pokemon training and coordinating at the age of 10.
Family:mother, father and younger twin sisters.
Love Relationships:nil

Species: Salamence
Nickname: Dragon
Gender : Male
Ability : intimidate
Hidden Power :ice
Special Features :nil
History/Personality :It was Tyson's first poke'mon (Bagon).It is very aggressive in battles and vice versa when not in battle. Used in battles only.


Hidden Power:Dark
Special Features: Nil
History/personality:Quiet and hard working.Used by Tyson in contests only.


Ability:Natural Cure
Specail Features:shiny
History/Personality:Calm and well behaved.Used by Tyson in contests only.


Ability:Ice Body
Special Features:nil
History/Personality:Very loyal.Used in battles only.

Name: Basia Wyvern
Gender: female
Hometown: Twigsy Town
Birthday: April 19
Age: 14
Height: about 5 foot 8 inches
Hair: dirty blond
Eyes: sapphire blue
Musculature: she doesn't have much upper body strength but her legs prove useful when kicking or running
Personality: slightly stubborn, quite shy but easily makes friends with people who have the same interests as her, loyal, trustworthy, a bit clumsy, really smart, can be brave at times, likes people who are nice to her, can have random spasms, sometimes she can have anger issues although most of the time she is very calm and almost never panics, sometimes lacks self-confidence,

Skills: she can talk to pokemon, she has a nice singing voice (although she says that she sucks) and she also has some drawing skills (she thinks she sucks)

Past: she was kidnapped from her home in Pallet Town when she was three or four and eventually ended up in Twigsy Town. (Umm...let's say that's it's very far away from Kanto) the captors released her when she was around five and eventually (a few months later) she was found by a girl named Sakura Wyvern (Sakura was 12) and she and her family took care of Basia. Basia lived with the Wyvern family until Basia's eleventh birthday when she set off on her Pokemon journey. Basia was never found by her original parents so she went by Sakura's last name, although she is still searching.

First she traveled through Johto and got all eight badges. She entered the silver conference and managed to get in the top 16. Then she traveled kanto for a while and only got six out of the eight badges and decided to explore hoenn because of rumors that mew had appeared. She failed to meet mew but she won eight badges and became the hoenn league champion. This time around she is in the sinnoh region. She has gained 4 badges so far.

Family: the Wyvern family

Love Relationships?: one guy named Matt, a childhood friend, has a huge crush on her but Basia doesn't like him very much because he is part of team rocket...and he stalks her occasionally


Species: pichu
Nickname: lightning
Gender: boy
Ability: static
Special Features: a tuff of hair on his head

History/Personality: he loves battling, he's really cocky and always has something sarcastic to say. He could be called a bully but he is mostly just trying to prove his toughness. In battle he uses speed to his advantage. Although he hates contests he loves to use combined attacks. (Such as a sparking iron tail) He was Basia's first Pokemon. (with his twin sister thunder) he's also enemies with almost everyone


Species: umbreon
Nickname: Duskio
Gender: boy
Ability: synchronize
Special Features: his eyes are red-violet instead of just red

History/Personality: experimented on by team rocket as an eevee he learned rage, he was attacking everything in his path because of his rage but Basia quickly captured him. Eventually he forgot how to use rage and became a normal eevee. During a fierce battle in the middle of the night against a random trainer he evolved into umbreon and won the battle. After he evolved he became quite firty. But overall he's diligent,brave,clumsy, and one of lightning's only friends. He has very high defenses and average speed.


Species: leafeon
Nickname: syntha
Gender: girl
Ability: leaf guard
Special Features: none

History/Personality: when Basia was training her pokemon in eterna forest she began to battle an eevee. But as they battled it evolved into leafeon so Basia decided to catch her. Syntha is very laid back and loves to have fun. She doesn't always listen to Basia and occasionally takes a nap during battle. She's not easily intimidated but she is easily annoyed. Although she may seem like a lazy pokemon, she is actually quite fast for her species. She cannot take many hits but she is very good at dodging them.


Species: charizard
Nickname: burn
Gender: boy
Ability: blaze
Special Features: none

History/Personality: he was traded to Basia as a charmeleom from another trainer named Kension. The only reason he really evolved was to impress Basia's female flygon, flia. He always had a crush on her but figured that she wouldn't notice him if he stayed a charmeleon. He's quite stuck up and only respects Basia and his original trainer. Lightning is his enemy. Burn is always picking on lightning but lightning almost always wins with him in battle. He has a high special attack and low defenses. His tactic is to strike quickly and avoid attacks.


Species: buizel
Nickname: floatz
Gender: boy
Ability: swift swim
Special Features: none

History/Personality: While Basia was at Valley Windworks she stumbled upon a sleeping buizel. The buizel attacked her for awakening him and she caught him without much trouble. Although they didn't get along at first floatz became good friends with Basia and Lightning. Floatz is very protective and very loyal. Most of the time he can be a coward but when he needs to be brave he will be. Although he is a coward, he is a strong leader. He has high speed and attack power with average defenses.


Species: riolu
Nickname: reiki
Gender: girl
Ability: steadfast
Special Features: none

History/Personality: Basia received her as an egg from Riley. She just hatched
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Name: Allen Jaxter

Gender: Male

Hometown: Cherrygrove City

Age: 16

Height: 5' 10''

Weight: 139 lbs.

Hair: Brown, short at ear length.

Eyes: Forest Green

Clothing: A dark blue zipper jacket with a poliwhirl on the back, a pair of dark gray baggy sweat pants, a pair of white and dark blue sneakers, and a wide brimmed camo colored hat. (Like one of those wide brimmed hats that people wear when they go fishing.)

Identifying Marks: Scar across his left hand.

Musculature: Thin but strong, especially in the legs for running long distance.

Personality: Very loving toards pokemon. Often loves his pokemon more than people. He is very quiet and shy. Also, he is often deeply lost in thought. However, he is very easily confused.

Skills: He is a very good strategist and can easily figure out problems. He is good at training pokemon and can really bring out a pokemon's true potential, but he takes a lot of time in with his training. His motto is, "Every pokemon has potential, but it is the responsibility of the trainer to bring it out." He is also very wise in the sence that he learns from past experiences.

Past: Allen was born in Cherrygrove City, and ever since he could remember, his father would tell him everything there was to know about pokemon. Allen soaked up the information like a sponge, and even though he wasn't as gifted in other subjects, he knew pokemon information like the back of his hand. At age twelve, allen was registered with the pokemon rangers, not as an active member, but as an informational resource and data collector for the area. At age fourteen, Allen was assigned the duty to shelter and care for some of the sick and abandoned pokemon found by the pokemon rangers. There are others who were given this duty as well. At age sixteen, Allen decided to leave home on his pokemon journey. Any pokemon the pokemon rangers had to deliver to him would be delivered to him by PC or by helicopter.

Family: His mom and dad.


Species: Pidgey
Gender: Male
Ability: Keen Eye
Moves: Tackle, Gust, Quick Attack, Hidden Power
Hidden Powers: Pidgey can't evolve easily. But once he reaches an evolution stage, he can switch between it and the others that preceede it, but it takes tremendous energy. So basically he can evolve and devolve at will. Also, when pidgey faints, he returns to the basic evolutionary stage.
Special Features: Very fast.
Personality: Innocent yet fierce in battle. Very cunning. A loving friend.
History: When Allen was three years old, he went to his dad and said that he wanted a pokemon like his dad's charizard. So, Allen's dad gave him a pokeball. Allen was so young that he couldn't possibly throw the pokeball, let alone catch a pokemon with it. But when he ambled into the grass, the young pidgey up in a tree looked down at Allen, and Allen looked back up at it. At the time pidgey was only a few weeks old and was very small. But pidgey seemed to almost see into Allen's soul. The pidgey then dove down at Allen and landed on the patch of grass in front of him. The pidgey then tapped the center of the pokeball with his beak and was caught inside. From then on Allen and pidgey were best of friends.

Species: Poliwhirl
Gender: Male
Ability: Water Absorb
Moves: Hypnosis, Water Gun, Rain Dance, Body Slam
Special Features: Fast in water, very fast on ice. Good at dodging.
Personality: Strong willed, very loyal.
History: Allen caught poliwhirl as a poliwag when he was five and raised it to be really agile. Poliwhirl is best friends with Allen's pidgey. Poliwhirl evolved from poliwag when Allen was nine years old.

Species: Magnemite
Gender: N/A
Ability: Sturdy
Moves: Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic, Sonicboom
Personality: Akward yet energetic.
History: Allen caught magnemite when he was eight and uses it a lot in double battles and as backup. Allen found magnemite in an alley in Goldenrod City when he went with his dad on a business trip. Upon seeing the magnemite, Allen could tell that it had been hurt somehow, so he caught it and took it in. That was when Allen realized that he wanted to be a pokemon caretaker for the pokemon rangers.
Hometown:Sootopolis City
Hair:Reddish Blueish
Clothing:Red Shirt,Green Shorts,Blue Shoes.
Identifying Marks:None
Personality:Actually he usually pops out in different citys now and then and ends up in another city the next day.Once found fighting off a unusual pokemon named "Lucario"
Skills:Kung-Fu,Gen-Fu,Martial Arts,Hadou And Qui-Chan
Past:When young he was trained by a man named Rai...Turns out theres a Legendary pokemon named DarkRai which makes him think "did my master transform into a pokemon?!"
Family:Not much of one someone Named Rai was like a father yo aaron
Love Relationships?:None Yet
Pokémon:None...He usually makes friends with one and leaves
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Name: Zane Oak
Gender: Male
Hometown: Viridian City
Age: 15
Height: 5 10
Weight: 7 and a half
Hair: Ice blue (dyed) Hangs over like Gary Oak hair
Eyes: Emerald Green
Clothing: See sig but with red and black sweat bands on both wrists also Red and Black head Fore head protector ( Like from Naruto but with poke ball symbol on).
Identifying Marks: None
Musculature: Average Strength
Personality: Laid back, Quiet, Lazy, Sleeps a lot, Likes a joke, Humble, His philosophy is that every Pokemon is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses which can be over come because of this he only catches one Pokemon at a time because he trains one Pokemon till it is completely trained and well balanced. Is a great battler because his father is a gym leader but also extremely intelligent he gets it from his granddad. Has become a wanderer giving up on gyms just wants to become stronger.
Skills: Great at coming up with unorthodox strategies (is that a skill). Also can play electric Guitar keeps it in poke ball. Also well trained in sword fighting having trained under Bruno, Koga, Brawly and Chuck al his life as part of his training keeps a Long sword in another poke ball.
Past: Raised around Pokemon his whole life everyone he grew up around was the best at what they do his dad was a gym leader.
His mum was a top coordinator. His god father is the head frontier brain. So at a young age he was taught to battle this lead to him wanting to beat his father and god farther because they always beat him at 10 he set of on his adventure.
Family: Dad: Gary Oak the Viridian City Gym Leader
Mum: May a top coordinator
God Farther: Ash Ketchum Head of the battle frontier.
Equipment: Pokedex, Poketech (green clipped on to trousers).
Love Relationships?: None as of yet but soon maybe?

Nickname: None
Gender: Male
Ability: Inner Focus
Hidden Power: Ice
Special Features: Sweat Bands like Zane
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Fun fact, Zane:

Gary Oak is a character in use on this forum. By the head honcho. He's also only 18, and I'm not sure about this, but I don't think three year olds can reproduce. Not to mention that Gary's too cool for girlfriends, and probably in a secret love affair with Ash, not May.

Consider this an informal warning. If you don't change your character info, then you can consider yourself banned from RP ;p