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Mega Evolutions to return in Generation X and later mainline video games?

Do you think that Mega Evolutions will be back in gen x main series video games?

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Yo! Hey, what’s happening with you guys? I’m just wanting to know if you think that Mega Evolutions will make their comeback as Generation X and later mainline video games? Why? Please let me know, thanks.;)
I wish, but probably not. If Mega evolutions haven't returned by now, they probably won't. I don't think we'll be getting a new Pokémon game for a while yet. Still, anything can happen.

StellarWind Elsydeon

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Somehow I very much doubt it.

Mega Evolutions had a very big problem, which was this – only a fairly small number of species has Mega Evolutions - and while digivolving Pokémon certainly breathed new life into some particular species that genuinely needed a boost (indeed, the loss of the likes of Mega Mawile and Mega Beedrill is still, frankly, woefully lamented.... and the loss of the horribly-broken-at-the-time Mega Kangaskhan was celebrated by certain meta crowds but that's neither here nor there), it was still an exclusive gimmick that only applied to a few lucky Pokémon rather than to all of them.

Note the recurring theme of all gimmicks since Mega Evolution: Z-moves, Dynamax/Gigantamax, Terastalization. What do they all have in common? Every single Pokémon, regardless of its level or state of evolution or belonging to a special line or not can use them as a baseline. Of course, every one of these gimmicks has its few special moves or forms that only apply to a few species – but that's on top of the basic gimmick usable by every Pokémon.

Don't get me wrong, I definitely miss certain mega evolutions – but I strongly suspect that Gen X, whenever it happens, will have a whole new pointless rule-of-cool gimmick, the current gimmick will be consigned to history with other previous generation gimmicks, and Megas will probably only rear their heads again when Kalos gets a remake... which is a terrifying thought in and of itself. >>;
I don't know if I'm just biased, but I love Mega Evolution and really hope it gets more love in a potential Kalos remake.

I get that not a whole lot of pokemon HAVE megas, but I think that they could be expanded upon. One thing that confused and frustrated me is that the starters in ORAS got megas, but the ones in XY didn't.