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Private/Closed Murder in the Circus! (Murder Mystery RP - SIGN UPS HERE)

Haha, yeah. I should probably get people to declare Pokemon moves at the start of the RP next time, I'm starting to realize how not declaring them might be abused. ;)

Ben's all ready to receive the terrible news, Or... well, not at all ready. Take your time letting him down.
XD LOL okay

Here are the movesets of my Pokemon, just so you have it.

Sevi the Seviper:
  • Poison Tail - [type]Poison[/type] | Physical | Increased critical hit ratio; 10% chance to Poison the target. | Also used to slice varying objects when showing how sharp Sevi's tail is.
  • Poison Fang - [type]Poison[/type] | Physical | 30% chance to Badly Poison the target. | Mainly used to show how ineffective venom is to Salazar in dangerous shows, or uses it to protect her trainer.
Jalorda the Serperior:
  • Leech Seed - [type]Grass[/type] | Status | Gradually drains the target's HP by 1/16 of their max HP (or stamina if stats aren't a thing). | Can potentially use this for interrogation, but also cover the stage and props beforehand in sapping vines, as well as show how much stamina Salazar has.
  • Dragon Tail - [type]Dragon[/type] | Physical | Extremely slow to execute, but it knocks back the opponent to be switched out or end the battle. | Used in conjunction with Arbo's Aqua Tail to then spar against each other. Would also be used to slam against the ground and launch himself up in the air to perform aerial acrobatics.
Arbo the Arbok:
  • Aqua Tail - [type]Water[/type] | Physical | Deals Damage. | Used in conjunction with Jalorda's Dragon Tail to spar against each other. Would also use it to splash the front seaters with water when doing some water stunts (which could be covering himself with water, starting at the tail, or making symbols in the air with water).
  • Haze - [type]Ice[/type] | Status | Resets all stat changes. | Can be used to make a sneaky entrance or exit, or hide something from view.
Ayy, that looks good to me. I like that all the moves have function to them to help with performing~ The Aqua Tail is a surprise - could definitely have come in handy when trying to deal with the stuck Rapidash, haha.

Do you think you could edit the moves into a spoiler on your character sheet post, just so I have them right there with your Pokemons' abilities/appearance/ect?
Sure ^~^ But poor Arbo was quite sick XD If you couldn't tell, Arbo had never swallowed anybody that big, and if he did, he never regurgitated them back out.

It's been added :)
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Okay, I'll keep that in mine. And I'm gonna keep them a mystery until and why they take the bodies when the time is right. Sorry, I didn't see it in the rules so I thought it would be okay.
Then again, if it was as much as evidence being taken and hidden, then it probably shouldn't be touched except for the GM XD who is @FrouFrou

You should probably tell who your upcoming character is in a private message with FrouFrou and your plans for it, anyway, so he can plan ahead, and see whether or not your plan of action should be implemented in the RP.
Again, for this instance I will allow the body to be moved b/c it wasn't in the rules that you couldn't do that. (Mostly because there are plenty of instances where interfering with the evidence would be okay - handing it over to the police, performing an autopsy, moving it to reveal something under it, getting it out of the way of being destroyed that sort of stuff.) You just can't destroy or perma-hide the evidence because it's, uh, evidence lmao

PM me his character sheet + what you want to do. I'm assuming he's okay (please make sure he's okay for a 15+ rating - no making out with the bodies, thx), buuut I should probably make sure he's going to fit with certain things, especially if you have a plan for the character going forwards. There is also a certain Pokemon that I can't let any player have because it would Ruin Everything, so... yes, there's that.
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Tonight, on Whoops I Didn't Post In The Right Thread:

Since we have a name on Alex now, here's the character sheets, in rough order of appearance. All of them are pretty sparse to start with; I will be updating them as things progress, so you can keep track of who knows what/who hates who/who's claiming what/ect.

Age: 19

Appearance: Chad is a muscular guy, who is very popular with the ladies on account of his green eyes... or it’s just the muscles. Probably the muscles, honestly. He performs dressed in loose white clothes with red and yellow flames on the sleeves; he often tears off his shirt halfway through his performance. Outside of the circus, he is known to wear a very conspicuous, fire–truck red jacket. Chad has a tattoo of Rapidash circling around his neck, meaning that at least his corpse is quite distinct.

Because, why yes, he’s dead.

Personality: Chad is known to be extremely arrogant and openly boastful; often blind to the fortunes of others. While he can be kind and generous, his needs and his quest for fame always come first. Chad loves attention, and will do anything to have it.

Backstory: Chad was raised in the circus, his uncle being the Ringmaster and all that. He knows little outside of the place; Chad has never battled, nor caught his own Pokemon, but the three he has respect him immensely and would probably die for him.

Ironic that they kill him, then.

Pokemon in party: Ponyta (Blaze), Ponyta (Blitz), Shiny Rapidash (Brutus). Brutus is much larger and stronger than most Rapidash, at least physically.

Other info: He has some sort of rivalry with/hatred of Tyler, but at present the circumstances around that are unknown. Kit has claimed that Sky is his girlfriend and Chad was cheating on her.

Age: 23


Appearance: Stan is the largest of the circus cast, towering at an impressive 6’4’’. His teeth have been sharpened and ears pointed to give him an even more bestial look, which is spoiled by the glasses and suit he wears off-duty. His dirty-blonde hair is long; he spikes it with gel when he performs, so it resembles a lion's mane.

Personality: Stan has a very childlike demeanour, typically speaking in third person with broken English. It is unknown how smart he actually is, though most of the circus safely assumes he's an idiot. Because of how he talks, Stan is not allowed to talk during performances.

Backstory: Stan has one friend, and a lot of respect for the words FRIEND and TRUST. Little else is known.

Pokemon in party: Incineroar (name unknown). It's unclear whether Stan has more Pokemon.

Age: 45


Ben is a balding older man, quite small and wiry. While performing, he wears a traditional red and gold ringmaster outfit; off duty, he can be found in a singlet and shorts. However, he still insists on wearing the hat to hide his bald spot.

Personality: Ben seems to be very depressive and an alcoholic to boot, but has been able to hide it from his paying customers... Mostly. It should be noted that Ben considers the company to be much like one big family, and therefore he wants the culprit to be rooted out from the inside; he doesn't want the police involved unless the murder was committed by some other circus/an audience member/ect.

Despite his melancholy nature, Ben loves Chad to bits, and has supported him at every turn.

Backstory: Ben founded the circus, which is why he's so fiercely loyal to it. He's done something that is probably not legal, whiiiiich would be that other reason why he doesn't want the police involved. What the hell he did is anyone's guess.

Pokemon in party: Luxray, Arcanine (names unknown). Both are greying and missing teeth. Ben does own another Pokemon, which is apparently younger and scarier.


Position: Acrobat/Daredevil

Appearance: Tyler is of average build and height, and isn't particularly handsome either. He has freckles and brown hair and, well, that's kind of all that's interesting. He's quite notorious for performing in normal clothes (literally cargo shorts and a T-shirt), and when he does make use of costumes they're always extremely fanciful. He's notorious for making his own costumes, some of which are better than others, and all of which are outlandish. When not performing, Tyler is rarely clean due to his near-constant labour on the various cars and caravans the circus owns.

Personality: Tyler doesn't like Pokemon, but absolutely loves cars. Going off his most recent performance, he seems to be prone to doing stupid stunts that nearly get people killed (in this case Stan). He seems to be very prone to outbursts and impulsive things, often saying exactly what he's thinking. Such a big mouth frequently gets him into trouble. Tyler is also famously shitty at handling Pokemon of all shapes and sizes.

Backstory: He is currently very worried about losing his job. If Chad hadn't died when he did, Tyler would almost certainly have been booted due to Chad being the superior pick (or at least doted on by Ben). How convenient.

Pokemon in party: Wholly unknown. He may not even have any, given his attitude and aptitude with Pokemon in general. Possibly an Espurr?

Age: 20


Sky has black hair in a bun, with long twin–tails. She wears a skimpy black leather outfit when performing, and favours equally skimpy casual outfits when not performing. Sky in general is just... skimpy. Somehow, she manages to look stately as well, perhaps because the clothes she wears are always designer and accompanied by expensive bits of jewellery.

Personality: Sky rarely ever panics, with an almost legendary level of patience and concentration developed through knife-throwing. Her words tend to carry authority even when she's not in a good situation socially; she finds that sometimes an illusion of control will turn the tide in her favour. She is known for being highly observant and paying great attention to detail - or at least, all her reviews say so.

Backstory: Currently, nothing is known beyond Kit having some sort of vendetta for her. Possibly a hate-crush; it's hard to tell. She may or may not be Chad's girlfriend.

Pokemon in party: Another unknown.

Age: 22

Position: Contortionist

Appearance: Kit is a small lady, small to the point of childlike, who typically wears a shirt and jeans. The shirt usually has some sort of rude message on it. When performing, Kit loves to get as dressed up as she can, with ridiculous amounts of lace and silk. (On one occasion, she managed to get hold of a hoop skirt. Even Ben felt this was not a good idea.

The meanest mean girl to ever mean, Kit has a tendency to jump to conclusions and proceed to pursue them doggedly. She can be extremely stubborn in arguments, in part because she often feels inadequate and therefore needs to dominate others in pursuit of self-worth. Kit speaks extremely roughly, with a lot of colourful language, and often with little regard or respect for people she's 'bitching' about.

Unknown. She seems to have a vendetta with Sky for some reason, and she can talk to Pokemon (sort of) for some reason.

Pokemon in party:
Cutiefly (Honey - male), others unknown

Age: 16

Position: Clown

Appearance: Alex is a chubby girl, with blonde hair and brown eyes. When working, her uniform is fairly obvious; a colourful mess of fabric scraps from Tyler's creations. When not working, she likes to wear a dark hoodie with the hood pulled up, and large square-rimmed glasses. Her nose often appears to be red several hours after she's taken the clown nose off.

Personality: Currently the youngest of the company, Alex is a loud and happy type, who can't stand the idea of anyone not liking her; the very thought can cause her to burst into tears and run away. She's very high-strung, wanting to make sure everyone is happy at the circus, and has frequent meltdowns when things don't go her way. Once crying, Alex will lock herself in her caravan for hours at a time.

Another unknown.

Pokemon in party: Eevee! A super-fluffy one, too.
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Okay so I have my suspicions on who it might be. I mean, I wanna think it was Tyler but that would be way to obvious. I don't wanna think it's Sky either because again, that would be obvious. I honestly think it was either Ben, Stan, or maybe even Alex. I dunno, but I have my reasons.
The way this is written, all characters have reason to be at least somewhat suspicious (which is why all are considered suspects in the first place). Some are just more obvious earlier on, since you have to have some leads to keep stuff moving. That being said, it's not like the whole cast is working against you. They're just... suspects, haha.

Of course, once you know how the thing was done exactly, it's obvious who's responsible. The difficulty is in getting to that point...
Yeah... like you said, we have to be sneaky with our investigating. Well if a second death occurs, could it be anyone? And if we're following the investigating with stealth rule, In pretty sure Kit is the next one to go.
As far as mine go: Someone has a crucial piece, and basically if they die before a certain point it's game over. There are plenty of ways to avoid the death altogether, or at least reach the certain point before the character proceeds to drop dead. There are also ways to make it happen sooner, or interrupt the killing attempt.

If something were to happen that, uh, encouraged the culprit, a different character could well end up dead. An obvious example would be if Kit was correct in her yowling; as you say, she would be very much a target.

As far as other characters go: No, because (a) I would typically be against killing your character while you only had the one in play, and (b) due to all the arranging and shit that would have to make sense, I'd likely have to reveal the culprit to whoever's character I was killing, which would ruin the guessing fun while I proceeded to lock 'em out of the RP. Not cool!

If you managed to do something excessively stupid, like loudly discussing your suspicions in front of the one you thought to be suspicious, or that thing where the detective rounds up all the suspects and expects them to sit quietly while he reveals all, then I would likely arrange some form of game over. But... well, there'd hardly be any mystery to it, haha. And I'd probably try to warn you at least IC, if not OOC as well.

(Also, it would have to be really, really, reeeeeeally stupid.)
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Yeah I guess that makes sense. And another question, could the culprit be a pokemon? And also another one (sorry) can somebody who isn't the actual main culprit kill somebody? Have you played any of the Danganronpa games? Because if so, explaining why somebody would kill someone even though not being the actual killer would be much easier to explain.
I've played all the Danganronpa games, yep. Written a lot of fic for 'em, too.

The culprit can be a Pokemon, but if that Pokemon was ordered to do something, the culprit is whoever ordered it, just like in Danganronpa. And there can be more than one culprit - but with that said, the aim of this game is to work out who killed Chad, and as such I wouldn't allow a death that wasn't somehow related to his death or his killer. This is a slow RP with many words in it, and a situation with Stan getting eaten by Pyroar or something because someone just felt like it could cause the whole thing to go way off-track.
That makes sense. But I am gonna do a small rant so bear with me.

I feel like the RP could have more than just investigation implemented into it. So for example, what if the character I haven't introduced is the equivalent too Monokuma. And then everyone else acts as the students (just for example). They would act as the main villain and they would tempt others to commit there dirty actions, hence making eliminating everyone ultimately easier. If we could add other elements like free time and maybe even a trial system, wouldn't the RP take longer and be more in depth? And I feel that's the kind of vibe you were going for. I'm not saying too make this RP a Danganronpa x Circus x Pokemon RP. I'm just recommending things that would help further the plot even more instead of just putting random fillers in between big events. And one more thing, Pokemon could also act as key witnesses, but to get their testimonies, Kit would need to be alive. So what I'm saying is, later on if Kit is still alive wouldn't everyone realize that and try to protect her? Just a theory a game theory
If you wanna run something like that, you're welcome to have a go? But I don't actually want the RP to take any longer; it's slow paced as is due to timezones and the two-paragraph rule. We don't even have any filler, and it's slow as heck. I don't wanna think about how slow it would end up with a full on free-time/trial/ect system - which I would have to work out well before starting anything so it all balanced, mind you. And I don't even want to think about trying to co-ordinate everyone's motives and murder plans. I'd like to run an RP that makes it to the end.

Funnily enough, this was never going for a Danganronpa vibe - DR is all about closed situations, whereas this is much more open, only has one case, all the characters are suspicious as opposed to just a couple, ect. If anything, the closest comparison would be Midsomer Murders, which my family watches religiously. :p

Certain Pokemon do know certain things in this RP; I put that in place about when I said people could RP Pokemon characters, haha. Right now Kit's the only way of really getting at them, though. and she's probably going to mistranslate stuff
Ah... I seem... I can get where your going and it makes sense overall. But I'm just really keen on plot development... I'll probably make my own Danganronpa RP some time today... anyways it seems like Kit is pretty much one the most valuable people in the whole RP seeing as she can talk with pokemon
Plot development ain't gonna happen if your RP's slow, but like. I'll shut up on that one - I've always wanted to do a danganronpa RP but I have little clue how I'd do it, it's just too difficult for me!

Kit has the rare and magical gift of being able to offend Pokemon in their own language, which is really neat. She was sure to learn all the swears first. :D
Salazar's abode isn't a cavern XD (my fault for not explaining it enough)

Salazar's abode is actually just an actor's private room in the backstage. How nobody had seen the large creature fly through the backstage to spy on them is amazing XD There is no door, since he doesn't care about privacy. There are rough curtains that have scale patterns draped over the door, and draped to cover his only window, which is usually closed, to keep out the harsh light on Salazar's sensitive eyes, and it's closed so the cold night air wouldn't freeze him or his Pokemon. Since it's covered and closed, there could be no other way for the creature to spy on them. There are candles strewn everywhere, some lit, some not. There's a dresser, a table, a hammock, a nest next to the hammock, and a tub that could be filled with water to give his snakes a bath. His floor is covered in the same material as the draperies.

Plus, the backstage is right behind the actual stage, and his room is to the right when you reach the backstage, and it's on the far left. Nobody can miss it. Although, somebody, either his snakes, or somebody else walking around in the backstage (since I assume is hardly unoccupied) would notice your creature.

It can't fly inside unless it's in the backstage. XD
Well one, I thought it was a caravan.

Two, Daveis was only listening, with his big ears he can hear a lot

Three, nobody would be backstage because of the crisis, or I would assume because they would all be trying to calm down the crowd

Also, who would have the time to run after a pokemon who looks like he doesn't have a trainer when some guy just got rekt by a chariot
Only several people are outside. Them being Sky, Stan, and Ben. The clown lady is backstage, and so is Alex, and Kit, and Salazar, as well as most of the Pokemon who perform in alongside the performers. If there's a murderer about, they'd be stirred up enough to leave their rooms or caravans to roam around.

Plus, his window is closed and there is no other way for the thing to enter unless it went through the front door.
I'll edit my posts so Arbo would've tried to scare it when it either clings to the draperies to listen, or something else.

they are all resistant to Grass XD it would hardly affect them. Two Poison-Types and a Grass-Type and one of them has two attacks that are 4x super effective against your Grass-Fairy Type XD
Well, it would if your creature had known that purple things have Poison-type attacks XD well, most purple things anyway.

And the scare tactic was supposed to scare it away, not make it go inside the room. If they trespass into Salazar's property, they won't hesitate but attack.