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Private/Closed Murder in the Circus! (Murder Mystery RP - SIGN UPS HERE)

Since Seviper is based off of the Elegant Pit Viper, a viper commonly used in illegal battles between mongooses and snakes, I based Seviper's venom off of that particular snake. Since pit vipers and vipers in general have a similar toxin, it wasn't that hard to try and find something. Wikipedia is quite nice XD Anyway, a hemotoxin is... Well, the thing I explained, as well as the symptoms in that post. To know your snakes, you must know their venom, too, so Salazar knows exactly the kind of venom his snakes carry. Except for Serperior. Serperior doesn't have venom and is more closely related to a boa, which has serrated teeth instead of the usual fangs and uses their body to coil around opponents and crush them.
Even though Arbok can only learn Poison Fang through hatching with the move already learned, it can still use Poison Sting. Arbok is based on the Indian Cobra and a little bit of the Basilisk (which explains why it can use Glare). Even though Arbok in the RP can't use a move to "bite" an opponent, he still has potent venom, it's just not as strong. The Indian Cobra's venom is both a powerful post-synaptic neurotoxin and a cardiotoxin, which means this venom attacks the heart and the nervous system. It can paralyze muscles, and even cause respiratory failure or cardiac arrest (heart attack). It acts fast, and the symptoms may manifest within 15 minutes to 2 hours after the bite.
Will say it's very important to keep track of which characters are where! I am trying to make it as easy as possible, and just reiterated it with my last post (Alex is the clown, btw) - but you've gotta work with me and read the posts carefully, yo.

On caravan vs room confusion: Due to this being a circus, nearly all of mine have caravans, which are obviously outside. Ben's caravan doubles as his office. Salazar's room is inside the tent, as is Tyler's (his being on the other side from Salazar's, so on the far right as you walk into the backstage area). Nobody else has a room inside the tent, in part because there wouldn't be room for more rooms. The rooms themselves are obviously very much part of the tent, so they don't have concrete walls or anything like that; I would rule it's possible to eavesdrop literally through the side of the tent.

Lastly, juuuust so we're clear: The 'stage' is basically a slightly raised platform at one end of the showring, and performers typically enter onto it. Regardless of whether you are in the 'ring' or 'arena' or on the 'stage', you are in front of the crowd. Chad crashed well away from the stage, so there's no doubt as to what caused the whole accident in the first place (he didn't accidentally hit the platform or something). There are two ways of getting into the arena: there's the entrance to the backstage area, which ultimately leads out the back of the tent, and the entrance to the Big Top, which is where people come through to watch shows.

Worth noting that the size of the former entrance can be changed by pulling back the curtains seperating backstage from stage - so a ute or a large Pokemon can be brought into the arena.
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Salazar has a tiny caravan, but only enough to comfortably fit himself and his props. He would have to store his Pokemon away in their Poke Balls if they'll be transporting to another area. It's also large enough to fit the "fake wall" he has that has the window.
I'd have assumed the window was just part of the tent, but then again, it's glass, so you're right that it would have to be a fake wall. Tyler's window is just plastic and it rolls up with the rest of the tent; he doesn't have a fake wall.


Previously funguy
Name: Ivan Liberty
Age: 17 yrs.
Position, if human: (Circus Performer, Police Officer, Trainer, ect. Circus Performers may only have 3 Pokemon at most. They may not be the ringmaster.) Circus Performer: His act has him diving into a kiddy pool.
Appearance: He has pale brown skin and rough hair cut a few inches above his ear. He wears a set of glasses with a round lens when off stage. Off stage Ivan wears a green tank with dark shorts. On stage he wears a leather eskimo outfit (during the performance he takes the coat off).
Personality: He is overly sarcastic and adds humorous commentary for mournful times. He often will poke fun at you for laughs out of others. He treats his Pokemon as if they were human; allowing them to perform humanoid acts. He despises others who are against Pokemon.
Backstory: Ivan Liberty admired his fathers work in the Circus. His father, Thomas Liberty was assassinated by his brother, Noah Liberty. After his brother's death Noah attempted to assassinate Ivan's mother too, Jillian Liberty. Ivan and his mother escaped from Noah promising to never speak of him. However at his fathers funeral Ivan couldn't help but notice his uncle trotting his way over to the site. In fear Ivan took a hold of Gregory Taff's poke ball. Gregory was a friend of his father, and a partner in his act. Taking the ball from Gregory Ivan chucked the ball at his uncle. As a Electivire came out and protected the others Ivan ran over and snatched the gun from his uncle. Ivan took the gun and held the gun to his uncle's head. His mother called the authorities ,and his uncle was put into a mental asylum. After this the owners of his father's circus shut down production. Ivan heard of the new circus coming to town, and gladly auditioned for a act. Later, Electivire became his partner after Gregory died of age. Ivan then invited Keckleon, a unconscious Pokemon he found on the side of the beach side road and Weedle, Ivan adopted this Pokemon after the incident to cope with his grief. Weedle was the first stage of an evolution chain, and was supposed to symbolize a new beginning. When Ivan was told of a murder going around he feared of what it could turn into.
Pokemon in party, if human: (Please include moves) Weedle. Ivan allows Weedle to stay on his shoulders at all times, and Weedle will unusually copy everything Ivan does from hand gestures too his performances: Bug Bite and Electro Web, Keckleon. Ivan found Keckleon on the side of a beach road and decide to take it in: Lick and Camouflage , Electivire. Electivire was Ivan first partner in his act: Electric Terrain and Taunt.
Other info (Phobias, unusual talents, ect): Ivan is afraid of his uncle being released.

Sample paragraph:
Ivan heard the roar of laughter as the clowns finished their act. The clowns enter backstage glancing at Ivan. Ivan stepped out onto the ring where the ringmaster announced his act. He stared into the crowd as they cheered him onto the ladder. Ivan scaled the ladder carefully as he glanced down at the ringmaster. The ringmaster saluted him and walked off backstage. Ivan took hold of the next bar, and set his foot on the one under it. Ivan reached the top as the crowed stared at him in fear. Ivan stood at the top as Electivire stood at the bottom (note he doesn't own Keckleon yet). Ivan took his coat of and through it too the floor. "Here I go." Ivan whispers as he leaps from the top and into the pool. Ivan heads towards the bottom in fear of what will happen. Electivire watches as Ivan falls into the pool. Head first Ivan hits the pool bottom. The crowds watches as Ivan gets up. Ivan stares at them as they watch him stare back. Electivire kneels down towards Ivan.

Ivan falls to the floor as he watches figures walk over to the site. Ivan wakes in his trailer confused and nauseated. Ivan looks over to see Electivire sitting in the corner of his trailer. "Electivire. Hello big guy." Ivan says reaching for Electivire. Ivan sits up as he feels the trailer move. "Where are we going?" Ivan mumbles climbing out of bed. A medic opens the door with a worried expression. Ivan stares at him as he leaves the trailer. "I don't know whats happening? Electivire. What went down here." Ivan begins to drift off as he falls to the floor. Ivan wakes up form a slight shock. "Thanks big guy." Ivan says standing up in a drunk motion. Ivan looks over towards his desk ,and falls onto the chair. Ivan stares up at the ceiling, "I am not feeling good today.". Ivan sits up slowly. "My performance. I honked it up." Ivan says standing up. "If only dad were here." Ivan mumbles. "Electivire, I know you weren't made for my act. After all my act is new to the circus, but I need to find a way to not egg crack my head open." Ivan says sitting on Electivire's palm. "I need a partner." Ivan says as Electivire slides him off his hand. "Your'e a good partner, but I need a partner that's made for my act" Ivan says slowly. Ivan stands up slowly. "I Ivan Edison Liberty vow to find a partner for my act." Ivan says grasping the door knob. Ivan opens the door and steps out. Ivan falls to the floor rolling to the side. "We are moving." Ivan says laying his head down and drifting off.
(That was a short story of his first performance. @FrouFrou "nerdlord".)
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Previously funguy
He doesn't dive into the fish bowl fully. His Keckleon camouflages and holds him up with his tongue to look like he's soaring. He dives into the bowl and stops inches before it.
Ahhh okay. But if anyone notices the noticeable, zig-zag red stripe of a Kecleon, even if it is invisible (since it doesn't camouflage like the rest of the body), then you're going to have problems XD
Well, you can't have Electivire kill anybody buddy XD this is a murder-mystery kind of RP xD if you don't have the skills to figure out what's going on, then... You won't get much of anywhere in the RP except get in the way, partially... and I mean your character.

Besides, there's already a murder that needs solving before the cops show up. If that doesn't happen, then the cops will show up.

The rule here with the evidence is that they can't be destroyed or permanently hidden anywhere. If they are, then you will get into trouble from the RP creator.
Please remove the part of the backstory where he kills his uncle, and reword the background to indicate his family is from a different circus. A 13 year old killing anyone with a gun and getting away with it scott-free is beyond unbelievable, and my circus's backstory is grounded enough that you can't stick a whole family in there, let alone one with such a... distinctive sort of history. I also need you to fill in the example of writing; I need to see quality stuff (in third-person past tense) to know that you will be okay in the RP.

And indeed, this is not a killing floor. (Have a read of the RP itself if you want to see what we're doing; it's all observing and looking for clues.)
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Sheets were due an update, since the RP's moved along a bit. From this point, you can run a second character if you want to.

Also, we have pics for the sheets, how cool is thaaaat. I commissioned the lines from ReshiPKMN, and I'll colour 'em at some stage - hopefully in time for the next infodump update.

Age: 19
Position: Charioteer
Appearance: Chad is a muscular guy, who is very popular with the ladies on account of his green eyes... or it’s just the muscles. Probably the muscles, honestly. He performs dressed in loose white clothes with red and yellow flames on the sleeves; he often tears off his shirt halfway through his performance. Outside of the circus, he is known to wear a very conspicuous, fire–truck red jacket. Chad has a tattoo of Rapidash circling around his neck, meaning that at least his corpse is quite distinct.

Because, why yes, he’s dead.

Personality: Chad is known to be extremely arrogant and openly boastful; often blind to the fortunes of others. While he can be kind and generous, his needs and his quest for fame always come first. Chad loves attention, and will do anything to have it.

Backstory: Chad was raised in the circus, his uncle being the Ringmaster and all that. He knows little outside of the place; Chad has never battled, nor caught his own Pokemon, but the three he has respect him immensely and would probably die for him.

Ironic that they kill him, then.

Pokemon in party: Ponyta (Blaze), Ponyta (Blitz), Shiny Rapidash (Brutus). Brutus is much larger and stronger than most Rapidash, at least physically.

Other info: Chad has a long-running rivalry with Tyler. According to Ben, at the time of Chad's death, Ben was looking to kick Tyler out of the circus due to him believing Chad was everything Tyler was but better. Tyler seemed somewhat aware of this.

Kit has claimed that Sky is Chad's girlfriend and Chad was cheating on her, but this does not explain the very lewd fanfiction Alex seems to be writing about Chad.

Age: 23


Appearance: Stan is the largest of the circus cast, towering at an impressive 6’4’’. His teeth have been sharpened and ears pointed to give him an even more bestial look, which is spoiled by the glasses and suit he wears off-duty. His dirty-blonde hair is long; he spikes it with gel when he performs, so it resembles a lion's mane.

Personality: Stan has a very childlike demeanour, typically speaking in third person with broken English. It is unknown how smart he actually is, though most of the circus safely assumes he's an idiot. Because of how he talks, Stan is not allowed to talk during performances.

Backstory: Stan has one friend, and a lot of respect for the words FRIEND and TRUST. He can't hold a pencil or draw; it is impossible for him to have drawn the weird note left for Ben.

Pokemon in party: Incineroar (name unknown). It's unclear whether Stan has more Pokemon.

Age: 45


Ben is a balding older man, quite small and wiry. While performing, he wears a traditional red and gold ringmaster outfit; off duty, he can be found in a singlet and shorts. However, he still insists on wearing the hat to hide his bald spot.

Personality: Ben seems to be very depressive and an alcoholic to boot, but has been able to hide it from his paying customers... Mostly. It should be noted that Ben considers the company to be much like one big family, and therefore he wants the culprit to be rooted out from the inside; he doesn't want the police involved unless the murder was committed by some other circus/an audience member/ect.

Despite his melancholy nature, Ben loves Chad to bits, and has supported him at every turn.

Backstory: Ben founded the circus, which is why he's so fiercely loyal to it. At some point during the circus's history, he's done something that is probably not legal, whiiiiich would be that other reason why he doesn't want the police involved. What the hell he did is anyone's guess.

Ben discovered a very ceremonial golden throwing knife in his desk the morning Chad died. The knife was won by Kit in a contest many years ago, but later lost (or so she claims), and it had been stabbed into his desk right up to the hilt. It also had odd scratch marks on the tip of the blade.

Found with the knife was a piece of paper, with an odd diagram on it that had been rubbed out after being drawn for some reason. The piece of paper has since been assumed to show the broken chariot and the unusual marks upon it, but whether the image is intended to be instructions or some sort of threat/blackmail is not known. It's definitely been drawn with the aid of a stencil, or just a ruler and compass. At any rate, Ben ignored the warning, and went on with the show.

Pokemon in party: Luxray, Arcanine (names unknown). Both are greying and missing teeth. Ben does own another Pokemon, which is apparently younger and scarier.

Age: 19

Position: Acrobat/Daredevil

Appearance: Tyler is of average build and height, and isn't particularly handsome either. He has freckles and brown hair and, well, that's kind of all that's interesting. He's notorious for performing in normal clothes (literally cargo shorts and a T-shirt), and when he does make use of costumes they're always extremely fanciful. A keen sewer, Tyler makes his own costumes, some of which are better than others, and all of which are outlandish. When not performing, Tyler is rarely clean due to his near-constant labour on the various cars and caravans the circus owns.

Personality: Tyler doesn't like Pokemon, but absolutely loves cars. Going off his most recent performance, he seems to be prone to doing stupid stunts that nearly get people killed (in this case Stan). He seems to be very prone to outbursts and impulsive things, often saying exactly what he's thinking. Such a big mouth frequently gets him into trouble. Tyler is also famously shitty at handling Pokemon of all shapes and sizes.

Backstory: He is currently very worried about losing his job. If Chad hadn't died when he did, Tyler would almost certainly have been booted due to Chad being the superior pick (or at least doted on by Ben). How convenient.

Just before Chad was killed, Tyler had an act go very wrong. He claims that something used Leech Life on the back of his neck during a particularly wild stunt, causing Tyler to nearly ram a ute into Stan. He seems to have the lump to prove it, too.

Pokemon in party: Tyler has one Pokemon; a Zoroark. The Zoroark cannot speak, not even when illusioning humans, and only seems to obey commands that have been drawn out for it in picture form. It is unknown if it knows any English at all.

The Zoroark does not live in a Pokeball, but instead prefers a cardboard box. It refuses to come out of its cardboard box unless the lock on that box has been opened. The lock on the box had some sort of gold paint on the inside of it, which going off his reaction, Tyler didn't seem to think was there the last time he opened the lock (whenever that was).

Age: 20


Sky has black hair in a bun. She wears a skimpy black leather outfit when performing, and favours equally skimpy casual outfits when not performing. Sky in general is just... skimpy. Somehow, she manages to look stately as well, perhaps because the clothes she wears are always designer and accompanied by expensive bits of jewellery.

Personality: Sky rarely ever panics, with an almost legendary level of patience and concentration developed through knife-throwing. Her words tend to carry authority even when she's not in a good situation socially; she finds that sometimes an illusion of control will turn the tide in her favour. She is known for being highly observant and paying great attention to detail - or at least, all her reviews say so.

Backstory: Currently, little is known beyond Kit having some sort of vendetta for her. Possibly a hate-crush; it's hard to tell. She may or may not be Chad's girlfriend - Kit did say it, after all. She also may or may not have been in possession of the knife found in Ben's desk; again, Kit claims Sky took it many years ago.

Pokemon in party: Another unknown. It is known that all of them are scary as hell, and they're likely to be Dragon-types.

Age: 22

Position: Contortionist

Appearance: Kit is a small lady, small to the point of childlike, who typically wears a shirt and jeans. The shirt usually has some sort of rude message on it. When performing, Kit loves to get as dressed up as she can, with ridiculous amounts of lace and silk. (On one occasion, she managed to get hold of a hoop skirt. Even Ben felt this was not a good idea.) She has a liking for bonnets.

The meanest mean girl to ever mean, Kit has a tendency to jump to conclusions and proceed to pursue them doggedly. She can be extremely stubborn in arguments, in part because she often feels inadequate and therefore needs to dominate others in pursuit of self-worth. Kit speaks extremely roughly, with a lot of colourful language, and often with little regard or respect for people she's 'bitching' about.

She seems to have a seriously problem with Sky, which may have to do with her believing Sky stole her beloved knife years and years ago. She can also talk to Pokemon (sort of) for some reason, but her translations are not always the best.

Pokemon in party:
Cutiefly (Honey - male, knows Leech Life), rest of party not known. But on the day of Chad's death, Kit did not have her other Pokemon with her at the show, so it's fairly likely they aren't connected to the issue at hand.

Age: 16

Position: Clown

Appearance: Alex is a chubby girl, with blonde hair and brown eyes. Recently, she tried to cut her hair and didn't do very well. At all. When working, her uniform is fairly obvious; a colourful mess of fabric scraps from Tyler's creations. When not working, she likes to wear a dark hoodie with the hood pulled up, and when reading she needs to put on large, square-rimmed glasses. Her nose often appears to be red several hours after she's taken the clown nose off.

Alex's stare is considered one of the most haunting things in the whole damn circus.

Personality: Currently the youngest of the company, Alex is a loud and happy type, who can't stand the idea of anyone not liking her; the very thought can cause her to burst into tears and run away. She's very high-strung, wanting to make sure everyone is happy at the circus, and has frequent meltdowns when things don't go her way. Once crying, Alex will lock herself in her caravan for hours at a time, but it seems she will let people into her caravan during these meltdowns.

Another unknown. Beyond the... uh... whole writing-questionable-fanfic-about-Chad-thing. And the bizarre readings of aforementioned fanfiction to whoever comes into her damn caravan. She also apparently has alcohol in her caravan. God lone knows why, given her age. It seems there's a lot of mystery around Alex, but they may not exactly be the sort of mysteries one would want to look too far into.

Sky in particular does not seem to think much of Alex, advising others to 'not believe everything she says'.

Pokemon in party: Eevee! A super-fluffy one, too. She got a Venonat last week, and doesn't have any other Pokemon.


Previously funguy
I updated it @FrouFrou. If it's not acceptable I can change it. I changed a few things as well. I wanted to know if you made those characters or are they others characters and you updated the template if so I missed out.
Ivan Liberty admired his fathers work in the Circus. His father, Thomas Liberty was assassinated by his brother, Noah Liberty. After his brother's death Noah attempted to assassinate Ivan's mother too, Jillian Liberty. Ivan and his mother escaped from Noah promising to never speak of him. However at his fathers funeral Ivan couldn't help but notice his uncle trotting his way over to the site. In fear Ivan took a hold of Gregory Taff's poke ball. Gregory was a friend of his father, and a partner in his act. Taking the ball from Gregory Ivan chucked the ball at his uncle. As a Electivire came out and protected the others Ivan ran over and snatched the gun form his uncle. Ivan proceeds to shoot his uncle in the shoulder until his uncle fell to the floor. His uncle was put into a mental asylum. After this the owners of the circus invited Ivan to take his father's act in the circus at the age of 13. Ivan gladly took the offer and became a performer. Later, Electivire became his partner after Gregory died of age. Ivan then invited Keckleon, a unconscious Pokemon he found on the side of the beach side road and Weedle, Ivan adopted this Pokemon after the incident to cope with his grief. Weedle was the first stage of an evolution chain, and was supposed to symbolize a new beginning. When Ivan was told of a murder going around he feared of what it could turn into.

This hasn't changed one bit. Where did you change it?

Also, you must include an RP sample.

If you want them to, they can. But FrouFrou will avoid killing off our characters unless we specifically tell her via a conversation to kill off your character.
Oh XD I thought you said you were already done with it. What you had said "I updated it" would mean that you already did it, since it's past-tense. Since you're not done with it yet, that would mean you are updating it.
@CactusParty - Again, you need to reword the background to indicate his family (his dad) is from a different circus. The circus hasn't been around for generations or w/e, and on top of that having a character that was around in its early history screws with the plot in a fairly major way. Just say he transferred from his dad's circus or something; Ben isn't above poaching other peoples' acts.

As I said earlier when talking directly to you, the example of writing should have been in third-person, past tense, because those are the Pokecharms rules for RPing. I won't ask you to write it again, but if you start to drift away from third-person/past-tense, I'll have to ask you to leave the RP. I'm also just kinda... starting to wonder how good you are at listening? There's lots of casual RPs out there, but like... this RP is all about paying attention. It may not be for you, tbh.

You may enter the RP once you've changed the thing about his dad, but yeah.