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Open Nexito region

Welcome To the Nexito Region here's the hottest region known yet... make your account like this EXAMPLE V

Name : Jake
Pokemon : charmander Hoopa And Pikachu
Looks : Sunglasses, Pikachu T-shirt, Shorts, And A necklace With A Sharpedo Tooth on it.
Age : 13

Also any starter from the pokemon games are the ones you can choose
Name: Ryan-Moxie (Ry)
Pokémon: Starly and Chespin

Appearance: Short, white t-shirt, grey shorts, and boots
Age: 14
Of course, it was normal for the world-famous Nexito sun to blaze the sweat out of Ry, but today was even hotter. He fed both his Starly and Chespin a few berries and headed to the Exius Town Pokémon Center quickly to ensure perfect health of his Pokémon. Plus, they had good air condiitioning. He sat down on one of the seats for a second, waiting for the queue to diminish, breathing heavily after the long run.
Real Account
Name : Jake
Pokemon : Litten And Pikachu.
Looks : Sunglasses, Pikachu T-shirt, Shorts, And A necklace With A Sharpedo Tooth on it.
Age : 13

Jake finally got out of his bed Because Of the Sun coming through his window, and Litten and Pikachu tapping him. he got out of his bed and looked out of the window into the city of UbexNia. Which was a few miles away from the nearest town: Exius Town... he went outside to find a The gang of jerks: Team Flare, training with each other...