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Many years ago a great unbalance was brought to the world. One with a heart of perfect balance saved the planet from the unbalance, but at the cost of their life. Their heart, however, was split into six pieces. Love, Hate, Sadness, Kindness, Purity, and Ambition. The Pieces Of The Heart.


Summer ran through her forest, her green eyes greener than the trees that surrounded her. Her redish orange fur glimmered, and her yellow fluff ruffled in the soft breeze. summer's forest was empty other than for her, but she was never lonely. Her friends were the trees, wind, water, and stones. She had seen, and felt the pain of the world outside her forest, and was done with it. She was happier in her forest.
Blue trotted around in her steep mountains, her soft fur gleamed in the sunlight as she walked down to where the waterfall was. Blue sat at the edge of the mountain, gazing at the scenery. A Blue bird flew down and sat on her shoulder. "Hey Sky, how's it going?" Blue asked the bird, Sky. "Oh I'm good Blue, how are you?" Sky asked the Shiny Umbreon. "Oh as long as you come everyday I'm pretty much fine!" Blue said and looked at Sky. It it was only those two in the mountains and they were pretty content with that.
It was hard living the life of selflessness and kindness, but she enjoyed it. Solstice padded along a forest trail with a large smile on her face. Just now she had given a family of Caterpie her lunch for the day, and boy did the Espeon feel great about it. She has been traveling on bread for the past few days and the carbohydrates aren't the best for her active body. Solstice is quite slim due to her lack of food but she didn't care. All the Espeon was worried about was the happiness of others.

The Espeon stopped at a river to take a large gulp of water. Next to her she heard a sound and bolted up, but there wasn't anything there. Solstice took a quick air wave scan of the area and found that there wasn't any disturbances. With a quick shrug she went back to drinking, but she couldn't help but feel a presence around her.
Squall stood at the edge of his territory- the one he had claimed years ago and so patiently kept for his own. His paws quivered, but his mood was dark as an uneasy edge settled over the Houndoom's ruby eyes. Black fur rippling in unison with the red as the wind whined over it, Squall picked up first one midnight paw, then placed it down in the same place as before and switched it for the other.
The Houndoom shook his head, as if giving in to some unseen debate, and abruptly leapt over the boundary of his home, racing, eyes in almost a child-like gleam as from each rock he lightly bounded. The cloud of dark unease that had shaded his thoughts momentarily gave way to a dove grey sky, light and foggy. Something in the dark creature's mind protested at the thought of the unknown ahead, but the majority felt relief that a decision had finally come and that he knew of the destination- that is, that there was none.
Each paw clicked on the hard stone as his claws scratched upon the surface, but soon enough the sound gave way to a muted thumping as stone gave way to dirt and grass. Feeling some sort of primitive joy in the act, Squall bounded away, his arrow-head tail streaming out behind, the itch in his paws escalating with every beat of the heart against it's cage as the Houndoom became a wanderer, and left his home to the horizon.
He didn't look back- just forwards. Forwards to what lay ahead, and to what land his instincts would bring him upon. With every surge of his muscles, he felt free- free and certain that wherever he went was where he was meant to be. Childlike mentality, perhaps, but it consoled him enough to give in to the unsettled itch of his paws.
The Umbreon eyes flickered as he watched the Espeon. "Why have you come to my forest? Want would you want in a dark place like this?" A voice called from the shadows. "A lass like you doesn't belong in these parts." Dusk said stiffly as he passed by the stream.
Solstice choked on the water as the Umbreon started to speak. She was so sure that she had been alone. Once again she checked the air waves. Now of course it picked up on this Umbreon's presence. The Espeon picked her head up out of the water to watch the Pokemon pass by. As soon as she swallowed the remaining water in her mouth, Solstice put on a huge smile. "Why do you seem so...down? Here... You can have... Uhh..." The Espeon rummaged through her deflated bag to look for something to 'cheer' the Umbreon up. To her dismay, she only had her blue scarf which she needed to keep for her health. Plus it was the last present her mother sent her for her birthday, which was fairly recent.

With a small upset swish of her split tail, Solstice gazed around the clearing for something... Anything to present as a gift. Something nice. The Espeon found herself digging in the coarse sand-like material in the river to find 'it' or whatever 'it' would be. Finally her paw hit something. "Oh! Here we go! You can have this... Shell! It's nice and smooth, it must have traveled far from the sea!" Solstice chirped, almost too enthusiasticly. The Espeon bounded up next to the Umbreon and placed the shell down and smiled.
Blue noticed a Espeon and a Umbreon below so she she took a leap of faith and landed head first, into the water. Once Blue resurfaced, Sky sat on her head as she swam to shore. Blue grabbed the edge of the grass and pulled her way up. Blue looked up and sweat dropped. "I survived that? Whep!" Blue said and looked at the Umbreon and Espeon "Hi! I'm Blue and this is Sky!" Blue said enthusiastically.
Summer jumped into a tree, "Good morning Mr. Tree how are you?" She greeted the tree. As if answering, the branches swayed. "I'm perfect, thank you for asking!" She smiled. "Would you mind if I took an apple?" She asked politely, her fluffy yellow tail wagging. The branches swayed again. "Thank you very much." She dipped her head and pulled off an apple. "I have to go, thanks again." She bowed her head, and picked up the fruit before jumping to the ground and walking to a large rock. "Morning Mr. Rock," She greeted and laid down, eating the juicy fruit.