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Pokecharms Chat Role Play ( #CharmsRP )

Alistair slowly crept into the small, quaint looking cafe with optimism. He'd been very uptight recently due to the recent going-ons, and now was a perfect time for him to kick back with some old and new allies. Wiping the moody look on his face away and replacing it with his usual carefree smile, he briskly walked into the cafe.

"Good Afternoon, everyone!"

The girl with crimson red hair, Shade, glared maliciously at the Geokinetic.

"You're friends with Karu and company, aren't you? Sorry to say," Sarcasm oozed from her tone. "That they left a few hours ago."



Aw no that really sucks I wanted to join in D: Hopefully we can do something like this again sometime soon!

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Some more CRP logs

[14:20] * @Talon_Reid is once again sat at an outdoor table at Shade's cafe, having convinced her that Zachary will not be around today.
[14:21] * Lyni is now known as Jasper
[14:21] <@Jasper> (I need to get a feel for him better, so yeah)
[14:23] <@Talon_Reid> (going to)
[14:24] <@Talon_Reid> (do anything)
[14:24] <@Talon_Reid> (maybe)
[14:24] * @Jasper is walking around the city, feet barely skimming the ground as he explores the area. He spots the cafe and, suddenly craving a coffee, enters and orders himself a cup. The man looks around and spots another man sitting alone, and he approaches soundlessly.
[14:24] <@Jasper> Mind if I sit with you?
[14:24] <@Talon_Reid> Go ahead.
[14:25] * Elizabeth had come to this place upon Lady Dwayna's request. The Fates were different here than the ones that watched over Terrater, and there was a human individual that she had been asked to investigate. The best place to start would be to go to the cafe that Lady Dwayna had visited and she if she could gain any information.
[14:25] <Elizabeth> (*see)
[14:26] * @Jasper takes a seat and puts his cane away, the cane shrinking into the size of a pen
[14:26] * @Talon_Reid sips his coffee.
[14:28] <@Jasper> Name's Jasper Sorrel, by the way, though I also go by Jazz.
[14:28] <@Talon_Reid> Nice to meet you.
[14:29] * Elizabeth wore her slightly pink-tinged hair in a ponytail, silvery eyes peering over the rims of her glasses as she plodded along in her black dress. She gingerly opened the door to the cafe, and ordered a tea. She suddenly felt drawn to a specific table, where two gentlemen now sat
[14:30] <Elizabeth> ... Excuse me. Have either of you encountered a draconic woman the other day?
[14:30] * @Jasper turns to the other woman and raises an eyebrow in confusion
[14:30] <@Talon_Reid> Dwayna you mean?
[14:31] * @Talon_Reid doesn't look up from his book.
[14:31] <@Jasper> There are draconic people here?
[14:31] <@Talon_Reid> Sometimes.
[14:31] <@Jasper> Huh, this land is strange.
[14:32] <Elizabeth> Yes, the Lady Dwayna. I am here on business for her. It is a pleasure to meet you.
[14:32] <@Talon_Reid> What kind of business?
[14:32] * Elizabeth bows slightly to the two gentlemen
[14:33] * @Jasper smiles slightly. "Pleasure to meet you too; would you like to grab a seat?"
[14:34] <Elizabeth> I am to obtain information for her about a certain individual that she encountered.
[14:34] * Elizabeth graciously nods and takes a seat at the table
[14:35] <@Talon_Reid> Well there's me, Talon Reid, Michael, Lyni, Karu and Zachary.
[14:35] <@Talon_Reid> Got a name?
[14:35] * @Jasper eyes raise slightly at the mention of Lyni, but doesn't interupt the other two
[14:36] <Elizabeth> The name was Michael, I believe. Though she did also mention the others that happened along.
[14:36] <@Talon_Reid> Haven't seen him around today.
[14:36] * Elizabeth nods slightly, looking contemplative
[14:36] * @Talon_Reid activates his magical senses.
[14:36] <@Talon_Reid> So you work for the dragon lady.
[14:36] <Elizabeth> Then it might take me some time to find him.
[14:36] <@Jasper> I might know a Michael, if it's the same one we're talking about. Tall, wears green?
[14:37] <Elizabeth> (high magic around the eyes, relating to psychic or foresight if it's that extensive)
[14:37] <Elizabeth> Yes, that would be the individual.
[14:38] <@Jasper> (Jasper has wind and sound magic)
[14:39] <Elizabeth> I am in the service of Lady Dwayna, yes.
[14:39] <@Jasper> Met him once, I think Ly- er, a friend of mine, might have a fancy for him.
[14:39] <@Jasper> Is Dwayna the dragon lady you mentioned earlier?
[14:40] <Elizabeth> She is a half-dragon, yes.
[14:41] <Elizabeth> I serve her as the royal seer, but it seems... my abilities are somewhat limited here.
[14:41] <@Talon_Reid> Royal seer?
[14:41] <@Jasper> Oh, is this Dwayna a queen?
[14:42] * Elizabeth nods in confirmation
[14:42] <Elizabeth> Her Royal Majesty Dwayna DragonFire, Queen of Terrater
[14:42] <@Talon_Reid> Queen of an entire world.
[14:42] * @Talon_Reid raises eyebrows.
[14:43] * @Talon_Reid does not, however, look away from his book.
[14:43] <@Talon_Reid> Interesting.
[14:44] * @Jasper whistles in awe
[14:44] <@Jasper> (I'll brb, the roommate reappeared)
[14:45] <Elizabeth> Ah, she did not mention it? then perhaps I have overstepped my bounds as a servant to the crown...
[14:46] * Elizabeth 's irises suddenly appear as if they move, as if turning clockwise, before stilling again
[14:47] <Elizabeth> I... do not think she will be too angry with me.
[14:48] <@Jasper> Why does she want to know about Michael, if you don't ask me asking?
[14:48] * ~Karu (chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 125 seconds)
[14:48] <@Talon_Reid> That connection to the Fates must make you pretty sure.
[14:49] <Elizabeth> As I said... my abilities are somewhat limited here. I'm not positive, but I am quite sure...
[14:49] <Elizabeth> As for Micheal, it seems he had caught my Lady's interest as well. She has had... a trobled past, and wished for me to look into him further
[14:50] <Elizabeth> (+u)
[14:50] * Zachary (SolInvictu@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com) has joined #CharmsRP
[14:50] <@Jasper> (ohhai Zacky)
[14:51] <Zachary> (are we rping?)
[14:51] <@Talon_Reid> That's all...very interesting.
[14:51] <@Jasper> (yes but we told Shade you won't be here)
[14:51] <Zachary> (Elizabeth is who?)
[14:51] <Elizabeth> However if he is otherwise occupied... She will likely not be very pleased.
[14:51] <Elizabeth> (Dwayna)
[14:52] * @Jasper notes the hidden meaning behind the woman's words and can't help but crack a smile a little
[14:52] <Zachary> (so i can't rp because of Shade?)
[14:52] <@Jasper> (You could probably choose another character as long as they don't get us kicked out)
[14:53] <Zachary> (so i guess Captain Geronimo isn't a good choice then)
[14:54] * Zachary is now known as Abel
[14:54] <@Jasper> I've only met Michael once, so I can't say for sure, but last I checked one of my friends does like him.
[14:54] <Abel> (i'll need the previous chat rp text)
[14:54] <@Jasper> ... romantically
[14:54] <@Jasper> (I'll query them)
[14:54] <@Jasper> Though I'm not sure if anything has happened between them since; it's been months, anyways.
[14:55] <Elizabeth> Hmm... Quite the dilemma, then.
[14:56] <Elizabeth> The feelign was mutual?
[14:56] <Elizabeth> (I am apparently full of typos today)
[14:56] * @Jasper shrugs as he takes another sip of coffee
[14:57] * Disconnected
[14:58] * Attempting to rejoin channel #CharmsRP
[14:58] * Rejoined channel #CharmsRP
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[14:58] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Shiny
[14:58] <@Shiny> (did I miss much)
[14:58] <Elizabeth> [12:55] <Elizabeth> Hmm... Quite the dilemma, then. [12:55] <Elizabeth> The feeling was mutual?
[14:58] * @Shiny shrugs as he takes another sip of coffee
[14:59] * Abel stumbles out of an alley, holding his stomach. The hunger was getting stronger with every waking moment. It was gnawing at him deeply, biting at his sanity. He needed to get some food or something inside of him soon. His green eyes were darkened with shadows as he walked past a group of people talking outside of a coffee shop.
[15:00] * @Talon_Reid seems distracted by something, and stands, leaving the money to pay for his coffee on the table before walking away.
[15:00] * Abel orders enough food to feed ten people and sits at a table, he starts to chow down on everything, eating the food, glassware and utensils.
[15:00] <Elizabeth> She will not be happy with this at all... But it is my duty to inform her of this development.
[15:00] <@Shiny> I wish her the best of luck, anyways.
[15:00] <@Talon_Reid> (Talon and Abel have met before iirc)
[15:00] <@Shiny> (oops)
[15:00] * Shiny is now known as Jasper
[15:00] <@Talon_Reid> (Shiny you're still Shiny)
[15:00] <@Jasper> (I realized)
[15:01] <@Jasper> I wish her the best of luck, anyways.
[15:01] <@Jasper> (I hate my life)
[15:01] * @Talon_Reid sits across from Abel without invitation.
[15:01] <Abel> (what does iirc?)
[15:01] <@Talon_Reid> (If I remember correctly)
[15:01] <@Jasper> (if I recall correctly)
[15:01] * Abel looks up and see's a familiar face.
[15:01] <Abel> Hey Talon.
[15:01] <@Talon_Reid> Abel.
[15:01] <Elizabeth> in my experience, luck has nothing to do with it... I am well aware of how this will go.
[15:01] <@Talon_Reid> What brings you to the dimension.
[15:02] * Abel takes a huge bite out of a glass plate and chews it loudly.
[15:02] * Karu (chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net) has joined #CharmsRP
[15:02] * @Jasper looks at how the other gentleman moved to another table, but goes back to focusing on the woman
[15:02] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Karu Karu
[15:02] <@Talon_Reid> You know you're going to have to pay for everything you eat.
[15:02] <@Jasper> Ah, right, seer.
[15:02] <Abel> I am the Balance Guardian of Dimensions.
[15:02] <Abel> It's my job to wander all over, and yeah, I know.
[15:02] * Elizabeth nods, her eyes swirling again
[15:02] * Abel reaches within his tunic and pulls out a large bag of gold.
[15:03] <Abel> I think I have more then enough for the bill.
[15:03] <@Talon_Reid> (does Shade take solid gold)
[15:04] <Elizabeth> She will react quite harshly... I foresee some conflict...
[15:04] <Abel> (she does now)
[15:04] <@Talon_Reid> (I was asking Karu)
[15:04] * @Jasper frowns
[15:04] <@Jasper> does it involve, um, a young girl?
[15:04] <~Karu> (She does.)
[15:05] <~Karu> (Currency is material worth, after all.)
[15:05] <Abel> What are you doing here, Talon?
[15:05] <Abel> Other then enjoying coffee?
[15:05] <@Talon_Reid> My portal dialed the place a while ago, seemed as good a place as any to hang around.
[15:05] <~Karu> (Where are we all?)
[15:05] <Elizabeth> I see that she looks young for her age...
[15:06] <@Talon_Reid> (The cafe)
[15:06] <Abel> ((the one i got everyone kicked out of :))
[15:06] <@Jasper> (yes)
[15:07] <Elizabeth> The girl will likely not be happy to know of this either... but it will come to pass that Dwayna confronts Michael...
[15:07] <~Karu> (Ah!)
[15:07] <~Karu> (May I intervene?)
[15:07] <@Jasper> (it is a public venue)
[15:08] <@Jasper> (Talon and Abel are at a different table from Elizabeth and Jazz)
[15:08] <@Jasper> How did the two meet? Dwayna and Michael, I mean?
[15:09] <Elizabeth> My Lady mentioned a shopping trip with her friends. The girl... Lyni... is one of these friends.
[15:10] <Abel> I see, I'm here because the God of Order, Helt, is returning and I must stop him.
[15:10] * @Jasper blinks in recognition of the name, though he isn't exactly surprised.
[15:10] <@Talon_Reid> "God of Order" is not generally a phrase you hear before "I must stop him"
[15:11] * Elizabeth clutches her forehead slightly, as the information suddenly becomes like static in her mind.
[15:11] <@Talon_Reid> (by the way that's the plot of a My Little Pony fanfiction)
[15:11] <@Jasper> Ah... dear.
[15:11] <Abel> Order and Chaos aren't good and evil, Talon.
[15:11] <Elizabeth> I... cannot discern the outcome.
[15:11] * ~Karu steps in with a tingling of the small brass bell fittied upon the doorframe, stepping up to the counter and ordering a frothy milkshake, being quite partial to them with a kind greeting to Sharon. Oblivious to the world, he sits with his tall drink at a quiet window table, reading a dusty old tome.
[15:12] <@Jasper> I can probably guess, if little Lyn will act how I think she will.
[15:12] <@Talon_Reid> (Like the alicorn in question was literally named Order before he became a tyranical madpony)
[15:12] <@Talon_Reid> I know that much.
[15:13] <@Talon_Reid> So're we talking like some kind of order that would eradicate all intelligent like or emotion or some nonsense.
[15:13] <@Talon_Reid> *?
[15:14] <Elizabeth> If I am assuming correctly... It will not be pretty?
[15:14] <Abel> More like tyranny and mysticism, Talon.
[15:14] <Abel> He'll rule with an iron fist.
[15:14] <@Jasper> Well, she does have a temper. And she lacks control over her powers when she's, ah, not in a good mood.
[15:15] <@Jasper> It's a common problem for... people like us
[15:15] <@Talon_Reid> How lame.
[15:15] <Abel> True that.
[15:15] <@Talon_Reid> But how do you intend to fight a god?
[15:15] <Elizabeth> Then it may end in heartache for all parties involved...
[15:16] * Abel looks around the area before leaning in closer to Talon. "By becoming a god myself."
[15:16] * Elizabeth sighs, looking slightly downcast.
[15:16] <Abel> Or at least as strong as one.
[15:16] * @Jasper still looks mostly pleasant, but has clenched his fists so tightly his knuckles are turning white as he recalls a certain incident
[15:16] <@Jasper> (Abel is BLACK STAR)
[15:16] <Elizabeth> It seems I won't be bringing home any good news.
[15:17] <@Jasper> Hopefully at the end of it all, things might work out?
[15:17] <Abel> (who's black star?)
[15:17] <@Jasper> I am truly sorry about that though, miss...?
[15:17] <@Jasper> (from Soul Eater)
[15:17] <Elizabeth> Elizabeth Aelo.
[15:18] * Elizabeth bows her head again
[15:18] <Elizabeth> I thank you for the information... Jasper.
[15:19] <@Talon_Reid> So you're apeing my game then.
[15:19] * @Jasper blinks in surprise before smiling
[15:19] <@Jasper> Just call me Jazz, almost everyone does.
[15:19] <Abel> (does he become a god?)
[15:19] <Abel> Apeing your game, Talon?
[15:19] * Elizabeth nods in understanding.
[15:19] <Elizabeth> As you wish.
[15:20] <@Talon_Reid> Didn't I ever tell you the story of how I beat the nameless god?
[15:20] <Abel> No.
[15:20] <@Jasper> (oh story time)
[15:20] * ~Karu sips of the mixture silently through a straw, flicking through pages.
[15:21] <Abel> (i must leave, my people need me)
[15:21] <@Talon_Reid> (just send Zacky the log)
[15:21] <@Jasper> (I did)
[15:21] * Abel (SolInvictu@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com) Quit (Imploded: )
[15:21] <@Jasper> (but there he goes anyways)
[15:21] <@Talon_Reid> (:I)
[15:22] * @Talon_Reid is left behind before he can start his story.
[15:22] * @Talon_Reid leans back in his chair.
[15:22] <Elizabeth> I'm afraid that I must be going home to tend to the noble that I am in service to... and tell the Lady Dwayna the bad news. If you will excuse me.
[15:22] <@Talon_Reid> Hey Aquaman!
[15:22] <~Karu> Aquaman?! Who--
[15:22] <~Karu> ...Oh, it's you, magister...
[15:22] <@Jasper> Oh yes. It was nice meeting you, Miss Aelo, and I'm sorry I couldn't bring you better news.
[15:23] * ~Karu looks up taking in the others around the establishment.
[15:23] * Elizabeth gracefully gets up out of her seat, bows again respectfully, and gives a small smile.
[15:24] * @Jasper smiles back and gives a slight bow with his head
[15:24] <Elizabeth> It is hardly your fault what the Fates of this universe decide.
[15:24] <@Jasper> Still, I am sorry for being the bearer of bad news.
[15:24] <~Karu> Badn ews...? Hm...
[15:24] * ~Karu sips again, returning to his book.
[15:25] * @Jasper looks over at the person who repeated his words
[15:25] <@Jasper> Something up?
[15:25] <Elizabeth> It is not a problem. It was a pleasure meeting you... and do not try to worry yourself over the past too much. If you regret, you are a good man.
[15:25] <~Karu> (Aw, No Lyni and no Dwayna! How atrocious...)
[15:26] <@Jasper> Ho- I mean, of course, thank you for your kind words.
[15:26] <@Jasper> (+w)
[15:26] <@Jasper> (I did not accidentally miss the w <<)
[15:26] <~Karu> Not at all, I just can't fathom how much more bad news this place can take
[15:27] * Elizabeth nods to Jazz and plods out of the cafe, leaving a few gold pieces as a tip for the waitress.
[15:27] * Elizabeth is now known as Dwayna
[15:28] * @Jasper takes out his pen, which transforms back into a cane as he walks over to the other two, his feet not making a sound as they glide over the floor
[15:28] <@Jasper> Also, I think you left your book, sir
[15:29] * @Jasper hands it to Talon
[15:29] * @Talon_Reid takes the book.
[15:29] <@Talon_Reid> That keeps happening...
[15:30] <@Jasper> Must not be a very good book if you keep forgetting it, then.
[15:30] <@Talon_Reid> (Earlier I said "a My Little Pony fanfiction" but I've only ever read one)
[15:30] <@Jasper> (of course)
[15:30] <@Talon_Reid> (So should it be "the" fanfiction ._.)
[15:31] <@Jasper> (XD)
[15:31] <~Karu> (Phft xD)
[15:32] <Dwayna> (so yes, that happened)
[15:34] * @Jasper pulls out a laptop and works opens up something with a lot of tabbing and odd writing on it, which he edits every so often
[15:36] * @Talon_Reid stands to leave again forgetting his book.
[15:36] <@Talon_Reid> (missed a comma)
[15:36] * Talon_Reid is now known as Tailon
[15:37] * @Jasper puts the book in his bag and packs up his laptop, making sure to save his work and leaves as well
[15:37] * Jasper is now known as Shiny

Player List:
Karu - Karu
Elizabeth - Dwayna Dragonfire
Talon Reid - Tailon
Jasper - Shiny
Abel - Zachary


[20:14] * ~Atma steps from a book store into the early afternoon sun, rays of gold highlighting the paling complexion of an avid bookworm. Green eyes peer out from messy brown hair, scanning the streets for a comfortable, cooler spot than this to read. Following cobblestone streets through a sparse civilian flow scarcely a crowd, he eventually takes seat beside a fountain in Queen's Square, the centrepiece...
[20:14] * ~Atma ...of the financial district lined with benches and high end stores.
[20:15] * @Dean is sat at a nearby bench, feeding some birds.
[20:15] <Noah> (You three start, I kind of want to get a feel for this before entering. XD)
[20:15] <@Shiny> (oh I didn't realize something was happening)
[20:16] <@Shiny> (I was out getting dinner)
[20:16] <@Dean> (be Lyni)
[20:16] * Shiny is now known as Lyni
[20:16] <@Dean> (feel the chaotic annoying flow through you)
[20:16] <Noah> (Does Dean know Noah in this time thing?)
[20:17] <@Dean> (Dean hasn't met any of your characters)
[20:17] <@Dean> (This is superstrong alien Dean)
[20:17] * Dinova is walking by, absentmindedly looking for a place to buy the latest issue of his favorite comic book.
[20:17] <@Dean> (Talon still knows most of them)
[20:17] <@Lyni> (are we just having a social CRP with talking?)
[20:17] <@Lyni> (that's what I read in main chat)
[20:17] <Noah> (Are characters like Noah common around here, or should I do something else with him?)
[20:17] <@Dean> (yes)
[20:18] <@Dean> (Crossroads of dimensions)
[20:18] <@Dean> (Anything goes)
[20:18] <@Lyni> (^)
[20:18] <@Lyni> (I mean we had Zacky claiming to be a god earlier)
* Retrieving #CharmsRP modes...
[20:18] <@Dean> (He claimed he was due to fight one)
[20:18] <@Dean> (Which Talon and crew have also done in the past :p
[20:18] <@Dean> )
[20:18] <@Lyni> (fine)
[20:19] * @Lyni emerges from the fountain with a fake ice tail and positions herself next to the person suddenly decided to sit there
[20:20] <@Lyni> Good book~?
[20:20] <@Dean> (omg you nerd)
[20:20] <@Lyni> (shoosh)
[20:20] * ~Atma jumps in his seat, clasping the red hardback tightly to his chest with a gasp, turning about to see who had disturbed him.
[20:20] <@Dean> (ok)
[20:20] <@Lyni> (you said to be the chaotic annoying so I'm being a chaotic annoying)
[20:20] <~Atma> Y-yes! It is... Thank you, Miss...?
[20:21] <@Lyni> Lyni!
[20:21] <@Lyni> And you are~?
[20:21] <@Dean> (dammit brb)
[20:21] <@Dean> (Dean continues to feed burds)
[20:21] <~Atma> Miss Lyni, then.
[20:22] * @Lyni notices Dinova in the distance and sends a splash of water in his direction with her fake mermaid tail
[20:22] * ~Atma adjusts his robes, reopening the book and leafing through pages to find his mark.
[20:22] <@Lyni> Helloooo, I asked for your name!
[20:22] <~Atma> My name is Atma.
[20:22] <@Lyni> Thank you~
[20:22] * @Lyni peaks over shoulder, trying to decipher what the book's about
[20:22] * Dinova feels the cold splash of water hit the back of his head
[20:23] <Dinova> Either mermaids suddenly hate me...
[20:23] <@Lyni> Huh, I don't think I've seen that one before~ what's it about?
[20:23] <Dinova> or hi Lyn...
[20:23] * @Lyni perks up at Dinova's voice and waves at him, smiling brightly
[20:23] <@Lyni> Yoooo~
[20:24] <~Atma> A book regarding theories on the origin of the social hierarchy adopted in this city.
[20:24] * Dinova walks over
[20:24] * ~Atma smiles bemusedly.
[20:24] <Dinova> who's your friend
[20:24] <@Lyni> This is, ah, Adam? I think?
[20:24] <~Atma> In fact, one theorist compares the political structure to that of the beasts roaming the wilds-- Uh, Atma, Miss Lyni...
[20:24] <@Lyni> I forget, sorry
[20:24] <@Lyni> heh...
[20:25] * Dinova notices the book in Adam's hands
[20:25] <Dinova> Hey! Where'd you get that?
[20:25] <~Atma> ..A book store, of course.
[20:25] * ~Atma waves a receipt.
[20:25] <Dinova> nearby?
[20:25] <@Lyni> Does Di like reading stuff like this?
[20:26] <Dinova> Erm.. not exactly...
[20:26] <~Atma> Indeed. A little ways north of the fountain.
[20:26] * ~Atma attempts to reimmerse himself in the book.
[20:26] <@Lyni> North, north-
[20:26] <Dinova> I'm looking fosr liteature focusing on altruistic individuals bettering society!
[20:26] <Dinova> Yeah, that's it...
[20:26] * @Lyni looks around trying to figure out which way the sun is
[20:27] <@Lyni> Does the sun rise in the north?
[20:27] <Dinova> north is that way Lyn...
[20:27] <@Lyni> Oh, right!
[20:27] * ~Atma grumbled, bookmarking the page with the receipt and slamming it shut somewhat discourteously.
[20:27] <Dinova> it's afternoon, you can't even use the sun...
[20:28] <@Lyni> Aha, I knew that~
[20:28] <Dinova> sure you did...
[20:28] * @Lyni notices Atma's disgruntled look and smiles sheepishly
[20:28] <@Lyni> Sorry about that~
[20:28] <~Atma> If require assistance, I shall provide it! Little be said for me if not I was raised well.
[20:28] * @Dean notices the sound of the book slamming shut and looks up at the small gathering of people that have arrived.
[20:28] * ~Atma aptly jumps to his feet, adjusting his garb a little.
[20:28] <Dinova> Sorry if we interuppted your book
[20:29] <@Lyni> Assistance would be nice, yes! Thankies, Adam~
[20:29] <~Atma> My own fault, really --- Atma!
[20:29] <@Lyni> Adam's easier to say~
[20:30] * @Lyni dissolves her fish tail and leaps down lightly
[20:30] <@Lyni> Lead the way~?
[20:30] * @Dean approaches the little grouping.
[20:30] * ~Atma raises an eyebrow, mouth twisted in consideration for a moment.
[20:30] <Dinova> Yes, I need to find my
[20:30] <@Dean> Is there a problem?
[20:30] <Dinova> er textbook!
[20:31] * @Lyni turns to the new person, and curtsies slightly
[20:31] <Dinova> No problem
[20:31] <~Atma> I am always happy to help individuals seeking the expansion of their wider knowledge of course... Though you needn't hagger the issue.
[20:31] <Dinova> hagger?
[20:31] <@Lyni> So, no problem~
[20:32] <Dinova> Like that video game wrestler?
[20:32] <~Atma> ...I believe an outworlder mentioned something of a dead horse and a whip or somesuch.
[20:32] <@Lyni> Whip!
[20:32] <~Atma> I believe that expression is similar?
[20:32] * @Lyni begins summoning her own whip, but thinks better of it and lets the ghost shape fade away
[20:32] * ~Atma offers a shrug, smiling politely at the newcomer.
[20:33] <~Atma> Apologies.
[20:33] <Dinova> oh! Now I get it!
[20:33] <~Atma> No problems here, just directed more visitors to a destination. Though, admittedly...
[20:34] * ~Atma glances at the two before leaning in to the newcomer to speak quietly.
[20:34] <~Atma> ..I would much appreciate the accompaniment, this one seems to weave spells at whimsy...
[20:35] * @Lyni looks at Atma
[20:35] <@Dean> Sure, I guess?
[20:35] <@Lyni> Is something the matter?
[20:35] <~Atma> Thank you.
[20:35] * ~Atma straightens himself up, breathing deeply.
[20:36] <~Atma> One can never be too careful, Miss Lyni. Even around one of such demeanour as yourself.
[20:36] <@Lyni> I think you meant "especially"
[20:36] <@Lyni> Anyways, to the bookstore!
[20:36] <@Dean> He definitely meant especially.
[20:36] <Dinova> To the bookstore!
[20:36] <~Atma> I--!
[20:37] * @Lyni begins marching towards the west, still not sure where she's going
[20:37] * ~Atma flushes red, caught out.
[20:37] <Dinova> Lyn!
[20:37] <~Atma> Not that way, Miss Lyni!
[20:37] <Dinova> This way
[20:37] <@Lyni> O-of course! Just testing you~
[20:37] * @Lyni turns arount and marches back
[20:37] <@Lyni> I think I'll just follow you guys, then
[20:38] * ~Atma leads on to the north, not seeming to want to mension the occurrance just yet.
[20:39] <Dinova> So Atma why the interest in political um... what you were reaing?
[20:39] <Dinova> *reading
[20:41] <~Atma> Political structure. I find it best to know what you are dealing with before you attempt to tackle an issue, as a scholar, I of course must try to understand all facets of life.
[20:41] <Dinova> Oh, a scholar?
[20:42] <@Lyni> Scholar what?
[20:42] <@Lyni> So do you have bad eyesight then, and do you have indents on your fingers from writing a lot, and do you have a pretty cursive handwriting?
[20:43] <~Atma> My eyesight is perfectly fine, thank you!
[20:43] <@Lyni> Huh, that's odd; I always thought that writing so much would make people blind
[20:44] * ~Atma casts a cautious glance at the apparent magic wielder, rethinking it soon after.
[20:44] <Dinova> You'd be surprised what a human eye can stand up to
[20:44] <~Atma> HOwever I do have joined handwriting and my finges are indeed somewhat worn.
[20:44] <@Lyni> I wish! I'm only half-human but I have a lazy eye!
[20:44] * @Dean seems to be paying little attention, looking up and scanning across the horizon.
[20:45] * @Lyni closes her right eye and nearly bumps into a post while walking
[20:45] <~Atma> Now, Miss Lyni...Not that you are listening...
[20:45] <Dinova> half human half functioning eyes
[20:45] <~Atma> THIS is your stop.
[20:45] <Dinova> I could fix that by the way
[20:45] <Dinova> I'm great with lasers
[20:45] * ~Atma indicated the bookstore.
[20:46] * @Lyni opens her right eye and nearly punches Di, but stops when she notices the bookstore
[20:46] <@Lyni> Oh, this place!
[20:46] <Dinova> hm? Yay!
[20:46] * Dinova dashes inside
[20:46] * @Lyni follows right after, but pauses and turns around with a smile
[20:46] <Dinova> makes his wayy to a magazine shelf looking for his comic book
[20:46] <@Lyni> Thankies for leading us, Atma~ And, um, Mr. Silent~
[20:47] * ~Atma freezes, not sure what to expect.
[20:47] <~Atma> O-oh, my pleasure...
[20:47] <@Dean> My name's Dean.
[20:47] <@Lyni> Alrighty then, Dean!
[20:48] * @Lyni curtsies once more and dashes in, making her way to the journal section and examining all the pretty notebooks bound in leather and whatnot
[20:49] * @Dean seems to stop and think for a time, then enters the bookstore himself, wandering quite randomly throughout.
[20:49] * ~Atma begins to pace down the street, reading once more yet somewhat dumbstuck, pacing over things in his mind.
[20:50] * @Lyni picks out a pretty blue one and looks through it, but notes how the pages are of pretty bad quality. Sadenned, she puts it back on the shelf and turns around, noticing Dean
[20:50] <@Lyni> Hello again~
[20:51] <@Dean> Hi.
[20:52] * @Lyni looks Dean up and down, still somewhat confused by his presence
[20:52] <@Lyni> Hm, why'd you follow us?
[20:53] <@Dean> Cause the other guy asked me.
[20:54] <@Lyni> But I mean, why did you approach us in the first place~? Most people seem to go about their business without trying to encounter strangers, or something
[20:54] * Noah wanders into the bookstore. He is a young, scrawny, anthropomorphic ferret, who looks more than a little lost. His fur is a dirty white color, changing to a light gray around his eyes and on his ear tips. He wears neither shoes nor shirt, making him every shopkeeper's worst enemy. However, he is wearing a pair of light blue pants, and a vest of similar color. He sees no one near the doorway,...
[20:54] * Noah ...but seemingly refusing to enter further, lightly calls out: "Hello?"
[20:54] <@Lyni> (is he small enough for Lyni to pick up)
[20:55] <Noah> (He's 5'5" =p)
[20:55] <@Lyni> (darn it, I can't say he's adorable now)
[20:55] * Dinova disappointed to find his comic is sold out begind to wander aimlessly when he hears someone call hello
[20:55] <Noah> (Maybe someday she'll meet Flynt, or Ben.)
[20:56] <@Lyni> (yesss)
[20:56] <Dinova> Hi there-
[20:56] <@Lyni> (I think she's met Rex before but I don't remember for certain)
[20:56] <Dinova> um...
[20:56] <Dinova> wow
[20:57] <Noah> (Also I don't know what any of your characters look like.)
[20:57] <Dinova> (same height as noah, black messy hair, scrawny)
[20:58] <@Lyni> (Lyni is 4'9, black hair in ponytails, and currently wearing a pink tank top and blue jeans)
[20:58] * Dinova stares at the humanoid (weasel?) standing at the doorway, but approaches him in a friendly manner
[20:59] <~Atma> (5'7, messy unkempt brown hair falling past his ears, pale complexion with a narrow face, dressed in a whitie longcoat closed at the front with boot peeking out from beneath.)
[20:59] <@Dean> (6'0", pretty average looking, dark red hair, dark grey hoodie and black jeans)
[20:59] * Noah waves. "Uh... Hello. I'm looking for someone? Brown hair, in a suit?" He backs away from Dinova a bit as the boy approaches.
[21:00] <@Lyni> (NOAH SOUNDS ADORABLE)
[21:00] <@Lyni> (NOW I REALLY WANT TO HUG HIM)
[21:00] <Dinova> Brown hair...suit...
[21:00] <@Lyni> (also I asked Dean a question unless Dean is refusing to answer XD)
[21:00] <Dinova> that sounds familiar...
[21:01] <@Dean> (<Dean>Cause the other guy asked me.)
[21:02] <Dinova> Oh a guy like that showed me how to get here! I think he went the other direction.
[21:02] * Dinova points in said direction.
[21:02] <@Lyni> ([20:54] <@Lyni> But I mean, why did you approach us in the first place~? Most people seem to go about their business without trying to encounter strangers, or something)
[21:03] <Noah> Oh no, really? We were supposed to meet at the fountain, like we used to back in... Nevermind.
[21:03] <Noah> I guess I missed him.
[21:03] <Dinova> No way! I bet we could still catch him1
[21:03] <Dinova> Come on!
[21:04] <Noah> N-no, that's okay. I should probably go after him alone. Thank you though.
[21:04] <@Dean> I heard a loud noise.
[21:04] * Noah quickly backpedals through the store and heads in the direction Dinova pointed.
[21:04] <@Lyni> Ah, I guess you mean the book slamming
[21:04] * ~Atma is indeed alreayd sta at the fountain, reading intently.
[21:04] <Dinova> You sure you dont want some help?
[21:05] * @Lyni looks over at Dinova and catches sight of the-
[21:05] <@Lyni> FERRET
[21:05] <@Dean> Who would bring a ferret into a bookstore oh that kind of ferret.
[21:05] * @Lyni runs over and ignores Dean, going over and hugging the ferret despite him being much larger than her
[21:06] <Dinova> ( I need to go, sorry everyone.)
[21:06] * Dinova (6b8a65a3@h-BD7B3D4.lightspeed.cicril.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Imploded: Page closed)
[21:06] <@Dean> (awww)
[21:06] * Noah looks alarmed at Lyni's sudden approach. He backs away, too quickly though, as he manages to trip over his pantlegs and topple backwards.
[21:07] * @Lyni falls over as well, landing beside the ferret and giggles
[21:07] <@Lyni> S-sorry about that! I haven't seen a ferret before and, eeeeeeeeeeeee~
[21:07] * @Dean sighs and walks over to help the others up, lifting them both to their feet with absolutely no effort.
[21:08] <Noah> Um... Hello Miss...?
[21:08] <@Dean> Sorry...
[21:08] * Noah is hefted back to his feet, he nods thanks to Dean, before backing away a few more feet.
[21:08] * @Lyni pretty much is jumping around at this point like an anime character, and stops when she realizes she's being addressed
[21:08] <@Lyni> Oh, sorry! I'm Lyni, and this is Dean!
[21:09] <Noah> Noah.
[21:10] <@Dean> Isn't that guy waiting for you?
[21:10] <@Lyni> Someone's waiting for you?
[21:10] <Noah> Oh, yes! I should get to him, he'll be annoyed with me if I'm late.
[21:10] <@Dean> We can escort you back to the fountain if you want.
[21:10] * @Lyni looks at Dean incredulously
[21:10] <@Lyni> do you read minds or something?
[21:11] * Noah hurries to the fountain without answering, but visibly deflates upon seeing Atma. This was apparently not the man he was looking for.
[21:11] <@Dean> I left the bag I keep bird seed in at the park...
[21:11] * ~Atma is leafing through pages happily, facing away from the group and thus oblivious, not to mention across the fountain.
[21:12] * @Dean follows, diverting to the bench to pick up a small canvas bag.
[21:12] * @Lyni follows Noah when she sees him leaving, and, upon seeing the dejected look on the poor ferret, pats him on the head
[21:12] <@Dean> I guess the birds ate all the seed...
[21:12] <@Lyni> It's not Adam?
[21:12] <Noah> Erm, no.
[21:13] * @Lyni frowns
[21:13] <Noah> He's in a brown suit, with brown hair and glasses.
[21:14] <@Lyni> Hmm, human? Or mostly humanoid?
[21:15] <Noah> Human.
[21:15] * Noah stretches his arm up. "About this tall?"
[21:15] * @Lyni considers everyone
[21:16] <@Lyni> Hmm, I do know Arma's pretty tall and usually wears a suit and sunglasses, though he doesn't seem like the type to have furry friends taller than an average middle schooler~
[21:16] <@Lyni> That's the only person I know, sorry.
[21:17] <@Lyni> What's your friend's name, by the by?
[21:17] <Noah> My master's name is Thomas.
[21:17] <@Lyni> Master!
[21:18] <@Lyni> So... you're like an apprenctice, I guess?
[21:18] <Noah> Huh? Oh, N-no.
[21:19] * @Lyni looks at Noah with a confused expression on her face
[21:19] <Noah> My master's a Bounty Hunter, and that's not good work for me.
[21:19] <@Lyni> But you call him master?
[21:20] <@Lyni> Pet, slave, servant, student-
[21:20] <@Lyni> Or am I misunderstanding
[21:21] <Noah> I am... My master is my... I have sworn my life to him.
[21:22] <@Lyni> Ah, that kind
[21:23] <@Lyni> Hm, though I don't know your master, I can help you try to look for him! Do you guys usually meet here or something?
[21:24] <Noah> My master has been here before, but I have not. I have seen places like it though.
[21:24] <Noah> They all ended catastrophically...
[21:25] <@Lyni> Places like it...?
[21:25] * @Dean sits down on the edge of the fountain, seemingly still dejected that he is out of bird seed.
[21:25] <Noah> ... Nevermind, I'm wrong.
[21:26] <@Lyni> What do you mean, though?
[21:26] <@Lyni> Places can end? I'm not sure I get you
[21:26] * Noah shakes his head.
[21:28] * @Lyni shrugs and looks around, spotting Atma and Dean still around. She sends a snowball at each to get their attention
[21:29] * @Dean doesn't seem to notice the impact, but shakes off the snow when he feels the cold, then looks around quizzically
[21:30] <@Lyni> Yoo, want to help us look for Thomas~?
[21:30] <Noah> N-no. I should probably just wait for him back home...
[21:31] <@Lyni> It's fine, Noah! It'll be fun, anyways~
[21:33] <@Dean> Look for who?
[21:33] * ~Atma (chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Ping timeout: 126 seconds)
[21:34] <@Lyni> Remember back at the bookstore~? He said he needed to find someone and stuffs~
[21:34] <Noah> (/me quizzically looks at the man who apparently dropped dead right then and there.)
[21:34] <@Lyni> (XDDDD)
[21:35] <Noah> I probably missed him already...
[21:36] * @Lyni frowns but goes over to sit at the fountain as well
[21:36] <@Lyni> Well, alrighty then. By the way, I haven't seen a talking ferret before~ Has anyone ever told you that you're kinda cute? I mean cool.
[21:37] <Noah> Um... Yes?
[21:38] <@Lyni> Are there a lot of people like you?
[21:38] * Noah nods.
[21:39] <@Lyni> So cool~! I haven't seen anyone like you before, so I guess it's common in your world and stuffs?
[21:40] * Noah nods again.
[21:41] <@Lyni> Wow, I didn't expect for everyone to be so different here~ What kinds of people live there, then?
[21:42] <@Lyni> I mean, are they all ferrets?
[21:44] <Noah> No, only some of them are ferrets. My master is a human. And there are all sorts of other species.
[21:44] <@Lyni> Cats and dogs? Bunnies?
[21:45] * Noah nods.
[21:46] <@Lyni> Eee, I want to visit sometime~!
[21:47] * @Lyni drifts off into her fantasy world in her thoughts, imagining all cute critters she can meet and talk to~
[21:48] <Noah> Oh... I don't...
[21:48] * Noah frowns.
[21:49] * @Lyni snaps out of her daydreaming and raises an eyebrow
[21:49] <@Lyni> Do you not like it there?
[21:50] <Noah> It's um... Well... Things are going a little bad right now.
[21:51] <@Lyni> Ahh, I see... That's a shame, I would've liked to meet your friends
[21:52] * @Dean perks up, seeming to have heard something, puts up his hood, and somehow JUMPS away, easily clearing the area of the park and even making it past the bookstore.
[21:52] * Dean is now known as Tailon
[21:53] <Noah> (That it, then?)
[21:53] <@Lyni> (if you want, we can end it)
[21:53] <@Lyni> (I just have Lyni keep on talking and stuff because it's the way she is, constantly curious)
[21:54] <Noah> I should probably go... Master will be waiting for me back home.
[21:55] <@Lyni> Aww, alrighty
[21:55] <Noah> Goodbye, Miss, thank you for talking with me.
[21:55] * Noah hurries away before he can be dissuaded.
[21:55] <@Lyni> No problem! It was nice meeting you, and see ya around~
[21:55] * Noah is now known as Rex
[21:55] * @Lyni waves, but the ferret is already gone
[21:55] * Lyni is now known as Shiny

Player List:
Atma - Karu
Noah - Rex
Lyni - Shiny
Dinova - Dinova
Dean - Tailon


[19:43] * Atma is sat in the cafe, sipping a chocolate milkshake and leafing through the final few pages of his recent purchase. The day is yet still ready and thoughts of another tome flood his mind. Looking up from his drink with a small wave and smile, "Miss Sharon, I'm ready to pay my bill!" Summons over the barmaid with a receipt in hand. Paying in full with tip, the scholar returns to the last...
[19:43] * Atma ...cluster of words.
[19:43] <@Lyni> (I'll just walk in partway)
[19:43] * Zoey is at an indoor table far inside, listening to something on an MP3 player, she has it on good authority this place is generally a peaceful place to hang around.
[19:45] <Atma> . / Sharon takes it in seemingly a good mood. These patrons seem to be much better than her last, encouraging her outlook for this day of business. Accepting the tip and tucking it into a surruptitious tin behind the counter, she resumes handwriting petite paper stand signs to designate the various confectionary on sale.
[19:45] * Alistair trundles into the cafe after a busy day filing papers in the Knight's complex. He gives the red-haired lady a nod, and sits down idly on the table next to young man reading a large book.
[19:45] <@Lyni> (generally peaceful but we got kicked out)
[19:45] <Zoey> (I don't remember what Shade looks like)
[19:46] <Atma> (Just a sec)
[19:46] <Atma> (Also diggin' the Lucky Star, Toru)
[19:46] <Alistair> (hahah, thanks)
[19:47] * Alistair orders a straight black coffee, and slouches onto the table. The recent going-ons with the tournament had left him an irate mess. Fortunately, this cafe has been helping to calm his nerves. It's a shame he kept on showing up whenever his comrades were away...
[19:48] <Atma> (I'm not sure if I did previously describe her...)
[19:48] <Alistair> (Crimson red hair?)
[19:49] <Atma> (sounds about right, oddly.)
[19:49] <@Lyni> (she has red hair)
[19:49] <Alistair> (Yeah I red those logs)
[19:49] <@Lyni> (that was terrible)
[19:49] <Alistair> (buh dum chh)
[19:49] <Alistair> (Actually was a typo)
[19:49] <@Lyni> (good typo then)
[19:51] * Alistair sips his coffee, and takes a long sigh, looking out of the windows.
[19:52] <Zoey> (btw Zoey is about 5'10", auburn hair in a ponytail, green eyes, pretty average physique but she's just as physically strong as her comrades)
[19:52] <Zoey> (I'm not going to do an awkward descriptive post so)
[19:53] <@Noah> (Noah's 5'5", anthro ferret, white fur, gray mask and ear tips, blue pants and vest, since Toru's never seen him.)
[19:53] <Atma> (Healthy complexion, red haired down to her shoulders, straightened, clad in a formal shirt and black skirt that reaches down to rest neatly above her feet in partial obscurity of them, though an apron is worn over it. Brown eyes. Tan brown leather victorial boots.)
[19:53] <Zoey> (also, black pants of some description and a white t-shirt with black sleeves, since she's dressed casually)
[19:53] <Alistair> (I don't think I've actually described Alistair in a while, so - 6'00'', black spiky-wavy hair, dark blue eyes, and casual clothes for now)
[19:54] <@Lyni> (why are you all so tall)
[19:54] <Alistair> (thaaank you Rex)
[19:54] <Atma> (oh!)
[19:54] <Atma> (5'8, slightly taller than Atma)
[19:54] <@Lyni> (Lyni's like a foot shorter than everyone save for like Noah)
[19:54] <Zoey> (she's probably listening to either alt rock or death metal)
[19:55] <Zoey> (there is no in between for her)
[19:55] <@Lyni> (and even then it's a 7-8 inch difference)
[19:55] <Alistair> (Shall we carry on? xD)
[19:56] <Atma> (Indeed.)
[19:57] <Atma> . /Sharon brings the ordered sundries and indicates it is held on a tab to any new customers and to be paid at the end. Adjusting her apron, a light tinkling is heard 'neath it as she paces back to set the signs out in the glass fronted display cabinet.
[19:58] * Zoey calls the lady called Sharon over and orders a hot chocolate and a muffin before replacing her earbuds.
[19:59] <Alistair> Hmmhmthaaankyouu...
[19:59] * Atma sets about using a sleek silver spoon such as those used for ice cream sundaes to seek out the largest pleasure in this cafe to himself, the homemade ice cream found in the bottom of the tall milkshake glass, enjoying it pentifully with each delicate spoonful.
[19:59] * Alistair peers over to the man he's sitting next to, taking a gander at the last few pages of his hefty book.
[19:59] <Atma> ./ Sharon again brings the order./
[20:00] <Alistair> Hmmm.
[20:01] * @noah walks down the street, keeping to the sidelines and trying to avoid the odd stare. Eventually, it gets to be too much to bare, and he turns and enters the cafe, placing himself near the door in fear of getting thrown out.
[20:01] <Atma> ./ The book's final pages are a synopsis containing a list of other books published by the same author and their popularity, the main bulk already over./
[20:01] <Atma> ./ Sharon looks p from the bar, looking a touch weary and on edge. "I trust the pig isn't with you today?"
[20:01] <Atma> *up
[20:02] <Alistair> ...oooh, I think I've read that one, actually.
[20:02] <Atma> Indeed, it is-- E-excuse me?
[20:02] * Atma looks back over his shoulder.
[20:02] <Atma> Can I help you, sir?
[20:02] * Atma eyes this man's attire, trying to gauge if he is one of the maleficent outworlders.
[20:04] <Alistair> Ah, sorry~ I just happened to stumble across your book whilst my eyes were wandering!
[20:04] <Alistair> That one book there about precious stones in the synopsis... I've read it before.
[20:04] <Atma> Oh, of course.
[20:04] <@Noah> (Was Sharon talking to Noah, or...?)
[20:05] <Atma> (Noah, apologies.)
[20:05] <@Noah> (Just didn't want to assume.)
[20:05] <Atma> This region is home to call kinds of precious minerals, given it is upon a plateau. Are you perhaps a geologist?
[20:05] * @noah starts a bit, glancing over to the bartender. "I-I'm sorry?"
[20:06] <Alistair> Oh well no, not a geologist - I'm an earth elemental.
[20:06] <Alistair> Knowing about what types of stones I can harness and care for is pretty important, I guess...
[20:06] <Atma> ./ Sharon eyes the creature carefully.
[20:07] <Atma> Sharon: You're clearly outworld. My last batch was shall we say...
[20:07] <Atma> E-e-e-elemental?!
[20:07] * Atma jumps out of his seat, clutching the book closely.
[20:07] <Atma> Sharon: ... Troublesome.
[20:07] * Alistair turns around to see a rather different looking person enter the cafe - Alistair hadn't seen anything like it before, not that he had an issue with it. Giving Noah a smile, he turned back to the man, who was now looking rather tense.
[20:08] <@Noah> I... I see...
[20:08] <Atma> .me edges a couple steps back.
[20:08] <Alistair> Oh, yeah. Is something wrong?
[20:08] <Atma> (Damn it all.)
[20:08] <Atma> *?
[20:08] <Atma> **/
[20:08] <Atma> Sharon: Though judging by your response you have no idea what I'm talkin' about! Welcome, welcome! Please, take a seat.
[20:09] <Atma> ./ Sharon steps from around the bar, stepping around the jittering scholar to motion to an open table for the new customer.
[20:09] <@Noah> I'm okay, thank you. Just waiting for the crowds to clear, is all...
[20:09] <Atma> I-I just... I thought elementals were dangerous, merciless warriors!
[20:09] * Zoey seems to notice the vibrations in the floor caused by Atma's sudden movement and looks up.
[20:10] * Alistair chuckles - the first laugh he'd had in ages.
[20:10] * Atma clutches so hard his knuckles show white at the laugh.
[20:11] <Atma> Sharon: Please, I insist. This will be on the house for my mistake regarding that uncharismatic fool...
[20:11] <Alistair> We're nothing like that, I can guarantee you that. I've met some hotheads in my time - literal hotheads, but we're a very defensive race.
[20:11] <Atma> ./ Sharon's gaze seems to drift and darken briefly before she grasps mental hold of herself, laughing passively. /
[20:12] <Atma> Sharon: ...But nevermind him! Do you take tea or coffee?
[20:12] <Alistair> I'm Alistair Aurelio.
[20:12] <@Noah> I don't have any money.
[20:12] <Atma> A-Atma...Pleasure, s-sir..
[20:12] * Atma takes a cautious stp back in and extends a shaking hand.
[20:13] * Alistair overhears Noah's statement, and turns back over to him
[20:13] * @Lyni cautiously makes her way to the cafe, wary of Shade after having gotten kicked out with the rest of the group last time. She reminds herself that was technically Zacky's fault, but still, better to be safe than sorry. The girl hesitates before entering, peering around and giving a sheepish smile to Shade.
[20:13] <Atma> Sharon: As I said, on the house.
[20:13] <Alistair> What're you having then, my friend? I'll be fine paying - oh, well then, guess I'll have to tip extra!
[20:13] <Atma> Sharon: You, however!
[20:13] <@Noah> Uh... Coffee?
[20:13] <@Lyni> Eep!
[20:13] * Alistair meets it firmly, giving Atma a bold smile.
[20:14] <Alistair> It's a pleasure to meet you!
[20:14] * Zoey watches the little scene unfolding with an amused expression.
[20:14] <@Lyni> I swear I didn't do anything, I'll beat up that rascal hothead for you, or um, I'll leave, I guess, it's okay-
[20:14] * Atma stands at her full height, hands on hips as she faces Lyni, the tinkling sout again eminating from behind her loose apron.
[20:14] <Atma> You pay full price plus twenty percent tip!
[20:14] <Atma> *Sharon:
[20:15] <Atma> Sharon: Oh no you don't!
[20:15] <Zoey> (Alistair and Lyni may notice a magical signature of the same base type as Talon's non-divine powers)
[20:15] <Zoey> (if they can do that sort of thing)
[20:15] <@Lyni> (Lyni can't)
[20:15] * @noah inches away from Lyni and the door.
[20:15] <Zoey> (Zoey's magic doesn't turn off)
[20:15] <Atma> ./ Sharon blocks the door in a capable stride, arms outstretched. "You owe me the business!
[20:15] <Atma> "
[20:15] * Atma sits back down, this time facing Alistair at his own booth.
[20:15] <@Lyni> W-with pleasure, I'll pay you the 25% tip and double, yes!
[20:15] <Atma> Apologies,may I?
[20:15] * @Lyni bows
[20:16] * Alistair stands up, making a notion to the owner.
[20:17] <Alistair> It's okay... Sharon - I'll chip in some as well!
[20:17] <@Lyni> (I would say Lyni can detect temperatures, so unless Zoey and Talon are different from other humans that way, she won't suspect anything's amiss)
[20:17] * Alistair turns to Lyni, giving her a friendly wave and a broad smile.
[20:17] <Zoey> (Talon actually burns hotter than normal humans)
[20:17] * @Lyni sighs with relief, and mouths a thanks to Alistair
[20:17] <@Lyni> (what about Zoey?)
[20:17] <Zoey> (Zoey's body temperature is normal but it's slightly...muffled I guess?)
[20:17] <Atma> ./ Sharon smiles, standing straight again. "Then welcome to Cafe Millenia."
[20:18] <@Lyni> (Mm, alrighty then)
[20:18] <@Lyni> Thank you!
[20:18] <Zoey> (Her magic makes it seem as though her temperature is lower than it actually is to outside observers)
[20:18] <Alistair> Yes, thank you very much! Anyways, Atma - sorry. What were you saying just then?
[20:18] <Zoey> (insulated?)
[20:18] <Zoey> (that might be the word)
[20:18] <@Lyni> (Insulated, probably)
[20:19] <Atma> ./ Sharon fetches the coffee, bringing milk and sugar cubes to Noah's table.
[20:19] * @noah takes a seat where the drink is placed, having still been standing. "Thank you..."
[20:19] <Atma> I'm sorry about my reservations regarding your kind, sir...
[20:20] <Atma> (Damn, sorry.)
[20:20] <Atma> (I'll get better hang of this, promise.)
[20:20] <Alistair> Hey, it's fine, no harm done at all. So, what do you do? Judging by your garb and your pursuit of knowledge... I'd say you were a mage.
[20:21] <Atma> M-mage?! Oh dear me, no! I'm a scholar. Unfortunately I have no dsicernable arcane talent, I'm afraid.
[20:21] * @Lyni curtsies and is about to make her way to Alistair when she feels something odd about another customer in the room. She looks around and sees a girl with auburn hair, her body temperature noticeably lower than the others. Intrigued, she approaches the person
[20:21] <@Lyni> Can I sit with you~?
[20:22] <Zoey> Sure!
[20:23] <Alistair> Ah, so that explains it... I think I can feel the presence of a certain mage I know in here, too...
[20:23] * Zoey says this a little too loud because of her earbuds.
[20:23] * @noah loads his coffee full of milk, before taking a sip and looking around. Only recognizing two people out of the group, he keeps silent for now.
[20:24] * @Lyni giggles a little and takes a seat as she orders an orange soda float from Shade
[20:24] <@Lyni> Whatcha listening to?
[20:24] <Zoey> Coheed and Cambria!
[20:25] * Zoey doesn't seem to realize she still has her earbuds in
[20:25] <Atma> (Fuck yeah C&C)
[20:25] <Atma> (I'm off at most in a half hour so.. yeah xD)
[20:25] <Zoey> (whatwhy)
[20:26] <Atma> (Because that is 3am.)
[20:26] <@Lyni> I-I don't think I've heard of them before
[20:26] <@Lyni> (:<)
[20:26] <Atma> (And I'm up for 11)
[20:26] <@Lyni> (fair enough)
[20:26] <Alistair> (I'm up for 6:45 lol)
[20:26] <Atma> (fuck XD)
[20:26] <Atma> (Welp, too late for you. )
[20:27] <Alistair> Anyways Atma, I'm going to check up on this weird presence - I'll catch you later!
[20:27] <Atma> Of course.
[20:27] <Zoey> (I think it's too late for Toru either way now)
[20:27] * Alistair ponders over to where Shiny is sitting next to...
[20:27] <Alistair> Talon? Is that Talon/
[20:27] <Alistair> *?
[20:27] * Atma breathes a breath of relief.
[20:27] <Atma> Right, now...
[20:27] <Zoey> How do you know Talon!?
[20:27] * @Lyni blinks at Alistair
[20:28] <@Lyni> Wait, you know Talon?
[20:28] * @noah 's ears flick at the mention of a name he recognizes.
[20:28] <Zoey> (The exclamation points are loudness not surprisde)
[20:28] <@Noah> Talon comes here?
[20:28] <Alistair> ...Oh asdddjidofr!
[20:28] <Zoey> (surprise even)
[20:28] <Zoey> (asdddjidofr)
[20:28] * @Lyni looks over at Noah, surprised that he's here as well
[20:28] * Alistair is shocked at the amount of people jumping up from just Talon's name
[20:28] <@Lyni> How does everyone here know Talon?
[20:29] <Zoey> He travels a lot!
[20:29] * Atma stands, darting out into the flow of people and heading for a bookstore.
[20:29] <Zoey> He uses the Gate more than any of us!
[20:29] <Zoey> Except maybe Dean!
[20:29] <@Noah> I met Tailon in Luminen...
[20:29] <Alistair> No, it's just I could sense your magical energy - you have a presence a lot like the Arcanist himself!
[20:29] <@Lyni> Dean-
[20:29] * Alistair turns to Noah
[20:29] <Zoey> But Dean is really quiet and doesn't get involved with people that often unless he's fighting!
[20:29] <@Lyni> so Dean's a friend of Talon's too?
[20:30] <Alistair> And yeah, he has been here a couple of times - only I've never seen him in here~
[20:30] <Zoey> Luminen!?
[20:30] <Zoey> Talon told me about it!
[20:30] <Zoey> I heard it collapsed though!
[20:30] <Zoey> Sad times!
[20:30] * @Lyni reaches over and tries to take out one of Zoey's earbuds
[20:30] * @noah jumps back a bit at Zoey's sheer volume. "... Did I say something I shouldn't...?"
[20:31] * Zoey looks confused, and finally realizes she still has the earbuds in, she quickly removes them.
[20:31] <Zoey> Oh gosh I'm so sorry!
[20:32] <Zoey> I'm a pretty high order telepath, sometimes I don't realize I shouldn't be able to hear people who're talking to me!
[20:32] <Alistair> Hahah, no worries! So, how exactly do you know Talon?
[20:32] <@Lyni> Telepath! I haven't met one before, so cool~
[20:32] <Zoey> He's our Squad Leader!
[20:32] * Atma purchases another book by the same author, dissolving back into the crowd.
[20:32] <@Lyni> (is Zoey still exclaiming things loudly)
[20:32] <Zoey> (no)
[20:33] <Zoey> (these are just normal exclamation points)
[20:33] <@Lyni> (mkays)
[20:33] <@Lyni> Squad Leader?
[20:33] <@Lyni> What is this, Naruto or something?
[20:33] <Zoey> I've known him since they assigned the three of us together when we were like, 15?
[20:33] <Zoey> Something like that.
[20:33] <Alistair> Oooh, Squads... that's pretty cool.
[20:33] <Zoey> He's kown Scott since they were really little kids though!
[20:34] * Alistair slumps into a seat next to the group.
[20:34] <Zoey> (*known)
[20:35] <@Lyni> Wait wait waaaait start over
[20:35] * Zoey nibbles at her muffin a bit.
[20:35] <Alistair> (so we're taking it to this level huh)
[20:35] <@Lyni> what're these Squads for, and how come I haven't heard of Talon mentioning all of this beforeee
[20:36] <Zoey> We act as police force and front line defense for our town.
[20:36] <Alistair> I don't normally get the opportunity to talk to him that much, so he's sort of like an enigma to me...
[20:36] <Alistair> Aaah, so it's like our Redora Knights!
[20:36] <@Noah> I see he's pretty popular here? I didn't see him much on Luminen...
[20:36] <Zoey> Y'know, goblin invasions, dragons, necromancing vampires, angry gods!
[20:36] <Zoey> That sort of thing.
[20:37] <Zoey> There was a guy in Luminen who really pissed him off...
[20:37] <Zoey> Mikael I think?
[20:37] <@Lyni> Michael? Why the heck was he on Lumen?
[20:37] <@Noah> Oh! Mik. He was nice...
[20:37] <@Noah> Took me in for a while, but that didn't work out...
[20:37] <@Lyni> *Luminen
[20:38] <Zoey> Probably a different Mikael.
[20:38] <@Lyni> Ahh, probably, sorry~
[20:38] * @Lyni grumbles to herself something about people having the same name and stuff
[20:38] <@Noah> Mik was a rockstar.
[20:39] <@Lyni> Modern music...
[20:40] <@Lyni> (I really cannot get into character today I apologize x_x )
[20:40] <@Noah> He wasn't very good, but peopled seemed to like that...
[20:41] <@Lyni> Isn't that the deal with anyone who plays modern music now?
[20:41] <Atma> (I am very glad this has gone nicely but I need sleep)
[20:41] <Atma> Sharon: Closing time! Come on, pay up. I have somewhere to be this afternoon.
[20:41] <@Lyni> (night Karu-nii)
[20:41] <Atma> (Let's close up the cafe scene at least.)
[20:41] <@Lyni> Awww
[20:42] * @noah flees into the streets, leaving his mostly full coffee mug behind.
[20:42] <Alistair> Roger that, Sharon! Looks like I better head off too.
[20:42] <Atma> ./ Sharon tallies up respective receipts, her prices proving to be quite reasonable.
[20:42] <Alistair> It's been nice meeting you all!
[20:42] <Atma> (Better pay up..)
[20:42] * @Lyni pouts but hands Atma the money, telling her to keep the change
[20:42] <Atma> (WUT XD)
[20:42] <Atma> (Sharon is not me)
[20:42] <Atma> (Atma, rather)
[20:42] <@Lyni> (THIS IS HOW YOU KNOW I'M OUT OF IT)
[20:42] <@Lyni> *Shade
[20:42] * Zoey pays for her food and stands to leave.
[20:43] * Alistair turns to Lyni, the familiar scowl from the tournament plaguing his face once more
[20:43] <@Lyni> Alistair...?
[20:43] <Alistair> This has been my only opportunity to relax for a while. The final fight is upon us. All I can say is that you'd better prepare yourself.
[20:43] <Atma> Sharon: Pay up, Earthy!
[20:44] <Alistair> Oh, sorry!
[20:44] <Alistair> Will do~
[20:44] * @Lyni tenses a bit but quickly goes back to her usual demeanor, curtsying to Alistair
[20:44] * Alistair hands Sharon his pay and Lyni's part of the tip, before heading out
[20:44] <Alistair> See you later, Lyni!
[20:44] <@Lyni> Baiyo, I guess!
[20:44] <Atma> Sharon: Hmph, looks like this one has covered your tip.
[20:45] <@Lyni> Ah- I'm sorry I forgot!
[20:45] <Alistair> ...Lyni, Michael... I'll free you, I swear.
[20:45] <@Lyni> Alistair um
[20:45] <@Lyni> how
[20:46] <@Lyni> I mean, good night!
[20:46] * @Lyni bows to Shade and Alistair and flees the room as well, making her way quickly to her room
[20:46] <Atma> (That everyone out?)
[20:46] <Zoey> Weirdos.
[20:46] <Atma> (ah)
[20:46] <@Lyni> (I can't do this today, I'm just not feeling it)
[20:46] * Zoey leaves, putting her earbuds back in.
[20:46] <Atma> (Thank you very much for participating.
[20:46] * Alistair walks out, holding a dark blue stone carrying a malicious aura.
[20:46] <Atma> Sharon: THank you all for your patronage!
[20:47] <Atma> ./ Sharon locks up, disppearing out the back door.

Player List:
Atma - Karu
Sharon - Karu
Noah - Rex
Lyni - Shiny
Zoey - Talon
Alistair - Toru


[15:57] <Toru202> *It was a slightly cloudy day in Karu's large stadium - the hovering, temporal clock tower's bell rang out to signal the passing of noon, and then carried on ticking, signalling the progression of time. And once again, completely uninvited, Toru had shown up. With his arms outstretched as ran around the practice arena, he was interested as to why it was a lot quieter today.
[15:58] * Toru202 took a moment to stop running around and ponder this, actually.
[15:58] <Toru202> Hmmm...
[15:59] * MrRMA was finally at his wit's end with his master's shut-in behavior, and now well aware of the cause, is forcing the young human to face his troubles like a man. The reluctant inventor shuffles by the arena with his robot in tow, coming to a stop when he catches someone in the arena practicing on his own. Pointing this out to Arma, the robot tells Michael to wait as he goes to check it out
[16:01] <Toru202> It really is a shame it isn't as sunny as it was last time, though...
[16:02] <@Lyni> (I'll log this for you guys)
[16:02] <MrRMA> Practicing your technique out here sir? I don't believe we've met in person before. You wouldn't be a new participant coming in this late, would you?
[16:02] <Toru202> (Thanks Shiny :3)
[16:02] <Toru202> Uuuum, I don't think so...
[16:02] <Toru202> I normally just come here to hang out! It's really nice here, don't you think?
[16:03] <Toru202> Although the first time I showed up here I was almost killed!
[16:03] * Toru202 giggles a little, before adjusting his azure blue beanie hat
[16:04] <Toru202> Who are you, anyways?
[16:04] <MrRMA> I haven't had much time to do a lot of sight seeing myself...my mind has mostly been set on my past matches and the protection of my master. I go by Mr.RMA, or Arma, whichever you prefer...You seem to be a rather jolly sort, huh?
[16:05] <Toru202> Heheh, I /guess/!
[16:05] <MrRMA> What on earth could you have possibly been doing last time to have gotten yourself nearly killed, if I may ask?
[16:06] <Toru202> ...This weird guy showed up and hurt this girl on a cloud, and it wasn't really too nice. Thankfully he left after a while...
[16:06] <Toru202> Oh, I'm TORU by the way.
[16:07] <MrRMA> A girl on a cloud...strange...Lyni never brought anything like that up...Well, regardless, it's a pleasure to meet you, Toru
[16:08] <@Lyni> (She didn't think much of it)
[16:08] <Toru202> It stands for something, although Professor never really told me what!
[16:08] <Toru202> There's a 202 on the end too, and I guess that's just cool.
[16:08] * Toru202 stops looking around and suddenly looks to ARMA, exited
[16:09] <MrRMA> Heh, if I'm understanding correctly, you're implying you're a robot as well then?
[16:09] <Toru202> Yeah yeah, that's right!
[16:09] * Toru202 suddenly frowns, worried
[16:09] <Toru202> H-how did you know?
[16:09] <MrRMA> The whole 202 thing was a big giveaway for starters...also the mention of a professor doesn't hurt
[16:10] <Toru202> ah right, I got worried fr a second - and ohwaitwhat? You're a robot too? That's so cool!
[16:10] <Toru202> We've kinda been made the same way - I could barely tell you looked like one either!
[16:11] <MrRMA> It's nice to see I'm not the only one of my kind around here...of my sane kind at least...You are of sound mind, correct?
[16:11] <@Lyni> (Oh gosh Rho would have a field day if he was here now)
[16:11] <@Lyni> (TWO robots)
[16:11] <Toru202> Yeah, perfectly fine!
[16:11] <MrRMA> (Don't you get any ideas...|D)
[16:12] <@Lyni> (He'll be fixed next time you meet him)
[16:12] <Toru202> Professor does say I'm an idiot sometimes though... I was designed to just live a normal life, but all I like to do is explore and have fights with all of the interesting adventurers out there!
[16:13] <Toru202> Here's reference for Toru btw http://oi60.tinypic.com/1zoxa2w.jpg)
[16:13] <Toru202> (That was done by Tun a while back)
[16:14] <Toru202> And like, you said that you were in some sort of matches, right? Are you in the tournament?
[16:14] <MrRMA> Fascinating...my inventor had intended for me to be a service droid first and foremost, but I've been pretty much protecting him non-stop since my creation. Adventuring and fighting seems to be a similarity between us as well
[16:14] <MrRMA> (Tun and her amazingness as usual I see)
[16:15] * @Lyni (ShinyEevee@h-890ABDAE.mycingular.net) Quit (Client exited)
[16:16] <MrRMA> Oh, and yes, I'm participating in the tournament currently...I believe I'm second in the rankings as of now...
[16:18] <MrRMA> Admittedly there have been many...unexpected events that have transpired, but, all the same I'm glad I can prove a worthy contender to most of the others here
[16:18] * Toru202 perks up, really exited now - his large, beady eyes literally begin to sparkle from the intense beams of the eyes' LCD displays.
[16:18] <Toru202> So you've been fighting!? That's really, really awesome!
[16:19] * Toru202 leaps up from his standing position, fists clenched as he shifts his weight from right to left, fidgeting to contain himself
[16:19] <Toru202> Would you be up for a practice fight?
[16:21] <MrRMA> Oh...well, I was in the middle of something, but...I suppose that can wait for a bit. After all, I've got my final match coming up soon and I could definitely use the practice. Sure, I'll take you on
[16:21] <Toru202> AW YEAH! LET'S DO THIS!
[16:22] * MrRMA looks back to Michael who appears to have gotten wind of what the two robots are planning to do, already situating himself in the stands to watch eagerly
[16:22] <Toru202> *A small humming is heard as Toru uses the hover propulsion system built into his shoes to distance himself away from Arma
[16:22] <Toru202> HAMMERSPACE... ACTIVE!
[16:23] * MrRMA takes a few steps back himself, pulling out his broom and activating it, getting in a fighting stance as he awaits his opponent's move
[16:23] * Toru202 stands in a really cheesy pose as he lifts up his mechanical limb in preparation to grasp something - a sledgehammer popped up out of nowhere above Toru, and fell into his hand.
[16:24] <MrRMA> /Literal/ hammerspace? Very convenient...
[16:24] <Toru202> That is a cool looking broom!
[16:24] <Toru202> I'm guessing it does more than sweeping though!
[16:25] <MrRMA> One would hope so if it's intended for combat purposes, so, yes, it has a few more uses than that
[16:25] <Toru202> Awesome! Alright, here I come!
[16:27] * Toru202 lifts his legs up as he springs away from the earthy grounds of the practice floor, and using the propulsion jets to speed towards Arma. Breaking out of his flight, he readies his sledgehammer and spins a couple of times in the air, before sending a denting blow down towards Arma
[16:29] * MrRMA watches Toru's momentum, analyzing his movements until rolling away just in time to dodge the vertical swing of the sledgehammer, getting back up on his feet as he fires off a round of pins from his broom towards his opponent
[16:32] * Toru202 flies past Arma, spinning around in time just to outstretch his hand out, revealing a small hole in the palm - a small gust of air sucked the pins in, and hammerspace took care of the rest.
[16:33] <MrRMA> You'd make an excellent vacuum if you weren't of such high intelligence I see
[16:34] * MrRMA holds out his free hand and launches a stream of green electricity from his fingers towards Toru
[16:35] <Toru202> Heheh, thanks! That's awfully kind of you - AWSWDQADDFDDdadffdgddfjinjkdwdjjkJIDJDCKI!
[16:37] * Toru202 recoils from the shock of electricity running through his body - fortunately his circuits could withstand it. He shook himself back into a functioning state, and span around, throwing his sledgehammer at Arma like a boomerang
[16:40] * MrRMA leans back to avoid the attack, though the sledgehammer manages to make contact with his left hand, dinging it up a bit. He quickly attempts to shake off the damage, using his own jet propulsion system in his dress shoes to quickly close the gap between him and Toru, swinging his broom down towards Toru's head
[16:43] * Toru202 grabs the broom with a firm grip, admiring the quality of the bristles. Using his stronger than the average strength, he began to swing Arma around the throw him away, into the direction of the returning sledgehammerang (that's what Toru would've said, anyways)
[16:46] * MrRMA is caught off guard by the unexpected show of physical power, though he manages to just barely rocket himself upwards away from the returning projectile as he's tossed away, noticing a potential strategy as he sends another stream of electricity towards Toru in an attempt to throw him off just long enough to have his own weapon strike him
[16:49] * Toru202 smiles, seeing his plan work - the sledgehammer sent him flying back towards Toru, allowing him to coil back a powerful punch, but he was hit by another stream of powerful lightning!
[16:51] <Toru202> (oh sorry, I read that wrong)
[16:51] <Toru202> (let me do that again xD)
[16:52] <MrRMA> (It's fine, I'm not always the best at being descriptive in these fighting RPs |D)
[16:53] * Toru202 quickly grabs his sledgehammer - his plan failed - using his sledgehammer like a lightningrod this time, the electricity didn't harm him, and he swung his hammer at Arma to clash with his own combat broom
[16:56] * MrRMA pushes himself away from Toru before jumping right back at him, sending a roundhouse kick towards his opponent's face while firing more pins from his broom in one hand and another stream of electricity towards Toru's feet with the other
[16:58] <Toru202> Argh, uhh - AAAAH!
[16:59] * Toru202 yells out as the barrage was simply too much for him to handle - flying back, his back met the practice ring's wall, and his joints began to spark up from minor circuit damage
[16:59] * Toru202 slowly brought himself upright, and frowned.
[17:00] <Toru202> Wow, you fight really well - I didn't even know there were robots that could fire electricity.... urk!
[17:00] <Toru202> Still, looks like I'm going to have to step up my game!
[17:00] * MrRMA smirks as his attack hits dead on, cringing a bit however as he realizes his left hand had sustained a bit more damage than he had initially thought from that hammer strike
[17:00] * Toru202 assumes a new battle stance, his face holding true focus
[17:01] <MrRMA> I don't have a very large arsenal, but the abilities I have are not to be taken lightly, I assure you
[17:01] <Toru202> PROJECT 202..
[17:02] * Toru202 withdraws his Sledgehammer back into Hammerspace, and watches his forearms turn a familiar dark green in color
[17:02] <Toru202> ACTIVATE!
[17:02] * Toru202 surges with an emerald green energy, as his eyes glow a verdant yellow.
[17:02] * MrRMA steps back in preparation and anticipation for this new attack
[17:05] * Toru202 spreads his arms out and culminates the beam of energy into an orb, which subsequently fires a large beam towards Arma at a fast pace.
[17:06] <Toru202> *the excess
[17:08] * MrRMA is unable to properly maneuver himself away from the beam in time, deciding to instead fight fire with fire as he quickly tosses his sunglasses off, sending out a massive burst of electrical energy to combat the beam just in time
[17:10] * Toru202 dashes towards Arma with blinding speed as the attacks negate each other, bombarding him with a barrage of ballistic punches
[17:12] * MrRMA holds out his arms in front of him to block the fast punches, sending out more electricity through his forearms at Toru
[17:18] * Toru202 ignores the electricity - the green energy exerted through Project 202 protects him - and roars out, the thrill of battle enveloping him as he continues to punch even faster
[17:20] * MrRMA sees that he's significantly outmatched in his opponent's current state, deciding to propel himself upwards with his rocket shoes away from the close-proximity fray that had transpired, keeping himself at as far a distance as possible from Toru, assuming that eventually he would have to revert back to his original form in time. He'd just have to last long enough and wait it out
[17:21] <Toru202> I'm not done yet! It's time to - urk!
[17:22] <Toru202> ...ahh, ooh
[17:22] * Toru202 feels the power of the risky Project 202 start to fade away, as he begins to stagger around.
[17:23] <MrRMA> I think we ought to call it a match here...you look pretty worn out after that...and I'm not exactly in pristine condition now myself...
[17:25] <Toru202> Hmhmyeaah, that sounds good...
[17:25] <Toru202> ???: Toru! What on earth are you doing out here!?
[17:25] * MrRMA puts his sunglasses back on and deactivates his broom, shaking off his own feelings of fatigue after unleashing so much electrical energy
[17:25] <Toru202> ack! Pr-professor!?
[17:26] <MrRMA> I see your own master has caught up to you...
[17:26] <Toru202> *Toru's creator, Elanor, appears out of a dimensional rift created through harnessing the temporal energies of the Colosseum.
[17:26] <Toru202> Elanor: How many times have I told you not to engage in silly fights like these?
[17:27] <Toru202> *Elanor makes her way down into the ring, inspecting the damage done to Toru. She turns her head to face Arma, an expression of apology on her face.
[17:28] <MrRMA> He was helping me train for my next match, ma'am. There was no harm intended, though I apologize if I have done something dissatisfying
[17:28] <Toru202> Elanor: I am so sorry - he does get incredibly eager sometimes, it's in his nature, after all. But no, it's fine!
[17:29] <MrRMA> Michael: You've got yourself a kickass robot there, Miss! If you don't mind me saying!
[17:29] <Toru202> *Elanor takes a closer look at Toru's opponent, and her eyebrows raise in curiosity...
[17:29] <Toru202> Oh my goodness, another robot?
[17:29] <MrRMA> *Michael gets down from the stands and quickly approaches the newcomer eagerly with a wave in greeting
[17:30] <MrRMA> Mr.RMA at your service, ma'am. This is my creator, Michael
[17:30] <Toru202> *Elanor turns to face the man, smiling at the both of them, slightly overwhelmed by all of the events.
[17:31] <Toru202> Elanor: It's a pleasure to meet you, Gentlemen! My name is Elanor, Elanor Reed, and I'm sure you've met Toru...
[17:31] * Toru202 gives a weary wave as he enters his standby phase, a relieved look on his face due to finally being able to get some rest
[17:32] <MrRMA> Yes, a very wiry individual he is...no pun intended of course. He's exceptionally skilled. Whatever you did while programming him has certainly paid off
[17:33] <MrRMA> Michael: It's not very often where we come across another inventor like yourself, much less one with an android like mine
[17:33] <Toru202> Elanor: I never designed him with being a 'kickass' robot in mind - I only wanted to give him some self defense, but that's Toru for you. He's more than just a circuit board to me, and I'm sure that's how you feel about Arma here.
[17:34] <Toru202> Elanor: And yes, that's true! I have to admit, I've never met somebody who's created an AI as advanced as mine, and well, you've definitely shown me the next level from just looking at you, Arma!
[17:34] <MrRMA> Michael: Oh, definitely. I mean...to be frank, he's really the only friend I've got from where I come from. All my other friends all have come from this place...
[17:36] <Toru202> Elanor: Ah, I see. Toru is like a son to me. A little mischievous soul.
[17:37] <Toru202> Elanor: I'm sure you'd be happy to count me as another friend - I could definitely learn a couple of things from you!
[17:38] <MrRMA> Michael: Most definitely!...I mean, to be honest, if you wanted to learn some stuff, you'd probably have to contact me at...the right time...To be honest, I don't even fully recount how I built this fella here, but...well..one part of me does, in a matter of speaking
[17:41] <Toru202> Elanor: Mmm... Well, it's been a pleasure, Michael, Arma, but we must be off now - I have something on the stove that I'd particularly like to enjoy without a burnt outer layer... Toru could use some repairs too.
[17:41] <Toru202> *Elanor throws a data chip to Michael
[17:42] <Toru202> Elanor: That's got the co-ordinates to our lab on it - you should be able to get down there no problem. Right then Toru... heave ho!
[17:42] <MrRMA> It was an honor meeting someone of your intellect, Miss Reed, and you were a fearsome fighter out there, Toru. I look forward to our next potential meeting in the future
[17:43] <MrRMA> Michael: Thanks a lot! I'll be sure to keep in touch if there's anything I need help with. Nice to meet you both!
[17:43] <Toru202> *Elanor picks up her resting Robot and slings him over one of her shoulders, nodding towards the both of them as the dimensional Rift opened up behind her
[17:44] <Toru202> Elanor: Bye bye now!
[17:44] <Toru202> --END--

Player List:
Toru202 - Toru
Elanor - Toru
Michael - RMA
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Formerly Karu
Birth in Blood ! Finale !

Who will emerge champion?! The last match will tell ...


~ 16/05/2014 ~
??? - Talon Reid VS. Lyni Sorrel - CONCLUDED / Talon WINS !

~ 17/05/2014 ~
10pm - ARMA VS. Sol SImmons - CONCLUDED / ARMA WINS !
?? - Karu Enfrale VS. Alistair Aurelio - CONCLUDED / ALISTAIR WINS !

~ 18/10/2014 ~
10pm - Victory Ceremony - The Birth in Blood

Tailon playing as Talon Reid(6W/0L) CONGRATULATIONS!
Mr.RMA playing as ARMA (5W/1L)
Karu playing as Karu L. Pop (3W/2L)
Shiny playing as Lyni (3W/3L)
Toru playing as Alistair Aurelio (3W/2L)
Dinova playing as Dinova (3W/2L)
Toru playing as Cyrus (2W/0L) [MISSING]
JohnnyB3 playing as Sol Simmons (1W/5L)

Talon Reid VS. Lyni Sorrel
[20:07] * ~Karu sits wearily in his throne. Less than a day from his rest period, the elemental is eager to conclude this tournament. Waving his hand as spectators hsten to their seats the transluscent barriers rises into existence with a shimmer like skyward waves of stardust returning home. Raising his voice with magical aid and influence, he begins, "Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the opening match of...
[20:07] * ~Karu ...the final set. I hope you have enjoyed what has come so far! Tonight we have the Magister, Talon Reid!" An appealing roar from the crowd diminished after a few moments, the smiling 'man' continuing to, "...And the ice weaver from on high, Lyni Sorrel!" Prompting an equally deafening cry. "Combatants, name your terrain!"
[20:07] * @Lyni jumps down into the arena and lands lightly on her toes as particles of snow fly from her. She looks around, bouncing excitedly but her habitual lip biting giving away her nervousness.
[20:07] <@Lyni> Cold, ice, snow, stuff like that, I guess?
[20:08] <Talon_Reid> Give us a forest, make it a winter wonderland.
[20:08] * Talon_Reid grins.
[20:08] <@Lyni> Ooh, fun~
[20:09] <~Karu> As you wish.
[20:12] * ~Karu snaps his fingers, an abundancy of evergreens sprouting from a sea of soil and grass rising to coat flagstones, a flash blizzard whiting out the arena for several seconds before slowing to a steady wing carrying icy blanket.
[20:12] <~Karu> Back to back, if you please!
[20:12] <~Karu> *wind
[20:12] <~Karu> (Ffff... Damn mistake.)
[20:12] <@Lyni> (?)
[20:12] * @Lyni skips up to Talon and turns around to press her back against him
[20:12] * Talon_Reid steps into position.
[20:13] <~Karu> (The misspelling.)
[20:13] <@Lyni> (ah)
[20:13] <~Karu> If you have any words to pass betwee neach other, please do so now.
[20:14] * ~Karu begins to count, the crowd accompanying.
[20:14] <~Karu> Five!
[20:14] <@Lyni> Have fun~!
[20:14] <~Karu> Four!
[20:14] <~Karu> Three!
[20:14] <~Karu> Two!
[20:14] <~Karu> One!
[20:14] <~Karu> BEGIN!
[20:14] * ~Karu dims his voice, watching as alertly as he is able.
[20:14] * @Lyni flies approximately ten paces away, and begins by whipping up all the snow around them up, compromising visibility
[20:17] * Talon_Reid merely turns around, glaring with eyes wide and seemingly punching a hole in the snow with his mind. He then swings his arm, sending a tree after Lyni as if it were a tendril.
[20:19] * @Lyni cuts the tree with an overly large ice ax, which aims itself at Talon after turning the tree into gigantic pieces of firewood. She flies higher into the air above the treeline to avoid other similar attacks, just in case
[20:20] * Talon_Reid ducks down, slamming both fists into the ground, creating an enormous burst of fire to melt the incoming axe, while simultaneously causing the trees to grow taller and the ones nearest Lyni to whip at her.
[20:23] * @Lyni weaves through the trees effortlessly, using the snow and ice to help hinder their attacks. She then increases the temperature of the area drastically, which causes all the snow and ice to melt and the trees to combust, the wildfire spreading around the arena quickly
[20:23] * @Lyni lands on the ground to conserve energy
[20:25] * Talon_Reid calls the fire to him, compressing it into a tiny orb which hovers around him, he then calls up a boulder and tosses it toward his opponent.
[20:27] * @Lyni sends a jet of water at the boulder, letting it soak before freezing it. The ice expands the boulder and makes it crumble to pieces as the surrounding air temperature slowly drops back down
[20:30] * Talon_Reid checks the area for iron mentally while creating a massive earthen wall all around himself, sending it sprawling outward, knocking trees over.
[20:32] <~Karu> (Trace iron in soil.)
[20:33] * @Lyni proceeds to rush forward, jets of water like blades shooting from her as she approaches the wall to cut through it. She uses the melted water around her to crawl up the wall through little openings using capillary action and uses the same freezing technique again to try to weaken, if not destroy the wall.
[20:34] <Talon_Reid> (that should be just barely enough)
[20:36] * Talon_Reid begins drawing all of the iron he can out of the ground, until he has a compressed ball about as large as the one made of fire, before both disappear. He also begins discharging bolts of lightning in all directions.
[20:40] * @Lyni creates several thick shields of ice to block the attack, concentrating hard to make sure the water is free of impurities so that it won't conduct electricity. She freezes the floor beneath her and takes the electricity on her shield to propel herself backwards and uses heat detection to try to figure out where the balls of fire and iron went
[20:40] * @Lyni wobbles a bit on her feet due to the amount of effort needed to create those stupid shields
[20:43] <Talon_Reid> (Lyni will notice a tiny point of insane heat hovering around randomly)
[20:44] <@Lyni> (is that the iron, the fire, or both?)
[20:44] <Talon_Reid> (both)
[20:44] <@Lyni> (alright)
[20:44] <Talon_Reid> (You really don't want to be in front of that when it stops being a small point)
[20:44] * ~Karu sets off a firework exploding in a cacophony of colours to signal halftime, the bases of the trees erupting violently into shards of ice lancing outwards, perma-frost creeping across the ground. The trees themselves grow to interlace, the blizzard above the treeline falling through like shards of sunlight might in a more pleasant scene.
[20:47] * Talon_Reid calls forward a small group of rocks to strike like a shotgun blast at one of the shields.
[20:48] * @Lyni throws the shield at the attack, propelling it with another jet of water to give it more force and to further break down the rocks. Using the shards of ice in the air, she turns them a large bubble-like cage of ice around Talon, which quickly begins shrinking inward.
[20:52] <@Lyni> (I just realized that regularly frozen water is a good conductor of electricity, even if it's not been purified. Ugh)
[20:55] * Talon_Reid drops down into the earth as if it were water, the tiny point of heat moving to meet his outstretched hand as he bursts back out of the ground and opening wide, releasing a burst of molten iron like a gigantic blunderbuss.
[20:55] <@Lyni> (good conductor? I meant good insulator)
[20:55] <@Lyni> (where did he burst out, relative to Lyni?)
[20:56] <Talon_Reid> (behind her, sorry)
[20:58] * @Lyni realizes the danger she's in when the point of heat disappears with Talon, and she immediately sends a blast of cold air and ice shards away from her in all directions while leaping and flying upwards on her cloud
[21:04] <~Karu> (10 minutes.)
[21:07] * Talon_Reid sends the iron balls that result after Lyni, discharging lightning through them in a chain, although he takes an ice shard to the shoulder in his eagerness to attack, it quickly melts away and the flesh just as quickly begins to knit itself back together.
[21:09] * @Lyni shoots herself downwards toward Talon as icicles form on her arms and shoulders, aware she does not have enough energy to spend the rest of the fight flying around and hoping that the iron balls might hit him as well. She takes a few to her legs and side, though, and she's momentarily paralyzed and unable to break her fall.
[21:14] * Talon_Reid takes his opportunity and dashes forward as fast as he can, attempting to catch Lyni with a punch as she falls.
[21:14] <~Karu> (Final four posts.)
[21:16] * @Lyni lifts up her arms to block the punch and hopefully damage Talon as well while creating a snow drift to break her fall. She staggers to her feet and charges at him, a fan materializing in her hand and aimed for his neck
[21:19] * Talon_Reid jumps up, doing a forward flip and bringing both legs straight down in a stomp.
[21:19] <Talon_Reid> (M. Bison'd)
[21:22] * @Lyni does a roll when her attack misses, creating a layer of ice on the ground to slide away from the stomp and throws her fan, along with a large of a barrage of iciles, towards her opponent
[21:24] * Talon_Reid crushes the ice sheet with his feet, sending the shards to intercept Lyni's attack, while he makes an attempt to dodge the fan, taking another minor wound to the opposite shoulder.
[21:25] <~Karu> (Ten minutes max for judgment. Please wait.)
[21:25] <@Lyni> (mkays)
[21:36] <~Karu> (Christ, you both did very well.)
[21:36] <~Karu> (Excellent maneuvering, tactics...)
[21:37] <@Lyni> (I guess thatwhat happens when you pit channel op's against each other)
[21:37] <@Lyni> (*that's what)
[21:39] <~Karu> (Despite arguably Tailon's more sound maneuver vs. Lyni's minor blunder over purifying..)
[21:40] <@Lyni> (to be fair, ice still conducts electricity, just not as well as water)
[21:40] <@Lyni> (but a blunder is still a blunder)
[21:41] <~Karu> (...It appears that unless I have misread, the damage is close too. Hm.)
[21:41] <~Karu> (Would you both kindly provide four more posts?)
[21:41] <@Lyni> (who starts?)
[21:43] <Tangrow> (how about I win i like that idea)
[21:43] <~Karu> (xD)
[21:43] <@Lyni> (Tan wins game over)
[21:43] <~Karu> (YOu were next in order to post, Lyni. Go for it.)
[21:45] * @Lyni creates several ribbons of ice and water and shoots them towards Talon in an attempt to restrain him and summons a large boulder of ice, which rolls towards him with increasing velocity
[21:46] * Talon_Reid bursts into a massive ball of mystically hot flames, launching them outward in every direction like a sphere.
[21:47] * @Lyni uses this opportunity to make a large icey water gun, building up pressure in the barrel before shooting it at her opponent with the power and force of a firehose
[21:49] * Talon_Reid matches the blast of water with his own, while willing the trees to attack once more.
[21:50] <~Karu> (thank you.)
[21:54] <~Karu> (Mm, despire analysing two further factors it seems it will come down to damage. Talon has dealt from my perspective more damage, thus making him victor over Lyni. Thank you both for your time and hard work. Congratulations, Tailon.)
[21:54] <@Lyni> (Tai's the winner, gratz XD)

ARMA VS. Sol Simmons
[22:09]=-=Karu has changed the topic to “Welcome the #Pokecharms Chat RolePlay Centre! | Official Thread - http://chr.ms/ebi | Birth in Blood Finale - Sol SImmons VS. ARMA”
[22:09]MrRMA had gotten wind that Talon had emerged victorious in yesterday’s match, an event he had unfortunately not been able to attend as he had spent that evening frustratingly trying to get Michael out of his room once again. He was somewhat disappointed that he now appeared to be eliminated from any potential shot at the first place position…
[22:09]Lyni takes a seat in the stands and blends in with the rest of the crowd
[22:09]MrRMA …no matter what this coming fight’s results ended up being, but he quickly reminded himself that he never came here with the intention of winning anything. Warily, he walks into the arena, wrapping his newly acquired green tweed scarf around his neck and kneeling down to make sure the matching green spats covering the back of his shoes were properly secured…
[22:10]MrRMA … It was important that he give it his all in this match, as usual, but he was getting very uneasy thinking about what seemed inevitable to happen after the final came to a close. It was because of this that he dragged Michael along with him forcibly, wanting to keep him near so he could quickly come to his aid should anything come to pass today.
[22:10]Karu(IT'S FINE.)
[22:10]Lyni (this will take me forever to read omg)
[22:10]Sol_Simmons (are you done)
[22:10]Lyni (whine whine)
[22:11]MrRMA (Yup, last one was a period, so, I'm done)
[22:11]Sol_Simmons (Awesome)
[22:13]Karu smiles as the crowds filter in, no better rested but in higher spirits. Deftly tracing a glimmering line through the air the barriers flicker into life, his spell woven once more.
[22:13]Karu Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
[22:13]Sol_Simmons Atqands up from the seats and takes one long swig of the alcoholic tea he has in his flask. He runs to the edge of the stands and hurls himself in to the centre of the Arena smiling as he goes. he hits the floor rolls and stands up arm spread like a gynast
[22:14]Sol_Simmons (Sorry, my typing spead and accuracy have slowed)
[22:14]Lyni (is Karu's tiredness important)
[22:14]MrRMA No less wiry than our previous meeting, Mr Simmons?
[22:15]Sol_Simmons Wiry? Me? Nah just pumped to be honest ARMA, Handshake before we start?
[22:15]Karu (Nah.)
[22:15]Karu (Fluff)
[22:15]Karu This second match of the tournament brings us the Iron Broom and the Teamaster together!
[22:15]MrRMA Well of course
[22:15]Sol_Simmons Again
[22:15]-->|Toru (5f95d96c@549A7F48.DEAF7E80.EFFB1432.IP) has joined #CharmsRP
[22:15]Lyni (kk(
[22:16]Lyni (TORU HAI)
[22:16]Karu Combatants, name your terrain!
[22:16]=-=Toru is now known as Alistair
[22:16]Sol_Simmons Grabs arma's hands firmly and pumps vidourously
[22:16]Lyni (Sol, actions are used with /me)
[22:17]MrRMA If you could throw in some copper around the area, that'd be fine by me
[22:17]Sol_Simmons (Thanks sorry, i forgot all of this o.o)
[22:17]Sol_Simmons Some more teapost also doors that open randomly to other doors in the arena
[22:17]Karu As you wish.
[22:17]Sol_Simmons teapots not teaposts my mistake
[22:18]Lyni (doors again)
[22:18]Sol_Simmons (they add an interesting factor :p)
[22:19]MrRMA Ah, yes, you have an affinity for tea beverages...reminds me of another fellow actually
[22:19]Sol_Simmons really? Who i must meet this chap!
[22:19]Alistair walks into the audience with a heavy pace, as he looks onto the battle that is about to unfold. He looks to the nook where Karu oversaw the match. Alistair's fists clenched with blistering fury. Compared to his previous matches, the next few he had were going to make the others look like nothing.
[22:19]Lyni coughs which sounds mysteriously like "Michael"
[22:20]Alistair (Also hey Shiny, I got really into my entrance |D)
[22:20]Alistair (You in the audience?)
[22:20]Lyni (so I see, and yes I am)
[22:20]Lyni notices Alistair and waves at him, though the menacing aura coming from him makes her a little wary
[22:20]MrRMA *Michael's heart skips a beat when he hears his name and upon noticing it's Lyni, gives an uneasy smile as he approaches her
[22:21]Lyni makes room for the two guys
[22:21]Karu waves a hand, seeming to struggle a touch with the spell as the stage floor simply sgimmers for a few moments, then soon doors of all different stylings, frames and sizes scatter through the air like some mismatched alice in wonderland scene. Teapots launch into the sky like fireworks, detonations enlarging them to be as large as the competitors themselves, tea pouring mysteriously upward...
[22:21]Karu ...from their spouts to collect in a sphere. Veins of copper lance and dart through the floor like some glyph-laden paradise.
[22:21]MrRMA I actually haven't seen him for quite some time...but I'm sure you two would hit it off rather well
[22:21]Lyni We're really having a wonderland theme for this finale, huh?
[22:22]Karu COMBATANTS!
[22:22]Karu Back to back!
[22:22]Alistair quickly turns, seeing Lyni. He lowers his guard and tries his best to make a smile.
[22:22]Sol_Simmons backs up into ARMA
[22:22]MrRMA backs up to Sol
[22:22]Alistair sinks into his seat next to Lyni with an audible 'THUMP'
[22:22]Lyni You ready for this, Al~?
[22:23]MrRMA *Michael doesn't answer as he sits down, keeping his focus on the event, trying to blank everything out of his mind
[22:23]Alistair looks down at his hands, worn from vigorous training.
[22:23]Alistair More than ready.
[22:23]Karu Five!
[22:23]Alistair I hope that you are more than prepared.
[22:23]Karu Four!
[22:23]Karu Three!
[22:23]Karu Two!
[22:23]Karu One!
[22:24]Karu BEGIN!
[22:24]Lyni glances at both boys' odd behaviour but shrugs it off for now
[22:24]Sol_Simmons (What happened to ten steps?)
[22:24]Lyni Been training as well, so I should be~
[22:24]Karu breathes out a steady breath to the roar of the crowd.
[22:24]Karu (Take em.)
[22:24]MrRMA paces ten steps forward, murmuring "good luck" to Sol as he does so
[22:24]Sol_Simmons (Just checking)
[22:25]MrRMA considers reaching for his broom, but decides to refrain for the moment and keep both of his hands free in preparation for whatever Sol might have in mind for an opening attack
[22:25]Sol_Simmons takes tens steps forwards, completely missing ARM's message. He sights the nearest door and makes a mental picture of where it is.
[22:28]MrRMA takes a deep breath as he turns around and faces Sol, deciding to quickly take advantage of his terrain suggestion, sending a large jolt of electricity into the copper flooring, intending for the conductive metal to zap Sol from beneath
[22:28]Sol_Simmons Sprints at the door and kicks through it, he barrels through it and ends up where started he looks round dazed and backs through it only to find hiself falling. he looks to see ARMA and takes a few potshots of fire at him
[22:29]Sol_Simmons (Ignore that last post sorry)
[22:32]Sol_Simmons Hearsw lightnining crackling around him and looks at the floor seeing the copper conductors all around him , he sees the door, sees a path and he has to be quick the lightning was thraveling there, he sprints for the door taking out his handscythes. he barrels through the door but his foot gets Zapped as he breaks through it he's falling, he throws his scythe at Arma whilst he falls
[22:33]Karu (Extending this fight to quarter past btw, just to balance it a little.)
[22:35]MrRMA quickly turns on his sonar as he takes note of the many doors all around, managing to spot Sol just as he throws his scythe in his direction. Leaping into the air, he manages to grab the scythe by the handle and tosses it aside, as far from Sol as he can manage to throw it, before landing and sending another arc of electricity at the floor to keep the jolts going
[22:37]Alistair ...ARMA isn't messing around, it seems. Both parties are going full out from the start.
[22:38]Karu sips at a tall glass of water.
[22:38]Lyni Well, it's how they usually are, isn't it?
[22:39]Sol_Simmons takes advantage of the fact that the teapots are ceramic and therefore completely conductive resistive. he then takes out his second scythe and aim's his finger gun he sends out a pulse of AC current aiming to nuetralise Arma's continous stream
[22:40]Lyni (nothing is completely conductive resistive; with enough electricity, anything can conduct electricity, iirc)
[22:40]Alistair ...This is the first time I've watched in a while.
[22:40]Sol_Simmons I'm never serioous!
[22:40]Lyni Ahh, that's right, you haven't been around in a while~
[22:40]Sol_Simmons (Don't lie to me i know my physics)]
[22:41]Lyni (I'm just saying what I thought I remembered from the past sob)
[22:42]Sol_Simmons (Glass and porcelain are very very resistive, so there'd be minimal charge due tcurrent equalling charge over resistnce so there'd be a very small voltage passing through it :p)
[22:42]Lyni (okay fine you win XD)
[22:42]MrRMA figures he doesn't want to waste too much energy counteracting the new current, and decides to dash quickly towards Sol as he's occupied creating said current, swiftly pulling out his broom and activating it with one hand while sending a burst of flame towards Sol with the cufflink on the other arm
[22:43]Lyni (sorry, ignore me from now on)
[22:43]Sol_Simmons (Genuinely know my physics :p)
[22:43]Alistair Keep in mind I initially took this tournament as a bit of fun, too - it was... Cyrus who was the one who went all out first. But now...
[22:43]Lyni (My dad does too, but he's taking a nap so I couldn't double check with him when I said that. Apologies~)
[22:44]Alistair looks up to Karu, casually sipping water and enjoying the thrill of battle. He takes a long breath.
[22:44]Alistair Things are going to be much different.
[22:44]Lyni has a flashback to something she saw a while back and shivers, understanding what Alistair means
[22:44]MrRMA Michael: ...Things are changing quite a bit...yes...
[22:44]Lyni Be careful, whatever you do...
[22:45]Karu crosses his legs, fingers interlaced before him with elbows resting upon the arms of his throne, his back however is slouched against the throne, merely the appeareance of being awake.
[22:46]Sol_Simmons takes out the tea cannon and smiles, he hits the the pulse setting on the gun and blasts the flame the tea evaporates into steam, sol jumps down and then sprints at ARMA aiming to take this into a more close range fight
[22:46]Sol_Simmons (Ooh that would have been cool shiny, i only do it at A level, he probably knows more than me)
[22:47]MrRMA smirks as he realizes he activated his broom at the perfect time, swinging it horizontally at Sol's left side and quickly following it up with a spin kick towards Sol's chest
[22:47]Lyni (Most likely does since he has a Ph.D in physicsI only know a bit of mechanics, optics, and waves, and I've forgotten a lot about electricity and magnetism)
[22:48]Karu waves his hand, other clasping his blade for aid with the spell, the great orb of tea in the sky plummeting downwards as the veins of copper just upwards like so may spiny trees. A firework flares in the sky to signify half-time.
[22:49]Karu ( A little late, apologies.)
[22:49]Sol_Simmons (Because ARMA's swung i forget can i grab his broom as a reaction)
[22:49]Lyni (why is Karu having trouble with spells)
[22:50]Karu (He's tired.)
[22:50]Sol_Simmons (Guys i don't want to auto :s)
[22:50]Karu (It isn't auto.)
[22:51]Karu (Grab AT it and say if successful etc.)
[22:51]Sol_Simmons (So i say if it's successful?
[22:51]Sol_Simmons )
[22:52]Karu (e.g. Karu grabbed at the swung broom, performing a hook towards his foe's jaw if managing to grasp the item)
[22:53]MrRMA (I only didn't add that last part myself because Arma is planning on sending a kick towards Sol whether or not the broom strike actually lands)
[22:53]Sol_Simmons grabs at the broom as it swings aiming to use it's momentum to swing himslef around to ARMA's Back meanwhile firing a close range pulse of the TC at
[22:53]Sol_Simmons ARMA's stomach
[22:54]Sol_Simmons (Sorry i'm kind of out of this)
[22:56]MrRMA spins around and lets the tea shots hit his back, spinning quickly in order to divert some of the impact. Seeing Sol is now right in front of him, he quickly blinks twice and removes his sunglasses, activating his eyes' new secondary function, sending a greyish liquid towards the tea cannon, intending to freeze it
[22:57]Sol_Simmons (Did i grab the broom?)
[22:57]MrRMA (Yeah, you grabbed it. I assumed that by swinging around you dodged the attacks and landing right behind Arma before he spun around)
[22:58]MrRMA (*landed)
[22:58]Sol_Simmons (Okay i wasn't sure 'cause you weren't explicit :p)
[23:00]Sol_Simmons lets the greyish liquid hit the the TC and swings his Scythe at ARMA's mid section Whilst canneling the Tea with his inate tearomancy.
[23:01]Karu (Fifteen minutes remain)
[23:01]Karu (well, fourteen.)
[23:01]MrRMA swings his broom at the scythe to block the attack, noticing that Sol appears to be summoning more of his trademark weapon of choice and quickly moving to send another kick towards Sol's chest, aiming to send him towards the tree-like copper jettisoning from the ground
[23:03]Sol_Simmons takes the kick and uses it to propel him backwards he flips in air and lands feet planted against the tea, he channels for a few more secons sharpening the brunt of the tea into a pointed tip and aims it at ARMA's head accelerating it with his love of tea.
[23:07]MrRMA quickly ducks down from the pointed tea-attack, barely dodging it as it impales his fedora. He rolls away from the strange attack and leaps towards the copper tree, aiming a steady stream of fire towards the copper ground near Sol to heat up the surroundings with one arm and zapping the tree to send more electricity throughout the area with the other hand
[23:09]Sol_Simmons see's what ARMA is doing and jumps up from the tree, he activates his TC using the heat to defreeze it, he catches himself on the handle of one of the teacups and points the recently defrosted TC and aims a continous stream of tea at ARMA
[23:10]Alistair (TC is Tea-Cannon, right?)
[23:10]Sol_Simmons (Aye)
[23:13]MrRMA blinks twice again in order to activate his primary ocular attack once more, using the electricity conducting through him to help propel a consistent burst of electrical energy towards the stream of tea aiming at him, using his broom hand to send a stream of pins at Sol and the other hand to send an accompanying electrical discharge towards him as well
[23:14]Alistair (1 minute left, right?)
[23:14]Alistair (Karu?)
[23:14]Karu (Final four posts, please.)
[23:14]Karu (Sorry, farming Vivillon for pattern trading.)
[23:14]Alistair (lol its k dood)
[23:15]Lyni (<33333)
[23:15]Karu (Don't worry about time limits with these.)
[23:15]Karu (Also w00t 5 patterns.)
[23:16]Sol_Simmons Drops the te TC just as the electricity reaches the metal spout and it drops to the floor exploding beneath him, he the drops from the handle a few of the pins grazing him sending charges through his body, oddly this sikes him up a bit. He blands like a cat then blinks his eyes his eyes beam manliness and all of the tea in stadium pools infront of him, he forms a golem and sends it barelling at ARMA
[23:18]MrRMA leaps off the copper tree in order to evade the massive barrage barreling towards him, able to avoid the golem, but realizing the tea is still crashing towards him. It's then that he notices the door that Sol used and quickly activates his propulsion system to send himself through the door, reappearing in the air and continuing his eye strike
[23:19]Karu (Lyni, I would like to confer with you on final judgment for this, are you able to do so?)
[23:19]Lyni (give me a sec)
[23:20]Tangrow (nyahaaa, you stole her from music timeeeee! also i should win)
[23:22]Sol_Simmons Cartwheels away hand planting, then flips through a door and ends up next under ARMA He then pulls the golem towards him and directs it towards the airbourne ARMA, whislst chanelling electricity in his free hand to block in case of ARMA's eyebeam.
[23:22]Lyni (Tan is always the winner game over)
[23:24]Sol_Simmons (that was my last post wasn't it?)
[23:25]Alistair Well, that was something.
[23:25]Lyni (yes it was)
[23:25]Karu (Ten minutes judgment time.)
[23:25]Lyni (I thought Arma had another post)
[23:26]Karu Oh, indeed. Apologies.)
[23:26]Sol_Simmons ( i said my last post, so i thought ARMa did too)
[23:26]MrRMA deactivates his eye attack and quickly aims the handle side of his broom towards the golem flying upwards towards him, sending it downward into the large object intending to impale it and divert momentum of them both downward at a faster pace towards Sol. With one hand he quickly presses down on the chrome boutonniere on his jacket, the three petals sending a spiraling burst of fire electricity and ice towards Sol
[23:27]Lyni (That's four)
[23:27]Sol_Simmons (Do we get to resolve or)
[23:27]Karu (We resolve.)
[23:27]Karu (Unless one of you wants to step down?)
[23:27]Sol_Simmons (Cool)
[23:27]Lyni (unless someone conceeds?)
[23:27]Lyni (yeah, what Karu said)
[23:28]Tangrow (i give up you guys can win this time)
[23:28]Sol_Simmons (Thanks tan :D)
[23:28]MrRMA (Quite generous of you XD)
[23:29]Tangrow (yes c:)
[23:31]Karu (hahaha)
[23:31]Karu (Yes, thank you.)
[23:31]Karu (Ok..)
[23:31]Alistair (Bite the pillow)
[23:31]Alistair (I'm going in dry)
[23:32]Lyni (are you guys next?)
[23:32]MrRMA (Quite a literal innuendo...|D)
[23:32]Karu (We'll see, I'm in the middle of things. )
[23:32]Tangrow sprays the area with febreeze
[23:32]Alistair (wjnwnfjo)
[23:32]Tangrow (i hear that's moisturizing)
[23:32]Alistair (I have battle musics prepared and everything)
[23:33]MrRMA (I've been listening to Jet Set Radio music this whole time XD)
[23:34]Alistair (EHCKTUR SUGAA)
[23:34]Alistair (EHCKTUR SOLD)
[23:34]Alistair (EHCKTUR OIL AN EM ESS GEEE)
[23:34]Lyni (wtf Toru)
[23:34]MrRMA (We've finally lost him...)
[23:35]Alistair ()
[23:36]MrRMA (Oh, yes, that zany tune...friggin Birthday Cake XD)
[23:40]Lyni rises up and flies over to the throne area on her cloud, looking at Karu's tired figure and sighing before making a megaphone out of ice
[23:40]Lyni In conclusion~!
[23:41]Lyni Due to overall better tactics, maneuvering, and display of skill, the winner this round is~
[23:41]Lyni The lovely neighborhood robot, Arma!
[23:42]Sol_Simmons Explodes the golem midair and walks awy
[23:42]Lyni attempts to smack Karu awake with her fan
[23:42]MrRMAl ooks upward with literally the last bit of energy left in him and manages a labored smile before collapsing to the ground, his reserve battery kicking into gear as he groggily gets up
[23:42]Karu jitters awake.
[23:42]Karu H-hmn?!
[23:42]Karu rubs his cheek.

Karu Enfrale VS. Alistair Aurelio
[00:24]=-=Topic for #CharmsRP is “Welcome the #Pokecharms Chat RolePlay Centre! | Official Thread - http://chr.ms/ebi | Birth in Blood Finale”
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[00:24]Lyni (weebee~)
[00:25]Karu (ty)
[00:26]Lyni (ping me when ready)
[00:26]Alistair (Lyni pingingy pingerest)
[00:27]Lyni (Karu ready too)
[00:27]Karu (Sure am.)
[00:27]Lyni forms her ice cushion in the throne area and takes a seat, a bottle of iced tea in her hand
[00:27]Lyni Alrighty guys, this is the last fight of the finale and stuff, a fight between old friends Alistair and Karu~
[00:27]Lyn iArena preferences, guys?
[00:27]Karu wipes the sleep from his eyes, rising from his throne.
[00:28]Karu Make it rain, make it pour...
[00:28]Alistair Let there be a drought. Rock everywhere.
[00:28]Lyni ... Um, those are kind of contradictory...
[00:28]Karu leaps from the balcony, something secured inside a small pouch on his belt.
[00:29]Karu Your call on what to do, little sister.
[00:29]Karu draws his white blade, eyes locked sleeplessly with Alistair's as he treads across flagstones.
[00:30]Alistair follows suit and reveals Foresharn, the intensity of his gaze becoming more and more apparent with each passing second.
[00:30]Karu takes a breath, smiling eagerly.
[00:30]Lyni sighs and snaps her fingers; rainclouds cover the area as rain falls, though the ground does not get wet and rainwater doesn't collect on the rocks that begin forming. The water instead seem to disappear when it lands.
[00:30]Lyni I-I hope this satisfies you guys?
[00:31]Lyni Anyways, you know the drill, back to back, then ten paces~
[00:31]Alistair I don't care if you're the cask of my old friend. The pain you have inflicted on me... Cyrus.. my friends...
[00:31]Karu Cask.
[00:31]Karu How rude.
[00:31]Alistair I'll deliver it back tenfold to you now.
[00:31]Lyni Um, I'll start the countdown?
[00:32]Lyni Three!
[00:32]Lyni Two!
[00:32]Alistair roughly meets his back with Karu's, breathing heavily.
[00:32]Lyni One~
[00:32]Karu grimaces.
[00:32]Lyni || a thunderclap, announcing the fight to start
[00:32]Alistair ()
[00:33]Karu skitters across ten paces, blue light like some strands of fire rising from him as he turns and grasps blade in both hands, preparing for the first strike as the rain gathers into an orb behind him.
[00:33]Karu (Good luck.)
[00:33]Alistair (You too dood!)
[00:33]Lyni (that music is kinda fitting)
[00:34]Alistair quickly takes his 10 paces, before a ridiculous amount of genesis energy begins to accumulate around Alistair. The earth around him begins to tremor, as the accumulation of rage and hatred formed over weeks of tempering is unleashed in an agonising roar - Alistair spins around, firing off a massive discharge of Genesis Energy towards Karu in the form of a large beam.
[00:35]-->|Cloveria (4a8449b7@h-36298B80.swo.res.rr.com) has joined #CharmsRP
[00:36]Lyni Hai Cloveria! The match just started~)
[00:36]=-=Lyni has changed the topic to “Welcome the #Pokecharms Chat RolePlay Centre! | Official Thread - http://chr.ms/ebi | Birth in Blood Finale - Karu vs. Alistair”
[00:36]Cloveria wave
[00:36]Cloveria waves*
[00:36]Karu flares like azure flash fire, the rain around him imploding into one point to form an explosion om par with that sent out, a few moments fading before the rain resumes and a ready stance reassumed, Karu breathing heavily.
[00:37]Karu (aimed to intercept a couple meters ahead of himself, damn it.)
[00:40]Alistair uses blueshift to aim a mach speed punch into one of the towering forms of earth, sending it careering down onto the dusty battlefield. Using the dust cloud to his advantage, he spins Foresharn up into the air, before blueshifting towards Karu in a split-second - a genesis charged punch is aimed violently at Karu's face.
[00:43]Karu is sent skittering across the rock, bouncing along the ground a few times before reaching his feat with a mild bound, the blue fire flaring again through gritted teeth. The white coral sword is shifted into a one handed grip, the blade cloaking in the same light as one blood red dagger is drawn with some issue, radiating a horrid black flame. Drawing a deep breath and holding it, a crash of...
[00:43]Karu ...sound as Karu sails up through the rain at blinding speed, swinging the coral blade down in a helm splitting maneuver with speed closing in on blueshift.
[00:50]Alistair 0x01ACTION peers forward, trying to gauge Karu's current whereabouts - he notices a dagger in the Elemental's hand with a familiar colour and hue to it - just looking at it gave him the same shivers from that time. Foresharn conveniently lands from its descending midair position into Alistair's outstretched hand. Using the large flat side of the blade to protect himself, their weapons clashed together, steam coming off the steels of earth a
[00:51]Lyni (that cut off)
[00:51]Alistair *sending a powerful shockwave of genesis energy through Foresharn with the means to send Karu flying backwards
[00:51]Alistair (yeah, I know)
[00:51]Lyni ("steam coming off the steels of earth a" was last thing I saw in the /me)
[00:52]Alistair (oh)
[00:52]Alistair **Alistair shouts out, sending a powerful shockwave of genesis energy through Foresharn with the means to send Karu flying backwards
[00:53]Alistair (and it's 'earth and water' before that too, sorry
[00:53]Alistair )
[00:53]Lyni thank you)
[00:53]Alistair (I'm a little tired so editing is hard |D)
[00:54]Lyni (It's fine, pretty sure we're all compromised atm because the AC in my house broke)
[00:54]Alistair (I'll send you that bit for logging)
[00:54]Karu is propelled back into the air relatively unscathed, throwing the sword like a javelin downwards before flinging himself forward with a controlled detonation, arcing dagger to meet with Alistair's shoulder. The magic of the blades set to detonate on contact are the last, lethal bite.
[00:56]Alistair, as an attempt to conserve his reserve of genesis energy decides to try and block the attack with his rather defensive weapon. However, Karu's deftness proves to be too much, and he yelps out from the dark, burning inferno of corrupt magics spreading out from the laceration in his shoulder.
[00:57]Alistair Why... WHY ARE YOU STILL FOLLOWING HER!?
[00:57]Karu The Queen...
[00:58]Karu edges back a few steps, gasping.
[00:58]Karu ...Is not to be defied.
[00:58]Alistair casts his hand forward, causing the large chunk of rock behind him to almost spring board off of the ground, aimed to crush Karu.
[00:58]Lyni cringes at their exchange and once again involuntarily twitches her arm
[01:00]Karuflings the dagger up at his foe, the cursed flames streaming behind it in the air as he draws the second, swinging it upwards to disgorge itself of an arc of nightmarish fire, detonating the rock with apparent toll to Karu's physical wellbeing.
[01:02]Lyni makes the rain come down harder as the rocks shift and change, becoming rougher and more jagged in shape and the terrain harder to walk on
[01:02]Karu How do you not see, any of you?
[01:03]Karu Our world is very cruel, this one adopted as our home and those of our origin.
[01:03]Alistair flies through the air, hastily evading the first dagger. Whilst the second one eats through the solid rock with corrupt powers, Alistair descends down onto Karu with a quick burst of genesis energy and assaulting him with a burst of various sword strikes
[01:07]Karu (Permission to step it up, friend?)
[01:07]Alistair(Oh, but of course!)
[01:08]Lyni (I am having a lot of trouble keeping Lyni in that box thank you Karu)
[01:08]Karu (Oh?)
[01:09]Karu collects what he can on flash materialised blades of water, a couple piercing his guards and leaving a laceration from his chin to beneath his left nostril and from his right cheek to left eyebrow. Staggering back, heaving for air, the elemental is apparently struggling so close to his sleep cycle. Clawing the blood from his face, he flings it forth as a hail of razor shards, the rain...
[01:09]Karu ...gathering about the wounds to heal as he opens the leather pouch at his belt, raising from it a familiar red fruit with black flower blooming from the end of it, eerily glowing red in his grasp.
[01:10]Lyni (as a rather chaotic good character, she is not prone to following the rules when she sees a comrade in trouble, especially if she has suspicions of a certain hag vamp being involved)
[01:10]Lyni (but she'll do her job)
[01:10]Karu So long as I don't lose my way in my mind, I can defeat you. Even with this distortion of myself...
[01:10]Karu (Requet permission to double post?)
[01:10]Alistair (gogogo)
[01:10]Lyni (Toru's eager XD)
[01:11]Alistair (also I got that sly reference)
[01:11]Karu (Damn right)
[01:11]Alistai rWhat're you... Karu, no!
[01:11]Alistair stands, conflicted as he watches on.
[01:12]Lyni Fucking-
[01:12]Karu consumes the fruit in a single, solid bite, veins of black flames coarsing through pale skin. "I heard the voice of you in my mind.." The red light shifts to engulf the blue fire, dagger growing into an old katana now wreathed in a darkness, blue hair lengthening yet remaining the correct shade as one eyes flickers a murderous red, partially corrupted.
[01:13]Karu Come on, then. I shall take on your hatred and mend this cruel world.
[01:13]-->|Zachary (SolInvictu@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com) has joined #CharmsRP
[01:13]Lyni (Zacky hai)
[01:14]Lyni forces herself to stay in her seat, though she glares at Karu's transformation and is having trouble trying to do her job
[01:14]Karu (I can't wait for you all to learn the tale of Nioyu.)
[01:15]Karu (But that is another time.)
[01:16]Alistair stares in shock - Nioyu's influence has finally physically consumed Karu. Alistair's looks of bewilderment are replaced with blind fury. Alistair reverses his grip on Foresharn, holding the handle in both hands, as he slams it into the earth below. The rain pounded onto him as he focused his harmony with his sword...
[01:17]Alistair Let the shackles be thrown aside. Reveal your true form, Foresharn!
[01:17]Alistair brought his sword up into the air with one hand, a blinding white light changing its form and capacity for power.
[01:18]Karu Excalibur, such a pitiful blade...
[01:19]Lyni Alistair, shut up and do your job
[01:19]Lyni mumbles to herself something about guys always trying to be so dramatic
[01:20]Alistair dashes forward, blade poised to pierce Karu in the abdominal region
[01:20]Alistair KARU ENFRALE!
[01:22]Karu sidesteps, cutting down towards the right side of Alistair's head with both hands, black fire roaring.
[01:22]Lyni snaps her fingers, and thunder can be heard from above. The bolts strike the floor, destroying some of the rocks, and a heavy wind blows through the arena
[01:22]Karu (Thank you for the dramatic imagery, Imouto.)
[01:22]Alistair ()
[01:23]Lyni (I'm dying from heat I can't do much else)
[01:25]Alistair recoils back, the brutal image of his afterimage being decapitated shocking the audience, before Alistair appears behind Karu in a wake of blueshift. As he roars out and prepares to swing Foresharn at Karu, he slams his foot down onto the ground. The substantial tremor causing the spiked rocks to crumble apart, creating a tremendous landslide that begins to hurtle towards the two fighters.
[01:26]Alistair *the spiked rocks scattered across the battlefield
[01:27]Zachary (what's going on in here?!)
[01:27]Karu pivots about, bringing sword over his head to collect the blow as the rain gathers into dozens of orbs, crying out as the black veins upon his skin ignite, feeding magic into the sword in preparation for what comes next.
[01:28]Zachary (:O)
[01:28]Lyni (tournament fight)
[01:28]Lyni (don't interfere, they're almost done)
[01:28]Alistair !?
[01:28]Aegislash Alistair: Error: "?" is not a valid command.
[01:28]Zachary (aw, i wanted to join in :/)
[01:28]Karu (Phft, Aegis xD)
[01:28]Alistair (You can be spectating)
[01:28]Zachary (s3end me the log, Shiny?)
[01:28]Lyni (I should change that to a /notice or something)
[01:28]Lyni (it'll be in the topic)
[01:28]Zachary (and we all should RP after this is done.)
[01:29]Lyni (it's late for them, and I have to practice driving after this)
[01:29]Zachary (for fuck sake >=O)
[01:29]Lyni (maybe another day :p)
[01:30]Zachary (still, send me the log)
[01:30]Lyni (again, it'll be in the topic)
[01:30]Zachary (i meant so i can add myself into the spectators, dear)
[01:31]Lyni (it's an arena, just find a place to sit <<)
[01:31]Zachary (>=O)
[01:31]Lyni (AC died in this house gdi)
[01:31]Lyni (if I can work less I will)
[01:32]Lyni (final four posts btw)
[01:33]Zachary stands in the one of the arena's doorways, looking down on the spectacle that was happening to Alistair and Karu. It pained him to watch Alistair fight to like this but Zachary had to stand by, for even though he was recently returned to life, he had to keep quiet about it. Zachary noticed Lyni and sat next to her, taking out a flask and swiging from it. He offered it to her with a
[01:33]Zachary rough but generous movement.
[01:34]Alistair pushes Karu back, spinning Geo Excalibur in a one-handed grip and aiming a quick, deft piercing blow towards Karu. Several large rocks in the landslide began to hover into the air under Alistair's influence and hone in on Karu.
[01:34]Lyni politely refuses the flask, not bothering to look up as her eyes are still focused on the fight
[01:34]Zachary Don't worry, Lyni. I know they'll be okay.
[01:34]Zachary Well, at least one of them will be.
[01:34]Lyni I hope only one of them will be.
[01:35]Karu (Hey!)
[01:35]Lyni (she's mad, and can you really blame her :p)
[01:35]Karu (nope XD)
[01:35]Lyni (there XD)
[01:36]Zachary takes a swig from the flask and returns it back to his tunic's pocket. He unslings Gunnlogi from his shoulder and sets it across his lap. The well-crafted blade seemed heavy in his lap as tension tugged at Zachary's heart strings like a harp player's hands.
[01:37]Karu runs his blade along the length of Alistair's, attempting to push it off centre and catch him across the chest with a glancing cut, the orbs of rain pelting down in a hail of cursed magic to demolish the offending rocks and landslide. The red creeps across his eye like a poison, a black tear trailing down his face as the black fire burns inside.
[01:38]Karu ( )
[01:40]Alistair takes the cut to the chest, and uses his opportunity to aim a firm hand towards Karu's throat in an attempt to grab him and slam him into the cold earth.
[01:42]Karu hits the ground, screaming as the fire roars through the veins failing to contain it, burning in fierce lines along his skin, katana thrust with what conscious strength remains towards the heart, though not holding true and veering towards the shoulder.
[01:43]Alistair NO
[01:43]Alistair NOOO!
[01:44]Lyni (alright do I actually need to do my job or can someone make this easier for me)
[01:44]|<--Sol_Simmons has left chat.pkmn.im (Ping timeout: 126 seconds)
[01:44]Karu ( Sorry, sis. Not backing down here.)
[01:45]Lyni (easier for me meaning can Lyni be biased >:o)
[01:45]Lyni (*shot*)
[01:45]Lyni (because I actually need to go)
[01:45]Zachary stands up, grabbing Gunnlogi in his left hand. He makes his way down the stands to the arena's edge and pounds on the magical barrier's edge, trying to get Alistair's attention.
[01:45]Lyni (parents yelling at me)
[01:45]Zachary ALISTAIR! DON'T GIVE UP!
[01:45]Karu (Of course.)
[01:45]Lyni Alistair wins game over
[01:46]=-=Lyni is now known as Shiny
[01:46]Zachary (i'm gonna take Alistair's side because- well shit)
[01:46]Alistair (Oh, really?)
[01:47]Zachary (well yeah, from what I gathered, Karu went insane again and Zachary is alive agian)
[01:47]Karu (He didn't lose it until the last moment.)
[01:47]Zachary (ah, then my mistake, Karu)
[01:47]Alistair (I was talking about the victory)
[01:47]Zachary (I assumed he totally did)
[01:47]Karu (It was his attempt at controlling it.)
[01:48]Zachary (we all can RP if you guys want to :O)
[01:48]Zachary (I have a story we can do)
[01:48]Karu (Fucking good fight, bro.)
[01:48]Karu (Let's close this mess.)
[01:48]Alistair (Likewise)
[01:49]Alistair slowly stands up, looking at the dark, evil mess of an opponent on the ground A wry expression on his face.
[01:50]Alistair Why are you letting her control you like this if this is all that is going to happen to you?
[01:50]Alistair If you think that what you just did was for the sake of the greater good, it wasn't!
[01:50]Karu's power fades as the katana shrinks, wounds healed by the throne of the arena for the most part.
[01:51]AlistairI shall not let you fall into despair, dammit!
[01:51]KaruGreater good...
[01:51]Karuwipes the trails of blood from his ruined features.
[01:52]Karu...I dare not imagine what you think you know of the greater good.
[01:52]Karudeparts from the arena, determinedly trudging towards his room.
[01:52]Zachary (is the arena barrier down?)
[01:52]Karu (Aaaand with his wounded, moody departure. I could do with some.)
[01:52]Karu (TIs.)
[01:52]Alistair (TIs?)
[01:53]Karu (I'll stick around until the turn of the hour to observes then log.)
[01:53]Karu ('Tis)
[01:53]Zachary (does Toru wanna RP?)
[01:54]Alistair Alistair frowns, walking away - still frustrated that he knows nothing of what has happened to Lyni, Michael and Cyrus. But there wasn't long left now. Soon, everything will come crumbling down.
[01:54]=-=Alistair is now known as Toru
[01:54]Zachary (guess not
[01:54]Toru nah, I'm so tired man)
[01:54]Toru (I'm going to go now)
[01:54]Karu (Closing note please, Zacky.)
[01:55]Zachary watches as the crowd disperses quietly, not sure if the end of the battle was appropriate. Zachary stands and watches Karu and Alistair walk away from each other, the two friends at odds once again.
The Parade
[16:03] <~Karu> || A parade marches through the streets of Lauma, floats of varying sizes and shapes, adorned with glyphs and more mark the procession through the streets. Even though the crowds cheer, the dancers make merry and much a display is hat with streamers and fireworks glistening against the sky, Karu knows from his throne in the colosseum that few have come to mark the end of the tournament. His...
[16:03] <~Karu> ...face now healed at least aesthetically, the blue haired male awaits the arrival of the joyous occasion.
[16:06] * Toru (5f95d96c@549A7F48.DEAF7E80.EFFB1432.IP) has joined #CharmsRP
[16:06] * Zachary watches from a street alley, a smile on his face. He claps along with the crowd loudly.
[16:06] * MrRMA (32c31e61@h-893C9927.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) has joined #CharmsRP
[16:06] * Toru is now known as Alistair
[16:09] * @Lyni bursts out of a parade float, confusing the dancers on the float with a shower of sparkles and snow, before flying off to join the crowd
[16:09] * Zachary walks out of the alley and stands next to Lyni.
[16:09] <Zachary> Hey, lassie.
[16:10] <@Lyni> Sup, Zacky~
[16:10] <Zachary> It's Zachary.
[16:10] <Zachary> Not Zacky.
[16:10] * MrRMA casually tips his hat towards any cheering potentially directed towards him as he walks through the crowd towards the road where the parade's proceeding, just catching a glimpse of Lyni's little stunt and grinning, but still darting his eyes suspicious back and forth, Michael still close behind him
[16:10] <Tangrow> (mi'lady)
[16:10] <Zachary> (c'mon, Ethan, join in!)
[16:10] * @Lyni pouts but waves at Arma and Michael~
[16:11] <MrRMA> *Michael waves back, but worry is quite evident in his face, obviously less adept at hiding his fear than Arma is
[16:12] * Alistair takes in the sights, not in the least bit entertained. He was too concerned with the well beings of several of his comrades - everyone covering their true feeling through masks. He shuddered as people lost in merriment marched past.
[16:13] * ~Karu retreats from his throne, looking for some fresh bandages to attend to his face. As the parade proceeds people throw tokens of affection such as flowers and coin towards the procession
[16:14] <MrRMA> Hard to believe this whole thing is coming to an end...feels like an eternity since we got this whole thing started
[16:14] * Zachary walks away from Lyni silently, he maneuvers through the crowd and ends up behind Alistair. He places a hand on his shoulder and whispers, "Stay strong, friend."
[16:14] <Alistair> (are you staying with the canon that he's been revived? Or is this just taking place before his death?)
[16:14] <Zachary> (he's been revived)
[16:16] * Alistair turns around, in complete and utter shock and disbelief.
[16:16] <Alistair> No, you're kidding me...
[16:17] <Zachary> I know, it's still a shock to me.
[16:18] * @Lyni glances over at Alistair's sullen expression and looks away, not wanting a reminder of the events from the previous day
[16:19] <MrRMA> Michael: Try and keep an eye on Karu if you can, Arma...Don't let on, but...y'know...keep watch
[16:19] * Alistair tries to hold back his tears as he begins to well up - all of his emotions crashing into one another.
[16:21] <MrRMA> Don't worry, I'm staying completely alert, Mike, just don't wander off. It's damn easy to get lost in a crowd like this
[16:21] * Zachary holds his hand out for a handshake.
[16:21] <Zachary> I'm back, friend.
[16:22] * Alistair pushes his old comrades hand to the side and hugs him tightly, tears streaming down his face
[16:22] <Alistair> So... so much has happened - I, I just...
[16:23] * Zachary is taken back by surprise by the hug, he awkwardly hugs Alistair back.
[16:23] * Alistair breaks off, trying to maintain himself, and trying to believe that the man who died for him stood up once more
[16:24] * @Lyni steps on Arma's foot and looks at the robot questioningly
[16:24] <Alistair> why on earth did you decide to come here though?
[16:24] <Zachary> I'm still in exile, and I wanted to join in the fights but I was too late.
[16:25] <~Karu> (At the end of these exchanges we will assume the parade has reached the colosseum )
[16:25] <MrRMA> Hello, Lyni...you in need of something?
[16:25] <@Lyni> You guys have been acting funny for a while
[16:25] * @Lyni glares at suspiciously
[16:25] <Alistair> Come on, we best follow the parade up to the colosseum.
[16:26] <MrRMA> So we have...Well, we're not very used to this sort of...environment, 'specially not Mike here. Things are just sorta...off in a matter of speaking
[16:26] <Alistair> So, when and where did you wake up?
[16:26] <Zachary> I woke up in Zalos.
[16:26] <Zachary> I was revived by a cult.
[16:26] <Zachary> The Order of the Sun.
[16:27] <Zachary> It was a bunch of people who worshipped me as a god.
[16:27] * @Lyni looks unconvinced but shrugs, flying off towards the colosseum on her cloud and leaving robot and master behind
[16:27] <Alistair> So, they praise the sun, huh...
[16:27] <MrRMA> *Michael doesn't look back at Lyni, shivering a little as he tries to hold back a tear that's irritatingly bugging his left eye
[16:28] <Zachary> Yeah, they worship the Sol Invictus.
[16:28] <Alistair> Ah, I see. That does sound quite odd. Do they have a purpose for you then, or?
[16:29] * MrRMA grabs hold of his master's arm and they quickly make their way to the Colosseum, the robot keeping his broom within reach at all times
[16:29] <Zachary> They wanted me to "slay the moon."
[16:29] <Zachary> But I thought that was dumb.
[16:29] <Zachary> So I left.
[16:30] <MrRMA> Michael: I still think we could trust her...I mean, what on earth would Lyni have to gain in evil plans or whatever?
[16:30] <Alistair> Right. By the way, I obviously never got the opportunity to say thanks for what you did before... so yeah, thanks.
[16:31] <MrRMA> She needs to be taken into suspicion like everyone else...even more so considering her relationship with Karu. You know this as much as I do
[16:31] * Zachary laughs loudly, he pats Alistair on the back.
[16:31] <Zachary> I wasn't going to let you die in there.
[16:34] * Tangrow crawls out of the sewer manhole, looking side to side as he slithers in, tentacles squelching on the floor. His eyes dart back and forth, before running through the street, sweeping up all the confetti, and swiftly diving into another manhole
[16:35] <Alistair> But yeah, aside from this tournament, things have been going okay.
[16:35] <Zachary> I hope my death inspired you to be a hero, Alistair.
[16:35] <Zachary> God knows you needed it.
[16:35] * Zachary winks at Alistair and gently shoves him.
[16:35] <MrRMA> Michael: It's hard to suspect her though...whenever I look into her eyes I can't bring myself to think rationally...If she ever did anything...particularly bad, I don't know if I could bring myself to stop her...
[16:36] * Alistair laughs, doing the same back - something he'd never actually done
[16:37] <Zachary> Are you banging Hyt yet?
[16:37] * Zachary winks and nudges Alistair.
[16:37] <Alistair> ...oh my fucking god - NO!
[16:37] <MrRMA> Yet another reason why I'm here. She's a good friend, but my directives will disallow friendships if the need arises
[16:37] <Zachary> Well, if you won't, I will.
[16:37] * Alistair laughs, so happy to hear the voice of an old friend once more
[16:37] <Alistair> Pffft, as if she'd be into a brute like you
[16:38] * Zachary whoops and skips down the street singing; "Zachary and Hyt sitting in a tree, f-u-c-k-i-n-g!"
[16:38] <Zachary> You'd be surprised to see who would want this infernal beast.
[16:39] <Alistair> Well...
[16:41] <Alistair> I wonder where Talon is anyways.
[16:41] <Zachary> He's not here?
[16:41] * @Lyni appears at the colosseum a bit too quickly and floats around aimlessly, sometimes turning herself upside-down because she's bored
[16:42] <Alistair> I mean, he's the one who won this mess - I haven't seen him at all - maybe he's at the colosseum to make some grand entrance...
[16:42] <MrRMA> I haven't seen him around...strange...he's the big winner, so you'd think he'd show...
[16:43] <MrRMA> He never seemed that interested in the glory from what I saw. Only liked the challenge...Wouldn't be /too/ surprising if he just didn't show at all
[16:43] <MrRMA> Hell, I'd suspect he's more likely downing five family sized meals by himself at a cafe somewhere...
[16:44] <Alistair> Hmm, fair enough.
[16:44] <Zachary> I guess so.
[16:44] <Alistair> So, where are you off to now, Zachary?
[16:44] <Zachary> We all know if I were in this tournament, I would've won.
[16:44] * Zachary shrugs.
[16:44] <Zachary> Back home to Sheol.
[16:44] <Zachary> I'm going to get my old job back.
[16:44] <Alistair> Right now?
[16:44] <Zachary> Yeah.
[16:45] <Zachary> The Sheolian Army is recruiting again.
[16:45] * Alistair breathes a sigh of relief. Zachary would not have to witness the upcoming events...
[16:45] <Alistair> Alright then, I guess I'll see you around then, same as ever
[16:45] <Zachary> I GUESS I could stick around for a bit.
[16:46] * Zachary wraps arms around the shoulders of Alistair and ARMA.
[16:46] <Zachary> I mean, it isn't a party unless I'm around.
[16:46] <MrRMA> Whatever you decide, it was a...pleasure to meet someone of such strange tendencies such as yourself, sir
[16:46] * Alistair laughs nervously, trying to mask his hesitation.
[16:48] <MrRMA> Of course, I'd likely recommend you stick around if...you're willing to expect the unexpected...We could, uh...use some help cleaning up here, in a matter of speaking
[16:48] * Tangrow leaps out of another manhole, and in one swift swoop steals all the complimentary popcorn before backflipping off the concessions man and back into the manhole again
[16:49] <MrRMA> Michael: That damned thing is really causing a ruckus...you know what that is, Arma?
[16:49] <MrRMA> Best I don't explain it to you...
[16:49] <Zachary> Dude, I'm the Sol Invictus, I'm glad to help if it involves killing shit.
[16:50] <MrRMA> Well, don't let this word spread but...I fear there might be some killing involved if what I suspect is to happen...happens
[16:50] * @Lyni decides to go find food and is disappointed when she finds that all the popcorn is gone
[16:51] * Alistair decides to keep quiet, and instead putting on a more cheery expression.
[16:51] * Zachary makes a zipper motion with his face.
[16:51] <Alistair> Well, I'm going to go an run ahead to the colosseum - I'll see you guys down there!
[16:51] <Alistair> *and
[16:51] * ~Karu is nowhere to be seen, still tending to his face.
[16:51] <MrRMA> Sure thing...We should be right behind you soon enough
[16:52] * Zachary waves to Alistair and pulls out his teleportation rosary beads. He rubs them and disappears as purple blocks surround him. He teleports to the colosseum and sits in the stands.
[16:54] * MrRMA , seeing that he and Mike are on their own again, shrugs and pulls the human along, hustling over to the colosseum, slowing their pace as they walk through the entrance, the robot once again on high alert
[16:56] * Alistair goes to take his seat, watching intensely. Now that he was in solitude around strangers, he could think openly by himself. He felt a little uncomfortable, but ready.
"Victory March"
[17:15] * ~Karu rises to his throne, bandaged and awaiting. "Welcome, combatants. You have fought long and hard to reach this point and I congratulate you." A cheer from the crowd subsides after a minute or so. "Talon Reid, please rise." Waving a hand, a podium rises from the ground, carved in white and gilded gold.
[17:16] * Talon_Reid appears from the shadows behind Karu's throne, stepping up to stand silently on the pedestal.
[17:17] <~Karu> Amongst all gathered here in this place from across the worlds, you have proven yourself the most capable, magister.
[17:17] <~Karu> It is my honour to present you as the victor of this tournament!
[17:20] * MrRMA claps in congratulations towards Talon, albeit while muttering "if only that damned device worked..." only to get elbowed in the side by Mike
[17:20] <~Karu> It is in my power to present you with either an aesthetic item or an enchanted item of your choosing as sanctioned. What do you request>
[17:21] <Talon_Reid> Erm.
[17:21] <Talon_Reid> I have no real need for such a thing.
[17:22] <Talon_Reid> If you would allow it, I would confer my prize to the runner-up.
[17:22] <~Karu> As you wish.
[17:22] * @Lyni yells "get a wig!"
[17:22] <MrRMA> Well suddenly I feel like an ass...
[17:22] * ~Karu motions to ARMA.
[17:23] * MrRMA gets up and quickly straightens his scarf and tie
[17:23] <MrRMA> Uh, if Mr Reid here is so inclined in his generosity to offer me the prize, well...
[17:24] <~Karu> State your wish.
[17:24] * @Lyni whispers "a dress"
[17:25] * MrRMA thinks with some difficulty, knowing that this could easily backfire if he wishes for the wrong thing, and quickly glaring at Lyni at her suggestion...Eventually he comes to a conclusion
[17:27] <MrRMA> Perhaps some more...practical attire would be in order...but I'd rather you perchance upgrade my primary weapon here...make it more practical if that's the proper term
[17:28] <~Karu> Practical?
[17:28] <~Karu> Hm.
[17:28] <~Karu> How would you have this done?
[17:28] * Zachary yells from the stands, "Make it a giant dildo sword!"
[17:28] <@Lyni> what's a dildo?
[17:28] <Zachary> (are you being serious, Shiny?)
[17:28] <~Karu> Or would you let me devise my own method?
[17:28] <@Lyni> (no but Lyni is)
[17:29] <MrRMA> *Mike quickly gives the cut motion towards Lyni to advise her to drop the question
[17:29] * Tangrow whispers in Lyni's ear "an extremely rigid plant" before fleeing"
[17:29] <Talon_Reid> Enough.
[17:29] <Talon_Reid> Grant his wish properly, Aquaman.
[17:29] <MrRMA> Whichever you prefer, sir...but keep it, uh, from causing any harm to myself or my master here if you can...and for that matter, keep it a broom please
[17:30] <~Karu> As you wish, as you both wish...
[17:30] <MrRMA> It's kinda my thing...
[17:30] <~Karu> I have only question.
[17:31] <~Karu> An enchanted or technological advancement?
[17:32] <MrRMA> I'm severely incapable with magical weaponry myself...For my own sake, keep it technological please
[17:32] <~Karu> Of course.
[17:32] <~Karu> Present the weapon.
[17:33] * MrRMA pulls out the device, in its deactivated, short, perfectly cylindrical form and holds it up. Michael looks to have some reservations, but, doesn't say anything
[17:41] * ~Karu extends him hand, a bolt of magic leaping from his fingertips to the device, rebuilding it of titanium diboride, making it somewhat duller in gleam but...
[17:41] <~Karu> Three times more sturdy.
[17:41] <~Karu> A melting point in excess of three thousand two hundred degrees celsius..
[17:42] <~Karu> High thermal and electrical conductivity.
[17:42] <~Karu> I hope this is satisfactory.
[17:42] <MrRMA> I am honored to accept this gift, sir
[17:43] <~Karu> It is my honour to fulfil the wish of the winner, especially to the runner-up no less.
[17:45] <MrRMA> I only hope this proves ideal for future conflicts...
[17:46] <~Karu> And now, the birth in blood...
[17:47] * ~Karu dismisses the podium, sinking it back into the ground as the flagstones of the colosseum begins to glow, humming with energy.
[17:47] <MrRMA> *Michael tenses up, at those words...he was well aware now why RMA would choose something rather simplistic...just a bit more power for what they both knew was bound to happen
[17:48] * Alistair stands up, and looks at the deep blue stone in his hand. It was time.
[17:49] * Zachary grasps Gunnlogi by its hilt and prepares for the worst. He begins to Pulse deep, intense feelings of rage that rippled over the crowds, knocking everyone who couldn't handle it unconcious.
[17:49] <MrRMA> So it's about to begin...everyone...stand firm. That is all I can advise...
[17:49] * @Lyni blinks in surprise and realizes she accidentally made the temperature drop a few degrees as she bites her lip
[17:50] * Talon_Reid begins scanning with his magical senses, uncertain what is happening.
[17:50] * Tangrow pokes his head out of a nearby object
[17:51] * ~Karu taps fingers against the balcony, the flagstones distinctly rumbling now as tufts of blue turn black upon his head.
[17:51] * Zachary waddles through the unconscious crowd and descends down the steps of the stadium. He notices Alistair standing up and waves to him, letting him know he was the one who knocked out the crowd.
[17:51] * Talon_Reid jumps down from the throne area to meet the robot and the Fireman.
[17:52] * @Lyni flies down as well, though the temperature in the arena is now so cold that people can see their breaths in the air
[17:52] * ~Karu raises a hand, all the collective blood of the fighters lost in this tournament rising from the stones to gather in an orb of blood suspended over the arena.
[17:52] <Alistair> This is it. This is what I knew would happen ever since Cyrus disappeared...
[17:52] * MrRMA can feel the immense power emanating and does what he can to shield Michael from the powerful pulsing. Luckily, whether through Meical's influence or some other resilience, Michael remains conscious as the two make their way down to the arena
[17:53] <Tangrow> (am i actually allowed to do meaningful things here or (not that I plan to but knowing is half the battle))
[17:54] <@Lyni> (pretty sure you can)
[17:54] * ~Karu 's hand twitches briefly, a flash of paler skin and red nails appearing briefly as the last of the blood rises to the orb, shimmering with energy.
[17:54] * MrRMA mutters "It's high time we met again, ma'am...I've been oh so anxious to see you again..." sarcastically, gripping his newly upgraded broom tightly as he activates it
[17:54] <@Lyni> Brother, what are you doing?
[17:54] <Talon_Reid> I should have brought my team.
[17:54] <Zachary> No need.
[17:54] * Zachary walks beside Talon.
[17:54] <Zachary> I'm all you need, and of course, Alistair.
[17:55] <@Lyni> Oh, just going to ignore the rest of us, thanks~
[17:55] * Zachary gives two thumbs up to Lyni and says, "No problem, brat."
[17:55] <Talon_Reid> No offense Lyni, but I'm trained for teams of three.
[17:55] * Tangrow squelches over to the area
[17:55] <~Karu> Those of you who have contracts.
[17:55] <Tangrow> Interesting, interesting! How spooky.
[17:55] <~Karu> The time comes...
[17:55] * @Lyni growls to herself
[17:56] * ~Karu points, the marks upon their wrists beginning to flicker with the same energy.
[17:56] <Zachary> Lyni, you can help by getting the civilians out of here.
[17:56] <@Lyni> I think I will.
[17:56] * Zachary unsheathes Gunnlogi, the black blade shimmers with fire and lightning.
[17:56] <MrRMA> Those damned things...Mike, you see why you should be grateful you never allowed yourself to make such a deal?...What are you looking at?
[17:56] <Alistair> She won't be able to help now.
[17:57] <Talon_Reid> Fireman, Alistair.
[17:57] * ~Karu clicks, extracting a fruit worth of blood from each contractor.
[17:57] * MrRMA watches Lyni, remembering what he had witnessed...remembering the temptation he had seen in her...
[17:57] <Talon_Reid> Hold tight because I'm about to link you to my powers.
[17:57] <Zachary> No need, Talon.
[17:57] <Alistair> Yeah.
[17:57] * @Lyni reaches for the blood as it flies away from her grasp
[17:57] <Talon_Reid> The feeling has been described as "being hit by an earth sized meteor".
[17:57] * Zachary swings Gunnlogi around his body.
[17:58] <Talon_Reid> Not just for your benefit.
[17:58] <@Lyni> ... Well, there it goes
[17:58] <Tangrow> Ah geez, ah geez, this is getting nasty
[17:58] <~Karu> And now
[17:58] <Talon_Reid> Link boosts my powers too.
[17:58] <~Karu> The last.
[17:58] <Zachary> Well, okay, go ahead.
[17:58] <MrRMA> Michael: Stand by for Interlock, RMA...I'm afraid it's come to this...
[17:58] * Talon_Reid 's eyes glow green, opening the link to the two.
[17:58] * Zachary raises Gunnlogi above his head and splits the sword into two identical blades. He spins them around his body as fire and lightning rage around him.
[17:59] * ~Karu waves a hand, hair and nails lengthening as features begin to thin, the stones parting as the barely-living body of Cyrus rises suspended in chains from the breach. By now the crowd is confused, some trying to leave through barred doors.
[17:59] <Alistair> !
[17:59] <Alistair> Finally.
[17:59] <Tangrow> Oh gross, don't keep things in your basement!
[17:59] <Tangrow> That's so creepy.
[18:00] <Talon_Reid> (The link to Talon's powers boosts elemental abilities through a direct connection to the earth)
[18:00] <Talon_Reid> (have fun with that)
[18:00] * MrRMA grabs hold of Michael's hand, asking him if he wants to take control this time around. Michael nods and the robot does as well. In seconds, the human is gone and RMA stands alone in a bright green aura
[18:00] * Tangrow retracts the mass of tentacles covering himself to reveal a tallish human, arms crossed.
[18:01] * ~Karu dispels the chains, dropping the swordsman upon the stones..
[18:01] * MrRMA is now known as MrTourniquet
[18:01] * Alistair points Foresharn towards the changing Karu, shouting at him in fury.
[18:01] <Alistair> KARU. STEP BACK FROM HIM, NOW!
[18:02] * ~Karu raises the free hand, the fountain of blood beneath rising to the orb in tendrils.
[18:02] <Talon_Reid> Don't think that's Karu.
[18:02] <@Lyni> Pretty sure he's gone...
[18:02] <~Karu> Take your companion, I have what I wanted from him...
[18:02] * Talon_Reid recoils slightly from the smell of all the blood.
[18:02] <MrTourniquet> Don't let personal matters cloud your thoughts Alistair...and no...Karu had left quite some time ago I think...
[18:02] <~Karu> (He's still in there somewhere.)
[18:02] <Alistair> ...What!? WHAT DID YOU TAKE FROM HIM?
[18:02] <@Lyni> Blood, what else?
[18:02] <@Lyni> What else would a monster like her want?
[18:03] <Zachary> Alistair!
[18:03] <Zachary> You need to relax!
[18:03] <Alistair> ...Relax?
[18:03] <Alistair> I'm done with relaxing.
[18:04] * Talon_Reid calls up a wall of ice in front of Alistair.
[18:04] <Talon_Reid> Your rage is of no help to us!
[18:04] <MrTourniquet> Glad I wasn't the only one...I've been waiting for a long time to put this demon broad in her place...
[18:04] * Alistair slams Foresharn violently into the ground, as he crushes the blue orb he'd been keeping for so long in between his two palms.
[18:04] <Talon_Reid> Calm yourself and fight with us.
[18:04] <Zachary> Talon, its no use.
[18:05] <Zachary> But, we can use this to our advantage.
[18:05] <Talon_Reid> You're probably right.
[18:05] * ~Karu is left standing there as a spectre of Nioyu rises from the physical form, laughing as she orchestrates the last of the blood into the orb. The body is joined to the spirit of the dead queen by lashed of energy, the crystal forming Karu's soul radiating brightly from his torso.
[18:06] <Zachary> I'm always right.
[18:06] <Talon_Reid> Shut up.
[18:06] * @Lyni inches away from the others to the edge of the arena as a blizzard begins forming, control over her powers decreasing with every passing second
[18:06] <MrTourniquet> Act smug once the bitch is dead, if you please...
[18:06] * Alistair is enveloped in the blue dust, which begins to make a pact with his own energies, merging him into a completely different entity. Alistair roars, and a torrent of pressurised muddy water erupts out of the prison of ice, revealing the transformed Alistair.
[18:06] <~Karu> Nioyu: I dare you to strike at me, pitiful mortal fools.
[18:07] <Alistair> Mortal, right?
[18:07] <Talon_Reid> Hmmm.
[18:07] * Zachary walks forward and points his left sword at Niyou. He has a smirk on his face as lightning arches off of his body.
[18:07] <Zachary> I'm the Sol Invictus, bitch.
[18:08] <Zachary> Don't you know who I am?!
[18:08] * Alistair blueshifts behind Nioyu. As he appears, hundreds and thousands of spears positioned above the dark witch speed down to her position, as Alistair sends Foresharn crashing down towards her head.
[18:08] <Talon_Reid> Hey Tourniquet.
[18:08] <~Karu> || Nioyu begins reaping the blood from the crowd with a gracious wave and cackle as the sword passes through her ghostly form.
[18:09] * MrTourniquet turns his head towards Talon, an eyebrow raised
[18:09] <Alistair> What!?
[18:09] <@Lyni> You stop that, hag!
[18:09] <Talon_Reid> Let me show you a neat trick.
[18:09] * Talon_Reid opens a link to Tourinquet, flooding him with magic.
[18:10] * @Lyni uses the blizzard to create a barrier between the crowd and Nioyu, making sure to close openings and giving the crowd an apologetic look
[18:10] * ~Karu 's hand twitches, the barriers flaring into life and shattering the ice.
[18:10] * MrTourniquet feels a massive burst of newly acquired power over the new strength he had already obtained, feeling near-ready to burst at how much more powerful he now feels
[18:11] <~Karu> || Nioyu weaves what she could claim into the orb, compressing it now.
[18:11] <MrTourniquet> Continually generous, Talon...I'll be sure to thank you after this is over
[18:11] <~Karu> Nioyu: Is not one of you willing to strike me down?
[18:11] * @Lyni glares at Karu and shoots missiles of ice at him
[18:11] <Talon_Reid> We need everyone as strong as possible.
[18:11] <Talon_Reid> Now then.
[18:11] <Talon_Reid> Fireman!
[18:12] * ~Karu is lanced with them, unmoving, yet earning a snarl from the nightmare queen
[18:12] * Alistair growls in rage, leaping backwards and sending a large burst of pressurized muddy water towards Nioyu.
[18:12] <~Karu> || Again, the magic does little to her deceased form.
[18:12] * Zachary spins his swords in a spiral fashion, long and huge torrents of flames and lightning fly off of them and race towards Nioyu at an alarming speed, the sheer size of the torrents engulf half of the stadium. Zachary roars in rage, "Sol Vir Ars Arcaneum Secondus: Nergal!"
[18:13] * Talon_Reid wordlessly casts a massive burst of flame at the enemy, intending to combine it with Zachary's attack.
[18:13] * Alistair descends onto the ground, trying his hardest to control himself.
[18:13] <~Karu> || Nioyu rises up higher, drawing the attacks with any luck, though still incorporeal.
[18:14] * MrTourniquet twirls his broom at breakneck speeds, the electricity running through him now sending massive bolts of green lightning all over the surrounding arena before he manages to contain it within himself and points the broom towards Nioyu, a massive green blast shooting up towards her rising form
[18:14] * @Lyni forces herself to get back in control of her powers, the blizzard subsiding and the arena not as cold as before but still chilly
[18:15] <~Karu> ||Nioyu still just chuckles amusedly as the attacks tear at the skies, shaking barriers as she begins to layer magic about the blood orb.
[18:16] <Alistair> ATTACK WHAT'S LEFT OF KARU, NOW!
[18:16] <Talon_Reid> Wonderful.
[18:16] <Talon_Reid> Fireman, Tourniquet, bring down the thunder with me!
[18:16] <~Karu> ||This earns a snarl from Nioyu, a staff appearing in one hand and a katana in the other as a barrier materialises about the elemental beneath her.
[18:16] <Zachary> Sounds good to me!
[18:16] <MrTourniquet> Right...
[18:16] <Tangrow> Sounds like she wouldn't like it, nyaha
[18:17] <Alistair> ...you think this is going to shackle me down!? AFTER ALL THE SUFFERING YOU'VE PUT US THROUGH!?
[18:17] * Talon_Reid calls to the sky, a massive thundercloud forming with alarming speed above Nioyu's position.
[18:17] * Zachary arcs millions of volts of lightning onto Karu's body. The lightning turns black from the over exposure of Seithr turning it even more deadly.
[18:18] * MrTourniquet holds up his broom towards the cloud, sending as much energy towards it as possible with the weapon, while using his free hand to send another massive blast of lightning towards Karu
[18:18] * Tangrow thrusts his arms towards the ground as a mass burst forth from under his sleeves and forces itself into the floor. The tentacles snake up and down through the concrete towards the body before bursting forward, intending to pierce straight through Karu's body
[18:18] * Alistair roars out, the fusion of darkened waters and climbing mountains easily breaking the barrier through another pressurised burst of water.
[18:18] * Talon_Reid calls down a true bolt of lightning, stronger than anything he's ever generated on his own.
[18:19] <~Karu> ||Nioyu points the staff skyward, black fire spewing around the orb with the katana lashed down towards the gathering in a detonation of nightmarish magic, the shield around Karu earning a crack with each consecutive hit, tentacle lodging in the shield.
[18:20] * @Lyni flies upwards and creates a large ice fan, which she aims at Karu in an attempt to knock sense into Karu or wake him up or -something-
[18:20] <Zachary> Black fire?!
[18:20] * Alistair gathers more Genesis Energy into his hands, unleashing a concentrated laser of energy towards the shield Niyou had spouted.
[18:20] <MrTourniquet> Yep...she has an affinity for that sorta thing...I know by experience...
[18:20] * Zachary races forward and lunges at the orb, he opens his mouth and exhales a gigantic black flame inferno at Nioyu.
[18:20] <Zachary> She isn't the only one who can use black fire!
[18:21] <Zachary> It's Seithr Flames!
[18:21] <MrTourniquet> Don't think it's exactly the same!
[18:21] <Zachary> Let's test that theory!
[18:21] * Tangrow retracts his assault and has his vines bash on the shield continuously
[18:21] <MrTourniquet> Well, I hope you prove me wrong...
[18:21] * Zachary lands on the ground and opens his mouth again and tries to eat Nioyu's black fire
[18:21] <Alistair> ZACHARY, NO!
[18:21] <Zachary> (it's up to Karu if I can eat it.)
[18:21] <~Karu> || The fan proves to be almost the final brunt, the shield cracking through and through like frail glass yet not shattering. Nioyu lashes her Staff at Lyni's back, fashioned into a lance to murder dreams, seeking the cursed contract. The katana shudders, exploding outwards in a pillar of blood and fire.
[18:22] <Tangrow> Oh my, that might hurt.
[18:22] <~Karu> (The flames are born from nightmares. Not the most edible thing in the world.)
[18:22] <Zachary> (fire really isn't edible either :p)
[18:22] <Zachary> (but Zachary can absorb most fires so I was just asking)
[18:22] <~Karu> (If you can eat dreams, you can eat the fire.)
[18:23] * Talon_Reid leaps high into the air, forming a massive icicle spear, and sends it spiralling at what remains of Karu like a bullet.
[18:23] * MrTourniquet spots Nioyu striking Lyni and his human side begins to send out massive green bolts in rage, screaming "Get your fucking hands off of her you bitch!" as he leaps towards Nioyu and swings his broom down towards her
[18:24] * @Lyni rolls to the side and tries to grab the staff with her feet, intending to disarm her
[18:24] * ~Karu 's puppeteered body morphs into it's gelatinous form, tendrils stopping the spear piercing himself as well as the shield.
[18:24] <Alistair> (Is Nioyu still spectral at this point?)
[18:24] <~Karu> (yes.)
[18:25] * Zachary begins to cause the black fire of Nioyu's to spiral towards Zachary's mouth, the audible sounds of crunching and chewing is heard as Zachary consumes the fire. Within seconds, Zachary roars and explodes with Nioyu's black flames.
[18:25] <Zachary> +Around his body
[18:25] <~Karu> ||Nioyu drives claws towards Tourniquet's ribcage, as sharp and rending as the fate we must all face, the staff lashing outward with sharp tendrils.
[18:26] * Zachary jumps upwards, propelled by gigantic flame jets as he hovers in the air.
[18:26] * Talon_Reid lands in the throne area and charges the puppeteered elemental, striking at the barrier with fists covered in lightning.
[18:26] * @Lyni uses the still-standing barrier to hide from the staff's attack and barrels into the barrier with Talon
[18:27] * MrTourniquet grabs at the claws, but is unable to keep them from piercing him, struggling to pull them out before they can cause too much internal damage as he propels himself backward landing with a massive thud back onto the ground
[18:27] * Zachary combines Gunnlogi back into one sword and holds it in the air, black flames begin to spiral and surge upwards and forms a gigantic replica of the sun
[18:27] <Zachary> I AM THE SOL INVICTUS!
[18:27] <Zachary> HERALD MY RAGE!
[18:27] <MrTourniquet> Shit...that wasn't a smart move at all...
[18:28] * Zachary grasps Gunnlogi with both hands and swings it downwards, the miniature sun hurtles towards Karu at untold speeds.
[18:28] * Alistair slams his hands into the ground, before sending a large amount of muddy water through the ground and directing it to erupt out of the ground underneath Karu's protective barrier.
[18:28] * MrTourniquet slams the ground and leaps back onto his feet, the assisted magical power he currently possesses helping him recover at a much faster rate as he returns to sending lightning towards Karu's barrier
[18:30] * Talon_Reid summons Stinger in a massive upswing, bringing the sword down, wrapped in electricity, with the force of a lightning bolt.
[18:31] <MrTourniquet> Is there anything more we can do besides just keep attacking this thing? We're really fighting against an unfair clock here I think!
[18:32] <Alistair> No, I think there is!
[18:32] * ~Karu loses an amount of tendrils as the lightning whittles away his strength, Nioyu above building orbs of black fire with teeth bared in anger, the blood orb behind her solidifying.
[18:33] * Alistair points up to the clock positioned above the colosseum
[18:33] * Zachary hovers back to the ground and skids onto it. He has a plan.
[18:33] <Zachary> I got an idea guys!
[18:33] <Zachary> I once ate a flame that gave me the ability to burn away spirits and such!
[18:33] * @Lyni is pretty much ignoring everyone at the moment and fires another barrage of icicles at Karu and Nioyu
[18:33] <Zachary> I don't know if I can call it back for its been a long time since I ate it.
[18:34] <Zachary> BUT!
[18:34] <Zachary> If you give me time, I can possibly call it back and use it to attack Nioyu!
[18:34] <Alistair> Zachary, she's going to form soon!
[18:34] <Alistair> Do you have enough time?
[18:34] <Zachary> I can try!
[18:34] <Alistair> Alright!
[18:34] * Talon_Reid calls up spears of earth to strike at Karu from all sides.
[18:34] <MrTourniquet> Sounds like an idea, which no one else has at the moment, so, fine by me!
[18:35] <Tangrow> I think he just asked for us to-ugh, nevermind
[18:35] * Zachary slams his fists together and begins to meditate. Flames of all different kinds ripple around Zachary as they shift from red to blue to purple to yellow to brown to silver.
[18:35] * Tangrow sighs, and pumps up more tentacles, creating a four-pronged assault on the shields.
[18:35] <Zachary> Just protect me long enough!
[18:35] * MrTourniquet holds an arm out and unleashes a massive blast of green tinted fire towards the barrier to accompany the lightning
[18:35] * Tangrow switches to channeling them with one hand, keeping the other at the ready
[18:36] <~Karu> ||Nioyu waves them away with a swathe of fire, the barrier collecting the others, shining white as the cracks grow
[18:37] <MrTourniquet> Just don't make any motions that would make her consider targeting you specifically!
[18:37] <~Karu> ||Nioyu for that statement, discharges a fireball at Tourniquet.
[18:37] * @Lyni gives up on magical means and resorts to pounding on the barrier, yelling out Karu's name
[18:38] * ~Karu hangs lifelessly within, the light growing dim from his crystal as the darkness within the egg grows.
[18:38] * MrTourniquet grabs his broom with both hands and swings at the fireball, aiming to deflect it at the barrier
[18:38] * Zachary flames finally stop changing color at a shade of aqua blue. He ignites into a raging aqua blue inferno.
[18:38] <Zachary> I got it, guys!
[18:38] <@Lyni> For fuck's sake, get up!
[18:38] <Tangrow> About time!
[18:38] <~Karu> ||Nioyu detonates it, turning attention to Lyni and brandishing claws.
[18:38] <MrTourniquet> Move, Zacky, move!
[18:39] * Zachary inhales deeply, feeling the flames grow within him. He exhales a gigantic spectral fire jet that races towards Nioyu and lightning speeds.
[18:39] <Zachary> TAKE IT, BITCH!
[18:39] * @Lyni doesn't even bother to turn around and unleashes her ice ribbons, intending to enstrangle Nioyu
[18:39] <MrTourniquet> For god's sake, work...
[18:40] <~Karu> ||Nioyu zero shifts across the arena, shattering a barrier and colliding with the stands in attempted escape.
[18:40] <MrTourniquet> She's trying to flee! Corner her!
[18:41] <Tangrow> I'm not sure if you can corner something see-through, you know.
[18:41] <~Karu> ||A final hit of Lyni's fists shatters the frail barrer, leaving him open much to Nioyu's dismayed shriek.
[18:41] <MrTourniquet> Fine, distract her then, whatever works!
[18:41] <~Karu> Nioyu: Distract ME?!
[18:41] * @Lyni rushes to Karu's body, shaking him
[18:41] <@Lyni> Wake -up- you stupid, useless brother!
[18:42] * Zachary is engulfed in the spectral flames, he runs forward towards Nioyu
[18:42] <Zachary> Get back here you skanky bitch!
[18:42] * ~Karu shimmers back to a more human looking form as Nioyu zero shifts skyward, lashing the corpse that broke her fall at the S.I.
[18:43] * Alistair 's odd watery presence begins to fade, as he cries over to Zachary
[18:43] * Talon_Reid stays near Lyni and Karu, trying to find a way to help.
[18:43] <MrTourniquet> She's going way too fast...it'd be so much easier if we knew in advance where she was shifting!
[18:43] <Alistair> Fire some of those spirit flames at me, Zachary!
[18:44] * Zachary swings his fist towards Alistair, unleashing a pillar of flames at Alistair.
[18:44] <~Karu> ||Nioyu shifts in a straight line to the ground, crying out as thorns from a nightmare lash out in all directions from her being, seeking to ensnare and impale.
[18:45] * MrTourniquet dashes towards the thorns, swinging his broom towards them to cut them to pieces as his flames incinerate them
[18:45] <MrTourniquet> I'll take care of this!
[18:45] * Alistair clenches in pain for a second, before the odd blue energy accepts the secondary energy, and Alistair wields the potential to damage Nioyu with flames and earth at once.
[18:45] * @Lyni looks at Talon, eyes red but tears not present in her eyes. "Water or something, I dunno! Just save him, please..."
[18:45] <Talon_Reid> Hmmm.
[18:46] * ~Karu 's veins run black as Nioyu's power grows.
[18:47] * Talon_Reid begins to work, slowly collecting water into a large orb. For just a moment, his eyes shine bright white, and the wings of flame burst forth as the water is infused with divine healing power.
[18:47] * Alistair ignites Foresharn with a mix of Genesis Energy and Spirit fires, firing flaming spears of towards Nioyu before using a burst of blueshift to dash towards her, repeatedly slashing at her with Foresharn
[18:47] <Alistair> *flaming spears of rock
[18:47] <~Karu> ||Nioyu shifts another straight lines to the side, appearing above Karu.
[18:48] * MrTourniquet continues to fry and slice at the thorns, but they're of such a great number that he is spending half of his energy just keeping them from impaling him. All the same, he keeps his efforts up to keep the thorns focused on him and him alone
[18:48] <~Karu> (The thorns remain planted there.)
[18:48] * @Lyni growls at Nioyu and attempts to tackle her down, not remembering she's not actually tangible
[18:48] * Talon_Reid begins to "feed" Karu the enchanted water.
[18:49] <Talon_Reid> You need to wake up, Aquaman.
[18:49] <Zachary> (i gotta go :( )
[18:49] * Alistair quickly stops, spinning around as he too shifts to above Nioyu's position, swinging Foresharn violently down towards Nioyu on his decent
[18:49] <@Lyni> (awww bai Zacky :<)
[18:49] <Alistair> (see you dood)
[18:49] <~Karu> ||Nioyu instead shunts her back with a swing of a punch, the water turning to fire as it touches Karu's skin.
[18:49] <Talon_Reid> (By the way the fire wings and light flash were pretty dang bright)
[18:49] <Zachary> (bye guys :( )
[18:49] * Zachary (SolInvictu@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com) Quit (Imploded: )
[18:49] <~Karu> (Bye, Z.)
[18:50] * Talon_Reid sends a massive pulse of pure energy behind him as he continues his work.
[18:50] <~Karu> Nioyu: I knew not one of you had the guts to do it. I don't know why I waste my time...
[18:50] <~Karu> || Nioyu reconnect her severed halves and shifts back to shaping the blood egg.
[18:51] <Alistair> (What happened to my attack? |D)
[18:51] <~Karu> (Severed halves.)
[18:51] <Talon_Reid> (What happened to my healz)
[18:51] <Alistair> Rrrgh!
[18:51] * MrTourniquet hears RMA's side pleading him to attack Karu and end it, but his human side won't allow it, standing there conflicted unsure what he can do to help
[18:51] <~Karu> (Turned to flame as it touched.)
[18:52] <Talon_Reid> Ok then.
[18:52] * Talon_Reid turns on Nioyu.
[18:52] <Talon_Reid> I need to call him.
[18:52] <Alistair> Talon, increase the power of the bond!
[18:52] <Talon_Reid> I don't know if he'll come but it's the last thing I can do.
[18:52] <Alistair> We'll focus her together whilst we can!
[18:53] <~Karu> | | Nioyu summons up the red gems from her staff to her hands, the gnarled black wood dissipating as they leave it.
[18:53] * @Lyni slaps Karu and tries to get him up, before spotting the dagger at his belt and grabbing it
[18:53] <Talon_Reid> Alistair, I need you to hold the line
[18:53] * ~Karu remains unresponsive.
[18:54] <@Lyni> Bitch, if you keep doing this, you know what'll happen
[18:54] * @Lyni spins the dagger in her hand
[18:55] <~Karu> | | Nioyu pauses...
[18:55] * Talon_Reid begins to fly, hovering out across from Nioyu.
[18:55] <~Karu> Nioyu: Release that dagger, child.
[18:55] * MrTourniquet darts his eyes from one place to another, unsure of what to do...until he sees Lyni wielding a dagger...His eyes widen in fear
[18:55] <@Lyni> Like hell I will.
[18:55] <~Karu> | | Nioyu holds firm in belief she shan't do it, feeding the gems to the egg as the outer surface takes form.
[18:55] <MrTourniquet> No...no, no...fuck no...Please, god, no!
[18:56] * @Lyni raises the dagger and stabs Karu with it
[18:56] <Alistair> !
[18:58] * MrTourniquet stands there in bewilderment...Was that all it would take?
[18:58] <~Karu> || At this action, blood spills from the nightmare queen's chest, a shattering scream echoing across the city as fire pours from her decaying form. The crystal forming Karu's soul shatters, the two defeated as the egg drops to the ground. His body hangs limp, beginning to grow frozen as death takes hold. The barriers lower in rivers of starlight fading like bubbles touching ground.
[18:59] <Talon_Reid> No...
[18:59] <~Karu> (And so ends Karu.)
[18:59] <MrTourniquet> All that and he still had to die?
[18:59] <Talon_Reid> I could've...
[18:59] * Alistair blueshifts over to the Egg, quickly breaking it with a powerful thrust from Foresharn.
[19:00] * ~Karu freezes perfectly in the arms of his sister as the spectre fades. The egg simply sinks into the arena, sustaining the blow.
[19:00] <~Karu> (THAT)
[19:00] <~Karu> (Is a plot device for Atma.)
[19:00] * Talon_Reid drops to the ground suddenly, though he seems unhurt.
[19:00] <Alistair> ...
[19:00] <~Karu> (Though be assured, the nightmare queen is dead.)
[19:00] * Talon_Reid || the link to Alistair and Tourniquet severs instantly.
[19:00] <Talon_Reid> I could've called him.
[19:01] <Alistair> No, I'm afraid not.
[19:01] * ~Karu 's magic is undone throughout, rifts in the sky opening as the paths he carved in the dimensions open to the other worlds, the single passage no longer the only point held by the elemental to prevent an overflow of traffic.
[19:01] <Alistair> Our bonds with Karu were all, in some ways too strong. They blinded us from the truth.
[19:01] * MrTourniquet looks away, feeling useless. He murmurs "deactivate Interlock"...and in a flash of light, Michael and RMA are separated. Michael collapses, his human form completely overwhelmed by all the power he had sustained, and RMA quickly thrusts him over his shoulder
[19:01] <Alistair> We had to kill him. Lyni knew that all too well.
[19:02] <MrTourniquet> He speaks the truth...We should've all realized it even sooner...much much sooner...
[19:02] <Talon_Reid> But...the angel.
[19:02] <Talon_Reid> I could've...
[19:02] * Talon_Reid closes his eyes.
[19:03] <~Karu> (One thing everyone forgot.)
[19:03] <Talon_Reid> This place is going to fall apart without his power.
[19:03] <Alistair> Once again, he's faded away from me.
[19:03] <Talon_Reid> We're in a crossroads with open doors.
[19:03] <MrTourniquet> Whatever we could've done, we were obviously fated not to do so...if you believe in that sorta thing...
[19:03] <Talon_Reid> Things are going to start coming through.
[19:04] <Talon_Reid> We have to prepare to defend it.
[19:04] <MrTourniquet> Let them come through then. We'll take charge of this place, just like we proved we could.
[19:04] <Alistair> No, wait - what about the clock?
[19:04] <Talon_Reid> The clock?
[19:05] * Alistair points to the large floating clock above the colosseum. It had been ever present since the start of the tournament.
[19:05] <Alistair> This place is connected together by temporal links!
[19:05] <Alistair> If we can find some way of editing them by using that...
[19:05] <MrTourniquet> How do you propose we do so?
[19:06] * MrTourniquet is now known as MrRMA
[19:06] * Talon_Reid stands up.
[19:06] * Karu is now known as Larenth
[19:07] * ~Larenth runs into the arena, clad in usual white, gasping at the appearance of Karu's dead body.
[19:08] * ~Larenth darts across the bloodstained flagstones, tears streaming as she rushes to Karu's side.
[19:09] <Alistair> ...Fuck it.
[19:09] * Alistair turns around.
[19:09] <Alistair> There's nothing more I can do.
[19:09] <MrRMA> So many of us knew events like these would come to pass...and yet we had no plans to fight it...It seems like that hasn't changed in our present circumstances...
[19:09] * ~Larenth grasps at him, his body blowing away as snowflakes on the wind, leaving her in abstract despair.
[19:10] <Alistair> I don't know why he wanted to do any of this, but one thing's for sure:
[19:11] <Alistair> All it has brought is utter despair.
[19:11] * @Lyni has been still this whole time, staring at the dagger in her hand and not believing everything that happened in the past few minutes
[19:11] <Talon_Reid> No.
[19:11] <Talon_Reid> Not despair.
[19:11] <Talon_Reid> Never, despair.
[19:11] <Alistair> What, then?
[19:11] <Talon_Reid> New beginnings.
[19:11] * ~Larenth cries out, the power fading out as the great crystal clock cracks over the city. Clasping her head in her hands, she is unsure of what to do.
[19:12] <Talon_Reid> That thing.
[19:12] <Talon_Reid> The creature that controlled our friend.
[19:12] <Talon_Reid> Is dead.
[19:12] <MrRMA> Yes...you know, that's what Mike and I came here for in the very first place...New beginnings...
[19:12] <Talon_Reid> And we have other things to worry about.
[19:12] * Talon_Reid looks up at the clock.
[19:12] <Talon_Reid> I think I know someone who can fix this.
[19:13] <Talon_Reid> At least, this.
[19:13] * @Lyni pockets the dagger
[19:13] <~Larenth> (For anyone unfamiliar or unsure, Larenth is Nioyu's daughter and Karu's widow.)
[19:13] * Talon_Reid begins to glow, the wings of fire spreading forth from his shoulders as he flies toward the clock.
[19:14] * Talon_Reid is now known as Talien
[19:14] <@Lyni> !
[19:15] * Talien touches the clock lightly, a great power flowing forth from his borrowed body.
[19:15] <Talien> This world will not be a playground for monsters and demons.
[19:16] * @Lyni realizes she recognizes this being, not because he's physically similar to Talon but because of a brief encounter from before
[19:16] <@Lyni> A-ah
[19:16] * Alistair turns around to Cyrus, still unconscious. During the fight, he was safe behind the powerful barrier Nioyu had set up. Running over, he quickly pulls out a small pouch of the powerful healing sands he had been given years ago. Slowly, he regained consciousness.
[19:16] * Talien 's power fades from Talon, who drops to the floor.
[19:17] <Talien> There will be light here.
[19:17] * Talien is now known as Talon_Reid
[19:17] * @Lyni bows her head and leaves the area, not wanting to talk to anyone
[19:17] <Alistair> Cyrus: Nghnnn...Aurelio?
[19:17] <Alistair> Cyrus.
[19:17] <MrRMA> After all this, this place could use some light
[19:17] <Alistair> Come on, let's go.
[19:17] <Talon_Reid> I don't think He was actually able to close anything.
[19:18] <Talon_Reid> But his power will help keep the worst out.
[19:18] <Alistair> The next time we come here, let's have an actual tournament.
[19:18] * Larenth is now known as Atma
[19:18] <Talon_Reid> No.
[19:18] * ~Atma steps in from the edge of the arena.
[19:18] <Talon_Reid> Let's let this place live.
[19:19] <MrRMA> I think we're done with tournaments for a good long while
[19:19] <~Atma> ...I believe.. I can shed some light on events.
[19:19] * MrRMA turns with a jolt at the sound of a new arrival
[19:19] * ~Atma looks sombre, holding an envelope sealed with the sigil of the water elementals.
[19:19] <Alistair> ...Hey, you're the scholar from before!
[19:20] <~Atma> Indeed I am.
[19:20] <~Atma> I assume you can confirm the death of one Karu Enfrale?
[19:20] <Alistair> ...Yeah.
[19:20] <MrRMA> Yes...much to our misfortune
[19:20] <~Atma> I shall need some evidence of this. I apologise...
[19:21] * ~Atma bows respectfully.
[19:21] <~Atma> ...But it is the law.
[19:21] <~Atma> (dagger)
[19:21] <Talon_Reid> (Lyni took it)
[19:21] <MrRMA> Uh...in regards to the weapon? That's not here anymore
[19:22] <~Atma> But evidence can be provided?
[19:22] <MrRMA> You mean, outside of the destruction and wreckage you see before you?
[19:23] <~Atma> ...
[19:23] * ~Atma nods.
[19:23] * ~Atma breaks the wax and opens the letter
[19:24] <Alistair> Go ahead.
[19:25] <MrRMA> Yeah...whatever you need I suppose...I'm unfamiliar with you, but these gentlemen appear to recognize you, so, I won't refuse anything I'm not aware of
[19:27] * Talon_Reid has fallen silent.
[19:31] <~Atma> "Greetings to you from beyond the grave, dear friends of mine. This man is an acquaintance of mine from the Royal Institute of Lauma, he can be trusted by my word. However, if this letter is being read to yu then I am to assume that the nightmare has passed for this world as I myself have. Do not grieve for me as my life was a twisted series of events, instead listen. Nioyu's soul permeated...
[19:31] <~Atma> ...my own like a poison, seeping into me and replacing my matter with her own. It was upon my degradation of my second form that she compounded my soul with her own and we became one: This is how I came to meet my fate as I must have. My apologies to my dearest love, Larenth and to whomever it fell to end my life, this was not how I would have liked to part ways. With regards to the...
[19:31] <~Atma> ...nightmare queen it has been long said amongst my people that she was once simply the daughter of a king who fell in love with a knight who fled her side to another. Enraptured by this betrayal, she sought out and slew him in the keep of his father's sworn enemy, their knights taking her and befouling her body, mind and spirit before returning her broken. It was in hopes of restoring her...
[19:31] <~Atma> ...that her father wove crystal and life into her soul, creating the first golem. Little did he know she had scorned the world, seeking only to undo life itself if it meant an end to her pain. Alas, the hour of the final battle draws near and I must attend to this approaching parade. Goodbye, my dear friends."
[19:33] <Alistair> ...I'm a fool.
[19:34] <~Atma> (There is more detail to Nioyu's tale but eh, time and sitatuional constraints.)
[19:34] * MrRMA listens intently, much of what confused him the most about this whole ordeal now at least partly answered. He looked over at the unconscious human by his shoulder at the mention of the knight's betrayal and realized he'd have to keep his master from doing the same foolish act
[19:34] <Alistair> Karu... I hope you can forgive me for my actions.
[19:35] * ~Atma goes to leave the letter upon the throne before leaving.
[19:35] <MrRMA> You were a brave man to go through so much pain, sir...I am honored to have been one of the people you entrusted to help stop this series of events...if that is indeed what you had planned...
[19:37] * Alistair leaves with the weary Cyrus, hoping that one day he could forgive himself for the ignorance and lack of vision he displayed.
[19:39] * MrRMA solemnly tips his hat towards those still present and begins the slow walk back...Some problems solved, but new ones bound to take their place. Michael gradually begins to regain consciousness and opens his eyes weakly, murmuring "what now?" RMA sighed and said "your answer is as good as mine, Mike...Let's let tomorrow deal with that"
[19:40] <Talon_Reid> You two.
[19:40] <Talon_Reid> Come with me, there's things to discuss.
[19:40] <Talon_Reid> (discussions which we will not actually RP :p)
[19:41] * MrRMA stops and turns his attention over to Talon with an eyebrow raised. It appears his work /wasn't/ quite done yet...
[19:41] <Alistair> ...
[19:41] <Alistair> Very well. Cyrus, go on without me. I'll fill you in later.
[19:43] * Talon_Reid leads his companions out of the arena for the last time.

The Birth in Blood has concluded with the death of it's host and the villain born from his nightmares. Thank you all for taking part, you helped make this what it was!
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Juriel's Legacy

A long time ago, in the Geos Archipelago, there existed a civilization called the Valashika or the Kings and Queens of Death. They had a mighty empire that expanded all over the archipelago. Then one day, the civilization vanished without a trace.

Now in the Modern Age of Geos, the Great War has finished with millions of deaths all over the archipelago, the Sol Invictus and his friends have discovered that the Valashika have survived and now are returning back to he mortal world.

Juriel, Praetor of the armies of the Valashika, has bid his time in the underworld waiting for he chance to come back and take back the mortal world for the Valashika. Using the flying ruins of Avantasia, the floating islands of the Valashika, he plans to unleash the Necrocysts upon Sheol's capital Risea.

The Sol Invictus must come to term with his heritage of being a descendant of the kings and queens of death and fight Juriels legacy but Juriel has brought back old friends and enemies of the Sol Invictus back to life to fight for him.


It's a huge chat rp that will take place over multiple days like Karus birth in blood, more will be coming soon but I want a head count to see who will be interested in playing in this rp before I post a date.


Magearna before it was cool
Count me among the interested for this one! Loved being a part of the previous CRP, and I'd love to give this one a go as well


Formerly Karu
Sure, I'm down for this. Chance to develop a character or two, so why not? Plus interested in how you'll play out kings and queens of death.
I'm thinkin the dates for the crp will be flexable for everyone, I'm still thinkin of times for everyone because the way I planned it is that each and everyone would battle one of my characters one at a time so for example round one would be Toru vs Prosper and then round two would be Karu vs Brutus until we get to the last battle where everyone would be fighting together.
Here are the match ups, each of them will happen on Fridays at 6pm New York Standard time (I forgot the time zone name for my sphere).

The rp will start tomorrow with the following person to battle.

1. Connor "Brutus" Ira vs Karu's character

The next battle will be next Friday;

2. Gao Pensen vs Tangrows character

Then after that will be on the Friday after that;

3. Prosper Superbia vs Toru's character

Fourth will be;

4. Ethan Hendricks vs MrArmas character

Last will be;

5. Einherjar vs Shiny Eevee's character.

If you can't make it tomorrow, we can postpone it until Saturday at 6pm Eastern Stabdard time.


Magearna before it was cool
We've got ourselves a fascinating little story here, guys and gals, featuring many characters, both new and old to the CRP scene, doing shenanigans and such in the midst of an arts festival. Some drama sneaks its way in there for a bit, but for the most part, this is some good ol' fashioned social fluff. Prepare for the zaniness that is...
[17:57] * Zoey wanders the streets of the arts district. People file all around her, and small booths with various artists' works are set up lining the streets and stores have sale signs in their windows for the annual arts festival.

[17:58] <Zoey> (yay new world stuff)

[17:58] <Michael> (It's a whole new world we live in...Pokemon Johto...)

[17:58] <Tangrow> (oh i spaced out and am doing the league with shocari since it took so long, sorry!)


[17:59] <Zoey> (so is that a no)

[18:00] * Michael has been pacing around the arts district for nearly half an hour now, window shopping to an extent, but more accurately seeking some fresh air after spending so much time indoors as of late. With the changes that have gone down recently, he's in much need of clearing his head

[18:01] <Tangrow> (that is a no yes, my apologies)

[18:01] <@Shiny> (have fun anyways, Tan)

[18:01] <Tangrow> (i wish I could! But i created prior obligations)

[18:01] <@Shiny> (It's fine and understandable~!)

[18:02] * Shiny walks around the street as he window shops, not quite sure what he might want but still curious about everything on sale. He pauses every once in a while, admiring the things on sale

[18:04] <@Shiny> (grah wrong window)

[18:04] <@Shiny> (h8 my life but you get what I mean)

[18:04] <Michael> (Look out, it's the changeling! XD)

[18:04] <Jasper> (minimized the other window so I won't mess up again <<)

[18:06] * Dwayna sits deep in thought on a bench, sipping some tea, her wings momentarily vanished.

[18:08] * Zoey comes across Dwayna sitting on the bench, stopping to just kind of stand there in front of her, looking quizzical.

[18:09] * Jasper stops by a music store and, after considering a bit, enters it

[18:09] * Dwayna raises her emerald eyes to peer at the girl, looking just as curious

[18:10] <Dwayna> May I help you?

[18:10] <Zoey> Do I know you?

[18:10] <Zoey> 'Cause i feel like I know you

[18:10] * Michael ends up staying put in front of one stand for a bit too long, prompting the vendor to ask if he's going to buy anything, snapping him back into reality as he awkwardly shakes his head and apologizes before stumbling back through the crowd, somehow making his way into the music store close by

[18:12] <Michael> Ugh...you'd think a prolonged life would make me feel a little more attentive than this...Well, since I'm here, might as well see what otherworldly sounds are playing...

[18:13] * Jasper is currently looking at the shelf of music anthologies, flipping through a book with some Baroque scores

[18:14] <Dwayna> My name is Dwayna. Dwayna DragonFire. I don't believe I recognize you?

[18:14] <Zoey> Oh, you're the dragon lady!

[18:15] <Jasper> Hm, not sure if these dynamic changes were as common back in the era. I guess the style developed differently here?

[18:15] <Zoey> Sometimes I forget whether or not I'm remembering my own memories or someone else's mental images...

[18:15] * Jasper continues muttering to himself and puts the book back on the shelf, finally noticing Michael

[18:16] <Jasper> Huh, didn't expect to see you here.

[18:16] * Michael wanders around, only to have a couple very familiar artist's name pass him by. Apparently this crossroads of universes had many an Earth composition available, at least in the classical regard. Thinking about this, he doesn't immediately notice Jasper at first, but eventually he catches sight of him and for one reason or another, jumps a bit at his voice

[18:16] <Dwayna> That I am. And you are?

[18:17] <Zoey> I'm Zoey, Psychic and Town Defender!

[18:18] <Zoey> I'm sure you've met Talon.

[18:18] <Michael> I...uh...just needed a place to go to escape the crowds out there. I enjoy music though...rather uh...surprised there are so many composers I recognize...

[18:19] <Dwayna> Ah, a psychic. That would explain it. I have indeed met Talon.

[18:19] <Jasper> Yeah, definitely wasn't expecting that either, but I guess music is universal. Some of these instruments do look a little odd, though. Do you play anything?

[18:20] <Michael> Used to play a little piano a few years back. Didn't appreciate it enough back then to continue and now I'm regretting it, sadly enough. I'm more of a listener instead of a musician though I suppose.

[18:21] <Zoey> I'm part of his squad, along with Scott.

[18:21] <Zoey> Who you haven't met since he's never been here!

[18:22] <Jasper> Hmm, you don't even sing?

[18:23] <Michael> Every so often I guess...Not very often around others, so I don't know how terrible I am for sure...heh...Uh, how 'bout yourself?

[18:23] * Dwayna seems to bow her head in understanding

[18:24] <Jasper> I sing, mostly in the shower. Lyni says I sound terrible, though.

[18:24] <Jasper> I'm more of a pianist and composer, though.

[18:24] <Dwayna> Would you like to sit, then? If you are a friend of Talon's I have no objection.

[18:24] <Zoey> Sure!

[18:25] * Zoey drops quickly into the spot next to Dwayna.

[18:25] * Jasper grabs another book and leafs through it. "Perhaps you'd be up for a duet? We could pick a simple piece, if you want."

[18:25] <Tangrow> (im back whazzup in the club)

[18:26] <Jasper> (hai Tannnn)

[18:26] <Michael> I suppose I could always try and give it another go...It's been so long since I've practiced that I'm afraid I won't be able to do much of anything though...

[18:26] <Tangrow> (i'll join in if it's convenient working out)

[18:26] <Zoey> (sure)

[18:27] <Tangrow> (as in when/if the appropriate time occurs feel free to continue)

[18:28] <Dwayna> What brings you to this place today?

[18:28] <Jasper> Not a problem, it does take a lot of practice to get back into it. I know if I haven't touched a piano in a week, my fingers get stiff and inflexible. It's kind of like exercise, I guess?

[18:28] <Zoey> I've been hanging around town a lot and I heard about the festival!

[18:29] * Jasper passes the book to Michael to let him pick something as he wanders around the shop again, testing out the different keyboards in stock with an etude or two

[18:29] * Dwayna raises her eyebrows slightly at this, intrigued

[18:29] <Dwayna> Festival?

[18:31] <Zoey> You didn't notice the booths and stuff?

[18:31] <Zoey> It's some kind of arts festival!

[18:32] ==Tangrow [44c32cef@h-3F0047F.dyn.optonline.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 126 seconds]

[18:32] * Michael glosses through the book, part of him rather confused at how particularly kind Jasper seems to be acting towards him after his recent actions. Not desiring to dwindle on the subject, he notices a familiar piece, but he quickly skips it, the sounds of that particular composition bringing back some unsettling memories. Eventually he stops on one that seems simple enough, at least, as far as he can tell, and tries to play the composition in his head

[18:33] <Jasper> (cut off at "tries to play")

[18:33] ==Tangrow [44c32cef@h-3F0047F.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[18:33] <Jasper> (weebee Tan)

[18:33] <Michael> *tries to play the composition in his head

[18:34] <Dwayna> Intriguing. I may have to have a look around in that case. Other worlds arts have always intrigued me.

[18:34] <Michael> Well at least my ability to read music is intact somehow...

[18:34] <Dwayna> I come from a place full of diverse cultures already, so it will be interesting to see if I find something new.

[18:34] <Zoey> You play music or anything?

[18:35] * Jasper moves on to the string instruments and plucks at a cello, cringing at how out of tune it is but not wanting to tune the instrument without the shopkeeper's permission. Hearing Michael's voice again, he looks up.

[18:35] <Jasper> Well, reading music is like reading anything else. You can't really lose literacy normally.

[18:36] <Dwayna> I am not musically inclined, save for a bit of singing perhaps. One of my... friends plays the violin quite expertly, though.

[18:36] <Zoey> There's a music store over there.

[18:36] <Michael> Makes sense...It helps that I used to listen to this particular tune quite a bit as well I guess

[18:36] * Zoey points at said music store.

[18:37] <Zoey> I play guitar, wanna see if we can find like a crazy interdimensional guitar?

[18:37] <Jasper> Which tune is it?

[18:38] * Dwayna peers over at the music store, and feels the dull throb in the back of her mind... Micheal was here. A slight smile appeared over her features before falling back to neutral.

[18:38] <Michael> Satie's Gymnopedie No.1. I always found it very soothing to listen to whenever I was stressed about...something

[18:38] <Dwayna> I would not object to going in for a look.

[18:39] <Zoey> O K!

[18:39] * Zoey hops up and begins making her way toward the store, weaving through the crowds almost preternaturally fast.

[18:39] <Jasper> Ah, yes. It's pretty slow but it is nice.

[18:39] * Michael feels a similar throb, feeling a sudden brightness flow through him knowing what the sensation meant, though he also quickly went to hide it in front of his present company

[18:40] <Jasper> (once this is done I need to write fanfic about these tw- I mean what)

[18:40] <Jasper> Is something the matter?

[18:41] * Dwayna lifts herself from the bench, finishing her cup of tea and discarding the remnants. She followed Zoey, quick on her feet, and took a deep breath in as they approached the music shop.

[18:41] <Michael> Oh, uh...nothing to worry about. Just...something I picked up recently. Anyways, did you want to give this a shot?

[18:42] * Zoey enters the store like she enters most buildings, quickly and with a slightly too forceful push on the door, she immediately moves toward the guitars and begins plucking at them.

[18:42] <Jasper> Why not? I'll buy the book and give you a copy, unless you'd rather have the original yourself?

[18:43] <Michael> Oh, I hardly care about collecting authentic stuff these days...A copy would be perfectly fine, and very generous of you as well

[18:43] * Jasper 's ears prick at the guitars and he has to force himself not to rush over and retune them

[18:44] <Michael> Guess there aren't any string aficionados working here, huh?

[18:44] * Dwayna tries her best to look like she doesn;t notice the presence of her mate, but she is well aware that they know each other is there. She quirks her head slightly at Zoey's plucking of the guitars, her eyes looking to the side every few moments

[18:44] <Jasper> No, obviously not...

[18:44] * Zoey seems disappointed, and begins retuning the last guitar she messed with herself, testing the strings' tautness with a dim telekinetic field rather than tuning by ear.

[18:45] <Zoey> (Mundane Utility is fun)

[18:46] * Michael attempts to continue looking completely focused on his current conversation, but he also can't help but constantly shift his eyes over to where Dwayna had shown up.

[18:46] * Jasper visibly relaxes as the guitar is getting tuned. "I'll just pay for this now, I guess," he says as he walks over to the counter, glancing at the lady who had walked in with the girl playing the guitar

[18:47] <Dwayna> what sorts of music do you know?

[18:47] * Zoey strums the guitar after a moment or so, having tuned it appropriately, and plays a short rock riff on it.

[18:48] <Jasper> (if I suddenly stop responding to anything, assume power outage. It looks like there's a pretty bad storm in our area today)

[18:50] <Dwayna> Human 'Rock' music I believe they would call that...

[18:50] <Zoey> Mostly I just learn my favorite songs.

[18:50] * Michael follows after Jasper, stopping for a moment to listen to a girl playing quick tune on one of the guitars, rather impressed by the performance. "Definitely someone who knows their guitar..." he murmurs to himself

[18:52] * Jasper talks to the guy behind the counter, who takes the book back to make a copy of the piece

[18:52] * Zoey begins playing something longer, actually a remix of a theme from a video game on her world.

[18:52] <Zoey> ()

[18:53] <Jasper> Wish I could play like that on a guitar. I've tried, but I only know about two chords.

[18:53] <Michael> Wait a sec...that's from Mega Man, isn't it? You have that kinda stuff from where you come from?

[18:54] <Jasper> What's Mega Man? Is he a composer...?

[18:54] * Zoey finishes the song and says, "Yeah, I guess. Is your Mega Man an Super Fighting Metal Construct?"

[18:55] * Dwayna listens on, interested in the strange music that she assumes is from Human culture. She perks her ears slightly at Micheal's comment, her eyes finally coming to rest on him for a moment.

[18:55] <Zoey> (*a not an)

[18:55] <Michael> Heh, not quite...It's from a video game, Jasper, from my planet and apparently hers as well. He is indeed something like that...much like my own construct actually...

[18:55] <Zoey> You mean the robot?

[18:55] <Michael> You've met him?

[18:56] <Zoey> Yeah the one time.

[18:56] <Jasper> How long have you been playing?

[18:57] <Michael> Oh, wait...he did mention meeting an eccentric girl and a few other new faces recently...

[18:57] <Zoey> Since I was a kid.

[18:57] <Jasper> (has Jasper met Dwayna yet I forget)

[18:57] <Michael> Gonna take a shot in the dark and guess you're Zoey?

[18:58] <Dwayna> (i think he met Elizabeth)

[18:58] <Zoey> Yessir.

[18:58] <Dwayna> (so he would recognize the silver diamond oin on her chest)

[18:58] <Jasper> (ahh, kk)

[18:58] <Dwayna> (*pin)

[18:59] * Zoey begins playing another tune, though this one is freeform to her, it is from yet another video game on other worlds.

[18:59] * Jasper looks at the other lady in the room and glances at the pin, trying to recall where he's seen it before.

[18:59] <Zoey> ()

[18:59] <Zoey> I guess there's a lot of random multidimensional constants.

[18:59] <Zoey> Like Mega Man!

[18:59] * Dwayna looks away, a look of slight worry crossing her features. She realized they hadn't spoken much since that fateful night... there wasn't much she could do to change it now, but did he want to? She wasn;t sure.

[19:00] <Michael> Indeed...It's a wonder that such similar dimensions exist...

[19:01] <Jasper> Oh, are you perhaps... the Lady?

[19:01] * Michael finally decides to face Dwayna, not wishing to hold off addressing her much longer since they were obviously not very far from each other as of now

[19:01] * Dwayna flicks her eyes to the questioner, tilting her head slightly

[19:01] <Jasper> I met one of your acquaintences before once, at a cafe. Elizabeth, if I remember right.

[19:02] <Dwayna> Ah, so you are the one she spoke of. Jasper, if i recall correctly?

[19:02] <Jasper> That is indeed me. It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person.

[19:03] * Michael gives a warm grin as he greets her "Always a pleasure to see you again, My Lady"

[19:03] * Dwayna smiles warmly herself, a slight blush crossing her features.

[19:03] * Zoey continues playing freeform tunes.

[19:04] <Dwayna> The same to you, sia itov.

[19:04] <Dwayna> (My love)

[19:05] * Michael gives a nod at this, attempting to hold off the blush of his own at the term that he obviously recognizes quite clearly now

[19:05] <Dwayna> A pleasure to meet you as well, Jasper. Thank you for talking with my court seer.

[19:06] <Zoey> 'Nother psychic?

[19:06] <Dwayna> Indeed. She is also the one who plays the violin.

[19:06] <Zoey> Neat.

[19:06] <Jasper> Ahh, violinist. We could have a band going with all these musicians here.

[19:06] <Zoey> I'm not a seer at all.

[19:07] * Zoey keeps playing, having slowed to a quiet, calm tune.

[19:07] <Jasper> And yeah, not a problem. Our exchange was quite... eye-opening, I think.

[19:08] <Michael> Throw Arma in there and get another guy with a suit and fedora and we could get a Blues Brothers tribute going on...Another Earth reference...

[19:08] * Dwayna flicks her eyes back to Michael's for a moment, smirking lightly at the comment.

[19:08] <Dwayna> Indeed.

[19:08] * Jasper leaves it at that and walks over to a piano, trying to follow along with Zoey as he accompanies her

[19:08] <Zoey> Blues Brothers, that's the one with the Half-Elf and the Dwarf in suits right?

[19:09] <Michael> I suppose if you wanna call Dan Akroyd an elf...

[19:09] <Zoey> What's a Dan Akroyd.

[19:09] <Michael> Well that's where the similarities end I suppose

[19:09] * Zoey tries to follow Jasper's piano, building up a sort of smooth musical rapport against it.

[19:10] <Zoey> (We're beginning to stretch the limits of my musical terminology)

[19:10] <Jasper> (I'm so sorry I'm a nerd ;; )

[19:10] <Tangrow> ( i know zero about music so i commend you lot xD)

[19:10] <Zoey> (I literally have spent time out of my life reading made up stories about pastel colored cartoon ponies going to war)

[19:11] <Michael> (Yeah, we're all nerds here, Shiny. That's just a fact, and a proud one hopefully |D)

[19:11] <Dwayna> (I know only a few things about music)

[19:12] <Jasper> (I know way too much so I'm trying not to go all-out with music terminology)

[19:12] * Dwayna 's eyes flicker a little bit, tugging on the bond she now shares with Micheal. <We have much to discuss. Perhaps later?>

[19:12] <Jasper> (how did said bond form wink nudge)

[19:13] <Dwayna> (none of your business wink nudge)

[19:13] <Zoey> <I wouldn't do that with a high order telepath around, sorry to intrude.>

[19:13] <Zoey> <Wouldn't want to accidentally hear something that's meant to be private.>

[19:13] <Michael> (Very much wink nudge...)

[19:13] * Zoey continues playing along to Jasper's accompaniment.

[19:14] <Tangrow> (the booty)

[19:14] <Jasper> Guys, if you have things you want to do in private, I'd suggest doing it elsewhere?

[19:14] * Michael looks over to Dwayna at the sound of her voice in his head, accompanied briefly by Zoeys, deciding to simply nod in affirmative, unaware of how to perform such acts himself

[19:14] <Zoey> (how did Jasper know)

[19:14] <Jasper> (your music)

[19:14] <Zoey> (interesting)

[19:15] <Jasper> (he can tell something is being hidden from him but he's not sure what, but he does know he's the only one technically out of the loop)

[19:15] <Tangrow> (i can imagine the person at the cash register fistshaking at all these young people touching the merchandise nyurrhurr)

[19:16] <Michael> Uh, of course, of course...man, nothing escapes you guys...

[19:16] * Zoey is now leaning against the wall, she plays something a bit slower.

[19:16] * Dwayna simply chuckles softly, noddign a little bit.

[19:16] <Zoey> Hey lemme know if you're ever looking for live music, I don't get many gigs.

[19:16] <Michael> It does beg the question over how long you guys can play these instruments without paying for them though...

[19:17] <Jasper> Gigs cost money, though.

[19:17] <Dwayna> If you're concerned about money...

[19:17] <Zoey> Probably as long as I can toss the guy behind the counter three miles into the air.

[19:17] * Dwayna reaches into her pocket, pulling out several gold pieces

[19:17] <Dwayna> I'm told this currency is worth a lot in Human lands?

[19:17] <Michael> It's probably not a matter of what you can do but what you probably /ought/ to do...

[19:18] <Jasper> Not sure what you mean, Michael.

[19:18] <Michael> Well, tossing a vendor into the air isn't exactly very...civil?

[19:18] <Jasper> Again, not sure what you mean~

[19:18] <Tangrow> (splat)

[19:19] <Zoey> Well I'd catch 'im.

[19:19] * Jasper grins slightly as he continues playing on the piano, ignoring the obviously agitated vendor

[19:19] <Michael> Well then, you really /are/ Lyni's caretaker...heh...

[19:19] * Zoey plays something a bit more "romantic" for a given value thereof, apropos of nothing.

[19:20] <Zoey> (Gosh I'm such a jerk)

[19:20] <Jasper> Ah, and if you ever need a pianist for, say, a wedding or anything, my schedule is mostly free~

[19:20] * Dwayna sighs, and rolls her eyes slightly, going over to the vendor with the gold pieces in hand.

[19:20] <Zoey> Besides isn't it kinda free advertising for people to hear their instruments being played so nicely?

[19:21] <Michael> As much as I'm not...uh...aware of certain individual's...customs...I'll keep that in mind

[19:21] <Dwayna> Is this worth anything to you?

[19:22] <Jasper> || The vendor stares at the money and glances between it and Dway several times before nodding. "That can buy, uh, about a quarter of this shop..."

[19:23] * Michael looks over to Dwayna and back to the duo still playing. "Guess she's bailing you fellas out..."

[19:23] <Zoey> I've got gold on me too, you know.

[19:23] <Zoey> We're at a festival.

[19:23] <Jasper> I'm not exactly broke either.

[19:23] * Dwayna places afew of the coins down in response, turning back to them.

[19:24] <Dwayna> Consider it a gift. Gold is not a thing I am worried about.

[19:24] <Michael> It's like the payment for a private concert I suppose

[19:24] <Zoey> Fair enough, I guess?

[19:25] <Zoey> Hey, we should see more of the festival!

[19:25] * Jasper steps away from the piano at this point, forcing himself to stop but looking rather disappointed

[19:25] * Zoey levitates the amp her guitar has definitely been plugged into the whole time.

[19:25] <Zoey> Hey, no need to stop playing!

[19:26] <Michael> You people and your amazing powers...

[19:26] * Zoey lifts the entire piano, bench, Jasper and all, on a floor of telekinesis.

[19:26] <Jasper> You... realize that carrying a piano everywhere is kind of bothersom-

[19:26] <Zoey> Not really?

[19:27] * Zoey walks out the door, taking the piano and Jasper along behind her.

[19:27] * Jasper ends up laughing at the turn of events and gives Zoey a thumbs up as he continues playing, picking a livelier tune to fit with his mood

[19:27] <Zoey> The crowds'll love the free music!

[19:27] <Dwayna> I could always give you a magic object that stores things

[19:27] <Jasper> What are we, a mini parade?

[19:28] <Dwayna> That way it will be easier for you.

[19:28] * Zoey matches Jasper's music, cranking up the amp as she steps outside.

[19:28] <Zoey> Why not? It's a festival!

[19:28] <Michael> You got one of those on hand? Guess that'd be mighty nice to have, yes...

[19:28] <Jasper> Hmm, I'll consider the offer, but for now this definitely works.

[19:29] <Michael> We'd better catch up to those two before they get swamped by onlookers, huh?

[19:30] <Dwayna> Indeed. Would you like to walk with me... mrrandii? (Husband)

[19:31] <Michael> I...H-how could I ever refuse?

[19:32] * Dwayna gives a fanged grin at that, reaching to take his hand in hers and tugging him to follow the others

[19:32] <Zoey> (I forgot Crys was in here)

[19:32] * Zoey continues her inexorable march toward the fountain in the park, Jasper and the piano in tow.

[19:34] * Jasper continues playing, looking at the small crowd beginning to form around them and having to actually search from Michael and the Lady

[19:35] * Michael is unable to move for a brief moment at the surprising...but pretty much accurate term Dwayna referred him as, but eventually began to move his feet as they went towards the fountain

[19:35] <Dwayna> Was that too much of me, danthe ir? (Dear one) I know that you are not quite... accustomed to this idea yet.

[19:35] * Zoey stops for a moment outside of a small furniture shop, she levitates several gold pieces inside, then shortly brings out quite a nice sofa which she levitates over to Michael and the Lady, offering it to them so they don't get lost in the crowd.

[19:37] <Jasper> That power of yours is really handy, huh?

[19:37] <Zoey> Tends to be!

[19:38] <Michael> Heh, it's fine, don't worry about it. Obviously I'm gonna have to get accustomed to this whole thing soon anyways...Well then, it appears our pals are still looking out for us...Ladies first of course...my wife...

[19:39] * Michael motions over to the sofa that was levitating near them, attempting to look at least a bit formal...obviously not doing a brilliant job

[19:39] <Jasper> (aaand I gotta go to dinner)

[19:40] * Dwayna blushes at the term, but nods a little at it, using a small spell to lift herself on to the sofa first before pulling him to sit next to her.

[19:40] <Zoey> (not now D:)

[19:40] <Jasper> (FUCKING MOM)

[19:40] * Zoey raises the sofa to hover near Jasper, and continues her walk.

[19:42] <Dwayna> It should come to no surprise that there will need to be an official ceremony on my world...

[19:43] <Dwayna> But perhaps you would like a smaller... human one first? Here, with our friends?

[19:43] ==Vesper [3efd0922@h-98B0CDCC.cable.virginm.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 127 seconds]

[19:43] <Michael> I suppose if they'd be willing to attend...That'd be quite nice

[19:44] <Michael> I can only imagine how that ceremony will pan out...I'm probably gonna get a lot of...looks from some of your more seasoned followers, huh?

[19:47] <Dwayna> It is likely some will be skeptical for a time, but they will get to know you with time.

[19:47] <Jasper> (just pretend Jasper's too busy into his music, I'll be back)

[19:48] <Michael> Well if they trust your judgement as much as I do I guess it could work out...

[19:48] <Dwayna> The eldest of us all is always skeptical of younger people... so she may be a bit harsh.

[19:50] <Dwayna> You are my mate, sia itov... which means you will be their King. They will need to listen to you as well.

[19:50] <Michael> Oh, I've dealt with harsh before...Considering how I've had to deal with a condescending asshole that I used to call my friend...and of course my other side....I'm sure I'll be able to take a bit more harshness

[19:51] <Michael> I only hope I'm more an assistance to you instead of a hindrance

[19:52] * Dwayna chuckles slightly at that, raising his hand to place a light kiss to it

[19:52] * Zoey puts the piano, the sofa, and the amp down as they arrive at the park, she stops playing, waving Jasper down as well for a moment. After about a minute of silence, she opens the next song with a slow build followed by a powerful riff.

[19:52] <Zoey> ()

[19:54] <Dwayna> I'm sure you will be wonderful, just as you are wonderful to me, sia itov.

[19:56] <Michael> It's only appropriate to treat one the same way they've treated me...especially in your case

[19:57] <Michael> Hmm...this girl's world definitely isn't lacking in my world's video game selection if this music is an indicator...

[19:57] * Dwayna blushes and smirks at that a little bit. "Flatterer."

[19:58] <Michael> Never enough flattery for my dearest Lady

[19:58] <Zoey> Neeeeeeeeerd!

[19:58] <Dwayna> I'm gathering your human games have a lot of music then?

[19:59] <Michael> Says the girl playing the Kingdom Hearts music!

[19:59] * Zoey switches gears with such intensity one can almost hear the grind, beginning to play a slower ballad.

[19:59] <Michael> Uh...ahem...yes, indeed. Music is as important to games as they are in films for us

[20:00] <Michael> Truly one of the most expressive ways to tell a story

[20:01] <Dwayna> Indeed. That is something that matches with draconic culture. Our songs always tell a story.

[20:01] <Zoey> Neeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd

[20:01] <Dwayna> I have heard of this human way of doing it. They 'set the tone for the scene'.

[20:02] <Michael> Yeah, pretty much sums it up. Helps to play up emotions and what you should feel while viewing the events

[20:04] * Zoey plays another "romantic" type slow song and grins at Michael and Dwayna.

[20:05] <Zoey> (can I get some piano on this one)

[20:05] <Michael> For someone as...out there...as this girl is, she can really perform very admirably

[20:06] * Dwayna tilts her head at this song, nodding her head to agree with Michael

[20:06] <Dwayna> She is quite talented, though I don't recognize any of the music.

[20:06] * Jasper adds piano

[20:07] <Jasper> (sorry preoccupied)

[20:07] <Dwayna> This song feels more personal, if I'm not mistaken?

[20:08] <Michael> Yes, it's...giving off that vibe, definitely...I suppose you could call it a romantic sort of piece...which admittedly is very fitting

[20:10] * Jasper whispers to Zoey if she's willing for them to team up again in the future for more music fun

[20:11] <Dwayna> Indeed, sia itov.

[20:11] * Zoey gives off a vague telepathic affirmative.

[20:17] <Zoey> (Am I still here or have we just kind of ground to a halt)

[20:18] <Michael> (Welp, I suppose we're just kinda listening to the music for now. If you wanna do something to change the scenario that's fine |D)

[20:19] <Dwayna> (i mean we could cuddle up a bit more but yeah, we're just listening to music)

[20:20] <Michael> (Mostly I'm just trying to keep a level amount of intimacy that doesn't get too...I suppose "gushy" is the term? At least for a social RP XD)

[20:21] <Zoey> (fair enough)

[20:21] <Zoey> Right

[20:21] <Zoey> I think I've done enough showboating!

[20:21] * Zoey leans her guitar against the amp and sits on the ground.

[20:21] <Zoey> Let's hear some piano stuff, Jasper!

[20:22] <Jasper> I-what?

[20:22] <Jasper> Hmm, do you guys have any suggestions?

[20:23] <Dwayna> I would doubt you know anything from my world... so I will defer to Michael's judgement

[20:23] <Michael> I suppose if you've got any good classical pieces in mind, if you wanted to give them a go? I can appreciate any of the maestros' works

[20:25] * Jasper thinks of a song and decides to go for something that has a lot of tempo and dynamic changes that reminds him of an exchange he had with someone in the past

[20:25] <Jasper> ()

[20:26] <Jasper> (also this is a really fun piece to play)

[20:28] <Michael> Just the thought that there have technically been multiple Beethovens spanning dimensions is a wonder to think about...

[20:29] <Dwayna> I am not unfamiliar with the concept of multiples of the same person

[20:29] <Michael> Makes me wonder if I have any counterparts in these worlds...

[20:29] <Michael> (Which he in fact does...or at least did...Another story though |D)

[20:29] <Dwayna> (not unless we break the fourth wall)

[20:29] <Jasper> There's probably a lot of us, but it would kind of be hard to find each other with so many people in each world

[20:30] <Dwayna> I am aware of others who looked like me...

[20:30] <Jasper> Who knows, alternate universe me might be a professional massager, or something.

[20:30] * Dwayna has a twinge of sadness that she shares with Michael, squeezing his hand slightly as memories of the war momentarily flood her mind

[20:31] * Jasper switches to a more upbeat piece that he found on the internet the other day, hoping to bring up the mood

[20:31] <Jasper> ()

[20:32] * Michael feels the sudden flow of sadness emanating from Dwayna and gently covers her hand with his freehand in as assuring a matter as he can

[20:34] <Michael> You know...I have to wonder if alternate universe me has a lot of friends in his homeworld....Probably doesn't have a weirdo-genius stuck in his head either for that matter

[20:35] <Dwayna> Either way, it would not be the same you... I would know.

[20:35] <Michael> (Alternate universe him is actually dead. Felt like bringing that up for some reason |D)

[20:36] <Dwayna> (alternate me is also dead)

[20:36] <Dwayna> (good riddance because she was hella evil >>)

[20:37] <Michael> (He wasn't, but...well, it's kinda like those What-If stories that Marvel did that one time. I'd clarify more, but I actually wanna write that story someday, so, probably shouldn't say /too/ much |D)

[20:37] <Dwayna> (okay then ;D )

[20:38] <Dwayna> We will tell each other the stories another time, sia itov. It seems a bit personal.

[20:38] * Jasper begins playing a slower tune from a video game he'd seen Lyn play before, casually adding in extra bits of other instruments in the air to make it sound fuller

[20:39] <Michael> Of course...I don't even know if he exists anyways, really

[20:39] <Jasper> ( I'm sorry I had to)

[20:39] <Zoey> (goddamn emotion theme)

[20:40] <Michael> Oh wow...you know, I actually finished the game where this song comes from right before...Ugh, can't think about that...It's a beautiful tune all the same

[20:40] <Jasper> (I love this theme too much sob)

[20:40] <Jasper> It's a really well written piece, even if it's short

[20:41] <Dwayna> This sounds strangely familiar... perhaps one of the humans I know introduced me to this?

[20:42] <Michael> Well if there's a franchise that managed to span multiple dimensions, I'd be willing to bet Pokemon would be the one...

[20:45] <Dwayna> Pokemon... the name strikes a familiar chord

[20:45] <Michael> Hell, they're probably real in one of those universes. I wouldn't be surprised

[20:45] * Jasper switches to another piece he had found on the internet by the same person, because he likes this composer too much dammit and mentally tells himself that this is his last one

[20:45] <Dwayna> It would not surprise me if we had a portal to said world

[20:45] <Jasper> ( because vocaloid)

[20:46] <Tangrow> (i see you putting a marasy track in here >w>)

[20:46] <Jasper> (or two)

[20:46] <Jasper> (Marasy is best)

[20:50] * Jasper finishes playing his pieces and gets off his chair, cracking his neck a few times after having been sitting down for so long

[20:50] <Dwayna> Perhaps we could go exploring together sometime.

[20:51] <Michael> It'd be nice to see what else this place has to offer, yes

[20:51] <Dwayna> I was not only meaning here. My World has many portals to other worlds.

[20:54] <Michael> Oh, right...There must be quite a few possibilities with such devices, huh?

[20:55] <Dwayna> Having an entire race of robots has it's advantages.

[20:55] <Michael> ...Reminds me that RMA and I have still yet to meet this Edward of yours...

[20:55] <Dwayna> Ah yes, I should invite him over sometime soon, shouldn't I?

[20:56] <Michael> So long as he's okay with it, I think he'd be quite welcome with this crew of ours

[20:58] <Dwayna> I can give him a call now?

[20:58] <Michael> Sure, I can see if I can signal ol' robo-maid while you're at it!

[20:59] <Jasper> (does Arma know Mike calls him robo-maid)

[21:00] <Michael> (He probably calls him that more than most...with a few exceptions...ahem...|D)

[21:00] <Jasper> (hee)

[21:01] <Jasper> (oh gosh my logs are doubling up everything everyone says because I have two things open at the same time)

[21:01] ==Jasper [Kyubey@h-774F7874.lightspeed.rcsntx.sbcglobal.net] has left #CharmsRP []

[21:01] ==Shiny has changed nick to Jasper

[21:01] <Michael> (Brilliant XD)

[21:04] * Dwayna grins and pulls out a metal device that she types into for several minutes, after which a hologram of a man appears. Unlike before where the living beings faces appeared as solid, his seems a bit disjointed, as if it's trying to decide what to show... then out of the silvery mist appears a gentleman who looks very human in a labcoat, with a visor over his eyes that appears as purple, but seems to be able to shift in color as it turns

[21:04] <Dwayna> ... when he gives a friendly grin and wave

[21:05] * Michael quickly taps the mark on his right forearm a few times, the mark glowing for a brief second before fading out again. Within seconds, RMA is plowing through the remainder of the crowd in haste, running up to Michael with his broom at the ready...only to see he wasn't in any danger...

[21:05] <Michael> RMA: That signal is for emergencies only, Mike...

[21:06] <Michael> Well, it is fairly urgent. We have a new guest, and I feel you ought to say hello!

[21:06] * Zoey has actually been AWOL for the past several minutes now.

[21:07] <Dwayna> (http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/020/d/6/Edward_by_DwaynaDragonFire.jpg)

[21:07] <Michael> *RMA sighs at this, but nonetheless gives a light bow at the gentleman in the labcoat as Michael himself gives a friendly wave back

[21:08] <Dwayna> (that was drawn aaaaaged ago)

[21:08] * Jasper glances at his watch and realizes he has a lot of work he still needs to do, casually fading into the wind

[21:08] <Dwayna> (*ages)

[21:08] ==Jasper has changed nick to Shiny

[21:08] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #CharmsRP

[21:08] <@Shiny> (I actually need to go afk so yeah XD)

[21:09] <Zachary> (Someone gimme the log and I'll join in :D)

[21:09] <Zoey> (I was just bringing in booze)

[21:09] <Zoey> (how oddly appropriate)

[21:09] <Michael> (It's quite...lengthy...I suppose we could sum it up |D)

[21:09] <Dwayna> Edward: A pleasure to meet you. I must say that you definitely have a different design then all of our models.

[21:09] <Zachary> (Just query it to meeeee)

[21:11] <Michael> RMA: Seems eye-concealment is one of the few similarities we hold, nonetheless. You must be the Edward fellow my master has mentioned to me in the past. It's a pleasure to meet you as well

[21:11] * Zoey floats down from the sky, a generous amount of alcohol in tow.

[21:12] <Zoey> How about we make this more of a party?

[21:12] <Dwayna> Edward: I'm sure it is for different reasons, but nonetheless, it is something we... have in common. *the visor changes back to a neutral purple color*

[21:12] * Zachary kicks down a wall holding two kegs on his shoulders.

[21:12] <Zachary> I agree with the chick.

[21:13] <Zoey> (it's a park there's no walls)

[21:13] <Michael> Oh dear...things are going to get very rowdy in a few seconds...hopefully you 'bots don't mind...Arma, you're cleaning this shit up you know

[21:13] <Tangrow> (they're metaphorical)

[21:13] <Zoey> (also that's a ridiculous way to make an enterance)

[21:13] <Zachary> (Better then floating down with beer lol)

[21:13] <Michael> RMA: ...Of course...

[21:13] <Tangrow> (i could do ridiculouser)

[21:13] <Zoey> (she had left earlier and flying is faster than walking)

[21:13] <Zachary> Party on guys.

[21:14] * Zachary sets down the kegs and puts the tap on them.

[21:14] <Michael> RMA: So you beings are an ancient race then...In contrast to my kind being...well...invented only about a year ago

[21:14] <Zoey> It's not really a keg type of party yet, fireman.

[21:15] <Dwayna> Edward: I am not adverse to frivolity.

[21:15] <Zachary> Nobody told me so, friend.

[21:15] <Zachary> There's always room for a kegger.

[21:15] <Zachary> ( in my experience there is anyways)

[21:15] <Dwayna> Edward: Indeed, though I am the only one of my kind who has.... personality traits, as they are called

[21:16] <Dwayna> (he visibly looks like he's avoiding being more clear about that)

[21:17] <Michael> RMA: Well considering how there really aren't any robots of my type to converse with at all back where I come from...aside from one particularly...off...one, I must say I can relate in a way to that

[21:18] * Zachary wraps an arm around RMA, holding a flask in the other. He has a goofy look on his face as he offers some of it to RMA.

[21:19] <Michael> RMA: I'm a robot, Zachary...I don't exactly ingest alcohol regularly

[21:19] <Zachary> What no booze!?

[21:19] <Dwayna> Edward: It's not quite the same, but I will appreciate the... sympathy.

[21:19] * Zachary pats RMA sympathetically.

[21:19] <Zachary> That's okay, I'll get you some bourbon.

[21:20] <Michael> RMA: Because that's exactly what I need... These organic lifeforms can be rather...bizarre in their own right, huh?

[21:20] ==Tangrow has changed nick to Ethan

[21:21] * Ethan busts through a manhole, posing suddenly

[21:21] <Michael> Speaking of bizarre...

[21:21] <Ethan> Geez, geez! I couldn't help but overhear!

[21:21] <Dwayna> Edward: Indeed. But I can understand some form of their emotions at least.

[21:21] <Zachary> Ethan my man!

[21:21] <Ethan> ...Or eavesdrop. It's all the same!

[21:21] <Dwayna> Edward: I am still somewhat new to this whole... feeling business.

[21:21] * Zachary stumbles over to Ethan, holding a cup of beer.

[21:21] <Ethan> Hey there, Zacky!

[21:22] <Zachary> Here man! Drink up!

[21:22] * Zachary hands Ethan the beer

[21:22] * Zoey sips at one of the good beer bottles she brought and looks annoyed at the Fireman.

[21:22] <Ethan> Ah, haha, thanks!

[21:22] <Michael> RMA: Oh, forgive me for not saying hello by the way, Miss DragonFire! I just sorta barged in here and completely forgot my manners

[21:23] * Ethan takes the cup and unceremoniously flings it behind him somewhere else as he faces RMA (who is a hologram? I forget)

[21:23] <Dwayna> No trouble at all. You must be RMA. It is a pleasure.

[21:23] <Zachary> You guys want to see a party trick?

[21:23] <Michael> (RMA's a robot. Shiny's the one who has a hologram character |D)

[21:23] <Ethan> (Right, okay!)

[21:23] * Zachary has a cheesy trickster grin on his face

[21:23] <@Shiny> (gdi I leave for like 10 minutes and you guys are throwing a party)

[21:24] =:p_M [chatzilla@918605B1.D2473F10.9BC07D41.IP] has joined #CharmsRP

[21:24] * Ethan hashtags the surrounding area

[21:24] <Zoey> (well we were already kind of doing that)

[21:24] * Dwayna bows head slightly in respect to RMA. Edward seems to notice her hand entwined with Michael's at this point and his visor turns a sad shade of blue for a moment before returning to normal.

[21:24] <Zoey> (but then Zacky showed up)

[21:24] <@Shiny> (I meant like 4 more people/characters join after I leave)

[21:24] <Michael> RMA: Admittedly I've seen you once or twice before, as I do in fact share my master's room...but I digress, that is not something I should bring up

[21:24] <Ethan> But you, robotic guy! Or Whatever! What's with that sort of thing you said!

[21:24] <Ethan> Uhhh, what was it...

[21:25] * Zachary pours beer all over his body and snaps his fingers a couple times, trying to set his thumb on fire. He succeeds and lights himself on fire. He stands there for a second before starting to scream and run all over the place.

[21:25] <Zachary> Aaaaaaah!

[21:25] * Dwayna blushes a new shade of red at that comment, but seems to nod a little bit at it all the same

[21:25] ==Shiny has changed nick to Lyni

[21:25] <Zachary> Wait a minute, I'm fireproof!

[21:25] <Michael> RMA: I'm afraid I'm not exactly...clear on your question...Ethan, was it?

[21:26] * Lyni floats down, sensing all the commotion in the area and obviously very confused

[21:26] <Dwayna> (oh no)

[21:26] * Zachary stops running and eats the fire quickly. He waves to Lyni.

[21:26] <@Lyni> Why did nobody tell me there was a party?

[21:26] <Michael> (And Michael goes stealthy |D)

[21:26] ==Rex [MrBirke@h-64A6BB4.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[21:26] == mode/#CharmsRP [+o Rex] by ChanServ

[21:26] <Zoey> This is getting out of hand...

[21:26] <@Lyni> (ohhai Tono we're just drinking booze)

[21:26] <Zachary> Hey *hic*.

[21:26] * Zoey takes another sip of her beer.

[21:26] <@Rex> (I see.)

[21:27] ==Ethan [44c32cef@h-3F0047F.dyn.optonline.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 124 seconds]

[21:27] <Zachary> (I'm drinking a nice rum on the rocks right now actually)

[21:27] * Michael sees Lyni floating nearby and slowly slides down and hides under the sofa...

[21:27] <Zoey> I hope those kegs aren't that light shit, Fireman.

[21:27] <Zachary> (I kind of regret using real ice instead of my normal plastic ones.)

[21:27] <@Rex> (Where, exactly?)

[21:27] <@Lyni> (park)

[21:27] <@Lyni> (close to the fountain iirc?)

[21:28] <Michael> RMA: It appears my master is still...rather afraid of facing her again after his last encounter...

[21:28] <Zachary> Nah, girl who I don't know. It's the good shit!

[21:28] * Lyni waves at Zacky back and looks around, smelling all the alcohol and wrinkling her nose

[21:28] <@Lyni> Don't you guys have like, coffee at least?

[21:28] <Dwayna> I am not surprised....

[21:28] <@Lyni> Dway~!

[21:28] ==Rex has changed nick to Noah

[21:28] <Dwayna> Lyni.

[21:28] <Zoey> Just wanted to share a beer with my new friends this is what I get...

[21:29] * Lyni runs over and tacklehuggles because she obviously doesn't know anything

[21:29] <Michael> RMA: Miss DragonFire, it's probably best I mention it now...Michael doesn't want any...hostilities from your end towards...uh...Just...please...oh dear...

[21:29] * Zachary takes his flask and bumps it with Zoeys beer bottle.

[21:29] ==Ethan [44c32cef@h-3F0047F.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[21:29] <Zachary> Aye lassie, that's the tits.

[21:29] <@Lyni> (weebee Tan)

[21:30] * Dwayna glares a little but wraps her free hand around Lyni in a hug, grasping Michael's hand a little tighter as a miniature silver fire burns in her eyes

[21:30] <Ethan> (Arrrgh, I can't believe my internet conked out right then! I don't even know what I missed past what I last said ><)

[21:30] <@Lyni> (I'll query it)

[21:30] <Zoey> I don't even know what that's supposed to mean but I feel like I should knock you out for it.

[21:30] <Dwayna> (like not literally but visually it looks like her eyes are flickerign silver)

[21:30] <Zachary> Wouldn't be the first time, lassie.

[21:30] * Noah wanders onto the scene as well, looking a bit tired.

[21:30] * Lyni glances at Dwayna in confusion

[21:31] <Michael> *RMA merely gives a nod towards Lyni, still rather perturbed himself about their...earlier confrontation

[21:31] <@Lyni> Is something wrong?

[21:32] * Zoey gets the sense something is about to go horribly wrong.

[21:32] <Dwayna> ... As fair warning from a friend... If you try to harm my mate again, I will be far from pleased.

[21:32] <Ethan> My my, what a horrible atmosphere. That's no good.

[21:33] <Michael> *RMA freezes in place, very unsure over what to do at this point

[21:33] <@Lyni> I-oh.

[21:33] <@Lyni> Oh, so it's you, huh.

[21:34] * Zachary senses danger and using his amazing skills of diffusing a situation, proposes a drinking game.

[21:34] <Zachary> Guys!

[21:34] <@Lyni> Man, I don't want to talk about something so unpleasant while we're all having fun and stuff. Let's keep that for another day, hm~?

[21:34] <Zachary> Let's go around in a circle and say one thing we like about one another!

[21:34] <Zoey> <Not the time fireman>

[21:34] <Zoey> (<> is telepathy)

[21:35] <Michael> RMA: Yes, please, another time, ladies...or better yet never...

[21:35] <Zachary> (Good thing you clarified, I though you were being serious)

[21:35] * Noah waves a bit, "Hello, Miss Lyni."

[21:35] <Dwayna> Very well. I just thought you should know.

[21:35] <Ethan> Gahahahha, I mean, that sounds fun, doesn't it!

[21:36] * Ethan waves his hands as he walks between and past the two

[21:36] * Dwayna seems to visibly calm down. Edward seemed to be giving off worried vibes but also visibly calms when she does.

[21:36] * Lyni turns her attention to Noah and waves enthusiastically, though the air around her has once again dropped a few degrees from the revelation

[21:36] <Michael> *RMA looks back to notice Noah and gives a wave of his own, recalling the anthropomorphic being from a previous encounter

[21:36] <@Lyni> Also, I agree with Zacky, we should all say something we like about each other~ Though that might take a while

[21:36] * Michael peers out from beneath the furniture, cautiously surfacing as Lyni turns her attention elsewhere

[21:36] <@Noah> Are these friends of yours?

[21:37] <Zachary> I'll go first.

[21:37] * Zachary looks at Lyni and grins.

[21:37] <@Lyni> Mm, I guess they are? Depends on the definition of friend, but close enough~

[21:37] <Zachary> Lyni is nice and caring, if I had to have someone babysit my kids, she would be the I'd call.

[21:37] * Dwayna whispers to Michael "I'll not let her harm you, sia itov."

[21:38] * Michael rests his head on his palms and shakes his head dejectedly at Lyni's remark

[21:38] <Ethan> Awww, see, that sort of thing is nice!

[21:38] <Zachary> You're turn, Lyni!

[21:38] <Ethan> Go, come on, say something cool!

[21:38] <@Lyni> Mmm, let's see~ Noah's adorable and friendly, and I love hanging out with him!

[21:38] <@Noah> I? Um...

[21:39] <@Noah> We don't really know each other...?

[21:39] * Zachary stumbles up to Noah and holds out one of Zoeys beer bottles.

[21:39] <Michael> RMA: She doesn't need to know you for that to be the case, trust me...

[21:39] <Zachary> All is fair in drinking with comrades.

[21:39] <Ethan> Well, you don't need to know someone that well to tell your opinion! Even if it's face value!

[21:40] <Zachary> Go on, take it friend.

[21:40] <@Noah> Oh, N-no thank you.

[21:40] <Zoey> Leave him alone.

[21:40] <@Noah> I have a weak stomach...

[21:40] <Zachary> Aw moooom.

[21:40] * Zachary magically conjures up a glass of milk and hands it to Noah.

[21:40] <Zachary> That better?

[21:41] <Michael> Jesus, Zacky, even in this weird-ass world, you're something else

[21:41] * Noah blinks, and, deciding it better not to press the man, accepts the second beverage.

[21:41] <@Noah> Thank you...

[21:41] * Zachary turns to Michael and tosses the beer bottle to him.

[21:41] <Zoey> Since when do you have milk fabrication powers?

[21:41] <Zachary> Party on, Michael.

[21:41] <Ethan> It seems whenever celebration is involved, convenient things just sort of happen!

[21:42] <@Lyni> Milk fabrication powers sound cool, I wish I could do that~

[21:42] * Michael nods graciously and attempts to toss the bottle behind him as casually as possible

[21:42] <Zachary> I don't, I used summoning to retrieve it.

[21:42] <Zachary> I'm not that awesome.

[21:42] <Ethan> Hey, but hey, isn't it Noah's turn now, incidentally?

[21:42] <@Lyni> oh yes, it is~!

[21:43] <Dwayna> Edward presses his fingers together, looking extremely out of place. He had never been to such a gathering of people before.

[21:43] <@Noah> U-um!? Miss Zoey reminds me of my Master?

[21:43] <Ethan> (oh my cute)

[21:43] * Noah looks a bit panicked.

[21:43] * Lyni pats Noah's arm

[21:44] <@Lyni> (that is indeed adorable omg fdulvdfuvldhvld)

[21:44] <Zoey> Well, thank you!

[21:44] <Michael> RMA: Heh...that's only a complement for certain masters...

[21:44] <Zoey> I'm sure your master is great.

[21:44] * Noah nods.

[21:45] <Zachary> I answer to only my wife and even then she can only do so much.

[21:46] <Zachary> (It feels like we need Captain Geronimo in here)

[21:46] <Dwayna> Edward: In the instance of referring to someone as 'Master' I can assume that the individual in question is a servant?

[21:47] <@Lyni> (GOSHUJIN)

[21:48] <@Lyni> (I'm sorry go on I will stop making references to things nobody understands)

[21:48] <@Noah> I am my Master's... Property.

[21:48] * Zachary makes a slow hissing sound.

[21:48] <Zachary> Ouch, dude

[21:48] <@Lyni> But if he likes his master... hmm, I'm not sure

[21:49] <Ethan> Oh, like a chair? Or do you mean something else?

[21:49] <Dwayna> Edward: I do not understand.

[21:49] <Ethan> I have a very nice chair at home! It is my favorite.

[21:49] <Dwayna> The trules in other worlds are different...

[21:49] <Dwayna> (-t)

[21:49] <Michael> RMA: Probably best you don't worry about this one, Edward...very different ways indeed

[21:50] * Noah blinks. "Did I... Say something wrong?"

[21:50] * Zachary pats Noah on the shoulder.

[21:50] <Zachary> Nah, just a shocker that's all.

[21:50] <Dwayna> Edward: But on Terrater such a thing isn't heard of...

[21:51] <Michael> And on Earth, his kind doesn't exist...some things just aren't very logical

[21:52] <Dwayna> It is this human thing... the one they don't like talking about? what was the word...

[21:53] <Michael> It wouldn't be...uh...slavery now, would it?

[21:53] * Zachary decides to back out of this topic and quietly nurse his flask.

[21:53] <@Lyni> But yeah, it's Zoey's turn I think~?

[21:54] <Dwayna> Yes, a silit. (slave) My people only have it as a word to say that such a thing is forbidden.

[21:54] * Noah seems grateful that Lyni is trying to divert attention from him.

[21:57] <Zoey> Hmmmm

[21:58] * Dwayna whispers "Let us not dwell on katimai and siliti (servants and slaves)."

[21:58] <Zoey> Lady Dwayna and Michael have both been a lot of fun today!

[21:59] <Dwayna> My thanks to you, Zoey, for the compliment.

[22:00] * Lyni twitches at this statement as the temperature drops a couple of degrees again

[22:00] <Michael> It's great to accompany you as well of course...

[22:00] <Zachary> It's Dwayna's turn!

[22:00] <Michael> *RMA glares at Lyni as he senses the temperature drop..."perhaps it's best you calm yourself there, miss..."

[22:00] <Ethan> Say I have nice legs! Or whatever you want. Either way!

[22:01] <Ethan> There's still a couple people left, aye?

[22:01] <@Lyni> Shut it, bot, it's not like I'm doing it on purpose.

[22:01] <Dwayna> Well... to compliment Michael would be a bit obvious.

[22:02] <@Noah> Uh... Are you okay, Lyni?

[22:02] <Dwayna> So sure, Ethan. You have nice legs. (in a completely dispassionate, humorous tone)

[22:02] <Ethan> A-ah!

[22:02] <Ethan> Someone complimented me!

[22:03] * Ethan swoons

[22:03] * Lyni takes a breath and nods

[22:03] <Ethan> That's so nice! Okay, okay, who was left?

[22:04] <Ethan> (blahhh shoot making me dig backwards myself >:C)

[22:05] <@Lyni> (bots and Mike)

[22:05] <Ethan> (what is bots)

[22:06] <@Lyni> (RMA and Edward)

[22:06] <Ethan> (Well, also Zacky but we have to end with him)

[22:06] <@Lyni> (Yeah, Zacky too)

[22:06] <@Lyni> (Lyni herself wouldn't say so because she's mad at Mike and Arma so I was hoping someone else would say ^^; )

[22:06] <Zachary> (Yay i always wanted to be a robot)

[22:07] <Ethan> Alright! Uh, robotical Edward man!

[22:07] * Noah doesn't seem so confident, and takes a few steps away from Lyni.

[22:07] * Ethan points a figure towards the one in question

[22:07] <Ethan> You are...

[22:07] <Ethan> Incredibly radical!

[22:07] <Dwayna> Edward: Yes?

[22:07] * Ethan says, giving a thumbs up and a grin

[22:08] <Dwayna> Edward tilts his head slightly, but replies with his own grin and thumbs up in return

[22:08] <Ethan> Eheheh, yeah!

[22:08] <Ethan> (bwah cute)

[22:08] <@Lyni> (we have a bunch of cuties in CRP yes)

[22:10] * Zachary ignites into a raging inferno, boiling the booze out of his body. He exhales loudly, emitting the vapors from his body.

[22:10] <Zachary> Well that was fun.

[22:10] <Dwayna> Edward: I believe the purpose is to end with the being who started, so... Michael, you seem like a good human.

[22:10] <@Lyni> Zacky, you're disgusting~

[22:10] <Zachary> You love it, Lyni.

[22:11] <Michael> Well, glad to know I made a good first impression for once! Thank you kindly, Edward!

[22:11] <Dwayna> *Edwards visor turns a friendly yellow, with slightly sad blue edges around it, but nods all the same

[22:11] * Lyni casually flings a bit of ice down Zacky's back

[22:12] * Zachary incredible body heat melts it before it even touches him.

[22:12] * Noah coughs.

[22:12] <Michael> And this is kinda awkward because I have to complement my own creation...Uh...thanks for saving my life a lot and...y'know...flaunting a maid uniform like a boss, Arma

[22:12] * Lyni can't help but giggle at that~

[22:13] <Michael> *RMA: Of course, master...thanks for the reminder...

[22:14] <Michael> RMA: Well then, Zachary...I've never encountered someone as outgoing and enthusiastic as yourself, that's for sure

[22:15] * Zachary does a backflip and gives two thumbs up

[22:15] <Zachary> Life's a party man, can you drink up?

[22:15] <Michael> RMA: I uh...guess?


[22:15] <Ethan> (ahem)

[22:16] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has quit [Client exited]

[22:16] * Lyni steals some of the booze and flies back to her room to experiment with them

[22:16] ==Lyni has changed nick to Shiny|AFK

[22:17] <Michael> I shudder to think what she's going to do with those...

[22:17] <@Noah> Oh, is everyone going?

[22:17] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #CharmsRP

[22:18] <Dwayna> I am not confident it will end well either.

[22:18] <Zoey> I can almost guarantee it won't

[22:18] <@Shiny|AFK> (parents pulling me away sorry)

[22:18] * Zoey takes the last swig of her bottle.

[22:18] <Michael> Somehow I feel half of us couldn't make our way back to our respective homes in this state...

[22:18] <Ethan> Gehehehheh, no worrie-

[22:19] <Michael> For you, I worry most of all...

[22:19] * Ethan subsequently falls backwards through the manhole he busted out of, landing with a loud thud

[22:19] <Zoey> I had one beer, dude.

[22:19] <Zoey> Why does that guy travel by manhole.

[22:19] <Ethan> S'all good!

[22:19] <Ethan> (I'm not even sure myself it was just the most convenient thing)

[22:20] <Michael> Reminds me of that fella from an arcade game who cackled all the time...and never spoke coherent English

[22:20] <Ethan> (Technically my headcanon is that Tangrow is an alarming sewer monster who travels faster in filth)

[22:20] <Dwayna> Me? What do you have to worry for?

[22:20] <Zoey> Well, it's been fun guys.

[22:20] <Michael> Oh, you guys are part of the half that /aren't/ completely insane, y'know?

[22:20] <Zoey> I think I'll leave you guys with some privacy.

[22:21] * Zoey stands, taking the guitar, amp, and piano with her.

[22:21] <Zoey> Noah, you comin'?

[22:21] <Michael> Out here in the open?...Thank you I guess. Thanks for that performance as well. It was great to meet you, Zoey

[22:21] <@Noah> Oh? Uh... I guess I should?

[22:22] * Noah places his drink on the fountain.

[22:22] * Zoey wanders out of the park.

[22:22] ==Zoey [Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has left #CharmsRP []

[22:22] <Dwayna> I suppose it is time to leave...

[22:22] * Noah hurries off after Zoey.

[22:23] ==Noah has changed nick to Rex

[22:23] <Michael> Yeah, I guess it is

[22:23] ==Rex [MrBirke@h-64A6BB4.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has left #CharmsRP []

[22:23] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 127 seconds]

[22:23] <Dwayna> Where to then, mrrandii? (husband)

[22:23] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #CharmsRP

[22:24] <Michael> RMA: Uh, Mike...I'll be...uh...away from wherever you decide to go...for reasons...

[22:24] <Michael> Well, gee, Arma, thanks for the awkwardness...That aside, I suppose wherever you want to go, my Lady

[22:25] <Dwayna> Then we will retire to somewhere more private. perhaps you would like a visit to the castle?

[22:26] <Michael> I guess if I'm going to...uh...be...king...I guess I should take a look around before I actually start reigning or whatever...

[22:27] <@Tailon> ("take a look around")

[22:27] <Dwayna> (Pff)

[22:27] <Ethan> (do what they do in the cool movies and slide down a banister)

[22:27] <Michael> (Of course, obviously! |D)

[22:27] <@Tailon> (is that what the kids are calling it these days)

[22:28] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has quit [Ping timeout: 124 seconds]

[22:28] <Michael> (Oh, and one more thing to add in this chat I suppose...)

[22:28] <Dwayna> (XDDDDD)

[22:28] <Michael> *Off in the distance, another being that looks suspiciously like Michael and RMA is watching...He's wearing a...rather beaten up variant of RMA's getup, minus his fedora. Holding up his hand towards his ear, he silently murmurs "Master...I think I've found something...particularly noteworthy..."

[22:30] <Dwayna> Then we shall go. (with that, she grabs onto Michael, and both of them teleport away with Edward as well)

[22:31] <Ethan> ...

[22:31] * Ethan climbs up out of the manhole, grabs all the party balloons, and flees.

Characters Involved:
Zoey - @Tailon
Michael - @Mr.RMA
Jasper - @Kyubeon
Dwayna - @Dwayna DragonFire
Arma - @Mr.RMA
Edward - @Dwayna DragonFire
Zachary - @Zachary
Ethan - @Tangrow
Lyni - @Kyubeon
Noah - @Rex

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
I promised Toru I would post this so here it is~

[17:44] * Clarence takes out the artifact once again and lightly taps the center of it twice. The object glows again as the girl re-materializes beside him. She has long blonde hair with a crimson highlight running down one side and a long dress that appears to shift from red to white and vice versa. She looks over to Lyni with a blank, if not somewhat stern expression through her bright orange eyes.
[17:45] <@Lyni> Um, heya~ I'm Lyni, a frien- er, acquantaince of Clarence's. Nice to meet ya!
[17:47] <Clarence> Pyralis: I already know who you are, my dear. Just because I'm more often than not concealed within my confines doesn't mean I can't see what my wielder sees. All the same I suppose it is a pleasure to meet you in person.
[17:51] <Lyni> Oh, of course... I, um. I mean, you're a spirit as well, right? A nymph?
[17:52] <Lyni> Sorry, I really have no idea what I'm talking about right now! I'm just so excited to meet another one~
[17:52] <Clarence> Pyralis: Indeed...I sensed you were similar to my kind...but not completely. Aside from elemental differences, I only sense half a nymph's aura coming from you...
[17:54] <Lyni> Th-that's true. I'm only half-nymph, Dad was a human and all that. You must be pretty powerful if you could sense that so clearly~
[17:56] <Clarence> Pyralis: I suppose my power is rather great, yes. A shame I can hardly use any of it on my own accord of course. It has been many eons since I've had that privilege
[17:57] <Lyni> Eons...? What happened to you? Is that why you're with Clarence then, because you can't use your power yourself?
[17:59] <Clarence> Pyralis: To sum it up, yes, that is indeed why I am companions with this human. I'm...afraid I would rather not delve too far into the details over what happened for me to be in this state however...it is rather...unsettling to remember
[18:00] <Lyni> That's understandable~ So I'm guessing you can't go to far away from Clarence then? A shame, I wanted to have tea with you or something~
[18:03] <Clarence> Pyralis: Ah, yes...a social encounter like that is one I rarely experience with anyone other than Clarence...It would be...rather refreshing to converse with one at least a little more relative to my own species, and it is not as if we couldn't bring him along. Clarence may not think too fondly of your...chaotic tendencies, but he will behave I'm sure
[18:04] <Lyni> He's right here though, can't he hear us?
[18:04] <Lyni> You're talking about him like he's a dog~
[18:04] <Clarence> Clarence: She knows I hate to argue with a lady...
[18:05] <Clarence> Pyralis: Indeed, his attempts at chivalry come in handy quite often
[18:05] <Lyni> Aww, that's really cute~
[18:05] <Lyni> But yeah, we should totally all go out for tea or coffee or whatever you want! It'll be fun~
[18:06] * Clarence grumbles something akin to "oh yes, quite fun..." but with a stern look from Pyralis, he quickly quiets up again.
[18:07] <Lyni> I promise I won't try to provoke you, Clarence~
[18:07] <Lyni> by the way, what was your name, miss nymph?
[18:08] <Clarence> Pyralis: I'm afraid I can't do much to stop him if you do of course. He's the so-called leader of this duo...for the most part...heehee...Oh, and yes, where are my manners? I go by Pyralis, or Pyra if you're so inclined
[18:09] <Lyni> Pyra! That's a really pretty name~
[18:09] <Clarence> Pyralis: Clarence told me the exact same thing when I first revealed myself to him. Perhaps you two have more in common than he cares to admit
[18:10] * Clarence merely face-palms at the very thought
[18:11] <Lyni> Hee, heard that, Mr. Museum~?
[18:11] * Lyni winks
[18:12] <Clarence> Clarence: ...I believe you two have spent enough time with introductions, don't you think? Perhaps we should go before we get caught up in much more of this chaos, madam?
[18:12] <Lyni> Fine, fine~ But yes, let's all go have fun someday! Maybe... yes, I think I'll bring Jazz as well~
[18:13] <Clarence> Pyralis: Another of your kind I presume? I'd be delighted to meet him as well. 'Till then, Miss Lyni
[18:13] * Lyni curtsies to the pair before flying away on her cloud again, way too jittery after meeting another nymph~
[18:15] * Clarence and Pyra begin the walk back to Clarence's museum, Pyra gently patting Clarence on the shoulder at the sight of his obviously frustrated appearance. "Don't you get yourself all worked up like that, Clarence. You hardly look at that girl in as negative a light as you claim. Trust me, I know.

Mr. RMA as Pyralis and Clarence
Kyubeon as Lyni
A quick RP to help introduce Mr.RMA's character into Alistair's canon ends up turning into a crazy bromance saga between Alistair and Zachary. Go figure.

Toru as Alistair Aurelio
Mr.RMA as Clarence and Pyralis
Kyubeon as Lyni
Zacky as Zachary

[22:05]<Alistair> I am Alistair Aurelio. A Geokinetic Knight for Terra, Quadras. Ever since I took up the sword, my life changed dramatically. Finding out my fate, forming a pact that would shape the very future of our existence, and then finding out what out existence truly meant. We have all surpassed these hurdles, and now we stand brighter and stronger than ever. And now, we have found the calm once again.

[22:07]*Zacharykicks down the door to Alistairs bathroom.

[22:07]<Zachary> Hey rocky! We gotta go!

[22:08]<Zachary> The shows about to start!

[22:08]<Alistair> "And as always, there's been one person helping me through the good and the bad times, no matter what."

[22:08]* Alistairperks his head up in surprise, sitting upright from his resting position on his ebony desk

[22:08]<Alistair> What!? Zachary, you can't just burst into my house like this!

[22:09]<Alistair> What's the issue?

[22:09]<Zachary> The titty bar has a zero g gravity show going in!

[22:09]<Zachary> It's tit s!

[22:09]<Zachary> In space!

[22:10]<Alistair> ...

[22:11]<Alistair> Well, you go and enjoy lumps of flesh designed for the sole purpose of feeding a mother's young.

[22:12]<Alistair> I however, have other things to attend to.

[22:12]*Zacharykicks down another random door.

[22:12]<Zachary> Not without my main bro!

[22:14]==Atma[chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[22:14]==mode/#CharmsRP[+qo Atma Atma] byChanServ

[22:15]<Zachary> (Goddamn I have to shit again)

[22:16]<Clarence> (You knew the dangers of laxatives, but you just didn't listen...)

[22:16]<Alistair> (Alright lol, tell us when you're back)

[22:16]<Zachary> (I can shit and play at the same time, let's go)

[22:16]<~Atma> (What? XD)

[22:16]<~Atma> (also w00t w00t I made 5th Kyu)

[22:16]* Alistairputs his hand over his eyes and sighs heavily...

[22:17]<Alistair> Very well. I shall personally escort you there, but you will unlikely see me entering this 'titty bar'.

[22:17]*Zacharydrop kicks a random china cabinet and yells victoriously.

[22:18]* Alistairquestions the random appearance of a china cabinet in his house.

[22:18]<Zachary> (What's 5th kyu?)

[22:19]<Alistair> Very well then, let's get going, shall we?

[22:19]<Alistair> (A grade in Kendo)

[22:19]*Zacharywalks out of the house and strolls along the street.

[22:19]<Alistair> (ARMA, you can kinda bounce into us on the way if you want)

[22:20]*Clarenceis walking down the road, a book on the history of boxing held in front of his face, when he hears a distant crashing sound. He quickly marks his page and puts the book away, knowing that this will probably involve him somehow, if the last time he was anywhere near this region was any indication

[22:22]<Clarence> Perhaps it's just a coincidence...yes, that's all...It's far too unlikely that I'll end up stuck up in.../his/ affairs again...

[22:22]* Alistairpeers out of his broken down door, made out of a fine, strong type of rock. Zachary would often kick down Alistair's door, however this was easy to fix. Some quick hand motions and the door floated back into its place and fixed itself to the outer walls.

[22:23]*Zacharysees Clarence down the street and instinctively grabs Gunnlogi's sheathe to make sure it was still there.

[22:24]<Alistair> ...Zachary?

[22:24]<Zachary> It's Clarence.

[22:26]<Alistair> Who on earth his he? The man over there with the book?

[22:26]*Clarencesuddenly feels a presence beside him, noticing a familiar young woman staring back at him with concern. "Look, I'm not dealing with that man again if I can help it...He's nothing but trouble" Clarence argues, but the girl merely shakes her head. "I'm afraid we have little choice...He already notices you."

[22:27]<Zachary> He's one of the chumps who fought for Gunnlogi, remember?

[22:28]<Alistair> Oh, so you were filled in. I'm surprised you remember more than I do!

[22:28]<Alistair> It's not that much of an issue, surely. The past has passed.

[22:29]<Zachary> My sword is still worth something to him.

[22:30]*Clarencesighs and looks back, seeing that Zachary was indeed close by, and apparently just as irked by his presence as he was with his. He notices the other familiar face next to him as well. "Ah...I see one of the victors is there with him...Maybe if we just pass by they won't say anything..." he murmurs, hiding himself behind his book as the girl disappears in a flash of neon red

[22:31]*Zacharywalks by Clarence and mutters bad things under his breath rather loudly.

[22:31]<Alistair> Well, how about we fix that?

[22:31]<Clarence> You just don't know how to let bygones be bygones, do you sir?

[22:32]<Zachary> And you don't know how to leave others property alone you choade.

[22:32]<Clarence> I accepted defeat the first time and have given up any further endeavors. Why do you presume I'm still after your weapon?

[22:33]<Alistair> See? I told you, there is no quarrel here!

[22:33]<Zachary> You smell bad that's why.

[22:33]<Clarence> You're one to talk...

[22:33]* Alistairpats Zachary on the back with confidence

[22:33]<Zachary> Hey, this is a fine smell.

[22:33]<Zachary> I smell like a lawyer cowboy!

[22:33]<Alistair> Stop trying to fire shots, and let's make amends!

[22:33]<Clarence> After I help this man out, he still acts so bitterly towards me...

[22:33]*Zacharysighs and holds his hand out.

[22:34]<Zachary> You did help me out.

[22:34]<Zachary> Friends?

[22:34]<Clarence> Whatever you say, sir...

[22:34]*Clarenceaccepts the handshake

[22:34]* Alistairsmiles

[22:34]<Alistair> There we go, that wasn't so hard!

[22:34]<Zachary> Let's celebrate by going to the titty bar!

[22:35]<Clarence> Classy as ever I see...

[22:35]<Alistair> So Clarence, what brings you to Redora?

[22:35]*Zacharywalks past the duo and heads down the road chanting "tittys tittys tittys galore!"

[22:35]* Alistairawkwardly glances towards Zachary whilst trying to politely smile at Clarence

[22:36]<Clarence> I tend to take long walks to nowhere in particular whenever I close up my museum for the day. I just happened to wander my way over here on this occasion

[22:36]<Zachary> (Guys my girlfriend just said she would take it in the ass)

[22:37]<Zachary> (I'm so lucky to have her :'D)

[22:37]<~Atma> ( I love the random shit that happens in here XD)

[22:38]<Zachary> (Jk guys just wanted to make sure Karu was around)

[22:38]<Clarence> It's been some time since you bested me in that little challenge, Alistair. I must say it's an honor to meet you again...even if it's under the rather...uncouth circumstances

[22:38]<Alistair> This is normal, believe me!

[22:39]*Zacharyturns around and shouts; "Stop being an asshole and hurry up! Those zero g tits aren't going to stay floating forever!"

[22:40]<~Atma> (I'm gonna shower off real quick. See ya shortly.)

[22:40]<Clarence> Truly the legendary Zachary is particualrly more...down to earth than his legends make him out to be

[22:40]<Alistair> Likewise, Clarence.

[22:40]<Alistair> Me and him are pretty close. He helped me become the warrior I am today.

[22:40]<Zachary> (I have legends?)

[22:41]<Clarence> (Clarence has got sources. If someone of great power does stuff, he's bound to hear about it. That's how he knew about the sword and whatnot)

[22:41]<Zachary> (Oh)

[22:42]<Alistair> Well, would you like to accompany me... outside this bar?

[22:43]<Clarence> Provided the tomfoolery doesn't spill out from the confines, I would be fine with this

[22:43]<Alistair> Oh believe me, if I stand up in these parts, any conflict will cease in a second.

[22:44]*Zacharyskips around the two of them, shaking imaginary boobs in their faces .

[22:44]<Zachary> I want tiiiiittys!~

[22:44]<Alistair> What do you drink, Clarence?

[22:46]<Clarence> I tend to stick with scotch myself. I'm known to hold my liqueur rather nicely, but I don't often choose to prove this very often

[22:46]<Alistair> I'll get Zachary here to fetch us something.

[22:46]* Alistairhands Zachary a couple of pieces of Redora's currency.

[22:47]<Clarence> Excuse me if I observe my glass a little before actually drinking it in this case...

[22:47]<Alistair> Would be a pal and grab us some drinks, Zachary? Clarence will take a scotch, and i'll have a lime and soda.

[22:47]<Alistair> Oh? What's this all about?

[22:47]* Alistairgestures to a bench near the club

[22:48]*Zacharytakes the free money and walks into the strip club and not back out. He proceeds to sit at a table and spend the money on the strippers.

[22:48]<Zachary> Whoooowoooh yeah baby! Shake that ass!

[22:48]<Clarence> Well, perhaps it's just, uh...I'm rather concerned where Zachary might go with said drinks in hand...provided he acquires the drinks at all

[22:49]*Clarencemakes his way over to the bench, straightening out his trench coat before taking a seat

[22:50]<Alistair> To be perfectly honest, he's probably spending it on a stripper at the moment.

[22:50]<Clarence> Well the man knows what he wants...I suppose there's no arguing his boldness

[22:51]* Alistairtakes a seat, stretching out

[22:52]*Zacharythrows gold coins onto the table, making the stripper clap her ass.

[22:53]<Clarence> It's probably for the best I'm not near too much alcohol anyways...With my artifact in hand I might accidentally light the entire bar on fire with a spilled whisky...

[22:53]<Alistair> Oh, an artifact? Was that the object that was creating that odd red hologram?

[22:55]<Clarence> I wouldn't label her a hologram precisely...She's the source of that artifact's power, the source of my pyrokinesis and the like. You've seen a small taste of my ability of course

[22:55]==Lyni[ShinyEevee@h-53BD3A21.mycingular.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[22:55]==mode/#CharmsRP[+o Lyni] byChanServ

[22:55]<Alistair> Yeah, I remember now!

[22:55]*Zacharyaccidentally starts a fire from being too rambunctious with the strippers. He stumbles out of the bar with tons of naked strippers and patrons running out with smoke and fire billowing out.

[22:55]<@Lyni> (Is something going on here)

[22:55]<Zachary> Uh guy? I accidentally the bar.

[22:56]<Alistair> (Yeah yeah Shiny)

[22:56]*Zacharymakes the call me sign to a blonde stripper running away from him.

[22:56]<Alistair> Sorry, it's been so long since that time, and so much has happened... wait what.

[22:56]<Clarence> Of course he'd find a way...and here I thought I wouldn't have to degrade myself to seeing such...exposed people today...

[22:56]<@Lyni> (Can I join maybe?)

[22:56]<Zachary> /me points to the strip club on fire.

[22:56]<Zachary> I blew up the bar again.

[22:56]* Alistairturns around, suddenly infuriated.

[22:56]<Alistair> (Go for it! :D)

[22:57]<Alistair> For fuck's sake, Zachary!

[22:57]<Zachary> What?! It wasn't my fault!

[22:57]<Zachary> I got randy!

[22:57]<Clarence> It's most definitely your fault in that case...

[22:57]<Alistair> ...That is exactly your fault, you fool of a hothead! Now stand back before I accidentally deprive you of oxygen!

[22:57]*Lyniswoops down on her cloud, wrinkling her nose from the smell if ashes as she douses the place with water

[22:58]<Zachary> Ha! Jokes on you because I can survive for a couple minutes without oxygen!

[22:58]* Alistairprepares to fill the bar with a stream of sand, before hearing the familiar magical sound of a cloud and seeing Lyni's rainfall dowse out the lewd club's flame.

[22:58]<Clarence> Oh and of course I'd have the "pleasure" of seeing this one again too...

[22:58]<@Lyni> Seriously, what is wrong with you and burning everything you can?

[22:59]<Alistair> ...He got too exited with a stripper.

[22:59]<@Lyni> ... I don't think I want to know.

[22:59]<Zachary> She had a fat ass and nice tits.

[22:59]<Clarence> Forward as always

[22:59]<Zachary> I couldn't help myself.

[22:59]<Alistair> -That's all I want to hear!

[22:59]<@Lyni> And hello to you too, Mr. Museum Person~

[22:59]<@Lyni> Ugh

[22:59]<Alistair> It's good to see you, Lyni! I'm guessing you remember Clarence, right?

[23:00]<Clarence> Though she hardly sees any reason to use my real name...

[23:00]<@Lyni> Of course~ we had a nice run-in with each other ages back

[23:00]<~Atma> (Yo ya buncha scrubs)

[23:00]<Clarence> Helps that we both got thrust into that madness with Zachary recently as well...

[23:00]<Alistair> (woah shit!)

[23:00]<@Lyni> (Hai Karu-nii)

[23:01]*Zacharysits down on a park bench and takes out his flask. He drinks heavily from it and belches loudly.

[23:01]<Zachary> Yeah well, fuck you too princess .

[23:01]*Lynirolls her eyes at Zacky

[23:01]<Clarence> At least show some remorse for your property damage!

[23:01]<Alistair> Come on, Zahchary. What's bugging you, man?

[23:02]<Zachary> Hm... I could.

[23:02]<Zachary> Or I could get wasted and go fight crime.

[23:02]<@Lyni> Yeah, sorry about that Museum person, but it was too tempting at the time~

[23:02]<Zachary> I like my option better.

[23:02]<Clarence> I wasn't referring to /your/ acts of destruction this time, miss...

[23:03]<@Lyni> Oh. Well, still sorry~

[23:03]<Clarence> ...but thanks for that reminder of course...

[23:03]<Alistair> Seems like I've missed some things during my time of peace...

[23:03]<@Lyni> Also, does fighting crime include hitting on girls?

[23:03]<Zachary> Why?

[23:03]<Clarence> You could really learn a thing or two from the other young lady I know with such powers...honestly...

[23:03]<Zachary> Are you a lesbian now, Lyni?

[23:04]<@Lyni> No, I'm asexual.

[23:04]<Zachary> Well ain't that the tits.

[23:04]<Alistair> Zachary... you still haven't addressed my question, man. I know you're normally pretty rambunctious, but this isn't you.

[23:05]* Alistairwalks over, a concerned look in his face behind his normal neutral expression

[23:05]<Alistair> What's the issue?

[23:05]<Zachary> Nothing man.

[23:05]<Zachary> I'm fine.

[23:06]<@Lyni> You mean he doesn't usually go around burning buildings down?

[23:06]* Alistaircontinues to stare at him - his eyes said otherwise. A private affair, he was guessing.

[23:06]<Alistair> Normally the most he does is kicks down my door!

[23:06]* Alistairlaughs a little, shaking off his concerns

[23:07]<Zachary> I want to go fight a Barsark a

[23:07]<Zachary> Barsark.*

[23:07]<Clarence> Well if you say so, perhaps I should see myself out of here...before I get caught up in more of his dribble...

[23:07]<@Lyni> See ya then, Museum Person~

[23:07]*Clarenceattempts to walk away, but suddenly, the girl from before appears again and blocks his path, sternly pointing back to the party behind him. Knowing there was no changing her mind, he sighs and turns back to the others

[23:08]<@Lyni> (Can Lyni see her? Or sense her in any other way?)

[23:08]<Clarence> Against my better judgement it appears I have to remain with you lot for a bit longer...

[23:09]<Clarence> (Well she's perfectly visible)

[23:09]<Zachary> You make it sound like I'm horrible company.

[23:09]<Alistair> Zachary, you're anything but horrible company... it's just -

[23:09]*Lyniglances at the girl in confusion, and looks at Clarence

[23:09]<@Lyni> Who was that?

[23:09]*Zacharydrinks from his flask again and burps loudly at the girl like a primal roar .

[23:10]* Alistairmakes an over the top gesture towards the burnt down club, raising his eyebrows.

[23:10]<Clarence> She's hardly of any concern to you. Don't mind her

[23:10]<Zachary> Is she your main squeeze?

[23:10]<@Lyni> My senses say otherwise.

[23:11]*Lyniamplifies her temperature detection, trying to figure out what she is to be able to appear like that

[23:11]*Clarencelifts up his arm, his artifact in hand. The girl disappears in another neon red light that leaps onto the device, causing it to glow for a moment before he puts it back in his pocket

[23:11]<Clarence> Like I said, not your concern

[23:11]<@Lyni> Spirit.

[23:12]<Clarence> Very perceptive of you I guess. She is indeed a nymph of sorts...

[23:12]* Alistairgoes to begin apologising to the members of the club, saying he will pay for the damages.

[23:13]*Lynitwitches but nods, keeping the knowledge for later before smiling brightly as usual

[23:13]<@Lyni> I hope I can speak to her sometime~!

[23:14]<Clarence> Trust me, she's interacted with you plenty already...you just didn't see her personally in the process

[23:14]<@Lyni> I said speak~

[23:14]*Zacharybegins to toss a fire ball in the air randomly, catching it and throwing it .

[23:14]<@Lyni> Is Fireman bored~?

[23:14]<Zachary> Fireman is bored and drunk.

[23:15]<Zachary> Strip for me, Lyni.

[23:15]<Zachary> I command thee.

[23:15]<@Lyni> Fuck off~

[23:15]<Clarence> Truly you lot are the best of friends...

[23:15]*Zacharymakes a sad face and throws the fireball at Lyni.

[23:15]<@Lyni> Do you like little girls or something? Pervert.

[23:15]* Alistairblueshifts in front of Lyni

[23:15]<Zachary> Who said Lyni was my friend?

[23:15]<Zachary> You're 18.

[23:15]*Lynileaps away neatly and shoots an icicle back

[23:16]* Alistairgrasps the ball of flames with his artificial rock arm, scowling at Zachary.

[23:16]<Clarence> Sarcasm is indeed something you are not too adept at detecting, is it, Zachary?

[23:16]<Alistair> I really, really hope that was a joke.

[23:16]<@Lyni> And that makes my body perfectly fine for you to oggle?

[23:16]*Zacharyis impaled by the icicle. He looks down and takes a drink from his flask and ignores it.

[23:16]<@Lyni> Do you ever view women as anything other than objects of sexual desire?

[23:16]<Zachary> I do.

[23:17]<Zachary> She was perfect.

[23:17]<Clarence> It's truly a shame when your acts are so lewd that I actually feel sympathetic for the deviant of a girl here...

[23:17]<Alistair> ...

[23:17]*Zacharyrips the icicle out of his chest and it heals rapidly.

[23:17]* Alistairbegins to calm, noticing that Lyni has hit the nail on the head.

[23:17]<@Lyni> But why does that make it okay for you to fucking ask me to strip?

[23:17]<Zachary> I miss her so much.

[23:18]*Zacharyhas a single tear roll down his face.

[23:18]* Alistairmurmurs to Lyni and Clarence "It's always a charade. Just listen to him."

[23:18]<Alistair> ...Zachary, what's happened?

[23:18]<Clarence> So it is trouble with a lady...He has a terrible coping mechanism

[23:18]*Lynithrows up her hands, really ticked off at this point but calms down when Alistair speaks to her

[23:18]<Zachary> My wife's dead, Alistair.

[23:19]<Alistair> ...

[23:19]<Alistair> My goodness.

[23:19]<@Lyni> .. you, um, had a wife?

[23:19]<Alistair> I knew something was off.

[23:20]<Clarence> ...This is rather surprising...none of my records ever mentioned a spouse of his...

[23:20]<Zachary> Yes, I had a wife. I know how to treat a women , y'know.

[23:20]<Alistair> Only some people knew about it.

[23:20]<@Lyni> The way you- I mean, when did she pass away?

[23:21]<Clarence> Obviously none of my sources...a shame all the same. Unsavory behavior aside, I am sorry for your loss...

[23:21]<Zachary> (Since this rp is taking place after the Juriel Legacy chat rp you guys wouldn't know. Juriel killed her.)

[23:21]<Zachary> (But we can amend that)

[23:21]<Zachary> She died of cancer recently.

[23:22]* Alistairbows his head, and takes in a deep breath.

[23:22]<Alistair> I'm sorry, Zachary. Very, very sorry.

[23:22]*Zacharysits back against the tree and looks off into the distance. A distant look on his face showed it all .

[23:22]<@Lyni> I- um, wow. I'm so sorry about that... and sorry for acting like a jerk to you today.

[23:22]<Alistair> Is there anything I can do for you, brother?

[23:23]<Zachary> No.

[23:23]<Zachary> I just want to kill.

[23:23]<Zachary> But what's that going to solve?

[23:23]==Atma[chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net] has quit [Imploded: Night, rest well.]

[23:23]<Zachary> She was the best of me.

[23:24]<Clarence> ...In my experience that would merely stack your troubles all the higher, sir...

[23:24]<Zachary> She was my moon, I was her sun.

[23:24]<Zachary> In all honesty, there really isn't anyone around who can stand up to me in a fight.

[23:24]<Zachary> So I can get away with murder.

[23:25]<Clarence> What you can get away with and what you should do are hardly one and the same

[23:25]<Zachary> True.

[23:25]*Zacharyholds his head in his hands and sighs deeply.

[23:25]<Zachary> I miss her.

[23:25]* Alistairgoes from staring blank, overcome with shock and grief and not knowing what to say and then suddenly goes to a confident glare.

[23:25]<@Lyni> .... I know that feeling

[23:25]<Zachary> It's only been three weeks but each day that goes by is like a dagger in my heart.

[23:26]*Lynicautiously approaches Zacky and offers a hug?

[23:26]*Zacharyaccepts the hug and let's a single tear roll down his face.

[23:26]<Alistair> Zachary, what you said about that fight... you were wrong.

[23:27]<Zachary> Alistair, I'm the heir to the Sol Vir style of swordsmanship.

[23:27]<Zachary> The Sol Invictus.

[23:27]<Zachary> The unconquered sun.

[23:28]<Alistair> But what happens when the The Unconquered Sun meets an Unmovable Mountain?

[23:28]* Alistairdraws out Foresharn, and slams it into the ground in front of him, maintaining the stance of the Redora Knights.

[23:28]<Alistair> You said I can't do anything for you, but I know there is one thing I can do.

[23:28]*Zacharylet's go of Lyni and stands up.

[23:28]<Clarence> I suppose we should allow you two to...carry this out then

[23:29]<Alistair> Zachary, you and me. Let's fight.

[23:29]*Lynistaggers away and blinks in surprise

[23:29]<Alistair> We haven't crossed blades in /years/.

[23:30]<Alistair> I have lead an army into the reaches of the cosmos and came out victorious, and I achieved it with my will, and my blade.

[23:30]*Zacharybegins to Pulse. The air begins to disorientate and warp, reality begins to churn and begins to be torn asunder but not from the familiar rage that Zachary was famous for but from love and despair and sadness. It affects everyone in Redora on an large scale.

[23:30]<Alistair> Let me show you that will... and reignite your heart.

[23:31]* Alistaircontinues to stand upright, his formidable resource of Genesis Energy rippling through his body from the surge of emotions.

[23:31]*Lynileaps away from the two a safe distance away

[23:31]<Clarence> Oh dear...I really should have reconsidered my walking path this evening

[23:32]<Alistair> Lyni, Clarence... you may stay if you want. But this may become very hectic.

[23:32]<@Lyni> Alrighty.

[23:32]<Alistair> Come out onto the plains, Zachary.

[23:33]<Clarence> My...associate...has insisted that I don't distance myself too far...I can only hope she knows the present danger more than I do...

[23:33]<@Lyni> *whispers to Clarence* Can I speak with her?

[23:33]<Alistair> Very well then.

[23:33]<Alistair> Let us go.

[23:33]<Alistair> -Redora's Plains-

[23:33]<Clarence> *sigh*...if you truly insist, I guess there's no reason not to, if she wishes

[23:34]*Zacharysits against a tree, holding Gunnlogi at his side.

[23:34]<Zachary> This is a waste of time, Alistair .

[23:34]* Alistairstares towards Zachary, Foresharn standing firm in the ground next to Alistair's hand.

[23:35]<@Lyni> Sorry, it's just... been so long since I've met one, especially one attached to an object.

[23:35]<Alistair> What makes you say that?

[23:35]<Zachary> Because I have no energy to fight you.

[23:35]<Zachary> I already know who will win.

[23:35]<Zachary> And it's not me .

[23:36]<Alistair> ...You stood up to fight me, Zachary.

[23:36]<Zachary> I also pulsed half the town unconscious .

[23:36]<Alistair> That enough gives me the assurance that you will be a worthy opponent, as you have always been.

[23:36]<Zachary> Pulsed*

[23:36]*Zacharystands up and starts to walk away.

[23:37]<Zachary> Cya Alistair.

[23:37]<Alistair> ...ZACHARY IRA!

[23:37]<@Lyni> (Brb driving home)

[23:37]<Alistair> (alrighty :D)

[23:38]<Alistair> ARE YOU AFRAID OF DEFEAT?

[23:38]*Zacharystops walking.


[23:38]<Zachary> I'm afraid of losing control.

[23:38]<Alistair> I'm not here to have a casual spar!

[23:39]<Zachary> I'm afraid that I'm going to lose who I am because I don't have Eleanor.

[23:39]<Alistair> I am well aware of the consequences of what may happen during this fight.

[23:39]<Alistair> But you have been by my side for years!

[23:40]<Alistair> Now that I can stand on my own, I want to help you forward.

[23:40]<Zachary> You do realize what you're asking me, you're asking me to bAttle my best friend to the death.

[23:40]<Clarence> (Alright, guess I'll hold onto my next post until she comes back then)

[23:40]<Alistair> ...I am very well aware of this.

[23:41]<Alistair> (fucking shit is going down)

[23:41]*Zacharyturns to Alistair, a look of seriousness is on his face.

[23:41]<Zachary> I'm not going to make my children orphans.

[23:42]<Alistair> Zachary, I'm not going to kill you, and you're not going to kill me.

[23:42]<Alistair> But to keep quiet and burn is the greatest burden we can bear upon ourselves.

[23:43]*Zacharyunsheathes Gunnlogi and spins it around his body at high speeds.

[23:43]<Zachary> (We should skip the fighting and end with a cliffhanger)

[23:43]<Alistair> (Really? D:)

[23:43]<Alistair> (We haven't done this in ages)

[23:44]<Zachary> (I'm on my iPhone which has shitty keyboard action)

[23:44]==Lyni[ShinyEevee@h-53BD3A21.mycingular.net] has quit [Imploded: See y'all sometime!]

[23:44]<Alistair> (I'm okay with you taking your time)

[23:44]==Shinyhas changed nick toLyni

[23:44]<@Lyni> (back)

[23:44]<Zachary> (Are you sure)

[23:44]<Alistair> (heya)

[23:44]<Alistair> (Perfectly fine)

[23:44]*Clarencetakes out the artifact once again and lightly taps the center of it twice. The object glows again as the girl re-materializes beside him. She has long blonde hair with a crimson highlight running down one side and a long dress that appears to shift from red to white and vice versa. She looks over to Lyni with a blank, if not somewhat stern expression through her bright orange eyes.

[23:45]*Zacharylunges forward and swings Gunnlogi around erratically, testing the waters of Alistairs new and improved sword play.

[23:45]<Alistair> (so appropriate you doon't even knoooow)

[23:45]<@Lyni> Um, heya~ I'm Lyni, a frien- er, acquantaince of Clarence's. Nice to meet ya!

[23:46]* Alistairreadies Foresharn in blinding speeds, deftly redirecting the unpredictable swings out of harms way, before holding the tip of Gunnlogi on the flat of the sealed Foresharn.

[23:47]<Zachary> You've gotten better.

[23:47]<Zachary> You used to panic whenever I did that maneuver.

[23:47]<Alistair> That's right.

[23:47]<Clarence> Pyralis: I already know who you are, my dear. Just because I'm more often than not concealed within my confines doesn't mean I can't see what my wielder sees. All the same I suppose it is a pleasure to meet you in person.

(The conversation between Pyralis and Lyni moved into a query to not interrupt the awesome fight that didn’t actually happen - you can see the conversation above!)

[23:48]<Alistair> But now...

[23:48]*Zacharysmiles and sheaths Gunnlogi.

[23:48]<Alistair> ...!

[23:48]<Zachary> The battle has been decided.

[23:48]<Zachary> So you remember the first battle we had when I broke your first sword?

[23:49]* Alistairdrops his guard, laughing casually.

[23:49]<Alistair> I do. The Titanium Edge...

[23:49]*Zacharykneels down and presents Gunnlogi.

[23:49]<Zachary> Do whatever you like.

[23:49]<Alistair> ...Zachary, I -

[23:49]<Zachary> You win.

[23:49]* Alistairgoes to protest, but suddenly becomes calm, and nods.

[23:50]* Alistairtakes Gunnlogi, and puts it carefully with Foresharn in his holster, before holding out his hand towards Zachary.

[23:50]<Zachary> ( if I had a computer it would be a different story)

[23:50]<Alistair> You fought well as every, Zachary.

[23:50]*Zacharytakes his hand and stands up.

[23:51]* Alistairopens his arms and gives Zachary a hella tight hug

[23:51]<Alistair> I'm always here for you, Zachary. Remember that.

[23:52]*Zacharyjumps in surprise and accepts the hug .

[23:52]<Alistair> For everything you've done for me, it's the least I can do back.

[23:53]<Zachary> You don't have to do anything for me.

[23:53]<Zachary> You don't owe me anything

[23:55]* Alistairsmiles, sighing.

[23:55]<Alistair> I guess this is it, then?

[23:56]<Zachary> It's time for me to find an heir.

[23:57]<Alistair> (Are Pyralis and Lyni gonna carry on talking? :0 It's pretty rad)

[23:57]* Alistaircomes out of the hug smiling wryly.

[23:57]<Alistair> Woow, just hearing that makes me feel nostalgic!

[23:58]<Alistair> You'll have to bring them over so I can give them a few tips here and there too!

[23:58]<Zachary> I'd need my sword back thoughZ

[23:58]<Zachary> .*

[23:59]* Alistairpauses for a second, and then bursts into laughter. Alistair had done it, the hothead was most definitely back to his old self!

[23:59]<Clarence> (Oh, we're still talking, but we decided to query the conversation for now so we don't interrupt this)

[23:59]* Alistairquickly pulled Gunnlogi out of his holster, and threw it back to Zachary, beaming

[23:59]<Zachary> (I like sad Zachary.)

[00:00]<Zachary> (It's a nice touch)

[00:00]*Zacharycatches Gunnlogi and straps it back to his waist.

[00:01]<Alistair> Come back when you do find someone, yeah? I'd love to catch up.

[00:01]<Zachary> I Will.

[00:01]<Zachary> /me takes out his teleportation rosary beads and teleports away silently.

[00:02]*Zacharytakes out his teleportation rosary beads and teleports away silently*

[00:02]==Zacharyhas changed nick toCaptain_Geronimo

[00:02]* Alistairturns away, and decides to head back home.

[00:02]*Captain_Geronimoskips along the scene and sees Alistair.

[00:02]<Captain_Geronimo> Hey buddy!

[00:03]<Alistair> Oh, Geronimo! Hey!

[00:03]<Captain_Geronimo> Wanna go to a titty bar!?

[00:03]<Alistair> ...about that...

[00:03]<Captain_Geronimo> Yeeeeees?

[00:04]<Captain_Geronimo> (Shiny guess who's here?)

[00:04]<Alistair> A certain Zachary Ira burnt down the club in town!

[00:05]*Captain_Geronimodrops to his knees, he holds his hands to the sky and screams; "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

[00:05]<Captain_Geronimo> -the end-


Magearna before it was cool
A rainy day in a quaint park is the setting for the latest meetup between friends new and old. Quarreling between two particular hotheads features prominently, as well as early plans for a future event of particular notability, all leading up to the most important issue of all...what're we gonna eat?! It's all here in...
[00:34] * Scott is wandering the park, a light, but relentless drizzle has pervaded his entire first visit to this place, but it is overall a nice change of pace.

[00:34] <@Helen> (park it is XDD)

[00:34] <Scott> (it's the dang park again)

[00:35] <@Helen> (we can branch from there anyways

[00:35] <@Helen> *)

[00:35] * Noah is sitting on a bench, enjoying the weather.

[00:36] * Clarence groaned at the falling rain keeping him from continuing his reading, merely sitting on another bench and impatiently waiting this shower out so he can get back to his latest story

[00:37] <Clarence> This just had to happen on one of my strolls...should've stayed indoors this time I see

[00:37] * Helen wanders around the strange place, a yellow-and-green umbrella in her hands. She sways at the edge of the park, wary of all the people in the area

[00:37] * Nerezza Dellanotte was a woman who looked to be in her mid-twenties, with pale skin and light blue eyes looking about at her surroundings. She liked the rain, but to keep up appearances she still had her black umbrella popped up. She had decided to wear a modest light blue summer dress today, feeling that her more extravagant one might be a little too showy. A small silver and black diamond pin was clipped over her heart.

[00:38] <@Noah> Do you not like the rain?

[00:38] <Clarence> I'm afraid that ever since my recent...affiliation with fire, my relationship with rain has become rather...poor

[00:38] <@Helen> (oh yeah Helen is 5'8 and has light pink hair held in a ponytail that drapes over her left shoulder, and is wearing a monochrome private school-esque uniform.)

[00:39] <@Noah> Oh... We don't get rain a lot where I'm from, so it's always nice.

[00:39] <Nerezza> (Nerezza also has long black hair)

[00:40] <Clarence> I'm sure it'd be far more appealing for someone who doesn't experience it often, yes...

[00:40] <@Noah> (Everyone here knows what Noah looks like, right? I've forgotten...)

[00:40] <@Helen> (cute furry ferret)

[00:40] <Clarence> (Pretty much how I recall, yes)

[00:40] <@Helen> (who is tall)

[00:41] <@Noah> (5'9ish?)

[00:41] <@Helen> (taller than me so I'll call that tall)

[00:41] <Clarence> I'd hate to pry, but, seeing as we're suddenly in a conversation of sorts, I must say I haven't encountered too many of your particular appearance in my side of the streets. Do you come from quite a distance away?

[00:42] <@Noah> Um... Kind of, yes.

[00:42] * Helen 's ears prick up at the suggestion someone might not be from around here, her light blue eyes flickering to the odd duo at the bench

[00:43] <Clarence> Fascinating...but then again I suppose we all do when it comes to this particular location...I hardly remember how I turn up here myself

[00:43] * Nerezza takes a cursory glance at the park. "Seems nice enough," she muttered aloud, her tone lilted with a slightly Italian accent. "It will need some decorating of course... we'll likely need to contact the local government about renting the space for a day..."

[00:43] <@Noah> I come through a portal. Did you notice anything odd when you come here?

[00:44] <Clarence> I suppose I get a bit too distracted by my literature to sense a change in my surroundings...Perhaps next time I take a walk I'll keep my eyes open and see just what I run into, hmm?

[00:44] * Noah nods.

[00:45] <@Helen> I've seen portals around here...

[00:46] * Clarence comes to realize that a few others have also made their way into this park, with one particularly interested in their current conversation.

[00:46] * Helen finally brings up the courage to approach the duo, though still stands a good distance away, just enough for them to be able to hear her without speaking too loudly over the rain

[00:47] <Clarence> That must be how most find their way here I suppose. Did your arrival involve such a device, miss?

[00:47] <Scott> ...Well this is more people than I was expecting to frequent this park.

[00:47] * Nerezza idly flicks here eyes over at the mention of 'portals'. There was one to here from Terrater of course, but apparently other worlds were also connected to this place. She had been told as much by Dwayna, but it was still an intriguing fact. She still stayed a distance away, looking around at the place a bit more by wandering around on foot.

[00:49] * Noah blinks, looking around. Where did all these people come from all of a sudden?

[00:52] <@Helen> I dont remember

[00:52] <@Helen> (sorry dad next to me)

[00:52] * Scott notes the young woman keeping away from the group, but for now continues to observe.

[00:53] <Clarence> Hmm...bizarre...and curious. I may just have to take a quick tour around here and see if there's anything worth bringing back with me as an exhibit

[00:54] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has quit [Client exited]

[00:54] <@Noah> Where I'm from, only really important people get little portal devices. Most people have to use this big machine.

[00:56] * Nerezza felt a bit of a chill run down her spine, like she was being watched. /It may just be my wary, old self talking,/ she thought, but still took a bit of a glance around just in case. It seemed that she wasn't imagining things, a young male had seemed to take an interest in her. She pulled a small smile over her face, making sure it didn't show any teeth as she waggled her fingers in a small wave

[00:56] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has joined #CharmsRP

[00:58] <@Noah> I don't know how it works, though. You have to be trained for your entire life to know how to make and maintain those things.

[00:59] * Scott leans against a tree and closes one eye, not winking, seemingly just for the sake of closing it, and continues to watch the group through the other.

[00:59] <@Helen> (sorry I had to afk a bit)

[00:59] <Clarence> Seems almost a waste of time if it takes that long...admittedly I know nothing about the craft myself, but I'd think such a duration could be put to better use

[01:01] * Helen quietly takes a seat on a nearby bench, eyeing the other two curiously

[01:01] <@Helen> Otherworlders?

[01:01] * Noah shrugs.

[01:01] * Zachary falls from the tree Scott's leaning on and lands with a thud.

[01:01] <Clarence> Is that what they call us? I suppose we might just be...yes

[01:01] <Zachary> Man, gravity is my nemesis.

[01:01] <@Noah> Does that make me an Alien?

[01:02] * Scott eyes the fallen fireman.

[01:02] <Scott> Have we met?

[01:02] * Clarence eyes the crash and groans once more...he just couldn't leave him alone, could he?

[01:02] <@Helen> ... I don't know, I heard a kid call me that yesterday at 11:03 in the morning by the bookstore

[01:02] * Nerezza , not knowing a lot about the area or it's cutoms, decided to take a bit of a chance. With confidence in her stride, she seemed to glide gracefully over to the male in question with her steps, her posture implying that she had perhaps an air of nobility. "Excuse me," she said, as she was a bit closer. "I'm not from this area of town. Might you know who to talk to about setting up a wedding in this area?"

[01:02] * Zachary stands up and brushes himself off. He adjusts his scarf and says, "Nope."

[01:02] <Clarence> Oh dear, that...ruffian made his way here as well...

[01:03] * Noah looks towards the source of the noise, seeing the only person he's recognized so far.

[01:03] <Scott> You look familiar.

[01:03] * Helen follows everyone's gaze as well

[01:03] * Zachary cocks an ear to Clarence and flips him the bird. "I heard that, punk."

[01:03] * Noah waves a Zachary.

[01:03] <Clarence> Classy as always, Zachary...

[01:03] <Scott> Also, I can't say I know who you might be looking for.

[01:03] * Zachary waves to the familiar Noah.

[01:03] <@Noah> (at*)

[01:04] <Scott> Presumably whoever owns the park.

[01:04] <@Helen> Government?

[01:04] <Clarence> Is there even a set government in this world?

[01:04] <Zachary> It's all about the shenanigans, baby.

[01:04] <Scott> More like a landlord.

[01:04] <Clarence> It doesn't appear very...anarchistic as far as I'm aware

[01:05] <@Helen> I thought parks were usually government sanctioned.

[01:05] <Zachary> Who cares, I'm wondering why we're all standing in the rain.

[01:06] <Clarence> Well some of us are in fact, sitting in the rain...but I see your point. Does there really have to be a reason for everything though?

[01:06] <@Noah> I like the rain...

[01:06] <Scott> It's not like it's raining hard.

[01:06] <Nerezza> Then perhaps someone would so kind as to show me the way to a government building, or at least to someone who would know? (she seemed unfazed by someone suddenly dropping in, as if the concept was normal)

[01:06] <@Helen> ... my friend thought it would be funny to have it drizzle.

[01:07] <Clarence> ...This friend of yours...do they happen to be a short girl with a particular affinity for ice and...general chaos?

[01:07] <Zachary> That sounds like Lyni.

[01:07] <Zachary> Are you talking about Lyni?

[01:07] <Zachary> I like her, she's spunky.

[01:07] <@Helen> (:D)

[01:07] <Zachary> She impaled me once.

[01:07] <@Helen> Lyni, yeah

[01:07] <Clarence> Hah, spunky indeed...far too much in my opinion

[01:08] <@Noah> Lyni seems nice...

[01:08] <@Helen> H-how do you all know her?

[01:08] <Zachary> Oh stop it Clarence, we all know you got the hawts for her.

[01:08] <Scott> Now her I've heard of.

[01:08] * Zachary mimes a kissy face.

[01:08] <Clarence> Says the gentleman who constantly tries to make advances on her...and every other female for that matter?

[01:08] * Helen glances back and forth between everyone, confused

[01:08] <@Noah> Very first thing she did when we met was hug me...

[01:09] <@Helen> I mean, not friend, we just met and she's letting me stay at her place?

[01:09] <Clarence> Besides, she is too young for me...it would be unsettling to have such a relationship even if either of us were interested

[01:09] <Zachary> Clarence is into milfs, haha.

[01:09] <Scott> Isn't she like almost 20?

[01:10] <@Helen> ... I thought she wasn't even a teenager.

[01:10] <Clarence> 20 is still just a bit too young for my...particular range

[01:10] <@Noah> I think she was older than me?

[01:10] * Helen quietly curses to herself at these revelations but quickly goes back to her calm demeanor

[01:10] <Zachary> I believe I'm the oldest here.

[01:10] * Nerezza shakes her head, only perhaps having heard the name in passing from her servant, Elizabeth, who had visited this world before she did. However, she suddenly felt suffocated as she was surrounded by living beings. She was all too aware of their heartbeats, and though she had taken her medicine, it was still a bit of a predicament to stand so close to them...

[01:11] <Clarence> You hardly display such maturity, even if that's the case, Zachary...

[01:11] <Zachary> Fuck you, I'm mature.

[01:11] <Zachary> Like one time.

[01:11] <@Helen> (Nerezza will realize that Helen does not have a heartbeat)

[01:11] <Clarence> I respectfully disagree

[01:11] <Scott> A decidedly immature response, fireman.

[01:11] <Zachary> I got the wrong order at this restaurant.

[01:11] <Scott> I do recall you now.

[01:11] <Zachary> And I only destroyed half of it.

[01:11] <Zachary> So there, I'm not immature.

[01:12] <@Helen> ... very

[01:12] <Scott> Though we haven't actually met in person.

[01:12] <@Noah> Uh...

[01:12] <Clarence> I hope you're referring to him as fireman and not me...

[01:12] <Nerezza> If no-one knows, perhaps there is a map somewhere?

[01:12] <@Helen> Yes, map.

[01:12] <Zachary> I'm 32, I can do whatever I please.

[01:13] <Clarence> 35, my dear boy...

[01:13] * Helen takes out a pencil from a pocket and quickly draws one in ground from memory

[01:13] * Zachary exhales a jet of flames at Clarence.

[01:13] * Nerezza being somewhat overwhelmed, takes a step in the direction of the one person who might be a little bit like herself, the girl without a heartbeat.

[01:13] * Clarence merely holds his hand out and absorbs the flame

[01:13] <@Helen> This is the park, I know there's a fountain here and a nice cafe here. There's a stadium, but it looks like it's in wreckage...

[01:14] * Zachary summons up a keg and reaches into his satchel, pulling out a tap.

[01:14] <Zachary> Let's party.

[01:14] <Scott> Partly our friend here's work.

[01:14] <@Helen> I think that's where the government was, but I haven't heard anything about anyone running since... since I can remember

[01:14] <Scott> Let's not.

[01:14] <Clarence> It's a park, Zachary...this is not the time or place

[01:14] * Zachary taps the keg and starts pouring beer out.

[01:14] <Zachary> Oh c'mon, who's going to stop us?

[01:14] <Nerezza> Then I guess I will have to find out who currently holds the rights to the park.

[01:15] <Clarence> Dear lord, you're less a man and more a...profane beast of sorts...

[01:15] <Zachary> Hey, don't talk about Noah like that.

[01:15] <Zachary> He's a cool guy.

[01:15] * Noah frowns.

[01:15] <Clarence> This Noah is far more acceptable company than yourself...

[01:16] <Zachary> Well someone's not invited to my birthday party.

[01:16] <Clarence> Oh, what a shame...

[01:16] * Nerezza seems to pull out a metallic device that takes a picture of the drawn map.

[01:16] <@Helen> I'm sorry, I don't know who owns the park, though it's very likely it's just a public park and anyone can use it for their use?

[01:17] * Zachary starts to pour beer into cups and hands one to Scott.

[01:17] <Zachary> Have one, bro.

[01:17] <Nerezza> I see. Then holding a wedding here would not be frowned upon?

[01:17] * Helen shrugs

[01:17] <Scott> Hold your horses, no one asked you to start a party.

[01:17] <Clarence> A wedding you say? A fascinating prospect in itself. I wonder if your customs are similar to my world's...

[01:18] <@Helen> From what I can remember, no, nobody would stop you.

[01:18] <@Helen> Or rather, have the right to stop you.

[01:18] * Zachary shrugs and dispels the keg.

[01:18] <Zachary> Party pooper.

[01:18] <Nerezza> that will be sufficient information then. My thanks, miss...?

[01:19] <@Helen> ... Helen?

[01:19] * Helen tilts her head, not quite sure

[01:19] <@Helen> That's what I told Lyni, anyways.

[01:19] <Clarence> You aren't completely sure of your own nomenclature?

[01:19] <Nerezza> Also I'm told it will be held to... what she would say are 'human customs'.

[01:20] <@Helen> I-I'm sorry, I don't... quite remember for sure. It was the first name that popped up in my head when I first arrived.

[01:20] <Nerezza> Nerezza. A pleasure then, Helen.

[01:20] <Zachary> Lay off of her, sergeant dickgrimer.

[01:20] <Clarence> I don't even get that one...

[01:20] * Nerezza seems to bow her head a little out of reflex, then remembers something and holds out a hand.

[01:21] <@Helen> (you have interesting nicknames)

[01:21] <Scott> So what're you anyway, a wedding planner?

[01:21] <Zachary> (It amuses me to no end that Clarence and Zachary never get along)

[01:21] <Clarence> (I mean, they are almost polar opposites in most ways |D)

[01:21] <Zachary> (It brings me sadistic joy)

[01:21] * Helen blinks and holds out a hand in turn, not quite understanding why she was doing so as she instinctively grabbed the other and shook it lightly

[01:21] <Nerezza> I am a good friend of the bride, who wishes to have her wedding here. Something about it being the realm, where their friends are?

[01:21] <@Helen> (they both also use fire)

[01:22] <Nerezza> (her hand feels a bit cold to the touch)

[01:22] <@Helen> (Helen wouldn't know the difference)

[01:23] <@Helen> (she's a spirit stuck in a human body who can't remember who she is, and thus isn't quite sure what being human is. She thinks she's human, anyways.)

[01:23] <Nerezza> (I'm a vmapire :3)

[01:23] <@Noah> (Oh, I don't know if anyone here can tell such a thing, but Noah's got two souls.)

[01:23] <Nerezza> (*vampire)

[01:23] <@Helen> (that was a lot simpler of an explination than what Helen was XD)

[01:24] <Nerezza> Miss Dwayna DragonFire, if any are familiar with the name.

[01:24] <@Helen> (*explanation)

[01:24] * Zachary raises his hand up high

[01:24] <Scott> I know the name.

[01:24] <Zachary> I know her!

[01:24] <Scott> Not met her yet though.

[01:24] <@Noah> I... Think I remember that name? She didn't seem to like the fact that I had an owner...

[01:24] <@Helen> I... saw it on an old poster ten days ago, I believe

[01:24] <Clarence> I must say, Madam Pyra will likely wish to examine this event more than I will...and I'm afraid I've never heard of such a name before

[01:24] <Nerezza> (an old poster?)

[01:25] <Zachary> Big surprise there, Clarence.

[01:25] <@Helen> (tournament)

[01:25] <Nerezza> (riiight XD)

[01:25] <@Helen> (she was technically a part of it for a bit iirc)

[01:25] <Clarence> Do you have to quip every one of my statements?

[01:25] <Zachary> Yes, I do.

[01:25] <Zachary> Dickhead.

[01:25] <Nerezza> Yes, she said something about a tournament being held here in the past.

[01:25] <Clarence> Charming...

[01:26] <Zachary> Lovely.

[01:26] <Zachary> (I could do this for days)

[01:26] <Clarence> A term I wouldn't think you'd know the proper definition of

[01:26] <@Noah> Guys, don't fight...

[01:26] <@Helen> (I would like to see just an RP of the fire boys having a huge argument over something small)

[01:26] <Scott> I think Talon won that.

[01:26] <@Noah> Oh, you know Talon?

[01:26] <Scott> He was more concerned about the big fight that broke out.

[01:26] <Zachary> (I've always waited for my Newmen-esqe rival to appear)

[01:26] <@Helen> I tried asking Lyni about it, but she refused to talk about it.

[01:27] <Scott> He's practically my brother.

[01:27] <Zachary> I wish I could have fought in the tournament.

[01:27] <Scott> My shithead younger brother but you get what I mean.

[01:27] <@Helen> Um, aren't tournaments about fighting though?

[01:27] <Zachary> It would've have a different outcome.

[01:27] <Nerezza> I've only heard that name in passing, so I'm afraid I cannot provide any insight as to how the girl might be feeling.

[01:27] <@Helen> Why would a big fight make him concerned?

[01:27] <@Noah> Did Talon ever tell you about Luminen?

[01:27] <Clarence> So you've had many a spar in this region...It would've been nice to take part in such a thing. I tend to train quite a bit on my own, and I hardly get to match my strength with others

[01:28] <@Helen> (save for Lyni)

[01:28] <Scott> Luminen?

[01:28] <@Helen> (that was fun)

[01:28] <Scott> That was a long time ago.

[01:28] <@Noah> Is... That a no...?

[01:28] <@Noah> We met there a few times...

[01:29] <Scott> I never visited it myself.

[01:29] <Zachary> I'm getting hungry.

[01:30] * Nerezza turns a head towards Noah. "As for your... being owned, I believe the term was? On Terrater, the servants we have are always paid."

[01:30] * Zachary walks over to Clarence

[01:30] <Clarence> Heh...now that I think about it...the last time I've put my powers to good use was when I attempted to assist that pathetic soul over there...

[01:30] <Zachary> Gimme your wallet.

[01:30] <@Noah> Paid?

[01:30] <Clarence> I'm afraid my currency will do you no good here

[01:30] <Nerezza> Given money for their services?

[01:31] <Zachary> I don't care, gimme your wallet or I will give you the biggest titty twister of your life.

[01:31] <Scott> Don't give him your wallet.

[01:31] <@Helen> (oh gosh)

[01:31] <@Noah> People do that?

[01:31] <Zachary> (It's close, I can feel it, the mugging of a lifetime)

[01:32] <Clarence> I do believe you can...how you'd say...'fuck off', my dear boy?

[01:32] <Nerezza> Indeed they do. I have one such servant, whom I pay to clean my house."

[01:33] <@Noah> Oh, I don't do that sort of stuff. My old Mistress used to make me, but my Master doesn't.

[01:33] <@Helen> please don't fight...

[01:33] <Zachary> My dear ol' chap, I know an alchemy spell that will transmute your currency into the equivalent of gold.

[01:33] <Clarence> Gold you'd keep for yourself I should think...

[01:33] <Zachary> So if you want to tuck your dick back between your legs and I can go get food and coffee for everyone, I'd like it if you would help out.

[01:34] <Nerezza> If you're not being paid for it... then I can only assume that you are not what some would call a 'servant', per say.

[01:34] <Clarence> It's of no matter to me...I hardly carry much with me anyways. Here, take it, if it means you'll shut up for a few minutes

[01:34] <Scott> Are you mugging someone right now? Like in front of people?

[01:34] * Clarence pulls out his wallet, quickly pulling everything of actual value to him, sans cash, out before handing it over

[01:34] <Zachary> Wouldn't be the first time.

[01:35] * Zachary takes the money and hands the wallet back to Clarence.

[01:35] <Zachary> Now watch this.

[01:35] <Nerezza> If we're worried about gold, I have quite a bit and would be happy to take us all to a lovely restaurant of our choice. Provided we all behave ourselves.

[01:36] * Zachary causes the money to float in the air, he claps his hands together, releasing a golden wave of light that transmutes the cash into thousands of gold pieces.

[01:36] * Helen bends back over to her map and begins marking all the restaurants in the city with a small star

[01:36] <Clarence> My dear lady, I'm afraid you cannot stop a...mentally unstable individual like him, no matter what the offer

[01:36] <Nerezza> (She's a countess and gold is basically worthless on Terrater ;D)

[01:36] <Clarence> (He doesn't know this though...Mike does, but Clarence, not so much |D)

[01:37] <@Helen> There's good place with food trucks half a mile from here, if you guys like that

[01:37] <Zachary> /me stops what he's doing and lowers his hands to his sides. The area begins to swelter with heat. He turns slowly to Clarence with a demonic and murderous look on his face.

[01:37] <@Noah> ... What's a food truck?

[01:37] <@Helen> Um... trucks... that serve food?

[01:37] <Zachary> (Fuck, I hate that)

[01:37] <@Helen> There's like, a circle of them?

[01:37] * Noah blinks. "They do that here?"

[01:37] * Nerezza clutches her previously unseen small black purse, which she opens to pull out a small pouch filled with gold coins

[01:37] <Zachary> What... What did you say to me?

[01:38] <Nerezza> I'm told these are worth... what was that saying... a pretty penny?

[01:38] <Clarence> Oh, suffering from a bit of early dementia there, my good man? I'm afraid I rarely repeat myself

[01:38] <@Helen> (if you guys end up fighting I'm having Lyni pull a big damn heroes moment and pushin you two away from each other)

[01:38] <@Helen> (*shot*)

[01:38] <@Noah> Guys...

[01:39] <@Noah> Can we... Talk about this...?

[01:39] <@Helen> Should... we keep them apart?

[01:39] <@Noah> I don't know if we can...

[01:39] <Zachary> (Is it a part or apart?)

[01:39] <@Helen> (I am a part of the family)

[01:40] <@Helen> (I'm keeping you two apart)

[01:40] <Zachary> (Gotcha)

[01:40] <Clarence> I've tried talking. He's not a very good listener...I'm afraid if this gets out of hand, I'll have to step aside...for the sake of the rest of this party

[01:40] * Scott takes a step forward and summons a truly enormous sword from nothing, cleaving the air between Clarence and Zachary and holding it there.

[01:40] <Scott> I think that's just about enough, really.

[01:40] * Nerezza recoils from the heat a little bit, a slight grimace pulled over her face

[01:40] * Helen blinks but calmly steps away from the sword that suddenly appeared

[01:40] <Clarence> You'll just provoke him with something like that, sir...

[01:40] <Scott> Now are we going to have a problem or can I put this away?

[01:41] * Noah stands up from his bench, backing away a bit.

[01:41] * Zachary lifts the sword out the way and gets into Clarence's face.

[01:41] <Zachary> Say it to my face, Clarence.

[01:41] * Clarence doesn't bat an eye..."I'm afraid I don't know which statement you wish me to repeat..."

[01:41] <Zachary> I'm a lot of things but there's one thing I will not tolerate.

[01:42] <@Noah> Guys...

[01:42] <Zachary> And that's my sanity. After all that I've done in the name of peace, the one thing I'm lucky enough to have is that.

[01:42] <Clarence> Well if it makes you feel any better, Zachary, I'll say I'm sorry and we can refrain from burning this little park to the ground. Is that alright with you?

[01:43] <Zachary> So unless you want me to carve that smile onto your face, you will not question it again.

[01:43] <@Helen> (this interaction amuses me too much)

[01:43] <Clarence> *sigh*...yes, your threat is noted. Now, can we drop this?

[01:44] <Zachary> (It's fun in a way, I can only hope RMA is having as much fun as I am)

[01:44] <Clarence> (I'd be lying if I said I didn't find it rather amusing, yes)

[01:45] <Nerezza> (it also means shit is going to go down a little bit for my character >>)

[01:45] * Noah slowly approaches the stand off. "You guys... Won't... Fight... Right?"

[01:45] * Zachary pulls out a flask and takes a long drink out of it. He walks away from Clarence as the heat does down.

[01:45] <Zachary> No, we won't.

[01:45] * Noah breathes a sigh of relief.

[01:46] * Scott dispells Sword-Shatter without a word.

[01:46] * Helen relaxes a bit as well

[01:46] <Clarence> No, I believe that'll be for another day. I'm afraid we appear to get at each other's throats more often than not whenever we encounter one another...I apologize for the inconvenience

[01:47] <@Helen> (random question but does Clarence's museum exist in this world or is it on his home world?)

[01:48] * Clarence stands up from his seat, brushing at his trenchcoat and straightening his golfer hat before looking over to the others again

[01:48] * Nerezza breathes a sigh of relief as the heat finally goes down. She took a few deep breaths, suddenly feeling very tired... the heartbeats around her thudding a bit harder in her ears. /No, this wasn't supposed to happen so soon/ she thought, mortified by just how much heat affected her 'diseased' body. For all appearances, she merely looked frightened by the display.

[01:48] <Clarence> (It's back in his home world)

[01:49] <Clarence> (Now, whether that home world is also the one that Alistair and Zachary frequent or not I'm not certain yet...)

[01:49] <@Helen> Nerezza, Clarence, Zachary...

[01:49] <@Helen> I don't think I know the others' names.

[01:49] <Zachary> (I remember when Zachary burnt down a strip club and Clarence was all like "no class yet again, Ira." It was probably one of our favorite squabbles.

[01:49] <Zachary> +)

[01:50] <Clarence> (Indeed, a golden moment, that was |D)

[01:50] <@Helen> (this is my new otp)

[01:50] <@Helen> (I will write endless fanfiction about Zachlarence)

[01:50] <@Noah> Oh! I'm, uh... Noah.

[01:50] <Clarence> (You have far too many inappropriate otps...)

[01:51] <@Helen> (Zachlarence so canon)

[01:51] <Zachary> (Can Zachary be the tsundere?)

[01:51] <Scott> (hmmm, I need a new ancient sounding Englishman name since Alistair isn't available anymore)

[01:51] * Nerezza turns her head towards Helen, deciding to focus more on her in an attempt to block the sound of blood pumping from her ears.

[01:51] <Scott> My name is Scott.

[01:51] <@Helen> (sure)

[01:51] <Zachary> (B-Baka Clarence)

[01:51] <Clarence> My goodness...all this time and I've forgotten my own introduction in the face of so many new encounters. Clarence Atwell. Pleasure to meet you all

[01:51] <Scott> Chief Machinist for Team Talon, as he likes to call it.

[01:51] <@Helen> (I-it's not like I like you or anything >///<)

[01:51] <Scott> Also, only Machinist.

[01:52] <Clarence> (You people...<<)

[01:52] <Zachary> (Admit it, RMA, you want Zachlarence to happen)

[01:52] <Scott> Also also, the best Machinist you're likely to find our side of the planet but that's neither here nor there.

[01:52] <@Helen> (Clarence will top this relationship because I like the idea of uke Zack)

[01:52] <@Helen> (oh no this idea is running away from me)

[01:52] <Nerezza> Nerezza Dellanotte.

[01:52] <Zachary> (Oh Clarence, hold me in your muscular arms as I swoon)

[01:53] <@Helen> And, um, I guess I'm Helen... Brighten?

[01:53] <Nerezza> (what is the shipping name of Dwayna/Michael?)

[01:53] <@Helen> That sounds right.

[01:53] <Clarence> (Goddammit <<)

[01:53] <Zachary> (Dragonking)

[01:54] <@Helen> (I like that)

[01:54] <Nerezza> (nice)

[01:54] <@Helen> (or Dwaynichael but that sounds like Popsicle)

[01:54] <Clarence> (Let's stick with the one that doesn't |D)

[01:55] <Nerezza> (insert innapropriate flirtatious remark)

[01:55] * Scott || somewhere far away, a vampire on his throne smiles to himself as he detects an old enemy and a being like him. This has no bearing on the events of the current RP just thought you should know.

[01:55] <@Helen> (darn Arma quit getting all the guys AND girls!)

[01:55] <Scott> (It's mostly your own fault)

[01:55] * Zachary sits against the tree he fell out of and takes a drink out of his flask.

[01:55] <Clarence> (I'm just a goddamn stud. What can I say? XD)

[01:55] <Nerezza> I... are we going for dinner?

[01:56] <Zachary> (I-its not like he's attractive or anything... >///>)

[01:56] <@Helen> ... Food trucks? Or flashier?

[01:56] <Nerezza> I find myself a bit... famished.

[01:56] <Clarence> (Hah, that's another lie entirely <<)

[01:56] <Zachary> I need meat

[01:56] <Clarence> I suppose I could do with some nourishment...

[01:56] <@Helen> Um... nearest buffet is seven miles?

[01:57] <Nerezza> ... something a bit closer, preferably.

[01:57] * Helen looks at map and traces her finger through the streets, trying to find the fastest route

[01:57] <@Noah> Oh, I shouldn't impose...

[01:57] <Clarence> I've heard a few things about a cafe with a crossdressing robot in this region...though ironically that's the only news I've ever heard about this location...

[01:58] <@Helen> (guys help me out please don't make me do all the worldbuilding for this city off the top of my head)

[01:59] <Nerezza> Preferably... somewhere quiet?

[01:59] <Zachary> (Nobody help her, she needs to learn how to survive in the wild)

[01:59] <Zachary> (How to hunt horkers by the bay and learn to listen to the howls of the wolves at night for tracking)

[01:59] <Clarence> (She does have high survival skills...after all, she knows how to cook horsemeat and such |D)

[01:59] <@Helen> ... Thai-ish restaurant quarter mile to the northnorthwest...

[02:00] <Zachary> I like Thai food.

[02:00] <Zachary> Whatever that is.

[02:00] <Nerezza> (Nerezza is a world class cook XD)

[02:00] <@Helen> I haven't had any? It smells funny though.

[02:00] <Clarence> How can you like it if you've never...ugh, never mind...

[02:01] <Nerezza> I'd invite you to my own restaurant, but it';s back on Terrater. You'd need magic to go there.

[02:01] <@Helen> What do you guys like then?

[02:01] <@Helen> Meat. That's all I know from Zachary.

[02:01] <Zachary> I want to eat somewhere that'll piss off Clarence.

[02:01] <Clarence> I'm very much an omnivore, so good luck with that

[02:01] <@Noah> I'm okay...

[02:01] <Zachary> So I say we go to Chucky Cheeses.

[02:02] <Nerezza> I'm not... particularly picky.

[02:02] <Nerezza> (says the vampire)

[02:02] <Clarence> What on earth is a Chucky Cheese...why do I even bother to ask...

[02:02] <Zachary> (I figure that would piss him off greatly dealing with rambunctious kids)

[02:02] <Nerezza> But I tend towards Italian food... it is originally where I'm from.

[02:03] <Zachary> I like Italian food.

[02:03] <Zachary> Whatever that is.

[02:03] <@Helen> ... I, um

[02:03] <@Helen> Pizza?

[02:03] <Clarence> Italian is quite an appetizing variety. I'd have no issue with that

[02:03] <Nerezza> Lots of pasta... and pizza.

[02:03] <@Helen> (LET'S HAVE A PIZZA PARTY)

[02:04] <@Helen> (POKECHARMS STYLE)

[02:04] <Nerezza> Cheese and wine are a major part of the cuisine as well

[02:04] <Clarence> (We have a severe lack of Katie...|D)

[02:04] * Helen marks all the places with pizza with a heart

[02:04] <@Helen> take your pick

[02:04] <@Helen> (just make up numbers and a direction I dunno)

[02:06] <Nerezza> (gods what am I going to do XD I technically need blood here)

[02:06] <Zachary> Let's go guys, I'm getting my man period and I'm getting cranky.

[02:06] <@Helen> (:/)

[02:07] <Nerezza> Sure. I'll catch up.. I just want to make sure in my mind that this is the place for the wedding.

[02:07] <Scott> (there's definitely not a bunch of captured people in vampire guy's basement with extra tasty blood)

[02:07] * Zachary starts to walk down the street to the pizza shop

[02:08] <Nerezza> (shoosh)

[02:08] * Helen warily watches from afar and follows Zachary from afar

[02:09] <@Helen> (too many afars)

[02:09] <@Helen> (I'm tired)

[02:09] * Clarence sighs again and shakes his head, but follows after Zachary all the same, considering how he lacks any funds for himself now...

[02:09] * Noah slowly follows.

[02:09] * Scott seems to notice something and wanders in the opposite direction from the others.

[02:09] <Nerezza> (ah shit XD)

[02:10] ==Scott [Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net] has quit [Imploded: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de]

[02:10] <@Helen> We took too long and Scott got bored...

[02:10] <Zachary> (We lost Tailon and now we gonna lose me :/)

[02:10] <Zachary> Holy shit!

[02:11] <@Tailon> (He actually went to investigate vampire guy)

[02:11] <Zachary> It's Manbearpig!

[02:11] <Clarence> ...Pardon?

[02:11] * Zachary chases after the mythical monster, leaving everyone in confusion.

[02:11] <@Helen> (... Tai please don't tell me this will be our new leader)

[02:11] <@Tailon> (haha no)

[02:11] <@Tailon> (he's hella evil)

[02:11] <@Helen> (GOOD)

[02:12] <Zachary> (Bed time)

[02:12] <@Helen> (night Zack)

[02:12] ==Zachary [Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com] has quit [Imploded: Leaving]

[02:12] * Nerezza walks out of sight, towards a nearby pond. She makes sure no one is looking as she deftly catches a fish with her heightened reflexes. "Sorry, fishy," she mutters, before plunging her teeth in. Sated after draining it dry, she throws the remains of the fish onto the ground near a stray cat. She quickly makes sure she's not covered in blood with a cloth that she saves for just such an occasion, and fastwalks to follow the group.

[02:13] * Helen notes how people are leaving and glances at the two remaining companions in confusions

[02:13] <Clarence> Well, there he goes...I don't think anyone's going to miss him

[02:13] <@Helen> You two... really get along.

[02:13] <@Noah> You guys really shouldn't fight like that...

[02:14] <Clarence> Yes, yes...I should know better than to egg him on, but I'm afraid he knows how to easily get on my nerves...

[02:14] <@Noah> You were going to set the whole place on fire...

[02:15] <@Helen> Both of you...

[02:15] <Nerezza> Sorry about the wait... I believe I find the location satisfactory. We can clean up the singed grass later.

[02:15] <Clarence> That was strictly his doing. Pyra wouldn't allow such destruction from me

[02:15] <@Helen> You've mentioned Pyra before. Who's Pyra?

[02:16] <Nerezza> (visibly looking better, even her face seems a tad flushed)

[02:16] <@Helen> Nerezza, you look... different.

[02:16] <Clarence> The source of my powers. I believe the more universal term for her kind is a nymph...a fire nymph to be specific

[02:16] <@Helen> Nymph...

[02:17] <Nerezza> Ah... I also did a bit of a touch up to my make-up.

[02:17] * Helen seems to have her mind wander off for a bit before shaking her head, not quite sure what she was trying to think of

[02:17] <Nerezza> (well-practiced lie)

[02:17] <Clarence> She's been imprisoned in this artifact that I have currently connected to my hand here...apparently for a very long time. Until she figures out a method of escape, she's chosen to assist me

[02:18] <@Helen> Oh, okay. You have a spot of lipstick on your chin I think

[02:18] <@Noah> Oh? I found a crystal with someone in it once!

[02:18] * Noah seems to realize what he just said and clams up.

[02:19] * Clarence looks over to Nerezza and blinks at this supposed lipstick spot...not exactly certain that was indeed such a thing...but his attention quickly turns to Noah at his statement

[02:19] <@Helen> imprisoned... someone in it...

[02:19] * Nerezza idly wipes it away with the cloth. "Whoops. Must've accidentally brushed it against my face."

[02:19] <@Helen> Ah, here's the pizza!

[02:19] <Clarence> You don't say? I suppose it's not as rare an occurrence as I figured...do you know who it was?

[02:20] <@Noah> No...

[02:21] * Helen walks into the restaurant, though the previous conversation is obviously on her mind about beings trapped in objects

[02:22] * Nerezza breathes a sigh of relief, the living beings heartbeats now an idle, un-annoying buzz as she follows the others into the pizza restaurant

[02:23] * Noah enters after the ladies, pointedly not looking at Clarence.

[02:23] <@Helen> Table for four

[02:23] * Clarence raises an eyebrow at this, but otherwise shrugs and follows after the others inside

[02:25] * Helen follows after a waiter, who directs them to a table by the windows and hands out menus. "Anything to drink, sirs and misses?"

[02:25] <Nerezza> Do you have any wine?

[02:26] <@Helen> Waiter: Any in particular you prefer? We have a large variety.

[02:26] <Nerezza> Red, please.

[02:26] <Clarence> Water will suffice for me, madam...warm water if you please

[02:26] <@Noah> Um... Milk?

[02:28] * Helen nods at the waiter for lemonade. The waiter scribbles everything down on a tablet and bows out, giving the group time to make a decision.

[02:29] <Clarence> Now, let's see what they have to offer here...

[02:29] <@Helen> Do you guys like breadsticks?

[02:30] <@Noah> What are those?

[02:30] <Clarence> Ah, yes, a classic appetizer

[02:30] ==Noah [MrBirke@h-D5620674.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has quit [Connection reset by peer]

[02:30] <@Helen> (whelp)

[02:30] ==Noah [MrBirke@h-D5620674.dhcp.embarqhsd.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[02:31] <@Helen> (do you need anything reposted for you?)

[02:31] ==Noah has changed nick to Rex

[02:31] == mode/#CharmsRP [+o Rex] by ChanServ

[02:31] ==Rex has changed nick to Noah

[02:31] <@Helen> They're thin sticks of bread that have things like... garlic powder and cheese on them, usually? They're really good.

[02:31] <@Noah> (Noah asked what Breaksticks were, and then I DC'd)

[02:31] <@Helen> ([01:30] <Clarence> Ah, yes, a classic appetizer)

[02:32] <@Helen> (that's all you missed)

[02:32] <Clarence> (Truly important to the plot XD)

[02:32] <@Noah> I guess I can try them if you guys want them?

[02:32] <Nerezza> I think I would like to try their lasagna. As For breadsticks, I am perfectly fine with them. Do you think we could have a cheese dip with them?

[02:32] <Clarence> Alfredo sauce? My favorite in particular actually...

[02:33] <@Helen> Alfredo sounds good. I usually have mine with marinara, though I can try Alfredo.

[02:33] <Clarence> On that note I may just stick with a simple fettuccine dish myself

[02:33] * Helen immediately flips to the pasta section of the menu

[02:34] <Nerezza> Alfredo sauce is one of my favourites.

[02:34] <Nerezza> (canadian spelling in the house :p)

[02:34] <Clarence> Convenient that we seem to share a number of tastes

[02:34] <@Helen> (flirting with another of Dway's characters I see)

[02:34] <@Noah> I just... Need something with meat on it.

[02:34] <@Helen> (Cheating on Zacky I see)

[02:35] <@Helen> (I mean what)

[02:35] <Nerezza> (pffff)

[02:35] <Clarence> (JUST A STATEMENT! DX)

[02:35] <@Noah> (I should bring my werewolf to meet some of these vampires sometime. =p)

[02:35] <@Helen> (and I'm just teasing ;D)

[02:35] <Clarence> (That's the same sort of misunderstanding that threw Mike and Dway together |D)

[02:35] <@Helen> marinara and meatballs~

[02:36] <@Helen> (;D)

[02:36] <@Helen> (it's okay I won't allow anything to get in the way of my new otp)

[02:36] <Clarence> (I'm sure you're quite proud of this one...)

[02:37] <Nerezza> Is is? Sometimes people just like the same things.

[02:37] <Nerezza> (is it)

[02:37] <Clarence> Yes...hence the convenience

[02:37] <Nerezza> (also somewhat unfazed Nerezza.)

[02:38] <Nerezza> It's just food. nothing to get worked up over.

[02:39] <Nerezza> (brb)

[02:39] <Clarence> Oh of course, that wasn't my intention, believe me. I simply like to make little observations like that occasionally.

[02:41] * Helen || The waiter comes back with their drinks, and looks around. "Is everyone ready for their order?"

[02:41] <@Helen> (also I really need to sleep soon because tests oops)

[02:42] <Nerezza> (back. we'll finish up soon)

[02:42] <Nerezza> Ah, I see. Charming.

[02:43] * Nerezza 's expression is neutral as she says this before flicking her attention to the waiter

[02:43] <Nerezza> I'll have the lasagna, please.

[02:44] <@Noah> Uh... Small pizza with... Sausage?

[02:45] <Clarence> Fettuccine Alfredo for me, if you please

[02:45] * Nerezza swirls the wine around and smells it, like someone seasoned with cooking would, before taking a small sip, the flavor pleasurable. If there was one thing she was grateful for keeping of her humanity, it was her tastebuds.

[02:46] * Helen || "The pasta with marinara and meatballs, and also a side order of breadsticks and alfredo dip," she says to finish off the order. The waiter disappears again after taking their orders, only to reappear with everything ready. Because fantasy stuff can be magical like that.

[02:47] <Clarence> Heh, if only ever restaurant had superb service like this

[02:47] <Clarence> *every

[02:48] * Nerezza seems to keep that comment in her thoughts for restaurant ideas of her own, slowly eating the lasagna in a very practiced and delicate manner, taking small bites and having a few sips of wine in between.

[02:49] * Noah is any thing but delicate with his pizza.

[02:49] * Helen glances at her watch and realizes the time. She calmly takes her plate and walks up to the waiter, asking for a to-go box for it. When the pasta's finally been moved to its new home, she waves at the group and leaves without a word.

[02:50] <@Helen> (terrible leaving excuse I'm sorry good night)

[02:50] ==Helen has changed nick to Shiny|AFK

[02:50] <Nerezza> (g'night Lyn)

[02:50] <Clarence> ('night Shiny)

[02:50] <@Noah> (See you.)

[02:51] * Clarence takes cautious measures to eat his dish with as much dignity as possible, placing a hand underneath the plate to reheat it every so often

[02:52] <Clarence> The longer I've had this little ability, the more it seems to have affected me in my daily life...everything just has to be heated if possible

[02:53] * Nerezza doewsn;t seem to mind either way if Noah is eating his meal messily or not. She seems to cringe slightly at the feeling of the heat.

[02:53] <Nerezza> I rather like to keep things cold... Fire isn't one of my favourite things.

[02:54] <Clarence> Oh, I apologize if I'm making you uncomfortable, miss...I'm sure I can manage just fine as is

[02:55] <Nerezza> it's quite alright. I just... have a condition that makes me very sensitive to heat, is all.

[02:55] <@Noah> Condition?

[02:55] <Clarence> So I see...Allow me to at least apologize again for that spectacle back in the park then...I'm sure that didn't do this condition of yours any wonders...

[02:57] <Nerezza> I did feel quite fatigued. That's why I took a few minutes to freshen up. I'll just have to try and stay away from you and that Zacky character if you get into a fight again.

[02:58] <Clarence> Trust me when I say I'm not going to seek him out any time soon...

[02:59] <Nerezza> He does seem to be the type to stay away from.

[02:59] <@Noah> He seemed so nice when I met him the first time...

[03:00] <Clarence> Perhaps it's just people like me that set him off...

[03:01] <Nerezza> he seemed to be quick to anger regardless.

[03:02] <Nerezza> Nevertheless, it is good to know that we have a place to hold the wedding. I'll need to have it prepared for the occasion.

[03:04] <Clarence> Should you need help with that, I'll see what I can do to assist. I tend to have little to nothing to do when I close up my museum in the evenings, and weekends for that matter. Provided I figure out how I turned up here, I should be able to provide my services

[03:06] <Nerezza> I would be happy to accept any assistance you have to offer, Clarence. I will be coming here with some people in the next few weeks to set it all up. We're planning to have it sometime next month, I believe.

[03:07] <Nerezza> Would we like to have some dessert, or are we good to go?

[03:08] <@Noah> I'm okay, thank you.

[03:08] <Clarence> I'll be sure to keep that in mind then...Ah, well, I suppose I'd be better off without, yes...Most desserts would melt before they reached my mouth anyways...

[03:10] * Nerezza nods in understanding, calling the waiter over for the bill. She pulls out enough gold coins to cover her end of the bill (assuming Helen already paid) and places a couple more on as a tip.

[03:10] <@Noah> Oh... I don't... Have any money?

[03:10] <@Noah> I'm sorry...

[03:11] <Clarence> Zachary might have snagged my cash, but...well...oh, right, credit cards from other dimensions probably don't work here...

[03:12] <Nerezza> It's quite alright. It will be my treat today then.

[03:12] <@Noah> Thank you.

[03:12] <Clarence> Very generous of you. Thanks indeed

[03:14] * Nerezza pulls out the rest of the gold needed for the entire bill. "It is no problem. Consider it a gift, in good faith for our new friendship."

[03:15] <Nerezza> (and that's my cue to switch computers xD)

[03:16] <Nerezza> (brb)

[03:18] ==Nerezza [ce7446f5@h-13571FEF.bchsia.telus.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 127 seconds]

[03:19] ==Dwayna [Dwayna@h-13571FEF.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #CharmsRP

[03:19] ==Dwayna has changed nick to Nerezza

[03:19] <Nerezza> (did I miss anything)

[03:19] <Clarence> (Nope)

[03:19] <@Noah> (Nope.)

[03:20] <Nerezza> (alright then. I just paid for our meal :3)

[03:21] * Clarence gently presses a napkin to his mouth before getting up straightening out his coat once more

[03:21] <Clarence> Friendship indeed...It's rare one meets such a unique bunch. Shame so many had to leave early though

[03:22] * Nerezza rises from her sitting place, thoroughly satisified.

[03:22] <Nerezza> I'm sure we will have other times like this, especially if I'm going to be coming here more often for the next little while.

[03:23] * Noah nods.

[03:26] * Nerezza gracefully takes the lead as they move to leave. "I hope to see you at the wedding, at least. I'm sure Dwayna and Michael would be alright with you coming"

[03:27] <@Noah> I shouldn't impose...

[03:27] <Clarence> I'm more and more curious as to who these two are, so I'd be more than happy to be allowed to witness this event and potentially meet them in person

[03:29] <Nerezza> I'll see about getting you invitations, then. As I said, I'm a good friend of hers, and I'm sure once I mention that you're friends of mine she'll be very welcoming.

[03:30] <Clarence> You're indeed beyond gracious, Miss Dellanotte. Thanks once again

[03:31] <Nerezza> It was my pleasure, I assure you.

[03:33] <Nerezza> And Noah... if you would ever like to have paying work, I assure you that I am a very kind Mistress.

[03:33] <@Noah> Oh, no, I could never betray my Master.

[03:35] <Clarence> It's not my place to comment on this, but...you should be certain you're satisfied with how they're treating you first and foremost...

[03:35] <Nerezza> As you say. Still, you have the offer in case you change your mind.

[03:36] <@Noah> I owe my Master my life.

[03:38] <@Noah> Thank you for the offer, but I I'm very happy...

[03:39] * Nerezza bows her head graciously, moving to pop her umbrella again as she got outside the door. "I believe I shall take my leave then, gentlmen. Good day to you, hope we meet again sometime." She gracefully moves back in the direction of the park, lowly humming a small tune.

[03:40] <Clarence> That's what matters in the end I suppose...Now, I suppose I should look around for where that portal that sent me here is...I need to get back before tomorrow's shift after all. Take care of yourself, Noah

[03:40] * Noah heads off in the other direction, nodding goodbye as he goes.

The Brilliant Cast:
Tailon as Scott
Rex as Noah
Mr.RMA as Clarence
Shiny as Helen
Dwayna as Nerezza
Zachary as Zachary
Hey, there's sort of something I want to do. Hosted by me! It'd be one of those longer RPs, which is why I'm posting it. Does anyone remember the old show Wacky Races? I wanted to do something like that, but excitedly Charms RP based! Everyone would have their own vehicle, being it tiny clown car to cloud to large dragon or even themselves, and we would race around the multiple worlds that lie within our RP! I'd be your host, having lovingly planned out the course for racers, with a large exciting mystery grand prize!

I think it'd be fun anyway. Either someone would be eliminated each race or we continue it throughout until the end! THere'd be as many races as players, I think. And it'd be a change-up from the usual battle and discussion stuff!

...Well, it's still a battle, but it'd be a wacky racing battle! One would be encouraged to mess with other racers and all that. We could have conversation at pit stops, even!

It seems like something fun and amusing to me, lemme know what you think and if you'd be up for it, I guess!

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Gosh, that sounds like a really fun idea, Tan XD And exploring everyone's world sounds really awesome as well~ Only question would be how we determine who wins and stuff, but that's not important. Let's raaaaaaaaace >:D

Dwayna DragonFire

2014 Little Cup Champion


Formerly Karu
I should be able to attend this but may only have time to make a brief appearence due to birthday celebrations xD That or I will end up appearing late. Either way, awesome invitation!
I work that day, but I should be able to pop in a bit beforehand in the chat. It's absolutely awesome you're getting married! Celebrations are always fun. :D

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Whoaaaa so we had a lot of people show up at this wedding! Let's see who was there, huh?

Dwayna Dragonfire as Dwayna, Ethan, Merenwen, Aria, Rosemary, Sebastian, Nerezza, Elizabeth, and a bunch of other characters I most likely forgot.
Mr.RMA as Michael, Mr.RMA, and Steve, and probably other characters I forgot
Atma as Atma Ranza
Toru as Alistair, Elanor, and Toru202
Tailon as Talon Reid and Zoey
Zachary as Abel and Zachary
Rex as Ben
Kyubeon as Lyni, Helen, and Jasper
KoL as DSP

[15:48] * DarkSydePhil (kingofluca@96D38202.D5000F67.7BBA1B9C.IP) has joined #CharmsRP
[15:49] <DarkSydePhil> YEEEEEEEEES
[15:49] * Dwayna laughs forever
[15:49] <DarkSydePhil> The former pro fighting game player has arrived
[15:49] <@Tailon> is Shiny actually here?
[15:49] * Kai clears his throat then says the magical word.
[15:50] <Kai> Vocaloids with contacts.
[15:50] <Kai> . . .
[15:50] <Kai> I dont think so.
[15:50] <DarkSydePhil> I think this wedding is bugged
[15:50] <Alistair> I... I can't roleplay!
[15:50] <Dwayna> Pfff XD
[15:50] <Alistair> How do they expect me to do this!?
[15:50] <DarkSydePhil> I'm not even doing anything, but no-one's getting married
[15:50] <Alistair> This channel is broken
[15:50] <DarkSydePhil> Look, I'm not even pressing any buttons right now
[15:51] <@Tailon> I will kick the entire channel
[15:51] <DarkSydePhil> You can't kick me, I'm blocking right now
[15:51] * Dwayna is dying XD
[15:55] <DarkSydePhil> I'm just gonna go play Metal Gear Solid or something right now
[15:55] <DarkSydePhil> KOJIMA WORLD ORDER
[15:57] * DarkSydePhil belches
[15:57] * Dwayna is officially dad from laughter
[15:57] <Dwayna> *dead
[15:58] * MrRMA is now known as Michael
[15:58] * Shocari (Shocari@85F9C8F1.4E394415.8E48E8EE.IP) has joined #CharmsRP
[15:58] * Tailon is now known as Talon_Reid
[15:59] * @Shiny rushes in
[15:59] <@Shiny> am I late
[15:59] <Abel> You're a minute early
[15:59] <DarkSydePhil> No, the wedding's bugged
[15:59] <Dwayna> Nope we were just about to begin
[15:59] <DarkSydePhil> I'm pressing buttons and nothing's happening
[16:00] <@Talon_Reid> alright we're starting now so
[16:00] <@Shiny> XD
[16:00] * Shiny is now known as Lyni

[16:04] * Lyni changes topic to 'Welcome the #Pokecharms Chat RolePlay Centre! | Official Thread - http://chr.ms/ebi | Current Event: The Royal Wedding'
[16:04] * Dwayna had overlooked the operations in the days leading up to the wedding. The park was now properly decked out, the white archway decorated nicely with white and red roses. Two rows of chairs laid to either side of the archway, a fw people already seated on the right hand side, the members from Terrater that of course knew Dwayna. A woman with pink hair played the violin, setting the mood of the event. Dwayna was currently in her dressing room, the Countess Nerezza by her side.
[16:05] <DarkSydePhil> I can't be bothered to read all of that, I'm gonna keep playing
[16:06] <DarkSydePhil> I hereby announce you former pro fighting game players forever, yes
[16:06] <Abel> (Can you knock it off?)
[16:06] <@Talon_Reid> (alright if you're gonna keep being disruptive I'm going to have to kick you out, we've started now)
[16:07] <@Lyni> (Or at the very least, mute :x)
[16:07] <DarkSydePhil> Fine, I quit man, I'm going back to Street Fighter
[16:07] * DarkSydePhil (kingofluca@96D38202.D5000F67.7BBA1B9C.IP) Quit (Imploded: PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT)
[16:15] * Michael was off in his own dressing room, staring blankly at the mirror in front of him. He had gotten dressed in his suit a while ago, and now he could only look back at himself in disbelief. Was he really doing this? Well sure, he technically already did this a while back, but now it was the whole official thing...
[16:15] <Michael> *RMA merely watched him for a moment, dusting off his own suit and straightening it out a bit. They both had their respective roses pinned to their jackets.
[16:18] <Alistair> (when do you want us to start arriving?)
[16:19] <Dwayna> (Any time is fine)
[16:19] <Dwayna> (just sit on the left for Michael's side since Dwayna has brought people from Terrater)
[16:20] * @Lyni run into the park while holding onto Helen's hand, who looks somewhat annoyed and nervous at the whole ordeal. The half-nymph, however, is much too excited to even notice or care as she dashed about, bumping into people as she tried to find a seat. Jasper is already seated and waves at the girls, who situate themselves next to him.
[16:23] * Abel is sitting in the tree overlooking the wedding altar and chairs. He had messy brown hair with green eyes. He was wearing a brown furlined collar and cuff jacket with a white tshirt. He wore black pants with a chain on the side with brown boots. He is slowly eating an apple as he watched three people enter and sit in chairs.
[16:23] * Atma (chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net) has joined #CharmsRP
[16:23] * ChanServ sets mode: +qo Atma Atma
[16:24] <@Talon_Reid> (You're late, brother)
[16:24] * ~Atma is spat out by a portal discreetly at the back.
[16:24] <@Talon_Reid> (we're just arriving you don't have to do that)
[16:25] <Alistair> *A large Redoran airship descends around 300 feet away from where the matrimony would take place. A ramp extended out of a doorway, as the stern-faced Alistair Aurelio walked slowly out of the airship, wearing his more formal wear that he normally wore for meetings with the fellow knights. Behind him tumbled Toru202 and the robot's creator, Elanor. Elanor was garbed in a beautiful dark purple dress, whilst Toru was in an average suit, his light blue beanie making him distinguishable
[16:25] <~Atma> (Fair turn out.)
[16:25] * Atma is now known as Atma_Ranza
[16:26] <Dwayna> A man with glowing blue eyes and blonde hair walked up to stand in the middle, wearing a typical white priest robe. Ethan looked neutrally at the crowd that was now amassing, a book held under his left arm. "Welcome, and thank you for coming," he said, "We will be beginning shortly."
[16:27] <Alistair> I'm quite surprised that you just so happened to know these people too, Toru. How come you never seem to show up when I'm out and about?
[16:27] * ~Atma_Ranza offers a bow, adjusting more formal, fitted robes still baring the insignia of his academy and their classic red and black colours.
[16:28] <Alistair> Toru202: Eheheheh, that's a secret, Big Bro Al!
[16:28] <Alistair> Elanor: It's not, really, he's just trying to make himself look big and clever again...
[16:28] <Dwayna> A black-haired male with glowing red eyes knocked on the door to Michael's dressing room. Sebastian huffed his disdain that he was even included in this sort of thing, but nonetheless straightened his suit. His wife was the one who had set up the floral arrangements now sitting around the park, so he had to come.
[16:29] * @Talon_Reid arrives on foot, Zoey close behind. He wears a dark grey suit, while she wears a green dress nearly the exact color of her eyes. Both of their eyes are noticeably not bright with magic, and rather than the usual near glowing blue, Talon's eyes are mid-brown.
[16:29] <Alistair> Elanor: Anyways boys, shall we sit down?
[16:29] <Alistair> Indeed.
[16:29] <Alistair> Also, could you stop calling me your brother?
[16:29] <Alistair> Toru202: nooooope~
[16:30] * @Lyni sits up straighter when the man up front begins speaking and fluffs down her lilac dress. Helen next to her has a matching sky blue one which she looks uncomfortable in, while Jasper has a navy suit and dark green tie.
[16:30] <Michael> *RMA turned his attention to the door as the knocking sound reached his ears. Seeing as they were both currently decent, he decided to open the door.
[16:30] <Michael> RMA: Sir?
[16:30] * Abel finishes his apple, his stomach growls loudly. He noticed a familiar face, Alistair. He grins and throws the apple core at Alistair.
[16:32] <Dwayna> Sebastian: I'm here to retrieve the groom. The best man will be going out to the hallway to meet Meren. She's the blonde elven lady.
[16:32] <Alistair> *Toru202's face suddenly goes from curious as he looks at all of the familiar faces to completely blank as his defense program boots up. Toru spins backwards and catches the core with perfect reflexes.
[16:32] * ~Atma_Ranza gives one last pass over his outfit, smoothing out imaginary creases and leaning in to the bubble-wielder with a whisper. "Excuse me, Miss Lyni but may I take the free seat nearest?"
[16:32] <Alistair> Toru202: Al? Who is that over there?
[16:32] <@Lyni> Of course, Atma~!
[16:32] <~Atma_Ranza> My thanks..
[16:32] * Alistair leans around, catching a glimpse of his ally.
[16:32] <@Lyni> *Helen looks at Atma with a funny look but shrugs all the same
[16:33] <Alistair> Ah, hey there, Abel!
[16:33] * Alistair gives a firm grin and waves a hand.
[16:33] * ~Atma_Ranza eases past somewhat haphazardly and edges into the seat, his back giving a click or two as he eases himself straight.
[16:33] * Abel waves to Alistair as he gives a shit eating grin.
[16:33] <Michael> RMA: Oh, well then, if that's the case, I'll take my leave. Mike, you gonna be okay?
[16:34] * @Talon_Reid and Zoey take their seats a bit sliently, although Talon keeps making instinctive motions and facial expressions as if he were speaking.
[16:34] <Michael> Yeah don't sweat it, Arma. I don't expect to be sabotaged here
[16:34] <Alistair> Care to take a seat?
[16:34] <Michael> *RMA merely shrugged at this before tipping his hat towards them both before heading out
[16:35] * @Lyni spots Talon and Zoey and waves at them excitedly before doing the same to Alistair
[16:35] * Michael got up from his seat and steadily approached the new fellow. "So, uh, where're we headed?"
[16:35] <@Lyni> So many people~!
[16:35] <Abel> It'll be rude of me to sit down at a wedding that I wasn't invited to.
[16:35] <Abel> So I'll stay in the tree, Alistair.
[16:35] <Dwayna> Sebastian: Where else, 'Your Highness'? To the altar.
[16:35] * Alistair waves at Lyni, before sighing.
[16:36] <Alistair> Why on earth did you show up then?
[16:36] <Abel> I was actually here before they started to set up.
[16:36] * Abel shrugs
[16:36] <Alistair> Granted, I brought Foresharn with me, but there is no chance of any sort of excitement in the combat department.
[16:36] <Abel> I honesty thought it was a concert or something.
[16:37] <Alistair> Elanor: With all of the enthusiasm around, you could call it that!
[16:37] <Alistair> *Elanor extends a hand, smiling politely to Abel
[16:38] <Michael> Well, sorry, pal, I don't exactly do this very often. Let's get going then
[16:38] <Alistair> Elanor: I'm Elanor, creator of this little one down here.
[16:39] <Alistair> *Toru202 beams with glee, waving ecstatically as Abel before handing him his apple core back
[16:39] * Abel 's arm glows with a orange aura, it shoots out, the hand attached to a chain that extended to Elanor's hand. He shook it and the same orange aura reverted his arm back to normal.
[16:39] <Alistair> Toru202: You um... dropped this?
[16:39] <Abel> I don't need it, I'll just eat the core if I do.
[16:41] <Dwayna> Sebastian simply rolls his eyes and leads Michael to the altar to stand in front of Ethan. Meanwhile, Merenwen and Aria stood together in the hallway giggling to each other, as well as the blue-haired man named Alex. Meren was wearing a formal sort of dress that was white with silver designs, and Aria was wearing a form-fitting red dress with small slits at the bottom for both comfort and to reveal her legs. The
[16:41] <Dwayna> elven woman turned to the robot, simply raising an eyebrow.
[16:43] <Michael> *RMA gave a quick bow to the three as he approached. "Ladies, Sir, I'm assuming I'm in the right place?"
[16:44] <Dwayna> Merenwen: Indeed. I assume you are RMA? Your likeness to Michael is... impeccable.
[16:45] <Abel> So, Alistair.
[16:45] <Abel> Who's getting married?
[16:46] * ~Atma_Ranza halts as he realises Aria of all people is there, then shrugs it off and continues scribbling notes in a blood red journal.
[16:47] <@Lyni> Atma, you okay there~?
[16:47] <Michael> RMA: Yes, that was indeed the goal my master had in mind. Glad to hear affirmation of that
[16:47] <Alistair> Michael Tourniquet, the creator of the combat robot, ARMA - and Dwayna Dragonfire, the queen of Terrater.
[16:48] <~Atma_Ranza> A moment of apprehension, dear Lyni.
[16:48] <Abel> Hm, I never heard of those guys.
[16:48] <Dwayna> Merenwen: Very well. Take my arm, then, Mister RMA. We are to walk out together.
[16:48] <Abel> I'm new to the multiverse.
[16:48] <Abel> Despite my new duties.
[16:49] <@Lyni> Aighty then~
[16:49] <Dwayna> As if to follow suit, Aria takes Alex's arm, the man rolling his eyes a little bit at the formalities. The two woman seem to be wearing similar pendants, a black opal around Meren's neck and a white one around Aria's.
[16:49] <Michael> *RMA gives a simple nod at this. "As you say, madam," he says in near deadpan as he takes her arm
[16:50] <Alistair> New duties?
[16:50] <Abel> Well, I was chosen to become a Guardian of Balance.
[16:51] <Alistair> Oh... I see.
[16:51] <Abel> I'm the Guardian of my dimension.
[16:51] <Dwayna> Elizabeth changes up her violin music a little bit before the two pairs walk out. Merenwen and RMA walk out first together, separating to their respective sides, Aria and Alex following suit.
[16:51] <Alistair> Toru202: That sounds very cool!
[16:51] <Abel> Which means I can travel to different dimensions to explore and protect.
[16:52] * Abel falls silent as the music changes.
[16:52] <Alistair> Elanor: Alright, alright, we'll save the explanations for later!
[16:52] <@Lyni> *Jasper is obviously swaying to the music despite his best to look serious, making Helen have to punch him in the arm to make him stop
[16:53] * ~Atma_Ranza observes unblinkingly, his pencil halted as soon as the violin altered.
[16:53] * @Talon_Reid blinks erratically for a moment as the music starts and finally sits still properly.
[16:54] <Dwayna> As a final change, Elizabeth quickly launches into a rendition of 'Here comes the bride'. Nerezza, wearin a modest blue dress delicately holds the arm of Dwayna, who is wearing a traditional green and silver dress. A top her head was a crown made of silver, the middle section a diamond with an emerald opal. She peered up at Michael, a light blush on her cheeks as she gave a small smile.
[16:56] <Dwayna> (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v492/Dellanotte/QueenDwaynaColor_zpsee2c46f9.png)
[16:57] <Alistair> Toru202: Oh! How pretty~
[16:57] <Dwayna> (forgot about the bouquet of roses as well but y'know)
[16:59] * Michael blinks as he finds himself giving a blush of his own at Dwayna's radiance. She had already looked beautiful to him before, but now she somehow managed to look even more stunning. Whether that was just his reaction to the thrill of the moment or not, it didn't matter, he was unable to contain the massive grin on his face either way
[17:00] <@Lyni> ... they look really nice, don't they?
[17:01] * Dwayna quickly passed the small bouquet she was holding to Nerezza, who took it and stood nearest the bride on the side with the women. Dwayna then shifted herself to face Michael, looking at him with a smile before turning her attention to Ethan, who had cleared his throat just as the music stopped.
[17:02] <~Atma_Ranza> Indeed they do, this will live on in memory for some time.
[17:03] <@Lyni> *Helen looks over at what Atma's writing
[17:04] <Dwayna> Ethan: We are gathered in this place to witness the formal joining in the legal state of matrimony for this couple, according to the order and the custom prevailing, and under the authority given and provided by the Royal Court of Terrater. There is assumed to be a desire for a life-long companionship, and a generous sharing of the help and comfort that a couple ought to have from each other, through whatever
[17:04] <Dwayna> circumstances of sickness or health, joy or sorrow, prosperity or adversity, the lives of these parties may experience.
[17:04] * ~Atma_Ranza is taking note of anything and everything, a separate piece of paper written in shorthand as to be illegible to those unversed. It appears to be a social research project.
[17:06] <@Lyni> Helen: You know, if you need details or if you forget anything, you could just ask me.
[17:06] * @Lyni shooshes Helen
[17:06] <Dwayna> It is by its nature a state of giving rather than taking, of offering rather than receiving, for marriage requires the giving of one’s self to support the marriage and the home in which it may flourish. It is into this high and serious state that these two persons desire to unite. Therefore: I charge and require of you both in the presence of these witnesses, that if either of you know of any legal impediment to this marriage, you do now reveal
[17:06] * ~Atma_Ranza nods with a smile, not turning away to not miss a detail.
[17:08] <Dwayna> Ethan: Let Michael repeat after me: I solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Michael, may not be joined in matrimony to Dwayna.
[17:08] * Michael repeats those words exactly
[17:08] <Dwayna> (pff)
[17:08] <@Lyni> (XDDD)
[17:08] <Michael> (XP)
[17:08] <Dwayna> Ethan: Let Dwayna repeat after me: I solemnly declare that I do not know of any lawful impediment why I, Dwayna, may not be joined in matrimony to Michael.
[17:08] * @Lyni bites her lip slightly
[17:09] * Dwayna then repeats the words as well. (;D)
[17:09] <Dwayna> There having been no reason given why this couple may not be married, I ask you to give answer to the following questions.
[17:10] <Dwayna> Ethan: Do you, Michael, undertake to afford to Dwayna the love of your person, the comfort of your companionship, and the patience of your understanding; and to share equally of the necessities of life as they may be earned or enjoyed by you; to respect the dignity of their person, their own inalienable personal rights, and to recognize the right of counsel and consultation upon all matters relating to the present
[17:10] <Dwayna> or the future of the household established by this marriage?
[17:11] <Michael> Y-yeah- I mean I do!...Yeah, I do...
[17:12] * Dwayna giggles a little bit at this, Ethan simply turns his head and asks the same questions of Dwayna to Michael. She looks at him, with utmost honesty and love. "I do."
[17:14] <Dwayna> Let the couple join their right hands and let Michael repeat after me:
[17:14] <Dwayna> I call on those present to witness that I, Michael, take Dwayna to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, in whatever circumstance or experience life may hold for us. (and then would say the same to Dwayna again)
[17:14] <Alistair> *Toru202 grips his fists, shaking with exitement with a huge 'O-Face' as he looks upon the moment
[17:14] <@Talon_Reid> (gross)
[17:14] <Abel> (In my experience, a O-face doesn't mean excitement ;) )
[17:15] <~Atma_Ranza> (Indeed.)
[17:15] <@Lyni> (I'm so confused)
[17:15] <Alistair> ('http://rocketdock.com/images/screenshots/O-Face_egoraptor-256x256.png')
[17:15] <~Atma_Ranza> (Hush, dear sister xD Let it slide past you..)
[17:15] * Michael nods and repeats the words
[17:15] * ~Atma_Ranza places a hand over his mouth, leaning forward in anticipation.
[17:16] * Abel stomach growls rather loudly, he makes a weird face as he keeps silent in the tree.
[17:16] * Dwayna repeats her version of the words. Edward, wearing a white suit, his black hair now short and cut a bit away from his visor. He manages to keep it a purple neutral as he holds out a pillow with two, simple silver bands.
[17:17] * @Lyni excuses herself to use the restroom
[17:17] * ~Atma_Ranza grabs her arm.
[17:17] <~Atma_Ranza> Shh, almost...
[17:18] <Dwayna> Ethan: In as much as you have made this declaration of your vows concerning one another, and have set these rings before me, I ask that now these rings be used and regarded as a seal and a confirmation and acceptance of the vows you have made.
[17:18] * @Lyni takes a few deep breaths and nods, going back to her seat
[17:18] <~Atma_Ranza> My apologies for my brashness...
[17:19] * ~Atma_Ranza hushes.
[17:19] <Alistair> ( because the last one didn't work, this is what I meant by 'O face' http://www.woodsoncomic.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/O.jpg)
[17:19] <Dwayna> Let Michael place the ring on the ring finger of Dwayna’s left hand, repeating after me: With this ring, as the token and pledge of the vow and covenant of my word, I call upon those persons present to witness that I, Michael do take thee, Dwayna to be my lawfully wedded wife.
[17:20] * Michael says...well you know the drill by now I should think
[17:21] * Dwayna repeats her own process when asked, brushing his hand affectionately after the ring is placed before letting it go.
[17:21] <Dwayna> Ethan: And now, for as much as you Michael and Dwayna have consented to legal wedlock, and have declared your solemn intention in this company, before these witnesses, and in my presence, and have exchanged this these rings as the pledge of your vows to each other; now upon the authority vested in me by the Royal Court of Terrater, I pronounce you as duly married.
[17:22] <Dwayna> Ethan: May you enjoy length of days, fulfillment of hopes, and peace and contentment of mind, as you day by day live and fulfill the terms of this covenant you have made with one another. I believe as the humans say, "You may now kiss the bride."
[17:23] * Michael decides to contrast his shakiness from earlier with the brashest showing of confidence he can muster up, sweeping Dwayna off her feet and holding her close as he happily kisses her
[17:25] <Alistair> *Toru202 jumps in the air and cheers, as his hands retract - suddenly, a stream of party poppers explode out of the holes where his hands were.
[17:25] <Alistair> Toru202: WOOO! YEAAAAH!
[17:25] * Dwayna kisses him back happily, pulling back to wipe the singular tear rolling down her cheek and giving him a smile. They both turn towards the crowd, and Ethan says, "I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. DragonFire."
[17:26] <Alistair> *Elanor begins an enthusiastic round of applause, followed by Alistair
[17:26] * Abel claps loudly from the tree.
[17:26] * ~Atma_Ranza joins in excitedly.
[17:26] <@Lyni> *Jasper and Helen applaud with everyone else while Lyni slowly claps, very torn between feelings
[17:27] * @Talon_Reid and Zoey clap along with the crowd, their magic suddenly igniting again and returning the characteristic blue glow to Talon's eyes.
[17:27] * ~Atma_Ranza suddenly breaks off the clapping, making some closing notes on this section.
[17:28] <Dwayna> The reception will be held at the nearby reception hall. Hope to see you all there.
[17:29] * Dwayna takes Michael's hand, walking back down the runway with him, smiling at everyone who attended.
[17:31] * @Lyni finally gets up and goes to the restroom, a slight chill following after her
[17:31] <Alistair> Alright, let's get going! Come on Abel, just make sure you only eat the food, yeah?
[17:31] * Abel jumps down from the tree and lands on his feet.
[17:32] <Abel> Man, I'm always being ostracized.
[17:34] * Abel stretches and his stomach growls even louder then before.
[17:35] * ~Atma_Ranza slips the book back into his satchel before rising, pacing off for a brief walk to get some fresh air.
[17:35] <Dwayna> The others file out behind them, this time Aria traveling with Merenwen and Alex traveling with Ethan. Sebastian finds a girl with white-hair that was sitting on Dwayna's side. Rosalina got up from the crowd in her yellow sun dress, holding the arm of another gentleman.
[17:37] <Michael> *The gentleman in question, a rather perplexed human with what appears to be a utility belt strapped to his suit, quickly stands back up and takes Rosalina's arm. "My god, this is all like a fever dream wedding or something..."
[17:38] <Dwayna> Rosalina: You're really surprised by now, Steve?
[17:38] <Michael> Steve: Probably shouldn't be, but...yeah, no, I'm still not over all this, gotta admit...
[17:41] <Dwayna> Rosalina giggled and pulled Steve along to the rcepetion building. There were tables set up all around, a more rectangular table at the head of the room. Dwayna and Michael now sat together in the center, with the other accompanying groomsmen and bridesmaids filing in to sit beside them. Waiters milled about, giving menus to everyone - it seemed that there was even going to be a complementay dinner.
[17:42] * Abel enters the reception building and whistles loudly, he motions to Alistair and his friends to sit with him. He takes a menu and scans it over quickly
[17:43] <Abel> Yeah, waiter? I'll take triples of everything on the menu.
[17:43] <Alistair> A-abel-
[17:43] <Abel> What?
[17:43] <Alistair> Toru202: YEAH! Loads of food!
[17:43] <Alistair> It's fine, don't worry.
[17:44] <Abel> It's all for me, dude.
[17:44] <Alistair> Toru202: It's fine~ I don't think I can eat food anyways!
[17:45] <@Lyni> *Jasper and Helen enter the reception area and find a table together, making sure to keep a seat open for Lyni. Lyni, meanwhile, is trying to thaw out the toilet water in the restroom that she had accidentally frozen
[17:46] * ~Atma_Ranza trundles along into the reception, a smile pasted onto his face as he seeks out a lone table and attempts to decide what to order.
[17:46] * @Talon_Reid and Zoey follow the crowd into the reception hall, looking around for a place to sit.
[17:47] * Alistair peers around again, noticing the scholar he met a while back, Atma. He was quite concerned as to his urge for solitude at such a happy time. Shrugging it off, he directed his attention back to Elanor and Toru.
[17:48] <Michael> *RMA quickly went into solitude himself to avoid being mistaken for one of the waiters...He had had enough of that treatment for a bit...
[17:48] * Abel taps his fingers against the table impatiently as he waits for his waiter to bring him his food. He nibbles on the extra silverware at the table.
[17:49] <Dwayna> The waiter merely seems to raise an eyebrow, but nods his head. Several plates of food appear before Abel, three of each of the starters. "The rest will come if you manage to eat all of that."
[17:49] * Alistair pretends to not care for his friend's actions, but as usual he can't help but be surprised.
[17:49] <Abel> Sweeeeeet.
[17:50] <Alistair> Believe me, that's not even enough for him.
[17:50] * Michael sees this and quickly drags his robot double back to the head table. "Calm down, man, we're not gonna make you doing anything this time."
[17:50] <Michael> *do
[17:50] * Abel gives a menacing smile as he begins to devour the food, plate and all. He eats at an incredibly fast pace as he finishes the food within minutes.
[17:50] * Alistair turns to Elanor to ask what she is ordering, but is suddenly distracted by the missing seat next to her.
[17:51] <Alistair> Elanor... where exactly did Toru go?
[17:51] * ~Atma_Ranza orders lamb chops served with mash and corn on the cob with a garnish of sauteed onions
[17:52] * @Lyni walks back in and takes a seat next to Helen and picks up her order. The air around her is still cooler than everywhere else, but only slightly.
[17:53] <Alistair> *Toru202's LED light blue eyes glow from underneath the white cloth covering the head table, as the immature robot's head peers up next to RMA.
[17:53] <@Lyni> Let's see... is there pizza~?
[17:53] <Dwayna> The rest of the food appears in portions to accomodate the table size. Dwayna looks thoroughly bemused by the sight as she digs into her own steak, the rest of the party at the head table ordering modest foods. The requested food from the menus appears moments after they are ordered, the only difference bein g abel's table.
[17:53] <Alistair> Toru202: Heya dood!
[17:54] <Michael> *RMA looks over to Toru202 with a grin. "Hello, Mister Toru. Nice to see you again"
[17:54] * @Talon_Reid notices RMA and wanders over, Zoey in tow.
[17:55] <@Talon_Reid> Hey guys!
[17:55] * Abel starts to devour the food, plates, bowls and silverware as he loudly chews and crunches. The sounds fill the reception hall as he devours all the food on the table.
[17:55] <Alistair> Toru202: Hey~ I thought I'd come and say hey, since y'know, we can't eat anything. So, are you exited?
[17:55] <@Talon_Reid> (he's talking to Toru tho?)
[17:56] <@Talon_Reid> (same difference, Talon just wants to talk to RMA)
[17:56] <Michael> RMA: "Mr Reid, Miss Zoey, pleasure seeing you both as well!"
[17:56] * ~Atma_Ranza dines delicately as he was educated to do so, reading over his notes as he does so.
[17:56] <Dwayna> (toru went up to the table)
[17:58] <Michael> RMA: I must say I'm rather amused by it all. I'm definitely happy that my master appears to have found someone who can hopefully keep him happy for many, many years to come
[17:58] * Abel leans back in his chair as he finishes eating his food. His stomach growls loudly as he burps out loud. "Man, that was good but I'm still hungry."
[17:58] * @Lyni takes her box of pizza and sees everyone gathering at the head table. After a bit of debating in her head, she shrugs and follows after everyone
[17:59] <Alistair> Toru202: Yeah, yeah! Say, doesn't Miss Dwayna know a robot too? If he's here, we could have a big robot-party!
[17:59] <Dwayna> So after the dinner, I believe there will be the customary bouquet and garter toss?
[18:00] <Michael> RMA: Hah, yes, robot party...perhaps we can do so
[18:00] * Alistair sips his beer and sighs, leaning back into his chair.
[18:00] <Alistair> He sure is bouncy, isn't he?
[18:00] <Abel> So what's new, Alistair?
[18:00] * Michael blushes quite red at this and nearly sinks down into the table
[18:01] <Alistair> ...Nothing too much. Toru and Elanor have been staying in Redora for the time being.
[18:01] <Abel> Have you seen Zachary lately?
[18:02] <Alistair> Elanor: This multi-dimensional system that has occurred has been most interesting! I've been studying Quadras with Alistair recently.
[18:02] <Alistair> *Elanor adjusts her glasses like a massive nerd
[18:02] <@Lyni> Um, congratulations, Dway, Michael~
[18:02] <Alistair> As a matter of fact, I haven't.
[18:03] * @Lyni nods her head at her friends with a smile
[18:04] <Abel> I saw him a while ago, he had a new apprentice. She was pretty feisty.
[18:04] * @Talon_Reid finally spots a pair of seats, nods to RMA and the happy couple before heading off to acquire nutrition.
[18:04] <Alistair> Oh, I remember her.
[18:04] <Abel> Jacq was her name? She tried to fight me.
[18:04] * Michael nods back at Lyni, feeling that slight pain in his chest, but ignoring it and smiling back. "Thank you, Lyni."
[18:04] <Abel> I ended up running circles around her.
[18:05] <Alistair> *Toru202 decides to give his congratulations to the new couple, before beeping and whirring off somewhere else
[18:05] <Dwayna> Yes, thank you very much, Lyni.
[18:05] <@Lyni> You guys put a lot of thought and effort to make this so awesome~
[18:05] <Alistair> Yeah, that's expected. I think that despite her arrogance though, she has a lot of potential, of course.
[18:06] <Abel> Of course, she's the heir to the Sol Vir.
[18:06] <Michael> Well that was mostly her doing. I'm not the best thinker as we all know...heh...
[18:06] * Abel rocks his chair back and forth as he picks meat out of his teeth with a toothpick.
[18:07] <@Lyni> (whelp gotta go)
[18:08] <Abel> So I heard you led an army into the cosmos, Alistair.
[18:08] <Abel> What was all that about?
[18:08] <Michael> (Alrighty, later Shiny~)
[18:08] <Alistair> (see you :D)
[18:08] * @Talon_Reid acquires seats at the same table as Alistair and Abel.
[18:08] <Alistair> Oh jeez, don't even get me started on that.
[18:08] <@Talon_Reid> Evening, gentlemen.
[18:08] * Dwayna blushes a little but, but nods in affirmation. "I am the one who planned all of this, yes."
[18:08] <Abel> Hey man.
[18:08] <Alistair> Oh, hey Talon.
[18:08] <Alistair> It's a nice do, huh?
[18:09] <@Rex> (Nice Do.)
[18:09] <@Talon_Reid> (Nice do)
[18:09] <@Rex> (He wants Talon to complement his hair.)
[18:09] <Alistair> (No dammit xD)
[18:10] <@Talon_Reid> It's nice.
[18:10] <@Talon_Reid> Seems a bit small for a king and queen though, doesn't it?
[18:11] <Alistair> Seems like their sort of thing, I guess...
[18:11] <Abel> I think it's a personal wedding reception for their friends.
[18:11] <Alistair> Oh jeez, I think I should make an introduction, at least.
[18:12] * Alistair stretched out. Especially around Talon and Abel, he really seemed to become quite laid back
[18:12] <Alistair> Talon, this is Elanor. She's the creator of that peppy little robot running around over there.
[18:12] <Michael> RMA: If I might intervene there, I believe Mike and Miss Dragonfire were going to have a particularly larger ceremony some time later
[18:13] <Abel> Hm.
[18:13] <Zoey> She should meet Scott.
[18:13] <Dwayna> For the people of Terrater only... It'll be the official coronation as well.
[18:14] <Zoey> He's actually not here today because he saw all the damn sentient robots and decided to upgrade our training droids' AI.
[18:14] * Zoey rolls eyes.
[18:14] <Alistair> ...That's a good point actually - Michael is king now, isn't he?
[18:14] * Abel sets his chair on the ground and gives a confident grin.
[18:14] <Abel> I think we all should brawl.
[18:14] <Alistair> Of Terrater?
[18:14] * Alistair slowly puts a firm hand on Abel's shoulder
[18:14] <Alistair> I don't think that's a god idea, man.
[18:15] <Abel> Oh c'mon, man.
[18:15] <Abel> Let's see who's the strongest!
[18:15] <Dwayna> Yes, that is correct
[18:15] <Michael> RMA: Yes, that is true, he is now king...Strange to comprehend I must admit
[18:15] <@Talon_Reid> No fighting at the wedding.
[18:15] <Abel> It's the reception.
[18:15] <Abel> Not the wedding.
[18:16] <@Talon_Reid> Same difference, Pac-man.
[18:16] <Abel> Pac-man?
[18:16] <Alistair> Toru202: Oh dood, I /love/ pac-man!
[18:16] <@Talon_Reid> He's like.
[18:16] <@Talon_Reid> A yellow circle.
[18:16] <Alistair> What now?
[18:16] <@Rex> (What time is it? What's the moon like tonight? Where is everyone? If I can, I might have Ben make an appearance.)
[18:16] <@Talon_Reid> Eats a bunch of stuff.
[18:17] * Abel picks up a glass cup and takes a huge bite out of it. He slowly crunches it into a fine powder and swallows it.
[18:17] <Alistair> ...I think him and Abel would get along pretty well
[18:17] * @Lyni finishes her pizza and leaves, dragging Helen with her.
[18:17] * Lyni is now known as Shiny
[18:17] <Abel> I don't know, I don't like I when people take my food.
[18:17] <Abel> It*
[18:18] <Michael> RMA: I sure hope all that china and silverware isn't...on rent...
[18:19] <Dwayna> Dont worry, they were paid for.
[18:21] <Alistair> So, what's going on now exactly?
[18:21] * Abel shrugs.
[18:21] <Abel> Just hanging out, we should go brawl or something.
[18:22] <Dwayna> we should do the bouquet and garter toss now probably.
[18:22] <@Talon_Reid> Is that the only think you can suggest?
[18:22] <Alistair> Pretty much, hahah!
[18:22] <Michael> Right, of course...let's get with that...heh...
[18:22] <Abel> Well I would suggest a eating contest but I think we know who would win.
[18:23] <Alistair> You win all eating contests forever. It's confirmed.
[18:23] * Abel grins as he finishes eating the glass cup.
[18:24] <@Rex> (Guess I won't be joining you. =p)
[18:25] <Michael> (You still can if you want to. Sorry about not responding there earlier |D)
[18:25] * Dwayna clinks her glass to gain attention. "We'll be doing the bouquet and garter toss now. Would all the unmarried ladies please line up first?"
[18:25] <Abel> (Hehe Clinks)
[18:26] <Alistair> (shush you)
[18:26] <Abel> (:( )
[18:27] <Alistair> *Elanor goes from tending to Toru to lining up, flames burning in her eyes.
[18:27] <Alistair> Elanor: *This is it.... the real reason I'm here!*
[18:29] * Dwayna moves to the front of the room with the bouquet. Rosalina smiles meekly at Steve before also moving up to the front. Oddly enough, Merenwen and Nerezza stay where they are. A couple ragonborn woman also move up, and finally a woman who looks more like she belongs in a forest than out in the open. Dwayna turns to face away from them, closing her eyes and chucking the bouquet behind her.
[18:30] <@Rex> (I'd like to, but I don't know anything, No one answered my questions. =p)
[18:30] <@Shiny> (because I don't know the answers :<)
[18:31] <Dwayna> (it's like late afternoon and Idk about moons man)
[18:31] <@Shiny> (the seven moons are all waning)
[18:31] <@Shiny> (let's say that)
[18:32] <@Shiny> (idk how many moons this place has but let's say nothing is full)
[18:32] <@Rex> (And where's the party?)
[18:33] <Dwayna> (at a reception hall)
[18:33] <Dwayna> (near the park)
[18:38] * Rex is now known as Ben
[18:43] * Shiny is now known as Jasper
[18:50] <Dwayna> Rosalina suddenly felt her open, outstretched arms filled with a small bouquet of flowers. Her face flushed slightly as the other women sighed their disappointment. She timidly walked back to the table where Steve was waiting as Dwayna conjured up a chair to sit in. "Michael... and the single men, please make your way over."
[18:51] <Alistair> Oh right, we're doing this?
[18:51] * @ben knocks on the door to the reception hall, being a bit too short to properly turn the doorknob himself.
[18:51] <Alistair> What're we catching?
[18:51] * Abel leans back in his chair and grins.
[18:51] <Abel> Have fun, Alistair.
[18:51] * @Jasper hears the knock and opens the door, surprised to see the little critter
[18:52] <@Ben> Hey! I'm a little lost, was hoping if you could point me towards... Oh, am I uh, interrupting something?
[18:52] * Michael takes something of a deep breath as he tries to hide his flustered expression, moving over to where Dwayna was as Steve went with the rest of the single men waiting
[18:53] * @Talon_Reid remains seated as Zoey had before him.
[18:53] <@Jasper> Just a wedding. I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you came in, though.
[18:54] * Zoey pops up behind Jasper.
[18:54] <@Ben> Oh, I shouldn't impose.
[18:54] * Dwayna extends a leg, looking at Michael with a slightly amused expression, a light blush on her face. "You're only supposed to take the first one, Michael."
[18:54] <Zoey> He should be fine, he's a friend.
[18:54] * Alistair shrugs, grinning as he joins the line
[18:54] <@Ben> Oh, hey, you're that lady from the zoo.
[18:54] <Zoey> Yeah!
[18:55] <Zoey> Talon's here too.
[18:55] <@Jasper> I-oh, it's Zoey!
[18:55] <@Jasper> I didn't even realize you were here.
[18:55] <Zoey> You don't pay good enough attention.
[18:56] <@Ben> Ah, cool. Friend of yours getting hitched I take it?
[18:56] <Zoey> That dragon queen, Dwayna.
[18:56] <@Ben> I don't think I've met them.
[18:56] <@Jasper> Indeed. I think they're doing the bouquet and garter throwing right now.
[18:57] <Michael> "Trust me when I say I'm sorely disappointed" he murmurs, as if he was taking this all in stride, even though his mad blushing was proving that not to be the case. He then proceeds to remove the garter from Dwayna's leg, proceeding to pull it back like a rubber band as he aimed it upwards in the direction of the men and flung it
[18:58] <@Ben> I hope I'm not keeping you from anything?
[18:58] <Abel> (I hope it lands on Ben's head)
[18:58] <@Jasper> Not at all, come on in.
[18:58] <Alistair> *Toru202 quickly panics, not noticing what exactly was going on
[18:58] * @Jasper opens the door wider
[18:58] <Alistair> Toru202: Aaah! Somebody's dropped something!
[18:59] <@Ben> Uh... That guy didn't sound all that happy.
[18:59] <Alistair> *Toru precisely leads him arm ahead of the falling garter, and fires his rocket propelled - hand to grab the garter from midair
[18:59] <@Jasper> I-what
[18:59] <Michael> *Steve hadn't exactly taken much of an effort to catch the article, and yet, as he looked rather amusingly at the crowd of his "competition" he had no idea that the garter had somehow managed to bounce off of Ben's head and almost magically fly back upward like a droplet of water, right onto his nose
[19:00] <Michael> (PHYSICS!)
[19:00] <Alistair> (Do you want someone to grab it specifially? xD)
[19:00] <Dwayna> (because that totally makes sense =p)
[19:00] <@Jasper> (WHAT KIND OF PHYSICS IS THAT)
[19:00] <Michael> (The best kind. Bullshit physics)
[19:00] <Alistair> (MAAAAGIC)
[19:01] <@Jasper> (isn't that all of physics anyways)
[19:01] <@Jasper> (bullshit)
[19:01] <@Ben> (I don't follow, what?)
[19:02] <@Jasper> (who got the garter)
[19:02] <Alistair> (Steve I think)
[19:02] <Shocari> (it was me all along)
[19:02] <Dwayna> (steve)
[19:03] <Dwayna> (so yet another Dway/Arma shipping ;D)
[19:03] <Alistair> *Due to some... very odd turn of events, Toru202 missed the garter. Running over to the married lady with a now asymmetrically-dressed leg, he waved his arms in panic
[19:03] <Michael> *Steve takes the garter off of his face and, at the realization that he had somehow 'caught' it, bashfully wanders back over to the table where Rosalina was. "Well then...coincidence there, huh?"
[19:03] <Alistair> Toru202: Miss Dway! You dropped something!
[19:03] <Alistair> *dressed pair of legs
[19:03] <Dwayna> Rosalina: Quite the coincedence, indeed.
[19:04] <Dwayna> Well, youngling, that was sort of the point. Silly human traditions, you know?
[19:04] * @ben sneezes.
[19:04] <Alistair> Toru202: oh... right.
[19:04] <Alistair> Toru202: It's fun to be silly though, but only sometimes~
[19:04] * @Jasper takes a napkin from a nearby table and offers it to Ben?
[19:05] <Alistair> Elanor: Alright then Toru, that's enough fun for one day, I think. We best be going.
[19:05] * Dwayna pulls her leg back, giving a grin to Michael before gathering everyone's attention again. "We'll be doing some dancing now. Feel free to join in."
[19:06] <@Ben> Oh, no, thank you.
[19:06] <Alistair> That's a point, actually. It's been a blast, but I've got places to be. Besides, I don't remember being good at dancing with anything else but blades.
[19:06] <Alistair> Either way, it's been a great day, Dwayna, Michael. We all wish you the best hopes for the future.
[19:07] <Alistair> (basically I really need to restart my compy lol)
[19:07] * Abel yells in rage and flips the table over.
[19:07] <@Jasper> (see ya Toru XD)
[19:07] <Abel> FIGHT ME, ALISTAIR!
[19:07] <@Jasper> (and best of luck)
[19:07] <Alistair> (It'll be fine xP)
[19:07] <Dwayna> Thank you very much. We're happy you all came.
[19:07] <@Jasper> ... seriously, in the middle of a wedding?
[19:07] <Michael> Thanks, Alistair. Glad to have you guys...oh christ, and everything was going so well...
[19:07] <Alistair> Another time, Abel! Maybe next week or something...
[19:07] <Abel> ITS TIME TO BRAAAAWL!
[19:07] <Alistair> See you all!
[19:09] <@Jasper> (Ben's an otter, right? I forget x-x)
[19:09] * @ben blinks. "Maybe I should go. This place has too many impossible physics and angry people...
[19:09] <@Ben> (Yes.)
[19:09] <Abel> (I'm drinking gravy)
[19:09] <@Ben> (River Otter, 2'6")
[19:09] <Abel> (It's yummy)
[19:10] * Alistair (5f95d94d@54322F8B.DEAF7E80.EFFB1432.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 125 seconds)
[19:10] <@Jasper> Wait, didn't you say you were lost...?
[19:11] <Dwayna> ()
[19:11] <@Ben> I'm sure I can find what I'm looking for by myself...
[19:12] <@Jasper> ... If you're sure, alright then.
[19:12] * Abel eyes the otter and locks eyes with him.
[19:13] <@Talon_Reid> Hey Jasper.
[19:13] * Dwayna pulls Michael into a slow dance as the song plays
[19:14] <@Talon_Reid> (goshdingle I did it again)
[19:14] <@Jasper> Yes?
[19:14] <@Talon_Reid> (they're not even near each other)
[19:14] <@Jasper> (Jazz has good hearing it doesn't even matter :p)
[19:14] <@Talon_Reid> (although actually this works better)
[19:14] <@Talon_Reid> How far away is your piano?
[19:15] * @Jasper flicks his cane with a grin
[19:15] <@Jasper> This is my piano, or rather, one of my keyboards.
[19:16] * Zoey passes by, summoning her guitar in a small flash of light.
[19:16] <Zoey> Then let's get rolling.
[19:16] <@Jasper> Alright!
[19:16] * @Jasper turns the cane into a keyboard which floats in front of him, waiting for Zoey's cue
[19:17] * Zoey begins by simply adding accompaniment to the current song.
[19:18] * @Jasper shrugs and joins in, playing chords lazily
[19:18] <Dwayna> As the song peters out, the music suddenly changes to a much faster one for the people who really liked to dance
[19:18] <Dwayna> ()
[19:20] * @ben eyes Abel defiantly.
[19:20] * @Jasper is really caught off guard by this song and fumbles around for a note or two before getting into it
[19:21] <Abel> Let's fight!
[19:21] * Zoey keeps stride perfectly, being more used to this type of song.
[19:21] <@Talon_Reid> Abel.
[19:22] <@Ben> Big man threatening a 14 year old.
[19:22] <@Talon_Reid> Leave Ben alone.
[19:22] <@Talon_Reid> We're trying to have a nice party here.
[19:22] <Abel> It's not a party without a brawl!
[19:23] <@Talon_Reid> I swear sometimes you're just like the fireman.
[19:24] <Abel> *Zachary opens the restroom door, tightening his belt as he stumbles out.
[19:24] <Abel> Zachary: Is someone talking shit about me?
[19:25] <Dwayna> ()
[19:26] * @Jasper sighs with relief when the next song is obviously slower, transitioning with ease
[19:28] <@Ben> Oh. Hello Zachary...
[19:29] <Abel> *Zachary grins and shakes Ben's hand as he waves to Abel with the other hand.
[19:31] <@Ben> You uh.. .Washed that hand I hope.
[19:33] <Dwayna> ()
[19:34] * @Jasper finishes off the last piece in a slight breeze and disappears into the air
[19:34] * Jasper is now known as Shiny
[19:34] <Abel> Zachary: Well yeah.
[19:36] <Dwayna> (alright I think that's enough musics XD)
[19:36] <Dwayna> Thank you all for coming. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.
[19:38] <@Ben> Your friend has apparently decided that he needs to attack me.
[19:39] <Michael> RMA: He has a tendency to do that...
[19:43] <@Ben> No one likes a violent man.
[19:44] * Abel and Zachary whoop and head out of the reception hall, waving to everyone.
[19:45] * @ben frowns.
[19:45] <Abel> (I have to go)
[19:47] <Dwayna> (it's over anyways)
[19:48] <@Ben> Well... I guess I should get going as well.
[19:48] * @ben waits a while for the two to get far away, before leaving the building himself.
[19:49] * Ben is now known as Rex
[19:50] <@Shiny> (also I'll log everything unless someone else wants to)
[19:51] <Dwayna> (I do hope you mean everything XD)
[19:51] <@Shiny> (I do mean everything)
[19:52] <@Shiny> (I'll get rid of extraneous talking done with the parenthesis if it helps)
[19:53] * Abel (Zachary@h-9818CE45.stny.res.rr.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 124 seconds)
[19:55] <Michael> (Alrighty, if we're at a close here, I need to get my foods...the pizza is waiting! 'laters)
[19:55] * Michael (4b43d99e@h-8CF0C85E.hsd1.nh.comcast.net) Quit (Imploded: all teh pizzas, in my mouth, at the same time.)
[20:08] * Dwayna (Dwayna@h-13571FEF.bchsia.telus.net) has left #CharmsRP
[20:18] * Talon_Reid is now known as Tailon
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Now this was pretty dang cool. I don't understand why someone would want to eat a glass cup, though. I doubt they have much flavor. :p Anyways, I'm glad that your wedding went so well, Dway and Michael. :D

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Please put a bio of characters you use in this thread. Bios don't have to be extremely detailed, but at least a basic description of the character's appearance should be given so that we aren't constantly asking which character was the redhead or what specie so-and-so is and etc.

Name: Linda "Lyni" Sorrel
Age: 19, appears physically 12
Gender: Female
Race: Half spirit, half human
Height: 4'9
Weight: 90lbs
Eyes: Violet
Hair: Black with purple highlights, slightly wavy, held up in high pigtails that go down to her shoulders
Outfit: Varies a lot, but tends to wear light purples, blues, and pinks the most and prefers things with hoods. Footwear of choice are sneakers/tennis shoes. She also always has ribbons in her hair, though she switches between purple and blue all the time.
Identifying Marks: Slight scar on her left wrist
Other Notable Features: Has a slightly faster heart rate than humans
Powers: Control over temperature and water

Name: Jasper Sorrel, occasionally goes by Jazz
Age: 32, appears physically 18
Gender: Male
Race: Half spirit, half human
Height: 5'10
Weight: 152 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Wavy, messy black hair that goes past the tips of his eyes. His bangs partially cover his eyes.
Outfit: He likes monochrome colors and darker colors, and prefers leather over other materials. Almost always wears boots and carries his cane around (said cane can turn into a keyboard)
Identifying marks: Has a blotchy reddish-brown birthmark on his right shoulder
Other notable features: Has a slightly faster heart rate than normal humans, his feet don't touch the ground when he walks.
Powers: Control over sound and wind

Name: Helen Brighten
Age: 17
Gender: Female with genderfluid tendencies
Race: Spirit trapped in a human's body
Height: 5'7
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: Straight, light pink, held in a low ponytail which she drapes over her right shoulder. She has bangs which she keeps out of her eyes with a pair of gold clips.
Outfit: Likes wearing school uniforms and has a hobby of making them herself in her free time.
Identifying marks: mole on corner of her right eye
Other notable features: No heart rate but has a warmer body temperature than normal humans
Powers: n/a, though she does have perfect memory


Formerly Karu
If you are using an already existing character who is already featured in another thread in-site, please don't shy from linking to them or mentioning thread, page and name.
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So things got a bit messy tonight thanks to a couple of werewolves getting loose. Note that the title was suggested by @StellarWind Elsydeon and supported by @Crystal

Tailon - Evan
Rex - Ben
StellarWind Elsydeon - Dys
Crystal - Piper

[21:53] * @ben is sitting on a bench at the train platform, waiting for the train to come in. He is a 2'6" river otter anthro, brown and cream fur, wearing a pair of black pants and a pair of brass dog tags. The station building behind him is a large brick building, though it seems eerily empty.
[21:56] * Evan is leaning against a pillar, still in full 80s punk attire and, oddly, a flat cap, he's looking down reading something, obscuring his face with the brim of the hat.
[21:56] * Piper excitedly burst through the doors, making a straight beeline for the train platform with a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other. Her green eyes were lit up in excitement as she came to stand near the edge, gazing down at the tracks with a smile before moving over to lean against a wall in wiat.
[22:01] * @ben looks towards the sudden activity. "Oh. Hello miss!"
[22:02] * Piper jumped slightly as she was addressed before locating the source of the voice and smiled widely at the sight that welcomed her.
[22:02] <Piper> Salutations!
[22:02] * Piper paused for a moment in thought.
[22:03] <Piper> By any chance, do you know a talking ferret?
[22:03] <@Ben> I know a few!
[22:04] <Piper> I bumped into one a while back! So many cool individuals I've been meeting lately.. Speaking of which.
[22:04] * Piper held out her hand in greeting.
[22:04] <Piper> My name is Piper~
[22:04] * @ben stands up on his chair so he can reach Piper's hand. "Benjamin! But you can call me Ben, or Benny if you feel like it."
[22:05] * Piper nods enthusiastically, her smile widening as she shook the otters hand softly before picking up the notebook she had dropped to do so.
[22:06] <Piper> I think my friend mentioned a Benjamin before..
[22:07] <Piper> Yay high. Blue hair. Keeps blowing up his own robots.
[22:07] <@Ben> Hm.... I think I've met someone like that recently!
[22:10] <Dys> <holy shit, this description turned out long>
[22:11] * Dys steps into the station, surveying the scene silently. He is an Alectan - a bipedal digitigrade with a lithe, athletic physique combining elements of feline, primate and archosaurid, covered in golden fur with black patterns of markings. He wears a simple, sleeveless, buttoned black trenchcoat with green vine designs running along its hem and black, fingerless gloves, a green crystal orb adorning each one.
[22:11] <@Ben> Was he at a water park recently?
[22:13] <Piper> Yes, I believe he was!
[22:13] <@Ben> Kind of a... Meanish guy, huh?
[22:14] * Piper snorts in amusement.
[22:14] <Piper> He tries to be.
[22:14] <Piper> He's mostly all just childish teasing.
[22:14] <Piper> Such a child.
[22:14] <@Ben> I guess so! Kind of poking the wrong poodle though, the guy he was teasing had this weird demon egg thing!
[22:15] <Piper> Oh wow, I thought he made that part of his story up. o_o;
[22:15] <Piper> He told me some sort of thing came out to it in response to this strangers emotions.
[22:15] * @ben nods. "Weird stuff."
[22:16] * Piper paused once more before pointing over to the strange looking creature standing and surveying their surroundings.
[22:16] <Piper> Who's that? o.o
[22:16] * @ben looks. "Hm.... Never seen anything like that before."
[22:17] * Dys is, otherwise, equipped with a wide belt that has a mechanical sort of look and a small mechanical communicator-looking device mounted on his trenchcoat where his heart would be, linked via a series of wires to a collar-like contraption on his neck - that is also linked to a pair of small silvery rings around his antennae. both the collar and the belt support their own green orbs.
[22:17] * Piper waves at the Alectan with both arms in the air.
[22:17] <Piper> HELLOOO~
[22:18] * Dys tilts head to the side at the sudden greeting and then walks over, bare, clawed paws making a distinctive tap, tail twitching.
[22:19] * @ben waves. "Not often I meet another fuzzy here."
[22:19] * Dys chirps in greeting, a synthesized voice from the communicator looking device saying "Greetings." after a slight delay
[22:19] * Piper grins in fascination as she once again drops her notebook and pen to lace her fingers and lean forward towards the stranger.
[22:19] <Piper> That's so cool~
[22:19] <Piper> I'm Piper~ ♥
[22:19] <@Ben> Translator, huh?
[22:20] <Piper> I've never seen a translator like that before
[22:20] <Piper> Did you make it?
[22:20] <Dys> <assume everything he says is processed through the translator, btw, i really don't feel like communicating in /me all the time D>
[22:21] <Dys> Yes, that is indeed a translator. (he nods) Those of us who left the homeworld tend to use them. We do not quite... speak as most other sentients we've encountered seem to.
[22:22] * Piper squees to herself over the chirping.
[22:23] * Piper glances over to Evan in quiet curiosity before continuing.
[22:23] <@Ben> You know... This may seem sudden, but does anyone else smell wet dog?
[22:23] <Piper> o.o
[22:23] <Piper> Now that you mention it..
[22:24] <Piper> Does anyone have a pet dog?
[22:24] <Dys> <Alectans otherwise communicate in a myriad of chirps, purrs, kind of a mixture of feline and avian noises.>
[22:24] <Dys> <between each other they communicate using electric field manipulation, which is the basis of most of their technology, including the translators>
[22:25] <@Ben> As amusing as it would be for me to ride a husky around, I don't have the money to support a pet dog.
[22:26] <Piper> I have a mechanical cat at home.. A dog would probably be a bad idea unless I programmed it.
[22:27] * Dys twitches tail lightly
[22:27] <Dys> I'm not quite sure what a 'dog' is, though I have heard some humans refer to my people as 'catlike'.
[22:27] <Piper> . . . I feel very plain standing next to such fascinating individuals. |//D
[22:28] <Piper> You're like a giant kitty :D
[22:28] <Piper> Only..
[22:28] <Piper> Only not~
[22:28] * @ben looks out towards the platform. A train whistle can be heard in the distance. Apparently their ride is approaching. "You know, we have this legend about two grim reapers who operate a train to take souls to the afterlife..."
[22:28] <Piper> ...I think I played a video game like that once.
[22:28] <@Ben> Oh, uh! If you visited my home, you'd know that creatures like me aren't all that amazing.
[22:29] * Piper retrieved her things as she shook her head softly in response.
[22:29] <@Ben> And a dog is... Well... Hm...
[22:29] <Piper> Even if I did, there's only one Ben.
[22:29] <Piper> A dog is--- Well, it's like...
[22:29] <Piper> ...
[22:29] <@Ben> This would be a lot easier if Noah was here...
[22:29] <Piper> I'll show you some time!
[22:30] <Piper> THAAAT was the ferret I met!
[22:30] <Piper> Noah!
[22:30] * Piper clicks her fingers at the memory.
[22:30] <Dys> Fair enough. I may have to check the Wired on this subject later.
[22:31] <@Ben> Well it's got a longer muzzle than either of us, but a thinner one than mine. They have bigger ears than we do, and fluffy tails.
[22:31] * Evan quickly moves to board the train as it arrives, avoiding contact with the others.
[22:31] <@Ben> Some of them have ears that stand up, and some of them have droopy ears.
[22:32] <Dys> Huh. Different subspecies?
[22:32] * @ben nods.
[22:32] <Piper> Traintraintrain~ ♥
[22:32] <@Ben> Well, I don't know actually?
[22:32] <@Ben> I think they're all the same animal, Canis Lupis... Familiaris?
[22:32] <@Ben> I should know this, I'm studying genetics...
[22:32] * Piper happily skips over to the beautiful piece of machinery, squeeing the whole way as she boards.
[22:33] <Dys> Really? I'm somewhat of a botanist, myself. Or was, anyway.
[22:33] * @ben hops off his bench and continues onto the train. It's a modern diesel, unfortunately. It has none of the flair of an old fashioned train, but it's quite serviceable, and the seats look comfortable enough.
[22:34] * Dys steps onto the train as well, stretching lightly.
[22:34] <@Ben> I'm apprenticing under one of the doctors for the organization that I live with.
[22:34] <@Ben> So genetic manipulation will be my specialty.
[22:36] * Piper takes a sit next to a window, immediately taking notes on her location, the time, train type and so on in her book before closing it over and cuddling it to her chest.
[22:38] * @ben climbs into a seat. "I wonder if the serve food on this train..."
[22:39] <@Ben> (Oh, by the way, if anyone touches Ben or can sense such things, he has a higher than normal body temp.)
[22:41] * Dys lightly adjusts one of his antenna-rings, a few tiny sparks visibly flying between it and the tip of his claw.
[22:42] <@Ben> ... You know, I thought we'd leave the dog smell behind, but if anything it's gotten worse since we got on the train.
[22:43] * Piper presses her face against the glass of the window as the train begins to pull away from the platform.
[22:44] <Piper> Choo choo~
[22:46] <Dys> Hm... Yes, there is something in the air.
[22:47] * Evan takes a deep breath, snorting slightly as he sits.
[22:47] * @ben looks towards Evan, waaaay in the front of the car. He shivers a bit. "I think I might know where that smell is coming from..."
[22:50] <Dys> Public transportation.
[22:50] <Dys> Always something.
[22:50] * @ben attempts to wave Dys and Piper towards him without Evan noticing.
[22:52] * Piper blinks softly as a movement catches her attention from the corner of her eye. Upon realizing what it was, she moves over to where Ben was with a curious glimmer in her eyes.
[22:54] * Dys stretches again then walks over, twitching his antennae slightly.
[22:54] * @ben nods towards Evan, speaking lowly. "I've met him before. He's a werewolf."
[22:56] * Dys tilts head to the side.
[22:56] <Dys> A... what?
[22:56] <@Ben> Um... A lycanthrope...? Bad news, basically.
[22:56] * Piper is taken by surprise at this piece of information. Up until now, she's only read about werewolves in story books and myths... Given some of the things that have recently happened to her, however, did she really have a right to be surprised at their existance?
[22:57] <Dys> <mein gott, Dys has a lot of pop culture to catch up on.>
[22:57] <Dys> <XD>
[22:58] <@Ben> He can turn into a monster, and it's really strong and really fast and you don't want to mess with it.
[23:01] <Dys> Huh. We have stories of such, though ours are mere myth inspired by skeletons of our evolutionary ancestors.
[23:01] <@Ben> Trust me, this guy's no myth...
[23:02] <Dys> Fair enough. He seems to keep to himself, though. I suspect that if we do not bother him, he will likely not bother us.
[23:02] <@Ben> We can hope...
[23:03] <Dys> Hm.
[23:03] * Dys closes his eyes for a moment, seeming to concentrate
[23:03] * Dys twitches an antenna
[23:04] <Dys> Something is definitely different there.
[23:04] <Evan> Hmmmm.
[23:05] <Evan> Somethin' smells...new?
[23:05] <Dys> But then, that could be typical for the species? I'm not exactly an expert on the electric fields of other species.
[23:07] * Evan turns to look at the other passengers, but after looking them over seems to lose interest and turns around again
[23:08] <Evan> (He didn't see Ben 'cause he's short)
[23:08] <Piper> [*Snicker*]
[23:08] * @ben sighs in relief.
[23:09] <Piper> . . .
[23:09] <Piper> Dys. May I try something in the name of scientific curiosity?
[23:10] <Dys> That all depends on what it is. *tilts head to the side*
[23:10] <Piper> I would like to see just how "catlike" you may be.
[23:11] * Dys raises an eyeridge
[23:12] <Piper> [Kinda wish her pen was a laser point pen now.]
[23:12] <Dys> <PFFF>
[23:14] * Evan sniffs the air again.
[23:14] <Evan> Hey, waittaminute...
[23:14] * Evan stands this time as he turns very suddenly, an evil grin spreads across his face as he spots Ben from the higher viewpoint.
[23:15] * @ben shrinks into his chair.
[23:15] <Piper> ...Oh dear
[23:15] <Piper> So when you say that you have met before..
[23:15] <Evan> I knew I smelled you...
[23:16] * Piper waves ethusiastically once more.
[23:16] <Piper> Hello~!
[23:17] * Evan leaps very suddenly forward, attempting to reach over the chair and grab Ben by the head.
[23:17] * @ben is snatched!
[23:17] <@Ben> L-listen guy! I don't want any trouble!
[23:18] <Evan> Aww, but I love trouble.
[23:18] * Piper glances to Dys then back to the scene before them.
[23:18] * Evan grins wider as two lights begin to glow in his eyes, forcing Ben to look into them from the hold.
[23:19] <Evan> And I think you'll make plenty of trouble for me, and I won't even have to try...
[23:19] * Piper slowly backs away.
[23:19] * @ben moans slightly, shaking slightly. He tries to reach into his pocket, and grab the pill within.
[23:19] <@Ben> (Slightly twice, god dammit.)
[23:20] * Dys narrows eyes, sparks dancing between his antennae. Something is /definitely going on/ and his electric field senses are, figuratively spekaing, on fire.
[23:21] <Evan> Thought so.
[23:21] * Evan begins to laugh as the lights grow brighter and brighter.
[23:22] * @ben pulls a small glass capsule out of his pocket, but he seems different. He seems a bit larger than he used to be, his pants straining around the belt. His fur is graying out, and his otter features are starting to become more wolf-like.
[23:24] <Piper> Well, as fun as it was meeting everyone... I must leave! Unfortunately there is a disturbance in the force, and it is not with me right now. I never go anywhere without the force, Skywalker strongly advises against it.
[23:24] * Piper quickly turns on her heels and attempts to find somewhere safe.
[23:25] <Evan> (Isn't she seated in a train)
[23:25] * @ben brings the capsule up to his chest, but he is shaking extremely badly now, and having trouble opening it. His pants are starting to rip at the seams as he begins to grow much quicker. He manages to choke out a pained "Stop."
[23:25] <Evan> No.
[23:26] <Piper> [She could totally hide under her seat ;-;]
[23:26] * Evan plucks the two lights out of his eyes and leaves them hovering just in front of Ben's as he steps away.
[23:26] <Evan> (Trapped by the thing you love most o:<)
[23:26] <Piper> [*SOBBU*]
[23:27] * @ben is now captivated, and cannot look away. His pants are ripped to shreds as he reaches double his normal size. He drops the capsule, the glass shattering on the floor and sending the pill inside rolling down the car.
[23:27] * Dys hisses, his fur emitting a soft glow as some of the ambient lighting flickers, the glow filtering to the orbs on his gloves as they become charged.
[23:29] <Evan> Welp, later folks, hope you have fun with that.
[23:30] * Evan opens the door between the cars and begins climbing up to the roof.
[23:30] <Piper> You butt! HEY!
[23:30] * Piper quickly follows after him in her moment of impulsive anger.
[23:30] <Dys> ... Well, that was random.
[23:30] <Dys> Are random acts of random assholery common in this side of the world?
[23:31] * Evan begins to transform as he reaches the roof, nearly doubling in size and bulk as he becomes a wolf monster.
[23:31] <Dys> ... And why do I get the feeling that the lights are on but the otter isn't home?
[23:32] * @ben rips off the chain of his dog tags and throws it to the floor. The last of his otter features become wolfish as he reaches three times his normal size. His fur now completely gray, he looks towards Dys, as the last remaining passenger in this car, with mad, wolf-like eyes. This isn't Ben anymore. With a howl, he rushes the cat-alien, literally tearing the seats of the train to pieces around him.
[23:32] <Dys> ... I'll take it that /THAT's/ why.
[23:32] <Evan> Oh, today is a fun day.
[23:33] * Piper pauses mid-step, finding herself regretting her impulsive decision as Evan changes.
[23:33] * Evan unleashes a horrible, high pitched howl, shattering multiple windows and shaking the car a bit.
[23:33] * Dys shifts into a fighting stance, the orbs on his gloves glowing even brighter as more electricity is drawn into them,
[23:33] <Piper> URGH!!
[23:33] * Piper covers her ears as she struggles not to fall to her knees
[23:35] * @ben , getting all four limbs onto the chairs around him, leaps towards Dys! The chairs his legs launched from literally being wrenched out of their place.
[23:36] <Evan> I feel like you're not gonna put up much of a fight, girlie.
[23:36] <Dys> I see your leap, *he grins* and I retort with this.
[23:36] * Dys proceeds to respond with a rather carefully aimed - and electrically charged - punch
[23:37] <Evan> Might make a decent meal, though.
[23:38] * Piper narrows her eyes at the word "girlie" before smirking, She dropped to her knees and punched both of her hands into the roof of the train before peeling the metal back, creating a wall between them.
[23:38] * @ben is smacked. Though it doesn't seem to phase him too heavily, it knocks him off course, and he tumbles towards the back of the car. He's on his feet again in seconds, and rushing towards Dys again on all fours. As he gets close, he rears up and attempts to gore the cat-alien on his foreclaws.
[23:38] <Piper> I'd only give you a bad stomach ache!
[23:38] <Evan> Oooh, metalworker.
[23:38] <Evan> Or just strong?
[23:39] <Evan> Either way, you'll be an extra special treat.
[23:39] * Piper takes a fighting stance.
[23:39] <Evan> Haven't had super in months!
[23:39] <Piper> Come at me, bro and find out!
[23:40] * Evan cloaks both claws in dark magic, leaping forward with one of them spread like a five pointed trident and stabbing it forward as he lands.
[23:41] * Dys narrows eyes, adjusting the electric fields within himself to boost his reaction speed and movement speed, narrowly evading the claws while launching a kick - not quite as charged but slightly more powerful - towards the beast's chest.
[23:42] * Piper quickly backs away from the metal wall she had created, suspecting that claws like those could probably pierces through rather easily. She was not one for underestimating foes... The red haired woman quickly tried to fold the metal around the arm that launched toward her.
[23:42] <Piper> *pierce
[23:44] * @ben takes the kick with a bit of a flinch, and slashes at Dys.
[23:44] * Evan is caught, but quickly rips his arm out of the trap, attempting to use his other arm to grab his opponent by her clothing.
[23:47] * Piper jumps back just in time to stay out of reach, however, her top ends up torn along its side. She swallowed in both fear and relief that it wasn't her actual body that he had managed to grasp before realizing just how close she was the the edge of the trains cart.
[23:47] * Dys dodges to the side, but is nontheless still caught by a claw, falling to the floor and rolling away, some blood dripping from the cut - little more than a graze, but still enough to draw blood. /Durable little bastard. Difficult to fight in close quarters/.
[23:48] <Piper> You've got to be joking..
[23:48] <Piper> Why does the universe hate me?
[23:48] * @ben licks the blood from his claws.
[23:50] <@Shiny> (whoa it's still going on?)
[23:50] * Evan suddenly grabs his head and writhes a bit as an extremely high pitched noise barely audible to those with near-human hearing fills the area.
[23:50] * @ben drops down to all fours, shaking his head.
[23:51] <Evan> Fine.
[23:51] <Evan> I guess Zeke has decided he's got other plans for you.
[23:51] * Evan stands to his full height as the noise passes.
[23:51] <Piper> Z.. Zeke?
[23:52] * Dys draws further electricity into himself the orbs on his gloves glowing brightly as the aura around him becomes even brighter. When speed fails, power must do.
[23:52] <Dys> <... And now i'm picturing this giant asshole werewolf answering to a relatively small metal dinosaur.>
[23:52] <Dys> <thanks a fucking lot, Zoids.>
[23:52] <Piper> [Heehee~]
[23:53] * @ben staggers back to his hind feet. Spotting Dys again, and either not noticing, or not caring, about the aura around the cat, he rushes him again, attempting to sink his teeth into the alien.
[23:54] * Evan notices a tree not too far from the tracks coming up soon.
[23:54] <Evan> Guess I'll deal with ya another time.
[23:55] <Piper> Who is Zeke?! What plans--- Hey!!
[23:55] * Evan jumps to the tree as they pass it, catching a branch in one hand like an ape. As the train goes further away the magical lights he had left behind disappear.
[23:57] <@Shiny> (man it looks like I'm missing an awesome fight)
[23:57] * Piper turns to stare at Evans shrinking form in the distance both confusion and silent determination. She was never much of a fighter... What dumb luck that she's even still standing with only a shredded shirt to show for her first encounter with a werewolf.
[23:57] * Dys charges forward with a screech, launching into an unrelenting flurry of blocks, kicks and punches until he has enough power built up to unleash one final knuckle punch, delivering an electric shock consisting of all the excess power he built directly into the werewolf's body.
[23:57] <Piper> *with both
[23:57] <Piper> [Damn keyboard]
[23:58] <Dys> Down, boy!
[23:58] * @ben 's eyes cloud over for a moment, before returning to normal. He quickly begins shrinking back to his normal form, but he has no time to make Dys aware of this before he's pummeled into oblivion. The former wolf, now increasingly otter is launched into the far wall, where he collapses in a heap.
[23:58] <Piper> OH! BEN!
[23:59] * Piper quickly makes her way back to the duo.
[23:59] * Dys catches his breath, blinking at the reverting otter
[00:00] * Piper stops stunned at the chaotic scene around her. The train was a wreck!
[00:00] <Piper> WHAT BLASPHEMY---
[00:00] <Piper> Ben!
[00:00] * Piper hurries to his side and checks his wounds.
[00:01] <Piper> [Train wreck! Get it?]
[00:01] <Piper> [I'm so funny.]
[00:01] * @ben , surprisingly, doesn't seem all that badly injured. Any noticeable cuts appear to have clotted and are starting to scab over. He is out cold, naked, but fairly uninjured.
[00:02] * Piper sighs in relief then glances to Dys.
[00:02] <Piper> Are you okay?
[00:02] <Piper> ...
[00:02] <Piper> You're bleeding!
[00:02] <Dys> 'tis but a scratch!
[00:02] * Dys blinks
[00:02] <Dys> Whoa. Deja vu.
[00:02] <Dys> Seriously, though, could have been a lot worse.
[00:03] <Piper> I'm glad you're breathing.. That was scary..
[00:03] <Piper> ...I didn't think I'd get out alive.
[00:03] <Dys> I'm not designed for close-quarters combat.
[00:04] <Piper> I'm not designed for any combat!
[00:04] <Piper> I'm more of an inventor..
[00:05] * Dys rolls his eyes, winces lightly, and reaches into a pocket on his trenchcoat to produce a small spray bottle. Looking it over, he is relieved to see the thing is undamaged, and proceeds to spray its contents on his injury, which proceeds to slowly knit itself together.
[00:05] <Piper> ...That. Is so cool. What is that?
[00:06] <Dys> Standard issue medsol.
[00:06] <Piper> Medsol?
[00:07] <Dys> Medical Solution. It contains nutrients, ECM constituents and some kind of medical nanomachines that catalyze the process.
[00:08] <Dys> not exactly a miracle cure, but it IS good for closing wounds and helping the body repair itself faster.
[00:08] <Piper> Ooooo~
[00:08] * Evan (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Imploded: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[00:09] <Piper> Nanomachines are very intriguing~
[00:09] * @ben groans. Apparently he's coming to.
[00:09] <Dys> They're fairly commonplace for medical uses, at least as far as biologicals are concerned.
[00:10] <Dys> those of us who don't naturally regenerate, anyway
[00:12] * Dys turns his eyes to the small otter creature - the contrast in form - and - electrical fields between him and the thing that he became a while ago still rather staggering.
[00:12] <Dys> Are you alright?
[00:12] <@Ben> So... Hungry...
[00:13] <Dys> ... I'd say. This kind of transformation looks like it would have taken a hell of a lot out of anyone, metabolically speaking
[00:14] <@Ben> Did I... Hurt anyone?
[00:14] <Dys> Nothing that a light touch of Medsol didn't fix.
[00:15] * @ben puts his hand to his chest. "My dog tags..." He attempts to climb to his feet, but his arms give out on him.
[00:15] <Dys> That other form of yours has some really impressive durability. Needs to work on its attitude, though. *he smiles*
[00:16] <@Ben> Don't talk about it... Please.
[00:16] <Piper> ..I'm glad you're okay, Benny. You had us worried!
[00:16] * Dys nods
[00:17] <Piper> Evan took to the top of the train but I managed to scare him off with my radically awesome moves.
[00:17] <@Ben> Heh...
[00:17] <@Ben> Could you, uh... Find my dog tags... I'd do it myself but, I think I need rest...
[00:17] * Dys spots the dogtags in question somewhere on the floor - indubitably swept aside in all the chaos - and picks them up, walking over to the otter.
[00:18] <Dys> There you go.
[00:19] <Dys> i'm amazed they didn't get caught under a chair or something.
[00:20] * @ben accepts the broken necklace and clutches it to his chest. "Thanks."
[00:20] <Piper> It's just as well that I didn't stay in my hiding place.
[00:20] <Dys> You're welcome. Least I could do after I zapped you like that.
[00:20] <Dys> I'm just glad things didn't get any more complicated.
[00:21] <@Ben> I can't... Control myself... Like that... I'm glad I didn't hurt you too badly.
[00:22] <Piper> Tis not your fault, Ben..
[00:22] <Dys> What exactly did he do to you? All I could sense is that your electric fields became increasingly like his when you transformed.
[00:22] <@Ben> I should have told you... I didn't think he could do that...
[00:22] <@Ben> Showed me the moon.
[00:23] <Dys> ... I think I may have seen a fragment of an old Earth video where someone did that. Except he used it to transform himself into a giant... ape?
[00:23] * Piper giggles
[00:23] <Piper> Was his name Vegeta?
[00:24] <Dys> Yes, actually. Rather unusual name, but i gather it was a very old series from a country where unusual names are the least of one's worries.
[00:25] * Piper smiles in amusement to herself.
[00:25] <Piper> Y'could say that, yes~
[00:25] <Dys> Humans are... odd.
[00:25] <Piper> Says the cat alien~
[00:25] <Dys> Technically, I am an Alectan...
[00:26] * Dys shrugs, lightly twitching an antenna
[00:26] <Dys> But close enough.
[00:26] * Piper nods.. then lightly scratches him behind an antenna from her earlier curiosity.
[00:27] * Dys twitches said antennae, a few sparks lightly flying from it as he emits a small purr in spite of himself.
[00:27] <Piper> Eiiii~
[00:28] * Piper then keeps her hands to herself, a silly grin across her features.
[00:29] <Dys> Well. *stretches* Now that this is over with, there is one thing I am wondering about.
[00:30] <Piper> Oh?
[00:30] <Piper> ...I wonder why nobody came out to see what the noise was ab--...
[00:30] <Piper> ...
[00:30] <Dys> Yes, Exactly.
[00:30] <Piper> Are we the only ones on this train? <<;;;
[00:30] <Dys> Where IS /everyone/?
[00:30] <Dys> ... and furthermore
[00:30] <Dys> ...
[00:31] <Dys> Who's driving this thing?
[00:31] * Piper quickly examines her surroundings.
[00:31] <Piper> Ivanova, please let there be a driver.
[00:31] <@Ben> It's a good thing no one's here... I don't know... What might have happened...
[00:31] <@Ben> If I bit anyone... They'd be like me...
[00:31] * Piper quickly disappears to check there is, indeed, someone at the damn controls.
[00:31] <@Ben> If they lived at all...
[00:31] <Dys> You'd expect them to have some kind of monitor system and some form of security in case something like this happened. Unless impromptu battles involving unusual abilities are not a common thing?
[00:32] <Dys> Truth be told, I am not entirely sure where we are actually going.
[00:32] <@Ben> (The idea I had was computer operated train and station, but if you want people to be there!)
[00:33] <Dys> <Oh, it could be computer operated, it just seems odd that in a set of dimensions where this sort of thing happens tehre wouldn't be some monitoring what have you>
[00:33] <Dys> <But then, on Dys' side of the universe public transport shuttles usually do>
[00:33] <@Ben> My... Disease... Is spread by saliva getting in contact with blood.
[00:33] <Dys> <which is why he sort of expects this sort of thing>
[00:34] <Dys> Huh. Saliva-borne pathogen.
[00:35] <@Ben> ... I didn't bite you at all, right?
[00:36] <Dys> Just scratched.
[00:36] <@Ben> Good...
[00:36] <Dys> I don't suppose they isolated the pathogen itself? I'm no expert on medical subjects, but something that is capable of either overwriting DNA or triggering normally inactive sequences leading to massive metabolically-expensive transformation and reversion would be...
[00:36] <Dys> well, complicated enough to have some major presence.
[00:38] <@Ben> There's no known cure... But that pill I had... It's called wolfsbane. It's a powerful poison, but on werewolves it negates the insanity. I still transform, but I keep my mind.
[00:38] <@Ben> I didn't know he'd be able to do that...
[00:38] <@Ben> I couldn't take it in time.
[00:39] <Dys> I do wonder what his deal was. Just... creating chaos?
[00:40] <@Ben> I couldn't tell you... Just the kind of person he is, I guess... Reminds me of the guy who bit me. Though I only met him that one time, he's apparently well known to some people...
[00:41] <Piper> I could see why he would be..
[00:41] <Piper> If he enjoys making scenes.
[00:41] * Piper shakes her head softly.
[00:41] <Piper> This train is ran by computers.
[00:41] <Piper> It was fascinating.
[00:41] <@Ben> Probably for the best...
[00:42] * @ben manages to sit up, using the wall for support. He drapes his tail over his privates to spare anyone the flash.
[00:42] * Piper gazes upward to the hole she had created earlier, admiring the sky whilst in thought.
[00:42] <Piper> [And still, I love this hole!]
[00:43] <@Ben> Going to need new pants... And a new chain... And a new pill.
[00:43] <Piper> [I'd insert an explosion but I don't wanna blow us up. Or a train.]
[00:43] * @ben sighs. At that moment a ding is heard over a speaker at the front of the car. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the train will be arriving shortly."
[00:44] <Dys> <XDD>
[00:46] <@Ben> You guys, uh... Have anything you wouldn't mind parting with for a little bit? I'm uh... A little exposed.
[00:46] <Dys> I sincerely hope we don't get charged for this.... nonsense.
[00:47] <Dys> All I have is my trenchcoat, and I fear it's a bit... large
[00:50] * Piper unfolds her "shorts" to reveal that they actually stop half way down her shins. She starts to tear the fabric away, somewhat grateful that Ben was so small. By the time she was done, they really WERE shorts and no longer needed to be folded out of her way.
[00:51] * Piper ties the pieces together and hands it to the small otter creature
[00:51] <Piper> Toga~!
[00:51] <@Ben> Oh... You didn't have to destroy your clothes for me..
[00:51] <Piper> Heh, Evan already got me good with my top.
[00:51] <Piper> ..My favourite one too!
[00:52] <Piper> At least this way, it's not a waste~
[00:53] * @ben accepts the makeshift toga, and slips it on. Thankfully, it covers everything that needs covering. "Thanks, I promise to pay you back someday."
[00:53] * Piper smiles and waves it off. "Think nothing of it!"
[00:53] <@Ben> If possible, I think I should ride the train back and head home. I really would love to explore wherever this is taking us, but I really need to eat and fix my necklace.
[00:55] <Piper> And I should probably go back and change into clothes that don't make me look like a victim of the Dragonball universe.
[00:55] * Piper turns her attention to Dys.
[00:55] <Piper> What about you?
[00:56] <Dys> Well, I'm not sure where I'm going.
[00:56] <Piper> Come with me and I shall educate you in the ways of saiyans!
[00:57] * @ben grins. The train slows to a halt, the doors automatically opening at either end of the car. "The train has now arrived. Passengers returning to Crossroads should please stand away from the doors. The train shall be returning shortly."
[00:57] <Dys> ... I don't suppose you have a clue how they do that thing with their hair?
[00:57] <Dys> I mean, I suppose they could do this.
[00:57] * Dys lightly crackles with static electricity as his shortish mane stands on end
[00:58] * Piper laughs and gives a salute to Ben as she makes her way off the train. "It's somewhat similar, yes!"
[00:58] <Piper> Take care and stay safe, Benny!
[00:58] * Dys nods
[00:58] <@Ben> Bye!
[00:58] <Dys> Aye, good travels to you~
[00:58] * Dys steps off the train, stretching again.
[00:59] <Dys> Been a pleasure to meet you. Hopefully, if we meet again, situations wouldn't be quite as...
[00:59] * Dys rolls eyes, as if he is aware of how terrible that pun is
[00:59] <Dys> Hairy?
[00:59] <Piper> Chaotic?
[00:59] <Piper> Haha~
[00:59] <Dys> ... said the alectan to the otter...
[00:59] * @ben sticks his tongue out. "Very funny." He waves as the doors slides shut. A moment later, the train departs again, returning back the way it came.
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Edit: Em, Dys and Shale bio'd. Capella later.

Name: Emerant Cirrus

Age: Unknown, though she appears to be in her twenties.

Gender: Female.

Race: Crystal lattice-core nanomachine cloud, formerly (and appearing as) human.

Height: Shortish-average. I'd say about bout 1.62m, maybe?

Weight: Varies.

Eyes: Emerald green, rather piercing.

Hair: Black, curly, about shoulder-length and held back with a green headband.

Outfit: A complex-polymer green-and-black partially armored exosuit that covers most of her body featuring various helix-patter motif. The armored segments of which have several small storage compartments.

Identifying Marks: Petite, athletic body frame, mischievous looking elfin face and a dark complexion.

Other Notable Features: She sometimes forgets to appear to breathe. Oops. She is also almost never seen without her ship somewhere nearby, but that is a different story.

Powers: Emerant Cirrus is, in all actuality, a small, central crystal/metal core construct - a fusion of technology and magic - which exerts control over a cloud of nanomachines capable of a wide variety of functions. She can control a very large - but not unlimited - number of these nanomachines, where an increases in the number of nano-particles in the cloud or operating over long distances from the core requires more energy and concentration out of her. She is, therefore, capable of shapeshifting, interacting directly with computer systems, breaking apart and consuming raw materials to produce more nanomachinery or produce small-scale structures from such (though large-scale constructionwould require her to link up with a fabrication facility of some sort). Her most powerful weapon, perhaps, is her ability to lose cohesion and become a particle storm capable of enveloping, breaking apart and consuming a threat - though she may only use it as a last resort - largely due to finding it a somewhat distasteful (and usually ending up with a large excess of raw materials she has nothing much to do with.) In spite of the ridiculous flexibility her nature gives her, she must still protect her core - which, though small and movable through her cloud, is still her major weak spot.

Background: Emerant Cirrus hails from a universe where humanity has taken to the stars and colonized many worlds, leading to the rise of a central government known as the Alliance - which enforces its laws through superior military might. When she was still a human, Emerant Cirrus (under her original name, which she has long since abandoned) was a fighter pilot in the Alliance military who has uncovered evidence for deep-scale corruption within higher echelons of the service and certain atrocities committed against dissident worlds that were covered up. She had doubts about the veracity of what she found - but should the information be true, she could not trust her superior officers. However, the possibility of an actual leak led the Alliance to attempt a coverup by sabotaging her craft, causing it to crash during a training mission on a barren world that could not support human life, leading to her 'tragic death'.

What the Alliance did not know was that this world was not as barren as they thought, and that, though grievously injured, the pilot survived the crash for long enough for something to find her and transfer her mind wholesale into the crystal/metal construct that comprises her core.

Emerant has very little knowledge of the exact nature of what she calls her 'saviors' - They resembled in many ways what she now became, but were still different somehow - and that they were advanced enough to make even the Alliance's most powerful, experimental technology seem like a pocket calculator. She spent a while on this world with her 'saviors' and learned much about her new nature and how to control it - as well as attempting to figure out what to do with her life from then on. She briefly considered getting revenge on the Alliance in some way, but with a rise in crime, piracy and dissidence in the universe at large - one that even the Alliance struggled to contain (except in their most heavily fortified systems), leading to the rise of bounty hunters and other private contractors - Emerant decided there is enough chaos in the universe even without the Alliance tearing itself apart. She opted to become a freebird - a drifter operating primarily in the fringe worlds, where Alliance presence was rather minimal, taking on various odd jobs (on either side of the law, although she is not one for chaos and piracy for the sake of it) to support her lifestyle - and to keep herself from getting too bored. In her universe of origin she keeps her nanomachine-based abilities to herself unless she absolutely must unveil them, operating more clandestinely and using a variety of aliases, some of which she has operated for years.

Emerant gets around space in the Voidrunner - a small, one-person gunship of a design typical to her universe - a mishmash of salvaged materials and technology that, put together, still appears to somehow have a pleasing, streamlined aesthetic - which she built around the remains of her alliance military fighter. Its outside appearance gives it a certain sense of anonymity - though from the inside, it is anything but. The Voidrunner has no clear controls, internal gravity or even a life support system. Its cockpit consists of a complex-polymer seat surrounded by a smooth, streamlined circular panel filled with data ports connected to an array of biomechanical-looking tendrils and featuring glassy windows and filled with a synaptic fluid of sorts, flowing through the ship like a circulatory system, connected to its power core and central computer core. When Emerant pilots the Voidrunner, she literally dissolves these nanomachines into these tubes, 'fusing' with the ship and allowing herself to rest her control over her nanomachines - a state of, for her, blissful entropy. She considers the Voidrunner less of a ship and more of a full-body glove - and she does not allow others to look into the interior of her ship. They wouldn't be able to make heads or tails of it, anyway.

It was one of her jobs - having been contracted by a corporation to survey an unusual 'portal phenomenon' in Sector 14 - that led her out of her universe and into the CRP one - and having been fused with the Voidrunner at the time, the transition through the portal caused her to revert to her typical form and consume the Voidrunner itself. She was briefly overwhelmed by being pushed to the upper limits of her control - but with the help of a few locals and an ancient fabrication facility, Emerant used the materials she consumed from her ship and its patterns stored in her mind to reconstruct the vessel. Through analyzing and appropriating a local Gateway, Emerant returned to her universe - this time keeping herself solid and separate from the ship - and constructed her own portal spawner - though the device is still a bit wonky on its exact navigational parameters and requires a while to charge between universal leaps. She now explores multiple universes, pretty much for the hell of it - bounty hunting and prospecting was getting a bit boring, anyway.

Name: Dys

Age: Somewhere in his mid-twenties.

Gender: Male.

Race: Alectan.

Height: 1.75m

Weight: Whatever is normal for a lithe, athletic physique for his species. Probably somewhat lighter than the human equivalent, I've yet to figure out if Alectan bones are hollow or not. <<

Appearance: Dys is an Alectan - a bipedal digitigrade with an appearance combining elements of feline, primate and archosaurid. His body is covered in golden fur with distinctive black marking patterns and a slightly-longer-than-shoulder-length mane, its tips fading to darker brown. His eyes are amberish-brown and his eyebrow-ridges terminate in a pair of antennae which may be individually twitched. He has a semi-prehensile tail reminiscent of a tiger's, but somewhat fluffier.

Outfit: He wears a simple, sleeveless, buttoned black trenchcoat with green vine designs running along its hem and a pair of black, fingerless gloves, a green crystal orb adorning each one. He is otherwise equipped with a wide belt that has a mechanical sort of look and a small mechanical communicator-looking device mounted on his trenchcoat where his heart would be, linked via a series of wires to a collar-like contraption on his neck - that is also linked to a pair of small silvery rings around his antennae. both the collar and the belt support their own green orbs.

Other Notable Features: A generally quick wit and sarcasm compounded with a general zero-fucks-given attitude and an alarming degree of genre-savvyness. As Alectans do not speak - communicating in a myriad of feline/avian chirps, purrs, clicks and manipulation of electric fields - he relies on his translator device to provide speech-translation to communicate with other sentients. As such his 'voice' has a synthesized quality - although the device can handle tones of voice et cetera.

Powers: Like all Alectans, Dys is partially ergovorous - drawing sustenance from electricity as well as biological nutrients - and has the innate ability to manipulate and sense electric fields. This ability also includes his own internal bio-electricity, allowing him to boost his reaction speed, movement speed and deliver electrically-charged kicks and punches. As such he is a balanced speed/power fighter, though he prefers fighting in open space than in cramped quarters so he can rely somewhat on speed. The orbs upon his gloves can act as electrical capacitors, storing excess energy should he absorb quantities of power that he cannot contain - or to deliver particularly powerful electric punches without the risk of damaging his own biosystems. His ability to absorb electricity seems to also extend to magical electricity.

Should a more major combat situation unfold, he may disable the Synchro-Lock on the storage device within his belt and deploy his Warframe - a suit of powered armor constructed around a piezoelectirc base layer. The suit requires a great amount of energy - which may derive from his own internal generators or environmental sources - and provides a variety of abilties including powered flight (small elytra-like constructs fanning out at the back of the armor and flaring into an electric glow providing thrust). The warframe's primary weapons are a pair of largish guns that are usually attached to the suit's hip modules. When plugged into a pair of tendrils extending from the shoulderplates, the guns are powered and are capable of discharging plasma beams that may be charged for extended periods of time before firing. These guns may also be attached to the warframe's arm modules and used to project melee weapons - varying from shortish energy blades to long, vine-like energy whips capable of slicing things at a long range. The longer he stays in the warframe, the higher his Synchronization Rating with the device rises, though the higher energy drain it becomes on his systems.

Background: Back on the homeworld, Dys had a keen interest in biology - and particularly botany. His interest in the flora of other worlds led him to leave his homeworld - like many other young Alectans who leave on journeys and return years later. In the process he has traveled, doing various odd jobs and becoming a crew member of various ships to "keep flying", as it were. In the process he found himself doing assorted mercenary jobs, picking up assorted tricks, combat training and his Warframe along the way. How he ended up outside his universe of origin and in the Crossroads is anyone's guess, including his own - but it probably involved some kind of warp anomaly. He soon formed a close friendship with a metalbending engineer, mechanic and inventor who was one of the first people he met in this dimension, and when he isn't traveling around and getting wrapped up in Weird Monster Shit he often hangs out with her.

Name: Shale

Age: Ageless.

Gender: Genderless.

Race: Lifeweaver

Height: ?

Weight: ?

Appearance: Shale normally projects the appearance of a slim, black-haired androgynous figure, with dextrous fingers slightly longer than those of the average human's. Their face is also very androgynous, and their lips seem to have a faint blue iridescence to them, but in some way it appears to be a natural feature rather than the result of any applied lipstick.

That is, however, an illusion - Shale's true appearance is that of an anthropomorphic spiderlike being, dark shelled with complex arrays of purple markings, iridescent blue chelicerae. their two arms and two legs in their projected illusion form are actually two pairs of arms and two pairs of legs held fairly close together, and when they let the illusion drop, they often spread their arm pairs apart, using each of their arms separately.

Both forms feature an array of four large, iridescent eyes arranged in the manner of jumping spider eyes - which is why Shale keeps their eyes covered while projecting a human appearance.

Outfit: Their outfit is made of loose, royal-purple silk in a cut emphasizing comfort over ostenatiousness. A silvery scarf, equally silken, is draped around their neck and shoulders, obscuring the lower part of their face, whilst their eyes are obscured by sunglasses with a reflective finish. These sunglasses serve as a physical focus for their illusion spell, allowing them to maintain it without having to keep too much concentration span dedicated to it.

On occasion (in their humanoid form) they also wear a pair of long, silvery silken gloves - made from the same material their scarf is composed of. The gloves and the scarf are actually composed of the same material - Thread. their own silk infused with their own life force. The scarf and gloves act as reserves of Thread to save them the need to spin such directly in battle.

Other Notable Features:

Powers: Shale could be described as a Necromancer - but that would be somewhat of a misnomer. As a Lifeweaver, Shale has insight into the complex, interwoven web of Life and Death - its threads and the negative space within, as well as frayed spots and dark threads patched inwards. Using specialized Thread into which their own life-essence is spun, Shale can target the dead - or the undead - and weave their Thread into the target's web. Their silvery thread, once finding purchase, becomes translucent, then ethereal, connecting the undead to Shale's own lifeforce and will. Shale can use this power to animate and control dead bodies as well as to unravel and control, liberate or destroy existing undead - a tricky endeavor at times as the core thread may be rather slippery and difficult to find amidst the magical matrix. Shale uses a pair of specialized scissors to cut threads - either their own, detaching themselves from a particular body, or dark threads woven by others to terminate the undead. Shale may also use their thread to stitch together severed pieces of their own body or on rare occasion to stitch together myriads of corpses too damaged to be of any use on their own into complex necromantic golems.

Other than their necromantic powers, Shale is a skilled illusionist and possesses the ability to meld into shadows, sometimes using them to quickly travel from one place to another.

Background: Little is known about Shale or their people, the Lifeweavers. They are said to be born of the web of life itself, appearing where great disturbances in the balance of life and death occurred and disappearing again. Often, even when they appear they operate from the shadows. It is unknown how many lifeweavers exist, if new ones are formed when needed or whether or not they can truly die. They are a mystery wrapped in an enigma, and Shale - though somewhat more open about their nature than other lifeweavers - keeps the mystique of their people very much intact. Whatever their story is, their presence is usually a sign that something has gone horribly wrong and they are there to help set it right.
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Shiny Motley

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Oops posting again; this one is from a few nights ago.

Rex - Noah and Dustin
Tailon - Adam Shelley
Atma - Atma Ranza
Kyubeon - Lyni

[19:54] * @noah is relaxing on a park bench, snoozing on his back.
[19:57] * Adam_Shelley is sitting in the park feeding some nearby birds, he is unnaturally pale, starkly contrasting his jet black hair, and seems rather sullen.
[20:02] * ~Atma_Ranza is in the bushes nearby with some sort of binoculars pressed to his eyes, scoping out the park.
[20:03] <@Noah> (I've yet to meet a character that's been able to notice, but if Atma can sense such things, Noah has two souls.)
[20:04] <~Atma_Ranza> (Unfortunately, Atma's equipment is currently limited to the scientific.)
[20:04] <Adam_Shelley> (Adam has no soul)
[20:05] <Adam_Shelley> (Unfortunately for him he does still have a personality and intellect so he is acutely aware of this fact)
[20:08] <~Atma_Ranza> (Cool.)
[20:13] <Adam_Shelley> (You guys planning to do anything)
[20:13] <@Noah> (Thought Karu was going for something.)
[20:14] <~Atma_Ranza> (I'm scoping from the bushes. All there is to it.)
[20:14] <~Atma_Ranza> (Sorry.)
[20:14] <Adam_Shelley> (So all three of us are now completely passive)
[20:14] <Adam_Shelley> (Congratulations)
[20:15] <Adam_Shelley> (Adam has no heat signature and gives off a slight electric current at all times if that helps)
[20:16] <~Atma_Ranza> (XD)
[20:16] <~Atma_Ranza> (Oh my bad)
[20:16] <@Noah> (I can't think of anything Atma would be able to tell about Noah scientifically.)
[20:16] <~Atma_Ranza> (I didn't see Noah do a thing earlier)
[20:16] <Adam_Shelley> (He's asleep on a bench)
[20:17] <@Noah> (Taking a light nap, yes, wouldn't be hard to wake him up.)
[20:18] <~Atma_Ranza> (Ah)
[20:18] * ~Atma_Ranza raises an eyebrow from behind the device. The thing on the bench looked somewhat familiar, if not asleep.
[20:18] <~Atma_Ranza> Curious...
[20:19] * ~Atma_Ranza takes a glance around before standing with much rustling of leaves before half-stumbling his way through the thicket to approach the sleeper.
[20:20] <~Atma_Ranza> "Excuse me, sir." Attempted the scientist.
[20:20] * @noah starts, sitting up. "Huh!?"
[20:21] * ~Atma_Ranza raises his hands in front of him defensively, jumping a half step back.
[20:21] <~Atma_Ranza> "E-easy!"
[20:22] * ~Atma_Ranza lowers his hands, taking a cautious shuffle closer. "May I prompt you a question, sir?"
[20:23] <@Noah> Uh... Sorry... Yes?
[20:24] <~Atma_Ranza> "I waas lead here attending rumours of dragons, however.." An uneasy glance around and an awkward wave of the binos fills the pause. "...No avail. It seems the rumour trail has gone cold. Do you know of such a draconic influence?"
[20:24] <@Noah> Uh...
[20:25] <@Shiny> (http://charmscrp.wikia.com/wiki/Tester_Page I dunno what I'm doing but how does this look)
[20:25] <@Noah> W-well... Um... Kind of?
[20:25] <~Atma_Ranza> (That looks good.)
[20:26] <@Noah> (Looks nice, yes~)
[20:26] <Adam_Shelley> (Wow, that's great)
[20:26] <Adam_Shelley> (Oh yeah there's some way to set a smaller number with a smaller bar and then have a larger bar with the second number)
[20:26] <~Atma_Ranza> Kind of?
[20:26] <Adam_Shelley> (It's usually used for teleporters)
[20:27] <@Shiny> (you do that when you can I'm just messing around XD)
[20:27] * @noah nods.
[20:27] <Adam_Shelley> (Like Deadpool has a 2 in Speed but he also has a 7 when he's teleporting)
[20:27] <@Shiny> (I remember seeing that before but I wasn't sure how to do it.)
[20:29] <~Atma_Ranza> Well!
[20:29] * ~Atma_Ranza offers a smile.
[20:29] <~Atma_Ranza> I'd be glad to accept any help.
[20:29] <~Atma_Ranza> Ah!
[20:29] <~Atma_Ranza> One moment, if you please.
[20:29] * @noah scratches his head. "I don't- Oh..."
[20:30] * ~Atma_Ranza hefts a tome from his bag and a quill, somehow wielding the book in one scrawny hand.
[20:30] <~Atma_Ranza> "Please, continue."
[20:31] * @noah blinks. "I don't?"
[20:32] <@Noah> I'm not sure if I should?
[20:32] <~Atma_Ranza> YOu don't um... What?
[20:32] <~Atma_Ranza> Oh!
[20:32] * ~Atma_Ranza snaps the book shut, the quill amongst it's pages.
[20:33] <@Noah> Sorry...
[20:33] <~Atma_Ranza> If it's my motive that alarms you, I assure you I am most savoury!
[20:33] <~Atma_Ranza> I am an academial researcher, I wish to merely observe the traits of the creature in question.
[20:34] <Adam_Shelley> Be quiet.
[20:34] * Adam_Shelley tosses some more bird food.
[20:36] * ~Atma_Ranza halts at the insistence.
[20:36] * @noah frowns again. "Oh, sorry..."
[20:37] <~Atma_Ranza> Please, sir. No worry.
[20:37] <Adam_Shelley> (We kind of need Atma to be a little indignant or this is just gonna peter out |D)
[20:37] <Adam_Shelley> I said be quiet.
[20:38] <@Noah> (We need Lyni. =p)
[20:38] <@Shiny> (x_x)
[20:38] <~Atma_Ranza> (Sure, sure xD)
[20:38] <Adam_Shelley> (We do need Lyni)
[20:38] <~Atma_Ranza> (I was about to have him take to the bait anyway.
[20:38] <Adam_Shelley> (Take a break from the wiki)
[20:38] <@Shiny> (okay)
[20:38] <@Shiny> (let me catch up)
[20:38] <Adam_Shelley> (Yes but it's more fun that way)
[20:38] * ~Atma_Ranza turns sharply about, a frown affixed to his face.
[20:39] <~Atma_Ranza> (Jump in, jump in!)
[20:39] * Shiny is now known as Lyni
[20:39] <@Noah> (We're at the park, Atma wants to see a Dragon, Noah doesn't want to be a Dragon, Adam is feeding the birds.)
[20:39] * @Lyni suddenly appears from the sky and tackles Atma
[20:40] * @noah blinks. "Oh, Lyni? Where did you come from..."
[20:40] * Adam_Shelley grumbles under his breath and tosses another handful of food.
[20:40] <@Lyni> Darn it, I think I need more control if I want to fly faster~
[20:40] <~Atma_Ranza> I will have you know-- !
[20:40] * ~Atma_Ranza is made a heap on the ground.
[20:40] <~Atma_Ranza> ...G-good morrow, Miss Sorrell...
[20:41] * @Lyni sits on Atma and turns to Noah with a wave~
[20:41] <@Noah> This place is much nicer than the circus...
[20:41] <@Lyni> Yo~! Was just practicing some moves, looks like I missed~
[20:41] <@Lyni> I dunno, I kinda liked the circus
[20:41] * Adam_Shelley growls, stomping as he stands up, he's not particularly tall or strong looking and even now he doesn't seem angry so much as bemused.
[20:41] <@Noah> All those caged animals...
[20:41] <Adam_Shelley> Shut up...
[20:42] <@Lyni> Hm~?
[20:42] <@Noah> U-um...
[20:42] * @Lyni looks at the other person
[20:42] <@Lyni> I'm sorry, I don't think I can~
[20:42] * ~Atma_Ranza looks up, tugging back the hood of his robe.
[20:42] <Adam_Shelley> Go away.
[20:42] <Adam_Shelley> Or I'll make you go away.
[20:43] * @Lyni stands up from Atma and dusts herself off
[20:43] <@Lyni> You're really kind of rude, huh? I'm sorry, this park is of free use to everyone~
[20:43] * ~Atma_Ranza heaves a sigh of relief and jolts up with a few clicks, smoothing out his robes.
[20:43] <@Lyni> ... wait, do you even exist? I can't feel anything from you.
[20:44] <Adam_Shelley> I said.
[20:44] * Adam_Shelley begins to grow larger, both in height and musculature.
[20:44] <~Atma_Ranza> My scanner!
[20:44] <Adam_Shelley> Go away.
[20:44] <@Lyni> Not gonna happen~
[20:44] * ~Atma_Ranza halts in reaching for the pieces as the change occurs.
[20:44] <~Atma_Ranza> You!
[20:45] * ~Atma_Ranza straightens up, folding his arms across his chest.
[20:45] <~Atma_Ranza> YOu damaged my precious research tool! DO you have an idea how long it took to construct?!
[20:45] <@Lyni> ... Wait, me?
[20:45] * @Lyni looks utterly confused
[20:46] * Adam_Shelley continues growing, passing 7 feet tall as he takes a single, stomping step towards the three.
[20:46] <~Atma_Ranza> This man!
[20:46] <@Noah> Um... Guys?
[20:46] <@Lyni> Oh man, this looks fun~
[20:46] <~Atma_Ranza> In alerting me earlier it fell from my satchel!
[20:46] <@Noah> I don't know if now is the time to argue...
[20:47] * @Lyni looks back at the unknown person, who is now way too large and obviously towering over them
[20:47] * Adam_Shelley tops off at just over 8 feet tall and much more muscular than he initially was. Strangely, his clothing seems to have simply grown with him, remaining well fitted.
[20:48] <~Atma_Ranza> I-I!
[20:48] <~Atma_Ranza> I.
[20:48] <@Lyni> (magic pants trope not averted)
[20:48] * @noah hops over the park bench he was sitting on, hiding behind it.
[20:48] * ~Atma_Ranza looks down, averting his gaze nervously as he takes a step back, clutching his satchel to his chest.
[20:48] <@Lyni> ... well now, I think someone went through puberty a bit too quickly
[20:49] * @Lyni grins and summons her cloud, flying up to the stranger's shoulder in curiousity
[20:50] <Adam_Shelley> Go.
[20:50] <Adam_Shelley> AwAY.
[20:50] <@Lyni> Nope~
[20:50] * Adam_Shelley takes a swing with one of his massive arms at Lyni.
[20:51] * ~Atma_Ranza hugs it to his chest, then a glint of a cog catches his eye from his shattered contraption.
[20:51] <Adam_Shelley> (Why did that sentence come out backwards)
[20:51] <@Lyni> (don't worry I know what you mean XD)
[20:51] <~Atma_Ranza> (Came out fine here.)
[20:51] <Adam_Shelley> (I just said it weird)
[20:51] * @Lyni blows a raspberry at the giant and niftly dodges away from the arm while a ribbon of water shoots out from her, aimed at the arm
[20:51] <@Lyni> (oops run-on)
[20:52] <Adam_Shelley> (Oh right like I said before Adam has no body temperature and gives off a slight electric current)
[20:53] <~Atma_Ranza> (Oh dear.)
[20:53] <@Lyni> (That'll make it harder for Lyni though I'm guessing he does absorb heat normally?)
[20:54] <Adam_Shelley> (Absorb heat?)
[20:54] <@Lyni> (I dunno like heat conduction for flesh and stuff)
[20:54] <@Lyni> (specific heat? stuff like that)
[20:54] <Adam_Shelley> (He's resistant?)
[20:54] <Adam_Shelley> (He's basically Hagrid)
[20:55] <@Lyni> (nevermind XD)
[20:55] <Adam_Shelley> (Weaker spells just bounce off and he's way tougher than a normal human)
[20:57] * Adam_Shelley allows the ribbon to wrap around his arm, pulling on it with monstrous strength)
[20:57] * @noah pokes his head up above the bench.
[20:58] * @Lyni attempts to pull at the ribbon, but is dragged instead. Surprised, the girl lets out a yelp and lets go, catching her fall with a cushion of snow
[20:59] * ~Atma_Ranza eases the egg from the bag, taking a deep breath and taking a few steady paces back.
[20:59] * @noah mutters, seemingly to himself. "Should we help...?"
[20:59] * Adam_Shelley jumps up high, attempting to stomp on Lyni with his massive weight as he falls.
[21:01] * @Lyni rolls to the side but her jacket gets caught under the foot. She nimbly takes it off and freezes the floor around them, with a thin layer of water on top to make everything a little more slippery
[21:01] * ~Atma_Ranza clutches it, muttering encouragement to himself, attempting to work himself into a tizzy and escape the sensation gripping his heart.
[21:02] * Adam_Shelley recognizes the ploy and brings a massive fist down hard, shattering the ice and creating a small crater around him.
[21:03] <@Lyni> Well shit, that's not gonna work
[21:03] * Adam_Shelley reaches his hand toward Lyni, growing it to gigantic proportions so he can reach her from where he stands.
[21:04] * @noah sighs and stands up. He blinks, and his normal gray-silver eyes change to a yellow-gold. He turns to Atma. "Oi, Science-Man, you wanted a Dragon, right?"
[21:04] <~Atma_Ranza> "Preferably!"
[21:04] * @Lyni uses the shattered ice and creates a large, floating sword, which she aims at the hand
[21:05] <@Lyni> Someone said dragon?
[21:05] * ~Atma_Ranza clutches the egg white-knuckledly, an aura beginning to shimmer about it as he sees the giant reaching. With a sound of shattering glass the ethereal guardian materialises before him, directing an overhead swing of the scythe at her hand towards the arm of the creature.
[21:06] * Adam_Shelley catches the sword in his now extremely thick hide, he grumbles and shrinks his hand back down, leaving the sword behind.
[21:06] <~Atma_Ranza> *outstretched arm
[21:06] <@Lyni> (will Lyni recognize the spirit thingie)
[21:07] <~Atma_Ranza> (Nioyu is a bit recognisable to a chunk of CRPers.)
[21:07] <Adam_Shelley> (O:<)
[21:07] <~Atma_Ranza> (Though imagine her a see-through red :p With no eyes.)
[21:07] * Adam_Shelley jumps up again, landing near Noah, he attempts to snatch the ferret up by the head.
[21:08] <~Atma_Ranza> D-damn, talk about ignored.
[21:08] * ~Atma_Ranza 's will wavers, the spectre vanishing as he turns about and tries to put no more than three meters but no less than five between he and the creature.
[21:08] * @Lyni realizes her attacks are barely putting a scratch on the giant thing and turns to her friends for help, only to realize that something that looks a lot like a certain hag had appeared on the field...
[21:08] <@Lyni> What the fuck is she doing here?!
[21:09] <~Atma_Ranza> W-who?!
[21:09] * @Lyni points angrily at the spectre
[21:09] <~Atma_Ranza> (Psst..psst... SHe disappated when his will wavered just before... I'll assume the space where she was...)
[21:10] <~Atma_Ranza> You KNOW her?!
[21:10] <@Lyni> (oh okay, I misread)
[21:10] <@Lyni> She ruined my fucking life, you think I wouldn't?!
[21:10] * @noah is captured, but seems okay with this. His body suddenly bulks up considerably, shredding his clothes. Growing to at least double the size of Adam himself, crimson scales replacing white fur, draconic features replacing mustelid. A pair of wings burst out of his back, completing the former ferret's transformation into a large, if somewhat generic, western dragon. Said dragon quickly attempts...
[21:10] * @noah ...to engulf Adam in flames.
[21:11] * ~Atma_Ranza looks distraught, the egg shimmering the uneasy red. "I-I just--!" At the materialisation of the dragon the scholar's jaw drops in amazement, eyes a-shimmer.
[21:12] * @Lyni raises her left wrist, the one she had used to provide all that blood for Nioyu, and glares at Atma before turning her attention back to Adam, who is suddenly holding onto a dragon for some reason
[21:12] <@Lyni> ... is that Noah?
[21:12] <@Lyni> (holding? I need to read XD)
[21:13] * Adam_Shelley is forced back by the blast, but holds fast as he regains his balance. He attempts to step closer to the dragon, his clothes beginning to tear slightly as he grows another foot or so, and attempts to swing a punch at Noah's head.
[21:14] * @noah is socked in the face, being too close to dodge well. Using the momentum from the punch to his advantage, the dragon spins around and tries to slam Adam with his tail.
[21:15] * ~Atma_Ranza stares at the flames, the egg reacting as the soul reappears before him, the scythe retracting into a staff as a veil of the blood red light shrouds her director.
[21:15] * Adam_Shelley is knocked away, slamming into a tree and nearly bending it over double as he shrinks back down to his standard fighting size.
[21:16] * @Lyni shakes off her encounter with what was left of Nioyu and puts her hand on the ground; the floor once again ices up, but this time the ice attempts to crawl up the giant's legs to trap him down
[21:16] * @noah shakes his head a bit, apparently that punch hurt more than it originally looked.
[21:17] * Adam_Shelley is caught by the ice, pulling away by breaking it only to be recaptured.
[21:18] <@Lyni> Huh, so I can do something.
[21:18] * ~Atma_Ranza closes his mouth at the advent of the ice, brow furrowing as he works his will into the being, causing her to wave the ethereal staff towards the giant, the veil unfolding and shredding itself into a rain of bloody shards towards the creature.
[21:19] * Adam_Shelley continues taking difficult steps forward, ripping his foot out of the ice and slamming it back down in turn.
[21:20] * @Lyni continuously tries to slow down the giant, deciding since she can't impale him, she'll have to hinder him instead.
[21:20] <~Atma_Ranza> Damn it, damn it...
[21:20] <~Atma_Ranza> Any ideas, Miss Sorrell?
[21:21] <@Lyni> Not a clue, I can't really get through his skin... literally
[21:21] <@Lyni> (Tai I want to edit the tabs/navigation of the wiki :<)
[21:21] <Adam_Shelley> (He's going to run off soon)
[21:22] <~Atma_Ranza> W-well then...
[21:22] * Adam_Shelley roars in anger, charging both fists with electricity and slamming them down into the ice, shattering it.
[21:22] * @noah 's scales change from red to brown. Slamming his tail into the ground causes a line of rock to erupt, heading straight for Adam.
[21:22] <~Atma_Ranza> It seems we need to earth this creature.
[21:22] * Adam_Shelley jumps away from the attack.
[21:23] <@Lyni> ... looks like my ice isn't going to do much
[21:23] <Adam_Shelley> Dragons!
[21:23] <Adam_Shelley> Dragons and spirits!
[21:23] <Adam_Shelley> WANTED TO FEED BIRDS.
[21:23] <@Lyni> YOU STARTED IT, KID
[21:23] <~Atma_Ranza> (xD Something about this is hilarious)
[21:23] * Adam_Shelley turns around and begins taking enormous jumps away.
[21:23] <@Lyni> YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, RUN AWAY
[21:24] * ~Atma_Ranza presses a viewfinder to his eye.
[21:24] <~Atma_Ranza> No!
[21:24] * @Lyni shakes a fist at the giant
[21:24] <@Lyni> And stay off our lawn!
[21:24] <~Atma_Ranza> WHat if he harms somebody?
[21:24] <@Lyni> ... shit, you've got a point
[21:24] <~Atma_Ranza> (I love that he's just HUlk jumping away in my mind)
[21:24] <Adam_Shelley> (well he can't fly)
[21:25] <Adam_Shelley> (And he's not a very fast runner)
[21:25] <~Atma_Ranza> ( I know, I just love the mental image.)
[21:25] <@Lyni> Should we chase after him?
[21:25] <~Atma_Ranza> I could scant pursue him, perhaps you two..?
[21:26] * ~Atma_Ranza 's guardian stands staring emptily at the pair from his side.
[21:26] * @noah , believing the conflict to be over, starts to shrink down to a more normal size. He regains his ferret features, though stops shrinking a few inches above his normal height. His fur is a mix of cream and orange, the lower parts of each limb a brownish-gray. A similar color marks out a mask around his, still golden, eyes, and stains his ear tips. He is quite naked. Rubbing his head a bit, he...
[21:26] * @noah ...frowns. "No thanks, I've had enough concussions for a day."
[21:26] <@Lyni> I don't think I can fly at this point...
[21:27] * @Lyni walks over to Noah and pats his arm
[21:27] <~Atma_Ranza> I... thank you both. I am sure if on my own, even with this boon I would be mostly flat.
[21:27] <~Atma_Ranza> ANd you, sir. Most impressive!
[21:28] <@Lyni> That was so cool~! A dragon, a real dragon ♥
[21:28] * Adam_Shelley (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Imploded: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[21:29] * @noah looks at Lyni. "You are.... That girl, yeah. The touchy one."
[21:29] <@Lyni> That's one way to put it, hee~
[21:29] * ~Atma_Ranza sets the egg down, tucking the remains of his scanner into his bag.
[21:29] <@Noah> We've not met, technically.
[21:30] <@Lyni> .. wait, what?
[21:30] <@Lyni> We've definitely met! Did... did your head get it too hard?
[21:30] * @noah sighs. "Typical of him not to explain."
[21:30] <@Noah> I am...
[21:30] * Noah is now known as Dustin
[21:30] <@Dustin> Well, I suppose Dustin works.
[21:31] <@Lyni> I- what?
[21:31] <@Lyni> I'm so confused...
[21:31] * ~Atma_Ranza skitters over, the egg now in the crook of his arm.
[21:31] <~Atma_Ranza> A pleasure, Dustin.
[21:31] <@Dustin> Sorry, Noah's a bit to embarrassed to come out right now.
[21:31] <~Atma_Ranza> I'm sure Miss Sorrell means the same, too.
[21:31] * @dustin taps his head. "We share a space."
[21:32] <@Lyni> oh-
[21:32] <@Lyni> ohhhhhh
[21:32] <@Lyni> that makes sense now~
[21:32] <@Lyni> And yes, it's nice to meet you then, Dustin~
[21:33] <@Dustin> Pleasure's all mine, miss. It's not often I get a chance to show off.
[21:33] <~Atma_Ranza> If I may, a split personality?
[21:33] * ~Atma_Ranza tucks the egg away and retrieves his tome to scribble away
[21:33] <@Dustin> Nope, two distinct. I guess the simplest way to explain it is I'm a second soul, brought along for the ride.
[21:34] <~Atma_Ranza> ...A second soul?
[21:34] <@Dustin> Noah woke me up.
[21:34] <~Atma_Ranza> I was unaware a body was able to house two souls. It is much understood in Lauma that two souls burns out one body.
[21:34] <@Lyni> I... think I kinda get it
[21:35] <@Lyni> so were you originally a part of Noah, then? Or his body? Or whatever?
[21:35] <@Dustin> Normal bodies have issues with multiple souls, yes. Noah... Well, more accurately, I, and him through me, am special.
[21:35] <@Dustin> The Alpha, the first.
[21:35] <~Atma_Ranza> (THis feels so Ghost Trick to me right now, having just finished that gae today xD)
[21:35] <@Dustin> ... Presently the Omega as well, as Noah hasn't fathered any children...
[21:36] * @dustin takes a bow.
[21:36] <~Atma_Ranza> O-oh...
[21:36] * ~Atma_Ranza inclines his head respectfully.
[21:37] * @Lyni looks a little confused but curtsies all the same
[21:37] <@Dustin> Hah! Someone respects me. Normally our kind get a lot of grief.
[21:37] <@Lyni> Is that why he hasn't said anything about you then?
[21:37] <~Atma_Ranza> Every mer or man has it's place in the world. THings are difficult enough without disputes over species.
[21:38] <@Lyni> Wait, can he hear us?
[21:38] <@Dustin> He can.
[21:38] <@Dustin> Can see you too, through my eyes.
[21:38] <@Dustin> It's the same for me when he's in control.
[21:39] <@Lyni> so weirddd
[21:39] <@Lyni> but cool~
[21:40] <@Dustin> He's happy you're safe, by the way.
[21:41] <@Dustin> Like to tell you in person, but our current clothing situation, or, more accurately, the lack thereof, has him a bit against regaining control.
[21:41] <@Lyni> ... that's so sweet of him~
[21:41] <@Lyni> wait, so he can't switch back if you don't have clothes?
[21:41] <@Dustin> He can. He just won't.
[21:41] * @Lyni giggles
[21:42] <@Lyni> C'mon, Noah! You're still cute regardless~
[21:42] <@Lyni> You are too, Dustin~
[21:42] <@Dustin> Whoops, apparently I destroyed his favorite vest.
[21:42] <@Lyni> (this amuses me way too much XD)
[21:42] <@Dustin> I am everything you want me to be and more~
[21:43] * @Lyni skips over to her jacket and picks it up, offering it to the ferret
[21:43] <@Lyni> It's not much but maybe it'll help?
[21:43] * ~Atma_Ranza glances between the two before shuffling off towards the bench
[21:43] * @dustin accepts the jacket, trying it around his waist as a makeshift loincloth.
[21:44] * @Lyni reaches over and grabs the edge of his robe
[21:44] <@Dustin> Many thanks.
[21:44] <@Lyni> no problem~
[21:44] <@Lyni> And you, be nice, we're getting to know someone
[21:44] <~Atma_Ranza> ...
[21:44] <~Atma_Ranza> ...Yes, Miss Sorrell...
[21:44] <@Dustin> Yeah, and I thought you were so happy to see your dragon.
[21:44] * ~Atma_Ranza eases back, setting his book away.
[21:44] * ~Atma_Ranza smiles bemusedly.
[21:45] <~Atma_Ranza> I certainly wasn't writing for my health, it was amazing.
[21:46] <~Atma_Ranza> Where on earth does that kind of energy come from?
[21:46] <@Dustin> Purely biological.
[21:47] <~Atma_Ranza> Intriguing...
[21:48] <~Atma_Ranza> DO you possess many forms/
[21:49] <@Dustin> I can be anything.
[21:49] <@Dustin> I'm a shapeshifter. THE shapeshifter.
[21:49] <~Atma_Ranza> THe true original?
[21:49] <@Dustin> Of my world.
[21:49] <@Lyni> THat's so cool!
[21:50] <@Lyni> Then why is Noah... a servant, I guess?
[21:50] <@Dustin> Because that's what he's resigned himself to.
[21:50] <@Dustin> Can't say I blamed him, living the life I did got me killed.
[21:50] <@Lyni> Ah...
[21:50] <~Atma_Ranza> Then how can you be here before us?
[21:51] <@Dustin> Well, technically, the Alphas can't die, only sleep. So when I got killed, I had to go into hibernation, until Noah found my crystallized soul.
[21:53] <@Lyni> Whelp, that was fun and all but I think I really need to get going, the roommate's gonna yell at me for leaving the food cold
[21:53] <@Lyni> It was nice meeting you, Dustin! And you, Atma...
[21:53] <@Dustin> You want your coat back?
[21:53] <@Lyni> Nah, you can keep it, I have others~
[21:53] <@Dustin> You sure? I've got nothing against not wearing anything for a while.
[21:54] * ~Atma_Ranza nods.
[21:54] <@Lyni> It's a hassle to take back, anyways, so it's fine, really~
[21:54] <~Atma_Ranza> I must attend to my research also.
[21:54] <~Atma_Ranza> (Sleep.. x_X)
[21:54] * @Lyni glares at Atma before smiling and skipping away
[21:54] * Lyni is now known as Shiny
[21:54] <@Shiny> (night Karu-nii)
[21:54] * ~Atma_Ranza (chatzilla@h-F879C58A.cable.virginm.net) Quit (Imploded: SLEEEEEEP... Crystal also.))
[21:54] <@Dustin> Well, I suppose I should find some real clothes before Noah dies of embarrassment~
[21:54] * @dustin wanders off into the town.
[21:55] * Dustin is now known as Rex

Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Permission to double post granted by @StellarWind Elsydeon thanks to a change that's happened that might or might not affect things here.

Due to reasons that I'm not at liberty to share (and also because I don't know all the details), @Atma has been recently forced to resign his position as admin of CRP. Currently, I hold temporary ownership and admin status on the #CharmsRP channel, but depending on circumstances, this could change. Until we come to a conclusion about who should be running things there, I guess I'll be the one in charge.

For now, this changes nothing about things already going on. We'll CRP when we want to, log things here, work on the wiki (which will not be released to the public just yet, but those of you actively in CRP should have a link to said wiki. If not, PM me and I'll give it to you), and so on. Watch this space for updates on what's to come, though.

UPDATE 09/03: After much discussion, the following changes have been made in regards to administration of CRP
  • @Kyubeon (aka me) has been nominated to be head of CRP proceedings and has ownership of the channel
  • @Dwayna DragonFire has been promoted to CRP operator
  • @Rex and @Tailon are still CRP operators as well
Again, nothing about how things are run has changed so far, outside the change in staff, so things should continue going on as they should have. If you have any questions, please PM me and I'll do my best to answer.
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Dwayna DragonFire

2014 Little Cup Champion
A man opens up a cafe, only to find out he's going to have a little bit of competition from one of his customers...
@Rex as Mike
@Kyubeon as Helen
@Mr.RMA as Clarence
@Dwayna DragonFire as Nerezza (and Elizabeth)

* Mike is sitting on the stairs of a small brick building. He is a river otter anthropomorphic, appearing to stand about 6'. He is brown and cream colored, with red hair and a goatee, wearing a black waistcoat and pants, alongside a tie and shoes of a similar color. The sleeves of his white dress shirt are rolled up to his elbows. The building he is located at is a two story, brick and stone...
* Mike ...affair, located at the corner of two streets. A sign swings from the entryway to a small porch area, announcing the building as "Morphia." A tarp hangs above the door, with the words "grand opening" painted on it. Through the window on the first floor, one can see a few tables, and the corner of a counter.
* Nerezza walked through the portal to the Charmsian Realm, the pink-haired Elizabeth following after her mistress, the seer seeming to be holding onto a chest in her arms. "Come, Elizabeth," said the vampire. "Today we have to find more property to purchase, and this time we won't be giving it away to someone else." The other girl bowed her head in understanding, and the two began to look around for a good building for sale...
<Nerezza>... to modify for their needs. Her chain of restaurants, the Black Rose, would make it's mark here in the Charmsian Realm.
* Helen walks around town, already having remembered everyone in the area and the various stores and shops on the streets. She stops by one particular cafe, which seems to have closed for whatever reason. After a bit of thought, she realizes that this shop was the one owned by the lady called "Shade", a popular one that people often went to. She stands by the door for a bit as she wonders
* Helen why such a popular venue had closed, and if another one would ever take its place. She shrugs after a while and continues down the street, passing buy a couple of people she recognized were at the wedding between some dragon-lady and a human kind-of scientist
<Mike>(Buy Bye By)
<Helen>(*I am tired do not judge)
* Clarence had closed the museum for renovations today, allowing himself to catch up on his reading during this rare weekday off. He had finally realized that the portal to the Charmsian realm was actually a pretty noticeable entrance, not just something he stumbled upon specifically, and, out of curiosity's sake, he decided to take another trip there. Surely there had to be a calm, serene place to read in that realm somewhere...
* Mike notices people on his street, and stands, brushing his clothes off and grabbing the small waist apron that he had lying next to him. He quickly cloth around him, and straightens his tie. Best to make a good first impression, on the opening day of his new cafe!
<Mike>(+ ties)
* Nerezza came up to a building that looked like it might have been a place to host food-related functions before... "Here looks to be a good place, Elizabeth," she stated, at which the girl nodded. "Yes, of course, Mistress. We should look into who to purchase this venue from, if that is your wish." Nerezza nodded a bit, looking intrigued. "I do believe I like it, Elizabeth, so indeed we shall."
<Helen>(which shop is Nerezza and Elizabeth standing in front of? I'm slightly confused, sorry ^^;)
<Nerezza>(i thought the old cafe?)
<Helen>(kk, just double checking XD)
<Nerezza>(since it would be the most opportune place, yeah XD)
* Mike spies the three women eying up the closed up shop down the road from him. His was the only eatery on this street, as far as he knew. The closed building had been closed since before he arrived here.
* Helen sees a new shop she hadn't noticed before and curiously looks it up and down. Was this building always here? Doesn't matter, she'll just have to update her internal map. Shrugging, the girl enters, not really sure what to expect from a place called "Morphia"
* Clarence taps at one of his jacket pockets a few times, allowing himself to pay more attention to the words in front of him instead of the path, having his fire nymph companion walk up ahead. She was used to being his eyes whenever he got too enthralled with a piece of literature, so she took up no issue with it, and besides, she did enjoy being outside like this.
* Mike blinks as one of the girls comes down the road, passes by him, and walks right into his store. He hurries in after her, muttering to himself. The inside of the shop is a bit cramped. There are several tables and chairs against the wall, and another two in the center of the room. A counter makes up a large part of the space, with several chairs stationed around it. Behind the counter is a...
* Mike ...small cubby containing the kitchen. Inside said kitchen, stairs wrap around the wall, heading up to the second floor.
* Mike makes his way behind the counter, before eying the girl. "How may I help you, Miss?"
<Clarence>Pyra: "Clarence...I don't believe we've come down this route before...perhaps we should enter one of these shops and ask around a little? I wouldn't want us to get hopelessly lost...especially not if this is a less savory part of town..."
* Helen looks at Mike, a little surprised to see someone so obviously non-human talking to her. It takes her a while to collect her thoughts before she says, "Um, I'm guessing this is a restaurant? I guess I'll have a snack or something?"
<Mike>Indeed, this is a cafe. What sort of snack are you looking for? We serve several types of cookie, bread, biscuit, and cracker.
*Mike reaches down into the counter and pulls out a menu, offering it to the girl. "Have a seat wherever you like."
* Helen takes a spot by the door and accepts the menu, looking through it
*Nerezza walks down the street a bit, noting the shop called Morphia... she walked inside to ask the shop owner about procuring the deeds for the cafe, and noticed that it appeared to also be a food place. So it seemed she would have some competition... she smiled a little bit as she walked up to the counter Elizabeth directly behind her.
* Clarence lets out a light grunt in response, obviously not paying the most attention to her words. She notices this and irritably shoots a single ember towards his book, which he moves to brush away in a panic. "Please pay a little more attention to me sometimes..." she growls, at which he lets out a sigh. "I apologize madam... If you wish, yes, we can try one of these establishments..."
<Helen>I guess I'll take a batch of chocolate chips and... do you have black milk tea? If not, black tea's fine.
<Mike>Hello Miladies, how may I help you? And yes, I should be able to prepare such a drink, Miss, just one moment.
<Nerezza>I was just wondering if you could help me with something a little more business oriented? I'd like to know who to talk to about purchasing a specific property... the one just down the street?
<Mike>You would have to find the previous owner. Or the bank or city hall, if the place was foreclosed.
<Helen>(we still need to re-establish what form of government this place has XD)
* Mike wanders off to the kitchen, grabbing a few cookies and preparing the requested tea. That done, he heads over to Helen's table, carrying a tray with the drink and plate of cookies on it. He places these on her table, one at a time, before returning to his place behind the counter.
<Nerezza>(if there's a city hall it may involve democracy at some point along the line?)
* Helen nods a thanks to Mike and takes a cookie, making sure none of the crumbs got on her perfectly-made self-taylored outfit.
<Nerezza>So the same as before, then... Thank you, sir. Now... Perhaps the two of us could have a cup of tea and try some of your baked goods, sir? We have more than enough money.
* Mike nods, offering the two women menus. "Have a seat where you like."
<Clarence>"Ah, yes, this will suffice I should think...and it appears to have a number of occupants already. We'll surely find someone who knows more about this realm here," Pyra said as she dragged Clarence in with her. "Morphia? What kind of name is that?" the man muttered to himself as they both slipped through the entrance.
* Mike 's ears flick at the sound of the door opening. "My, so many visitors all of a sudden. Welcome to my Cafe Morphia, how may I help you?
* Nerezza decided to take a table nearest the window, Elizabeth sitting down with her. "Well, this is a quaint little place... we shall have to see how our restaurant fairs against it." Elizabeth nodded, placing the chest on the floor. "I have utmost confidence that we will be able to do nicely here, Mistress." The vampire looked at the menu, whilst Elizabeth kept her own closed.
* Helen looks around the cafe, noticing just how cramped everything seemed. It takes her a bit before it registers that perhaps this otter-creature might be the only person working at the moment, and makes a note to herself to ask if they might be hiring. God knows she could do with some extra money now, especially since Lyni had mostly used up all their money by now.
<Clarence>"Oh, nothing for me, but my companion here will probably want something," Pyra said, disappearing back into the relic in Clarence's jacket before he could protest. "...Of course, you tricky nymph..." he muttered before turning his attention to the shopkeeper. "I suppose I'll have a simple coffee, black, no sugar, if that is something you serve here of course."
<Mike>Indeed, it is. Have a seat where you like.
* Mike returns to the kitchen to prepare another cup of tea.
* Clarence nods and takes the closest seat he can find, quickly returning to his novel.
* Mike returns to the counter, placing Clarence's drink in front of the human.
* Clarence nods his thanks as he takes a sip of the drink, while putting varying forms of currency on the table. Surely at least one of these would be legal tender here...at least, he hoped so.
* Mike pokes around at some of Clarence's money. Picking up one of the coins, he bites down on it, and attempts to bend it. Finding it sturdy enough, he grabs a few more of the same type, before popping open a register and placing the coins inside. "Thank you."
<Nerezza>I think we'll both have some regular tea, and we'll try your cookies. Do you accept gold?
<Helen>(why do I find that so amusing)
<Mike>I will most certainly accept gold.
<Helen>(it could literally be a pile of iron or something)
* Nerezza snaps her fingers, at which Elizabeth opens the chest to reveal that it is filled with golden coins. Nerezza pulls out a fair few, placing them on the table.
* Helen raises an eyebrow at the women a bit away from her and huffs, finding them rather... pretentious
* Mike heads back into the kitchen, preparing two cups of tea, and grabbing another two batches of cookies. He places these all on a tray, and heads to Nerezza's table, where he deposits them one after another on the table, and collects the coins with another "Thank you."
* Mike then returns behind the counter, and places the coins in the register.
<Clarence>"Of course, you're quite welcome, sir..." he murmurs at the thanks, taking another sip before suddenly getting distracted at the mention of gold... He lowers his book and looks over in the direction of Nerezza and Elizabeth with an eyebrow raised at the sight of the large amount of gold in their possession. Surely these two must be quite confidence to lug all that around.
* Helen motions over to the otter when she thinks he's less busy
<Nerezza>Let's try these out, shall we?
* Mike heads over to Helen's table. "Yes, Miss?"
<Helen>Are you guys hiring by any chance? My roommate and I are looking around since we're a bit short on cash.
<Clarence>You...are apparently quite wealthy, madam...I hate to pry, but, it is hard to not notice a large supply of gold like that
* Nerezza bites into the cookies, and Elizabeth does so as well. They both whisper comments to each other on the cookies, but ultimately seem satisfied.
<Mike>I... Have not considered it. Right now, it seems enough for me to run this place by myself. However, I shall keep your offer in mind should I ever require assistance, Miss...?
<Helen>Helen, Helen Brighten.
* Mike offers a hand. "Michael Kurtis. You may call me Mike, or Kurt. Whichever you prefer."
<Nerezza>Oh, hello... you were that fellow i met that one day, and we went to that italian pizza place, yes? I am in the market for a building this visit, so I thought it would be prudent to have enough coin.
* Helen shakes it with a polite, awkward smile. "Nice to meet you, Mike. Actually, I think you're the second Michael I've met... though I never really met the other one, more just randomly went to his wedding."
<Mike>Really? Well, I hope that I can make a more lasting impression upon your memory.
<Helen>... you most definitely already have
* Helen coughs to herself <<
* Mike gives a slight smile, before returning to his place behind the counter.
<Clarence>Oh, of course, you seemed familiar enough...though that was some time ago wasn't it? I suppose if you're in the market for such things, you'd have to have a rather hefty budget.
<Clarence>I'm just glad that my own business is making a profit again...I could still use more exhibits in the future...
* Helen looks around again and realizes another patron seems to have arrived. For some reason his presence triggers another memory in her, and she realizes she's not only seen him but also one of the rich ladies from before.
<Helen>It's you guys!
<Clarence>Hmm? Oh, yes, the young girl...I remember you as well
<Clarence>Fancy seeing both of you again at the same time
* Nerezza looks up at the girl, something seeming familiar about her... she nodded in acknowledgment
<Nerezza>I'm sorry, I may have overheard a bit... you're looking for employment?
<Helen>Yeah, I kind of have to since my... roommate... has spent almost all of our money buying plushies and snacks.
<Clarence>Not the wisest investments...
* Helen shrugs
<Helen>It's how she is, though.
<Clarence>Hmm, indeed...I believe I've met her once before already...if this is in fact the young lady I've met previously...
<Helen>Lyni's been everwhere, I'd be surprised if you -don't- know her.
<Clarence>She still owes my companion a tea party of sorts, if I remember correctly...
<Nerezza>Well, as it happens, I may be giving this fine gentleman some competition. Nerezza Dellanotte... Countess if you want to be formal. I'm hoping to expand my restaurant business to this realm, and the quanit little building down the way seemed perfect... which means I will be looking for workers. Perhaps you'd be interested in being a waitress?
<Mike>Competition, hm? Well, I'll just have to get those ingredients of mine that much quicker.
<Helen>You were the one who asked for a map of the area last time, weren't you?
<Nerezza>That was me, yes... and you were the lovely girl who had some of them... now I remember.
<Helen>Do we get cute uniforms? Can I make the uniforms for you? Of course, I won't do it for free, but I'll be sure to give you a good price!
<Clarence>Hmm...map? I could definitely use one of those actually...I didn't expect to come around this realm as often as I have
* Helen blinks and mentally slaps herself for acting so childish again
<Helen>I should be able to make one for you. Do you have a paper or pen?
<Helen>... or both, rather.
<Clarence>"Hmm...let's see...Ah, yes, I appear to have brought my notepad with me this time. Here you are, miss." *He hands over the leather bound notepad and jet-black pen over to Helen.
<Nerezza>My business is called the Black Rose. Having unique uniforms for this realm may give it a bit of that uniqueness I tend to look for... yes, I would gladly pay you to make my uniforms, if you have the skill. Make sure it fits to my theme of 'black rose' in some way, of course.
* Helen takes the notepad and quickly begins sketching a rather detailed map of the area. "Shouldn't be too much of a problem. I made this particular outfit myself, though it's based off of a, um, show I enjoy watching."
<Helen>(Yes she is talking about anime and yes she is a closet otaku who makes cosplays)
<Clarence>Hah, I sure hope you weren't the one who designed that maid outfit that I heard some poor sap had to wear back in that cafe while it was still open...
<Nerezza>That would be perfect, darling. How much do you usually charge for that sort of thing?
* Helen blinks
<Helen>I... haven't really thought about pricing before. I don't usually do commissions, ha.
<Helen>I guess we could negotiate about that, though. Complexity and quality of fabric all have to factor in, anyways.
* Nerezza motioned to Elizabeth, who pulled out a bag and counted out a hundred coins from the chest, which she slid over to Helen. "How is something like this as a start, miss?"
<Helen>Again, I'm not really sure... though I guess this could be enough for two or three more semi-complex outfits?
<Mike>Planning my downfall while I'm still in earshot?
<Nerezza>That will do for now then, miss. That way I can see a sample of your work. One male and one female outfit at least, if you'd please.
<Mike>You ladies are quite bold.
<Nerezza>I do not wish to bring you out of business, sir. i quite think this is a nice little place you have here... I do wish you the best of luck.
* Helen blinks, realizing she's still in a cafe
<Nerezza>(yes, Mike)
<Clarence>It's a grueling life, business like this...
<Mike>Well, once I have my special up and running, I hope that business booms.
<Tailon>(that told me nothing that I wanted to know XD)
<Helen>Thank you, Miss Nerezza.
<Clarence>Good to have a plan. You seem to have quite a good start already
<Helen>(Shade's out of business so people are trying to take her spot)
<Nerezza>I'll be holding events at the end of each month, sir... but I digress. I do hope we can at least be friendly business rivals.
* Helen considers something Clarence said earlier
<Helen>Was the "poor sap" a girl at least?
<Tailon>(oh cool)
<Clarence>Hah, I don't believe he was, if the rumors were true
<Helen>... poor kid indeed
<Clarence>Well, I'm sure he'll take some pleasure in knowing the place is shut down
<Helen>(Shade's cafe =/= the one Lyni worked at)
<Clarence>(Welp, blech...As you said, tired, don't judge |D)
<Nerezza>In fact, I do think i'd recommend your quaint cafe-esque place to my customers if they want a little snack after their meals.
<Mike>My thanks, Ms.?
<Helen>I know Lyni used to work at a cafe before as well, though she was fired for freezing up the place after an argument with the owner. Of course, they went out of business soon after.
<Clarence>Well, it appears these two will have even more customers because of it
<Nerezza>Dellanotte. Countess Nerezza Dellanotte, Lady of Madone, Terrater if we're going with full titles. Call me what you like.
<Mike>I see. It is not often I meet royalty.
<Mike>I am but a commoner, I'm afraid. Michael Kurtis. It is an honor, Milady.
<Nerezza>A planet full of magic that is connected to this realm via portal... and if that's the case, I may have to invite my queen along to have a visit sometime. A pleasure to meet you nonetheless, Mister Kurtis.
<Helen>Your queen, the dragon lady?
<Nerezza>Yes, Lady Dwayna.
<Clarence>A planet of magic...If I could find some way to possess a few objects from said realm...that would surely create a fascinating new exhibit indeed...
<Mike>Magic is not common where you are from, Mister?
<Clarence>Foreigners posses it, but always different forms...I used to have no knowledge of it directly myself, until this little trinket of mine came under my possession
<Nerezza>Well, you'd have to have some kind of magic of your own to visit, my dear. The place tends to change people who don't... I myself was... 'lucky'... to avoid such things.
<Clarence>I'm directly connected to the fire nymph you may have witnessed entering earlier...perhaps that would suffice?
<Nerezza>I believe that would, sir...?
<Clarence>Atwell, Clarence Atwell, Countess Nerezza.
<Nerezza>Ah yes, that was the name. My apologies for not remembering.
<Clarence>None taken, we haven't spoken in ages, I didn't expect you to remember
<Nerezza>Right. Well, you'd certainly be welcome to visit if you wanted to, though tradition is to greet the Lady Dwayna when you first go to Terrater.
<Clarence>It would be an honor to meet your ruler, madam, her reputation appears to precede her, and I would love to see who she is beyond the name and title alone.
<Nerezza>I would be happy to escort you after I go to the town hall about that building... really the best way, in my opinion. You can expect my restaurant to be open within the month, Mister Kurtis. It will be a pleasure to have some more solid connection with this quaint realm... Unless you would like to accompany me whilst I do so, Mister Atwell?
<Clarence>Hmm...I wasn't planning on doing much today, aside from continue with my book...Sure, I would be glad to accompany you, madam.
<Mike>I shall look forward to it, Milady Countess.
<Nerezza>Then by all means, Mister Atwell. Come Elizabeth, we shouldn't waste time.
* Nerezza gets up with the pink-haired girl, moving to curl her arm around Clarence's in a regal sort of way before she pulled him with her, Elizabeth giving a small bow before picking up the chest of gold and following.
* Helen motions to Mike for more foods
* Mike brings around another batch of cookies, placing them on the table for Helen.
<Clarence>That is quite a nice coffee you brew, Mr. Kurtis. I'll be sure to stop by again when I'm in town...or planet...But yes...uh...indeed, madam...
* Clarence stumbles a bit at the sudden arm curling, but properly straightens himself out as they leave
<Helen>Can I also have another cup of milk tea? I want to take it to my roommate, she loves the stuff.
* Mike prepares a cup of tea to go, handing that to Helen as well.
* Helen leaves a nice tip on the table, along with what she owes for the foods, and packs up the cookies before leaving as well.
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Shiny Motley

2016 Singles Football
Huge update today with many logs I have neglected to actually log. Anyways, this is about Tailon's plot, which is still currently ongoing. Note that a LOT of this took place over the course of several days, and overlaps partially with previous logs and even includes some of the previous logs. The plot kind of not really begins in Rainy Plans, but really kicks off with the first log here. So without further ado, this is...

Monster Mash

Players, in no particular order (if I'm missing anyone, please let me know!):
@Tailon - Talon, Zoey, Scott, Dean, Jacob, Evan, Ezekiel, Adam, Iah
@Rex - Ben, Noah, Dustin
@StellarWind Elsydeon - Dys, Shale
@Dwayna DragonFire - Dwayna/Soul Stealer, Nerezza, Merenwen, Aria, Elizabeth
@Kyubeon - Lyni, Helen
@Mr.RMA - Michael/Meical, AltMA, Blaise, Clarence
@Crystal - Piper
@cloveria1215 - Chanel
@Atma - Atma
@Zachary - Zachary

[23:06] * Evan is wandering the back alleys of town, scoping out various buildings and the like.
[23:07] <Evan> Three do-gooders show up in a town we owned for half a century and suddenly we gotta run?
[23:08] * Dwayna is now known as Merenwen
[23:08] <@Lyni> (Temperature of Evan)
[23:09] * @ben is sitting on top of a small wall a bit a ways away. Said wall is just a bit taller than Ben is, and even perched on it he likely wouldn't see eye-to-eye with anyone.
[23:09] * Evan is a tall guy wearing a blue bandana and some stereotypically "punk" clothes about a decade out of date, the only outward indicator of his...condition is some exceptional sideburns and prominent canines.
[23:09] <Evan> (Above average)
[23:09] <@Ben> (Ben runs hot, as well.)
[23:10] <@Lyni> (I remember Ben from last time, yep yep~)
[23:12] * Zachary stands in the shadows of an alleyway, keeping silent as he watched a tall punk walk by him.
[23:13] * @Lyni walks out from a bookstore carrying a new journal in her arms, humming to herself a little tune she just made up on the spot. However, the presence of strange temperature signatures and she looks around curiously, trying to determine where to go.
[23:13] <Evan> What smells like fire?
[23:13] * Zachary emerges from the shadows silently.
[23:13] <@Lyni> (*strange temperature signatures piques her interest)
[23:13] * Evan looks around for what he thinks is a house fire or something.
[23:13] <Zachary> Clever of you.
[23:14] <Evan> Whaddyou want?
[23:14] <Merenwen> Elven ears peaked out from beneath short locks of blond hair, her blue eyes seeming to sparkle with arcane energy. She wore a red headband and a similarly red cloak over a yellow tunic and a matching yellow skirt. Her sword was currently sheathed, but she still held her shield on her arm as she neutrally looked on at the landscape before her. On her chest was a familiar glowing siamond, surrounded by two dragons
[23:14] <Merenwen> - one green and silver, the other black and purple.
[23:14] <Evan> Are you the one who smells like fire?
[23:14] * @Lyni decides to walk towards the smaller heat source, and is delighted to see Ben again~
[23:14] <@Lyni> Ahh, it's the otter!
[23:15] <Zachary> I guess, I never knew I smelt like a fire.
[23:15] * @ben waves. "You are... Ah, sorry, I don't remember your name! We met at the zoo, right?"
[23:15] <Zachary> I always thought I smelt like a lawyer cowboy mix.
[23:15] <@Lyni> Yeah, we did! I'm Lyni, sorry we didn't get to speak much last time~
[23:15] <Merenwen> Why this was a realm she hadn't explored yet when Dwayna knew of it, she did not know. She was the eldest of all others on Terrater, having lived for many thousands of years as an explorer, a forger of weapons and armor, and a holy knight.
[23:15] <@Ben> Ben! You sort of ran off suddenly, from what I recall!
[23:15] <Evan> Lawyer... What the fuck're you talking about?
[23:15] * @Lyni runs over and picks Ben up and pulls him into a hug
[23:16] <@Lyni> Yeah, sorry about that~ I kinda run around a lot and stuffs
[23:16] <Zachary> Why so serious, bro?
[23:16] <@Ben> Guh! Well miss, I appreciate the affection, but we sort of just met.
[23:16] <Merenwen> (everyone's alignments please)
[23:16] <@Lyni> But you're so cute!
[23:16] <Evan> (Chaotic Evil)
[23:16] <Zachary> (Chaotic good)
[23:16] <@Lyni> (chaotic good as always)
[23:16] <@Ben> (Neutral Good)
[23:17] <Evan> Whatever, I'm not here t' deal with you.
[23:17] * Evan starts to walk away from the fire-smelling man
[23:17] <@Lyni> And so cuddleable~
[23:17] <@Ben> You flatter me, miss~
[23:17] * @Lyni puts Ben back down, though, while scanning his body curiously
[23:17] <@Lyni> You're kind of warm for an otter, though.
[23:18] <@Lyni> Are you... ill?
[23:18] * Zachary gets a suspicious vibe from the punk and silently follows him from the shadows.
[23:18] <@Ben> Oh, no, I'm just naturally warmer than most.
[23:18] <@Ben> I got asked that question last time I was here, too. You guys are all pretty perceptive, huh!
[23:19] * Merenwen seems to take note of the evil presence, but does not move to confront the individual in question. She had been to many worlds seprate from Terrater, and to be fair, Terrater was not totally absent from evil.
[23:19] <@Lyni> I guess we are~ And sorry if the question was kinda weird.
[23:19] * Evan stops just past Ben and Lyni, sniffing the air.
[23:20] * @Lyni notices the other warm presence has gotten closer and looks at the strange punk
[23:20] * @ben brings a hand to his nose, recoiling a bit.
[23:20] <@Lyni> And you're warmer than most people as well. Are you ill?
[23:20] <Evan> Not sick.
[23:21] <Merenwen> (did you need to know how warm I am, Lyn)
[23:21] <@Lyni> (that would be helpful XD)
[23:21] <Evan> I smell magic on you.
[23:21] <@Lyni> Hmm, like Ben said, I guess there are perceptive bunches here~
[23:21] <Zachary> (Zachary is easily the hottest here temp wise)
[23:22] <Evan> Him on the other hand.
[23:22] * Zachary jumps over the small wall and lands with a thud.
[23:22] <@Lyni> (Lyni knows Zacky far too well to know where he is if he's in the vicinity :)
[23:22] <@Lyni> *:p
[23:22] * Evan indicates Ben by sort of swinging his head at him.
[23:22] <Merenwen> (hotter than usual, eminating from about the center of her chest and coursing through her entire body)
[23:22] <@Ben> Smells like wet dog...
[23:22] <Evan> Well let's just say he's probably got a secret.
[23:22] <Zachary> Well isn't this a surprise, Lyni.
[23:23] <@Lyni> Not really, no. You're too easy to track, Zacky.
[23:23] <Evan> You again?
[23:23] <Zachary> Please, be at least surprised to see me.
[23:23] <@Lyni> (wow, so EVERYONE's warmer than usual. Why am I not surprised at all?)
[23:23] * @ben looks at Zachary. "Oh... You're that guy from that other day!"
[23:24] <@Ben> Did you get more of your medicine?
[23:24] <Zachary> Yeah, I did.
[23:24] <Merenwen> (it's super magic mysterious thing with this character though)
[23:24] <@Lyni> (ahh, kk)
[23:24] <@Ben> You really shouldn't waste it like that, if you need it so much!
[23:24] * Zachary takes out his flask and takes a swig.
[23:24] <Zachary> You're probably right.
[23:25] * @Lyni looks back over at Evan and walks forward with a block of ice suddenly materializing in her hand
[23:25] <@Lyni> You sure you're not sick? That body temperature is too warm for most people...
[23:25] * @ben motions towards Evan, then looks back at Zachary. "You know him?"
[23:25] <Zachary> No.
[23:25] <Evan> Hey, step back, kid.
[23:25] * Evan takes a step backwards away from Lyni.
[23:26] <@Ben> You smell that dog?
[23:26] * @Lyni stops, but looks at Evan suspiciously
[23:26] <@Lyni> Not actually human, perhaps?
[23:26] <@Ben> (Fun fact, Ben's not met a single werewolf since he was turned, and has no idea what he or any other wolf smells like.)
[23:27] <Evan> I've had just about enougha you, you know?
[23:27] * Evan takes a step back toward Lyni.
[23:28] <@Lyni> We just met, kid.
[23:28] <@Ben> You guys aren't going to fight, are you?
[23:28] * Zachary stands in front of Lyni and places a hand on the hilt of Gunnlogi.
[23:28] <Zachary> Is there a problem?
[23:28] <@Lyni> Back off, Zacky, he's not right in his mind.
[23:29] <Zachary> Don't tell me what to do, Lyni.
[23:29] <Evan> Oh I'm all there.
[23:29] <Evan> I'm also not even supposed to be out here tonight!
[23:29] * @Lyni cools the area down as per usual, feeling another presence who hasn't yet shown up with a strange temperature signature
[23:29] <@Ben> Guys? Tight quarters, innocent people!
[23:29] <Evan> I just wanted to stay in, have a cup of coffee!
[23:29] <@Lyni> You're kind of really far from coffee shops~
[23:29] * Evan turns around and starts gesticulating a bit.
[23:30] <Evan> But noooo, I have to go out and "Scout thing out"!
[23:30] * Evan says this in a mocking voice.
[23:30] * Merenwen puts a hand on her sword almost reflexively at the word 'fight'. She had overheard the entire conversation, felt the chill across her skin. Did she need to step in?
[23:30] <Evan> So I'm thinking maybe I'm going to take my shitty day out on you.
[23:31] <@Lyni> Oooh, feisty huh~? I haven't had a good fight in a while, I hope you don't disappoint~
[23:31] * Zachary sadistically smiles.
[23:31] <Evan> I haven't had a nice meal in a while.
[23:31] <@Ben> Hooookay, I'll just be here...
[23:31] <Zachary> I don't think you know who I am.
[23:31] <Evan> I know you smell like barbecue.
[23:31] <@Lyni> And from the way you're wording things, you're working for someone~
[23:32] <@Lyni> Also, I can feel you there! Show yourself~
[23:33] * Zachary slowly draws Gunnlogi from it's sheath on Zachary's back. The serrated black blade sparkled with red particles in the blade.
[23:33] <Zachary> How about you and I see who's the monster here?
[23:33] * Merenwen draws her lonsword from it's sheath, the blade lighting up with elven runes as she stepped out of the shadows. "Hail, perceptive one. Might I be of assistance?"
[23:33] <Evan> Oh I am so definitely tired of this shit.
[23:34] <@Lyni> Of course~ Let's kick this guy's ass~
[23:34] * @Lyni doesn't even wait anymore as she leaps backward and shoots ribbons towards Evan's limbs
[23:35] * Evan turns, quickly beginning to grow and transform. In one smooth motion, wolf claws slash out and cut Lyni's ribbons where a hand was a second ago, and Evan is now a massive wolf creature about twice his already considerable human size.
[23:36] <Zachary> Aw man, he's going to die naked.
[23:36] <@Lyni> Oooh, it's an ugly puppy~
[23:36] * @ben falls backwards off his wall, apparently surprised by the sudden wolf appearance.
[23:36] * Merenwen nods and seems to mutter a few words in an ancient language, an aura of light surrounding herself and those that she percieved as non-evil. (you guys feel slightly more invigorated)
[23:36] * Evan 's been wearing special pants for the past century they're perfectly intact should have mentioned.
[23:36] <Evan> (for this exact reason)
[23:37] <@Lyni> (MAGIC PANTS)
[23:37] <Evan> (they are literally magic pants)
[23:37] <@Ben> (Ben could use those!)
[23:39] <Evan> Elf, you think I don't know how to deal with light magic?
[23:39] <@Lyni> Puppy can still talk!
[23:39] <Evan> I can do more than talk.
[23:40] * @Lyni ices up the floor below Evan as large icey stalagmites begin to grow out of the ground near him
[23:40] * Evan opens his mouth and releases a horrible, high pitched howl, sending massive, magical soundwaves forward like a cannon, and shattering the ice that was forming around.
[23:41] * Zachary ignites into a raging inferno. He dashes forward and swings Gunnlogi with brutal force, aiming the blunt side at the werewolfs mouth.
[23:41] <Merenwen> And do you think I am naive to your unique predicament? I have forged this blade from silver, young Were.
[23:43] * Evan sheathes an arm in dark magic and ducks Zachary's attack, aiming a harsh uppercut with a claw like a five pointed spear at his attacker.
[23:43] * Merenwen mutters a few more words, at which the sword glows with a white-ish flame. She leaps from her current position, holding her shield in front of her defensively as she takes a few swings.
[23:43] * @Lyni cringes at the howl and notes that once this is over she'll need to have the wolf take vocal lessons. She turns the shattered ice into blades, which she aims at the wolf's torso
[23:44] * Zachary spins around the uppercut and exhales a giant jet of fire into the face of the werewolf.
[23:47] * Evan counters Zachary's attack with another howl, attempting to grab the elf's shield with his free claw and taking a swipe at the incoming ice with the other to shatter it before it reaches him.
[23:48] * Zachary preforms a vertical spin attack on Evan, spinning rapidly at high speeds at Evan.
[23:48] * @Lyni reforms the ice into a ribbon a water, which twirls itself around in the air around Evan's body like a snake before getting closer to enstrangle him
[23:49] * Merenwen retailiates by pushing the shield forward in a sort of bashing motion, thrusting her sword forward to follow the movement of her body
[23:51] * Evan leaps high and back to avoid the attacks, landing several feet behind where he was.
[23:52] * Zachary lands on the ground and gives a twisted smile.
[23:52] <Evan> Young?
[23:52] <Zachary> I think it's time to turn up the heat.
[23:52] <@Lyni> ... Young?
[23:52] <Evan> Please, silver hasn't done more than sting in 150 years.
[23:52] <Evan> And it's not great material for a sword there, elf.
[23:52] * Zachary ignites into a raging black fire. It radiates evil and archaic vibes from the fire.
[23:52] * @ben 's fingers appear over the edge of the wall again. He hauls himself back up so that his chest is above the wall again. Clinging to the wall with one hand, he reaches down with his other. This hand comes back up with a glass capsule in it, within which a blue and red pill can be seen. He waves it back and forth, attempting to get someone, preferably, someone good's, attention.
[23:53] <@Lyni> (Silver's rather malleable iirc?)
[23:53] <@Ben> (Probably soft though.)
[23:53] <Merenwen> It has magical qualities, Were. And one hundred and fifty is but a wink to my lifespan.
[23:53] * @Lyni notices Ben and stops her attacks to rush over
[23:54] <@Lyni> Something up?
[23:54] * @ben offers the capsule. "If you feed him this, it might make him sick! If you can't stop him any other way!"
[23:55] * @Lyni picks up the capsule and looks at it rather curiously, flicking the glass a few times
[23:55] <@Lyni> Chemicals or magic?
[23:55] <@Ben> Chemicals! Wolfsbane!
[23:55] * Merenwen neutrally moves to hold her sword in a different fashion, balancing before chucking it like a spear. (which is somewhat impractical but can work, you'll find out why she uses this tactic)
[23:56] <@Ben> (Throwing your sword always works. *nods*)
[23:56] * Evan cloaks himself entirely in dark magic, his eyes now glowing bright yellow. The magic in his cloak is of the same kind as before, but the magic making his eyes glow is something entirely more dangerous. He unleashes another howl, this time filled with pure malice, unleashing dark purple waves of energy.
[23:57] <@Lyni> Interesting~ I've only heard of this in fairy tails-
[23:57] * Zachary rushes forward and begins to swing Gunnlogi erratically, he bounces off walls and benches, attacking from different angles.
[23:57] * @Lyni creates a shield of ice to block the waves of energy from herself and Ben. She nods at the otter and flies upward on a cloud, glass capsule in hand
[23:58] * @ben flinches at the howl, almost losing his grip again. After a moment, he calls after Lyni. "Don't eat it yourself though! It's a powerful poison to humans!"
[23:58] <@Lyni> Got it~!
[23:59] * Evan spins to keep up with the fireman's attacks, dodging a few, taking the others along the shoulders and chest. He attempts to grab his attacker's head with one massive claw.
[23:59] * Merenwen beckons with her sword hand, and in a wink, the sword is being held again. She holds it in front of her like a shield, holy energies surrounding her and deflecting the dark energies elsewhere.
[00:00] * Zachary speeds his attacks up, his sword becoming a blur as the Seithr flames grow in intensity. Zachary swings his free hand forward, unleashing a pillar of Seithr flames at Evan.
[00:00] * @Lyni shoots a large block of ice towards Evan's head, aiming for his mouth to keep it open
[00:02] * Merenwen mutters a few more words, a bolt of light shooting out from the tip of her sword towards the evil individual like a missile.
[00:02] * Evan leaps away from the fiery attack, the lights shining in his eyes are not eyeshine, but magical simulations of a full moon, making him faster and stronger.
[00:02] <@Lyni> (what're those things called that keep mouths open? they start with a g or something like that)
[00:03] * Evan is struck by the lightning, causing him to release another screeching howl attack.
[00:03] <Merenwen> (gag?)
[00:03] <@Lyni> (that sounds right)
[00:03] <@Ben> (Are you thinking about gags? They don't keep the mouth open so much as prevent speech... Which, against an enemy with weaponized howls, might be helpful.)
[00:04] <@Lyni> (pretty sure there's like a ring gag or something, but if he's a wolf that won't quite work since he doesn't really have lips)
[00:05] * @Lyni has the block of ice reform into a kind of gag, which she attempts to secure around the wolf's mouth while he's howling
[00:05] * Zachary lands on the ground and exhales a giant Seithr flame jet at the magical howl.
[00:05] * @ben falls off the wall again, this time using it as cover.
[00:05] <@Lyni> (afk for 10 minutes to shower)
[00:05] * Evan fails to move in time, distracted by Zachary, and is caught by Lyni's ice.
[00:07] * Zachary primally roars and charges forward, cloaked with Seithr flames. He swings Gunnlogi down hard and fast at Evans chest.
[00:07] <@Ben> (Shouldn't we wait for Shiny?)
[00:07] <Evan> (yeah)
[00:08] * Merenwen , noting the moment of weakness, decides to conjure a rope that shoots out and tries to wrap itself around the werewolf.
[00:08] <Merenwen> (alright)
[00:16] <@Lyni> (sorry I'm back)
[00:17] <Evan> (ok)
[00:19] * @Lyni opens the capsule and takes the pill out while creating a hole in the gag. She takes careful aim and drops the pill, hoping it lands where she intended it to
[00:21] <@Lyni> (for anyone not paying attention in main chat, the pill was not aimed correctly :'D)
[00:22] * Evan moves to avoid the pill and slices up the ropes with his claws.
[00:23] * Evan then crushes the ice between his jaws, turns tail, and flees into the night at great speed.
[00:23] * @ben hauls himself back up to the wall to see if his plan worked... And is quickly disappointed.
[00:24] * @Lyni grits her teeth at the miss and dives down to retrieve the pill, putting it back into the capsule. She hands it back over to Ben while avoiding his eyes
[00:24] <@Lyni> That was... quite an event
[00:25] * @ben climbs back to his previous seat, accepting the capsule and pocketing it again.
[00:25] * Merenwen glares after the wolf, but sheathes her sword nonetheless. She merely looks around at her allies in this fight as the aura fades at her command.
[00:25] * Evan (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Imploded: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[00:25] <@Ben> Well, at least he left.
[00:25] <@Tailon> (Ezekiel is not going to be happy)
[00:26] <@Ben> (Done already?)
[00:26] * Zachary extinguishes the Seithr flames, the evil and archaic vibes die down as he sheaths his sword back on his back.
[00:27] * @Lyni nods to the other lady who had assisted in the fighting
[00:27] <@Lyni> Thanks for helping us with that... creature thing~
[00:27] <@Tailon> (Evan realized he wasn't making a meal of any of you tonight)
[00:27] <@Tailon> (he's evil not stupid)
[00:28] <@Ben> Sorry I couldn't be anymore help! Not exactly built for combat.
[00:28] <Merenwen> It was not a problem, young one. I had sensed he was evil, so I figured it was only a matter of time.
[00:29] <@Ben> The smell of wet dog is gone, too...
[00:29] <@Lyni> Ahh, makes sense~ And it's fine, Ben! You had this pill thing on you anyways, which was really nice~
[00:29] <@Lyni> Also, I'm Lyni, by the way! It's nice to meet you~
[00:30] <Merenwen> Forgive me for not introducing myself. *she bows her head graciously* I am Merenwen Falassion, Knight of Terrater.
[00:30] <Merenwen> (Dwayna's world)
[00:30] <@Ben> (And you're just done CRPing because of that? =p)
[00:31] <@Lyni> Terra... oh! Where Dway's from, right? I think?
[00:31] <@Tailon> (Oh, I can bring in Zoey or Talon if you guys like)
[00:31] <@Lyni> (sure ;D)
[00:31] <Merenwen> Indeed. You are a friend of hers, I presume?
[00:31] <@Ben> (Unless you guys feel like stopping soon!)
[00:31] * Evan (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #CharmsRP
[00:31] * Zachary takes out his flask and takes a swig out of it.
[00:31] <@Lyni> (/me feels the wolf is back!)
[00:31] * Evan is now known as Talon_Reid
[00:32] <@Ben> (/me knows one wolf never left!)
[00:32] <@Lyni> Mm, we had a bit of a... misunderstanding recently, but I guess friend is still the best way to describe us~
[00:32] * Talon_Reid bursts up through the road, repairing it on the way, he has Stinger with him and is wearing his gauntlets.
[00:33] <@Ben> Oh shit! Look who it is!
[00:33] <@Tailon> ...
[00:33] <@Tailon> Ben?
[00:33] <@Lyni> (Tai wrong window)
[00:33] <@Ben> (Wrong account.)
[00:33] <Merenwen> I see. A pleasure, nonetheless, I'm sure.
[00:33] <@Tailon> (noooooooo)
[00:33] <@Lyni> (common mistake ;D)
[00:33] <@Ben> The one and only~
[00:33] <Merenwen> (she says with a completely neutral face)
[00:34] <@Tailon> (same difference just continue as if I did it on the right one)
[00:34] <@Lyni> (We're just messing with you, we know XD)
[00:34] * Talon_Reid dispells his weapons and stands up straight.
[00:34] <Talon_Reid> I haven't seen you since Luminen!
[00:35] <@Lyni> What're you doing here in this world~? Actually, lately I've noticed that a lot of people who know her have been around.
[00:35] * Zachary sits against the wall and yawns loudly.
[00:35] <@Ben> Likewise! We were really worried, when the portal didn't open anymore.
[00:35] <@Ben> Good to see that at least some of our worlds have linked up again.
[00:35] <Talon_Reid> We're pretty sure Luminen faded back into background radiation.
[00:36] <Talon_Reid> It's unfortunate, really.
[00:36] <@Ben> Flynt's been beside himself. When the portal closed, it cut him off from... Well, I'm sure you know.
[00:36] <Talon_Reid> Yeah...
[00:36] <@Ben> You haven't seen any of the others by chance?
[00:37] <Merenwen> I was told to investigate this realm in place of our enforcer. It seems a nefarious character was making things difficult back on Terrater, so I was chosen to come instead.
[00:37] <Talon_Reid> No, no one, sorry.
[00:37] <@Ben> Damn. Hope nothing bad's happened to any of them.
[00:38] <Merenwen> As I understand it, the Lady Dwayna has recently become married to one such individual named Michael. I believe they will be having a human ceremony in this realm.
[00:38] <Talon_Reid> Anyway, I'm sure you've met Zoey by now.
[00:38] <@Ben> Ah, yes. She exploited my fear of heights and got a few good screams out of it...
[00:38] <Talon_Reid> She's been visiting a lot more than I have since the incident with Karu.
[00:38] * @Lyni smiles pleasantly at that but a slight twitch in her fingers betray her deeper feelings on the matter
[00:38] <@Ben> Karu... I don't recognize that name!
[00:39] <@Lyni> ... Ben's scared of heights too?
[00:39] <@Lyni> We should ride roller coasters together~
[00:39] <@Ben> This is only my second visit here.
[00:39] <@Lyni> (Lyni is at this point purposefully avoiding the subject)
[00:39] <Talon_Reid> He was...an old friend.
[00:39] <@Ben> And most certainly! We otters are built for the water, not the air.
[00:39] * Merenwen notes the twitch, but says nothing on the matter, simply looking at the girl.
[00:39] <@Ben> I see... I won't press.
[00:40] <@Lyni> Also, I haven't said it yet, but hai again Talon~
[00:40] <Talon_Reid> Hey Lyni.
[00:40] <@Ben> We just met some guy, heard him complaining about three "do-gooders" booting him out of his old haunts.
[00:40] * @Lyni smiles again, this time biting her lip lightly
[00:41] <@Ben> You wouldn't know anything about that?
[00:41] <Talon_Reid> Yeah, that would be me and the Team.
[00:41] <@Ben> Then I presume you appearing now isn't coincidental?
[00:41] <Talon_Reid> You probably met Evan, a werewolf?
[00:41] * @ben nods.
[00:42] <@Lyni> Ooh, that's his name? Evan?
[00:42] <@Ben> Awful stench on that one.
[00:42] <@Ben> I can't believe no one else noticed.
[00:42] <Talon_Reid> We got an alert back home that his Full Moon Eyes were being used here.
[00:42] <@Lyni> It's too cute for someone like him.
[00:42] <@Lyni> He.. didn't smell that bad?
[00:42] <@Ben> You didn't smell the wet dog?
[00:42] <@Lyni> He smelled funny, but nothing too out of the ordinary
[00:43] <Merenwen> If you mean the youngling wolf that was here, he escaped from us not long ago.
[00:43] <Talon_Reid> Full Moon Eyes are pretty archaic magic, we keep an active scan because basically only werewolves use it.
[00:43] <@Ben> I guess my nose is more attuned than you guys'.
[00:43] <Talon_Reid> And we knew that he and Ezekiel and Evan have been hiding out here.
[00:43] <@Ben> (Evan and Ezekiel and Evan?)
[00:44] <@Lyni> (XDDD)
[00:44] <Talon_Reid> (;;)
[00:44] <@Lyni> Are otter noses known for being particularly keen~?
[00:45] <@Ben> Yup! We've got good senses of smell and hearing.
[00:45] <@Lyni> Fair enough!
[00:45] <@Lyni> But who's Ezekiel?
[00:46] <@Ben> Ezekiel... That's the name of a fox I know.
[00:46] <@Ben> Though he prefers Zeke.
[00:47] <Talon_Reid> Ezekiel is one of the first vampires.
[00:47] <@Ben> Not the same Zeke, I take it~
[00:47] <Talon_Reid> He's an insanely powerful necromancer, and he's basically indestructible.
[00:47] * Merenwen smooths a hand over a black opal at her neck, looking to be somewhat deep in thought about that remark.
[00:47] <Zachary> Ezekiel has never met me then.
[00:48] <Talon_Reid> He basically ruled a small city back home, but we chased him off.
[00:48] <Merenwen> Is he a lich?
[00:48] <@Lyni> Was he like, the mafia or something?
[00:48] <Talon_Reid> I guess technically?
[00:48] <Talon_Reid> He was never conventionally alive.
[00:48] <Talon_Reid> He's basically living necromancy.
[00:49] <Merenwen> The only ay to destory a lich is to destory their phalactery. A device that helps them come back from the dead.
[00:49] <Merenwen> (*way, destroy)
[00:50] <Talon_Reid> He doesn't have anything like that.
[00:50] <Talon_Reid> Basically he's going to have to be sealed away.
[00:50] <@Lyni> Um, excuse me but what's a lich~?
[00:51] <Merenwen> Ah, one of those. If you need assistance, I shall hlp you.
[00:51] <Talon_Reid> An undead sorcerer.
[00:51] <Talon_Reid> He's too strong to assault any time soon.
[00:51] * Zachary stands up and brushes himself off
[00:51] <Zachary> Like I said Talon, he hasn't met me.
[00:52] <Merenwen> Yes, an undead sorcerer. More than like a skeleton. The phalactery is an item of the Lich's choosing into which they imbue their soul, giving them immortality until the phylactery is destroyed.
[00:52] <@Lyni> Ahh, aighty~
[00:52] <Talon_Reid> Yeah, well he's not easy to find.
[00:52] <@Lyni> Perhaps liches differs between worlds? I haven't heard of such a thing before
[00:53] <Talon_Reid> He's been around since the first humans appeared on my homeworld.
[00:53] <@Ben> I've never heard of them either!
[00:53] <Talon_Reid> He knows how to hide his presence.
[00:53] <Merenwen> I am also something that is old. Perhaps I can be of more assistance than you think.
[00:54] * @ben grins. "You know, right now you sound like those weirdos who talk about lizard men running the government right now, Talon."
[00:54] <Talon_Reid> Heh, I guess I do.
[00:55] <Merenwen> 'Lizard men' running the government is quite commonplace on Terrater.
[00:55] <Merenwen> Nonetheless I would guess it is some form of colliquialism?
[00:55] <Talon_Reid> But vampires are dangerous on a good day, and Ezekiel is one of the oldest and most powerful.
[00:55] <@Ben> It's an old school conspiracy theory, from back before portal tech was discovered on my world.
[00:56] <@Lyni> Wait, lizard men run the government?
[00:56] <@Lyni> Is that how this place has been functioning since the tournament?
[00:56] <@Ben> Then again, nobody knows who or what the Board of Directors for the Agency are but the CEO, so for all I know, Lizard Men really do run the government~
[00:56] <Merenwen> It was, as they say, a joke? The Lady Dwayna is part dragon.
[00:57] <Talon_Reid> A lot of Lizard Men have formed modernized societies but some of them haven't made contact with civilization and still live isolated in their home lands.
[00:57] <Merenwen> Then do you know what can be done against him... Talon, was it?
[00:57] <@Ben> Oh, Talon, do you remember Ryder? His boss is a lizard man, apparently the guy's thinking about running for mayor.
[00:59] <Talon_Reid> Hmm.
[00:59] <Merenwen> I know much of vampires, but if he is as powerful as you day... I may be in for quite a challenge.
[00:59] <Talon_Reid> Well, right now we're not likely to find him again for a while.
[01:00] <@Ben> Yeah, we've seen a lot of excitement today already.
[01:00] <Talon_Reid> Scott detected him while he was here once but he was gone by the time we got to the position.
[01:01] <Talon_Reid> For now, you guys should probably head home and get some rest, unless you've got other business.
[01:01] <Talon_Reid> It was good seeing you again, Ben.
[01:01] <Talon_Reid> I'll start visiting more often.
[01:01] <@Ben> You too!
[01:01] <@Lyni> Waitwaitwait you guys know each other-
[01:02] * @ben nods.
[01:02] <@Ben> We met on Luminen.
[01:02] <@Lyni> Ahh, kk~
[01:02] <@Lyni> It's always nice seeing old friends, yep~
[01:03] <Merenwen> Very well. Much luck to you on your quest to vanquish the evils from this realm, then. May whatever gods you follow bless you.
[01:03] * @ben beckons Talon closer, before he goes.
[01:04] <Merenwen> And to those who are friends of the Lady Dwayna or Michael, the wedding will be sometime this month. You are all invited.
[01:04] * Talon_Reid steps closer.
[01:04] <@Lyni> Good luck to you as well, Merenwen~
[01:04] <@Lyni> Wedding, right.
[01:04] * @ben whispers. "Please don't mention my... Condition, unless you really need to."
[01:05] <Talon_Reid> 'Course.
[01:05] * @ben nods. "Thanks! Hope to see you again soon."
[01:05] <Talon_Reid> Right.
[01:05] * Talon_Reid stands back up straight.
[01:05] * @Lyni takes this as her cue to leave and curtsies to everyone before flying off
[01:05] <Talon_Reid> I should get moving.
[01:05] * Talon_Reid hulkjumps away.
[01:05] <@Ben> Guess I should be going, too.
[01:06] * @ben hops down from the wall and wanders off.
[01:06] * Merenwen bows her head in acknowlegement, and starts to wander the world to gather as much information as possible on this realm between worlds.

Oh Fuck a Fucking Frankenstein Run


[21:09] * Iah stands on the docks, looking about as somber as a "live" person can. He wears a jacket with a tall-ish collar despite the weather being slightly warm, his other notable feature is a very large, white scarf.
[21:09] <Piper> [Weebee]
[21:10] <~Lyni> (oops)
[21:10] <Dys> <fsck my connection sideways>
[21:10] <Piper> [I'd rather it was you]
[21:10] <Piper> [♥]
[21:10] <~Lyni> (Arma's on his way back to his dorm so he'll join us in a few minutes)
[21:11] <@Dwayna> (kk)
[21:11] <Iah> (this is gonna be a big dust-up)
[21:12] <Iah> (good thing I saved the most dangerous for last)
[21:12] <Iah> (Well)
[21:12] <Iah> (not -most-)
[21:12] * @ben is sitting on a small wall a bit a ways away, watching the ship. He's apparently found a new pair of black pants since the last time he was here, and the chain for his dog tags has been repaired.
[21:13] <@Dwayna> (is this a fight?)
[21:13] <~Lyni> (to the best of my knowledge yes)
[21:14] <Iah> (I dunno I guess it depends on if anyone antagonizes Iah?)
[21:14] * Piper came to pause in her stride as she had made her way over to the docks, her green eyes gazing upward in thought. She appeared paler than usual and had a blank expression across her features.
[21:14] <Cloveria> (I'm late. Anyway Hai)
[21:14] <~Lyni> (Iah's heat signature?)
[21:15] <@Ben> (Also would he smell particularly dead?)
[21:15] <Iah> (none, he's the same as ambient temperature)
[21:15] <~Lyni> (kk)
[21:15] <Iah> (no, but he might smeel kinda like chemicals)
[21:15] <Iah> (*smell)
[21:16] <@Dwayna> (I'm not sure who to be XD)
[21:17] * ~Lyni is carrying a cup of ramen and slurping it as she walks along the docks, admiring everyone there. She sees Piper and sneaks up on the girl, though before she's anywhere close to the other girl she realizes her friend looks different than before. She thinks for a bit and instead casually walks up and taps the other girl's shoulder
[21:19] * Piper jumps slightly as she comes out of her train of thought, glancing toward the person whom had decided to approach her before faintly smiling. "Hey! Great to see you unscathed!" Her smile stretched into a grin, "What're you doing here?"
[21:19] <Piper> [TRAAAIN]
[21:19] <~Lyni> Unscathed? You mean from that weird beach trip a bit back~?
[21:20] <~Lyni> Yeah, I'm fine~ And just kinda wandering around and exploring the city. I don't have much to do these days, anyways~
[21:22] <Piper> Heeey, Benny~!
[21:22] * Piper motioned over to the docks. "I've been waiting on some ship. I figured I could use a break away from work and general stress."
[21:26] <@Ben> You, uh... Don't look so good there Piper.
[21:26] <~Lyni> Ben~! Yo there~
[21:26] <~Lyni> Also yeah, I agree. Do you... have a fever?
[21:26] * Piper slowly looks off to one side, her grin receding slightly.
[21:26] * Dys suddenly picks up some rather familiar voice or two.
[21:26] <Piper> I'm just a little tired~
[21:27] <@Ben> You haven't... Met any strange men lately, have you?
[21:27] <Dys> ... Nah. Can't be. The same smeg cannot happen to the same guy twice.
[21:27] <~Lyni> Hm, no fever...
[21:27] * Piper pauses for a moment as flashbacks of the beach scene made their way to the front of her mind.
[21:27] <MrRMA> (Well shit, illegal symbols for chat...Just a sec here...)
[21:28] * ~Lyni notices someone dressed oddly for the weather but ignores it for now. Lots of funny folks in this part, anyways
[21:29] <Dys> Still, might be worth checking out.
[21:29] <@Ben> That... Evan guy didn't injure you at all, did he?
[21:29] * Piper perks up slightly as she flexes her noodle-like arms.
[21:30] <Piper> He tried but I was too amazing~
[21:30] * Piper completely ignores the fact she was actually spared from a rather terrible death.
[21:30] <~Lyni> Evan?
[21:31] * Dys shrugs and heads in the general direction of where he thought he heard the voices - and as he approaches, he can /definitely/ recognize the voices he hears and the faces that go with them. Honestly,you don't see red-headed mechanics and talking otters too often.
[21:31] <~Lyni> The weird werewolf person?
[21:31] <Dys> Well! It's been a while.
[21:31] <@Ben> Yeah, that guy... Oh, hey, it's the cat guy!
[21:32] * Piper lights up and smiles brightly at the familiar fuzzball.
[21:32] * ~Lyni squees when she sees Dys and runs over to pet him
[21:32] <~Lyni> So cute~!
[21:32] * Dys blinks.
[21:32] * MrRMA is now known as AltMA
[21:32] * Dys tilts head to the side
[21:32] <~Lyni> Hello there, kitty~
[21:33] * Dwayna is now known as Aria
[21:33] <Piper> Scratch him behind the antenna
[21:33] <Piper> >:D
[21:33] * ~Lyni does so then!
[21:33] <Dys> We're not quite /that/ feline, you know.
[21:33] <~Lyni> Oh, you can talk!
[21:33] <Piper> Dys has a translating device~
[21:33] <Piper> He talks mainly in chirps
[21:34] <~Lyni> Still so cute~
[21:34] <Piper> I knooow~
[21:34] * AltMA is now known as had
[21:34] <Dys> That's the part you can hear, anyway. We Alectans communicate via a combination of vocalizations and electric field modulations.
[21:34] * had is now known as AltMA
[21:34] <~Lyni> Wait, you guys have met before?
[21:34] <@Ben> Don't worry, Dys, they'll stop doing this after a few meetings.
[21:34] * Piper smiles fondly.
[21:34] <Piper> We met at a train station.
[21:34] <~Lyni> ... that reminds me!
[21:34] * ~Lyni jumps up and tackles Ben
[21:35] * @ben sighs dramatically, putting his hand to his forehead. "I remember when I was the cutest thing- Gah!"
[21:35] <~Lyni> You're still adorable you~
[21:35] <Piper> I think we all know that I'M the cutest.
[21:35] * Piper fluffs her hair.
[21:35] <~Lyni> Piper, false
[21:35] * Dys tilts his head to the side
[21:36] <~Lyni> I'm obviously the cutest!
[21:36] * Piper gasps dramatically, hand on chest.
[21:36] * ~Lyni makes a magical-esque staff and poses dramatically
[21:36] <~Lyni> (*magical girl-esque)
[21:36] <Piper> ...
[21:36] <Dys> So. I know you and Ben... but... who's the kid?
[21:36] * Piper poses with her wrench.
[21:36] * AltMA had been watching the group from afar, attempting to properly analyze their appearances and speech patterns, much as it was difficult to do so, and not because of the particularly inhuman ones in the party...After his last scouting mission, he was not so eager to do another, but he couldn't refuse his master's demands, so here he was, standing at a distance, observing...hopefully he wasn't close to enough for detection from any of them...
[21:36] * ~Lyni changes the staff to a mic and does a cute little idol wink at Dys
[21:37] <~Lyni> I'm Lyni! And what's your name then~?
[21:37] <Dys> The closest your language could manage is Dys.
[21:37] <Piper> Spacecat
[21:37] * Dys nods
[21:37] <Piper> Or that.
[21:37] <~Lyni> (how far is AltMA, and does he look like Michael?)
[21:37] <~Lyni> Dys, so simple but
[21:37] <~Lyni> so fitting!
[21:38] <Piper> Three letters, like cat.
[21:38] * Piper grins in a teasing fashion.
[21:38] * ~Lyni gets off of Ben and scritches Dys behind the antenna again
[21:38] * Dys blinks
[21:38] * @Aria huffed. What exactly was she doing back in this realm again? Last time she had to save some 'unfortunate souls'. Her glowing red eyes scanned the crowd from afar for a new person to talk to... all of them both interesting and boring in their own ways.
[21:38] <Dys> ... Why do they always feel the need to do that?
[21:38] * Dys twitches tail.
[21:38] <Piper> It worked when I did it. D:
[21:39] <AltMA> (He looks like Arma minus the jacket and fedora, has messed up hair, his metallic skin is all scratched and grey in places, and his broom is instead a stick with a big knife he attaches to it...also he's within seeing distance but, like...speck-wise)
[21:39] <@Ben> Cats love scritches behind the ears.
[21:39] <@Aria> (I'm not that far and I literally look like I'm made of fire in your heat vision)
[21:39] * Piper softly scritches Dys behind an antenna in confusion.
[21:40] * Dys twitches antennae, fighting the urge to purr, glaring at both girls darkly
[21:40] <Piper> Ah well~ ♥
[21:40] <Piper> At least he's cute to look at.
[21:41] <~Lyni> He really is!
[21:41] <~Lyni> Do you know any tricks~?
[21:41] * Piper bites her lip to stop a giggle.
[21:42] * Dys casually adjusts his internal electric fields.
[21:42] <Dys> Does this count?
[21:42] <@Aria> (I also have typical diamond pin of people from Terrater)
[21:42] <~Lyni> Whoa! That's so cool~
[21:42] * Dys lightly pokes the apparent child's forehead with an mild electic shock.
[21:42] <Dys> <electric*>
[21:42] <Dys> <This is Dys being snarky.>
[21:42] <Dys> <XD>
[21:42] <Dys> <not meant to hurt.>
[21:43] <@Ben> We had a pretty relaxing train ride together, Dys, Piper, and I.
[21:43] <AltMA> These creatures surely have better things to do then...pet and scratch each other...Must have a lot of time on their hands...
[21:43] * Dys twitches an antenna
[21:43] <@Ben> It's too bad I wasn't able to explore the other end of the line with them.
[21:43] <Piper> PFFF--
[21:44] * ~Lyni is shocked and laughs, before getting a feeling that someone's watching them. She extends her senses beyond a bit; a familiar feeling appears, but something about it is different from someone else she knows. Looking in the direction, she sees a tiny figure and automatically unleashes a spear of ice towards it
[21:44] <Dys> I'm sensing a slight electric disturbance.
[21:44] <Dys> ...
[21:44] <~Lyni> Got it before you~
[21:44] <AltMA> I don't even understand why she sent me this...oh, marvelous...
[21:44] * @ben blinks.
[21:44] <Iah> (...)
[21:44] <Iah> (I have no idea if Iah should react to that)
[21:44] * Piper looks confused.
[21:45] <~Lyni> (That was to AltMA, she's leaving Iah alone for now)
[21:45] <Iah> (What direction was AltMA relative to them)
[21:45] * AltMA catches the spear as it reaches him and casually tosses it aside, beginning to walk away at the realization his cover was blown)
[21:45] <Iah> (whatever I'll just use it)
[21:45] <~Lyni> Get back here you!
[21:45] <AltMA> Honestly they are quite hostile these organics...
[21:45] <~Lyni> I'll be back, guys~
[21:45] <@Ben> Uh... Lyni? I don't think attacking randoms on the street is a very good idea...
[21:46] <Dys> ... So do these random bouts of aggression happen to her often?
[21:46] * ~Lyni ignores Ben and summons her cloud. She waves at the group and launches off, hurtling herself towards Altma
[21:46] * Piper slides her hands into her pocket, blinking in curiosity.
[21:46] * Iah is startled by the spear sailing by a few feet away. His "scarf" instantly wraps itself around his head and his jacket falls away to reveal an upper body completely wrapped in linens.
[21:46] * @ben sighs.
[21:46] <AltMA> Then again with the blood on my hands I'm not one to talk...and now that short one is coming this way...I don't need this.
[21:46] <Dys> <Oh joy. Mummies alive.>
[21:46] * @Aria watches the scene amused, black feathered wings spruting from seemingly nowhere as she quickly followed after the ice-weilding girl.
[21:47] <~Lyni> Hey yooooooouuuuu~! What were you doing, spying on us like that?
[21:47] <@Ben> That girl is going to get herself in trouble one day...
[21:47] <Dys> Well, just as long as she doesn't drag the rest of us into it.
[21:47] <Piper> She looks like she's more than capable at least~
[21:48] * AltMA looks back at her with hardly an expression on his face. "That is none of your concern, miss...I'm assuming you're the one who launched that earlier bit of ice at me...Please, don't do that anymore."
[21:48] * ~Lyni blinks and gapes at AltMA for a bit
[21:48] <~Lyni> A-arma?
[21:48] * Iah watches the girl on the cloud fly overhead and generally seems rather alarmed by everything.
[21:49] <~Lyni> You do realize you could just join us if you want to!
[21:49] <@Ben> So does anyone know when the boat's departing? I've never seen one of these things set sail.
[21:49] <Dys> ... There's a boat?
[21:49] <AltMA> ARMA unit, yes, I suppose I should understand you know my kind, as you have acquainted yourself with one of them already. I'm afraid you have mistaken me for him, Miss Sorrel.
[21:50] * @ben points at the large ship floating a ways away.
[21:50] * @Aria landed, spotted the robot, raised her eyebrows and looked even more amused. "Oh, you again ~"
[21:50] <~Lyni> So he made another one, huh. I guess I shouldn't be surpised~
[21:51] <~Lyni> It's nice to meet you, anyways~
[21:51] <AltMA> He did not make 'another one', I am still him...though it appears from an alternate series of events...I can assure you he didn't make anymore...after all, he's been dead for some time
[21:52] <~Lyni> Wait-what?
[21:52] * AltMA looks over to Aria at her remark. "I don't need to deal with your planet's inhabitants anymore...Please just leave me be, I will not harm your precious 'king'..."
[21:53] * ~Lyni looks between the robot and Aria in confusion
[21:53] <Dys> Huh. Well, I suppose ships and docks go hand in hand.
[21:53] <@Aria> Hey, I'm not here to cause trouble ~
[21:53] <AltMA> From the look on your face I'd suggest otherwise...
[21:55] * Iah begins to wander, seeming to grow steadily more unsettled as he does.
[21:55] * Piper casually pulls out a deck of tarot cards from her pocket as her mind drifts, shuffling them as she sits down in wait.
[21:55] * Dys tilts his head to the side
[21:55] <@Ben> Guess you guys don't know?
[21:55] <Dys> What are these?
[21:55] <~Lyni> Anyways, why were you spying on us? That was rude, bot~
[21:55] <Dys> ... well, aside from cards, anyway.
[21:55] <Piper> ..Ah. These cards are for fortune telling~
[21:56] <AltMA> Listen, let me just make this clear, as far as I know, Michael Tourniquet is dead and...well...as buried as we could get him. That other one is not my master, and obviously not my concern since he's beyond my reach. What I'm doing, Miss Sorrel, is keeping watch on you creatures for my master, as she doesn't exactly look upon any of you with much confidence...
[21:56] <Dys> <does everyone and their goat in this universe have a master.>
[21:56] <Dys> <I swear to fuck, i feel liek i walked on a BDSM convention>
[21:56] <Piper> [Be my master~]
[21:57] <~Lyni> (everyone in my continuity are independent)
[21:57] <~Lyni> Ohhh I see, so you're like Tobias and Alistair then~
[21:57] <@Ben> (Noah is my only slave character.)
[21:57] <Dys> Fortune telling? Hm. I heard some humans were into this sort of thing.
[21:57] <~Lyni> Not like you would know them, I guess..
[21:57] <@Aria> Yeah, Kingy is a different person than this robot's Michael ~
[21:58] <~Lyni> I was worried that Michael was actually dead, hahaha~...
[21:58] <AltMA> I have not input their data in my memory, no...I assure you that if I find them I will though, that's my protocol after all
[21:58] * ~Lyni goes quiet as she remembers something from the past and bites her lip
[21:59] <@Ben> Fortune Telling, huh? Are you a Seer?
[21:59] * Iah 's linens begin to swirl out of him in tendrils, releasing some small portion of magic into the air around him.
[22:00] <@Aria> Nah, Kingy was fine last I checked ~
[22:00] * Piper blushes faintly. "W-Well, I wouldn't call myself a seer.. Most of my draws are pretty accurate though~"
[22:00] <~Lyni> ... That's good then~
[22:00] <AltMA> Now, I've explained enough, I'll be on my way. No sense sticking around if you know I'm here, obviously...
[22:00] <~Lyni> No way! Stay here, would you!
[22:00] * ~Lyni reaches to grab AltMA's arm
[22:00] <@Aria> Hey, if you want to gather data, what better way than to talk with us? You're the fun one, anyways ~
[22:01] <~Lyni> Yeah yeah, she's right!
[22:01] <@Ben> Oh? You should draw for Dys and I, then!
[22:01] <AltMA> What is your obsession with my staying? And fun? I'm afraid I don't understand your definition, miss...Listen, I have no reason to stay, so unhand me and let me be on my way, alright?
[22:02] * @Aria pouts slightly. "Aw, you've never heard of fun? I could show you some ~"
[22:03] * ~Lyni holds AltMA closer. "Stay with us, we barely met and I have a lot of questions!"
[22:04] * AltMA knew this tone of voice, and it was bugging him to hear it consistently from this one..."You couldn't show me if you were paying me to do so..." he grumbled, before being pulled back by Lyni. "I'm not sure I'd have reason to give you any answers"
[22:04] <@Aria> You assume far too much, my dear robot. I was suggesting a fight ~
[22:04] * Piper smiles up at Ben as she holds up a card to him, revealing it to be the ten of swords. "The end of a difficult situation. Embrace change and expect things to get better. Recovery could also be involved."
[22:05] <AltMA> Oh, I apologize, you seem to overuse that tone of yours, demon...
[22:05] <~Lyni> Fight~? Can I join?
[22:05] * Piper blinks at the card she draws for Dys..
[22:05] <Piper> You got the Hermit card.
[22:05] * @ben chuckles. "I don't know. I'm kind of permanently in a difficult situation."
[22:05] <Piper> This is a card of self discovery.
[22:06] * @Aria immediately drops the grin, loking far more serious. "Better?"
[22:06] <AltMA> I do not fight, I defend, and I kill. Self-training is the only necessary practice I require...
[22:06] <~Lyni> By the by, how do you know my name if we haven't met before?
[22:06] <Dys> That is my reason for traveling, in a way.
[22:06] <@Aria> Well a way to gain training is sparring, you know
[22:07] <AltMA> I've been observing a number of you for quite some time. These things are rather easy to pick up after a while.
[22:07] * Piper smiles in pride.
[22:07] <~Lyni> So you're a stalker!
[22:07] <~Lyni> Also yeah, self training only does so much~ Actual oponents are more fun and more unpredictable!
[22:08] <@Ben> But, uh... Please don't mention what happened on the train to anyone...
[22:08] <@Ben> I don't like that part of me being acknowledged.
[22:08] <Dys> Don't worry. What happened on the train is your story.
[22:08] <Dys> I try not to tell other people's stories.
[22:08] <AltMA> I suppose that is the derogatory term for it...Understand that I don't exactly pull punches in these 'sparring' matches of yours...
[22:08] <Piper> What train? ♥
[22:08] <Dys> That's their job.
[22:08] * Dys smiles.
[22:08] <@Ben> Thanks.
[22:08] * ~Lyni suddenly disattaches herself from AltMA and puts her hand on the floor, icing up the place all the way back to the docks
[22:09] <~Lyni> Come on, it'll be fun~
[22:09] * Piper quickly scritches behind an antennae to catch Dys off guard
[22:09] <AltMA> I don't have fun. That is not my directive...
[22:09] * Dys twitches an antenna and catches himself purring for a second before pausing, and twitching his tail.
[22:09] <~Lyni> Well, I'm not letting you leave~
[22:09] <Dys> I totally meant to do that.
[22:09] <Dys> <<
[22:09] <Piper> I KNEW IT
[22:09] <Dys> >>
[22:09] <~Lyni> (SO CUTE)
[22:10] <AltMA> You don't have the say in that course of action, half nymph...
[22:10] <@Aria> Nymph? what a thing to call a little girl ~
[22:11] <~Lyni> He's right, though, I am part nymph~
[22:11] <AltMA> She's referring to a far more dubious term I'm sure...That's all she does as far as I've come to learn...
[22:11] * ~Lyni has the ice climb up everyone's legs, including those back at the docks due to lack of control further out
[22:12] <@Aria> I do far more than that, I assure you
[22:12] <~Lyni> ... I think I might have messed up something
[22:12] * @Aria sudden pulls out two daggers, a amanic grin appearing over her features as she makes a beckoning motion.
[22:13] * Iah is quite a bit more perturbed by suddenly being iced up than he already was, some of his linen tendrils begin forming a shape in the air until a red rune lights up, spewing fire all around him.
[22:14] * AltMA sighs and pulls out the staff at his side, along with the blade on his other side, attaching them to each other and swinging down on the ice crawling up him to shatter it and free himself
[22:14] * ~Lyni releases control of the ice in surprise at the sudden burst of fire in the distance
[22:14] <~Lyni> D-did you guys feel that?
[22:14] <AltMA> A sudden heatwave, yes...
[22:14] * @Aria suddenly flames up the ice at her feet, looking unamused. "Not really, no ~"
[22:15] * @ben sniffs suddenly, having been spared the ice attack by being up on a wall. "... Do you guys smell... Preservatives?"
[22:16] * Dys blinks
[22:16] * Dys looks down a moment
[22:16] * ~Lyni casually climbs up onto AltMA's shoulders to get a better view
[22:16] <Dys> ... Is this someone's idea of a joke?
[22:16] * Piper casually smashes the ice around her with her wrench
[22:17] <AltMA> I am NOT your footstool...get off.
[22:17] <~Lyni> It's from back at the docks~! Let's check it out, gogogo~
[22:17] * Piper does the same to Dys to see what is going on to cause it
[22:17] * Dys emits a faint glow as he accelerates the flow of electricity through his body, his aura heating the air around him and thawing the ice.
[22:17] * ~Lyni pats Altma and points forward
[22:17] <~Lyni> *AltMA
[22:17] <Dys> ... Well, this is quicker. Thank you, Piper.
[22:19] <@Aria> He answers to another mistress, my dear ~ If you like, I would be happy to carry you.
[22:20] * ~Lyni flips in the air and lands on a snow cushion, pouting.
[22:21] <~Lyni> That would be really awesome, thankies miss... I don't think I remember your name, darn it
[22:21] <~Lyni> Too many people these days
[22:21] <@Aria> Aria. A pleasure... Lyni, wasn't it?
[22:21] <~Lyni> Yep!
[22:21] * ~Lyni dusts herself off with a grin and sticks her tongue out at AltMA
[22:21] <~Lyni> Learn to be nice like miss Aria here~
[22:22] * AltMA merely shrugs at this. If he had human eyes, he'd be rolling them by now. He casually makes his way over to the docks, hoping to just document whatever's there and get out quickly
[22:22] * @Aria grins, her wings fading back int non-existence as she picks up the young girl, delicately maneuvering Lyni to be on her shoulders before moving off with her
[22:23] <~Lyni> This is fun, yay~!
[22:23] <~Lyni> (did a demon just give me a piggy back ride)
[22:23] <@Aria> (yep)
[22:23] * Iah || meanwhile, back at the ranch, Iah has successfully melted the ice around him into a giant 1/4" deep puddle.
[22:23] <AltMA> (I've heard of stranger things, admittedly...)
[22:23] <~Lyni> (Sadly true XD)
[22:24] <@Aria> I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, sweetie ~
[22:24] <@Ben> So uh... I guess I'm the only one who smells that?
[22:25] <~Lyni> (is Aria traveling quickly?)
[22:25] <Dys> Hm.
[22:25] * Dys takes a brief sniff of the air
[22:25] <Dys> Come to think of it
[22:25] <@Aria> (I would assume at a brisk enough pace, yes?0
[22:25] <Dys> .... there -is- something somewhat /chemical/ in the air
[22:25] <AltMA> Preservatives, yes, I have detected the odor myself, Ben, sir...Do not understand why though...
[22:25] <@Ben> ... Who are you?
[22:25] <~Lyni> (kk~)
[22:26] <AltMA> A robot, that's all you need to know, likely...
[22:26] <Dys> But I thought it was part of the dock atmosphere..
[22:26] <@Ben> Okay. How do you know my name?
[22:26] <AltMA> I do my research
[22:26] <@Ben> ... Creepy.
[22:28] * Piper pauses in her shuffling to glance up at the robot.
[22:28] <@Ben> Though I will admit the "sir" business is nice.
[22:29] <AltMA> You lack a surname that I'm aware of...I tend to use that honorific if I lack that data...Part of my service protocol that hasn't faded yet I suppose
[22:30] * @Aria gently lowered Lyni from her shoulders when they reached the docks again, grinning widely and giving a wink.
[22:30] <@Ben> Frost.
[22:30] * ~Lyni waves at the other group while grinning back at Aria
[22:30] * Iah 's tendrils begin to extend out from the veritable wall of fire still surrounding him somehow unnoticed.
[22:31] * ~Lyni looks around, and realizes she somehow iced up this place as well
[22:31] <AltMA> Ah, then, Mr Frost, I shall refer you as such.
[22:31] <~Lyni> ... Um, this is awkward. Sorry if any of you guys got trapped in that, haha~
[22:31] * Dys tilts his head to the side, identifying the strange, worn-looking robot as the source of the electric disturbance that the Lyni person flung an ice spear at.
[22:31] * Piper slowly comes to stand.
[22:31] * @ben laughs. "Not to sound like a dudebro, but Mr. Frost was what people called my father. Ben or Benny is fine."
[22:31] <Piper> . . .
[22:32] * ~Lyni turns back to the fire, suddenly more serious
[22:32] <AltMA> Then I suppose we're back to Ben then...sir...
[22:32] <~Lyni> But yeah, I think something strange is going on with scarfy there~
[22:32] * Piper takes a step back.
[22:32] <@Ben> Huh, what?
[22:32] * @ben looks, finally noticing the firewall. "Looks like someone has a virus."
[22:33] <Dys> ...
[22:33] <Piper> Us steel types aren't very good against fire types...
[22:33] <AltMA> Indeed, I sense something is unsettling with this picture...Probably the whole fire thing
[22:33] <Piper> [I had to.]
[22:33] <@Aria> Aw, isn't that adorable. Another fire that I didn't cause ~
[22:33] * Dys sharply twists to face the firewall, closing his eyes to increases his field sensitivity
[22:33] <Dys> ... that's odd...
[22:34] <Dys> ... I'm not sensing /anything/. Whatever the hell is causing that has /no electric activity whatsoever/.
[22:34] <@Ben> So... It's dead?
[22:34] <AltMA> With enough forward momentum I should be able to pass trough the flames before long-term damage can be sustained...theoretically...
[22:34] <Piper> Yeah because the walking dead is TOTALLY a thing~
[22:34] <Piper> Wait, what
[22:34] <~Lyni> Wait, but it feels normal...
[22:34] <~Lyni> It's not cold like dead things usually are?
[22:34] <@Aria> Ohh, do we need protective spells? I know somebody who can do that ~
[22:34] <Dys> To be fair, we both thought Werewolves weren't a thing before that Evan creature showed up...
[22:35] <Piper> ...
[22:35] <Piper> I-I can't go near it...
[22:35] * Piper pales.
[22:35] <@Ben> Yeah, you get used to crazy stuff.
[22:35] <Dys> ... And speaking of things of myth and legend
[22:35] <Dys> There is something incredibly -chaotic- about the field patterns of this... person.
[22:36] <@Aria> Hmm? You mean me, darling?
[22:36] * Iah steps through the flames, which dissipate as he passes them. He seems unharmed but is still twitchy and frightened looking.
[22:36] * Piper waves sheepishly at the figure.
[22:36] <@Ben> Oh, is that the guy Noah told me about the other day?
[22:37] <AltMA> So we see the apparent cause of this...
[22:37] <@Ben> Nearly burned down a beach house?
[22:37] <Piper> ..N-no...
[22:37] <~Lyni> S-sorry about that, sir! I didn't mean to agitate you, kinda didn't realize I went so far, haha~
[22:37] * Piper holds her head in one hand.
[22:37] * ~Lyni steps forward. "I'm Lyni, by the way~"
[22:38] * Dys does not even grace that with a response, instead opting to divert his attention back towards the... bandaged... burning... whatever that is.
[22:39] <@Ben> Huh. And it isn't... What was it... That Fireman guy either, is it?
[22:39] <@Aria> Chaos is kind of my thing, sweetie ~ Oh, and hello, other fire person.
[22:39] <AltMA> He appears more than a little frightened by something...I can only assume at least one of us is the culprit...
[22:40] * @ben frowns. "He's all bandaged, and he smells like chemicals. I can't tell who he is, or if I even know him."
[22:40] * ~Lyni looks back at AltMA and rolls her eyes before smiling back at the strange person. "But yeah, sorry if I made you, ah, frightened or anything~
[22:40] <~Lyni> *"
[22:41] * Piper lowers herself to sitting down again, stress taking a gradual toll on her.
[22:42] * Dys gazes at Piper, somewhat worriedly.
[22:42] <Dys> Are you alright?
[22:42] * Piper nods faintly, head bowed.
[22:42] * @ben looks at Piper. "You sure? You look like you might throw up..."
[22:42] * Iah looks up at the girl talking to him. He seems to take several moments to process things before lashing out with his linens.
[22:43] <Dys> ... Oh lovely, MORE senseless violence.
[22:43] <~Lyni> ... fuck, that didn't work
[22:43] <Dys> Is this goign to become a regular thing?
[22:44] <@Ben> Eh. Just keep your head down like I do.
[22:44] * ~Lyni instinctively unleashes ice to freeze the tendrils before they can reach her
[22:44] <~Lyni> Gosh, I already said I was sorry!
[22:45] <Dys> I think the lights are on but nobody's home.
[22:45] <Dys> ... Although what do I know? I can't even sense if the lights are on.
[22:46] <@Ben> Well, he can't be as bad as that werewolf.
[22:46] * Iah just sends more linens, Dys is correct in his assessment that he is not all there.
[22:47] * ~Lyni flicks her wrist and the ice turn into a large wall about an inch thick, enough to shield everyone
[22:48] <~Lyni> Man, that thing's annoying.
[22:48] <Iah> I...
[22:48] * @Aria outstretches her hands, a jet of flame coming out from them, aimed towards the individual attacking Lyni
[22:49] * Iah forms the same rune as before, creating a wall of fire to absorb the jet.
[22:49] <@Aria> Well, I guess I'm going to have to try the old fashioned way, then~
[22:50] <@Ben> But hey, it's not like I can contribute to a fight, anyway~
[22:50] <~Lyni> How does the fire not burn the linens?
[22:50] * Piper pats Ben on the back softly in empathy.
[22:51] * Iah creates another rune, which hangs in the air for a time before rushing toward Aria, a shadowy creature bursts out and slashes at her with large claws.
[22:51] <Dys> From my limited experience with this bizarro dimension, I'd say 'a wizard did it' isn't much of a -
[22:52] * @Aria materializes two daggers, deftly rolling herself out of the way like a practiced combatant and slicing at the creature in the process
[22:52] <Dys> you know, this reminds me of a creature from a human video game i played once. I think it was called a Cofagrigus.
[22:52] * Piper pulls out her wrench and morphs the metallic tool into a sword just incase.
[22:52] <@Aria> Looks like he doesn't want to be friends~
[22:53] <~Lyni> Cofagrigus? That's a funny name~
[22:54] <Dys> Trust me, the names got far sillier as the generations advanced.
[22:54] <@Ben> You feeling any better, Piper?
[22:54] <Piper> ..I'll be okay~
[22:55] * ~Lyni backs up Aria and goes around behind Iah. She quickly forms an ice spear and throws it at the mummy~
[22:55] <@Ben> You're sure that nothing bit you? You don't have any weird bruises or injuries you don't remember getting? You weren't confronted by any strange men or women?
[22:55] <Piper> Y'know, Dys. You remind me of one of the creautres.
[22:56] <Piper> There was.. a strange person at this beach house...
[22:56] <Piper> It reminded me of why I came here..
[22:56] <@Ben> What did they look like?
[22:56] <Piper> I think.. I think he was a scholar of some kind..
[22:56] * Iah creates two more runes, one creates a shield of solid light, stopping the icicle. The other wraps itself around him, beginning to carry him away.
[22:57] <~Lyni> Come on now, we just started!
[22:57] <AltMA> This gentleman has the right idea...
[22:57] <@Ben> Was he really pale? Did his eyes look strange?
[22:57] <~Lyni> FakeMA, help us would you?!
[22:58] * Piper held a hand to her forehead once more. "I... I can't remember.. I just remember flames..."
[22:58] <Piper> And darkness..
[22:58] <AltMA> Why? You don't exactly offer anything worthwhile for me...
[22:58] * @ben frowns.
[22:58] * ~Lyni sends a barrage of icicles at Iah and thinks for a bit
[22:58] <~Lyni> You can have my body! That's enough, right~?
[22:58] * Iah turns the fire rune on the icicles, melting them in midair.
[22:58] <Dys> .. really pale, strange eyes, flames...
[22:59] <Dys> ... did you have a run-in with Sephiroth?
[22:59] * @Aria gives up with a shrug, not even bothering to toss her daggers, overhearing the conversation. "Oh right, you were the girl who passed out ~"
[22:59] <@Ben> We've had issues with Vampires in the past, back on Luminen.
[22:59] <@Ben> Scary times.
[22:59] * Piper giggles weakly.
[22:59] <@Ben> You don't think this scholar of yours was a Vampire, do you?
[22:59] * Piper nods to Aria with a rather shy expression.
[22:59] <AltMA> Pardon? I don't believe you understand that I don't exactly have attraction to such things...
[23:00] <~Lyni> Nonono, you can use it for whatever research you need~
[23:00] <@Aria> Didn't Dway heal you, though?
[23:00] <Piper> I owe Lady Dwayna my life..
[23:01] <AltMA> I don't intend to understand your complete anatomy, Miss Sorrel...
[23:01] <Piper> And this magical dragon I saw too..
[23:01] * ~Lyni pouts
[23:01] <Piper> Although I may have been hallucinating ...
[23:01] <Dys> ... Flames, magical dragons... You know, on second thought, I think I would rather not know.
[23:01] <@Ben> Sounds like you had a hell of a time.
[23:01] <@Aria> Always with the formalities... nonetheless, Queeny should visit again sometime soon ~
[23:01] <@Ben> Maybe you should lay down?
[23:01] * Iah continues floating away. The bandages fall away and reform the scarf, and the madness in his eyes fades.
[23:02] <~Lyni> Hey, come back here you, I'm not done with you!
[23:02] <Dys> ... Let it go, ice lady.
[23:02] * ~Lyni tries to summon her cloud, but only a bit of snow comes out of her hand
[23:02] <~Lyni> (I see what you did thar)
[23:02] <Piper> Ice and fire just don't blend.
[23:02] <Dys> <I couldn't fucking resist>
[23:03] <AltMA> Leave the fellow alone...You have quite a problem with new people...
[23:03] <~Lyni> ... looks like I'll have to, then
[23:03] <@Aria> Did you need to bo looked at again, little one? Queeny and somene else I know can heal people really well ~
[23:03] <@Aria> (wtf bo XD be*)
[23:03] <Piper> I.. I don't think my problems are physical, sadly..
[23:04] * ~Lyni turns back around to the others and looks at Piper while glancing at the others
[23:04] <@Aria> She can heal your spirit too ~
[23:04] <Iah> Not again...
[23:05] * Iah turns around and leans against his little fly away bubble.
[23:05] <Iah> I fucking hate vampires...
[23:05] <~Lyni> You're saying... this happened back at the beach house?
[23:06] <@Aria> Yep, poor thing fell unconcious because of the smoke ~
[23:06] <AltMA> A previous encounter...This beach house must've been inaccessible to me.
23:06] <@Aria> Another girl got her out... some chick who put a bubble around her
[23:07] <~Lyni> Ah... I'm sorry I wasn't here for that...
[23:07] <@Aria> Then Dway healed her, and here we are ~
[23:07] <Dys> Sounds like quite an adventure.
[23:07] <Dys> And not exactly in a good way.
[23:08] <~Lyni> Some... really stupid things happened there.
[23:08] <AltMA> Indeed...this Dwayna puts much effort into helping others...
[23:08] <@Aria> Of course she would, she's... ugh... lawful good.
[23:08] * @Aria mimicks barfing
[23:09] <Dys> ... Dungeons and Dragons alignments?
[23:09] <Dys> .../really/?
[23:09] <@Ben> Sounds like some crazy stuff went down at this beach house. Why were you guys there?
[23:09] <AltMA> Law, chaos, good, evil...those elude me. Pure neutrality to anything beyond my master's words is all I stand by.
[23:09] <~Lyni> Something about an invitation and wanting to have fun
[23:09] <~Lyni> How the hell was I supposed to know that... that the stupid /hag/ would be there
[23:09] <Dys> You know, it's a terrifying thing to see that human pop culture reference from my side of the multiverse pop up in the flesh....
[23:10] * ~Lyni gets a murderous glint in her eyes
[23:10] <Piper> I needed answers...
[23:10] <AltMA> Hag...strange how that phrase unsettles me
[23:10] * @ben frowns.
[23:10] <@Aria> Are we talking about other demon chick?
[23:11] <@Aria> the one who was a meanie to my lovely little human? ~
[23:11] <~Lyni> "Other"?
[23:11] <Dys> How many demons are on this ship anyhow?
[23:11] <AltMA> She is demonic herself of course
[23:11] <@Aria> Oh, sorry to break it to you sweetie... kind of a demon ~
[23:12] <~Lyni> I-
[23:12] <~Lyni> ...
[23:12] <AltMA> Now you know not to get piggy-back rides from strange people.
[23:12] <~Lyni> That's okay with me~
[23:12] <@Aria> I promise I'm not as bad ~
[23:13] <Dys> She's only drawn that way.
[23:13] <~Lyni> Miss Aria's really cool and nice, anyways~
[23:13] <AltMA> Hah, whatever you say...
[23:13] <@Aria> Why thank you, lovely ~
[23:13] * @ben sighs. "I get the feeling this ship isn't taking off any time soon."
[23:13] * ~Lyni goes over to Piper and hugs her
[23:13] <@Ben> I was hoping to see it set sail.
[23:14] * Piper returns the embrace
[23:14] <~Lyni> I know I was only there for a bit, so I don't know everything, but I am really, really sorry for everything that happened then.
[23:16] * Piper lowers her gaze as concerns regarding her home world creep in. She shakes her head and plasters on a smile. "I'm okay - I just need a vacation! ...And by the looks of things, we all could in some way."
[23:16] * AltMA hears some static come from his right ear, which he quickly cups a hand over. "Master?" he asked, the faint sound of a young woman's voice coming from a small radio near is ear. "Of course...I was simply sidetracked...I'll return shortly..."
[23:17] <@Aria> My wife is great at enchanting, she could give you an amulet to help you be immune to fire ~
[23:17] * Piper eyes light up in interest at this. "R.. Really?"
[23:17] <~Lyni> Awww, you going already FakeMA?
[23:18] <AltMA> Well I hope you all are happy...I'm late to return because of all this. If you'll excuse me, I must be going...
[23:18] <@Aria> Yeah, I'd just need to ask her to make it for you, sweetie ~
[23:19] <AltMA> If it comforts you any, I will definitely not be watching over Miss Sorrel any time in the future...
[23:19] <~Lyni> You're saying that like you need to babysit me!
[23:19] * Piper blushes at the generosity and shyly mummers her gratitude to Aria, fidgeting with her hands in an eager fashion.
[23:19] <~Lyni> I'll let you know that I'm actually an adult by human standards, thank you very much!
[23:19] <AltMA> Concerning your usual appearance, it's no wonder why you'd assume such...
[23:20] <@Aria> Well isn't that the cutest thing ~
[23:20] * Dys blinks
[23:20] <~Lyni> But I am!
[23:20] <Dys> You don't look a day over 12 in human terms.
[23:20] <AltMA> Keep telling yourself that, miss...
[23:20] <Dys> But then, I suppose you aren't actually human.
[23:20] <@Ben> You're an adult?
[23:20] <@Ben> Now I feel kind of creepy...
[23:21] * ~Lyni rolls her eyes and snaps her fingers, and she suddenly appears older for whatever reason. Her hair is let down and her clothes are larger, though overall she hasn't changed much.
[23:21] <Piper> Lyni is just so young at heart that it's spread to her outward appearance.
[23:21] <~Lyni> See~? Adult. Though I can't have fun like this...
[23:22] <Piper> ...So you're 12 and a half now?
[23:22] * Piper grins widely.
[23:22] <~Lyni> EXCUSE me?!
[23:22] * ~Lyni tackles Piper, since she doesn't have control over ice like this
[23:22] * Piper topples over into a heap
[23:23] <~Lyni> I am definitely not twelve!
[23:23] * ~Lyni glares at everyone, daring them to say otherwise
[23:23] <@Ben> Am I the only minor here?
[23:23] <Piper> I was just repeating what Dys said to me under his breath!
[23:23] <Piper> <<
[23:23] <Piper> >>
[23:23] <Piper> <<
[23:23] <Dys> ...
[23:24] * ~Lyni snaps and turns back into her usual self and shrugs
[23:24] <Piper> Oh sure, the spacecat gets away with it
[23:24] <~Lyni> According to other halfies, I'm a minor until I'm 32.
[23:24] * ~Lyni pouts
[23:25] <@Aria> Well, I guess I better call her then ~
[23:25] <AltMA> Listen, you can deny whatever immaturity you obviously posses if you force me into this group some other time...For now, good bye...
[23:25] <~Lyni> Hope to see you again then, FakeMA~
[23:25] * AltMA turns and walks off, shaking his head. He was definitely not going to let himself get caught again...this shit was just too much to deal with
[23:26] * @Aria seems to smooth her fingers over a white opal on her neck, muttering things under her breath, her face serious for once...
[23:27] <@Ben> 32 is totally not a minor.
[23:27] * Piper clasps her hands in both fascination and excitement.
[23:28] <~Lyni> We age too slowly so we're not really an adult until then~
[23:29] <~Lyni> Like Jazz! He just turned 32 this year but he basically looks like a high schooler~
[23:29] <Piper> I'm 23 and people still mistake me for 15. <<
[23:30] <@Ben> How old do I look?
[23:30] * @Aria smirks as the pendant glows, a light appearing out of nowhere and forming into the visage of an elven woman with short blonde hair, wearing a red headband and a long cloak over her yellow tunic. She gazed neutrally at Aria, before looking at the rest of the group just as neutrally.
[23:30] <~Lyni> Mmmm... I don't know mustelid ages as well, darn it
[23:30] <~Lyni> Fifteen?
[23:30] <@Ben> Close!
[23:30] * Piper bows her head in respect
[23:30] <@Ben> I'm fourteen.
[23:31] <~Lyni> Whoa, you're so young~
[23:31] <~Lyni> ... though I guess I'm one to talk, haha
[23:31] * @ben waves at the new arrival.
[23:31] * ~Lyni waves as well~
[23:31] <@Aria> The elf bows her head back. "Greetings. I am in the understanding that someone needs protection from fire?"
[23:33] * Piper shakily lifts her hand in response. "I.. I'm very vulnerable to fire, m'lady."
[23:33] <Piper> I recently had a close encounter that left me.. rather distressed.
[23:33] * Aria is now known as Meren
[23:34] <@Meren> I see... It is understandable that you would want protection, then. Would you prefer a ring or a pendant?
[23:37] <Piper> I would be forever grateful if you could bestow such a wonderful pendant on me..
[23:38] <@Meren> Any preferences in its appearance?
[23:39] * Piper pauses for a moment before smiling and shaking her head. "I would cherish it regardless."
[23:40] <@Meren> Very well. I will accommodate your request post haste, miss...?
[23:43] <Piper> P-Piper, ma'am.
[23:44] <@Meren> Merenwen Falassion. People tend to call me Meren for short.
[23:44] * Dys stretches, twitching his tail slightly as he gazes into the horizon, lost in thought.
[23:45] * @Meren bows her head again, dissolving into the light from whence she came.
[23:45] * Meren is now known as Aria
[23:45] * ~Lyni flexes her fingers before coming to the conclusion that she will not be able to get enough energy to fly back home today
[23:46] <@Aria> Well, there you go, Piper. I guess we'll have t meet here again soon, huh? She doesn't usually take that long ~
[23:46] <Piper> Th-thank you so much..
[23:47] <~Lyni> Piper~ You should sleep over with me sometime~
[23:47] <~Lyni> And everyone else, too!
[23:47] <Piper> Ooo, a sleep over~! ♥
[23:48] <~Lyni> But before that happens, I'll need to check with Helen if she's okay with that.
[23:48] <~Lyni> She doesn't really like company over~
[23:48] <@Aria> My pleasure, dearie ~
[23:49] <@Ben> Sorry, but I can't. Dr. North wouldn't allow it.
[23:49] <~Lyni> Awww
[23:49] <Piper> Dr. North?
[23:49] <@Ben> The man I apprentice under.
[23:49] <Piper> Ahh~
[23:50] <~Lyni> Speaking of sleep, I should be heading back~ I can't walk as fast as I can fly, sadly
[23:50] <Piper> I blame the 12 year old legs.
[23:50] * Piper flees to safety
[23:50] <@Aria> Do you want me to take you where you live?
[23:50] <@Aria> I can fly and teleport, though I doubt You'd like the latter option very much ~
[23:51] <@Ben> I suppose I should head home too.
[23:51] <@Ben> Looks like the ship isn't leaving port today.
[23:51] <~Lyni> I'll be fine, thankies though~
[23:51] <@Ben> I'll see you guys another time!
[23:51] * ~Lyni waves and begins heading off because I need sleep as well
[23:51] <@Aria> Again, my pleasure. Until next time.
[23:51] * @ben hops off his wall and wanders off.
[23:51] <Dys> It'd probably leave port once some kid gives the seasick captain a backrub.
[23:51] <Piper> ...
[23:51] * Piper laughs
[23:52] <Dys> I don't know how many time they remade -that- particular installation of the series.
[23:52] <Dys> something about nostalgia?
[23:52] <@Aria> I suppose I'll go home too. See you soon, Piper ~
[23:52] * Piper bows to Aria in farewell.
[23:52] * @Aria dissolves into ash, blowing a kiss as she leaves

Food Shops Galore

[21:37] * @Talon_Reid || the distinct smell of cooking meat had emanated for days now from a mid-sized home on the edge of town. Anyone with basic temperature detecting equipment can notice the heat under the place, and even passersby may notice a warmth in the pavement closest to the house.
[21:38] * @ben is sitting on the curb a few houses down, staring at the house in question. His eyes are watering slightly, despite his attempts to wipe them.
[21:42] * ~Lyni has been exploring the area for a day or two, masking her presence as she hovered several feet above. The heat bothered her immensely, and after discussing with Helen and Jazz about it, she decided to finally check it out.
[21:48] * Dys || 'How did I get here again?' the Alectan asked himself as through some twist of geography, topology and outright shenanigans he managed to find himself, yet again, in this particular second-hand set of dimensions. It didn't seem to him like much was out of the ordinary - but knowing his luck, something was definitely going to. A scent of cooking meat catches his attention - but he chalks it up as some joker forgetting their food on the stove. In an obvious horror-movie mansion.
[21:49] * Dys || Well, not a /mansion/ per se, but definitely the sort of dark forboding houses of the sort that typically have more to them than meets the eye. Typical.
[21:50] * @ben notices Dys, and waves. "Do you smell that too? It burns my nose... But it makes me so very hungry..."
[21:51] * Dys waves back. "It's been a while. Yeah, -something- smells like cooking... But it seems /off/, somehow."
[21:53] * ~Lyni notices two figures she recognized and floats downward with a wave. Catching part of the conversation, she glances at the building behind her. "So you guys could smell it too, huh?"
[21:54] <@Ben> I've been tracking it for a few days. Following the winds.
[21:54] <Dys> This has been going on for a few days?
[21:54] * @ben nods.
[21:54] <~Lyni> OH yes, the heat's been here for a while.
[21:55] <Dys> ... huh. So much for some guy just forgetting the stove on.
[21:55] <~Lyni> Something's definitely going on there, but I haven't been able to figure out what.
[21:55] <@Ben> Heat and cooked meat. Can't be anything good...
[21:55] <~Lyni> Have you noticed anyone entering or leaving the place?
[21:56] <Dys> Not unless this is some kind of grill restaurant /disguised/ as a stereotypically forboding house.
[21:56] <Dys> Which I somehow doubt.
[21:56] <@Ben> No. I only pinpointed the house yesterday.
[21:58] <~Lyni> I think I saw something leave early this morning?
[22:00] <@Ben> This morning, huh? Did you recognize them?
[22:00] * Dys twitches an antenna
[22:00] <~Lyni> I was too far up, so no.
[22:00] <Dys> ... Ah. I guess that's why I found myself here.
[22:01] * Dys twitches another antenna as a lightning bolt appears to strike from no where'd.
[22:01] <~Lyni> Though, he didn't have a heat signature that I could tell...
[22:01] <~Lyni> Why does that seem familiar?
[22:01] <Dys> ...
[22:02] <@Ben> So they're the same temperature as the background.
[22:02] <Dys> I remember something like this too.
[22:02] <Dys> Vaguely.
[22:02] <~Lyni> Yes
[22:02] <Dys> Last time we met, I believe... there was something like that.
[22:02] <~Lyni> ... you mean, the first time I pet you?
[22:02] <~Lyni> er, met you?
[22:02] * Dys twitches lightly
[22:02] <Dys> Yes. Then.
[22:02] * ~Lyni ponders
[22:02] <Dys> I didn't really keep up with the whole fiasco with the robot and the demon lady
[22:03] <~Lyni> I think there was something wrapped in cloth? Like, a scarf or something.
[22:03] <~Lyni> But more like a bandage scarf.
[22:03] <Dys> .. yes...
[22:03] <Dys> I think someone called it a 'mummy'
[22:04] <@Ben> I think I remember something like that? At the harbor?
[22:04] <Dys> ... Don't ask me how can a pile of bandages held together by ambient forces can be anyone's mother...
[22:04] <Dys> Yes, the harbor
[22:04] <Dys> We were waiting for a boat.
[22:04] <Dys> It never actually came.
[22:04] <Dys> Seems like forever ago.
[22:04] * @ben stands up.
[22:04] <~Lyni> That sounds like something from a joke
[22:05] <~Lyni> "You're waiting for a boat that never came"
[22:05] <Dys> To me it sounds like a song.
[22:05] <@Ben> Well, we won't gain anything just sitting here.
[22:05] <~Lyni> Right, check it out?
[22:05] * Dys twitches antennae as lightning seems to strike again
[22:05] <Dys> This is NOT a natural atmospheric disturbance.
[22:06] <Dys> And what's more I think something in the house is syphoning it.
[22:06] <~Lyni> Well, funny smell, weird heat, and whatever you're feeling
[22:06] <~Lyni> Sounds like an adventure to me~
[22:06] * ~Lyni skips on ahead, not bothering to wait for everyone else
[22:07] <Dys> .. Does she do that often?
[22:07] <@Ben> Sometimes.
[22:07] <@Talon_Reid> (you do not want to be the first one into that basement)
[22:08] <@Ben> I guess it just means she'll be getting the brunt of whatever we encounter.
[22:08] <Dys> I get the feeling we're probably headed face first into a trap.
[22:09] <@Ben> The smell makes me so hungry... I just hope nothing happens.
[22:09] * ~Lyni turns around and yells, "You guys coming?!"
[22:10] <@Ben> Uh!
[22:10] * Dys speaks quietly
[22:10] <Dys> I know I promised not to talk about it but... It might be a good idea to keep the countermeasure to your condition at the ready. Just in case.
[22:10] * @ben replies, just as quietly.
[22:11] <@Ben> "It's in my pocket."
[22:11] * Dys nods
[22:11] <Dys> Excellent.
[22:11] * @ben hurries after Lyni.
[22:11] * Dys follows, antennae twitching as another lightning bolt hits. every ten seconds. DEFINITELY artificial.
[22:11] <~Lyni> Hmph, you guys are slow!
[22:12] <@Ben> Excuse me for not dashing into the house with Lightning!
[22:13] <Dys> Yes - something is bothering me about this particular phenomenon. it's too... ordered.
[22:13] <Dys> Where /is/ all this electricity going?
[22:13] <~Lyni> Well, that's why we're checking it out.
[22:13] <@Ben> If I had to guess, it has something to do with the burning meat and heat...
[22:14] <Dys> Seems like an awful lot of power for a barbecue.
[22:14] * ~Lyni stops on the street in front of the house and motions for the others to stay back. She approaches the door and knocks loudly on it
[22:14] <~Lyni> Helloooooo~?
[22:15] * @Talon_Reid || nothing happens
[22:16] <~Lyni> ... whelp, I guess knocking won't help
[22:16] * ~Lyni summons a large drill of ice and rams into the door with it
[22:16] <Dys> ... That smell is getting stronger. and.. Is it just me or does it seem to be coming from /below/ us?
[22:17] <@Ben> Well, you're the one with magic powers Lyni! After you!
[22:17] <~Lyni> My pleasure~
[22:19] * ~Lyni walks in over the debris, carefully tredding to not get a splinter
[22:19] <@Ben> Oh man, the smell is overpowering...
[22:19] * @ben is tearing up as he gets closer to the building.
[22:19] <~Lyni> You okay there?
[22:20] <@Ben> It's just the smell.
[22:20] <Dys> ... Something is VERY off.
[22:20] <~Lyni> I forget that some people have a better sense of smell than me...
[22:20] <Dys> This doesn't /feel/ like regular burning flesh.
[22:21] <@Ben> My nose is pretty crazy, yeah.
[22:21] * @ben stands in the doorway, unsure if he can go any further.
[22:22] * ~Lyni looks back at Ben with a worried look
[22:22] <~Lyni> You sure you're okay? We can stop if it's making you uncomfortable.
[22:22] <@Ben> No, we should go forward.
[22:22] <@Ben> I just... Need a minute.
[22:24] * Dys adjusts his internal electric fields subtly - preparing for a possible confrontation. If these regular lightning bolts continue, he may be able to draw some of that power as well.
[22:24] * ~Lyni sits down on the busted door with her legs crossed like she's at school while she extends her heat sense outward, trying to pin it on a more specific area
[22:28] * @ben takes in a big whiff of air, and wanders into the house. While still tearing, he seems to also be drooling slightly. "I think it's coming from this direction..." He wanders towards a specific door.
[22:30] * ~Lyni follows after Ben. "Should I open it then?"
[22:30] <@Ben> I think so, yeah.
[22:31] * Dys enters the house as well - and as he does, he closes his eyes and focuses his electric field sensitivity, feeling the currents all around him. the ten-second lightning bursts pulse into the house like an eerie heartbeat of sorts, being drawn into... something in the depths, before fading out of his sensory capability. wait. what?
[22:32] * ~Lyni tries the handle this time, abandoning theatrics
[22:32] <Dys> that can't be right. unless something is converting the electricity into another form of energy. and what in all hell is generating this disturbance?
[22:37] <@Ben> What do you see, Lyni?
[22:38] <~Lyni> (Tailon I need help)
[22:38] <@Talon_Reid> (there's a fire in the basement)
[22:38] <@Talon_Reid> (also ice)
[22:38] <Dys> <fire in the disco. fire in the. taco bell.>
[22:39] <~Lyni> There's... fire, and ice in the same place? Somehow?
[22:39] <Dys> Well, /that/ makes perfect sense.
[22:39] <@Ben> Well, I kind of expected fire, heat and lightning and cooking.
[22:39] <@Ben> But Ice?
[22:40] <~Lyni> I... I don't understand?
[22:40] <~Lyni> Maybe they need it to freeze something?
[22:40] <@Talon_Reid> (that is not why they need it
[22:40] <@Talon_Reid> )
[22:40] <~Lyni> (She doesn't know)
[22:40] <@Talon_Reid> (I know)
[22:40] * ~Lyni cautiously walks in and looks around more
[22:41] <@Ben> Oh man... I don't think I can get any closer...
[22:42] <Dys> Why do I get the feeling that's where all the energy is going...
[22:42] * @Talon_Reid || quite suddenly, all outward signs of what's up in the basement disappear.
[22:43] <@Ben> (Including the smell and heat?)
[22:43] <@Talon_Reid> (yes)
[22:43] <~Lyni> ... something's definitely not right
[22:43] <Dys> I smell a coverup.
[22:43] <@Ben> Uh...
[22:43] <~Lyni> Whoever's here probably realizes we're here, then.
[22:43] <@Ben> Well... I guess I can go forward?
[22:44] <@Ben> Maybe we should leave... I don't like any of the encounters I've had were these crazy people.
[22:44] <Dys> I wouldn't be surprised.
[22:44] <Dys> ...
[22:44] <Dys> I wonder
[22:44] <Dys> Both the unusual encounters I recall ended in a very similar way
[22:45] <@Ben> Very painfully...
[22:45] <Dys> the attacker was /called/ elsewhere.
[22:45] <@Ben> What's down there, Lyni?
[22:45] <~Lyni> Hm, now that you mention it, you're right.
[22:45] <Dys> It may be some pretty wild conjecture
[22:45] <Dys> But I wonder if the same mastermind is behind it all.
[22:46] <@Talon_Reid> (into more like)
[22:46] * ~Lyni walks further in, constantly on guard
[22:47] <@Talon_Reid> (has she actually bothered to go down the stairs)
[22:47] <~Lyni> (obviously not)
[22:47] * ~Lyni tumbles down stairs she didn't realize were there
[22:47] <~Lyni> Ackkkk!
[22:48] * @ben hurries over to the door. "Shit! Are you okay?"
[22:48] <Dys> ...
[22:48] * Dys blinks
[22:49] * ~Lyni manages to stop her tumbling before she reaches the bottom and rubs her arms. "Yeah! Just a bit of a fall, I should be fine. There are stairs, guys, come on down."
[22:49] * @ben glances back towards Dys, looking concerned. "Uh..."
[22:50] * Iah (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) has joined #CharmsRP
[22:50] <Dys> If whoever it is is already aware of us, I suspect it's far too late to turn back.
[22:50] <Iah> (oh perfect he's already the nick on this one)
[22:51] * Dys opens his eyes, a soft glow emitting from his fur as he attempts to siphon some of the electricity from around him.
[22:51] <~Lyni> (if what I think is happening is happening Lyni will hate this)
[22:52] * @ben creeps down the stairs.
[22:52] * Dys murmurs 'We're in deep now. I just hope shit isn't going to go TOO sideways.' as he follows.
[22:53] <@Ben> As long as... That one... Isn't here... I think we'll be okay...
[22:54] <Dys> We can only hope so.
[22:55] <@Ben> He's the most violent of the ones I've seen, and he can... You know.
[22:55] * Dys nods
[22:55] * ~Lyni stands back up and dusts herself off as the others approach her and forces a grin as she skips down, only to tumble to the end of the stairs
[22:55] <~Lyni> ... maybe I should fly down next time.
[22:55] <Dys> Yes, if you keep on /tumbling/ like that, you might start going off about social justice.
[22:56] <@Ben> How have you not permanently injured yourself...
[22:56] <~Lyni> I have thick skin, and bones, or something~
[22:56] * @Talon_Reid is suspended, quite unconcsious, on several large icicles. Three runes hover around him, one red, one yellow, and one blue. The red rune is spewing a constant flamethrower over his entire body. The only movement from Talon occurs when a lightning bolt strikes him from the yellow rune, however, Iah stands nearby, some of his bandages forming a white rune, which is projecting a powerful force shield, the reason the outward signs of his other magic have disappeared.
[22:57] <Iah> A-ah!
[22:58] <Iah> Hello, little ice girl.
[22:58] * ~Lyni blinks and it takes her a moment for everything to settle in
[22:58] <~Lyni> T-Talon...?
[22:58] <@Ben> ... Uh...
[22:58] <Dys> ... Well.. That's... new.
[22:58] <Iah> I do apologize for the state of your...friend.
[22:59] <Iah> I am...under orders, and the vampire just forces me if I don't help.
[23:00] * ~Lyni suddenly blinks as her heart rate increases, a burst coming from her that chills the room to subzero temperatures for a moment
[23:00] <Dys> . . . .Vampire?
[23:00] <Iah> Ah! This is why I have the forcefield.
[23:00] <@Ben> W-well... What if you let him go, and just say we forced you to?
[23:00] <Dys> ... For a long time I suspected this plot is going to suck. But I never thought it'd be so literal.
[23:01] <Dys> <And thus, Dys officially became Dyspool>
[23:01] <Iah> Yes, I'm...certain you've heard his name a few times from the...other one.
[23:01] <Dys> ... Is that the one who called you... and him... away?
[23:01] <Iah> The vampire, Ezekiel.
[23:01] <@Ben> ... Ezekiel?
[23:02] <Iah> He is...quite unpleasant.
[23:02] <~Lyni> ... hag
[23:02] <Iah> Unfortunately, I am little more than a...corpse...without him.
[23:03] <@Ben> Uh... Sorry. Ezekiel's the name of a friend of mine... So you're a thrall?
[23:03] <Iah> Indeed.
[23:03] <Iah> I was...ritually mummified.
[23:03] * ~Lyni is in shock and thus unable to talk or comprehend anything at the moment
[23:03] <Iah> Many centuries ago...as a tool of necromancers like him.
[23:04] <@Ben> W-well... We can't exactly let you keep torturing Talon.
[23:04] <Iah> I...understand.
[23:04] <@Ben> We kind of need him back.
[23:04] * ~Lyni snaps back at that
[23:04] <Iah> He is...quite injured by now.
[23:04] <Dys> What does this vampire want from him, anyway?
[23:04] <@Ben> There's no means by which you can just give him to us?
[23:04] <~Lyni> And who's fault is that?
[23:04] <Iah> Even his...goddess's...magic.
[23:04] <Iah> Will not allow him to recover quickly enough.
[23:05] <Iah> The...other two.
[23:05] <Iah> Have also been taken care of.
[23:05] <~Lyni> ... you can't mean Zoey-
[23:05] <@Ben> Uh... Lyni... Can we not piss off the magic mummy?
[23:05] <Iah> I do apologize.
[23:05] <Iah> They...will be sent to hospitals.
[23:05] <Iah> Ezekiel simply...wanted them out of the way.
[23:06] <Iah> For the time being.
[23:06] * ~Lyni lunges towards Iah
[23:06] * Iah is still behind the force shield.
[23:06] <Dys> ... For the time being.
[23:06] <Iah> I should note that...
[23:06] <Iah> The only reason I can speak freely.
[23:06] <Iah> Is this forceshield.
[23:06] <Iah> If I did not have it...he would hear this.
[23:06] * ~Lyni thuds against the shield, with something like a growl coming from the back of her throat
[23:07] <Iah> And whisk me away again.
[23:07] <Iah> The...werewolf. He has the girl.
[23:07] <Iah> The other man is with my fellow risen corpse.
[23:08] * @ben shivers at the thought of Evan.
[23:08] <Iah> Unfortunately...it is only a few more minutes before they will be transported...
[23:08] <Dys> So. Let me get this straight
[23:08] <Dys> The Vampire wants the three of them incapacitated. Is it becuase they, specifically, can get in the way of his plan?
[23:09] <Iah> Correct.
[23:09] <Dys> I'd imagine you would not be able to speak of whatever that is
[23:09] <@Ben> Is anyone else on this... List of his?
[23:09] <Iah> No...not as of yet.
[23:09] <Iah> He does not consider the denizens of this realm to be a...threat.
[23:10] <Iah> The werewolf...however.
[23:10] <~Lyni> Well that's very condescending of him.
[23:10] <Iah> He is seeking you, specifically.
[23:10] <Dys> Lyni. Vampire. They're condescending by definition.
[23:10] <Iah> He has...quite the vendetta.
[23:10] <@Ben> M-me?
[23:10] <Iah> Yes.
[23:10] * @ben sits down on the stairs. "But... Why?"
[23:11] <~Lyni> Did you have a confrontation with him after last time I saw him with you?
[23:11] <Iah> He has not...said.
[23:11] <Iah> He has merely...described you.
[23:11] <Dys> The werewolf. He seems to enjoy creating chaos for the sake of chaos.
[23:11] <@Ben> W-well... Nothing about a ferret with white fur?
[23:12] * Iah tilts his head.
[23:12] <Dys> And you... Last time I saw you you seemed... well, less coherent.
[23:12] <Iah> Ferret...no...
[23:12] <Dys> You sort of... lashed out.
[23:12] <Iah> Yes, that was...his doing.
[23:12] <Iah> The vampire, I mean.
[23:12] <Dys> I see.
[23:12] <@Ben> He gave some trouble to your other undead friend...
[23:12] <Iah> Ah yes...Shelley.
[23:12] <Iah> He does not...speak often.
[23:13] <Iah> I learned of...his actions. Through the vampire.
[23:13] <@Ben> Is there no way we could, uh... Rescue you? From the vampire? You seem like a reasonable enough guy...
[23:13] <~Lyni> (I'm having trouble remembering what happened in each encounter and who was there)
[23:13] <Iah> Perhaps...
[23:13] <~Lyni> Reasonable enough to /torture a friend of ours/?
[23:14] <Iah> You would require another...necromancer.
[23:14] <@Ben> (Dustin was specifically revealed during the same fight as Adam, which is why I remember. XD)
[23:14] <@Ben> Lyni!
[23:14] <~Lyni> He should die with the rest of them! And stay dead this time!
[23:14] <@Ben> It's not by his choice. People get forced into things.
[23:14] <Iah> I did not...wish to harm him.
[23:14] <Iah> My magic is...old.
[23:15] <Iah> The vampire used me to...circumvent...Talon's usual defenses.
[23:15] <~Lyni> But you did! Couldn't you just, I dunno, harm him a /bit/ at the very least and let him go?
[23:15] <~Lyni> If nothing else?
[23:15] <Iah> That would simply...lead to the vampire taking full control.
[23:15] <Dys> Yes.
[23:15] <Dys> It's likely that he's watching somehow
[23:16] <Dys> Even if he can't get through the shield rune
[23:16] <Iah> I should tell you...
[23:16] <~Lyni> Well, at least give us Talon now that we've found you, or I will kill you and send you back to the grave!
[23:16] <Iah> The werewolf's magic is ancient as well...
[23:16] <@Ben> Lyni, he's dead already. He was brought back by a necromancer.
[23:16] <Iah> Rather...
[23:17] <Iah> It is...outdated.
[23:17] <@Ben> The necromancer can just keep bringing him back.
[23:17] <@Ben> Killing him won't do anything.
[23:17] <Dys> Outdated?
[23:17] <~Lyni> Ugh
[23:17] <@Ben> We have to kill the vampire.
[23:17] <Dys> Do werewolves come with expiration dates?
[23:17] <Iah> A modern mage would be quite capable of circumventing the Full-Moon Eyes.
[23:17] <Iah> That is.
[23:17] <~Lyni> Full-Moon Eyes? What does that do?
[23:17] <Iah> The shine he summons.
[23:17] <@Ben> Hah... Too bad it seems like all our mages are dead or incapacitated.
[23:18] <Iah> It is a simulation of the full moon.
[23:18] <@Ben> Thought this one through really good, didn't he...
[23:18] <Iah> It is how he...turns...at will
[23:18] <Iah> The other one...Shelley.
[23:18] <Iah> His lightning magic is like a...dynamo.
[23:19] <Iah> It allows his...other powers. To function.
[23:19] * Dys twitches antennae
[23:19] <Dys> Lightning magic?
[23:19] <Iah> Yes.
[23:20] <Iah> Without it he is...little more than a stitched together corpse...
[23:20] <~Lyni> So if we could figure out a way to get rid of that, he'd stop functioning?
[23:20] <@Ben> So what do we do, cover him in rubber?
[23:20] <Iah> That would merely...insulate the current.
[23:20] <~Lyni> Just stick him in a tub of pure water.
[23:21] <Iah> Lastly...I need my linens to form my runes.
[23:21] <Iah> Unfortunately...the next time we meet shall not be so...cordial.
[23:21] <Dys> Yes, I suspect if this vampire is watching, even if he can't tap into the contents of our conversation, he woudl... suspect.
[23:22] <Dys> he probably wouldn't let you be.
[23:22] * Iah forms another rune, which flashes purple as Talon disappears. The other three runes fade away quickly.
[23:22] <@Ben> Would any necromancer know how to flip you?
[23:22] <Iah> The three are in...the hospital in town...now.
[23:23] <Iah> Talon will wake fastest...but none of them will be in any condition to fight.
[23:23] <@Ben> Why hospitalize? Why not kill? What's this vampire's angle?
[23:23] <Iah> He is...something of a sadist.
[23:23] <Dys> He wants them incapacitated. Not destroyed.
[23:23] <Dys> and... yes...
[23:23] <~Lyni> ... I've met one too many sadist in my life already
[23:23] <Iah> He wishes to see them...watch the world they work so hard for...burn?
[23:23] <@Ben> What's preventing someone with healing magic just waltzing in and curing them?
[23:24] <Dys> Note that while he resorts to control over two of his minions
[23:24] <Dys> he only has the werewolf on call.
[23:24] <Iah> Their injuries are...magical in nature...quite resistant to healing.
[23:24] <@Ben> Speaking of... Did the werewolf... Would he have bitten her?
[23:24] <Iah> No...he was under orders not to...
[23:24] <Iah> My understanding is that his...howl.
[23:25] <Iah> Was the most prominent...
[23:26] <~Lyni> What does that do?
[23:26] <Iah> If you have met him...you have heard it.
[23:26] <Iah> It is...quite powerful...
[23:26] <@Ben> Trust me, it's not his most dangerous tactic...
[23:26] <Iah> Unfortunately...my time is up...
[23:27] <Iah> If I maintain the shield any longer...He will become suspicious.
[23:27] * Dys nods
[23:27] <Iah> I would suggest you find...the other one.
[23:27] * ~Lyni signs
[23:27] <Iah> The alien.
[23:27] <~Lyni> *sighs
[23:28] <~Lyni> ... fucking /aliens/ too?
[23:28] <@Ben> Alien?
[23:28] <Iah> He will be of help in the coming battle.
[23:28] <Iah> Err.
[23:28] <Iah> The boy.
[23:28] <Iah> He wears a hooded sweater.
[23:28] <Iah> and is quite strong.
[23:28] <~Lyni> So he's not like, green skinned or anything weird, right?
[23:28] <Iah> He was not targetted.
[23:29] <Iah> He may visit soon...in search of The Three.
[23:29] <Iah> I am out of time...Go see your friends.
[23:30] <~Lyni> Wait! What's his name?
[23:30] <Iah> Talon has already awoken.
[23:30] <Iah> I am Iah.
[23:30] <~Lyni> His, not yours! The boy!
[23:30] <@Ben> I should inform Tom... If there's a vampire necromancer encroaching on border territories, he'll want to know...
[23:30] <~Lyni> But nice to meet you.
[23:30] <Iah> Oh.
[23:30] <Iah> His name is Dean.
[23:30] <Iah> I believe.
[23:30] <Iah> Goodbye.
[23:30] <~Lyni> Awesome, time to find this kid.
[23:30] <Dys> Iah... I hope that should we meet again... We could help you.
[23:30] * Iah forms the purple rune again, and disappears, the shield goes with him.
[23:31] <~Lyni> ... so we got info
[23:31] <Dys> I don't like the sound of this vampire. But then, I don't like the sound of anything that got pulled out of old Earth horror vids.
[23:31] * Iah (Kerberos@h-C299B0FC.lightspeed.irvnca.sbcglobal.net) Quit (Imploded: Nettalk6 - www.ntalk.de)
[23:31] <@Ben> If we can get Agency help...
[23:31] <~Lyni> We should go see them first, anyhow
[23:31] <~Lyni> Talon and the others, I mean
[23:32] <Dys> Hm. What he said about /Shelley/ got me thinking.
[23:32] <@Ben> Do you guys know where the hospital is?
[23:33] <Dys> Is magical electricity comparable to non-magical electricity?
[23:33] <Dys> Where i come from, 'magic' is not what you'd call a /thing/.
[23:33] <@Ben> Normal electricity doesn't bring a corpse to life.
[23:34] <Dys> hm.
[23:34] <~Lyni> Hospital shouldn't be too far from the abandoned stadium
[23:34] <~Lyni> Like, a block away.
[23:34] <Dys> I probably could not siphon it then.
[23:34] <~Lyni> Worth a try, though?
[23:34] * ~Lyni stoops down and extends a hand to pet Dys
[23:35] * Dys tilts head to the side
[23:35] <Dys> Perhaps...
[23:35] <Dys> Although it's probably best if I attempted such under controlled conditions first rather than rushing headlong into combat with completely unknown variables.
[23:36] <~Lyni> Fair enough.
[23:36] <Dys> Information can make or break a mission.
[23:36] * Dys twitches tail lightly.
[23:36] * ~Lyni pets Dys' head
[23:37] <Dys> ... It's a bit difficult to make dramatic statements when a being that looks like a twelve-year old pets you like a common house cat, you realize.
[23:37] <~Lyni> But yeah, let's go check on Talon. I can lead the way?
[23:37] <~Lyni> Sorry, but you're adorable~
[23:38] <Dys> .. But yes. Probably for the best. I do not know this Talon - but... he wasn't looking so good before he was teleported away.
[23:39] <~Lyni> He's a really good friend of mine, and one of the strongest people I know~
[23:39] <~Lyni> Zoey, too. I hope she'll be okay..
[23:40] <Dys> Who was the third one he mentioned?
[23:40] <Dys> the 'fellow risen corpse'
[23:41] <~Lyni> Wasn't it the Frankenstein?
[23:41] <@Ben> Dustin encountered that one. Or, so he claimed, anyway.
[23:41] <~Lyni> Werewolf, mummy, frankenstein monster thing
[23:41] <@Ben> Big hulking guy, stitched together, pins in his head.
[23:41] <Dys> .. explains the lightning magic...
[23:42] <Dys> ... Shelley. Huh. Clever.
[23:42] <@Ben> Tried to crush him, somehow survived some pretty intense dragon fire.
[23:42] <~Lyni> Dustin was so cool!
[23:42] <@Ben> Heh... Don't let him know you said that.
[23:42] * ~Lyni fangirls remembering it, squeeing as she floats back up the stairs
[23:43] <Dys> ... How did I end up in this dimension again?
[23:43] * @ben follows after Lyni.
[23:43] <@Ben> Presumably with a portal.
[23:43] * Dys shrugs, and follows the other two
[23:45] * ~Lyni gets off her cloud at the top of the stairs and walks through the door, quiet once again as she absentmindedly walks to the hospital
[23:48] <~Lyni> (she'll be quiet until we get there, so unless you guys want to keep making small talk we can fast forward I guess)
[23:53] <Dys> <I'm not sure i have much to say XD>
[23:54] * ~Lyni arrives at the hospital then and goes to the room
[00:04] * ~Lyni talks to the people at the front desk for a bit and is directed to Talon's room my brain is not working at the moment I am sorry
[00:04] <~Lyni> Talon!
[00:05] <@Talon_Reid> Ice girl...
[00:05] <~Lyni> DOn't you ever call people by name?
[00:05] * @Talon_Reid is lying on a normal hospital bed. Nearby, Zoey and Scott are in larger pods, both asleep.
[00:05] <@Ben> Dammit man, you look like shit.
[00:05] <@Talon_Reid> Not when I can help it...
[00:06] <~Lyni> How long were you there?
[00:06] * @Talon_Reid is glowing with green magic constantly.
[00:06] <@Talon_Reid> Few days, I think.
[00:06] <@Talon_Reid> I passed out from the pain after about 36 hours...
[00:06] <~Lyni> Shit, you endured it for that long?
[00:07] * @Talon_Reid winces as the magic ebbs, though it quickly reinstates its hold.
[00:07] <@Talon_Reid> I'm not a Champion for nothing.
[00:07] <@Talon_Reid> Scott and Zoey don't have this kind of magic in 'em, they're in full stasis until they're back in shape.
[00:08] <@Talon_Reid> They
[00:08] * @Talon_Reid tenses again as the magic fades and reestablishes itself.
[00:08] <@Talon_Reid> They
[00:08] <@Talon_Reid> They're only letting me stay up and talk cause I can keep myself on constant heal.
[00:09] * ~Lyni hugs Talon
[00:10] <@Talon_Reid> I'm gonna have to be in temp stasis to sleeplease don't hug me it hurts.
[00:10] <~Lyni> ... sorry, I forgot
[00:10] * ~Lyni lets go
[00:10] <@Talon_Reid> I don't really know what's up, but I know that vampire creep is behind it.
[00:11] * @ben climbs onto Tailon's bed. "We learned some stuff from the mummy. Do you think he's trustworthy?"
[00:11] <@Talon_Reid> He sure apologized a lot while fighting me.
[00:12] <@Ben> From what I gathered, he's apparently a thrall. He said that with another necromancer, we could potentially flip him to our side.
[00:13] <@Talon_Reid> Necromancy is illegal back home.
[00:13] * @ben looks towards Zoey. "They didn't find any bite marks on her, did they?"
[00:13] <@Talon_Reid> Nah.
[00:13] <~Lyni> You asked the mummy that as well, Ben
[00:13] <@Ben> Yeah but.
[00:13] <@Talon_Reid> Her eardrums were basically gone though.
[00:13] <~Lyni> ... but
[00:13] <@Ben> Iah thought the werewolf wouldn't.
[00:13] <~Lyni> her music
[00:13] <@Ben> He didn't know for sure.
[00:13] <@Talon_Reid> They'll heal back to normal.
[00:14] <@Talon_Reid> They've got some good tech here.
[00:14] * ~Lyni sighs with relief. "Thank goodness"
[00:14] <@Talon_Reid> Some of it Scott designed.
[00:14] <@Talon_Reid> To be honest they're probably already fixed.
[00:14] <@Talon_Reid> what
[00:14] <@Ben> Oh! We also need a mage. To counteract the werewolf. Apparently his weird eye thing is a spell.
[00:14] * Dys stands in the corner of the room, just listening. He has little to say, and he doesn't know the patients enough to attempt to engage in conversation
[00:15] * ~Lyni notices Dys and runs over
[00:15] <@Talon_Reid> What's going to take a while is the amount her skull battered her brain.
[00:15] <~Lyni> Come in! I'm sure they won't mind
[00:15] <@Ben> Unfortunately I don't know any living mages...
[00:15] <@Talon_Reid> She should heal up normal thanks to the psychic powers but we do not want her waking up before she's completely back.
[00:15] <@Talon_Reid> Or she will kill half this town with the psychic scream.
[00:16] <@Talon_Reid> Scott's damage was mostly physical, all his ribs are broke and he's been pretty badly electrocuted.
[00:17] <@Ben> So... You don't know any Necromancers?
[00:17] <@Talon_Reid> Just the vampire, sorry.
[00:17] <@Talon_Reid> Maybe Dragon Lady knows one.
[00:18] <~Lyni> She had a demon lady if I remember from her wedding?
[00:18] <@Talon_Reid> What else did the mummy tell you?
[00:18] <~Lyni> The Frankenstein runs on some electricity thing
[00:18] <~Lyni> SOrry, Franken-monster
[00:18] <@Talon_Reid> We had gathered that much.
[00:18] <@Ben> The werewolf runs on outdated magic, that a more recent mage can counteract.
[00:19] <@Ben> The mummy himself has magic so ancient that there isn't really any good way to stop it.
[00:19] <Dys> He did say something about needing his linens to use it, though.
[00:19] <@Talon_Reid> Rune magic.
[00:19] <@Ben> Both the mummy and the frankenstien are physically controlled by the vampire.
[00:19] <@Talon_Reid> Bad juju.
[00:19] <@Ben> The werewolf apparently operates on his own.
[00:20] <~Lyni> But he's loyal to the vampire?
[00:20] <@Talon_Reid> That sadistic freak is gonna be coming for you sooner rather than later, Ben.
[00:20] <~Lyni> I've never heard of vampires and werewolves working together, though I guess things work differently in different places
[00:20] <@Ben> I know...
[00:20] <@Ben> Iah said.
[00:20] <Dys> I get the feeling he's only loyal to himself.
[00:20] <Dys> But he works with the Vampire for now.
[00:21] <@Talon_Reid> He knows his betters, at least.
[00:21] <@Ben> Either way, the werewolf has his free will.
[00:21] <Dys> They both, after all, possess a fondness for the fine art of torment and despair.
[00:21] <~Lyni> fun
[00:21] <Dys> or at least for wanting to fuck things up for the sake of fucking things up.
[00:21] <@Talon_Reid> The wolf is old, and strong, but he's not an Alpha or anything.
[00:21] <~Lyni> Also, why are they so intent on getting your team and also Ben?
[00:21] <Dys> I only briefly met the werewolf.
[00:21] <@Ben> The vampire apparently specifically wants the three of you alive.
[00:21] <@Ben> But you're presently the only people on his shit list.
[00:22] <@Talon_Reid> That explains why Dean is missing.
[00:22] <~Lyni> Right, Dean!
[00:22] <~Lyni> Iah told us to find Dean
[00:22] <@Talon_Reid> He's not easy to find.
[00:22] <Dys> They never are.
[00:22] <@Talon_Reid> If you can get a mage over here I can teach them the spell that we use to call him.
[00:23] <@Talon_Reid> But all my power's tied up in healing magic right now.
[00:23] <~Lyni> Might need to see if Dway has any mage friends
[00:23] <~Lyni> because besides you, I don't know anyone else myself
[00:23] * @ben sighs. "The last Silver witch is dead, and Alex doesn't have the capacity to do magic like that."
[00:23] <Dys> If that turns out to be any permutation on 'E.T. Phone Home', I'm leaving this dimension.
[00:24] <Dys> ... Somehow. I'm not even sure how I got here.
[00:24] <@Talon_Reid> It's more like a ping.
[00:24] <@Talon_Reid> Also.
[00:24] <@Talon_Reid> I should probably get some rest.
[00:25] <@Ben> We need a necromancer and a mage...
[00:25] <@Talon_Reid> I guess you guys are free to wait around until I'm out of stasis again but I dunno how visiting works here?
[00:25] <@Ben> And I need somewhere to curl up and hide for the next couple weeks...
[00:25] <~Lyni> Pretty sure there are visiting hours and such
[00:25] <@Ben> Do you think he werewolf will come for me even if I don't come here?
[00:25] <@Talon_Reid> If you're here you're probably safe.
[00:26] <@Talon_Reid> He's a creep but he's not stupid.
[00:26] <@Talon_Reid> He won't attack anywhere that you're not alone or with people he hasn't tested.
[00:27] * ~Lyni stretches
[00:27] <@Talon_Reid> Now I'd like to get some sleep.
[00:27] <@Ben> If you don't mind, I think I might just curl up here for a while, keep you company...
[00:27] <~Lyni> Right, I'll leave you be then~ Get well soon. I'll send chocolates~
[00:27] <~Lyni> And I'll keep watch over the building
[00:27] <Dys> Have a swift recovery. Well, as swift as possible.

[20:58] * Dean_Hale is busy beating the crap out of a half-elf gang member in a vacant lot as midnight approaches in the city which shall remain nameless I guess. As usual he wears completely normal shoes, jeans, and gloves, as well as his grey hoodie.
[20:59] * Dean_Hale || there's a few other elves and half-elves nearby, trying to avoid also getting the crap beat out of them.
[21:04] * ~Lyni is floating around on her cloud after a day shopping for fabric with Helen. Her roommate had convinced her to cosplay for Halloween, which may or may not have been a thing here, but no matter. As she hovered above the city with spools of ribbons under her arms, she hears a fight and, curious, goes to check it out.
[21:05] <Dean_Hale> Now c'mon.
[21:05] * Dean_Hale punches the guy one more time and tosses him halfway across the lot with it.
[21:06] <Dean_Hale> I warned you guys about dealing on my turf right?
[21:06] <Dean_Hale> Like I totally gave you fair warning.
[21:07] * ~Lyni spots the fight and floats downwards, jumping off her cloud with arms extended in a gesture to break up the fighting
[21:08] <~Lyni> Whoaaaa there, kids, don't go hitting each other~
[21:08] <Dean_Hale> Oh hey the little ice