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Dwayna DragonFire

2014 Little Cup Champion
As a one-off closure story for this plot-line, myself and @Mr.RMA decided to fix the poor cyborg people (mostly due to the fact that I know others didn't want to touch upon it). This RP is not necessarily graphic, but... as a precaution, I will warn that there are mentions of lifeless husks, brain surgery and death. To some it may be bittersweet, but I consider what we did here to be a happy ending.

@Mr.RMA as Michael/Meical
@Dwayna DragonFire as Uriel/The Great Father

Mr.RMA: The thoughts of those lifeless husks of human bodies stuffed with technology had plagued Michael's conscience ever since that final showdown with Ray. He wanted to do something about that if he could, at least for the sake of the remaining Charms residents, but he wasn't sure just what to do... Unsure of where to turn, he figured the best person to discuss this with would be the most influential android on the planet, this Uriel Dwayna had mentioned before.

Dwayna: The lights shone on the giant form of Uriel as Michael approched his window underneath the ocean. "Ah... King Michael," greeted a voice from the speakers, as the large Android bowed his head to the human. "I do not believe we have met before... I am called the Great Father by my children and many others on this planet, but to close friends and the royal family, I am known as Uriel. How may I help you today?"

Mr.RMA: "It is an honor to finally meet you in person, Uriel, I only regret having not met you sooner," Michael replied with a bow of his own. "I came to you today to request your assistance concerning a recent issue within the Charmsian realm... I'm assuming you're already at least somewhat aware of what recently transpired there?"

Dwayna: "I have heard at least some of it," he replied at that. "A man made humans into cyborgs, Lady Dwayna brought an army to the Charmsian Realm, and you... I see that my son Edward has given of his old body again to repair a lost limb. I know not many more details, but I assume you have come to me for a reason? I know very little about the Charmsian Realm, as it tends to be quite chaotic and hard to predict..."

Mr.RMA: "Well, yes, I have... You see, those cyborgs remain in that Realm, lifeless, emotionless, without any sort of purpose... Their souls have likely already moved on, but... I am unsure of what we're supposed to do with the machines that have become of their bodies."

Dwayna: Uriel looked somewhat somber at that, before there was a certain look in his eyes... An Android seemed to press at a nearby panel, and suddenly the Great Father was bathed in light... said light seemed to appear in the room just in front of the window, and out of it materialized a much smaller Uriel, his eyes still glowing an ethereal white, but he was wearing an open labcoat and what looked to be a formal suit underneath. "There we are," he said, through his own mouth for once as he straighted out his tie. "Much better."

Mr.RMA: "Well now... no one ever mentioned you had a more compact form," he said with some bewilderment, nonetheless attempting to ward off the surprise as to not get distracted from the task at hand. "So... What do you believe we should do about this?"

Dwayna: "There are a few options," he replied at that, looking thoughtful as he put a hand under his chin. "As I find it abhorrent that one would mar the human body as such, I wouldn't want to take them over as such... once we find the control panels, I want to figure out if there is a way to release them without completely shutting things down. If not, I can try to use artificial wiring to replace what is missing, which is a delicate and risky procedure... if all else fails, I will regretably shut it all down."

Mr.RMA: "Well, in this mindset I'm not sure how much help I could be, but..." he reached into one of his pockets at that and pulled out a few sticks of that particularly strong incense that Dwayna had supplied him with before. "I have a suspicion I could very well find this elusive location in my... more intelligent mentality. At least, I hope so. Ray might have been diabolical, but, there's no way his base of operations can remain hidden forever."

Dwayna: "If you feel it necessary, but I will welcome the company either way," replied Uriel, mootioning for Michael to follow. They made their way to the Charmsian Realm, where Uriel looked around a bit. "Such an interesting place... I almost feel a bit disconnected, but I can still sense the presence of technological influence..."

Mr.RMA: "It is definitely a world of its own..." Michael murmured as he looked around the familiar place. Charms was pretty much a second home to him in most respects, having spent so much time there, along with his family taking up residence. It was about as influential on him now as his old home on Earth. Figuring he'd wait just a bit longer before letting Meical take over, he searched around for one of the cyborgs wandering about. "It should be fairly easy to spot them..."

Dwayna: Uriel closed his eyes and let his mind go to a whir, trying to find where the nearest signal was... but the myriad of signals in this world was confusing to say the least. "It appears I may require your assistance on this matter after all..." he mused to Michael, though he still looked somewhat worried... changing a person was never something he agreed with, regardless of how small.

Mr.RMA: "I understand... Kinda expected it. This crossroad is enough to confound the greatest of minds sometimes, especially when they're not regular visitors," he replied with a shrug, taking one of the incense sticks and holding it up to his nose, his pupils almost immediately dilating. "I will require one of these 'cyborgs'... These machines lack any magical input so, they must run on a power source, one I should be able to link to this base we are searching for."

Dwayna: The Great Father nodded, trying to filter out whatever was unnecessary for now... narrowing it down to a few choices, he felt a signal coming from nearby, so he followed it. One of said cyborgs was wandering about, terribly expressionless. Uriel attempted to clamp a hand on its shoulder, so he could bring it over to Michael.

Mr.RMA: The once-living human husk didn't resist at all as it was grabbed, continuing to stare forward into nothing with its dead, catatonic eyes. Meical walked up to it and observed it for a few moments before eventually noticing a slight glowing coming from the back of the cyborg's neck. Without much extra thought on the matter he simply took out a screwdriver from his pocket and jabbed it into the skin covering the glowing mark. Reaching in, he pulled out what appeared to be a disk-like device. "This is the source I believe...

Dwayna: Uriel flinched at the motion, but nonetheless took the disk-like device in his hands and looked it over. "If they have these attached to them, then they are aleready probably quite attached to the system... still, I will see what I can do about it." His eyes seemed to glow a bit brighter as he pressed his fingers to the device, unscrambling what needed to be unscrambled so he could find the true source of the link... Keeping it in hand, he made the line appear like a glow in his vision to help direct him on foot... "Well, let's see where this leads us, shall we?" he asked, before moving to follow his own form of clairvoyance.

Mr.RMA: "Convenient to have one of your abilities," Meical replied, likely the closest thing to a legit complement he could offer in this state as he followed after Uriel, looking back to see that the machine they had grabbed had slumped forward, drained of its power. It appeared that source was all that kept them going.

Dwayna: "It does not bode well nonetheless," he replied at that as he continued on, but made sure to memorize the location of the shut-down body. "If this sort of thing is integrated into all of the cyborgs, which is most likely, then there might not be a way to cut them off without shutting them down completely... It would please me for all of those people to have rest, but to press that button... it would be as good as taking their lives."

Mr.RMA: The signal led them to, interestingly enough, the charred remains of the Black Rose, where it was at its strongest. The direction from there appeared to be going directly downward, clearly implying some sort of underground lab. Meical eventually noticed a few tiles from the burnt restaurant still intact... apparently made of some more durable substance than the usual flooring.

Pressing one of the tiles, he noticed it sunk in slightly, squinting a little at this. "It's a combination of some kind..." he said, looking up to Uriel as if expecting him to take on something like this with far more ease than a human.

Dwayna: Uriel noted the patch of tiling, looking about and moving some of the wreckage aside with ease, dusting it off and tracing the edges... "Clever..." he mused, though it seemed to be regretably. He seemed thoughtful about it, knowing there were probably millions of combinations. At this, he decided to go through the most logical course of action... He looked to Michael. "You knew this person personally, yes? Any dates that strike you as particularly important?"

Mr.RMA: "Indeed, he was once considered my best friend, my only friend at that," he said, not at all appearing upset at this mention, of course, as to be expected as Meical. "I suppose two dates come to mind, June the 3rd 2013 is one of them... March the 4th 1994 is the other...

Dwayna: "Month, day year for the USA in many earthrealms, yes?" he asked, though he was already sure. That would mean the combination was either 3494 or 6313... The much earlier date was probably a birthday, the latter being something of significance. For a man so easily obsessed, it wouldn't surprise him if it were the latter... however, a more crafty person like him might do the more unexpected thing. He opted for 3494 first, to see the result.

Mr.RMA: This first attempt was a reasonable option indeed, but, nothing seemed to happen. "Apparently it isn't his date of birth... As self-centered as he could get, perhaps that was a bit too predictable."

Dwayna: Uriel nodded at that, and tried the second combination as well, 6313. If this didn't work, he already had a theory as to what to try next...

Mr.RMA: It seemed unfortunately that even this more likely date didn't work out. "Hmm... and yet I'm certain that day stuck with him..."

Dwayna: "Then I may know what to try in that case," he said, though he sounded a bit somber at it... of course, someone so crafty would pick something so unlikely and yet personal at the same time. His feet tapped 8, 24, 94.

Mr.RMA: It was very very subtle, but there was a slight flinching expression in Meical's face at this, especially when the combination suddenly opened up a chute right beside the tiles. "So then... even after so many years, he /hadn't/ forgotten..."

Dwayna: Uriel placed a gentle hand on Michael's shoulder, ever the guiding and sympathetic father figure. "I am sorry for that, but it was the logical progession... and it seems it paid off. Let us not dwell on the past when there is work to do." He sat himself at the edge of the chute, and slid on down to whatever laid beneath...

Mr.RMA: "It means nothing beyond numbers to me like this," he said firmly, nodding as he followed Uriel down the chute. Thankfully it was a gradually sloped slide down to the entrance to what was, rather unexpectedly, a massive labyrinth-like secret base that seemed to stretch out in all directions from where they were, apparently the heart of the whole thing. "With a construct like this, the cyborgs could be easily transported anywhere within this region of Charms."

Dwayna: The Great Father marvelled at the design, but remembered that such a place was being used for nefarious purposes. He looked to the disk in his hands again, continuing to follow the string of information it gave him. There had to be a control panel somewhere...

Mr.RMA: Meical made his way over to a large keyboard that laid in front of a massive monitor, apparently in sleep mode, though once he turned it on, it appeared to have a DOS-style interface, likely to scare off anyone who somehow managed to get this far. However, the technology was very quick to decipher for someone who knew coding like Meical did, and after some quick toying around, he merely gave a light nod. "Apparently this device is all it takes to manipulate the mindsets of these machines in any way desired. It was apparently directly linked to Ray until his demise, which explains why they all simply went dormant afterwards."

Dwayna: "So... what does that mean for me..." Uriel mused, seeming to think that information over. "As I said, I do not simply want to take them over... I do not wish to be a 'Master', merely a 'Father'... Should I undetake lengthy processes to remake what is missing so that they have a semblance of free will again, or do I simply release them of this restraint for good?"

Mr.RMA: "Well, I believe with the proper commands, I can send out a signal that releases them from the absolute control... Their brains would likely be completely wiped out beyond simple motor skills... They'll have the intelligence of a newborn baby. That's the best I can do, if you wish to give them a newer, more independent existence."

Dwayna: "There would be nothing we could do to remedy that, though... no matter how much we taught them, they would still remain less than functional." He sighed frustratedly at this, seeming to cover his face. "Remove the brains and I have empty bodies to program, but nothing will give them back their souls... Is it really better just to end their lives, though?"

Mr.RMA: "I understand the belief of souls is far more feasible in this realm with magic and such... In that case, I must say it is more than likely the human souls have all but left these bodies upon their transformations into these things," he murmured in thought. "The brains remain in order to create truly human motor functions to their fullest capabilities, as well as communicate and offer a human appearance in both movement and to a lesser extent behavior."

Dwayna: Uriel seemed to take a deep breath at that, putting things more into thought. "Right... but to have them just walk around as empty shells or as 'children' would not only be bad, but to think of these peoples families..." He sighed again. "Do you think... It would be possible for them to become more than what they are again, if I tried to repair them?"

Mr.RMA: He seemed to pause to think about this for a bit longer. "I suppose, aside from some technical differences, and of course the fleshy exterior, these people are not too far off from my ARMA units. In that case, it shouldn't be too difficult to give them greater sentience with the proper reparations and coding."

Dwayna: He noticibly brightened at that, clapping his hands together excitedly. "Wonderful! I would much rather take the risk than completely obliterate them altogether. I brought some equipment with me..." He seemed to press something on his suit, and a suitcase appeared. "If you call them here, I could start trying to repair them... there will likely be losses along the way, but if you could help me in my work as well, then that chance might lessen."

Mr.RMA: "Well now, robotics /are/ my specialty, if the very existence of Mr.RMA is any indicator. I believe I can indeed assist you in this endeavor," he replied with a nod. "I shall just send out the summon command then," he said, quickly typing out a few things on the keyboard and inputting the command. Within moments, the cyborgs began to file their way in.

Dwayna: Uriel directed each one to lay on some nearby tables and set to work immediately. He opened the sutcase, showing several wires and chips as well as tools, as if it had some magical sort of storage space. He reached for what he needed and went to work on the surgery, trying to reinstall whatever was missing in each of the bodies so they would run properly again.. if he failed, they would die, but it was a necessary risk...

Mr.RMA: Meical managed to offer some helpful input when the need arose, assisting in preventing a number of potential failures, though some deaths still eventually came about. Those bodies could at least be properly returned to the families as consolation...

Dwayna: The Great Father worked tirelessly, giving a quick prayer over the failures before making sure to remove their control chips... Eventually, he finished up on the last cyborg, sighing with relief that the majority of them survived the process... each of the new models also had a Draconic Pearl helping to keep what was left of their brains from decaying. Now it was just a matter of cutting off the controls, seeing how each body would handle that, and letting them become their own people again.

Mr.RMA: As the time came, Meical proceeded to type in the final command to override the controls permanently, freeing them all from their digital puppet strings. They all seemed to react to this immediately, seeming rather helpless as they had to quickly relearn everything about reality. "...I recommend we bring them either back with us or at least somewhere else... The families would likely not be so inclined to run into them, knowing they're not the people they love."

Dwayna: Uriel still seemed sad at this, but nonetheless nodded. “Their families should at least be informed that they are 'dead'... in any case, we can bring them back with us. The magical influence of the Draconic Pearl will meld better with Terrater anyways.” He closed his suitcase, but looked thoughtful before clearing his throat. “Hello... I am your Father,” he said as he looked to the crowd before him, seeming to take on the very role that others had called him for so long. “I would like you all to come home with me.”

Mr.RMA: They all seemed to take a moment to let this statement properly translate, before eventually, some of them started to steadily walk towards Uriel, some repeating "father..." in reply. All the while, Meical seemed to focus on the lab itself for a moment more. "I do believe it would be most practical if I took over this establishment from now on... I wouldn't wish for just anyone to stumble upon this place and claim it as their own."

Dwayna: "You're more than welcome to have it, should you return to Charms," he replied at that. "But I believe the Lady Dwayna will wish for you to be home. She understandably worries for you, since this world is disconnected from our Fates." With that said, he motioned to the group of cyborgs. "Come, my children... I shall teach you the ways of things..." He started making his way up to the surface through whichever ladder was most convenient, and lead them all towards the portal.

Mr.RMA: "Indeed..." he murmured, glancing about the area for a bit before Michael gradually slipped back into control. "Still, this could definitely be a useful place for whenever I stop by to visit," he said, the thought apparently easily transferring from one mentality to the other before he went to follow the rest to the portal.
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Magearna before it was cool
A few people have been wanting to visit Terrater recently, so, we did an RP with that as the setting this time around. Lots of questions and explaining and stuff like that, but, it's kinda to be expected when it comes to introducing a generally new world to new characters and all that sorta thing.

@Dwayna DragonFire as Intro-narrator-person, Gatekeeper, Brooke
@Tailon as Iah
@Mr.RMA as Michael, Brayden
@Rex as Ben

Also quick @Kyubeon cameo somewhere in there XD
<Dwayna>There seems to be a slight buzz in the air itself before the feeling dissipates. The room was filled of what appeared to be thousands of portals, the walls stretching up and seeming to go on forever. Around there was the bustle of a crowd with many diverse species of all sorts. Just overhead, however, there seemed to be a more intimidating figure... a feminine looking robot with wings and a glowing face quickly

<Dwayna> descended, her sword outstretched towards Iah.

<Dwayna>Gatekeeper: State your intentions.

<Iah>Ah..., hello.

<Iah>I do no...have any?

<Iah>Not specific ones, at any rate.

<Iah>(do not*)

<Dwayna>The Gatekeeper lowers her sword slightly.

<Dwayna>Gatekeeper: Very well. Welcome to Terrater. Report to the Emerald Castle. Know that we are watching.

<Iah>(Is the castle clearly visible?)

<Dwayna>you are currently inside a building, so not at the moment)

<Iah>I don't know where that is.

<Dwayna>Gatekeeper: Out the doors and to your left. You will not miss it.


* Iah walks away, looking sheepish, and steps through the door.

<Dwayna>The doors lead out the the expansive street, the building behind a metallic skyscraper that seemed to stretch into the sky, which seemed to be of a normal, blue-ish hue at the moment. The streets were quite busy at this time of the day. The information from the strange robotic lady proved to be correct, as a large castle made of emerald was in the distance to the left.

* Iah considers his options for a bit, then approaches the castle.

- MrRMA is now known as Michael

<Ben>(Wondering how to enter this.)

<Dwayna>The trek towards the castle wasn't too big of a one, but the large building seemingly made of emerald was still quite the sight in and of itself. Two Androids without wings stood either side of the gate but made no move to stop Iah as it opened automatically. The direct inside of the castle lead to another set of doors in front of them to get to the throne room. Silver chandeliers with green candles hung from

<Dwayna> the ceiling in some parts, and what looked to be a few androids were guarding the inner walls.

* Iah is somewhat disconcerted by all this grandure, but approaches the second set of doors anyway.

<Dwayna>(Uriel asks Ben to get some parts from the market district)

<Ben>(When he exits the castle again, I guess!)

* Michael is slouched lazily on one of the thrones, apparently fiddling around with an electronic device of some indescribable nature. He manages to catch the sound of the door opening and peers upward, nearly slamming his head against the back of his seat in surprise at this apparent visitor before scrambling up to his feet.

<Ben>(I'm sorry but Iah still looks like Mummymon in my head.)

<Iah>(Right now he just looks like a dude with a scarf on)

<Ben>(I mean with the coat and hat.)

<Michael>Oh, uh, sorry about that, caught me off guard for a moment... You uh... I'm assuming you're the recent visitor I've been informed of?

<Iah>(the scarf covers the lower half of his face because it's so bulky though)

<Iah>(he's wearing a dark purple jacket and pants the same color as his bandages, incidentally)

<Iah>(his chest is covered by the bandages instead of a shirt)

<Iah>(I realized I didn't describe him at all :p)

<Dwayna>(either way, you have a king addressing you :p)

<Iah>I don't really know?

<Iah>I am not overly certain of where I am.

<Michael>Really? That's... well, I suppose that's not too rare an occurrence, it can be a bit jarring, this whole place, trust me, it took me a while to get used to it, anyways uh... You're currently situated in the city of Madone of the planet Terrater. I'm uh... Michael Tourniquet-Dragonfire, ruler of this place along with my wife, Queen Dwayna Dragonfire. To who am I given the privilege to welcome to our kingdom?

<Iah>My name is Iah.

<Michael>Well then, Iah, you're welcome to spend as much time as you like here as a guest, and uh... oh, right, there's a thing for this sorta... thing... hold up...

* Michael quickly shovels through his pockets until he eventually fishes out what appears to be a square-shaped pin of sorts, walking up to Iah and handing it over to him. "That there's proof that you're a guest to Terrater, keeps the androids off your back and everything, well, for the most part... They're kinda paranoid but they have only the best intentions

* Iah takes the pin and attaches it to his jacket.

<Iah>Thank you...

* Iah stands there awkwardly for a little.

<Michael>No problem... but you still seem kinda confused... Did you... take a portal here or something else?

<Iah>My runes brought me here, I have been travelling the worlds for some time now.

Oh, okay, so... not the conventional way of showing up then, guess that explains a few things... and opens up far more questions... but, I don't wish to pry anything you wouldn't wish to disclose willingly, so, well, long as you're here, and you don't do anything malicious or anything of course, you're quite welcome, so... you can go out and explore or something, unless you want a guide?

<Iah>A guide could be...helpful.

* Michael nods at this. "Alright, I'll ring someone up, shouldn't take more than a second," he says, taking out a communicator. "Brooke? Could you come over to the throne room please? We have a visitor in need of a guide to the town."

<Brooke>A girl with green hair and orange eyes rushes in, immediately bowing to Michael. "Yes, Your Majesty." She turns to Iah with a pleasant smile. "At your service, sir. Where may I take you today?"

<Iah>I do not know anything about this place.

<Michael>I recommend you take Mr Iah over to the market district first, it's fairly close by

<Brooke>Yes, your Majesty. Right this way, sir.

* Brooke bows again to Michael and goes out the front door, leading Iah out into the same area that he came from before, but went past the portal building into an area with far more bustle happening about. Booths were set up outside, and there were of course regular shops as well. Lots of different things were on sale, from clothing to weapons to bits and baubles. They seemed to have a little bit of everything here.

<Brooke>Madone hosts one of the largest Market districts in all of Terrater, as it tends to have a lot of commerce with the portal building being a part of it.

<Iah>It's...quite impressive.

* Ben is wandering around the market district, munching on a piece of jerky. He seems to be looking for something in particular. Other than the chain clipped to his belt and leading into his pocket, he looks the same as when Iah saw him last. Noticing Iah, and recognizing him, he points at the mummy man. "You!"

* Iah looks around to see who is yelling pronouns.

<Ben>Down here!

* Iah looks at Ben.

<Iah>Ah, it is you.

<Iah>The boy they were after.

<Ben>Just Evan, but yeah...

<Ben>You're still alive!

<Brooke>Um... I'm taking it you've met each other in your travels then?

<Iah>Technically, I am alive again.

<Iah>I was not when we met.

* Brayden is observing a few trinkets at one of the booths nearby, managing to perk up a little at the sudden conversation reaching his ears. There were many strange folk on Terrater, but... it sounded like some kind of meeting between a fugitive and a zombie was taking place... Even here that wasn't an everyday thing

<Ben>Did uh... Anything ever come of Evan's skin?

* Ben shivers. "Those powers he had... I don't want to experience something like them ever again..."

<Iah>I believe it was sealed away with his...master.

* Ben nods.

* Brooke diligently stood next to Iah, though she was slightly concerned over the subject matter.

<Brooke>Someone's... skin?

<Ben>It's a long story...

* Brayden blinked at this, suddenly a little more intrigued in the concerned sense... This stuff they were talking about was starting to sound kinda morbid... Was there something sinister going on? Gradually he edged a bit closer to the conversation, attempting to appear as inconspicuous as possible.

<Brooke>I probably shouldn't concern myself with it either way... I'm to give our honored guest a tour of the city.

<Iah>I am a free man for the first time in...

<Iah>Roughly, I suppose, 17,000 years.


<Iah>I am not overly certain of what to do with myself.

<Ben>I was like that, not too long ago... I found work here, but it's still one day at a time.

<Brooke>... Well... Terrater is a very safe place. If you ever feel the need to get away, the kingdom will protect you and welcome you.

<Iah>Everyone here is very welcoming, indeed.


<Brooke>It's a peaceful place most of the time. Some coin it as a safehaven. It really depends on where you live though... some parts are not as friendly as the capital city, but generally they follow the rule of law.

<Brooke>Shall I continue the tour, or would you like to purchase something? I have coin for guests if need be.


<Ben>Well, uh, Uriel wanted me to buy something... What was it...

<Ben>(What would Uriel ask for Ben to get?)

* Iah 's scarf begins to move on its own, the bandages stretch and move before forming a large-ish rune in front of him, creating a portal to a room full of coin, small statues, jars, and other trinkets. He takes a handful of coins and places them in his pocket holding onto one to show to Brooke.

<Iah>Will these...suffice?

* Iah 's bandages return to his scarf, closing the portal.

<Ben>... Were you a Pharaoh?

<Brooke>(probably computer type bits, metal, other such things)


<Iah>The riches were placed there for use by my new master, should I be raised.

<Iah>The vampire never had need of them, he was quite wealthy.

<Brooke>Um... if it's gold or silver, then absolutely. Gold isn't worth much on Terrater though, so I'd be happy to lend you some silver coins.

* Brayden trips over himself at the sudden portal's appearance, though he quickly scrambles back to his feet and attempts to act like nothing happened, though he's all the more inclined to keep a close eye out on... whatever this guy was...

* Ben looks at Brooke. "Oh, do you know what a motherboard is?"

<Iah>Is there a money changer nearby? I would prefer to simply exchange my gold for silver and back again than impose.

<Brooke>Ah... yes, that would be a computer part.

<Brooke>It's quite alright, but if you insist... it's basically swapped around, ten gold to a silver and such.

<Ben>... Oh.

<Ben>That'd be why I don't know them.

* Brooke pulls out several silver coins to give to Iah.

* Iah hands over the equivalent in gold coins and takes the silver.

<Brooke>From a different era, perhaps? It's quite alright. There's a computer shop just down the street, I believe.

* Brooke points down the street nearer to a large park to the north.

<Brooke>Right near Central Park, where things tend to split off into the other districts: West and East Residential, and the Science and Religion district.

<Ben>I see.

<Ben>I guess someone there will help me find what I need?

<Brooke>If they're selling computer bits, I'd imagine they'd be more knowledgable about exactly which one you'd need. There are different kinds of motherboards to my knowledge.

<Ben>But, yeah! On my world, the year was 1914.

<Brooke>Oh, well.... welcome to what in most Earthrealms would be 2015, if I'm not mistaken.


<Brooke>Here on Terrater it's uh... Third Era 75?

<Ben>How long is an era?

<Brooke>As long as the current monarch rules.

<Ben>... I don't know what's more surprising, that Dwayna's ruled for 75 years, or that you've only had three monarchs...

<Iah>That does not seem like an efficient unit of measure.

<Brooke>so it would actually be more like... Third Era 50 or so, my mistake

<Ben>That's a pretty big mistake!

<Brooke>I was thinking of her birthday, I'm sorry!

<Brooke>She's turning 76.

<Ben>That's pretty crazy.

<Brooke>Her Father /was/ a dragon, sir, and his era lasted several millenia.

<Brayden>"Yeah... /that's/ the crazy part in all this..." he mutters quietly to himself sarcastically

<Ben>I can't imagine living that long.

<Brooke>One of our more renowned knights that still lives was a knight during his era as well.

<Brooke>But yes, dragonkin stop maturing physically at around 21 years of age

<Brooke>So she looks much younger than she actually is.

<Ben>I still don't understand so much about this place.

<Brooke>It's hard to understand a world full of magic sometimes, I know...

<Ben>Magic I know.

<Brooke>I'm what you would call a changed human.

<Brooke>Meaning before I came to Terrater, I didn't have powers.

<Ben>I know what being changed is like.

<Brooke>Now... well...

* Brooke pulls out a wand and conjures up a spectral bird.

<Brooke>I can do other animals too.

<Ben>Looks like you got a pretty good deal of it...

<Brooke>Sometimes some people consider their gifts a curse. But I've long since embraced mine.

* Ben seems unimpressed.

* Brooke flicks the spectral bird away, looking concerned again and glancing around, finally noticing Brayden.

* Brooke immediately squeaks.

<Iah>My powers come from rituals designed to bind me in servitude for my entire immortal life...

<Brooke>L-Lord Bloodworth!

* Ben looks at Brayden. "Bloodworth?"

* Brayden turns to face Brooke with a jolt, having not even realized she was in the midst of all this... Perhaps his paranoia had gotten the better of him this time... "Sorry for startling you there, Brooke, guess I... caught wind of what you guys were talking about earlier... sounded kinda suspicious so I eavesdropped a little..."

<Ben>That's kind of...


* Brooke politely curtseys all the same. "I don't blame you, my lord. Please forgive my negligence."


<Brayden>Not a fan of the surname, huh? Blame the idiots who cloned me for that one

<Ben>It's certainly one of the more out there surnames I've ever heard...

<Brooke>You guys were talking about skin and running away, so I'm just surprised nobody else eavesdropped!

<Ben>Don't justify his creepy behavior!

<Brayden>Just looking in to make sure none of you were planning anything nefarious. Kinda a responsibility of mine as a lord to, y'know... not let that shit happen if it comes to my attention.

<Brayden>Just be fortunate I didn't think I needed to let Seb know about it

* Brooke pales at that a little bit.

* Ben frowns. "You shouldn't spy on people! You have a problem with me you can go get a warrant!"

<Brayden>Well now, someone's mighty defensive. Look, I apologize for offending you there, buddy, it won't happen again. That what you wanna hear?

<Brooke>Or talk to the Enforcement Guild and fill out the paperwork... same thing...

<Ben>I've got rights!

<Brooke>Um... I called him 'Lord' for a reason...

<Brooke>He's a noble... You realize that he is an authority of the Terrateran government, right?

<Brayden>I'm not out to prosecute you here, I was just listening in for a bit 'cause I was concerned. Might seem like too much to you, but, it's not like I tried to pin you to the ground and cuff you or something

* Ben keeps frowning, but says no more.

<Brooke>I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding...

<Brooke>I'm really very sorry... If there's anything I can do, as a servant to the throne...

<Brayden>In any case I'm sorry for causin' some of it, if you fellas feel the need for some restitution or something, just let me know. Don't you worry about it Brooke, this one's on me

<Brooke>As you say, my lord.

<Iah>After dying in the service of a Pharaoh and being controlled by a duke for several centuries you can likely imagine my feelings about the authority of nobility.

<Ben>I come from a republic.

<Brayden>Sounds like a pretty shitty afterlife there, I gotta admit, though I gotta say that portal-rune thing you got there's pretty neat. It's like a flashier version of what I can do

<Brooke>That's... an understatement, if I may say so.

* Brooke is clearly impressed by Iah

<Iah>I was taught many runes so I could serve, both in combat and out.

* Brayden proceeds to disappear and reappear around the group to demonstrate, a slight distortion in reality left behind for a brief moment each time. After a particularly longer pause, he arrives again with an ice cream cone in his hand.

<Brayden>Gotta say Terrater ain't got anything quite like this stuff back home, gives me a reason to actually go back there

<Iah>You do not have ice cream?

<Brayden>Oh they do, just not this particular kind.

<Brayden>Nostalgia blindness probably, but, eh, fuck it, I like what I like

* Brooke looks visibly mortified at the swearing

<Brayden>Ah, sorry, pardon my french.

<Brooke>It's... okay...

<Brooke>Either way, you have the basic directions down now... If you need to find anything specific, I'd be glad to show you, Iah.

<Ben>I've never had ice cream...

<Iah>Thank you, miss.

<Brooke>Ah... Brooke Fox, at your service.

* Brooke bows again

<Brayden>"Really now? Just a sec..." he says as he disappears again and reappears after a moment with another cone he hands over to Ben. "Hope you like vanilla."

* Ben accepts the cone. "Uh... I'm still a little mad about earlier, but I'll accept your bribe~"

* Brayden merely chuckles at this. "Well now, someone really /does/ know his politics," he says jokingly

<Brooke>Do you eat, Iah?


<Brooke>Would you like anything?


<Brayden>Direct and to the point, this guy, no bullshit

<Brooke>Ah... okay then.

* Brooke looks down awkwardly

<Ben>So uh... What do you guys know about Uriel?

<Brayden>The big metal guy in the sea? Heh, not much unfortunately

<Brooke>The Great Father? He's the creator of the Androids, and some cultures revere him as a deity of sorts

<Iah>I arrived here 20 minutes ago.

<Ben>I guess I kind of work for him? Was hoping you guys would know more about him...

<Brooke>They say he came here millions of years ago when The Goddess Terrater was forming the planet, and made a deal with her to bring her life in exchange for knowledge of magic.

<Brooke>Thus the portals and the Androids were created of his body

<Brooke>Other than that, not much know of him other than the monarchs themselves and the people that work for him

<Brooke>to no surprise, he specializes in science and other such things...

<Brooke>But he always encourages other people to learn things for themselves, from what I know

<Brooke>He likely understood that you didn't know much of technology, so he wanted to familiarize you with it whilst getting the parts at the same time... two birds with one stone, as they say

<Ben>It's so weird, you guys are a century ahead of me. I thought my stuff was cutting edge, and now I'm searching a market for motherboards and CRTs...

<Brayden>Funny thing about that, CRTs are out of date and all that these days

<Ben>And something called a drive?

<Brooke>a USB drive or...?

<Ben>No, um... CD?

<Ben>... What's USB?

<Brooke>Okay... simple explanations. A motherboard is like... a computer's brain, sorta? No idea what a CRT is... CDs and USBs are devices that store information on them, like pictures and music. the drives help the computer register that information.


<Ben>Is it like a floppy disk? I was introduced to them last week. Why are they called disks? They're square...

<Brayden>CRTs are TVs with big ol' tubes in them. At least, that's the simpleton's way to describe it

<Iah>Don't worry, I do not know much of modern technology either.

<Ben>Are they... Cathode Ray Tubes?

<Brooke>I'm... not sure how to answer that question. It's kind of like how you call it a hamburger but there's no ham in it.

<Brayden>Yeah I think that's the term, so, you know, you knew more about 'em than I did

<Ben>I know what cathode ray tubes are, I didn't think it was the same CRT.

<Brooke>A lot of things are abbreviated

<Ben>I always assumed hamburgers were named for Hamburg.

<Ben>It's a city in the German Republic, part of the Prussian League most specifically.

<Brooke>Cd is Compact Disc, and USB is... Universal Serial Bus?

<Brayden>Well, y'know, Germany's an Earth thing, only so many people here know about it

<Brooke>So yeah, it was really up to the people naming it at the time either way

<Brooke>Sometimes things have silly names

<Ben>Yeah, I guess...

<Brooke>But having an Android race puts us ahead of a lot of people technologically... why get such old stuff?

<Brayden>Well to someone from his era, it's still some mighty futuristic stuff I'm guessin'

<Brooke>That may be why... to help his new pupil to understand how technology has progressed

<Ben>It's all new to me...


<Iah>It has been nice to meet you all, but I wish to explore this place more on my own.

<Ben>Oh, um. See you!

<Brooke>Oh... I suppose my job is done then...

<Iah>Indeed, I thank you very much, Miss...Brooke.

<Brooke>It was my pleasure, Mister Iah. Please be careful.

<Brayden>Nice meetin' ya buddy, watch yourself out there

<Iah>Oh, yes.

* Iah produces the portal rune again, reaching through to retrieve a small, golden amulet in the shape of a scarab. He hands this to Ben.

<Ben>I'm in the science building, if you want to mee-

<Iah>Should you have reason to contact me, open its wings.

* Iah closes the portal again.

<Ben>Uh, thank you.

* Ben pockets the amulet. "Like I said, I'm in the science building, if you want to meet up later..."

<Brooke>If you're working with The Great Father, it would be the Scientific Monastery specifically.

<Ben>You go underwater and there's a big window, you'll know it when you see it.

<Brooke>It's... not that easy

<Iah>I will try to visit.


<Ben>A lot of the stuff here is strange to me.

<Brooke>Not just that... front entrance only at that building. If you try to swim down, there are enchantments to hide the location

<Brooke>Also the information that Uriel lives in the sea /should/ be kept private, just for future reference.

<Ben>I didn't say anything about Uriel living in the sea.

<Ben>I just said there was a big window.

<Brayden>I doubt someone like that Iah guy is going to be swimming anytime soon... ah, right, that was me, sorry

<Brooke>Either way, we've had a few problems with some people who were terrorizing the locals lately... they seem to be looking for him

<Brooke>I would not advise telling anyone you don't trust any information.

<Ben>He didn't seem like a secretive sort...

<Brayden>Oh, right, those drow extremists. One of 'em nearly killed me while I was headin' home, that was an interesting evening

<Brooke>He's usually not. A lot of people know something or other these days... It's just that we're trying to keep said information private for now, until the situation blows over.

<Ben>Maybe I shouldn't be out on these shopping trips...

<Brooke>You're likely not really alone. They are very stealthy if they want to be...

<Brayden>Those androids could swoop in at any moment from what I've heard, especially in broad daylight

<Ben>That's also creepy.

<Brooke>They mean no harm. They've been loyal companions to the DragonFires for a very long time. They just want to protect people as much as they can...

<Ben>I see...

<Brooke>It's better than being mugged randomly and possibly having no help, isn't it?

<Brayden>That's one'a those controversial questions, isn't it? Safety and freedom. Personally I just warp whoever I can't deal with myself over to Seb. They don't last very long usually

<Brooke>They guard the city from danger as best they can, but some things escape even their gaze. And don't worry, you have privacy in your own home.

<Brooke>They're basically like... the perfect neutral party. Even nobles can be arrested for committing crimes and stripped of their rank

<Ben>If you say so.

<Brooke>We don't show favourites if someone commits a crime here on Terrater. Not even to the Countess Nerezza if she went crazy one day.

<Brayden>Thankfully ol' Irish Chef is keeping her sane these days

<Brooke>Yes, luckily her servants are managing her... condition


<Brooke>Magical Porphyria. In simpler terms, a form of vampirism.

<Ben>Oh... So she's cursed too.

<Brayden>You got something like that?

<Ben>A little.

<Brooke>Some people are.

<Brooke>But she manages somehow... she's a humble hostess and only takes from those willing to give her blood.

<Ben>And I'm a scientist! ... In training.

<Brooke>You'll find all sorts here. Bug-people, dragonkin, orcs, elves, part beasts, werewolves, etcetera.

<Ben>I'm Beastkin... And a Werewolf.

<Brooke>Oh, really? You must be from a different world then. You don't have the tattoos.

* Ben nods.

<Ben>Like I said earlier, it's only 1914 in my world.

<Brayden>Considering how uptight some of those kaldaka can be with their traditions, that's probably for the better

<Brooke>Right... terrible short-term memory, made me forget what year it is even...

<Ben>It's still weird for me to admit my... Condition. People here are more accepting, though.

<Brooke>The werewolves here can be friendly folk too. They just... as lord Bloodworth said, have odd traditions

<Ben>I turn by the yellow moon.

<Ben>What do you know about them?

<Brooke>Thrae Kaladaka? They tend to be free as the winds, taking care of themselves.

<Brooke>The other three tribes are Ixen, Pab and Edar.

<Ben>I've been wondering what it'd be like to meet them.

<Ben>Would they consider me kin?

<Brooke>I would assume they would in some sense, though certainly the Thrae Kaldaka moreso

<Brooke>Ixen are a strict matriarchy, Pab are a strict patriarchy... and Edar... I think they just listen to their elders words as gospel.

<Ben>Sounds like I lucked out.

<Brooke>The Thrae consider each person's actions their own, and that each person takes responsibility for their own actions.

<Brayden>Some might worry that could lead to anarchy, but, look who's talking, the guy married to a /chaos/ demon

<Brooke>So they are the most free, but if you do something untoward or whatever, then you're meant to atone for such all the same.

<Ben>Sounds reasonable.

<Brooke>Either way, it was good meeting you. I wish you luck with Uriel, he may be knowledgable but sometimes he doesn't understand emotions... being mostly robot and all...

<Ben>Yeah, it's a little tiring sometimes, being surrounded by androids. I don't know who all would understand...

<Ben>Which is why I'd like to meet a Thrae.

<Brooke>Well, the forest isn't too far off from Madone, but I'm not exactly sure how to meet one of their tribe

<Brooke>Or where for that matter.

<Brayden>Well, they're known for being in those woodlands, right? That's certainly a start

<Ben>Maybe Uriel would know...

<Brooke>I've never really met one... the only Kaldaka I actually know of is someone from the Pab tribe, and they came here recently

<Brooke>Poor girl had a collar around her neck...

<Ben>A collar?

<Brayden>Seems kinda degrading...

<Brooke>Yes, supposedly that's the way to symbolize that she is 'owned' by a male or somesuch... as I said, strict patriarchy.

<Ben>Do the other ones do that, the matriarchs?

<Brayden>You'd have to get close enough to find out

<Brooke>It's quite possible, yes, but I've never heard of it...

<Brooke>Again, they tend to be more secretive peoples.

<Ben>It's probably good I'm not of their tribe, I'm kind of a little guy...

<Brooke>Not to mention they are known to be passionate and fierce like Fire itself

<Brooke>That's all that people tend to know about them, however. You'd have to look for them or ask Uriel

<Ben>I'll ask Uriel about the Thrae... What do you know about tribe to tribe relations?

<Brooke>Ixen and Pab hate each other, obviously... Edar is generally respected, and most have neutral to bad relations with the Thrae. They bow to no man or woman, after all.

<Ben>So I should avoid the other tribes.

<Brooke>Not necessarily. Mostly avoid Ixen if you can, otherwise you're generally fine as long as you're friendly and respect the customs of the tribe or person that you are talking to... as much as you can anyways.

* Ben nods.

<Brooke>Good luck either way, sir. Do you require anything else of me? Or you, Lord Bloodworth?

<Ben>I don't think so...

<Brayden>Eh, I'm good, had my adventure for the day so to speak. Besides, I gotta get over to the club soon, really anxious to get some of those new mixes out there

<Brooke>Then I bid you both adieu. If you have need of me, I am a servant at the castle.

* Brooke bows again before moving off back in that direction.

<Brayden>See ya later, Brooke! Right then, I'm off too. Good luck findin' whatever you're looking for, Ben

<Ben>Thank you for the ice cream.

* Ben gets on his way to the computer store.

<Brayden>"No problem," he remarks with a smile before phasing out of sight

Dwayna DragonFire

2014 Little Cup Champion
Tai wanted to re-hash his character slightly, so we had the chance to meet him!

@Rex as Noah
@Tailon as Talon
@Mr.RMA as Michael
@cloveria1215 as Chanel
@Dwayna DragonFire as Dwayna
@StellarWind Elsydeon as Capella

<Talon>|| in a spot not too deep into the forest, floating above a small lake fed by a waterfall, a new tear in reality begins to manifest, forming an elliptical portal. A figure steps through, quickly examining his surroundings, more surprised than anything. Though he appears over water, he lands on it as though it were solid, sinking into it slightly like a bounce house or something.
<Talon>So this is new.
<Dwayna>You know, Michael, I can't help but to realize that we haven't had the time to really look about Charms that much. We're usually either at the park, at the cafe, or at your parents. Think it would be good if we went for a nice stroll? I'm sure Joel would like the scenery, too.
<Michael>Sounds reasonable... Though I've heard some places around here are uh... more hazardous than others. Just, keep a look out for anything particularly strange, like, even compared to the usual stuff here
* Noah is currently under said water! He's taken the form of an otter anthropomorphic, wearing a pair of swim trunks that cover down just past his knees. A small campfire with a half dozen drying fish sitting near it wound announce his presence well enough to those who cannot see or sense him in the water.
* Talon looks up to see the crackling fire he just heard. Scanning the area, he eventually looks down and spots the otter swimming about. He gives a small wave, unsure if they would be able to hear him from under the water.
* Chanel is walking by the river, trying to find some sort of inspiration for a new outfit.
<Dwayna>Ohhh, look... a forest. Don't think we've ever been down this way before... want to go check it out, Michael? See how it compares to Madone Forest?
* Capella walks through the forest, taking in the sights of this particular realm's woodlands. Similar yet quite different from her homeland, she muses. Less ancient, and the lacking in the song of the forest hearts, for one.
* Noah is quite startled by the sudden appearance of Talon on the middle of the lake, he backpedals away a bit, before surfacing. Bashful as always, he responds with a slight wave of his own.
<Capella>|| Nethertheless there is music here. the sounds of birdsong, the rustle of wind in leaves and the murmur of the river that she has been following for the past while, for one. She pauses to pick a flower and smell it - a scent from another world. She then proceeds to casually eat it. Meeeeeh.
<Talon>Or, it was.
<Talon>It's possible I'm in another dimension.
<Michael>I mean, somehow I doubt we'll find as many of the same sort of spirit that dwells in Madone but, perhaps that's for the best with the little guy here. Sure, we can give it a look around.
<Dwayna>Well, I could always check it out a little bit with my magic...
<Michael>Ah, right, you can do that. Sometimes I forget, you use it so sparsely
<Talon>Errr, do you want me to get off your lake?
<Noah>N-no, it's not my lake, I was just...
* Dwayna nods, takes a deep breath and concentrates, the gem at her throat glowing purple. Through the power of Spirit, she gently feels for the presence of other spirits, animal or otherwise.
<Talon>I didn't mean to startle you...
* Capella pauses suddenly, twitching her ears.
* Noah nods.
* Chanel squats down and looks at the river "It's so peaceful here"
<Dwayna>It indeed appears there are others here that are not merely wildlife. We shall proceed with caution, my dear.<Michael>Alright... hopefully they mostly consist of our acquaintances from the past. Though to be honest I have no idea if any of them would even frequent a location like this. I didn't even know Charms had a forest at all!
* Capella shrugs, shaking off the odd feeling that she is being watched. To be fair, she did not expect to be alone during this walk. If a threat materializes, she'd deal with it. Somehow. Continuing with her walk, she notices a random female squatting down and gazing at the river. And after all, why not? It is quite the lovely river. She briefly wonders how far it goes and where it starts. Or ends, perhaps?
* Capella finds herself humming softly, a rhythm that seems to flow with the river, ever changing, ever shifting. There is a song or two in these waters, perhaps. She would have to think of it.
* Noah breaks the awkward silence between himself and Talon by swimming to his campfire, climbing out of the water and shaking some of the excess liquid from his fur.
* Dwayna nods and takes the lead, but nonetheless holds her left hand back to gently grasp Michael's arm, to keep him close. She breathes in the air of the forest and smiles. "Nothing like the outdoors for a good walk, huh? It's pretty nice here."
<Talon>So, where exactly am I?
<Noah>U-um... I don't know if it has a name...
* Michael looks around himself, though he makes sure Joel is safely nestled in his arms as he does so. "Yes... quite nice, looks like we've got a pond up ahead too. Think I see a few of the folks you were sensing."
* Dwayna nods at that. She doesn't recognize the individul in the swim trunks, but the other face does seem to strike a chord of familiarity. "Talon?" she enquired, but he seemed different somehow.
* Chanel drags her hand through the river "Maybe something wavy "
<Michael>Is that Talon there? Jeez it feels like forever, is he dressing differently now or something?
* Noah starts a bit at the sudden appearance of two more people. His alone time at the lake has suddenly gotten very crowded!
<Talon>Oh, that's where.
* Capella pauses in her hum, a flicker or something running through her mind. She finds a nearby rock, sits herself down upon it gracefully, removing her instrument from her back and humming again, adding a note or two with the instrument before letting its melody take over. Lyrics still have not materialized in her mind, but the music itself seems to flow with the river, in ripples and waves.
<Talon>New portal.
* Talon indicates said new portal.
<Talon>I still don't recognize you though...
* Talon looks back at the otter.
<Noah>U-um... I'm Noah...
<Michael>Seems this reality is ripe with portals leading god-knows-where... Rifts, constructs, it's like you take a few steps and suddenly you're off in wonderland
* Chanel loses her balance and fall into the river
<Talon>I know the name, but I don't think we've met in person.
* Talon hops off of the water to shore.
<Talon>I'm Talon.
<Dwayna>What happened, Talon? You feel... different somehow.
<Noah>Nice to meet you...
<Dwayna>Oh, and yes... do forgive us for imposing, Noah. I believe I've heard the name somewhere too...
<Talon>"Happened"? What d'you mean?
<Dwayna>I can't quite put my finger on it...
<Noah>I haven't been around much since the vampire attacks...
<Dwayna>But perhaps it is merely that you came from a different place, and it has rubbed off on your aura.
<Dwayna>I can never quite tell. I'm not the most experienced Spirit Mage, after all...
<Talon>Hmmm, could be.
<Michael>I mean, I can't sense anything at all beyond the traces I get from Dway, but I can only guess with so many realities running into each other we can't always be so consistent with what we remember... Oh, look, someone fell in
* Capella 's hearing suddenly picks up a splash that breaks her concentration. She pauses her song, eyes drawn to the source of the splash - and notices that the girl has fallen over into the water. Springing up, she re-slings her instruments on her shoulder and dashes over with a few quick bounds.
<Capella>Are you all right?
<Chanel>Yeah, I'm fine. Only thing hurt is my pride
<Michael>Well guess that matter's dealt with. Poor girl's probably soaked now though.
<Dwayna>Do you think we should help?
<Capella>There's an old idiom about pride coming before a fall, but I rarely see idioms coming to life.
<Michael>Well I mean, I don't have a change of clothes on me...
<Capella>Good thing this river isn't particularly deep.
<Chanel>I'll say
<Chanel>I'm not a strong swimmer
<Dwayna>Michael. /Clothes changing pin./
<Capella>I know the feeling, to be honest.
<Michael>Oh... right... but how does that work on others? I mean, I hardly even use the thing for that purpose.
* Dwayna sighs exasperatedly, pulling out her communications device as she walked over to the drenched girl.
<Dwayna>Would you like a new change of clothes? I just need to scan you and I'll be able to order something.
* Capella blinks
<Dwayna>Oh, right... Hi. I'm Dwayna. Dwayna DragonFire. A pleasure.
<Capella>... That name...
<Capella>It rings familiar.
* Chanel gets up and wrings out her long green locks "That would great, thanks"
<Dwayna>Have you met a Terrateran?
<Capella>I may have. I travel often.
<Michael>...Does Meren sound familiar to you, miss?
<Capella>... Yes, actually.
<Capella>I believe I've met her and... Aria, was it?
<Capella>The first time I came into this world.
<Dwayna>Ah. Then forgive me again. Dwayna DragonFire, Queen of Terrater. At your service.
<Michael>Ah... figured as much. Yes, your music had a very profound effect on her, that's a very rare thing
<Capella>Capella. Pleased to meet you.
<Chanel>I'm Chanel Benson
* Dwayna scans Chanel at that. "Any particular style of clothing, or would you like me to match yours as closely as possible?"
<Michael>Oh, right, introductions... Michael Tourniquet DragonFire... uh... King of Terrater. Pleased to meet you as well
<Capella>'Tis not often I meet royalty out on the road.
<Michael>And this here's our child, Joel, figured we'd take the little guy around to see the worlds a bit
<Chanel>Hmm, Surprise me
* Noah has started silently prodding his fish. Or at least, he was, before muttering "King Consort." He seems to hiss a bit at that under his breath, as if he didn't mean to say that.
<Dwayna>We were both brought to the Charmsian realm for a tournament, and since then fell in love. We come here fairly often.
<Capella>I am somewhat of a new arrival to this realm. It has so far provided me with a few new songs.
* Michael holds out the child a bit for easier display, presenting the blonde haired violet-eyed child bundled up in blankets, though he quickly pulls him back closer to make sure he wasn't at risk of dropping him.
<Capella>I figured It was time I stepped away from the city and sought some new experiences.
* Talon jumps and climbs up to a nearby tree limb.
<Talon>We spend way too much time in that city anyway.
* Dwayna types in some things at that, and a new change of clothes appears not long after, a nice warm bundle of winter clothes finely knit and exactly to Chanel's specifications. "There you are, miss."
<Talon>The forest is nice.
<Capella>It certainly is.
<Capella>But then, my people have a certain natural affinity for forests.
<Dwayna>If you like, you can use a device of ours to instantly change into it, so as not to embarrass yourself.
* Chanel looks outfit and twirls " Oh, it fabulous"
* Dwayna smiles. "I'm glad that you like it."
<Chanel>Again, thank you
* Dwayna tosses one such device to Chanel. "Just think of it on your body, press the button, and it'll be there.
* Chanel catches the device " Really, any outfit?"
<Dwayna>I summoned one for you, but... yes, essentially. That one has a limit of five, though.
<Michael>Lest you find a way to uh... exploit it as it were. This sorta magic stuff, it can have some consequential drawbacks if certain people find out about it
<Chanel>Ok, I will only use this for emergencies.
<Dwayna>If you want to talk to me about expanding the inventory, it would require some silver coins. Otherwise, it's yours to have. Figure it's good to make friends in different realms, after all.
<Dwayna>Would any of our onlookers like one of their own?
<Talon>I mean I always wear the same outfit
* Noah says nothing, still prodding at his fish.
<Capella>I travel light as is.
<Dwayna>Fair enough.
* Dwayna puts the device back into her pocket.
<Dwayna>Nonetheless, I'm amazed by this forest... I wonder just what kind of wildlife lives here on Charms.<Talon>Well, fish, for one.
<Capella>There's certainly some form of birds or bird analogues at least
<Noah>Rainbow trout...
<Michael>Well then, birds and fish. Quite varied...
<Michael>Somehow I doubt the feral lizard this land has for a governor will be funding any research trips to figure out the details
* Capella blinks
<Capella>I have heard the rumors in a few of the taverns I played a show or two in town...
<Capella>So this is actually a... thing?
<Capella>A lizard mayor?
<Dwayna>Ah, Teddy... yes, he's apparently a real thing.
<Noah>He's very nice...
<Michael>Oh it's no rumor. Go to town hall, you'll see
<Chanel>A lizard mayor...
* Capella proceeds to pick up her instrument and plays a quick, energetic yet somewhat silly-sounding refrain evoking images of a lizard going on about the every-day life of a lizard, but in a... mayorial manner. occasionally signing documents then sunning itself upon them.
<Michael>I mean, let's face it, unless he lashes out at you, it's very difficult for him to /not/ come across as nice
<Dwayna>I'm not convinced that he's entirely feral, though...
<Noah>...You're just mad he has actual authority...
* Dwayna glares over in the direction of the otter.
<Dwayna>Excuse me?
<Noah>... King Consort.
* Capella senses the shift in the atmosphere and finds herself gradually changing her tune to match.
<Dwayna>Maybe where you come from. But he is my sepa rumag.
<Dwayna>My 'soul mate', in the common tongue.
<Michael>Ah, right, this fella doesn't like me strictly 'cause I married into power... Now I quite clearly remember who you are. Not worth bickering over this sorta thing, but, I'm sorry that offends you.
<Capella>... Hm.
* Noah blinks. "... I don't know you?"
* Capella pauses her playing, turning her attention towards to otter.
<Capella>... Now that I think about it, there IS something oddly familiar about you.
<Michael>Alright... which one am I talking to now? Haven't we met at least once? Maybe I was off being super-smart or something
<Dwayna>... He has two souls... in one body?
* Chanel looks puzzled
* Chanel looks puzzled
* Noah looks back at his fish.
* Dwayna looks puzzled as well, particularly at the otter
<Michael>Sure you look different but you sound familiar... I'm guessing you weren't an otter at the time?
<Noah>I don't remember you.
<Dwayna>There is... something familiar but different about one of them though.
* Capella plucks a few notes of a fraction of a theme that she played before. Something about a city in an oasis and a sense of tension, like the eve of a war.
<Michael>Well I'll admit compared to some of you guys I'm pretty easily forgettable, so I can't fault you for that.
<Capella>I never quite finished it.
<Capella>But it came to mind when someone who reminds me of you mentioned the place they came from.<Capella>... but then, it may be a coincidence.
<Michael>Maybe I've just run into someone else who also hated the whole king thing, they come around more often than I'd prefer...
<Dwayna>Ah... that would be why. The image of a dragon echoes against his memories.
<Michael>That's some impressive morphing powers one of you guys has then
<Chanel>I know a ton of people who would kill for that magic
<Dwayna>Unfortunately most dragon magic I know cannot just be taken so forcibly.
<Dwayna>Fortunate for me and dragonkin, though.
* Capella adjusts her songs, weaving the sinuous image of a dragon into the atmosphere - or perhaps not a dragon? it is more of a shifting presence, a dragon in one moment, a powerful pantherine in another, a slithering streamlined creature, and then a formless cloud before shifting into another dragon.
<Noah>I am Noah.
<Capella>... Huh. Not a coincidence after all.
* Dwayna enjoys the small tune for a moment
<Capella>So you are a shapeshifter?
<Noah>The Alpha, but... It's more his thing...
<Dwayna>I can. To more human or more dragon.
<Capella>Huh. Things of myth and legend spring out of the woodworks around here.
<Noah>It's a long story...
<Dwayna>It is a somewhat painful process though. Shifting bones and such.
<Michael>This other gentleman occupying your body there apparently can take on a plethora of creatures though, however he initially arrived...
<Capella>My people do not have such gifts, alas. We are weavers of songs and tales, not of flesh.
* Chanel stutters at the thought of shifting
<Capella>Though I am told that the way our craft inspires images in others is not a common thing.
<Talon>I don't think I've ever met a shape shifter at home...
<Michael>The only shifting I can do is shift into a near-emotionless brainiac... I'm usually not so good at parties that way
<Dwayna>But you are good at fixing things. And you've gotten better.
<Noah>You can talk to him, if you want... I usually don't like to, but...
<Capella>The Forest Hearts change in response to our songs, though they do so of their own will.
* Dwayna gives that sappy smile that lovers share to Michael
<Michael>Well, I'm certainly glad I'm not a complete stick in the mud while I'm like that anymore, but, still, I'm usually pretty muted on the emotional scale that way.
* Michael nonetheless returns the sappy smile
<Michael>I mean, your Alpha pal already doesn't seem to like the fact that I introduced myself as a king in the first place. King consort as he uh... kindly put it
* Capella stretches, slinging her instrument on her back again.
<Dwayna>That's how it is with human culture, isn't it? That your mates are not awarded the same titles?<Michael>Yeah, at least, as far as I know that's true
<Dwayna>In my culture, we respect the soulbond and consider our mates as equals.
<Dwayna>So you are King. Just as my human mother was Queen to my father.
<Dwayna>And should we die, both Alex and Ethan would be Kings together.
<Talon>This sounds oddly familiar.
<Talon>Does your system of government involve any lions?
<Dwayna>Lions? Uh... perhaps in another country?
<Michael>I mean, yeah, I know how the way things are in the UK, the Queen at least... in /my/ universe is solely the queen and her husband isn't king or anything
<Dwayna>Interesting... but I was told that most human societies seem to be male dominated?
<Michael>I mean... uh... I wouldn't know for sure if there are a bunch of other earthrealms and otherwise with humans
<Dwayna>Not to mention I don't know everything about your realms history...
<Dwayna>Nonetheless, gender of a mate was never an issue to my people. There are ways to procreate through Spirit magic and a ritual of draconic measures with one's mate.
* Capella gazes off into the distance, lost in thought.
<Noah>The current British Emperor is in regency. His sister rules as Princess-Regent until his minority is finished.
* Dwayna looks perplexed at that term as well
<Dwayna>Ah... Either way, I would think a change of subject is in order. No need for conflict, now that we understand better.
<Michael>Political discussion bringing conflict? Who would've thought...
<Dwayna>No need for snark, sia itov.
<Capella>No matter how many people and cultures I encounter in my travels,
<Capella>with all their differences and similarities
<Capella>... They all seem to over-complicate the matter of hierarchy.
<Capella>... But I suppose it adds a certain charm to them.
<Capella>certainly to their tales.
* Chanel gets out of the river, finds a nearby rock and sits down.
* Noah goes back to his fish, secretly thankful no one wants to speak with Dustin.
* Michael seems to stare in bewilderment at the fact that Chanel had never left the pond this whole time as Joel seemed to babble out something along the lines of "da-da", having apparently desired more attention, enough to actually speak near-coherently
<Talon>In any case, I should be going home.
<Dwayna>Take care, Talon.
<Talon>I was just supposed to be taking a walk, which should tell you about how my walks usually go.
<Chanel>Bye Bye
* Dwayna proceeds to gush over child using first words
* Capella waves.
* Talon hops on down and slips back through the portal home.
<Dwayna>He seems to know who you are.
* Dwayna smiles at Michael
* Chanel walks over to Joel "That is so cute"
* Michael attempts to wave a goodbye as well, but Talon was already out of sight by that point. Nonetheless he was rather surprised to hear Joel speak as well. "Well... heh... apparently that's the case, yeah... Gotta admit I didn't expect words to come so soon."
<Dwayna>We've had him for a few months now, haven't we? Babbling is normal for his age.
<Capella><So for the sake of the mental exercise. Cap is probably composing something in her mind about this scene. possibly humming about it. cue heartwarming family moment soundtrack.>
<Michael>Heh, well, I think the little guy's probably getting tired if he's speaking up like this, we'd better get him home. Get him a nap and such. It was nice to run into you guys here, hopefully we'll be able to catch up some more later
* Capella nods
<Capella>It has certainly been an experience.
<Chanel>I better get home, too
<Dwayna>Yes, it was a pleasure meeting you all.
<Dwayna>Maybe we'll see each other again sometime.
<Capella>A pleasure to meet you. Give my regards to Meren the next time you see her, perhaps?
* Capella stretches.
<Dwayna>Of course.
<Capella>As for me, I suppose I should continue on my journey.
<Capella>This river goes further, and I must follow
<Michael>Maybe we'll all be able to seek out more of this weird place next time, I'm sure there's plenty to explore
<Capella>It is as good as a first step as any.
* Dwayna doesn't quite understand, but nonetheless nods.
<Dwayna>Until we meet again, then.
* Dwayna gently leads Michael back home, arm in arm.
* Chanel waves "Bye" and walks out of the forest
* Capella nods in return, a smile upon her face, before setting off again, a spring in her dancer-steps, following the path of the river, a new song already on her lips. Today has been a good day.
* Noah is left alone once again. After waiting to make sure everyone is gone, he returns to fishing.