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Pokécharms.com Winter WiFi Tournament: The results are in!


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Re: Pokécharms.com Winter WiFi Tournament: Official Battle Thread

Awesome. Congrats Havak! It sounds like the last few battles were pretty cool stuff. :D

Now that the tourney is officially over, everyone who saved battle videos can share them! I'd like to collect as many as possible to stick into our closing news post for the tournament, so if you guys could give me your video numbers by tomorrow that would be swell. ^^

We'll let you all know by PM when you can pick up your prizes. Thanks again to everyone who competed. :)

Tournament Battle Videos

First match: LoN vs Alex - 44-30009-65916
Second match: Alex vs. LoN - 26-72324-12078

Second match: Carmen versus Electabuzz 65 - 15-61213-01858

Second match: Carmen versus Santamence - 25-08496-40022

First match: Carmen versus Havak - 83-49091-88718
Unrelated note- As I was flying to Jubilife City to upload this, I found my Noctowl has 222/222 hp. :>

Here's the second one vs Alex, I believe he had the first of our matches. Or I had the first. But we recorded different ones! The one where he had a Moltres was the second game :p


Edit- Mine was the first one we played, if you want them in any order :) The one you have there (26-72324-12078) is the second game we played.
15-61213-01858 is my second match versus Electabuzz 65
25-08496-40022- is my second battle versus Santamence
83-49091-88718- my first match versus Havak

I won't be so afraid to enter the next doubles tourney whenever that is xD


Nice going Havak.
I admit I did better then I thought I would (even though Carmen trampled me like Justin Beiber's fangirls did after he let them out of their cage).