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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn Discussion

Time Skip?

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The "number 15" may be anything you want, Salted. I just wanted to make something cool to not sound weird, lol. Btw, sorry for being late.


All jokes aside, I don't really care. Order whatever you want, lmao. I'm not gonna control literally everything in this rp - I still want to relinquish a main amount of control over to you folks, especially concerning whatever you want to eat.
Seeing that the waitress had asked her for what she wanted, the girl began to panic- though, gained as much composure as possible when she said, "Um... j-just... some, uh, scrambled egg on toast, p-please..." Oh, it was so embarassing! People already made comments about how little Saiorse ate, questioning as if it were some sort of disorder when in all honesty she just didn't have a very big appetite- and she felt so utterly mortified ordering such a simple thing that she would be able to make herself if she'd just listened to mum. Once the waitress turned her back to Saiorse, the girl put her head in her hands, breathing quite heavily as if she were in pain.

Suddenly, everything was louder, brighter- and it hurt. It hurt so much, the walls were closing in and her head was thumping like a drum.

"E-Excuse me for a moment," she murmured, muttering an apology as she hastily rose from her seat and swiftly made her way to the women's bathroom. For what seemed like an age, the redhead bent over one of the sinks with her head in her hands, trying to get her breathing back to normal. Oh, Arceus- if only she wasn't such a ridiculous person! how weird must the others think she was? Ordering a meal and then bolting, looking as if she were about to be sick? Aodh must have been wrong, this wasn't the right time for her!

did saiorse just have a fucking panic attack
lol btw sorry for the low quality post just had to do this on a horrible iphone with fucked up touch while I got home. Had to wait a while somewhere and thankfully this entertained me a little
I would really prefer for stuff that isn't directly correlated or about the RP thread to not go here, but basically there's a tool bar on the top of your post - and on the far left there should be an I, B, U, etc. U is to underline, I is for italics, B is for bold. click one of those and type while it's on for it to work. Just be sure to click it again when you want it off.