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Private/Closed Pokemon: A Journey Through Hoenn Discussion

Time Skip?

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Previously BartenderReaper
Hey guys! Don’t know if we’re still doing this RP, but I put up a post. I’m really sorry that I took so long, maybe too long. I hope we can keep this going, but if not I understand. Again, I’m sorry and if I don’t hear back from any of you, I hope you guys are enjoying your other rps.
Alright, I took a bit of a hiatus from Pokecharms - but I'm back, and all other role-plays I was in have died in the meantime.

I'm willing to revive this. If anybody would be okay with that, well, I'm putting it out there.

I understand that everybody has stuff going on, and if you're unable, that's okay - consider this my last ditch effort to continue this RP going.
Right. I'll wait for more replies, too, but what should we do with the current scene? We could progress it to going some kind of park in the city or sightseeing, or even just going to the gyms.


Previously BartenderReaper
We can do a small time jump to get pass the current scene. Since we're in Petalburg city, we can involve Norman a bit.
So, say we walk out with some food to go or something, because our characters realistically would be somewhat hungry, and then go off to do whatever. Gyms, etc.
Some did in the previous restaurant, but realistically it was a pretty long walk, and the characters would probably be pretty hungry. Also I consider it lunch because a few hours likely passed.
Okay, sorry to double post but I'm going to start having Ernest head out - does anybody else have anything to say or object to before we continue? Also feel free to bump your character to be with the group in the future if you really need to. And some ideas for where to head next are still welcome.
oh boy. so I'm glad that we're all willing to continue, and I was gonna post but got sidetracked with other stuff. I'll be active when I'm ready to post or even just have time, even if that may be sporadic with my somewhat, uh...

enigmatic schedule.
Is anybody still up for the revival? I'll be available vehemently from Thursday - Monday as well.

consider this to be one of my last offers - I really like this RP and want to continue it, but I feel like my inquiries are getting repetitive and even to the point of downright redundant so I'm stopping here.
Well... I havent been here in A LONG TIMMMEEEEE... But hey if you wanna do it just tell me, ill be here (sorry for the super late reply)
it's been 85 years since i've posted sorry... but i did!! so,,, yeah... i mean, rps can work with only like, 3 or 4 people, but,... fdagdfkhgahgdfsh idk i really love this rp and i dont want it to die D:
It's fine, really - I don't want to be a contributor of guilt or anything. I also really like this RP, and so that's why I'm being so incessant with the revival idea.