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Private/Closed Pokemon Adventure....In Sinnoh!

Name: Roxxy

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Hometown: Sandgem Town

Appearance: Standing at 5'3, She isn't really the type for fashion but always wants to look her best. Roxxy has Brown wavy hair with a little bit of pink on the bottom of her hair. She has green, emerald-like eyes with medium-sized glasses. She always wears a black coat with a white shirt, because of the Sinnoh region's cold climate. She wears a grey flat cap with a red ribbon around it.

Personality: She is always cheerful and happy and always likes to make sure everyone is happy with each other. She always trusts and believes in her friends.

Favorite foods: She mostly likes sweets like chocolate or any type of candy.


Species: Gible
Gender: Male
Personality: Likes to be silly, funny or a little trouble maker and likes attention from his trainer.
Ability: Rough skin
Moves: Tackle, Dragon Rage, Sand Tomb, and Slash.

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Previously EeviumZ
Mint chocolate ice cream, please!

Name: Kiki Miren Evans
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Appearance: Standing at the diminutive height of 5'3, Kiki has long brown hair and green eyes, along with fair skin dotted with freckles on her face. Her brown hair is usually done up in two small buns on either side of her head.
Personality: Kiki's a shy but charming individual. Though she loves being with friends, it's making them in the first place that's the difficult part - she's very introverted. She rarely initiates contact and is relatively awkward.
Crush: No chance in hell.

Species: Litwick
Nickname: Wisp
Personality: Very similar to Kiki, but a touch more mischievous.
Mine is 6'04" XD had to change his height when I bumped his age.

Oh, I forgot to add crushes. I mean, there wont be a whole lot of people he can actually crush on since they are all under 18 XD

EDIT: I mean, he could, but it would be awkward for him since he is staunchly against crushing on people younger than 2-3 years his age.

Okay, I'm going to revise my character. He'll have the Pokemon and would have trained them extensively, but he won't go for the gym challenges, except for the one in Sinnoh, since he won't have time. He'll be offered to do the Sinnoh Challenge after he finished his grade in Unova early, putting him at 15. This would mean that he would have to adventure in Unova super fast before he goes to Kalos for their school program. XD let me change that real quick.
What age would he be in if this were the case @ThanosCar_The_Inevitable? Would 15 be okay?

Actually, scratch that XD I'm good.

(I merged 3 of my posts, so I would clutter the thread less).
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I made her a bit older as I want her to be more of a mentor anyway. I also do not plan on her doing the gym battles, so I gave her her sylveon. I hope this is ok. I felt that it might be a good idea to have more then one older character for the younger trainers to be able to follow the example of.

Name: Kitty Blackwell
Gender: Female:
Age 19
Personality: Kitty is pretty calm, and tends to stick to herself. She loves to help others and would gladly do what she could to help. She loves to perform and battle, but the main thing is that she loves to make games and develop them. Though she may not look it, she would take on anyone who is a bully.
Physical Appearance: Kitty has long white blond hair. It comes down to the middle of her back. It is parted on the right side and very straight. There are some layers to her hair that make it look like it is fluffy. She has pale skin with a yellow tint to it. Her eys are a bright blue color. She has long black lashes that seem to make her eyes pop. She tends to wear glasses most of the time. Though she does wear contacts when she performs. Her glasses are black with square frames. Kitty has a petite body and stands around 5'6. She paints her nails with different designs as she loves to paint.
Clothing: Kitty tends to wear a black sweater that has a v neck, and sleeves that almost cover her hands. She pairs that with a pair of black leggings that have rose designs on them. On her feet is a pair of black combat boots. She always has on a heart shaped locket around her neck as it was a gift from her grandmother. She can also be seen wearing a black choker as well. She will sometimes wear a long black coat that comes down to her knees and is fitted around her torso. She carries around a bag that is pretty big on her small frame, but she manages. The bag is black in color and cuts across her body and rest on her hip. The bad has a couple pf painted on roses as she hated the plain black look.
Other: Her laptop is basically waterproof and always has an internet connection wherever she goes as she paid the company to be able to do that. It is what allows her to work from basically anywhere. She also carries painting supplies with her as she loves to be able to paint or draw when she could. She also has a camera that is pretty high tech, that she uses to take pictures of pokemon on her travels.

Species: Sylveon
Nickname: Faith
Gender: Female
Personality: Faith is very calm and loves to be with her trainer. She can be a bit temperamental when it comes to protecting smaller pokemon and babylike pokemon.
Other: Faith loves to perform and tends to do well in contests.

Species: Tyrunt
Nickname: Rex
Gender: Male
Personality: Rex is very hyper and tends to be a bit uncontrollable. He loves to play around with other pokemon. Being a young pokemon, Rex is very excitable.
Other: Because of a previous owner, Rex is not able to speak like other pokemon. His vocal cords were shot because of a shock collar that was used.
They‌ ‌went‌ ‌to‌ ‌a‌ ‌public‌ ‌school‌ ‌in‌ ‌Johto when they were 12, then 13 in Hoenn, then 14 in Sinnoh, then 15 in Unova, next is 16 in Kalos, and then 17 in Alola. For three years he then started his journey back in Kanto to Sinnoh to explore and get a few badges and the Pokemon he wanted. In fact, he was so gungho about Unova that he forgot Sinnoh existed. That is why he is taking the next plane to Sinnoh.
Crushes: Kitty Blackwell

I added a bit to his backstory and added a crush, since he is kind of lonely XD and I edited in his badges that he has a few badges here and there, but not enough to go into any regional league with them. He has traveled through three regions already, but didn't want to do the gym challenges just yet.