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Ask to Join Pokemon: Broken Valour

(Discussion/Sign Up) Ask to Join - Pokemon: Broken Valour | Pokécharms (pokecharms.com)

The day was new on the town of Starwell. As the sun emerged from beneath the ocean, and the Wingulls and Sailerooks alike let out their cry, Professor Buckthorn was hard at work setting the lab up for the new band of trainers that would soon be coming to visit him. He knew the importance of these trainers, even if they themselves didn't fully grasp the gravity of it all.

Speaking of one of the trainers, Sebastian woke up groggily and yawned, on the crisp April morning. Checking the clock, he groaned slightly, got out of his bed, and stretched. Yawning again, Sebastian got dressed and headed downstairs to have breakfast.


Previously 'Candle'
William yawned, rubbing his eyes. Dark black bags lined the bottom of his eyes due to the lack of sleep that night. "Is something utterly wrong?" He whispered to himself, as he settled his his feet down into the slippers at the side of his more than clean bed. William opened his door and quickly flopped downstairs. "Keep forgetting, No breakfast. I need to make it myself. After all I moved out a few months ago.." He told himself, turning to walk back upstairs. He re-entered his dark grey colored room and stared with astonishment at the rising sun flowing in through the curtains. He quickly dressed in a comfortable traveling dress shirt and jeans. William smiled, fitting on the sliver watch and walking back to the kitchen.


Kazuya knelt onto the floor to hastily tie her shoes in an unfashionable manner. She finished, jumping onto her bed and staring out the window. It had an amazing view of the ocean and sunset. With that in mind, she wondered what time it was. "Oh no! I might be late!" She hopped off her bed, messing up the sheets and almost running into the door frame. After her messy landing onto her behind in front of the stairs, she realized that it wasn't quite yet time. "God da-" She started but was stopped by a knocking on the door. It was a neighbor seeing if she was alright after hearing the commotion. "I'm fine Mrs. Hanson." Kazuya smiled.


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
Blake was sleeping when he fell from his bed. "Ow! Wait, today is the day!!!" Said Blake happily. He quickly ran downstairs. "I hope I'm going to make some friends there." Said Blake while he ate some bread. He ran outside of his house. "Wait, I forgot my boots and my favorite hoodie!!!" He quickly ran inside his house and quickly dressed in his dark blue hoodie. "Time to go!" Said Blake excitedly while he was running.
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Reyna woke up to the sound of her blaring alarm clock, blinking groggily as she threw out her hand to turn off the obnoxious beeping. She groaned and pushed herself up, braids falling lazily around her face as she stretched. "Ugh. I set my alarm to this un-legendary hour because..." She noticed a small piece of paper on her nightstand. "Right, right, the professors thing. Forgot about that." She hopped out of her bed, quickly pulling on a t-shirt--todays was purple and decorated with a picture of an Alolan Marrowak--jeans, and her usual boots and jacket. She gave her bangle-like bracelets a quick look before throwing them on as well. She walked down the cramped hall, snagged a bagel from her small kitchen, and strode out the door, stretching once again as she took a few more bites of her small breakfast.
Sebastian, having just finished his breakfast, rushed back upstairs to grab his backpack. He'd been sure to store things he'd need for his journey: Repels, Potions, Full Heals, etc. Anything that he thought or knew would come in handy for the long journey ahead. As he thought about the trip, a wave of both dread and excitement washed over him; dread of encountering Team Infinity, but excitement at having pokemon of his very own.
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Previously Beedrillisdrilling
Blake was very tired so he sat down in the ground. He thought to himself. "What if I don't have any friends??? What if- no, I got to think positive!" Said Blake. He opened his backpack and drank some water. "Time to get back to that professor thing! I can't wait to get my very first Pokemon! But, I hope the other trainer would like having me as a friend." Blake put his hood up and continued running.


Previously 'Candle'
"A rather cold morning, but still wonderfully nice." Willam said, pushing his glasses up. He looked across the street and few houses down to the find the red and brown haired girl who moved in not even weeks after he settled into his cozy home. "Miss!" Willam called running over. "Hmm?" She said, looking up, red strains of hair covered her face and her blue seemed to shine in the beautiful morning light. "Yes?.." Kazuya asked hesitantly. That Beckerman... She thought, observing the well-dressed boy in front of her. "Are you getting a Pokémon as well?" He asked. She stared at him with narrowed eyes before nodding briefly.
Rummaging through his backpack, to be as sure as possible that he'd packed everything he could imagine, Sebastian hoisted it onto his back brushing back a loose strand of hair. Walking downstairs, Sebastian stepped outside his house into Starwell Town. Now was the day, and he wasn't going to be late to the lab. As he stepped out into the town square, Sebastian let himself get one last look around the place, before making his way to Professor Buckthorn's lab.
"Sheesh, who even wakes up this early? Arceus, I hope that this doesn't become a habit during my Gym Challenge." Reyna eyed the barely risen sun, bangles quietly chiming against each other as she walked toward the professors lab. She waved at the few people who recognized her along the towns main path, absentmindedly wondering what kind of starter she would get. They were supposedly rare Pokémon, though they'd probably be a trio of fire, water, and grass types, since it was kinda tradition to give newer trainers some base typed 'mons. She quickly brushed the thought off. She knew that she'd just let instinct guide her to her partner, since, hey, it hadn't failed her yet. Besides, she could beat up Team Infinity no matter what 'mon she got. Probably. Okay, maybe, but who's gonna let a little problem of probability get in their way?


Previously 'Candle'
"Well.. Would you go with me? To the lab?" Willam asked confidently. "I guess sure. But we better get going." Kazuya said, eyeing him before running off down the path. "Hey! Wait up!" He called running down after her. She seems nice, extremely ni- He couldn't finish that thought as he tripped, glasses falling off a few inches away in front of him. Being the sensitive young man he was he just curled lie there trying to harness enough energy to get up.

Kazuya kept running, she hadn't even seen that the strange boy had fallen. She was lost in her own thoughts that she stopped and looked at the ocean as it's waves splashing in a beautiful way and the sun just bounced off of the cool water making it seem a yellow-orange color. Kazuya loved fire types but she also seemed to dissolve in the way the waves made her smile. Ahh, A nice day in Starwell! She couldn't help but think, the other thoughts seem to wash away in front of her as she just stared helplessly.
Hearing a slight thud, Sebastian turned to see a man lying on the floor, a pair of glasses lying in front of him. He couldn't be quite sure, but Sebastian was pretty convinced that he had tripped. Raising his eyebrows a bit, he walked over to him and stuck out his hand for the man to help himself up with.

"You ok?"


Previously 'Candle'
"Y-yeah." Willaim nodded. He reached around for his glasses clearly denying the fact that he was trying to be helped. "There you are.." He whispered lowly, feeling the smooth glasses. William picked them up, placing the black-gray pair of lens onto his face. He saw the hand out and reached out to pull himself up.



Previously Beedrillisdrilling
Blake saw somebody fell and somebody that helped the people that fell. Blake took a deep breath and walk to them. "What's happening here? Are you okay?." Asked Blake. He quickly pulled the string on his hoodie and tightens his hood. "Are you also from that professor thing?" Asked Blake.
"Right, there you go. Up you get..." Sebastian said, helping the man up.

Addressing the hoodie-wearing guy, Sebastian spoke, "Hm, we're fine. And yeah, the Professor asked me to come along to it too. Don't know about this man here, but I am."


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"That's very interesting. Professor also asked me to come but I don't know why." Said Blake as he opens his hood. "I'm very excited to get my very first Pokemon!" Said Blake excitedly. "I hope we're close to the professor." Said Blake as he sat down on the ground.
Dylan woke up with a start, realising he was late to get his starter.
"Oh no! What if they don't have any starters left when I get there! I'm going to miss out!" he cried, running outside in his pyjamas.
Reyna began picking up speed once she realized that she was getting close to the lab. "Almost there." She tugged slightly at her jacket, which did little to protect from the chilled breeze projecting off the waves.

She looked ahead of her to find a girl staring at the ocean, wind tugging at her brown and red locks. "Hey, girl, what're you doing?" She cocked her head slightly as she approached the girl. "Are you goin' to the Professor's thing too?"

"Anyhow, we best get to the lab. The professor's expecting us soon, and I'm really looking forward to getting a Pokemon of my own."

Sebastian, turning, began his walk towards Professor Buckthorn's lab. He'd vaguely heard about the pokemon that the professor had to offer. Sebastian knew they were Grass, Fire and Water type, and extremely rare, but that was about it.
Anne glanced at her alarm as she woke up, panicking as she remembered that she had to meet the professor. She quickly threw on something casual that she could run in. She put on her favorite jacket and her rings. She put in her earrings as she rushed down the stairs. She grabbed a granola bar as she ran out the door

She ate her small breakfast as she ran down the street, slowing down as she got close. She chucked the wrapper in a trashcan as her previous anxiety turned to excitement. She would finally get a pokemon today! She heard another girl asking someone if they were on there way to visit the professor too. Anne looked over to her, scanning over the girl's skin. She knew vitilgo was harmful to some but it also looked beautiful. She walked over with a wave.
"Hey I'm visiting the professor too! I'm Anne Heroux, nice to meet you." She smiled with a tilt of her head in a way to ask the other girl's name.

Reyna turned to look at this new girl, a little taken back by her cheery demeanor. "I'm Reyna. Reyna Johnli, if you want my family name." She turned back around to ask the other girl, but she was already gone. "Hm. Guess she's not doing the thing after all."

She swung back to look at Anne again, checking her out for the first real time. Her two-colored hair was nice, and she hadn't really stared to long or mention her skin, so Reyna decided she was cool. "Nice to meet you as well. The Lab is pretty close at this point, so you wanna go the rest of the way together?"

Anne was excited to get to know someone else heading to the lab. It would be a tad bit awkward if she didn't after all. As she listened to the other girl finish speaking she pulled her necklace from her jacket pocket, putting it on quickly. One thing her past self had done right was put her necklace in her jacket in case she forgot it. She nodded as Reyna finished speaking. She smiled and shoved her hands into her pockets as they walked. She couldn't help but bounce in her walk with her excitement. When she realized what she was doing she went back to walking to normal. She didn't want Reyna to immediately take a dislike to her. She bit her cheek trying to play it off.

"So, how excited are you? I would've been here early if my alarm had actually gone off." She chuckled as she kicked a rock on the ground forward.
Alexander accidentally snoozed his alarm on the important day of when he would get his starter.
" Ahhh I'm gonna be late! " He switched into his clothes and took a piece of bacon from the counter. He started munching on it as he was running at his top speed.
He speeds through the bushes as a shortcut, thinking about what starter he'll choose. He knows there's a Grass, Fire, and Water starter but not what they look like. As he approached the lab, he noticed another boy walking to the lab. " Oh, I hope I caught up. " He slows down to start conversation with the boy.
" Hello sir. I'm Alexander. It seems you're also here for the professor thing. Well it's nice to be acquainted. "

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"Hm? Ah, hello. Yeah, I'm here for the professor's project, I guess you could call it. The name's Sebastian." Sebastian said, greeting Alexander.

Brushing back a lock of hair, Sebastian stood close by to the door, waiting for the other members of the Professor's project. The Prof. had requested that all the members arrive at the same time, to make things easier overall.
" Nice to meet you Sebastian. You seem like a cool guy. "
He waited by the door with Sebastian hoping for more people to come along. While he waits, he tells Sebastian about himself.
" I'll tell you about me if we'll be waiting here together. People always say I'm the professor type because I know a lot about Pokemon but I've always been interested in Pokemon battles. I want to win all the badges and win the League. I watched a league match a couple years and I was hooked. It's interesting how they use their moves to create patterns and how they are in sync. That's why I have my goal and a reason I'm going on my journey. I also want to go to make new friends and for the thrill. Would you like to be my friend? Sorry, I talk too much. What about you?
"Oh, no worries. I'm guilty of getting a bit carried away with talking about things that interest me, haha. The idea of being a Pokemon trainer's always appealed to me, especially being a researcher. Maybe not a full on professor, but a field researcher would be fun, I feel. The idea of being out in the wild, seeing Pokemon's natural behavior in a way no others have. That really appeals to me." Sebastian safe, chatting to his new friend.
" Wow, that's interesting. Field research is pretty cool and I usually study and play with the Pokemon on the outskirts of town. In fact, there's a Pokemon outside town that I have my eye on. I don't have a Pokedex so I don't know what it was but I plan on catching it when I head out. "


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"I hope we all can be good friends!" Said Blake. He puts his hands inside of his pocket. "I can't wait to get my very first Pokemon ever!" Said Blake excitedly.
"Pretty excited, I guess. I mean, not so much that I don't regret waking up early, but still pretty excited." Reyna tucked a stray braid behind her ear. "It's not every day you get your first Pokémon. I would have started a gym challenge years ago, but my parents were a little overprotective." She shrugged, smirking slightly.

She looked away from Anne to a building up ahead that they were approaching quickly. "Hey, looks like we're here." She picked up her pace slightly, noticing a small grouping of other teenagers. "C'mon, that should be the others."



Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"Out of all of these exciting things, there's one thing that I'm afraid of. Weird trainers that wants to rule the world or steal our Pokemons." Said Blake as he wears his hood and tightens it. "Thinking of it makes me feel uncomfortable, I hope my Pokemon is strong enough to fight them if I ever encountered them." Said Blake as he walk faster.
Anne nodded to Reyna as they continued forward, seeing the small group ahead. She waved to the group by the door as they got close.

"Hey everyone! I'm Anne, nice to meet you all." She smiled, unable to contain her excitement. Similarly to Reyna she was supposed to start her adventure earlier but her mother was too anxious to let her go, so she had to wait until she was 18. She fiddled with her rings as she stood there, glancing around for any others who hadn't arrived yet.

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Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"H-hello there! I'm Blake." Said Blake as he tightens his hood. "N-nice to meet you." Said Blake shyly. "I hope we all can be good friends." Blake then puts out his hood slowly. He's very excited but very nervous at the same time. "I can't wait to get my Pokemon! How about you?" Asked Blake towards Anne.
"Hello. Guess you're all here for the Professor's Project too, huh? I'm Sebastian, pleasure to meet you all." Sebastian said, with his back to a wall just beside the door.

His eyes quickly surveyed all the people in the group. He got the feeling that he'd been teamed up with some pretty capable people, but he couldn't be completely sure just yet. There were four of them there, but he'd heard a 5th person was supposed to be joining them. A team of 5 people would make sense, Sebastian felt.
Reyna stepped forward to greet the others. "The names Reyna." She brought her hands up too support her head in an almost relaxed position, her bangles jingling slightly. "Is this all of us? I didn't really pay attention to anything the Professor sent out, besides the first thing asking us to be here, obviously." She shrugged, confident smile on her face, before glancing at the door to the lab. "You think the professor'll let us in, or..."

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As Evelyn finished eating her buttered toast, she looked outside too see a group of similarly aged teenagers walking towards the professors laboratory, when Evelyn saw them, she was reminded of the fact that she was hardly ready to go outside. Evelyn casually walked back upstairs to her room, grabbing a brush from the bathroom on the way there, and got her bag packed full of clean clothes that she had left in there the last time she went camping, and put some extra items inside. She then brushed her hair a bit, put her oversized sweater on, and casually started walking outside, putting the brush back where she got it from on her way out.

Evelyn saw that the group was near the lab, but she didnt rush as it was still morning, and the professor would probably still be setting up at that time. When Evelyn was walking down near the calm sea, she had some time to think. She thought many quick questions such as "I wonder who the others are." or "Maybe I should've gone a bit quicker so I wouldn't be so far behind..." These thoughts quickly went away when she realized that she was near the group. Evelyn closed her eyes and calmly said "Ello~" while waving her left hand up and waving it.
"Ah, hello. Guess you're part of the project too? The name's Sebastian. Well, I think all of us are here. There are 5 of us now. Should we head inside?" Sebastian asked the rest of the group.

This was it. The final stretch before getting a Pokemon of his very own. Internally, Sebastian was ecstatic with the thought, but very little of that excitement was outwardly conveyed. He could hardly wait, but he knew he couldn't just go in by himself, the rest of the group would have to agree.


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"Yeah, I think so." Said Blake as he puts his hood back on. "My name is Blake..." Said Blake as he puts his hands inside his hoodie's pocket. "I hope the professor is not late." Said Blake. "What do you think guys? Should we head inside the lab?" Asked Blake to the rest of the group while he tightens his hood.
Rory could easily recall the last time they actually full-on sprinted. It was during a school trip, when they and their ragtag band of rascals got separated from their class due to their rascal-ly endeavors. They could still see themselves, leading fellow panting children through the unfamiliar concrete jungle with eyes unscrambling map way too big for their small hands, their compatriots violently screeching at citizens to get out of Rory's barrage as they somehow managed to get to the bus with whole 2 minutes to spare.

Their body didn't remember that. Instead, all it had to offer Rory in terms of muscle memory were cramps in their sides and dark spots in their vision... And well, here they are now. Another group, but this time in front of them instead of behind, and what is left of once-promising strawberry patch splattered all over their knees.

"Hold up, fellows! Just a tad, uff-" They pulled their leg up and hastily scrubbed at one of the sticky splotches on their pants, successfully managing to hobble forward on just one leg before their heavy hiking backpack made an attempt on their life by shifting to the side. Rory almost kissed the road, but they grabbed the strap of the murderous backpack and forced it straight with a tug that would make a lesser material snap. Their heavy, reinforced boots made few last loud clacks against the pavement as they finally got to the group, promptly curling upon themselves to catch what felt like the first breath in a decade, uncaring that their long plaits scraped the ground.

"Rory, prff... Rory Gallant. Victim of a particularly sticky situation.." Their breezy voice was undercut by faint wheezes but the hard-won heavenly stillness got them to uncurl from their squatting position just enough to look up at the group. Their gap-toothed grin somehow bordered on both triumphant and sheepish with no clear winner. "On hands of a teleporting fence at that! And several curbs. With plain honestly, it was more of a series of conundrums than a singular situation but alas, we're here, ouch..."
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“…What?” Reyna looked at the newest arrival quizzically, gaze flicking from their ridiculous hair to the huge backpack they had slung across their back. Sure, she was no stranger to weird bodies and accessory choices, but this was pretty ridiculous. “Teleporting fenc- never mind. This has gotta be all of us, so let’s head in.” She turned to face the door. “The professor should be here if he’s expecting us, and if he’s not, oh well.” Her grin widened, taking on almost mischievous shine. She pushed past a few of the others and opened the door, not waiting for a response.