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Ask to Join Pokemon: Broken Valour

Sebastian recoiled slightly as the woman pushed him aside. Shrugging, Sebastian entered the lab himself, internally almost exploding with excitement. His new pokemon was only mere moments away, and the only thing that stood between him and it was the professor's speech. But, for that he was willing to wait.

The professor had his head down, looking at his notepad on the desk, scribbling away some random notes and some rather shabby diagrams onto the old paper. However, when he heard the door open, his head shot up.

"Hm? Oh, is it that time already? Good arceus... you're letting yourself go, Charlie. But, shouldn't there be a couple more of you. I invited, what was it 5...6 of you. There's only 2 here. Hmm... Are they outside, do you know?"
Anne waved to the new arrivals. Stifling a laugh at the way Rory talked about their rush to the lab.

"Pleased to meet ya both! I'm Anne." She turned to Reyna as she spoke, listening with a smile as she moved through the others.

"Excited eh?" Chuckling as Reyna moved to head inside, quickly following after Sebastian. As she heard the professor ask them if the others were outside she jumped slightly from behind them with a wave

"I'm here too! The others will probably enter in a moment." She shoved her hands into her pockets with a grin.
Rory returned the wave with a wiggle of their fingers on the hand that wasn't currently busy fanning their face, their jovial grin somehow managing to brighten even further. They chuckled both at red bits that flew off their black nails and Reyna's pushy behavior. "Hooboy, pretty sure I can guess who is the lead Pyroar here... Liepard? Eh, good for her."

They got up with a push of their muscular arms and reached into one of the excessive pockets of their backpack. It was apparent they aren't a stranger to exercise or manual labor, but Rory at that moment hoped they will never ever have to go above the speed of average Camerupt again. Wrestling an entire box of wet wipes into their bag really was smart planning on their part.

Getting presentable was surprisingly swift work. It wasn't the first time and it won't be last, and Rory is pretty sure their trusted outfit would survive even a swim in an oil spill at this point. They shoved the pink-stained wipes into another pocket completely, managing to instinctually find the order in what should rightfully be a confusing mess.

And after that, they really had no other option to stall further. Not that they would want to, not at all, obviously. They gave another wiggly wave to the other people still left outside and with a "Welp, see you on the flipside.", they strutted into the lab- spotless, confident with only a slight shake in legs and fixing up the beret that managed to slip behind their neck. "Apologies, Professor Buckthorn! Had a bonding moment with a berry patch."
"I.... I see... hmm, could you ask the people outside to hurry up and come inside, please. I've hardly got all day..." Professor Buckthorn said, with a slight cough.

Grabbing his walking stick, the professor, rather shakily, got to his feet and walked over to a cabinet, from which he grabbed an old, gold-painted key attached to a chain. Placing it around his neck, the professor walked back to his desk and took a seat, somehow already worn out, even though he barely moved.
Evelyn watched as the seemingly rambunctious person entered the laboratory. Evelyn looked around and decided to enter the building next, but before she asked if those in front of her could move, she realized that she had forgotten to tell everyone her name! She did a sigh realizing that fact and looked up at everyone who was still there and blurted out: “Oh! I’m really sorry, I forgot to tell you all my name! It’s Evelyn! I’m really sorry about that” then she let out a little chuckle as she squirmed through and went into the professor’s building.
"Ah, more and more people joining us. Lovely... seems we're, hmm..., only missing a couple people..." Professor Buckthorn said, in an old, shaky voice.


Sebastian stood in the lab, tapping his foot, bored waiting for people to enter the lab,so he could at last get his own pokemon. He couldn't understand what would be taking them so long to get into the lab. He'd seen them outside, so where were they now?


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"Ah, sorry I'm late professor. I was distracted." Blake ran inside the lab. "M-my name is Blake." Said Blake as he tightens his hood. "I'm very very sorry that I'm late guys." Said Blake to the other trainer while he put his hand inside his pocket. "Am I the last person to go inside the lab or is the more?" Asked Blake
( OOC: Sorry, I've had school stuff. Hopefully I didn't miss too much. ) IC: " Ok everyone, let's do this! " This is it. Alexander is stepping into the lab to get his first Pokemon. All of his life led to this moment and nothing could ruin it. He looked and saw that Sebastian, Blake, Anne and Reyna were as excited as him. Every person dreamed of the time. The time to shine. As he stepped into the lab, he saw Sebastian and Blake in there already. " Ok guys, who else is hyped?! "
"Let me see... hmmm, ah! Yes, it seems all 6 of you are here! Cough, cough, Perfect!" Professor Buckthorn, clapping his hands with glee.

Getting, admittedly shakily, to his feet, Professor Buckthorn reached for his cane, a dark wood stick with gold engravings. Walking over to a closet at the very back of his laboratory, the professor took the key from around his neck, and, rather shakily, placed the key inside the lock of the closet. Turning the key, there was an unmistakable click of the lock opening.

Upon hearing that, the Professor, with his one free hand, shakily opened the closest doors, revealing several rows of pokeballs, each labelled with one of three, rather scruffily written labels "Grass", "Water" and "Fire".

"Well, young trainers, these will be your pokemon from here on out. Your research partners, if you will... If you so choose to pursue research, that is."
Alexander looked at the Pokeballs. Any of these could be his first Pokemon. " Ok, I've thought about this and I could never decide. But I think I've decided. I pick the fire starter! Come on out! " As he heaved the ball in the air, the Pokemon identified as Rostorch came out. " I just know... we'll be the best of friends. "

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“Finally.” Reyna mumbled as she moved forward to pick a Pokémon. She considered the three typings for only a second before reaching for the water type, trusting her instincts more than anything.

“Guess we’re partners now, girlie.” She said as she stepped away and threw the ball into the air, a Kittesail popping out. “I’ll call you Kiva. That okay?” The Pokémon pawed the ground, almost looking like it was trying to smile. “Nice! I’m Reyna. I have a feeling you’re gonna be a great battler.”
Sebastian, trying to keep his calm, stepped forward to the closet to choose his very first pokemon. Looking over the pokeballs, Sebastian considered in his head which type would be useful for field research. After considering it for a while, he picked up the Grass Type. Pressing the button on the capsule, there emerged a Jovyne.

The small, planty creature looked up at Sebastian with its wide, purple eyes. Smiling, Sebastian knelt down and pet the Jovyne on its head, an action the pokemon evidently appreciated.

"Hello there... I'm going to call you... Cypress." Sebastian said, the pokemon releasing an endearing growl, that Sebastian took as approval.
" Ok Rostorch, you need a nickname... How about Carmen? " The fire Pokemon showed gratitude towards the name. " Ok then! " He notices that Reyna and Sebastian chose their starters, Kittesail and Jovyne. Reyna named her Kittesail Kiva, and Sebastian named his Jovyne Cypress." Nice starters guys. Hey Sebastian, wanna have a match after this is said and done? You seem like you'd be a worthy opponent. " Alexander had this determined look on his face and got riled up. Then he remembered that Professor Buckthorn was watching. " Oop- sorry sir. " He bowed to his superior in embrassment.
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Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"Everybody has chosen theirs. I think I'm going to choose water too." Said Blake as he grabbed the Pokeball similar to Reyna's. Blake sent out the Kittensail and thought. "What should I call you... How about, Bubbles?" The Kittesail nodded in agreement. "I can't wait to start our very own adventure today!" Said Blake excitedly. "I think I'm ready for our first Pokemon battle, I just don't know who will I battle cause all of you looks very strong." Said Blake
Sebastian, attaching the pokeball to his belt, looked towards Alexander, to respond to his question, " I guess, sure. A battle sounds fun."

However, just before he was about to order Cypress to get into a fighting mode, Professor Buckthorn interjected, waving his free hand rather wildly.

"Woah there, new trainers. Let's not get overzealous, hm? There are still two of you yet to choose a Pokemon of your own! And also, if you so insist on fighting, please step outside beforehand. I'd rather my lab not become all... Well, ruined, I suppose would be the word."

(OOC: Apologies for the lateness, we were in the process of rehoming a parakeet. All is well now! For Jovyne, if I ever overstep your design vision, Inteleon, make sure to shoot me a message and I will fix it up in a click! A bit longer post, since I'm trying to establish Rory's backstory a bit. Apologies there too. :D)

Rory's perpetual grin wobbled as they watched the professor move around like a Sawbuck two decades past it's prime. This mister needs some vitamins and walks somewhere high and sunny, stat. They would have offered, but they left all vitamins at home in favor of their portable trekking poles and dried berries.

Shame on them, honestly. Rory never needed any of that stuff, but there's still such a build-up of them that their parents could open an apothecary while Rory is off. Sharing is caring, and now someone, fifty-to-fifty the professor himself, was going to die on them due to vitamin deficiency.

They will make sure to drag others into sufficient sunlight before that comes to pass. Can't do much for the professor short of punching a hole through his ceiling- perhaps after some training, they could convince their new partner to do just that. As thanks for introducing them.

Rory had to admit that none of the presented types spoke to them, although they had the grace and adoring respect that they wouldn't dare to admit that out loud. Rock types were the Gallant tradition, with steel and ground types in tow. Hardy, reliable to a fault and co-joined with their family at the hip for generations now. And per that tradition, their parents should have helped them carry an egg down from the mountains- or arrange them one through inheritance in.. these special times.

Grandma's Steelix was always the first one to come to mind when they thought about this. It was far-fetched to think it could be still hiding around the corner, yes, but the ancient Pokemon loved their family profoundly and always allowed Rory to ride on it's head... Rory has been hoping that it would return for them but ah well, it a bit too late for that particular daydream.

As was usual these past few months, this tradition seems to have crumbled alongside the rest. Rory couldn't help but feel a sting of hurt- yes, the Gallant family was slowly rotting through the seams that made it but they believed that them coming of age would warrant something. A shake-up, opportunity to do everything right by them that their relatives would pick up on...

And then Rory was outside the door, the first Gallant that needed to get their first Pokemon from a Professor in... forever, they suppose.

"Here's to another forever, then." They mumbled, reaching out for the grass-labeled pokeball, thinking of mountain meadows and ever-surviving ivy miles above it. They couldn't in good conscience bring a fire pokemon that high. As for water... Well, that just goes against their nature. They might as well disown themselves while they are at it.

Their rough hands cradled the Pokeball, rocking it and patting it as if it was a newly hatched Skitty. The Pokemon inside apparently did not appreciate the coddling.

With a poof, the small Pokemon was out, catapulting itself from Rory's hands with a push of their oversized feet, earning a started yelp from Rory. The Jovyne dived into Rory's wild hair, grabbing a fistful to hold onto as she perched on their left shoulder with their tail wrapped around the back of Rory's neck in what was an instinctual attempt for further balance but doubled as a threat to cease and desist.

The threat shot right past Rory, as they guffawed and booped the offending Pokemons long snout, the Jovyne accepting it with a twitch of their bright pink eyes- but she frantically dived further into the curtain of hair to escape the rest of Rory's pats. "Professor, just be glad the spirits you gathered here are rambunctious, this little gal included! High spirits are in high demand nowadays."
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" Heh... Yes, sir. " He looked at everyone who already bonded with their Pokemon. " I guess we haven't talked much yet. How are you, Carmen? " He looked at the rambunctious fire type that hadn't given the slightest attention to its trainer. " Carmen? Are you listening, buddy? " He waved his hand in front of the Pokemon's face and it jumped to gnaw on it. " Cute little thing, aren't you? " He picked up Carmen and gave it a smile. He put it down and pulled out the Pokeball. " Ok partner, return! " The red beam extended and captured the Pokemon, sending it into the Pokeball. " Ok, let's get to business, shall we? What else do you need us for, Professor? "
"Ahem, well... You see, I am... getting on a bit, let us say... However, that will not halt my research... not much anyway. You see, I research pokemon adaptations and diversity... a behavior colloquially known as Regional Forms. The way in which two pokemon, alike in species but different in location, are able to so vastly change... the topic fascinates me. And so, I research them. However, given my... age, I am unable to study these pokemon in the field. That's where you lot come in... with your new pokemon, you can act as perfectly able field researchers."

With that, the Professor opened a drawer on his desk and pulled out 5 red, phone like devices, however they had a hinge on one side. Laying them on the table, he invited the trainers that had a pokemon to take one of the Pokedexes.
Alexander stepped towards the table with the Pokedexes on it, and grabbed one. " Wow, I've always wanted one of these. Thank you, Professor. Now this'll really get me going on my journey to the top. " He examined the Pokedex thoroughly. It really took his breath away. " Wow... these are top notch. " He turned to Sebastian. " Ok dude, once you get your Pokedex, meet me outside. We'll be able to get this match started." He turned, bowed to Professor Buckthorn, and ran outside, just itching for a match.


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
Blake grabbed a Pokedex and went outside. "I never watched a Pokemon battle in real life. I hope this would be fun." Said Blake as he held and gave a pat to Bubbles. "Well, who will be the referee?" Asked Blake towards Sebastian and Alexander. While Blake waited for answer, he grabbed a Pokeball from his bag and Bubbles was sent back inside the Pokeball.
" Who should be the referee? " Alexander hadn't thought about it yet. He thought for a moment, then he had an idea. " Hey Blake, you're out here. How about you be the referee? I mean, you don't have to, but..." He coughed awkwardly. " Heh, didn't know how to finish that sentence. So, do you want to be the referee? "
Sebastian, smirking slightly, nodded to Alexander, accepting the battle. Turning to the professor's desk, he took one of the pokedexes, thanked the professor rather profusely, and sprinted outside, to await his opponent. It would be his first battle, and he was above excited for it, even if it wasn't immediately obvious.

The professor sighed, a tad defeated. Taking his stick in hand, he stood up and shakily made his way outside. He was interested to see how the new trainers would fight. A lot about a trainer could be told through their battle style, the professor had learned. He had gone through a similar routine with trainers beforehand. Most had faded into obscurity, but one of his trainers, a young boy called Lawrence, had made a name for himself as a Gym Leader.
" Ok, are you ready for this, Sebastian? " Alexander was the most excited he'd ever been, but also slightly nervous. He took a deep breath. " Ok then, let's give it all we've got! Carmen, let's do this, buddy!" The fire type burst out of its ball, and stood determined. Alexander smiled. " This is gonna be great. "


Previously Beedrillisdrilling
"O-okay then, let the battle start!" Said Blake. Bubbles went out of the Pokeball. "Hey buddy, you should've stayed inside the ball. Fine... you could stay out off the ball." Blake sighed as the water kitten sat on his lap. "Sebastian is at a disadvantage cause fire beats grass. This battle is going to be interesting..." Said Blake as he gave a pat to Bubbles
"Right then, Cypress. Let's show this guy what we've got. Tackle!"

Listening to its trainer's command, the small grass pokemon charged at Carmen, readying to tackle it down. As it ran, Sebastian surveyed his oppenent. A fire type, not ideal. But, Sebastian still believed he could come out on top of the battle. He planned to use his environment to his surroundings, such as the sand dotted around the place.
The Tackle from Cypress did better than expected. " A full force attack. This is interesting. I guess we must use a powerful move too. Carmen, use Scratch! " The fire type charged quickly toward Cypress, then scratched it with tremendous power.