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Ask to Join Pokémon Discussion Thread

I... actually don't know yet, haven't worked all the kinks yet, I'll leave it to you
You asked me about having Felix see Naka. I thought you had a plan for that. I don't know Felix well enough to know what plot points could work. Do you have a goal or some kind of bare plot for your character to follow loosely? It would really help with what you want him to do.

We can do a Sceptile v Sceptile, but Naka's Sceptile is pretty much low e4 tier in terms of strength (and I mean, he's around level 72). This battle won't be to win, but to test Felix and his Sceptile's strength, so don't worry about trying to beat down Naka's Sceptile if the experience gap is too large.

We can do the battle, I can set it up for you and we can figure it out from there. Naka could be just about anywhere in Galar at this time, but she would most likely be in the Wild Area or around Motostoke.
Alright, that works for me!
When you write present day, there isn't a present day in the RP. There's stuff happening in the Orange islands and Sinnoh in June, other stuff happening in Unova and Johto in July, and other stuff happening in Galar in August.

Just be a bit more mindful in putting in the appropriate dates please.

Also, Naka isn't in the WCS, but she can still help train others.

alright, the foundation is done
Looks good o7 Accepted!

Would've been a great rival for Esther but alas, no one making newbies anymore.