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Open Pokemon: Fateful Adventure Kanto RP (13+)

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Hey everyone, this thread is open to anyone and everyone, so no need to worry! This RP is based in Kanto and Kanto only, so please keep that in mind. I've got a couple rules before you jump on in, so make sure to read them and abide by them under all circumstances.


1. DO NOT MARY SUE!!! I understand that it's fun, but please, please avoid it for the sanity of the other people in the RP as well as myself.
2. AUTOING IS NOT ALLOWED! Sure, everyone likes to have a powerful character or likes to win, but you need to give other people a chance to win too. Just suck it up! Your Pokemon are not invincible and will get injured at some point.
3. YOU MAY RP A CANON CHARACTER! Yes, a canon character can be RPed in this thread. If you want to be Red, go for it. If you want to be Misty, go ahead! THE ONLY CANON CHARACTER YOU CAN NOT RP AS IS GIOVANNI.
4. NO BULLYING OR HARASSMENT! I am really against this. If I see anyone doing this, there will be trouble. Respect everyone who posts on this thread and please, try not to fight.
5. USE PROPER GRAMMAR PLEASE! I really don't want to be that person, but I really really hate having to correct people's grammar or be rude to them so for my sake, use your best grammar.
6. INCLUDE EVERYONE! You wouldn't like it if you weren't included, so try as hard as you can to incorporate everyone into the RP.
7. HAVE FUN! Enjoy yourself! Have as much fun as you can, I want everyone here to be happy and satisfied. :)

I'll start the RP here!

!!!DISCUSSION THREAD!!!:https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-fateful-adventure-13-discussion-thread.19378/

Name: Lyré Ravenna (pronounced like leer)
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Town of Residence/Hometown: Lavender Town
Appearance: Long black hair down to her hips, often worn in ponytails. Has a curvy body "in all the right places" and long legs. Has dazzling cerulean blue eyes, and pale pink lips. Has pale skin and sparse freckles on her face and arms. Wears a necklace with a glowing purple stone, and a low cut white lace dress as well as sandals.
Personality: Pretty quiet, but kind and mostly friendly. Gives off an elegant, yet ominous vibe.
Backstory: Abandoned as a young kid, has no close family and lives on her own. Lives in a very nice house in Lavender Town that her parents used to live in before they suddenly left her. Has a painful side of her past that she tends not to talk about.
Pokemon: Ninetales (Rika, shiny), Gengar (Peril), Dragonair (Sali), and Raichu (Kiko).

Lyré walked absentmindedly around Lavender Town, she left her house since she was rather bored. "Kiko, could you use your cheeks to help light the path?" Her Raichu nodded, and lit up her cheeks. The path was dark and scary looking, but with her Pokemon by her side she couldn't be scared. The dark and ominous night sky of Lavender Town only proved how creepy it was, especially at night. It really was haunted, after all. Lyré's long black hair swayed in the gentle breeze, and a smile creeped onto her face. She was very content.
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Name: Kale Lanthorn
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Town of Residence/Hometown: Saffron City
Appearance: Kale has scruffy, light brown hair and green eyes. He has a little above average musculature, and stands at 5'5.5". Kale has multiple scars on his chest and back from being attacked by a group of Beedrill, which is mostly covered by his shirt. Kale wears a blue t-shirt with a Blastoise on it, and cargo shorts. He often carries a backpack with various small camping supplies, and some rope.
Personality: Kale is a relatively good kid. He enjoys the outdoors, and has a crippling fear of Bug Pokemon. But besides that, Kale enjoys adventuring and camping, and despite his martial arts training doesn't like physically fighting people. He's an outgoing person.
Backstory: Kale grew up in the Kanto region, specifically Saffron City. His parents were a Black Belt and Crusher Girl, and ran the Fighting Dojo. They taught Kale two main martial arts, Kan-To-Do and Johto Jujitsu. He's pretty skilled at them. When he was 9, Kale got lost in Viridian Forest in the summer. It was a very good summer for Beedrill, and the young Kale found that he had wandered into a hive. Luckily, a trainer managed to save him, but not before Kale had received large slashes on his back, stomach, and arm. The whole fiasco left Kale with huge fear of Bug Pokemon, so much so that he tends to run away from seemingly harmless ones.

While Kale was recovering from the Beedrill attack, Kale received an Emolga from his aunt that lived in Unova. He named it Shine, and the pair became fast friends. Later, at the age of 12, Kale made friends with a wild Nidoran Female that had gotten hopelessly lost from it's parents, and named it Nina. As for the Onix, Kale managed to befriend it in Rock Tunnel.
Pokemon: Shine the Emolga, Nina the Nidoran Female, Slate the Onix


Kale entered Lavender Town, looking around the spooky village. It had been a while since he had been here. Usually when his mother and father took him on a training outing to Rock Tunnel, they would go up through Cerulian City first and avoid Lavender Town. It did make sense. People like Kale's mother and father, a Crusher Girl and Black Belt, weren't much of fans of Ghost Pokemon. And neither, it seemed, was Shine. Kale's Emolga clung tightly to her trainer's shoulder as they entered the spooky town, looking around at the shadows nervously. Kale wasn't much afraid. Ghosts didn't bother him that much.
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Lyré noticed someone at the end of the path, an attractive boy around her age. Her very long black hair blew in the wind, and her blue eyes shined brightly because of her Raichu's light. She walked towards him, and noticed more and more details about him. She wanted to talk to him, but admittedly she was a little nervous. She didn't talk to people much since she was so isolated in her dead parents house. She was quite lonely, even though she had her Pokemon. She wanted a friend, quite honestly. Kiko's cheeks sparked at the sight of the trainer in excitement.
Walking into the darker town, Kale noticed some light not to far off. It was a Raichu, using her cheeks as a way of lighting up the path. Shine relaxed her grip on Kale's arm when she saw the Raichu. Although there weren't any other Emolgas in the Kanto Region, Shine enjoyed the presence of other small electric Pokemon similar to her. Kale saw that this Raichu was accompanied by a trainer, a teenage girl around his age. She looked quite pretty, but in the dim light her pale skin and white dress made her almost look like a ghost.
"Hello!" Kale said, waving at the girl. "Nice night, huh?"
Indeed, it was a nice night. A cool, summer night, not to hot or cold.
"Yeah, it is." Lyré smiled, and Kiko's cheeks crackled because of the nearby Emolga. Kiki looked very interested in the Emolga. "Umm... you're not from here, are you?" She asked a little nervously, as the wind continued to blow her long black hair around. The night sky was always beautiful in Lavender Town, and a cool breeze always blew through it and she couldn't help but love every part of it. She gazed at the trainer as she waited for a response.
"Nope. I'm from Saffron City, born and raised." Kale said cheerfully. He adjusted the positioning of his backpack on his shoulders. It had some camping supplies, as well as some extra food and rope. You never know when you might need some rope. Kale walked over to the girl, holding out his hand. "My name's Kale, by the way. And this is Shine."
Shine nervously glanced at the dark haired girl, then smiled and waved.


Previously gamora
Name: Fenix
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Town of Residence/Hometown: Olivine City
Appearance: Fenix has brown, wavy hair. His eyes are a light blue, and his skin is pale. He has a silver septum piercing and a few ear piercings.
Personality: Fenix is quiet and laid back, although he can have trouble socializing. However he doesn't struggle with making new friends, due to his caring and calm demeanor.
Backstory: Touring the Kanto region on a visit from Johto, Lavender is the first place Fenix is passing through after leaving the S.S. Aqua from Vermillion. He travelled all the way to New Bark Town and was given a Pokédex by Professor Elm, and due to there not being enough grown enough starters was simply given a Sentret and a Hoothoot caught nearby. Not wanting to journey through a region he had grown up in his whole life, Fenix hopped on board the S.S. Aqua and headed towards Kanto to go on his journey.
Pokemon: Sentret (Lychee) and Hoothoot (Durian)

Taking a step into the small town, Fenix took in his surroundings. Noticing the two kids around his age having a conversation, Fenix felt a twinge of anxiety. He wanted to ask them if there were any hotels nearby. He waited patiently for them to finish their conversation, deliberating over what to say.
Lyré smiled and blushed a little. Kiko let out a cry of happiness towards Shine. "Oh, I had no idea. It was the Emolga that made me think you might not be from Kanto. I'm Lyré, by the way, and this is Kiko." She noticed the other male trainer nearby. "Hmm?" She turned to him, and noticed his anxious look. Her long, black ponytails blew around in the wind and her blue eyes almost looked like they glowed because of the moonlight. "Is something wrong?" She asked him.


Previously gamora
"Uhhh..." He was caught completely off guard, not ready to ask yet. "Are there like, uh, sorry, are there any hotels here?" His Sentret bounced on his tail idly, unenthused, before noticing the Emolga. He jumped after it, trying to battle it. Fenix quickly grabbed Lychee's tail pulling him back. "Lychee! Stop attacking random Pokemon, holy shit!" He looked back up at the trainers. "Uhh, sorry, what were you saying?"
"Well, unfortunately the one Lavender Town does have is full. It's that time of the year down here that the weather is beautiful and everything blooms. But my parents owned a mansion and I happen to live there alone. You can stay with me if you like, I've got plenty of room. Same goes for you." Lyré turned to Kale quickly, and then smiled warmly at the other boy in front of her. "I'm Lyré, and this is Kiko." Kiko sniffed Lychee curiously, and her cheeks crackled a little.


Previously gamora
"A-are you sure? That would be great, thank you so much." Fenrix was a bit skeptical due to the ghost stories about Lavender Town, but decided he'd take the offer since he had nowhere else to go and it seemed like an act of genuine generosity. "I'm, uh, Fenrix. I'm just visiting from Olivine. In Johto, that is. I mean, that's, uh, in Johto. This is Lychee and.." He let his Hoothoot out of the Moon Ball, "This is Durian."
"It's nice to meet you." She smiled. "Oh, I should introduce everyone else, too." Lyré threw her remaining three Pokeballs, and out came the rest of her team. Sali, her Dragonair, Peril, her Gengar, and Ruka, her shiny Ninetales. Ruka was glowing with beauty, as was her Dragonair. Ruka rubbed up against Lyré, and she smiled. She was usually walking with Ruka, but today she was walking with Kiko since she had left later at night than usual. "If you want, we can leave now." She looked at both the trainers, awaiting approval.
"Wow..." Kale said, looking at Fenrix's Pokemon. They were different, not found at all in the Kanto Region. Cool... Then Lyré sent out her Pokemon, and Kale's jaw dropped. Those were some rare Pokemon! A Gengar... A Dragonair... A Ninetails, too! But it was a different color than normal... Kale wasn't sure he had ever seen a Ninetails that color...

Kale looked at each of the Pokemon, looking excited. He always looked like that whenever he encountered new Pokemon.
"Whoa..." Kale breathed. "So cool!"
"Oh, thank you." Lyré blushed a little. "If you'd like to stay with me too, I don't mind. I have more than enough room." She said to Kale, and prepared herself to get going. She hadn't talked to a lot of people since her parents died, yet she still seemed fairly proficient at it. She was afraid they'd think badly of her or not trust her since she was a native of Lavender Town, and her ghostly looks didn't help.
Kale considered Lyré offer. He kinda wanted just to camp, but camping in Lavender Town was just asking for pranks from playful Ghost Pokemon, and attacks from not-so-playful Pokemon. It probably wouldn't be that bad, but still. Not only that, but there was something about Lyré... Kale got the feeling she was kinda lonely.
"Sure!" Kale said as Shine crawled up his arm to sit on his backpack. "Sounds fun!"
Lyré smiled. "Should we get going then?" She asked the two boys, as her team curiously sniffed the new Pokemon before them. They weren't used to this much company, either. She really enjoys talking with people and walking at night, but tonight was different since she actually met some people around her age.


Previously gamora
Fenrix perked up when he saw Ruka. "Oh my god, is that a shiny? Or is that the alolan version of Ninetales?" He crouched down. "I've never seen one like that before!" He put out his hand, gesturing to the Ninetales to see if she wanted to be pet.


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He cleared his throat, trying to regain his calmness. "Um, yeah sure, we can go now. I don't have any reason to stay here." Lychee crawled up to his shoulder.
Ruka happily accepted Fenrix's offer, reaching her head up to his hand. "She's a Kantonian Ninetales, just shiny. She was abandoned by her family who lived behind my house because she was a different colour, but I took her in and she's been my partner ever since." Lyré smiled, and watched as Ruka warmed up to Fenrix. Ruka clearly loved the attention she was getting, and Peril floated around her head, giggling. She reached up and grabbed Peril's hand, and brought her down to hug her. "Alright, let's get going then. I love right over there." Lyré pointed to the large mansion that was surrounded by beautiful bronze gating.


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"Jesus, that is some house. That architecture is phenomenal, how'd your family acquire it?" Lychee pulled at Fenrix's hair impatiently. "Quit it Lychee!" he yelped. "Ugh, we should get going, Lychee gets antsy when she has to sit still."
"Yes, let's go. My parents had this house built when they first got married, and it's been around ever since. It went to me when they died and my half sister moved away." Lyré responded, and Ruka ran back up to catch up with her as she started walking. Sali sniffed Kale and Shine, she stood by him as they all started walking.


Previously gamora
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Durian pecked curiously at Kiko's cheeks, getting shocked. "Arceus Durian, can you and Lychee stay in one place?!" He picked up Durian and held him in his arms.
Kale looked at the mansion, impressed. It sure looked better than the dojo that he and his parents lived in. It seemed strange to Kale, somehow both looming and inviting at the same time. When Kale heard about Lyré's parents, he felt bad. He couldn't imagine what it would be like to lose his parents.

Noticing Lyré's Dragonair come up to him and Shine, Kale reached out and petted the Dragon Pokemon. It's skin was smooth and cool, as well as a little damp, but Kale thought the Pokemon was pretty cute. Shine leaned over to the Dragonair, getting a closer look. She had never seen a Dragonair before.
"Mole?" Shine asked.
"Nair!" Sali cried, and playfully nudged Shine. They approached the front gate, and Lyré opened it. Peril flew to the front door and disappeared through it. "Uhh... welcome to my house." Lyré smiled, and opened the front door to reveal a very clean house, with marble flooring and a Delphox sitting near the grandiose double staircase. The Delphox approached Lyré happily and hugged her. She stared at the two boys who were unknown to her. "Umm... Kale, Fenrix, this is Ayla. She was my Mom's Delphox." Ayla smiled happily, she always loved when Lyré came home, she hated to be separated from her.
Name: Davis “Squash” Naren
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Town of Residence/Hometown: Vermillion City
Appereance: A small 4’4”, explosive puffy hair, dark brown closer to his forehead and a lighter brown elsewhere, a sleeveless blue zip up jacket with a collar that covers his mouth, and grey athletic shorts. He has a small pack back, and carries a fishing rod and a notepad. He also has a camp hat hanging on his back.
Personality: Timid, but once friends, enjoys talking. Occasionally will get sidetracked and be lost daydreaming. He’s calm, and fishes once in a while to think or relax.
Backstory: He was one of the few selected members of his Pokemon school to start his journey without a Pokédex, so he draws and comments on each Pokemon. His sleeve was torn after he and a few friends went searching for a meowth. Later at the end of that same year, the chosen members were gifted a Pokemon, and he received a charmander, starting his journey at Viridian City.
Pokemon: Blitz the Charmander.

Blitz and Squash roamed around Viridian, enjoying the bright atmosphere the city held. Squash sometimes ran ahead, leaving poor Blitz in the dust just so he could sketch a few pokemon he saw. Ironically, Blitz hadn’t been sketched or noted in his notepad. The Charmander struggled to catch up wherever Squash went, soon settling for his head to cease his Olympic runs to follow Squash.
Shine looked at the Dragonair, then smiled happily. There was nothing more the Emolga loved than playing around.
"Mole!" Shine exclaimed happily, and jumped onto the Dragonair's head.

Kale smiled at the antics of Shine, and followed Lyré into her mansion. When the Delfox showed up, Kale couldn't help but to gawk at it. Another rare Pokemon that he had never seen, or even heard of! Amazing!
"Whoa..." Kale said, looking at Ayla awe-struck. He suddenly realized how rude he was being, and wiped the look on his face. After all, this appeared to be the little family that Lyré had. Kale gave the Ayla a small, polite bow. "It is a pleasure to meet you."
Ayla nodded towards him and smiled warmly. Sali let out happy cries as she played with Shine, she flew using the wings on her head around the very spacious mansion with Shine on her head. Lyré hadn't seen Sali have this much fun since Dad's Flygon was around. I mean, she had possession of all of her parents' Pokemon, but she didn't have the courage to let them out and tell them what had happened. It made her feel like an awful person. She was happy to come in to the safety of her home after a nice walk. She turned around to face Fenrix and Kale. "I'll show you two to your rooms, if you'd like. If you're thirsty or hungry I can make something for sure." She smiled, as Ayla curiously eyed Sali and Shine.


Previously gamora
"You don't need to do that. I have food in my pack. I mean uh, Kale, if you want some you can have some too." He looked at the boy a bit flustered at inadvertently speaking for him.
"No need to waste your own food when there's some here. I don't mind making food for everyone. Ayla is a huge help in the kitchen." Lyré smiled, and gestured for the boys to walk up the stairs with her. "Your rooms are up here. If you need anything later on, I'm down the hall right there." She pointed to the large door that concealed her room. "Kale, this is your room." Lyré opened the door to a large room with a very nice bed and unisex decor. "And Fenrix, this one is yours." She opened the door to the room right next to it, and revealed a room about the same size with significantly more masculine decor. This room had been her cousins when he stayed with them. "I hope you guys like them... umm, let me know if you need anything, I'll be outside in the garden. Ayla can guide you there." Lyré smiled, and took down her long ponytails only to put her hair back up into a large bun. "I'll leave you two to settle in." She walked off, leaving the two boys to settle into their rooms and what not.


Previously gamora
Fenix went to set his things down in his room. He explored it carefully, trying to be positive that the rumors about ghosts in Lavender Town were true. Still, he thought a ghost Pokemon would be fun to catch. It'd be a useful addition to the team of two, common, Impish Normal types. Lychee jumped up on the bed and curled up, while Durian flew out to explore the mansion further. Fenix ignored it, knowing that this would be one of his few moments of quiet. He layed down with Lychee and drifted off into sleep.
Lyré walked out the back door into the large garden. So many plants and trees were growing in it, since it was in a huge greenhouse. She really enjoyed the company of the Pokemon her parents had put in there, too. Her parents had a lot of rare Pokemon, since they had spent a couple years in Kalos. There were Florges who lived by all the roses and lavender, as well as Floette and Flabébé. She knew a lot of the Pokemon that lived in the greenhouse, but she wasn't able to name all of them. There were Pidgey and Pidgeot, there were Ditto, there were Squirtle, Horsea and Seadra. There was even a Kingdra! Lyré walked around the garden, and smiled warmly at all the little Pokemon around her.
Name: Sarah Buck
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Hometown: Camphrier Town (Kalos)
Appearance: Sarah has blond hair in a short pixie cut, light skin, and quite slim body build and emerald green eyes. She wears often a mint green t-shirt with a Black hoodie and blue jeans. She also has a Blue backpack witch has 2 pokeballs, potions, Pokedex, sleeping bag and a sketchbook with pencils.
Personality: Sarah is usually on a good mood, friendly and helpful but She usually doesn't show what she likes or dislikes because she's afraid of what other people think of her
Backstory: Sarah comes from the Kalos region and had her first journey there, then she continued to other regions, Her parents work for a big business so they were not usually home. Whenit was time to go on her own pokemon journey she got really exited her parents weren't there of course, but she had her aunt there, she was Sarah's babysitter when she was younger and Sarah's aunt gave Sarah a gift. She said that it was from her parents to wish good luck on her journey. It was a pokeball that had a skiddo inside. Sarah was so happy to get her first pokemon. They traveled trough Kalos and then continued to Kantoo
Pokemon: Gogoat, Quag (Quagsire) Blaze (Rapidash), Dynamo (Pikatchu). She also has few other pokemon from Kalos in her PC

Sarah was riding her Gogoat down the road to Lavender Town. It was quite late, but the night sky was beautiful. Moon and stars were shining in the sky, though there were few clouds here and there. Sarah was really thankful that she could ride on her pokemons back. She was really tired because she was walking the whole day. Finally Sarah and Gogoat was at Lavender and she got Gogoat pokeball and called him back. Sarah looked around the town. There was a really ominous atmosphere, but Sarah liked it in a way. She has always been interested in different type of pokemon but more specifically ghost, bug and dark, she didn't know why but it didn't matter that much to her. Sarah spotted the pokecenter and walked over there to stay there over night.


Previously gamora
Fenix woke up. Realizing he had fallen asleep and was in an unfamiliar environment he looked out the window. He could see Lavender Tower's silhouette strengthened by the night sky. He groaned, realizing he wouldn't be able to sleep. Durian flew back into the window and perched on Fenix's shoulder, Lychee climbing up on the other. "Both of you need to get down or one of us will fall." They listened reluctantly, and he let them back into their Pokéball and headed downstairs to see if anyone was still up.
Lyré continued to wander around the garden in the greenhouse, and thought back to when her parents used to bring her in here to see all the new Pokemon they would bring in there. Ruka walked beside her, noticing she was starting to get a little emotional. She nudged her hand to try to get her to cheer up, but seeing all that her parents had done only made it worse. A tear rolled down her cheek, and Ruka let out a sad cry, putting her paw on her leg.
Kale wasn't tired. Although he had hiked from Saffron, the trek hadn't been too hard. He also had done any of his training for today, either. His parents probably wouldn't be too happy about that. Kale suddenly had a vision of his father smashing through the window, demanding why he hadn't practiced any of his Kan-To-Do forms. He should probably do that now.

Kale walked through the mansion, trying to find a good place to practice without risking disturbing someone. Walking down a hall, Kale opened a door to find himself in a greenhouse. It was quite pretty, and far enough away from the rooms he wouldn't wake anyone. But as Kale walked in, he noticed Lyré sitting with her Ninetails. Was she... Crying?
Lyré looked up at Kale and blushed, looking away. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were there." She mumbled, and got up, wiping her tears off her face and the dust off of her white lace dress. "Sorry, this is probably awkward." She took her hair down from a bun to just laying straight, as it fell to her hips. Her blue eyes were a little red and glossy from crying, but she tried to look as happy as she could.
"No, no. It's my fault, I was just walking around..." Kale said, trying to think of what to say. Should he ask her of something was wrong? Of course something was wrong, you idiot! She was crying! Kale walked through the greenhouse and over to Lyré, sitting on the bench across from her. Even when she was crying, Lyré still looked quite pretty. Kale shifted uncomfortably, then looked around the greenhouse.
"This is a very nice place." Kale said politely.
"Yeah, it is." Lyré smiled, looking around at all the scenery. "My parents built this place and put Pokemon from all different regions in it. It's like a safe place for me. I uhh... I'm sorry you had to walk in on me like that. It doesn't usually happen." She blushed again, playing with a strand of her hair. A couple of Pidgeot and Staraptor flew by overhead, roosting in the nearby oak trees. Ruka nudged Lyré, resting her head on her thigh. "I don't mind that you're in here, if you thought I did before." She crossed her legs nervously.
Name: Enzo Rancourt
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Town of Residence/Hometown: Lavender Town
Appearance: Medium brown braids with green ends, Average height. Black eyes, and nicely tanned skin. Wears a beanie, black pants & shoes, and a white striped shirt.
Personality: Upbeat & always trying to make people feel better.
Backstory: Lived with his mother his whole life, He is taught by a smeargle with psychic abilities said to have been 'learned from Mew'. But Enzo believes he just sketched Psychic from a Kadabra.
Pokemon: Smeargle (Smuggle), Flaaffy (Billy), Sableye (Crystal), Banette (Teer, shiny), and Ditto (Optimus).

Enzo stared blatantly at the gravestone of his father, Smuggle looked at me in confusion "We've been here for 2 hours, and you haven't said
a thing. What's going on Enzo?" Smuggle asked telepathically. A ghastly behind my father's gravestone giggles, adding to the dark, creepy surroundings. The only lights are the candles people bring & sometimes leave in the tower. "That pokemon. the one we saw in the forest. I'm trying to figure out what exactly it was." I answer, still staring at the gravestone. With that, a breeze breaks through the window blowing out all the candles. Smuggle takes a match out of my fanny pack and re-lights the candle on the gravestone. He then takes a blanket out and lays it on me.
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Name: Sheryl Spring
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Town of Residence/Hometown: Iki town (Prior), Cerulean City (Current)
: Sheryl has pinkish red hair flowing down to her hips, she wears a slightly oversized pink and brown hat, a pink and white checkered shirt with a pink jacket over it, her skirt is plated and brown, her legs wear white knee socks and high mud boots.
Personality: Overreacts with anything she finds interesting, she's jumpy and kind but also a bit airheaded.
Backstory: She grew up in Alola happily with the other townspeople. Sheryl was known as a great dancer and lived happily not knowing her parents, she was an orphan near death and has a bit of trouble sympathizing with people on a level beyond being hurt. She traveled to Kanto to see the many different pokemon never seen in her region.
Pokemon: Vaporeon (Vappy), Misdreavus (Midsy), Sandshrew (Sandy), Growlithe (Roarry), Rowlet (Rolly)
(I'm sorry if their names sound weird, I just wanted them to have a connection to each other which is... Thier owner being really bad at naming people)

Sheryl takes a deep breath, her heart racing "okay I can do this!" she whispers to herself her fist shaking. After a few minutes of her mumbling to herself, she realized it was getting dark and should start by looking for the towns Pokemon Centre "Okay Sheryl don't freak out and you'll be fine" she bumps her fist in the air encouragingly before taking a very slow walk to meet Lavander Town. "H-Holy!" she gasps noticing the immediate change in atmosphere, Sheryl bit her lip, "this is..." her eyes glimmer amongst the rising moons light, "this is awesome!" she screams quietly surveying the area, taking as many pictures as she can. In the middle of her midnight photography session, Midsy popped out of her pokeball, "Sheryl! we don't have time for this! Let's get to a Pokemon Centre!" Midsy's eyes sharpen as she makes a turn floating towards the Pokemon Centre, "w-wait Midsy! you can't leave like that!" scrambling to put her phone back in her shoulder bag, "seriously wait!" Sheryl holds her hat screaming as she runs desperately to catch up to her Misdreavus.
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