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Ask to Join Pokémon Legends


Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette
Charizard got hit by the electro ball hard but then shot a fire spin attack back at Emolga. Nidoking and Lycanroc then started closing in on Swampert.

Swampert was surprised by the sudden closing in by Lycanroc and Nidoking. “Swampert, Use hammer arm!” Cooper yelled to his Pokémon. Swampert nodded and used hammer arm to knock away Nidoking and Lycanroc.

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
The emolga saw a wheel of flame heading toward him and he started to get nervous, he fast jumped away from the attack but got a little hit in the tail, and his tail got burned.
Emolga try to ignore the pain from the burn and try to use it against the others, he start running toward them as his tail on fire, emolga turned the tail info solid metal whats make the burn hurt more, but he kept ignoring it and nuzzled himself to fill his tail with electricity too as he continue to ran toward charizard and the others.

Mimikyu saw lycanroc blasting away and sneaked towards him, he fast came out from his shadow and used wood hammer.

Sylveon lied near the tree and looked at her ribbons as clefairy standing in front of sylveon while she keep protecting her.
Sylveon tried to move her ribbons without success, she couldn't feel them at all and let out a sigh.

Light and mareep spotted zen, "okay mareep, lets get him quickly" he said quietly to mareep, who looked worried, "maaaaa" the mareep answered quietly, light could clearly understand what he said.
"You quite right about that, but we still need to try, our friends in trouble" light answered and start whispering the whole plan to mareep.
"Maa" the mareep said and nodded in worry, then start spreading cotton from his fur toward zen, "that should slow him down" light said in anger