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Private/Closed Pokemon Scorched Sand & Arid Gust: Role Play

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
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The Carios Region, a region full of sand, hot air, and pyramids. Numerous Pokemon, those specific to this region only as well as Pokemon from other regions, can be found within the multiple deserts and scarce oases. Protected by the Legendary Pokemon Setheval and Horcon, they keep watch over the lands, keeping balance and harmony between both Pokemon and human alike. However, underneath the soils of Carios, hides a dark secret no man knows of. Some things should should be left undiscovered, the sands of Carios should be left unturned.

“Today’s the day I become an actual trainer!”

Crimson Asters hadn’t been able to sleep all night. He was finally going to start his Pokemon journey, after 17 whole years of secludedness from his parents. Trust the latter to say that he loves his parents and all, but they gave him little to no freedom. The closest thing he got to a Pokemon Journey was caring for his Eevee, Eve. The latter had obvious bags under his eyes from the restless night he just had. But that didn’t stop the brunette from his excitement. Crimson was currently at the Sunnyshore Airport, ready to board the airlines towards the region of deserts. He was almost late for his flight after the long heartfelt goodbyes he had given his parents. There were waterworks here and there by his parents, but nothing will stop him from starting his journey as an actual Pokemon Trainer.

“We are now boarding: Boarding Group 2.” A female voice called through the intercom of the flight gate he was at.

“That’s us Eve, let’s go,” Crimson stated to his partner-in-crime Eevee. The Evolution Pokemon let out a small yap, as if it was replying to her trainer before scurrying right behind him. With his brown satchel in arm, Eve by his side, Crimson Asters was ready to introduce the world to who he is. Handing in his flight ticket, the duo of Crimson and Eve headed into the plane.

Finding his seat, Crimson laid Eve on his lap, the two relaxed knowing it’ll be a long flight. Before dozing off for his well deserved sleep, Crimson thought of all the Pokemon he could catch, all the friends and acquaintances he could make, and his dreams of becoming a Pokemon Trainer finally coming true.
At the airport in Heahea City from Alola, another trainer was ready to make a trip to the Carios region. Her name was Kenandra Reeds, and this would be the beginning to her Pokémon journey alongside her partner, Kei, an eevee whose been her partner since the beginning.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay without me?” Kenandra asked her mother. “I’ll be just fine,” her mother responded, “I feel as if you’ve matured already, and at such a young age too. I don’t want you to lose that young spirit, so I’m letting you travel to Carios so you can experience an adventure of a lifetime.”

Though, Kenandra was still a bit hesitant. “I don’t know, mom. Maybe this was a bad idea, after all. I could always j-“ But before Kenandra could finish her sentence, her mother embraced her in one final hug. “Don’t make this harder than it needs to be,” her mother said with tears running down her face. Kenandra also started to weep, but she wiped her own tears away as she had to enter the flight. “Goodbye, mom. Please don’t make me regret this decision, and be well,” Kenandra said, as her mother nodded in response.

Kenandra would then board the plane with her partner Kei, her mother shouting in the background for Kenandra to call her daily. With this out of the way, Kenandra’s Pokémon journey was going to ensue.
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Liliana watched as the airport employees loaded the airplane she was on. Al, her Aron, had just settled down onto her lap, but the trainer herself couldn't find sleep as easily. Carios. A new region with undiscovered Pokémon and adventure just waiting to happen! It was like a dream come true! The brunette couldn't help the eager smile that tugged on her lips, and lost herself in thought. It was strange, she had to admit, being chosen to help Professor Persea out of nowhere, but who was she to look a gift horse in the mouth? She had never really been on a Pokémon adventure like most kids had so this was her chance at one! Stroking Al's head gently, Liliana smiled down at him. I can't wait to see how much you'll grow!

The chattering inside of the airplane got louder as more people boarded. Since Sinnoh was so far North, Liliana and Al were going to have to grab a connection flight in the Fiore Region before making their way to Carios. It was a pain, but that's what happened when you lived in the furthest region away. Not to mention how we had to travel all the way to Jubilife City. No wonder Al was tired; all this traveling and excitement had probably exhausted the poor Pokémon. Still, it'd all be worth it in the end once they arrived in Carios. Liliana eagerly watched as the last passengers boarded and eventually settled in. The flight attendants did their rounds before the captain's voice echoed through the speakers throughout the plane, explaining what to do in emergencies and how large Pokémon needed to remain in their Pokéballs. By the time the plane finally jerked into action, Liliana was practically vibrating with anticipation. Finally! Carios, here we come!
Bag? Check! Suitcase? Check! Shoes? Check! Premier Ball? Ch- Empty?! Wolf rushed downstairs to find his father's Frogadier and Kai battling playfully in the garden. It was a about to be a hectic day for the both of them, so Kai wanted to let loose a little bit of energy before beginning their journey to and through the Carios Region. New Pokémon, new people, a new life.

"Do you have everything, son?" Wolf's father enquired from the garden. He was tending the plants and flowers in a floral shirt and cargo shorts. Wolf was used to the heat of Kiloude City, but the thought of deserts and a scorching sun still unsettled him a little. "Mhm." He nodded, showing his bag and suitcase. "Only him left." He added, before slowly walking over to Kai.

"It's time buddy. Our plane awaits us." He approached Kai gently, not wanting to startle the young Froakie. It hit Frogadier with one last Quick Attack before retreating and hopping over to Wolf, making peace with having to stay in his Pokéball for the next few hours. With a bright red beam, Kai was captured in his ball and put away safely in Wolf's backpack.

With the usual hugs and waves, Wolf then said goodbye to his father and made his way towards the Kiloude train, which would stop in Lumiose, from where he would take the soonest plane to Carios. Since news of the Carios Region only recently made headlines in Kalos, there weren't many people on the plane. Ideal, lets be honest. The checking and boarding didn't take long, and before they knew it, Wolf was staring out of the plane window, glancing one last time at Lumiose's Prism Tower.
Roxy checked through her bag one last time. Her Skitty, Mitsy, was letting out some excited energy before he had to go back in his Pokeball. “That’s everything.” Roxy said, seconds before Mitsy playfully tackled the Pikachu that belonged to Roxy’s mother. The Pikachu, Bolt, gave Roxy a “Help me” look. “Mitsy. It’s time to go.” Roxy called to the Kitten Pokemon. Mitsy hopped off of Bolt, then was returned to his Pokeball. Bolt sighed in relief. Roxy said goodbye to her parents, then headed to the airport.
Mauve awoke to the sound of his blaring alarm clock. He'd slept like a baby that night, dreaming about all the adventures that await him in this mysterious (and extremely arid) region. Irritated from his dream being interrupted, he forced himself out of bed, got ready, and pulled his suitcase to the door. Before leaving, he kneeled down to the bed of his pet Growlithe, McGruff. He began to whine.

"Quiet down, McGruff. You're gonna wake everybody up!" He lightly petted McGruff's head. He was the first pokemon that Mauve had ever battled with, though he had been becoming more and more tired and moving less lately. "I'll be back soon enough." He took a mint pokepuff from a cabinet and fed it to McGruff. The two shared one last stare before Mauve got to his feet and walked out the door.

Getting to the airport was simply a matter of hailing a taxi. He had to arrive very early due to the Castelia airport usually being packed with people leaving and arriving to the city. After going through all the airport formalities, he lazily hobbled onto the plane, daydreaming about what Carios would be like upon arrival.

The plane was packed with upper-class tourists, mostly going on vacation. Luckily, Mauve was able to get a seat without anybody next to him. Once he sat down, he felt Gar's Pokeball lightly rumbling. "Okay, okay! I'll let you out." Mauve whispered. He released the purrlion. As soon as she was released, she leered at him and crawled into the seat across from him to sleep. "Good morning to you, too." he responded.


Previously Sarah316
"It's okay, it's okay. Just remember I am right here with you. Just one quick flight and we're on our way to a brand new adventure~"

The reassuring voice of Diana spoke up, as the young trainer stood in the middle of the airport with her bag in hand as she seemed more than eager to begin their journey. Though as they moved to the tunnel to the plane to board, her Ralts nicknamed Hope clung to her pants with a bit of a worried expression on its face. Something Diana noticed and seemed to expect as she crouched down to smile at the small psychic type companion.

"Look, I know you are worried. But my mom says that plane rides are so much fun. It's like riding on a flying type, only you can go even higher, way above the clouds! Besides, I'll be with you every step of the way." Diana said as she crouched down, smiling at her partner as Hope while a bit nervous soon gave a nod as she seemed swayed by the words. Diana would grin before the two handed their tickets in and found their seats as they were eager to begin the flight to an adventure all their own.
CRAP! Crap crap crap crap crap!
As the next flight to Carios began to fill up, one young man dashed through the airport with a panicked expression on his face. Right by his side was a Riolu who matched him step for step as they dashed through the main lobby of the airport with a frantic pace. Indeed, this was a trainer named Zack with his partner named Soul who were set to head to Carios to begin their Pokemon journey.

And also indeed, it appeared that they were quite late. As the plane had nearly filled up and now they had to hurry as Zack clutched his tickets in hand and they zoomed through the terminal.

"Stupid stupid stupid! Why would I trust a Snorlax alarm clock!?" Zack cursed to himself but there had been little time to dwell on that as both managed to make it to the stairs and climb up to the entrance of the plane. Between pants, Zack presented his tickets to the attendant who allowed the pair inside, thankfully he made it before they had been closed up as Soul climbed on his shoulder before the two moved to the back as they found one open seat and set their bags before he sat down and let out a sigh. But while they managed to avoid a missed flight, Zack had not been spared the greviences of his own partner as the Riolu greeted him with a scowl.

"Rio. Riolu."

"Oh don't start with me. We got on the stupid plane, you can complain after we land."​
Walking at a quick pace, a young man with a Ralts sitting on his shoulder made his way through the Sunyshore city airport until they arrived at the entrance point of their flight, showing the attendant their tickets, the duo made their way into the plane. “How are you holding up Lisa Lisa? I’m still surprised that I am to be invited as an aid to a professor form a completely different region.” Ken said as he looked for his seat. Lisa Lisa gave her trainer a little nod and a shy smile which Ken replied with a smile of his own. This wasn’t the first adventure Ken had gone on as he did journey his home region but this would be the first time he will travel and discover a new region. Finding his seat in the plane, Ken sat down beside another boy with an Eevee on his laps.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
As Crimson had finally eased into his seat and Eve relaxed in his lap, Crimson suddenly felt movement besides him. His head turned to see another trainer than was seated next to him with his Ralts. Crimson politely nodded at the trainer with a small smile, acknowledging their presence before going back to do his own thing: catching up on his sleep. He wasn’t good at making small talk with strangers after all.

After the flight to Fiore was done, Crimson smiles at the trainer next to him as a small goodbye before finding the next flight gate. He wasn’t expecting to see that person anytime soon, they’re probably headed for Kalos or something.

The connecting flight wasn’t much. Crimson carried Eve within his arms towards the next terminal. There wasn’t much people on this flight, but still a solid number nonetheless. Crimson got to his seat and redid the whole thing again until Carios. Eve this time was a bit more active, having the long nap it deserved.

“We are now arriving Saint Rhyme City, Please stay seated until the plane comes to a complete stop. Thank you for flying with Temporal and Celestial Airline!”

After a long 11 hours from a connecting flight flight from Sunnyshore City to the Fiore Region, then the Carios Region, Crimson walked out of the plane terminals to freedom, not forgetting Eve and his satchel behind. His Eevee was securely wrapped by his arms as the two stepped onto the Carios Region for the first time.

“We’re finally here Eve! Our first journey together in the Carios Region,” Crimson said, excitement clearly flooding his voice. His Eevee yapped as she is also excited along with her trainer. Crimson scanned the area, decidingly wondering what to do now. Luckily, he had brought his letter from Professor Persea along. He opened it up to reread it once more, but now finding at the bottom of the letter that she was located at Tibalt Town Laboratory.

Crimson’s eyebrows scrunched and wrinkled his forehead. “Now how exactly am I sup--” A crinkled paper noise filled his ears. Not only that, but the letter in his hands is suddenly gone. His eyes scanned area to see where his paper may have flew off to, only to find a pink rodent scurrying away with it. “HEY!”

Eve forcefully removed herself from Crimson’s clutch and ran off after the pink creature. Crimson immediately started running off towards the two Pokemon’s location, wanting to both keep his letter and Eve safe in this unknown region.

It wasn’t a long run as Crimson immediately stopped to the scene unfolding before him. The pink rodent was perched atop a young latter’s head while a woman stood beside the male. They both read the letter intently while Eve was below glaring at them.

“Eve,” Crimson called out to the Evolution Pokemon. She immediately stopped her menacing stare and started smiling again seeing Crimson’s face. His call to his Pokemon also brought the attention of the two strangers. Crimson approached the two, firstly picking up Eve and securing her in his arms again before holding a hand out.

“Excuse me,” Crimson started talking to the strangers. “But I believe that’s my letter.”

The young male and a few years older female looked at each other before looking at Crimson.

“So, you’re saying you’re here to meet Professor Persea,” the female asked, in which Crimson easily nodded to.

“Oh,” the male exclaimed. “Nice to meet you, I’m Raul and she’s Sirra. We’re Professor Persea’s personal assistants, and here to pick up a couple of trainers that came from other regions,” Raul had explained to Crimson, who had his jaw slightly open, understanding the situation as both Raul and Sirra displayed their official tags that state they’re Persea’s assistants.

“I’m sorry for Pixell here,” Raul said, petting his rodent. “He may be a Fairy Type, but he’s such a trickster. He meant no harm, really.”

“That’s no problem, I guess,” Crimson claimed, still a bit unsure, but getting a grasp on the current situation finally.

“I’m Crimson Asters and uhh, I believe I’m the first one here,” Crimson had said, his tone more questioning than anything as it was only those three in the area at the moment.

“That you are correct,” Sirra finally picked up. “We’re waiting on the rest of the 8. There should be nine of you in total. Sorry about that mishap in the beginning, but at least we’ve got our first helper!”

“Uh huh,” was all Crimson could really say. He didn’t really do well in front of strangers. But if he’s journeying, he’ll have to break that habit of his soon.
After a long flight from the Alola region to the Carios region, Kenandra and Kei had finally made it to their destination. The pair looking out of the plane window to see the new territory they were bound to explore.

Though Kenandra may have not seemed like it, she was genuinely excited to explore the Carios region. This would be the first time in her life where she would stray from her family for a long considerable amount of time, so Kenandra hoped they would do just fine without her. Kenandra shook those thoughts from her head. She knew they would do just fine on their own. After all, her family had sacrificed so much just to live a normal life.

Kenandra’s flight had finally landed, and she had finally set foot out on the Carios region. Once out of the airport, Kenandra took her first few steps of the Carios region. The sun was beaming, which she was use to living in Alola, but she could notice that the air was drier than the windy breeze from her region. She then looked at the letter she had been sent by from Professor Persea to see where she should be headed to. The Tibalt Town Laboratory. Kenandra looked around her bag and pulled out her map of the Carios region that the airport had provided. She would immediately start following the path laid out by the map.

On her way to the lab, Kenandra looked around for any kind of sign, though due to harsh conditions, most of them weren’t even readable. Though in the distance, she noticed three people standing around and she walked towards them. “Excuse me, but do any of you happen to know where to head to the Tibalt Town Labratory?” Kenandra asked the group.

Being right in front of them, Kenandra was able to get a good look at the group. There was a boy, who looked to be similar around her age, who had an Eevee with him just like her. Then there were the other two, a man and a woman, who seemed to have worn identical badges. The man had a pink Pokémon on top of him, though it was a Pokémon unrecognizable to Kenandra. She did find it quite cute, however.
After Roxy’s plane had landed in Carios, she went in search of the Professor's Lab. She looked up from the map to see a group of people. It was at this point Mitsy escaped his Pokeball and ran through the lab in excitement. After a good chase, she finally caught him in front of the group, where he had finally skidded to a halt. Roxy snatched up the Kitten Pokemon before turning to the two trainers and two staff members that were in the room. “Sorry about him. He’s excited.”
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Despite him being no stranger to traveling, the flight from Unova to Carios region was surprisingly long in duration, even for Mauve's standard. He and his purrloin awakened by the sudden turbulence of the descent onto the ground, both of which jolting awake at a sudden pain in the ears.

He wasn't exactly a fan of turbulence, he still knew that it was worth it to explore a brand new region. He looked through his plane's window to observe the land below, only to have his view obstructed by a sizable dustcloud. Gar, looking over his shoulders, didn't seem amused at the climate outside. "Well...it's new, at least?" Mauve tried to reassure Gar.

Upon walking out the plane, he and Gar were met with a blast of dry air. Though Castelia City had never proved to be a particularly cold part of Unova, it paled in comparison to the withering gusts of wind that they were feeling. Gar, still confused, once again hissed out of disapproval. On the contrary, Mauve was excited and scoping out the area, loving the strange and foreign landscape as compared to his urban home.

Mauve reached into his bag's side pocket and removed a crumbled piece of paper of which he guessed was the letter. Uncrumbling it and reading it, he read off the name of the town he should go next. "Ah, Tee-balt town." He said, probably butchering the pronunciation of the town's name. "Well, I might as well get going now. Gar, it could be a fe-" Before he even finished, Gar let itself into its Pokeball.

He began following the arid trail to Tibalt Town. No number of city blocks could prepare him for the fatigue that comes with walking in sand. Straining his eyes, he made out a small group of people forming several paces away. Getting closer, he was able to make out the appearance of the group. 'They could be trainers!' He thought. He also saw a pink pokemon with the group. With his curiosity piqued, he began to trudge forward faster to catch up with the group in Tibalt.
While the plane was gliding through the air, Wolf tried to shut his eyes for a while, catching up on some missed sleep. His little rest was abruptly interrupted by the sound of a Pokémon on the plane. Wolf looked around him, the plane mostly filled with elderlies who were going on holiday to the Carios region, until he suddenly spotted the source of the sound. A young trainer, and what seemed to be a Riolu were seated a few row behind him. Wolf wasn't much of a talker, so he couldn't bring himself to do more than a friendly smile and a nod, until facing forward again.

Another trainer, hm? Maybe a potential rival, even. Wolf was excited at the idea of a trainer from his own region to be visiting Carios as well. He'd only ever journeyed through Kalos. The closest he'd ever gotten to another region was his vacation in the Sinnoh region. Three years ago, his father took him to Hearthome City, to see a Pokémon Contest. Even though it was a grand spectacle, Wolf wasn't too much of a fan. He visited Eterna City by himself, the stories and lore surrounding it somehow attracting Wolf. After Team Galactic's antics, their HQ was destroyed and turned into a football ground, where he bought is favourite hoodie.

Wolf reminisced about his Sinnoh vacation while he was staring out of his window. To give Kai the chance to take a peek as well, Wolf quietly let it out its Pokéball to admire the view. "You like that, don't you buddy?" Wolf smiled while Kai stared at the clouds with wide eyes. It had never seen anything aside from Kiloude City, let alone the skies above. While they were both in awe, the stewardess announced that they would soon be arriving in the beautiful region of Carios.
There wasn't anything too note-worthy about the connection flight to Carios. The plane wasn't nearly as crowded as Liliana was expecting, so paid more attention to the people on this flight. Nearly all of the passengers appeared to be trainers. Probably exploring the new region, she mused. The thought made her wonder if she wasn't the only trainer that was invited to join Professor Persea. It makes sense. Can't explore a whole region with only one or two people. Settling further into her seat, Liliana tried to soothe Al as he squirmed in her lap. The Pokémon was no longer exhausted and was now eager to get up and move around after nearly a day of travel. Liliana kept him occupied throughout their flight, and before long they were once again descending.

The brunette brightened up as the plane finally slowed to a halt. Carios! Sensing his trainer's excitement, Al desperately squirmed in Liliana's arms. Juggling both her Pokémon and her bags was a challenge, but the brunette was able to slowly make her way off of the plane and into the airport itself. Like most trainers, the brunette had packed lightly in order to travel from place to place easily, which also meant that she didn't have to deal with the hassle of going to baggage claim. Cheerfully, Liliana set Al down onto the ground as she used her newly freed hands to properly put her backpack on and then rummage through her duffel bag. I know it's here somewhere... The letter that Professor Persea had written her had some information of how to get to her lab once she landed, but for some reason Liliana couldn't seem to find it. Did I put it in my backpack? Zipping up her duffel bag, the brunette was interrupted by her Aron tugging on her pants. Confused, she squatted down to the Pokémon's level. "What is it Al?"

Like a wild Weavile, the Aron bolted away from his trainer for a few feet before pausing to make sure that she was following. "Al!" Liliana stumbled to her feet and chased after her scampering Pokémon. Luckily, he didn't go far and had managed to insert himself into a group of trainers. The brunette's cheeks heated up in embarrassment as the Aron roughly pawed at a few people, demanding attention. "Al, no!" Liliana bent down to scoop up her Pokémon while apologies spilled out of her. "I'm so sorry! He's friendly, I swear! He's just a baby so he's not completely trained yet, he just wants attention! I-" Straightening up, the trainer's sentence was cut off as she finally zeroed in on the unfamiliar, pink Pokémon on top of the one man's head. "...Is that a Pokémon?" Embarrassment forgotten, she excitedly leaned in closer. "That's a Carios regional, isn't it? It's so cute! What type it it? Pink coloring usually implies a Fairy or Psychic typing, but that's not always the case. Just look at Lurantis! It's mainly pink but it's actually a Grass type! Isn't that cool?" Al started fussing in her arms, which broke her focus on the strange Pokémon. She adjusted her Aron and took in the individuals around her. What she had previously assumed what a unified group was apparently just a crowd of stranger judging from their body language. They look like they're together though, she thought as she examined the guy with the unfamiliar Pokémon and the woman next to him. Oh no, is this a tour group? Carios was new, but it wasn't too much of a leap to assume that various traveling businesses had already set up vacation resorts and tour guides for wealthy travelers. Taking a small step back, sheepishness crawled over Liliana as she asked, "Uh, am I interrupting something?"

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Pixell appearance in attachment

There was an awkward tension between Crimson and the two lab assistants. For one, Raul and Sirra were talking about shambles of their research, but also there were some small talk between them here and there. Crimson, on the other hand, wasn't doing much. His hands shoved in his pockets, avoiding eye contact with the two strangers. The only thing that's keeping the trainer entertained was the Pixell, if he remembered what Raul called the pink rodent correctly, and Eve enjoying each other's company. At first, Eve had a small vendetta against the rodent, but soon they were open with each other and playing around as if they were long lost buddies.

Crimson’s train of thought was interrupted as a young feminine voice appeared. His head turning to the voice, he came to meet eyes with a black haired girl, about the same age as him, with sunglasses. She appeared to be asking directions to Tibalt Town.

Trying to break out of his bounds, Crimson began telling her. “Oh well, these two-”

Crimson was interrupted again as this time as a Pokemon came running up towards the group, more specifically to Eve and Pixell, and even more specifically, it was a Skitty. A another female trainer approached the group, reclaiming her Skitty before profusely apologizing.

“That’s quite alright sweetheart,” Sirra spoke up this time. And turning back to the prior female trainer, Sirra began, “And if you’re headed to Tibalt Labor-”

Once again, the talk was cut short by the piercing excitement of a newly found trainer, but not far behind her was a male trainer, more slowly approaching the now group of 5 trainers and 2 lab assistants. The third girl was incessantly asking questions and info about the Pixell, which Crimson easily deducted that it was her first time seeing that species, and her knowledge of ‘pink’ Pokemon respectively.

“Okay Raul, I know you said this was a good location to pick up the trainers as it’s the forest intersection and the way back to Tibalt, but this is getting annoying,” Sirra pouted to the other lab assistant about the interruption of trainers.

Raul only chuckled at the older woman’s antics before referring back to the trainers in front of him. “This is Pixell, a Fairy-Type Pokemon,” Raul informed the third trainer before addressing the rest of the trainers. “I assume that you all are heading to Professor Persea’s laboratory in Tibalt Town?”

Crimson only nodded his head because he was the first one there after all. Eve was picked up and securely wrapped by his arms again as Pixell climbed up onto Raul’s shoulder again.

“Seeing as there is one….two...three...four...five of you, we only have 4 more people we’re waiting on, having a total of 9 people,” Raul explained their situation. “So for now, hang tight, you can sit in the jeeps we’ve brought for the transportation back to Tibalt and wait if you’d like.”

Somehow, Crimson had completely missed the jeeps standing behind the assistants. With Eve in his arms, Crimson made his way next to the jeeps, waiting for the next instructions. Soon enough his journey will start.
Kenandra was getting confused by the minute. More trainers seemed to appear out of nowhere and they all gravitated towards this group for some reason, especially their Pokémon.

“I’m sorry if I’m missing something here, but what do you mean by a total of nine people? And how do you know that we were heading to Professor Persea’s Laboratory?” Kenandra asked. Kenandra did not recognize anyone, and it seemed as if the man with the pink Pokémon kept count of the trainers that arrived and she had no idea why.

Kei, meanwhile, glared at everyone in the group. He didn’t recognize anyone either, and he didn’t know whether he could trust these people or not. If anyone were to make a move towards Kenandra, he was ready to attack.
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Liliana had the decency to look embarrassed when the one woman, no doubt one of Professor Persea's assistants, commented about being interrupted. Fortunately, the other assistant took it all in stride and addressed Liliana first, "This is Pixell, a Fairy-Type Pokemon." The brunette smiled in appreciation. Pixell. The Pokémon in question was climbing the man's, Raul's, body in order to perch onto his shoulder. She couldn't help but giggle a little at the Pokémon's eyes. It looks like it's wearing glasses! It was endearing, and Liliana hoped that the other Pokémon in Carios were just as fascinating as Pixell was. “I assume that you all are heading to Professor Persea’s laboratory in Tibalt Town?” Raul's question forced her wandering attention back onto the group. One of the boys nodded as he clutched his Eevee close to his chest. He looked young. Glancing around at the other gathered trainers, Liliana realized that more than a few of them looked very young. Are they all teenagers? Trainers usually started out young, so she wasn't surprised if she was the oldest one there, but some of the other trainers appeared to be barely older than 13. The brunette bit her lip a little in worry, but decided to let it go. They might look young, but if they were invited by Professor Persea than that means that they can handle themselves.

"Yup!" Liliana chirped brightly in response to Raul's question. A few others responded while the lab assistant began counting people.

“Seeing as there is one….two...three...four...five of you, we only have four more people we’re waiting on, having a total of nine people,” Raul explained, “So for now, hang tight, you can sit in the jeeps we’ve brought for the transportation back to Tibalt and wait if you’d like.” The brunette grimaced at the suggestion. Her lower body was aching from sitting down all day; the last thing she wanted to do was sit down again. "I think I'll stand," she mumbled. Al apparently shared her sentiment as he squirmed violently in her arm until she was forced to crouch down and set him down again. Grasping his head and forcing him to look at her, Liliana leaned in until their heads were almost touching. "Don't go too far, OK? And remember to be gentle with other Pokémon!" The Aron chirped in understanding, so the brunette released his head and watched as he excitedly ran circles around their group. Maybe I should take him on a walk after we meet the Professor.

“I’m sorry if I’m missing something here, but what do you mean by a total of nine people? And how do you know that we were heading to Professor Persea’s Laboratory?” Glancing up revealed that the person that asked that question was a dark-haired girl. Even from this angle, the brunette could tell that the younger girl was definitely taller than her. The trainer's Eevee had its fur standing on end as it let out a low growl. Yikes! And I thought Al was overprotective!

Brushing off her knees, Liliana stood up and said, "I mean, there's not a whole lot of people here...and we are the only trainers I've seen so far. It's not too much of a stretch to assume that we're the trainers Professor Persea invited." The brunette made an aborted movement to hold out her hand for the girl to shake, the warning growls of her Eevee making her think twice. "I'm Liliana Bermudez, it's nice to meet you!" Grinning at the other trainers gathered, she said, "I hope that we can all be friends!" A nudge on the back of her leg told her that Al had come back to her and was looking for attention. Scooping him back into her arms, the trainer happily petted the Aron as they waited for the other trainers to arrive.
Kei was ready to bark at the girl who had approached Kenandra, but Kenandra quickly calmed him down, knowing his antics, and he reluctantly stayed still. Though, if the girl had any bad intentions towards Kenandra, Kei was ready to attack.

Kenandra shook the girl’s hand, whose name was Liliana Bermudez, and responded, “Nice to meet you. My name is Kenandra Reeds. I hope we can become well acquainted, as well.” Though when Kenandra responded, you could hear a hint of professionalism in her voice. “Excuse me for not being able to comprehend the situation sooner” Kenandra continued, “Everything was happening so quickly, and I must’ve lost track of my surroundings.” To be honest, Kenandra was quite embarrassed but she knew how to compose herself to not overreact to such situations and remained mature.

Kenandra then stared at the Pokémon Liliana was carrying. She had never seen this kind of Pokémon before, though Kenandra assumed it to be a steel type. “Excuse me, Liliana,” Kenandra said, “But, if I may ask, what is this specie of Pokémon?” Growing up in the Alola region, Kenandra had never seen this kind of Pokémon anywhere in the wild.
As Zack and Soul gradually settled a bit from their light argument, mostly on account of an attendant who asked they keep it down which both begrudgingly agreed to. Once that initial tension was allowed to settle, the two enjoyed the flight with eagerness as they took upon the scenery of the high sky with almost child-like enthusiasm.

"This is way too cool..."


Course, Zack had also scanned who was around on on the plane ride there and he saw what appeared to be another trainer a couple rows ahead of him that had a Froakie who similarly admired the view they were. While Zack had the initial thought of a possible fellow home region rival he pushed that thought into the back of his mind as their plane would close in on Carios.


Previously Sarah316
Diana enjoyed a rather peaceful flight, spending most of it cuddled with her partner as Hope seemed to gradually grow more comfortable as she scanned the view of the open window with wide eyed innocence. It was touching to see as Diana smiled and stroked the back her Hope's head while she got comfortable.

"Lovely view huh?" Diana asked her Ralts as Hope gave a smile and nod before she snuggled against her chest as Diana would allow the flight to carry her to Carios. All the while fantasies about her coming journey danced around her in head...whether it'd be a Gym Battle or a Showcase for the Carios crowd she could not help but get giddy at the prospect of it all. But for now she was content to enjoy the wonderful flight there...
Liliana felt a surge a relief when Kenandra shushed her Eevee. While she wasn't tempted to goad the Pokémon, the fear of getting bitten was in the back of her mind. The girl herself was a little stiff, but polite. Maybe she's nervous? This was a new region after all! They were all out of their comfort zone. At Kenandra's question, Liliana beamed and proudly held Al out for the girl to take. "This is Al! He's my Aron." She paused for a moment, "Uh, if I'm remembering correctly, they can be found in the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions. They might be in other regions too but I can't remember. We're from Sinnoh, but I got Al from an egg! He's a Steel and Rock type and eats a lot." At the mention of his name, Al chirped happily. "You can hold him if you want, but be careful! He's a lot heavier than he looks," the brunette warned.

Doing her best to ignore the glare of her Eevee, Liliana got a little bit closer to Kenandra. "You don't have to be so formal either! You can call me Lil, most people do since 'Liliana' is kind of a mouthful. Also," lowering her voice to a whisper she asked, "I have some Poffins, can I give one to your Eevee?" Like any good trainer, she had made sure that she had packed up enough food for her Pokémon during the trip; and since she liked to spoil her Aron, she made sure to pack up a few snacks as well. Most Pokémon loved them, Al included, which was why they were so popular in Sinnoh. Liliana was sure that Kenandra's Eevee would love them too! Maybe it'll stop growling at me too.
Before the plane landed, Wolf took the time to quickly reread his letter, making sure where it is he has to go. Tibalt Town Laboratory. Sure. Can't be that hard, can it? Wolf thought to himself. His confidence quickly disappeared when he set food on Carios' soil, dumbfounded by the signs and looks of the region. Kai looked around in awe, all those new people and this new region, he was overwhelmed by it. "It'll be fine, Kai." Wolf smiled, reaching out to pet the Bubble Frog Pokémon. As he usually does, Kai pulled away and hopped off into the distance, leaving Wolf behind to chase him.

Since he was young, Kai wasn't quick and nimble enough to really leave Wolf in the dust, but he did force a little jog out of him. "Kai, that's enough. Don't make me put you back in your ball." Wolf threatened the Pokémon, to no avail. When Kai ultimately refused to obey, Wolf threw up his ball and caught it with a bright red beam. "That'll teach you." Wolf chuckled as he picked up Kai's Premier Ball and stuffed it away in his backpack.

It was then that Wolf could see a group of trainers standing around. They didn't seem to be from here. And the Eevee's gave it away; they were foreign. Wolf headed towards them, clutching onto his letter. Breathe. You can do this. They'll be nice. Relax. Relax!

"H-hi, I'm Wolf. Wolf August. I- Uhm, I have a letter." Wolf struggled to speak, holding up Professor Persea's letter.
Kenandra tried to carry the Aron, but was surprised of how heavy it was. She knew that steel and rock types were heavy, but she never expected such a small Pokémon to weigh as much as it did. Though, she was successful in carrying the Aron. At further glance, she noticed how cute the Pokémon was and how amazing it is to see a different Pokémon that is not from your region.

You would expect Kei to overreact as Kenandra held the Aron, but he wasn’t. He kept glaring at Liliana. Call him biased, but Kei trusted other Pokémon more than he did other humans.

“Your Pokémon is truly amazing, Lil. I had never seen anything like it in Alola,” Kenandra responded, though she kept her mature attitude in tact. Kenandra then put down Liliana’s Aron, and picked up Kei, an obvious shift in weight. “This is Kei, my Eevee,” Kenandra continued, “He’s a little aggressive at first, but it’s really just a facade. He is really sweet once you get to know him. And of course, Kei loves Poffins.” Even though Kenandra said this, Kei still looked at Liliana the same way he had been.
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Kenandra reached out and took Al. The look of surprise on her face at the Aron's weight made Liliana giggle a little, although the other trainer adjusted quickly and was able to hold the Pokémon easily. Glancing at the Eevee, he appeared fine with his trainer interacting with another Pokémon; it was Liliana that he seemed to have a problem with. That caused the brunette to tilt her head in confusion. Does he not like humans? Pokémon that didn't like people weren't uncommon, she just didn't expect a domesticated Pokémon to be so wary of people.

However, Kenandra's words put Liliana at ease. He's just shy! She also couldn't help noticing how Al puffed up at the praise he was given. Even as he was set down, he lingered by the other girl's feet in the hopes that she'd eventually give him some more attention. "Thank you! I used to help around at a Pokémon Daycare so I take pride in how I've raised Al." As the brunette began to eagerly search through her duffel bag for a Poffin, she continued, "Kei's a cute name! He's got a nice coat too! You must take very good care of him." The slight crinkle of a plastic bag was barely noticeable, but Al immediately bolted for Liliana and nearly took her down as he crashed into her legs. The brunette grunted a little, but managed to stay standing; she was much too used to the Aron's antics by now. "Hey now," she said in a low tone, "You gotta be careful. You're a lot stronger than me, remember?" The Aron rubbed against his trainer's legs in apology, but began loudly begging all the same. With a fond smile, Liliana pulled out a plastic bag full of Poffins. She took one and held it out for the Aron, who quickly snatched it from her hand and immediately hid behind her legs. Turning her attention to Kenandra and Kei once again, she said, "Sorry about that! Al can get a little too excited. You don't have to worry about him doing that to you though since he knows better. He just thinks that he can get away with more with me." After a pause she added, "He's probably right though."

Retrieving a second Poffin, Liliana held it out carefully for the Eevee. The Pokémon obviously didn't trust her, so she made sure to stay still so that Kei could take his time sniffing her and the treat. The brunette couldn't help but admire how well trained the Eevee was despite his obvious trust issues. Al was more of a loose cannon; he'd stay close and listen most of the time, but as soon as he saw something interesting he was off. Not to mention he doesn't understand his own strength. Speaking of which, her shins were definitely going to have an Aron shaped bruise by tomorrow.
Kenandra would warmly smile towards the Aron as it seemed to have taken a liking towards her. Though she was shocked when Al suddenly ran into Liliana’s legs when she took out the poffins.

When Liliana was hit, Kenandra quickly became concerned. Kenandra was going to move in closer to see if there was anything she could do to help, but Liliana stood back up laughing as if nothing really happened.

Liliana then offered Kei the poffin in her hand. Kei stared at the food item and item suspiciously for quite a bit, sniffing the delictable to see if it was safe to eat. Kei then took one bite, and he immediately changed. He started to smile and devoured the entire poffin. He would then jump off of Kenandra and run towards Liliana. He rubbed his soft coat along her legs, and seemed overall happy.

Kenandra smiled as Kei seemed to open himself towards Liliana. Though, there was one thing she still bothering her. Liliana did fall pretty badly, and Kenandra felt as if she could’ve done something to stop it, but she didn’t.

“I’m sorry if it seems like I’m bugging you, but are either of your legs okay?” Kenandra asked, “I think Al hit you pretty badly even if he didn’t meant to, and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to you while we go out exploring.”
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Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Crimson sees some trainers already interacting with each other. He wondered why couldn't he be the same and if its possible for him to open up as easily to others as well. Only time would be able to tell, but at the same time, better sooner than later. Stepping away from the jeep and Eve tailing right behind him, Crimson approached the two trainers that were currently and actively talking to each other. Based on Crimson's eavesdropping, the girl with the Aron was named Lilianna while the latter with the Eevee went by Kenandra. Crimson hesitantly stepped beside the duo, forming a small circular formation before talking to the two.

"I-I just wanted to say your Aron and Eevee looks adorable," Crimson initiated. No going back now. It wasn't the ideal conversation starter on his standards, but at the same time there was no lie and menace behind his words either. Both Eevee and Aron were truly adorable. “I can tell you guys raised them well.”

Meanwhile Eve approached the other Evolution Pokemon, just the same as she was, and the Iron Armor Pokemon, hoping that they'll become her friends. Eve subtly brushed her tail against the hard iron of Aron and against the male Eevee's tail, signifying that she wanted to join in on their fun. A smile was plastered on her face, hoping to ease into their friendship. And somehow, the pink rodent named Pixell had decidedly joined in too. It jumped atop of Eve’s back, feeling more comfortable with a companion it made early on.

Raul and Sirra turned to face the new male trainer that had approached the group, having letter in hand, only being second to do so, but he safely assumed that the rest of the trainers were the assistants Professor Persea had called. After all, they're all still staying back for a reason. If not, they would have made their merry way to their own destination by now, whether that would be Tibalt Town or even Fuede City.

Sirra happily took the letter out of the male's clutches and examined the letter carefully. "Welcome to Carios, Wolf" the female had welcomed the trainer. "For now, just mingle, we have a few more trainers we're waiting on." Sirra said to Wolf as she smiled at him, trying to warm him up to the group.

“What do you think of the lot so far,” Sirra asked Raul on his opinion of the trainers so far.

“Well personally, they’re still young,” Raul started off. “Maybe a few years younger than me, but they all have potential. They’re all expressing excitement and curiousity, which is exactly what Professor Persea is looking for. Lots of potential in them.”

Sirra looked at the squadron of trainers. There’s Crimson, the first to arrive, yet the more timid one. The Skitty Trainer, Aron Trainer, and Eevee trainer. None of them personally gave her their names, but they all look thriving and young. There’s Wolf, the latest newcomer to the squadron. And there’s that other one, quite far off still from the crew, about a few miles away before approaching them. Not quite sure about him.

“Potential huh,” Sirra complied. “I completely agree.”


Previously Sarah316
Soon enough, Diana's plane finally touched down on Carios as the rookie trainer/performer stepped off with Hope held comfortably within her arms. Naturally, Hope was a bit on the nervous side as they moved off the plane to the new region but that feeling was quelled by the security she felt within Diana's arms along with the beautiful environment around them as Diana had her jaw hung open as she looked on with wide eyes as she tried to soak it all in.

"Man, this is incredible~!" Diana said, as she gently set Hope on the ground, as the Ralts naturally hung by her leg but also looked around all the same. Soon, they would travel from the Carios airport as the goal was simply to go and try and find the professor's laboratory which thankfully was in the town close by. Though as they traveled through the open Carios region Diana happened to catch sight of what appeared to be a significant number of trainers gathered together. She wondered if it was other trainers who flew in here or just locals, either way despite Hope's reservations Diana felt it had been the smarter idea to try and gain some word on where she was and converse so she made her way over to them. Hope right behind her leg nervously all the while. Unsure of how to begin this, she decided a friendly introduction was for the best.

"Um, hello there. M-my name is Diana. Diana Knight. And this is my partner Hope. So um...how are you?" Diana said as she introduced both herself and her partner.
Soon enough the fight would land, and with perhaps almost too eager a step Zack and Soul raced by the other passengers to the door as they dashed out and stood face to face with the new Carios region as both trainer and Pokemon gazed the scenery before them with eager enthrallment.

Alright, time to make a name for myself and show everyone what me & Soul can do! Diantha you watch I will rise up to that same status here and take the Carios crown!

However, his attention shifted to what appeared to be some group of trainers. One of which appeared to be the guy he rode on the plane and naturally his curiosity had grown. Quickly, he shuffled forward as Soul hung around by him as the Fighting-type gave a scan to all the trainers with that curious gaze it had.

"Hey there, um...so anyone here know where the Professor's Lab is here. I-I may or may not have forgotten to get a map here. My name is Zack, this is my partner Soul." Zack said as he introduced himself to the group. Unaware that the girl and her Ralts nearby had done the same thing mere moments before.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
Raul and Sirra each examined the two new trainers before them, each of them introducing themselves. The girl was more into introducing herself and making small talk though while the male was more eager to get on with it and get to the lab. Raul decided to deal with Diana, as the girl introduced herself, while Sirra entertained Zack.

“You’re in luck,” Sirra said towards Zack and his Riolu. “Our whole group here si heading towards Tibalt Town to meet up with Professor Persea.”

“We’re doing well, thanks for asking,” Raul replied to Diana. “Can I safely assume if you guys are headed to professor Persea’s because of the letter she sent out?”

“Why do you keep asking whoever approaches us that question,” Sirra asked, questioning Raul’s antics.

“Like I said Sirra,” Raul softly spoke. “If they aren’t here for Professor Persea, they would have walked on past us already towards Fuede City. And generally, those who walk in this path heads towards the lab. So it’s completely reasonable to assume.”

“Anyways, we have majority of the people, we can head out in a few minutes. JUst in case if we have any latecomers,” Raul explained the situation to Sirra. Turning to Diana and Zack, “You two can sit around a wait for a bit, we’ll be leaving to Tibalt Laboratory soon.”

They had 8 out of 9 trainers already. The one trudging slowly had arrived to the group. But they’re still missing one more. Professor Persea wasn’t exactly the most organized researcher, proven with how much of a mess this is. The only confirmation they’d have of the trainers being part of the research crew are their letters, which were sent out randomly, almost as spam mail. Only 9 of them replied back, thus meaning there’s 9 in total. But there’s one that’s still not arrived.
Noticing the trainer in the seat beside him nod at him with a little smile, Ken replied with a friendly wave. The rest of the plane ride went on without much excitement or event. Ken switched planes in the Fiores region for another uneventful plane ride until finally arriving at the Carios region. Stepping off the plane and making his way out of the airport, Ken stretched around. "We're finally here Lisa Lisa, how are you feeling?" He asked his Ralts who was still sitting on his shoulder. The Ralts gave a little nod. "Alright we should get going. Use Teleport." He said as Lisa Lisa used her psychic energy and caused her and her trainer to vanish. They reappeared further away near a group of conversing trainers.
The sudden appearance of a Ralts and its trainer startled Mitsy, who spotted them before anyone else. The Kitten Pokemon scrambled onto Roxy's head as a result. "Mitsy. Easy." Roxy said. She carefully removed Mitsy from her head.

Roxy held Mitsy. She carefully stroked the Skitty until he had calmed down. Roxy turned to the new arrivals. "Sorry about that. He's young and hasn't experienced much." Roxy explained to them. She then thought of something. "I don't suppose you got a message from Professor Persea too?" she asked.
A wide grin bloomed on Liliana's face at Kei's apparent acceptance of her. Making sure that her movements were still slow so she wouldn't startle him, the brunette squatted and gave the Pokémon a few gentle pets. "Oh wow! He's so soft," she cooed. Offering a second Poffin towards the Eevee, Liliana glanced up at Kenandra. "Eh, it'll bruise but there's not much to worry about. Al's still learning his own strength but he knows how rough is too rough. Thanks for asking!" At the mention of his name, Al peaked around from behind Liliana. The Aron had finally finished his Poffin and had his gaze set on the bag. "Ah, I don't think so. You're going to get sick." The brunette held the bag out of reach and stood up just as another young trainer approached them. This boy appeared to be a bit older than the others, but between his gangling frame and general nervousness it was obvious that he was still a kid.

Liliana smiled brightly at the young trainer. "Thank you!" Her gaze shifted to the two Eevees and Pixell. Al was already running circles around the other three Pokémon, eager to play with his new friends. It was heartwarming to see them get along so well. Maybe I should get another Pokémon. When Al had first hatched, she had her hands full nursing him back to health in Oreburgh City and couldn't even fathom having another Pokémon. Now though, the Aron was healthy and obviously needed friends; not to mention Carios was full of new and amazing Pokémon. A friend for Al sounds nice! Speaking of friends, the boy from before was still nameless to Liliana. The brunette leaned a little closer to him, but made sure that there was enough room between them so that he didn't get anymore nervous than he already was. "My name's Lil and that's my Aron, Al." Nodding her head towards his Eevee, she continued, "She looks so happy! You've obviously did a great job raising her too." With a wistful sigh, she said, "I wish Al was soft like an Eevee. Maybe I should make him a sweater?" The brunette paused for a moment before realization hit her. "Oh, sorry! I forgot to ask your name! I can get a little sidetracked sometimes..." More trainers joined their group, so Liliana offered a friendly smile and wave but remained mostly focused on Kenandra and the other boy. "So, what's your name? And can I have your numbers? I plan on traveling alone but it'd be fun to meet up with everyone every now and then! Oh! We can make a Carios group chat with all nine of us!" Whipping out her phone, she excitedly held it out for Kenandra. "You first!"
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Wolf timidly joined the rest of the group, observing them from a bit of a distance. A few of them were already engaged in conversation, so Wolf felt it wouldn't be right to join in abruptly. Some others who had arrived after him followed his lead and stood around anxiously. It was a new region for all of them, after all. Gathering all of his confidence, Wolf headed towards the new trainers and started conversating.

"What a region, heh." he chuckled, clutching his wrist. Whenever he was nervous, he would grab onto his wrist and squeeze tightly, for whatever reason. "I noticed you were on my plane. You're from Kalos as well?" he turned to Zack. He then noticed the Riolu standing by his side. "Hey little buddy, how are you doing?" Wolf kneeled down to pet the Emanation Pokémon. Even though Wolf was nervous around people, Pokémon always brought out the best in him.

"I've got someone you might like to meet." he smiled, before bringing out Kai's Pokéball. He rolled it on the floor, releasing Kai. It immediately spotted the Riolu, waddling over towards him to play.

"My name is Wolf, by the way. Wolf August. And you are...?" Wolf finally introduced himself, holding out his hand shakily as a formality.
Kei looked at the other Eevee that wanted to interact, and he gave her a smile. He would rub his tail around Eve as well, accepting her into the group. Though when Kei looked up, he noticed Crimson and was back to his antics. Kei would quickly get on Kenandra and glared at Crimson. Just because he trusted Liliana, didn’t mean Kei would then be accepting of others.

Kenandra looked at the approaching trainer, and responded, “Thank you. Your Eevee seems to have been well raised, as well.” Kenandra then offered her hand towards the trainer, and said, “My name is Kenandra, and this is my Eevee, Kei. Don’t mind him, it just takes a little bit of time for him to get accustomed to some strangers, but he acts as any regular Pokémon once he gets to know you.” Though, as it seemed to be the case, Kei would just continue to glare at Crimson.

Liliana then offered to exchange phone numbers with Kenandra. “Uh-Of course,” Kenandra responded, trying to keep her mature composure. Kenandra was a bit nervous to exchange numbers because she had recently gotten her phone. The only number she had on it so far was her mother’s, so Liliana would be the first number Kenandra received.

Kenandra then offered Liliana her phone number. Though after she did so, Kenandra continued and asked, “Are you sure you don’t want any help with your ankle, Lil? I have some things in my bag, which should help ease the bruise.”
"Ah nice~! So I take it then you don't mind if we tag along?" Zack asked, though it appeared to be an unneeded question as it appeared this pair among the group who greeted himself and the Ralts Trainer as he seemed eager to find the professor and these guys seemed to have a like-minded goal in that regard.

Plus, Soul could sense good auras from them. Not that Zack was aware of that at the moment.

Then he heard the question of another trainer, one with a Skitty, who asked if they had gotten a letter from this Professor Persea which had been enough for him to get his eyebrow raised.

"Message? I don't know anything about a message really. I just came to Carios to begin a new adventure and try to be champion, just I know that you need to find the professor to get the Pokedex. Why did you?" Zack explained as he seemed out of the loop when it had come to this message the others seemed to receive.

Was there some letter that had been sent out in mass? Had he missed his mail when it came to this, and if so had it been something critical that he needed to have? Zack was unsure but he knew one thing it seemed at least one person here got a letter or some direct message from the professor himself and he had been curious what it was.
"I was talking to the guy with the Ralts." Roxy explained to the newcomer. "Sorry about that. I should've made it clearer who I was speaking to." Mitsy, meanwhile, looked around at all the trainers' Pokemon. Only having experienced Hoenn and Kanto, the Froakie and Riolu were unfamiliar to him in more than one sense.


Previously Sarah316
"Another Ralts trainer?" Diana asked as she heard mention of that from the conversation from the other new arrival and one of this large party of trainers. Though as that new question already surface, she had to focus back on the original comments directed towards her which referenced this letter.

A letter the other newcomer seemed to question before hand, and one she herself had to raise an eyebrow over.

"Um, no. I came here of my own accord. Why was there something we were supposed to get?" Diana asked the trainer who questioned her about this letter as it appeared she was left out of the preverboal loop as it had been.

During all of this, Hope had been naturally nervous especially when one of these strangers had made mention of it, so she remained hidden by the leg even if Hope had not been the Ralts mentioned by the trainer specifically.
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The two girls, Lil and Kenandra, had already introduced themselves. Though Crimson seemed to be the one to introduce last. “Oh! My name’s Crimson. It’s nice to meet you two!” Crimson responded, as he was still a bit nervous to meet new people. After Kenandra gave her number to Lil, Crimson did the same.

Raul overheard two trainers say that they had not received a letter from Professor Persea, and explained, “Proffesor Persea sent out messages to chosen trainers from around the world so they can help with her research here in Carios. Sirra and I are here to take those trainers to the professor, so you can tag along.”

Sirra sighed and told Raul, “Ya’ see. Not every trainer that passes here wants to help Persea with her research.” Though Raul smugly replied, “They’re still headed towards the Professor, though.”