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Ask to Join Pokémon Sun & Moon: New Journey.... Alola, Alola Region!

Note: If I decline your join request, that may be that I am not interested in your participation for the Role-play. I am picky on who joins, so scuttle somewhere else if you do not think I'll allow you to join. You can join as an oc, but I'd also like some people to join as Main in-game characters. Be patient if I do not reply, I have a lot of other things I must attend to.

Here's a little starter, mostly starting from Maggie's side.

Maggie would wake up, due to the bright sunlight that shone through her window, even though she had curtains that reached to the floor, the sun was extremely bright. "It was quite a horrible mistake for me to travel here to Alola... welp, at least they have decent food here." Maggie would speak to herself, a bit frustrated. Maggie's wimpod would scuttle across her bedroom floor, and jump onto Maggie's lap. "Mornin'... wimpod." Maggie would pet Wimpod, and wimpod would chitter, excitingly.
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