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open rp

  1. MewyBubbles

    Open The Kanto Journey

    In the world of pokémon, humans and pokémon have lived on earth in balance. Pokémon have helped humans a lot through the years, and many humans can become trainers and use pokemon for good or evil. At this time, humans at the age of 10-13 can get their first pokémon, and become trainers. These...
  2. Trainer❤️Maggie

    Ask to Join Pokémon Sun & Moon: New Journey.... Alola, Alola Region!

    Note: If I decline your join request, that may be that I am not interested in your participation for the Role-play. I am picky on who joins, so scuttle somewhere else if you do not think I'll allow you to join. You can join as an oc, but I'd also like some people to join as Main in-game...
  3. Quintessa

    Open Crisis in the Pokemon World

    This is a more serious Pokemon plot that can be done with any number of participants. Depending on the responses and availability of everyone, we could make this a group RP or One-on-One based thing. Ability and willingness to discuss plot specifics is absolutely necessary. ❉ BEGINNING PLOT...