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Ask to Join Pokémon - The Rebellion

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Welcome to the Rebellion. As outlandish as the name might seem, we strive to give our inhabitants the best lives possible. Here, we can guarantee that you will be safe and secure. You will be nurtured and assisted in the best way possible. You will be like our family. One big family.

I thank you for listening to this short speech, my friends, and we wish you a happy stay here at the Rebellion

Cheers, Luxray.




Elgey woke up with a start that day.

He dragged himself off his bed, and took some deep breath. Today, he was going to do something forbidden. Something that might get him kicked out, or worse, killed. But it was all for the greater good.

Something was wrong. Just yesterday a missing Pokemon was reported. A Fennekin, who was no less that 8 years old. The week before that, a Metang went missing, about 24 years old. Not only that, countless reports of theft. These were, of course, all attended to by the police force, but something about these strings of crimes bothered Elgey. No one would believe him, of course. It seemed just too far fetched for a group with as high of a security as the Rebellion. Except one group of Pokemon, who agreed to join Elgey on his journey.

Elgey held up - levitated - a book towards him, that read 'The History of the Rebellion'. It was meant for children, but Elgey had swore he saw something peculiar in there. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

Then, he lifted his hand up to levitate another, much bigger book, that had the same title. This was the book that started this journey. He had, over the last few weeks, analysed it to it's last component molecule. Again, there was something wrong with this book. Minor little inconsistencies that were barely noticeable to even a seasoned mind. Elgey had noticed this, but again, he just couldn't seem to put his finger on it.

Putting the books down and sighing a slightly ominous sigh, he drifted over to the door in front of his room, staring at it for a while before slumping down on a white, sleek looking armchair, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive.
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It was a dim dark night. Clouds filled the sky ,and the moon could hardly be seen. An ominous breeze blew by ,and the water was freezing cold as it crawled up onto the shore before creeping back to the deep depths of the ocean. Yes. Saba was enjoying himself at the beach. Toes in the sand ,and he was having a nice relaxing time. He eventually woke up to the common sights and sounds within his humble abode. Saba lived in a cave so hearing the drips of water from stalactites was a common sound. Zubat flying about ,and the occasional geodude passing by was a common sight. None of them really paid much attention to Saba ,and Saba respectively didn't pay much attention to them either. Saba looked around ,and eventually decided to walk through the cave. He eventually looked upon one of the most beautiful jewels he had ever seen. It was flawless jewel ,and sparkled. He could practically feel the jewel in his hands even from the other side of the room. As he slowly made his way towards the jewel he looked down to see a rather peculiar hole in the ground. The hole was pretty easy to overlook ,and fall in. He looked into the hole to see an middle-aged man(fossil maniac). No doubt he saw the jewel. A pity he didn't see the hole. Saba was smarter than that ,but to be fair he did set the trap, "Stupid greedy humans. Why do they always try to take my jewels? When will they learn they can't take everything they see! I work hard to mine for my collection ,and these nasty creatures take my precious shiny things. It's bad enough to make a duskull sick in the skull" Saba grumbled under his breath. Saba leaped over ,and past the hole, "Sucker" Saba muttered. He walked over to the jewel making sure it was still nice ,and clean polishing it off before placing it back into the wall.

Saba felt comfortable knowing his trap was still working just fine. Saba also knew a muk that would happily remove anything suspicious that fell in the hole. Soon enough that man would be good as gone. Saba made his way towards the cave exit. His belongings were safe ,and at that moment it hit him. He realized he needed to get back to the dorm. His creepy grin scared children away which always managed to make him feel better. As Saba continued walking he spotted a hypno waving its pendulum at some children "Same ol' same ol'" Saba thought to himself. The hypno ,and sableye locked eyes for a moment before continuing on their merry ways. Saba knew the hypno had full intentions in luring those kids into the woods. It was no concern to him. Hypno were weird that way ,but Saba wasn't going to judge. He eventually arrived at the dorm ,and headed inside putting on a friendly grin.
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In the past thirty or so years that Marzanna had been a permanent resident of the Rebellion - well, not the organization, but rather the quaint little meadow that the Rebellion claimed as theirs - there was usually no major commotion going on amongst the residents. Sure, an occasional petty argument that sometimes escalated into a physical altercation wasn't unheard of, nor was the Rebellion completely cleared of criminals. Where there's a community, there's bound to be some sort of criminal activity, but it never escalated further than someone swiping a few extra berries from someone's stash (Marzanna may or may not be guilty of liberally taking a couple of mouthwatering Spelon berries from an especially dimwitted Greedent), or stupid quarreling between two neighbors or lovers, and it was practically unheard of that a Pokemon would disappear without a trace from the Rebellion's perimeters.

Having settled herself on the area the unnamed Luxray would come to claim as his long before the concept of the Rebellion even formed, Marz knew the area like the palm of her own hand and could practically navigate from one end to another blindfolded. So naturally, after the announcement of a missing Fennekin was given (and one of the few kids she could tolerate being around, no less), Marzanna didn't even give herself time for second-thoughts and pondering before she launched herself into a scavenger hunt for the missing pup. Silently, like always, she gathered information from eavesdropping, sneaking around in an attempt to get at least a clue or two on which she could grip on to accelerate her self-given mission; the area they all resided in stretched over approximately twenty-five hundred acres of land, and to search every specific nook and cranny would take double the time it took her to learn the basics of the area.

But to no avail - even when she begrudgingly decided to start asking questions around (Arceus knows how much she hated small talk) it seemed like no one really knew when or how the kid disappeared. No one had any contact with the Fennekin a couple of hours before the kid was reported missing, and the police were also clueless as to how and why she disappeared - or so they said. Not even a scent of the Fennekin lingered behind the residence in which the kid lived, and none of the neighbors saw anyone going in or out of their residential place on the night of the disappearing. Some even hypothesized that considering a similar situation happened exactly seven days before with a young Metang, Fennekin's disappearance might be a small part of a bigger serial kidnapping operation. Both weren't in the Rebellion long, both were similar in personality, and both disappeared overnight.

Needless to say, these were all speculations and some even bordered on the verge of being conspiracy theories; Marz even overheard that the police department is orchestrating an operation of kidnapping and murdering young and vital Pokemon under Luxray's watchful eye to harvest their organs and sell them to trainers for additional funds for the Rebellion. She almost rolled her eyes back into her skull once she heard the eccentric Mismagious say that. Okay, that would make sense had the other Pokemon been a non-mechanical one, but what parts would a Metang have that the humans couldn't create on their own? The Beldum, Porygon, Magnemite, and all similar lines were basically sentient machines and with the sheer technological advancement the humans have made (for fuck's sake, Pokeballs!), Marzanna highly doubted that the Metang had a screw or coil that the humans couldn't synthesize on their own.

Her only other viable information source was a young teenage Elgyem that, despite being nearly three times younger than her, had an impressive thirst and determination for the knowledge of this world. If there was a single Pokemon on this meadow that would be able to notice something was off or that an inconsistency happened somewhere, it would be him. Along with the Elgyem, who they all lovingly nicknamed Elgey, there were a couple of other Pokemon Marz had kind of warmed up to. They were a hilarious little ragtag group - an extraterrestrial Elgyem with what Marz liked to call a freak-streak of OCD, a short-tempered sass-machine Weavile, a gluttonous materialistic Sableye, a pacifistic spineless Altaria, an edgy murderous Umbreon, and a geriatric grumpy snide icy Ninetales.

They'd all known each other through different circumstances but never really realized they all had a common friend in Elgey until he rounded them all up and requested them to meet him at his little hut the morning after the disappearance. Marz was, needless to say, quite unsure what Elgey was thinking, as she got the feeling he might've noticed something not even the police or Luxray noticed - or perhaps, he noticed something the governing bodies of the Rebellion didn't want them to notice. Either way, knowing that Elgey was the type of person who didn't rest until he has the information he wants on hand, Marz knew she would definitely come to his room first thing in the morning. As for the other Pokemon...

Marz was highly skeptical, to be honest. Not everyone had the streak of doubtfulness towards Luxray and the rest of them that Elgey and Marzanna shared; a lot of them, in fact, considered the Luxray to be at the rank of a god, a messiah or savior that gave them grace and shielded them from the clutches of the wicked humans. Oh, but Marzanna knew that Pokemon could be equally cruel too. And not only from human command but under their own will too
. The wild pack of Houndoom and Houndour that attacked her minutes after escaping instead of helping a visibly mangled and tortured Ninetales surely weren't commanded by humans. No one really communicated on a day-to-day basis with the Luxray, at least no one that Marzanna knew of. There always was a possibility - no matter how ridiculous it sounded - that the Luxray was a psychopath and hoarded the Rebellion just so he could fill out some kind of sick satisfaction he had.

With that thought, Marz strolled back to her house after the impromptu meeting the Elgyem held. That was enough thinking and being social for one day - there were a warm quilt and a cold room waiting for Marzanna to come and recharge her batteries. Slamming the door behind her with one of her tails, Marz stumbled over to the room she appropriately oftentimes called her den, and slid between the quilt and hay-filled mattress, drifting off into an unsettlingly dreamless sleep.


The sun rose and with it Marzanna as well. Despite not really being a morning person, her internal clock awoke her surprisingly early for someone with a well-known sleeping-in streak. No one dared to wake the Ninetales from her sleep till the sun shone perpendicular to the sundial. While she would usually just uncover herself or turn to the other side and continue her sleep, Marz knew that the jitters she started feeling at the base of her tails wouldn't let her sleep no more.

Throwing her quilt aside, Marzanna got up from the bed, stretching into a bow position once all four of her paws were on the ground and feeling the satisfying crackle of her joints getting back into their proper places. With one paw, she rubbed away the watery gunk at the corners of her eyes - she'd been getting more and more of them after she turned forty (ah, the charms of old age) - and stepped out of her den into an improvised kitchen area. It's not as if she had any cooking abilities, nor were there any traditional kitchen utensils or gadgets - there was a wood stove that doubled as a furnace and fireplace (which she seldom used - after all, she was an Alolan Ninetales, not a Kantonian one), and a huge wall full of shelves upon which she stored most of the berries, herbs, meats, and other foodstuffs she would buy or forage.

Throwing a quick glance across the shelves, she picked up two Tamato berries for herself and a Yago berry for Elgey. It was an unspoken rule that one should bring something when visiting another Pokemon's housing unit, whether it be a nest, den, or a proper house, and no matter how cold Marz usually was, she would rather take a couple of seconds of her time to pick out something for Elgey than to have multiple years of bad luck. She contemplated bringing a basket and stuffing it with other food in case the other Pokemon from their... gang, she assumed, would come, but there was a high possibility that she would be the only one there. Maybe another Pokemon too. Or maybe all of them would come. She wasn't a Psychic-type. She had no way of knowing - but she wouldn't risk wasting her stash and letting it rot.

With another look around her house, she exited said building and, once again, slammed the doors behind her. It's not that she liked slamming doors, but the door she had installed was faulty from day one and took much more force to open and close. Luckily, she had eight tails, and zero fucks to give about the door. The Rebellion offered free housing, and that included maintenance and replacing broken doors.

Luckily, Elgey's house was not that far from Marz's. Only a three-minute walk later, and Marz was at the front door of the Elgyem's home. She raised one of her tails to knock on the door but decided against it at the last second. Elgey was the type of person who would probably leave the door unlocked, and the knob rotating when she moved it with her tail confirmed that. She made her way inside and, after seeing that he wasn't in the main area of the house, beelined to what she assumed was the bedroom door.

In a similar fashion as the front door, she opened the bedroom door with no prior warning - not even a hey or a knock - and was greeted by the smell of old books and fresh linen. As expected of the alien Pokemon, his room was fine-tuned to his mixed futuristic bookworm aesthetic. The furniture was modern, almost as if it were made for a human and not a Pokemon, with stark whites contrasting deep black accents, and yet, the books that were scattered all over the room, some on the table and floor but mostly on the floor-to-ceiling shelves that lined the walls, breathed knowledge and antiquity. In the time that Elgey spent in the Rebellion, Marzanna was pretty sure he read and analyzed every single available book on every single topic he could get his stubby little three-fingered hands-on, including almost every written piece on the history of the Rebellion.

Elgey was sitting in a modern, sleek white armchair tucked in one corner of the room, surrounded by multiple books haphazardly dropped on the floor. It seemed that Marzanna arrived just seconds after one of Elgey's intense research sessions, and he hadn't had time to clean up the books he dropped on the floor while studying. Marz glanced at Elgey's face to try and get the feeling on how he was doing judging by his expression, but as he was an alien Pokemon and had no way of showing facial expressions, Marz didn't know if what he had found - if he even found anything concrete - was good or bad.

"Yo, alien-boy," Marz spoke, voice dull and monotonous, and as she did, she picked up several books from the floor and placed them on the nearby table, "got any news for us?" she finished, plopping down on the newly cleared area of the floor while tossing him the Yago berry she brought for him. "And is anyone else planning on coming or is it just gonna be you and me?"

/// OOC: my hand slipped ahahhah whoops. > < sorry if the post ended up being too long!! this is mostly to set up how marz feels about the whole situation and give insight on another bit of marz's past && some things that may or may not be useful further in the roleplay ^^
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Wildmutt or as most people called him, Mutt, was on edge as usual. He already wasn't even sure why he had come here in the first place, all people did was judge him, he had been here for 10 years and spent his first 2 in a solitary confinement style place until he was deemed safe. Even after he was let out he was on constant watch for at least 3 years until his first incident that resulted in another 2 year isolation. For the last 3 years he had kept himself calm, he didn't mind the solitary but he preferred being out of confinement. He was on his way to see Elgey, something about the disappearances that at first people had blamed him for when the Meltang went missing but he was proven innocent. He reached the house and entered "Hello Elgey, Marzanna" he said in a gruff low voice as he nodded to each of them in turn, "So what's this all about then, you find the culprit, you find the kid, you find out a pattern, what is it?" he said looking at Elgey expectantly.
Elgey did not take any notice to the two Pokemon at first. Staring down at the floor, he held up a stubby hand and flashed the multicoloured, pulsing spots on them spontaneously, as he muttered an unintelligible language. He did this for about two seconds before snapping out of it and noticing Marz and Mutt.

"Oh... oh my, I am extremely sorry, I must have dozed off," he said timidly, with a voice similar to that of a stereotypical robot. He bolted out of his seat to pick up a few books and place them back in their respective places in the bookshelf. Elgey had an almost photographic memory, but to him, it was nothing to brag about, since many of the inhabitants back at his home were able to do far better. Some could destroy anything with a snap of their fingers. Others could instantly control the minds of any being within a mile radius. And there were also the lucky few that could erase someone's memory just by looking at them. Of course, Elgey had none of these crazy powers, nor was he in any state to ever receive them.

While stuffing the books furiously into their shelves, he stuffed the Yago berry into a non-existent mouth (Elgyem can absorb the digestable in question) and said a muffled thank you to Marz. He then settled down back into his seat.

"Sorry about my room... it's really messy." It would have been hard for one to tell his expression, for he had no mouth of which to smile or frown, but from the look of his eyes it seemed like he was a bit tense. "Anyways, greetings, Marzanna and Wildmutt..." he paused as he felt the presence of a third being, who happened to be a golden Sableye, "...and Saba. I have called you all here for a very important matter."

He got up once again from his chair and drifted to a white, sleek bedside table. He then pulled out a key from the top of a cupboard and slid it into the lock in the table, revealing a tattered note. Elgey held it up to the group, revealing it's contents. It was a curious piece, barely legible because it was taped at all sides. One could barely see that it had a slightly faded logo of the Rebellion on it.

Elgey took a deep breath and began to read:

"Greetings. In response to incident code B328, I do not think it is of concern in our current situation. And yes, SEC is in production. We are planning to distribute them to BASE as soon as possible. To make any concerns about SEC and associated, you may go to Weepinbell Avenue and take a left from the bar. You'll see a door there, take th... and that's it."

He showed them the letter again, and indeed, the sentence had cut off.

"If you all were wondering why I had been cooped up inside here for half a day for the last 2 weeks, this is why. I found it inside an shredder in a garbage plant. Some information - this was sent by Luxray to someone who goes by the codename 'Zepto'." Elgey made his way over to the group. "But this is just... why would they just leave this inside a garbage plant where almost anyone can access it? What is SEC? What is BASE, or Incident B328?" Elgey sighed.

"There is a famous Earthling quote; 'once you find the answer to a question, it opens up a path to ten more'. And that is why I ask you all. Sorry if this is a bit sudden, but I think we should all go to the address listed here. Weepinbell Avenue, left from the bar,and from there we'll have to rely on trial and error to get through to whatever is behind that door."

He looked up at the group, waiting for answers.

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Saba was fairly in his own mind thinking about shiny stuff for his collection ,and worrying if they really were as safely hidden as he had believed. Luckily Mau(muk) was a good friend who was always nice enough help his fellow cave dwellers. Saba would usually give Mau leftovers which he seemed to really enjoy. His thoughts quickly shifted as he saw Marz and Mutt ,but wasn't sure what to say to them. Saba decided to follow them ,and arrive at Elgey's room. Saba looked around the room, "Everything seems pretty organized to me" Saba said. Saba was accustomed to also having things in his room just lying around so this wasn't off putting in the slightest.

"Important!" Saba said cheerfully with curiosity as to what Elgey had in mind. Saba stood looking around the room as Elgey began reading the note. Saba hated reading because his readings skills weren't great. Decent ,but could use improvement. "Weepinbell Avenue... Weepinbell Avenue... Weepinbell Avenue... Weepinbell Avenue... I think I might have been there a few times. I definitely remeber seeing that bar before! I remember it! It had a shiny sign! It was beeeaauuuutifuuul! It sparkled and was bright. I loved it" Saba thought to himself.

As Elgey continued to speak Saba did think it was strange he stayed inside so much recently. To be fair it was pretty bright outside with the sun in the sky. Saba didn't particularly enjoy the bright sun shining down on him ,but was willing to deal with it because he always had places to be. Elgey had Saba's full undivided attention when she said garbage plant, "Garbage plant?! They got all sorts of shiny things!!" Saba thought to himself. "Hehehehehe! Zepto, that's kind of a funny codename. Zepto... zapto. Snapto. Zipto. Zippity zapitty zap zap!! Its kind of fitting actually. Nice choice" Saba chuckled to the thought.

"Earthling quote? That sounds like a human quote cause its confusing. Humans always say weird things" Saba said. Saba leaped into a happy dance as Elgey mentioned heading to the address. He stopped after a few moments as he remembered he knew a few mon from that area.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Mutt sighed "so you called us here to be detectives he said scratching at the metal collar around his neck causing the chain to rattle slightly. He turned to Elgey "wait if you wanted detectives why would you ask for someone like me, or shiny freak over there" he pointed to Saba, "I mean I'm not really good at finding things or helping people to be honest and he just seems crazy if you ask me" he added looking curiously at Elgey wondering what he was up to. He tapped his front paw subconsciously and his tail swayed idly from side to side. He was considering helping either way to be honest, if he didn't help these guys he would probably have another incident, but he did want to know his reasons for choosing the group.
Elgey turned to Mutt and said, "I am asking you because you, along with the rest of of the group, are one of the only Pokemon that actually believe in my ideals. Not only that, you all have valuables skills that we can utilise. Saba, having a liking to shiny things, can help us detect various mechanical objects. In the text that I read to you exactly 19.203 seconds before saying this sentence, Luxray stated that 'SEC' was in production, meaning that it must be something that is either mechanical or synthetic, most likely mechanical. Marz, with her 40 years of experience in this world, will be a valuable asset in this quest, and you, Mutt, will be helpful in times where battling is needed."

Elgey paused for a second, before turning to the three Pokemon in front of him.

"By the way, where are Shard and Aria?" he inquired, taking a moment to float out of his seat and look out the window expectantly.
Saba overlooked Mutt's remark ,and continued to stand there excitedly with his hands firmly clasped together patiently waiting what was to come next. "Mechanical objects. Mechanicaaaal objects huh? like gears, sprockets, ball bearings, rolling-element bearings ,and fasteners. I think I might be able to find some of those" Saba said. Saba remembered he had plenty parts in his room. He even had an entire car engine in his dorm room he paid a hariyama three garnets to put in his room. Saba didn't quite understand how the gears went together ,but they made funny sounds when you clanked them together. He also remembered he wanted to drop some jewels off in chest he kept in his dorm room. By the time Saba had snapped back into reality Elgey was asking where Shard ,and Aria were, "Shard? Aria? Ummmm hmmm errrrr uhhhhhh... Nap. No... I hope they aren't in trouble" Saba said becoming slightly concerned.
Not even a couple of seconds passed before Wildmutt made his way into Elgey's room in a similar fashion like Marz did - uninvited, without knocking or even bothering to make himself known beforehand. At his greeting, Marz responded with a simple nod in his direction.

The shaggy Umbreon was perhaps her favorite person to be around when it came to their little ragtag band - he never asked too much nor did he seek anything of her when they would hang and vice versa. Marz knew she wouldn't be bothered by anyone when she was in his presence, and the same went for Mutt as well. The duo was even more unapproachable together than they were individually; having lived through the trauma of the underground made them both rough around the edges. What Marz couldn't scare away with her icy glare, Mutt would do short work of by just snarling once or twice. Not even that was needed at times, sometimes the sound of his chain was enough to deter anyone from coming close. The other Pokemon that came in, though,...

Saba. Saba was what Marz considered to be a pest of his own kind. He was bouncy and loud and always spoke about his precious little shinies to anyone who had a functioning ear in a three-mile radius, and more often than not the gang's members were also the victims of his monologues about humans bad diamonds good. While Marz understood he had not a single drop of bad blood in him nor would he be a danger to anyone in their little group, the golden Sableye's energy drained Marz in the worst way possible. Gone were the days when she could successfully match the energy of young 'Mons, and Marz didn't know if it was Saba's hyperactivity or the fact that she couldn't keep up that was annoying to her. That, and the fact that his mind was always at the wrong place at the wrong time, and Marz wondered if Saba would ever grow up and start taking things seriously.

Blinking once, Marz finally noticed that Elgey was in a sort of... meditational state when she came in? There was gibberish being vocalized and his stubby digits flashed in a wide palette of colors, but he snapped out of it relatively quickly as Marz saw that he managed - albeit clumsily, as his fingers were shorter and stubbier than an average Pokemon's - to catch the Yago berry, snapping out of his trance and apologizing profusely to the rest of the gang all while stuffing the books back into their prospective slots on the bookshelves, both manually and telepathically. Talk about multitasking - but then again, it was no wonder his brain could process multiple tasks at once flawlessly; after all, Elgyem were fabled for their immense brainpower and extraterrestrial thespian and telepathic skills.

"Ay, no big deal on the mess. I'm pretty sure Saba's cave is messier," Marz spoke, and whether she meant it as a joke to lighten the buttery thick tension lingering in the air or as a snide remark on the Sableye's maturity, she didn't know either.

As she assumed the situation would soon take a more serious turn from Elgey's erratic behavior and the way he frantically dashed from one side to the other side of the room, Marzanna decided to, at the very least, sit up so that she wouldn't come off as not taking the situation seriously. Wrapping a couple of her tails around her front legs, she watched as Elgey fetched a key from the top of a cupboard, which he used to open a secret, locked compartment under his table. He fetched a piece of paper that looked like it had gone to hell and back multiple times - battered, torn, crumpled, and barely held together by scotch tape.

Squinting, Marzanna saw the waxy remains of the Rebellion logo in one of the bottom corners, and had she not seen it, she would've probably made fun of Elgey for digging through the trash at the recycling facility just to scavenge someone's tragic love letter. And two weeks to tape together a measly piece of paper; Marzanna saw the perfect chance for a well-timed joke. However, by the contents of the letter, it was obvious that, at least for a while, Marz should refrain from making jokes of any kind as the situation suddenly turned sour and serious.

Whatever the codenames meant, Marz knew they were probably no good, and especially if they were code names that were never used in the context of the Rebellion before. Starting from Zepto, which was supposed to be an alias for whoever was behind this entire thing, to the incident code B328 - the kidnappings? Murders? Fennekin's or Metang's? SEC - what was SEC? Was it a type of cog, a sort of raw material, a type of deli meat made from Pokemon? BASE? Was it an acronym for what they called their base, or were they literally so uncreative that they named their base - the BASE? Marz scoffed. The letter was completely out of context, and now they had a plethora of leads that could mean anything and nothing at the same time.

"I mean," Marzanna started, "the letter's shady enough to warrant worry, that's for sure. Are you absolutely positive you've never heard of those terms anywhere? In the books, news, anywhere?" she questioned, which was mainly directed at Elgey, but she wouldn't be surprised if anybody else would have an answer.

Instead of an answer, Saba launched himself into a mini dance party, obviously not assessing the heaviness of the situation at hand. Rolling her eyes, she told him: "Humans ARE earthlings. That's because they live. On the planet Earth. The same planet that gives you your shinies." She felt like she was gonna have an aneurysm if she had to stay cooped up in the same room as the young Sableye any more.

At Mutt's remarks, Marz couldn't help but wonder - if this would end up being a complex mission and lead to a coup d'etat against the Rebellion, what good would a small team of randomized Pokemon be good for? Sure, Marzanna lived on the area for over thirty years, but she was old and significantly weaker than before (not that she'd ever been exceptionally strong - she never really recovered from the muscle atrophy from the cage) and would probably falter at a slightly stronger Ember directed at her. The most she could be is a navigator and a sniffer - but a fighter? Against such an institution like the Rebellion? If she so much as snarled in Luxray's general direction, she'd have multiple Rhyperior policemen out for her head, and exposing Luxray for doing something illegal in the Rebellion's perimeters warranted a death penalty.

What Elgey asked them to do could have the potential to turn into a suicide mission but on the flipside... Ignoring the implications this message carried and turning a blind eye could result in an Armageddon of innocent Pokemon, and while Marz usually cared not for other 'Mon's wellbeings... The potentials deaths of literally millions of people for something like this just didn't sit well with Marz. She wouldn't be able to go to sleep at night if she knew she could've done something to prevent it.

Plus, she was old. Well, not arthritis and saggy skin old, but at forty-five she'd lived a decent life after being literally tortured for a little over a decade. Her parents were probably already dead and her sister was never strong enough to begin with, and Marz already came to terms with the fact that she probably passed in captivity. She never was close with her brother either and had no wish to seek him out. With no mate, no offspring, and no deeper ties, going out with a bang during a coup didn't honestly sound that bad to Marz.

"I don't know about the rest of you," she said, "but I'm with Elgey on this one. Whatever's happening is far too shady and I'm pretty sure the Rebellion wouldn't have to hide anything if what they were doing is legal..." she hummed.

"But the letter - maybe they didn't expect anyone to, I don't know, literally go dumpster diving for it?" Marz continued, turning to Elgey, "The Trubbish and Garbodor community usually chomp up most of the trash after it's been shredded and thrown away. And they don't exactly look at what they eat. They eat trash. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't even notice if you were in the trash. They'd gobble you up too. Heck, they'd gobble me up too," she shivered and made a face. All jokes aside, she thought it was impressive of Elgey to literally go trough tons of trash and risk getting swallowed by a larger, trash-eating Pokemon just for that single piece of evidence.

Once the topic turned to the nature of the produced SEC, Marz added: "There's always a possibility it's not a mechanical compound. Ores have to go through production to be turned into materials - diamonds, rubies, hell, uranium - there's a lot of things that are produced by a factory that aren't gears and cogs. SEC might be a fancy PokeLoaf for all we know." After all, she couldn't think of a single part of a living being that could be made into a mechanical part - under the assumption that the incident referred to the disappearances of the Pokemon, including both Fennekin and Metang.

Blinking twice, Marzanna was surprised by Elgey's question. "Aria and Shard?", she repeated, "Honestly haven't heard of them since yesterday. And, if we're gonna be honest here, I don't really expect Aria to be on board with this." Aria was, after all, a very pacifistic and soft-spoken individual, and something like this wasn't something Marz thought was up his alley. But then again, people - Pokemon - are full of surprises. Just like the Rebellion.

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Previously Shadow_Pup
Mutt listened to Elgey's reasoning and nodded, the dude definitely knew what he was doing. When he asked about the other two Mutt shrugged, "I haven't seen either if them, but then again I don't really interact with many people on the daily" he said. The only person he had probably spent more than a brief conversation with really was probably Marz, she had also had bad experiences with the absolute worst of humanity. He often heard people talk about how the two if them seemed to amplify their unapproachablility. Originally the fact that people avoided him annoyed or hurt Mutt but eventually he realised if they found him off putting then he probably wouldn't get along with them, which was why he got a long with Marz and her cold stare.
"Fair enough" Saba said calmly. His cave was pretty messy. Even for cave standards ,but it was his cave. Home is where the heart is after all. That and he wouldn't be able to fit even half of the junk from his cave into his dorm room. Saba's dorm room however was fairly clean. A few random objects lying around but nowhere near as bad as the cave he called his first home.

Despite Saba's eagerness to go find clues he wasn't completely naive to the dangers that loomed about. In stark contrast he had a fairly decent idea of what he might have to face. What really seemed to bother Saba was wondering why Zepto felt the need to hide information in the garbage plant. Even Saba wouldn't do something like that.

Thinking about the garbage plant reminded Saba of the time a couple weeks ago him along with some trubbish, and garbodor were happily dumpster diving. The trubbish climbed atop the garbage piles, the garbodor shoveled all sorts of trash into their gullets ,and somewhere in the middle of it all were two sableye legs sticking out of the trash pile wiggling around as he attempted to sink further into the garbage in search for something valuable. That day he found a couple kitchen knives, an old wedding band, copper wires ,and slightly dented harmonica that he cleaned up ,and even played a couple times. Albeit it sounded like metal claws against a chalkboard.

When Marz commented on Saba's human comment he looked over at her bewildered, "Uh huh" Saba said. For some reason Saba assumed she wasn't well. Maybe she was tired ,or bored. Saba was pretty bored too simply standing around do that was something he could easily relate to. To be fair she was pretty old. Like a fossil pokémon or something. Saba knew of her horrible past ,and couldn't imagine what she went through. Which is why he never brought it up in conversation.

Neither Marz or Mutt seemed to know where Shard or Aria could be which began to concern Saba more and more for their safety and wellbeing. Saba had hoped any minute they would walk through the door like a regular day. Saba watched over the door just in case.
Elgey sat in silence for a while, as if Aria or Shard would suddenly come bursting through the door to break it. However, this silence was short lived as Elgey's unwavering curiosity got the better of him.

"We should leave now. Shard and Aria will know where we are; I will try to send a telepathic message to them. Besides, I have... someone I need to pick up. He's in the Miltank Cafe."

He promptly got up from his seat and took a book out of a bookshelf, revealing a small, silver spoon, so mangled that one would easily mistake it for a crumpled pile of metal, focusing on it for a while before putting it back and floating to the door.

"Shall we go, then?"
Saba's eyes sparkled for a moment, Just a second!" he said excitedly running as fast as his little legs can move. He ran to the door ,and down the hall.around the corner and past the various rooms that lead up to his room. As soon as he got in he took out a few gem stones ,and walked over to his chest. The chest itself was red, blue, yellow ,and green. With gold ,and silver trim around the edges. All sorts of shapes on it; a sun on the right side, a moon on the left, a sword on the right side ,and shield on the left. On the inside of the lid were two black and white lines. In between the lines were two letters carved; 'X' and 'Y'. Inside the chest were various ore ,and gemstones from; a few random crystals, a bunch rubies, a lot of saphires, a ton of of emeralds, a handful diamonds, quite a bit of pearls ,and even a few chunks of platinum ore.

Saba cheerfully placed the gems with him inside the chest,"Everything is looking good! I should go ahead and catch up with the others!" Saba thought to himself. He kept a few with him in case he wanted a snack. He then turned out his room's light, closed his door ,and left to go back to Elgey's room. "I'm definitely ready!" Saba said clasping his hands together excitedly.
Ankha had only just arrived, but at least overheard what was going on. They were heading somewhere, and it seemed natural for her to go too. She only waited by the door, her neutral frown on as always. To think she would end up here after years of Musicals, half blind and beat badly. Needless to say, she didn't want to speak then.
As the group of Pokemon walked out of the door, knowing what was coming, Elgey saw a small Snivy leaning against the wall.

"Hello, Ankha," he said, gesturing involuntarily to the front door of the modern house. Elgey said nothing more, keeping the sombre air in the group.

Walking towards the cafe took forever. Every step felt like 100 steps, every minute felt like 100 minutes. Elgey tried to exchange glances, but everyone was too tense to notice him, except maybe Saba. With that, he tried to remember back when he first came to planet Earth...

"Alright, Elgey," he heard the cheery Gligar say in his head, "if there's a bad situation, try and lighten the mood with a joke, or a funny quote, or anything, really. It'll help everybody cope with stress."

The voice seemed so distant, but it had effect on Elgey immediately, as he took a deep breath and turned to the group.

"Umm... so, what is your favourite colour of the alphabet?" he stuttered, cursing under his breath shortly after when he realised what nonsense he had just spewed. He tried to correct it with another sentence.

"...Mine is rectangle."

He turned shyly away from the group and continued to drift to the cafe, which was only a few minutes now from them.
Three figures seemed to be enjoying themselves at a table outside the cafe. The white lizard was having her Roserade Tea, the hell hound had a cup of Moomoo Milk, and the cream colored fox had a cup of Tapu Cocoa. The three were chatting amicably with one another, letting the day pass by as if it were a fleeting moment in the vast sea of time. These three good friends, who had been trying to cheer each other up with food and jokes, knew what loomed above them - the prospect of someone asking them where two Pokemon have went as per their reputation. It had happened before with simple disappearances and disputes, so why not this time?

The Salazzle couldn't care less about the two Pokemon, but she knew that more and more Pokemon could go missing. Which was why she didn't want to get in the midst of it. However, she knew the two males sitting across from her in a triangle formation. The Houndoom is a services bodyguard for those who are scared of the disappearances and the Kantonian Ninetales had always wanted justice dealt upon those who wronged others. This type of fatherly guardian meant that the Salazzle's actions were clean for the most part and she stayed away from situations that could potentially harm her or the others around her.

She saw the Ninetales's face falter in his laugh about something she wasn't paying attention in. It was a sombering realization of the situation they were in. The horrors that could be unleashed if he nosed about.

But the Salazzle knew he couldn't help himself, which was why the Houndoom and herself wanted to help him.

"Miles, I know what you are upset about. It's those two kids," the Salazzle started, breaking the morose silence that had befallen them. It tugged at her heart that her best friend fell from his perch full of mirth already. He worried too much, but she dared not say this. He was already starting to get fidgety and she knew he needed to do something about it.

The Ninetales, now known as Miles, shot a harsh glance at the Salazzle that was filled with worry before easing his look upon her, his facial features seeming to droop. Whether it was from the trauma his body had received in the history his body held so well or it was the sudden realization that it may have been too late to save the two kids.

The Ninetales made a huff, his hot breath warming up his hot chocolate in seconds after it had become mildly lukewarm. He held his concentration on the cup and his eyes lightly glowed a soft blue as the cup radiated with the same glowing energy. The cup was then lifted by psychic energy and stopped at his muzzle, tipping slightly to allow the hot water mixed with a chocolate powder to slide down his toothy maw and get gulped down to his stomach, the warmth being felt the entire way down.

After the refreshing mouthful, he softly set the drink down and finally spoke. The goal with the drink was to wet his mouth and throat enough to allow his speech to flow more naturally. However, his throat, having been suddenly parched again, made it difficult to speak in a calm tone and it sounded much more forced than what he would have liked.

"I know, Mo'o. I just can't stop thinking about them. The Fennekin. She's only eight. She-... No, she's much stronger than that."

His emotions gave way and he bit his lip. No, he wasn't going to cry now. However, a tear fell and landed on the table. His tails were now giving off a slight glow but he managed to calm himself down. He had to be careful, lest he succumb to his anger and grief. He knew that Fennekin. He looked out for her, and was distraught when she disappeared. A while later, a Metang had disappeared. Aged 24. For a Metang, that was young, as they could live up to 100 years without feeling age creep up on them as they were sentient machines or machine-like creatures.

The Houndoom, having been particularly silent, had used his tail to coil around the cold cup and he took his sip, which cooled his internal fire - the likes of which had been giving him heartburn from the rising heat and it was starting to cause issues when it came to keeping food down. Age seemed to catch up to the three a lot faster than most, even though they looked remarkably young.

The Houndoom cleared his throat of the yummy milky goodness before talking a little. "Maybe we should go look. Do you know where they were last at?" When the Houndoom received the shaking of heads from his two comrades, he continued. "Well, we may as well ask someone."

He looked around to see a large and strange group of Pokemon walking towards the cafe. The Houndoom was familiar with the group, but didn't pay much heed to them and didn't know much about them for that reason. The Salazzle, now known as Mo'o, hadn't familiarized herself with the ragtag group and thought it strange that her friend would just ask random strangers. Maybe he was as upset about the disappearing Pokemon as Miles was, but he just wasn't showing it. It was highly possible that this was the case. The canid Pokemon tended to keep his emotions from showing.

Miles noticed the gaze from his friend and gave him a questioning look and asked: "Uhhh... Doom? Do you even know who they are? I remember the Elgyem, but I'm not sure if they'll be helpful."

The group was still a good while away - a few minutes - and the Houndoom, now known as Doom, and Mo'o were in the way of his curious look.

They seemed to be on a mission. Doom finished his milk by grabbing the cup with his tail and downing the milk in a second. Licking his chops and muzzle from the white goodness, he walked back inside the cafe and looked at the Kadabra with a knowing look before setting his cup down on the bar. Mo'o just chuckled and grabbed her tea before downing it and getting off of her chair to return her glass to the bar as well. Miles used his psychic powers to also down his drink before getting up and padding softly to stand beside his two best friends while returning his little mug.

They then sat at a nearby table inside the cafe, waiting for a question to arrive from the oncoming group.
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As Saba stood in Elgey's room Saba's eyes twinkled as he remembered he nearly forgotten his satchel! Saba rushed down the hall and to his room ,and grabbed his satchel. as he threw it over his shoulder he looked down and noticed his dented harmonica was lying underneath it, "Now how did you get here? I was wondering where you went!" Saba cheered excitedly. He began playing his harmonica. It let out a ominous screeching sound as he blew on it. To Saba the sound was like a pleasant melody. He placed his harmonica in his bag in case it was a long trip to Weepinbell Avenue.

~Weepinbell Avenue...~

As Saba finally arrived at Weepinbell Avenue the first thing that caught his eye was a shiny piece of silver lying under a dumpster. Saba excitedly ran over to it with glee. He was excited until he realized it was just a cheap candy wrapper to which is simply tossed aside like the person whom ate the candy it held. Saba didn't like the taste of chocolate anyways. To him the taste of chocolate was bitter ,and disgusting. Why would Saba want to eat stupid things like that when he could just have a topaz instead. Tasted better too. Saba wondered what kind of clues he could find. As he looked around for clues he heard a startling noise(echoed voice). The noise startled Saba so much he Tripped causing him to fall to the ground. As he fell his satchel swung up and smacked him across the face. He laid there motionless for a few moments before fidgeting around in a small tantrum. He got up and composed himself in an attempt to save what little dignity he still had left.

Saba overheard Elgey ask what their favorite color is. He looked over, "My favorite color is Opal! Or diamond(preferably the yellow variant)!" Saba said cheerfully. As Saba was looking for clues of sorts he noticed something metallic in appearance on the ground just behind the dumpster. He walked behind it to see what it was.
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"Opal..." the monosyllabic word instantly transported Elgey to a foggy memory lane, back in his hometown, his homeplanet.

"Opal... opal..." he chanted rhythmically, his stubby fingers flashing wildly. Eventually, he snapped out of his stupor and apologised profusely.

"Oh, sorry, must've dozed off... anyway, the cafe is right ahead."

Elgey pushed open the pink door to Miltank Cafe, and the sound of a cowbell replied. The cafe was relatively full, with not many seats left. Elegy surveyed the area, his eyes eventually settling on a yellow, bipedal Pokemon that was leaning against the wall. Elgey briskly drifted over to the Pokemon, who happened to be a young Kadabra.

"So, you're finally ready," he sneered. "It's about time."

They both exchanged glances with a few possible eavesdroppers, then went back to the conversation.

"Hey, I've been thinking... there's this trio of Fire types down at the far end, you see," the Kadabra said, as Elgey nodded in agreement, "and apparently they know you."

Elgey squinted, and instantly recognised one of the faces.

"Miles..." The nine tailed Pokemon brought Elgey memories of his first time at the Rebellion. He was the first Pokemon he had met here.

Kadabra knocked Elgey to bring him back to earth and said, "Well... I overheard them taalk about the disappearances of the two Pokemon, and they seem pretty strong. So how about we let the join our group?"

"Yes, we must," Elgey said without hesitation, drifting over to the three Fire types.

"Umm... excuse me, are you Miles?"


Previously Shadow_Pup
Mutt followed behind, he was happy to help and anything to stay out of solitary for a while was welcome. As they walked to the cafe he received the usual looks from passersby by, looks of fear, disgust, hatred, ect. He had gotten use to them all by now. He entered the cafe behind Elgey and happened to overhear the conversation and glanced at the fire types, thanks to his constant stays in solitary confinement there weren't many around here who he knew other than Elgey and Marz. He eyed them up and down, so they need some more heavy hitters, he thought to himself. Makes sense the kidnapping business can lead to some intense fights. He turned to Marz and motioned to the trio that Elgey was talking to, "Hey, Marz, do you know them, they any good?" he asked in his usual gruff tone.
Saba looked at the object in his hands. It was just a car distributor. He already had two at the house. He placed it down. As he walked out from behind the dumpster ,and noticed Elgey's fingers were flickering. Saba watched excitedly with a toothy grin as it happened.

Elgey and Mutt walked inside so Saba followed up behind. Saba looked around in the cafe ,and looked around at the drinks. Saba's favorite drink to order was a rowap berry and colbur berry juice mix. The combination was a very sour one ,but Saba loved it so. He was also a little parched, but not enough to ask for a drink. He saw a kadabra and a milktank. Saba knew a alakazam. He always beat Saba at chess in less than ten moves. Saba been to the cafe several times so he already knew the milktank there. Saba saw the fire type pokémon enjoying there drinks. Seeing them enjoy their drinks made Saba more thirsty ,but he had more self control than that so he merely glanced over for a few moments.
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The Blazing Trio watched as the group had walked in, the Elgyem conversed with the Kadabra, and then all their attention was on them. Doom huffed in a scoffing manner and looked at Miles with a look that conveyed "am I going first?"

Miles chuckled before looking at each and every one of the group. There was Elgey, who he was very familiar with. He helped Elgey get settled into the Rebellion and helped him with conforming to social life here. Then there was Saba. He didn't exactly know Saba all that well, but he knew he was the resident collector of gems and anything metallic. Then Wildmutt caught his eye. He remembered him as something very similar to himself and Doom. He was worthy in combat in Miles' eye and he respected him for it, not fearing him in the slightest. The Snivy barely missed his gaze as he remembered her vaguely. Though, he didn't know much about her besides her trainer brutally torturing her for better performance. Then there was Marz. He felt bad for Marz and was in a similar facility in Kanto, possibly by the same people or at least a sister company.

Doom hadn't cared to learn any of the others, unlike Miles. He only knew Wildmutt and Marz, and he only knew Wildmutt because of rumors around town and Marz through Miles. Mo'o was just as clueless as to who everybody was except for Marz and that was through Miles, as well. Though, that little jewel gremlin looked pretty cute.

Miles smiled as Elgey floated up to him and he nodded. "Yes, Elgey. Nice to see that you are doing well and aren't among the missing. Do you have any plans or clues as to where the missing Pokemon went?"

Doom nodded at the other Pokemon in the group before looking at Elgey. "With two Pokemon going missing, it has to be by either another Pokemon or a human. A Pokemon who is cunning and smart enough to lure an 8-year-old Fennekin away and yet strong enough to deal with a 24-year-old Metang. A human could do that as well, but they usually have a team of around one to six Pokemon on them. Some may have even more than six, but those Pokemon usually don't battle." Doom, being an expert on assessing situations, explained what he thought about the whole situation. This was just guess work, but seeing as how Doom had fought against trained Pokemon, trainers, and wild Pokemon alike, he knew what he was looking for.

Mo'o just laid against the table with her elbow propping herself up, and her hand balled into a fist to prop her head up. The rest of her body did a lazy lean into the table. While her posture conveyed she didn't really care about the situation, her face was very somber. Until she looked at Saba.

She liked making Pokemon get flustered and she thought maybe this would be a good idea. She gave a sultry wink towards the Sableye in an attempt to get him mildly uncomfortable or flustered. If he was even looking in her direction. She had no interest in him, but she thought that maybe Saba's reaction may be funny to see.

The only other Pokemon she had seemed to like as a person (or Pokemon) was Wildmutt, but that was through comments and rumors. She liked tough guys though.

Mo'o did catch wind of Wildmutt asking Marz a question about the three. Really, the only other Pokemon she may know was Miles. Her and Doom liked to keep away from visitors or newcomers and the only way anybody heard of them were through rumors, but Miles would blindly charge to the front gate to greet any newcomers and visitors, give them a tour if they so desired, and lead them to the official Pokemon who gave away housing like it was candy. He's also the resident "ask me if you need anything", so he ended up getting a lot of questions from others.

Miles' tails twitched a bit as he looked at the cafe door. Huh, must have been nothing. His danger sense (as he liked to call it) had been misfiring today due to his stress and concern over the two missing Pokemon. He calmed down, since his hair had bristled slightly before becoming smooth and flush with his body. He was starting to get nervous and flashbacks of the small fighting pit edged at his conscious. He looked about in slight panic and shook his head vigorously. "Let's get out of the cafe. It's getting.... stuffy in here."

Doom and Mo'o knew what he really meant and tailed him as he left the cafe in a rush. As soon as he went outside, he breathed in the fresh air that was the outside and calmed down considerably. Not feeling like he's back in the ring, he turned towards the others and awaited any questions.
Saba stood there quietly listening to the others talk. He didn't have a lot of small talk skills so he just patiently stood there looking around at the decorations on the wall, the door, the drinks on the table, the pokémon enjoying the drinks ,and the pokémon Elgey was interacting with. Three firey pokémon. The ninetails seemed to be like friends or something with Elgey. Saba didn't think he knew any ninetails. Saba was confused ,but didn't speak on his confusion. There was also the houndoom. He looked like he could be an older brother of sorts to Mutt. They were fairly similar to Saba. Then there was the shiny salazzle. Saba wasn't sure what to think of her either. She was leaning against the table. Saba assumed she might have been tired after a long journey or something. Seeing all these tall pokémon made Saba a little nervous. Saba smiled when he looked at Elgey since it was nice seeing another short pokémon nearby.

As Saba looked at the three fire pokémon he saw the houndoom nod ,and strangely enough the salazzle winked at him strangely. Saba's eyes twinkled ,and his heart momentarily stopped. Which wasn't too strange since he was a ghost type ,but he felt awkward in that brief moment. He couldn't help but to grin and let out a chuckle. He covered his mouth with both hands before turning his head away only glancing back twice through his peripherals. Saba was speechless ,but his attention shifted when the ninetails acted strangely. He then left ,and the others tailed after him. "What was that all about?" Saba said confused.

Saba wasn't sure what to make of that sudden reaction. He then decided to sit down by the counter. He began humming to himself as he began pondering whether or not he wanted a drink. He thought against it considering perhaps Elgey would also decide to leave in a similar fashion. There was only one drink Saba wanted and that was a rowap berry and colbur berry juice mix.However they still had work to do so Saba would more than likely have to come back on his own time.
Elgey stared innocently at the suddenly aloof Saba. Some of the hardest earthling emotions to understand, to him, were shyness and love, so it was expected that he should be curious. After staring profusely into Saba's eyes in curiosity, he followed Miles outside, where it was considerably less stuffy.

"Well, Miles, I've found some evidence pointing to the shady behaviour of the Rebellion," he said, handing him the dilapidated parchment that was the letter to Code: Zepto. He pointed to the address on it, barely visible under the thick layers of tape and glue.

"I believe we should go to the address here. It might lead to the answer we've been searching for."

Hearing Doom's remark about how the kidnapper must be strong prompted Elgey to make a sort of eye-grimace, for he had no mouth of which to grimace.

"Yes... do any of you, other than Miles, Doom and Mutt have battle prowess? Nothing too big, maybe just a status move or two might be enough..." The atmosphere of the expanding group didn't help Elgey to speak any more coherently.
Saba laid his head down on the table upon hearing Elgey talked about heading to the adress, "Uuuggghhh... Okaaay..." Saba muttered. He then looked at the drinks before climbing down the bar stool, "Coming!" Saba said as he followed along, "I'll come back for you rowap berry and colbur berry juice! Just you wait! Saba is gonna come back! and drink you! Drink lots of juice!" Saba thought to himself as he followed behind. As Saba began thinking about the task at hand. He wondered what sort of clues they would find ,but didn't want to think too hard about it. Whatever sort of assumptions Saba might have had were pure speculation anyways. They might not find any clues at all ,but Saba wanted to be optimistic.