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Open Pokemon: Web of Lies - Sign Ups!

Name : Paratmos Maple
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Tall, lanky and pale. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Black glasses and Light blue shirt, orange zip-up hoodie, blue jeans and black and white shoes.
Personality: Charismatic, smart and Imaginative. Also, fearful and what he does not have in common sense he has in smarts.
Native Region: Genso
Sexuality: Straight
Partner Pokemon : Rotom
Pokemon Team : Rotom, Eevee, Magnemite, Rowlet, Froakie, Mimikyu
Alliance : Rebel
Name: Jessi Cromwell
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Jessi tends to let her long blond hair fall down straight. It ends at the lower back. She has blunt bangs that end right above her eyebrows. Her skin is pale with hardly any blemishes on it. She tends to wear a bit of makeup. Mostly just a smokey eye, and a red lip. In her nose she wears a rose gold stud. On her neck is a black ribbon choker. Dangling from her choker is a moon pendant it has an inerdecent look to it. Jessi is on the skinnier side, but is toned from her swimming and other activities. Jessi tends to wear black clothing. Her go to is a dark red flannel button up that she wears over a black band tee. She pairs this with a pair of ripped black skinny jeans. On her feet is a pair chunky heeled boots that are black in color, and come to just above her ankle. Her backpack, is a shoulder bag. It is black in color with graphic pokemon desgins all over. The main pokemon represented is Eevee and it's evolved forms.
Personality: Jessi is very bold. She loves to find new and different places to explore. Being a photographer was a great way to see new places and make decent money while doing. She loves to read and write as well. She could be seen with something to draw with as well.
Native Region: Jubilife City, Sinnoh
Sexuality: Straight
Partner Pokemon: Espeon (Male)
Pokemon Team: Espeon (Male), Fluff (Lopunny)(Female)(Shiny), Bulbasaur (Female), Ember (Female), Dedenne (Female), Milotic (female), Togapi (Female)(Companion pokemon)
Alliance: The Rebels.
Other: Jessi is a photographer. She loves to take photos. She was once famous for pokemon performing on her first journey, before she quit to persue her job in travelling photographer.
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Alrighty, here we go (sorry I am a little late to the action):

Name: Victor Copland



Victor has a slim but tall physique with blue-green eyes and messy auburn hair. He is usually found wearing a plaid red-blue jumper and striped black and white shirt. He's nothing special to look at and generally isn't interesting in any visual way.

Victor has an outgoing and selfless personality generally putting others before himself and trying to assist his Pokemon and the Pokemon around him. He is also very inquisitive and strives to learn more about the world around him. Despite his extremely rough childhood and experimental procedures he ended up more or less the better. He will keep a very close group of friends and put trust in them that he would not usually put in others.

Native Region: Hoenn

Sexuality: Asexual

Partner Pokemon: Morpho - Metagross (M)

Pokemon Team: Morpho - Metagross (M), Chalice - Shiftry (F), Sentry - Sharpedo (M), Silken - Banette (F), Nefar - Cacturne (M), Persevil - Zangoose (M)

Alliance: Rebel

Name: Venerable Malice


Genderless, (Male)

Malice has a slim but tall physique with blue-green eyes and messy auburn hair. He is usually found wearing a plaid red-blue jumper and striped black and white shirt. He's nothing special to look at and generally isn't interesting in any visual way.

Malice has an odd and very conflicting personality. It wishes for its ideal world... one where it sits at the top and everything is built with its vision. It is cruel, unforgiving, menacing, deceitful and persistent- stopping at nothing to reach its goals. It will try to appeal to others so that it can use them, and eventually have them as its own.

Native Region: Hoenn

Sexuality: Asexual

Partner Pokemon: Hydra - Metagross (M)

Pokemon Team: Hydra - Metagross (M), Pitch - Shiftry (F), Fury - Sharpedo (M), Revenge - Banette (F), Thistle - Cacturne (M), Power - Zangoose (M)

Alliance: Liar

These bios are also subject to change if needed.
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Previously Team Rainbow Hope
Name (Who are you?): Hazel
Age (16+): 19
Appearance (What do you look like): Hazel has (ironically enough) blue/grey eyes and chocolate-brown skin. She often keeps her dark brown hair in either a ponytail or in braids. She prefers tank-tops and t-shirts with shorts over traditional trainer uniforms, and will still wear short sleeves, even during winter.
Personality (How do you act): Hazel is the supportive and tough personality that you see in action TV shows and movies. She is extremely protective towards Pokemon, and might jump in the way of a death blow to another trainer's pokemon, even if that'd result in the other trainer getting hurt in return. She runs an Adoption Center where mistreated and disabled Pokemon are housed until they get a home.
Native Region (Where are you from): Kalos
Sexuality: Straight
Partner Pokemon (Who was their starter or their go to Pokemon): Nuzzle the Albino Dedenne
Pokemon Team (Your entire team + the partner Pokemon): Nuzzle (Dedenne), Helmet (Crainiados), Cookie (Lillipup)
Alliance (More information below): Liars (She uses her adoption center in order to find out information from customers and passes it down to other Liars. Pokemon that were tested on by the Spies are also sent to her adoption center in order to be "disposed of")