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Open Pokemon: Web of Lies - Sign Ups!


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Repeat offenses after warnings can get you moderated or even fully banned, so please be careful. I understand that you're new but I just want to make sure that everyone understands. :)


Previously EeviumZ
@Paratmos Maple
1) If you want to have the battle continue, go ahead. If you want to forfeit, that's fine too. Whatever works.
2) I suggest taking a look at the section regarding this in the Pokemon RP rules. I'll give a quick summary here though:

Yes, it's allowed, and no, you don't need moderator approval. However, there are strings attached.
a) There needs to be very good proof of the bond between Trainer and Pokemon.
b) Battle Bond replaces the Pokemon's normal ability.
c) You'll have to design the appearance change on your own.
d) Battle Bond < Mega Evolution. Battle Bond is nowhere near the level of Mega Evolution. It's obviously a substantial power boost, but it's not a way to cheat your way into Mega Evolution.
e) Just like we seen in the anime, it does have to have physical effects on the Trainer. (If I remember correctly.)

EDIT: I went ahead and found the section regarding Battle Bond in the rules.
"Battle Bond forms (such as Ash-Greninja) are similar yet different to Mega Evolutions. Both are form changes that are accompanied by a major power boost - and both require a deep, demonstrable bond between Pokémon and Trainer. However, while Mega Evolution draws its power from difficult-to-obtain catalysts, Battle Bond forms derive their power from a Trainer and a Pokémon sharing their strength in a particular way. This puts an upper limit on how powerful the transformation is and how much can it alter the Pokémon:
  • A Battle Bond transformation causes the Pokémon to take on some appearance modifiers that resemble its trainer and some related to the moves or attributes boosted by the transformation (for example, the enlarged Water Shuriken on Ash-Greninja's back). The transformation, however, is typically fairly minor compared to the changes a Mega Evolution can bring.
  • While a Battle Bond transformation gives a significant boost in battle power and may power up certain moves in particular (again, in Ash-Greninja's case, it was Water Shuriken), it may not change the type or ability of a transformed Pokémon, and the power of the transformation will usually not be as great as a "proper" Mega Evolution's.
  • Battle Bond transformations form a two-way link between the Trainer and the Pokémon, and that link is required to maintain the transformation. When linked, a Trainer will see what their Pokémon sees and feel what their Pokémon feels - and that includes the pain of battle. Naturally, this puts an upper limit on how long the transformation may be kept up - one which depends on both the Pokémon and the trainer. Tolerance may be built up over time by both as they become familiar with how much they can share with each other without overwhelming each other - but that would require training and an even deeper degree of understanding to form between them.
With these restrictions in place, a Battle Bond form can be treated in a similar manner to a fan-made transformation, and thus there is generally no need to request special permission to have a Battle Bond Pokémon. However, if the transformation is fully mastered and is expected to be as powerful as a Mega Evolution, permission is required as with any fan-made Pokémon with Mega Evolution and/or Legendary-tier power.

With the exception of the restrictions mentioned above, the following restrictions apply to Battle Bond Pokémon:
  • Only one Pokémon in a Trainer's team may have a Battle Bond form. Needless to say, a character cannot have both a Pokémon with Battle Bond and a Mega Evolving Pokémon.
  • No Pokémon that is capable of Mega Evolving may have a Battle Bond form. Battle Bond may not be used to "cheat" one's way into an unauthorised Mega Evolution
  • As a fan-made form change, all restrictions applying to fan-made Pokémon (as they appear in the relevant section below) apply to Battle Bond Pokémon.
Am I allowed to make a fanmade Rotom mega evolution or form? I was thinking, for mega form it would just raise speed and attack. for the form, however, it would change from, a ghost-type into a psychic-type.


Previously EeviumZ
^ Dark, Z-Moves don't require approval.

He noticed a flow of energy coming from Talia that went into her Altaria, probably some form of bonding...
What are you referring to? You might be thinking about her Key Stone.

Also, just for fun, here are some battle themes for Talia:
"Battle! VS the Symphonic Master!" - Integrity - Instrumental Mix by Vetrom
"Intense Battle! The Heavenly Symphony!" (for more intense battles, such as v.s the antagonists) - My Last Charade - Nitro Remix by Nick Nitro

EDIT: yes, posting links to YT videos is allowed. I've done it before.
May I still join this?

Ezekiel Royals
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ezekiel has fair skin, a creaming shade of pale ivory. He is fairly small- almost appearing younger than he actually is- standing at 5'9 and being rather skinny. Zeke has a soft face, with easy features: a button like nose, rounded chin, and high cheeks. Ezekiel's eyes are large and round, surrounded by a thick set of lashes. His pupils are a lush green color, dark like a thick forest. Above his eyes are thick, rounded eyebrows of a purple shade. His eyebrows match his simple purple undercut, which is only a couple inches on the top but fades to skin past his ears. Zeke wears a pair of loose cargo shorts with matching sandy brown sandals, plus a dark blue polo with a pokeball on the right chest.
Personality: Ezekiel is a friendly soul, his innocent and child-like energy make him rather charming and people tend to become fond of him quickly. Growing up, Zeke was never given much of a chance to share or even develop his own opinions, so he tends to stick to just agreeing with everything, it makes the boy very hard to not get along with. Zeke loves to volunteer and help, he tends to do things without even thinking about it. Ezekiel is unnaturally optimistic and compassionate, but he is so genuine it makes his words seem real. In reality, Ezekiel is just sheltered and naive. He wants whats best for everybody, but he has no idea that what he's doing is wrong.
Native Region: Kanto
Sexuality: Bisexual
Partner Pokemon: Persian (Male)
Pokemon Team: Magmortar (Male), Tangrowth (Female), Ryhorn (Male), Persian (Male), Seaking (Female)
Alliance: Liars (More below)
Background: Born into a life of lies, just as anyone of this era, Zeke was spoon-fed such lies since he were young. Both of Eekiel's parents are what people are now calling the "liars". With his father being a head executor, and his mother a spy over the gym leaders of the region- if Zeke ever wanted to spend time with his family he had to go with them to 'work'. Of course, being a child, Zeke absorbed everything. Every lie that he heard from the grunts, every story about those nasty rebels, every innovation that would 'help the world', every rule that was key to having a harmonic life style. All of the value and opinions flooded Zeke's brain, he knew nothing more than those lies. By the age of 10, Zeke was recruited into the liar's society. The boy was a strong trainer from the beginning, and he was the best liar of all (he didn't even know he was lying) he grew in ranks fairly quickly. At this point, Ezekiel is the head of his own operational division- though he spends most of his time just wandering.