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Ask to Join Primordial Pokémon: OOC and Sign Ups

Primordial Pokémon is an idea I had where each of the Pokémon types are split into the Primordial elements (fire, water, earth, air). Trainers join a group and battle members of the other groups, to take control of a region (yet to be designed).

So, these are the elements and which types are in them:






Dragon and Normal have not been put in the Primordial elements as they have a high amount of variety and it balances out the amount of types in each. Thus, every group can use Dragon and Normal type Pokémon. The only rule is that if a Pokémon with one of those types is a dual type, only the group which has the other type in it can use it. For example: Garchomp (Ground and Dragon) can only be used by Earth as it has a type in the ground group with it. If it is a Normal and Dragon type Pokémon (Such as Drampa) it can be used by all.
Dual types can be used by any team that has either of the Pokémon's types, unless mentioned above.

1. No Legendary or Mythical Pokémon
2. Try keep cursing to a minimum
3. Keep it PG 13
4. Only 1 character
5. No Mega-Evolutions or Z-Moves (This may be reconsidered)
6. Be reasonable (No capturing a Max Health, no status condition Metagross with a standard Pokéball)
7. Do not use Pokémon from other teams
8. Don't put one liners
9. Only be a team leader or admin if you have asked for my permission
10. Put "Primordial Pokémon" in the additional information area of your form so I know you read the rules.


Human Characters:

Elemental Group:
Backstory: (Is not needed but helps increase your chance to be accepted)
Additional Information:

Pokémon Characters:

Appearance: (Not needed but you can have it)
Backstory: (Same as above)

Example / My Character

Name: Jakob Perk
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Elemental Group: Air
Appearance: Grey hoodie and denim jeans, white sneakers with grey wings painted on the sides, messy, brown hair, grey-blue eyes, medium height, thin
Personality: Shy, struggles in social situations, intelligent but lacks common sense, a loner, fast, likes to be in control, not very modest
Backstory: Jakob came from a distant region where his family were a member of a former steppe tribe that had settled on top of a very tall mountain. From a young age, Jakob got used to breathing in thin air and the cold temperatures, but the thing he loved the most about his home was the Pokémon. He loved all the majestic birds that flew and glided above his head and all the beasts that roamed the pine forests that climbed up the hill. Every morning, he would like to hike up to the peak of the mountain carrying a basket of berries for the creatures. Every day he would come and every day the same Pokémon would be there. He befriended and bonded with them, protecting them from harm and feeding them. One day a immensly strong blizzard hit, but that didn't stop Jakob. He knew his Pokémon would be there. Once he arrived st the peak, he found his friends freezing and injured. He couldn't besr to seem them hurt, so he captured them in Pokéballs and took them to the warmth and safety of his house. He had saved them
Additonal informstion: Primordial Pokemon, an air admin

Nickname: Violet
Species: Luxray
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Appearance: Standard Luxray
Personality: Fierce battler, protective, serious, brave
Backstory: It was one of the Pokémon Jakob saved

Nickname: Echo
Species: Noivern
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standard Noivern
Personality: Loud, friendly, overly competitive, wise
Backstory: Non

Nickname: Jade
Species: Yanmega
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: A Yanmega but with segments that are crystal-like in appearance
Personality: Eccentric, active, full of energy, can be very annoying
Backstory: Started following Jakob one day and never stopped. Jakob decided to capture it so it would stop annoying him.

Nickname: Anubis
Species: Riolu
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Standard Riolu
Personality: Dreams of being a Lucario, clumsy, determined, easily frustrated

Other Information:

If anybody could make a map for me, talk to me and I'll tell you the details. If you read this far, thanks.
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Name: John shadow
Elemental Group:fire
Appearance:wears a black cloak and black trousers, has black hair,is tall,has jet black shoes with a flame on the front
Personality:calm, hates war, loves Pokemon,truthful, prefers to help other people
Backstory: Growing up in near a volcano was a dangerous childhood he hated every bit of it. Bu when he was left behind the day before an eruption he say it's true beauty the ghost, dark and poison types working together to fortify there homes and a top the volcano fire types trying to calm the eruption.And finally below open pokemon helped him to get to safety. But in the mist of the flame he saw some pokemon trapped and saved them but following the eruption they had no home left so together they travelled the region.
Additional Information: primordial Pokemon
Species: pyroar
Appearance: standard pyroar
Personality: over protective, is very socialable
Backstory: saved john from the volcano and lost his home

Species: drapion
Appearance: standard drapion
Personality:hates people other than john, cares about friend
Backstory: he was abandon and in the streets until john found him

Appearance: standard houndoom
Personality: over protective,lonesome
Backstory: Also was saved but lost it's home
may I ask how does it work for pokemon like honchcrow because he is flying dark and drapion is poison bug
If a Pokémon is dual typed, it can go it any group than has its type. For example, Honchkrow can go in air and fire as it has an air type (flying) and a fire type (dark)
Name: Auron Ward
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Elemental Group: Earth
Appearance: Medium length Dark Brown hair, Wears a Black Suit, with a red dress shirt underneath with no tie.
Personality: Proud, but tends to keep to himself. Most people misunderstand him to be a loner, but in reality he just puts alot of thought into his words and actions. Auron is studying geothermal energy for the Earth Group and explores the region near and far collecting data with the help of his partner pokemon.
Backstory: Auron was born in a town known for its mining industry, so he grew up around the standard Rock and Ground Types he is familiar with. In fact his first pokemon given to him from his father was a Rock Type, Rockruff, together with his parner pokemon he named Sinbad they explored the nearby cities and villages. From a young age he was interested in how the town and nearby cities were powered by coal and other minerals. Auron's interest in Science and Research landed him an opprotunity to assist the local professor with his research into Energy sources, In order to do so he would need to travel alot more, So the professor gave him a Skarmory so he could travel to gather data on the tectonic movement, and geothermal reading in different areas in the region.
Additional Information: Want's to grow up to be a Pokemon Professor, Is Interested in finding more energy sources for the Earth Group. Primordial Pokemon

Pokémon Characters:

Nickname: Sinbad
Species: Lycanrock-Midday
Age: 15
Gender: M
Appearance: (Not needed but you can have it)
Personality: Eager to explore, and loyal to Auron
Backstory: Auron's first pokemon, They have a close bond and have spent many years together

Nickname: Acero
Species: Skarmory
Age: 28
Gender: F
Appearance: (Not needed but you can have it)
Personality: Loves flying over the region, Loves to fight, Strong sense of pride
Backstory: Given to him by the professor to travel the region

Nickname: Lazurus
Species: Alolan Golem
Age: 55
Gender: M
Appearance: (Not needed but you can have it)
Personality: An old and powerful pokemon, Loves showing off its power, Never wants to flee a battle
Backstory: Received from a collegue while studying the effects of volcanic activity on local Geodude, and Graveller.

Nickname: Ferrus
Species: Lairon
Age: 30
Gender: M
Appearance: Has a scar over its right eye
Personality: Loves to eat, Tends to dig holes when not watched
Backstory: Found in an abandoned mine, eating the leftover Iron

Nickname: Rohan
Species: Gible
Age: 12
Gender: M
Appearance: Deep Scar on its forehead
Personality: Excitable, Always happy to battle, Wants to prove itself and get stronger
Backstory: Rescued from a group of Sandile while exploring a desert


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Name: Soro
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Elemental Group: Air
Appearance: Blond hair, light blue hoodie, wing symbol on back of hoodie, blue eyes, scrawny, blue jeans, barefoot.
Personality: Quick, Swift, Funny, Humble, Brave
Backstory: Soro was born with a family that flew jets and helicopters, so he was always in the air. He has two younger twin sisters.

Nickname: Ozone
Species: Pidgeotto
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Sore-Loser, Brave, Not Very Humble, Quick, Agile
Backstory: Ozone was just a Pidgey when Soro caught him. Ozone now flies high up in the clouds.

Nickname: Buzzbuzz
Species: Yanmega
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Personality: Brave, Strict, Harsh, Stubborn
Backstory: Buzzbuzz believes no faith in its trainer so mostly it never battles. But when Soro's in trouble, that's when it goes in.

Nickname: El Luchador
Species: Hawlucha
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Appearance: Your average Shiny Hawlucha
Personality: Strong, Not Very Humble, Strict, Brave, Stubborn
Backstory: El Luchador will fight to protect its only owner and best friend. It was the second pokemon Soro had caught.