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Ask to Join Primordial Pokémon

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Jakob was awoken by a jumping Riolu. This was his 4th year here in the Primordial land and he had done well. He earned the rank of air admin. They were going to have a party later, but Jakob had a job to do now. One of his favourite jobs: teaching the rookies how to ride flying Pokémon. He arrived at the hangar (The Team Air were based in a huge Airship) and saw all the rookies with their rented Pidgeot. He showed them the basics: run ups, diving, actual flying and how to use a parachute if it goes wrong. Then they flew. Jakob always loved flying, but it was strange thst an air admin only had one Pokémon to fly with: Echo, his Noivern. They did some aerial flips together and he taught the recruits how to do the same. They were gettin close to the landing zone when a recruit go hit by a huge fireball. A Magmortar and a Team Fire member were shooting at us. "You lot go and fight them while I go for the victim." Jakob dived down after the unconscious, flailing rookie. "Noivern, you ready to catch me?" Jakob whispered wnd Noivern nodded with a vague understanding. Jakob then pushed off and grsbbed the recruit, shoving his parachute snd his back and pulling it. Well, that was enough heroics for one day. Suddenly, he saw the others retreating back to the Airship. They had got reinforcements. Jakob hsd got Noivern to grab him, but he got hit by a stronger fireball and he fell to the ground, near the fallen Pidgeot of the new kid. The kid landed softly onto the ground. Jakob knew that he would be late for the party.
Amongst the members of team fire stood their admin john. he had ordered the attack on the air team and he had been the one to shoot the air admin jakob with the help of his houndoom and pyroar. Slowly he approached the admin and stared him in the eye. "look the purrlion draged in" he spoke calmly
"Morning lads, I was just popping by..." Jakob sakd with a smile. "And don't expect a battle, I only have two Pokémon and one is safer in the Pokéball, she is that annoying." He backed away slowly, sliding his hand onto the Pokéball containing Violet. Jakob was a fast runner, however Violet was much faster. Sure, he would be called a coward for weaks but he can't fight all 6 of them, one of which were an admin. The other recruit was just gaining consiousness and his Pidgeot for the training exercise was warn out. He got up and said, "I'm stronger than you all! Come on Jakob, you can defeat them!" Jakob was torn: he didn't know whether to say to his ally that they wouldn't win or battle. "Fine... I challenge you.... to a Pokémon ball." said Jakob through gritted teeth.
"I thought you were a coward but clearly not," spoke john " tell you what it will be a one vs one me vs you, if I win you come with us but if you win your free to go."
"Agreed. Stand back, kid. This is gonna get messy." Jakob said as he sent out Violet. He also sent out Jade to watch and to get to grips with the circumstances. If he lost, they were in deep trouble. Deep deep trouble. He went to talk to the rookie, "Listen here, he cannot see you use this. Passcode is 41RW1N5. Once you're on, select 'Contacts' and choose 'The Honchkrow.' once he picks up, say thst Toucannon 13 requests aid. You know who we're calling." The rookie stared in disbelief but just nodded. Jakob, one of the most powerful trainers in the air group, had requested support to enemies that he could beat. "Right, you move first..."
"pyroar start up the flames of battle," yelled john "this place will burn up in a flame death, now go ahead use your mighty flamethrower to destroy that luxray."in one second half of the forest was a blaze.
"Violet, try not set your hair alight would ya? Now, thunder fang." Violet leapt at her opponent, bearing all her teeth, electrical charge going between each of them. It pounced and hit the Pyroar. "Come on Violet, if you repeat that you know what you get called." Violet sighed; When he called her Ultraviolet she liked it, but it was still a terrible pun
Sparks and embers flow from the battle field. " Pyroar bite fire fang." called john as flames took shape on pyroars fangs biting into the opponent luxrays static filled fur.
Then he arrived. The big boss. Honchkrow. "For your information, Toucannon 13 requested support from the big boss himself. The Primordial act says that an offense again a higher is not allowed without an accepted challenge. Therefore, when I step on the helicoptor, there is nothing you can do. Thanks you very much snd have a nice day." Jakob said laughing.
John laughed at this remark by jakob as he had drapion appear from below. fire quelled as his pyroar jumped back to his side and roared in the chaos. " drapion grab that air recruit now." ordered john as drapion's claws wraped around the preventing him from moving. "goodbye jakob." laughed john
"Honchkrow. Land. Nobody. Messes. With. My. Rookies. Like. That. Do you understand? Back off or you get yourself in way to deep. You'll start to attract Water and Earth and that wouldn't be good. They would either take out the winner or side with me. Either way, not good for you better for me, but not good for you. So give me the kid and scram." Jakob had a face of thunder (OOC: pardon the pun) on him. Honchkrow - nobody actually knew his real name - told Jakob to settle down, he and the leader of Fire would reach an agreement. "Fine - but next time I see you, I will be ready to battle and you will lose. And if you don't I will train up until I..." "Rio..." Jakob jumped down and picked up Anubis, hugging him. "You got yourself a battle..."
"your see you next time." replied john as he and his men walked away from the scence "by the way I hear one of the other teams is planing something so I will let your recruit go for now. return drapion." as they walked over the horizon back to their base. The forest in ruins behind them.
Auron was watching over the region from atop his Skarmory, Acero when he smelled the scent of smoke. "Acero, You see that? Land over there" he said. Acero quickly turned and dove down to the burnt forest. As the Skarmory landed Auron quickly jumped down to investigate calling out his Lycanroc, Sinbad. "Sinbad help me look around will ya? Acero fly around and see if you theres anyone hurt" Auron ordered. Acero squaked in agreement before launching itself in the sky once more, while Sinbad barked once and started sniffing around the area before finding a few pidgeot feathers, "Hmm, Air? What would they be doing around here?" he wondered
" Well hello there auron," spoke john "greetings from team fire. It sure was worth coming back to see if we caught the attention of the teams when we attacked the air team and it appears we did so how are doing?"
Auron turned around to the approaching voice, "Hmm, you said you attacked them? Why?" he asked. Sinbad turned to face to intruder watching them cautiously, Acero still flew over head but watching the fire team keenly.
" to get there attention and give them a message," yelled john " I am the team fire admin john and heed my warning one team is planing something and it is water or earth so be warned a war is coming to this place so you should prepare yourself."
Auron rubbed his chin in thought, "I never heard of any such plans from Team Earth, but then again I am just a research assistant." He replied. "But why attack Air if you believe the other teams are panning something? Surely they aren't involved?" he asked as Sinbad now stood in front of him eyeing the Fire Admin with distrust.
" simple really they never listen to anyone but there superiors in there team," replied john finally showing his face. "meet me here tomorrow night we will discuss this with team air as well see if they know anything."
Auron looked at the ash ridden ground for a few seconds before replying "Alright, If there really is something dangerous going on, I will need to report it to the Professor" He said while nodding in agreement, Sinbad slowly started to relax as auron turned the other way whistling to Acero to swoop down to pick him back up. "Lycanroc, return." he stated flashing Sinbads pokeball to the side as it was sent back to its ball. Auron brushed himself off quickly before climbing onto Skarmories back.
Jakob was in the meeting hall. Alone. Only woth a plastix cup of water, staring down and where the fight had occured. He still had so much to learn. With his binoculars, he could see Team Fire had returned and that Auren was talking to them. Auren was only a year yonger than Jakob and althought Air and Earth and usually strong rivals, Jakob liked Auron. Violet strolled sround the hall, Anubis following him. Jade was hovering above Jakob's left shoulder and Noivern was hanging down from a support beam, roosting. The conflict between the teams has never been this bad since it began. The Air and Earth, The Fire and Water, they are met in the Arena, a vast basin that dried out many millennia ago. They battled for days, yet there was no clear winner. Fire claimed they were winning because they inflicted the most casualties. Air claimed they were winning because they had the most men. Water claimed they were winning because they had the most powerful Pokémon. Earth claimed they were winning because they had taken the least casualties. But nobody won. And thud, the Primordial Act was made, to make sure that such loses may never occur again. Fire liked the treaty the least as it limited their destructive abilities, something they take great pride in. But it kept the peace until now.
"Now to contact jakob," spoke john as he pulled open the holo caster "jakob when you get this meet me at these coordinates tonight for we must talk about a problem that is coming."
Jakob's holocaster vibrated in his pocket. He took in out and logged in, to find John had left a message. "That sly ninetails... he will probably just talk about himself, he is the problem. Now, the only issue is leaving while the par..." The door burst open and the music began to play. "Dramatic entrance Honchkrow? Not like you at all." Jakob said sarcastically as Honchkrow toom his holocaster and read the message. He just nodded. "Understood sir. Would you like me to prepare a... gift for our forest burning friend?" Honchkrow just nodded again. "All those people excited for the party will have to wait until tomorrow then." Jakob sigh, looking through the binoculars at John. "That sly ninetails... that very sly ninetails..."
Auron gave Skarmory a quick pat on the neck signaling it to take off. Auron needed to get a view of the area to make sure the fire was contained, after spotting the area where the flames were spreading he swooped down calling out his Alolan Golem. "Lazurus you're up, use rock slide to contain the flames! Acero, use Air Slash to blow the fire away from the remaining forest!" He yelled leaping down from Acero to coordinate the effort. He kept an eye out for any surviving wild pokemon to make sure they could make their escape
As night fell john appeared wondering to himself where jakob and auron where.the forest had become a scar on the land folow the fight.everywhere he looked was chaos but he it was for a good cause preventing the lose of life and the region for he knew it would mean the end of treaty for ever. "show yourselves he yelled knowing someone was nearby." yelled john
The Yanmega flew up to Auron's Skarmory and landed on its head. "Jade, get off there!" Jakob said, flying on his Noivern. "Auron, let's make a deal: I'll help you control the fire if you tel..." He saw John from the sky. "Nevermind, I'll ask him myself. Good luck controlling the fire. Jade, get off the Skarmory, we gotta go!" Noivern descended with speed and landed in front of John. "Evening. I brought snacks." Jakob said as he pulled out a sandwich.
" where auron?" asked john "you both need to hear this I around have my recruits putting out the fire as we speak and thanks for the snacks pal these look great but try any funny business."
Acero the Skarmory made a few annoyed squaks at the Yanmega as it flew away, While Auron looked at Jakob inquisitively. But before he could open his mouth John yelled his announcment. So without a word he quickly walled off the rest of the forest from the fire with a few more Rock Slides from Golem before recalling him and heading to the burnt scar where he was told to meet. "Right here" he replied to John as him and Acero decended and landed infront of the two
"The snacks aren't for you and I'm not your pal, John. Auron can have some sure. Auron, you want ham or cheese. Sorry for lack of variety but you know I couldn't bear to eat and see chicken because it is a bird. Now, lets get down to buiness. John, what so we need to know?
" your both here good." spoke john " I hear there's team in the region planing something my guess is it's water but we can not deny the fact that a team from another region could be doing this as there have been reports of tidal waves, earthquakes and tornados mysteriously appearing and people disappearing throughout the region."
Auron gave Acero a quick pat on the head before returning it to its Pokeball, He then turned to Jakob "Sorry, I'm not terribly hungry right now" he replied, He then looked at John. "If what you are saying is true, how can we be sure its one of the Teams? I doubt any of them would violate the treaty so quickly." He stated looking around the burnt. "From what I've seen Team Fire has come closest to breaking it"
"we only did it so we could get the attention of your teams," spoke john "honestly it would be a team with a lot of tech as we don't have the best tech in team fire we just have better tech than air."
"Oi! You don't have an Airship do you? Still, we could be seening a cataclysmic event and nobody wants tha, not even Fire. Well, what are we going to do about? We need to research thse events. I doubt it is Water, they have always up held the treaty. Perhaps a rogue organisation? You remember Team Pure don't you guys? 4 vissionaries came from each team and did something similar. They were mad, sure, but that doesn't mean it won't repeat."
" I did not but it does make sense," replied john "also you don't have a drill train do cause that what gives us better tech because no one knows where it is going but us."
"Well then, I'm going back to the Airship to look at the archives on Team Pure. They were trying to reawaken the Primal Deities? Groudon for Fire and Earth, Kyrogue for Water and Rayquaza for Air. That won't happen again. Last time they were awoken they almost destroyed the entire Hoenn region. I mean, they all relate to the events but that would imply they are awake now, which we would know about. Still, we could be seeing something like the abolishment of Primordial Act or even... the abolishment of the Team altogether..."
" agreed, I will send the data fire's gathered so far on these events," replied john " contact me on the holo-caster if you need me for anything as I plan on gathering more pokemon in case we of team fire get attacked, by the way tell water about what is happening if you see them they should know as well as this is also their region."
"Will do. You know John, you're not as bas as I thought you were." Jakob mounted his Noivern and they flew back to the Airship. It was a gentle flight; the skys were red with dawn and it wasn't urgent. He landed in the hangar to be greetd by his 4th year and 1 day anniversary party. "Gee, thanks guys, but I need to go to the archives. Its about th..." Honchkrow started over the tannoy. Everybody was quiet as the storm hit. Roughest one we had ever had. John was right about it not being us; we wouldn't hit ourselves with a storm this bad. When Jakob reached the archive, He made mhisway through the books that had been thrown off the self. Jakob found the one he wanted: "The Actives and Motives of the Rogue Organisation 'Team Pure' by Mickey 'Murkrow' Closala." Jakob knew his boss could be cunning. The book talked about the 4 vissionaires: Alexander 'Hephaestus' Tsaffa, Sabrina 'Gaea' Tsaffa (Jakob knew he should have guessed that Fire and Earth were twins, as they went for the same deity), Derick 'Posedien' Mustah and Nicholas "Hermes" Perks. "Dad." Jakob hadn't seen him since it happened. A squad of Pokémon trainers broke into Jakob's house and arrested his ad. Jakob wanted to help his dad as he had taught him everything, but on trainer held him back. His collegues called him "Murkrow." He said he was formally a Team Fire member, but he changed to Air. He even signed the renewal of the treaty for the Air. Jakob read the extract from the book aloud, "All four teams sent a representative to sign the treaty of the Primordial Act on their Team's behalf. They signed it at the Arena on the last day of the last week of the last year of the treaty. It will be upheld until the same time 20 years later, where it may be renewed and/or edited." Jakob thought about it. He was 5 when they took his dad away and he is 24 now, so that leaves them 1 year. "Gottem." Jakob thought.
Boarding the crimdon train went to his private terminal. Illuminous sunlight throw the roof he began to send the data to jakob and pulled up what they had team pure which was completly erased from the data banks. But, then he remembered the legend that when the three deity's are in one place they act as a compass to all the other legendary's and if all the legends are altogether their power can be harnessed and the world reshaped.
Jakob looked at the holocaster. "Not much we didn't know already. I'll have to ask Auron, the Earth like to keep massive archives and he is a researcher." Jakob then got an alert on the holocaster. "Primordial clash in the Arena, request back up from all teams." He gulped. Cataclysm was coming. All he had to get through to stop it was a huge storm, a flood with rougn waters, magma and several metres of almost indestructible rock. And some other things. "Well, this got bad fast. Too fast in fact." He sent a message to John: "Meet me on the Eastern edge of the Arena and try not get killed." This had been a rough anniversary.
As the other two went their separate ways Auron thought to himself about the situation. He had heard of Team Pure in books and in the Professor's research notes before. He decided to look into the Geothermal readings he had taken throughout the region, comparing them to where the severe weather events were occuring. As he was sitting with his holo caster the storm started to approach. "Huh? A storm?! Theres no evidence that something should occur here." He said "Acero! we have to go now, Lets find a cave or something and fast!" he yelled to his Skarmory as he jumped onto its back. The two swiftly darted off towards the mountains quickly finding a cave before the winds hit. "Skarmory return! Go Ferrus! Use Rock Slide to seal the cave entrance!" He ordered as Ferrus the huge Lairon emerged from its Ultra Ball, Ferrus quickly smacked the cave entrance with its tail sealing them in. "Good job Ferrus, Watch the entrance while I take a reading here." he said pulling out his Laptop from his satchel. "Hmm, There doesn't seem anything out of the normal here on the ground. Maybe something is going on in the sky? I should send this to Jakob and see if he knows anything else about this area." he said as he pulled out his holo caster and began forwarding his research he took in the area to Jakob's Holo.
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