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Open Shades of Adventure [Discussion Thread]

In the aspiring region of Kanto, trainers venture off with trusty Pokemon at their side, to battle and capture new Pokemon. It seems the thrill of adventure has reached to even the peaceful town of Pallet. Eager kids set out to become great Pokemon trainers, with the help of Professor Oak of course. They will create bonds with Pokemon from far and wide and endure hardship, unlike they've ever experienced before, and meet Pokemon beyond imagination.
Their shades of adventure starts here!

Trainer Tips:

  • Starting Pokemon are limited to the three starters (Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur), or you must catch one near Pallet Town or Cerulean City (Rattata, Mankey, Nidoran, Nidorino and Pidgey) - First come first serve
  • Avoid any contact with Alcohol, Drugs, etc...
  • Swearing is permitted but make sure your OC keeps it to a minimum
  • Must follow the Pokemon Role Play Rules forum.
  • Give me feedback on this thread :D

[Age] [Must be between 11-14]:
[Starter Pokemon]:
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Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Time to go to Kanto..

Name-Lucas(Luc for short)
Apperence-He wears a Lapras T-Shirt,and red sneakers.A Squirtle designed beanie,and has blue eyes,and brown hair.
Backstory: He used to live in Saffron City,but the attack of Team Rocket was so dangerous that he had to get adopted. (His parents were a part of Team Rocket as well.)Because of this,he grew very quiet,only warming up to friends. He was very excited leaving Pallet Town,as his new parents were very cruel to him.
Other:Has a liking to water,ground and flying types.
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I'm pretty new but this one looks like great fun I'm joining!

Name: Ray
Age: 14
Appearance: blonde hair, brown eyes, dark blue t-shirt, black trousers,black shoes, looking slightly small for his age
Backstory: He lost his mother in a fire 6 years ago in their Saffron City flat, and has been living with his aunt in Pallet Town ever since
Starter: Bulbasaur
Other: Although he prefers Squirtle the most out of the three, he chose Bulbasaur, buthe'd never pick Charmander because his fear for fire
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I'm such a sucker for Kanto RPs...
[Name]: Jackie
[Age]: 13
[Appearance]: Jackie's brown eyes hide behind ginger bangs, and her hair is shoulder length. Light freckles cover her entire body. She wears dark green shorts, and a black tank top, alongside black sneakers. She wears a watch on her left hand, and a red backpack on her back.
[Backstory]: Jackie's father used to have a Pokemon Farm, where he kept various Pokemon, so Jackie had experience with Pokemon from an early age. Her favourite thing to do was racing with her older brother on Doduo.
Her entire childhood she wished to embark on a journey and become a famous Pokemon trainer, comparable to Lance, Lt. Surge, Lorelei... Her dream led her to be ambitous and highly competitive, but also a sore loser. She can hold a grudge if you beat her in... anything, to be honest.
Jackie is also outgoing, friendly, and clever, but her personality is not over the top. While she is ambutious, she's not overly confident, and while she doesn't like losing, she knows that they're necessary to become a better trainer (she wishes she didn't have to experience them, though...) She's actually pretty grounded for someone with dreams that big.
[Starter Pokemon]: (I really wanted a Bulbasaur agh) Charmander
[Other]: Jackie has a faint scar on her left cheek from a Doduo's beak.
She's left handed.
@Vaporeonn Welcome to the RP! Your bio was fantastic, thanks for applying :D

@The Golden Dragonite Yeah sorry about that, I was away but I'm back now. On another note maybe add the backstory to your bio, and then I'll get back to you about joining the RP.

@RDX2 Same to you, maybe fix up your bio a little, not that it's bad, but it has some grammatical errors is all.

Gold The Dragonite

Previously Dratingonair
Ok,did the backstory. Also,I just realised I took what RD wanted,so he took what Vaporeonn wanted,hmm.... what if Oak gave us random starters?


Previously Airslashz
Hey! I think this role play looks interesting, so I'll have a little try!~
[Name]: Gavin
[Age]: 12
[Appearance]: Brown hair with brown eyes. Wears a red cap and usually wears a Starly t-shirt with very dark grey shorts. He always wears black and green shoes and wears dark green sunglasses.
[Backstory]: Gavin was adopted due to his older parents having budget and money issues (He actually doesn’t even know he was adopted.). He was then adopted to a good family. He had dreams of him being adopted, but takes it lightly very much.
[Starter Pokemon]: Since all the Pokémon are taken, Gavin will just catch a Pidgey on Route 1.
[Other]: None!

Let me know if I have to fix something! :3

@Airslashz Nice job! Accepted. Since the pidgey for obvious reason wont be as strong as the others, I think it's only fair if it was a higher level than the regular Pokemon. I'd say level 8 is fine, so it knows Gust.
Yeah since it seems there are more than enough people that have joined this RP (Which is awesome), @Vaporeonn is definitely right, I think adapting to new Pokemon would be a fun experience. But I'm still open to suggestions.

@RDX2 @The Golden Dragonite
Accepted, please remember to add spaces between commas and periods. I'd recommend using the grammar-assist to guide you through your posts.
The RP forum will be open shortly.
I've changed the rules a bit, so now any Pokemon within Pallet or Cerulean can be caught, change your Pokemon accordingly if you want. Thanks~

[Name]: Virgil Stevens Mahoney
[Age]: 14
[Appearance]: Rather short, at 5'6; fit build; windswept hair; blue eyes; red shirt with black strip, and grey jogging pants; with a small belt that can hold his Pokeballs and Pokedex.
[Backstory]: Virgil is quite the explorer, always ready to dive into the Kanto entails that await him, and to meet all kinds of new Pokemon. His father is the 3rd Gym Leader, and despite Virgil's father wishes for Virgil to become a Pokemon trainer and soon Gym Leader. Virgil is reluctant to follow his own Dads path, so instead he wishes to become a professor.
[Starter Pokemon]: Nidoran♂
[Other]: He doesn't like to battle too much, but he wishes to capture all of the Pokemon he meets.