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Open Sinnoh Adventures RP

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Welcome to Sinnoh Adventures! Everyday is a new journey with new or old friends! Fill out this to introduce your character into the story
Age: (Between 14-18 )
Appearance: (Must include hair and eye colour, and an idea of accessories and clothing)
Pokemon Team: (Must include species and personality. You can have up to nine Pokemon and catch more in the Sinnoh region)
Theme Song:
Number of badges:
RP Starter:

Here is mine
Name: Eclipse
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Appearance: Hair-Light brown and long with red ombré ends. Eyes- her left eye is golden, her right eye is red. Clothes-Purple beanie and purple trainers. Wears black and white chequered t shirt and matching thigh high socks. She tucks her t-shirt into a pair of denim shorts and has a red jacket tied around her waist. She has a red Z-ring on her left arm, and a bandage wrapped around her right arm that goes from her palm to her elbow. She wears an Eevee backpack with Eevee ears on the top.
Personality: Shy, Happy, Calm, Brave, Loyal, Intimidating in battle, Strong trainer.
Pokemon team (All Female):
Sunshine the Eevee (Partner): Impetuous and silly. Lvl: 62
Pyro the Flareon: Highly curious. Lvl: 60
Bubbles the Vaporeon: Somewhat of a clown. Lvl: 53
Volt the Jolteon: Strong willed. Lvl: 55
Oak the Leafeon: Very finicky. Lvl: 49
Froyo the Glaceon: Highly persistent. Lvl: 49
Dark the Umbreon: Proud of its power. Lvl: 50
Faith the Sylveon: Takes plenty of siestas. Lvl: 48
Pearl the Espeon: Scatters things often. Lvl:46
Theme Song: Happier (Marshmello X Bastille)
Number of badges: 19
Backstory: Eclipse and her famous parents absolutely adored Pokemon. Well, at least, until two Pokemon called Coughing and Wheezing made her parents sick. After that encounter, they hated Pokemon and hated Eclipse. She stole their wallets and ran away from them, before they could hurt her. She got lost in the woods, and there she found an Eevee and caught it. That Eevee has been with her since that amazing day.
RP Starter: Eclipse walked out of the jet bridge, and into the Sinnoh National Airport. She stretched her arms and her legs and started walking towards the toilets. She washed her face and dried it with one of the communal towels. She walked out and gazed around. There were so many people and different types of Pokemon around her, all in one place. She was going to go to a warden, to ask which way was out, when Sunshine jumped out of her pokeball and ran off.
"Hey! Come back!" Eclipse shouted as she chased after her. After chasing after her, She found Sunshine in a café called 'The Bread Basket Café'. She found a table with ten seats, and let her Pokemon sit. Eclipse ordered a loaf of bread, some toast and a basket of 108 Pokepuffs. She put 12 on each plate, except for hers, and a chunk of bread on each. She butted her toast and started eating it. Once Everyone had finished, she brought a take-out bag filled with pokepuffs and put them in her backpack. She paid the bill, and was about to leave, when she noticed a cool pokemon in the distance. She ran to see it and find out what it was
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I'm gonna join this!

Name: Samuel
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Uhh... straight?
Appearance: Short, light brown hair and hazel eyes. He wears a long, blue-with-white-stripes jacket all the time, even in Summer. He wears a grey t-shirt and black jeans underneath.
Personality: Samuel is not what you would call normal, he'll frequently do really dumb stuff in battle and somehow, some way, it works out for him usually. However, he's very honest and loyal to his friends, and will get serious when it really matters.
Pokemon Team:
Rin the Riolu - A tactician, getting better as the fight goes on - Male.
Vincent the Smeargle - Always seems to have their head in the clouds - Male.
Theme Song: Lifelight - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Number of badges: 0
Backstory: Samuel is an artist with a passion for all things creative. When he was around 10, he dreamed of having a happy life in a small cabin near a forest, where he would sit down all day and carve birds and paint anything that seemed interesting. Unfortunately, he lost that dream a few years later, when some men in black took away his mother and father. He never found out where they went. He was alone. He realised that they used Pokemon to help take his parents away. So, he thought that with the help of Pokemon, he could find them again. He's been searching for them ever since.
RP Starter:
Samuel had been sitting on a park bench near the airport, sketching all the flying type Pokemon he saw. It fascinated him how there could be so many Pokemon that all did similar things, yet all of them had a different soul to them. He flipped through his sketchbook, looking at all the drawings he had made of multiple Pokemon. His Riolu, his Smeargle, a Raichu he once met. It truly was his one favourite thing to do on the Earth. He held his head back, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.
Eclipse walked to the exit of the airport and saw a guy sleeping on a bench. She decided to wake him up. She shook him until he woke up, which was about two minutes. Once he woke up, Eclipse starting talking.
"Hey there, I'm Eclipse, What's your name? I like your drawing! How were you sleeping in this level of noise? Hey, do you wanna battle?''
The guy looked really confused at how many questions she asked and at the speed she asked them.
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"Uhh... well my name is Samuel. Umm... thanks for saying my drawing is nice! To be honest, I just kind of feel like I enter my own world when I start to snooze where everything is quiet, it's very nice. And I'm not really much of a battler, but sure, I guess." He shrugged his shoulders and stood up before yawning.
''Yay! Okay, lets find a more open space than this, cuz its kinda cramped.'' They walked out of the airport and found an open field. They got into position."Okay Flareon, come out on!'' Eclipse said as she threw a pokeball onto the ground.
"Flareon!" it shouted as it came out
"Okay, its your turn now.'' she said.
"Hmm... a Flareon, huh? Well then, I guess I'll start with you, Rin! Come on out!" He shouted as he threw the pokeball to the floor. Rin seemed calm about facing a Flareon. If this one fought similarly to how the other one he fought one time did, it'd be a cake walk. Still he stood firm and in his standard fighting stance. He awaited the first attack of the Flareon with a look of being uninterested on his face. Samuel smiled in excitement.
"Okay, Pyro, use Sizzly Slide! Ha! take that!" Eclipse said, determined. She had a feeling she would win this battle

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Previously EeviumZ
EDIT: Forgot to add that Allie has been to Alola and has a Z-Ring. Eevee has an Eevium-Z, Absol has a Darkinium-Z, and Gardevoir has a Psychium-Z. I hope that's okay. I actually didn't know that Z-Moves required no special permission until today. :?

Name: Allie Silverstone
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: She has long blue hair with purple highlights, brown eyes, pale skin, and a height of 5'6. She typically wears a blue tank top, a black skirt, white leggings, and black running shoes. She sometimes wears blue earbuds, and occasionally wears a black bow in her hair.
Personality: She's bubbly and sweet, and loves to make new friends. She can be a bit rash, often rushing into situations that she isn't prepared for (and usually gets herself into trouble because of it).
Theme Song: Try Everything - Shakira
Number of badges: 16 (8 from Kalos, 8 from Hoenn. She also has the trial stamps from all four islands of Alola.
Backstory: She was born in Lumiose City, Kalos. A bright and intelligent child, she seeked nothing more than to become a Performer/Coordinator and Pokemon Trainer. At the age of 8, she met Evie and they became instant friends (although Allie wasn't old enough to catch her yet). When Allie turned 10, Evie requested to be caught and Allie accepted. Together, they travelled Kalos and then moved to Hoenn to perform in Contests. Allie also travelled Alola, and obtained Z-Crystals there.
Pokemon Team

Species: Eevee (Partner, Holding Eevium-Z)
Gender: Female
Nickname: Evie (still pronounced Ee-vee)
Ability: Adaptability
Personality: Similar to her trainer, but a bit more sassy.

Species: Gardevoir (Shiny, Holding Psychium-Z)
Gender: Female
Nickname: Zelda
Ability: Trace
Personality: Much more calm and collected, and usually tries to keep her trainer's rashness in check. Acts as a voice of reason for Allie's Pokemon.
Note: Zelda is capable of using telepathy.

Species: Absol (Holding Darkinium-Z)
Gender: Male
Nickname: Lune
Ability: Super Luck
Personality: Usually on edge and apprehensive, and very protective of both Allie and her Pokemon.

Species: Togetic
Gender: Female
Nickname: Pixie
Ability: Serene Grace
Personality: Determined, and never backs down from a fight. She always seeks to become stronger.
Note: She is constantly searching for a Shiny Stone in order to evolve into Togekiss.

Species: Roselia
Gender: Female
Nickname: Rosie
Ability: Leaf Guard (Will be Technician upon evolving)
Personality: Mischievous but competitive. She loves to play pranks on anyone and everyone.
Note: She competes with Togetic to see who will find a Shiny Stone first.

RP Starter:
Allie had just left the airport, with Evie riding on her shoulder. She stretched her arms, looking upon the region with joy and excitement.
"Evie! We're finally here!" she exclaimed.
"Ee-vee!" Evie cried with enthusiasm.
She noticed two people battling, with a Flareon and a Riolu. Interested, she moved over to watch. Evie hopped up and down, presumably cheering the battlers on. Allie tried not to interfere, but let Evie cheer them on.
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While battling Samuel and waiting for his next move, Eclipse heard the soft, quiet rustling of the freshly-mowed grass. She looked around and saw a girl with an Eevee. The Eevee looked as if it were cheering them on. Eclipse smiled at the girl, and gently nodded her head, indicating that it was okay for her to watch. She hoped, that maybe she would take note of the moves that Pyro used, so she could teach it to her Eevee if it evolved into a Flareon. She looked away, concentrating on the battle again.
Samuel's two Pokemon weren't very strong as he had barely focused on training before. Luckily, Rin was able to deflect it away. It hit a tree, making it burn to a crisp. Rin turned back to Pyro, and ran at it, faking a low kick, then going for a mach punch. He then leaped backwards to its origin point.


Previously EeviumZ
Allie smiled back, while Evie cheered even harder. Evie loved seeing her evolutions in action, seeing as she couldn't evolve due to her Partner Eevee status.
"Maybe you can battle later, Evie!" Allie suggested. Evie nodded vigorously, her desire for battle kicking in.
Suddenly, Zelda popped out of her Dusk Ball. She glanced around, taking in the situation.
"Everything okay, Allie?" Zelda asked, telepathically.
"It's all good, Zelda. We're just watching a battle."
Zelda looked around, taking in her beautiful surroundings. "So this is Sinnoh. It's as beautiful as I heard."
"Yep! There's so much natural beauty here!" Allie replied.
Name: Samantha (Sam) Riles
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Sam wears her brown hair in a high ponytail with a red workout headband. She has brown eyes and is Caucasian. She wears a grey tank top and black workout pants, she has a blue jacket tied around her wait. She has black mountain climbing shoes.
Personality: Samantha is a hardworking individual, she believes in only good work can bring greatness. She often trains with her pokemon so then she can be their equal. She is also very stubborn and is hotheaded.
Pokemon Team: Rio (MRiolu), Minnie (FMinfoo), Char (MChimpchar)
Theme Song: Legends Never Die
Number of badges: 0
Backstory: Samantha (Sam for short) is a fighting type trainer from that wants to be a gym leader. She hails from Unova where she hatched Rio from an egg. She was given Minnie as a gift from her great-grandmother who had just passed. She will receive Char in this post.
RP Starter:
Samantha got off the airplane with a Riolu and Minfoo standing next to her. The three of them saw a battle and went over to watch. "Look, one of them has a Riolu as well, we might learn something Rio," Sam said to her blue pokemon. Rio nodded. They watched for only a moment then left, they would learn more from doing, not watching. They entered the heart of Sandgem where they would get a Chimpchar that Sam's father requested for his daughter.
She entered the lab and looked at Professor Rowen. "I'm Samatha Riles and I'm her-" she started.
"For the Chimpchar, yes, he is right over there." Sam ran over to the fire chimp.
"Hello! I'm going to train you into a powerful Infernape!" She greeted as she recalled the pokemon. She didn't bother paying the professor due to the fact her father already paid for her, after all, this was her birthday present.
Name: Akemi Elerond
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance: Long blond hair and pale skin, sky blue eyes. Outfit changes every so often.
Personality: DRAMA QUEEN

Glamour (Spritzee)
A bit shy, Glamour sprays thick perfume if it feels threatened, both as a smokescreen and possibly overwhelming others with the scent.

Theme song: Death by Glamour - Toby Fox
Badges: 0
Backstory: Akemi is a fashionista who began her journey as a little girl in Kalos, who was inspired by the great preformers there. She set out on her journey and made a few friends, and is in the Sinnoh region to participate in some of the contests.


Akemi struck a stylish pose as she exited the plane, her sequined outfit dazzling the eyes of anyone who looked her way. She strutted through the airport, making a quick stop in a Sawsbuck’s to pick up some coffee. She wasn’t sure quite where to go in Sandgem Town, so she asked for directions to the Pokémon Center. Glamour was floating around, enjoying the scenery and spraying puffs of perfume into the air.
The attack had done some damage to Pyro, but it wasn't much due to the fact that she was a much higher levelled pokemon than Rin.
" Pyro, run around Rin and trap it in a ring of fire!'' Eclipse ordered her trusty Pokemon. "Now use Flare blitz!''. As well as the effects it had on the Rin, the move made the ring of fire bigger and making it close in on the opponents pokemon.
Sam left the lab and went to the Pokemon Center, her pokemon following her. "First up will be battling gyms to gain strength, then we will be going somewhere else to gain more strength. Then I'll become a gym leader myself!" Sam punched the air with Minnie and Rio. "First we need a map to show the way." The trio started to look for maps.
Pink clouds billowed into the Pokemon Center, and the air was filled with a sweet scent. From the cloud jumped Akemi, Glamour hiding behind her.

"I am here to sign up for Pokemon Competitions!"

She shouted. She walked up to the front desk, where she talked to Nurse Joy and went through the registration process. Meanwhile, Glamour began floating around the center, observing closely anyone that moved in her direction.
In the Pokemon Center, the three still looked for maps. Minnie the Mienfoo arms seemed to move faster then the eye could see. She got surprisingly close to Glamour in her search, her eyes narrowed in focus. Rio stayed far away from the little perfume bird, due to the fact he really doesn't like the smell. Sam walked up to the front desk. "So, where are the maps? I kinda need one."
Glamour shied away from Minnie at first, but when nothing happened, she floated a little closer and sprayed some perfume that smelled like flowers and grass.

When Sam approached, Akemi struck a pose and said,

"Are YOU entering the Contests as well?"

She kinda interrupted the question about maps, but Nurse Joy understood and pulled out a few maps from behind the desk.

"Here you go,"

She said. The Chansey behind the counter waved and handed her another map, this one with information about Gyms and Contests.
The combination of the ring of fire and Flare Blitz was more than enough to knock out Rin, and Rin didn't think of a way out in time, and neither did Samuel. So that was one Pokemon down already for Samuel.
"Shoot, this isn't good. I didn't have high hopes of winning this, but I didn't think you'd be THIS strong!" Samuel said before sending out his stronger Pokemon, Vincent. Vincent stood with its tail in its hand, ready to attack.

During one of the few battles Samuel had before in his life, he had battled a Piplup from a trainer. He told Vincent to use Sketch after the Piplup attacked Vincent with a Bubble beam. It copied the move and now has Bubble beam for its entire life.

As soon as Vincent got sent out, Samuel told it to use Bubble beam on the Flareon. It channelled a bunch of bubbles and launched them.
Sam nodded in thanks. Then she looked at Akemi. "No, I'm battling gym leaders to become stronger to become a gym leader myself. I will accomplish my goal with my pokemon and hard work. Good luck with your Contests," She said to the loud trainer. "RIO, MINNIE!" she called. The two pokemon ran to their trainer and lined up. "We are about to face many perils, can you handle it?" the two pokemon nodded. Sam smiled, "Good, now on the road of hard work and perseverance!"


Previously EeviumZ
Allie smiled, watching the battle. She glanced down at her Z-Ring. It was one of her most prized possessions, that she and her Pokemon had strived to achieve during their time in Alola.
Evie was cheering even harder for the Flareon now, seeing it doing well. She nearly used Helping Hand out of excitement, but Zelda stopped her before she could.
'Don't interfere, Evie,' Zelda stated telepathically.
Name: Harley Summers
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Sexuality: gay
Appearance: Harley is androgynous. He has long blond hair with a little curl. He has light blue eyes with specs of lilac in them. He is usually seen wearing a light purple t-shirt, ripped skinny jeans, and dakr purple converse.
Personality: He is very sweet and loves to be with friends. He wants to become a pokemon breeder and contest performer. He can be sarcastic when he wants to be but only when he is tired or fed up with someone.
Pokemon Team:
Sylveon (female.) She is very loving and loves to watch over others.
Buneary (shiny female.) She love to perform and be the center of attention.
Togepi (female.) Just hatched a couple of weeks ago. She is used held by Harley most of the time.
Eevee (male.) He was a present from an old friend who wanted to give Harley something to help him on his journy.
Theme Song: Don't stop believing.
Number of badges: None in the Sinnoh region he did some ribbon in the Hoenn region.
Backstory: Harley had always wanted to be a performer. He would sit in front of the tv and watch the contests and try and learn as much as he could about them. When he turned ten his parents sent him to the professor to get his first pokemon. He got there a day late. His parents got the date wrong. So he was not able to get one of the three starters. The professer did not want to send someone back home without a pokemon so he took Harley outside. There he met the most adorable Eevee. It was better then he hoped. The Eevee loved Harley from the start. They traveled across their region searching for new friends and competing in contests.
RP Starter:
Harley got off the plane and was greeted by the beautiful sight of Sinnoh. He loved the open and fresh smell. Everywhere you looked there were trees and wildlife everywhere. Harley walked to the pokemon center, he wanted to get more information on where the contest for this region would be held.

Harley walked up to nurse Joy who were helping two girls. He wanted to get a map and sign up sheet ready. "Hello nurse Joy do you happen to have a map for the pokemon contest around Sinnoh?" By his side was his Sylveon ever present. In his arms was his beloved togepi. He held the togepi close to him and waited for the nurses response.
A person walked up and asked about Contests.

"YES! ANOTHER SOUL WHO APPRECIATES CONTESTS! Drama! Romance! Bloodshed! The ultimate competition!"

Seeing her trainer was making a fool of herself, Glamour wafted over and spritzed perfume right into Akemi's nostrils, causing her to double over, coughing.
Harley chuckled at the girls antics and her pokemon's sense of humor. "Yes I want to compete in them. I have won a few ribbon in the Hoenn region but wanted to start fresh here."

Nurse Joy handed Harley a map with contests and the dates for them and where they will be. "Thank you Nurse Joy. This will help a lot." He turned to the coughing trainer and handed her a bottle of water from his bag. "Here this might help."
Sam looked at the dramatic trainer. "What in the wide world is wrong with her?" Both Rio and Minnie shook their heads in confusion. After a small bit, Minnie decided to get a closer look at Akemi. "Mien!" Minnie shouted in a challenge to the Spritzee.
"Heh." She chuckled at Samuels remark and watched carefully at his pokemon. She saw bubbles moving quickly towards Flareon "Oh shoot, he's using bubble beam! Pyro, get out of the way!'' Her pokemon jumped out of the way, and just in time, too. "Okay, use Flame charge! Make it nice and long. Give it all you've got!' The Flareon shot a well-over 3000 degrees Fahrenheit, large plume of fire and smoke towards the Smeargle. It would cause 100 damage as well as giving the Smeargle a bad burn. Pyro looked determined and confident once she had finished her move. " Good job Pyro." Eclipse calmly told her fiery friend.
Akemi straightened up quickly, eyes still slightly teary. She accepted the water, and thanked the trainer. Upon the challenge to the Spritzee, it shied away at first, but looked back to Akemi and gained some confidence.

"A battle? We except, upon condition that we compete in Contest format. This one here can be the judge, and then we duel. IIIITS SHOWTIME!"
Sam thought for a moment then said, "I do not know much of Contest Battles for I have trained long and hard for the gyms. However, if you explain to me what is required, then I'll play." Minnie nodded, face surging with determination. She stood in Chun-bi, ready stance for an upcoming spar or govern battle. Her yellow fur was laid flat, due to her being calm about this upcoming match.
“The rules: similar to that of a normal battle, but you must attack as stylishly as possible. Missing will lose you points. Hitting perfectly will cause your opponent to lose points.”

Spritzee began spraying out more perfume, looking nervous.
"Well it is like battling but the moves tend to be more on the showy side. They are effective in battle but you tend to get more points the better the move looks and if it even hits the target. If you want a real battle later I would not mind one. It has been while since I faced someone who wants to battle instead of preform. I don't mind being the judge for you guys."


Previously EeviumZ
While watching the battle, Allie pondered what exactly she wanted to do in Sinnoh. She wanted to challenge the Gyms, of course, but-
"-but Contests appeal to you as well?" Zelda finished, reading Allie's mind.
Allie gave her a playful dirty look. "Why do you always have to do that?"
"It is in my nature."
Evie looked to Zelda. "Ee-veevee, veevee," Evie stated, mockingly mimicking Zelda. Zelda glared at her.
"I thank you on your offer of a regular battle later, I would prefer one of those. For the Contest Battle, I will try it. I want to see what our work has achieved us in other situations. Minnie, since you were the one to challenge, I'll let you battle." Sam replied. The Meinfoo nodded and followed her trainer outside to the battlefield.
Harley walked outside to the battle arena and stood to the side with Sylveon and togepi. Togepi looked at up and giggled cutely. "Aww who is my sweet little pokemon. You are, yes you are." With that he cuddled her closer to him.
Akemi stayed behind so she could make a grand entrance. Once the others had taken their positions, she appeared out of a cloud of pink smoke, her outfit no longer the sequined silver outfit from 30 seconds ago but a long dress fading from light pink at the shoulders to red at the bottom. She immediately had Spritzee use Fairy Wind and sweep the field with dazzling pink sparkles carried by a breeze.
The Flame Charge from the Flareon was far too much for Vincent to dodge or even handle. Vincent instantly fainted, ending the battle.
"Darn... that could've gone better. I need to focus more on my training, or I'll never be able to find them..." Samuel returned his Smeargle to his pokeball, and knelt to the floor to collect his thoughts. How should I get stronger? Do I challenge the gyms? Or should I just keep battling trainers around my strength to improve upon myself? Samuel stood back up, and said to Eclipse: "Sorry I wasn't the greatest opponent, I really have been slacking on battles."
Sam wasn't fazed by this grand entrance. "Let's just get on with the battle." She said as Minnie waited in Chuin-bi. Rio watched on the sidelines, as did Char the Chimpchar. Both cheered for Sam and the Mienfoo.
Harley rolled his eyes. "Here are the rules. Your pokemon need to make their moves as showy as possible while also making them effective in a battle setting. The first pokemon to lose the battle is the one with the least amount of points and their pokemon are unable to battle. You guys ready?" Harley looked to Sam and then to Akemi. When they were both ready he raised his hand. "Let the pokemon contest battle begin!" With that he threw down his arm to begin the battle.
Minnie took some damage from the Fairy Wind before the battle. "Why that!" Sam muttered. She looked at Minnie, anger in her eyes. "Meditate!" Minnie closed her eyes and became still. "Detect!" Minnie also became highly aware of what was happening around her. Sam loved this calm approach at first, but she knew that she would get bored of it eventually. She'll become quicker as the battle pressed forwards.
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Akemi watched as Minnie calmed itself.

“Lights! Camera! Action!”

She gave Glamour the signal for a Sweet Kiss. Glamour floated over while Minnie’s eyes were closed and then tried to give it a quick kiss. Then, weather it was able to evade the kiss or not, Glamour spun and shot another Fairy Wind.
"Don't be so hard on yourself. And besides, I started out like you too. Wondering how to get stronger. You know, what I did was train my pokemon enough so I could get a z-ring and z-crystals. You know what, that's reminds me..." She looked around her bag and fished out a blue z-ring. She put it on his arm and handed him a few z-crystals. "There. I had that as a backup, but you can have it. The island kahuna told me I should give it to a worthy opponent, and I must admit; you were tough. Pyro only just missed that bubble beam attack. If it hit her, she would have been knocked out for sure! Don't try giving them back to me because I won't accept them.'' She looked down at Samuel, who was kneeling down on the floor. "Come on. Get up!'' Eclipse held her hand out towards him. " I wanted to ask you if....if you wanted to join me on my pokemon journey? We can train together if you want. Though most people reject me...you don't have to if you don't want to. Of course you don't want to, you probably have better things to do.'' She looked down at her feet, a sad smile on her face.
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