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Ask to Join Space Case Kids

If you'd like to join, post a bio of your character in the discussion thread here


Rylee was absolutely infatuated with Blue ever since he saved her from her home, and has had a slight crush on him ever since. Of course, it wasn't a small crush; in fact she thought about him quite often when not focusing on other missions and tasks she was assigned. In fact, she woke up with him on her mind, getting out of her bed when she could no longer sleep. She yawned and looked around her room. The frame was entirely made of plexiglass so she could see the stars and distant planets, something she was secluded from when she lived in her home. After living in the clubship for at least three years, she grew to love this place, as if she had never lived anywhere else. She loved the comfy space uniform, a silky white shirt and pants. Depending on your temperature, you could switch it with shorts or a tank top, whatever you felt accustomed to. But Rylee liked her long clothes.

After making her bed (with the push of a button, it made itself!), she left to go to the cafeteria, making sure to grab her nametag with her codename, "Purple".
Charlie got his bed ready and started heading towards the cafeteria, he knew today was gonna be a good day if he decided to terrorize someone. "I think I'm gonna take out that Purple chick, maybe play a prank on her, or nah I'll just get some Raisin Bran" Charlie thought as he grabbed his nametag saying "Orange" "This sucks, I want to join a space team and the best thing I can do is stare at Earth and frown, why can't zero gravity be on, or we fight off an alien, oh I know why because THIS IS STUPID" Charlie yelled.
Edwin sighed, rubbing his eyes. He was sitting on his bed in his room. Knowing he had work to do, he got up and made his way out with a rather sombre tone. Perhaps it was a bad morning? He couldn't tell. Seeing Rylee, he fixed his posture. He supposed he might as well make some chit-chat meanwhile. Quickly, he grabbed his nametag with his respective code: Emerald. Walking over to Rylee, he realized he didn't have much to say. He looked around the room for a topic. He slightly chuckled at Charlie's remarks. "So, Rylee. Uh... How's... your day?," he inquired, but he sounded a bit unusually shaky in his tone.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Julius had just awoken from his slumber, In somewhat on a good mood well to others it didn't really matter since nobody really knew him that much. Julius liked being isolated from most of the group, And it didn't seem to bother him. "Another day, Most probably pretty loud again..." He told himself under his breath. His room looked like a small jungle, It had a tent, with some trees inside. It also had a little pond inside, "I guess i could just relax in here for the time being, What else can i do anyway?" He told himself, As he sat on one of the two benches in the room. He also didn't want 'visitors' barging in, so he normally keeps his door locked with no way of getting inside. Well, he left his door open as he forgot to lock it the night before, But Julius hadn't noticed it.
Rylee turned to see Edwin, a boy she had known for a while as they were some of the first members. She smiled at him.

“So far so good!” She said, her scratchy morning voice shining through. “How about you, Emerald?”

Rylee always called the members by their code name, as it just came more natural to her.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Kaitlyn awoke and stretched out her arms, she got dressed pretty quickly and made her way to the cafeteria. She saw Charlie on the way "Orange don't shout it's too early, you'll lose your voice" she said sternly as she walked along side him, "What were you shouting about anyway" she said her arms folded neatly across her chest.
(Sorry it's so short kind of rushed it)
"I'm the only one here who probably cares what's going to happen to us. How do we know this isn't some kind of test, like we are lab rats in some giant maze and this space station isn't true I me- Oh Raisin Bread" Charlie said as he stopped yelling long enough to grab a piece of Raisin. "So Rylee, I'm think there's something on your shirt, oh there it is" Charlie yelled as he smacked Rylee in the face and started laughing. "OH that was comedy gold, I shall never forget that, you know what you are know the only person I need to bully on this spaceship, Later punks" Charlie yelled as he went back to his bed.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn stood with her hands on her hips and cleared her throat, "Orange come back here and apologise to Purple" she says crossing her arms "please dont make me chase after you" she added. She wasn't in charge persay she just acted like she was and felt responsible as one of the oldest. "Orange apologise now" she said raising her voice slightly but not yet shouting.
Rylee was flabbergasted when she was smacked on the face, a trick played by Charlie. She couldn’t do much but sigh and rub her cheek, annoyed with the boy who had the audacity to hit her and run. But she laughed it off quickly.

“Don’t worry about it, Pink. He’s just having himself a good time.” She said, chuckling.
Edwin didn't flinch. He sighed as well, not expecting any less of Charlie. Whatever was bugging him before seemed to fade. "Yeah, I suppose...," he said in his much more characteristic monotone voice. "Well, I'd say my day is just doing... ordinarily. Say, I wonder what we're going to do today?," he replied. Looking around the room again, he noticed more people gathering.
"I do not apologize to other people who just can't dodge fast enough, if you don't got the moves don't take the chance" Charlie said to Katelyn after he spat the floor in front of her. "Now be a doll and bring me a drink peaseant" Charlie commanded
Rylee quickly changed her demeanor and went to grab a bowl of cornflakes from the food bar. She looked at Edwin with a smile, and took a seat at a nearby table.

"Yeah, I'm not entirely sure either, but whatever it is, it must be important!" she said to Edwin, saving him a spot next to her.
"Yo Rylee I think something is in your cereal, its right there" Charlie lied as he dunked Rylee's head into the bowl of cereal. "HAHA, oh my god that was too funny, I mean I have to be the pranking king baby, Charlie out" Charlie yelled as he once again left the cafeteria. "Well that was nice, but know I can kick my feet up and relax before I prank her again" Charlie thought
Suddenly awakened by all the talking, Max woke up groggy, half due to being unable to get any sleep, and half due to the all the slight shouting and conversation that arose between the rest of the members of the club.
Max had done some warmups for several minutes, until finally coming out of his room, only to see Charlie running and screaming after his second prank of the day on Rylee. Max was startled by this sudden action, and was angry that he was hearing such loud speaking so early in the morning.
He walked over to the cafeteria, greeted himself to the others, and concocted a protein shake to fill him up for some time while he waited for a meal later. He noticed all of the other members in the food bar, acting the way they usually always do.
Max was one of the latest people to join the club, but he had still been there enough to understand the crew’s personality. He sat down and drank his shake in what was a content feeling of sorts.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn snapped and stormed over to Charlie and without hesitating she slapped him very hard across the face. She then stood there practically steaming with rage, "your going to apologise and then your gonna go to your room, you've gone to far today Charlie, too far" she said using his name to show just how mad she was "oh and dont ever call me doll or ask me to get you anything ever again or else" she added through gritted teeth.
"Oh was that slap supposed to hurt, because it felt like nothing" Charlie said as he grabbed a energy drink out the fridge and then smacked the back of Max's neck. "See you later toots HAHA, toots" Charlie yelled as he walked back to his room not apologizing to Rylee or Max. "Stupid wannabe mom trying to act all tough" Charlie mumbled in his room then he put on Blinding Lights by the Weekend really loud making sure everyone in the cafeteria could hear it.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn grabbed some toast and then sat down with her head in her hands, "why do I even bother with him" she muttered tearing up slightly before wiping her face and starting to eat her toast muttering to herself as she sat there. She sometimes wished she wasn't the oldest maybe she would have acted differently around the others. But she would never know so she continued to eat her toast in angry silence.
Rylee quickly lifted her head out of her cereal, some milk spilling out of her noes as she coughed roughly. Cornflakes were all over her hair and face, and her shirt was drenched with milk. Yet she just chuckled quietly to herself, before hearing a song from Charlie's room. It was really catchy, and as she grabbed some napkins to clean herself and her seat, she couldn't help but hum to it. Whenever bad things happened, you just had to look on the bright side.

She deposited what was left of her cereal into the trash before grabbing a yogurt cup, returning to her seat and ripping it open to eat it.
Charlie was relaxing in his room throwing darts at a cat poster saying "Believe in Yourself" and listening to ear-blasting music, after a while he decided he was bored and left his room to go back to the cafeteria. "This sucks, being in space I thought we were gonna do something but in the word of ME, if you can't join them, beat them" Charlie thought as he brought a whole jar full of fake cockroaches with him to the cafeteria. "Oh this is gonna be so good" Charlie thought as he took off the lid and threw the jar.
Rylee, after finishing her yogurt cup, got up to throw it away. On her way back she saw Charlie with a jar of fake cockroaches, and he threw them into the cafeteria. The rubber cockroaches went everywhere, and a few kids screamed in terror. Rylee, quick to ease any panic, picked up three rubber cockroaches and shook them around.

"Don't worry! They're fake, guys!" she shouted, the screaming kids calming down as they kicked some of the rubber cockroaches away.
Max was infuriated by what had just occurred, and struggled to such a great extent he began to breathe harder and harder. Even worse, his neck was slapped by Charlie, and then he had thrown numerous amounts of fake cockroaches throughout the cafeteria. From here, it was over.
Max stomped over to Charlie, cutting out all of the screaming and chaos going all around from the prank. Eventually, Max had reached Charlie, and grabbed his neck, pulling him up off the ground. “You think that’s funny you little piece of spaghetti?” He shook him around, hoping to get an answer out of this 12-year-old.
In all the ruckus, Blue entered the cafeteria, appalled by everything; the chaos, the mess, the violence. He immediately ran to where Max had held Charlie and separated them, anger written on his face.

"Max, why were you holding Charlie by his neck?!" Blue angrily asked, before noticing the rubber cockroaches all over the floor. "And why is the cafeteria in such disarray?"
"Oh it's beyond funny, its the funniest thing I could have ever dreamed of, you know what that was more funny than your face, HA" Charlie laughed. "You think that I'm afraid of you, I lost all fear when I lost the emotion to care about people, so do what you want I don't care or are you gonna let me go like the chicken I know you are?" Charlie asked as he started losing air as he was being lifted.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Julius didn't want to go outside, But the cafeteria is probably one giant mess. With all means necessary, he looked over to hear shouting by the other members, Julius walked over towards the cafeteria to see most of the members fighting. He noticed Blue trying to stop the fights from Orange and Red, Since Julius wasn't much of a social person. "Hey! Calm Down! Nobody needs to get hurt, Just.. Put him down" He said to Max, It was a little intimidating for him since Max was taller than himself, But it would get worse if nothing had been done. "Look, Nobody has to get hurt. Even if he's done something really bad he doesn't deserve it. Okay? Now put him down" He was calm, like it had happened to him before and he didn't want it to happen again.
As Max was pulled away from Charlie by Blue, he began to calm down, hearing everyone’s voices once more. He had especially heard the voice of Julius, who had made a remark to Max about “putting him down”, and that “nobody has to get hurt”. Max had finally realized what he had done, and decided to be the bigger man.
The only person Max was really somewhat afraid of was Blue, an intimidating and “cool” leader of the club. Of course, Max felt frightened a bit when Blue was furious and yelled at him, even the rest of the crew, about all of this chaos. “Listen, Blue, we were just in a little squabble, that’s all. Maybe it got a little out of hand, but I guess we could work this out now that you’re here?” Max had offered, in slight fear of what Blue would reply with. “Also, Julius, you were right. I should have been in control more, I guess I am sorry.”


Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn glanced up and saw Blue, she snapped up out of her seat and walked over "oh god I'm so sorry Blue I should have dealt with that, it's my fault" she said looking down at her feet, she really liked Blue and she tended to get all nervous around him. She had a tendency to take the blame for things she couldnt control like this mess even though she probably could have done more to stop this. She fiddled with her hands "so..u...uh did you sleep ok?" she asked awkwardly.
"Ooohhh, someone's got a crush, HA-HA, oh that's rich this is now 100% the worst place to be in existence, on one side I have Katelyn dating the world's biggest pacifist, AKA reject hippie, on another side I'm being terrorized by little Maxy thinking he can mess with me and just forget about it." Charlie yelled "Well shows what you know, I got more tricks and by god are they gonna make your live on this space shuttle a living nightmare, I vow it" Charlie vowed as he walked back to his bedroom, when he got there he took out his computer and started hacking the loudspeaker, "Attention passengers, this is Charlie speaking, please keep your hands and feet to yourself, in order for you all to experience the fun life, I shall turn off all power in the bedrooms and kitchen for 24 hours, thank you for choosing Air Charlie where our motto is NO REFUNDS SUCKA" Charlie said over the loudspeaker.

| Korutesu |

Previously NotAPokemonRanger
Once Julius had heard the PA he had made a comment about it. "If he turns off all the power everywhere, Doesn't that mean the ship will malfunction?" He asked Blue in a calm voice but his voice wouldn't be so calm a few seconds later. "Charlie! Don't turn off the power!" Julius shouted out "If you do, The ship will malfunction and we'll most certainly die!" Normally it would be taken as a joke, but it wasn't too late to save themselves. "Wait! The ship has a back-up generator right Blue" He asked, Looking at him. Blue was the leader anyway. "We would crash if the power was turned on for twenty-four hours, There isn't another way of doing this. We have t locate an extra generator" He told everyone, Except for Charlie.
Blue felt slightly overwhelmed from all the questions and motioned for everyone to calm themselves.

“Settle down, settle down! It’s impossible for the power to go out, and even idiot did I have a ship reset button.” He pointed to the side of his shoulder. “And I slept fine, thank you Pink.”

Rylee huffed slightly at the attention Katelyn and Blue were giving to each other, upset as she also fancied Blue. Her hands shook a little but she kept her calm with deep breaths. Yet she couldn’t help but look over at the two and frown glumly. Blue quickly changed the subject, remembering why he came into the cafeteria.

“Okay guys!” Blue announced, gathering everyone’s attention. “Our tasks for today! It’s very important that we get these done, because we’re on our way to Mars to deal with a noice complaint.”

The Space Case Kids were basically the cops of space, and they took pride in helping other people.

“Alright! Purple!”

Rylee directed her attention to Blue’s smile, admiring the tuft of raven hair that popped from his helmet.

“You’re on care duty!”

Rylee smiled. She loved care duty, a job that she was assigned often because she was good at it. Care duty was the priority of checking in on all the rooms, especially the rooms of younger kids and making sure everyone was accounted for and doing okay.

“I’m assigning Orange to cleaning duty due to the mess in the cafeteria...” he jotted down information on a clipboard. “Emerald! You are on (duty of Emerald’s choice ((edited when post is made declaring choose))). Teal! You’ve got (duty of Juilius’ choice). Pink! I’ve assigned you to crewmate health and medical inventory. Finally, Red! I’ve got you on dish and laundry duty. As for the rest of you, I highly recommend finding a task you are keen on doing, but you are free to do as you please!”
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn smiled at Blue's response to her question "that's good to hear" she said before listening to the assignments. She was assigned to her usual assignment of crewmate health and medical inventory. Basically she was the crews nurse, she helped with prescriptions and cuts and bruises and all that. She also made sure they had everything in good supply and that nothing was stolen. So she smiled and waved goodbye to Blue and made her way to the medical wing. She entered and checked up on the few patients and made sure they were ok. She then made her way to the supply cupboard and started to check the inventory.
"All right then, you forced me to press this button" Charlie said on the loudspeaker, "Now allow me to show you the world without power" then Charlie used a code to turn out the power but it didn't work. "What the, oh come on it didn't work, you spend 10 years at hacking school and you forget how to turn lights off, you are an idiot Charlie, cool, charismatic, but an idiot" then he noticed he was still on the loudspeaker. "Uh attention passengers, please ignore everything you heard, thanks for flying air Charlie goodbye" Charlie said as he ran to the assignment board for today. "Clean cafeteria Orange, P.S I will check on you later to make sure you aren't slacking off" Charlie read as he had a frown on his face he picked up the cleaning equipment and started sweeping the fake cockroaches into the trash can.
Of course, hearing Charlie calling him a chicken and coining the nickname, “Maxy” would’ve made Max extremely angry, but he had to be in control for Blue, otherwise he would show the team that he doesn't have any self-control, just like the way he was before joining the Space Case Club.
Max was perplexed by all of the romantic tension that was almost somewhat obvious. He gagged in disgust, and walked away after being assigned his task of washing the dishes after every meal, and doing the laundry for the week, prepared himself to do so. He chuckled to himself as Charlie frowned as he noticed what his task was for the day, and especially when he had called himself an idiot on the loudspeaker.
Rylee quickly skipped out of the cafeteria, which was mostly empty now that the members were off doing their own thing. Her first task was to check room 001, and so forth would be her tasks. She knocked on room 001 when she arrived, waiting for a response.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Katelyn looked through the supplies and sighed, someone had taken so painkillers, she knew the usual addicts, people who had taken drugs to distract from their horrible situations and hadn't been able to get rid of the habit. She would go and see them later about the missing painkillers, for now she simply exited the storage cupboard and went over to one of the patients, a boy they had found a few weeks ago, he had been severely beaten and he was in a wierd stance like coma state, she had assumed it had been to deal with the pain of the beating but she had tended to his wounds and he still hadn't woken, he was only 9 and very small. She gently rubbed his head and sighed before turning to a 10 year old girl with a broken leg and checking up on her.
Rylee continued to check in on many rooms, making sure to give them a thorough examination and to ask how each person was doing, or if there was anything hey wished to talk about. After checking in on rooms that were mostly empty, she decided to take a break and head to the cafeteria. Perhaps she could grab a bite to eat, maybe see Blue or other friends?
Charlie swept half the cockroaches into the trash and swept the other half into a giant pile next to the refrigerator, "There we go, and no witnesses, that way in case I get caught no one can say Charlie didn't do it." Charlie said as he put the broom and dustpan away and took out another energy drink can out of the fridge and took his guitar from his room and started playing it in the cafeteria. "Someone's looking for a chance, someone's looking for a day to say hey, I love you, I hope you love me too, hey I want to say too you, I love you" Charlie started singing until Rylee walked into the cafeteria. "How much did you see?" Charlie asked
Rylee just smiled at him.

“I didn’t see much, but I heard a little ditty. I didn’t know you could play?”

She quickly walked over and grabbed a bagel preparing to spread cream cheese on it.
"This is just a hobby, I do it when I'm feeling down and alone, could you keep this a secret between us, I don't want everyone to think I'm a guitar freak or something." Charlie said as he got up to get another energy drink from the fridge. "These are so good, but have such a weird aftertaste, anyways I swept up all the cockroaches and put them in the trash." Charlie told Rylee.
“Yeah, I won’t tell anybody if you don’t want me to.” Rylee said, smiling at him.

She nodded at his statement about the strange aftertaste of the energy drink, and how he had swept up and thrown away the rubber cockroaches.

“So you finished your tasks? Do you wanna do something with me then?”
"I'm a crewmate and I did my tasks, why would I want to hang out with you, not saying I don't because I am extremely bored right now, that's why you see me chugging down energy drinks and trying to write a song" Charlie said in a unenthusiastic tone. "Why are you so nice, I dunked your head into breakfast items twice and you still want to hang out with me, I think that's a little weird but I just want to know why?" Charlie asked in a curious tone