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Ask to Join Space Case Kids

“Because I like being nice to people,” She said simply. “I know what it’s like to be hurt by others and it doesn’t feel good. So I try my hardest to be nice, no matter what.”

Rylee took a moment to bite her bagel, chewing it and gulping it down.

“Besides, you seem like a nice guy behind the pranks and jokes.”
"I was never nice to anyone, not here and not on Earth, people want to be mean to me, I'll be mean to them, and why am I explaining myself to you, I have my life and that's making your life bad." Charlie said as he walked back to his room with his guitar in his hand. "Stupid Rylee, thinking she can just be my friend, well News Flash, Charlie doesn't need friends he has a good life by himself." Charlie thought as he practiced his guitar in his room.
Rylee slowly took another bite of her bagel as she watched Charlie leave the room, a little disappointed he didn't take her up on her offer. However, she still had a few rooms to check in on, and decided that she should be focusing on that. With the thought in mind, she continued to the next room on her list and knocked on the door.

"Hey, I'm from the care unit! Can I come in?"
As Max finished washing dishes, he prepared to clean up his room in order to prevent any contempt from the other crew mates. His room was mostly exercising equipment, from treadmills to dumbbells to even monkey bars, with only about 10% of the room an actual bedroom. He had contained a picture of a stamp he stole from a museum a long time ago, as it was his first real object he had stolen. He secretly kept it, and hoped that no one would ever see it. So he quickly put it away in a box under his bed, and organized the equipment in his room, keeping everything in an orderly manner. However, before he could finish, he heard a knock on his door. “Shoot,” Max said, as he tried to scramble to organize everything. After a quick check to make sure everything was organized, he said to the individual on the other side of the door to “Come in!”
Rylee quietly opened the door before carefully shutting it behind her. She saw Max and gave a slight wave, scanning the room carefully with her clipboard in hand.

“How are you, Red? I’m just doing quick checkups, if you don’t mind my presence. Anything to report?”
“Oh hey Rylee,” said Max as he continued to fix up his room a little more. “Listen, I’m sorry about earlier. It’s kinda hard to get used to all of this, especially knowing where I came from and why. But, don’t tell anyone, but I am worried that I will get kicked off of the team because of my anger issues. I mean, I choked Charlie because I was furious, and now I just made a terrible impression on Blue. I just wanted to know what you think.”

Max was being extremely sincere when speaking, and he was hoping Rylee could help him with his problem, despite the fact she was so positive all the time and could be happy.
“Blue won’t hold it against you, I’m sure. And accidents happen, mistakes are made! Don’t let it get to you, we all know you didn’t mean it,” she said, averting her eyes from her clipboard to look at Max.

She continued to check things off on her clipboard, occasionally doodling a smiley stick man or a flower in the corner.

“Also, I highly doubt you’ll get kicked out of the club. We don’t do that thing unless absolutely necessary.” She said, returning her gaze to him.
It took me so long to find this channel, halfway because its 1:11 where I am and I was super lazy on wanting to make a reply so all I'm gonna do is something short and slow, so don't judge me for being the only brave one on replying since a year ago, you guys should've been there. :\=|: Like I was saying, Charlie continued practicing his guitar before working up a sweat, halfway on music, the other half on anger, so he decided to actually calm down and walk back to the kitchen, actually finishing his chores like he was supposed to.
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Suddenly, as Rylee finished doodling a sun in the right corner of her paper, the intercom to the ship went off. Blue’s voice could be heard over said intercom.

“Attention, SCK! We’ll be at Mars in 10 minutes! Make sure to get on your space gear and report to the loading dock!” The intercom let out a small beep, signaling Blue’s message was complete.

Rylee smiled and wished Max a goodbye, before leaving his room and dashing for her room. Once she arrived at her room, she gripped her purple spacesuit and put it on. The spacesuit was skin-tight, with slightly darker streaks on the belt and armbands. The boots to said suit were also a darker streak, as well as the helmet and gloves. These items happened to be more bulky accessories to the suit, but Rylee loved it regardless. Putting on and setting up her oxygen tank, a small cubed device that clipped onto the back of her belt, she left her room and started to make her way to the loading docks.